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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Soon as I typed "Porch No." Gordon showed up. Needs the machine. I told him I would
    be done in about ten minutes. I think the previous thread must be the longest ever.

    My sore neck was really bothering me last night. Much better when I woke up this morning. Anyhoo Gordon rummaged around and found the horse collar ya heat up in
    the microwave and wear around your neck. Similar to a Lei. I found out my appoint-
    ment with the bone cracker isn't till next week so Gordon called and got a new appointment. Leaving shortly.

    Hope you are all doing the best possible. Glad to hear Richard is home, Barry.

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  2. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. I hope your neck is better now. Yes, a heated horse collar will certainly help as will a little ice, alternated. I would be lost without my lentil filled sock heated.

    Such a day.....so many upsetting things. My DD told me today that a friend of my DGS (age 15) tried to hang himself yesterday and is on life support. Obviously my DGS is very shaken, very quiet too. This was a young man who had gone to church camp for several years with my DGS plus being in his math class at school. Please pray for a miracle for this family.

    And yesterday I learned that a close friend of my son in Portland was recently diagnosed with ALS. He's only around 45. In one month he's gone from being able to walk to sitting in a wheel chair barely able to breathe. Another request for prayers for Drew.

    Hi Star: I hope things have settled down a bit.
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  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    We got a nice heavy rain yesterday so the little pond in back is up to the banks. I love how green everything is during rainy season here. Also like not having to water the flowers in pots every day. Supposed to go over to the pool about 9:00 to work out. I just hope it has had enough time to warm up after yesterday's rain. We are getting rain from that tropical storm organizing off the Yukatan. This is how hurricane season starts, with tropical storms.

    Rock, I posted at the bottom of the thread that the last Porch was closed so people wouldn't continue to post there. Thank you for starting a new Porch. Hope your neck feels better. Mine has been stiff and painful but it has to be something in the new capsules I'm taking. There is something in some capsule material which causes some pretty severe neurological symptoms. I've also had the loss of memory and cognitive problems. Also, I keep having run-on thoughts and can't stop tapping my teeth. Good grief. Docs don't know what it could be. I'm going to open the capsules to see whether I can drink the contents. I'm laughing about your wearing a horse collar. Gallop polls show they help so trot it out and wear it.

    Sun, such sad news all around. So many of these kids give no indication that things are so dire in their lives. There is nothing worse than having a child in trouble. I think ALS may be the most cruel disease of all. The mind is unaffected as the body, often slowly, stops working. One of my younger DD's friends in HS had a father who had it. DD would visit with him. He told her that he wished he had killed himself while he still could to spare the family's watching him die such a horrible slow death. I'm sending up prayers for these people and the families. I hope you are feeling better. I hope and pray I can live independently and die like my Mom. Like you, I hope to leave my condo to the kids so I try to keep it in good condition. My DW is paid off so will be looking for a new range and over the range microwave. Then, it should be good for a while. Take good care of yourself.

    Julie, loved the pic of you, the GDs and Den's folks. It looks so much like some of our pics from that era. My older daughter looked just like her great aunt at that age and my younger DD looked just like me at that age. I have a pic of me and everyone thinks it's DD. I don't go dark for the same reason. When it starts to grow out, the white part stands out. I had thought I might let mine go natural but the pink scalp is standing out now. With it blonde, it doesn't show. I should get out the pics of our family. I started to do scrapbooks the day before Hurricane Charley hit. I threw them in plastic bags and haven't touched them since.

    Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. Hope everydooby has a nice day.

    Love, Mikie

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  4. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! Rock, thanks for the new porch. Hope your neck feels better...from the horse collar and the chiro visit.

    Sun, I certainly will be in prayer for the young boy and the man. Just never know when things will hit...emotionally or physically.

    Mikie, the D3 capsules the doctor ordered for me made me sick to my stomach. It was the capsule material, so I just cut the ends off and drank the contents too. Hope you get the problem figured out.

    I feel like I have to rush a bit this morning. Going to one town to pick up Den's prescriptions, then on to another town to see my dad and get my eyes rechecked and get the new glasses lens ordered.

    I woke up at 5:20 when Den's alarm went off...he had left his phone in the bedroom and forgot to turn off the alarm. Good thing, though, or he might have forgotten his phone today. I went back to sleep and kept having weird dreams, but kept turning off my alarms and going back to sleep (to pick up the same dreams, lol.) Finally woke up and felt like I could function...by then it was almost 10:00 am! Guess I took that "pacing myself" to the extreme, huh?

    Need to get rested up for the long weekend, though. Den will be home Sat thru Tuesday and we have so much outside work to do, along with more work on the house inside and out. Would like to at least make a small dent in things, even if we have months of work to do yet...maybe years, lol! But should at least take a few hours off and do something fun also.

    So...better get ready to go to town. Thinking of everyone and hoping things are okay.

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Gordon is off running errands as usual. Tonight he has a director's meeting for the orchid
    club. It's 63 degrees here. Slightly cooler than predicted. No rain was forecast, but we had some anyhoo. Kitty managed to stay dry as usual.

    I just woke up. Took my cup into the bathroom to rinse it out and it just jumped right outta
    my hands. Only fell an inch or two, but that was enough to chip the rim. It was an expensive
    cup too. Hand painted by a dwarf at Disneyland. (Dwarf's name was Arty.) Shoot! I was
    planning to take it to the next Antiques Roadshow. Had Mikey on it.

    My neck is much better; just a little twinge now and then. It's swan-like beauty remains
    unmarred. With regard to the horse collar, James Burke says the development of same and
    the horseshoe were once high tech. They brought about a tremendous increase in food
    production in Europe. This increased the population, led to the development of large cities,
    and eventually contributed to the modern city with high rents, traffic jams and slums.

    Julie, hope your new glasses are just right. I suppose you're getting that new style. Harlequin.
    I assume they are especially good for reading Harlequin Romances. Glad to hear you got
    some extra sleep.

    Mikie, don't tell me we also import storms from Yucatan? I wonder if they still make
    Yucatan gum. Couldn't find any on line, but I did read it was invented way back in 1880.
    Were you able to do your pool exercises this morning?

    Sun, that's a lot of bad news for one day. One of our friends who started the bridge
    club with us about 20 years ago developed ALS. Lou Gehrig's famous quote was
    very brave, but not really very accurate. "I consider myself the luckiest man on the face
    of the Earth."

    Well, that's all for this episode, Folks. Be sure to tune in next time. Meanwhile Gordon
    is back. I'll have to go find out about his shopping triumphs and otherwise.

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  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon everydobby,

    JULIE - Hope you like your new glasses and they are perfect for your eyes. This week has been so discabobulated and next week will be too. I have had to do a lot oc changing schedules around for different reasons. The cleaning lady I thought was supposed to come this week but it was next week . Next week also have a dental cleaning appt and a hair appt as my hair is i n dyer need. It is getting to long and is driving me nuts. It also needs color bad. I am also so sorer and achy along with pooped. This a.m. I was outside doing some weeding before it got to hot. This afternoon I am trying a new recipe on my died. I had most of the ingredients but not the right catsup . I will have to make the paleo kind or buy some. Not hard to make but need the right ing. It took a little more time than usual to saute and onions and celery before addiing to the meat ing. It will be interesting to see how it tastes. I like meatloaf but it is one of DH's favorites. Not even sure if the mea loaf pan is the right size but I stuffed all the meat and ing in there. Glad you figured out what was bothering your tummy with those D3 caps. I take the small gels which cause no problems.

    ROCK - Glad that you neck is feeling better. Wish mine was ):! Oh well,, but that is an old story. Hope Gordon enjoyed his shopping excursion. It seems lately I cannot get out for my own shopping just with DH and we rush all around , to much rushing. Wish he would slow down a little when we shop.

    MIKIE - Sorry about your neck too and everything else bugging you and hope everything gets better soon. feels better.

    SUN - So sorry to hear abaut that young boy who tried to take his life. Wonder if there was anything going on in his life that made him feels so awful to try such a thing. I guess one will never know but is so hard on young friends and family that he had. It is not just this that we are in as I remember a similar thing happened to a big Irish family that went to our church. One of the sons who was thought to be very smart and well liked and all took his, with a gun I might say too. So very sad when this happens at any time. Such a waste of young blood and talent. I remember that funeral which was extremely sad.

    Barry - Hope you are doing better now that Richard has returned. Hope he has lots of fun stories to talk to you about and maybe brought home some interesting treasures.

    Hi to awl I didn't get to chat with individually. Extra hugz to SW, DUCKIE, JUDY and everyone else I may have forgotten.Sorry I have been so absent lately.

    Oh, BTW, no surprise but DH called about getting a new umbrella auto policy and found out how much they gave the motorcyclist I hit. Still haven't received their paperwork on end of suit. They must be SO VERY BUSY !! They gave him 100,000. That was an extra 40,000 more than they were originally going to give him, Wonder if it was because he was so ill and they wanted to get it all over with. Geez !!! Glad it is over for us anyway.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I called my DD today. The young boy died last night. The family is all strong followers of Jesus and they are at peace. They know their son is with God in Heaven now. Apparently nothing seemed out of the ordinary with the boy, no problems, was well liked, etc. They feel sure it was a spiritual warfare attack by the devil because he was such a bright light for everyone to be around. This world is getting darker. My DGS and a large group of the kids had a little grief counseling today in the gym, he said it wasn't much though, about 3 min. With each kid. Luckily his aunt is a psychologist who deals a lot with teenagers and she's going to talk with him today. He got to his math class and realized his friend was gone....so then he himself started getting anxiety and feeling sick. He called my DD, she told him to go to the nurse. The nurse refused to release him to go home.
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  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sun - what terrible news. I pray for the young ones soul. It's so bewildering. My nephew (middle brothers friends girlfriend) and a classmate of them both committed suicide while studying hotel management. They don't quite know why. No obvious problems but she said once or twice when I leave for good ...things like that. My nephew was talking on the phone and telling another friend in his group to keep an eye out for his friend in case he did something stupid, because his father had had a heart attack and he was already under stress. My poor nephew has been through a lot too, my brother and his wife fought so much, bro alcoholic, she slashed her wrist, etc., they were always short of money during school days, and he gave his school final exams battling TB. He was staying at my elder brothers house those times, and came and almost fainted on the way back. So we took him to the doctor who immediately diagnosed his TB.

    Thank the Lord, he picked up. Doing fine. He did fabulously well in college and immediately got internship outside the country. So kids do overcome set backs. I don't know why such young people have to go through so much pain. Well, our religion explains it but still hard to accept.

    Please try and keep your DgS away from the place he felt sick. There could be etheric matter of whatever caused the incident in that spot. Maybe he could stay in a different spot. 15 is terribly young. And yes, the dark side will do anything to turn the world dark like themselves. That’s why we have to keep our own lights burning bright by connecting to God in prayer or meditation any time we can. The light repels darkness.
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  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - I hope your meatloaf turned out good. Since they don’t sell it in the markets, I haven’t seen those nor has the family eaten. I remember making one long time back in ancient times when I actually used my oven but that once and then never.

    So sad about the Irish boy. I’ve read in some rare cases, the soul comes only to experience a particular experience and then decides to leave. This happens when there seems to be no particular reason to take ones life. Or when someone dies suddenly without apparent cause.

    Rock - hope the neck troubles are over soon. Interesting to know the traffic jams, and all the modern troubles started with the lowly horse collar and shoe. For want of a shoe, the horse got lost...

    Julie - loved the photo. You look so pretty. Your MIL reminded me of a tv mom. Emily Gilmore in the Gilmore Girls. Efficient, Likes to be in control, scary.

    Barry - happy to know Richard is back. Sorry about the fight he had. Families! I’m guessing the fur buddies are equally happy to see him.

    Last night wrestled with my dry hair to tame it into order to be presentable for a dinner hosted by a friend/colleague of DHs. He was also a brother in law of my DHs friend so all in all there were nine of us. We went to the hotel recently opened by DHs cousin sisters family and she was there on hand to give the guests a tour of the property. The rooms, spa, gym, etc..it’s smack in the heart of the city but tucked inside where you can’t hear traffic. And the view from the terrace garden on top, twinkling lights....really pretty. A cool breeze was blowing and I really loved it. The cousins family is really lucky they had this land from aeons ago, otherwise financially it would not have been viable to buy and build from scratch.

    Star, Judy, all MIAs big hug.

    God bless
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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    The crisis for yesterday was that the clothes washer went berserk and flooded the back porch.
    Somebody is supposed to show up and fix it today. But you know how it goes when you
    wait for service people. All very agitating.

    Julie, I think that it's amazing that Keira can play both the flute and the clarinet. They don't
    have the same fingering. BTW did you know that one of the Marx brothers played the
    clarinet? He was self taught too. It was Harpo. And in addition to playing the harp, he also played bridge. So far as I know he did not play the violin although a violin does have
    a bridge.

    Great family pic. You look the picture of health and vitality.

    Barry, 'bout time Richard got back. Did he bring you anything? Been a long time since I
    read about strigils. Here's a pic of two. Pic is from a British Museum. The Romans used to
    use little ones to clean their tongue. You probably don't need a strigil for your face though. Forty grit sandpaper works pretty well according to Bob Vila. Hope ya get some pep.

    Sun, what is that green mask you wear? Is it a real mask like the Green Lantern wears?
    Or is it something you mix up with avocado, etc. Do you think it would help Barry?

    Mikie, I agree. Anydobby who wouldn't want to be on her own jury must be pretty desperate.
    Shoot! There was something in the news about Publix, but I forgot what it was. Hope you
    feel better today. Our kitty made another attempt at purring today. Maybe one of these
    days I can say like Professor Henry Higgins, "By George! She's got it!"

    Here's a book all animal lovers might like. The title is: The Dog Who Healed a Family
    and other stories. Each chapter is about an animal that was adopted or rescued. All
    reportedly true. The author is Jo Coudert. I think they all have happy endings except
    the one about the baby peccary aka javalina. Gordon and I saw several wild ones
    when visiting Tombstone. They were grazing on the hotel lawn. This was BTW a mile
    or two outside of Tombstone. No modern buildings are allowed inside the city limits.

    Adios Pards

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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I came back yesterday afternoon but the internet went out and didn't come back on by the time I went to bed. I don't know whether the thunderstorm took out some equipment or not. This morning, I had to call for Comcast to ping my modem in order to get it reset. Glad I still have my antenna because, when the internet is out, HULU doesn't stream.

    Went to the pool yesterday but my pal, Barb (another Barb), was already there so I didn't get a run in. Just as well because the reaction to the capsules has thrown me into a very painful flare. We walked for about an hour. She can't run because of a bad knee on one side and a painful Achilles Heel tendon on the other. We walked in the shallow end for an hour. At least, it's something. I ran into a couple who are friends on my way back from the pool. They are so nice and I was glad to see them. Another neighbor stopped in to see whether the cable/internet signal was out all over. Guess she mistakes me for Comcast. Doh!! Joe came over earlier and we sat out until the rain was so violent we had to come inside.

    I should color my hair but think I'll wait until my topical chemo is over with. I don't want too many chemicals washing over me when I rinse the color out. So far, the chemo doesn't seem to be doing much but a little skin is sloughing off. I'm doing the center of my chest where there has been some sun damage. I can feel the skin tightening. I just hope it tightens enough.

    Julie, thanks for telling me about your experience with the capsule material. I did some research and it revealed that a lot of people have problems with gelatin capsules. They are made from animals. I am experimenting to see whether I can tolerate the veggie capsules. I know it was gelatin caps which caused problems with one supp. I think veggie caps can be ordered and the powder poured into them from the gelatin caps. Don't know why all manufacturers don't use veggie caps. I really appreciate your input because it is helping me figure out a problem which is quite severe. My docs had no clue as to what was causing my neurological symptoms. Glad you got to sleep in. You obviously needed it.

    Rock, when I visited the Yukatan, we took a bus into the jungle to see Mayan ruins. When the bus stopped, little kids surrounded us selling gum. They spoke no English but offered the gum saying, "Cheeklets." When I was in a Mexican restaurant in TX, they had the same gum for sale. I don't know about importing storms but we are certainly importing a ton of rain from this system which is trying to organize into a tropical storm. Publix is getting bad press for two reasons: First, they refused to put the word, cum, on a cake celebrating a kid's having graduated Summa Cum Laude from college. They use a computer program which has a list of words considered too profane to use on their cakes. Oops! Then, they were found to have donated a lot of money to a politician here who is confrontational in his dislike about those on the other side of the aisle. Some are boycotting Publix over this. I disagree with this unlikable politician but am not going to boycott Publix over it. Glad your swan-like neck is better. Soon, you will be feeling just ducky. You won't feel down eider.

    Sun, at that age, losing friends and fellow students is so overwhelming. I was about twelve when kids I knew died, as well as adults who were friends of the family and our family members. No one even thought about grieving kids back then and I had to endure the depression by myself. My family doc died and so did a wonderful older woman who was a friend of my Mom's. This lady was so kind and I loved her. All in all, there were about ten people who passed in a very short period of time. I don't know why kids are committing suicide at a higher rate now and kids shoot up their schools but I think we had better figure out what is going on in this country. The drug problem not only affects kids but also adults. Do we lack the ability to cope with modern life stresses? I do know that we lack mental health care which might help in these areas. I hope and pray for you, your family and especially your DGS. Strong faith is what gets us through times like this.

    Granni, I hope you feel better soon. These painful flares are hard to deal with. Having to do yard work is harder and harder the older we get. With so many older folks living here, a lot of neighborhoods have homeowners assns. and they pay for landscapers to do the yard work. I still do a bit because I like to take care of some of the bushes and other plants around here. I hope your aches and pains go away. The neck pain I have is part of the neurological symptoms that I have narrowed down to the material in capsules. Now, I just have to narrow down the ones which bother me and the ones which don't. I'm pretty sure it's the ones made of gelatin. I have already found one which is a culprit. Good grief! We seem to all have some strange reactions to various things. Try to rest a bit and feel better.

    Spring, sounds as though that hotel tour was lovely. I can picture it in my mind's eye. Sometimes, the eye is the only part of my mind which is working. The teenage years are so tumultuous that I think kids are vulnerable to all kinds of influences which can overwhelm them. Spirits which come through via mediums after committing suicide always take responsibility for how they left their lives here and they continue to try to heal from their actions. Most say they are at peace. The words, "All is forgiven," continue to resonate with me. I've been reading The Sermon On The Mount. It contains The Lord's Prayer and a lot of good advice. Gotta spend more time reading and rereading it. Take care, Dear One.

    Love, hugs and prayers going out to all our wonderful Porchies wherever you are.

    Love, Mikie

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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi gang! I think summer weather has hit...it was so hot and humid yesterday. But when I got to my dad's, he was lying down and trying to cover up with the blanket that was underneath him...I found another blanket on his bed and tucked him in before I left. It was past suppertime, but he still drank half of his strawberry milkshake.

    I just got one lens of my glasses replaced. The non-operative eye hadn't changed much at all, so I decided to wait...may not even need changed till the cataract in that eye needs done. They didn't think insurance would pay for any of the bill, so I had to pay $215 just for the one lens. But my glasses are transitions and have a few other special things...that I can't remember right now, lol! The new lens should be here in a week or so.

    Sun, I'm so very sorry about the young boy. I don't remember any classmates dying when I was young. Actually, the only person who died when I was a teenager was my maternal grandmother...three months before my wedding. Maybe my memory is just incorrect...

    Spring, sounds like a fun outing. You are right on about my MIL.

    Rock, sorry about the washer. Nothing like a flood when one isn't expecting it. Well, Keira doesn't actually play any songs on either instrument, I don't think. Just makes noise and plays around a bit.

    Barry, hope thinks get back to normal at your house now that Richard is back.

    Granni...wow...that sounds like a very generous settlement. But, at least it's over and you don't have it hanging over your head any longer.

    Mikie, glad you got to the pool and had someone to talk to, even though you had to go at a slower pace.

    Hi to Duckie, Judy, Star, anyone I might be missing. I woke up early, around 6:00. Was dreaming about my dad being in the hospital. Fell back to sleep for another half hour...had returned to the same dream. Was very frustrating because the doctor wouldn't let anyone in the room with Dad, and didn't seem to be doing anything to help him. Not sure what that dream was all about...just hope things never happen that way. I think in real life, I would be more assertive...in my dream, it was a huge hospital and they wouldn't even tell me what room Dad was in. I woke up just as I was making plans to get authorities involved...

    Probably won't be on the computer much over the weekend. Hope everyone is doing okay or as well as possible. Time for my second cup of coffee and get outside before it rains.
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I'm not surprised that you're having a reaction to the gel caps. My friend, Windytalker, who used to come here developed multiple chemical sensitivities from the times she had cancer surgery. That's when she also developed FM. Anything that's not totally natural, affects her internally. I'm talking about any supplements, fish or meat that has been treated with chemicals prior to being sold, veggies or fruits that have been sprayed, dish and laundry detergents, fragrances that are put into these, I could go on and on. MCS is actually quite common. Thru her I learned to always soak frozen shrimp at least 3 times, changing the water, because they are covered with a preservative. If I don't do this within 30 min. Of eating it I start getting itchy all over, skin feels like it's burning. I don't eat shrimp in a restaurant anymore. I'm careful of what I order when out, trying to go only for fresh stir fried foods without any sauces.

    Rock: This is a green mask from a jar, you smear it on and it gets hard...supposed to help clean your pours.

    I was out in my garden first thing this morning and found two blooming epiphyllium flowers. One a gorgeous large (10" across) hot fushia with long white stamens that kinda jiggle like little stars, and another creamy white with green center. I wish they lasted longer although the last ones I picked when just opened actually stayed good for almost 3 days in a vase on my counter.

    Spring: The hotel sounds wonderful! Is it expensive to stay there? Can I look it up online?

    I took the last of my antibiotics this morning. Two weeks of *&^%$#@ but I think I'm coming to the end of this bug. Its been very hard because of the COPD I have but I sure have learned a lot more about taking care of myself.
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Just had a tussle with an Arrowhead bottle. If I had been on a dessert island I would have
    died of thirst. Fortunately Gordon showed me the complicated steps you have to go through
    to open the darn thing. I don't drink bottled water. But I've decided to start. See if it
    improves things. According to various sites drinking a lot of water will improve everything
    from your complexion to the internal cleaning of your bloodstream. I would report more but
    the site I was reading suddenly turned into an ad for ladies' dresses. Sorry. I'm not buying
    any this week.

    Julie, I find it hard to believe that one lens could cost so much. I remember my first pair
    of glasses cost $25. It was 1951. I hadn't even known I needed glasses. As for Keira and
    the flute it sounds like she plays it pretty much the way I did. But she might improve.
    I never did.

    Mikie, can't do much with people who are imperious to reason. I once used "cum" in a letter
    to a client. The attorney who was handling the case wanted to know what it meant. So
    I 'splained like Lucy. He said, "Well, maybe the client won't know. You'd better change it."
    I said, "It's your case. Write your own letter." He was good at charming the clients. Not
    so effective when it came to practicing law.

    Glad you got some exercise in the pool. Gordon's cardiologist asked him about exercise
    recently. He told him about all the steps we go up and down all day long. The doctor said, "That doesn't count." He said people need to do sustained exercise. A minimum of 15
    minutes at a time. Well, Phooey on that. I can't stand up for five minutes; never mind
    about doing more.

    Granni, what kind of ketchup are you going to make? I've read you can make ketchup out of
    any fruits or vegetables. But I never heard of Paleo ketchup. Thought maybe it had
    something to do with the paleolithic period when people used stone tools. Can you imagine a stone mixer or refrigerator? Then I thought maybe it had something to do with the paleo diet.

    I'm surprised you found out the amount of the settlement in your auto case. I don't remember
    any policyholder asking about the settlement. They just wondered if their premiums would
    go up. I had to tell them I didn't know. The Claims Dept. and the Underwriting Dept. don't
    really communicate much.

    It's after nine AM here. Still waiting for the washer repair person to show up. Oh yeah,
    Gordon did not go to his orchid meeting last night. It was cancelled. The President forgot
    to send him an mail re: same. Fortunately someone noticed his name was not on the
    e mail and sent him the word.

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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. Sorry you got into it with the arrowhead bottle. Is this one of the individual ones or a larger gallon size? Most of the water bottles are so flimsy and hard to open and you better be careful otherwise water will slosh out when you do open it.

    I'm also very surprised that Granni learned the settlement amount. And I hope your premiums won't rise....that happened to us after we put in a claim for water damage in the house.

    today is a first for me....I chalk it up to being so sick. I honestly thought today was saturday. I called my DD to find out how the engagement party being held at her home on friday night went.....she said WHAT! Mom....the party is tonight. I said I thought it was friday night.....Mom....today is FRIDAY. I had to make a large note for me reading.....today is friday, May 25 and put it on my counter, so I could GET IT INTO MY HEAD. Scary.
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Thought I'd stop in. Computer is very squirrelly this morning. I got soooo tired after breakfast that I lay down and dozed for about an hour. I took a probiotic in a veggie cap and it triggered the neurological symptoms. Rats! I had thought I'd figured it out. My ears immediately started to ring and my neck got stiff and painful. My mouth dried up like a sponge. I don't get it. I'm not having reactions to other things, just some of my supps. I'll have to try drinking the powder. Hope that doesn't destroy the probiotics' ability to work in the gut.

    After my nap, I got into the shower and shampooed my hair. It came out really great today so am hoping it will continue to look decent even though there are some places where it's too short. It's kind of a pain to have to apply the chemo twice a day to my face but I did it. I also slathered my old dried up bod with the cream. It's gonna cost a fortune to use this expensive stuff all over.

    Julie, I have the same lenses as you and they have all kinds of coatings to keep them from scratching, to be clear in the rain and protect my eyes from UV rays. With the frames, it came to more than $600. I talked them into about a $100 discount. If all I needed were reading glasses, I'd buy cheap ones. Hope you and Den don't work too hard over the weekend.

    Sun, it must be horrible for anyone to have so many sensitivities. I can barely walk down the detergent aisle because all the fragrances they add to the products make me immediately sick. Don't know why they can't seal the products to keep the smells in. Heck, I don't know why anyone wants clothes to smell like that. Thanks for the tip on the shrimp. Glad you are through with the ABX. Hope you feel batter. You have been feeling lousy for too long now. I look at my phone or computer or I probably wouldn't know what day it is.

    Rock, I'm laughing about your telling that guy to write his own letter. Good for you. Many people don't realize they are dehydrated and that is what is making them feel sick. The more water one drinks, the more one has to be sure to keep the electrolytes balanced. That's why I drink Smart Water now and then. The common belief now is that three 15-min. workouts a week are enough for cardio health. I've mentioned here that three reps of all out exercise for 20 seconds three times a week, while catching one's breath in between, is sufficient to keep the ticker ticking. The 15-min. segments have to be sustained at the targeted rate to be effective. Typically, I do a half hour at the targeted rate and the intensive bursts as well. Need to get back to that regimen. Drink up, my friend, and try not to get into fights with the water bottles.

    I've been watching all these pundits on TV bemoaning the NFL's "taking away the First Amendment Rights of the players" now that they can't kneel during the National Anthem or be fined. What? They are on the job. Show me any other employer who doesn't have the right to dictate proper decorum while employees are working. It's not that I'm not spympathetic to the cause of civil rights and the abuses that some in our society suffer but, if those players want to demonstrate, they need to do it on their own time. That's my rant for the day.

    Hope everydooby is having a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Do a search on Suzie Cohen site, see if you can find anything about gel caps. I'm thinking about her book, drug muggers, and how after 10 days of antibiotics including steroids has done a # on my brain. I'm taking milk thistle to help clean out the liver of all this crap. My head still feels clogged and hard to think still. Can you imagine WHY seniors are so befuddled! Their doctors pumped them full of drugs and then the poor people sit almost comatose in senior homes barely able to converse intelligently.

    I've tried to eat "clean" meaning only organic veggies, stir fried and a little chicken or wild caught salmon. And I've also tried to drop drinking any wine......actually I found it wasn't hard which surprised me because it had been a nightly dinner habit. I also found that while having all this mucous I dropped cream in my coffee since milk products contribute to mucous. Black coffee isn't the greatest though...ugh. But I did have to drink some to avoid the caffeine headache.

    Rock: I'm 5'5 and should drink about 2 1/2 quarts of water...not tea or coffee....but water....to flush out the body of toxins. The more you drink the more you go and get rid of poisons. I keep a large glass of water on the counter with fresh lemon juice and some sliced lemons in it, keep refilling it all day. And I did buy some smart water which I also am drinking.

    Judy: I keep meaning to answer your post. I hope Vicki is able to come for a visit and that you're able to really look into her face as she answers your questions. Yes, us moms will always worry. Once a mother always a mother.

    Do you have any family living near you now? I know you said its quite a distance to where your DD lives. So sorry you missed the BD party. I'm sure that hurt. Have you thought about moving closer to your DD?

    Star: Hope things are better at your home now. I worry about you.
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Barry - you sound very happy Richard is back. I guess it could get very lonely where you stay far from the madding crowd. Hope little Sylvie recovers soon.

    Sun - the hotels rates go up from approx us $ 145.00 i think to higher. And they offer discounts depending on season. Ive sent you details.

    Mikie - i get those exact symptoms ringing ear, dry mouth, feeling of dis -ease but i dont use probiotics. It seems to come on when using the computer. I treat with my usual alternative methods. I dont get stiff neck but a feeling like my shoulder blade is full of something. I switch off the wi fi immediately and my computer because it seems to be related to it somehow. EMF? That type of thing.

    I love your forgiveness affirmation. All my healer friends tell me i need to forgive. Just yesterday my friend again told me the same. In order to heal. But its kind of bewildering. When you dont know what you did to ask for forgiveness and forgive.

    Rock - how does one use such an instrument as shown? Looks like it would take the whole tongue off.

    Julie - hope your DF is doing good. Im sure part of your fatigue is stress worrying about him. Ive been through that. I would tell you to not worry but i need to know how to not do that myself first.

    Granni - so happy the lawsuit is over. Isnt it funny how this just came from nowhere? But thats how life is.

    Yesterday my DD stayed home for half a day and i went on a me day. Visited a temple, lit a butter lamp, met with a friend after a long time and her friend. Had lunch at a restaurant i had had an eye on since i stumbled on to it during one of my excursions. We shared chowmein, da pao, a huge dumplingwith cheese veg filling, and french fries. A tame cat came by, very calm, Buddha like, a diner tried to shoo it away but it just walked a few steps, sat and looked into space. I petted it. It neither refused nor acknowledged me. My friend remarked we need to get to that stage. Detached, enlightened and we laughed. Then i left them and went to further enjoy my me - day.

    Discovered a new bookstore. Bought me three books. Yes, all new age related. Then i walked a ways, bought me a butterscotch double scoop ice cream and came backhome.

    God bless
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    I stopped back in yesterday but the keyboard was wild and wiped out a paragraph. One of these crazy symptoms I get is explosive anger and swearing. So, I decided to close the computer and forget it. I am trying to figure out what in the supps is making me crazy. The veggie caps seem as bad as the gel caps so now I'll be looking at the ingredients to try to find a common element. It took all day yesterday for whatever it is to wear off. It makes me so physically and emotionally ill. We can develop sensitivities to all kinds of things as we grow older.

    Sun, sounds as though your meds have caused bad symptoms for you too. I hope you can recover and feel better. As I mentioned above, I have to become a supp sleuth to find out what is in these things that is causing the problems. I'll let you know if I find anything common in the various supps which causes the symptoms. Feel better, Dear One.

    Barry, I don't seem to have problems with Jello or meat so I think now that it must be something else. Poor Sylvie. I hope the vet can help her. Joe's kitty has been sick and he had a horrible time getting her into her crate to go to the vet. He has to wear thick gloves to handle her. SV has a larger soft-side carryall he goes in and doesn't seem to mind my putting him into it. Take care and stop back soon.

    Spring, your 'me day' sounds perfect. It's just the kind of thing I would enjoy. Sounds as though you did enjoy it. After my divorce, I was sick with one cold or virus after another. I decided to use visualization to try to help me. I just lay back and let whatever visual that I needed to come to mind. I found myself in my vision walking in a field full of stones. Each stone was marked with the words in red, sadness, hurt or anger. I was wearing a big backpack and had to pick up the stones and put them in the pack. When I had done that, the pack was so heavy I could barely walk. I knew I had to walk all the way to California. When I got to the ocean, there was a small row boat and I put the heavy backpack in the boat and pushed it out in the water where the tide took it out to sea. Only then was I able to be free and forgive. Forgiveness is a great gift we can give ourselves. Holding on to old hurts is toxic to us. Sadly, it's very difficult to do. Forgiving ourselves for things we've done is even more difficult. I am asking forgiveness every day for these bursts of anger and swearing even though I know it's some kind of reaction to the supps which is causing it. But, I digress...I'm so happy you had such a wonderful day.

    I need to take my garbage down to the dumpster but it's been raining off and on and will continue to all day. We are getting all that rain spinning off subtropical storm Alberto in the Yukatan. It's the first named storm of the season. We have local flooding here and there. I'm still debating whether to get flood insurance on the contents of my condo. The only time I might need it is for a really big hurricane bringing surge from the Gulf. We are in an El Nina phase right now but it may shift to El Nino midway through the hurricane season and that would be good. Seems the little girl encourages the formation of big storms but the little boy produces wind shear to tear the storms apart.

    I hope everydooby is having a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie

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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie:. The problem with a multivitamin is it has sooooo much in it. You will have trouble narrowing it down. I'm assuming you stopped this new one? Why not go back to an older one you had no trouble with and compare ingredients. As to the "anger" , I think you need to look deeply to see what's really troubling you. This is just a reaction to unexpressed, hidden feelings. Spend some quiet meditative prayer time, asking God what's troubling you, and you will get an answer.

    Spring: Sounds like you had a wonderful ME day, which we all need from time to time. Mmmmmm butterscotch, I love it.

    Barry: Don't you have a tube of a little antibiotic that you can use on your pets? I guess Sylvie will learn her lesson on what she can do or NOT. Pets are always getting into something. Good that they're now caught up on shots since they go outdoors. So much they can get into.

    I struggled thru "brain fog" all day yesterday.....I HATE that fuzzy feeling. This is why I don't like taking any medication because EVERYTHING has a reaction. But I HAD to take those 10 days of meds. The COPD I deal with can go from bronchitis to pneumonia in a very short time.

    I went to the gallery where I had some paintings so I could take them all out. Turns out she had sold another one in January so why hadn't I been paid? She is not a good, efficient businesswoman. From her talk it sounds like business is not good and she's going to be closing soon so just as well that I'm all gone.

    So I spent the day working my way thru vintage costume jewelry so I could get them listed on etsy. It's been so dreary and overcast here that it's good for me to work inside.

    I've got the DVDs of The Borgias......eeegads.....such corruption in that family, but most interesting. And the costumes are sumptuous. I just finished watching The White Queen, the story surrounding the english throne back in the 1400s. Loved every minute of it. So I bought the 3 disc set on ebay, which arrived yesterday, envelope open and #2 and #3 missing. Now I hope this dealer will make good on my purchase.
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