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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Jun 1, 2018.

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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I thought a more modest home would be a nice change of pace. This little gem (2 bed and 2
    bath) can be yours for a mere $48,000. In LA that wouldn't even be a down payment. The
    catch? No catch. Unless you consider Minnesota winters a catch. But they only last
    about 4 months.

    It's in my home town.

    No crowds. No commute. No crime. No parking meters. No protests. No slums.
    No bad drugs. No traffic jams. No peddlers or missionaries at your door. No juvenile
    delinquents. No schools that can't teach.

    Well, that's the way I remember it anyway. And everybody speaks English. Or at least Norwegian.


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  2. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I guess that's the way I remembered seeing house in Indiana and Minn. when I went back for trips. And don't forget the storm doors.

    Barry and all those interested in natural health. Here's a short video on dandelions! OK, I've got a whole new perspective on this "weed", apparently it's a very useful, healthy plant. I do remember a visit years ago and my SIL in Minn. was sharing her own dandelion wine. Turns out tea is also healthy.

    And Barry: you might take a stroll thru the back 40 and see what healthy wild plants you can find.
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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Friends

    Went to the chiro this morning. I told him the joke about the depressed circus clown who
    sought help. "Well," said the chiro, "I don't really think I can treat depression." The clown
    said, "Sure you can Doc. All I need is some help finding my funny bone."

    So my chiro laughed and said, "Do you know how many chiros it takes to change a lightbulb?
    I asked, "Is the usual answer? One to do it, and two to say, 'I coulda done it better?'" He said,
    "Not really. It's just one who says, 'I can do it, but it will take 15 visits.'"

    Anyhoo he said I'm in good shape, and my neck now seems to have everything in the right place. And then Gordon and I stopped at a bank and a Subway sandwich shop and Gordon dropped me off and took the car to the garage. The pump that sprays fluid on the windshield
    is mort.

    Sun, dandelion wine reminds me the elderberry wine 3 old ladies used to make in the
    Tish series of books. Written in the first half of the last century by the prolific Mary
    Roberts Rinehart. They made their own wine (just for medicinal purposes) from

    Informative video on dandelions. Reminds me of some forensic shows I watch. The
    show is fine except where the background music drowns out the dialogue. Never heard
    of mullein. Will have to look that up. Reminds me of Moon Mullins, a comic strip
    that ran for many decades.

    Barry, hard for me to think of eating a dandelion. I can remember working in the hot
    sun when I was a kid to dig them along with plantain out of the lawn. Plantain is another
    herb that is often called a weed, but can be used to make salve or mouthwash or tea, etc.

    Hugs Everydobby
  4. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: I like the mushrooms....very earthy smell. I sauted both of them in butter and olive oil with garlic this evening, added some cooked chicken and pesto I made yesterday with a little balsamic vinegar. Cooked some gluten free noodles and tomatoes on the side. Oh yes, I bought a tomato plant yesterday and got it planted today in full sun. All that talk from Rock about picking tomatoes got me to thinking. About 5 years ago I swore off tomato plants because of the nightly visit from a possum who decimated all my produce, a nibble here a nibble there.....but here I am trying it again.
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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Sun, I can guarantee that the possum that ate your tomatoes 5 years ago won't be back. I
    read their life expectancy is two years. I looked on the net to see if any animals ate
    dandelions. Apparently sheep and goats thrive on them. And people can make salads with
    the leaves, of course. Guinea pigs and hamsters reportedly love dandelions. But they
    ( the plants) should be washed just in case they were sprayed with poison. I also read that
    wild turkeys and goldfinches like dandelion seeds.

    Barry, I have never taken Maalox. Do you take it with cream cheese on a bagel? Just
    a little or a lox? Does it relox you? Oh, somebody stop me. Maybe Mikie will. What
    color are those mushrooms called Henna da woods? Red? Like Lucy?

    Star, we have ads on our home page for vacation trips to Australia and Tasmania. If
    I were still young and healthy I would. Hope things are hokee dokee at your place.

    JB, I see you will be having temps in the 80s and 9os. I don't know what will be having.
    When I checked our weather page I got Washington DC again. Somehow I don't
    think the politicians are responsible for this recurring goof.

    Time to go back to bed.
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  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    I slept the day away yesterday and didn't get up this morning til 6:30. I still feel fuzzy brained. So don't know how effective I'll be today. I'm hoping that med is out of my system by now. Bless Joe. He always opens the car door for me and insisted on walking me up the stairs to my door. If I tell him how much I appreciate everything he does, he gets embarrassed. My throat is sore from the procedure so am drinking hot coffee and will be gargling with some warm salt water.

    Rock, thanks for getting us up and going again. That house looks like so many post WWII homes built for all the GI's coming home. There was a sprawling neighborhood in the north end of the Denver Metro Area with acre after acre of these little houses. In the 50's, pink and turquoise appliances were trendy and included in some of the homes. I loved those kitchens. Even cars were pink. A movie I watched showed a pink and white Ford convertible, my dream car. Any color ford convertible from '54 to '56, preferably with a continental kit on the back. If I were wealthy, I'd restore old cars, boats and airplanes. I told my shrink the joke about how many shrinks it takes to change a lightbulb; only one but the bulb has to really want to change. Yuk! Yuk!

    Barry, so that's what is happening when a pill gets stuck. I usually just eat some food to force it on down. Twenty percent of the population have hiatal hernias. My dry mouth from Sjogren's doesn't help either. It's usually not dry these days but it can dry up in an instant if I'm run down. Crazy conditions we deal with on top of all the more common conditions which hit most everyone at some point. I'm sorry you're not feeling well and hope you feel better.

    Sun, I tried dandelion leaves years ago in my salad and found them too bitter to eat. Your schrooms sound delicious as does the rest of your dinner. Publix had tomato plants and it made me wish there were someplace where one would get sun all day. We have so many critters roaming around that they would likely take the tomatoes before I could harvest them. Vine tomatoes were on sale and I bought a bunch and had them sliced on my sandwich yesterday. I did wake up long enough to eat. I was famished from fasting for the test. I hope yours does well and you get lots of yummy tomatoes before any critters can get to them.

    Granni, I noticed you had posted on the last Porch. I can't believe how hot it is there so early. Our weather is all messed up. We got a gully washer yesterday afternoon but that's normal for us this time of year. I'm still undecided regarding flood insurance. Found out the assn. flood insurance covers more than the usual hazard insurance so all I would need is coverage for my personal stuff. I'm actually more worried about my car if we get flooding. It's so old that the ins. would total it out and wouldn't leave me much to replace it. Oh well, not gonna worry about what may never happen. Stay cool, my friend.

    Julie, I hope the new blade cuts well. Sharp blades are crucial to healthy lawns. Sounds as though you are like me and want it cut just so. TV featured the little robot lawnmowers. They now have larger batteries and can cut larger lawns but probably not really big acreage. If they are like Roomba, they might be smart enough to dock themselves to get a charge. Ask This Old House showed a whole bunch of things which all use the same batteries. You can removed the batteries from one thing and use them in another. There was a riding lawnmower, a snow blower and all kinds of regular tools. I love stuff like that.

    I'm sorry if I missed anyone. Brain is still addled. Talk at ya later.

    Love, Mikie

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  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - happy to know your procedure is over. Due to brain fuzziness I didn’t know what you were going in for. I had inflammation diagnosis in my intestines once but I’ve not had problems now. I did avoid hot peppers and salty. I don’t like eating heavy lentils or hard rice, but that’s about it. I used to have problems swallowing but that too righted itself. The doc said because of stomach issues, anyway didn’t have to take meds.

    Sunflower - I’ve not seen people take dandelion here but aloe Vera is popular and basil leaves. I read spider plant and apidistra etc are very good air purifiers. We have so many spider plants outside. I used to have them inside in metalwork stands but gave that up. I don’t watch tv at night at all. DH hogs it and we haven’t bothered to hook up our other tv in living room.

    I love the father and son duo in the video. So full of zest. So enthusiastic. They look kind too.

    Barry - I’ve not looked at CNN. I watched a discovery science programme on NASA s secret files. Very intriguing. I hope after a rest you are re loxed as Rock said. I don't know what Malox is. Yet another thing to look up.

    Rock - those days of long ago. Uncomplicated days. Quiet. Ordered. That house must have made you feel nostalgic. My Chinese friend has gone to our hometown in India for a holiday. She is sending back pictures and bringing back memories. One was outside our school church. 40 years hence, nothing has changed.

    I think monsoon started earlier. It’s been raining every day. The birds were pecking at our plums so we picked them and let them ripen out on a table. They are so so good. One bite and the juice comes rushing out. dS took up a cup and ate his holding it over the cup and the juice ran out into the cup. I was feeling sorry for the birds, I think when I go out I will buy the local ones and scatter them so birds can feed. As it is their habitat has become so sparse. I had to get rid of our old bougains but we still have a good many trees. These plums are very tasty and can’t find them outside.

    The DH came back from an overnight business trip and brought back Lal Mohan. An Indian savory. I’ve had more than I should. But everyone is out most of the time, and they don’t taste good if left for too many days.

    The DS came back from a trip to Pokhara, it’s a lake town. 8 hours drive away. A lot of his school friends who had dispersed from the city after studies were in town for a few days so they decided to go on a road trip. 10 boys. They went paddle boating, zip line and paragliding. It’s a tourist hot spot so many restaurants dot the lake side. They had a spot of trouble getting their rooms because the hotel had given away one room out of the three they had booked at this lakeside hotel. The staff after haranguing got them a room at another hotel nearby saying they would be charged same price. But they found they were being charged more.

    The feisty boys took out their laptops and gave a scathing review of the first hotel on Trip Advisor recounting their experience and the next day three hotel staff visited the boys one after another, begging pardon and offering compensation in exchange for deleting their review. In the end they took down the review but rejected the compensation. A good lesson for the errant hotel staff.

    On the way back they made a side trip to Bandipur, one of the few unspoilt tourist destinations. Very charming.
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  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring:. I looked up Pokhara....here's a link for everyone. I especially loved the photo of the narrow boats. I'm sure your son and his friends had a wonderful time, though sorry about what the hotel pulled on them. Good for all of them for putting a bad review.


    When I was in the hospital years ago for an ovarian cyst removal, the lady in the bed next to me was mexican, in for a hysterectomy. She told me she had prepared for weeks, taking the "juice" from the aloe Vera leaf and sucking it up. It's an internal healer. I've tasted that slime.....really awful. Of course now you can buy pills or the juice to drink.

    Mikie: Very blessed to have a good friend in Joe. My DH was like that....quick to help but didn't want much of a thank you afterwards.

    Today is my middle DGDs 4th BD. I got a call from her a little bit ago, sorry I was outside. She left a message thanking me for the present. I had sent $ for her parents to buy her ticket into Disneyland today, which is where they were calling from. This is her FIRST time at disneyland and has been so excited. Remember how excited we all would get over something....having lots of energy to enjoy it???? Looking back I think I developed FM/CFS when I was in my mid 30s. My DD is 44 and has dealing with adrenal fatigue for over 4 years. She never could understand how I could be tired from doing nothing but now she does.
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends...

    Just a quick "hello"..I've been working on a post but haven't finished it yet..energy level is low and it is taking me a long time to get anything done.

    Wishing everyone a "fabulous" and a "feeling good" weekend.

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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - How sweet of you to send $ for your DGDs 4th b-day. Wow so young. I know she will love it but it is so very expensive to go there. We went to Disneyworld in FL years ago when the kids were young but EPCOT had not even been built yet. We all had fun at that time but knew we probably never would go back again. I believe our son has with his wife. They love the sci fi stuff and Harry Potter. Sorry your DD also has adrenal fatigue. Now she understands. My DD who lives close by also has some of my symptoms but not all of them, not myFM pain and O A. It is no fun getting old that is for sure. DH still does not understand that I am tired and achy when I get up from sleeping all night. Thanks for sending that url on Pokhara. Lovely pictures. Yes, when I was having lots of tummy problems years ago I also took aloe vera but it was not directly from the plant, thank goodness. Thanks also for that interesting video on dandelions. I don't seem to have any or many of them around but will have to check more. We had so many of them in NY when we were growing up. Lots of wild flowers around her also weeds I guess or some of them anyway. He said that when he was growing up they would put dandelions in their salads, rather bitter. We never did.

    MIKIE - Yes, you are lucky to have a good friend in Joe as SUN mentioned. You help each other out and give each other support and have some fun at times together. Hope your sore throat feels a little better. I know how it was when I had my endoscopy along with my sigmoidoscopy many years ago. My throat was pretty sore for awhile but it will get better. Glad that they didn't find any major problems. It is a bid decision as to weather or not to get flood insurance or not esp with these storms and hurricanes. We do not have it as we are pretty high up. We have good home insurance but not flood. I don't think it is very cheap though. Feel better soon my friend. Glad you got some good sleep.

    JULIE - Hope your blades are sharp enough to do a good job on your lawns. We have no lawn to worry about on our property. When we bought we have a couple of small patches but we got rid of them. Mostly like a rustic setting with pine needles, leaves and dirt with some flowers and other greenery. Hope all is well with you and Den and your family.

    ROCK - Hope you are doing OK and doing lots of reading with your new books from the library. It is great also that you are such an avid reader like my DH. He is always reading, mostly history.

    Thinking of SW, BARRY, DUCKIE, JUDY and everydobby else I forgot or don't have the time to address today. It is HOT out there in the 90's, I know. We were going to go with DD, DSIL and DGS to Galveston on Wed. to checkout stuff we already saw years ago the submarine and some other ships and have a nice lunch down there. I would have loved to go as we haven;t gone in years but DH said it was way to hot we we are not going, We will have to go however to the Hill Country to meet up with another DD who moved to Austin This will be in July for 2 days. We will visit some wineries and eat some good food and visit. That will certainly be HOT too but the car won;t be so crowded as DGS will not be going, has to work, as usual.''Gotta run. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend and not to hot. Thank God for a/c is all I can say. I don't think SUN AND ROCK have to worry in CA and JULIE in Iowa. However, who knows with the crazy weather. Have to start chopping some veggies and stuff for dinner.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: I had to look up Hill Country in Texas. All I knew is that Lady Bird Johnson was very instrumental in something regarding the blue bells? Guess I should look that up also. But here's a link to some really beautiful scenery. No wonder your DD and her family moved there. Are they the ones with the two little dogs?


    What is it with husbands or families who just don't understand what it's like for us to live with all the pain and fatigue? My DH had no sympathy for me....ignored me for the most part concerning suffering, and now my DD has the same thing with her DH. Even my DGKs are saying to her....."you're ALWAYS tired"....just echoing what their dad says.
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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Here are a couple pics of Texas Hill Country. It has Karst topography meaning the bedrock
    is limestone. Limestone is eaten away by running water. So sinkholes and caves are common.
    Just like SE Minnesota. The pic below on the left looks like it might have been taken in MN.
    The pic on the right shows the famous bluebells. My aunt who lived in San Antonio sent a
    post card of bluebells decades ago. I think I still have it in a shoe box full of other post cards.
    GRANNI, do you have bluebells in your area?

    Sun, best of luck with your tomato plant. I picked several yesterday. Can't remember
    the number, but it was a handful. I bet your DGD and her parents enjoyed the trip to Disneyland. I always enjoyed taking my son there. And to Magic Mountain and the Zoo and the circus and the movies and the little race car track.

    Springwater, thanks for the pics of Pokhara. I never heard of it before. See, you are
    expanding my horizons. Here's a URL for the colorful canoes of Pokhara, Folks. Is
    that a pic of your son above, Spring? I'm not good at recognizing faces. Would
    make a terrible witness in a criminal case.


    You're right about "nothing has changed". Other times it seems like everything has changed. I know one thing that has changed. Came across this by chance yesterday.
    In the last 50 years tomatoes have changed. They now contain less calcium, niacin and vitamin C.

    Mikie, I don't remember pink and turquoise appliances in the 50s. I remember pink
    andgray poodle skirts though. There's a guy on Youtube who posts illustrated videos of
    songs. One of the best is The Class of 57 by the Statler Brothers. (I was class of 58.)
    Has a shot of a classy and classic red and white Chevy.

    I never dealt with flood insurance. The reason that you couldn't buy it when I was a kid
    was that the only people who would buy it were people who lived in an area that got flooded. It would be like selling car insurance only to people who had car crashes. At some point the government intervened and mandated; too tired to look it all up.

    JB, good to hear from you. No rush on your post. Oh, that reminds me. Am rereading
    a book by Philip Gulley. The title is "Porch Talk." The opening chapter is a reminiscence
    of folks sitting on the front porch and chatting.


    upload_2018-6-3_1-5-40.jpeg upload_2018-6-3_1-6-26.jpeg
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  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Judy - thanks for popping in, even when you're low on energy. I wish there was a magic wand to wave and replenish our bodies with that elusive elixir called 'energy'. Sending you good thoughts. I had soaked some clothes to handwash, they remained soaked for three days, lol. Other more pressing things took precedence before I could get that job done. It's the way it is with us folks. Hope you can join us soon.

    Granni - that hill country full of flowers is something else! Not too many.places one can go and see vistas and vistas of flowers. Lucky you.

    Rock - yes, thats my son. He is having tea in a little tea stall. I am as bad as you with faces. Imagine the two of us together in a witness stand in a criminal case. The lawyers would want to shoot themselves. What with our memory lapses to add to inability to remember faces.

    Mikie - I hope you're fine. Not too winded with the after effects of the procedure.

    Julie - busy with the house or having kids over?

    Sun - thanks for the link to Pokhara. That snowy mountain view is visible only if you go in late fall. November to Jan. When the kids were smaller, we had gone and got to see it. That season is the best. Crisp clear,air. It's really hot and humid now.

    What a wonderful gift for your DGD. When we were very young an uncle showed us an uncle showed us a movie on a projector of Disneyland. Saw those cup n saucer rides. It all seemed too good to be true.

    Shout out to Star, Dmc.

    God bless
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys...hope everyone is doing okay. Amy and the girls got here yesterday around noon, but had eaten a late breakfast on the way, so we just had an early supper. Gpa Den got us a fire going and we roasted hot dogs, made s'mores and filled up also on baked beans, chips, melon and strawberries. The girls were in heaven because Grandma gave them a whole half of a Hershey's chocolate bar (six "sections") instead of the one fourth of a bar (three "sections") they normally get. Grandma didn't know any better, lol...Amy just chuckled...

    After supper they took Gator rides, first with Gpa Den, then with Amy...Grandma prefered to get things put away and watch from the porch swing.

    Clinton will be here today...he and Den are taking an A/C out of the cabin since nobody lives there anymore...putting it in Amy and Clinton's new bedroom.

    I'll be as busy as I can manage this week...moving things around upstairs above the shop and in some of the outbuildings. Den is off work the following week and we want to get his shop organized...the poor man has never really had his shop to use just for his stuff.

    Working on breakfast and lunch this morning...I imagine Amy and the girls will sleep in...Keira gets to be the first one to sleep on the new bed. I promised Miley we can play "Pie Face" after breakfast...that game where you put a little whipped cream on a paddle that's on a stand...you pass it around and put it up to your face then click a lever. At random, the "clicks" will trigger a release and the paddle will fly up and get whipped cream on your nose. So funny, even when you know it's coming, sooner or later. We have to play until everyone has a chance to get "whipped creamed", lol!

    Take care, everyone...I'll check in when I can.
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Almost-Noon, Kids,

    Yes, I'm very late getting here today. I've been sleeping later since the procedure. I think the good propopol-induced rest reset my sleeping habits. Seemed to take a couple of days to get out of my system. Unfortunately, my energy level hasn't improved which makes me like all of us here. It is soooo difficult for anyone to imagine the exhaustion we have unless they experience it themselves. My kids have always been kind and understanding about mine but it wasn't until they each had different exhausting conditions that they said they truly understood. Fortunately, those conditions have cleared up. Both have FMS so they don't have a lot of energy but their symptoms are mostly pain. Docs still don't have a dx for DSIL's leg pain and weakness. All they do know is that it involves the nerves.

    Granni, the wildflowers in the hill country are beautiful. I've been to San Antonio but we didn't stop off in Austin. It sounds like a wacky college town with lots of good places to eat. The soreness is gone from the endoscopy. I think it was due to biopsies he took. I'm still trying to figure out whether or not to get flood insurance. Because our bldg. flood ins. covers more than I had originally thought, all I would need is coverage for my personal property. It's only $300 a year so in ten years, that would only be $3,000. It would cost a lot more than that to replace my furniture and other personal possessions. Still, the chances that the water would rise to more than 20 feet here are slim. None of my neighbors have it. Think I've mentioned that my kids have a home in Galveston. They love it there. They rent out the main house and keep a vacation apt. in the basement for when they visit. July will be hot but you can stay inside with the A/C. I know you will have a good time.

    Judy, I'm sorry you are still so tired and hope and pray you feel better soon.

    Spring, you have such beautiful children and they take such good pics. Looks like those boys are having the time of their lives. How wonderful that they can go places like that while they are young and fancy free. Good for them for giving the hotel a scathing review. Businesses need to be held accountable for their bad service. Some companies now include in their agreements that they can sue for bad reviews. Read the small print and refuse to sign any agreement/ contract which contains that. I'd just line through it and initial it and sign. Not sure, though, that I'd want to do business with anyone who puts that in the paperwork. I had thought our monsoon season was here too but suddenly it's dried up. I am glad to see the sun.

    Sun, our youngest was six when we went to Disneyland. It was my first visit there and I cried because I was so happy. I'd been wanting to go all my life. It didn't disappoint either. DGS loves Universal at Orlando because of Harry Potter and all the roller coasters but nothing, IMHO, comes close to Disneyland or Disney World for a good time. I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for the link.

    Sorry, had to take my fourth potty break. Just swigged down some Pepto Bismo to try to settle things down.

    Rock, almost none of those people in Houston had flood insurance. Houston does no flood planning and allows suburban sprawl unchecked. It was the paving over of the Houston area which is partly responsible for all the flooding there. Most people never think about being flooded and some think their hazard ins. covers it but it doesn't. We have very good drainage here with little room to build out so I'm not too worried. I was class of '62. I am grateful to have grown up during the age of poodle skirts and Rock 'n Roll. Everything wasn't perfect but I have very good memories of those days.

    Julie, sounds as though y'all had a good time with the kids. DGS gets two scoops of that gooey marshmallow cream in his hot chocolate when he visits. I also let him drink it out of my Tazmanian Devil mug so he feels really special. Publix had plain Hershey bars on BOGO for the holiday weekend for Smores. Hope you don't overdo it getting ready for Den's week off. You guys have made a lot of progress on your home.

    I need to get going. I hope everydooby is enjoying the weekend.

    Love, Mikie

    Appliances and cupboards came in different colors and could be mixed and matched. Some people liked to mix the pink and turquoise.

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  16. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Howdy everyone!!

    Got back yesterday afternoon, but was busy with petting a certain black cat (Worf) and unpacking, so I didn't get around to posting.

    Here's a rundown of the things we did (not necessarily in order):
    Went to Hoosier National Forest and climbed a 110' fire tower (133 steps...DS got a little freaked out by the shaking when he got to the top and didn't finish. Once I got to the top, I was fine. But then, I used to climb tall ladders...)
    Went to French Lick and rode the scenic railroad. Got "held up" by "bandits". Good fun.
    Went to a state park that had a very large historic village.
    Went to the Frasier history museum in Louisville
    Built a camp fire and made Smores
    Went to Wesley Chapel Gulf and tried to find the Lost River
    Toured Marengo Cave
    Visited a vintage fire museum
    Visited the Louisville Slugger museum
    Visited the Kentucky Derby museum
    Took a ride on a boat in an underground river at Indian Caverns

    On our last night, we stood on the front porch of the log cabin we stayed in and watched a thunderstorm roll in. It was FASCINATING.

    We had a great time.

    Barry - I added a few birds to my life list, including a red-headed woodpecker. Then when I got back, I had a big shock when I had a very unusual visitor at my one of my feeders - a yellow-throated warbler!!! I've now reworked my feeders, removing the platform feeders and replacing them with caged feeders. The platform feeders had finally attracted the attention of the grackles, and they've been bullying the little birds and chasing them away. The grackles are now rather confused. I've also put up my hummingbird feeders. We normally only get ruby-throated's here, but they're saying that we may start getting Rufus hummingbirds.

    Mikie - The company I work for was instrumental in creating the pigments for the enamel paints that were used on those 50's and 60's appliances! As to the dandilion greens, you have to get them before they start flowering. You can try chicory, which is similar, and is not as bitter. You can also cook chicory greens and they're very tasty.

    Sun - I hope you fight this latest nonsense off! It would be terrible to go through all that again.

    Spring - Sounds like you DS had a great time. Good for them for making their voices heard. Businesses need to realize that not everyone will roll over and play dead when they are mistreated.

    Granni - I've less than 2 weeks until I leave for New York. Fortunately, this music isn't challenging. I've lived with tinitus in my ears for so long that I don't know what it is not to have it. I also have wiggly ear canals, so they're prone to getting clogged with ear wax.

    JB - Hope the energy returns soon! Stop in when you can.

    Julie - I'm glad you finally got the mower fixed to your satisfaction. I've heard of several of those brands of mattresses. It must be fun to watch one inflate. Hmmm...bet I could find a video of that on YouTube.

    Well, I'm going to try to do some quilting. Didn't do any while I was gone. Took some hand-work with me, but the cabin turned out to not have enough light. Hugz to Rock, Star, GB, etc...

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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick HI to everydobby this afternoon,

    It is hot hot HOT here and will be going to DD's for dinner. DSIL made a smoked brisket yesterday and so we were invited. Going to go even though I am not supposed to have smoked stuff Will eat more veggies than meat. I do not pass up many times of going out to eat when I do not have to cook. LOL he he Getting so I hate to cook esp when I have to try and figure out what I can or should or shouldn't eat all the time. DH is always wondering about food . Sometimes I am so wore out I really don;t care but I need to eat 3 meals even if it is a drink, or I will lose to much weight. It is very easy for m to lose weight, unfortunately when I don't want to.

    MIKIE - Cute pics of those pink, green and yellow kitchens with ladies wearing the same color. I tell you what. My mom and I and the ladies I knew didn't dress that way when cooking and cleaning. Hope you are feeling much better today after more rest after your procedures. I know it isn't done.

    SUN and ROCK - The blue flowers are called bluebonnets. Not sure if they were called B;uebe;s or not. When they are in season, we get a few in our area but not the BIG areas that you see on some of the pictures and up in the Hill Country. It is so lovely up there but DD had to move to the Austin area but not in the city due to her DH needs access to the airport for his job and also price I believe.

    JULIE - Glad that you are having such fun with the GKids. Nothing like a little extra something a gma's house even if gooey marshmallows or more choc bars for smores. Try not to wear yourselves out when Den is out trying to get his shop done to his liking.

    SPRING - Thanks for the cute and scenic pictures. Lady Bird Johnson was instrumental in all the wildflower trails all round Texas especially in her area of the HIll Country where they lived. When those wildflowers are in season if they are not all screwed up due to crazy weather like we have been having they are gorgeous and the also have special places you can go to see them including all round on the sides of the roads. Have been seeing it for years since we moved here.

    Thinking also of ROCK, BARRY, JUDY, DUCKIE and anyone else I might have missed.

    Will be going tomorrow morning, not to early thank goodness to have my ears checked esp my left one. If feels so full and cannot hear to well out of it. Probably ear wax as I have had for many years, inc when I was a child. I have tiny ear holes and hope he can see what is in there. He might need a pediatric otoscope to see??? I would love to mention all my other problems but if it doesn't show up on a lab report or big old heavy red rashes he thinks it is dry skin or nothing. Nowadays , it seems like all they want to do with anything DIFFERENT they send you to ap specialist. I would just go myself but not sure which one I need to go to to rule out whatever.

    Thinking about everyone. Enjoy your sunday and will try and get back tomorrow if I can. Hope it is ear wax and nothing else. I know it is not fun and can be painful too. Not looking forwards to it but need to get it done.

    Granni :)

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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Velkommen Tilbake, Duckie. Some trip. You did enough sightseeing for two trips. I looked
    up Marengo Cave. It looks much like the Minnesota cave where I toiled as a teenager. And
    like "my" cave, it appears to have been created by water wearing away limestone bedrock.
    Both caves were discovered by children. Marengo way back in 1883, (the same year Texas bought the Alamo from the Catholic Church).

    Also looked up Indian Caverns. Same formations as the Minn. cave. Nowadays I wouldn't
    even go in a cave. Too claustraphobish. My grandmother used to say whenever she got back
    from a trip: Good to go, and good to get home. I expect you'll be glad to bet back to your
    quilts, et.al.

    Mike, those mono colored kitchens you posted look kinda spooky. Reminds me of the
    magazine and TV ads in the 50s and 60s. The mom always wore a shirtwaist dress,
    high heels and pearls; even to mop the floor. If dad was in the picture he always wore
    a suit and smiled complacently at his hard working "little woman" as he and his briefcase
    left for the office.

    Sorry to hear your kids have FMS. A shame that the docs can't seem to help DSIL. Yes,
    those teen years were pretty good. No bullying or fights in school. No shoot ups. No
    bad behavior or predatory teachers. You could buy a lot with just pocket change. Roller
    skating was popular on weekend nights. All that cool music to skate to.

    Granni, with regard to smoked meat, I read decades ago that one should never eat anything
    smoked or pickled. I think it was an article about avoiding cancer. When I lived in Las
    Vegas went to see the desert flowers. There were large patches of them in several colors.
    Don't know if any were blue bells or blue bonnets. Here's a pic.

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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie:. I was doing some research on sjogrens disease for someone....I think you've got that.....and it mentions neurological problems along with stomach troubles...well a whole slew of problems. I've added the link here. You might want to talk to your doctor about the new symptoms you've been having.


    It's hot here today, this weather is just plain screwy......and of course with clair going outside I think she's picked up some fleas. I'm like a magnet to them and have some really itchy bites. Yesterday as mosquito got in the house and I looked down to see it sucking on my arm so now I've made a mess with my arm with scratching. I put on an anti itch cream, doesn't help, put on ice, didn't help and now I've smeared on calamine lotion. Tomorrow morning clair is going to get a dose of flea med.
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Kids,
    Went to bed early and slept well. My right ear was plugged up and the tinnitus was awful. I had left SV out on the lanai and didn't let him back in until I got up to pee. He howled and caterwauled about it. I was so tired last evening that I just forgot about him. Poor little guy. He got even by waiting til I was asleep and playing with his track ball game which makes a lot of noise.

    Duckie, it really sounds as though you had a wonderful time and got to see so much. I'm glad all went well. Those appliances and cupboards were really pretty. I think most people had a different color in the cupboards and appliances. The old chrome and Formica dinette sets are popular with people who love mid-century decor. There was a Formica countertop with pink and turquoise in the design. Poor Worf. Bet he's glad you're home.

    Granni, hope the doc can help with your ears. I also have very small ears and can't use a lot of earphones in them. Smoked brisket sounds wonderful. My DSIL loves to smoke meat. His ribs are to die for. I don't remember anyone's wearing clothes like that to cook and clean but I do remember that most women got all dolled up before their husbands got home from work. It was another time.

    Rock, I think this pic was from an ad back in the day. If my ex ever did anything with a suit on besides work, he referred to himself as Ozzie Nelson. He always had his jacket and tie on regardless of what he was doing. One thing I don't miss about the good old days is having to dress up more. I like being casual unless an event demands dressing up. I was a rink rat as a kid and I still have my skates. We have a rink here and a friend and I were always going to go but never did. Neither of us had the energy. Turns out she has FMS. She moved to the Phoenix area where the heat and dryness help her.

    Sun, thank you soooo very much for the link. Gonna go check it out right now. I don't recall ever seeing anything about neurological symptoms with Sjogren's but I did my research years ago. When the shots seemed to help with the symptoms, I thought it was under control. Well, I should know better; our illnesses are never under complete control. I'm hoping you are feeling better. This has gone on for soooo long. I'm sorry to hear about Clair's fleas. That pregnant stray Nancy took in had them and they got into her condo. She had bites all over her ankles. I told her we were gonna have to get a flea collar for her. Thanks again, Dear One.

    Gonna go check out Sun's link. Gotta shower for my doctor appt. this morning. It's just a follow up at the dermatologist. Hope all y'all have a great start to the week.

    Love, Mikie

    Addendum: Home again, home again. Saw the dermatologist and all is well. She froze a couple of stubborn spots which probably aren't cancer on my face. Told me to do another four days of the chemo on my chest. She seemed happy at the way the med was attacking the four spots there.

    The office had one of those little health newspapers I had started to read. There was an article about how docs are now connecting arthritic conditions with inflammation of the stomach. We all know that so many of us with FMS have gut problems so it wasn't surprising. What is surprising is how they have made the connection in medical circles. Cutting down on food which can cause inflammation is recommended. If I did that, I'd have nothing to eat except fruits and veggies and a little chicken.

    Sun, I did more research on Sjogren's and the neurological connection. A lot of what is available online contains lots of medical lingo but there does seem to be a connection. I have the neuropathy in my legs and feet which was described. Between the gut inflammation and the neurological symptoms, it almost feels as though everything has come home to roost (in my poor old bod). I am considering doing some of the injections again to see whether it might help. I've done 'booster' injections now and then but haven't gone back to monthly injections. It might be worth a shot, pun intended. Thanks again for you kind help.

    I feel spacey today so don't know that I'll get anything done. Between showering, doing my hair and getting myself to the doc, I think I've used up my NRG for the day. I did fry some bacon and eggs for lunch. Now I can do my Brussel Sprouts for dinner.

    Again, hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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