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    Hi Kids

    My computer dysfunction is continuing. Last night I posted a paragraph or two on the Homebound Board. When I attempted to fix a typo, the entire post vanished, and
    I was thrown off the net. Leaping Lizards! Remember who used to say that?

    I did, however, discover the sentence fragment created by "The Yahoo News Staff."
    "The Country need to have are still needed." It's a real shame that proofreaders
    have become extinct in our time.

    Mikie, you're right about lawsuits over poor lighting. When I was a claims supervisor
    I assigned such a case to an independent adjusting firm; the one I used to work for.
    I told the adjuster not to contact the claimant. Just get the facts about the lighting.
    The idiot immediately contacted the claimant. Now she was expecting to get paid.I didn't assign it to the any of the people that I supervised. Four of them were beginners and the 5th one was incompetent. Ay. Ay, Ay! Or Oy, Oy, Oy!

    Despite the terrible heat and Gordon's back he went out to get some food including
    more Trader Joe's tomatoes for me. Hmm, hmm, hmm. Better than Campbell's
    tomato soup. Among other goodies he brought home some salami from Genoa,
    bananas from Central America, and a cucumber for his salad. Nothing that started
    with "V" unless you count "vegetable".

    Granni, the cost of meds in the USA is crazy. It was reported that the folks who
    make Rx meds donate about half a million bucks per member of Congress to their
    campaign funds. And the law allows even members who are not running for re-election
    to collect campaign funds. Gee, I wonder who passed that law.

    Duckie, I read two books by David Niven. In one of them he said that The Pink
    Panther was supposed to revive his career, but actually it made a star of Peter
    Sellers. I also read a quote from Sellers where he said, "If i were asked to play
    a drunk plumber from Greece, I could do that. I just have trouble playing myself
    (or words to that effect).

    Congrats on your raffle win. What did you say you were going to? A sock hop?
    I remember them. Hope you have fun. Do you remember how to do the hokey
    pokey and the steps to Rock Around the Clock. I always did the same step to any
    rock and roll song.

    Gotta go; my typing has gotten all keruffled.
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    G'day Porchies.
    I know it's been a little while, but sometimes it simply can't be helped.
    Has felt like one thing after another and with flu in the house, (or should I say 'Man flu'.
    No offense to the fellars)...
    I hv enjoyed reading along though and am grateful for you guys sharing your lives with me.
    As you can all understand a social life isnt easy to maintain or get off the ground in the fjrst place,
    With all the crap we go through on a day to day basis...lacking in energy and pain js a great hindrance.
    You guys are my social life. And I am grateful for you .

    Before I forget-

    Duckie- how exciting a new toy/ machine that you can justify getting because it will not only generate loads of fun, but hopefully income too! Really happy for you! And I completely agree with the rationale. May aswell buy now , while you work and invest in your future and retirement.good you can pay it out earlier without any added fees too.

    Mikie, there are some things I hv to learn to accept too.
    Right now Dd is writing the 'happy birthday ' sign up for my sons 17th tomorrow .
    I hv always decorated with balloons and streamers for every birthday...and now I hv to pass on the baton/mantle...it's bitter sweet.
    I am trying to appreciate what I hv too of course, as was with your 'light bulb moment' you mentioned.
    Sometimes easier said than done.rolling with the punches.

    Julie- love love love what you guys are doing at your place!
    Had to laugh when you mentioned Den would most likely enjoy time on his wood work projects...yes of course its a completely different story when its a job that Has to be done...not too much joy in pressure and limitations, is there? Give a person some freedom and room to move and be amazed at the results.
    The shooting ordeal sounded awful and happening way too often.
    I for one would be most grateful for Dh to protect us with a gun,
    Dh's Nana (grandma) cant do ' different'.
    Cant take her away from the home or it confuses ber no end.
    I'd say your little Treasure is on the ball.

    Barry- sounds to me like you and I like all the same parts of a chook (chicken). Ah, cooked that is.
    Dh likes the breast coz it's the healthier choice, but too dry for me!
    When our Treasures were little it would be a great win to get an oyster.
    (Sometimes I hv been known to incorrectly call them pearls- thanks to my brain!)
    And yeah, just to stir the pot and gross everyone out, I'd eat the Parsons nose too!
    I hv 2 itty bitty Caroline Reapers growing from seed, so hopefully they'll survive.

    Rock- you seriously couldn't understand the Australian on the succulent video?
    Think he was more up North of Australia .Sometimes the accent differs.I guess it'd be like that
    Over in the US too.
    Its funny seeing subtitles under shows like 'swamp people'.
    Sorry bout Gordon's back.

    Spring- yes sometimes when you remove all the clutter, noise and unnecessary pollution, you can actually
    My mil and her partner arrived yesterday with the caravan in tow.
    We warned them about Dh and Ds having the flu, but they came anyway.
    Because of a late start at tea last night tbey walked in this morning to a messy house.
    Dishes from the night before that I was way too exhausted to deal with then.
    Our kitchen and lounge is open plan, so there's No hiding the kitchen!
    I ended up doing the dishes, while Dh and I chatted with them.
    Wasnt that long ago where something like that would cause me great anxiety.
    Sometimes it Is the little things that cause us to sweat the most! Life hey?

    Granni, sorry about you missing your replies and feeling out of the loop with all that went on with your Db.
    Sounds like your new floor is amazing! I too am interested in the allergy results.

    Sun, I finished watching the link you posted on the last post and googled the series on you tube, so will watch what I can on there.most interesting. Thanks for posting it!
    Also meant to say, where we used to live was so dry and there was a water restriction, so it only made good sense to grow succulents .At first I wasnt crazy about the idea, but I learned to admire their resilience .Here, on the other hand, they tend to drown, so I need to work on it a bit.
    I hv planted a fluro orange flowering pig face in a stump, so hopefully that'll provide the right kind of drainage and should eventually cover it completely.
    Gardening is an adventure.

    Sorry guys.
    I know theres more to say, but hv forgotten ...

    I will bow out now
    And say Good night from the Great South Land...
    To All Porchies
    Take care
    Catch yas later

    Ps. I 'thought' I had posted this late last night only to discover it lurking in the shadows!
    Soooo glad I can still use it.
    My first baby is 17 today!
    In line with gratitude for the little things- sooo glad I'm Not changing his nappies anymore!
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    Hi Star

    OK, I typed the salutation and was immediately thrown to the top of the page. Between the rotten
    computer and my dysfunctional brain it is getting almost impossible to post.

    Star, yes, I was perfectly serial when I said I couldn't understand the garden guide. Part of the problem
    was that he was often talking to the back of the picture. The fault of the cameraman or director. There's
    a reason why the professionals make big bucks.

    Good idea to pass on various duties and ceremonies to the family. Mom can only do so much for so long.
    Is this the pig faced flower you mentioned? Well, forget that. The computer won't print the image.
    Can't imagine why the name. Anyhoo they look similar to asters.

    Hugs Everydobby
  4. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Duck: So you're going shopping to blow your wad! Have fun. Nothing like surprise $.

    Star: Sorry the flu has hit your home. Stay well! You know, when mom's sick the entire house falls apart. How's the garden growing? HBD to your 17 year old baby. Enjoy that your DD is helping take over duties. Is she still interested in being a chef?

    Rock: I do have to agree about the Aussie.......he was so in love with his flowering garden that he couldn't stop admiring it and talk to the camera. Hope Gordon feels better soon. I LIVE with back/neck pain so there's no stopping for it. No one else to do for me so you just do the best you can and go to the stores when you're out of vittles. He's just learning that he can't lift/or do certain heavy chores. Hard for a gardener to accept.

    Julie: Confusion in alzheimers is to be expected. Thankfully he still knows you. My cousins both found it very sad when their mom's (my aunts) didn't know them. My last remaining aunt has it. She's 96. When I call I immediately remind her who I am and where I live. I know at times she's faking it with me. But I always end our conversation with the fact that I love her and for her to stay healthy.

    At 10, kids are pretty sharp. And I think girls are much more mature at that age than boys. When I was 10 I was lady sitting at a local small retirement home down the street from me. When my DD was 9 she was already being asked to watch the little boy across the street.....funny though.....they had a daughter same age as mine was but the neighbor said she trusted my DD more.

    OK......I've done it again. I heard some rustling a little while ago, got up and saw Clair trying to get a 6" lizard who ran under the couch. So what does Clair do? Walks away! Grrrrrrr......I depend on her. So now I'm going to have to wear shoes in the house. The idea of stepping on a lizard in bare feet freaks me out. Here's some beautiful photos taken......I believe it's #26 that Star might be interested in.

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  5. lydia1

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    Hi guys! Just checking in before we head to bed. I sprayed a bit today, then took a short nap when Den got home from work. Then Keira and I started setting up the tent. Gpa sort of chuckled at the thought of us trying to put it up by ourselves...neither of us are tall enough to reach the top. But we got started and were doing pretty well...when out comes Den (I knew he wouldn't be able to stay away, lol!) Thank goodness...I was starting to wonder if we'd get it done before morning :rolleyes::cool::p. So, we got all done and Keira and I were just starting to carry our things out, when up popped a surprise thunderstorm...it wasn't on any weather channel or radar. I wouldn't have minded sleeping outside through the rain, but there was lightning too...didn't want to chance it. There's always tomorrow or Saturday nights.

    Star, it's so good to hear from you! Oh goodness, the flu is awful...and then to have visitors on top of that. How sweet of your DD to help with the birthday decorations, etc.

    Rock, how very nice of Gordon to venture out for groceries. Glad he found you some yummy tomatoes. Sorry about the computer troubles.

    Spring, good for you to get out and get some exercise...so good for many things, and oftentimes brings a "second wind". Thanks for your nice words about our grandparenting...those little Treasures bring us so much joy. Wish Lindsey's family hadn't moved so far away, but we do the best we can. Having Keira here has helped so much today...takes my mind off my dad.

    Granni...I'm sure you are feeling pretty overwhelmed. Just the trip, then having your house "torn up", then the social obligations, etc. You know we understand. Glad the URI didn't get too bad.

    Mikie, so funny about the workers leaving the coconuts to get bigger...but the poor guy who has to clean out the pond, I feel bad for him. Glad you can sleep in a bit...can't hurt and surely has to help.

    Duckie, what fun to try out your new machine! Hope it's exactly what you want. My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in March or April of 2011...we had moved my parents to our farm in November 2010, thinking he was just getting worn out from having to take care of my mom (she had a once or twice a week caregiver to help her bathe, clean house, etc...but Dad did everything else.) But when he fell and hit his head (around Feb or early March) and the ER did some tests, they had me take him to a neurologist, who did some cognitive testing. But we really didn't know the diagnosis until we saw Dad's PCP...but I still thought I could take care of my parents in their own mobile home (on our farm.) But Dad started getting mean to my mom, so his PCP advised moving them to a nursing home. Thinking back, we think Dad started showing symptoms a couple years before we moved them to our farm, but hard to put all the pieces together till after the fact.

    Sun, a lizard in the house?! Not sure if I've mentioned that in Belize they were everywhere inside and out...crawling all over everything...ugh!

    Yep, my dad is confused just about all the time...and I and the staff are used to that. We just go along with whatever he says and don't make a big deal of it. But when he gets in this cycle of such extreme confusion and agitation, it's different from "his normal." The PCP explained it to me during a phone conversation a few weeks ago. Dad often stays in the same stage for so long, then when he does regress a bit, it throws everyone off guard. It seems he (and many others) go back and forth as far as the progression of the disease, but he seems to plateau for such a long time, then takes a steep decline, then recovers from that, then plateaus again...it had been over two years since he has gotten so confused, thinking he had just moved there and my mom had just died. I maybe should have wondered when he was so alert and asking so many questions during the day yesterday (well, I did think it was strange, but wonderful)...if taking him out of the nursing home could have been the trigger, I'll have to rethink doing that again. When I get a chance, I'll talk to some of the staff and his doctor about it.

    Barry, I hope you are doing okay. Was today the day of your next procedure? If so, I imagine you are worn out.

    I so hope I'm not forgetting anyone...please forgive me if I do. I'll close with a picture of Gpa and Keira and my new tent. Glad I didn't return it...best money I've spent in awhile...and on clearance! There are four rooms and a big space in the middle (the front "room" is more like a front porch or "parlor", so we will probably just put air mattresses in the three other rooms and the center section...and I'll have to keep an eye on the little kids as each "room" has it's own zippered door to the outside. There are curtains between each room, but would be best to just leave them open (unless someone is changing clothes, etc.) I hope we can get a lot of use out of it when all the kiddos are here...should at least be cooler the end of September.

    Anyway, Den and Keira are in bed, so I'd better get going. I'm going to spray some in the morning, then Keira and I are going shopping. She's been working on my "to do" list and I give her a few dollars for helping out. Of course, it is already burning a hole in her pocket, lol!

    Take care, everyone!

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  6. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Wow....that's one heck of a tent! I never knew you could get bedrooms in them too. So......you lived with lizards crawling all over you, but that's not going to make ME feel better about one lose in the house. LOL I've got a dustpan, broom and a trashcan ready. I have visions of when I die and all the furniture is being moved out and sold that the family will find lizard carcasses under the sofas. Seems to be that there was a lose one in the house about a year ago but I don't remember finding it.

    MIkie: The pond cleaning guy rode a little boat? When I had the tile cleaned about 6 mos. ago the guy who drew the short straw had to get into long waders and straddle a large inner tube. Oh yes, he also had a face mask on so he wouldn't inhale the fumes.

    It's 10:30 and no. Sign of the lizard. I told Clare she has to report for night duty. By the way, when I was in Cozumel I had a large iguana sitting on my shoulder.....of course I also had a few beers to allow it.
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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    Woke early with a headache from hell. Also upset stomach. AACCKK!! I think it's all from my head's being stuffed up. I've taken some Excedrin and an allergy pill plus sprayed my nose. I'm sitting here with an ice bag on my head. This multi-faceted approach usually does the trick.

    Rock, so sorry your computer is being contrary. As you know, I'm the queen of computer woes. I don't blame someone for suing over injuries incurred on commercial property due to poor lighting which has been that way for a long time. For practical purposes, the common property here is like commercial property. Of course, if a resident sues, he or she is suing himself or herself. I tell people in our bldg. to let me know if one of the lights has burned out but they don't. These last bulbs are supposed to be good for ten years; I hope so. We have a motion-activated light under the carport which is very helpful and, I hope, discourages any criminal activity. Your food sounds yummy. I didn't realize you had such international taste.

    Star, congratulations to your DS and to your DD for taking over some of the arrangements for the celebration. You've always been grateful for your Treasures and sound as though you live a real life of gratitude. Of course, it's hard to keep cheery sometimes when we feel so lousy. I was splaining it to my pool pal. I told her I'm not depressed but just feel...when I've not be well for a while. I was at a loss for the right word. She filled it in perfectly. She said 'miasma.' Yes, that describes it. It's like life has become an old blurry movie. When I feel better, life is more like a movie in HD. A friend who gets it. Woo Hoo! Hope your DH is feeling better. I laugh when I read about a pig face plant.

    Sun, the first time I saw the guy in the little boat, I thought I was seeing things. Since gators can be in the smallest of ponds, I guess it's a good idea. There is enough room between buildings to back up the truck and boat to the pond so it can be launched. I always worry they might break a sprinkler head but so far, so good. The fountain is now spraying a couple of feet higher and the light is brighter at night. When I look out at it in the afternoon, there is always a beautiful rainbow in it. When there is a breeze, the rainbow dances on the water. I wouldn't worry about stepping on the little lizard. They get out of the way pretty fast. I have found their tiny dried up skeletons when I clean out closets. Not sure whether any have gotten inside since SV has lived with me or not. They get inside more often in the ground level condos. They die pretty fast if they have no water.

    Julie, that's a wonderful tent. When the girls and I used to go camping in the mountains, we had one dome tent and one like yours but smaller. Dome tents are fun to put together. You feed the supports in the seams and nothing appears to be happening until the end when, voila!, the tent pops up and takes its shape. Do y'all have a camp fire and make Smores? Do you tell creepy stories? It's too bad the rain ruined the fun. Hope it stays dry so y'all can enjoy the sleepover. I think Alzheimer's is going to be like cancer in that it doesn't have just one cause. Think I mentioned that researchers believe it could be the brain's defense against EBV which can trigger it. Neurologist was quoted in our paper as saying he believes the toxins from these algae blooms in our water can trigger it. I'd bet the farm that all the pesticides we use can trigger it too. Hope things have settled down for your Dad.

    Barry, hope the tooth extraction went well if it's already been done. If not, I hope it goes well. ABX often make us feel better. I hope that's the case for you.

    OK, Kids, the computer has gone all squirrelly and I need to get a new ice pack for my poor head. Hope all y'all feel better than I.

    Love, Mikie
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  8. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends!

    Sun, lol, I could send a few of my cats to help out Claire...not sure what they would do with a lizard, though. Mama Kitty did have a "hind quarter" of a pretty good sized rabbit in the garden shed when I went to feed her the other day...she's a good provider for her two kittens. A couple weeks ago, there were the remains of a bird. Not sure what would be worse...lizards or the mice that get in our house and shop...

    Mikie, I had to look up miasma...perfect! Hope your head straightens up...that's usually what I have to do with a headache...approach it from all directions. We have a fire area on the other side of the yard...too dry right now to make one, but hopefully when everyone is here in the fall it will be okay. Den made a fire pit out of big boulders and smaller rocks...we usually roast hot dogs or brats and even Lindsey lets her kids join in the s'mores.

    I'm sitting here, debating whether I should do any weed spraying this morning...my phone weather says "thunderstorm possible around 10:00 am" (51 percent chance, but we've had that before and not received a drop of rain.) The computer weather says "mostly sunny all day"...but it is clouding up and I hear thunder, lol! So...I think I will go ahead and get a list made and get ready for town, then wake up my "partner in crime" ;) Today is "run around day" (she wants to get her family some more of those yummy Georgia peaches from one of the Mennonite stores, then go on to do some other shopping.)

    We made some homemade chocolate pudding yesterday...a double batch, the recipe is what I make the frozen pudding pops with...uses maple syrup instead of sugar. Left some as pudding for Gpa Den, and made extra popsicles to take to our little Amish neighbor girls as we leave for town.

    I should also clean out the fridge and take inventory of what we have on hand...not sure when Amy and Miley (and maybe Clinton and Blu) will be here (either Saturday or Sunday) but I can still cook extra food to send back home with them. It helps Amy out to have things to heat up after work and I know she appreciates it a lot. Clinton and Keira often have supper started by the time Amy gets home, but any little bit helps, I think. We had beef roast and veggies last night (chuck roast in the crock pot...melt in your mouth tender :)) so I will make some homemade noodles and have beef and noodles with mashed potatoes for Sunday dinner. Some of Amy's other favorites are homemade mac and cheese, candied sweet potatoes, Stouffer's lasagna (the bigger one is cheaper per ounce, but too much for me and Den to use up...so I often freeze individual servings), ham balls, meatloaf...tomorrow is another work day, so Keira can get some good practice in the kitchen. Deviled eggs are a family favorite...and I have a whole lot of bananas getting too ripe too fast, so we'll have to try some new and favorite recipes.

    But, once again...my brain is probably getting way ahead of my body's abilities, lol! So, whatever we get done, will have to do. Sometimes I get confused and think I'm "normal" o_O:oops::confused: Right now, I just need to get in the shower and get a grocery list made...then go from there. Keira is here at a perfect time...keeps me motivated to try to get some things done. But she can take care of herself while I nap or have other things to do.

    Hope everyone is gearing up for a great weekend! Praying that some of the aches and pains, and fatigue let up a little so we can just relax and enjoy...
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Derar Porchies,

    Sorry I can;t stay . I have been reading all bout everyone on the porch and DH is gone. I have been drinking my breakfast and am finished. JULIE reminded me that I need to get out there and do a little weeding. Every time DH sprays for weed it rains. We have so many weeds. Need to get out there before it gets to HOT. It is already warm and muggy. Need to get out there before DH returns and work for a short time.

    JULIE - That tent is so cute and those kiddos will love it. Nice you also have to space to put it up. Sounds like Kiera is at just the right age for fun and help. I miss my very big extra freezer. No room for extra stuff like you or all the lg frozen veggies I used to get at Sams Club.

    Love you all, gotta run for now. If I ever get to do what I want to do it will be a miracle.:)!! Off to weed - ugh !

    Granni :)
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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just woke from a nice deep nap. I must have needed it. Just from the way this has manifested, I think it might be some kind of bug. Haven't done much. I unloaded the DW and cleaned the stainless on the fridge. For some reason, it seems to have cleaned up nicer than it usually does. Maybe it likes having other kindred appliances nearby. Oops, I'm not supposed to be anthropomorphic toward inanimate objects--they don't like it! One of my customers told me that joke when I worked at Publix.

    I am wanting to get to cleaning in here and finishing up the organizing and culling of stuff. My ambition is trying to write a check my body can't cash. I just clipped my finger nails. They got sooo long and I got a little crack on the side of my thumb nail. Fabrics kept catching in it. I wanted it to grow out a bit before clipping it. It grew enough that it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. I was afraid it would break before it grew out. My nails are so dry as is my whole body. I think it's from being inside in the A/C.

    Julie, rabbits, lizards and mice, oh my. SV once killed a rabbit when he lived outside. I don't know what he would do if a lizard came in. He did stomp that black bug in the bathroom and he had the good sense not to try to eat it. He's surprisingly fast for such a mellow fellow. There is nothing as fierce as a mama kitty. I think that's why Tweety is such a force of nature. She always took care of SV until she moved out with Jeff. All your cooking is making me tired. Thank goodness my upset stomach is allowing me to feel like eating everything in sight. Usually when our Porchies post about all their good cooking, it makes me ravenous. Glad you're having fun.

    Granni, we have a ton of weeds. Our pathetic gardners sprayed some but we have a lot of them in front. The Board has given them 30 days' notice that we will break their contract due to their awful performance. When it gets cooler out, I'll pull some of them and spray some but it's too hot right now. I cleaned out the freezer half of my fridge the other day so I have a bit of extra space. Publix has a BOGO on frozen blueberries. I am going to get two bags of them. Soooo good on yogurt and my high fiber cereal. Have you used the monstrosity yet? I don't use mine as much as when I first got it but I've been off my feed bag for quite a while. Don't overdo it out weeding.

    OK, gonna watch the news. Jeopardy was not on last evening due to a football preseason game here. Nancy texted that our favorite finalist in the Tournament of Champions was eliminated. Rats! She left for NY to babysit her DGS and the kids' dog. She is taking her little dog and is concerned how the baby and two dogs will get along. Three ring circus. I'm sure we will be getting videos from her. If anyone can pull it off, it's Nancy. She worked as a nurse in a prison and is one tough cookie.

    Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie

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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi folks

    The libraries open at 9:30 AM here. We went early to two of them. Early to avoid the
    heat. Have been reading and/or napping since we got home. Got another book by John Sanford. He does something I can't remember any other author doing. He often has
    one of his characters reading a book by some other author. And he mentions the name
    of the author. A nice way to pay tributeto an established writer or to alert people to a
    new one.

    Julie, in the Sandford book I'm currently reading he mentions Decorah and Luther College. All our practice teachers came from there. When I was in college one of my friends was doing practice teaching in St. Paul. He said one of girls in his group cried
    every morning on the drive to the High School where she was doing her teaching. I
    agree with Granni. The tent and the two kids playing are really cute.

    Mikie, here's the end of the poor lighting claim from decades ago. The owners of the building agreed to install more lights, the injury turned out to be minor, we paid the medical bill and everybody was more or less content. In the litigation business it is
    often said that a good settlement is one that makes everybody unhappy. That's a joke..
    I think.

    I once rescued a lizard from a cat. The cat was just pawing at it. My son alerted me
    to the drama. I rescued the lizard. The cat wandered off.

    Sun, thanks for yet another alert to some great photos. I am looking at them in
    batches of 10. Don't want to overdose. I just keep redoing the bookmark. That
    picture of the guy in the clouds washing windows in Dubai made me cringe. I
    (Well, things were going pretty well, but somehow the last part of this paragraph
    vanished. Yumpin' Yimminee!!!) I wouldn't climb outside the tallest building
    in the world for a million dollars or a million anything.

    Hugs to Duckie and Star and Barry, Spring, and JB.

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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. I think there were several pictures in that bunch that made me dizzy from the heights just looking at them!!!! Loved the ones with snow and ice and the one of an orange maple tree in Portland took my breath away, so I looked up the photographer. So many talented photographers.

    Here's a STRANGE coincidence concerning reading a book. Years ago I was driving home from one of my stores I serviced, listening to a Kinsey Milhoune detective book, when all of a sudden her character was talking about the town I live in....where I was exiting the off ramp.....that very moment. Her character was visiting a friend who lived on ..........street, just as I was passing it. Even gave the street address which I tried to locate but no such #. Gave me a really strange feeling. I was thinking that she probably did in fact have a friend who lived in my little town and maybe promised to write them in.

    I mentioned the hiding lizard when I was at my art group today and apparently it's quite common. Most of them said they would find the dried up carcasses. I would leave the door open if I knew he would just scoot out. He's found himself in a strange place and I don't want him here either.

    At my art group today someone brought up about catsup and how he had to always have it with his tater tots even though he's diabetic. Then someone mentioned catsup on meatloaf to which I add that if I had a choice for my last meal on earth it wouldn't be lobster or steak but a good meatloaf sandwich with mayo, relish and catsup on thick white bread. OMG.....I need to make some meatloaf.
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Weather man just showed the updated map of the Red Tide along our beaches. It's worse than it's ever been and appears to be going nowhere. AACCKK!! Some of the green algae is being sucked up like they do after an oil spill. I don't know why they can't suck up the RT. Of course, that doesn't solve the problem and just the act of cleaning it up might spread the spores even more. I told my pool pal that I'm not going to the pool as long as the RT is so bad.

    The good news is that the tropics have been quiet and the hurricane forecast has been downgraded for the Atlantic. Seems to be an El NiƱo situation with water temps warmer in the Pacific and cooler in the Atlantic. Unfortunately, this means stronger hurricanes in the Pacific. There is a strong one there now. Recently there have been strong wind storms blowing sand from Africa into the atmosphere. Hurricanes can't form in these winds with the sand in the air. More good news for us.

    Rock, I'll bet that little lizard you rescued was doing his happy dance. I've rescued them by placing a glass over them and sliding a piece of cardboard under the glass. I took them outside and set them free. They usually scamper into a closet or some other difficult place and I just leave them to their demise. I like having them around outside and don't want any of them to die but I can't tear closets apart to save them. We have plenty of lighting around our bldg. and pretty much the same in the rest of the hood. The problem is that light bulbs burn out and no one seems in any hurry to replace them. The larger problems are the ones I've mentioned, the broken gate to the pool and loose pavers. I once read that the biggest safety factor for pilots is imagination. In other words, if you can imagine something happening, you can avoid it. I think that holds true in other areas of life. Does Miss Kitty hunt?

    Sun, I've never met a meatloaf I cared for. I used to make it for my family because they liked it but I don't like it. Everyone said mine was good. At Christmas, I would slice up rings of pineapple and dye them green with food color. I put them on top of the meatloaf and they looked like holly leaves. I put candied cherries on to look like berries. My kids still remember things like that. I once read a book set in my home town. It was accurate and I felt as though I were there while I was reading. It does feel strange. Glad you got out to your art group. BTW, if you left the door open, you would likely get more lizards coming inside. For some reason, wild critters seem to think something very exciting goes on in humans' homes and they want to be part of the action.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to all our beloved Porchies.

    Love, Mikie

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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, gang! Glamping like girl bosses, lol! Once Keira and I got home from our Power Shopping trip (she found a comforter she loved, so I got it for an early birthday present) and made supper for Den (we girls had Dairy Queen, so weren't hungry at suppertime) and I took a short snooze...then we got settled in the tent. With fans, a light, the computer on which to watch a movie (I have no intention of "roughing it" in my own backyard.)

    We had Oreo in the tent with us for part of the night (when I got up to use the bathroom in the house around 2:00 am, she didn't want to go back to the tent...prefering to stand guard from outside...then at 5:00, she was whining at my window, wanting back in, lol!) I don't know how many cats kept trying to figure out what was going on....the two tame ones (that aren't afraid of the dog), and Mama Kitty and Patches (who are tame to people, but don't care for Oreo) and even a few of the feral garage cats had to come check things out, lol!

    So peaceful, once all the critters calmed down. Woke up mid-morning to a squirrel, snacking on a walnut (I'm just guessing that's what it was, by the sound :p) Came in to find Den working on a cedar shelf that he and Keira started on last night. This morning, she printed off pictures of her beloved dog, Jasmine, and the new dog, Blu. They attached them to the shelf and Den is now putting the epoxy on...it will be a gorgeous addition to her new room.

    I've got to get in the shower and get started on food prep. Keira asked if her family could sleep in the tent tonight...I told her "sure" if they all wanted to. I know Miley wouldn't sleep out there without Amy or Papa Clinton. Clinton is bringing along some fireworks (they are legal in Iowa now, this is the second year) so we already let our closest Amish neighbors know to be prepared.

    I'd better go...the troops (Den and Keira) are starting to gather around, lol! Hi to everyone...thinking of you all!
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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I think the secret to a great meatloaf is the liptons dry onion soup. I've tried doing without it, instead using cooking onions....but it's just not the same. And then I toss in some dried oregano. Enough eggs to hold it together. Lots of recipes out there, some using oatmeal as the filler which I used to use to get more vitamins into the kids when they were younger, but I think italian dried bread crumbs work better. And of course top it with catsup so it bakes on. Mmmmmm getting hungry for it so will go today and buy the necessary ingredients, then I can freeze in batches.

    I used to have an aunt by marriage who was Italian, boy was she a GREAT cook. She made a very dense meatloaf, probably using some ground veal and maybe a little pork. It could almost be called a meat pate' because you could slice it very thin. And her meatballs!!!!! Large and yummy. We would go visit on a sunday where they lived in LA and almost as soon as we got there we had to walk around the corner to see her mom who was waiting for us, a cute little Italian lady who REALLY loved to cook and would bring out all the leftovers in the frig, insisting that we try everything. I really enjoyed being there with Mrs. Renaldi, good memories of when I was young. By the way, my mom was NOT a good cook, so this was a real treat for me. She would rather READ than cook.
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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Just popping in for a minute. YOu are something sleeping out in the tent with Keira and the confused critters wondering what is happening. What did you sleep on?? Hope it doesn't hurt your neck , back, etc. Not sure I would be out there unless it was a good mattress. I have slept ob couches and such but that is not to bad.. How nice you got to buy Keira here bedspread. What fun to do shopping like that for your DGD. All of mine are to old but I am sure I could buy them something. However, they would all want something more expensive. Not that comforters are cheap mind you. Glad you had fun with Keira Enjoy the rest of the weekend kiddo.

    SUN - I agree with you on the meatloaf and the onion soup mix too. It makes it so tasty. Haven't made it in awhile but the last one I made came out tasty.

    MIKIE - So sorry about that dumb TT still being there to bother you and I guess not much to do about it except stay in the house and don;t breathe ):!!

    Sorry everydobby, I need to go finish supper. Nothing as yummy as meatloaf but cod will have to do. It is frozen and a huge zucchini from DD's garden . Hope it comes out ok with onion ,olive oil, seasonings and tomatoes. Also threw in a sweet potato ( in the oven).

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  17. rockgor

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    This thread is closed. I will open a new one.