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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Com'on in.

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon's back is still acting up. I suggested he visit the chiro, but he decided he
    would try an ancient Chinese remedy. Acupuncture. He's been gone for several
    hours. I figure if I start a post he'll be sure to show up.

    Sun, couldn't find (Aha! Gordon is back!) a picture of a Rinaldi Castle, but I found
    a picture of the Rinaldi palace in Tuscany. It's too big to post though. This will
    take you to it.


    OK, have to go hear about Gordon's adventure.

    Hugs, Rock
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  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: How lucky that you didn't have much pain with the tooth extraction. Will you end up with a bridge or what? I'm dental phobic and have actually cried at times in the dentist office, especially when I had to drag myself there to get a tooth pulled and he refused to do it....said he had to send me to a root canal specialist. I think I was living in He%% during the phase.

    Probably mice aren't good eating! Cute about the chipmunk playing dead. Perhaps too much heart stress for the little critter. DARN......the lizard appeared in the laundry room a little while ago. I had just walked in and saw it, ran to get the dust pan and little broom and the trash container....almost got him but he struggled, all I could hang onto was his tail, so he got away and I know he's back under the couch. Ewwwww......I'm not afraid...per se....just don't want it in my house. But I suppose if I had to choose between a mouse or a lizard, I would choose the lizard and this one is definitely about 6" long.

    I've been trying to work on some oil painting today. Working hard to repair/paint whatever that I've got around the house needing work. This was a small palm tree painting I started about 6 mos. ago then left it. I've also been washing up old antique cotton clothes so they're drying in the bathroom. Two cute little children's dresses, a woman's chemise from around 1920, and a baby's christening dress. That little dress needs a bit more repair than the others.

    It's just too darn hot to be outside and the air isn't too good. Someone at the art group yesterday heard on the news that the fire near me is so bad that the SMOKE from it has now traveled all the way to the east coast. I've been lucky. Lots of people yesterday told me their cars have been covered by the ash. California is burning everywhere.

    Rock: I see you were posting while I was. I do hope the acupuncture has helped Gordon. I had about 10 sessions years ago on my shoulder areas (trapezius) but I didn't find they helped me. She even "cupped" me once. Honestly, if he wore a neoprene back brace 24/7 he would find he gets some relief. Sporting good stores sell them in the exercise dept. Is he taking ibuprofen? And I also use muscle rub on my back under the brace. They say not to do it but I've done this for years. Also it usually takes 2-3 weeks for a back strain to go away. Tell him NOT to lift anymore....let his brother do it!

    Nice little Italian villa. I always thought my aunt's parents were so nice.....short little people around 5'2" both of them. Spoke with a heavy accent. When I first saw The Godfather.....I thought about Mr. Rinaldi.
    He never worked, but owned property all over LA.....and he reminded me of some mafia guy! I had to stay with my aunt for a week when I was 7 and my grandmother died. He had a granddaughter the same age as me and he worked so hard to keep us entertained.....I remember him taking us to Griffth Park to ride the merry go round....one of those where you reach out for the brass ring.
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  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    OK, I got the report from Gordon. The Chinese acupuncture guy was an old fellow
    who kept talking to Gordon in Mandarin. Gordon told him he knew Cantonese, not Mandarin. The Doc kept right on in Mandarin. The office sounds pretty chaotic. There was a list of patients on the wall. Nine people before Gordon. But there were only 3
    people in the waiting room. Turned out many patients sign up but don't show up.

    Anyhoo the treatment was electroacupuncture, i.e. each needle was electrified.
    Gordon said he felt a little better after the treatment. Cost $40. The doc told him
    don't sit on a sofa; use a hard chair. Gordon has already moved a dinning room chair
    into the living room. He said he'd probably go back for one more treatment.

    Sun, I had the needle treatment decades ago too. Didn't do a durn thing for me
    either. Yes, I remember the merry go round at Griffith Park. Took my son there
    and to the pony rides. About 20 years later we took his daughter to the same rides.
    She's about college age now.

    Don't worry too much about the lizards. They are not dangerous until they get up
    to the monitor lizard size. The biggest monitor lizard is the notorious Komodo
    Dragon. Well, there is the Gila monster which is venomous but it's bite is
    described as painful but not deadly. Granni, I read you can see one at the Brownsville
    Zoo. They look kinda like a beaded purse.

    Kids did you ever run run into a book with such a fascinating title that you just had
    to read it. I did last visit to the library. Have just started it. It's about 4 women who
    start a catering business. The title is How Dolly Parton Saved My Life. Publishers
    Weekly said, "Think Steel Magnolias meets The Food Network."

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  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Sorry about Gordon's treatment. I went to a chinese doc. Acupuncturist.....hate to say it but she was a little ditzy! My son went to one first years ago for a hurting back. He couldn't stop raving about how it helped the pain. About 4 days he went back.....and he couldn't stop complaining about how it didn't do anything except electric shock pain when he had moved. My cleaning lady has tried them too. She has a lot of leg/hip pain from her being a "little person". I think she also stopped. Please tell him about my bad back and how I swear by a neoprene back brace.

    And......I've used a straight back dining chair for at least 3 years now. And when I go out for dinner someplace have to make sure I'm not stuck in a booth....I demand a straight chair. A few years ago I was in Hawaii and we all went to a little casual mexican restaurant. OMG.....it was HARD wooden chairs...no padding. I had forgot my cushion I carry everywhere. I jumped up after 5 min. And announced I couldn't sit at the table. Went to the waiter and asked if they had something for me to sit on....any cushions? NO......he rounded up a stack of towels for me! How embarrassing but with the stenosis and sciatic I HAVE to use padding. My SIL saw a special "egg sitter" cushion so ordered it for me. I made a special inconspicuous case for it so I carry it everywhere. No one cares......I'm and old lady who needs comfort.
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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning Folks

    Barry, I read the article about the verdict against Monsanto. Almost $300 million.
    We have a jug of Round up around here. I read the product has been in use for about
    half a century. Just started reading a cozy mystery. It's on this very topic. The main character runs an organic farm. In the first chapter she fires a worker who brought a
    jug of chemical bug killer onto the premises.

    My mother made excellent meat loaf. I remember her reporting on an article in some ladies magazine that recommend burying 3 hard boiled eggs in your meat loaf. She thought was pretty silly. She made excellent meat loaf. Also a ground pork loaf.
    Very tasty w/ a little mustard. I see your recipe has both beef and pork. I 'spect it is
    also very good.

    Sun, I looked at more Natl Geographic photos. That climber on top of the Alp is
    another daredevil. Reminds me: I once dictated about a gal who went to Europe and might have fallen off an alp. The secretary typed "elf". The lightning strike near the
    old farm house reminds me of one of Andrew Wyeth's painting: The Woman in the Field.

    Julie, your reports of life on the farm are so peaceful and descriptive, they are almost
    as good as a visit. Reminds of the author Gladys Taber, an author who wrote oodles
    of books about life on her farm in Connecticut. I read 'em all decades ago. Just
    checked. Our library has lots of them. Put a couple on hold. One of the books is
    about "Amber, A Very Personal Cat."

    Well, better go. I'm getting to the stage where I get all befuddled about what page
    I'm on. Hugs.
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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    Slept til 7:00 this morning. That's almost unheard of. I think it's the three spritzes of the CBD oil I took last evening. I was in awful pain and the allergies were horrible so took my allergy pill, two Excedrin and three spritzes of the CBD. It calms me when pain and fatigue make me jittery. I had been using two spritzes but I think three is the magic number.

    In regards to meatloaf, it is the ground meat which I don't like. I don't like meatballs either. I do like hamburgers and beef tacos but that's it. No stuffed peppers either. I'd eat them if there were nothing else to eat but otherwise, I'll find something else. Strange because I love hamburgers.

    Barry, I'm glad you are not in pain. Hope all continues to go well.

    Sun, you could have picked the lizard up by his tail but it might have come off in your hand. Had that happen once and, when I threw the tail outside, it continued to wiggle forever. AACCKK!!!

    Rock, thanks for starting us up again. I've heard acupuncture helps people but others have poked holes in that theory. I had an expensive back brace and then bought one of those copper ones at Bed Bath & Beyond. It's just as good as the expensive one and was much less expensive. They shouldn't be worn all the time according to what I've read but mine really helps when I'm working around here which is seldom.

    Gonna go read the real paper and check for bargains in the ads. Hope all y'all are having the best weekend ever.

    Love, Mikie

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  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    FD442F42-3132-4FC2-BF5B-5CCAB6686AC7.jpeg Hello

    I found this bookstore charming . Would love to spend time here browsing.

    Rock - thanks for opening. I went to an acupuncturist for 20 days for my fatigue before the visit to attend DDs graduation in Massachusetts. I was so worried about how I would cope. I didn’t want to have CFS come on upon me after making such a long trip. I think it did wonders. Had the time of my life. Cooked twice for her friends there. They put a weird robot contraption on my back first time. After that they alternated days doing cupping and needles. The cupping leave horrid marks though.

    That book sounds like one I would love to read - Amber the Cat one.

    Sun - such beautiful photos. I saved the colourful foliage one. Amazing stuff. How beautiful is our earth? I’m not afraid of lizards. They seem to be terrified of us human folks. I mostly see the very small ones. Our friend the snake is very much around. I’ve spotted it two days running. Thanks probably to the unceasing rain, and the resulting foliage. I don’t mind it much, it seems to be a very private sort. Slithers away immediately if it hears us approach.

    Loved hearing about your times spent with your aunts parents. So interesting.

    Julie - some tent, I was imagining a simple camping tent with a pole in the middle but that is like a little luxury hotel of a tent. Very nice looking too. If I were there, I would love to spend a night in it. Closest I came to camping is when my mum, brothers and me slept out on the terrace in summer because it was so hot. Oftentimes, it would rain in middle of night and we would have to hurriedly drag our mattresses indoors. And wake mum and drag her too, who would more often than not be passed out after drinking rice beer.

    Once she set fire to the mattress (she used to smoke like a chimney) and woke me. I awoke to acrid cigarette fumes and a corner of the mattress burning and had to fetch water in a bucket and douse the fire. Thank goodness no one got singed! My baby brother was only a toddler then and slept with mum.

    Barry - glad to hear your tooth extraction went well. Always a relief to have that over with. My friend had a terrible set of teeth, said her doctor. She used to get the most awful swelling in her cheek. And then cavities and stuff. No wonder then, she sent her two kids to dentists all the time. So they didn’t have to go through what she did.

    Star - nice to see you drop in. Yep. Totally understand about the stress of having visitors over when you’re not ready. Not energy ready. Not neat and tidy ready. Well, not your fault. They can like it or lump it. Happy birthday to your lovely son.

    Mikie - that fountain sounds real pretty. We don’t have many places with fountains here. I would love to watch the birds come., bathe, drink in one. I love bird watching. Nowadays of course they’re all drenched with the unusually long monsoons going on here in Asia. Today too, the alley outside our house at the back flooded and became a rivulet. A strong, muddy river because of the heavy downpour we got in the afternoon.

    That photo I posted of the quiet corner of the kitchen with a window to look out from into a peaceful garden is one of my favorites. Imagine us being neighbors and visiting, sharing cups of tea or a cool drink in the afternoons. Wouldnt it be wonderful?

    I’m glad the CBD oil helped some.

    Granni - have the floors been finished? Are you happy with the result?

    Dmc - heya.

    Been homebound. Due to rain. Don’t want to go sploshing around in muddy streets. But I don’t mind. Plenty of nice shows on weekends. There’s one called Mom which is hilarious! And I have my stash of books. Also found some packets of niceTobler chocolates packets my DH most likely forgot about in DHs suitcase. I was tidying up and found them and annexed them. He had gone to Singapore a month and half back. So I’ve been gorging on them while reading. As the rain lashes down outside my window.

    All that talk of meatloaf is making me itch to make some. It’s one thing I haven’t made except once many many years ago. So long ago I don’t remember how it turned out. But if it’s got meat, the DH and kids will prolly like it. I did make our old favorite, sesame chicken today. Could tell, they were all happy. And the dogs especially so.
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  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring:. You poor girl, having to deal with the parents you were dealt. No wonder you developed CFS. I've read that it comes from a big trauma to the body, whether physical or mental. You were always on edge so that's what your muscles and body learned at an early age.....tense up to protect. Wish you could send us some of that rain!
    Sounds like a very nice day, reading and gorging on chocolate.

    I've gone back in my mind as to why I have this constant low grade anxiety in me. Honestly I think it stemmed from my childhood. My mom was always in a book....her escape from life. My poor dad was a carpenter and worked hard to support us. I was my mom's sounding board....every time she would be angry at my dad though don't know why.....she would tell me the next time something happens she was packing up and leaving. When they would raise their voices and argue I would think....OK, now she's going to leave us and my body would tense up with fear. Once when I was about 10 they were fighting in the car and he had stopped, maybe at a light, and she opened the door and ran out. He had to run after her and toss her back into the car. I used to dream of being able to leave them and live with a favorite aunt and uncle.

    Rock: That was my thought exactly.....Like an Andrew Wyeth painting. I love the National Geographic photo contests. I've seen pictures there I will never ever be able to see in person. And I especially love the nature sights of Japan.

    Mikie: Easy for you to say...just pick it up, but I have a strong aversion to lizards and SNAKES. So bad that I can't even go into the snake house at a museum or for that matter look at a photo of them. I remember having an almost reoccuring dream when I was around 4 of having killed a snake and the snake came back to haunt me. Isn't that strange for a 4 year old? By the way, I remember quite a lot of my "memorable" dreams from waaaaay back. Not afraid of every thing though......I used to pick up those horny toads when I was around 4. We used to live in a trailer park. (I guess I was trailer trash) and there was a huge dry land area around it with lots of horny toads living there. I remember the group of kids decided we would have a contest as to how many each of us could catch, so of course I joined in. And the little lizards don't bother me.......I guess because this lizard looks like a snake with legs.

    I was up most of the night with pain again. Ibuprofen and tramadol to the rescue along with lots of ice packs. And of course I'm awake at 6 as usual so not feeling too swift with only about 4 hrs. Cobbled together. I got my ground beef yesterday but spent most of the afternoon painting so will make my meatloaf tonight. Mmmmm...can't wait until tomorrow for cold meat loaf sandwich.

    Here's an interesting relaxing article from National Geographic on fly fishing in Kenya.


    Mikie: here's an article from NG about the red tide, complete with pictures in living GREEN color.

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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Not doing much again today. I felt pretty well and then hit the wall. I'm glad I washed my hair yesterday. I'm making that bacon/egg/French toast pudding in the Instant Pot. Can't wait for it to be done.

    Spring, I do wish we were all neighbors instead of just virtual neighbors. What fun we'd have visiting one another or all together. When I was a kid, I wanted invisibility for my super power. Now, I think it would be the ability to snap my fingers and be anywhere in an instant. Oh, wait. I can no longer snap my fingers with this arthritis. I'd fold my arms and nod my head like Jeanie. It's raining off and on here but no gully washers. That's scary about your Mom's smoking. Yesterday, I craved a cigarette. I haven't wanted one like that in more than 30 years. I guess the urge to smoke never leaves. Thanks for posting that little bookshop pic. I'd be there as long as my bod would hold up, browsing the shelves for good reads.

    Sun, it's so sad to read about your childhood. I am sorry. Things that happen to us when we are kids truly traumatizes us. I think any kind of trauma, especially stress, can trigger our illnesses. I believe there is a genetic predisposition and stress, injury, illness, etc. just allows these conditions to activate. I think mine was there from the start at a very low level until after the mycoplasma infection. I remember having pain and anxiety as a very young child. I can totally understand your not wanting to pick up the lizard. They and snakes don't bother me but I could never let a spider walk on me. Yikes! We get pictures in living color of the RT and algae every time we turn on the news. The saddest is the pile of dead sealife. A dead dolphin washed up, along with a really big old turtle. We love our wild life down here and everyone is heartbroken. Enjoy your meatloaf. Ha ha! I mistakenly typed, meatload.

    Gonna go enjoy the Instant Pot dish.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    Again reading quickly before I have to start working on my mess again and then dinner. I also have stuff in the drier.

    MIKIE- What is this bacon, egg, french toast pudding thing? It sounds sort of like a custard consistency/ French toast. Is that right or not. What is the recipe? Not sure DH would like it or not but sounds good if it is easy. Is that what it is called - Bacon, egg, French Toast Pudding??? Guessing it is a breakfast or brunch dish but could be almost any time even dinner. Sounds rather yummy . That RT stinks too and I wish there was something you could do to get rid of all the awful symptoms. Yes,it is also sad about the loss of wild life.

    I agree with you all about stress causing illness. I know stuff with my DCD as a teen and my DFIL living with us got Alz and I still had kids home and doing child care among other things. That is when I started with the pain and what was then dxed partially as Ebstein Barr virus. It is not fun at all.

    SUN - How awful. I am so sorry about all the stress that I know came with your mom constantly leaving when she got upset at your dad. I know that was terribly upsetting to you and any other kids in the family if there were any more. Sorry I have forgotten if you were an only child or not. It is horrible regardless.

    BARRY - Glad that your dentist deal is over with and it went well for you. I have an appt the end of the month to get ready for a cap for a tooth that broke off and is now driving me nuts. Wish I could forget abaout it like DH but stuff keeps getting stuck in there and the dentist said it needs to get done before it gets worse..

    SPRING WATER - Glad you had a a good experience coming back to the U S for your daughter's graduation, I think you said, and stayed well so you could enjoy everything, and even do some cooking..

    ROCK - I hope that Gordon's pain is doing better after he went to the acupuncurist. Does he think it helped him? I have heard about it and have wondered if I should check it out myself. I
    think SUN mentioned that she had had some treatments at some time.

    JULIE - Don't wear yourself out with the family and kiddos. Forgot how long they were staying before school starts again, REST if you can dear girl.

    HI also to STAR, DUCKIE and everydobby else.

    Gotta run now, so much to do.

    Granni :)
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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: My mom never left....just continually would tell me she would. It was like always waiting for the other shoe to drop. She had no place to go anyway. I was pretty wise by age 10 and I never saw that my dad did anything to bring this on.
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  13. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Howdy all!

    Not too busy a weekend, but still reasonably productive. Finally finishing the binding on the Kids Komfort quilt that I was in the middle of quilting before I started the States quilt. I also finished piecing the top of another one that I worked on at the sew-in a couple of weeks ago. It will have to be sandwiched, quilted and bound still. Trying to decide if I'm going to go ahead and do that now or wait until I get my big long-arm (countdown is 40 days). I think I want to wait, because I want some small projects to practice on.

    Barry - The mystery of the woodpecker has been solved. He came back several times today so I got a good look. It's a male red-bellied woodpecker. He's been coming to my suet feeder. Glad your tooth extraction went well.

    Everybody's talk about meatloaf is funny, given that I mentioned to DS that we haven't had it in a while just yesterday. I told him I'd love to see it pop up on the menu. I used to make it with just ground beef (the way my DM made it), but my kids would never eat it. Then one time I made it with half ground beef, half ground pork and they snarfed it down.

    Mikie - I'd like to know the french toast recipe as well!

    Spring - please send some of your rain my way. I still have gotten next to nothing. We had a shower today that lasted a whole 45 seconds, and 3 equally short showers yesterday.

    Rock - sorry Gordon's back is still bothering him. Hope the acupuncture helps.

    Julie - I love camping, but the FMS and the fake knees make it a challenge for me anymore. I finally caved and at least got a nice cot to sleep on instead of an air mattress. I'm glad you're enjoying it with Kiera.

    Sun - At least it's a lizard and not a scorpion. I did a medical mission in Guatemala once upon another lifetime. We had to shake out our boots every morning. I did find a scorpion in one of my boots one morning. I do understand the snake phobia. My Nanny (DM's DM) had a phobia about snakes as well. Hers was caused when my great-grandmother yelled at my Nanny to leave a harmless garter snake alone (G-Gma was afraid) and scared my then 4-yo Gma.

    I'm determined to get this quilt finished today, so I'm going to get back to it. Just finished my chicken and dumplings.

    Hugz to Granni and Star (and anyone else my pea brain is forgetting)!

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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Girls and Boys

    We went to Food For Less this morning. Amazing how much food two people need to stay alive. I am currently munching on avocado and strawberries. Scientists are working on combining the two. Not sure whether the result will be called an avoberry or a
    strawcado. The scientists don't know either. They are planning to have a straw vote.

    The market is not far from us. It's in Hollywood. More trouble getting home than usual. The freeway entrance was closed so we went to the next one. It was also closed. So we used the surface streets. Hollywood Blvd till it turned south and changed its name to Sunset Blvd.

    We had a film crew here last week. One of the requirements for getting permission to
    film is that the residents in the area must be notified in advance of plans to film. In accordance with the modern practice of doing everything as incompetently as possible,
    we got the notice the day after filming was over. Hmm, hmm, hmm.

    Mikie, your poking holes in the theory pun is a laff riot as Jackie Gleason used to say.
    You should get some sort of award. Reminded me of the old riddle. How do you
    make a Venetian blind? Poke him in the eye. The first time my friends and I heard
    that we were too young to get the joke. Your bacon, egg etc. sounds great.

    Spring, I used to love old book stores and haunt them frequently. Ditto for stores
    that sold old/used phonograph records. I guess they all disappeared years ago
    except for thrift stores. I would think your mother might be part Irish if she drank
    beer from a rice Paddy. The paddy wagon got its name because so many cops were
    Irish, i e Paddies.

    Sun, in another time and place you might have been a nurse or a Nun. Always with
    suggestions and ideas to help folks. I do pass along your suggestions to Gordon
    who usually just says "Hmm". He's not especially open to my suggestions either.
    Probably comes from being head of the household when he was very young due
    to the death of his father. I'll check out the articles you posted. I wonder if the
    fishermen in Kenya use Tsetse flies for bait.

    Granni, Gordon thought the acupuncture was somewhat helpful. He currently plans
    to have one more treatment. He'll keep on with his once a month chiro visits. I am
    also using our electric vibrator on his back. I just hold it in place rather than moving
    it around.

    Good luck with the dentists. Really, people should have teeth like sharks. New ones
    grow in constantly. The ocean floor is said to be littered with thousands of old
    shark teeth. Some fossilized; over 2 million years old.

    Big hugs
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good Sunday evening! I've tried to skim the posts, but too tired to remember what I've read. So I'll try again tomorrow...

    I have to be honest and say I will be more than happy to sleep in my own bed tonight, lol! The tent wasn't so bad...we each had a queen size air mattress, and I also slept on a foam mattress (can't stand just the air mattress...feels like I'm falling, every time I roll over.) Keira ditched me in the kitchen last night...chose to help Gpa split and move wood instead...imagine that!

    We went to bed fairly early, but Peace Sign kitty was being a pest. I had my window zipped part way open and she tried to climb in through the screen. When I scolded her and shut the window, she climbed on top of the tent...between the mesh screen ceiling and the rain cover. So, there I am, lying on my back...staring up at this cat, who is walking all over and purring, trying to get to me. I got up, enticed her with some kibble on the patio at the house. She never returned, but Oreo decided she didn't want to come back inside. But...a few hours later, I woke up to find that Oreo had nosed her way into the tent...just kept poking at the zippers until they opened enough for her to squeeze through. Me thinks it's going to be really interesting when Lindsey's kids are all here and we try to sleep outside, lol!

    Anyway....Amy, Clinton and Miley and Blu got here in time for lunch. Blu (neutered male) and Oreo (spayed female) sort of got along, after the initial "checking each other out", but Blu is only two years old and Oreo is over six years old. Blu wanted to play, but Oreo didn't want to be bothered...so we kept them separated most of the day. They could see each other between the screen door that separates the shop from the house...maybe in future visits they'll get used to each other.

    We sent them home with two coolers of food, so they should be good for several days. After the house was quiet again, Den and I took naps...then leftovers for supper, then a little TV. Ready for the new week...

    I have a dental cleaning on Tuesday, so that will be my "go to town" day. Then local chiro on Friday...in between, I'll just work around home.

    Hope everyone is doing fairly well...take care.
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Another good night's sleep but I'm afraid I've slipped into that 'always exhausted and always in pain' place I end up in when I've been exposed to something toxic for a long time. Nothing to do but suck it up and keep going. Well, that and a bit of whining!

    The recipe for the bacon/egg/bread concoction is from the Instant Pot recipe book I got. It's called a Strata. I deleted the cheese it called for and added vanilla and nutmeg to give it that French toast taste. I also add another egg to make sure it sets up. I'll post the recipe as I make it. It doesn't have to be made in an Instant Pot. It could be made in an oven proof dish set in a bit of water in a larger pan (a Bain Marie).

    Use an oven proof dish and grease the bottom and sides with butter. Tear up three cups of bread which isn't fresh and put in the bowl. Any kind of bread will do. I once used cinnamon raisin bread but it was no better than plain bread. Tear up some pieces of cooked bacon or cooked breakfast sausage and add to the bread.

    In a separate mixing bowl, whisk four eggs and a cup of milk. I add vanilla and nutmeg but you can leave those out if you want to add some shredded cheese instead. Pour the mixture over the bread crumbs and push the bread crumbs down so that the liquid soaks into everything.

    In the Instant Pot, I add 1 1/2 cups of water and put the rack in. I put the foil sling in and shape it so that it cradles the bowl. I set it on Manual high for 15 minutes and do the quick pressure release. I immediately remove the top so that it doesn't drip water into the bowl. If I were doing this in the oven, I'd set it at 350 degrees and keep testing the custard to make sure it has set up.

    Pour some maple syrup over each piece when served and enjoy!

    I'll come back later to respond to everydooby. Gotta go take something for pain.

    Love, Mikie

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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OK, I'm back. Been waiting for the meds to help with my headache but so far, it's still with me. I took a nice hot bath but I think it's gonna take an ice pack to help. I went online and made an appt. this Fri. for my annual bloodwork at the lab. I love being able to make these appts. online. It cuts down on wait time to have an appt. Tomorrow is my annual with the gyno. Roomba vacuumed the bedroom while I was in the tub. I made an appt. for SV for his annual appt. next Wednesday. I put them in the calendar on my phone with alerts lest my pea brain forgets. I also have a small paper calendar in the kitchen. I takes no chances. My shrink told me to get myself organized to help handle my illness. Once I get the mammo and Dexascan done, I'll be finished with appts. for a while.

    Granni, I think it's like a cascade with our illnesses. Something happens and then something else happens when we are run down due to stresses and we get some kind of infection or we are injured. Then, we can't get well due to other stresses in our lives and the immune and autoimmune illnesses set in. Once we have one of those, it seems we are vulnerable to other immune and autoimmune illnesses. I think this is why it's so hard to find the causes and cures for what ails us. It's like with cancer, which is a failure of the immune system, in that there isn't one cause. There are many triggers. I pray for your DD every day.

    Duckie, it sounds as though it was more than reasonably productive for you over the weekend. Well, anyway, compared to what is productive in my world. You could make the Strata concoction in your Instant Pot. Don't think I'd like a scorpion crawling on me either. Eek!

    Rock, I've heard people on TV talk about the benefits of acupuncture so I'm assuming it helps some people. Did the guy tell Gordon not to drink water for an hour after the treatment so he didn't leak? You are right about Sun. She is always posting things to help us. After my experience in Catholic school, I prefer not to think of her as a nun. Perhaps a really good friend.

    Julie, I'm laughing thinking about your sleeping out and looking up at a suspended kitty overhead. That she was purring just makes it adorable. Oreo is one smart cookie too, learning how to break into the tent. Good grief! You were awash in critters.

    Barry, Star and Spring, I hope y'all, and any other Porchies I've missed here, are doing well.

    Love, Mikie

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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning Dear One,

    This will be another short one since it is almost time to go to DD's and DSIL will drive to our lunch group which is once a month. This time it is a Greek restaurant which we used to really like. We haven't been to this restaurant though and it has very good reviews. So we are very interested in trying it. It is not very local so will take us over 1/2 hr-45 min, I am sure to get there, depending on the FWY traffic. Haven't been able to find a Greek restaurant really close by.

    MIKIE - Thanks for the c recipe. It sounds so good and hope I get to make it someday. Neither of us is supposed to have much bread but could do this with our allowed a sourdough once in awhile if I find out that DH likes it. He does like eggs bacon and sausage so maybe he will. Also, it may end up going into the graveyard of recipes I have collected that sounds good but I am to lazy to make for one reason or another. Let me know how it comes out and if you still love it. So sorry you are still feeling like crap even though you had a good nights sleep. I do understand believe me.

    Have so much to do and will probably end up stashing a bunch of papers and a box of stuff in the closet since the cleaning ladies are coming tomorrow- finally. Had to get off the schedule and change the date due to the installation of wooden floors.. After lunch today I will have to start stashing things someplace so they can clean properly tomorrow.

    SUN - I'm sorry I misunderstood but that doesn't make it any easier on you or your dad. Some people I guess always feel they have to be in control and think they have to do something drastic or at least threaten to do it to get everyone's attention. Glad I didn't have to worry about that.

    JULIE - I can't believe those kitties and oreo getting into the tent. They are so funny. I know with my grand kitties they get anywhere they want to go and are much to independent. Glad all are home and you can rest some.

    Sorry I gotta fun for now. Sorry I cannot chat with everyone separately right now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Got my bath and did some personal landscaping and painted my toenails. I removed the three hairs on each leg and the three under one arm which are all that are left. They are so fine that the epilator has a hard time grasping them to pull them out. At least, this is one thing which gets easier as I get older.

    I realized that I was starving so went to Burger King for a Whopper meal. It's not the healthiest thing to eat but I seldom do it.

    Granni, this isn't the first time I made the concoction. I've been making it since I first got the Instant Pot. It's a good way to get rid of stale or dry bread. You could use your 'monstrosity' to make it. Thanks for your kind wishes for how I'm feeling. I've just downgraded my activities and am staying inside. The A/C does a pretty good job of keeping the RT out of the air. Think I'll do some cleaning now that I've had lunch. Eating protein usually helps. I got those two bags of shrimp on BOGO at Publix and have to do something with them. Think I'll make some seafood pasta al fredo. Maybe I'll ask Joe to eat it with me but I think he likes red sauce better. He has a fatty liver and needs to limit the rich sauces. I should also get some basil and parsley to make pesto. A dollop on top of the pasta is delicious and very healthy. Hope you enjoy your Greek dinner.

    I am going to get Roomba started in the living room and dining area while I clean the guest bath. My cleaning lady is me but my cleaning lady does a good job if I do say so. Ha!

    Love, Mikie

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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, You are the Pavlova of posters. Should wear a tutu as your fingers dance over
    the keys. Yes, as a matter of face the acupuncturist did warn Grodon about leaking. Instructed him not to drink any liquids for the next hour and then, only after drinking
    3 oz. of Gorilla Glue. It's the ape-pitomy of modern treatments.

    Granny, hope you had a nice Greek dinner. Did you have Spanakopita with retsina?
    (Spinach pie with wine.)

    I hear the back door. Gordon is home. Hugs
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