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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Did you know that reading thrillers can be educational as well as entertaining?
    One often finds ephemera previously used as bookmarks. Business cards, library
    slips, tickets stubs, etc. I have one hear from United Airlines regarding a Mr. S.
    Dunleavy who flew from San Francisco to Burbank on April 10, Gate 86. The
    price and the year are not indicated.

    But aside from this miscellany, even more interesting are stray bits of information
    about a vast array of subjects. Here are a few I've run across recently.

    Stillwater Prison is not in Stillwater, MN, but in nearby Bayport, MN.
    The theory of evolution is no longer a theory. It is an established scientific fact.
    If you have psoriasis you will be discharged from the Navy.

    A swale is a low spot on the land, often marshy.
    That bats echo locate was not discovered until the beginning of WWII.
    And here's the recipe for Dodo soup. First: catch a dodo.

    I have not verified all of these. Feel free to do so if you like.

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  2. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I've found some bookmarks left by other customers of books, yes, sometimes airline tickets, or a business card.

    I spent another productive day, did some gardening repotting some large plants after a visit to Lowes first. Broke it up with some painting when it got too hot, finished my gardening and then back to painting. I quit at 9 PM to eat some dinner after I cleaned my brushes. Want to know my secret for energy? I've got it figured out.....I put on a fast paced CD of music I like. Today was Michael Buble played for HOURS while I gardened and painted. Here's a sampling of Michael with Bryan Adams....two hunks.

    Can't sleep so I'm on the computer. On friday morning when out looking for the right palm tree I went to one local park and was AMAZED at the amount of butterflies. So I did a search, apparently the queen butterfly and the little grey hairstreak. I used to know a lot more names when I was younger and saw a lot of them. Another thing I've noticed lately is quite a lot of the yellow dogface butterfly. There is a large clump of bushes near me and there are 100s of them fluttering around. Must be just the right food for them.

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  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Waking to a beautiful morning here in SW FL with big billowing cumulus clouds out to the west along the shore. They are catching the sun as it's just rising and they look pink. It will be another hot day with afternoon thunderstorms. We got rain yesterday afternoon, our usual summertime pattern. People who use the pool go in the mornings. The winds have been off shore and that helps keep the RT spores from blowing in. In the afternoons, the winds change to on shore. Map updates show less RT close to our shore just where it aligns with where I live. My symptoms are slightly better. Still, it stretches over a huge area.

    Lots of car thefts in the area, mostly over in the Cape. I shake my head at people. One guy had installed video equipment because his truck had been previously broken into. He then left his truck unlocked and someone stole the garage door opener early in the morning. After he went to work, they broke into his house. He was outraged. Well, Duh, lock the truck. Guess he didn't learn from the first time. Another woman left the car keys in her car and was outraged that it was stolen and was blaming the cops for not being there. Again, Duh! Don't leave keys in the unlocked car. I fear we have raised a generation of idiots. They seem to take no responsibility, have no common sense and blame others for the consequences of their actions. I lock my car; we had one stolen in the back corner of the hood. I also lock my front door. It's no guarantee but it's better than leaving things unlocked to make it easier for the criminals.

    Speaking of which...charges have been brought against that guy who shot the man who violently shoved him down. At first, it appeared to be a Stand Your Ground case but seems there was more to the story. The shooter's mother was handicapped and he went beserk when anyone without a handicap sticker parked in a handicap parking space. He had been harassing people at that station beforehand. He made some comments to people about it suggesting that he was looking for a fight. The girlfriend and family still take no responsibility in the whole thing. Had she not parked there and had her boyfriend not violently attacked the shooter, it likely wouldn't have ended so tragically. You never know who is carrying nor whether he or she is mentally stable.

    Rock, as Sun suggests, I think Miss Kitty is cheating on you. Bad clumps of fur take a lot of combing, brushing and cutting out of the fur. I have to brush/comb SV almost daily. He likes to rub his face on the softer side of his brush so I got a toothbrush and he rubbed his teeth on it. He loves it. He will even let me put it inside his mouth to get to the rest of his teeth. It's kinda hit or miss but it's better than nothing. I think I'll get a baby toothbrush that will be easier to handle. We have a man made swale behind our property to divert excess rain into the trenches which run along the main road. We have to make sure nothing is growing there to block the flow of the water. In SW FL, it is vital during rainy season that there are places for the water to run off. The little pond behind my bldg. is a retention pond. Developers have to put them into their neighborhoods. Thanks for getting us up and running on a new Porch.

    Star, the Doxycycline would have cost more than $125 for a month's supply. It is an old ABX and shouldn't cost that much. We don't even know that an infection is causing the IBS symptoms so I didn't get it. As the RT has gotten worse, researchers are finding it is causing a lot more symptoms than originally thought, including stomach issues. People who never had problems before are now coughing and getting short of breath. I hope DH and DS continue to feel better. Hope you stay well.

    Granni, I think I'll drop Kevin a note and provide my phone number and email address
    . That way, he can decide how to contact me. He may not be up to talking on the phone about Diane yet. I hate to blindside him with a call if he's not ready. Glad your cleaning ladies were able to come yesterday. I keep trying to get to dusting in here but yesterday, I felt lousy. Perhaps today. Thank God for Roomba to do the floors. SV's fur falls out in clumps all over the place. I tell him he's losing his stuffing. I have to run my garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster before it gets so hot. Latinos have the right idea--they take siestas during the hottest part of the afternoons.

    Sun, morning stretching is so smart . Music also gives me NRG. Last night, PBS had a program with Pop, Rock & Soul music with original performers. They rerun these programs when they are having their begathons. Wish I could afford to buy the CDs when they do these. The music was from the 60's and it was fun to see all the old folks rockin' out to the music. Sorry your arthritis bothers you so much.

    Spring, pressure cookers can be used to do everything the Instant Pots do. They just added a few things to make it more of an all around appliance. I like that it knows just how long to cook rice and that it sautes. I can saute onions and celery and make a roux for soup. Then, it can be used in slow cooker mode when the other ingredients are added. I've made soup in a large fry pan with a lid. It's just nice to have one appliance which does so much without making a mess. It's so much faster too when the pressure is used. With my upset stomach, I haven't been eating normally. I threw the turkey breast, bone and all, into the freezer for when I'm feeling better. I'll make soup.

    Speaking of soup...I went online and found lots of people who make fish broth for their kitties. When SV's supply of the broth packets is gone, I'm gonna try making some for him. I'll use sardines. I want to keep him as healthy as possible. I think the love I give him helps him be healthy and happy. Every day now, he taps me with his paw when he wants to be held like a baby or sit on a pillow on my lap. All the pet shelters had a day of free adoptions yesterday across the country. The shelters had a lot of pets adopted. There were so many adorable doggies and kitties shown on TV.

    Gonna go read the actual newspaper and watch my Sunday morning programs. Speaking of which, I try to bring our Dear Porchies the latest most cutting edge and important information from around the world. Well, today is no exception. TV has shown red urinal boxes which are being used in Paris so men can urinate in public. They just walk up to the boxes and pee. Thought y'all would like to know.

    On that note, I'm outta here. Have a lovely and restful Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi kids

    Well, the computer wouldn't cooperate. There was an interlude between the greeting
    and the first sentence while it rested or whatever it does. I usually wait an hour
    or two after I turn off the machine, but Gordon turned it back on after ten minutes.
    The machine likes him better than me. Kinda like the Smothers Brothers.

    Sun, glad you found something to help and had a productive day. I had seen Michael Buble's name and wondered how to pronounce it. Apparently it's Boo-blay.
    Wikipedia says the name is Croatian. Gordon is familiar with him. Used to listen
    to him on a radio station that went off the air. He likes his link with the songs and
    singers of the past.

    Mikie, I started the novel by Gladys Taber. I was surprised to find out that she wrote fiction. Her novel Mrs. Daffodil is pretty funny. The main character seems to be
    similar to the author. Am going to see if there are any more novels in her oeuvre.

    OK, went to the library. Found a book of Glady's short stories. Put that on hold.
    Tried to get info on another book. The library computer had a seizure and kicked
    me outta the library.

    Looked at the news this morning. Seems to be that most of the news is trivia about
    celebrities that I have no interest in, or news about terrible problems about which
    the government is doing little to help.

    Got a book about Groucho. There are some quotes from an act the brothers
    used to do in vaudeville. In one scene Groucho is talking to a lady. The dialogue
    goes something like this. I'll have you know I am an Empress. Groucho: Well,
    you don't empress me.

    Hugs, Kids
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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    What happened to my post? It was here ten minutes ago. AARRRGGGG!!!

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  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    OMG! I lay down and slept for two hours in what felt like a coma. The reaction to the RT is just like any other allergy and it really takes the wind outta my sails. After my first post, I ran the garbage and recycle stuff down and got my mail. My ballot came. I decided to vote by mail because of all the ballot initiatives which have been added. It will take people forever at the polls to vote. I'll vote in person in the primary; I didn't request a mail-in ballot in time for the primary. It shouldn't be a bad wait in line for that. We have early voting right now but the lines for that are always longer than the regular lines.

    I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. My new 'Screw It' dish towel makes me laugh when I see it hung over the oven door handle. The newspaper wasn't too big and I got through it fast. Didn't finish the NYT crossword puzzle before I had to lie down or fall down. It's raining out and the sky is sooo dark. Lots of lightning and thunder so, of course, SV insisted on going out to sleep in a chair on the lanai.

    Rock, your post is right there above Barry's unless you wrote another one after that. Sometimes when I come here, my last post has disappeared until I refresh the page. I don't stay logged in so I have to refresh it and sign in each time. Hope you enjoy the book. I finished one and started another. Right now, I'm too tired to read so am just passively watching TV.

    Barry, the crime in this little backwater town is unbelievable so I will continue to lock my doors and keep my gun handy. I'm a pacifist but do believe in self defense. I think on most things, you and I agree. I love you too and agree that we need some form of national healthcare. What we have is a disgrace.

    I need to drink more water so will go fill up a big glass of it. I'm in pain so will take some Excedrin while I'm at it. I'm having to stream TV because there is too much interference from lightning to use the antenna. I'm watching a Netflix original series set in Canberra, Australia. It's called, Secret City, I think. My poor pea brain can't remember jack these days. I've been calling Aretha Franklin's song, Freedom, when in fact, it's Think. Doh!!!

    I hope all y'all are having a good weekend. Take care my dear friends.

    Love, Mikie

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  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: The queen or monarch were all over a huge purple lantana hedge. The underside had the silver....I don't think monarch does so I assumed it was the queen. Anyway, fun seeing all of them. My DS is bringing over my DGDs tomorrow morning for playing in the pool. Not sure if my gardener will get here before them....I hope so. Otherwise we might drive over to let them see the butterflies. And about the energy.....YES.....still feeling good today. If you have a personal CD player why not try wearing it with a jazzy CD in it. I have mine in a fanny pack thing strapped around my waist, but I must have the right music that I can dance to.

    Mikie: When I was in Paris over 50 years ago there were these circular things on the streets. I think they were called a "Pisswa". Something like that. It was for men to use. As to women we must head for a local cafe and use their restroom.

    Here's a link to the latest National Geographic I get in my email. So many interesting stories to read:

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  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yesterday and day before was a rush. Went with DD to look at some furniture. Then we stopped at a supermarket and ate mango ice cream roll which DD said was made with nitrogen technology. It was interesting to see them make it. Very tasty. Had some sort of doughy texture to it. Then I proceeded home alone while DD met up with her friends to see a movie.

    Yesterday we went to visit a cousin who got married in the US. Her DH is from here too but migrated to Canada. Since DHs uncles family was going, all 6 of them including DGKs I decided to go with them. It’s a little further out of town. Was a noisy boisterous affair as it always is with this lot. Lot of fun.

    The cousins mum made meat dumplings with sauce, lafing (a soyabean dish) and aunt had taken potato pickle and rice pudding, her DD had bought a lemon meringue cake, and her other DD went into their kitchen and made me a potato paratha (spiced potato filled tortilla fried in clarified butter.) food was so good. It was a double occasion because the brides younger sister was leaving for university too. She got into Columbia in New York. And they’re all very excited.

    In the evening DD had to attend the wedding reception of a friends brother. So we left earlier than the rest.



    Sun - I liked the duet. Looks like they rehearsed well. Sang seamlessly together.

    Mikie - that sunrise musta been a sight. SV is so loving. I think we are at the tail end of our rainy season. But there’s still a few showers.
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  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: I went back to see the butterflies this afternoon but only a handful. But it looking closer I see this hedge is a combination of lantana and Passion flower vine. So from there I did a search and found the butterfly....a gulf frittalary.


    Spring: I was doing a search on Bryan Adams and apparently he is into philanthropic things, including concerts in Napal. Sounds like a fun visit with the family.
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  10. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Happy Sunday everyone!

    Somehow it seems I never got around to posting on Thursday, or maybe I did but forgot about it. Friday was shop-hop day. We ended up staying pretty much local as the weather was not great - showers and scattered thunderstorms. But we had a really good time and didn't get wet.

    Speaking of getting wet, we did get close to 1.75" of rain total over the course of 2.5 days. We could still use more, but areas around me got way more and don't need it.

    Yesterday I had a class in the morning. Then I came home and tried to decide what would be my next project. I've gone through my designs and picked one. I had called it "Waterloo" when I designed it because I figured it was going to kill me with its challenges, but after doing the States quilt, it won't be so bad. It will still be an awesome quilt. My brain is inflamed again....so much so that I went back to the fabric store again today. Don't fret if you don't hear from me! Now based on the color choices, it will be called "Fireworks."

    This morning DS and I went to DMs house. She had some water come in her basement, and I discovered some wet stuff that we needed to get out. DS opened the basement door to start taking the stuff out and a big wasp instantly flew down and stung him on the chest very near to a rather sensitive spot. He slammed the door shut and we went and made a baking soda paste to put on it. He now has a very large (3.5" in diameter!!!) welt on his chest from it.

    Rock - I absolutely love your little poem! As it happens, I didn't really fall so much as tipped sideways into the wall. Still, my watch did suffer the consequences.

    Speaking of which, I can't remember who asked, but the whole thing with my balance has to do with my worsening neuropathy in my feet. If I don't watch my feet, they might plant themselves somewhere other than where I expect them to go, altering my center of gravity unexpectedly. Which is what happened. I turned my head to look at something as I was going up the front stairs. I should know better by now...

    Mikie - I'm giggling to myself at you describing yourself as "running" to the garbage dumpster. I can't imagine myself "running" anywhere anymore, although I say that I'm running places all the time. I hope your top is all you want it to be.

    Star - Glad you were able to stop in for a bit. It is a very good thing that you dragged your DH to the doctor. I'm also glad your DS is on the mend. I agree with you putting your foot down on the travel. You alone know what your body can handle. Stick to your guns.

    Granni - On the singing front, I've been invited back to sing with the Dayton Philharmonic when they perform Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Rehearsals start Tuesday night, with the performances being September 14th, 15th and 16th. Not sure when regular choir starts back.

    The week after Beethoven, I get my long-arm. Rehearsals for Beethoven should make the time until then go fast!!!

    It is now time to start cutting up all that perfectly good fabric so that I can spend weeks putting it back together again. Because that's what quilting is all about!

    Hugz to Barry, Sun, Spring, and everyone else lost in the fibro-fog.

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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Yes, like the cat, my post came back. Gordon said it probably would. I see the topic of the day is the French pissoir. I watched a documentary on same years ago. Can't remember
    if it was on TV or on Youtube. There was only one left in Paris. The first one dated back
    to 1830. Wikipedia says there is one in the opening scene of the James Bond film Casino Royale.

    Duckie, glad you got some rain. Wish we would. Do those machines of yours get
    hot? Be just too ironic if "fireworks" became a conflgration. Which reminds me of
    congregation. We used to sing Beethoven's 9th in church. "Joyful, Joyful we adore
    Thee, Tochter aus Elysium."

    Sun, great pics. We had a passion flower vine in the back yard at the place we
    previously rented. The flowers are beautiful and unlike anything in Minnesota.

    Mikie, does SV go out on the lanai when it's raining too? When my son was small
    we used to go out in the rain and splash in the puddles. I'd put him in a shopping
    cart and push him around the parking lot. The store, of course, was closed. Then
    home to a hot bath. I wish I had a gun. I bought two cheap .22 pistols in Calif.
    Gordon, however, was opposed to same so he got rid of them. If we are ever
    invaded we'll have to fight them off with a kitchen knife and a melon baller.

    BCT, hope the temps cool down and the rains come soon. You ever hear Jane
    Morgan sing The Day That the Rains Came Down? A great voice. An American
    who became popular in Europe before she did in America. Married Elvis Presley's
    concert manager. She sings some Edith Piaf song on Youtube.

    Alert! Watch out for cassowaries and emus. They are big flightless birds with
    large claws. Even Steve Irwin did not mess with them.

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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Slept sooo well last night. I've been so exhausted and I think I've needed to catch up. Of course, it's impossible to really catch up but hope springs eternal. My allergies are still really bad so I don't 'spect that I'll be dancing any jigs. There is a good sale going on at Bealls and the brochure showed a couple of tops which look like something I might like. There's even a $10 coupon. Think I'll check it out. The store is very close by.

    Rock, yes, SV loves to go out on the lanai when it is storming. The eaves are wide enough that the rain doesn't come in unless the wind is blowing. It's very soothing as the rain drips off the roof. It makes patterns on the little pond too. He also loves to lie out there for hours in the heat as well. With the humidity we have, it's like a sauna. I keep a big bowl of water out there for him. For some reason, he prefers drinking his water out there instead of inside. The longer we live together, the more compatible we become. A lot of people get 22's but they don't have a lot of knock-down power. If a fat guy gets shot in the gut, the bullet may just lodge in the fat and not stop him. That's why I chose the 45 and the 38 Plus P. Either would stop a criminal in his tracks. Hope I never have to find out. The 45 is the one I like to shoot at the firing range but haven't been there in years.

    Sun, thanks for the links. Yes, the pissoirs have been around for ages. I think most were gone until these new red ones appeared. Evidently, they have mulch in them and they plan on growing plants in them. Wouldn't the pea kill them? I don't know. All one sees from the street are the backs of the men as they relieve themselves. I think they should have spent the money removing the graffiti all over the city instead. It ruins what is probably the most beautiful city in the world. I think when we knock on the Pearly Gates, we have to give an accounting of what we did to enhance life and own up to what we did to detract from it. Even little things like littering do not help anyone and hurt the environment. Bless the good people who clean up after the ones who make a mess of things.

    Spring, we will likely keep getting rain for another month at least. It will taper off. I found out that September 10 is the peak of our hurricane season. That is the date that Irma hit us. I'm taking SV in for his checkup and shots on Wed. so, if we had to go to a shelter, they would let us in. I can't imagine how one takes a cat to a shelter but I also want to ensure he's healthy. All that food sounds sooo yummy. I'm still off my feed bag and nothing tastes good right now. I don't know what to buy and am tired of throwing food out. Maybe I should be like Joe and go out to eat all the time. He must spend a fortune eating. What kind of furniture are you buying? Someone moved and left a dresser and nightstand out by the dumpster. Unfortunately, it rained on them and the laminated tops lifted. It's a shame because they could have been used. Stay dry.

    Duckie, I can't help but think your description for quilting is a metaphor for life. We may have a perfectly good life but it isn't quite what we want. Perhaps we can deconstruct it, move the parts around and end up with one designed just right. I've done this several times in my life. Glad you have your singing to help out with your creative juices until the machine arrives. I think the waiting and anticipation can be the best part of things. I heard a report on TV about how staring at computer screens can increase risk of macular degeneration from the light emitted by the screens. I thought about you and your work with computers. I have coatings on my glasses which screen out ultraviolet rays. They don't darken but they do keep the harmful rays from my eyes. Thought I'd mention it; don't know whether you're aware of it and don't know whether you have the coatings on your glasses.

    I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Monday's paper isn't much to get excited about. Then, I'll jump into the tub and get dressed to go out to Bealls. I might also check out Wally World to see whether they are closing out the tee shirts. Their shirts are the best and the cheapest even when not on sale. I have to call mgmt. to make sure our flood insurance got paid. I shouldn't have to be worrying about things like this.

    Hope everydooby has a most excellent start to the week.

    Love, Mikie

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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - Just popping in for a minute or so.I just wanted to tell you that a note to Kevin sounds like a good thing from all of us who loved and miss her so much Sorry you are still feeling sort of punk or whatever you want to call it.. I need to get out in the kitchen and figure out what else we will be having for dinner besides steak. Guess DH is doing it on the grill but not sure. Don't feel bad about your memory MIKIE. Mine hasn't been the best either.

    To bad we aren't closer and we could do aerobic dancing together when we have the NRG.

    I thought this message had already sent but I see it was waiting for me in the shadows!! Not much new but so much to do around here. Went shopping with DH this morning and then to CVS to pic up a script for nasal spray which I hope will help my post nasal spray. When I got home I found a message saying to call the lab. that the food testing was supposed to have been pre paid. No one told me that even that dr's office. Will pay that bill and then try and decide what to do about the other one. Geez already !! Geesz I haven't even heard about a coating on your glasses that cut out the ultraviolet rays. There is so much you can get and spend your money on these days just on glasses and then there are hearing aids. Not sure what I am going to get yet. TO many bills at once but I think I might want to deal with local and not mail order eve if that is cheaper. However, will have to think about it some more.

    Anyone here wear hearing aides that can give me advice.

    Sorry got run for now,,, I have been busy with lunch and two washes today.

    Granni :)
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  14. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon everyone!

    Office politics drive me crazy sometimes. The guy who undid all my work and who was going to be left with finishing up the project apparently went whining to the department head, so now he's off the project and I'm stuck with it, despite my boss fighting tooth and nail for me. So now we have to pay a contractor to do the work I was going to do, and I have to finish up this project. :confused: On the flip side, the company that owns the software that we use for our labeling loves me...there's a new guy on their team and my contact there just had me show him how I have our system set up. I push the software to the limits (and sometimes beyond!) and do beta testing of the new versions for them as well. Not sure if anyone remembers, but my contact at this is the company wanted to hire me...but I didn't want to move to Whitefish Bay, WI.

    I've been trying to type this all afternoon with little success, so I think I'll probably just have to sign off and come back another time.

    Hugz to all


    p.s. here's the design I'm going to be working on. I called it Fireworks...
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Sitting here in the dark because there are thunderstorms in the area but I don't think we will get rain from it. It's been a tiring and frustrating day. I went to Bealls but didn't find anything I liked except a really cute skirt but I don't wear them much anymore. I went to Wally World and got some black tees on sale and a great top that is perfect. Wish they had them in colors; I got black. I only bought a couple of things in the grocery dept. because I'm still not feeling like eating.

    I stopped in at the mgmt. co. because I haven't heard back about the flood insurance payment. I met our mgr; I'd only talked to her on the phone before today. I walked into her office and went forward to shake her hand. She didn't stand up and just stayed seated at her desk. I don't need anyone to kiss my ring but she obviously does not understand basic business manners. The bookkeeper contacted me after the flood ins. premium was due to approve it. The copy of the invoice didn't show a date stamp of when it was received at the mgmt. co. She only sent a copy of the front side of the invoice. It stated that payment options were on the reverse side. I asked her to check and she sent the file to the mgr. We have always made a down payment and made regular payments throughout the year.

    The mgr. had it in a pile on her desk and never opened it. She gave one excuse after another, saying that we had 30 days grace after the due date. I told her we pay our bills on time and I wanted the bill paid in full today, with the option for added coverage for inflation and I wanted to be notified when it was paid. I told her that this is unacceptable. I also told her that stamping invoices with the date when they are received is standard bookkeeping practice. She seems shocked and said she would tell the accountant. I think she thinks we old people don't know anything and she realized that I know a bit about bookkeeping. She tried to blame everything on the change of bookkeepers. I told her I had factored that in and, if it were just a payment to the electrician or plumber, I would be so adamant but we don't take chances with our flood insurance. I was professional and not angry but her attitude made me realize that I had to take this by the horns and get her to do her job. Good grief!

    I was in business and always stood and greeted people who came into my office, especially when I was meeting them for the first time. I would have opened the file and asked what I wanted to do. It would have made a lot of goodwill and assured me that they were doing what they should be. As it is, it felt like covering up for being lazy. This is par for the course for mgrs. down here. We pay them and have to hold their feet to the fire to get them to do their jobs. I know she's overworked and overwhelmed but it takes less effort to be professional and nice and makes it easier for everyone. As Joe said, their problems should become our problems. Thanks for letting me vent.

    Granni, I wish we did live close enough to do aerobics together and wish I had the NRG to do aerobics. Whine, whine, whine!!! What a pain with the payment. I just went through something similar but I had made the payment beforehand and they misplaced it. There is an epidemic of incompetence. Hope the spray wasn't too expensive. I have one of the best eye docs in the area. His glasses shop is kind of upscale and they aren't cheap but I do ask for, and get, a discount. They recommend the Crizal lenses which are high-impact acrylic with anti-scratch coating and the UV blocker coating. They guarantee the lenses for two years and they replaced these when I scratched them after a year. Talk to people you know about the hearing aids. There are sooo many different kinds and different offices selling them. It helps to get feedback before deciding. Good luck.

    Duckie, bummer about that guy who messed up your project and went whining to the co. about it. I'm glad you have people in your corner who stand behind you. If only people acted responsibly and did what they are supposed to do, it would save us all time, money and frustration. I would think your job is challenging enough without avoidable problems. I absolutely love this new quilt. The colors really come alive with the black background. Hope you can stop back soon and that things go more smoothly.

    Gonna get going. I hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie

    Update: Just got an email from the bookkeeper. She contacted the insurance co. and set us up on a payment plan. She seemed to grasp the concept of not wanting our insurance to lapse. I sent a nice thank you email back to her. The bookkeepers have always been better than the mgrs.

    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    Where are our Porchies? I'll be back later.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi kids

    Some silly news on the net. President trump said an American-Hispanic spoke perfect English. That's great. I had a college friend who spoke perfect Klingon.
    And the Miami Herald says a candidate for Congress is claiming that she went
    abroad a spaceship operated by extra- terrestrials. More material for Saturday
    Night Live.

    Mikie, congrats on your interface with the Condo Mgr. Sounds like she needs
    someone to remind her of what she is supposed to be doing. It seems to me that
    the more complex things become, the less competent our educational system

    A young lady shopped in a Bealls.
    "Good Grief! She said. Nothing appeals."
    When she finally got out,
    She said with a shout,
    "Ratbane! My head simple reels.

    Duckie, have you visited Whitefish Bay? It's on the shore of Lake Michigan.
    It appears to be a big village (14,000 pop.) or a small city. Here's a verse report-
    edly seen on a quilt in an Alaskan tourist shop.

    Fishy, fishy in the brook, Papa catch him on a hook,
    Mama fry him in a pan, Baby eat him like a man.

    I bet I could get our stupid computer to work if I knew only 10% of what you do.

    Granni, don't wear yourself out. Save some breath for singing. When I was
    in our church choir, we had a soprano with a beautiful voice. But she had a short
    range. The second F above middle C was her highest note. Additional she
    was beautiful. More evidence that life isn't fair.

    Finished my book by Gladys Taber. Published the year I was a Jr in High School.
    Didn't do much yesterday except water the garden and cook Brussels sprouts.
    Gordon harvested two more zucchini and gave them to friends.

    Felicitations to all
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2018
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  18. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Can't stay long, but I thought we all might get a kick out of this...as reported by my Medical Bloopers calender, under the category of that's what the patient said, "I have double fibromyallergy!"
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry peeps, no time to post but here I am:D. I have so much to do today and will be o o t tomorrow but all the supps to get ready plus everything else. Missed chorale lat night but will be back in Oct. I have just been reading on the porch. Trying not wear myself out ROCK !

    MIKIE You are right about some [people not understanding business etiquette or just plain etiquette any more. Glad at least you picked up a few things for yourself. So much in my closete but not much I like anymore I think. I rarely throw or give things away but I need to do more of it.

    Yes, DUCKIE and office politics stinks.

    I have to go work on the wash, rewra[ the steaks we bought yesterday for the freezer and other things.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Home again, home again yummy, yum, yum. Publix had the shirazza wings so I just scarfed some of them down. It's not that I can't eat things, spicy and otherwise, it's just that nothing appeals, especially nothing healthy. I think I have the double fibromyallergies because my eyes are watering nonstop and my nose is running nonstop too. The melaleuca trees near me are in full bloom and I'm allergic to them on top of the RT symptoms.

    The weather has been beautiful. It's not as humid and only in the 70's and low 80's in the mornings. The afternoons reach the very low 90's but it cools back down in the evenings. Summers down here in the jungle can be brutal but this is nice. Obviously I'm staying inside in the A/C. When I do have to go out, I don't mind it. The King of The West honeydew melons are in and on sale so I got one. I wait all year for them. Mmmmm!

    Joe called earlier. He had a talk with the mgr. about the landscaping and she gave him a list of excuses. He has been trying to get something done about people breaking the rules with dogs and illegal renters. He won't let her off with excuses. I just worry that it is getting stressful for him. He knows he can call and vent. Between his NY accent and some of the things he says, he keeps me in stitches. He's a really good guy.

    Speaking of good guys...I got a dirty text from my DOF up in Chicago. His birthday is next week so I got a card for him with a funny pun. It's a nun holding a kitchen grater with the message that when it comes to friends, there is nun grater than he. Not dirty but he will like it.

    Duckie, as you can see I've already used your joke. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes, ya just gotta laugh at what ails us. Stop back when you can.

    Rock, heck, I'm impressed; I don't even speak perfect English. Looove the little ditty you wrote for me. Thank you! It's always great when I find what I'm looking for at Wally World cheap. Those tee shirts I got are very soft and comfortable. The other top I got is something I've been searching for everywhere. I've even gone to other stores and online in my futile search. I'm hoping the new top I ordered is the cat's meow and I'll order a couple more similar. I don't need tees for everyday; I need something a tad nicer. I picked up a baby toothbrush for SV. It's softer and smaller to help me get into the areas inside his mouth. I hope he likes it.

    Granni, are you and DH going out of town? I can't remember anything right now so may have forgotten if you mentioned it. Don't know when I'll be up to traveling to CO but not gonna stress out over it until I know I'm up to it. Hope your weather there is as nice as ours here has been lately. We often have similar weather to yours. This year hasn't seemed as bad for some reason, even with the RT. In some years, we have been downright miserable. We get a kind of late summer malaise. If we can manage to escape hurricanes, I'll call it a good year. Wish my new top would get here. I can't wait to see it and hope it's perfect.

    Gotta go take some allergy med. The lymph nodes and salivary glands are swollen and painful. The allergies are getting to the Sjogren's. Good grief! Hope everydooby is doing well.

    Love, Mikie

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