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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    Wow! We had two big soakers last night. One in the evening and the other during the night. Lots of rolling thunder and lightning. Sounded like God was bowling. Even with the hurricane in Georgia, the outer bands reached to Illinois to the north and South Florida to the south. It was those bands whipping by that brought the rain. TV showed a big marina building in Panama City that was smashed and piled up like some giant had crushed it. News reported that there are 6,000 utility workers waiting to go in today to start repairing the power lines. A lot of people didn't evacuate because forecasters told them it would be a Category 2 storm. It was almost a Category 5. Winds at Tyndall AFB reached 129 mph.

    My ex called last night to tell me my DSIL was in the hospital. His BP shot up and they couldn't get it down. He works sooo hard and so much and is under a lot of stress. He is a sales mgr. and real estate agent. He's got several properties listed. He basically has two full time jobs. His Mom is suffering from dementia and is going to be needing a facility to live in. My pals here are praying for him. I love my friends; we all pray for one another and it is very comforting. They are family just as all y'all are family here.

    I never went out to shop yesterday. Once again, I was totally exhausted. SV was too. He slept most of the day. The vet visits are stressful for him. He no longer wants to eat his wet food. The vet didn't get the treats in. The co. that makes his food doesn't make treats but the vet said he could have a different one. They are supposed to order it. Poor little guy. Half a pound weight loss is a pretty big deal for a cat that formerly weighed 11 lbs. 4 ozs. He's down to 10 lbs. 12 ozs. I should hear from the vet about the blood test today.

    Julie, I hope the PT helps you. It has always been very helpful for me. I don't know whether a stomach bug is going around or not. I've been hit a couple of times and can't tell whether it's IBS or a bug. Result is the same. Happy Birthday to Den.

    Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. The cops haven't caught the guy or guys involved in the shooting at the little shopping center near me. They are sure it was a targeted hit so I'm guessing they know who did it. Two of the victims were a step father and son. The son had formerly been involved in a killing. They are not from this part of town. Violence can happen anywhere. An uninvolved woman was also shot and was in surgery. A fourth person was injured by flying glass. The wife and mother of the two victims in the same family wasn't shot. She saw the whole thing so may be able to identify the shooter/s. It angers me that these young thugs, who don't care about anyone or anything, put others in danger. I feel sorry for the older folks who live in the bad part of town. They are hostage to the violence in their hood. I had clients there and the older people were so sweet. Gunfire in the hood is just par for the course. What an awful way to live.

    Hope everydooby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Had a haircut from my personal stylist this morning. I've had worse haircuts that
    I paid for. He has great dexterity. At one point he declared an intermission so he could talk to somebody in Hawaii about buying orchids. He ordered from their website, but there were some problems. It's all straightened out now. Ha Ha!
    How many times have we all thought something was straightened out only to have
    it get all snarled up again?

    Mikie, I saw footage of the damage done by the hurricane. Turned out it was
    a lot worse than expected didn't it. I guess regular troubles seem pretty petty
    when one is suddenly missing a roof to the house. Ya think God goes bowling?
    There was some bowling mentioned in Rip Van Winkle, but I don't think the
    mystery of who was doing the bowling was ever solved.

    I used to go to the bowling alley in the days of my yute. Not that I bowled. I
    was a pin setter. But nowadays they have machines. You can see how they
    work on Youtube.

    Julie, hope the med folks figure out the problem and can fix it. I hope I die before
    I need any more medical treatment. The cost is outrageous and yet you have to
    wait to get it. Have forms filled out or preliminary tests. I don't notice the
    results are generally worth all the time and money. And so many of those people
    in the doc's office are snippy or arrogant. Fie! For some reason unknown
    to me many of the medical technicians who administer tests are from Iran. If you
    ask where they are from they always say, "Persia." There hasn't been a Persia for
    about 90 years.

    Chocolate Chips are always a favorite. We've only gone to one mall in the last
    few decades. It has no Mrs Fields cookies. But Wikipedia says her company is
    thriving. I thought the ones I tried decades ago were overpriced and not done
    in the middle. But even so-so chocolate chips are pretty good.

    More expected temps in the 80s here. Uff-doh!

    Bestest regards to all.
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  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I was waiting for the news to show Michael and how much damage was wreaked. They called it the worst storm ever to hit Panhandle. Got to say the pictures were heart shaking. I pray for all those who come back and find their neighborhood brought down like a pack of cards. Only consolation was the few fatalities.

    World seems to be going through turmoil this last week. Earthquakes, tsunamis in Indonesia. A Middle East journalist disappearing from an embassy. A typhoon brooming on the Indian Ocean.

    Mikie - so sorry to hear about your DSIL. If he is working two busy jobs then not much doubt stress caused the high high b.p. I pray he recovers soon. Stay safe. It must cause so much consternation to have a terrible shooting right in the neighborhood.

    Julie - I thought your health would take a turn for the better after the cutting off of relations with your SIL. And after being able to return to normal life after looking after your late FIL. Those were indeed stress inducing periods. Hope the docs can figure out your left side pain.

    Happy birthday to Den. Always nice to see a man or woman aging well.

    Rock - Gordon is ordering more orchids? From Hawaii? Where will you keep them? I’m sure you look nice and fresh after your haircut. I look nice and oily. I oiled my hair. Any more drier and my hair would’ve been sparking if I took a comb to it. To think in my early twenties, it was below my hips in length and about five times the volume. And I could comb it easily.

    Today’s big achievement was making dumplings. Mushroom ones. Made enough for DH too. He loves them. The usual accompaniment of tomato cilantro chutney and veg onion creamy soup.

    Actually I made some for my dinner last night. So today made the rest and our helper lady had for lunch and DH had them for dinner.

    Also managed to wash my quilt. A thickish one. The sun was hot enough, it dried.

    God bless
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  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just dropping in. I went out to Publix and got some Saulsalito turkey from the deli. I made a sandwich for lunch. The wind and rain remnants from the hurricane really made a mess. It stirred up the mulch and threw it out on the sidewalk. There is mulch and broken branches all over the place. It's hot 'n muggy out with gray skies. Reminds me of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. AACCKK!! At least, we have power and it isn't as hot as it was then. The gardeners came earlier this week and butchered the bushes. Kids are arriving downstairs tomorrow and the place looks like hammered crap. They won't care. I went down and turned on their A/C, hot water and the fridge. Their thermostat needs a new battery and I'll do that tomorrow.

    Rock, first they said the storm would never make it into the Gulf. Then they said it was only going to be a Category 2. Finally, they were saying it was almost a Category 5. That's likely why more people didn't evacuate. The worst damage resulted from tornadoes spawned by the hurricane. That's why that marina bldg. looked like it had been crumpled in the palm of a giant's hand. We had a couple of tornadoes, not associated with another storm, several years ago which crumpled spectator stands on the athletic field at the school just down the street. Tornadoes are worse than hurricanes except for the flooding. Some of the homes were nearly under water. Five people have died. Glad you like your hair. Bet you look downright glamorous. Wish I had my own stylist, I mean, other than myself.

    Spring, there was another double shooting at a strip mall, this time closer to the bad part of town. Same MO and I'm wondering whether some thug is taking out his enemies. He's using a high power rifle. Both the victims from this shooting have died. News just announced that a shooter from a killing last year was convicted and is awaiting sentencing. All these killings happen in the bad hood or are committed by young men living in the bad hood. We are just a small back water town full of old folks. I was shocked when I moved here at the violence. Usually, it isn't at my doorstep. Your mushroom dumplings sound so good. What do you season them with?

    Stock market took a big hit again today. I hope it's a temporary correction and not the start of something scary. There's enough other scary stuff going on. We all need a break.
    Seems that all I do is take breaks cause I'm so exhausted. Still, I'm managing to get a few things done so all is not lost, at least, not yet.

    Hope all y'all have a lovely evening. I'm gonna watch Murphy Brown.

    Love, Mikie

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  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I've been having a hard time with my sleeping. Most nights I'm up from around 1 to around 4. This morning I slept until 7:45 but feeling wiped out. I do feel energy when I'm outside so did a little clean up this morning. I yanked out all the tomato plant. It produced about 10 tomatoes and last night apparently the possum that's been visiting got the almost red one I was waiting to pick. Just not going to plant tomatoes anymore.

    Mikie: I'm sorry to read this about your DSIL. How did he find this out....took his own BP or was he at the doctor or what? STRESS is very hard on BP. I don't have high BP but every couple of days I'll take my reading. Some times it's about 139/70, so when I do a repeat I close my eyes and think good thoughts. After the high it will drop very low to around 100, so I do have to be careful about keeping it around 120/70. BUT.......thinking stressful thoughts will definitely raise the BP.

    My DD was at the gastro a few days ago and apparently all her tests came back negative. So her doctor prescribed something in case it's an ulcer, but she could also try Zyrtec.......hasn't yet she said because she might have a reaction to it and the wedding is this sunday. A test is scheduled for the 22.....can't remember the name.....you know...you have to be put out and then a camera down into the stomach.

    I'll be back later....desperately need a nap.
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sun - it’s called endoscopy. I had to put myself through one some one and half decade ago. I insisted on having a colonoscopy too. And they don’t give a anaesthetics for those procedures here. I was having nightmarish stomach problems and the stool blood tests weren’t revealing anything. I even had to have an MRI of the head because of the dizziness and nausea.

    They found diverticulitis. But not major. Nothing to account for my symptoms. But it all went away. In one go. All the last gastro did was give me a anti anxiety pill and digene. And whoa, one year of misery going down to 37 kg from 45 just went.

    I put it down to the relief I felt when they didn’t find anything major. And the prayers we ask temples to do.

    I hope your DD gets to the bottom of it and is better soon.

    You said you think good thoughts when you test your bp. Might it be possible to set aside half an hour a day just sitting and thinking good thoughts? My mind sometimes just races and races and I’ve stopped and forced myself to just empty my mind. If a thought comes up, I let it go and go back to thinking nothing. A kind of brain exercise I made up to deal with overlogging of my brain. This exercise immediately takes my focus on my breathing which then becomes steadier and steadier.

    Mikie - I usually only put grated onion and salt and a smidgen of olive oil. This time I added a pinch of black pepper, and chopped cilantro. It’s best to use the green stalks of onion rather than dry but I didn’t have them.

    The computer has told me a few times this website is not secure. I know someone is tampering because my fonts change their sizes on their own. And upper and lower case too.

    It’s very easy for evil to infiltrate people, neighborhoods. It’s an energy. And it easily invades the spaces of people who drink, smoke, have casual sex, are angry or fearful because that tears their protective aura that usually keeps bad energy out. Your towns unsafe hood where these things are happening probably is a soft target for spiritual attacks. When I go out I can sometimes just feel pinpricks like something drilling into me.

    Or a kind of nasty air filling up in my shoulder, my abdomen on the right side where the organs are located. Mostly supermarkets. I recite my mantras. And send white / violet light. If I dont do that I know I will be laid up the next day. That’s the only way to combat them . Nowadays young ones don’t even have any moral science classes. They have no protection against spiritual attacks! I feel so sorry for those young persons. And old, living where guns are whipped out at the drop of a hat!

    What a way to live. To fear for your life when you go out to do mundane chores like shopping. Here too, people do not wear gold chains anymore when walking. Thugs come on motorcycles, two of them in planned attacks and the one riding pillion snatches chains off the women’s necks while the driver makes a getaway. So many house burglaries especially around festival time when there is pressure from family to get new clothes, buy meat, paint their houses.

    Rock - I m just an old fuddy duddy. I don’t like machines replacing everything humans used to do. Especially waiters. I’m definitely more New Age than Space age. But yes, fixing the pins in a bowling alley would be a very tedious job for humans. We don’t have bowling alleys here. Neither are they popular in India. Our DD took us to the one in their college town. It was fun. But more as a novelty for my DH and me.
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  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: I know I NEED to slow down and just sit and deep breathe......hard for me though. But when I drop my BP since I'm a Christian, I imagine Jesus being with me and RELAX. This happens within a minute or two. I think if more people who were on BP meds, would just try this they would be amazed as I am. My DM had to take BP meds......lots of times in the evening her BP would be up around 170. BUT......I had take away all the top ramen she was buying....had to explain that it was full of salt. When my BP is LOW in the mornings (very typical of adrenal fatigue) I take a little celtic salt in my palm, lick it up and drink some water. Usually my BP rises in about 15 min. Low BP is just as bad as high.
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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Today Gordon turned off the big fan that has been running night and day since the
    plumbers were here. They fixed the leak, but in doing so the accumulated water under
    the upstairs floor fell on the sofa in the storage room. There are 3 or 4 sofas in that
    room. Nobody sits on them. We use them like tables and store stuff on them. Anyhoo
    the sofa is now reasonably dry. Wet or dry we have to pay the Water & Power Co.

    A pic of the Water and Power building is below. Actually it's no longer the W&P
    building. A city councilman died so they changed the name to the John Ferraro
    building. Might be fun to sashay in there some day and yell, "I'm here to pay my
    Ferraro bill." There's something in front of the picture. I think it's a statute from
    the Music Center which is across the street. Been years since I was there. Used
    to handle claims for the place. Only had two. One was for a lady who stepped into
    an ornamental pool a few inches deep and got her pants leg wet. Never did settle
    that one.

    Spring, thanks for the word "endoscopy". I was thinking when I read Sun's post that
    it was a word that ended in "scope". With regard to having people set pins, it is the
    kind of work that is detrimental to people. The noise is deafening. There is also
    the danger of being hit by a flying pin. And it's terribly boring. I'd rather work in
    a fast food place like MacDonald's. Actually I did that for a few weeks many decades
    ago. It stiffened my resolve to get a job in an office where one wore a necktie, etc.
    and was not required to listen to complaints about fast food.

    Sun, sorry to hear you last tomato vanished. The international Assoc. of home
    gardeners recommends the use of a cage. Not sure where the cage goes. Around the
    tomato or the possum? Hope the docs can get your DD fixed up and that you feel
    better too.

    Mikie, I 'spect Gordon could do you hair if one of his student friends from the
    Beauty College gave him some tips. I couldn't cut hair any more than I could cut
    out an appendix. I dunno what's going on with the stock market, but it doesn't
    look good. Actually most news doesn't look good these days. I don't look too
    good either. And I've never looked glamorous. On my best days I looked presentable.

    My brain is getting worser and worser. Today I read a couple chapters of a book I
    finished reading last night. And I started to watch a movie that I had checked out
    of the library a couple months ago. On top of that, it was a lousy movie! Barf a

    Hugs, Kids

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  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Endoscope. That;s it. She's trying Zantac, hoping if she's got an ulcer it will help.

    Rock: I'm pretty sure I got a *&^%$#@ mosquito in the house. My handyman kept leaving the door open on tuesday. All I know is I saw something whiz by me while watching TV and I've got new bites. I've ordered a gadget, zap it.....or another name. My DS in portland bought one a few months ago and he said it really works. Mine should be here in a few weeks. Shoot....I could be dead in my bed by then from West Nile virus.
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    I didn't sleep enough hours last night but the sleep was very restful. Usually I get up feeling okay but then start to drag later on. I put the non-absorbent litter in SV's box yesterday after washing it out. He either didn't go all day or went somewhere in here that I haven't found. I called him in to the bathroom and pointed to his box and asked him to use it. He came over, looked in it and gave me a pleading look and tapped my leg with his paw as if to say, "Please put my old litter in." Then, he left without using the box. I gave up and put the old litter in and he's been using it. I'll call the vet next week and see what she wants to do. He's not eating the wet food but is still eating the dry stuff. Poor little guy. He used to live for food.

    Sun, I was having pains in my midriff and was afraid I might have a problem with my pancreas. My PCP said he thought it was acid reflux and asked me to take Ranitidine, generic for Zantac, four times a day. I can only take it three times and now, twice a day is sufficient. I saw the gastero and he did an endoscopy. It's a big nothing test and I was only out a short time. Turns out I have a hiatal hernia. That's where the top of the stomach has pulled up through the diaphram. It means not being able to eat as much at a time and I can't bend over after I eat. I also can't eat before lying down.

    BTW, you are so wise, my friend. You mentioned keeping track of what I'm eating that might be causing the IBS. I replied that I haven't changed my diet. What I didn't count on was that I am lactose intolerant. I use Lactaid milk and have the tablets if I want ice cream. I've always been able to tolerate yogurt and cheese though. I was eating yogurt for breakfast. Now, I'm thinking that I'm more sensitive to the milk products I used to tolerate. Since stopping the yogurt, I've not had a problem. Don't know for sure yet if that's the culprit but time will tell. Did I mention I picked up the IBgard and used the coupon. If you go online, there may be coupons there.

    As far as my DSIL, I don't know what happened that caused him to go to the ER but I'm guessing the big spike in his BP caused physical problems. It's not just thinking stressful thoughts but he lives high stress every day. He always has due to an abusive father and then step father. His Mom's problems are the biggest source of stress now and I think he can just no longer keep things under control with her. It's also stressful living with the pain in his legs that the docs don't know what to do about. He loves his real estate business and I think he could make a good living just doing that. Something's gonna have to give. I know it's also stressful for DD because she works full time and is working on her masters degree. The studies have been pretty intense but she'll be working with two teachers now as a kind of intern PA. Thanks for your concern and I pray all is well with your DD. As is so often is the case, we are both having problems sleeping. The CBD oil helps with that. Take care and be well.

    Spring, it's called a colonoscopy when the doc gets to the bottom of things. :D Sorry, couldn't resist making a cheesy joke. I have diverticulae but haven't had diverticulitis. I'm not that careful about not eating small seeds but I chew nuts until they are the consistency of peanut butter. I love cilantro. I prefer it to parsley. Gonna get my food processor out and make the watercress parsley pesto sauce today. I like it on Alfredo pasta. I ask Zedkiel the Archangel to surround our hood with his purple light of protection. My friends tease me about calling in the big guns when something seems dire. With all the things going on right now, I keep the archangels and St. Jude busy.

    I'm sure that the bad hood has been infiltrated by some outside gang influence but, for the most part, it is the young people living there who have grown up to be so violent. A lot of it is drug related. Their moms still live there and are raising their grandkids now. The gunfire has killed some little kids. A high school boy and a college student have been shot and killed. Both had girlfriends with babies and one of the young women was pregnant with her second child. It's generation after generation now of living like that. I see the families on TV grieving the deaths of the young men but nothing ever changes.

    The older people have bars on their windows and some have put fences and gates around their front yards so they can lock their cars up inside. The older generation didn't live like that and are basically prisoners in their own homes. It's heartbreaking because they are such nice people. They did their best by their kids. They were always so sweet to me when I visited them in their homes to enroll them in Medicare insurance. I don't think I'd go into the hood today even in daylight. Too dangerous. Now, they are bringing their violence into my hood. How sad that you can't go out and feel safe there. I guess the problem is everywhere.

    Rock, maybe it's lucky that water is the only thing which fell on the sofa. The ceiling could have come down. Water is so destructive. When Hurricane Charley came through, our roof leaked and I had a spot in the kitchen. Fortunately, it dried up. County mold expert told me to get my drill and drill a hole in the middle of the spot if it didn't dry up on its own. That way, the spot can dry and the hole fixed after. I didn't end up having to do that. My urologist has a big sign on his bldg. that reads, "Free prostate exams." I've always been tempted when I go in to tell them I'm here for my free prostate exam. They are very nice in there but ya never know whether people find things like that funny.

    I am happy if I just look presentable these days. No NRG to try for anything better than that. It's still humid out and I want to go down and sweep the mulch off our sidewalk before the kids downstairs arrive. I don't need to go anywhere today and my hair will need to be washed tomorrow so I don't care if the humidity frizzes it. I can cut my own hair except for the nape of my neck. I either have to leave it a bit longer or bite the bullet and go see the stylist. That's risky as evidenced by the last haircut I got. The older I get, the lower my standards about how I look. Joe wanted me to go for a quick ride yesterday to see something. When he drove up, he was wearing a tee shirt and his pajama bottoms. Are we casual down here or what?

    I hope that Duckie is enjoying her new machine, that Granni is having a good time on her trip and that Star and her family are all well. Love, hugs and prayers for all our beloved Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning, Folks

    Sun, I like your idea of a bug zapper. I looked on the net. The first one I saw was 2 or 3 hundred dollars. But there are others that are much cheaper; like 30 some bucks.
    Gordon said it won't do any good because we don't have mosquitoes. We have fleas from that cat. (I think he's just being silly.)

    Started reading a book last night by Joan Rivers. Came out about 20 years ago. I
    read it then. The title is Still Talking, and she's still entertaining. I had forgotten
    all but the general outline.

    Mikie, poor SV and my cat are having tough times. My cat doesn't get much affection
    any more. Not with the flying monsters in the back yard. Tell your friend Joe it
    is not appropriate for a gentleman to call on a lady friend wearing a T-shirt and
    pajama bottoms. A spaghetti strap undershirt is de rigueur along with flip flops.
    The pajama bottoms are OK if there are no holes larger than a nickle.

    I am off shortly to see the Chiro. Good thing he's not really in Cairo. I wouldn't
    want to barge in on him. Very likely we'll stop at Trader Joe's on the way home.

    Hope everydobby has a nice weekend.
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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! 38 degrees and raining...I may never get my yard mowed again this year, lol! The pellet stove is working overtime right now and we need to get the wood furnace and gas furnace ready to go...a bit of maintenance to do on the wood furnace and regular "install" yet to do on the gas furnace since we haven't used it over here yet. Where did the summer go? The kids are gonna freeze when they come back in November...

    Mikie, I feel so bad for SV...and for you, because it's such a worry. Loved that he had been drinking out of a fancy goblet...special kitty, true. :) I've never cut my own hair, but Den does all the time...just has me come in when he's ready for the back of his neck. I wish you could feel better. Prayers for your SIL...he and your DD are such hard workers.

    Spring, what a tough one you and others are...undergoing those tests without anesthesia :( At our hospital we get almost completely "knocked out" and they give us something so we don't even remember what happened. But I remember waking up from the one (from both ends) ten years ago and remarking that I had to get up and go pick apples, lol!

    As for my health...yes, the stress level had gone down tremendously since we no longer have to deal with sis. The pain that I'm having checked out now is partly from our car accident over 25 years ago, and partly because I try to do things that are too much for my body (lifting heavy stuff, years of carrying babies on my hip, shoving and rolling (lol) things that were too heavy for even me to lift...etc., etc.) But the therapist is positive she's figured out how to help...more on that later.

    Rock, I'm sure glad the leak got fixed before the "sky fell" on you guys. I've never found a store bought chocolate chip cookie that I liked...I feel the same as you...they just don't seem cooked in the middle. I try to make some both ways...Den likes them soft and chewy, but I like them crispy (at least on the outside.)

    Duckie must be quilting up a storm...so happy for you, Duckie!

    Granni still on her trip...hope the weather was nice, and she had the right clothes with her.

    Sun, sounds like you are getting so much done around your house. We plug along with ours, then get "distracted" with the grandkids or something, lol! My little tomato plant did pretty well this season. Lost track of how many "grape size" tomatoes I got off it, but it got too cold the other night, so I'm sure it's done.

    Star, thinking of you as you get ready for your spring...hope everyone is well enough, for the time being.

    Got interrupted the other night and never got back to the computer...cookie-making, supper in the oven, clean up, etc., etc. Never got on here much yesterday, either...gone most of the day. I think Den had a good, but pretty uneventful birthday. Amy's family called last night to wish him Happy Birthday and sing to him...they had been out to eat for Keira's birthday (which is tomorrow, but she will be with her dad this weekend...not sure if we'll see any of them over the weekend or not. No time to meet tonight before she goes on to her dad's, so thinking maybe I can help get her home on Sunday.) We've already given her her gifts, and sent a check in her birthday card which she got in the mail on Wednesday.

    Yesterday, I had to go get the newest Amish mama and baby and bring them to her parents (our neighbors just up the road.) I don't mind...it was only about five miles travel in all. I couldn't do the return trip for her late in the afternoon because I went on to see my dad after therapy.

    So, therapy...the PT spent quite a bit of time doing her evaluation. Then she got out an enormous book with color pictures, to show me what she found...but before she started that, she said "I would like you to remember that people are not their xrays, MRI's, or whatever tests they have had. Some people deal with bulging discs or other spinal problems and have no pain, and some don't even know they have a problem unless it's discovered by accident."

    So, then I was expecting some really bad news...but she said, "I believe I know what's wrong and I don't think you need an MRI." Okay.....then she showed me different pics with various "layers" of muscle, etc. peeled away (in order to give me an idea of the many levels/layers of muscles, nerves, etc. that are probably involved.) The bigger muscles closer to the surface, then the next layer of smaller muscles, the next layer of muscles and nerves, and finally muscles, nerves, arteries and veins.

    I hadn't noticed, but she had been taking my pulse in my wrist while having me do some of the "range of motion" moves...she said my pulse was compromised when I moved a certain way. And my neck, shoulder, and some back muscles are extrememly tight...along with chest muscles. I didn't realize how limited my range of motion is, until she showed me correct posture and how much more she could move, lol!

    Her plan is for 6-8 weeks of therapy, twice a week....heat, electrical current, learning (and doing) stretches and exercises. Once I get loosened up and can move better, the pain will be better and I will feel like moving/exercising even more. Some of the things she suggested are things I've done sporatically, but not been very disciplined...that has to change. And the worry I had of doing permanent damage while I was helping with firewood, mowing, moving things, etc...not a problem. The therapist wants me to keep doing my regular things, but learn how to do them in a more safe and comfortable way.

    It all makes sense...I just hope I/we can make it all come together. Losing weight certainly wouldn't hurt, in my opinion, but she never mentioned my weight at all. Maybe it's a "given" that as I feel better, I will almost naturally move more and lose some weight. And if I can get to sleep better/faster when I go to bed, I won't be up late and tempted to eat, lol!

    Hope that makes sense...and I pray that she knows what she's talking about. I told her I was concerned about "staying better" once the therapy was over...she recommended not going to the chiros while in therapy, but okay to continue after we're done. So, chiros for things they need to "fix" and "moving/exercising differently" when on my own...to keep things functioning better and me feeling better. So, here goes...and stress levels down as much as possible...let's face it, everyone has stress...it's just how we react to it that can be bad or good, true? If I can learn that I'm not in control of the world...that would probably help a lot :p:D:eek::rolleyes:

    So, part of that plan (for me, anyway) is using my time as wisely and productively as possible. Doing the exercises, going to therapy (I dreaded getting ready for town twice a week as I've become a bit of a homebody), watching my posture (on the computer and off)...lots of little things that can make a big difference.

    I'll continue getting ready for the kids' return visit...including getting Christmas gifts wrapped, food bought and prepped, all the other things that need to be done. I have four different versions of "The Gingerbread Man" and we read them all a bunch of times. I found my giant gingerbread man pan, so promised the kiddos we would make our own the next time they are here.

    The past few nights I've been working on putting pictures in the grandkids' new photo albums...well, the albums are 3-ring binders I found at Dollar Tree and the pages are the clear empty ones that hold six pictures each (four horizontal and two vertical) so we can keep adding pages after each time we or they visit. Each binder is up to ten full pages of pictures (ten pages times six pictures each page times six kids...so sixty times six? Oh my word...I've done 360 pictures in albums so far????!!!!)

    And trying to have printed enough of each (horizontal or vertical) so whoever is looking at it doesn't have to keep turning their head this way or that, lol! And trying to make sure there is a fairly even amount of pictures of each kid so nobody feels left out...I actually counted and did a pretty darn good job, lol! I included some of the adults in their lives, also...and will include some extra pages in each binder so they can add anything else they want. My goal is to get some of these "memories" actually printed out and in albums...too many pictures of these younger generations are just stuck on the phones, etc...and nobody ever gets to see them again.

    Sorry for the long post...hope I greeted everyone, but I do need to get busy. And sitting at the computer does tend to make my neck and shoulders tighten up...even when I try to be very conscious of my posture. Oh, I saw my dad yesterday and he's doing very well.

    Take care, everyone! I see someone has posted, but I think I will submit this before I check...so I don't lose this "novel", lol!

    Editting...I see it's Rock! Hi there...hope the chiro helps you today and you find some bargains at Trader Joes. I hope you get the buggy problem resolved...we are still seeing mosquitoes inside, even with this cold weather.
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in for a minute. I swept the balcony, stairs and sidewalk. Also replaced the batteries in the kids' thermostat downstairs. Good thing because it wasn't working. The batteries had leaked so I cleaned off the contacts. I started cleaning in the dining area so I can put out some fall decorations. I have a parson's table under a couple of paintings on the wall. There is a big glass rectangular vase with large rocks and some tall bare twigs. Also a wire basket and lamp. I need to vacuum under everything and dust, dust, dust. Gonna get a tablecloth out and iron it for the table. I have a runner that matches the window valance in the kitchen. The kitchen, dining area and living area are all open with tall ceilings. I'm hoping to get it done and the decorations out before the kids' visit next mo. My teal throw pillows on the living room sofa have seen better days but they coordinate perfectly with the drapes. I went on Amazon and found new pillow covers that are almost identical so ordered them. Soooo cheap when you don't buy the pillows, just the covers. Woo Hoo!

    Rock, those outdoor bug zappers were everywhere a few years ago. Don't know why you don't see them as much anymore. I don't go out when the bugs are everywhere but my little tennis racket zapper works great for the occasional annoying bug. The zappers don't discriminate; they kill all bugs that get close enough and give humans a good jolt if they touch the electric zapping grid. BTW, you can still get a jolt after the zapper is turned off. I was waving my tennis racket zapper around and I heard a skeeter's tiny voice say, "Don't tase me, Bro." I saw Joe in his jammies when we lived together after Hurricane Irma so I guess he feels comfortable enough around me to be casual. Honestly, I'd rather have a man for a friend than for a husband. Works out great. The men's undershirts you reference are called, Wife Beaters. Not a very flattering term. Yes, this isn't a very good time for our kitties. Hope things improve.

    Just a note--there is an interview of Melania Trump on ABC this evening. Should be interesting. We don't hear very much from her. She almost always looks stunning when I have seen her on TV.

    Hope everyone's day is going well.

    Love, Mikie

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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. You MUST have mosquitos, everyone does with this new variety, and you can't see them because they're much smaller than the regular ones and they don't BUZZ. The zapper i bought ran around $4.99. It's a very small personal one that gives a neutralizer once you've been stung or bit whatever it is they do. My son bought the ZapIt a few months ago but he said they're all the same. I'll let you know. And I'm wondering if this would also neutralize a flea bite. BTW......does Gordon ever get bit? Just something for you to think about.


    Why don't you guys just get rid of the old couches?
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    %*&$!!! I got the tablecloth and runner ironed but not before the ironing board collapsed on on top on my hand. Then, the big plug from the iron fell on my toe. Finally, and I hope it really is the final blow, I stubbed my toe on Roomba. This is what happens when the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Now, the spirit isn't so willing either. I ironed the blouse I bought online. It's all cotton and wrinkles like a prune. Looks cute now that it's ironed. Think I'll wear it to the eye doc next week.

    SV's doc called and said his blood work looked pretty good. She wants me to bring him in when I can leave him if she can't get urine from him right away. Don't know what that will cost. She also wants me to weigh him once a month since he's been losing weight. If she can't find anything, she wants to do an ultrasound. I told her that I'm tapped out financially right now and I think she understands. If we don't tell them, they don't know and they just keep ordering tests. This is why I didn't want pets at this time in my life. I feel that having them is a big responsibility and may be expensive. I would want to be able to afford it if I were actively seeking a pet. Since I took the cats when Jeff couldn't keep them, I'm not in that position. Wish money were no object but, unfortunately, it is. He isn't eating as much as he regularly did and I have a bad feeling about all this.

    Julie, we must have been posting at the same time. Sorry I missed your post til just now. Thanks for the prayers and good wishes. I keep you and yours in mine and am hoping the PT will fix your problems. I have always found it soooo helpful. I'm glad the tech doesn't think you need an MRI. That must mean things aren't as bad as you had feared. I've found as I age that it's critical to keep the muscles strong but it's sometimes impossible to work out when I'm sick. The Red Tide has made working out at the pool all but impossible. Keeping strong somehow helps with posture and that is really important as we age. Mine is getting awful. Finally, just accepting that we can no longer do heavy work like we once did is crucial. Meditation and prayer help with the stress. Good luck to you with the PT and healing.

    I'm awful at photos. I had them all spread out on the dining room table just before Hurricane Charley hit us unexpectedly in 2004. I had almost no time to take shelter in the bathroom but did manage to scoop them all up in a plastic bag. We're talking lots of really old photos and I didn't want to lose them forever. I've never gotten them out again. I asked DD if she wanted them and she does. When she visited DSIL's grandmother who just died, Grandma Jeanne always wanted her to go through her photos. DD din't feel comfortable doing it but now wishes she had. I'll likely never get mine into albums so might as well let DD do it. Another good thing to learn is to let others do some of the projects we thought we had to do. I'm still working on that one. :rolleyes:

    Gonna get going at an easy pace and try to get more done in here. Again, hope everydooby is having an easier time than I.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Howdy, all!

    I have been busy some with quilting, LOTS with work, and just plain craziness all around. I keep popping in intending to post, but then stuff happens, and well, here it is, almost a week later...or maybe it is a week later; I've completely lost track!

    So, the new machine is a BLAST. It got almost all the way set up on Friday, but Mike forgot one thing, so he dropped it off Saturday morning. I said I finished 2 small quilts...here's more details. It took me several tries to get the first one loaded on the frame correctly. As Rock would say, it's confusiating. I had a video demo running and I kept pausing it and doing the next step. I used the automated software on the first quilt. It was pretty fun. It's a little mesmerizing watching it go.

    I've now also done a third quilt - a larger one that I made for my DH. The bad thing was that I started getting false alerts that the thread was broken. I talked to Mike; it turns out that it's a known problem with this brand new model machine, and the current recommendation is to turn off the thread break sensor until they come out with a fix. I was glad to find out that it wasn't something I had done.

    I've been massively busy at work. Tomorrow is our maintenance day when we take all the servers down to do patches and updates to them. I have to do the database server software patches, and I'm also rolling out an upgraded version of our labeling software. So this week has been dedicated to preparing for that.

    I've also been fighting a very, very mild cold. Started with a tickle in my sinuses Wednesday morning, turned into a drippy faucet for a nose in the afternoon, sneezes on yesterday, and a bit of a sore throat today. I've also had a pretty consistent, low-level headache throughout. Still, with that tiny bit of stuff, I can't really complain, because it could be lots worse.

    By this time next week, I'll be at my quilt retreat, which starts Thursday. I'm excited!

    Our fall weather has arrived. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were still warm, but the cool front moved in late Wednesday and the highs have been in the low 60s. Naturally, our temperamental climate control in the office can't cope with the change, so this morning it was a stuffy 77 degrees. We opened the windows to cool it off!

    Mikie - Poor SV. Funny kawinkidink - my DD has been wanting a cat. Specifically, she wants a black cat. Her b-day was yesterday. I was texting with a friend I haven't communicated with for a while, and she sent me a picture of a very striking black cat with a white bib and 2 cute white mittens, and asked if I knew anyone who could adopt him. I sent the pic to my DD and told her I'd found her a cat for her b-day. His name is Sylvester...

    Julie - Our posture can be so detrimental to our health, if we don't pay attention. I have a very bad habit of leaning to the left and resting on my left elbow. I've been trying to break myself of it, but it isn't going well. I hope the PT helps you greatly. Happy belated birthday to Den!

    Gah! Would love to stay and shout out to everyone else, but guess what???

    Hugz to Granni (hope you're enjoying Branson), Sun and Rock (stay away from the mosquitoes), Spring (your food sounds yummy), Star (hope you're feeling better), etc.

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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Ok, Boys and Girls

    Time to close this episode. (I will open a new one. ) Be sure to tune in next time,
    and keep eating your Crunchy Scrunchies. Remember: each pound contains at least
    52 vitamins plus two Jokers, 8 minerals, and at least 3 varieties of chocolate. Every
    box is guaranteed to contain gluten and too full cups of sugar. Send in your box tops
    too Serious Serials. We will send you back full color box bottoms.

    And remember are slogan. If you don't like it, give it to your little brother or
    sister. Don't forget Spot and Puff if you have no little ones around your place.

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