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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Nov 3, 2018.

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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Again

    I thought Gordon was going to post orchids pictures here. Guess he meant somewhere else. Just woke up. Scanned the news. The girl scouts are suing the boy scouts. Apparently
    they don't approve of the boy scouts name. I couldn't make much sense of it. Actually I
    can't make much sense of the modern world.

    Gordon went to the library. Far as I can tell we have 24 books checked out. Several
    are books we had out during the last month or so. This comes about because I am so
    easily confusiated I sometimes put a hold on a book I already have. And Gordon, wanting
    to be sure that I have something to read other than cereal boxes, puts books on hold for
    me cause he knows I like that author. BTW we do not have any cold cereal boxes in this house.

    I bought a bag of tater tots at the market. Gordon heated them up last night. They
    have almost no flavor, so I added some left over egg foo young. Much better. A
    possible name for this creation might be Foo For Tots.

    Gordon knit about a dozen dish cloths and sent them to a niece and a nephew. He
    enclosed a notice. "These are 100% cotton. Do not wash them with fabric softener.
    It will destroy them." He also sent the genealogy books I've been trying to send for
    the past year to my brother in Minn.

    Spring, Gordon has been trying to post some orchids here, but something is not
    working. He said two that you might want to look for are BLC Donna Kimura
    which is pink with ruffled petals and BLC (George King) which is an unusual
    salmon color.

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  2. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Oh. My. Goodness! Just popping in for a minute. The Tennessee kids left just before noon...Gpa Den had never experienced "take off day" yet, lol...he's usually back to work the day they leave. It takes so long to get everyone's things rounded up, coolers refilled for the trip back home, lots of goodbye hugs and kisses.....

    Den took a nap after they left, but I had to get ready for therapy at 2:00. I slept from 5:00-8:30 pm, but got up to fix his lunch for tomorrow. Lindsey texted that they were almost home, so it seems they made pretty good time...around 11 hours...I'm sure they made several stops to let the kids get out and run around.

    So...just wanted to say "Hi"...headed back to bed soon...dentist appt. and will see my dad tomorrow morning, then home to get laundry caught up and the house "back in order", lol! We may not see kiddos again until around Easter, but Den said we could maybe run down sometime before then (I said, "Well, if you insist", lol!)

    Keira has basketball games every Saturday and the last one is December 15...I'm sure we'll make it to one or two.

    Anyway, I'll check in again later on...hope everyone is doing as well as possible.
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  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    Hump day. Now that I don't work, it really doesn't matter much what day it is. I got a real newspaper this morning and that is always a treat. I was in pain all day yesterday after sitting on a metal chair at the meeting Monday evening. I've been watching reruns from Season Two of The Durrells in Corfu. There are a lot of the episodes that I evidently missed.

    Spring, I went looking for pics of things related to the Festival of Light and found this one. I liked it. The clay candle holders remind me of the little clay dish my DGS made and gave to me. I use it to hold my paper clips. Did you honor the crows before the dogs? Why are crows honored? I found some info but it didn't 'splain about the crows. I love the pic of the dog with the red mark on his face and flowers around his neck. I had to laugh at your story about the dogs who paid you a visit. What would we do without our critters.

    Rock, I always started my meetings at work with a joke. I told clean but funny ones. Anyone late would miss out. No one was ever late. Starting with a laugh is a good way to get people in the mood to work together. I also kept things going at a good pace. I get letters from realtors wanting to buy my humble condo. A developer wants to build small single homes in a community down the coast. The largest would be the size of my condo. The idea is that people could afford houses if they don't want to live in condos. They aren't those tiny 400 sq ft ones featured on TV. Your concoction could become a new gourmet dish. I'd call it 'egg fool young' because of the surprise ingredient. Like, 'hah, fooled ya.' We are getting a truck food park here. Some of those trucks serve gourmet food. I remember when they only went to construction sites and the food was iffy. We called them roach coaches.

    Julie, sounds as though a good time was had by all including the dogs. Does Oreo miss other dogs after they leave? I know what it's like to miss grandkids. I may not get to CO until next summer. They will likely visit me before then. Guess it's back to your nonstop running around now. Hope your Dad is doing better.

    Barry, hope you are doing well and the weather there is cooperating.

    To all our Porchies--as always, love, hugs and prayers to y'all.

    Love, Mikie

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  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi to awl,

    Just wanted to say HI to everyone . I need to go out and do a little work outside before it decides to rain again. To much stuff to pull out - ugh !!! DH is out doing a few errands and will be home soon. Have practice tonight for the big day at our new church tomorrow. So much to do !!

    JULIE - Hope get to relax a bit after all your Treasures left. I know you loved every minute even though tiring.

    MIKIE - You are right about starting the day with a laugh is always good. We sure could use one around here most of the time !!

    Love to everydobby, sorry no time for a W and P post :)!! Will be back as soon as I can. Weeding awaits - yuck !!
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping for a few minutes. I got so tired this morning that I didn't get anything done but this afternoon, I've been cleaning. The guest bath is done and all that's left of my bath is the floor. I have the scrubber out so will clean the tile in the kitchen and entry. The tile out on the lanai is still sparkling clean.

    I got sick of TV so decided to see whether I could get the stereo working. Yea! Success! I'm listening to the strangest and one of the most beautiful CD's I've ever heard. Claudia dropped it off for me to listen to because she knew I was trying to learn to yodel. This is a woman with a beautiful voice who yodels to classical music. A lot of it she just sings but there is some bona fide yodeling involved. If I can get my voice to where I don't sound like a frog, I'll give yodeling another go. Too many fall allergies right now.

    I hooked up the DVD player and need to test it too. The audio on the new TV's is good enough that I don't need to hook the DVD player up to the stereo speakers. Too many wires and connections all snarled up behind the TV.

    Granni, so glad you dropped in. I also have to work outside in the stairwell atrium but it's too hot right now. We will have a cooler spell next week and I'll get out there then. That gives me some days inside to work in here. I am cleaning in layers. First, the regular housework needs to be kept up or it will be a mess again. It's not too difficult when I don't let it go. Then, the worst dirty offenders will be cleaned. I'll be deep cleaning in my bedroom. The dust needs to be addressed. When my bedroom is done, I'll finish cleaning out the closet in the guest room. My closet can wait. Finally, the spare room that resembles a hoarder's home will get the full treatment. After that, there are all kinds of drawers which need to be cleaned out and organized. Paperwork too. I've asked God if He will spare me until I get this place cleaned out; I'll be old as Methuselah when I die. Just don't want to leave a mess for the kids. Hope the weeding goes well. Hope the big day at church goes well too. It that the dedication?

    Well, the CD is done. Gonna drop it off with some goodies at Claudia's tomorrow. Publix has shelled pistachios on BOGO so will put a bag of those in her package. We both love them. Well, Kiddies, it's time to get up and clean some more. Hope everydooby is doing well.

    Love, Mikie

    Update: Woo Hoo! I got the baths finished and the tile floors done. Feels good. My back is aching so am not going to do anything else today. The DVD I was using to test the connections was Brokeback Mountain. It's such a good movie but I didn't have time to finish it. I left it in the machine to watch later. Earlier, I had put another coat of polish on my tootsies and they look mahvelous. This will give me another couple of weeks on the pedicure.

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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just back from shopping at Food For Less. I bought a fresh bottle of nutmeg. The one on
    the lazy susan at home looked at least 10 years old. Could have been from World War II.
    Vons was around then. If you look up Vons on Wikipedia you will find a picture of its store
    in Hollywood. We were just there. That's our car parked on the left. Or maybe not. Traffic on Sunset Blvd. going home was so pokey that Gordon took took a detour. A little farther
    but less traffic.

    Mikie, I remember pistachios from the days of my yute. Couldn't buy 'em in our little
    village, but Mom often brought some home from trips to the big cities such as Rochester.
    In those days the shell was covered with salt. The net has lots of articles about the nut's
    health benefits.

    Gordon used to have a favorite roach coach. He went there for years. Knew the names
    of the guys who worked there and vice versa. The truck was parked across the street from
    a Mexican Dance Hall named Club Bahia. I went with him several times, but the coach
    was seen less and less and finally not at all. Was on Sunset, not far from our house.

    Can't remember ever having a claim for food poisoning. We almost did. Can't remember
    the details. The adjuster couldn't find the coach or couldn't find the lady who got pizened.
    Not very often to have a claim and not pay out any money.

    Granni, are you singing anything other than Vivaldi's Gloria? Does your choir wear
    robes? Our school choir had robes it wore sometimes. For Baccalaureate or Veterans
    Day. And the Band had uniforms. We were a little annoyed the year after our
    class was graduated. The school bought new robes and uniforms.

    Hugs, Julie, Spring, Sun, Barry, and GB.
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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    When I was a yute, the dime store sold pistachios that were in shells dyed a hideous pink color which got all over my hands. I bought a big bag of them in the shells at Costco. The shells had garlic and pepper on them. Quite spicy and delicious. I love it when Publix has the shelled ones on BOGO. Rock is that the store where there was a shooting or some other kind of violence recently? It's a sad state of affairs when there is so much violence that I forget it or get the incidents mixed up. DD gave me a nutmeg aril but I haven't grated a little off fresh. One aril lasts forever. I should make my French toast pudding in the Instant Pot and put fresh nutmeg on it.

    I think I've mentioned here that when Mom and I went shopping in downtown Denver, we always stopped at the Nut House and bought bags of fresh warm nuts. The smell in the store was incredible. There were several great places to eat lunch, including a cafeteria. I loved those shopping trips, especially at Christmas. Back then, all the stores had mechanical displays in their windows and they were wonderful. One store, Denver Dry Goods, was my favorite. They had the best decorations and the best Santa. They eventually folded or sold their stores to another company and the name disappeared.

    BTW, Ancestry has their DNA kits on sale so I ordered one. It's more than twice as much on 23 And Me for the test and the medical test. I might do that later but not now. It will be interesting to compare my results with DD's.

    I hope when you were on Sunset Blvd., you were ready for your closeup. I'm not fit for a far away, let alone a closeup. AACCKK!!

    Hope you have a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie
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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    About 6:20 last night I discovered it was evening, not morning. This happens all the time now.
    Pretty soon I'll be like those poor souls who wander the halls of the old folk's homes looking for
    their old living room.

    Mike, the shooting incident is probably the one from last July. Some guy shot his grandmother.
    Was fleeing the police and crashed near a Trader Joe's store. He ran inside. There was a gun
    battle. A cop's bullet hit and killed the store manager. That Trader Joe's is the one we've been
    going to for decades.

    I was not ready for my closeup. Like my mother, when I got middle aged I no longer
    cared to be in snapshots. Yes, the store windows in the two biggest stores in Minneapolis
    were Daytons and Donaldsons. Kitty corner from each other. Where Mary T. Moore
    tossed her beret. They had the most elaborate Christmas Displays. Electric trains and
    mechanical toys and colored lights and trees and manikins. Little kids were practically

    I can't imagine anyone yodeling to classical music. Even Patsy Montana didn't do that.
    Patsy was the first female country western singer to have a million seller. Back in
    1935. I Wanna Be A CowBoy's Sweetheart.

    Granni, here's a riddle to start your day. How come Peter Pan is always flying?
    Answer. He never lands. And here's another joke for good measure. Wedding
    vows may be amended in the future. The Bride will say, "I do." The groom will say.
    "I do whatever she says."

    Julie, how did your dental appointment go? I like your response to Den. "Well, if you
    insist." Hope your Dad is OK.

    Hugs, everydobby. Rock
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  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    Still getting up an hour early. The news reporters kept talking about gaining an hour. What hour? I just get up earlier because my internal clock says to. Doh!!! It felt good to get up to a somewhat cleaner condo. Even if I don't get too much done, every little bit helps. SV is ready to get up an hour earlier too. I think he's gained back the ounces he lost when he was sick. If I try to hold him to weigh us on my scale, it gives me an error message. I can tell by looking at his girth and when I pick him up, he feels heavier again. I like him a bit on the chunky side. Claudia's one kitty is very thin and bony. The other one is obese. They each have food bowls and the skinny one has all the food she wants. Wonder whether she has a worm. AACCKK!!

    My Mom always told the story of when she and I were in the doctor's waiting room. I was little, probably around four years old. A baby was crying as its mom took it into the examining room. I announced to the whole room that the baby probably had worms. Mom was astounded because she had never talked about anyone's having worms and didn't know where I heard it. It cracks me up every time I think of it.

    Rock, thanks for the laughs. As Granni said, it's good to start the day with a laugh. I looked up Denver Dry Goods online and the flagship store in downtown Denver is now condominiums. How great would it be to live in my favorite department store's old bldg? Denver lost a lot of old buildings to urban renewal but, thank God, people stepped in to start saving them. Denver is really a nice city. Coincidentally, the news did have something about Trader Joe's and I realized my confusing it with Von's. I have yet to visit the Trader Joe's down the coast from me. Whole Foods just opened a store here and Claudia went to the grand opening. It was very crowded. Amazon Prime members get special discounts and using the Amazon credit card has all kinds of benefits. Still, the prices are so steep that I doubt I'll shop there. I want to check it out though.

    Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. I'll be going to Publix for the sales. Puffs tissues are on sale for $1 a box. That's a deal and it's allergy season. Just in time as my stash is getting low. Wish they would put my allergy pills on sale. Hope everydooby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good Thursday morning...trying to get things done around the house and back to some sort of "normal" schedule...but have had to be gone every day this week. Got my teeth cleaned yesterday, but dentist found a couple of small places that should be fixed...and they had an opening this afternoon. Might as well get it over with, right? So, I have therapy later this morning...then will come home to check on Oreo, the wood stove, etc...then go on over to the dentist. Was so tired yesterday, I just grabbed some lunch and came on home....so will see my dad today.

    Mikie, I'm glad you are feeling well enough and have enough energy to get some things done that are important to you. And I'm so happy SV seems to be gaining some weight back...hope you have that sweet guy around for a long time.

    Granni, hope things go well with the new church dedication. I forget what all engagements you have coming up, but anything beats pulling weeds, true? Speaking of...it was 31 degrees when I just checked a few minutes ago (not sure what our "low" was...I checked around 6:00 am)...not many weeds left to pull around these parts, lol! The farmers got our beans and corn out last week, so we can see up to the road again...yay!

    Rock, hang in there...getting confused about what time of day it is...happens to many of us at times, but I know must be so frustrating as your Alzheimer's progresses. To me, though, you are doing remarkably well :)

    I'd better just say a quick "Hi" to everyone and get off the computer. I need to get a grocery list made, things rounded up to take to my dad, work on some laundry and anything else I have time for before I need to get ready and leave.

    The kids made it home okay, but Lindsey said she is having some upper respiratory symptoms...I'm sure she was exhausted before they even started up here.

    Take care, everyone...I'll try to get back here tomorrow as I get to stay home...woohoo!
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Home Again, Home Again...

    Nice early trip to Publix before it gets busy. Got my nuts and got my Puffs so I'm a happy camper. I ran into a neighbor. I didn't buy much but I decided to buy a dragon fruit. Sooo exotic looking. Unfortunately, I have a headache and feel like I'm gonna fall down. Seems I can clean one day but it leaves me totally pooped the next. Pooped is a technical medical term which refers to exhaustion.

    Speaking of poop--PBS had a program on parasites and germs we have in and on our bodies. One woman had C Diff and opted for a fecal transplant. I have heard of this but never knew the details. OMG, it's gross so, of course, I have to share it with y'all. Transplant is a misnomer. A healthy person's poop is mixed with a solution and put into capsules. The recipient has to take the capsules with water. It's a one-time treatment and one has to take 30 capsules at once. The good news is that it cures C Diff. It is a horrible condition and I guess it's so bad that eating 30 caps of another person's poop is worth it. Donors are young healthy people and are paid $40 for a BM. According to the program, the Chinese drank poop soup right out of the bowl in ancient times. Gives new meaning to ordering a poo poo platter.

    Julie, good grief, you are even busier than I had thought. I hope you get a chance to just sit down and relax for a while. Hope the dental work isn't too big of a deal or too expensive. I have one crown which is worn down to metal and another with a chip in the porcelain. I'm nursing them along to try to avoid having to pay for two new ones. Both are big molars in the back of my mouth. There is a cold front dipping down out of Canada and you must be getting some of it. It is supposed to hit us next week dropping temps into the 70's. Yes, the 70's; that's what a cold front looks like down here in the jungle. My DD had a birthday yesterday but didn't answer her phone. She texted that she can't stop coughing. She has bronchitis. Crud is going around. Hope none of y'all get it. Thanks for the kind good wishes for me and SV. Same good wishes for you and yours.

    Something was wrong with the server at the newspaper so I couldn't read the paper online. I picked one up at the store. So, I'm gonna hunker down and read it. It's a beautiful day out but it will get into the high 80's this afternoon. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. The egg nog I bought yesterday is almost gone. It certainly tastes different when the nut meg isn't something left over from the Gerald Ford Administration. Gordon got a library book for me. The Best Joke Book. I wouldn't say it lives up to that claim, but I did find a couple I like. See if you do.

    Advice: Don't date a radiologist. He or she will see right through you.

    Married couple sittin' on the porch drinking wine. They don't look too happy.
    Wife: I love you.
    Hubby: Is that you talkin' or the wine?
    Wife": It's me; talkin' to the wine.

    Mikie. We finally got out of the 80s temps. Into the 70s and no more predatory bugs. Yeah!
    Does Florida usually have temps in the 80s most of the year? I saw a dragon fruit at the market this morning. Or was it yesterday morning? Anyway it was all alone, just sitting on top of a carton. I think those things cost about 5 bucks @. Tried to post a picture. No workee.

    Gotta run. Errands. Adios, Rock
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Getting ready to lie down for a bit. I just can't keep my eyes open much longer. I heard a noise and looked out back. It's the guy in the tiny motorboat cleaning the fountain in the pond. It gets gunked up and has to be power washed. The fountain is beautiful but the main benefit is that it keeps the water clean and aerated. We have fish and it helps keep them healthy. It is the fish that attract big birds to the pond. SV was interested in watching him but wouldn't go out on the lanai. He wanted to sit in the door opening, half in and half out. I told him he couldn't do that so he left in a huff.

    I'm watching Dr. Phil. Seems to me that lately he has had guests who yell at one another and talk over each other. I think he's going for the Jerry Springer audience. My DVD player is acting up so I didn't have a chance to watch the rest of my movie. Stoopud contraption.

    Rock, I like the jokes. Nothing my kids and I like better than these kinds of jokes. The temps here are in the 70's and low 80's in the winter. Summer temps are usually in the high 80's and often into the low 90's. We sometimes get some temps down into the 40's or 50's in the dead of winter when the Jet Stream dips waaay down low. We love that. We dig out our coats and long pants and just enjoy it. I paid $4 for this dragon fruit. This will be the first one I've eaten. I'll have it tomorrow. I love egg nog but now that I am lactose intolerant, I have to take a Lactaid tablet if I have it. It's worth it.

    Love, hugs and prayers for everydooby.

    Love, Mikie

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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Home again, Home again. Clickety clack. We drove over the railroad track.

    Nice pic, Mikie. There's an article about the dragon fruit in Wikipedia. The pic below
    is from Wiki. Gordon says the fruit is white, hasn't much flavor and comes from cactus.
    That's pretty funny about you informing the waiting room crowd of your diagnosis. I
    wonder if you might have said, instead of worm, VERMin. Either would have been

    Well, that's too bad that SV left in a huff. That used to be a popular joke in Vaudeville
    days. "Ah, he got mad and left in a huff." "Really. I thought it was an Oldsmobile." My
    Dad used to have an Olds. Nice car. The Olds was named after Ransome E. Olds. a
    pioneer in the auto business. Another car, The Reo was also named after him. His
    initials, doncha know. Only person ever to have two cars named for him. 'Course he
    was the one doing the naming. Wikipedia says Mr. Olds bought thousands of acres in
    Florid. and the Florida town of Oldsmar near Tampa Bay is named after him.

    Wikipedia also said that although Henry Ford is given credit for creating the assembly
    line, it was actually Olds who did it. There are pics of the town on the net including
    a historical museum.

    Julie, I continue to marvel at all you can cram into a day. I hope the session with the
    dentist is quick and relatively painless. I haven't been to the dentist for I don't know
    how long. Ten years? Hope to never see one again. Also hope Lindsey feels better

    Expect to finish two books today. One a thriller by an author new to me, and one by
    an old favorite, Gladys Taber.

    And hugs to all of my old favorites on this board.

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  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    BLC orcid..too beautiful NOT to share
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  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone

    as you can imagine, its been busy, busy, busy. a good busy. people start going back to work tomorrow.

    Gordon - looked up the orchids. too beautiful. One BLC George King was the shade of purple i sometimes see outside my window when i am doing my cleansing meditations. thank you.

    Rock - those realtors want you and Gordon to sell your house and then buy another from them? im sure they look at the house and see $$$$$ in their eyes. heh heh. we had someone come and ask us to rent out our house once. a hydropower company. i had to decline. if they move in, they will have to contend with all the invisible guests, which we are used to, some of them nasty.

    i think it depends on the fruit about dragon fruit. we have had some which were very sweet, juicy yet firm. got to admit the appearance is startling.

    mikie - cute pic of doggie festival. we honoured ours. DD and DS handled it. the garlands, the colour, and theplates of sausages, boiled egg and dog biscuits. they honour crows because crows are considered Messengers of a Diety. and also because they are believed to be conduit between ancestors and the living. it makes no sense to those who are foreign to Hindu beliefs but they make sense when one studies Hinduism. likeJacobs ladder would not be understood by someone who hasnt read that chapter in the Bible. or the Holy Communion Bread and wine.

    a Senior Master of Pranic Healing recounted once how he and his wife once attended Mass in a Catholic church (they were born into Catholic families) and his wife who was in the throes of the most severe cold, where she couldnt speak properly walked out completely normal after receiving and taking the Holy communion bread. he told his wife the bread was packed with so much divine energy. he being able to sense these things.

    seems like you are getting things done at your own pace. thats nice. i had never heard of fecal transplant. lol.

    julie - looks like youre always on the go. hope your father is doing well.
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  17. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    G'day folks.
    This little town is not keeping up with the program.
    Rain, rain go away...
    Ugh.it makes my body hurt something shocking when its all on 'n' off, up 'n' down.
    If the rain sets in, the body kinda adapts, but it's all over the place...well, so's the body.Rotten thing.
    Well, not exactly 'Rotting', just disappointing.

    How gross! Actually eating/swallowing someone else's crap.Talking crap?
    Imagine if you had a bad case of reflux...especially after downing...how many did you say? 50?
    And pooh soup too?

    I think I might raise this topic at the tea table tonight, as a pay back for all the past yrs of being put off by similar unsavoury talk.deliberately, I'm sure.
    Umm.could back fire though.
    Everyone here feels like a winner if they successfully get me to dry reach. (Congratulations Mikie!)

    And those jokes, Rock.
    I can't believe I actually laughed out loud at the wine joke.
    Maybe I am getting cynical in my old age.
    Feeling pretty old today after my trip to the chemist.
    Aswell as tripping over my words coz of the befuddled brain, taking its time,
    I wasnt far off requiring a shopping trolley for my load.
    How disgusted I am with myself.
    I distinctly recall telling my mother, when I was a little tacker, that I Wont be taking lots of medicine like She has to.
    What a schmuck of a kid to say such a thing.As if she could help it.
    (Well, she probably could back off on eating slabs of cheese and that may help her cholesterol).

    I seem to be rambling.
    Sorry bout that.
    Am in loads of pain and the .eds arent helping and Im kinda stressed out coz Dd has a virus and ear infection but doesnt want to let her boss down, so even though I've kept her home from school, she goes to work.
    I know, I know.It's all a bit back ward, but she will catch up on her school work and when I took her to work, I made sure I told her boss, in broken English (to match her broken Eng.) That Dd was sick and to maybe let her off from doing the hard work.at which she replied, Thank you.I need her....I very love her and take care of her'.
    At this I instantly felt better about leaving her there.
    Unfortunately my Dd is the one who winds up doing All the heavy cleaning, mopping and sweeping.
    The other girls are down right rude and miserable when asked to do these tasks, so my Dd , who smiles and says 'yes' to whatever she's asked to do, winds up doing the lot!
    That One day when I went in, Dd was spared, but yesterday she wasn't and the 2 girls a few yrs older than Dd sound just awful.
    Dd has relayed some of the goings on and I am appalled, to be honest.
    These girls not only boss Dd around and get away with 'pretending ' to work, but the way they talk to the boss is despicable. It makes me wild just thinking about it.
    The boss is such a beautiful (inside and out) Vietnamese woman, in her late 20's? Maybe?
    Well, she looks young.So maybe because she looks young, is kind and doesn't speak great English...
    I dunno. It feels to me like it's a kind of bullying, but I can't seem to get my head around it.
    Also, one of the girls swears in front of the customers, but probably not in front of the boss.

    Also, did I already tell yas what her husband's name is? The baker?
    Yes that's it.
    Pronounced Dough.


    Ok.My brain has slammed on the breaks and my body...grrr.
    Sorry.gotta go.

    Glad you had a great time Julie.

    Sun, are you ok? Hopefully adding some more masterpieces to the collection.

    Spring, all festival'd out, I'm sure.

    Granni, sing, sing, sing...

    And thinking about Singers, Duck, hopefully you are up to snuff and enjoying your sewing.

    Barry, baby ferrets hv vanished.Dont even wanna think about it...

    Rock , more jokes please.

    Mikie, glad SV is proud of his peeing and loves to share it with you, verbally.

    A big 'hello' to All Porchies out there.
    Take care all .
    Catch yas later
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

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