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    Happy New Year, Everydobby!!!

    I hope the New Year brings us all health, wealth and happiness. I think if we have health and wealth, the odds are good for happiness. Even in the worst of times, I try to find whatever happiness I can and am grateful for what I have. Still, I'd take a bit better health and some wealth. Just sayin'! I should go over to the pool today to work out because the cold front will probably make it too cool to be over there next week. I keep saying I'm going to join the gym but I haven't. Maybe this will be the year. Most of you are familiar with the rest of this post but I'm putting it here in this thread, and separately on other forums, because I think it's so important for everyone and especially for those of us who have chronic illnesses and condition. The info on metabolic syndrome is new to our discussion.

    A lot of attention has been focused on metabolic syndrome in medical circles lately. It is a combination of conditions which may lead to cardiac disease and/or diabetes. The symptoms or conditions are: Obesity, especially around the middle area; Elevated blood pressure; Elevated blood sugar; Elevated triglycerides; and, Below normal HDL cholesterol (the 'good' cholesterol). If one has several of these symptoms or conditions, it is time to take action. Many docs, including my own, treat these individually but don't make the connection of how dangerous they can be when they present together. Most docs also don't try to prevent these conditions but treat them when the patient is already in danger.

    In my case, I was so sick for so long that I couldn't work out so I gained weight. My weight gain was all over but more pronounced around my middle. I had high blood pressure and was taking meds for it. My blood sugar had crept up slightly each year and was 105 fasting when I had my lab work done a year ago. My cholesterol has always been good except that my 'good cholesterol' (HDL) was slightly low. In other words, I had metabolic syndrome. This is especially crucial in patients, like me, with a family history of fatal heart attacks.

    As all y'all know, I started out taking my doc's advice and doing aerobic exercise to increase my HDL. It worked and my HDL is now normal and I dropped 16 pounds in the process without any dietary changes. My doc wasn't concerned about my blood sugar but I was and cut out breads, sugar, pastries and starchy veggies. I dropped another 14 pounds. I have 10 more to go to get my body mass index (BMI) into the normal range. BMI can be calculated online on many websites by entering one's height and weight.

    We are a nation of sedentary, sick and overweight people. Docs say that if we had a military draft today, half the young people would be too obese to qualify. New research is providing info on how eating sugar and the wrong kind of fats actually programs our brains to send out hunger signals so that we are never satisfied. Strangely, diet sodas can have the same effect. I have lost the desire for sweets and am satisfied with good food which is healthy. Quality protein, lots of veggies, and some fruit make for a delicious diet. I eat nuts on my cereal, in my salads and for snacks. I drink filtered water.

    I will post this in several locations because I think this info is so important for all of us. I hope that by using my example of how metabolic syndrome can be reversed, others will see that they can make healthier lifestyle and health choices. BTW, I have cut my blood pressure meds in half and hope that when I lose the last 10 pounds, my blood pressure will be normal without any meds. Right now, it is perfect with only half the dose of BP meds I had been on.

    OK, Porchies, sorry for repeating myself here but if this info helps only one other person, it will have been worth it. We, on the Porch have all been working hard to stay as healthy as possible. I think this info on metabolic syndrome is critical to us. Sun and Windy have been so helpful by providing critical info too. I would never have been able to do this without their help.

    I hope all y'all have a wonderful day and a Happy New Year!

    Love, Mikie
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    Yes, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    I'm chuckling...when it turned 2015, I kept wanting to write 2016. Now, am I going to want to write 2017 instead? I hope not!! LOL

    I posted a comment on Mikie's "tacked" thread on metabolic syndrome. I could comment more...like about the oils we use (lowering cholesterol), milk we drink, etc. But, I'm just plain too wordy as it is...that's why I'm "Windytalker"...LOL My main difficulty is I can't exercise. The old saying...for every action, there's a reaction. That's how my body works. If I try this exercise, then that happens. So, I try something else and that causes a different reaction. My body is just plain too broken. So, I'm accepting the fact I will remain "fluffy" until the end of my days.

    I was given some info from a nurse not long ago. After weighing me, she said...for my age, I was only 2% over the BMI for my height and weight. That was reassuring and made me feel much better about my body.

    I keep wondering if Sun had a great Christmas in Hawaii. We chat often and I'm going through withdrawals.o_O She said she would be returning around the 1st.

    Rock...I "lifted" the exhausted Santa you posted. I hope to use him next year...too neat not to share later on. Thanks.

    A while back there was a post about making homemade broth. A word of caution and I learned this the hard way. I was making my own organic beef and chicken broth...even had a friend give me a bunch of chicken legs...only to learn that the longer you simmer the broth, it "manufactures" its own MSG. I'm highly sensitive to it (including the hidden forms) and couldn't understand where and how I was getting exposed. I watch my foods diligently. I bought a book on broths and, low and behold, this was mentioned.:eek: The "cure"...don't simmer it longer than 4 hours. The best recipe I've found so far is the broth Julia Child's makes when making her French onion soup (just leave out the onions...lol).

    I do bop in on occasion and try to catch up on all your lives. I seldom comment since generally my time is limited and I would be wanting to cover all the bases. This AM is different...I've had more free time. Woke up too early after crashing about 7:45PM last night.

    Well, dear Porchies...we now have a new year to work with. Let's hope it's a great one and we all manage to keep our heads above water healthwise.

    Warm hugs to all,
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    Hi, Windy,

    Thanks for stopping and sharing your wise info with us all on the weight and food issues. Two percent is really good and the BMI is a general index. Being in the 'normal' range doesn't guarantee a person is healthy. I've been in the 'overweight' range and I know I wasn't healthy. Even if I cannot get into the 'normal' range, I know these new lifestyle changes are helping me to improve my health. I don't think we should be doing any exercising which causes problems for us. I found I can run in the shallow end of the pool without hurting my hips, knees and feet. I can also us a stationary bike. That's about all I can do except for some stretching and floor exercises. The older I get, the less I can do without causing other problems.

    Good info too on the broth. I never realized that. I react to MSG too. I think the packaged pork tenderloin I fixed yesterday had MSG in it. Yikes!!! My heart was pounding last evening and I felt jittery and nervous. It was very tasty and, perhaps, that's why. One can go online to find all the names under which MSG is disguised in food products but, as you say, they often will use a general term to further disguise it.

    I've been thinking about Sun, and all our dear Porchies, lately too. I hope she is having, or was having, a wonderful time and that she's up to sharing it with us soon. So many of our Porchies have been too busy to stop in for long but it's always helpful to know they are OK. I see that Rock was here early and hope he can stop in.

    My best to you for a wonderful year.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just popping in for a few minutes to say hi before going off to church. Then we go to DD's down the block to enjoy each other, more football and food, even though I probably shouldn't eat everything that is put before me :)! :Last night was mostly snacks so that was sort of hopeless and I know I cheated on this crazy diet. I had brought shrimp along with a veggie and fruit tray so I did my part but I had to have a few potatoes chips along with onion dip that I used to make all the time when the kids were growing up. I could eat that stuff with a spoon. It is the sour cream (dairy) that I am not supposed to have for one thing I know.

    I have to bring a salad today to DD's so I need get off here and chop a few veggies. I know some are left over from last night that are at her house if we need them. I need to chop some cucs if they are still healthy and a little onion.

    Need to run for now. It is so cold out there - brrr !!! DH said our thermometer outside had said 43 or something like that not to long ago. It should be in the mid 50's I think in the end today,

    WINDY - So nice to hear from you. From now on can we call you FLUFFY :)?? Glad to hear about your realistic view of our bodies, or at least your body. That is the way I feel quite often about working out but DH always wants me to go with him . We have been bad and slacking off a lot lately. I never want to work out but know I need to do some if not for just some flexibility and some strength.

    Please do come back again when you can. Off to start with chopping veggies before going to church.

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from the pool and ran into so many nice neighbors that I had to chat. Kitties are always waiting for their treats. Sir Vester got under foot and I was dancing around sideways not to fall. I told him that I don't do Ballerina; I do Balancerina! He just nodded wisely and said, "Meow." I got a good workout in but, as I mentioned above, it may be the last at the pool for a while or I could wait til 10:00 when it's cooler out.

    Granni, I agree with you and Fluffy. I never started this to lose weight; I started it to get healthier. The weight loss is just a bonus. My body will never be tight like it was when I was young, no matter what I do. I'm not fluffy; I'm saggy. My middle looks like a mud slide going south. As long as I keep my clothes on, I'm OK.

    I think you do so well with your diet, especially consider how much you eat away from home at restaurants or family. I hope you and DH are enjoying this New Year holiday. Kids in TX sent a Christmas card with a pic of them doing the Whip. Caption was "We Whip You a Merry Christmas." I just sent a text pic which read, "Happy Nay Nay Year." The Whip is part of the Nay Nay Dance. This is the only area in which I'm fairly hip. I no longer recognize most 'celebrities.' If I could do the Nay Nay Dance, I wouldn't have to work out at the pool.

    OK, I'm outta here. See y'all later on the Porch.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Nice to see ya, Windy. Yes, that was a great pic of St. Nick. Reminded
    me of those Coke ads a few decades back. Gee, I haven't had onion soup
    for decades. I made some one time. Followed a recipe I got from some
    source I can't remember.

    Anyhoo it was a lot of work. I think one had to use red onions and bake
    them in the oven before assembling the soup. The result was so-so.
    My folks were both great cooks. Made wonderful bean with ham, beef,
    and potato soup. The only soup I could make that turned out well was
    split pea, but alas, it was not one of my favorites.

    Yes, be good to hear from Sun again. I hope she had a wonderful trip.
    When Gordon and I were in Hawaii 25 years ago, I stocked up on
    trinkets at the ABC stores. Brought back shell necklaces and silly
    key chains for friends. Still have one or two.

    Granni, I remember when chip dip was new. Bet you do too. My
    grandmother and mom came home from a bridge party. My
    mom told me the hostess served this new concoction that you dipped
    your potato chip in. Grandma hated it! Kept muttering and
    making faces whenever the hostess went in the kitchen.

    Been years since I had chip dip. Gordon made an exotic one now and
    then. I think it had Parmasan cheese, mayonnaise, and artichoke
    leaves in it. You baked it. Probably sky high in calories and fat.
    It was good but too much trouble to make very often. And after
    about 3 bites, I didn't want any more anyway.

    Mikie, I sometimes see references to the Whip when reading comments
    on the news. Didn't know what folks were talking about. Never
    heard of the Nay Nay dance. Sounds like a square dance in the
    barn with the horses contributing a neigh now and then.

    Well, the keyboard is getting tired. Delayed action. All for now.
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    Happy New Year to All! I hope you had a quiet, peaceful time. It was silent here, not even gunshots at midnight!

    Yesterday was quite lovely -- I saw two red-headed sapsuckers on the apple tree outside the kitchen window. They are so beautiful ; I wish I could post a pic. Then along game a Flicker woodpecker and sat on the edge of the roof for quite a while, also very attractive and big.

    Windy, like you I keep away from processed foods as much as possible. I like to buy at our organic farmer's market in the season, but shopping wears me out. We also have a health food store that carries lots of organic veg and fruit. I'm glad you popped in for a while! It's always nice to hear from you.

    Rock, I thought that dips were strange when I first encountered them after moving to the States from the U.K. I also discovered avocados and was violently sick after my first one! I was ignorant and didn't know that it wasn't ripe. The store manager told me how to gauge their ripeness, and I started to like them. My mother would never eat them.... As for the dip scene, Richard loves hummus and we have that often, though I would prefer it be homemade. By the way, you do know the origin of the word avocado, don't you? :rolleyes:

    May 2016 bring peace and happiness to one and all,
    Hugs, Barry

  8. rockgor

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    Hi Barry

    When I was going to move to California a coworker who had lived here told
    me, "Oh, you'll love California. The margaritas are delicious, and you can
    buy avocados for ten cents. I had never heard of either.

    Eventually I learned to make guacamole. A smidgen of cooking
    oil makes it smooth.

    I hunted and hunted for the derivation of avocado. A search like that can
    drive one nuts. BTW, it's the same derivation as orchid. And also BTW,
    I am an abogado here in California. At least to Spanish speakers.

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    Just got home from DD's this afternoon and watching TV and eating dinner and snacks. It was very nice and we had a good time.

    Hi to everyone. I guess SUN is resting from her trip. Hope she had a good time. Nothing much new here just wanted to check in with everyone to see who made their appearance.

    ROCK - I know what you mean about the avocado. The first time I had ever had one was in NY when a friend of mind from Columbia told me I just had to try and avocado pear. Well I thought they were sometime like the usual US pears , NOT. I, like you got one not ripe at all and it was hard and terrible. I finally got to like them when we moved to Texas and learned all about them and guacamole - yummy if made right. When they are not ripe and hard they are terrible and I can imagine getting a stomach ache. Not sure if I did get one or not. I also had never heard of Margaritas either till we moved here many years ago. They sure are yummy most of the time.

    Hope everyone is recovered from any parties they my have gone to - - - he he LOL :)?? I only had one glass of wine which I really nursed all night along with a lot of water. Today I had water and coffee with a very tiny couple of drops of Kalua sp? in it. Tasted good even though I didn't have much in there.

    I had better get off here and take a shower.

    Hugz to everyone. So much to start doing to morrow plus the usual wash and all.

  10. Windytalker

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    About avocados...If they're hard when I bring them home, I put them in a dark cupboard until they soften up. I recently read they can be frozen. Grind them up mixing in some lemon (to keep them from oxidizing) and freeze. Haven't tried eating any I've frozen as yet, but will soon. I hate having an avocado get overripe and not eat them...they're pricey these days. I "love" avocado sandwiches (one slice of GF bread)! Mix in some minced garlic and (egads!) mayonnaise. Top with some ultra-thin slices of onion. Yum.

    Yes, you can call me "Fluffy"...LOL

    Warm hugs,
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Not much news here. After I had worked out at the pool, I watched the parade from Pasadena. It was sunny and about 50 degrees there. The sky was clear blue and one could see the mountains. Back in the day, when we used to visit CA, it was often very smoggy. It was kinda sad not to see Uncle Dickey in the parade. His pet food co. always had a float. The floats were beautiful, as always. Commentators said that, with the drought, it was more difficult to find enough flowers so they were using a lot of other plant parts to complete the floats. I am always just amazed at how they produce such beautiful ones.

    After the parade, I got so sleepy and went in to take a nap. I napped most of the afternoon. Dear Old Friend left a message on my phone that he wanted to get together today for drinks. I have almost nothing except straight booze to make any kind of drink. I don't know what he drinks because we usually have coffee together. I need to go to the store today so will pick up some tonic water and beer. I can make gin 'n tonics.

    Rock, the Nay Nay dance is one of those energetic ones the kids do, with all kinds of fast movements and contortions. I don't recommend it as it appears to me it could cause injury. It does, however, appear to be quite a good workout. I don't think my back could take it. There is some guy selling his dance workout DVD's on TV. He uses the same dance moves. I love chips 'n dip but that's definitely not on my diet these days. Avocados are on my diet; they are a great source of healthy fat. I make a mean Guacamole but I also like to put the avocados in salads and on sandwiches, on the rare occasions I still eat sandwiches. I do still eat a few organic blue corn tortillas now and then with guac. When I was in college, the student union sold vegetarian sandwiches with avocados, sprouts, tomatoes and lots of other delicious things. Mmmmm!

    Granni, when I think of Margaritas, I can't help but remember the delicious ones at the Mexican restaurant along the Riverwalk in San Antonio. They were served in glasses the size of bowls. I wonder whether that restaurant is still there and whether they still serve those wonderful Margaritas. There is a restaurant in Denver that serves top shelf Margaritas which are wonderful but taste completely different. Their food is great too. There is a dearth of good Mexican food here. Bah!

    Windy, Costco sells a fairly decent refrigerated guacamole which can be frozen. My homemade guac is better but, in a pinch, I'll keep some in the freezer. I just put my avocados in a small basket on the kitchen counter and they ripen. Like with bananas, though, timing is critical between the Goldilocks 'just right' and over ripe.

    Barry, Happy New Year to you too.

    It's supposed to only get into the 70's here and then get into the 50's tonight. If my Dear Old Friend is coming over, I may wear my new shorts and long sleeve top. It will be nice to wear something which isn't falling off of me. Tonight, I may have to cover up in bed with a soft throw. Brrrrrr!

    Hope everydobby's New Year is off to a great start.

    Love, Mikie
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    Got a pic from the internet and using it to wish everyone happy new year!

    Ive been either visiting or zoning out on the couch..

    DHs uncles daughter asked me to accompany her to visit my MIL so i went with her in the afternoon and that morning i had to go to the airport to get a cousin from my side of the family returning from China after studying...then next day New Years eve we all family members were invited to that cousins husbands hotel party..they have a paying new years eve party every year but this year there was probably 30 family members itself. It was enjoyable enough especially after one married DDs daughters all in their 20s came..and we joked around...couldnt really talk too much to senior members of the family because there was a live band and a DJ in turns and the music was loud. And because the matriarch of that family (cousins sisters husbands mom who owns the hotel) was there like a stern Godfather and everyone on their best behavior because she is a dragon.

    then today we were called to lunch by my Chinese friend and ive just got back..my DH and son gone straight on to MILs where they were called by SIL for dinner. i cant go since someone has to be at home. my brother stayed home today while we went out to lunch but he has work at his own home for evening.

    I will check in later and write more.

    Mikie - i hope you hv a good ole time with your dear friend. ive watched a live parade in india when we visited our maternal cousins during vacations..but it was their Republic day parade, lots of soldiers, navy, army, airforce, and cultural floats..oof this is a century back seems like now..but so interesting. im happy to hear barbs kids are behaving civil.

    Barry - i will hv to look up sapsuckers, they sound like they hv long pointy beaks..ive tasted hummus once, i guess...its not a very common dish here, a friend had made it once.

    Granni - i hope you had a good day...church and then at your DDs for dinner and telly. nothing better than having your family around you and watching an exciting game nibbling tasties.

    Rock - making dips is not really my thing either. and especially not now..i usually make a stew and throw everything else in to save fuel..lol. and speaking of onion soup, by a strange kawindkydink i hv four packets of only one kind of readymade soup and they are onion. heh. makes a change from the popular mushroom, chicken ones.

    Windy - good good good to see you pop in. that was interesting about the self manufactured MSG!

    laters everyone, gotta go tidy up and give the pooches their meal.

    God Bless

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    Happy new year everyone. I'm back....but barely. Got sick on Christmas night, but had a sore throat all day. Woke up 26th feeling awful and went down hill. Had to see a doc on Monday, just what I thought.....severe bronchitis. I KNEW I needed meds before it turned into pneumonia for me since I have COPD. Got home New Year's Eve and drove home from DD a little before midnight, with lots of high in the sky fireworks.

    All that talk about avocados and Windy's avocado/onion sandwich made me remember my youth. We had about 10 avocado trees and I had a little stand out in front, trying to sell them for my Dad. My favorite sandwich was mashed avocado on white bread (we NEVER had healthy) lots of mayo and S & P and a little lemon juice. Mmmmmm.

    Mikie: So glad to read that Barb's kids are being NICE. I stopped watching the Rose parade years ago. Used to love it (traditional) and even drove over to see the parked floats the next day. One NYE , my mom and I drove over to volunteer to glue flowers but no one needed us, but it was fun to walk thru the warehouses to see them all being put together.

    Rock: Lucky you! A Bose!!!!! We looked into buying one years ago but they were soooo expensive we decided against it. I'm sure your CDs are sounding like you're right in the symphony hall.

    Spring: WHEW......how busy you are. Sooooo many relatives. But it sounds like you've had a wonderful NYE.

    Granni: I can't drink marguerites because of the crush ice.....brain freeze. In Hawaii shaved ice drinks are very popular. Everyone wanted to go to Lahaina to sample a special one. I, of course, passed and bought a gelato instead. Over there you can have a scoop of ice cream at the bottom? So I guess when you get to the bottom you have a slushy icy drink.
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Dear Old Friend came over for coffee and stayed a long time. We had such a great conversation; we always do. He is a really nice person. I got to see a pic of his GGS who is now 7 months old. What a beautiful child! When I opened the door so he could leave, Barb was sitting out. I said hi to her and didn't think she was going to speak until she saw our friend. She looks like death warmed over. The skin is hanging off her face and she is a gastly dark gray color. I don't think she is well at all. It's very sad. When I left to go to the store, she turned her head away so she didn't have to speak. Again, so sad.

    Before going to Publix, I stopped in at Office Depot. I had met a woman in Staples the other day and another one in Office Depot today. We were all complaining about how difficult it is to find the same calendars/day planners year to year. I got one I liked last year but couldn't find another one this year. I have a really nice leather cover I've had for years. It's nearly impossible to find a refill for it now. I found a calendar I like but it won't fit into that leather cover. So, I guess it's time to stop worrying about keeping the original cover and move on. Now, I have to check my appts. and put birthdays into the new calendar.

    Spring, that dog is sooooo adorable. There is nothing like kittens and puppies, and human babies too, to make my heart take a leap. Wow, your family really knows how to throw a party. With all the shortages, I'm glad you got to celebrate and reunite with family. What a great way to ring in the New Year. Hope all that partying hasn't worn you out. Makes me tired just thinking about it. We always had parades when I was growing up. Almost every town of decent size has a 4th of July parade. People on the floats threw wrapped candy to us kids. I loved the riders on horseback too. There is a family in the Rose Parade in Pasadena and they breed quarter horses. They wear traditional Mexican costumes which are amazing. One horse was all white and looked like Tweety Cat. Lots of Spanish influence in CA. The early Spanish missions are great to visit. I still love a parade but am not up to standing along the street to see one.

    Sun, I'm so very sorry you were sick. I hope you are feeling better. We went to Lahaina years ago when we were there. All I remember is a HUGE banyon tree. Hmmmm, a slurpy, icy treat. Sounds good. Publix had Skinny Cow ice cream treats on BOGO. I looked at the ingredients and there is nothing skinny about them. They manage to cut the calories but each one had 29 grams of carbs. Lots of sugar and corn syrup too. No Skinny Cow for me! When we lived in CO, everything was dead and brown this time of year. Watching the parade in Pasadena made me want to move to CA where everything was soooo green. The first time we visited this time of year, I wanted to move again. How nice to be able to walk through where the floats were being created. They still amaze me. Again, I hope you feel better.

    Gotta go. Can barely keep my eyes open. I got Crackle on my Amazon streamer yesterday and binge watched Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Its' great! Gotta check to see whether Downton Abbey starts the last season tomorrow night. Love, hugs and prayers for everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    :)WELCOME BACK SUN !!! So sorry that you got sick on your trip. That is really a bummer. We were hoping you could just soak up some sun and be relaxed for a change. You are talking about the frozen Margaritas not the regular ones on the rocks as they call it. I also get brain freeze from the frozen and so haven't had them very much lately. However, haven't had much alcohol at all lately. Hope you are getting well now that you are home to rest some more !!

    WINDY - Your avocado sandwiches sound very interesting. I am sure it tastes good esp with garlic and onion on it. So nice of you to come by and I hope you drop in more during 2016.

    MIKIE - Hope you have nice visit with your friend. Hope also Barb's kids all continue to behave themselves. Have you actually seen Barb since she has been back?

    SPRING - My but you have been a busy and social one lately. I had to laugh about everyone at the party being on their best behavior due to the dragon lady being there :)!! LOL Thanks also for that cute doggie picture for 2016.

    Just wanted to pop in for a bit. I have been busy all morning doing little chores and haven't even tried to take down any more decorations. We went to work out and it was crowded so we came home. DH wants to try again later. This cold and dampness is really bothering me esp my neck and shoulders. The docs order were for DH to work out about 4 days a week due to his increased triglycerides ( one point I thing about normal). Not sure that is going to happen. His total cholesterol went from 210 to 178 and the LDL and HDL did what they are supposed to do. My husband the meat eater has cut back but still it went up. Tonight we will share a big thick pork chop. He will probably will eat most of it. I am not supposed to eat pork but will eat some anyway along with other stuff and veggies.

    Bye for now to everyone, inc those not mentioned. Hope DIANE and Kevin are enjoying is staycation. I think he may still be on it. Hope their mouths are feeling better. I know more is upcoming I think for DIANE but I can't remember when.

    P.S. I just came on again and thought I had sent this. I guess not as it was just sitting thee waiting to be submitted. Had a rather blah chilly day that feels like snow and I hate that. Not that cold but just feels like it. It was in the hi 40's but very very humid and damp. Just got some washes done today is about all and worked out - yuck. Not my idea of fun but had to go with DH and I know I is good for my flexibility if nothing else. Hope everyone has a great night and day tomorrow. It will be a very busy day tomorrow between church, their breakfast and the old timer K of C lunch. Not sure if I will get on tomorrow and if so for how long :)!!

    More later !!
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon and I were out and about today. Went to two libraries plus Trader
    Joe's to buy fruit drinks. We considered visiting the huge record-CD store
    in Hollywood, but I was too worn out. For some reason standing wears me
    out more than walking. Anyhoo got several books.

    Granni, I haven't had a margarita for ten-12 years, but I used to drink
    them on the infrequent occasions I drank. There are various legends
    regarding the origin of the drink and just who "Margarita" was. All
    agree the drink was invented in the 1930s or 40s. Simple recipe:
    tequilla, triple sec and fruit juice. The fruit is usually lime or lemon,
    but others can be used. Strawberry is popular. Salt around the rim
    is traditional but optional.

    Mikie, the first Rose Bowl Parade was in 1890. The hosts, of course,
    were Stephani Edwards and Bob Eubanks. Have never been. I
    avoid crowds and traffic. Anyhoo you can see it better on TV. My
    mother had a friend who was an artist and often worked on the floats.
    She (mom) went several times to watch the creation of the floats.
    You can also walk around and look at them after the parade. They
    are all parked somewhere nearby. I remember reading some years
    back a float cost a minimum of $100,000. Undoubtedly much
    more today.

    Glad to hear you had a nice visit with your friend. We had an old
    friend visit too. All the way from Atlanta, GA. Been a decade or
    so since he left LA. Still chatty and funny. He's put on 40-50
    pounds, but I've lost that much so it all evens out.

    Barry, have you ever read any books by Charles Finch? Gordon has
    read a couple. He wanted me to tell you about same. Finch is an
    American who went to classy schools like Yale and Oxford. Writes
    Victorian mysteries.

    Sun, sorry to hear you got sick Christmas Eve. Hope your trip was
    otherwise wonderful. I never heard of kids with an avocado stand.
    Once, just once, I saw a kid with a lemonade stand. It was in Reston,
    VA. The other memorable thing I saw there was a preying mantis.
    The only time I saw one that wasn't in a documentary.

    Yes, the Bose has wonderful sound. I don't know if I posted this before,
    but yesterday I tried to play two CDs that my old CD player would
    no longer play. The Bose had no trouble dealing with same.

    Springwater, always good to hear from you. Do you ever make potato
    soup? My mother's was excellent. Some years back my brother the
    forest ranger sent me a food parcel for Christmas. Included were some
    Bear Creek brand powdered soup mixes. Their potato was very good.
    I think the company is in Utah although the name suggests a more
    northern state to me like Oregon or Minnesota.

    What is a paying party? The guests pay the hotel? Is there a rate
    for each guest or does it depend on what they order? No likee old
    women who are dragons. Gordon's mother was. She'd froth at the
    mouth (well, where else?) if she knew I was living in her house
    that Gordon paid for.

    Windy, avocado prices seem to bounce up and down. Over the years
    I've seen them at 1 to 3 bucks @. They seem to be popular in recipes
    for both salads and sandwiches. Yahoo frequently has articles about
    embellishing your grilled cheese. Add avocado, bacon, peppers,
    ham, turkey, etc. People commenting always say the same thing.
    Once you add stuff it's no longer a grilled cheese. Come back
    when you can.

    Gonna go read some of my new books. Hugs, Kids

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I'm just sitting here waiting for my newspaper which always seems to be late these days. They deliver on time until the Christmas tips come rolling in and then they go back to delivering late. They put little notes in pre-addressed envelopes to make tipping easier for us but we never get Thank You notes in return. Oy!

    Granni, yes, yesterday when my Deal Old Friend left, Barb was siting out on her chair on the balcony. When I said hi to her, she gave me the most evil stare and wasn't going to speak until she saw our friend. Then, she gushed over him, jumped up, threw her arms around him and kissed him. She doesn't fool him but, like the rest of us, he doesn't want to add to whatever is wrong with her. When I left for the store, she hunched over and turned her head and wouldn't even look at me. Same thing when I came home. Her skin is a sickly gray color and it is hanging off her gaunt face. I think she must be pretty sick. It's really too bad; maybe whatever is wrong with her makes her so ornery.

    I think it's great that you and DH are doing so much to get healthier. There have been a couple of responses to my separate post on metabolic syndrome above. Our members have so much wisdom to offer us. I added some info on the benefit of fiber to the thread. A mostly plant-based diet has tons of fiber but I add the Kellogg's Bran Buds just to be sure. It's about the only wheat I still eat. I add nuts and berries to it to increase the fiber content. I think the gyms will be crowded just after the New Year but working out decreases for many as the year goes on--broken New Year's Resolutions. Sorry the cold and dampness are bothering you. It was sooooo humid here yesterday. Today, it's cooler and not as humid. My hair is not very thick and is of fine consistency. I had a horrible time yesterday getting it to blow dry. I dry off with a towel after my shower and put on a terry robe. When I go to change into my clothes, my body is almost as wet as when I got out of the shower. AACCKK!!! Hope you feel better.

    Rock, thanks for the tempting pic of the Margarita. I think I could almost live on them, tortilla chips and guacamole. Mmmmm! That would violate all my new rules of eating. I hope Heaven is more fun that this! Glad you had a nice visit with your old friend from Atlanta. I love Atlanta. It is more 'Southern' than FL; however, FL is a strange and interesting mix of cultures. Not as interesting as New Orleans though. But, I digress... I agree with you, it's better to watch anything on TV than to have to try to navigate huge crowds. In my small hometown, the crowds at the 4th of July parades weren't that bad. We have a whole week celebrating Thomas Edison simply because he wintered here. I went to the parade once because our co. had a booth at the celebration and I had to do it. Never again! The best part was the State Trooper motorcycle riders who stood up and steered their motorcycles by leaning. Kinda like hover boards on steroids!

    So glad you continue to enjoy your Bose. I know my ex loves his. He said just the radio was excellent. We have few good radio stations here. We used to have a golden oldies and a classical station but both are gone in favor of what the kids today refer to as 'music.' We also have a strong cowboy tradition here so Country Western stations are popular. I can stream Amazon Prime Music through my TV but I no longer have the TV hooked up to a good stereo. Still, the music is digital and my TV speakers aren't too bad, but nothing like the Bose. We had some little girls selling mangos from their own trees on the sidewalk here. Authorities shut them down because they didn't have a business license. Of course, that was just asking for trouble and the city was embarrassed by this gaffe. The little girls were allowed to continue their enterprise without paying for a license to do business. Good grief!!! BTW, some kids sell avocados.

    Well, Kids, my paper has arrived, 50 minutes late by their own std. for lateness. Again, good grief!!! Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning MIKIE, ROCK, SUN, SW et al !!! Sitting here getting ready to go to church. Then the breakfast and then the late lunch /dinner or whatever you call it at about 1 pm. Then no more eating for the day, maybe just my weight gain drink depending on my weight. I try and keep it at least 120 if I can. I will probably go and see if they need help this afternoon but if they don't that's OK too. It is for the old timers, of which DH is one but he will and do whatever is needed too. :)

    Nothing new since last night but just wanted to pop in to check on our Porch.

    MIKIE - I can't believe that Barb seems like she is night and day and you can never tell which she will be. Sounds like she has been more of the worst lately. She also sounds to me like she might be Manic depressive or something like that. You never can tell what they will be, and their extremes can be violent and really extreme..

    JULIE - Thinking of you too kiddo. Hope you and all are doing well and you aren't getting to much stress from G pa. or you know who.

    Almost time to leave.

    Love, Granni
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I have praying mantis around my yard, and they're so interesting to watch OR interact with. I like to take a leaf and touch them and see what they're going to do. A few years ago at the end of summer I watched a large female one devour a male one! Ate the head first and slowly over a few hours the entire body. Really facinating. I would run out every 20 min. Or so to see what was going on. I read that the female stores up nutrients so she can lay eggs. Yea....call me crazy. I love the workings of nature and this was something not everyone gets to see happen.

    Mikie: Are Barb's kids sitting out there much? I'm sure if she looks so bad/sick it's contributing to her bad temper. When one hurts that's all we can think of, that's why when I'm in a lot of pain I just withdraw from everything. What a way to live!

    I've been to the Rose parade exactly twice and that was enough for me. COLD in the early morning, then the long lines at the porta potties......ugh! I went the first time when I was in college, unprepared. Had been at a party and we all decided on the spur of the moment to drive over and sleep on the street. I just remember walking the streets in my silk pants, and then trying to get some "sleep" on the pavement with blankets. By the time the parade started I felt sick, naturally. I could hardly wait to get back home. The second time I worked at AAA a block away and we had coffee, donuts and a bathroom plus some seats on top of planks across a ladder, but I NEED my sleep so really didn't enjoy it.

    And yes, the banyan tree is now even more huge than when I saw it about 50 years ago. I wish I had more time to browse the art galleries and felt better. The streets were very crowded and a larger little town than the last time there. I met a neighbor of my SILs at the condo complex who was telling me about the upcoming plein aire art paint out there in February. Some of the local California artists have been invited.....wish I was there at that time so I could watch them.

    When I feel up to it I'll post some pics. I took. The green sea turtles gather right on the little beach by the condo and one day we counted 22 of them, all piled up on top of each other, sunning themselves.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2016
  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All! I'm going to rest ALL day long. Am feeling very tired and sleepy/dizzy, etc. etc. What fun!

    Rock, tell Gordon thanks for the heads up on Charles Finch. I've requested the first two from the library. They'll be here next week -- sure hope I like them!
    I've never heard of putting oil in guacamole before. Surely they are oily enough already? In England I remember avocados being called "alligator pears"and they were very expensive. When I was last in old blighty, I had an appetizer of avocado with shrimp; HUGE avocados, round and from Brazil. The best tasting avo I ever et! Used to be more kinds available in the stores here, mainly Fuerte, and even the little finger-sized seedless ones I haven't seen in donkey's years.
    By the way, abogado, you can buy praying mantis eggs cases online, should you want some. Our local feed store sells them in the spring too.

    Mikie, I think it would be best for you to just ignore B. They say ignorance is bliss!

    Windyfluffy : your sandwich sounds great! I like the idea of garlic and onion on it. A good summer lunch. Are you able to get many kinds of avos in your area?

    Sun, glad you enjoyed your trip, tiring as it was, and your bronchitis. Seeing those turtles sounds great! By the way, Richard went to the J.M.W. Turner exhibition in San Francisco a couple of months ago. Do you like Turner? Some of his paintings I like; some just too fuzzy or cloudy for me.

    All for Now,
    Barry ;)