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    Hi, Kids,

    I'll be back to post as soon as I check out the posts at the end of 861.

    OK, I'm back:

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I woke feeling just a tad more rested this morning. It may not last but it's a welcome sign that I may be starting to pull outta this relapse. There was no sensation of that adrenaline surging in my legs. I need to go out later, when it warms up a bit, and clean out the inside of my car. I brought home some potting soil and the bag leaked. AACCKK!!! At least, it won't be so dirty when my pals and I go to the concert tonight. It is Beethoven's Eroica Symphony. What a treat.

    It may sprinkle later today. It I supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow off and on all day. Our weather is topsy turvey. Barb's kids haven't had very good weather since they came to FL but it probably beats the weather in Boston. They aren't spending a lot of time with her. She is alone and doesn't go out much and almost no one comes to visit. She has become an object of pity but she presents herself as a victim. She is a victim of her own making. She has let her hair go steel gray, which matches her complexion. She is thin as a twig and is all hunched over. She is telling people her SIL is mean to her and that she has cancer; she refused to have a scan of the mass in her chest so she doesn't know whether it's cancer. It's been there for years so likely isn't. She is desperate for attention. It didn't have to be like this. I always visited with her and took her places. I wonder whether she realizes that her scheme has backfired badly. Again soooo sad! I do pray for her but, otherwise, stay away.

    I need to look for a new rod for the valance. I hope I can find one which will hold the valance 8" away from the wall. It has to clear the drapery panels on the ends and the vertical blinds. I still haven't shopped for the silk edging. I need to go in the morning when I have some NRG and the Snowbird traffic isn't so nuts. By afternoon, it's impassible. This is what happens when one lives in a desirable place. Everyone wants in on it, even if for the winter only. Many Snowbirds eventually move her full time. We are suffocating from it. There is only so much land close to the beaches so the developers build inland. The landlubbers clog our roads with traffic and it is gridlocked everywhere. Whine, whine, whine!

    Granni, I am praying for your DD. Please let us know how she is doing as soon as you can. I'll put a prayer in our prayer box.

    Diane, how sweet of you to offer to post this on the Spirituality Forum. Those prayer warriors will pray for Granni's DD. I hope you are doing better and your mouth is on the mend.

    Sun, there are three winners and one of them is in FL but they haven't said where the winning ticket was sold. Heck, I'd be thrilled to be one of the winners who had five of the six numbers. Too bad about the art class. I took an Italian class once and the old teacher didn't want to teach; he only wanted to tell us stories of his yute in Italy. Oy!!! I don't know what kind of insurance they sold you through UHC but it should not have been a supplement to Medicare if you don't have Medicare. If it were me, I'd talk to the state insurance commissioner to fast lane this problem. You shouldn't have to have all of this on your shoulders with no help. Good luck.

    Rock, Rosemary DeCamp played Robert Cumming's mother or sister when he had his sitcom back in the 50's. The woman who played the Brady Bunch's housekeeper, Alice, was his photographer's asst. on that show. Her name slips my pea brain but she was in the photo game on the other board. The questions was, 'What was her boyfriend's name on the show?' He was Sam the butcher. There was always a 'type' who played these women's parts back in the day. Spring Byington was often cast as someone's mother. They were always attractive sweet domestic types or less attractive quirky, zany women. Some, like Lucille Ball, were both attractive and zany. An atty. I worked with wanted me to go to law school but I didn't even have my bachelors degree back then. I did enjoy my business law class but am not sure whether it was because I enjoyed the law or whether it was because the teacher was gorgeous. Kelp and other types of seaweed are high in iodine. If they cannot be found, supplements are available. With the popularity of shushi, I think seaweed is widely available now. Speaking of the law--a new lip balm is causing blisters on people's lips so there is a lawsuit. Good grief! Well, that's one way to get plump lips.

    Spring, coming to America certainly can be culture shock. Even Americans who go to NYC can experience it. It is a big place, crowded with all kinds of people, neighborhoods and cultures. It is alive all the time. It is too much for some but others, like me, love the food, the museums, the history, etc. I also love San Francisco, New Orleans and, of course, Denver. They are all different and each has its own charms. It's always a good idea to approach homes in the middle of nowhere with caution in this country. With our liberal gun laws, one can be certain that people protect their homes with firearms. It would be unnerving to be met with a gun no matter where. Yikes! I keep my guns under wraps until I fear there is a threat. I would never point mine at someone unless I though he were going to kill me. There are other canyons like the Grand Canyon but not as vast. On a business trip in our small plane, our pilot dove down into one and swooped back up as the canyon wall fast approached. We did it several times. There were a few shacks at the bottom and we didn't want one of the occupants shooting at the plane.

    I had better get this Warren Peach posted and go read the paper.

    Love, Mikie

    Ha! Ha! Just noticed I posted 'Warren Peach.' Well isn't that the pits! My brain is a bit fuzzy. Oh, somebody stop me!!!
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    Julie: I just had time to post this to you. The thing I found that really helped that darn cough was smearing some Vicks on a paper towel, and folding it several times, putting it in a Baggie, and inhaling whenever the cough got me. ALSO, when I got home from the trip I put some drops of eucalyptus oil each day on the paper towel.....it's really helped open up my lungs and help the cough.
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    Hello E'body.

    It is raining very heavily here, and I am in the doldrums, as Rock would say. I have been scheduled two times to see a specialist who comes down to our clinic once a month. A vascular surgeon. Well, each of the last two apts. were canceled by him, so I am biting the bullet and going up to see him. My appts were canceled because he didn't have enough patients for the months involved. So in two weeks a 3hr round trip to Eureka; heck it exhausts me to even go to town! Why I am seeing him is because I have had a dull, increasing ache in my lower abdomen for those months. I will be scheduled a colonoscopy no doubt; I am overdue and been avoiding them after the first two gave me agonizing pain --- and I am pretty pain-resiliant. Oh well. :( It must be done....

    Not much in the way of action around here; weeks of rain. The moles have gone mad and are tunneling over the whole yard. I like them, and so does Shorty who snuffles along their tunnels like a truffle hound. The one he caught last year startled him when it started buzzing, so I was able to rescue it! Ever held a mole -- soft, so soft? On the warmer nights we have bats flying around our porch-light after the few insects that they can find. I think the bats live under the house-eaves where there is a loose piece of wood they can live beneath.

    Rock, tell Gordon I've read a lot of the Martha Grimes and M.C.Beatons books. Have you ever read any Leo Bruce? I highly recommend him; both his Captain Beef and his Carolus Deane series. Also Edmund Crispin and his Gervase Fen series. I am still reading Patrick Taylor's Irish Doctor series. Thanks for the heads-up on him.

    A grey, grey day, I am drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea.

    Richards calls, ciao for now,

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    Hi Kids, Just woke up from a nap. Turns out I fell asleep before I turned
    down the temp on the electric blanket. I guess that's why I kept dreaming
    I was ripping the sleeves off my shirts.

    Barry, Nope, never read anything by Leo Bruce, but I did read about him
    on Wikipedia. Most of his books are now out of print. But our library has
    3 pages of them. I put the one on hold where he spoofs 3 famous fictional
    detectives: Hercule Poiret, Lord Peter Wimsey and Father Brown.

    Gordon has been watching Father Brown episodes lately. Father Brown
    looks like Friar Tuck. He has an interesting onymornic face. It's
    old. But he's so fat all the wrinkles are stretched. Thus he also looks like
    an enormous baby.

    Julie, beef bacon also sounds like an oxymoron. Not quite so much as
    watermelon bacon, I suppose. Oh, that reminds me. We stopped at
    Trader Joe's yesterday for fruit juice and a few items. They are
    selling chocolate bars that include bacon as an ingreediment. I would
    have bought one out of curiosity, but I wasn't paying 3 bucks for a
    regular sized candy bar. (The same size I used to pay a nickle for
    in my yute.) Glad you got to see Amy and Keira.

    Mikie, your fuzzy brain reminds me of fuzzy logic. Something I read
    about years ago. I think maybe it had something to do with
    computers. Anyhoo Warren Peach reminded me of an old song:
    We'd Make a Peach of a Pair. You can hear Buddy Rogers and Nancy
    Carroll sing it on Youtube. It's a clip from a 1930 movie; has been

    I heard all nine of Beethoven's symphonies while ushering for the
    Minneapolis orchestra back in the 60s. They were played in
    order. But thankfully not all during one program. The Erocia
    (Heroic) was the third. Beethoven dedicated it to Napoleon whom
    he admired as a champion of democracy. When Napoleon
    crowned himself an Emperor, Beethoven changed the dedication.

    I remember Spring Byington. Another oxymoron. A youthful grandma.
    Always wished I had one like her. The two I had were pretty much

    Sun, I used to steam up the bathroom with eucalyptus oil. Could
    probably have gotten the same treatment at a spa for some
    hefty fee. Used to do that frequently. I guess I stopped after
    we moved.

    Well, what a kawinkydink. Gordon just poked his head in to tell
    me it's time for my bath. Not that I really have a set time. I
    am too much a free spirit to follow a rigid timetable. Well, now
    that I don't have to earn a living anyhoo.

    Granni, I hope you've recieved more news about your daughter,
    and that at least some of it is good.

    Hi to Springwater, Diane.

    Hugs, Folks
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Awoke to the promised rain. It isn't a violent storm, as the weatherpeople had promised, but rather a steady downpour. The little pond out back is full to the brim. On the one hand, I miss our usual nice winter weather. On the other hand, I'm glad for the moisture during our usual 'dry' season. By now, our grass is usually brown. Everything is lush and green. Like with Barry, though, these gray days can leave me in the doldrums. I think the doldrum neighborhood is right next to down in the dumps. I got up with a sinus headache around 3:30 this morning and got up to get the ice bag, acetaminophen, nasal spray and an allergy tablet. Went back to sleep until 7:30. Oh, what a blessing it is to be able to sleep. Perhaps there is hope for me yet.

    Last night's concert was excellent. The first half was a slide presentation, complete with accompanying music by the orchestra, while the maestro told the story of Beethoven's life and how his experiences affected the Eroica. The second half was the symphony itself, beautifully played. As we listened, we could pick out all those sections mentioned beforehand, one part having been influenced by a drinking song. It was sooooo educational. Yes, Beethoven was taken with Napoleon until the little soldier got power hungry and was despised. One of the slides showed a huge painting of Napoleon snatching the crown in his hands and crowning himself king of France. Another showed the bare-chested woman carrying the flag during the revolution. I saw both these paintings in the Louvre when I was in Paris. We had such a good time. I needed that.

    Julie, I'm so happy to hear you took some time just for you. You deserve that and much, much more. Don't think I've ever had beef bacon. Don't see why it's not more readily available. I haven't tried the turkey bacon but figure that all the 'flavoring' would likely cancel out any health benefits. Health expert was on the tube the other day and said that the overwhelming supply of chickens and turkeys in this country are contaminated with bacteria. I always make sure to cook them well. How nice that Kiera will be there this weekend. I'll bet she is growing up to be quite a little lady. Post a pic if you can. Does she know she has virtual grandparents on the Porch? Or, she can think of us as her fan club. Of course, the same holds for all the grandkids. I hope you can make the Tennessee trip. We would love to see pix of all the kids. They have all grown up with a fan club. Hope your Dad and Amy are OK.

    Barry, never have held a mole but could almost feel the soft fur in my hands as I read you post. I didn't know they buzzed but I've heard raccoons rattle so guess anything is possible. Sorry this gray weather is getting to you. I'm sick of our cold, gray, rainy weather here too. I just keep telling myself that we need the rain for our landscaping, crops and aquafers. Sorry your doc keeps cancelling your appt. One of the silver linings of living here in Snowbird Congestion Hell is that my docs are handy. Do the docs there put people into a bit of anesthesia to do colonoscopies? I've never been awake for mine. They use propophal so I awake feeling as though I've just had a wonderful nap. It's the fasting and prep beforehand which leaves me feeling a bit sick. Hope that ache goes away and is nothing serious. I've had one in the lower right-hand side but the docs can't figure out why. It comes and goes. Hope yours just goes.

    Rock, when I lived in CO and used an electric blankie, I used to fall asleep with it on and would wake thinking I was in an oven. I found that if I turned it on for just a bit and then turned it off completely, it would keep me warm all night. I hold my bacon sacred and won't indulge in any of these weird concoctions using it with chocolate. AACCKK!!! In fact, I'm thinking of fixing bacon and eggs for dinner today. On a cool rainy day, bacon and eggs just seem right. I think fuzzy logic was an argument used in politics but there are such things as fuzzy computer chips. Cars sometimes use them to form patterns of driving to help the cars perform better for the drivers. Andy has two youthful grandmas but I'm by far the silliest and he seems to like that. I never knew my grandmas. One died before I was born. How I envied my friends whose grandmas lived close by. Just wished I lived closer to all my kids.

    Speaking of which, Granni, we are all hoping and praying that your DD is doing well and that her injuries are not as bad as we had feared. Diane posted on the Worship Board and, I'm sure, there are people there praying for all y'all as well. Let us know as soon as you can. In the meantime, we will keep the prayers coming.

    Diane, you are so sweet to post on the WF. Thank you.

    Sun, come back when you can stay.

    Spring, we are thinking of you.

    Dar, we miss you and hope you and your DD are doing well.

    Love, hugs and prayers for all our Porchies, including our MII. Sorry if I missed anyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    :)DEAR ONES,

    I heard from DSIL yesterday evening who sent a picture of the car DD was in and info that the investigation now shows that 6 cars were involved instead of 4. The car is totaled I believe and DD was very lucky to be alive after that impact. However, if things continue to go as they were yesterday, she may not have to have the surgery and she can go home this weekend sometime. Please continue to pray for that and for a speedy recovery. DD#2 is anxious to go and see DD#4 who is hoping all will continue to go as it looks right now. Guessing she will be on a walker for about 6 weeks and maybe not to much weight bearing on in right away. She walked around the bed and possibly some other areas yesterday and they took x-rays after it. It showed no movement of the fx. So, they repeat the same today and make sure all is well before releasing her this weekend. DS will probably be going up this weekend at least that was his plan before hearing the potential good news. Have been chatting yesterday by text.

    DD seems to be doing pretty well, still in pain and discomfort of course and I am sure she will be happy to be in her own bed. Hope no changes occur to hamper the progress it looks like so far. In answer to JULIE's question we live about 4 - 41/2 hr drive. DH' and DSILs will be driving us and leaving us there at different times.

    Haven't had time to read all the posts, so sorry. Just keep up the prayers for good things to continue her way. She surely has dodged a very bad bullet. It sounded for sure like she was going to have surgery when they first saw her at the hospital.

    Don't have much time on here. DH is at the bank and will need the computer when he gets home. I need to get dressed and then go over to DD#2's house to discuss when we will be going up and for how long. So may things to cancel for me. She was moved from ICU to a reg. room.


    Gotta run for now !

    Love to all you dear PORCHIES,
    Granni :)
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    Great news, Granni, thanks so much for the update. We will keep the prayers coming.

    Did I state earlier that the severe thunderstorms hadn't appeared? I just came out from the interior bathroom because we have been in a tornado warning, with the tornados swirling in the clouds above my home. Yikes!!! Only one of the stations has the radar ability to see the swirling winds in the clouds. They only officially become tornados when they reach down below the clouds in which they are hiding. It's really eerie to see the circles overlaid on the map on the screen, knowing that a tornado could come down out of the clouds at any minute.

    This storm is moving at about 40 mph so, by the time I rounded the kitties up, the swirling wind circles had moved east of us. The kitties came into the bathroom with me because I rattled the treat bag. Sir Vester had been in the little front office lazing on top of the loveseat. If I call to him and wave him to me, he will come. Tweety came too. They knew something of danger was up. Sir Vester was happy to stay in the bathroom but Tweety got all restless and wanted out to see whether there was anything she could do. After the danger passed, I had to let her out to inspect the lanai. When they lived outside, she was the one protecting them. I gathered them up to assure them that everything was OK. Geez, I can do without this kind of excitement.

    The lights are flickering so I had better go before the power goes out.

    Love, Mikie
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    Barry: Didn't Beatrix Potter draw little moles too? And I heard someplace that she drew from real life so she had all those little creatures to watch closely. When I was a kid we had tons of moles and gophers digging up the lawn, plus a mama possum with her little babies. We had outdoor cats so it was common for one to lay a dead animal on the door step as a thank you present to us. Sorry you're having this trouble with seeing your doctor. I cringe when I think of the colonoscopy. Can you have a CT scan first?

    Rock: Most heating pads turn off now a days after about 2 hrs. or so. I sleep on one and have one of those neck heating pads wrapped around my neck all night. When I wake I check the control and turn it back on. I would be lost without them......even more so if I didn't have electricity. We've gotten spoiled compared to our past relatives lives.

    Granni: that's good news about your DD. I hope she is able to heal quickly. Did I understand that you will be going out to stay with her?

    Mikie: Glad to enjoyed your night out with your friends. It's sooooo important to have some type of life aside from the misery we go thru.

    As for me I'm leaving today for the desert house with my DD and family. I should be back on Monday sometime. It was a surprise invitation.....better than staying home alone.
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    Dear Porchies,

    I am back for a minute before DD gets back from the hairdresser. Then we will go over to talk to them to make more definitive plans. DD will be going up possibly this Sunday I think and will stay will Sunday or Monday. Possibly I will go up the day she comes home but not positive yet. Will stay a week or close to it. I have to cancel my dexa scan again and I have two other things I am not sure if I will make or not. We have a gathering here and a big party of which I am taking RSVP's. I can do that at home but have to remember to take my list with me and e-mails so I can send from the phone.

    DSIL sent pictures of what the car looked like in the accident. It was hard to tell in some of the pics due to the lighting and part was covered. I guess they are investigating since it is now a 6 car accident, instead of 4.
    DS is on his way to drive there for the weekend to help DSIL and give his sister some hugs and support. Surely the angels must have been watching over her. I have had so many people praying for her. Please do keep it up.

    DD is home from the hairdresser so I have to scat for now. I think you said.

    MIKIE - Glad you escaped that storm and tornado .

    GRANNI :)
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    Hi All;
    Mikie, I was so concerned for you when I watched the morning weather on telly! Glad everything went well. Don't the condos have emergency storm shelters? And I am so glad you enjoyed the concert; too much sensory overload for me I'm afraid. o_O I do like classical music (most anyway) and we have it on in the morning always -- Sirius and XM offer a lot of choices, from opera channel to bluegrass, etc. etc. I do NOT like Philip Glass or his ilk. Right now I am listening to a sonata by Giuseppe Torelli. I've never heard of him before.

    Sun, I used to live where there were gophers but no moles (too dry I guess). Our parcel out in the woods has plenty of moles, but thankfully no gophers! Friends that live up in the hills to the east of us have terrible gopher problems. The gophers are vegetarian, and so eat the roots of plants. Moles eat worms and insects, and are just a mild nuisance when they tunnel under a small plant and lift it up a bit. Vegetable gardens are very prone to attack from gophers. I know some people who have built raised beds bottomed with hard wire to keep them out.

    As for having a CT scan instead of a colonoscopy sounds GREAT, but I doubt whether the doc. will comply. We shall see, and I shall certainly beg! :rolleyes:

    I have done my household chores: washed the dishes, and cooked Shorty his peas and carrots. We keep him on a good diet; when we got him he was quite a bit overweight, but he is now a good weight.

    I am having a cup of Chamomile tea now and resting. It is not raining today, but heavy rain forcast for tonight and tomorrow. Richard has gone to town : shopping and library, where we have seven books/dvds to pick up.

    Sun, I forgot to ask you which desert you are going to? I love the desert, and have spent many weeks in the deserts of SoCal. Mohave, Anza-Borrego, Death Valley.....lots of fun botanising and birding. Enjoy yourself!

    Over and Out,
    Love to All,

  11. sunflowergirl

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    Barry: Definitely BEG! We're going to Palm Desert. My SIL's company owns a house out there on the golf course and they have a HEATED pool and jacuzzi so I'm taking my bathing suit to heat up. It's freezing here because I keep the house temp turned to 62 to save on the gas. Last month it was $94 and I was gone l/3 of the month. Got a letter today stating basically "too bad....you must have used the gas" so I wear several layers of jackets/sweaters and long socks to keep warm.

    Here's something funny. They've owned it for about 2 years and they love to go to the resale shops to look for bargains. They ended up buying a cane rocker and an end table for the bedroom that was previously owned by Andy Williams. I kidded them that I kept hearing "moon River".....told them Andy was channeling!

    By the way, I extended my dog Katie's life probably at least 4 years. She was very fat, SICK, etc. so I made her food weekly and froze it in portions. Chicken thighs, carrots, green beans, brown rice, etc. It was a pain.....a big project.....but she loved what I fixed for her. Then I started doing it for my SIL's dog to help her lose weight. Now they just give her a boring dry specialty food and a thyroid pill. She knows when she comes to visit me she gets special healthy food. (she's a weimeraner and a love)

    By the way, I watched a wonderful movie made in 2009 the other night. The Painted Veil, a period piece set around 1925 in China. Very haunting. If you haven't seen it, try to order it from the library.
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It sounds almost like a miracle. DD is coming home today sometime today. Her angels must have been doing double duty that day with that 6 car accident. Guess she is doing pretty well and they found no more problems and the fx wasn't moving. DSon is on his way there now to be of some help if he can maybe to help move stuff home that she acquired in the hospital. I am guessing a walker for sure. She is not doing much and can't sit up very well. She may be sleeping on her back which not everyone can do.

    Gotta run. DD#2 is going up for a week and then I will go up for close to a week. It is a bad time for me to be gone as I am doing rsvp's for a big gathering. My phone ha d better work well. Not sure if I can access our computer from hers or not. So much keeps changing.

    More later. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I will try and check in.

    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Found out that, while the kitties and I were taking shelter, the tornado touched down very close to us and did damage but wasn't down out of the clouds for long. Thank God! Had it stayed down, it would have caused a lot more damage than it did. One touched down in a small town just inland and did a lot of damage. The poor people in the Cape, who had tarps from the last tornado, had them ripped off by the straight-line winds in this storm and now, they have leaks and more damage. As if that weren't enough, a new train of storms in an incoming cold front is to arrive tomorrow morning early. It may spawn more severe thunderstorms and tornados. Good grief! :eek: I send up prayers of thanks that the tornados haven't hit our hood and prayers for those in harm's way with damage. It's heartbreaking to see people lose everything like that. Think I'll temporarily move my heavy little strong box, which contains my important papers, into my bedroom. If a storm can toss heavy vehicles in the air, that box doesn't have much of a chance.

    I must be feeling a bit better. Kitties and I slept from 11:00 last night clear through until 4:30 this morning. I usually wake at least once so this was a God send. My neighbor had told me that Wally World is open 24 hrs. a day so I went shopping. How nice to have the store to myself. I got a new covered litter box for my bathroom. The kitties have a covered one on the lanai and it helps to contain the litter. Sir Vester is a fanatic when he covers his mess. Poop and litter go flying. :confused: I picked up some things I've been needing but not much. I came home and had breakfast.

    Granni, yes, that is good news. :) It could have been so much worse. Still, she will likely need some time to recover. You have so many people praying for all of you and the prayers will continue. Keep us updated.

    Barry, my ex worked at a beautiful business park across the interstate from where we lived in CO. It was terraced with ponds and gorgeous landscaping. DD and I used to walk through it for exercise. There were voles living there and once, we saw one swimming on his back looking for all the world as though he was the happiest critter alive. His sweet little expression of pure joy gave DD and me so much pleasure. I still think of that moment and it's one of my favorites. We don't have shelters here, per se. When hurricanes are approaching, the county uses schools for shelters. Thing is that our condo bldgs. are about as safe as it gets if one gets to an interior space. We have cement block and stucco construction with metal 2x4 outer wall support. Most of the people who take shelter in schools are people living in mobile homes. Some mobile home parks have club houses with the CBS construction and they are used for shelters. Hurricanes don't usually produce damage on the scale of tornados but hurricanes can spawn tornados. How nice that you have Serius and XM Radio. Our FM stations here suck. My Amazon Prime allows me to listen to AP Music but it comes through my TV speakers. Still, the speakers aren't too bad. Hope the rain is gentle and doesn't wash y'all out.

    Sun, I'm so glad you get to go to the desert. That dry desert air might help with the lingering effects of the bronchitis. I hope so. Lounge your tired, achy body in the hot tub and let Andy Williams sing you to sleep. :) I'll try to see that movie. I had a shelter rescue cat that was very overweight. I cut down on his food and took him for walks and he got down to a nice healthy weight. I had thought he would be my last pet but, I guess, God had other plans for me, Tweety and Sir Vester. I have to regulate their treats carefully or they start to bulge around the middle. Same with me!

    I hope everydobby has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just finished a Darling Dahlias book by Susan Albert. There are 6, and I
    have one left to read. It's the first one. Couldn't get them in the right
    sequence from the library.

    The books are mysteries set in a southern Alabama village during the
    Great the Depression. One of the things that makes the book both
    interesting and authentic is the reports of prices in those days. The
    average blue collar worker earned about $1,550 per year.

    Just look at this. Practically free by our standards. Gas: ten cents
    a gallon; dozen eggs: 18 cents; loaf of bread: 7 cents; Jello: 11 cents;
    lb of coffee; 32 cents; 3 pounds of potatoes: 15 cents.

    Lb. cheese: 23 cents; Box of Octagon soap powder: 13 cents. New
    Plymouth: $500; new house: 5 to 6 thousand dollars.

    Mikie, I'm surprised you could recognize a vole. They look so much like
    field mice, I couldn't tell one from the other. Weren't the voles villains
    in The Wind in the Willows. Can't remember anymore. I do remember
    reading that the character Ratty wasn't really a rat. He was a vole.
    I also read that a visit a decade ago to the area where Kenneth Grahame lived,
    revealed that voles no longer live there.

    Glad to hear you and the kitties had a nice sleep. I did too, but
    alas, twas only for an hour or two.

    You guys see in the news. Wal*Mart is closing hundreds of stores
    and laying off thousands of workers. Many of the stores are overseas.
    They had a list of store closings in the article. None for California.
    Then on the evening news Gordon heard they are closing the small
    one we go to. It is near Chinatown and is only a supermarket and
    a pharmacy. The one we used to go to was in the city of Duarte. A
    50 mile round trip. I gave up going a year or two ago. Just too
    long for me now.

    Granni, glad to hear the news about your daughter is so much
    better than it could be. I'm sure she'll be extra glad to see you.
    What could be better than a mom with nursing skills?

    Sun, that's very nice of you to fix doggy treats. I read years ago
    when we had dogs that you must never give your dogs any
    kind of vegetables. Their insides can't deal with such. Seems to me
    the main ingreediment in dog kibble was grain of some sort.

    My secretary was a dog lover. Always had 3-4 dogs. Mostly
    dachshunds. She regularly gave them raw carrots as a chew
    toy. They also ate them.

    Barry, Yes, I hope you can get a cat scan. BTW, has your musical
    palate encountered Rossini's cat duet? That's the same Rossini
    who created the Barber of Seville and the Lone Ranger's theme song.
    There are several versions on you tube sung by opera divas,
    choir boys, and possibly (to judge by the title of the videos) some cats.

    Julie, did the Amish come over to help with the house? Is it all
    sealed up now till Spring? I talked to my Minnesota brother just
    before Christmas. He said something about a storm. Can't remember
    what. My brain is becoming like on of those old radios. Full of vacuum
    tubes with emphasis on "vacuum".

    Vacuum tube radios were still in use when I was a teen. I took my
    bedside clock radio to college with me. My roommate (assigned by
    the school) insisted on playing it all the time. Finally I took one
    of the tubes out and put it in my sock drawer. Only way I could
    get any studying done. He, BTW, was not interested in studying and
    left after the first semester. I suspect he felt more comfortable
    wherever he went.

    Hugs to Springwater and Diane

    Last edited: Jan 16, 2016
  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Ha! Rock, a vole has a very short tail, a mouse has a long tail, and a mole has no tail. Now you can tell them apart, dear chap! We won't get into shrews or shrew-moles in this lesson. :p

    Mikie, the vole you saw swimming was most likely a water vole by the way. :rolleyes:

    I used to have a big box of mammal skulls, especially smaller ones. My mammal course in the uni had us all do projects, including catching mammals and making study skins out of them. Another project of my own choosing was determining the species of rodents in an area by taking apart owl pellets (regurgitated bones) . I was lucky and had found a tree that owls had been using for a long time and hit the jackpot! :p The best finds were kangaroo rat skulls; no one knew there were any in that area.

    Sun, I hope you are having a good time! Your dog food recipe is much like ours: no fats ( well, we give ours a teensy bit of canned food along with a little bit of dry food, and then the vegetable medley. We also use green beans and rice. Shorty loves ALL his foods. Especially the lizards he catches in the warm season. :confused:


    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 16, 2016
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just checking in. The weather went from a gray day to a beautiful Technicolor one. It is gorgeous out. Tonight is when the next string of severe thunderstorms is supposed to come through. The warning is in effect from 1:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. I'll get an alarm on my cell phone if there is more tornado activity.

    I did some laundry, cleaning and organizing. It's not much but it's a good start. It's also a hint that I may be slowly pulling out of the relapse. I hope so. It feels great just to be able to do anything. I got a cute Thank You card from Andy and he said he would spend the gift card wisely. How cute! I know he will. He doesn't part easily with his money. He sent me a drawing of various kinds of fish. I know he's chomping at the bit to come down here to fish. I'm chomping at the bit to feel up to his visit.

    Barry, I wouldn't know a vole myself but the pest control guy at the business park told my ex that the voles had invaded. He was going to poison them but my ex put a stop to it. The voles caused no problem to anyone or anything. Had my DD and I not shared our wonderful experience of seeing that cute little guy (the vole, not my ex) that over zealous pest guy would have killed the them. Thanks for the info on telling them apart from moles and mice. In CO, prairie dogs are a problem but environmentalists move the colonies and relocate them. Soooo much better than poisoning our fellow critters.

    Rock, I heard on TV that Wally World is closing mostly smaller stores to concentrate their business on the superstores. We have one which is only a supermarket but three others which are superstores. I never go to the supermarket because I can buy all kinds of other stuff at the superstore, like the new bath hand towels and litter box I got this morning. I used the self-checkout lane. I love checking out my own stuff. It's fun! BTW, sweet little Sir Vester used the new box. The opening in the lid sits higher than the enclosed one on the lanai and I wasn't sure they would use it. When they lived outside, the whole world was their litter box and I was pleasantly surprised that they used one when I got them.

    He was so good yesterday when I got them in the bath/bedroom. He stayed in the bathroom until I told him he could come out. Tweety was wide eyed and restless, wanting to do something about all that wind, and running around the bedroom. Once the wind was gone, they both got on the bed with me. It was after that that she had to inspect the lanai for damage/danger. When she and Sir Vester first appeared as kittens, she had wounds, likely from fighting and/or protecting her brother. She can be a pain in the touchie but she is quite a cat. One of the trees in the hood lost some branches from the straight-line wind.

    I think I'm done for the day. I may watch the playoff games. I have two teams in this playoff. These players are often so beat up by the playoffs that it's a matter of how many players are down and out to determine the winners. Kansas and New England are taking the field. HDTV was made for watching football. I'm hungry but, instead of something I shouldn't have, I think I'll have some Asian salad with sesame/ginger dressing. In fact, I think I'll go make my salad now.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    Just a note say hi and DD is doing pretty well today. She has been busy chatting with DD#2 all about football, their passion and sports. However, FB is king. She actually slept in her own bed I don't now how. Guessing DSIL put her there and he helped her get up when she needed to go to the bathroom at night. She even took a shower. She was sitting down on something I did not hear the conversation as she was talking to her sister. After seeing the pictures sent I don't know how she got out of there. Helped I am sure by the medics.

    I see that my stuffed peppers are done. So I had better get out of here for now.

    MIKIE - Sorry about your storms but glad you are OK an those kitties too.

    DIANE - Sorry to hear about all your insurance problems like SUN. I know that it stinks and I hope it gets straightened out to your liking real soon. I know all about bills and hi prices, not fun or good. It seems like all my life I have had to worry about $ in some form or fashion. Luckily, we had pretty good insurance but it surely isn't getting better as far as I am concerned.

    Gotta run and fix the rest of dinner. Hi to everydobby, JULIE, BARRY, SUN, SW , ROCK et al.

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Our severe storms came through early this morning but no alarm went off on my cell phone. About 3:00 a.m., a woman was killed by a tornado which touched down east of Sarasota, up the coast from me. She was in a mobile home but it didn't appear as though it was in a mobile home park. I think it was out on a piece of land. Nothing touched down here but there are tornado warnings over by the East Coast inland. Weather people are saying that there is another cold front, with a string of thunderstorms, lining up in the Gulf. El Nino is certainly wreaking havoc with us this year. I have the doors open to let the nice crisp breeze blow through while Roomba finishes cleaning the floors. I had to take an allergy tablet with all this outside air coming in.

    Granni, I'm soooooo happy to hear how well DD continues to do. Thank you for keeping us updated. Most of my life, money has been a concern but I do consider myself fortunate to still be standing after all I've been through. In fact, I feel as though my life has been richly blessed. Still, wish I had the $$$'s to take peptide injections every month in the hope that regular injections would work. Also, I'd like to have the health and money to see my kids more often. Looks like the Pats won yesterday. It remains to see whether the Broncos will prevail this afternoon. They usually choke in the playoffs. If they win, will they do the neigh-neigh dance or will they just horse around?

    Per our new normal, the newspaper isn't here yet. I'm sure the wind and rain has delayed it; I wonder what excuse they use the rest of the time. Guess I'll go read it online and wait for the inserts and puzzles until later. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    What a day! Flood watches, roads closed, landslides, and a small 3.7 earthquake a few minutes ago (I didn't feel it). The creek below us is raging, as is the gully behind the house. The sound of water is almost overwhelming. It is pouring down rain. The ocean breakers are up to 28 feet tall. People told to keep away --- one stupid person walked out onto a jetty and was washed off. Why do some folks ignore the warnings? o_O

    Mikie, glad that you weathered the storms you were having.
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I hope almost no one was here over the weekend because all y'all are busy with other things--good things. I didn't watch the Bronco game but see that they won. That means my hometown team will be playing my adopted team next weekend. Matchups with the Pats usually cause the Broncos to choke so I'm not optimistic that they will win. I love football but it is sometimes just too stressful for me to watch. I'm just getting to where I'm not feeling adrenaline surging through my bod so don't need more stress.

    The footage of the damage caused by those tornados is horrible. I think there are now two deaths from them. The cold front which spawned them has brought low temps and, while I was sick of the high heat and humidity, these temps in the 40's and 50's make it too cold to go to the pool to work out. One of the sisters across the street who wants to work out has found out that her cancer has returned. She already has some kind of condition which will put her in a wheelchair at some point and this is just devastating. We've lost too many good people here in the hood.

    OMG, Barry! I hope you are not in harm's way from all the storms in CA. We are both being affected by El Nino. It just seems that CA has been through soooo much--earthquakes, drought, floods, fires, mudslides. I don't know why crazy people take such stupid chances by putting themselves at risk. Before hurricanes, when low pressure drags the water at the beach waaaay out, people go there to walk. Once the storm comes ashore, it brings huge waves and surge. Even the winds from our recent storm caused 7' waves to come ashore and flood homes on the beach. I hope everything will be OK.

    It's past 7:00 already so I had better get going for the day. It's only 50 degrees out so I'm not ready to jump into the shower yet. Brrrrrrr! Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie

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