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    Hi, Kids,

    I'll be right back. Come on in and sit a spell.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm back.

    Mikie, I didn't know about the tornadoes in your area either. My SIL has Fox News on ALL the time, ugh, but that all seems to be politics. Glad you're OK. Naughty little kitties!!!!!

    Spring: That was nice of you to help out your hire help. I think God blesses us with extra so we can share with others. Scary about the escaping gas when it's in such a short supply.

    Granni: good news about your DD. Did she end up breaking anything or just banged up or what?

    Julie: I pray that they find the little lost boy. Do you mean they're questioning the grandma? About Keira following you around at the nursing home, it's good for her to see how elderly have to live. It will make make her more understanding and she might go into that field when she grows up.

    When I was about 10 I used to "lady sit" at a small nursing home near me. All I had to do was make sure nothing happened to them while the caretaker did some shopping. One lady, almost 100 at the time, loved to tell me about when she was a girl. I found it fascinating to listen to her.

    Barry: Hope you and Richard are OK now after your accidents. I'm having to be careful about how I swing my hands around the house........one little bang and I'm covered with purple bruises that take forever to go away. Comes from not having fat anymore on my hands and arms.

    I spent 2 entire days at the desert following my DD and SIL around to the resale shops.....OMG must have gone into at least 12-15. I think everyone at the desert is either dying off or changing their decor. Huge armoires or pieces of furniture and almost give away prices, and I looked at a ton of paintings. She was looking for a chair for their home......must have looked at over 100. I'm too old for that type of shopping anymore.

    The kids and I did go into the jacuzzi on Saturday but the air was cool and the water should have been hotter, so I think I got a chill. Anyway, I'm home and trying to gather up energy again.
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    MIKIE - Thanks so much for starting us up again. I almost did until I saw that you had opened up the new volume. Sorry you are all warn out from getting up early with the storms and the kitties.

    Just popping in for a minute. Can't stay so busy. When DH gets back from the store we have to run to the store and then I need to go to sm singing group practice. DD#4 is doing OK but in lots of pain and groggy from the meds. I told her she might want to TRY and halfing the pill to fix the grogginess. However if it doesn't help the pain she might have to go back unless there is something else for the pain that doesn't make one so groggy but it does work on the pain. She is such a little thing and skinnier than I . DD#2 is up there helping out but her phone died just before they left to go up there. So she is without her beloved phone. So I can't text her but I can text the drugged daughter and hope she understands what I wrote. :)!!

    JULIE - Glad you are getting to go on your trip to see the kiddos and hope works out well for you now that the car has been fixed. Sorry also you are still in survival mode. You have much to much on your plate. So sorry to hear also about that little boy who disappeared. I hope they find him OK but with the weather and all and who knows what else and one so young, I am skeptical. Have FUN and be careful on your trip. They are talking about a snowstorm towards the end of the week but not sure what or where that will affect.

    Gotta run. So much to do and deal with my small town back that turned into a big bank that is driving me crazy just trying to find out my balance.

    Bye for now. Sorry for everyone that I have missed writing this. No time,

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    Hello Everybody.
    Gordon, I've got the first two Charles Finch books here, but haven't started them yet. I am still reading the Patrick Taylor "Ballybucklebo"" doctor in Ireland series. Have you read any of Melvin Starr's "Hugh de Singleton"books -- quite good. Also I can't speak too highly of Leo Bruce and Edmund Crispin. For not so cozy reads, I am a big fan of Ruth Rendell and Francis Fyfield. Good to hear from you! I just looked up M. Frazer on fantasticfiction.co.uk -- an invaluable tool for me. I'll see if the library has any of her books, but right now I've got a lot of reading to do!

    Mikie, yes I have seen the video of 'Lazarus' from Black Star. I have listened to a few of Adele's songs, but don't see much to her; she seems very bland, not a good singer, but VERY popular. Well, there is always an accounting for tastes I guess! :rolleyes:

    Diane, hope all is ok with you. I want some crab!
    Sun, I guess it was too early for any desert wildflowers, eh? I saw the first lawn daisy and the first crocus of the season yesterday. Made me happy.

    My Oolong is getting cold; must drink it, have something for lunch (p-nut butter and honey with walnuts sandwich maybe). Walnuts are getting so expensive these days, and we eat them every day with our breakfast --- shredded wheat with bran, banana, raisins, walnuts. I can't
    do without my walnuts!

    Bye for now,
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    My computer just shut down and I lost my almost-completed post. I will be back later.

    Love, Mikie
  6. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi y'all ....

    I'm not up to catching up with all your posts. I just wanted to tell you that all is well with me.

    I had a severe drug reaction on Saturday. It's a looooong story.

    In a nutshell, my dentist prescribed 1 valium for me, before my dental work (10 mg). She said do not take a klonopin in the morning, before taking the valium. I followed dentist's orders.

    After my procedure was finished, I was woozy, had trouble standing up and walking. I asked the dentist if there were any restrictions: diet, meds, etc. She said no. I slept all that day (Saturday). Then Sunday, I went back to my normal routine, diet, supps, Rx's (which included 3 klonopin per day).

    All that next week I said to Kevin "I don't feel all that great; all I want to do is sleep." We thought it was stress/anxiety.

    Turns out, after some research, the valium half-life is TEN DAYS. So it was still in my system, albeit at lower levels, while I was taking my prescribed klonopin (so I had two benzos in my system).

    I can tell you all now, that the valium is all gone! Hooray for that. I will never take another valium in my life!

    I had a good day yesterday. I did several chores. I repackaged some steaks that Kevin bought on Sunday. I made tomato puree/ground beef/fresh baby spinach/handful of mozz cheese "casserole" (I did it on top of the stove), to be served with rice, for my suppers.

    Today, I already did several chores, and still feel "human"! :)

    Sorry Barry, no crab, or mussels, or clams. Just two pounds of frozen shrimp! You and Richard want to come over and cook shrimp?? :) Did you ever get any dungeness??

    Julie, I forgot when you said you were leaving for Tenn., be careful of the weather! We, here in Pittsburgh, might be in the target area for a terrible nor'easter. I hope not!

    Sun, Spring, Rock, Granni ..... etc., can't remember what you all posted. Sorry! I'm still trying to completely recover from that darn pill the dentist gave me. Granni, I am glad to read that your DD is doing way better than expected!!!!!

    I'll try to be back soon. I am feeling better with each passing day.

    Love and hugs to you all!

    Diane :)
  7. bct

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    Greetings from Humboldt County, AKA the Emerald Triangle. It looks like it's going to rain forever. No wonder the redwoods are so large!

    Ah well, and so 'tis good to hear from you Diane. I'm glad that the benzo problem worked out. I am dependent on Valium -- have been taking it for thirty odd years. It was prescribed for me initially as a help for the migraines that took me to the E.R. a couple of times. Doc said tension migraines, and also gave me Darvocet for pain. I doubt whether I'll ever be able to get off it. In desperate situations I take Xanax. Haven't had a headache in years..... touch wood. Darvocet is no longer available, so I take the occasional tramadol and Neurontin.

    Diane our crab season never happened; no Dungeness crab, and I think the Alaskan crab legs are too bland. I am avoiding shrimp if it comes from Asia because of pollution levels and slave labour. Now if I can get some tiny squid I can stuff them; easily done. I haven't had any for over a year!

    The board sure is running slowly. Let's hope Mikie gets her computer up and running soon. I enjoy hearing about the condo life and its trials, tribulations and happy times. ;)

    I hope someone has more NRG than me.

    Our weather outlook is rain, rain, rain. At least most of the roads are now passable and flooding is down for now.

    All for now,
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  8. sunflowergirl

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    Diane: I'm sorry you had that bad reaction. I understand though, I'm very sensitive to medication. Don't think I've ever had Valium but I've tried a tiny bit of Xanax and couldn't handle it. I do take l/4 of a tramadol when the pain gets bad but for the most part I live on ibuprofen. I also take 100 mg of gabapentin during the day and 300 at night. My DD and SIL both take 600 mg 3x a day.......I just couldn't function on that.

    Barry: So the rain got stuck up by you! We're all prepared for it down here but only a few sprinkles.

    I just came back from a meeting with an attorney advocate concerning my insurance mess. But as I feared there wasn't anything she could do to help me since her group is concerned with mediCal and not mediCare. Sigh. She did say she liked my energy I exuded......said it was contagious.......I guess that means she was sucking up some of mine I managed today. Yesterday I was a slug, and hurt all over from an approaching storm which never really materialized. Today is sunny and after my nap I'm going to do a little potting of a ton of succulents.

    I called my insurance company last night and found out that there is a clause in the agreement between the Cobra and United Health, that UH can estimate what Medicare will pay, then they pay only 20%......but after deductible it's basically a pittance.

    Then this morning I called my DHs company corporate office and told them I'm seeing an attorney today......perhaps I'll get some results. I also intend to send a letter to the CEO of the company and let him know how his employee's spouse is getting treated after death. All that's needed is a letter from DHs company to UH that there is no Medicare and to pay 80%.

    Tomorrow is an appt. with SS and on Friday is a phone appt. with another agency.

    On the way home I swung by Home Goods and browsed......bought 2 really nice marked down pillows, then on to Goodwill where I bought the bottom part of a large heavy roasting pan ($4) which will now hold succulents on a wall in back.
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Geez, I hope my computer is finally working and won't kick me off. It just shuts down, stating that there is a serious problem and that Microsoft is looking to fix the problem. The biggest problem is that all my work is lost when it does this. GRRRRRR!!! I also have no NRG and, for the first time in ages, took a nap yesterday. I waited two days for the landscapers to show up to plant our bushes. No show and no explanation. I am furious with them and sent a scathing e-mail to them. They were recently bought out by a much bigger co. and, like happens most of the time, customer service is nonexistent. BTW, got a quick message from Rock. He is OK but has no NRG either. Hope he'll be up to posting soon.

    I am having lunch with my dear old friend today. I don't know that I'll be up to doing anything else. I'd like to run to Publix because they have the frozen garlic scallops on BOGO and Italian sauce on BOGO too. Last week, I got the pasta on BOGO so would be set to make the seafood pasta dish. I keep hoping that my NRG will return and I can have DD#2 and DGS for a visit. I haven't heard from Richard so don't know whether he still wants to visit or not. I'll call him in his birthday and we can talk about it.

    Diane, I am so glad you figured out what happened. My doc wanted me to switch to a different benzo (can't remember which one) but I tried it and it caused hallucinations. I am also sensitive to meds. It can be so scary. Yes, benzos can stay in the system a long time. For all practical purposes, I have weaned off the Special K but still put one under my tongue for sensory overload or tinnitus. Glad you are feeling like your old self again.

    Barry, hope you don't wash away. That's a lot of rain after such a long drought. It's also too much gray skies. We need sunshine. We are supposed to get rain again tomorrow and cold temps again this weekend. Glad I got those leggings. I've been freezing. BRRRRRR!!! Appears that the sky is fairly clear this morning. I should go out to see whether I can see the five planets lined up. They appear from left to right above the horizon if one looks to the south. Just before dawn is supposed to be the best time. I can see one of them out my doorway to the lanai. Can't remember whether it's Jupiter or Venus but it's HUGE and bright. Stay dry.

    Sun, I hope you can get this insurance mess cleared up. No wonder you've had no NRG. Stress steals our NRG from us. I was looking for a heavy Dutch oven and Home Goods usually has them. Of course, now that I want one, they don't have any. Macy's had them on sale but I have no NRG to go to the mall. We've had so much violence here that I feel I have to arm myself if I go there. It's not in the best area. Prayers going up that you get the ins. settled once and for all.

    Ilona borrowed my little cart I use to take my recyclables down to the dumpster area. I told her I needed it back as my newspapers had piled up. She said she was almost finished with it. That was last week. Now, I see Frank using it to take garbage to the dumpster. I think I'll just buy another one if Publix still sells them. They aren't expensive and, if I ever get mine back, I'll give it to a friend here in the hood who broke hers and can't afford a new one. Ilona once borrowed my BP cuff and when, after a period of time, I asked for it back, she said they needed it to keep track of their BP. I told her I needed it for the same reason. Good Grief! She's been back to her nasty self so I just don't want to deal with her. I think she's been drinking from the same well as Barb! Good thing I don't let the rotten apples spoil everything for me.

    Hope all y'all have a good day. I'm not going to proof this as I fear my computer will shut down. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors.

    Love, Mikie
  10. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    I remember the first time I encountered the word "NRG". Somebody
    posted about being out of it. I thought it was a med or supplement.
    But I have a long memory. I can remember much farther back
    than that. I can remember when I had some. Ha Ha.

    Mikie, I did not espy any errata in your previous post. And what
    if there were? Wouldn't matter anyhoo. I'm glad your computer
    was functional for at least a little while. Good luck with those
    pesky neighbors. I've got one too only he lives in the house.
    Just went to get a drink. Found the refrigerator door as open as a
    bar at an Armenian wedding. Gordon's asleep, and I'm on the
    computer so who does that leave? That's right. The brother.
    I drop little hints to Gordon now and then. "How much longer
    is he gonna hang around? He's got a wife and a house at his own
    place." Uff-da and AACCKK! Both!

    Sun, congratulations on your Goodwill purchase. My dad used to
    have lots of heavy roasting pans in his cafe and one that he brought
    home. I guess your pan will be making the adjustment from bouquet
    garni to bouquet of flowers.

    I think it's really unfair that some of us have multiple medical
    problems. And it's really unfair if the prescribed meds make us
    even sicker. Gordon has lots of succulents. The amazing thing to
    me is that they all produce flowers. My mother usually had a tiny
    cactus or two back in Minnesota, but they never bloomed. I never
    even knew cacti did that. Right now we have three pots of some
    plant. Not sure what it is, but all three plants have beautiful
    lavender blossoms.

    Barry, did you ever hear that redwoods are immortal? I read some
    decades ago that when a redwood falls, new trees grow from the
    fallen log. Sorry to hear the weather is wet and gloomy. Maybe
    you could sorta distract yourself by watching some classic movie.
    Say, Joan Crawford in "Rain". Whaddya think. Does she look demented
    in this pic or not?!


    Diane, sorry to hear about your drug interaction. Maybe someone needs
    to do an intervention with your dentist. Does the hot dish you
    described have a name? Sounds good. If we didn't live so far apart,
    and if I still had a normal diet, I'd invite myself over.

    It's pretty cold here; 50 going up to 75. I'm going back to bed and
    turning on my Electric Blanket.

    Bis spater
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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just reading and will have to get off as DH just got home from the bank. Things about the same about DD. she left a voice mail yesterday for DH and I spoke to her sister on the other daughter's CP. She is coming along slowly and may start soon on cutting back some of the meds or at least one of them making her so sleepy all the time.

    DIANE - Glad that you figured out your problem but that would have been good to know before hand so he could switch to a different med. glad you are doing better.

    I have so much to do to get ready to go on Monday mostly get my suppose and all in order. I have to get dressed now and then off to the hair dresser. It is a late appt. or late for me. I am thinking about going and trying my daughter's hair dresser. She is closer and cheaper so I may try her the next time. I do like the one I am using now but kind of off the beaten path shall we say and $20-25 cheaper, I think my daughter said for what I have done each time. That is a lot for me . Money is also starting to get tighter, as I am sure it is for others.

    MIKIE - So sorry for the way you are feeling and things not going with some of those around you. Hang in there also with your computer. I know how you feel and how frustrating that is when you have so much to do.

    JULIE - Have a great trip and stay safe.

    Hi to everyone -inc ROCK, BARRY, SUN, SW and so many others !

    Sorry I cannot stay and chat. I need to get dressed and ready for the hairdresser plus everything else going on here like thinking of packing. I hate that part of it. Sat the cleaning lady comes and I will be trying to start packing around her. That will be fun. Sunday will be church and then trying to get all ready for the trip. Leaving Monday and coming back Friday. Hopefully by then she will be doing a bit better. Sat we go into the big city to see Grandson and his HS play. He is not in it but has worked on the sets and other things this year. The next day is the party dinner group, Mardi Gras theme and we are on the committee. Awful timing but what can you do?? I sent out the RSVP's and one reminder and taking info on that for the numbers.

    Gotta run for now. Hope I am back before I leave Monday. I should be if I can.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  12. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi everybody!

    Julie, have a SAFE TRIP. That storm might hit parts of Tennessee, hopefully not where you will be traveling!!!! Have a safe journey!!!!

    Granni, good to hear from you. For some reason I thought DH went to see DD? Duh. Glad that Lynne is coming along. I would imagine that with a car accident that bad, it'll take her a while to fully recoup. Is she supposed to be moving around, or sleeping/resting? If she's supposed to be resting, that may be why those particular meds were Rx'd? Just guessing.

    One of my docs told me that I was a horrible patient! LOL I do have to laugh at that. That was back in the 80's, and I had to have my "hammer toes" fixed, in the doc's office. I wouldn't stay still, post-op. He told me that he'd have given me some sedatives, to keep me still, for the rest of the week. Not me. Surgery Friday, back to work (driving my car) on Monday! LOL

    Barry, it's great that the valium helps you. I had ocular migraines early '90s. I think I was given fioricet, but then I couldn't really work (or drive), if I had a migraine episode at work. So I muddled through the day, took a pill when I got home (if I still had the pain).

    Sorry about the dungeness crab. I have to agree -- when you've eaten dungeness, nothing else compares. I think our shrimp is from the Gulf. I have Kevin read the labels, country of origin. I do have to say that squid doesn't sound appetizing to me! :) I've had fried calamari many times, and didn't like it.

    Have you ever eaten octopus?? I went out to dinner back in the 80's with a co-worker of mine. She was very "modern" -- European origin (German), outgoing, loved trying new restaurants. So we ended up at this place called ECCO in Northern Virginia. I ordered the seafood/pasta cold salad. Then I saw the octopi (octopuses?) in it. Sabina and I traded entrees! LOL

    Rock, my hot entree doesn't have a name. Just something I made up. I sometimes shop in my pantry. I saw that I had rice, canned tomatoes. Cheese in the fridge. So all I needed was spinach and ground beef. Throw it all in a pan, stir stir stir. Voila. :)

    Sun, I hope you get things all straightened out (to YOUR benefit) on the insurance issues. Oh how stressful. And thanks for your kind words to me. Most of my docs (in the past) don't believe in med sensitivities. NOW, I ask for PILLS that can be cut in half and/or quarters. I just wasn't thinking that the one 10mg Valium would hit me so hard.

    Mikie -- I hope your computer is "fixed"; no more problems! I didn't know what to write yesterday when I posted. But I too had hallucinations, post-dental visit. I didn't know if that would be TMI. I was so scared, when Kevin told me what I was saying and doing!

    It feels so good to feel better. Now I'm having a bit of trouble with the klon: it seems to have gotten more potent for me. If I take one in the afternoon, I NEED A NAP, and I have to take a nap. Pre-valium, it felt like the klon was losing its effectiveness. Post-valium, it's WOW, sleep now. So I'm juggling my doses, cutting my pills in half. I know I can't stop the klon, without weaning.

    Spring, hope all is well with you. I know I'm forgetting to address other friends, but it's not intentional!

    We're having snow flurries today. Our part of the nor'easter should hit us tomorrow evening. No one can forecast -- 3-6 inches; 6-9 inches; or more; with or without an ice coating. Y'all stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wrote a War & Peace. :)

    I do have to say: It's good to be back!

    Luv y'all,
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    Dare I say, another grey day with heavy rain tonight. Good. Some sun is possible on Sunday and Monday, then more rain! I hope some of it makes it to SoCal for Rockgor and Sunflower.

    Sun, I'm sorry for all the financial stress you are going through. Can you get someone (like DD) to help you. Or call a senior centre and find out where you can get from?

    Rock: Redwoods immortal? I think not. Nothing is. But they do grow back from their cut stumps, or if they fall over and still have roots in the ground. How are your orchids doing? I don't have any anymore, except for a couple of Phals. that I can't decide to discard or not. I should walk down into the woods where the Calypso orchids are -- they bloom very early.

    Diane, shame on you! :p You don't like squid? The tiny whole squid are stuffed with chopped shrimp, bread crumbs, and whatever else (oh yeah, the tentacles, also chopped) and grilled and served with a sauce. I like a dijon mustard sauce with capers myself. Yum! :rolleyes: Yes I have eaten octopus, and calamari steaks -- a bit bland and boring to my tastebuds.

    The Hellebores are showing colour now, and the first primroses are in bloom. Also the first dandelion and lots more daisies. Intimations of spring....

    Love to all.
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    thank you EVERYONE for your sympathy and patience in reading about my insurance woes. I'm heading to a SS office for an appt today. The problem is I've fallen thru the crack so to speak. I am paying for cobra thru my DHs company, but NO ONE told me I should have signed up for part B, so I was allowed to sign just 2 weeks ago, effective in July and for the rest of my life I will have to pay a penalty for late sign up for B and D. And the big problem is even though I have cobra, United Health is "allowed to estimate" what Medicare will pay and then only pay 20% AFTER the deductible is met.

    Yesterday I called my DH's company corporate office in NJ and started screaming! I was told I would get a call today from someone but as usual NO ONE calls me back. This all has gone on since Aug.

    Barry: Yesterday was exciting....well, for me. A newly emerged monarch butterfly was drying his wings. Last summer I planted a bush that attracts them. Right now there are 8 little cattipilars demolishing the bush, and one cacooon hanging on a nearby bush. Such excitement! And this morning I spotted a large dark brown praying mantis hanging on the wall.
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    We are having a nice morning, 64 degrees. Woo hoo! Those cold mornings had my bones aching. Tomorrow and Sun. are slated to be cooler again. The same storm system which is supposed to dump snow on the Eastern Seaboard is bringing rain to FL today. The fur kids are all frisky and chasing each other all over the condo. Tweety chased Sir Vester and he stopped suddenly, causing her to run right over the top of him. Last night on the bed, she was on her side, pulling herself in circles with her front claws. She looked like a break dancer. She had the demented look on her face to try to intimidate him. This weather is bringing out their wild side.

    Landscaper finally came and planted our plumbagos yesterday. I've been unhappy with our shrimp plants because the blooms turn black and fall off into the pretty red mulch. I had an inspiration--we are getting plumbagos in between, and in front of, the shrimp plants. They will hide the ugly black spent blooms. This will make a nice two-level backdrop against the bldg. It will also introduce more color into the mix: Dark red shrimp blooms, blue plumbago blooms and yellow blooms on the alamandas. It's finally coming together. The plumbagos and new mulch make the center area more colorful and filled in.

    Barb was dying of curiosity but still wouldn't speak to me; she did speak to Grace, who was out front with me. She kept craning her neck to try to hear us. Finally, she came down the stairs and slunk around trying to figure out what was going on. She tried to talk to Grace, who told her she had to go in for a nap. She tried to talk to the landscaper who didn't tell her much. After talking to one neighbor, who was walking her dog, she gave up and went inside. I'm sure she thinks she is very stealthy but is, in fact, very transparent. It's actually pathetic and sad to see. I'm sure these latest plantings will further enrage her. Wait til the new plumbagos are planted. I hate to spend more money on landscaping but I want to do it right once and for all. Of course, with landscaping, nothing is ever over and done; it's an ongoing process. However, if we start with all new plants, it should last a long time with only pruning and fertilizing needed.

    Grace never did go in for a nap and we stayed outside talking to various neighbors. One friend across the street just got here and we both gave her big hugs. Her cancer has returned. She is the one who will eventually be in a wheelchair due to some kind of condition which affects one side, including her leg. She is a very sweet person and I hate to see that happen to her. We are all getting older here in the hood and so many seem to be sick. I've tried not to let this stress affect me but I know it has. I think I was OK until Ilona was so nasty the other day. My friend, Nancy, suggested we add Xanax to the drinking water for our bldg. :) Again, I try to focus on all the nice people who live here. It's good to be outside because this is an active place with people walking their dogs or just walking. Petting the dogs is soothing for me. The kitties like it when I come in with all those doggie smells on my hands.

    Julie, if all is going according to plans, you should be just leaving for your trip. I have sent up a prayer that all goes well for you. I hope you enjoy those kids as much as I think you will. I'm sure they will enjoy you. A sweet grandma is a precious thing. Remember not to pick up hitchhikers!

    Rock, Uff-da and AACCKK!!! both? OMG! Things must be dire. :eek: I admit that it would be more stressful having someone like that in the house. At least, I'm not related to my nemeses. I can choose to ignore them and go inside by myself. Leaving the fridge door open sounds a bit passive aggressive to me but I'm no shrink and haven't observed the behavior. Just sayin'. Cacti produce some of the most amazing flowers. I never knew for years until I saw a whole bunch of them at the nursery. In the desert, there are flowers so tiny that one would miss them unless one knew where to look up close. I always did think Joan Crawford had a hard look to her. Never could figure out why she was supposed to be sexy, well, maybe in a dominatrix kind of way.

    Granni, I am also trying to cut costs, as are most of the people I know. I started cutting my own hair, not to save money so much as to avoid visiting the salon. It's either get a different stylist every time or use one of the two women who do a good job but are very unpleasant. The whole atmosphere in that shop is offputting. They have driven a lot of customers to other shops. Judging from the turnover, I'd guess they have also driven away stylists. My hair grows so fast down here in the jungle that, if I don't like it, it'll grow out and I can have another go at it before long. It may seem like progress is slow for DD but, eventually, she will notice some healing. It'll be good if she can get off, or cut down on, those drugs which make her feel groggy. I hate that feeling. Have a safe trip.

    Diane, I have eaten calamari, escargot and alligator. The only one I like is calamari but it needs to be properly prepared or it's rubbery. That's as exotic as it gets for me. Mom was from NE and I was raised on meat, taters and veggies. It was delicious and satisfying but it took me a while to venture out into eating food which was spicier. I hope the Microsoft software finally found the problem with my computer. It's nice that it runs diagnostics and attempts to fix problems but it's awful to have it just shut down the computer without warning, causing me to lose everything. I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and was wondering whether I did the right thing. I'm getting used to it and actually like it now. I still have 8.1 on the Surface and won't be upgrading until the next best thing comes out. Hope your balance with the meds gets straightened out. With benzos staying in the bloodstream so long, it takes time to get settled down. Good luck.

    Barry, I hope you do get some sunshine soon. Do you take vitamin D3? Even living down here, I have to take it to feel decent. I eat Chia seeds so, if the sun does come out, I may sprout. :) Intimations of spring? In CO, we would call that imitations of spring. Just when one thinks spring has arrived there, it snows. Yikes! Not just snow, but big heavy wet snow to cover the early flowers and break tree limbs. Just watched a snippet on the news about the upstairs shelters being built in CA to provide safety in case of a tsunami. Evidently, it is overdue because of the movement of the oceanic plate. One shelter was built on top of a school. I hope that tsunami never comes but it appears that it likely will. Hope you will be safe where you are.

    Sun, have you heard about the tsunami and shelters? Good grief! As though CA hasn't been through enough as it is. Just when my kids were getting curious about death, butterflies were breaking free of their cocoons and taking flight. It was a perfect metaphor to describe how one can go from a rigid, earthbound body to a beautiful one which is free to fly. Of course, it was simplistic but came in handy then. Their great grandma had died and it helped them to think of her as a beautiful person in a new body in Heaven. I keep my prayers coming that you will get this ins. mess cleared up and that it will help get rid of the debt.

    Well, Kids, I'm gonna get going. I just hope I have some NRG to do something--anything! I left a birthday message for Richard and splained my current relapse to him. I said I'll call him later. I just have to put myself first and try to get better before I have visitors. I hope all of us get better. We deserve to.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2016
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is going to get gas and a couple things from Sams so I thought I would pop in for a minute. Please excuse me not speaking to everyone personally. I need to get dressed as DH will want to go work out when he gets home.

    DIANE - Thinking of you and thanks for your message. Hoping the weather is not to awful for you when that Nor-Easter blows in tomorrow. I know how bad those snow storms can be having lived out on Long Island in my youth. Stay warm and hope you keep your electricity.

    JULIE - Have wonderful and safe trip. I am guessing you are on your way and hope you don't run into any bad weather but I know you are used to that awful stuff. Hoping to hear all about it when you get back. ENJOY yourself !!!

    MIKIE - Hang in there with those grumps around you and hope you find some NRG for your chores.

    SUN - Hope things are getting better with your insurance woes. Good luck sweetie ! I know how that unsettling that all can be and confusing too.

    Love to ROCK, BARRY, SPRING, and everydobby I have missed. Gotta run for now. STAY WARM IT IS PRETTY CHILLY TODAY AND GOING TO BE IN 20'S TOMORROW MORNING, I BELIEVE.
    Granni :)
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane: I've eaten raw octopus years ago at sit on the floor Japanese restaurant. Talk about rubbery, and sitting on the floor was just soooo hard and I was only in my 20s. And I've tried my hand at cooking the squid too. As I remember I stuffed it with something then sautéed it quickly. Also used it cut in rings and cooked it in butter and olive oil for over pasta. It was soooo cheap years ago, but the family really didn't like it. The problem with our area on the shrimp is it's frozen so have to be sure to do at least 3 rincing/soaking to get rid of the solution. When at a restaurant I ask if it's fresh or frozen and 99% of the time it's frozen and I'm sure they don't do intensive rinsing.

    (wonder why my IPad is fighting me on spelling words.....seems to refuse some spelling or it puts it's own word)

    Julie: prayers for a safe trip for you. I was watching the weather last night and it seems most of the storm is up north. Diane: is it affecting you?

    Rock: Sorry you've got to put up with Gordon's brother!

    Mikie: I feel sorry for Barb, but like you said she put herself in this state. Glad you can stay away and keep her dying of curiosity. You have to chuckle over the whole thing. I don't understand what has happened.....she was so nice when she got there, and she did apologize on the phone for her last time there.

    My SS appt. went well....I think.....although the agent gave me a form that had to be filled out on my DHs employment, etc. and signed by his company. That lead me on more time running around yesterday and already this morning. I NEED this filled out form for my next appt. on Monday BEFORE I can sign up for part B. I got a nice person at his corporate office in NJ, and had to run out this morning and FAX the form to her. And get this......all these couple of weeks I thought I was already signed up for B since I spent almost 3/4 hr. with a phone agent who told me I was now. This SS dept. is unbelievable!!!!!

    I'm now awaiting a phone appt. with some agency who might be able to advise me. And the lady where I faxed it was telling me all the BIG changes in insurance, thanks to Obama care. She said they had a $6,000 deductible for their family and after the changes it moved to $12,000.

    I've talked to an agent at Kaiser already, and will call other insurance plans to see what would be best for me.

    Oh yes, I've already had the roofing company out this morning on blown in insulation. The last company said there are a lot of large boxes and the old AC tubing left up there and they were going to charge me $1,500 just to remove that before the could blow in the new stuff.

    I'm Sooooooo tired of people not doing their job and ripping me off!!!!! This trash in the attic was left by the AC people back in 2003 when they put in new heating/AC and they were to have removed it all. But I'm also annoyed at my DH because he was in the attic after the work and he NEVER said anything. And of course I can't climb the ladder into the attic to see the condition.
  18. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi peeps. I wanted to say Hi Guys, but thought it might sound sexist. ;)

    Sun, how nice that you have seen A Monarch already! We have no butterflies here yet, and the first to appear will be painted ladies and cabbage whites. But the weather will have to warm a bit more first. And a praying mantis too. You hit the entomological jackpot, didn't you?

    Mikie, you've eaten alligator? What's it like; I've always wanted to try it but can't find it locally! :D
    Yeah, I also take vit. d3 daily. This is always a down time of year for me, so I try everything I can. Just got to keep away from the wine, and use MM.
    Eureka, the county capital is right on the waterfront. Tsunami warning signs are everywhere. I just hope I'm not up there when the big one hits. We are safe here, at 600 ft. But the earthquakes would do the most damage, knocking out communication for many, and many impassable roads. :eek:

    Rock, hope you stay cozy and warm. I hope NRG will come your way ( mine too)! o_O Can't you put Gordon's bro to work? Become a petty tyrant and demand he does this and that! :rolleyes:

    That's all Folks,
    Love to All,

  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: I read that the problem with the bush that attracts the monarch is that it messes up their egg/cocoon cycle down here in So. Calif. There's very few leaves for them to eat at this moment so don't know what they will do?

    And there is a small flock of spotted towhees I think that are in my area. They get up in the neighbor's tree that's covered with little berries and make a mess on the patio next to my pool. Last week I saw them all lined up waiting to take their morning bath in a shallow dish filled with rain water. One after another. So cute!

    Boy, first drought then tsunamis!
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone

    Everyone in the the blizzards way pls keep safe.

    Im just back after errands out from noon. i took the bus to most places..so am a bit worn out. very crowded..luckily i got seats in all the three routes i took. but they all got crowded as the bus went its way. There was a young girl 13 or so very vocal about being squashed while standng..she was letting out yelps from time to time..in another route ther was a buncha college boys, very noisy but they were avidly discussing college and subjects and who was from whom in which class...the boys come from all over the remote areas to study and its common knowledge that they are the most brilliant hardworking kids and mostly win the scholarships to colleges abroad.

    Lordy, dont tell me a tsunami could be headed californias way..the two tsunamis i know of were so deadly. I pray everyone keeps safe.

    Rock what is the contingency plan in case of a tsunami there?

    Sunflower - you too.What a headache having to pay thru the nose to haul messes other people made nd were supposed to clean! when you already were dealing wth the insurance stuff.

    Rock - why isnt Gordons brother staying at his own place..a tiff with the wife?

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