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    Hi, Kids,

    Be sure to check out all the new posts on No. 863. So glad to see so many Porchies posting. How nice to have our little family here to support us and care whether we are all doing well. I'm doing OK but am cold; it's only 42 degrees out. I closed the sliders and turned on the heat. Utility bills be damned! When it's cold, the kitties' coats feel thick and fluffy. I guess the cold makes their hair stand out. It also makes Tweety want to stay up and play all night. She made a horrible racket last night by wiggling the closet doors. It was all I could do to ignore it until she finally tired of it. I'd leave those doors open but she would try to climb the shelves. When she did that in the little room in the front, the shelf gave way with her substantial weight. It fell onto the shelf below and everything on both shelves tumbled onto the floor. What a mess! I had to reinforce the shelves and put it all away. She isn't fat but she is an athletic cat who is all muscle. Little Sir Vester was pretty good all night. When she is active, he makes little noises like a percolator.

    I didn't venture out in the gusty wind yesterday. Actually, I didn't do much of anything except do my hair and pay some bills. Those running for the big board were supposed to have a Meet 'n Greet at the pool but I didn't see them. I wonder whether it was cancelled due to the wind. At least, this wind and cold is keeping people out of the pool and keeping them from being loud. Our bldg. is so well built except for the windows--single pane. Loud noises come right in. Some here have had them replaced with hurricane wind-resistant glass but it's really expensive.

    We are all on pins and needles waiting for Harriett's bald eagle eggs to hatch. The Eagle Cam shows the eggs under her in the nest. The baby birds should be pecking their way out any time now. It was so sad when Ozzie died but from the tragedy came new life. She took up with a younger male who is being a great father. Experts were worried that he might not have been mature enough to tend to her and the babies. Before she laid the eggs, he rebuilt the nest. Hmmmm, a good father and handy around the nest; he's a keeper!

    Sun, thanks for the links; I'll check them out. Can't wait for our Art Fest by the river to see all the new artwork. A lot of it is other media and I haven't seen a painting I'd want to hang in the condo. I still use my little pottery colander to rinse my berries for my breakfast. Art I can use and admire is still my favorite. I'm so glad that many of the artists make inexpensive pieces. Like you, I need to clean in here and this cold weather is perfect if I could just come up with some NRG. Berries in the pool are a mess. We had a live oak and it would shed acorns and leaves into the pool. Finally, it was cut down. Hope you got to paint a little.

    Diane, how wonderful that you have such nice neighbors. Good neighbors are a God send. I was concerned about Kevin and all that shoveling. The updated videos on the news are awful, especially of those caught out on the roads or those who didn't get home before the roads became impassible. NYC was offering hotel rooms at reduced rates. More than 10,000 flights were cancelled. That affects our airport because so many of the flights in and out go where the storms go. When I lived in CO, our house was on the corner so I had a lot of sidewalks to shovel. I had a snow blower but it wasn't heavy duty. Next door neighbor used his to clear my walks and double drive. Bless these good people.

    Rock, I'm glad you were not seriously injured in the fall (or the spring, winter or summer too :) and I hope your sore ear heals quickly. I also hope it's not too painful. Because I've been falling recently, I'm super careful in the tub. I haven't installed those grab bars yet but it wouldn't be a bad idea. I wonder whether those ones which utilize suction cups really stay put. Sir Vester, and sometimes Tweety, come into the bathroom when I'm taking a bath or shower. If the El Nino winds literally took my somewhere, it would be West Africa. Yikes!!! Take care so you don't fall again.

    Julie, sooooo glad you made it to Tenn. I'll bet those kids were excited. I can tell you are excited too. I know how much this trip means to you and how badly you needed to get away. If I had the NRG and $$$ to fly, I'd have gotten away from this pit of contention. Nothing like a trip to visit family to renew everyone. Be sure to take some pix of you and your family. I'm glad the other grandma is there to help too. Have a goooood time!

    Well, Kids, I had better go make a dent in this huge Sunday newspaper. I loooove reading a real newpaper with a cuppa Joe in hand, especially when it's cold out. I try to stop to reflect in the morning
    before the day gets going. I realize that, even though I have no NRG, I have everything else I need at that moment and I send up a prayer of thanks. I got a peek at the almost-full moon last night between the slats of my blinds. Full moons usually help my NRG so maybe I can get more work done in here. If it weren't so cold out, I'd have tried to go out to see whether the five planets were visible to me. BTW, I found out Mercury is retrograde in the Zodiac so I'm expecting lots of astrological mischief. Hope all y'all stay safe and happy and have tons of NRG.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening, Mikie. "Opening" is sometimes the crossword clue for
    "uncap". I am happy to report I made it out of the bath tub unscathed. After
    a great deal of analytical thought I came to the conclusion that if you are
    not on your feet, then they won't slip out from under you. So when my bath
    was over I just climbed over the side of tub. It reminded me of those films
    showing GIs in Basic Training where they crawl under barbed wire and
    over fences, etc.

    BTW we have one of those plastic bath mats with suction cups on the
    bottom. It stays in place as long as it gets forcefully pressed into place
    after it's been moved. Some years back I forgot. Gordon stepped on
    the mat and went sliding. Banged up his leg. Uff-da!

    Interesting that Sir Vester makes percolator noises. I suppose he feels
    he has grounds to do so with Tweety busy brewing up trouble.

    Julie, great to hear from you. Glad to hear you are having a blast.
    And what a kawinkydink. You're in Tennessee, and I just watched
    Cuzin Tennessee Ernie Ford on I Love Lucy. Used to have lots of
    his records in my collection.

    Sun, thanks for posting the painting site. Gordon and I have watched
    the painters on a PBS channel called "Create". They use big brushes
    and just kinda dab and poke at the canvas. This somehow produces
    clouds, trees, shrubs, etc. The channel also has craft shows, travel
    programs, cooking shows, etc.

    But the painter on on the site you posted draws with the brush and
    creates wonderful, detailed individual flowers, birds, etc.

    Gonna go lie down. Back later.
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    Just checking in. Another lazy Sunday. I'm on the Surface so I won't stay long. I finally had to soak in a hot tub to warm up. The cats are sleeping on their tummies with paws tucked under or in the sun. Just got my e-mail that my new Dutch oven has shipped from Amazon. It's cast iron and the lid can be used as a frying pan or casserole. It was cheaper than the kind I had, which I now wish I had kept. It was enameled cast iron. I pay no S&H on Amazon so I like to buy things there. I get one percent back to use toward future purchases.

    Rock, I get on all fours to get outta the tub instead of trying to hoist myself out by my arms. I once slid and landed on my hip. OUCH!!! Sir Vester has a whole repertoire of strange sounds. Both of them make soft cooing sounds when they are being loving. Very verbal cats, like these two, usually make all kinds of noises. Love your puns.

    Well, I'm fed up with this excuse of a computer so will get going.

    Love, Mikie
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    Sorry - i had to go off the computer yesterday and didnt get back..anyways the computer batttery died soon after.. we didnt hv power for all of last night and all of today..it came back on right now and its almost midnight.

    Mikie - so lovely to hear of your prayer of thanks..that you acknowledge everything you do have..even tho you miss your energy, i try to but in trying situations sometimes i fail. I knew there was going to be a full moon but clean forgot since there was a function i had to attend and was in a flap over not having the power needed to iron the ethnic dress id planned on wearing. its quite cold and this dress is made of thcker material..so i just tossed on a pair of thick flannel jammies underneath and put on a silk one which didnt need ironing. I smiled reading about the young eagle father.

    Sun - i tried to go to that art site but it didnt show up..i ll try again later...we get parrots too around here in winter but i have no idea why, this winter there are almost none..they come in from the plains where the cold gets really severe...

    about the money for the helps operation, she was a very good worker in that she was honest and respectful and very balanced, a nice person basically. and since she was with us for so long..she deserved it and maybe more if i could hv done more. fifty thousand rupees in 100 rupees notes which is what we had in the cupboard looks a lot and my son happened to come in while i was counting it out to have it ready when they came to get it, he looked surprised and said "can i have some? and i told him, no, it was for didi (elder sister, which the kids call the helper lady) that she had stones needing to be removed from her gall bladder, and he said, looking at the bundle.."jeez, how many stones does she have?"

    Julie - hey, that is so great you got to go...and are having fun with your babies at last! im sure
    they miss you so much. even in those snowy conditions. what a wonderful place is America, they get so much done so fast! here a snowfall of that magnitude in the border areas to the north and the trade route between Tibet and nepal get impassable for days on end. The summer rains also cause the same problems.

    Diane - i just loved that dean martin video. What a lovely feeling it gives off, of being safe and warm inside with a lovely fire while it snows hard and fast outside. Those neighbors of yours, sound lovely..wasnt it the sweetest?Its so nice to hear of young people who have good manners and kind hearts.

    Rock - I hope you didnt hurt yorself bad. The few times ive fallen in the bathroom, slipped mostly, ive had very bad bruises, because one is falling on hard surfaces. Good to know tsunamis cant get you, where you are.

    Barry - i just saw you posted while i was trying to edit. Fifty shades of grey and green seems beautiful! Reminds me of the picture of watercolours of the sea or ocean. and flowers too...lovely. wish you were nt feeling unwell. o i hope you dont hv to hv that colonoscopy, but if you need to maybe you should.?

    Granni - i guess you must be busy...and i hope your DD is improving by the day.

    I think i must go off to bed now. Its 1:15 am!! oh lordy.

    God Bless
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    Hi Gang!
    Mikie and Rock, thanks for the puns; they really brighten up my daze!

    Not much going on here but 51 shades of grey and green. Lows in the 40's, highs in the 50's. A few more flowers in the garden; more crocus (orange) and primulas (pink). Forsythia should be in bloom soon.

    A water drip started in the house y-day; if it's not one thing, it's another. Will probably have the room re-roofed this spring --$$$!

    Springwater, you mentioned Theosophy. Do you know of Krishnamurti? He broke away from the Theosophists and went his own way. I went to several of his talks here in California and in London many years ago. His main message was not to follow any "leader", including himself. Find your own way. Compassionate. Has a few books written about him. His biography is fascinating. You are a very kind person, Springwater. Thank you.

    Rock, yes this is the same Hellebore used to poison the water supply; it didn't kill the people and troops, just incapacitated them with severe diarrhea and cramping to the point where they couldn't fight the fights!

    Love to All
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    Barry - i have heard of Krishnamurti. He has quite a few followers in India. But i honestly dont know much about Theosophy...myself. Other than what its got to do with Pranic healing. But yes, that was what the instructor told us, at the class, that the founder of Pranic Healing said not to follow blindly but to experience and believe..im trying to find out stuff i can put to use practically to help me and my 101 issues..and theosophy seems to deal with seekers who have a deeper need to find out the meaning of life, a tad bit more evolved than i am.

    How interesting that you attended UG Krishnamurtis talks!

    o and thank you for your sweet words..:)

    God Bless
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon just got back from running errands. Among other things he
    had to go to the Jo-Ann store for needles. He's repairing an old quilt.

    Springwater, kind of you to ask. My bump the other day was more
    annoying than damaging. My ear was sore for a day. Now it's only
    a problem if I re-bump it. Oh yeah, and I can't wear earrings.

    I wonder if you have any moon stones given your interest in things
    lunar. I used to have one. Maybe I still do. Sort of a luminous grey.
    I got it about 25-30 years ago when I was doing things I read would
    ward off Alzheimer's. Collect something; so I bought a buncha cheap
    rings. Well, I didn't want anything I would have to be too upset about
    if it were lost or stolen. I also took up crossword puzzles. That didn't
    help either, but I still do 'em. The easy kind.

    Barry, you know more exotic flowers and foods than any 2 other folks
    I know. Do you raise any edible blossoms to decorate the table for
    high teas or luncheon parties on the lanai?

    I don't know how much it costs to do a new roof, but I bet it's plenty.
    I know our neighbors had their old house repainted several years back,
    and the cost was substantial. The neighbor told me houses have to
    be repainted more often now because house paint no longer contains

    I seem to remember when the gas companies charged us extra for
    the new gasoline with lead in it. Couple decades later they were
    charging extra for gasoline with no lead in it.

    Mikie, I'm intrigued by your dutch oven with multipurpose parts.
    Is the thing really heavy when full? I remember going to a store
    where a bride was registered. I was going to buy a frying pan, but
    it was so heavy I didn't think it was practical. Got her something
    else. Don't remember what. Anyhoo I heard at the reception that she
    was furious with the store because it had mixed up her list with that
    of some other bride. Well, at least she didn't have to lug that heavy
    fry pan back.

    Oh yeah, and speaking of the continuing problem of ubiquitous
    incompetence, Gordon got me some DVDs of old TV shows.
    There are frequently 6 half hour shows on one DVD. So on one
    of them the order of the programs doesn't match the table of

    OK, not really a problem, but still...Then last night I went to play
    the last program on a DVD. It's not there! It's listed, but isn't on
    the disc. Land O Goshen! I was robbed! Well, Gordon was. He
    paid for 'em.

    Here's a joke; or possibly a puzzle. Guy walks into a bar, holds up two
    fingers and says, "Give me five beers." It's not so puzzling if you
    know that the bar is in Rome.

    And then there's the old joke about the grasshopper who hops into
    a bar. The bartender says, "Hey! We got a drink named after you."
    The grasshopper says, "You got a drink named Harold?"

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    Ha Ha.....Rock I like the grasshopper one but I don't get the Rome bar joke> What 2 fingers or does that make a difference?

    Barry: Just read this and though you might be interested and you can discuss it with your doctor.


    I've been dealing with bad back/neck pain this past week, thanks to me thinking I am super woman. I injured my back with the pool at least 30 years ago and I should have learned that trying to maneuver a long pole in the pool to remove something is a NO NO for me. So I've had to take some tramadol which makes me feel very loopy. And people pay $ for drugs to feel like this???
  9. rockgor

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hi Sun, sorry to hear your spine is acting up. In the future, just keep
    this little verse in mind.

    A pole in a pool
    For me is not cool.

    The guy in the bar joke confusiated me at first too. The answer can
    be found in considering the location of the bar.

  10. bct

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    Sun----I,II,III, IV, V, ........X.... ;).
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    X marks the spot! You got it, Barry. (Tibi expediret inuentus est.)

    Regards to Richard and Shorty. Romeo too if he is still around.

  12. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    How 'bout those Broncos! Woo Hoo!!! I couldn't believe it. The Pats were heavily favored. Instead of choking, the Broncos played their own game, coming on strong right out of the chute. A stupid mistake led to the Pats' making their first TD but they missed the extra point. It was the defensive teams on both sides which was the real story. In the old days, the Bronco's defense was called, The Orange Crush. Had Miami not won against the Pats a while back, this game would have been played in Mass instead of the Broncos' having home field advantage. Thanks, Miami! Peyton Manning is 39, the oldest QB to have played in a Superbowl. I can't even dare to dream they might win; just having the AFC Championship is enough.

    Tomorrow, I have to stop in at my doc's office to find out which tests he ordered at the lab. No one, including the lab techs, can read his writing. Before I can even go to the lab, I have to stop at the doc's to let them make a copy of my new ins. card. What a pain! I may have to reschedule my appt. if I can't get into the lab at least four days before my appt. I am getting to the point where I detest going for medical appts. Bah! Humbug!

    I looked out to see the full moon setting behind the townhouses across the street. It was beautiful! It's cold here this morning but should warm up today. Lots of sunshine predicted but, Wed. and Thurs., the next cold front and rain will come through again. Harriett is still sitting on her eggs. She had her head buried in her feathers this morning while she slept. Nothing touches my heart like animal parents caring for their young families.

    Spring, I've never heard of Theosophy but am always wanting to grow in spirit and get new perspectives. I know that, as hard as having chronic illness has been, it has led to spiritual growth for me. As you know, I believe we choose these lives and hardships in order to learn and grow before we even incarnate here. That helps me not to question God but to just have faith that He knows what He's doing. When I'm soooo exhausted, sick and stressed, I do swear and I hate it but don't know how to stop. You are such a kind and caring person. You must have good Karma stacked up a mile high! I'm laughing about the gall stones. Didn't know they charged by the stone! :)

    Barry, you're quite the pun master yourself! I've never seen puns as the lowest form of humor but rather one enjoyed by intelligent people. A roof leak? AACCKK!!! I hope you can get it fixed. In condos, part of our monthly fees go toward reserve accts. for painting and roofing. We also have one for meeting our deductible if a hurricane damages our bldg. We had to reroof ten years ago when Hurricane Charley hit us so hard. The roof should last another ten years as long as we don't get hit again. BTW, we had a rubbery sealant put under the shingles. Even if the shingles blow off, the roof won't leak. We found out that tile roofs were the least durable and that tin roofs were the best. We just have shingles. I hope you get sunshine. We will have a sunny day and it should warm into the 70's but it's sooooo cold this morning. Brrrrr! :confused:

    Rock, I love stones, crystals and gems. Moon stones, and labradorite, are very mysterious stones. I love them both. Moonstones look beautiful with pearls. I really should get something with both as I'm a water sign and the moon is my ruling 'planet.' I love stones with chatoyancy. I probably misspelled that but it just means that, as you turn a stone, it appears different from one aspect to another. Tiger eyes are a great example. I got a seraphinite pendent to wear after my gall bladder surgery. It's a healing stone. I got the two-finger bar joke right away because crossword puzzles often use Roman numerals as clues. Also, I asked my Mom what the two-finger 'V' gesture meant in WWII. I wonder whether Richard Nixon got five drinks when he held up his victory sign. BTW, learning to play a new instrument or learning a foreign language are better for the brain than crossword puzzles, according to the experts. I need to get back to speaking French or Spanish.

    New paint is so much better now if one uses a good brand. We are finding that we can go ten years between paint jobs instead of the usual seven even though our paint is guaranteed by Sherwin Williams for seven years. Paint down here takes a real beating from the relentless sun. Everything takes a real beating. We used up our paint reserve, and then some, last year when we had our railings electro-painted, our stucco corners repaired and our bldg. painted. So now we start over, contributing to the paint reserves. It's nice to know we have the money in the bank when it's time to repaint or reroof. I need to go to Joann's too but will wait until I can go first thing in the morning, before the Snowbirds turn out in flocks and cause traffic jams.

    Sun, I hope your back is better. I also don't get the point of feeling loopy from drugs. A small high from some MJ isn't so bad but feeling so out of it all the time just to get pain relief is a side effect I hate. None of the pain relievers get rid of the pain without side effects except OTC ones. Even then, I worry about damaging my liver and kidneys. Our pool looks awful. The pool guy is lazy. The grout around the tiles on the inside edge is black. I'm just glad I'm not on the board anymore. I really enjoyed looking at those photos of the watercolors. They reminded me of the old Audobahn, know I misspelled that too, paintings except these were much more colorful and bright. The lilies and butterfly were amazing. Take care of your back and feel better soon.

    Gotta run, Kids. I'll check in later. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi all!

    Great to read all the posts.

    We have sunshine here today, temps in the 40's. What a welcome break, even though the snow made it quiet and sparkly and lovely outside.

    I do have to agree with y'all, about our younger neighbors. And I loved what you posted, Spring.

    I'm glad to hear that Julie is safe and sound in TN and having a great time! Wishing you a safe trip back to Iowa.

    I guess Granni is with DD. I don't think I've seen a post from her recently. Hope all is well, Granni!

    Barry, sorry about the roof leak. If it ain't one thing ..... you know the saying. We're having sausage for the next couple of suppers here. Both Kevin and I love it. We get it at the butcher counter, and sometimes they do it "just right." I have it frying right now. I'll have mine sliced with some rice. Kevin will re-heat his, make a sandwich.

    Sun, I hope your back is feeling better. I too have trouble with Rx's making me feel loopy.

    Rock, I love your puns and jokes. I think (on the past thread) that you said you fell. Hope you are feeling better!

    Mikie, how 'bout those Broncos! :) Even though they knocked my Steelers out of the playoffs, I was still cheering for Peyton and the Broncos. What a game!

    Interesting day, yesterday. Kevin went and got groceries. Was home in record time. Then out to the library and to get his car inspected. It was about 5:00 p.m. before he got home. I asked him if all went well, and he said .......

    No inspection, the car wouldn't pass. The inspection station called and found a place that sold tires that fit the Optima. So, 4 new tires, $700, and no inspection yet. He has an appt for next Saturday morning for the car inspection. Then next weekend he gets work for 2 crowns. Between dental bills, health care bills (our deductible is high, our co-pays are higher too: $40/reg. doc; $60/specialist), and car bills (and our utilities and cable/internet, etc. costs have gone up), we have spent thousands of dollars over the past several months. Plus, last year we had to pay off that $5000 anesthesiologist bill that I had. We just spent $1,000 on the car, between the scratch repair and the rental car. OMG. Please say a prayer for us that this output of money slows! And cross your fingers that Kevin gets a raise this year (he hasn't gotten one in 2 years).

    So my mind is on money. And there's really no way to even do a spreadsheet on it, because we haven't received any Explanation Of Benefits from the health ins. co.

    My mind is a little preoccupied, my friends. I'll post more when I feel up to it. Right now, I'm just feeling a bit worried.

    Take care all.

    Love and hugs and prayers,

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    New cast iron dutch oven just came, a day early. It's beautiful and made in the USA. This company has been making cookware for 150 years. The top has no handle except for little "ear" handles on the sides where the ones are on the Dutch oven. Because the top is flat, it can be turned upside down and used for a fry pan or casserole. How clever! I know the description read that but I had to see it to appreciate it. This is a five-qt. Dutch oven for only $32 with no S&H. The things I get through Amazon always get here fast and are usually less expensive than anywhere else.

    It's already 68 degrees out and sunny. I walked my garbage down to the dumpster and saw a number of friends/neighbors. It's good to get outside. With the cold weather and my exhaustion, I just haven't been out much.

    Diane, 40-degree weather is cold for us and a nice break for you. I think the sun shining on fresh snow is soooo beautiful. TV showed a park in ND with the tree branches all sparkly with ice formations spiking out in all directions. It looked other worldly. So beautiful. I'm so very sorry for all these expenses you have been having. It does seem as though things like that come in clusters. It's time for you and Kevin to get a break from it. I have been keeping you in my prayers but I'll step them up. I'll also pray for a raise for Kevin. Medical bills are what cause more debt than anything else. Until we have some form of better medical care, people without good plans, and those with large deductibles, will continue to pay disproportionately more for their healthcare. Businesses are cutting back on ins. benefits due to increased costs of providing health ins. for their employees. That is, in essence, a cut in pay.

    Thanks for your kind words about the Broncos. The Steelers have always been a good team and I'm sorry they lost to the Broncos. I'm sorry the Pats lost to them but I'm glad they will be going to the Superbowl. I often can't take the stress of watching them play but I'm glad I watched yesterday. I love most sausage and am drooling at your description. I decided to make my garlic butter scallop pasta for lunch. Publix just had the scallops on a BOGO again so I picked up another two boxes of them. It's soooo easy to make if I use premade Alfredo sauce. I don't eat a lot of packaged foods but now and then doesn't hurt. We have an Italian market and restaurant down the street and they make fennel sausage. I want to try it. Publix sausage is awful. Take care, my friend, and stay warm. Snuggle down with the kitties. Prrrrrrr!!!

    My sciatica is hurting so think I won't clean out the little pantry cupboard in the kitchen. All that standing on a step ladder and twisting won't do it any good. I have a headache, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. AACCKK!!!

    Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  15. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    If y'all want to smile about the snow .....

    Take a look at this link from the National Zoo in D.C. :)


    Scroll down, then play the video of Tian Tian (giant panda) romping in the snow. How cute!

    Hugs, Diane :cool: (we need an emoticon for "brrrrrrrrrr"!) LOL
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey, Kids

    Mikie, I couldn't tell if you were talking about John J. Audubon or
    Germany's autobahn. But in either case, don't you think John
    Audubon was driven to finish his masterpiece " Birds of America"?

    BTW the autobahn is famous for having no speed limit, but
    Wikipedia says it has no national speed limit. But some localities
    enforce speed limits, especially when the weather's bad.

    Well, I'm glad you got your new Dutch oven. Now you can make
    rundvleesstoofpot and pasta mit Alfredo saus. Bon Appetit. Never
    tried Alfredo sauce myself, but the tenor in La Traviata is named
    Alfredo, and he has some lovely music to sing.

    Thanks for the tip about Tian Tian, Diane Diane. The zoo
    site wouldn't play for me so I went to Youtube and found
    the video there. I suspect the panda looks pretty much like
    my friends and I did in the snow 70 years ago.

    Sorry to hear about all the expenses piling up. I'm afraid our
    middle class is now an endangered species. Gordon is at
    the dentist right now having some work done on old crowns.
    Yes, my banged up ear from my acrobatics in the tub is all
    better now.

    Sun, hope you are feeling better too. Hugs to Julie and Barry
    and Granni and Springwater and et. al.

  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: YES.....the middle class is hurting really bad and it's not going to get better. You MUST have Gordon make something with Alfredo sauce.....if you like the old fashioned white sauce which I'm sure your mom made, you will love this. I remember getting to clean the pot after my mom made white sauce......so good.

    Diane: I do hope Kevin gets a raise, wouldn't that be nice. Most of us are drowning in bills, bills, bills.

    Mikie: I used to have some old cast iron fry pans, Dutch oven, etc. but they got too heavy for me to lift so my son now has them. But I did love making chili in them, speaking of which I'm going to make some HOT spicy chili for myself today. I'm sick AGAIN with this bug that keeps resurrecting itself in my body. Yesterday I was talking to my DD on the phone. She was sick with a bad sore throat and aching. 2 hrs. later I realized I also had a bad sore throat and the aches. I read that spicy foods help clear out the mucus in the lungs.

    At my SS meeting today I gave him a paper showing my DH had health insurance....a lot of scurrying around for it, the secretary overnighted the signed form back to me, but now it won't arrive until tomorrow......bad weather in the east is the cause. But I was able to finally get it printed on my other computer (my IPad wouldn't allow me to open a secure email) so SS accepted the copied form. So now I wait for the confirmation from SS that I'm signed up for B and then I must send them another filled out form along with the tax forms from 2014. I'm still in a short window to prove my income has gone down otherwise I have to pay a penalty for the rest of my life!!!!!

    Anyway, I stopped at the market to buy some echinacea and mullein pills,hoping this will help me get over this bug. The checker told me her family has now had it 3 times each. This must lie dormant in the body then start all over again.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I'm sick! AAACCCKKK!!! I don't know what it is but my lymph nodes on my neck under my chin are so big that, not only can I feel them, I can see them! Yikes!!! I don't know whether this is why I've been exhausted or whether my exhaustion caused me to be vulnerable to whatever is going around. Or, it could be the Whatever Herpes Virus that reactivates when I get run down. In any case, I have a stuffed-up head, a sore throat and a headache. I was going to go to my doc's office today to have them make a copy of my ins. card and check the scrip for my labwork but I'm staying inside and resting--again! It would also be a good day to go to the pool since it is supposed to reach 80 degrees today but I'm not going to stress my body. Tomorrow and Thurs., it's supposed to rain more than an inch. We'll be floating away with all this rain.

    The biggest challenge I have right now is to find a place to store my new Dutch oven. These condos weren't built for full-time living. I sometimes wish I had kept my old one but, at the time, I couldn't even lift it with my weak wrists. I guess it's a good sign of some healing that I now can lift this one but sometimes, my wrists will still be too weak and achy to lift anything heavy. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Diane, the news has been playing that video of the panda in the snow all day yesterday and today. It is soooooo cute. I love the way animals show such abandon and joy when they play. We humans could learn a thing or two from them. I continue to pray that all these expenses come to an end. I did see a piece on TV that billionaires, like Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates, have formed a club where they and other billionaires agree to give at least half their wealth to charity. There are more than 100 who have joined them. It may not helps us but it does give me hope that all those who benefited so much from our economy aren't greedy. They will give away half a trillion dollars.

    Rock, when I typed that, I knew it wasn't right but didn't feel up to looking it up. Good thing spelling doesn't count here. The lack of speed limits, and aggressive driving, on the Autobahn is why there are often multi-car accidents in Germany. After our bumper-to-bumper 80-mph trip on I-75 back from Orlando, I think I kinda know how that feels. It was white knuckle all the way. The only difference is that in Germany, cars can get up to 100 mph. If you like garlic, you would probably like the Alfredo sauce. It's very rich. The scallops I use come frozen in their own garlic butter sauce and when cooked, all that butter melts. Then, I add the sauce and pour it all over the pasta. The sauce I buy has three kinds of cheese in it. Mmmmm! I see that there is now a cooking show on PBS for preparing Indian food. I have to catch that one.

    Sun, I wish you, and I, could get well once and for all. You may have something like I do that goes latent only to reactivate when you are stressed or run down. Between the bug you had, and this ins. mess, it could be enough to reactivate something like that. Many with our illnesses still have the EBV, left over from when we had Mono, reactivate. I think that may be what is happening with me. If you can show that you were insured through COBRA, you should not have to pay a penalty for your Part B. I hope and pray you get this all straightened out. I also pray that this pressure on the middle class, and those of us retired from having been middle class, stops. It has to stop. We no longer can work to try to dig ourselves out. The younger generation has to be able to earn a decent living. Most come out with a bundle of debt in student loans. Hang in there and take good care of yourself.

    Granni, hope you had a safe trip and that Lynne is doing well. Will keep y'all in my prayers.

    I posted this and came back to edit it. I'm afraid my computer may crash again and lose my post. I don't know what's wrong with it but Microsoft keeps trying to fix it. That's one thing I do like about Microsoft 10. It seems to be more proactive in fixing software problems.

    Kitties think I'm fair game anytime after 3:30 a.m. Sir Vester kept approaching me and poking at me with his paw. I kept sending him back to the other side of the bed and telling him to go back to sleep. Tweety just kept jumping on my stomach. Ugggh!!! I got up around 4:30 and gave them their morning treats and went back to sleep until almost 7:00. Glad I got that extra few hrs. of sleep. Of course, they are sacked out now.

    Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2016
  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All.
    Sorry you are feeling so poorly Mikie and Sun. Hope it clears up soon, whatever it is. I hate seeing docs. now; there have been so many! :eek:. I started getting sick (tired and fatigued) in '94. I was dx'd with EBV. I saw a different doc. in 2005 who said I had EBV also. I have seen at least two docs. that have called CFS a "wastebasket diagnosis". I believe EBV is HHV-4, if my memory serves me well. That's Human Herpes Virus #4. And I never had infectious mononucleosis! Oy vey. o_O

    Sun, interesting that you use mullein and Echinacea as palliatives. Do you grow any yourself. Mullein is a weed here, albeit a pretty one. Echinacea is nice and easy to grow also; we have several in the garden. The Iris reticulatas are in bloom. They always take me by surprise! And also some miniature rock-garden species of Narcissus are up and at it.

    Mikie, don't you have speed limits in Fla? 80 mph seems a little fast! I would be white-knuckled too.....

    Bananas. We have been getting a lot of bananas lately that look alright on the outside, but are blackish in the centre. Anyone else?

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Porch F'amily,

    I hope everydobby feels better today. I am about the same so don't know just what I'll do today. Kitties didn't make a peep (yes, they do peep) and we all slept til 5:00 a.m. That doesn't happen often. Bless their little hearts. Lymph nodes are still like golf balls and my head is all stuffed up. It has been raining all night and will continue until, at least, through tomorrow til Fri. The biggest storms are passing south of us with tornado warnings down in Marco Island and Everglades City in the Ten Thousand Islands area--down by the very SW tip of the state. I pray for all in harm's way but I'm glad those warnings don't include us. That was scary.

    I've been wanting a twine holder for my kitchen. I went on Amazon and found a cute little cast iron one with a rooster on top. This is the most shopping I've done in ages. I'm not up to much else right now. Yesterday, Joe called me to ask about a friend of mine who is running for the big board. Then, she called and asked me to moderate the "Meet 'n Greet The Candidates" next Sat. I declined because I'm just too close to it. Anything I say might be perceived as an endorsement or a dislike for a candidate. It might be difficult for me to keep my negative feelings to myself after what I know about a few of the board members. I've already voted. My friend told me that only 20 ballots, out of 167, have been received by mgmt. I suggested to my friend that the candidates police themselves by limiting their intros to two or three minutes before opening it up to Q&A. One of the nastiest board members, who drove me to resign, is not here and is having one of his tantrum rants over their having this event. Nothing he can do about it. I hope he isn't re-elected.

    One of Harriett's eaglets has pecked its way out of the egg. One to go. She is sitting on the egg and chick, sheltering them from the rain. Birds' lives are not easy. TV shows anything exciting in the nest because, most of the time, it's just a video of Harriett's head and back as she sits on the nest. She has raised many fledglings but these are likely the first for her mate. He doesn't have a name yet. I think they should give him one. He is called, M15. The M is for 'male' but I'm not sure about the 15. He may be the 15th male identified in the area. When there are two eaglets, it's not uncommon for only one to survive. The first one hatched is usually the strongest and may push his sibling out of the nest. Geez! Talk about your sibling rivalry! I think if we had lived in a nest, DD#1 would have pushed DD#2 out of it. Now, they are best of friends.

    Barry, it is possible to have a chronic form of EBV which continues to reactivate. We don't know whether mine is EBV, CMV or HHV-6. People with CFIDS/ME are vulnerable to all of them. Sometimes, when mine reactivates, I get the start of a cold sore on my lower lip, but not always. I put ice and Abreva on them and they never get to the weeping/scabby stage. Now and then, one whole half of my head will feel as though it's a cold sore getting started. I have acyclovir and I think I'll start taking it. My eye doc never wants me to get a cold sore near my eye. The speed limit on the interstates here in FL is 70 mph. but everyone drives 80. If one drives 70, it causes a disruption and road rage so it's better to just drive 80. The good news is that most people braving the interstates are seasoned drivers who know the drill and drive pretty well. The exception is when the Snowbirds arrive and leave. Some of them are so frail that I wonder how they can drive. Feel better, my friend.

    Julie, I'm so sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better. I am so glad that GPA had a good time while you were gone. It likely opened up a whole world for him to distract him from all the crap sis tries to fill his mind with. I hope you can get some rest. It is good for you to get away, good to see family and also good to rest when you feel tired or sick. I'm sure you took pix and will share them with us when you feel better. Take care, Sweetie, and feel better soon.

    Gonna post this before my computer acts up and I lose it. I'll come back to edit.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2016

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