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    Hi, Kids,

    I just finished emptying out the big plastic storage bin we kept behind the pool house and brought the contents to our bldg. so I could put the paint in the one we have here. The new president doesn't like the one by the pool. I offered it to the neighborhood POA but, if they don't want it, someone will have to drag it to the dumpster area. It was cold and windy out and my sciatica was acting up but I had to do it now and not have it hanging over my head. I have enough of that inside here. The paint, in five-gallon buckets, fit in our smaller bin behind our hedge in front of the bldg.--thank God! I see we have some white paint and I may use it to paint my lanai. This paint is the best and retails for $100 a gal. Of course, the painters get a deep discount. The paint is guaranteed for seven years by the mfr. They had a lot left over after painting the bldg. My lanai is already painted white so it shouldn't be too big a job to repaint it. One coat should do it (famous last words :)

    Barb's daughter left today and will be replaced by the other daughter. Her son will be coming in Mar. to close up her condo. She is still saying she refuses to fly back up north with them. According to the daughter who just left, even Barb's grandchildren and great grandchildren don't want to be around her because she is so mean. That makes me sad to hear. I pray she heals and goes back and enjoys being around her family. I feel so sorry for all the kids.

    I stopped in to see Grace downstairs because she was sick yesterday. She's better today. She's no bigger than a minute and freezes out in the cold. Her DH wanted her to walk their adorable little dog, Dusty. I said I'd take him. I asked for a plastic bag in case he pooped. She assured me he wouldn't but gave me a bag. He did and I picked it up. As cold as she was, she put on a jacket and came out to watch me with Dusty. She hovers over him all the time. She is afraid he will jump on me and scratch my legs when I visit. I keep telling her we need to let him come to me and let me keep him calm and train him not to jump. He's very smart and very sweet. I love my neighbors' dogs, especially since I don't have one of my own. I offered to trade two cats for him but she didn't take the deal.

    Granni, my Mom had a cleaning lady when she lived in NE, before my Dad died. The cleaning lady did their laundry but Mom helped her. I think it's wonderful that you have one. I'll just continue living in my own filth (and the cats' filth) until I can get it cleaned. How interesting about the twins. I hope they will do well in college; I'll bet they will. Yes, those heavy vacs are soooo hard to push unless they are self-driven. That's what I like about my lightweight Hoover Air. It has great suction but is soooo easy to push. Still, just having to push it is hard on the back. That's why I love the Roomba so much. If I didn't have these two fur balls shedding all over the place, I wouldn't need it. Hope you can get some rest too; you're always on the go.

    Sun, wow! Four bathrooms! I only have two. Toilet and sink in the guest bath don't get much use but the tub/shower in there does. I keep the cats' litter box in the walk-in shower in the master bath. Still, cleaning the baths isn't the problem. Keeping up with vacuuming is, or was before Roomba. I still have to drag the shampooer out to clean the traffic paths. I hope the guy can fix the fridge. It's good you have an extra. It's been about 13 years since I got this fridge so, if it craps out, it will be about time. Still, I'll keep using it as long as it works. Glad you will be getting the latest snag in your life fixed so you aren't stressing over it. It's the big stuff, and the little stuff, which drives us nuts.

    Diane, most of the storms we get eventually make their way up the Atlantic Coast and wreak havoc in your neck of the woods. I hope this latest cold front doesn't cause you any problems. We're not used to tornadoes here except in conjunction with hurricanes. Another TV station got the wind sheer radar so that now I can see where the tornadoes are concealed up in the clouds. It's freaky but handy to know. My master bath is actually a storm shelter. It has no windows. Our outside walls are concrete block and stucco and very strong. The only vulnerability is the roof. Of course, hurricane winds can tear a bldg. like this apart. A comforting thought--NOT!!! Take care and stay warm and safe.

    Gotta get going and order some supps from PH. Hope all y'all are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: I've learned the way to break a dog of jumping is for the person they're trying to jump on to lift their knee...it kinda knocks them off balance. How big is the dog and what kind? I met my next door neighbor out on a walk, she had her adorable little dog who must weigh all of 8 lbs. Can't believe she's now 10 years old, it seems like I remember when they just got her as a puppy to replace another little dog that had been stolen! And this neighbor told me they will be putting their house up for sale in June...or leasing it since it's now just come back to what they paid for it. They've been such nice people, quiet but she's always told me I can call her if I need to. Now I pray that the next neighbors will be just as nice.

    Sounds like the new president wants to exert authority! And about Barb, I feel sorry for her kids. What a problem for them. Old people or for that matter everyone needs to be nice/kind to those around them. My suggestion to them would be to sell her condo and put her into a nice retirement home. They seriously need to set her straight......they've created a monster by catering to her and at this point they have to think about her safety, etc. and.......their piece of mind.

    Diane: I think we were posting at the same time. I'm listening to an exciting murder/mystery and thought you might like to check on it. "Fever Dream" by Preston & Child. Just finished to one talking about the best alligator etoufe' so I'm heading to the market for.......andouille sausage and will substitute chicken for the gator.

    And I hope this link comes thru......this is a pharmacist who believes treating more naturally. She got this horrible bug and had this video shot........how she got over it quickly.

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    Sun, I can't tell you what sushi smoked eel tastes like; definitely NOT chicken. I love it. Richard made a chicken/andouille gumbo last week, with plenty of okra. Delish! I am an okra lover. :rolleyes: I know a lot of people don't care for it. :eek:.

    Mikie, I am still giggling over your offer to trade two cats for a dog! What a change that would be. And paint at $100 a gallon? Is this real or a misprint? Holy Cow! (and I am not a Hindu!)

    I have been checking the cobwebs in the window corners, getting rid of the old used ones, but being careful not to disturb the clean ones with little spiders in them. Cobwebs are good for catching dust and little gnats and so on. I always like to see what is living in my house. The only spiders I kill are Black Widows; the rest are free to roam. ;)

    Oh yes! The Camellias we planted so many years ago are blooming -- at least Pink Perfection and Hawaii are. Others will follow. And Magnolia is blooming well this year -- all flowers, no leaves until later. Lovely.

    Bye for Nonce,
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    :)Wow, these PORCHES sure have been going by fast. I can hardly keep up. Just wanted to pop in for a minute or two since I see the new one is already starting up and I want to get everyone's replies on my phone.

    Thank you BARRY for starting us up again and MIKIE for ending the last one. I think I was the very last one on there to post if anyone is interested. BARRY your flowers sounds so pretty. I wish I could see a picture of them all. Your gumbo sounds great. We lived not to far from the New Orleans area many years ago before we moved to TX and got used to all that good stuff. Wasn't sure about the okra at first but did get used to it especially eating it. Great friend in Gumbos an not bad with tomatoes and onions if I recall too.

    JULIE - Have a good time running around with Gpa tomorrow and stay safe with all your driving. I do as little as I can get away with but do some in the neighborhood :)!! When did you say the kids would be closing on their new home?? Hope all goes well for them .

    SUN - You are right about Barb's kids creating a monster in their mother. Also some people are just that way anyhow and it doesn't take much to make them a "monster". I think that our ladies were here close to 2 hours today . Seems like that new lady was really working fast and with the two of them they can get done much faster. Sometimes they might be here 2 1/2 or more hours depending.

    MIKIE - I hope that you are getting a little bit of rest now that Barb is gone, at least sort of. Did you say she is in a rehab. home by you right now or have he kids taken her back home yet? Hope your new pres an all will make things better and with less stress and aggravation right now. Hope those kitties are letting you sleep. I can imagine all the fur flying with 2 little kitties running around. I THINK DIANE probably needs a ROMBA with her kitties too.

    Can't think of anything else right now. Hope to check in tomorrow. DH has the fish fries in the afternoon. DD and I are going to try the ZUMBA GOLD with the new teacher. Not sure how that will work out. It is also my time to get diner ready so we will see. DD wants to try it out. It is at 4 pm. No problem with dinner now since DH is at the Fish Fry.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hello Everyone

    sorry for being tardy...

    bit rushed off my feet due to errands and chores..

    we ve been having little earthquakes on a daily basis now...

    i had gone shopping yesterday and found myself at Durbar Square....one of the heritage sites which was destroyed
    in the big EQ..ugh..no restoration work because of the ongoing little EQs..piles of rubble still there just kind of sifted into some sort of orderly pile..i suppose awaiting moving when the petroleum products start coming in...the blockade they say is lifted but there are still waiting queues of seven hours due to the back log..

    Mikie - how terrible of Illona to tell Frank no one wants to hear what he says..(what is wrong with her? that is so bizarre to say to anyone, esp your own husband.!)

    Julie - i just adored that beautiful sweet little 'kiddie kitchen' your dear man made for your grandkids..wht wouldnt i hv done for a little kitchen like that when i was little...them grandkids are sooooo lucky..i hope they realise it.

    well must needs go now ...will check in later...the weather is playing games...it got hot so started putting away winter stuff and then its gotten chilly...so need to to two sets of clothes ready for when to go out ..

    a mouse died somewhere in the storeroom adjacent to our kitchen ..so much stuff is there, so i and our help had to sift thru piles of stuff and good we did, the room got a good cleaning and decluttering...Archangel Michael has funny ways of answering prayers, i had been asking for help to get me started on cleaning and decluttering..you know when you ve had a bout of low energy and only just been able to accomplish the basic chores which keep one alive..? it wa getting to the point where i couldnt find anything...luckily i also received some spurts of energy, enough to clean up here and there bits at a time, i guess thats why i was irregular here....

    was probably resting after doing some declutter / cum clean up...hv managed to blitz one or two kitchen cabinets..i dont know how so much stuff get s accumulated, bottles of old vinegar, old lentils, old tins of powdered milk even unopened right at the very back..feh!

    right o then, tata till laters

    God bless
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I'm up early, 4:30, but slept well last night. I woke up at one point with two kitties asleep on top of me. I love it when that happens. It's not an unusual thing for cats to do but these two grew up outside during their formative years (their wonder years :) so they didn't know too much about cuddling. It is an ongoing process. I figure the more cuddling they get, the less they need to be ornery. Haven't proved this theory yet so we'll see. They do just eat up affection and, the older they get, the more loving they become.

    I had always heard about old people retired in FL and how treacherous they are. For years, most got along well here in the hood and I thought it was just a myth. Well, as the people in our community get older, the worse some of them act. People who have known Barb say she's always been a troublemaker, even up North where she had problems with her neighbors. It's just that she's gotten worse every year, especially since her DH died. Same with Ilona; she's always been a bit of a pill and is now just rude and mean. I stay away from her, only stopping to visit enough to be civil. Yesterday, Frank saw me outside working on the bin and asked me in for a cup of coffee. He's such a nice guy and just loves being able to chat without being told no one wants to hear what he has to say. Both of them claim to be eating healthier; he was having powdered sugar donuts for breakfast. He offered me on but I declined. Good grief! :eek:

    As for the pres., she is acting somewhat civil so that is a good thing. She has horrible taste. Her condo is overcrowded with junk and her clothes are awful. She has plenty of $$$ but refuses to throw anything away. She has pictures on her wall where the picture itself has faded and there is only the frame left. It would be OK if she confined her junk finds to herself and her condo but she had all kinds of mismatched pots and vases at the pool full of plants in various stages of dying. She told me she is planning on letting one of our condo owners bring his extra pots and flowers to the pool. I told her I didn't think that looked good and she said that was my opinion. I told her that, based on the number of people in here who told me how much better the pool looked after I cleaned out those pots and plants, it isn't just my opinion. She isn't in good health and I don't know whether she will be able to continue to be on the board. She is very stubborn so, perhaps, that is what drives her.

    There are a couple of others, mainly old board members who didn't get re-elected, who are problems but, as I've said before, there are also a lot of really nice people in here. I choose to concentrate on them and try to avoid the mean ones. The nice ones outnumber the ornery ones by a big margin. I do worry that the pres. will continue to make this hood look as dumpy as her condo does and drive down the prices of our units. Oh well, there is little I can do about it so will just try not to get upset over it.

    Sun, I know that is the way to break a dog of jumping but, before I can do anything, Grace comes running and yelling at the dog. If he and I are left to our own devices, he doesn't jump on me because I give him attention and try to calm him down. She gets him excited and he jumps on me because he's afraid she will haul him off and he won't get his love from me. She is a very nervous person. I tell her we can break him of it if he stays calm and gets attention without having to jump. He's adorable and probably only weighs about 10 lbs. He's very smart too. Two different dogs scratched Grace's legs and she has scars on them because they were cut and bled. She's on a blood thinner. I'm sure she is scared her dog will claw my legs and cut them. The dog and I are doing fine; I think we need to train Grace. I don't think Barb's kids knew any different as they were growing up. They were taught to stand up for family, right or wrong. It's only now that she's gone off the rails that they see there is something wrong with her. I really do feel sorry for them. I'll have to watch the video. As you know, I think this woman is a genius and I'm forever grateful to you for letting me know about her. BTW, I heard that there is a late flu going around and lots of people are sick. My neighbor continues to cough. Yikes!!! I hope you are over your bug.

    Barry, hope you are recovering from your ordeal. I haven't heard from my doc but think it's time for mine. I'll have to go to a different doc this time because my old one isn't in the ins. network. Yes, your eyes didn't deceive you; good exterior paint that the pros use is $100 a gal. That is why I think I'll use the white to paint the lanai. It won't last forever out in that bin. I offered it to Grace and her DH for their lanai but he doesn't want white. I don't need another project but I think I might be able to put other projects on hold and do this one. I'm still amazed I had the NRG to clean out that bin. I'm a bit sore and achy this morning but, otherwise, none the worse for wear. You are kinder to spiders than I. We so seldom get them due to the constant spraying down here in the jungle but, now and then one, which resembles the daddy long legs, will appear in my bathtub or bathroom sink. We had black widows in CO but I've never seen one here. I know they live in FL, as does the brown recluse, but I just never see them. Again, the spraying... Hope you continue to get over the trauma; it's good to see you here on the Porch.

    Granni, yes, Barb is in physical rehab to build up her muscles and balance so she doesn't fall again and re-injure her femur. She went from the hospital to this rehab facility. She is supposed to be there til the middle of Apr. Her kids will be taking turns coming down. DD who just left told her that they can't keep coming down and worrying about her so she will have to fly home and can't live down here by herself. Barb is digging in her heels so I don't know what will happen. If by some off chance she tries to live here on her own, something like this will just happen again. She loves the drama of it all and the attention she gets. Sad!!! And, yes, I do enjoy the peace and quiet with her gone. I felt guilty about it at first but now realize it's only normal for me to enjoy not being in the path of her rage. I had a friend at work who did Zumba and loved it. I hope you enjoy it. Mmmm, fish! I am hungry for some deep fried fish. I also love seafood gumbo and have made my own for years. I like it hot Cajun style. Enjoy the Zumba.

    Julie, I hope Keira is there long enough for you two to have some girl fun. She is growing up so fast. Bless you and Amy for being kind to Miley. Poor kid. I hope having a good home life now will help her. It can't be easy for Keira having to share her home with her. I hope Miley doesn't get addicted to the drama. That is really a hard thing to kick. I hope you get a new pic of Keira. She always takes such good ones and she's so fashionable. She has been ever since I started coming to the Porch and saw her photos. All y'all are photogenic. Wish I were. Have fun today and let us know how it goes.

    Spring, I'm laughing at St. Michael's ways. Yes, a dead mouse will get one cleaning just to find it. EWWWWW!!! We have so much wildlife here that most mice don't stand a chance. We have hawks that carry them off in their talons and snakes which eat them on the ground. My neighbors freak out when they see a snake. Good grief; that's better than seeing a mouse inside! :confused: It must be hard to see the rubble from the big EQ still piled up. It must be hard to feel the tremors too. I hope those tremors are taking the pressure off the tektonic plate to avoid another full-blown quake. It's awful that you still have those long lines. I know I couldn't stand that long. I don't know what's wrong with Ilona except that she has given hints over the years. I think she believes that, by staying home and not working in order to care for her kids and grandkids, she didn't make the most of her life. Of course, she loves the kids and knows the importance of raising them but she never developed in other ways. She seems a bit jealous and very angry. I am trying my best not to become negative and angry at the world. It ain't a pretty sight. I keep you in my prayers that life gets easier.

    This has turned into another Warren Peace but I love to read everydobby's posts and respond. I hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    It's getting later MIKIE et al and I am waiting for DH to come home from the Fish Fry so he can take his shower and then I can go in after him. I need to do that because he will not clean up or spray the shower so of course I have to do it. Do you or anyone else know of anything to spray on the shower afterwards to prevent mildew etc. other than the stuff you have to keep buying - . I have CLEAN SHOWER and there is another one to you can buy. But wondering if anyone knows of something you can put together yourself that is much cheaper !!

    Had a rather quiet day esp the afternoon. DH went off to the church and I stayed home. I took care of some washes and played some slots on the phone before it was time to go to our ZUMBA GOLD class. If I had the NRG I could have stayed with at least one other gal from this class to the next one. It might be a little more NRGetic then ours but not sure. I like this one especially since it is an hour earlier. Normally I am cooking dinner or trying to get it together at 4:00 but that is better than 5pm. DD liked it tooo but if we go more often we should know the moves. Having had some dance and line dancing most were not hard. There is also a lot of stretching involved too which is what we all need too although some not to easy.

    DH just got home so I need to finish this quick. Had some soup and special brown rice crackers and veggies for dinner and my special caloric drink before getting on the computer and then ready for beddy bye.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. Nothing to exciting happening here. I suspect DH will want to go work out and or do some outside yard cleanup - fun huh:)!!!

    JULIE - Enjoy Keira this weekend. I suspect she might outgrow that kitchen quickly, if not already but I am sure she will be a great little mother when playing with her cousins:)!!! That kitchen is to adorable for words.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Brrrrrr!!! I'm freezing. It's only 49 degrees here. For some, that might be a warm spell but, for us FL wimps, it's cold. :confused: Both kitties were sleeping on top of me and the softy-wafty throw last night. It will only get up to the mid-60's today but it will warm up as the week continues. I rested all day yesterday from the exertion of moving stuff from the outside bin. I don't know how much those five-gallon paint buckets weigh when they are almost full but it was really a strain. I was surprised that I was able to lift them out of the bin into the wagon and out of the wagon and into the other bin.

    Dear old friend called last evening and we had a nice long chat. He is doing his PT at home and hasn't fallen again. Thank God! We hold almost identical political opinions and are both aghast at what is happening in our country--not only with the political parties but with all the anger people display, from uncivil lack of manners, to road rage, all the way to mass shootings. In reality, things have been just as bad in the past but it surely feels as though the world is going to hell in a handbasket. I try to be an optimistic person but it seems to be getting more and more difficult to achieve. I joined a group called, No Labels, which attempts to solve our country's problems based on just solving those problems and not based on political affiliation. The only time they have contacted me is to ask for $$$. Says a lot about us as a society that we would rather line up along political lines and fight than to solve our many woes. :(

    I mentioned a while back that there was a horrible murder of a holistic doctor in her home in our area. She was bludgeoned to death by a hammer when she returned home and was alone. Cops knew her husband hired his best friend and another man to kill her for the ins. money but it's been eight months without an arrest--until yesterday. One of the killers was serving time out of state and was just extradited to FL after serving his time on an unrelated crime. He took a plea deal and will testify against the husband. Husband is a huge man with a shaved head and goatee. He always has a smug smirk on his face. Neighbors say he often drove by and made hand gestures at them. They were scared of him. Our sheriff says he has ice water in his veins. The couple had two small daughters and now they have no mother and their dad will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. It's soooo sad. I know this will be on Dateline or 48 Hours. I'm just glad these men are off the street.

    Granni, glad you like the Zumba. I wonder whether Roomba would like to Zumba. Once in a while, it goes forward a bit and backward a bit and appears to be doing a little dance. I forget that we are not supposed to treat inanimate objects as though they are human; they don't like it. :) I keep thinking I'm going to go out for some fried fish but never do. Now, just thinking about it is making me drool. When I bought this condo, the couple who lived here never wiped the shower stall tiles and glass doors down. I had a devil of a time cleaning the tiles and the door glass was permanently etched. Neighbors suggested spraying things down with RainX, which is supposed to make water run off surfaces. I tried it but didn't think it worked that well. Our water is hard. I just wipe the tiles down every time I use the shower and it's much, much easier than trying to clean hard water spots off later.

    When I went to see about new glass doors, they were expensive so I bought some glass etching spray and sprayed them myself. I made a design out of contact paper which I removed after spraying them. It's a cheap fix, like so many of them I have done in here. Grace and her DH just had their master shower and floor redone and they are beautiful. The matte finish on the new tiles doesn't show water spots like the old shiny ones do. I redid the paint, vanities mirrors, fixtures and lights a few years ago but didn't do the tiles. Again, it was a quick fix but the baths don't look dated. I spent hundreds of $$ instead of thousands. Upgrading has become soooo expensive.

    Too bad DH won't wipe the shower down. Don't understand why some men refuse to help out keeping the home they use clean. This is one reason I'm single. Perhaps you could tell DH that, instead of having to constantly clean the shower by yourself, you want it retiled with the new matte-finish tiles. Sometimes, when nothing else works, money is motivation enough. Good luck with whatever you do to try to keep it clean.

    Gonna go read the paper. I have to jump in the shower and do some work around here. My back and ankle are messed up from lifting and it feels as though I strained my ham string on that side of my bod. I broke that ankle when I was 15 or 16 and, it still hurts when I do something not too smart. Basically, the whole right side of my bod is a mess. Even my shoulder still hurts after surgery to fix the impingement. I need to stop abusing my body. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just watched Lucy dance with Van Johnson. (I am a lover of the

    Gordon made broccoli soup for me. He never eats it. Anyhoo it
    doesn't have much flavor anymore (not due to his cooking, but
    to my loss of sense of taste), but it was nice to have it again anyhoo.
    And my personal stylist, also Mr. Gordon, cut my hair. He is somewhat
    of a scamp. Makes stupid remarks to make me laugh and then says,
    "I'm sorry, Sir. You'll have to hold still if I'm to do a proper job."

    GB started a book club thread on the homebound board. Somebody
    posted favorite authors. Several of which are mine too. Good thing
    reading doesn't require much in terms of physical demands.

    Julie, 93 and riding a motorcycle. Uff-da! I wouldn't ride on one
    now. The only time I ever did I was about 7. Some pal of
    my Dad's took me too a neighboring town 30 miles away. When
    the pal brought me home he told my mother he could feel
    me falling asleep on the back and starting to slip off. My
    mother used to tell that story and laugh. That might be a
    clue why 3 of the 4 kids had problems with depression.

    Miley sounds like a girl who needs extra loving. I can
    understand people who are not interested in dating folks
    who already have kids. From what I've read, the kids
    often blame the new family member for wreaking the old
    marriage and long for the former partner to return. Even
    if they have no idea of the cause of the break up. Really,
    I now believe families are too much trouble. If I had it to
    do over again, I wouldn't have one. Actually if I could
    do it over again, I wouldn't bother. Anyhoo I hope the
    birthday party is a big success with no drama.

    Springwater, your current situation reminds me of the
    pioneers who had to make do with so little. How
    about that vinegar? If you can't consume it, can you
    use it clean? Are the earthquakes getting smaller
    and smaller, or have there been some larger ones too?

    Granni, how was the fish fry? My Dad used to fry up a
    lot of fish he got from his hometown buddies who
    were commercial fishermen on the Mississippi. The
    fish was delicious, but my mother complained about
    fish scales in the kitchen for days.

    How are the zumba lessons? Strenuous? Do you have to
    pay a lot of gold for them?

    Mikie, faded pictures with only a frame left reminds me of the
    Carter family and their recording of Picture on the Wall.
    The Carters were early collectors who recorded many old
    tunes. Johnny Cash married a member of the family: June.

    Here's a little verse to be read with a New England accent.

    My Roomba likes to Zumba.
    I lie in bed and slumba.
    I think I've got his numba.
    It's one hundred and ten volts.

    Gotta go help Gordon transplant some succulents.

    Hugs All
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    Hi, Kids,

    Got my shower and shopped for groceries. I had mistakenly bought scented dryer sheets. AACCKK!!! :confused: I'm allergic to them. I sealed them in a ZipLock bag and the scent even came through the plastic. Thank God I exchanged them for the Free 'n Clear ones with no perfume. I also took my plastic bags and foam trays to recycle at Publix. Our rubbish/reycle provider won't take those two things, two of the worst things for our ecology.

    I'm running the dishwasher but will likely wait to run the washer and dryer. My sciatica is soooo bad that it was all I could do to finish grocery shopping. My TENS unit is shocking me and Publix doesn't sell them. I'll have to go to Target. I used to go to Target all the time for my Rx's but now, I've sent my scripts to the mail order pharmacy. There is supposed to be no co-pay for them. That would save me about $720 a year; however, I am opting to pay $12.50 every three months to get my meds overnight. In any case, I need to get a TENS unit which doesn't feel like I'm being tased in my behind. Don't taze me, Bro!

    I'm still trying to update my Kindle. It has been a nightmare. It's supposed to do it automatically when it's turned on and hooked up to Wi-Fi. I can't display it's files to know whether it's been done or not. Good grief!!! Life ain't gonna get any easier with these confounded gadgets.

    It's a beautiful day out and I'm enjoying the breezes through my condo from front to back. Wish I were up to doing more than lazing around with a sore back. I did manage to brush Sir Vester's belly and he looks mighty fine. With his long hair, I have to constantly keep at it. He's getting much better at letting me brush and comb him. He used to try to bite me but now, he really enjoys the attention. He has also stopped trying to escape out the front door when I come home. I managed to go out on the lanai with Tweety and he came out too. She gets soooo demanding that I go out there with her. We watched the ducks who are randy this time of year. They make quite a racket in the water.

    Julie, I love it that GPA's sister will be marking one thing off her bucket list. How nice of you to make sure he gets to go to things like that, especially when you have to do so much for him to get ready. I hope you guys have a good time.

    Rock, thanks for the NE verse. I can do a NE accent from hearing the neighbors talk. I used to watch the Carter Family on the Grand Ole Opry. I know great minds think alike; I also bought some broccoli to steam to eat as a veggie and later to make soup. I like to put a bit of curry powder in my soup for flavor. I use butter in my soup but whole milk instead of cream. The flour in the roux thickens it. Mmmm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I'm glad Gordon is a scamp if it makes you laugh cause I'm a true believer that laughter is the best medicine. Well, maybe laughter and a drink. How about laughter, a good drink and fine conversation with a dear friend. Now that's downright healin'.

    Hope all y'all are having a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Golly Gee! The first bad night I've had in ages; turned off the light at 11:30 pm as usual, woke at 3:am to wee, and couldn't get back to sleep. Very unusual for me. I should have just gotten up I guess, or taken a Xanax.

    We have so many kinds of daffodils in bloom now, from the tiny Narcissus asturiensis to large white Ice Follies, Einstein (white with orange corolla), Mt, Hood -- all white trumpet, on and on. Many I have forgotten the names of....but their beauty remains.

    Have just finished cooking Shorty his peas and carrots. He is an omnivore, and loves to eat so we keep his weight down to a healthy level. He DOES get dog food too!:p

    Rock, thanks for mentioning the book group on the homebound board. Much appreciated! Once I started posting there a while a go I found it hard to stop!

    Milkie, I am sorry you have to be sprayed for musquitos so often ; it must affect all the wildlife unfortunately. I read today that a third of our insects (thinking butterflies, fireflies, etc.) I read a few days ago that researchers found that living organisms were present in even the cleanest homes. And a week ago I read that over 90% of people have Demodex mites living in their hair follicles and other places. They just eat dead skin and sebaceous material. We don't know they are there. They cause no skin irritation, usually. Fascinating what lives in, on, and around us. :eek:

    nrg gone
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - How neat that Gpa can go to his sister's 93rd b-day party and ride a motorcycle for a bit. That must have so cute to watch or will be :)!! So sad that his daughter just goes about her merry way visiting wherever she please with never a care for him and she is living in HIS house. There is something seriously wrong with this picture ):!!

    MIKIE - It was pretty chilly here too this morning and is supposed to hit close t 70 I think but not sure. I do not do to well when it is so chilly. I am as stiff as board, as they say. BTW, DH is helpful around the house but he does not clean the shower after using it. All the years I had the kids we never had a shower stall, just tub and shower curtain so this really is bugging me. Went to WM today and it looks like the no longer have the refill bottles of the Daily Shower Spray. That gets me mad. I can't use all that spray bottles. and what a waste.

    BTW, we now have a leaky faucet in the kitchen first it was drippy and now there is a leak under the sink. I am sure one is related to the other. The faucet isn't to old but then again not sure how great it was made. It was a name brand as I recall and we had it put in when we had the kitchen counter tops installed.DH and DSIL looked at it and determined that they had better call up the plumber. Of course they will come out on Monday. Luckily it wasn't something that could not wait or it would have been a real fortune.

    Nothing else to exciting happening here. I just wanted to pop in to see how my Porchies were doing today. It is a beautiful sunny day today but it is so cold in the mornings esp for me. Our house is also very cold I think.

    ROCK - I loved your little ditty that you wrote about Roomba and Zumba - very cute !! I imagine that you and Gordon have lots of laughs together as you were talking about his remarks while cutting your hair.

    BARRY - Sorry you still have little NRG. I know the feeling and it is the pits. Feel better soon.

    DIANE, SUN, SW and everydobby else I love you too.

    Bye to everydobby. Gotta run for now.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Porchies,

    Freezing again this morning. I slept in til 7:00, after getting up to give the kitties a small treat at 3:30 when I got up to pee, so it's not as cold out as yesterday when I got up early. It's 51 degrees but will get up into the 70's today and will be warm the rest of the week.

    Just saw on the news that the KKK arrived to have a rally in Anaheim and members were attacked. The KKK carried Confederate flags and the protestors carried American flags. One of the KKK members was stabbed by what the cops thought was the sharpened end of the flag stick a protester was carrying. Good grief!!! :eek: The anger in this country continues. No wonder some of our dear Porchies don't want to watch the news. I've been a news junkie since I was a child so doubt I could give it up. I just try to separate myself from what's happening out there. I support causes I believe in and I vote. I wouldn't go to a rally these days even if I were up to it. The threat of mob violence is very scary to me.

    Things are very quiet at Barb's place. I don't think her other daughter is here yet. It's hard for the kids to just drop everything to come down here when it isn't a planned visit. I hope she is getting over the infection and making progress on her PT. I also hope she calms down to stop the stress on the kids. The Clydesdale horses are here in a little town inland. She always wanted to see them. Had she not been so mean, and not kept injuring herself, I would have driven her to see them. Oh well, woulda, shoulda, Prada, as my DD says.

    Barry, your lovely description of the flowers is soooo soothing to read. I can only imagine how beautiful they are. If you are ever up to taking pix, please share some with us. Your sleep sounds like mine every night. If I take anything when I wake at 3:00 or 3:30, I'll be groggy the rest of the day. Some sleep experts say to read and it will make you sleepy so you can go back to sleep. I've tried it and it works for me but my sleep is still fragmented. Sleeping as late as I did today, after waking earlier, is unusual.

    I don't know how the early settlers could stand living here with the mosquitos. Perhaps, FL should never have been developed and just left to its natural state. DD and I once got caught in a swarm of mosquitos on a road through the everglades and it was unbelievable. The air turned black with them. If the landscaping isn't sprayed, the plants become infested with things like white fly, which attracts ants. Without the spraying, we would be overrun with cockroaches too. Wherever people settle, they displace wildlife. It's sad. FL is being overdeveloped and will likely have water shortages. A sink hole opened up a bit south of us. Too much demand on our aquafers often causes the sink holes. Don't know what the future holds as overcrowding continues. Perhaps the land will return to the wildlife after all. Hope you can get some rest and feel better.

    Granni, I'm sorry--I didn't mean to imply your DH doesn't help at all around the house. I am glad he does. I hate to have to stop to wipe down the tiles when I'm wet and just want to get outta there but I make myself do it. When my kids visit, I just wait until they leave to clean them. Wish I could afford to have both baths retiled. Sorry for the leaks. Fairly new faucet should not be leaking. More worrisome is the leak under the sink. It could get worse suddenly, depending on the source. Barb had a small leak in the plastic supply hose under her kitchen sink and it ruptured, flooding Ilona's kitchen downstairs. The new supply hoses are much better than old ones. It could also be a connection which is loose. I hope you can find it easily and fix it. I also hope your stiffness clears up. I am stiff and achy too.

    My big fat Sunday newspaper has arrived so will go devour it. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Not much goin' on here except it's laundry day. I watched Lucy and
    John Wayne this morning. Another classic. I read there were 180
    episodes of Lucy. Almost all of them still strike me as wonderful. Of
    course it was a great cast, but they were lucky to have such creative

    Mikie, you're right as usual: The flour in the roux thickens it. Just
    imagine if you had the lady who played Blanch Devereaux on The
    Golden Girls in your kitchen, and she fell down while helping you
    thicken the broccoli soup. You would have had Rue in the flour.

    I'm afraid you're right about our country too. I feel like it will
    never get back to what we knew. Of course the country was
    huge and full of natural resources, but I think what made the
    country great was that it had a prosperous middle class. I
    'spect that's gone forever.

    Granni, hope your leak gets repaired soon. I guess it's not like
    the one in the dike where you can stick your finger in. Speaking
    of shower curtains reminds me of the first time I took a shower
    in a house. I didn't know you had to tuck the shower curtain
    inside the tub. My sister had the same experience years later.
    Well...if nobody tells you these things...

    Barry, I wonder if those shops that sell expensive wigs made
    of human hair also sell human eyelashes. And if so, what
    might be living on them? I looked up Mt Hood narcissus. Don't
    know what kind we have. My brother the forest ranger lives
    near Mt Hood in Oregon. There's a lodge half way up built
    during the depression. Much of the work done by craftsmen
    from the Old World. It was all refurbished some decades ago.

    Is Richard interested in Oscar night or as he, like so many of
    us, pretty much given up on movies and the folks in them?

    Hi Springwater, Sun, Diane, Julie [​IMG]

  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: ewwwww a mouse in the house....dead! Did you find it? And glad you got some decluttering done. It's amazing how things can get out of hand. And I concur with Rock.....how about using all that vinegar for cleaning? And speaking of vinegar, I use white vinegar straight from the jug to pour over weeds between the cracks and crevices in my yard.

    I've got my studio which is always a mess which I keep putting off sorting and organizing because of lack of energy. Maybe today, since I've been doing too much bending over with my neck painting and it's been killing me the last 3 days. I'm continually drawn to my studio so maybe today I'll get this done.

    Mikie: Another sink hole? Is there water at the bottom or does it just cave in? Mexico is full of them. A memorable experience was visiting one of them to swim if we wanted to.....no not me, but we could walk down and down and down, ferns everywhere and hanging vines. I heard that many bones have been discovered at the bottom of these....people or animals falling in and drowning.

    Your project of moving those heavy paint containers made me cringe!!!!! You're too old to be doing that!!!!!!! I used to do heavy gardening projects, including lifting heavy things then I realized my body couldn't do it anymore. With no cleaning lady for over a month I've been forced to push my vacuum and my low back is suffering from it. For me it takes at least 3 weeks of babying my body for the pain to leave.

    JUlie: Den comes from a VERY strong family line. 93 and his great aunt will be riding a MC. God bless her.

    Granni: I hope the plumber doesn't have much trouble tomorrow. Could be a loose fitting pipe.

    Rock: I learned to cut my boys' hair when they were little, graduated to my DH too and cut my mom's hair the last 5 years of her life. Actually I loved it, so much fun seeing a new child emerge from overgrown shag. I've cut my own hair for at least 40 plus years. I hate to spend $ and the price has really increased. I have several hanging mirrors in my bathroom so I can see the back also. It might take me a time or two over the week until I get it just right though, but I know how I want my hair to look. And I've learned how to hold the scissors so I can razor at the neck. So nice that Gordon can do this for you.

    Barry: your spring flowers sound wonderful, I can just picture how beautiful everything looks.

    I drug myself on Friday to my DGD's 2nd grade patriotic performance......I hurt everywhere and mornings are soooo hard for me even mentally. Driving there in the morning at rush hour I must have gotten behind EVERY truck, bus, and delivery van, then hit almost every red light. One day years ago I counted the red lights......32! If I'm having a good day I can make a green light almost every time, but not Friday. I was there about 10 minutes and had to take a tramadol which I hate because within an HR or so I'm feeling a little loopy.

    But back to the performance, one song they sang was "God bless the USA" which they also did sign language to. Soooo much fun watching my DGD as she concentrated very hard on the teacher's hands. I'm so happy I went.
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just taking a break and watching the last season of Downton Abbey. I've already seen all these episodes but, since there's nothing else I want to watch, I just leave it running. I think tonight is the finale. I so hate to see it end. To me, it is the epitome of excellence in television. Is that an oxymoron? I'll watch it tonight instead of the Oscars. Can't handle all those inane 'thank you' speeches. I do enjoy the Red Carpet beforehand, though. I miss Joan Rivers and her show where she would tell all kinds of jokes about what was worn to the Oscars. She was brutal but funny.

    I'm doing a bit of laundry. I love laundry; it's not much work but the results are dramatic--clean clothes and an empty clothes hamper. The cats followed me into the bathroom where I had my Epsom Salt soak, as usual. Sir Vester has been following me around as I picked up clothes and fixed my lunch. They love it when I'm not just vegging. He races over to his little bottle-brush arch and gives me love looks. I steamed the broccoli and it was delicious. The remainder awaits my soup. I'll make it tomorrow. I want to bake something, perhaps cookies or banana bread. I'll do a lightweight version.

    Rock, I saw Rue McClanahan (probably misspelled her name) on the stage in Picnic with Uncle Dickie. We went backstage afterward and visited with him and walked him out to the bus which took the cast back to their hotel in Denver. I was disappointed that we didn't get to meet her. If she fell in my flour, I'd rue that event for sure. I have a plastic liner in my shower curtain and it goes inside the tub while the nice cotton curtain remains outside of the tub. The liners are so cheap that, if they get mildew on them, they can be thrown away and replaced. I leave the bathroom door open and mildew hasn't been a problem. The fan in my master bathroom is broken and I need to replace it but it's so far down on my list of DIY projects that I may never get around to it. While my back is such a mess, I won't be getting up on the step stool to do anything. I try to be so careful of falls. You are right about the shrinking of the middle class. When will the greedy realize that we need our middle class? Thanks for the beautiful pic. I love spring but it augers the arrival of our stifling heat and humidity. I'm always complaining that it's too cold or too hot. Reminds me of the WWII-era song, They're Either Too Young Or Too Old. I hope heaven was designed by Goldilocks where everything is just right.

    Sun, your DGD sounds soooo cute. I think as bad as our gov't is that we should be instilling a sense of pride in our country in our kids. We grew up with the Pledge of Allegience and respect for our flag, along with a strong sense of civic duty. I love hearing God Bless America and God Bless The USA. Same with our National Anthem. Hearing them can bring tears to my eyes. It is awful to see people who don't respect the flag and don't know flag protocol. I learned that in the Girl Scouts. Somehow, I don't think a studio should be too neat. I wish I had one but, as it is, I haven't been doing anything creative of late. There is a sink hole in NM where they train divers. I wouldn't take my training there; I trained in the open water in Mexico. Sink holes are too scary. The majority of them are in the center of FL and not along our coast but there are some here. I imagine it will be a few weeks before my back feels decent too. I am too old to be doing such things but the only people who would help are as old as I. It's a one-person job to life the buckets by the bail. At least, I did use the neighbor's grandkids' wagon to haul them. I hope your back is better.

    My washer is calling to me to remove the laundry. I'm like a slave to these appliances. Still, I thank God for them every time I use them. It must have been awful in the old days when everything had to be done by hand, especially if one were sick. It's difficult enough to be sick now with all the conveniences of modern life. See y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I usually get a few hours sleep before waking up, but not tonight. Just
    checked Turner Classic Movies. Libeled Lady with Myrna Loy and Carry
    Grant is on in an hour or two. I think I'll put it on hold at the library
    instead. Libeled Lady shows up in the crosswords as the clue for
    Myrna Loy. I guess it's one of those screwball comedies.

    Anybody watch the Oscars? I saw a couple minutes sorta by chance.
    I was on Youtube, and they had the program on. Streaming? Is
    that what it's called? There were 4-5 guys accepting an award for some
    movie. One of them was making a speech with a glaring grammatical
    error, but I suppose he was just a bit excited and not in full possession
    of his whatever. He might have asked a writer friend (or employee)
    to write a short speech just in case he needed it.

    Mikie,did you ever read any of Joan Rivers' books? She was funny
    on paper too. When she died a lot of commentators said she was
    mean. I thought she was very funny. As she said, when
    accused of being rude, the people she was talking about were
    generally people making huge salaries. And they had no
    excuse for wearing tacky outfits when they had fashion designers,
    consultants, hair and make up people to assist them. I wouldn't
    mind a few rude comments if I could make 10-20 million for a few
    months work.

    I saw Picnic on stage half a century ago. I don't remember any of the
    actors, but I thought they were great. I assume Rue played the
    Rosaline Russell role. I always like Rue. She was very versatile.
    Could play poignant, drab, glamorous, sexy. Read her auto
    biography some years back. She bought a house in the San
    Fernando Valley and spent beaucoup bucks on decorating and

    Sun, I'm not surprised that you can cut hair. One of my college
    roommates was an art major (and later a professional artist).
    He cut his own hair. He also had an authentic coon skin
    coat, a Victrola with a huge horn (instead of a speaker), lots
    of old 78 rpm records and a model T (or maybe an A). In
    those days you could buy 78 records for a dime because they
    had been made obsolete by the long play records which came out
    in the late 40s.

    When I was a kid a haircut cost 75 cents; a buck for grown ups.
    The prices really went up during the hippy era when guys were
    wearing long hair. The barbers figured they needed to make up
    for all those missed haircuts. There's a shop on Sunset Blvd. at
    the East end of Hollywood that has a sign in the window. Haircuts.
    Why pay more? Only $18. Uff-da!

    That's great that you got to see your GD's performance at
    school. Nowadays do teachers have to learn sign language so
    they can teach the kids? I remember a grade school Christmas
    play my son was in. He had no lines. Just barks. He played
    the family dog. His costume consisted of two shaggy ears. I
    believe they were attached with bobby pins.

    Well, I guess I'll visit the library site and put the DVD on hold,
    or something else if they don't have that one. If the cat is
    out there, I'll give her something. Gordon bought a new brand
    of kibble and she does not like it. I gave it to her yesterday in a
    bowl of chicken broth and she gobbled it up. If she doesn't adjust
    to the new brand I'll get a bag of the old. Try mixing them together.

    Hugs to everydobby
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Kitties slept on me or beside me all night until almost 5:00 this morning. What a blessing! I feel almost human. Last night wasn't the Downton Abbey finale; it's next Sunday. I still didn't watch the Oscars. I fell asleep early as usual. I did get some laundry done yesterday but didn't get the sheets changed so will try to do that today. I went down to water our plants in containers and visited with Grace for a bit. Going up and down the stairs is hard on my back. Barb's son will be coming down on the 10th so she has no family here, except a cousin who isn't close, until he arrives. Then, he goes home and her DD#2 comes down. Her infection seems to be gone so that's good news. She's still saying she won't fly home and the kids are telling her she has no choice. Good grief!!! Poor kids.

    Rock, Rue played the mother of the daughters, who rented a room to the salesman. Uncle Dickie played the salesman. He was amazing. TV was not his best medium but he was a wonderful stage actor. I never heard him on the Radio when he played Nels on I Remember Mama. Years ago, Myrna Loy injured her wrist during rehearsals for a play she was in and saw the doc at the clinic where I worked. She was about my age then and was still a beautiful woman. She was so gracious and nice to sign autographs. I never read any of Joan Rivers' books. She was horribly hard on Liz Taylor when she gained weight. In Joan's later years, she had a problem with weight too so I guess Karma is alive and well. Joan was very short and short people really show any weight gain. Joan lived like a person of money but had a mouth like someone from the street. I admired her the most for her ability to survive and thrive. I imagine Sun does a better job cutting her hair than I. With mine short, I can just get by even when I don't do the best job. I'd never try to cut anyone else's hair, though. Of course, I could tell them jokes and blame the bad cut on their not sitting still.

    Hope our Porchies return to the Porch in droves. I miss everydobby when it's slow here. Gonna fix my broccoli soup today. Can't wait; it's sooooo good. Hope I can find my recipe but probably don't need it. Love, hugs and prayers going out to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got the new faucet put in and will have to go put things back under the sink after it has dried out. What a mess !!!

    No time to write now but wanted to let you know I have ready MIKIE's ROCKS, SUNS and JULIEs post. Thinking of you all and will try and get back later today.

    Love you all,'
    Granni :)
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Managed to do 30 mins. in the pool and sat out in the sun for a while. I took the garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster and got my mail. I'm pooped and have a headache so will likely not get much of anything done. I have to be up for the concert tomorrow night so won't be doing anything much tomorrow either. I'll make my soup then. I had my Asian salad for lunch and that should do it for me today.

    Julie, hope everything goes well for you today with GPA. That's a scary dream to have. Hope the pain clears up. My back is a mess but, at least, I was able to run in the water. Stay safe on the road.

    Granni, glad you got the new faucet. Hope this fixes both leaks. See ya when you get back.

    My ears are ringing like crazy so will take a bit of Special K to stop it. Between that and the headache, I'm going nuts. Hope everydobby else is doing better.

    Love, Mikie

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