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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Be sure to go back to #877 to read the last posts. I did and hope I managed to respond to everyone here.

    A tad cooler this morning but temps will still reach 80 degrees. We are supposed to get more rain Sat. and Sun. I absolutely have to go to the store today. I am still sick but a tad better than yesterday. I've had such headaches with this that I'm convinced it's a virus. Roomba cleaned the carpets and lanai yesterday but I still have to do the tile floors in the kitchen area. The lanai is Tweety's sanctuary and she really gave Roomba dirty looks as it cleaned out there. She was rewarded with a nice clean bowl of food and water in the lanai feeder. I guess when they eat on the lanai it's like eating out al fresco on the water.

    I was saddened to hear that Patty Duke had died. I grew up watching her TV show. She died of sepsis. On Survivor last night, several people got infections and the doc sent one of them home as he worried about its getting into the knee joint. He said once an infection gets into a joint, death can occur within hours. Yikes!!! When my Mom had surgery years ago, the surgeon nicked her colon and they were worried about sepsis. Doc was very concerned but she pulled through on antibiotics.

    Rock, I'm glad you got your BS under control. That's scary. How nice of you and Gordon to give plants to the women who volunteer at the library. When I sang in the school choir and played clarinet in the band eons ago, I could read music by sight. I can also play melodies by ear. I sing around the condo but hit so many sour notes that it's like finger nails on the blackboard. AAACCCKKK!!! Don't know that I can sight read music anymore. Don't know why I hit sour notes because I can sure hear it when I listen to professional singers. Soooo many of them can't hit clean notes. I can't imagine your looking like a bum but, if you did, you'd just fit in with all the young male movie actors out there. I think we should have our own virtual Walk of Stars here. I nominate you for a star for your amazing wit and intelligence.

    Sun, we do seem to be going through the same thing--sick with some kind of crud which won't go away and needing to clean up and reorganize, getting rid of a lot of stuff. I don't know how you take care of an entire house; it's all I can do to take care of my condo. I admire how you dig in and figure out how things work and what is wrong. You make the pool guy's job easier. I nominate you for a star for being such a good artist.

    Granni, if y'all get wrapped up in spirit, singing those spiritual songs, it could turn into an old time revival meetin'. Hope you and DH enjoyed the birthday dinner. I like the color of your posts just fine. I nominate you for a star for being such a great, and dedicated, singer.

    Julie, I'm glad there were no blockages but am praying the docs can treat whichever problem Clinton is suffering from. This must be so very hard for all of you. I keep y'all in my prayers. Please keep us updated on his condition. I nominate you for Mother/Wife/Grandmother/DIL of the year.

    Barry, I nominate you for a star for your love of, and knowledge about, God's gorgeous plants. Maybe we can put the star out in your little Garden of Eden.

    Diane, I nominate you for your courage and for your love of kitties. We'll put your star in a catnip garden.

    Spring, I nominate you as our beautiful Princess of Nepal whose strength through hardships has inspired us all.

    Everyone deserves stars just for living life as fully as we can, despite so many hardships. I nominate us all for stars for keepin' on keepin' on. It takes a lot of courage and character. In fact, instead of a grimy sidewalk, I am seeing our Walk of Stars as a pathway through a beautiful garden of flowers surrounding our Porch. What a wonderful idea. I'm already feeling peaceful just imagining it all. There are flowers of every color, birds singing in the trees and our kitties and puppies romping in the grass. Aaaaah!

    If I missed anyone, I'm sorry. There are stars for all of us, including our MIA's.

    Love, Mikie

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    Here's another view:


    and another:


    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie

    I am pleased to nominate Mikie for her indomitable spirit; for
    never giving up; for being our own Warren Peace author with a giving
    heart and a cheerful outlook. For all the encouragement and cheer
    she brings to her posts every day. Thank you, Mikie.

    And thanks for your generous post. Glad to hear you are a tad better. I
    hope tomorrow you will be two or three tads better.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Got back from the store. Except for sneezing and a runny nose, I felt well while shopping. Since I arrived home, however, I feel a bit nauseated and tired. Oh well, at least, I got some real, nutritious food. Dr. Masley says we can eat whole wheat tortillas so I got some. Suzy Cohen says we can have a bit of whole grain bread so I got some of that too. I will plaster one of the tortillas with refried beans and add some fresh diced tomatoes, onions, black beans, avocado and chopped cilantro. Soooo fresh and tasty. Mmmmm!

    Rock, thank you for your kind, sweet response. I really appreciate it. That white cat looks just like Tweety, down to the expression on its face--a look that tells me she's thinking up something ornery to do. I brush Sir Vester nearly every day but will sometimes miss a knot of hair, especially when it's near his chest and arms. This morning, he lay still so I could remove one. I hook the comb under it and slowly pull until it breaks free. He seems to know that what I'm doing is helping him so he doesn't fight it. I don't know what happens to long haired cats in the wild. Is your little black and white kitty short haired? I hope you continue to keep your BS under control and aren't cold. I've had some chills with whatever this is. Take good care of yourself.

    Julie, I continue to pray for Clinton. Keep us posted.

    I'm watching a show on quilting on PBS. A woman takes printed fabric and cuts tree branches out of it and sews it onto a background. She sometimes cuts flowers from other fabric. She uses a permanent marker to add some shadowing and tiny branches. Then, she may cut flowers from other fabric. She appliques everything and then, quilts it free form. These quilts are to be hung on walls as art. Soooo incredible and beautiful. I know it's difficult to imagine but they blew me away.

    OK, gonna go do something but what that is, I don't know. I got some allergy pills at the store and am hoping that will help me feel better. I hope everydobby else is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Julie, Subway Sandwiches. Yum, yum. They used to have the best tuna
    salad. Even if their sandwiches weren't quite as long as they advertised,
    I still liked them. I did have one bad experience though. They had 3 young
    gals working in a store and none of them could speak English. I paid for
    a sandwich and milk, but I couldn't get them to give me the milk. Finally
    I just grabbed a pack of chips off a rack and stalked out. Had the same
    thing happen in a 99 cent store some years later. I talked for 4 employees.
    None of them understood English. Ah, the charm of living in LA.

    Well, nice that you and Keira had a little picnic in the park. I hope there
    will more positive news about Clinton.

    Just read on the news that if you like Trader Joe products you might
    wanna stock up. The chain has been in financial difficulty for the past
    year or so. Plans to close its doors forever next January. All457 stores.
    At the end of the article it says: April Fool!

    Not too funny considering today is not April Fools Day. Also in the
    not too funny category, I found some suggested pranks: funny and
    easy. Actually they are neither.

    One photo shows a school hallway with hundreds of styrofoam cups
    on the floor. Imagine the time involved: the expense: being
    expelled. Another suggestion: replace the cream filling in Oreos
    with toothpaste. Dumbest of all, put pieces of toast in a friend's
    shower. Ungebeliegable as Arte Johnson used to say on Laugh In.

    Mikie, Gordon and I have seen quilts on display in museums. One was
    in Hawaii. Many of them were very old. We also saw some new ones
    at an art festival a decade or two ago. Forget where. I have a quilt
    a coworker made for me. It's colorful and functional. I remember
    Marie whenever I get it out. Your veggie tortillas sound great.

    Hugs Barry, Sun, Diane, Springwater, Granni.

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    Darn it, it happened again and no time to re writ. Have to go fix early dinner so I can go to practice tonight.

    Please pray for our DS who will be doing something for the family that is very difficult. Can't explain just now but hope to tomorrow most likely , if it turns out OK. So far so good but the hardest part is to come.

    So sorry that I wrote to all and it went poof again.

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)
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    I also second or third the nomination for Mikie for such an indominatable spirit and good cheer. We can always count on you to post first thing in the morning, no matter what. I wish I could forge ahead when I don't feel good, but I just have a tendency to withdraw from life.

    I know I shouldn't eat corn tortillas, but they're so handy to put on some cut up chicken, add a little cheese, and pop it into the microwave. Then I usually eat a whole avocado a day, split between lunch and dinner, so I add that and some washed up spinach leaves. That's a fast lunch or dinner for me. I really don't like to cook for just me so most of the time I have a roasted chicken from the market in the frig. And lately I've gotten back to blending fresh washed cilantro leaves, some onions and garlic and olive oil in the food processor. It's so handy to keep this cilantro pesto in the frig for seasoning.

    Julie: Poor Amy......I feel so bad for all she's going thru, getting blasted from everything and now she has Miley to contend with, not having asked for the troubles. Good to read though that the meds are helping Clinton. I agree with your pastor. You may remember that I told you Gpa was your "missionary" job that God assigned to you before you even brought him to live with you. It was very clear to me......you just didn't see it but now I'm sure you do. God puts us in situations for a reason, even though we might not be happy or want it. Same thing with everything that's gone on with Lindsey and Amy. When we suffer, we usually grow.

    Rock: You HAD me there about TJ! I was already panicking I'm usually there once or twice a week. There's a new market going in nearby also......something like TJ....I think it's called Aldi. They're from the east coast and they're expanding in our area.

    Granni: you're sounding so mysterious! I always pray for everyone here, we deal with so much.

    I waited for my pool guy until I couldn't wait any longer, he left me a note.....everything was working fine! WHAT! I had turned on the pump before I left to try it and NO....it wasn't. DARN. He said he adjusted one thing on the sweep so maybe that will do the trick. I know he's getting tired of me calling.

    I met up with a painting group this morning who had come to my area. It's been at least 4 years or more....OMG....I really enjoyed it, though I'm less than 20% pleased with my work I was late getting there thanks to the pool, so I got a late start, but everyone is sooooo good and lots of fun. I REALLY need this interaction so hope to meet again next week though it will be about a 45 min. drive.
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    If cats didn't get me up, I'd have lain in the bed til late. As it is, I woke with a nasty headache and I think it's from my sinuses' being so stuffed up. It was 3:00 this morning and I was worried I was having a stroke. I got up and was very unsteady on my feet and lightheaded. Today is our lunch and I know how much it means to everydobby so I'll get in the shower and let the hot water wash over my head. I don't know where we are going. Dear old friend wanted me and Nancy to choose but, since he's the one buying, I told him to choose. If he doesn't, we will have to find somewhere that is good but not too expensive.

    I was so busy making sure my tortillas were made from whole wheat flour that I neglected to see they have a bit of hydrogenated oil in them. AACCKK!!! I try to be so careful. It won't kill me, at least, not all at once, so will eat it. A woman on Dr. Oz had some wraps made from coconut and I'm going to try to find them. I only had some fruit yesterday as I was not up to fixing anything for lunch when I got home from shopping. I have to fix the asparagus for dinner tonight.

    Barb's daughter is here and she has brought Barb to our pool in the afternoons. It's good she can get out of the rehab facility. I haven't heard their plans yet. I can only imagine how sad it is for her to be at the pool, knowing that she won't be around to enjoy it. I'm sure that, in her denial, she thinks she'll be back living here on her own again. Yikes!!!

    I just paid my bills online and changed my password at the bank. Two medical facilities have had patient info compromised lately. One was hacked and the other lost paper info on the way to the shredder. Both have offered free one-year memberships to two different credit-monitoring sites and I took advantage of it. What if those sites are hacked? Is anything safe? I doubt it. One man, who was on the hacked site, had someone trying to file for his income tax refund. It wouldn't do the ID thieves any good to try to file for mine--I don't have to pay, nor file, taxes. It's good to be poor. LifeLock would call me if anyone used my info to try to open up credit cards.

    Julie, as always, I am keeping everyone in my prayers. I continue to be amazed at how flexible you and your family are, adjusting schedules as needed. That you all pull together in a crisis is something to be emulated. Good for all of you! Sweetie, God is everywhere and He understands better than anyone that you are doing His work every day. We were told that what we do for others is what we do for Him. I'm glad Clinton is responding to the meds. I hope Clinton's rally continues. Stay in touch.

    Rock, I've always loved the Americana arts, especially quilts. I don't have the patience for it but have done a couple of small quilted projects--a pillow and a toaster cover shaped like a rooster. I think DD#1 still has the toaster cover. I was once in the nearby Burger King. There are a lot of Latinos working there. They talk to one another in Spanish. As I was finishing up my meal, I saw the mgr., who was not a Latino, tell the employees not to speak Spanish because the customers don't like it. He was still talking about it when I left as I said, "Buenos tardes, amigos." Everyone, including the mgr., cracked up. It would not have been so funny if I were not the whitest of gringas. I think I might have told all y'all about this. Of course, it's not funny if no one speaks English. I'm able to stumble through Spanish enough to order food--survival instincts and not language skills.

    Granni, I hope all goes well with this mysterious thing DS is doing for the family. I pray all goes well. Sorry you can't stay a while and that the posting problems seem to continue. Come back soon and keep us updated.

    Sun, how frustrating that the pool guy didn't show so you could 'splain in person what is going on with the pool. I hope whatever he did fixed the problem. I'm glad you got to go to your art group. Art does nourish the soul, as does socializing with nice people. Think I mentioned once that the quilting program on PBS featured a woman who paints flowers on fabric and then quilts the whole thing. These modern quilters are soooo creative in a whole different way than the traditional quilters of old. Believe me, when I feel lousy, I withdraw too but try to always stop by to check the website. Our members help by flagging spam posts and I get them outta here as soon as possible. Wish I could withdraw today but have to have lunch. By then, I'll be chock full 'O nose spray, caffeine and meds. When I worked in CO, this was my daily routine. Good grief!

    Well, Kiddies, I need to move along. I'll try to check later and hope everydobby's problems disappear into the magic mist.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi y'all,

    Just Checking In. And I ditto all the nominations for Mikie!!! And thanks, Mikie, for your kind words about me. :)

    Oh gosh, this crud has got me down. Spending a lot of time in the BR and trying to stay hydrated. A lot of sleeping too.

    Kevin got his new leased Kia yesterday. Spent close to $3,ooo, to drive it off the lot. It's a white 2015 Optima. The Kia dealership gave him a lot of tips, for maintenance schedule, etc., including needing new tires. So this lease should not be too costly to maintain. They also gave him tips for terminating his lease -- without going through KIA Finance. Finance put Kevin through many more hoops than the dealership would have.

    Well, $3,000. We figured out why. All those deals you see on TV -- $1000 down, $150 per month -- they are for drivers who only drive short distances. Getting to and from work for Kevin would violate the lease in about 3 months! Plus, Kevin is a big guy, 6 feet 2 inches. He needs a larger car. So the extra price.

    OK, I've settled with that. $900+ paid by check, $2000 on current "no interest" credit card.

    Then, this morning, our Water Heater DIED. Kevin's still at home; plumbers will be here sometime "this morning". A new water heater, installed, will be $995. I guess it was time -- our water heater is close to 16 years old. Most only last 10 years.

    But, sigh.... that's a lot of money to spend over 2 days.

    Anyways .... Julie, I'm glad that Clinton is doing well on his meds. I continue to pray for his recovery. I know other people have written on this thread, but I can't remember right now. So I'll just say HI to all, and I'll be back when I can. Headed for a nap.

    Luv y'all,
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    Ok, Kids

    Today is really April Fools Day, so if you haven't already done so, be sure to
    set your clock ahead. And speaking of Trader Joe's, the news (on TV) said
    last night that Trader Joe's was cheaper than Whole Foods on almost all
    of the items on the shopping list. A few more details about the survey would
    have been nice, but they had to hurry along to 5 or 6 commercials. I
    seldom watch TV, and if I do, I don't watch the commercials.

    Mikie, I hope your strokey feeling has gone away. That sounds very
    scary. I was in an LA hospital for surgery some decades back. There
    was a sign to remind the nurses and aids to speak English. Many of
    them were from the Philippines. One of my 12 step friends was in
    charge of the nurses at Midway Hospital. She said the folks from
    the Philippines and some Asian countries could not be relied on
    when you asked how a patient did during the night. In their culture
    it would be rude to say someone had a bad night.

    Hope you have a nice lunch. I don't speak Spanish except to say
    buenos dias, adios, and menu items. (This system has worked for
    40 plus years.)

    Sun, I saw an ad for Aldi on the news. Don't know anything about it
    though. We used to have an Aldine bookstore in Hollywood. I think
    the name was taken from the first important book publisher in
    Europe: Aldus Manutius. Your pesto sounds very good. I suppose
    you can make it presto in your processor. Glad to hear you
    found a nice painting group.

    Granni, a shame another post went poof. I hope your son's project
    turns out well. I think your blue or purple posts are a refreshing
    addition to our thread.

    Hugs Diane, Springwater, Barry, Julie
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    Dear Porchies,

    Not to much time now DH is off doing an errand so I am here for a little while before he drags me to work out :)!!

    Just want to clear up a little bit of my mystery. Our DS had offered to help or try and help with our wayward daughter who I spoke about some time ago. Had not heard much from her. She then changed her e-mail. Had not heard hardly anything much from her and what she sent had not made a lot of sense. She has been living mostly on the streets and I am guessing she was doing what she could to survive.. She was even making up her own website. She was never a big person and now am sure lost a fair amount of lots of weight. I guessing some may be psychiatric problems as it is in the family. DH;s grandmother spent many years in the psychiatric institution after her DG died suddenly at an early age. I think she was held together by chewing gum and wire (DD#3) and has or still has alcohol and possibly other drug problems. When she lost her job things went down hill fast.

    To try and make a long story short he was the only one my daughter was or is trusting at this point. He has a heart of gold and not to much bothers him. Yesterday he went before the judge and got a supeana or whatever you call it to have her evaluated. That was not that easy. She was picked up this morning with no fuss from a hotel that our son paid for by a constable and brought to a hospital. More later as I don't know much else. There was no fus by her. I think she somehow knows she needs help. I had to write a letter also. She is in MENTAL HEALATH HOSPITAL and that is all we know and she has to want totalk to us I think. We will see.

    Gotta run and more later.

  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Got back from lunch a bit ago. We went to a really nice restaurant just up the street. No prices on the menu but my dear old friend eats there a lot so guess he wasn't surprised when the bill came. Food was good and we three had such a nice time. I am still not feeling great but am functioning--sort of. Good thing because I drove. I was comfy in a black top and long full skirt. The skirt is way too big but, because it is gathered and hangs gracefully, it didn't look way too big.

    I see Barb over at the pool for the third afternoon in a row. Ilona is over there with her and her DD. I'll have to wait until I see Ilona, or call Grace, to get the skinny on what is going on with her. I'll be glad when they are all gone.

    Think I'll just rest for the remainder of the day. I still feel a bit 'strokey,' as Rock says. My ears are stuffed up and I have tinnitus. I'll put 1/2 a Special K under my tongue and it will go away. The Special K may help me doze off.

    Diane, thank you for your kind, sweet words. I'm glad you guys got the new Kia. Those low-mile leases are too restrictive for most people. They would probably be OK for me as I'm now only putting about 1,000 miles a year on my car. At least, that worry is over with for you. If you go through the dealer next time, he is likely to want to offer you a really good deal to turn it in a bit early. Even a few months can save a lot. We have those 40-gallon low-boy water heaters which are fat but only about half as tall as the usual ones. I'll likely have to get a new one before too long. I may consider one of those hot-water-on-demand gizmos but they cost a lot more to buy and install. Seems like my spending comes in twos and threes at a time. I hate that but it seems to be how life is. Bah! Enjoy the new car and your rest.

    Rock, I think Whole Foods and Fresh Foods are both more expensive than TJ's. I know the same wholesalers supply Publix and Fresh Foods so I can't see shopping there. Some people consider Publix expensive and they are, on some things. Their BOGO's are wonderful but Wal Mart is a lot cheaper on many items. The TJ's is too far to drive for me. Yes, cultural differences are often harder to overcome than differences in language. My ex worked for a Japanese co. and, when he went to Japan, he had to learn what to do and not to do in order not to offend the employees in Japan. Too bad no one showed him how not to offend everyone else! But, I digress...

    Granni, I pray this helps your DD. I know you've worried about her. Hopefully, she's ready to accept help. I hope so. This has got to be so very hard on you and your family. Unfortunately, mental illness can be so hard because the illness, itself, can cause a person not to want to seek treatment. DD#2 is a psychiatric nurse and works with patients with mental, emotional and addiction issue. She has told me how challenging they are to treat. The people who do this kind of healing are usually so caring and dedicated. St. Dymphna is the patron saint of mental and emotional illnesses. Thanks for sharing this with us as I know we will all be praying for you all. Please keep us updated.

    Julie, please continue to keep us updated on Clinton. I continue to keep y'all in my prayers too.

    OK, I need to go rest too. I didn't get much in the way of sleep last night. Headache is still with me. It's hot and breezy out but nice and cool inside with the A/C on. Perfect snoozing weather.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie, et al,

    This day is wizzing by and haven't gotten much done at all. Did take a shower and washed my hair but the curl won't stay long in this humid weather. It also rained a little bit this afternoon and just enough wind to get your hair out of wack, especially when you have straight hair like me - aaack !! DH wanted to go work out this morning. I had other things to do but I went anyway and then came home and made lunch. Then I started making my spaghetti sauce. Will put my turkey meatballs in later (frozen). Need to eat early as we have to be there early for warmup. Glad we will be off on Monday nights for practice until mid august.

    I need to put on makeup and start to get ready. Hope you get to take a nice nap MIKIE. Tp bad you keep on running into Barb. When do they leave? That is a shame after all you tried to be to her but some people are never happy and love to complain. I have a classmate like that and she still complains all the time but the and is never happy and keeps moving and trying to find happiness, I think. Her husband died years ago she has always been a complainer since her mom was too. I think she had a boy friend sort of for awhile, but who wants to listen to a complainer all the time ??

    Thanks for your understanding, MIKIE about DD#3. Just hoping they don't just check her out and let her go. She has no money and none of us has that much . I am almost afraid of what they can find but if she needs meds she doesn't even have the money for that. However, I think there may be more than one problem. If it is bad enough wondering if they will keep her for treatments, on the states payrole, Hp[e she will speak to some of us even if it just our son who can give us the information. There is some rule and we can;t find out anything unless we have the patient number. It has to do with the HIPPA laws. Need to find out more about that. He has a phone number that he isn't going to call for awhile. I do hope we find out what problems she has been having and possible addictions. We are pretty sure that alcohol is one. She even admitted to that and then went to AA meetings for awhile but that was when she still had a car and a home.

    TTYAL. A lot to do.

    JULIE - Keep us abreast of Clintons condition and I hope he continues to get better and stronger.

    Love to everydobby,
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: thanks for explaining things abut your DD. I know it's a huge heartache for all of you, I pray for her and all of you. My son used to date a girl whose brother was living on the streets in LA. He was bi polar but didn't like the feeling he got from the meds so refused to take them. She would tell me how upset and sad her family was over it all. And most of the people living on the street have alcohol/drug problems, mental problems or just can't cope with life. I'll be thinking of you.

    Mikie: No prices.....I've never been to a restaurant like that! And tell us what you ate. I'm sorry you weren't up to par.

    Diane: great news that you guys now have a new car. I now virtually nothing about leasing so can't add anything. Are you feeling better?

    Barry: Is Richard on his trip right now?

    My son is coming over tomorrow to do some repair stuff around the house bringing my DGD. But it dawned on me both he and my DD need to be on bank accounts....just in case....so I called the bank and got an appt. for tomorrow then when my DD can get here next week she will also be put on then I can get new checks printed up. I also got in touch with the man who drew up the Trust for my DH and I. I had put in two calls in the last month and no response, but today an answering service picked up......yea......so once he calls I will need to get a new revocable trust drawn up. We never knew my DH would die so soon, so I need to be prepared and everything protected for my kids.
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Tweety is lying at my feet after getting tons of love, petting and having her tummy rubbed. She is on her back trying to reach up to the bottom of the coffee table. It looks like some kind of floor stretching exercise. When she does her yoga, she does an amazing downward cat pose. It's gray and dreary out. We may have rain later this afternoon. I'd welcome it.

    Sun, some of the ritzier restaurants don't put prices on their menus. This restaurant isn't that great but I guess they are trying to be more upscale. To me, when I ate there back when they did put prices on the menus, they were overpriced for so-so food. They own another restaurant where the food really is good. When I take my dear old friend out, I'm going to take him to a seafood restaurant that is supposed to be really good. I haven't eaten there but friends say it's great. They fly their fish in fresh from Boston. I just had a BBQ burger yesterday. I haven't been eating much so I figured a burger wouldn't hurt me. I used a fork and didn't eat the bun. The burger was covered in cole slaw. BTW, get the atty's opinion about the kids on the bank acct. If one of them were sued, your bank acct. might be part of any award to the plaintiff. My atty. 'splained this to Mom and me. There is a way that the bank can be put in their names after your death. Of course, trusts may be a different matter. Always good to get an atty involved. I have a will but need to get a trust done.

    Granni, most of the time, treatment is better when just the patients and therapists are involved without the family, at least, at first. It helps to get to the heart of the matter without family dynamics in the way. Patients who do not want to talk to family may open up with therapists if they are ready for help. This is the most difficult part for the families. It has nothing to do with you; it's just normal protocol. Underneath all their defensiveness, patients often have deep guilt over the pain they have caused parents. This can get in the way of healing. We will all keep you in our prayers. This is one of those times when you just have to put it in God's hands. I'm sure that's where you put it long ago but, sometimes these things just seem to take forever and it can be so hard to wait. Bless your DS for helping with this. Keep us updated, even if you don't get much in the way of updates for a while. BTW, I haven't run into Barb as I haven't gone over to the pool when she is there. She can't come up to her condo because she can't climb stairs. I figure if she able to walk from the car outside the pool gate to a table, she can fly back up north. Can't wait for her to leave.

    Julie, I am so glad that Clinton is improving. I'll keep y'all in my prayers. Good for you for saying 'no' when you have to, due to other more pressing priorities. I know how difficult that must be for you. You are such a giving person that you want to take care of everyone. Sometimes, there is just not enough of you to go around. I'm glad Amy has some help on the other side of the family. I hope things settle down for you all soon. I'll bet sis' attention has more to do with $$$ than with putting on a show for others. She plays GPA like a fine violin. Keep us updated on how everything is going as we continue to keep y'all in our prayers.

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - thank you for your beautiful nomination..I think all of you on the board are so brave..and enduring. And i wonder how i would do in some situations you all face..not as good im thinking. I do struggle a lot with fatigue...and some ongoing issues.

    A restaurant which doesnt hv prices listed!! i never heard of that till now..i would be afraid to go in. We as a family have never been big on going out to eat. As a family i mean. When we do its a treat. My Chinese friend used to hv one meal a day (dinner) out during the cooking gas crisis at its worst. She used to say it works out the better for their peace of mind. Preferred saving the gas at home for tea and emergencies and spending more on eating out.Mhy DH woudve got a heart attack if id suggested that...he is a bit careful with money. And i understand.

    The crisis is supposed to be over..the blockade is supposed to be lifted but no word of when our turn to get gas comes at the depot. I am still being very careful.

    The pictures you posted were oh so beautiful..heaven must be like that..i am so happy..imagine being able to rest in such a beautiful place. Not meaning to sound morbid. But its good to know we go to a beautiful place when the time comes.

    Granni - so sorry to hear about your DD. We are told time and again in our Pranic healing teachings that every soul is on their own journey and one should not be so attached to others that it affects ourselves negatively.Now this is easy to follow when the others are doing well but difficult when they are in trouble. I pray your DD gets the right help and guidance she needs.

    I didnt do well with learning to read music..we did hv classes from grade iii to grade v..then it was an extra curricular activity after school and optional. I wish i was musically inclined..i mean able to play music..any thing,,piano guitar drums..i love music, and singing. Our music teacher used to tell the most chilling ghost stories..and let us tell our stories...but when he was angry...boy it was scary. Me and my day scholar friends were known for volunteering to sing in class..we didnt know english songs so we would sing the Indian film songs..the teacher didnt mind..

    I had to go off the other time...and coming back to continue

    Sun- that pool of yours is a challenge to upkeep..but how lovely to hv ones own pool. Even aesthetically, a body of water outside ones home..we had a little pond when we lived in the country..where our three ducks would swim...it was fascinating for me as a kid to watch them waddle down and stick their heads under water and feet up.

    Julie - i am so glad to hear Clinton is doing much better. And so lovely to hear about Lyndsey and them moving into their new home! What a relief Grandpa is in a good care centre and not making a fuss about it. I think you should work on detaching from Sis and her antics. I can feel your anger and wish she had never come down from her own place. But like Mikie says, she might hv been meant to be in your life for a purpose. But i do empathise with you. I think being with my MIL is what gave me gall stones at age 28.

    We had a severe windstorm...and it was exciting to watch thru the window..dust swirling and clothes and stuff being air borne...next morning when i went to the terrace i found someones jute mat in a corner..it must hv been swept up from many buildings away.

    Diane - always nice when you stop by. I wish this crud affecting everyone would just go away. How lovely for kevin to be appreciated by his superior..and get that raise.

    Talking of April Fool my DD told me she wrote on FB "I dont know why Donald Trump gets so much flak, he has his weaknesses but who doesnt, i quite like him"..and then after a while she wrote April Fool. I told her she should hv left it for a day and then written April Fool but she replied "i was scared people would think i was a Trumpet.
    Or whatever it is they call Trump supporters." How i laughed.

    One of the daily newspapers ran a headline "Leonardo Di caprio coming to nepal for a bike a thon. And lots of people bought it..and got excited. lol.

    I was watching a cooking show ..its an indian show where a man goes to rustic places and checks out their dishes and methods of cooking..i got inspired and went and made a beans and potato curry using his method...it used fenugreek seeds and coriander in addition to the usual onion garlic ginger cumin..and had a little gravy...it turned out yum.

    Hugs to Rock, Barry and anyone else i might ve missed..

    God Bless

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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I called Grace and she had to get antibiotics for this crud. It had gone into her lungs. She's happy to be home in WV. Said all her flowers are beautiful but frigid weather is on its way. Had enough NRG to go out and water/fertilize the flowers. I unloaded the dishwasher and fixed some lunch. I had roast beef and fresh asparagus with Hollandaise sauce. Mmmmm! Soooo good. I have hard boiled some eggs and cooked the potatoes I need to eat. I'll make some egg/potato salad. I have a bit of bacon left over from Thursday's lunch so I'll add some bacon to it. I still need to clean out the fridge and haul the old food down to the dumpster. I hate to waste food but, when I'm sick, it just happens.

    My friend across the street, who has terminal cancer, has this crud and had to be hospitalized. She'll be home in a couple of days. She has no immune system due to the chemo. Her DH has the crud so can't visit her. Her sister was on her way to see her. I have a lot of people to pray for.

    Found out that Barb's daughter is taking her up north on Wed. They brought her to the pool again today. She is walking well with the walker. Guess she actually got in the pool yesterday so she must be doing a lot better. Still, she cannot go up stairs.

    I've had cooking shows on PBS playing all morning. There is something so soothing about them.

    Spring, I think we all have our challenges but I think you've really had to endure a lot of hardship for a long time. I hope and pray it gets better. I can't imagine eating out every night either. I can get by with raw fruits and veggies but have to have some cooked meat, fish or poultry now and then. I usually cook something and have it for several meals. I may make a little pot of cream of asparagus soup with the leftovers. Yes, Heaven must be beautiful. Those who have come back from ND experiences say the flowers bloom for the glory of God and seem to vibrate or hum. They have colors we don't have here. Some days, I can't hardly wait.

    From what I've read, we belong to soul groups and may travel with our group through many lives. The whole group may agree to incarnate just so that one can take the journey he or she needs in order to grow. The others all play their parts. Sometimes, those we think are our enemies are really here to help us learn and grow through adversity. I haven't figured the whole thing out but, just in case, I don't hate my enemies. I pray for them. It isn't easy but it's the only way to let it go so I can continue on my journey. Also from what I've read, all of Heaven is rooting for us with love that is beyond anything we can experience in our human form. I know for sure that we are not alone here in our lives. Take care and I hope things improve fast.

    Julie, we must have been posting at the same time. I'm so glad Clinton is improving. Also glad that GPA acknowledges how sis is. It must be hard for him to do that. I can only imagine how all this is for you. It's hard to keep your stress levels down, having to deal with her sick games all the time. You have enough stress from everything else. Please, dear one, make sure you get your rest. I know I'm always saying this but I worry about you. Because I'm in edit mode, I can't go back to your post so, if I missed something, I'm sorry. You know your are in my thoughts and prayers.

    OK, time to go clean out the fridge. AAACCCKKK! It will be nice to have it clean so I can put the food I've fixed away. Hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    :) Darn it I did it again. Be back tomorrow. I have to stop deleteing these posts, editing or trying to add things after I am done.
    Glad you are all doing pretty well and glad Gpa and Clinton is doing well JULIE.

    Love to you all, I have been reading ! We may never find out what is happening with DD but glad she has a roof over her head at least for awhile and food in her tummy.

  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: WHEW......you need to write down what all you need to do and where to be. My brain couldn't retain the way you do. I'm sorry it's been so long that you've seen your dad. I'm sure he was wondering.

    Granni: I don't know if you or your son would be able to get info on your DD, without written permission. Sooooo many rules and regulations. Is your son able to visit with her at all? And I don't know if she's able to qualify for any treatment.

    Mikie: This CRUD is awful, I'm sorry it's affecting your friends. I'm at the coughing stage AGAIN which is strange since I didn't have much of a "cold" stage.

    My DS and DGD got here about 45 min. before we had to leave for the bank appt Everything went good, then my DD and her family were here when we got back, and suddenly it was noise and chaos especially when we were just getting started with a monopoly game and the trust guy called. HAD to take it and was on the phone about 45 min. and by that time everyone was leaving. Anyway, he'll be out on Tuesday for me to sign and initial everything. A good feeling, like I'm tying up all loose ends. Probate without a will or stipulations can take months and months to close.

    MY DGD is soooo cute, will turn 2 on June 2, loves to laugh, very affectionate with everyone, and really fun to have around. I wish I could have spent more time with her. My DS did get some things done for me......installed a new mailbox with key, and fixed the rain gutters on one side, along with going to the bank with me. I wish I could see them more than once a month. OH yes, when it came to the trust, he asked if my DS died before me did I want his family (DIL) to inherit........NO WAY. I felt guilty saying that but she does not like our family and has been cold and rude to all of us for years.
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Just sitting here enjoying the cool 66 degree morning air. We are in for a cold snap--79 degrees today. I'm glad we will get some spring weather instead of the high 80's we've been having. These swings in temps, and air pressure, may well be why we all continue to feel sick. I got my fridge cleaned out yesterday and hauled the heavy trash bag to the dumpster. When I went to heave it in, my back kinked up and I've been in pain since. I should have been wearing my back brace. So, it was difficult to stand at the counter fixing my potato/egg salad. I need to run to the store today as I'm out of broth to make my soup. I need to pick up a few other things too. Sooooo nice to have a decluttered fridge.

    Barb's daughter went out really early this morning. She slams the front door so hard that it shakes the walls. I hope it was just to get something for breakfast and not a crisis with Barb. I don't wish Barb nor her kids any problems and I certainly want them to be able to get her outta here and gone. I can hear Ilona laughing down on her lanai so she may be having Barb's daughter down for breakfast. Ilona is really loud. I've closed my sliding door so I don't have to hear it while I'm relaxing in my living room. Ilona and Frank will be gone in a week. I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet in the hood. Ah, a couple more slams of the door. She has to be doing this on purpose. Good grief!

    Sun, it's great that you are taking care of the legal stuff. I have a will but want to get a trust done. The guy downstairs died without a will and his condo had to go through probate before his sister could get it. It took two years. I don't want to leave any problems for my kids. Wow, DS did a lot for you. How nice. Also nice you can spend time with your DGD. I'd love it if I could see my kids once a month. Wish you could get over this crud.

    Granni, have you tried what I posted about highlighting and saving your posts with Control+C (pressed at the same time)? If you lose your post, you just press Control+V to get it back. Of course, any changes after you save it are lost but, at least, you don't lose the whole thing. Be sure not to hit the Shift key instead of the Control key or you will lose it too. If you post the reply and then go into edit mode, the original post should still be there. Hope this helps. DD may not be able to contact family for the first few days or a week. She may want to talk to her brother and, hopefully, he can keep you updated. I hope so and I hope and pray this treatment helps her.

    Julie, good grief! This never ending merry-go-round continues for you. I'm glad you were able to catch a nap. I gave the kitties an early treat and went back to sleep until almost 6:00. A little extra sleep can make all the difference. I agree that small children can be overwhelmed by too much celebrating with big crowds. I think it's the Happy Birthday Song, the cake and blowing out the candles that they enjoy with their families. Glad Clinton is doing better, Keira will be able to be with her Dad, and you will get to see your Dad. I can only imagine the stress you have from those irresponsible people and I know it's sooooo hard not to let it get to you. It's OK for you to get angry and we're here for you to vent. Just try to find a way to let it go then. I know--easier said than done. Hope your cough gets better.

    I'm gonna go read my big fat Sunday newspaper. Hope there is some good news for a change. Hope everydobby has some good news today.

    Love, Mikie
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