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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I'll be back to post.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Not much goin' on here. Gordon had a checkup with his cardiologist
    yesterday. Was told the test results looked fine. He stopped at the
    market on the way home. Brought me some bing cherries. The are
    beautiful. A glossy dark red. Would be great in a still life. Unfortunately
    that is all they are good for. Like most modern fruit they have no flavor.
    Young people don't know what good food is.

    Last night I talked to my brother who had the hip surgery. He said things
    seem to be going well. He is still in the nursing home. Will go home next
    Monday if no problems develop. They are making plans for a visiting
    therapist, etc. He is very cheerful about the whole thing.

    I have been reading your post, Guys, but am not up to posting much at
    the moment. Everything is too much effort. Like swimming in quick sand.

    Ha det bra
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    Good morning from my neck of the woods! It is sunny, 75 degrees (supposed to get up to 83) and I am enjoying my first cup of coffee :)

    Thank you, Rock, for starting a new volume...you are so good to keep up with that! I need to only look at the bottom left of my posts once in awhile and I would see how many there are, lol!

    We used to have a cherry tree...an old one that was here when we moved to the farm. I had to climb the tree to pick the fruit, and fight off birds while doing so. But I usually had enough to make a pie...felt very "Betty Crockerish".

    Mikie, that silly Sir Vester! I hope he doesn't start causing too many problems for you...might it be the moon getting more full?

    Den is coming home before noon, so I only have a couple of hours to work here this morning. I left some things outside my gardening shed, so had better get that taken care of...no rain expected last night, so I wasn't too worried about stuff getting wet. But I still have the back of the Gator full and should get it emptied (trash, pots I no longer need, etc.) so we can use it for other things.

    According to my recent theory about my physical limitations, this should be my day to work inside...but I need to get stuff at least put back into the building...

    The nursing home called last evening to tell me that my dad had fallen...they think he has a cold. I'm wondering if he has an inner infection, or if the "dewaxing" drops are causing him some problems. They will soften the wax with the drops, then flush his ears on Friday. I wish I could count on getting him in to the ENT, but they are usually pretty busy...and I don't know if I could get him there (on his "bad" days, he just can't get awake to do much of anything.)

    Anyway, I'd better get busy...love you all...have a "good enough" day!
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    Good Grief! I mentioned above that I'd be back to post and forgot and posted it on the closed Porch 905. Body and mind are not doing well today. I called the urologist and he wants to see me. He's in the Cape today so I'll see him tomorrow in the office just down the street. I'll live til then. I want to find out what is causing the kidney symptoms. I'm concerned that the kidney stones may be causing some bleeding. My lower back has been hurting but it seems too low to be the kidneys. Oy! It's always something! I didn't know when I'd be going in so took my shower early. Not much to do to get ready tonight for the concert. It's ragtime piano so think I'll dress casually.

    I've already gotten a few things picked up and Roomba is vacuuming for me. Tomorrow morning, I'll dust and clean the bathrooms. I know the doc wants me to get the ultrasound treatment which breaks up the kidney stones but we were going to wait six months. It could happen earlier than that now. I may not be able to do much after so want the condo to be halfway clean.

    Got an e-mail from DSIL with a pic of the Grand Canyon from the air. He was recently flying over it and said he always thinks of Fractal Geometry when he sees it. He's know about Chaos Theory and FG since the 80's, when he was in high school. He is fascinated that, if only one tiny variable is changed, it completely changes the look of the graphic. He's so sweet; he always gets excited when he finds we share these strange interests.

    Rock, sorry you're not up to posting much but am always glad to see you here. I loooove those big dark red Bing Cherries. Mmmmm! I got one batch and they were sweet and delicious. The second batch was tasteless. They are in the fridge growing mold. Glad Gordon's ticker is OK and your bro is recovering well following the surgery. Everyone says hip replacement is easier to recover from than knee replacement. That's why I had the gel injected in my knees and had arthroscopy on both of them. I'm not hard on my knees anymore so am hoping I never have to have a replacement. That's why I run in the shallow end of the pool and not on the road or sidewalk. Sending you happy thoughts of lots of NRG.

    Julie, I hope your Dad is OK. It could be the wax treatment. I do that at home because I get wax buildup on one side. That stuff that softens the wax clogs the ear up. Wow! Lindsay looks like a physical challenger too. Geez! I remember being that young and athletic. Now, I feel like an old lady. Well, actually, I am but I don't want to feel like one. Kudos for getting the mowing done. If it would just stay that way. Same with housework. It's never done. Glad the coffee helped your rash. It's probably just as well if the doc looks at it. You can grow the aloe vera inside but it doesn't seem to grow as fast so it's good to get a larger plant to begin with. If you were here, I'd give you one of ours. Yes, it is nice to have green plants all year but I miss having Lilacs and other bushes which don't grow here.

    Granni, I'll bet you are right about the sugar in the alcohol not burning off. It probably caramelizes. I wish there were more things you could eat. Bless your heart for being so good about your diet and your health. I know it's doubly difficult with a mate you have to feed. I also admire how active you are.

    Star, Sweetie, I am so sorry for all you've been through. Years ago, when my girls were little, I stopped going to PTA meetings at school. I also couldn't deal with the drama. I did volunteer a bit with my tennis buddies who also had kids in my kids' grades. We were friends and didn't have all that drama. People probably looked at us as a clique but we got things done without the accompanying emotional damage. We played tennis every weekday, weather permitting.

    The most common complaint I've heard since I've been here is that members suffer from hurtful remarks made by family and friends saying, "You don't look sick." When I was too tired to go over to the pool, my neighbor downstairs said, "Sometimes, you just have to push yourself." If only they knew. I've learned to just let that stuff roll off my back but it's taken years to learn how to do it. What's harder for me is feeling bad about myself when I'm too tired to make any progress because I have to rest. I'm glad you found us because we all know just how you feel and are here for support.

    Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning my DEAR PORCHIES,

    Not sure how long this will be. Have to get up soon so the cleaning ladies can clean up in here. I think today there may be three of them so should get done quickly. It is The main lady , her daughter who also has been a college student. I think she may be through and and other gal who may be another daughter. Occasionally this happens. Anyway I got up early this morning to try and get ready for them. I am guessing the main gal is here too but I haven't looked to see. DH is also here .

    Had a great dinner last night and I wasn't that good. I had a very short glass of white wine at the hostess' home and then at the restaurant (Italian) and had water and a glass of wine in which I kept putting in ice cubes. We didn't have salads or appetizers as they did have some appetizers at the host home. I got shrimp scampi with mixed veggies that were delicious. I could have had a potato or pasta with it. But I asked for more veggies. It didn't seem like more but that is what I got. We had bread with some yummy topping to put on top so I had to have a little of that. Don't think I was so good last night but it was delicious what I had anyway. I love pasta and I might should have had some of that too. Who knows????

    Where did SUN go on her trip? I never did get answer. I missed it whenever she said so.

    Gotta fun they are ready to clean in here. More later. Thanks Mikie and ROCK for starting us up again.:)

  6. Granniluvsu

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    I see it is quiet here now but wanted to pop in again to see if there were any other interesting things going on :)!!

    ROCK - Hope you get some more NRG so you can post so me more. We do appreciate what you do post though.

    MIKIE - Thanks for your sweet words about me and my diet. I was 1/2 good last night I would say :)!!

    STAR - Yes, sorry that you have had to go through all that when you were younger. I know how it is even when people don't say anything I know they really don't understand. Only those with these conditions do. Even my DH really doesn't but he thinks he does and does what he can, at times :)!!

    JULIE - Glad you are taking your naps and I think the busy outside work one day with lighter work inside work is a good plan for you and me too :)!!

    DH is going to need to get on the computer again in a few minutes so I need to start wrapping it up . He needs to do some stock work. We don't have that much but he likes to do it and also if we want to stay here he needs to make some more money. If not we will most likely have to move if he can't make any for some time. If we have to move who knows where we will go esp with DD almost next door.. Right now, things are OK.

    Thinking of SW, DIANE, BARRY, and everydobby else I can't think of right now.

    Love y' all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in. I started to feel horrible a while ago so just went to bed and took a short snooze. I've set my alarm so I don't sleep instead of getting ready to go to the concert. For a while there, I didn't think I'd be able to go. The longer this drags on, the more I'm convinced that there is something going on in my kidneys. Glad I'm seeing the doc tomorrow. I did manage to do a little more cleaning up of my paperwork before I crashed. A bit at a time; easy does it. I hope this concert is enjoyable.

    Granni, sounds to me as though you do really well with your diet. On one of the health shows, they were saying that pasta made with semolina grain isn't as bad as people think it is. I know that I can eat pasta without its making my blood sugar go up. DD is on gluten free diet and said she has found some GF pasta that is delicious. If they come down, I'll have to buy that kind. I may make regular pasta too as I've not found a GF pasta I like. Our family loves pasta and I usually cook it when they are here.

    Guess I won't be going over to the pool tomorrow morning. I will see the doc at 11:45. Ugh! That's the worst time in the morning. By then, the doc has had time to get waaaay behind so I usually have to wait. I'm guessing they will do an ultrasound of my kidneys to see whether or not the stones have moved. I'm thinking I'll be much happier when those things are gone. Even as painful as it may be to pass the little granules, after they stones are blasted with ultrasound, I look forward to not having to worry about passing a full size stone. Yikes!!! I just hope there isn't something else going on with the kidneys which is more serious. Oh well, I'll think about that later, like Scarlett O'Hara.

    Sir Vester is sacked out in his little animal print bed. No wonder--he was up early this morning driving me crazy. My friend, Barbara, talked to me yesterday about having to have her cat, Charlie, put to sleep. They think he had a stroke. She stayed with him and told him their old dog would be waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge. The vet sent her a white rose in a bud vase from the florist. That is soooo nice. That is Sir Vester's vet too. As long as he isn't sick, the vet doesn't want me to bring him in. I'm good with that. Barbara is going with us tonight. I really like her; she is a very nice person.

    It's thundering out and we are supposed to get a lot of rain just like last night. We lost power for a little bit, only a few minutes. I have those little LED flashlights which stay plugged in to outlets. When the power goes out, they light up and can be removed and used. I'll have to take my bumbershoot tonight.

    Hope all y'all have a great evening. I don't suspect this concert will go very late, probably no later than 9:30.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - Enjoy your concert. I don't remember what you said the theme was or what kind of music it will be. However, I think you should have fun, I am sure. Music is almost always fun for me :)!. I remember us calling umbrellas "bumbershoots "years ago. Many probably wouldn't know what we were talking about nowadays. That is so sad about your friend Barbara having to put her poor sick kitty down. It is good she has you to talk to when things sad like this happen. Nice you are having evening rains but hope they aren't heavy. We sure need rain again now. We go from droughts to floods here but we have been lucky with no flooding in our house as others have had. Glad she is getting to go with you to the concert. I am sure she needs the outing even though Charlie will be in her heart !!

    Not sure what I will be eating for dinner. DH is going with DSIL to a K of C meeting and will be eating there. , He hasn't been to one in awhile , Every time he thinks he will go it is supposed to rain so he doesn't go. The driving isn't to easy or short from here esp in rainy , bad weather.

    TTYAL probably tomorrow but it won't be early. DH has made plans for us to work outside early and then maybe off to the store to get some stuff needed. Thinking of everydobby !!

    Granni :)
  9. lydia1

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    Good evening, friends! Just got back from a fun afternoon and evening with my hubby. Went to the home supply store and got a truckload of stuff, dropped it off at home, then left again to go to our county fair. They all get a half day off to attend, but we just walked around a bit and got some supper at the cattlemen's food booth. Den had a cheeseburger and I got a ribeye sandwich.

    As soon as we got home, he took the pickup and chainsaw up our lane to cut up a tree that had fallen on the part that one of our Amish neighbors mows (we gave him "right of way" to make a road on part of our property so they could build their house on back of us.) Den just asked him to mow his side of the lane in return...but this tree was causing a problem.

    Den is back, so I am going to sign off for now and will check in before I go to bed. Granni, I think Sun went to Maui with her kids...I believe they were leaving today, but I forget for how long. Wouldn't that be a fun trip?!
  10. springwater

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    Hello All

    (I had typed the below last evening, and had to leave it to attend to chores)

    It's a rainy quiet night...I can just hear the patter of raindrops outside, not much traffic. And a few cars passing, the sound is muffled. And the whirr of the fan above me.

    Rock - thank you for opening up. So good to hear Gordons check up went A ok.

    Julie - the trail Lyndsey runs is beautiful, does she run into other joggers?

    Mikie - sorry to hear about the kidney..if kidney is what is causing the pain. Hv a good concert.

    Granni - all that food sounds yummy. I wish the pains go away.

    Star - your story seems similar to most of us..having to drop out from most social activities due to illness and becoming isolated. Losing friends. Having people think we are 'strange'.

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  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Well, it's morning. Wet weather, mercifully. Cooler.

    Yesterday, I got my roots done. By myself. Yay! Saved a packet going to the salon. I was tempted to because the colour I got done for the whole of my hair was so pretty everyone commented..they said it glistened in the sun..but the salon girl told me, the reason my hair is so dry is because of coloring and that I should just get roots done..if I wanted to save my hair. Since I am not in the energy mode to get hair treatment done, I do crushed almonds with olive oil, when I do it, or banana and curd ( this is a nightmare to take off , worse since my again grows fast and it's downto the waist again.)

    I think I did all right...it's not looking too bad. I was afraid there would be colour mismatch..of the newly done roots and the old hair but no. This time at least it's fine.

    I know some ladies who left their hair, gray and all and look so elegant. And thought of doing same, because I was too tired to care anyways, but then, their personalities are also kinda striking..the achieving kinds. Achieving in the worldly sense. Career etc.

    Mikie - how interesting to hv a pilot SIL. And one who you hv things in common with to discuss. Maybe you're a soul group. My one cousins DH from maternal side is a pilot. A wonderful fellow. He was quite the dashing chap too. Very sweet, no arrogance, no complexes. She really lucked out. And now they've all gone on a Europe jaunt, her side of family, all,on his expense. (They don't hv kids, unfortunately).

    Sun - have fun in Maui. I'm sure you will get lots of paintings done.

    Ack - some paras got deleted before I cd press reply. Will bbl.

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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Sir Vester and I slept well last night. It was the first time he'd been by himself for a few hours since Tweety left. When I came in, he raced around like a happy little dog. I'm sooooo glad I was up to going to the concert. My Dear Old Friend said he had thought he might not make it either. He had his first Senior Sneakers workout at the gym yesterday. I told him that the next day is usually the worst after a new workout.

    The guy played ragtime piano. His whole shtick was to present himself as a bit nerdy with the kind of humor that pulls everyone's leg. He was an excellent pianist and funnier than just about anyone I've seen. He played pieces but introduced sounds, like bells, yodeling, cuckoo clocks and gunfire, into them. He got sounds out of that piano like I've never heard. He also played pieces with a different flare, like Mexican accents in a traditional American song. Finally, he accompanied a silent film with Buster Keaton, which was hilarious. I thought the guy behind me would bust a gut; he was howling with laughter. I figured out what is so good about these concerts--we are enjoying them in the moment. We aren't thinking of anything else and, of course, laughter is the best medicine.

    Good news--Harriet's little bald eagle fledgling is recuperating at the wild bird refuge. He's been moved to a larger cage in which he can fly. He will eventually be returned to the wild. More good news--a different refuge, which was in danger of having to close up, has been given new land so it can stay open. We try to do everything we can to help our friends in the wild. FL panthers were about extinct but are making a comeback. Still, we lose a lot of them to cars when they try to cross Alligator Alley which runs through the Everglades. I sent a little bit of money to a refuge in trouble. I can't afford to send much but I figure every little bit helps.

    , yes, we are now getting regular rain showers. I hope you get some rain. That's how flooding happens, when it's soooo dry and then it rains a bunch. I think we got almost two inches night before last. We got a bit of hail. It startled Sir Vester when it hit the windows. It startled me too but I had been expecting it from the weather alert. The storm was right on top of us on the weather map, showing a ton of lightning strikes. I'm glad time is speeding by so we can get to some better weather. Still, I feel blessed because the heat is worse in other areas, like Phoenix. I hope my friend knows what she's doing moving there. Do people do Novenas anymore? Perhaps you could do one for rain. Who is the patron saint of rain? Wait! I just looked it up. It's Saint Heribert of Cologne. He was a Benedictin Monk. He prayed for rain during a severe drought and when he rose from his knees, a torrential rain came down and saved the crops.

    Julie, what fun, going to the fair. Did Den buy you some bonny blue ribbons to tie up your bonny blonde hair? I've never been to our county fair here. Actually, I've never been to a county fair at all. I'd probably OD on junk food. We have festivals here for everything--mangos, strawberries, BBQ, seafood, Taste of the Beach, Greeks, Germans, Italians, Irish, etc. I don't go because I can't take the crowds. Oh well, it's better for my diet. I'm glad you had such a good time.

    , so glad it's cooler for you. Congratulations on doing your roots. My hair has also been over colored and that's why it is so dry and brittle on top. I'm giving it a rest but will have to color it soon. I bought some Joan Rivers hair powder that I put in the root area at the crown where the roots are white. That buys me a bit more time between coloring. The rest is a mix of white and mousy brown but doesn't look bad because it's still blonde around my face. As the color fades, however, I start looking sickly. I have a cousin whose coloring is the same as mine and she decided to let her hair go natural. She looks years older and looks tired. I am tired but don't want to look like it.

    Yes, DSIL is an airline pilot as was his Dad before he retired. He was DD's private flight instructor and that's how they met. DD is a private pilot as am I but neither of us fly anymore. My Stepdad gave me my first airplane ride when I was two, when he was my Mom's BIL (Mom married brothers). I am my own cousin. But, I digress... I can't remember a time when I didn't want to fly. Same with DD. I agree that we are likely in a soul group. My kids make my life soooo rich. I only wish I could see them more. Enjoy your beautiful hair. I'll bet you look lovely. Do you leave your hair down our put it up?

    Hope all y'all are doing well and have a good day. My best to everyone MIA.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm back from seeing the doc. Glad I did; there is significant blood in my urine but we don't know why. They took blood for a kidney function test. I have a cat scan of my urinary tract next week. Finally, another cystoscopy next month just to rule out a bladder infection. There are no bladder symptoms but we have to rule everything out. It isn't necessarily related to the kidney stones. I just hope it isn't some kind of kidney disease. The people working in the doc's office are all soooo nice. I told them I appreciate that.

    While I was waiting, a mean looking woman was loudly talking on her cell phone telling someone about the terrorist attack in Nice. She was saying our government wouldn't do a thing about it. I gave her a look and she glared back at me, seemingly satisfied that she had irritated someone. I am not offended by her politics; she has a right to her own opinion just like everyone else. I object to her carrying on loudly on a cell phone in a medical waiting room. It's rude and thoughtless. There are people in there who are sick and worried; they don't need someone blabbing on about a terrorist attack to cause them more anxiety. Good grief! What's the matter with people? She looked like a mean and really angry person. I don't like to see people stoking up fear in others. Life can be scary and difficult enough without that.

    I stopped at Publix for some comfort food and got a rotisserie chicken. It's reallllly good. Also got some Bing cherries and they are delicious. The last ones I got were tasteless. I'm throwing them out. I didn't eat them and they are growing fur. Got my LOTTO tickets. Powerball is still big. Saw some of my favorite people in Publix and it's always nice to exchange small chat and smiles with them.

    I'm tired and will rest for the remainder of the day. My back pain is evidently being caused by whatever is wrong with my kidneys. I'll rest and drink a lot of water. I noticed my ankles were just a tad puffy. If anydobby has a spare prayer, I'll take it. I keep all y'all in mine.

    Love, Mikie
  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Mikie, you certainly in my prayers...I'm so sorry you are going through this pain and worry. I hope the labs or CT will show what's going on.

    Anyway, I am home after running errands all afternoon and evening. I'll check in again when I get a chance. Hang in there, everyone!
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope y'all are well. I didn't sleep that well. I have a fair degree of back pain so have taken some acetaminophen. It is processed through the liver and not the kidneys like ibuprophen. I also feel a bit of nausea. I think the symptoms are getting worse. Doc sent urine for a culture just in case it's an infection but I don't think it is. I just hope I don't get really sick from this over the weekend. Murphy's Law dictates that that is when these things happen. I'm trying not to worry that it is kidney disease. I doubt that there is a tumor on one kidney as it hurts on both sides. I let my kids know about it just in case something happens so they don't wonder why I didn't say something earlier. I still have a lot which needs doing here in the condo and hope this doesn't stop me. At least, I know why I've been feeling even more tired than usual lately. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    DD wanted to know whether I needed her to come down. I told her that, for now, I'm OK. I may need her later, depending on the outcome of this newest pain in the neck, actually pain in the back. They were planning on coming down to FL next month before school starts. They are letting DGS stay overnight in CO with my ex while DD attends her high school reunion. Poor kid doesn't get to see me nor his grandpa as much as he'd like. Good thing my DSIL's parents live nearby in TX. They are great with him.

    Julie, I figured it was just a matter of time before sis started her nasty business. You are handling things perfectly, just as you always do. This will eventually be over with and she will have no reason to contact you. In the meantime, the attys. can deal with her. She is one hot mess. GPA asked you to be executor because he knew you would do things fairly and legally and adhere to his wishes. I'm sure this is difficult for you and Den. Hang in there, Sweetie. This too shall pass.

    I'm up early--4:30. I've had my breakfast so will go read the newspaper. News is horrible. I just feel numb from all the violence recently. It's my system's way of keeping me from falling apart from the stress and sadness. I've shed a few tears but am not knuckling under to it all. I need to keep a stiff upper lip so I can deal with whatever I'm looking at with my kidneys. Of all the things that can befall a person, I never figured on kidney problems. If worse were to come to worst, I'd do dialysis for a while but not indefinitely. Also, I'd never opt for a transplant. No need to worry about it now; I'll just wait to see what the tests reveal.

    I hope all y'all are having a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  16. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Mikie, I hate to hear that you're having this problem. Have you had a microalbumin/creatinine ratio test? I had a severe, recurring UTI a few months back that had been plauging me for over a year.

    I was on several rounds of abx and they finally found one to take care of it. I had the aching in my kidney area too, sometimes on one side, sometimes both. It really hurts.

    I know you might not have an infection. but they can be difficult to diagnose and treat sometimes. I had bleeding also. You are in my prayers. Hope you can rest. I drank lots of fluids and tried to avoid IBS c . That helped with the pain a bit. GB
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, gb,

    Thanks for you sweet kind thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate them. I had my annual urinalysis in Feb. but not that specific test. The doc has sent my urine off for a culture to see whether there is an infection so we're waiting on the result. Then, I go in for the cat scan next week, followed by cystoscopy in Aug. Cystoscopy is just to be through as he doesn't think it's an infection nor a problem with the bladder. My urine is actually much, much lighter in color this morning and the foam is vastly reduced. I read that foam is usually due to protein in the urine. We will have to deal with the stones but he wants to see whether there is something else going on.

    With us, it's always something. Good grief! I hope you are doing well. I haven't been on the other board much lately. I've been soooo tired and just got a lapsed policy notice from my property insurer. I could swear I made the payment but it's not in my bank records and I can't even find the bill. I have to wait until Mon. to call to make the payment over the phone.

    Thanks again for being so thoughtful.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody,

    Goodness, this is a slow porch volume.

    I'm still dealing with allergies. This morning, our windows were opened to get some overnight breezes. And I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed, I stopped counting after 30+ sneezes. So I took a claritin. Which is OTC non-drowsy, well with me it makes me want to sleep. Yawn.

    Mikie, you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers!!!! Sounds like you have a good doc taking care of you. Try not to worry! Please. Keep us posted about your appts and results. We are here for you.

    Julie, good to hear from you. And a big CHEER for you, about how you are handling sis. Stand your ground, refer her to the lawyers.

    I haven't gone back to read prior volumes of the Porch. So, I'll just say that I hope is well with y'all. I hope Sun has a great vacation (Hawaii/Maui, I think?).

    Love and hugs to y'all, DIANE
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - I've been off and on reading and catching up. Today, I went out today for some rounds of temples, I trynot to let too much time lapse before a temple or monastery visit. Prayed for you, also.

    I was a little bit in shock myself because I got some sad news yesterday afternoon..a friend common to my Chinese friend and myself, we all worked together at the hotel, in days of our yute, she died from electrocution. On the spot, it seems. Since I've been isolating a bit, hadn't met her recently, she was a spiritual person and had come to some sessions of pranic healing meditations, she introduced me to Art of Living which me and my DD did, (DD did her Junior course in school)...I never expected her to be taken from us like this...and even more sad because she tried so hard to have a baby, visiting india for expensive and painful treatments..to no avail..(she also almost died during a treatment) and then when she was around 48 yrs her husband and her adopted a baby, he is nine now..she was in the happier phase of life after difficulties in marriage and inlaws etc..and now..this.

    I felt more relaxed after visiting the temples right now, more calm otherwise, I was feeling teary, anxious and sad and depressed. And not understanding why stuff around me happens the way they do. Not understanding the way the universe works.

    Julie - I hope Sis gets out of yr hair after everything is over.

    Diane - good to see you..wish you didn't hv to deal with the allergies.

    Granni - yr food made me drool. The party at the restaurant.What sauce do you hv the pasta with?

    Star, Barry, Rock...thinking of you..

    Sun - if you pop in from Maui, you too.

    Today, son had gone to farmers market and brought home blue cheese, cream cheese, and another kind, forgot, pesto, papaya salad , smoked chicken.. (foreigners sell it! the cheese was sold by a Frenchman) little amounts of all, went with friends otherwise, he is not the kind to get all this stuff..so we had it for dinner with baguette bread also sold at farmers market..I was tired from my trip outside, and craved my basic comfortable stodgy rice curry lentils but didn't want to hurt his feelings..there was fresh cucumber and mango too so it was ok.

    Well, take care

    God bless
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Oh dear, Mikie! This is just not right...I'm prayers for answers and a cure/solution very soon.

    Spring, what a shock to lose your friend that way...and she with a young child...so sad. But...how sweet of your son to think of providing all those cheese and bread...how thoughtful!

    Diane, I just saw you had posted also. I'm so sorry the allergies are causing your sneezing marathons...hang in there, friend!

    Maybe this pic will make us all smile...

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