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    Hi, Kids,

    Thought I'd open a new Porch for us. Be sure to read the last posts on No 906. In the meantime, a little something to keep y'all cool. I hope this hasn't been posted before.


    I had the small mass removed from my upper arm this afternoon. I met the surgeon but the PA did the surgery. He was very good. I like the use of PA's for many things only docs used to do. It's more efficient and less expensive to provide healthcare. That will help keep Medicare viable longer. They sent a tissue sample to the lab but it doesn't look suspicious. I had to stop at Target to pick up an ABX they wanted me to take to avoid any infection. The ABX was only a $2 co-pay. My co-pay for the surgical procedure was only $25. I picked up a couple of pairs of skivvies and a few other things, including some of the expensive Broth kittie food for Sir Vester while I was at Targtet. I like the Hanes boxer style cotton briefs for women. They come two to a package. One pair is white and the other pair is white with BIG black polka dots on them. I likes me a little whimsy in my underwear.

    My ex called because the kids told him about my kidney problems. I think it's guilt but it's still nice of him to care. his new puppy is already housetrained. He says he's a really smart little guy. I'm glad he has him. DD and DGS had just left his house to fly back to TX. They went fishing earlier today. It poured here this afternoon but I think it's done for the day. The toxic blue/green algae problem here is getting worse. I'm hunkered down in here watching TV. I got some popcorn at Target but may be too full from dinner to have any.

    I had to do a little running around earlier because I got a lapsed policy notice from my condo ins. Evidently, I didn't get the bill and new policy in the mail. We're having horrible problems with our fill-in mail persons when our regular deliverer, who is really good, is off. I'm opting to go paperless with more and more bills just for this reason. I had to swear out a statement of no loss before the policy could be reinstated. I paid for the whole year so I don't have to be bothered again for twelve months. Good grief!!!

    Julie, I wish I could remember Joan. Was that her username? Thanks for the info on her. Thanks also for the pic. She looks like a nice person. You are a nice person too; don't let you-know-who get to you. I like the sign you posted. I do have a lot to smile about and a lot of good memories too. When I was younger, I vowed I'd not go to my deathbed with regrets of not having done things I wanted to do. My ex's Dad was always saying he wished he had joined the fire dept., learned to fly and moved to AZ. Thing is that there was nothing keeping him from doing all that. I guess he didn't realize that wishing isn't enough; one has to act on those wishes. I remember all those hours I was out early freezing my ass off at the airport doing my preflight checks so I could get my hours in. I hope all goes well with the BLM demonstration and everyone is safe. The violence is scary. I'm glad you got to do things when you were young (BTW, you are still young!). I hope you can get some peace of mind.

    Granni, I think you do great with technology. I struggle with it all the time. It can be soooo frustrating. I'm laughing at your mention of Silly Vester (his new name). I guess we'll know tonight whether his scare was enough to make him behave at night. I can't stay mad at him; he's soooo cute. He's always at the door waiting for me when I come home. Yes, at our age it is really important to keep up with our health. This week and next will be busy for appts., but I don't have another one after that except to have my sutures removed. That's no big deal. I'm so sorry about DD but it does seem encouraging that she appears to be getting help. People with mental problems really struggle to get better and it's hard on everyone. It can take a few tries before they get straightened out but it does help to have a caring family who is just there to love them. She may cling to her fantasy about being in the service but that's not the important thing. Perhaps you could just let it go so it doesn't continue to be a bone of contention between you. Knowing that you love her, despite everything in the past, is probably the best thing for everyone. I know; I haven't been through what y'all have. I just hope this works out for the best for everybody. My prayers are with you.

    Gonna turn in a bit early this evening. All this running around has taken the wind outta my sails. I felt sick in Target after the surgery and was glad to get outta there before I threw up. The people at the pharmacy and I were so glad to see one another. I get my maintenance drugs mail order so don't see much of them anymore. They are all so nice. Hope everydobby has a nice evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks, Mikie! Love the kitty with the rainbow tongue, lol! Will visit more later, but wanted to let you know Joan's username...it is lilaclover30. I looked back and the last post of hers seems to be in Jan. of 2013...could it have been that long? Wow, time really flies sometimes.

    Eating a bite of supper, then going back upstairs to finish a decluttering project I have been working on today.
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    I am reading very quickly and need to get off but wanted to see if I was missing something and then edit so I can get this on my phone.

    If you are interested in my woos go check out my last post on the last of the last volume.

    JULIE - I was going to say the same thing about Joans UN - I remembered the first parts Lilac and almost forgot the clover and the 30. She is such a sweet lady and so sorry she no longer can get on to the Porch for whatever reason.

    MIKIE - We will see what happens with my CD. I agree with you but not sure what everyone else decides. Right now she could not stay with anyone in the family either. DS had thought maybe but definatly not now. There are still so many questions.

    More later. I need to go take a shower. Not sure if I will go to Water Aerobics or not tomorrow. Maybe if DD decides to go. Need to go and watch some of the convention after my shower. Hope to see you tomorrow and I hope you get to feeling better.

    Love you and all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    I remember Joan. (I think. Well, everything is kinda hazy when you have the big
    A as in Alzheimer's.) I think she pronounced Joan as Jo Ann rather than like Joan
    Crawford. And she was very nice, and was devastated when her DH died. I can't
    find any of her posts though. Jo Ann, if you're reading this, I hope you are doing
    well. (Same wish even if you're not reading this. Ha Ha!)

    Julie, don't know how you found Joan when the Pro Health Board "find a member"
    feature couldn't. The mystery of the computer world is fathomless (at least
    to me).

    Mikie, I hope your arm heals up with no problems. I suppose it's a good sign
    that the PA did the surgery. Indicates the problem was routine rather than
    serious, yes?

    Granni, water and air-obics involve two of the ancients' four elements. You need
    to do something with earth and fire. Maybe dance around a bonfire after you
    get out of the pool.

    Hugs Kids

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    This is Julie, but I wanted to share the last post that I see from Joan/lilaclover...it was so long ago...the date was Jan. 1, 2013. She must have just moved into her assisted living apartment. I think she got to take her kitty, Maggie, with her...but when Maggie passed away, she didn't get any other furbabies.

    Rock, I think if you click on her username below, it will take you to her profile page and previous posts.

    lilaclover30New Member
    Oh no!!!! what did I hit? Oh well, here I am again. I don't remember were I left offr so I will begin with Christmas Eve. My family plus one grandson and wife, came here for a bit, then we went to an Italian restaurant at the end of the road. So good and a good time. My kids gave me a new Nova 4-wheel walker for Christmas. It's hard to buy for me.

    And I got more snacks than I can possibly eat before next Christmas!!!! I am trying not to eat too many at one time. I don't want to gain any weight!!

    Then on last Sat. I went to son's where all of their family spent two hours exchanging and having fun. My little Nolan of course was there and he is so much fun. After 2 hours, they said that they were bundling up and leaving for a state park nort h of here to go tobagganing. I said that I guessed I would go home!!! Where else? I would have loved tobagganing many years ago but now~~~~~~~~ I told them that they had already received their Christmas gifts in all they had received from home. I really would have appreciated a "thank you".

    Daughter's family was at their home for a few days and little Arabella got to try on and hear the stories of a few things~~~~the dress I was wearig when I met Harley (they sent a pix with her wearing it), my wedding dress which she said looked just like a princess dress! it is so thrilling to have her so interested in the past. She is sooo sweet and kind!

    DIL is always texting D. I tested her this a.m. and no answer. I wanted them to come over and bring me T.Paper, and do a few errands. I had read on her blog about how great it is to talk to me and see me every day. The last was Sat.

    I finally have my Dr.'s appt. that I was to have had when I had pneumonia. Don't know if her/she have any new ideas or what.

    I would like to get my Xmas decorations put away but have to have containers from son's. My Fontanini nativity will be put away and then all my Willow Trees go on the coffee table. My little apartment looks really cute and I am so happy wit h it.

    My problem yesterday was that I would remember something small that was in my home and wonder where it is now. Gave me a little homesickness. My house is completely empty and cleaned out. Maybe one of you might have seen a picture of FB of my 2 grandsons on their mouse brigade!!!!! Maggie left and the mice came out to play!!!! It was so funny! There were five little mice running around! Wonder where they came from??

    An auction house took everything that the family or I hadn't taken. The sale is to be Sat. I would like to be one of those little mice and see who got what for how much. It is hard to realize al of my belongings are in this apartment after having a big house full of heirlooms, etc.

    Oh Julie-----you are the busiest one lady that I know. I hope that your family can stay well so you can rest. Do you ever rest? yes, Julie and Gail, please do for yourself now!!! I know from experience that it is now nor ever!!

    Julie: My SIL knows how much heart break their is with a baby loss. She was pregnant (2nd marriage and to my BIL) and at 10 days before delivery date, she lost the heartbeat. They had to wait for natural delivery. I can't imagine how difficult that is!!~ They never had another baby---she had 2 sons that BIL adopted and they have a wonderful family. He has no biological children.

    This is long enough!!!! I have a wonderful crockpot recipe!

    Gentle Hugs and Luv for a new year.

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    I'm back...will be close to 1:00 am by the time I get off the computer, so I will make this short and sweet.

    Granni, I had thought about moving your other post over here, but must have gotten interrupted...I hope everyone goes back and reads your update on your daughter. I forget what title you gave her, but I could feel the frustration and heartbreak in your words. What really stands out to me is that since she truly believes she was a pilot and shot down in Afghanistan, she must also be suffering severe PTSD over that incident.

    We moms seem to be the ones who want things to be "as they should be". Den can also act like he doesn't care, or like he just doesn't want to deal with things, but he is affected in his own way. I'm sure your DH is worried also, but not willing to let your CD (I looked back...confused daughter) cause problems for either of you which could affect your health, finances, etc.

    I have to wonder sometimes if the person I have to deal with also has these "false memories" or whatever you call them. People with these conditions to deal with must be in such, as you say, a confused state of mind. Kind of like with my dad's Alzheimer's...he tells me things that I know are absolutely not true. His condition can't be cured at this time (I hope by my or my children's lifetimes it can be) but your CD can possibly get the right kind of help and turn her life around, true?

    Our dear friend, Jessica (Amy's best friend since she's been out of school) had gotten herself in such a mess with drugs, alcohol, men, etc. (She and her husband were doing drugs and met while they both were in some kind of treatment. But they seemed to turn their lives around...got married, have two beautiful children, he was a youth pastor and she was going to school to be a counselor for addicts, etc.)

    Then her husband got back into meth and brought her back down with him. He went to prison...she turned the kids (ages four and two) over to her mom, and hit the streets. But she ended up in a "halfway house" and we thought she was going to be okay...she even ended up getting her kids back. The next thing we knew she was back on the streets, kids were back with Grandma.

    I ran into her in Wal Mart a couple weeks ago when Susan was here (Susan knows her too) and she just ran up and hugged me so hard and for so long. But then only wanted to talk about this guy who beat her up "but she's never going back to him again." And she's not supposed to see her kids, but her mom lets her sometimes.

    So, I guess I'm trying to say that it may take a few "ups and downs" before Jessica or your CD gets back on their feet, but it can be possible. But it may take someone who isn't family to get them straightened out. I know I would not trust Jessica in my home or around any of my grandchildren...but when she was not using, she was the most wonderful mother anyone had ever seen. And she's a Christian, but certainly needs to start acting like one.

    I'm a little worried about my girls. Clinton was in the ER over the weekend again...blood sugar way high and first thoughts were his heart also. But docs decided he was dehydrated...it helped when they gave him fluids. But Amy is under a lot of stress with not knowing if Clinton will ever be able to return to his job, and with taking care of Miley. And Keira's dad got in trouble somehow in Texas (at a job site) but didn't show up for court, so is back in jail...waiting to possibly be extradited back to Texas...Keira was so upset...this kind of stuff hits the children the hardest.

    And Lindsey is so worried about David with all the unrest and violence going on...any day he could leave in his patrol car but not make it back. I so hope this protest tomorrow doesn't turn into anything ugly.

    Well, on that note (and it is after 1:00 am, lol) I'd better get on to bed. I think I am going to just pack up the stuff sis wants and let her have it. I think most of it she did buy, and it's not anything we would ever really need. It's not worth the stress of me having to decide whether or not to give it to her, but I still have lots of other things to take care of that she is not going to be happy about...so will just have to deal with that.

    Sorry I haven't really visited with everyone...not intentional at all. I'll be praying for all of us that our lives don't get any more complicated than they are right now...and that they actually get a lot better.
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    Mikie - lol! I didn't notice the rainbow coloured tongue until someone mentioned. I was in a hurry the first time I skimmed the Porch.

    Since when hv you had the mass?

    Julie - thank you for posting dear Joan's picture. I remember her..she has a large family and moved into assisted living after her dear beloved husband Harley left for the other side. The last pic she posted was one of her in a brown dress..at a wedding of one of her numerous relatives..she seems to be doing pretty well, going by the picture! She seems such a sweet gentle lady. I'm smiling thinking of her.

    It's sad to hear of Jessica, doesn't take much for negativity to drag one down, and it's much tougher to pull oneself up from addictions and bad habits, bad ways. I pray for both Jessica and Keiras daddy. I thought Keiras daddy was doing really well, well, financially. Like I said doesn't take much for negativity to get people and bring them down. Poor Keira..what a blessing she has you and Den.

    Also praying for Clinton...for his medical procedures to go all right. And for David to be safe.

    the violence against those policemen was so horrible and all the attacks in turkey, France. The DD has a former classmate working in France, I suppose his parents are worried sick. But he is away from Paris. As if that is any guarantee but still.

    I think about my kids and although I don't like that son is in this country, I don't feel safe that kids should go away either. Where is it safe? We hv had some nepalese getting shot at in US, manning grocery stores, petrol pump.. (Those kinds of attacks are rare here.no one is allowed to own a gun.).some died in car accidents. They always put it on the newspaper.

    Rock - good to see you post. What are those symbols you posted..the elements..where did u get them? I'm an Air Sign by the way..light headed most of the time, hence, I suppose.

    Woah..it is coming down in torrents..I'm smugly sitting here feeling pleased I went up moments ago and got the clothes off the terrace washline and put them where the rain can't get at them..

    I'm sipping some juice because it kind of got steamy hot too..but not too much. Everyone is out of the house, and it's peaceful. Fed the pooches their lunch, no meat today because it is guru Poornima, Full Moon, so they got fried egg rice.

    The DH came back from a trip to Europe for business reasons..it got extended by 10 days so he was away almost 3 weeks..he was accompanied by three others. He also visited his sister in Switzerland..seems they were having a festival in zurich and she was busy manning a dumpling stall..she was kneading the dough, making the dumplings and cooking them herself with some help from her extended family members...well, she was always Superwoman.

    My DH and me and another couple had gone to try for a visa a year and half back, for this same trip but there was some glitch..anyways I was dealing with stuff back here and was in no mood to go..so it was ok..I'm glad the DH did, tho, he loves his travels..they went to Germany, Austria, France, too. I think to pick up some product or look at it. DH is a fan of Ferrari, so he went to the showroom and got some memorabilia including a eye blinding red jacket.

    Most of the eatables he got were meat, sausages and salami and fish from the Bangkok airport. Also dragon fruit. He did bring back chocolates but we hv so many relatives, I hv to make do with two big bars and a smaller one. He got me and DD hand bags and those knee length cover all sweater type thingies.
    When we were doing very well, with the carpet factory in full flow, I remember we used to hv chocolates, kinder and milka and stuff for months.from his trips abroad.heh heh. Is ok. We all grown up now anyways.

    Im trying to finish my book but hardly made any headway. Still what I read i hugely enjoy, I love Daphne du Maurier.
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I'm late getting started this morning. My arm was in pain last night. Little Silly Vester was soooo good. He snuggled up next to my arm. I've always believed that small fur-bearing animals heal us by drawing the sickness and pain out of us so it can pass harmlessly through them. I got up at 4:30 to pee and gave him some treats. Then, we both went back to sleep until almost 7:00. I needed the rest so the arm can heal. The PA was really digging around and must have had to go deep to get it all. AAACCCKKK!!! :eek: I took a couple of acetaminophen to help with the pain.

    Julie, I think I do remember Joan. Thanks so much for posting her UN. I wonder whether she would get a PM through her e-mail if she still has the same e-address. It would be great if she were to join us here. Can you message her through FB to tell her we'd love it if she could join us? I think it's wise to give what you decide to you-know-who. Then, that is one thing taken care of. Of course, I'm sure she will say you kept things just for the drama of it all. Good grief! :mad: Clinton needs to be really careful about becoming dehydrated. It can be very dangerous for the heart. My Mom used to get dehydrated and would pass out. Once, she hit her head on the bathtub and looked as though she had been beaten. I pray for protection for all the first responders. St. Michael The Archangel is the patron saint of firemen/women and policemen/women. Many first responders wear his medal, even those who are not Catholic. I'm sorry about Jessica and Keira's Dad. More prayers...

    Granni, I agree that people in treatment should not be living with family. It's almost always counterproductive. They are already traumatized and, in turn, traumatize their loved ones. It just turns into a big mess. Outside objective therapists are the ones who should be dealing with them. Their problems are too big and too complex to be handled by anyone else. I know you, your DH and your family have all tried and have gone through hell. It's really better to give this over to others and God now. CD may falter but she may also finally get the help she needs and may finally be ready to accept the help and do the hard work of recovering. I pray this is so. Dealing with a child who is physically ill is sooo hard; dealing with one who is mentally/emotionally ill is agonizing. I think you all are amazing and deserve to get some respite from this heavy burden. I ask St. Dympthna for help.

    Rock, yes, it's a good sign the PA did the surgery. They are now doing so much of the work the docs used to do. DD, who is working on her masters degree in nursing and is already a certified pschological nurse, wants to be a PA in mental health. She does a lot of the work which used to be done by the therapists. She now works with grade school children who suffer mental/emotional issues and with their parents. The parents are harder to treat than the children. Psychological illness isn't logical and defies the efforts of the parents to deal with it. It was like that for us when this same DD had anorexia and was suicidal. We all went through hell. Love the pic of the four elements. Cancer is a water sign. I've always loved the water. Have you watched the movie, The Fifth Element with Nicolas Cage? It's on TV a lot. It's a sci-fi fantasy. I hope your bro continues to heal and that you have some NRG. I'd send you some but can't find any around here.

    Spring, glad your DH is back. Too bad you couldn't go with him but I know traveling is hard for us. Switzerland is soooo beautiful. Mom and I took a boat trip on Lake Zurich and I envied those with homes around the lake. Think I liked Lake Geneva better but perhaps it's because it was in the French speaking area and Lake Zurich is in the German speaking area. I don't think there is any such thing as a safe place these days. My kids were in Europe during the 7/7 bombing in London. These are the same kids who were in Central Park recently when a small explosive went off. I had the mass on my arm removed about twelve years ago. Doc said it was a cyst and he got it all. It came back a year or so ago and has been getting bigger. Time for it to go. Publix had dragon fruit for sale but I don't know what to do with it. It is a really strange and beautiful fruit. How does one fix it? Hope you are managing to stay cool. You and Granni and I all have this heat in common.

    OK, Kiddies, gotta go. I'm watching the comments on the coverage of the GOP convention. I see lots of SNL skits coming up. I'm sure the same will hold true when the Dems have their convention. Oh, Politics, thy name is Farce!

    Love, Mikie
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    Just posting this to see if it works...this bird does NOT want to go to the vet, lol! He really gets wound up just after the one minute mark. Will be back later.

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    Hi Kids

    Julie, thanks for posting Joan's post. I didn't use the "30" after "lilaclover"
    when I was searching. However, clicking on her correct user name didn't
    help. This is what I got.
    Last Activity: Jul 29, 2011
    Messages: zero
    Anyhoo nice to hear from Joan. It would be nice to hear from lots of
    people that used to be here. Some of them I remember even though
    I don't remember their name.

    Great kitty pic, Mikie. I thought I put that in my last post. I leave things
    out all the time. Even if I have a list. Glad to hear your medical bills were
    so reasonable. Do you have Obamacare? Our doctor was looking for
    medical coverage for his office staff. He told us that all the companies
    selling insurance in Calif. now sell the same thing: Obamacare.

    I used to have Kaiser Permanente through work. I can't remember what
    the co pays were. I think I paid something like $10 for my eye surgery.
    I looked it up later. W/O the insurance coverage the standard charge back
    in those days was $700 per eye. 'Course my employer was paying $7,000
    per year for each employee.

    All for now

    Hi Kids
    I wrote the above several hours ago, but apparently never clicked on "Post
    Reply". I've done that several times now. All very discouraging. I
    forget and misplace and bump into things and drop stuff all day long.

    Spring, I found the pic of the four elements on the net. Searched for
    "The ancients' four elements, earth, air, etc."

    Just glanced at the TV news. The traffic gal was using pantomime, and her
    colleagues were guessing what she was trying to convey. Kinda like a
    game of Charades. Seems her microphone wasn't working, but their mikes
    (in a different part of the studio) were OK.

    Mikie, your post is in such tiny print I had to zoom in to make it
    larger. But you always have a large place in my heart already.

    Going back to bed. My eyes are sore and "blurry" as Barry says.

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    Hi guys, and gals --

    Don't have much energy to post today.

    Just thought I'd let y'all know that:

    Joan (lilaclover30) changed her username in 2016. She (in 2016) became loveslilacs30. And she was having a lot of difficulty with navigating the new board layout. Don't ask me how -- maybe all those years working in a law office -- but I can remember a lot of things on ProHealth since I joined 2006. :)


    It's funny -- I thought her original username was lila clover. LOL A lot of members did.

    Mikie, Take good care of you! I didn't go back and read how "Silly" Vester got his new name. Cute! You, in the future, may want to use "Sly"Vester. Get it?? Ha ha. :)

    Rock, I see there's a new game on Homebound board. I'll try to post later, maybe tomorrow.

    Granni, we cannot run our air conditioner if the outside temperature goes below 64 degrees F. It can damage the unit. The main unit is outside, close to the house, but outside nevertheless. So either we have no air circulation, or we open windows. Tonight will have to be an open window night. Low 58 degrees.

    Enquiring minds want to know -- what did you eat last night?? Sounds like you are on the same kind of diet that I "try" to keep on. Especially controlling the candida/fungus. We have lots of foods here, frozen, that are gluten free. But I cannot and will not eat goat cheese! LOL I've tried, and tried. Just as I cannot eat plain Greek yogurt. Oh, the things we try to make ourselves "heal". I cheated with 2 slices of regular pizza over the weekend, I'm still suffering from eating it.

    Julie, hang in there my friend. I too worry and pray for David and the men in blue. So sorry to read about Clinton. Does he have a surgery coming up soon? Hope you and Den are taking care of yourselves, without any extra stress (you know to whom I refer).

    Barry, I know you posted recently, but I can't remember exactly what you said. Is Shorty ok (a mild seizure, I think you said)? And Slinky's still doing well.

    Star, where have you been? Haven't seen posts from you in a while.

    One other MIA, sunflower, is probably enjoying Hawaii.

    Spring, I think you said on a prior post that you lost a dear friend. I'm so sorry to hear that. (hugs)

    Anyways, I sure I forgot to mention everybody. Just know that I think of Y'ALL!

    By the way, does anybody have a RECIPE for SHRIMP SALAD???? The only way I can think of making it -- is to make egg salad and toss in some chopped shrimp. I'm open to ideas, suggestions. Thanks.

    I'll talk to y'all later. Getting tired now. Time for a short nap.

    Love and hugs, DIANE
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    Good morning Dear Ones,

    How nice to see so many on the board this morning, and I am even here to read it. Yes, I do remember JOAN ( ( yes you are right she pronounced it like Jo Ann) for some reason . I am sure many have gotten confused about it :)!! She was and still is a dear lady but to bad I don;t get much chance to hear from her other than in FB. I usually check in there daily if I can to at least see what my kids and maybe some g kids are doing. It seems that that is the only way I find out things any more.

    JULIE, MIKIE et al. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts about me, us and our CD (Confused Daughter). She did NOT say she was a pilot but did say she was shot down over Afghanistan. I think some of this must have played on her mind adversely when her DS enlisted in the AF and while going through boot camp he received fxs in his feet or legs not sure. I guess they were having trouble healing and they asked him if he would take an honorabale discharge. He did. He may have been getting somewhat depressed about it too. As you know sometimes parents live through their children at least somewhat esp when their lives are not going all that well. He has no get up and go and not aggressive at all. He is happy living with the other grandfather , coming home and playing on the computer from what I understand.. He has a job in a grocery store I think it is but he was getting less hours and we suggested trying something else but he has not moved as far s we now. He is probably upset about his mother and confused too, even though he is all grown up Guessing he may be close to 25 or so, I forget.. He is rather an introvert but I think he has or had a girl fried anyway.

    I did NOT say she thought she was a pilot but was shot down. I did say, I think that if she says she is a pilot I now she is more confused than ever. She definatley doesn't have the brains or anything to be one. Not that I could ever be.

    I think my DS had though sometime ago that he might take her in for awhile to get her started but she had been so aggressive when we talked about her not being in the service, etc. that he said forget it. Now, not sure how much more he really wants to be with and for her. HE is the most understanding and giving of himself of the kids. He went through you know what getting her to go into the hospital to get checked out. So it was very hard on him. I am the one getting stuck doing all the corresponding, at least with her and then possibly sending some of it to DS and occasionally to the rest of the family. Well, enough of that. I keep waoting for the lastest you know what to hit the fan and her next email.

    SPRING --So glad you got you wash off the line before it decided to pour down rain. That is frustrating I know when it gets all wet again. However, I haven't been able to hang much up unless put some stuff in the laundry room after it has fluffed a bit usually. How nice that your DH has been able to ravel and bring home things for the family.

    DIANE - Sorry you are stuck and have to open the windows when you have those allergies . Can you take Benadryl or any other antihistamine.? Do they help you at all? I too could use some recipes for salads but I need to use apple cider vinegar and special mayo's with the right vinegar if they use it and no soy. I can't use regular yogurt either if I use yogurt. I need to find a lg bottle of mayo that is not to expensive with the proper ingredients. I have gotten some at my health food store connected with my ND but they are not to cheap unless I go on their special 20% off once a month. I also get my Sr. discount which helps some but can't get both discounts at the same time.

    Hi also to ROCK, SUN who is vacationing, BARRY, STAR and anyone else I haven't mentioned.

    ROCK -I hope your eyes get UNBLURRY soon :)!!

    Love ,
    Granni :)
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  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - hahahaha...what a bird! What a tantrum! Reminds me of those kids you see lying on the ground and flailing their arms when they don't get what they want:D @ 1:32 he reminded me of John McEnroe having a tantrum on the tennis courts...hahahahaha, thank for posting.!

    Granni - is getting shot down over Afghanistan, the only thing your CD is having delusions over? Or is she generally delusional? I mean thinking she is someone else? I pray for her. One relative of mine was a horrible case, rambling on about imaginary things, smoking when his ordinary self doesn't touch smoke n drink and being very belligerent when his normal self is quiet, unassuming...it's disconcerting to see and comprehend..and now after medication, alternative meds, (shamans etc coz that's what they use here) and family support, he is doing fine, even went abroad for a job stint. Still it is hard on his brother and sister, since he is unmarried, they hv to be on the watch out for relapse.

    Diane - so good to see you coming in..and hearing about the delish food..I suppose because you can't eat ordinary stuff, you manage to get creative with what you eat. Chicken used to make me hv stomach problems, flatulence, bloating...but thats gone now..with me going veggie, luckily my lentils and beans are being digested pretty well. Yoghurt too. I feel like the digestion issues hv somehow sorted themselves out..of course I don't gorge on chillli and pickles like I would love to.

    Rock - my print also gets really small on their own, for me, it's some insane hacker, messing about, I change it back to normal if I see my last post is in tiny print. I did it for the last post.

    The clothes are taking long to dry with the rain...I washed a ton of them yesterday, and today there are more as well...DHs dirty laundry after 3 weeks. The help is not doing them at the moment..but as good luck would hv it, I feel almost normal energy wise...surprising myself.

    Last edited: Jul 19, 2016
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I hope this is a good day for all y'all. We slept til almost 5:00 this morning. I'm definitely getting better sleep now but was sooooo sleep deprived for so long. My arm hurts a lot and I've been taking acetaminophen to ease the pain. It's hot here but hotter in a lot of other places. Knowing this helps keep me from whining about it. Thank God for A/C!

    Diane, thank you for Joan's updated UN. Now I remember her! My memory is really bad. I can't remember when I said, "Silly Vester," to him. It must have been when he was doing something fun. He's a funny looking cat and almost everything he does, except rattling the closet door at night, is silly. Last evening, as we were going to the kitchen, a small lizard ran across the floor and stopped at the edge of the fridge. Tweety would have caught it before it got to the fridge. Silly Vester missed it completely. I got the Sly Stalone joke and it's purrrrfect. Do your kitties play with one another?

    Julie, that bird is sooo funny but I can't understand what it was saying. It started to irritate Silly Vester so I had to turn down the sound. My in-laws had friends who had a parrot. If one waved at it, it would say, "Goodbye." We were fascinated and kept waving. Finally, the bird said, "Wellll, Goodbye!" That cracked us up. Thanks for posting the video. Come back when you can. BTW, I sent a PM to Joan. I hope she gets it.

    Granni, sorry I made the mistake about DD thinking she was a pilot. I do keep you all in my prayers. I feel sorry about your DGS. I will continue to pray that this works out for the best for everyone.

    Rock, sorry if I plagiarized your pic that you plagiarized from someone else. Seems, according to the news, that there's a lot of that going around. ;) I sometimes copy and save the pics posted here, like Spring's favorite Porch pic. I don't remember where all my pics came from. Oops!!! I have Medicare and it is overseen by a different govt. entity than 'Obamacare.' Obamacare isn't insurance but simply refers to the rules that ins. companies must follow now. That is why, regardless of the company, the plans all seem alike. They can no longer turn people away for pre-existing conditions; they can no longer drop people if they get sick; etc. Obamacare also mandates that people have insurance and that they can sign up for it in every state. Thanks for telling me about the small print. To me on my screen, it looked like it always does. I'll enlarge it this time. Then, my posts will reallllly be long. :eek:

    Gotta go. Gonna post this and come back to edit. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Sun is out today, but I don't know if it will dry up the yard enough so I can mow. Had planned to mow yesterday, but it was so overcast...then started thundering and I was afraid to go outside. The radar showed just a tiny little possibility of precipitation, but we ended up with a downpour. Oreo stuck to me like glue most of the day...I feel bad when the dogs and other animals are so frightened.

    Mikie, I'm glad you and Silly Vestor are getting better sleep. Sorry your arm is hurting. I think Gpa must not have had much feeling, period. They did some pretty serious "digging" when he had places removed from his head and arm...I kept offering him something for pain, but he kept saying he wasn't hurting.

    Spring, I hung a load of clothes out yesterday and they got rained on...Den's jeans...they will really be soft now, lol! Glad your eating style has improved some of your stomach problems.

    Diane, so sorry your allergies are flaring...we keep the A/C running most of the summer, due to the same thing. We have a small unit in our bedroom, so at night we turn off the main A/C and stay comfortable upstairs. Plus the fan is so noisy (white noise), it blocks out anything that might keep us awake. Well, we don't have enough windows to get any real air circulation, even if our allergies weren't so bad. I really hope we have enough windows in the new house so I can utilize "fresh air" whenever possible.

    Rock, hope you are seeing more clearly today. I sometimes forget to "post" my posts too....frustrating, true? How funny it must have looked for that news crew, trying to deal with their missing sound. Do you still keep in touch with Dar? Haven't heard from her in so long...

    Barry, hang in there...your appt. is next week?

    Star, are you ok? I was hoping you were going to be on the upswing from your flare...I'm so sorry you have been feeling worse.

    Sun, I hope you are having a good time! Forget how long your trip was...I was thinking 10 days, but that could be way off.

    Granni, I also made the mistake of thinking that your CD thinks she is a pilot...(over thinking/reading what you had posted) I'm so sorry. Of course, not all Air Force members are pilots. I'm glad you have your kids, DH and other activities to help you not have to constantly worry about all this.

    My situation is really nothing compared to some things going on, but it plagues me on a daily basis. I should get off the farm more, but there is so much to do and I really don't have any energy most days for "extra" things. But, when I woke up this morning, it dawned on me that I haven't talked to any other humans, except for Den, for at least 3 days. Other than to call and make a local chiro appt. for Friday. Social media and texting are still "communicating", but I am lacking that actual "connection" with other people.

    I wonder how many people are the same way...who only have the humans they live with to interact with. My goodness, how lonely it must be. I guess it is just now hitting me that Gpa is gone? I got so used to him being right here and it requiring actual "talking", lol! And before that, our kiddos were right next door. Here I was, craving some solitude....well, now I have it.

    Oh, I did call and check on my dad. Last Friday, when I visited him, I (and staff, etc.) had to get right up to his ear, in order for him to hear us. The NP had not seen any wax to flush out, so decided it must be an ear infection. They started him on an ABX...I waited a few days to call and check (oh, I guess I did talk to someone else on the phone, lol) and it seems the meds were helping as he was able to hear a little better. I was really dreading having to take him to the ENT, but would have done it, if necessary.

    Okay, so I need to get up and do something. Lord knows I do not lack for "projects" around here, but prioritizing them is not one of my strong suits. I see the grass still glistening with water, so probably will not mow (or not until this afternoon, anyway.) So that will just leave tomorrow to get the yard done. Friday, I am going to my local chiro (45 minutes one direction) then making a big circle (one hour drive) to another town to visit my dad.

    I really need to do some baking for Den...haven't made him any cookies, etc. for ages. It seems like I put the same old things in his lunchbox every day...I need to switch things up a bit. Still working on what our "new normal" should be...

    Hope I didn't miss anyone...please forgive me if I did. Gonna get off here and start on "something"...

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in. I managed to take the garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster and get my mail. It's always a relief to get that done. It was early but still sooooo hot out. I can deal with the heat as long as the hurricanes stay away. So far, nothing organizing in the Atlantic but Aug. is the busy time for tropical systems. I also managed to bathe. I can't shower until tomorrow: I have to keep the arm dry until later this afternoon. Then, I have to change the dressing. I will shower in the morning before my appt. with my Gyno. I used to call it my "Free Grope" but now I have a co-pay. Oh well, it's the only action I get these days. :rolleyes:

    Instead of never getting anything done because I'm always playing catch up with my day-to-day housework, I think I'll just dig in to a couple of my projects. Now, the question is which one to start on, the valance or the paint in the entry. I'm thinking I'll tackle the paint first. It's a messier job and I'd like to get it out of the way. There is a bit of patching and sanding to do and that always makes a mess.

    Julie, GPA likely did have reduced feeling in his limbs. It's not uncommon. Don't know why this is bothering me. It's better today. The windows in my bedroom provide cross ventilation but I don't open them because of my allergies. One of them stuck and it was the devil to get it closed again. We have to have impact resistant hurricane glass to be up to code when we replace windows. To replace that window would be $900. I closed it and have vowed never to open it again.

    That's smart of you to use the small A/C for sleep. I have a ceiling fan in the bedroom and it makes a noise which lulls me to sleep. I had thought about getting a new one when I had to replace the living room fan but decided against it. The new ones put out too much of a breeze, even on low, for sleeping and they are silent. I just want one to move the air a bit in the bedroom and make some 'white noise' to help me sleep. The new ones in the living room and kitchen are great for those spaces. I try to keep an attitude of gratitude and A/C is definitely one of the things for which I'm grateful. I don't know how people lived in FL before A/C and mosquito control. Instead of the Sunshine State, I wonder whether it was once called the Sweaty State.

    I also get into a rut of not talking to anyone else for days except the cat. At least, he answers back. Now that he's an only, he talks a lot more. Lately, my socializing has been talking with docs and nurses. When I go out here, I always run into neighbors and we catch up. I am soooo grateful for my little family here on the Porch. It may not be face to face but it's the next best thing. It may be better; if y'all could see me some days, it might scare you.

    Love to everydobby,
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just watched an NCIS video on a library disc. The DVDs are sold in a package of
    6, but the library only lets you take out one disc at a time. Makes it hard to
    keep track of what one has already watched. Especially since all of the discs are
    in an identical box which has a list of contents, but it's the same list on every
    box. Has no connection with what's actually inside.

    Mikie, I couldn't make any sense of your comment on the cat picture you posted
    until I reread my post. Once again I was ambiguous. When I said, "I
    thought I put that in my last post," I meant I had intended to say thanks
    for the neat pic in my previous post. About the only one to catch this
    kind of confusination is to set aside one's writing for a week. Then come
    back and proof read.

    BTW, Tom Leher wrote a song about plagiarizing way back in the 50s.
    Tom used to teach math at Harvard. He had a brief career as a humorist.
    His witty songs can be heard on Youtube. One of them was featured in
    an NCIS episode. A song that listed all the elements on the periodic table.

    Oh, I see we are posting simultaneous as Sade used to say. (Old radio show.)
    $900 per window! Yikes! As Jack Benny used to say. (Another old
    radio show.) (I know. You all know and love Jack Benny. Radio's
    greatest star.) Replacing a couple of those windows would be a clear
    case of considerable pain. I know; I'm being silly.

    Julie and Granni, my eyes are fine today. The soreness and fuzzy vision
    only last 5-10 minutes. Eye drops (or just time) solves the problem.
    Don't know what the cause is. Just general age and deterioration, I suspect.

    My friend who generally has 4 dogs (mostly dachsunds) gives her dogs
    tranquilizers during thunder storms/4th of July. You think the
    cockatoo is making all that noise? Sounds more like a poor
    imitation by a man. Just started a new book about a pet barn owl.
    Wesley the Owl by Stacey O'Brien.

    Read a previous book by guy with a pet burrowing owl as well as
    a book about a gray parrot who worked with a scientist for
    30 years.

    Springwater, your comment about your relative who smokes
    when in certain moods reminds me of a documentary I saw
    on people with multiple personalities. One of them was a cop.
    One of his hidden personalities was a boy about 12 years old.
    The man had a dog who was not allowed in the living room.
    But the dog could tell when the 12 year old was in charge, and
    knew that he could go lie on the living room couch at such times.

    I remember hanging clothes on the line. About 60 years ago.
    I was a teen and we had 2 babies in the house. During the winter
    my mother hung the clothes on drying racks in the dining room,
    the only room with a heater.

    Granni, do you need a recipe for salads. I thought they were like
    soup. Just throw whatever you got into the bowl. Oops! Gordoni
    needs the computer.

    Well, Kids, Back Later

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  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - so good to see you feeling bit better...than the recent past..when you got your kidney troubles, I was terribly disheartened..you think good people would only get good things, you start questioning whether God really knows what He is doing. when I see you writing your normal informative posts, I'm comforted. I took the liberty of doing some of my divination and positive good answers came up re your kidneys..It's been rather rough, everybody on the board going thru some difficulty or other..

    I hope your arm is healing at a brisk pace. I used to have a lump come up like a marble in my hand on the back..it would go away, then come back in different spot...but it's disappeared now for a good 30 years, my lil brother had a mass come up on his back near the hip, we showed it to the doctor, who told us to come back if it grew...it didn't. It disappeared. And DHs cousin had that same marble like thingy come up in her hand...it's gone now.

    I got the fruit name wrong, which DH brought. it wasn't dragon fruit, it was rambutan..it is like litchi. We ate our dragon fruit which we got once just peeling and eating the flesh inside.

    Julie - I sometimes miss interacting with people...but I'm happy in my solitude too. Anyways, I can't help it. I would go socialize, meet people but circumstances are such right now, I cant. I just am in a place right now where I just try to keep things together, doing that takes all my time and energy. I had consulted my angel cards a month back and it gave me a cryptic message, said i should not bother about money, expenditure, just do what I need to and face what I have to and get thru my situation. I found I had to take that advice, lots of expenses but they were necessary to deal.

    Rock - Minnesota winters are so harsh! How did you all manage with one heater in the dining room? I am a wuss where extreme heat or extreme cold is concerned. And our coldest is minus 3 degrees centigrade at night in winter.

    Multiple personalities hv always spooked me out. I read about a girl who was so traumatized with abuse during childhood she split into 17 different personalities..I think she came on Oprah or Donahue.

    Today has been productive. I did an enormous amount of laundry myself, I pressed clothes when the power came on. I also visited with a relative whose DD was going out of the country. Going out of the house is a chore normally, but today I had enough energy to go down, visit, buy vegetables, fruits on way back, take the bus instead of taxi, walk part of the way, then came home, rested, and made a full course meal, rice, chicken curry, cabbage curry, lentil soup. The DH had to go out of town on work because he missed so much work on his trip, but he came back same day...and I guessed i better hv proper food ready..been taking it easy when he was away..
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2016
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon dear Porchies,

    Nothing to exciting going on here. JUST HOT !!! Went this morning to get my blood drawn for my thyroid meds to see if the latest dosage is correct or not. Just got a call back from the lady at our health food store in response to my call. I need to go pick up the yogurt as well as some of their Vegganaise that I can eat. It is much more expensive but oh well. At least I get my Sr. citizen discount. DH want a shrimp salad today. That sound good but more work of chopping and slicing veggies.

    ROCK - Most of the time I don't use recipes in things esp salads but once I get a good one I try and keep it. Glad your eyes are feeling a little better today.

    Hi to awl. I need to run to the store and then come back later if I can get the computer. I know that DH will need it later on. Nice to see MIKE, SPRING, JULIE and ROCK.

    Sorry I have to run just after getting on here.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there everydobby,

    Well, I am back from the store and was going to come back but DH needed the computer and so I just stayed and made my shrimp salad. No real recipe, just lots of celery, onions, red sweet pepper, my special mayo, dehydrated chives and parsley and Old bay seasonings. That of course plus the shrimp that was already cooked and frozen. I just cut them in 1/2 to make for easier eating and will put it with lettuces, cucs and small tomatoes. It was looking good and nice and cool as I was putting it together. It tastes delicious when you eat it but it takes a lot of time or enough for me, standing up, with my back to do the chopping, etc.

    Maybe I will get a chance to be some on the computer tomorrow after DH leaves to go to the men's luncheon. He will pick up DSIL first. They don't always go esp DSIL as they are both trying to save money. Looks like everydobby posted early this morning. That is the time DH has the computer and so I have to wait :)! Oh well so what else is knew???

    I think DS is disgusted by this whole thing with CD and CD said she sent a n email to him asking if he had a used computer she could use and buy later off him. He said no he didn't which very well might be true. I tried to tell her before not to start asking for things.. Originally she asked if he would be on the emergency list and he said yes. No it seems I am not sure. She said she thought that might be upset at her which I had told her about before hand but I cannot speak for him about anything. She is downtown Houston and no one is really there any more. Not that we ever lived there but both DS and DH both worked down there. She still insists that she was the service from 2009- 2013 I think she said. )( is when her DS tried to get into the AF himself and then left due to his physical problems. I know that they both were very disappointed and guessing that was about the time she started having all her problems, no more boyfriend, job, . I forget the exact timing of everything and wish I had paid more close attention. I started keeping info that she sent to me on line but now have a new computer and probably lost some it. I also have some written copies of stuff she sent to me that I will have to go look for to have everything all together. Right now they are rather skattered about):!!. She is waiting for some OK frm SS not sure if that is from the actual SS or the disability or for people in need. I think it is called Supplemental Security Income. I can't imagine her getting Vet benefits unless the govt is so screwed up which no surprise to me, they really didn't take that good a look at her case or whatever you call it. Every time I bring it up she gets all upset again. The last email was just the dates and then the one about her DB. Oh, what a mess. I am not even mentioning this any more to the family except DH and maybe DS. I think they have given up and are disgusted. I just want her at least safe , as possible but soon she will need a job, at least PT and hope she won't go back to what she was doing. I think she might have to help pay some rent to the apts she will go into..

    Sorry to bother all you dear Porchies with my worries but as you all know it is good to talk about it to someone or others. Hard to talk to the family about it as they are or were at one time to involved in the situation.

    I am just curious if anyone knows if you can find out if someone was in the service by their soc sec. number or not? I have googled it but all kinds of answers but none that I really wanted. I wanted a yes or no answer and if yes the website to go to. We had her number so was hoping perhaps to be able to trace it. The weird things is that she says she has some kind of certificate saying so. Or so she says. I do know from looking into the web when she was gone a few years ago that there was a gal with the same name. Didn't know that much about her but she was doing some of the things my daughter was on a much larger scale. She also had Dr. in front of her name. Not sure what kind of a Dr. she was. Was wondering if somehow there could have been a mix up. I tried search most recently and having found anything.:confused:

    Well, I think I need to go in and watch part of the news before dinner (if I can stand it) !!. Then may watch a bit of the convention. Not sure about washing my hair. Waiting to hear if DD is going to WA tomorrow or not. She has been a bit under the weather lately with the beginnings of a UTI but they didn't find anything on culture. The doc did give her something though. She is like me and it could be Interstitial Cystitis which I looked into some years ago when I was having so many attacks.

    Gotta run for now. Hope everydobby is feeling as well as they can be.

    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)