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    Good morning all!

    I'm gonna post this message and then leave for a bit; my computer wants to do updates.

    Please feel free to post on this thread. This Porch is OPEN.

    I'll be back later.

    Hugs to y'all,

  2. Mikie

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    Hi, Again Kids,

    I'm home from the radiology facility. It seems as though it took forever. I need to drink a lot to get the contrast dye outta my system so decided to warm up some pizza. I had the same experience with the pizza as I did with KFC. It just isn't good. Is this food worse than it used to be or is my memory of it faulty? Perhaps both. A positive thing is that I don't need this junk food and now, I don't want it! I was freezing when I got through and had to wait for the films to take with me. Food has helped me to warm up and I can drink a lot of water. It actually felt good to go outside into the heat. I did have a co-pay, 20 percent of the cost of the procedure. It was an $83 co-pay. So much for getting by cheap. :(

    Joe was at the pool when I drove in and he came over for an update. Actually, there isn't much to tell but the good news that there seems to be much, much less blood in my urine. I'm glad I have such good friends here that I feel I can discuss these things that I would normally only discuss with my docs and my family and they can tell me anything too. Well, like our Porchies here, my friends here are my FL Family. I don't see the urologist until Aug. 11th but I'm sure he will get the report on the cat scan. I called my Dear Old Friend to update him. School starts already on the 11th. He is a substitute teacher so we want to go out to lunch before then. I can't believe kids will be in school so soon already.

    Diane, thanks so much for getting us up and going. I think about you and the kitties when I see the 'stankface' ad for kitty litter on TV. I remember your saying one of the kitties was giving the stinkface once. Sir Vester is out on the lanai stretching and rolling on the tiles and looking at me through the glass sliders. He has the most animated face and really knows how to give me looks that melt my heart. I didn't get around to calling Jeff this weekend so will try to do it this week during evening hours. I still miss Tweety so much and am worried about what will happen to her. I'm glad Sir Vester isn't pining for her. I gave him one of those pouches of Broth cat food which he loves. He always gets something special when I come home and he's been guarding the condo. It's hard work. ;) Thanks again for getting us up and running. Come back to let us all know how you, Kevin and your kitties are doing.

    Julie, I'm sorry this last bit of this Season is so stressful for you. A better Season lies ahead but don't forget to stop and enjoy this one with Den when you can. Stop and smell the flowers, or the newly mown grass. How are the kids doing? When does school start there? Sweetie, if you aren't up to being here, don't feel as though you must answer. On the other hand, we all love to see you post.

    I'd like to run down to Target but don't know that I'm up to it. I felt lousy when I woke up and am just now feeling half-way human. I'm still very tired from having to shower early and hang out so long at the radiology place. I haven't heard more news on the mass shooting here in Ft. Myers yet. The worst thing is that it was a party for kids and some of those shot were young. I still know nothing about motive. As I mentioned before, it happened in a bad part of town where shootings are all too common. I used to have clients in the area and felt so bad that folks there were often afraid to go out of their houses. :(

    OK, gotta go. Hoping all y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for starting us up Diane. Can't stay but wanted to get on this volume so I could read on other devices.

    Good luck MIKIE on your scan. BACK LATER OR TOMORROW WHEN D H IS GONE. :)!!

  4. springwater

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    Hello - popping in, to see what's up. I should be in bed. We had to go to yet another gathering for DHs uncles grad daughters some ceremony..again the two little girls..what a task..the Maoist part suddenly called a strike, no transport or shops open ...only after 5 pm..which is when I made my way there...it was raining cats n dogs.

    Endured some hours of aunt and the numerous girl cozins offering up trays n trays of stuff for the occasion..and thankful when it was over and we got to go in to the hotels restaurant and had a good cuppa tea and snacks and buffet dinner..

    I enjoyed it because the girl cousins from our side (DH) were out in force so there was conversation to be had, they're a nice, well mannered, intelligent bunch..from ages 16 to 26. I don't know what to talk about with the other married ladies and matriarchs of the hostesses family...

    All the same glad to get home.

    Mikie - good to know you got the test done and there's less blood in the urine..I saw that shooting news on TV and there's also been some other attack in Germany..few hours ago..maybe the end of the world is nigh..I dunno..

    Take care all

    God Bless
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting the new thread, Diane. Illustrating that entertainment is
    not reality, did you read about Wendy the wonder dog and her mask? She
    wears a fake muzzle which the ventriloquist manipulates using a hand
    control. Simon Cowell reported the case to the Royal SPCA for investigation.
    This news is on several sites, but none of them report the results of the
    enquiry. BTW Simon Cowell's net worth is also on several sites. Estimated
    at more than half a billion. That's a lot to make from other people's talent.

    Barry, speaking of dancing ladies, has Richard seen the 1933 movie "Dancing Lady"
    which starred Joan Crawford? You can see her dance on Youtube. She has a
    clunky, athletic style of moving on the dance floor. Reminds me of Ruby
    Keeler in 42nd Street.

    Couldn't find a photo of a phaloenopsis named Fireworks, but I found a pic of
    a red one.


    Mikie, glad you survived the visit to medical land. (Wait till I tell you about
    my brother's experience.) I tried to read the news about the shooting in
    Florida, but the computer (or the server or whatever) wouldn't let me.
    Later Gordon clicked on the article for me. No problem. The computer hates
    me and loves him. That's the only possible explanation.

    Anyhoo, based on comments from readers (some of whom said they had been
    at the night club in question) the place is an adult club that serves liquor. So
    why were kids as young as 12 allowed in? I suppose the club would say, "Well,
    they were in different rooms.") The most frequent comment was about
    the failure of the parents. "How could they let their kids go to a place that
    has had similar problems before?" etc.

    Oh, yeah. My brother felt well enough to send out a bulletin to friends last
    night. Here is a summary. He had polio when he was very young. The
    last generation pre the Salk vaccine. One leg was left about a quarter inch
    shorter; he always had to have new shoes adapted by a cobbler.

    The procedure to get the surgery took a year. He had four different surgery
    dates before the job was actually done. He saw 4 surgeons. He had orientation
    interviews at 3 hospitals. Not because he wanted to. All iatrogenic. Caused
    by the medical profession.

    The first surgeon gave him a booklet on preparing for surgery. But when the
    surgery date came, the doctor said he (my brother) hadn't prepared properly.
    Turned out the doctor had given him the wrong preparation booklet.

    Then he saw a surgeon who said this was a very difficult surgery, and he
    wouldn't want to do it. Gave him the names of the two guys in Portland who
    could. One was too busy. Finally got a doctor and had the surgery. Spent 3
    weeks in a nursing facility. The facility was advised 5 days in advance of
    the date for release. On that date he was supposed to be released at 1:30
    PM, but wasn't until 3 hours later. Meanwhile the friend giving him the
    ride home sat and waited. Finally he was told a walker would be
    delivered to him the next day. Weeks later it still hasn't arrived.

    A sad indictment of our medical industry.

    OK, am all worn out after all that typing. Back later.
    Hugs All.
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  6. Granniluvsu

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    HI Y'ALL,

    Just popped in for awhile since I only have to make a veggie for dinner and have to warm up leftover stuffed peppers from the other day. So nice when I don't have to cook to much. It has gotten to be such a chore especially since I almost don't know what to make for myself these days let alone DH:confused:. I love all kinds of food and it is hard to find things that are not expensive and that we both can eat. This recipe for stuffed peppers is similar to and an old one I had that I used to use Campbells Tomato Soup. However, I think it has stuff I am not supposed to eat so I am using just Hunts plain tomato sauce and instead of rice I either used brn rice or the pkgs of brn rice and quinoa together. The rest of the recipe is pretty much the same except I put it in the microwave to cook instead of oven and pre-boiling the peppers first. I also found that SAMS CLUB has goat cheese, much cheaper than the Health Food Store. I also put that on top and also in the middle of the stuffed peppers before I cook them. They are really yummy. You can also use more tomato sauce to put on t top. I may put on a little bit and DH drowns the peppers in sauce.

    Oh dear I have missed a lot of the stuff on TV, shootings and all. I almost hate to put on the TC anymore with all this awful stuff happening.

    SPRING WATER - So glad you had a nice time at the function with all the cousins there. It sounds like you had a great time chatting away. You are used to talking to the younger ones because of your children I think, and your daughter especially.

    MIKIE - Glad that scan is over and glad to hear there seems to be less blood in the urine. That sounds like a good sign to me. More prayers your way, my dear. Hope you can get all this over with soon , and no more worry for you..

    JULIE - Sorry there is still so much going on with you and all the stuff to do with Gpa's funeral and passing. Hopefully it will all be settled soon. No matter what, I am afraid that you know who will still not be satisfied, no matter how much she gets. Hope your stress headache is much better and all gone bu tit is apt to come and go with a lot of stress the hat you are under. Hopefully, DEN will take care of you know who for you.

    ROCK - Sorry that you brother has had to go through so much in life after his POLIO. I sure remember that years ago, such a scare for parents and children. Hope the surgery he had will finally help him. Sorry he had to endure so much with that too including reading the wrong book on the prep. GEEZ already ):!!!

    DIANE - Hope all is well with you and household and that your sneezing episodes have calmed down some. Does Kevin have allergies too.?

    We were supposed to have 80% chance of rain today and we finally got a little bit. However, we will take whatever little bit we can get. We are getting so dry again. Hope you all are getting enough rain but no floodings like we have had in the not to distant past):!!

    Gotta run you all and warm up the peppers and fix a veggie for dinner. Would be good if DH cooked but alas that was not in the cards :)!!

    Love to everydobby and all I didn't mention,
    Granni :)
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just dropping in for a bit. Spammers have been more active lately. I hate to have their posts up long before I can get to them. Our members are great at flagging them when they find them. Then, I just send them out to Spamland. Poof! Gone! I've felt jittery this afternoon. Don't know whether it's due to the contrast dye they gave me in the IV or not. They wanted me to drink a lot of water to flush it out, so to speak. So far, urine is still clear looking. Woo Hoo!!!

    DD called and she and DGS want to come down next month. I'm in the middle of the painting project and organizing stuff to toss but they are welcome to come. The place may just be in turmoil. I don't think they will mind. DGS starts middle school at a new school this year. Only saving grace is that he will be in advanced math because the student population is so far behind. It's kind like good news and bad news. Hey, Kid, your new school stinks but you'll be an academic star. I'll be glad to see them. I have to get my health issues settled so I can visit them in TX.

    Granni, just noticed we were posting at the same time. Your stuffed peppers sound delish! I get so tired of eating the same old, same old all the time. Don't know what I'll fix for the kids when they come down. DD has gone gluten free. I can get some GF pasta and bread for her. DGS loves pasta. Think I'll make the garlic scallops, muscles and shrimp pasta in Alfredo sauce.

    Spring, so glad you got out and had a nice meal and visit with your cousins. It's too bad about the strike. That's the last thing you need. Good grief! Hope things start looking up for y'all in your country. You've had to endure more than anyone should have to. Thanks for your good wishes. I know the violet and white light have helped me heal.

    Rock, OMG what your DB has had to endure! Seems that medical intervention here either goes swimmingly or horribly awry. Two of my friends are crippled from complications from hip and back surgery. They both have had long recuperation and rehab. Both will likely never walk without canes. I'm always just thankful that things go decently well but I'd rather avoid docs if at all possible. I'll have to deal with the kidney stones but, at least, they now have the ultrasound and don't have to surgically remove them. Hope your Bro gets better without any problems. Also hope your computer learns to love you just as we love you.

    That nightclub is normally an adult place but they were having some kind of party for kids before they go back to school. I don't know whether or not they were serving liquor to the adults. I think the youngest was 12. Most were high school age according to what I've been able to find out. In that part of town, no one is safe. Drive-by shootings happen in parking lots and on streets in front of homes. Most of it is gang and drug related. There are three people in custody and the cops are saying it definitely isn't terrorist related.

    It seems this cycle of violence will never end. Often, it is good kids who aren't into crime who are the innocent victims. There have been several really small kids who were caught in the crossfire. There is nowhere for them to go where they are safe. The cops patrol constantly but they can't be everywhere all the time. I can only imagine the stress in the lives of those families. It probably wasn't a good idea to let kids go where there had been trouble before but, if they only let the kids go where it's safe, they wouldn't be able to go anywhere. It breaks my heart.

    I think I've said before that I was shocked when I moved here at the level of violence in what was then a small backwater town. Like with so many places, things have only gotten worse. There was a unity march in downtown Ft. Myers but I didn't even know about it. If I had, I would have been afraid things would turn violent. I had wanted to go to a peace march in Boulder, CO during the Viet Nam war but I had two little kids at home. It turned violent and several people were hurt pretty badly by rocks and bottles being thrown. The irony of being attacked at a peace rally. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

    Sorry, I didn't mean to be such a downer. If I want that, I can watch politics! I'll just look outside at how beautiful it is and snuggle up with the cat. Hope all y'all have a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, again!

    I haven't forgotten about y'all, since I opened this porch. Just some computer stuff going on, and then some bad thunderstorms moved through our area.

    I had to laugh though, usually t-storms scare the cats. By the time the third storm came through, mid-afternoon, I had two cats on the couch with me, looking out the window, and one other cat, on the perch across from us. When they realized that there were no more "thunder booms", Beety started squeaking -- squeak squeak squeak. That's her sound. She wanted her afternoon meal. LOL

    Mikie, I think you asked if our cats played together. Welllllll, it's complicated. LOL Beety and Faithy used to be great friends (adopted at the same time). But now Beety thinks that Faithy is a bully! Maybe because Beety has no teeth anymore? But we have our youngest Rosie in the mix, who mixes it up with both older cats. Sounds like a thundering herd of [_____] fill in the blank, when they all get chasing together. LOL

    I like that commercial too. Only one of our cats uses the litter box properly, with good feline manners. The other two, well, they scratch the sides of the litter box, when they finish. Scratch scratch scratch. So it's time to scoop. :p Silly kitties (we scoop every day).

    Rock, Kevin mentioned what you saw about the dog "Wendy" -- Kevin said that a "mouthpiece" had to have been used. I hope Wendy wasn't hurt, by her trainer(s).

    Julie, post when you can. Goodness, I can relate to taking a computer break. I've done it many times. (hugs and prayers) for what's going on with U No WHO.

    Granni, email me some of those stuffed peppers! Please. LOL Oh, I grew up eating stuffed peppers; now, peppers -- bell, of course, green/red/yellow give me terrible acid reflux. So that's why I stick to my "unstuffed cabbage", when I get a taste for something with tomato sauce.

    I can't remember what y'all have posted. I didn't take notes, and my computer is going to shut down for yet MORE UPDATES. So I'm typing quickly.

    Sunflower, I hope your vacation was not impacted by that Tropical Storm!

    Barry, Star, Spring ... Oh,,,,,,I can't remember any other names right now. Anyways, y'all take care.

    Love and hugs and prayers to all,
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  9. sunflowergirl

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    Hi everyone, I'm back. Got to my DDs home past midnight so just slept there. I should have come straight home though.....woke with a terrible headache where I could hardly see. First time ever I went thru the dry heaves, including on the drive home at 7:30....good thing I had a leftover Starbucks cup. Then I found that my neighbor (who I called from Maui on Saturday) forgot to turn off the garden hose in the pool. Eeegads, water all the way to the top and cement looked wet all around pool. So hose ran from Saturday morning to Monday morning. Then I saw my pump wasn't priming and when I turned off the motor it made a strange sound. Called my pool guy who said it apparently made a strange sound on Thursday. So he's coming tomorrow.

    Diane: we were getting very scared about flying out due to the hurricane expected to hit Maui on Sunday. Sooooo my DD and SIL spent HOURS changing the flights, from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday, to Monday then on a red eye, then back to Sunday. sigh. But luckily I got a seat to myself yesterday and a good flight.

    This was NOT a restful vacation. My SIL talks almost continually on his IPhone LOUD. He had preordered two air conditioners online and we picked them up on the way from the airport. He didn't like them, so Friday he had out his power saw and was cutting into my bedroom wall, dust everywhere and NOISE. Then on 2 separate days he had handymen out to do major cutting and installation in the 2 bedrooms.....DUST!!!!! By then I thought I was in hell. He ignores the complaints from the fellow condo owners!!!!! Or my DD or me.

    HUMIDITY! UGH. But then it was very hot in California. We went out for dinner or lunch daily, I'm talking really nice restaurants they like to eat at. I did pick up the tab 3 times as I only thought it was fair. But honestly, I only had one wonderful lunch or dinner that I can rave about. VERY overpriced everywhere. A luscious burger at a place down in Lahaina......I think that was only around $12 as opposed to $45 plus. By the way, Lahaina is an old whalers village from the mid 1840s, talked about in the novel, Hawaii by James Michener. First time I went to the little village was 1967......I was on a tour and we all went barefooted to a bar and dancing. It's really grown now and changed.

    On last Sunday we went to church, then out for lunch and a trip around the island. OMG OMG OMG......honestly we at one point thought we were going to go over the cliff. The road becomes a narrow dirt road, just the width for one car. Taken care of by the scattered people who live in this "hidden valley". We were told about it from the driver who picked us up at the airport.....said it was like Hawaii 100 years ago. My DD was driving and suddenly there were 2 other cars coming towards us. Nothing to do but try to back up (we were on the mountain side, thankfully.......she's having a giant panic attack and can't breathe, so she had to put it into park and my SIL took the wheel. My DGD is crying, my DD is screaming, I'm actually preparing to die. My SIL managed to back the car to a tiny indention on the side while the two cars passed. And no place to turn around and go back so we had to drive on. I was never so happy to see civilization in the distance!!!!! I only wish we could have pulled off the road and taken pics. of the spectacular scenes along the way.

    I'm trying to read all the posts I've missed, to catch up on everyone's lives.
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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just had a nap. Watched a DVD (NCIS) and looked at a library book. It
    was a comic book which I put on hold for a bit of nostalgia. Despite its
    name, it turned out to be something modern and completely foreign to
    my memories. No thanks.

    Star, thanks for the newsy post. Glad you felt up to posting same. Very
    interesting that your government has a scheme to distribute light bulbs.
    We have a poster from the Netherlands (Soul). I believe she said her
    government distributes tulip bulbs.

    You ever read about the tulip mania that erupted in the Netherlands in
    the 17th century? Tulip bulbs were new. People were so enamored with
    them they were paying enormous sums. You could buy a tulip bulb or
    a horse and carriage for the same amount of money. Uff-da!

    Don't think you have to worry about rabies. The Australian Wildlife Health
    Network says, "Rabies is not found in Australia. The disease, however, is
    moving East on the Indonesian island chain. Vigilance is required."

    My mother loved tulips. Well, she missed her garden all winter. Poured
    over seed catalogs while waiting for warm weather to return. In the
    Spring was had tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinths. My mother's was
    the only garden in town with parrot tulips:


    Sun, good to see you back. Sorry to hear your vacation was so far from
    what was anticipated. Your mountain trip sounds not only scary but
    life threatening. Yikes! And your noisy SIL sounds like essence of an in-
    law joke. AACCKK!

    When Gordon and I were planning our trip to Hawaii, one of our bridge
    partners who had been there several times told us, "A 20 dollar bill over
    there goes like a 5 dollar bill here." When we reached Hawaii we heard that:
    "Well, things are kinda of expensive here. It all has to be imported, you
    know." Thing is, they said that even if they were selling you a coconut.

    Diane, we had a pet rabbit when I was a kid. It made little squeaking
    noises like Beety. More like a bird chirp than what one would expect from
    a mammal. BTW, my mother frequently used the expression, "We're
    off like a herd of turtles." when starting a journey.

    Hugs, Kids
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  11. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    Bit of a slow start today. Woke up with that wierd kinda paralysis happening in my arms and legs again.
    It used to frighten me, but now it's just Really annoying!
    Losing trust in my Dr, but really don't want to have to search for another and start all over again...
    Heard the parcel man at the door, but couldn't get there. Gee he hung around for quite a while. It's a good thing the dog couldn't talk and dob me in.

    Rock- on the one hand,we are very blessed here with Medicare and Centrelink (social security), but there are always incompetent people and those who like to pass the buck. My last lot of X-rays got Lost .The blame game was in full swing. I had an anxious intern almost screaming at me on the phone and the whole mole hill became the mountain.
    I simply got some hard copies for The day of surgery, as a back up, in order to avoid their cancelling me again.
    On one Occassion I got a call the day before cancelling and I had already got to Ballarat and booked in.
    Another time, I was already dressed down( as opposed to up)n in the attractive surgery gown, ready to get wheeled in and got cancelled...

    I love tulips,but of course given the heritage ,I was probably brain washed from birth.
    I particularly enjoy the scent of hyacinths too. The grape variety sprouts up wild ,in the bush across the road here too.
    Undoubtedly, someone most likely dumped garden waste over there at some point. Apparently there used to be massive holes,big enough to bury a car,due to mining. Not now.
    Tulips are Spanish aren't they? Originally? So my Aunty says. She talks about European royalty and history involving the great Armadas...

    Mikie- loved hearing about the rooster and tortoise. Mates in exile hey?
    Whatever happened to the lion and deer, was it?
    How old are students in middle school and is it separate from the rest?
    Glad to hear urine is clearing,but not good to hear about the aches,pains and duration of ct scan,got you.
    I don't know who's responsible for all the shootings there,but Australia is Really struggling with Muslim related terrorism,immigration and the whole shebang. Esp in light of latest world terror incidents.
    Troubling times...

    Dianne- cats sound like good entertainment.
    Years ago,we had a rag doll and she was absolutely useless at using her litter box, but me,a fanatical young mum was always a step behind. I think DH turned a blind eye because he's very rigid in his translation of the 'dirty cat'.
    Our first kitten, just before we were married ,had his mother slain by a neighbouring Rottweiler at 3 wks. He was part persian(fluffy) and part bitsa. Fantastic cat.

    Julie- hope you are getting some 'you' time and regaining your peace.
    Thinkin of ya.

    Sun- what a hair-raising experience!
    When your lot go out to create memories,there's no holding back is there? Bet that adventure will well and truly be burnt into the memory bank!
    Glad you're safe.

    Spring- watching tha soccer mums at work doesn't stress me out too much, as with anything, there seems to be only a very small group that actually 'does' anything. The majority remind me of the council workers who stand around all day,holding shovels up.
    It was an eye opener though. While I was in the canteen, about 3 others came by to apologise and rattle off reasons why they couldn't help. That's not including who ever I missed. I wouldn't be surprised if multiple messages were sent out,in the hope of securing at least one. In this case,me. Both clever and sad.

    My Treasures were sad I missed their game though, so I have offered to bring in some muffins for them to sell, to make up for not committing to future canteen work etc. I'll add,I'm only obliged to do it the once,which I have. In itself, that was a mirical!
    You are probably young at heart and are able to chat with the best of them
    Family functions are exhausting,if you ask me.

    Barry-It isn't really meant to snow here, but because there was snow ( not a lot) nearby, I did have high hopes. It snowed when we were living in Ballarat on my son's birthday,Aug 10, a while back. So there's still a chance.
    I don't mind all the bugs,lizards and critters;however, I still manage to squeal when one leaps out of a lunch box,as I'm not ready for it.
    At which they all derive great pleasure.
    Even Harry, our Jack Russell comes running when he hears me squeal, in the hopes of some action ,I suppose.

    My youngest left a fake blowie by the kettle the other morning and a fox tail rigged to fall out of the cupboard, on opening.
    What can I say? Cheap thrills?

    Barry, I believe Australia has your rellies to blame(& DH) for being over- run by rabbits and foxes!
    Not sure about the deer though...

    Granni- A few years back, my liver and or gall bladder started to play up. I believe it was due to some meds for anxiety.
    Anyway, I also deal with A syndrome (Gibsons or Gilbert's ? Brain not working), which can cause a pasty look to the skin at its worst. It was then that I decided to start applying eye liner daily. Made a big difference, particularly psychologically. Perhaps mascara is a little too ambitious for me at this time

    It's rainin again....(can't remember rest of the song)!

    Wish you all well. Take care xx
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Ever since I got home yesterday, I've had horrible ringing in my ears. I just popped half a clonazepam under my tongue. I hope once the contrast dye is flushed outta my system, it will go away. Think I'd lose my mind if it kept up or, perhaps, that ship has sailed.

    Latest news on the shooting is that there was no alcohol served at the club. At midnight it was over and the kids were going out to the parking lot to be driven home when a shootout between two groups ensued outside. The kids got caught in the crossfire. The club had two guards but they were not armed. The shooters drove off. Three are in custody and two more are being sought. It's just soooo sad. It can happen anywhere.

    I went to a couple of websites yesterday to look at home decor and my computer got a virus. The screen turned blue with a phone number for me to call, supposedly from Microsoft. I'll bet if I were to call, they would ask me for my password and take over my computer. Microsoft 10 uses a browser called, Edge. I don't particularly like it. In any case, it won't work now. I'm here using Firefox which I like better. I just don't want to deal with this right now. AAACCCKKK!!! I don't like my Surface tablet and don't especially like the cheap little laptops out there now. I'd like to keep this old laptop going as long as I can.

    While I'm painting and reorganizing, I'm trying to think about how I could make everything look better and be more practical. I'm pretty satisfied with it now but it could be better. The cute cork board I bought warped and flew off the wall. Target has a couple of cute organizers, one with a blackboard. I need a place to keep mail and papers I will be using for appts. We have Hobby Lobby and another store which sell things like they use on HGTV and they are much, much less expensive. Just don't know whether I'm up to shopping. I'll probably be in the middle of all this when the kids come.

    Diane, I'm laughing at Beety's squeaking for her meal. I'm also laughing at the complicated kitty group dynamics. Sir Vester often hooks his claws in the edge of the opening of the litter box from inside and then lets go, making quite a racket. Not sure why he does it. I'm just thankful he always uses the box. I keep it really clean. He doesn't seem bothered by the thunderstorms we've had lately. He's a pretty mellow fellow. Sounds as though Rosie keeps things from being dull. Is there any flooding there from all that rain? I hope not.

    Sun, I wish your trip had gone better. The road trip sounds harrowing. In a movie, with all the panic and screaming, it might have been funny but in reality, it must have been a nightmare. I'm so glad everyone survived intact. The A/C thing sounds like a nightmare too. Ilona is always on her cell phone or reading something on it. I don't hang around her when she does that; no point in it. I believe it is truly an addiction. How awful not to be able to be electronically disconnected. I'll bet Lahaina has really changed since I was there in the '80's. Not much there then but the huge banyan tree. Ex's company paid for our trip and all I bought were a couple of dolls for the girls. Sorry about the water and pump in the pool. I hope everything settles down for you now that you're home. I also hope that nasty headache is gone.

    Rock, thanks for the beautiful tulip pic. I always had tulips when I lived in CO. The only time I see them down here is in the stores in pots, bulbs which have been forced to bloom. There is nothing as beautiful to me as spring flowers. I also poured over bulb catalogs, dreaming of spring. I've often thought of buying some comic books, or Mad Magazine, and revisiting my yute. I'd likely be shocked at the price of them now and disappointed by the content. Perhaps nothing was as good as we remember it to have been back in the old days. That certainly holds true for KFC and Domino's Pizza. Maybe the big message in all this is that I should live in the present. Every time I try to return to yesterday's pleasures, I'm disappointed.

    Star, that paralysis sounds scary. I hope it doesn't recur. Yikes! Medical care could be much more efficient. I do like the use of PAs now to do a lot of the tasks docs used to do. It has streamlined a lot of our care here. There's still a lot of improvements which need to be made. Middle school grades can differ in different places. My kids and I were in elementary school through grade six. Middle school was grade seven through nine. High school was grade ten through twelve. DGS is in the sixth grade. I think high school for him will start with grade nine. He's growing up soooo fast. Do your Treasures like school? Sounds as though they keep you laughing. I hope you are feeling better.

    Perhaps I'll dress and go to those two shops just to look at some decor. I'm not looking to buy anything big, just something to organize my paperwork to replace the cork board I lost. Famous last words: I'm not going to buy anything; I'm just browsing. I have a lot of decor here which could be changed around for a fresher look. I've lost the ability to look at my decor here with a fresh eye.

    Hope everydobby has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2016
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  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Heya all. So nice to come in and see so many newsy posts..

    Sun - welcome back..that trail, scary, wild one musta offered some searingly beautiful scenery..I bet it would hv made a wonderful trek route.

    How unfortunate your SIL felt he had to do all those drill things then.

    Eh, but it's good to hv you back, wish your trip had been perfect but still, getting a change and that too, a beautiful place. That's something. Did you get yo paint any pictures?

    Diane - so cats too are afraid of thunder..didn't know that. The dynamics between animals are like humans, so different. I notice it in my dogs..there are some who love any other dog and some who hate all other dogs and some who love one dog and hate the other.

    The easiest to live with are of, course, the loving peaceful ones.

    Ah, I see Mikie dropped in while I was typing.

    Mikie - How interesting about the bully turtle and the rooster. We had a terrible bully of a rooster once. Lived for some years. Gouged a hole, in a man Friday's leg. Rage. Just like that.

    Looks like karmic effect the turtle getting his shell broken and having to be isolated.

    I get the jittery feelings sometimes, and ringing in the ears..but my divination tells me it's nothing in me but outside forces trying to get at me. Well, here we give credence to stuff like evil eye, (jealousy) etc..I also hv a tingling feeling in my arm, but I do the white lighting salt water, etc and my stuff as soon as I get any of these symptoms. Also tightness in the shoulder, nausea. Belly bloating. It's good to clear dense energy and that's what salt water does, doesn't allow build up.

    I mean the docs don't know what it is, they dole out the vitamin B. And ferric acid. Which I hv totally stopped taking. I should but forget or don't hv time for. Thinking about being enveloped in the Creators light is easier on my stomach and I hv found very effective.

    Used to hv anti anxiety meds n antacid but don't now, avoiding spicy n hot seem to hv brought both under control.

    Rock - what a beauty, that unusual tulip. Here, being able to grow a tulip is a thing to celebrate! In earlier, more pleasant times when expats abounded, I would see them planted in pots and put on ledges.

    There are no expats to be seen, or hardly any, and no tulips. That was funny about coconuts, it's sad how prices are hiked up for tourists...Simon Cowell did ask the RSPCA to look into Wendy Dog and they found she was well treated...

    Star - im tickled to think of it snowing there. I get the paralysis thing in winter when I stay in The same position for too long. My help used to say she woke up at nights sometimes with her calf turning on its own..is this what you experience? She said it hurt awful sometimes.

    Granni - our produce here are supposed to be adulterated..but the organic ones are too pricey. They hv those to cater to the smattering of foreigners working.

    I think people whose DH cook is such a blessing. That wasn't in my cards either. sigh.

    Julie - hv your good rest..and come back when you can...

    I went to town, got some errands done, mending of clothes etc. also took friend her birthday gift after buying it, got a good deal on a really nice salwar kameez and was able throw in an umbrella for the allotted budget..

    Cut down on cooking time by buying roti and veg curry outside which came with salad and pickled salad..at home just had to make chicken drumsticks and lentils..

    Well y' all take care

    God bless

    Last edited: Jul 26, 2016
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Star: Did you know that "paralysis" is a normal condition during a certain rim sleep. I forget the name but it's possible you're waking up too soon. SNOW? I guess I just have visions of Australia being hot and dusty. But that would be a very nice change. And have you ever visited that huge "rock" that is very famous?

    Spring: The arm tingling sounds like a nerve in your shoulder/back that's pinched. I get those awful tingling feelings in my legs, almost feeling like they're cold, and that's when I do some floor stretching to loosen things up. Speaking of stretching, I really did a # on my knee the day after arriving. I pulled a muscle and by the evening I had to buy a neoprene knee brace. Limped around in pain for about 6 days using ice when sitting and taking ibuprofen and tramadol for pain. I think I'm destined not to be able to vacation. %$#@!

    Mikie: what's this about a kidney scan? Blood? And what type of decorating/painting are you doing? And it's the IPhone where you scream into it that's sooooo annoying. He talks loud anyway.....a lot!

    Rock: I so love those parrot tulips. One year I bought 5 of them and planted them in a really good location. Must have gotten enough rain and sun because they were like from the florist. Next year a total waste so I don't bother anymore. The bulbs are expensive and here in Calif. they don't come back so you have to purchase more of them. A great place to see fields of them blooming is Descanso Gardens around April. They have a big festival centered around the blooming bulbs.

    Diane: One of my cats.....Clair......also squeaks. She has a tiny meow and years ago she got shut up in a closet without us paying attention. Almost 3 days later I found her after I went searching. She had pulled down a good woolen coat, slept and peed on it. My cats have food and water out all the time but you know how cats hide.

    Barry: You're getting a carotid artery scan? I hope you get some help with the fatigue. This may be the source of your troubles.

    Granni: I used to own one of those Campbell's Soup cookbooks and loved making the stuffed peppers. A great way to get veggies into kids.

    My pool man is coming this afternoon. I'm thinking the pump is shot. Don't want to think of the expense involved with it though
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back. I stopped at Old Time Pottery and enjoyed looking at all the d├ęcor stuff. They sell things I've seen on Fixer Upper and which are sold in the Magnolia Farms store only at much, much cheaper prices. I didn't find just what I was looking for so went to Target and got the galvanized metal wall organizer. It's very trendy industrial looking and embossed with "Welcome" on it at the top. There is an attached box at the bottom to hold mail. There is quite a bit of space between the Welcome at the top and the box at the bottom. I'm going to buy some of that spray paint which turns into a blackboard and paint the section in the middle. That will give me a space to write down things I need to remember. It looks great on that little section of wall in the kitchen near the front door.

    I felt sick while shopping so just grabbed a sandwich while I was at Target and came home. Not up to running out to Hobby Lobby. It's out east of town, next to the bad area. It's not far from some shootings so I went packin' heat. The Wal*Mart across the street was robbed at gunpoint. I'll have to go when I don't feel so lousy. Seems like anytime we do anything medical, we come out of it the worse for wear. Not only do I have a headache, ringing in my ears and jittery feeling, I am in a lot of FMS-type pain. I could barely get outta my car. Whine, whine whine. I just want to feel half-way normal again. Maybe when the contrast dye is completely outta my system.

    Saw my friend, Nancy, walking her little dog, Chewey. I went down so we could visit a bit. I think she and My Dear Old Friend and I are going to lunch next week. I got another neighbor who wants to join our circle for friends to help one another out. She wants to go to lunch with us before the other Nancy leaves for AZ. Joe came over to see me and Nancy and we had a good visit too. Our lunches are only for women but we told him if he'd wear a wig, a dress and high heels, he could come. Now, I have to get that picture outta my mind's eye. There are so many good people here.

    Spring, always sooo good to see you here. I always ask to walk in the Lord's light. What a comforting thought. I also invoke the violet light as well. My healing has been amazing and I know this will be healed as well. You have been a tremendous help. Thank you! Yes, docs often don't know what ails us. We just have to be informed and help ourselves. There is a lot more to healing that just what the docs have to offer. Glad you can get out. I know it always helps me to get outta the condo but today, I'm just not up to it. Oh well, I got what I was after so am glad for that. Now, I just have to get to Lowe's for the blackboard paint. Take care, my friend.

    Sun, it does seem your trips are cursed. Let's hope the next one goes better. Ilona's phone is an Android but she still screams into it. When she's not screaming into it, she's reading e-mails or news all the time, even when we are all visiting. It's just rude and obsessive. I'm sorry about your knee. Yikes! Hope it's better. I had foam in my urine and then could see blood. So, the doc is checking everything out and not just assuming it's the kidney stones. The urine is clear but I still have to do the last test--a cystoscopy. I've had them before but it never gets to be more fun to have them. My paint is just beat up in some high traffic areas so I'm repainting. The baths and bedrooms have color on the walls but the main open living areas are white. I just want to move things around a little and reorganize some areas to increase the storage I have and make it all work better. I still have too much stuff and need to rid myself of some of it. Glad you're glad to be home.

    I'm glad to be home just from my little jaunt to the stores. I'm thankful that I can crash until my NRG improves and these side effects of that contrast dye are gone. Hope all y'all have a great afternoon.

    Love, Mikie
  16. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Wow! Posters aplenty!

    I'll sit with you a while, but have just come in from outside doing some weeding in the shade. Today: scorchio! We expect 100 for a day or two--:eek:. Way too hot for me. Now am dizzy and blurry eyed, and need I say tired too?

    Rock, yes Richard has seen "Dancing Lady". He says the Three Stooges were in it too, but not as the three stooges. He agrees that her dancing is clunky. Fred Astaire in it too. I don't think it be my kinda film. The Phalaeonopsis "Fireworks" is as labelled by Matsui Nursery. The label says "not for consumption"! Made me think of stir-fried orchid buds for some reason :p. Hope you have some nrg today, Rock. Tote that bale! Pull that barge! Sorry I can't help...:(.

    Diane and Granni, I grew up eating stuffed peppers too. Stuffed with meat/crumb mix, sauce over, and baked. Your recipe sound nice Grannie. We get that brown rice and quinoa mix too and like it a lot. I like quinoa by itself even more, but that mix is so easy! Diane, so do you make cabbage rolls then? I like them a lot, but have not had the in years....

    Sunflower, I loved your post on your experiences in Hawaii. I was thinking of you as Darby approached, and wishing you well. And I loved your verbal "painting" of your trip of terror! I'm sorry your vacation wasn't very restful and that you had a chatterbox to deal with as well.o_O

    Rock and Star, I love the bulbs of early spring too. Tulips are one of my faves, and I love parrot tulips, Rock. And Star, hyacinths are fabulous too; heavenly scent and sent. It's nice to hear that you have grape-hyacinths across the road. Actually, back to tulips, most of the species that form our modern tulips come (came) from the Middle East, especially Persia (Iran), but the genus is found around the Med. and some species in Spain also.

    Yeah Star, you are right about my rellies being to blame for the rabbits, and foxes in Australia. I am so sorry.o_O But I believe we have wallabies in parts of Great Britain and the south of France too. Just checked, we do. They were introduced from Down Under, or escaped captivity. Bully for them! Do you have dingoes?

    Carotid Scan. Yes I am sure they need to work on me, the sooner the better, cause the longer the worser.

    Doc appt for carotid scan put off for four more weeks! Yikes! I will try to hang on but forgive me if I fall....:rolleyes:

    All for now,
    Love and Life to All,
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon to awl!!

    I popped in a bit this a.m. but didn't have the time to post. I was doing a bunch of stuff for DH as wel as checking out some other stuff I really needed to do on line. Went with DH to check out another cable and wall charger unit for our OLD ipad that i use mostly for games but it also comes in handy when DH is on the computer and I need to check something out which I did some this afternoon after we came back from the Verizon store. They do sell some Apple products but not the older stuff. Luckily, the man told me the name of the part that I needed so looked it up on line. Got a pretty good price so I got 2 and hope it fits. May not be able t get some of these relics soon I figure. The cable I have is starting to fray and fall apart and is not the safest, I know. It is taped but still not to good. Just waiting to hear back from them on my verification. We didn't have any other Apple products that is why we went to Verizon store where we got our phones.

    SUN - So sorry you had so may problems on your trip and really didn't get to relax the way you needed too. Hope you gt to rest some after your supposed restful trip to Hawaii. That must also have been frustrating not to have peace and quiet with all that work going on.

    MIKIE - Glad you trip was at least somewhat successful in getting your organizer. Hope can find what you need and don't have to many other problems in finding what you need. I hate having to travel to far especially if not in the best of areas by yourself. Maybe you could go with someone else if you really need to go to that area.

    JULIE - Hope you are doing OK and getting a few things done without wearing yourself out completely. Thinking of you as you try your very best trying to get everything straightened out after Gpa's death and not lose your sanity. Glad you have a lawyer sweetie.

    How funny to hear the stories about the noises that the cats and kittens make. They are the funniest and cutest creatures ( most of the time) :)!!!

    Have to start thinking about what to wear this evening going out for collective birthdays of friends, their months. It is pasta night here but I may try and get something else even though I love pasta so much and am not supposed to eat much of it, unless it is made with brown rice or something. Everyone else will also have at least one glass of wine and I have to make a decision. Then next week DD and family that lives close by and us will be going to up to see our other daughter that lives close to Ft. Worth with her DH and son, 12 years old and is slight to moderately autistic and has a few other problems, ADD or ADHD and something else I think it is. He will be at camp and we will come to bring them some family fun. I may be rather boring as I need to stop drinking even occasional alcohol , usually WINE for awhile, esp when it is more than once a week. Usually I put a little in a glass and add club soda and sip it forever and add ice cubes. The you prob ably can't even taste much of the wine wether. Simple pleasures like that are not even possible if I am good.

    GRRR - sorry for the rant. I know everyone will be having wine at night or stronger for one of the DDs husbands. Trying hard also not to gripe or to lose to much weight. Not easy with this stupid body. I am sure that there are others who would love to change places who are over weight, I supposed. Like MIKIE says = whine, whine , whine :)!!

    Hi also to SPRING, DIANE, STAR, ROCK, BARRY et al !! Sorry I gotta run for now and hope you are all doing as well as possible. Hope to check back tomorrow but who knows. It seems like something always gets in the way. DH has the computer very early and late afternoon. Then there are always chores - yuck !! Speaking of chores I need to fold the clothes in the drier.

    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)
  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys...I've been trying to read, but feel bad because I can't really concentrate to sit and "visit." Days that I get angry, accusing texts are a big drain on me emotionally. Today was a good day...no texts or calls, lol!

    I mowed the whole yard today....tried to keep track of how long it took, but kept forgetting to look at a clock when I stopped and started. I would say it takes about six hours altogether. And I had four loads of laundry on the clothesline before 10:00 am.

    Getting my hair done tomorrow, but not till 4:30...so will have time to work in the yard most of the day again.

    Sun, so glad you made it home safely...sounds like quite a trip.

    Sorry I can't stay longer on here...Den is in bed and I think I will probably be able to get to sleep pretty early tonight. Thinking of you all.
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I guess I missed something. What's going on? Is this concerning sis?

    I'm thinking that my SIL thrives on chaos. $#@%^ However, I'm at the age where I crave PEACE with some fun thrown in.

    I got the bad news about the pool today. It needs a new pump......but good news is that Edison has a $200 rebate and my pool guy said it should save about $30 -40 a month on my bill. Do you see me jumping up and down?

    Barry: is the doctor going on vacation or what?
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Not much to tell. I gotta run to the store and will grab a Powerball ticket. It's up to more than $400 million. I know how great the odds are but, what the heck. Why not play? Sir Vester is out snoozing on his chair on the lanai. Earlier, he did a little dance out there which included a hop in the air. Too bad he's oblivious to everything around him. There's a white egret on a branch of the pine tree next to the lanai.

    Last night, I had a lot of pain and wondered whether one of my stones was moving. I was afraid I might pass it. This morning, there was quite a bit of foam on top of my urine. Nothing to do until I hear from my doc or go in next mo. for my cystoscopy.

    Granni, the charger cord for my Kindle has frayed too. Thank goodness I have two phone chargers which fit the Kindle. The one for my Surface is totally different. I usually don't drive far to shop either but Hobby Lobby has a lot of really interesting things which I don't find anywhere else. Again, they are just like things on Fixer Upper but at a fraction of the price from their online store. The shopping center the HL store is located at isn't right in the hood but next to it. Seems the violence has spread beyond the borders of the bad hood so I carry just in case. I like to browse and prefer to go by myself. I can't drink right now with this kidney problem either. I hope you have a good time at the birthday bash.

    Sun, so sorry about having to replace the pool pump. It's great you are focusing on the positive aspects of everything. My A/C condenser unit saves me about $20-$25 a month in the summertime compared to the old one. Yes, most of us want peace and quiet and not chaos nor drama. And, some fun is a good thing for us. Do you get into your pool often? I haven't been over to ours in a while. I think someone asked whether you got to paint while you were in Hawaii. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Julie, wow! That's a lot of work! I hope you did sleep well. I also hope the texts stop. She will likely get worse toward the end because, once it's all settled and done, she will have no hold over you. Hang in there, Kiddo. We're all pullin' for ya.

    Read the paper and did the puzzles so nothing to do but go to the store. After last night, I'm not up to doing much else today. Hope all y'all are doing well. Love, hugs and prayers to all our Dear Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2016

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