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    Hi, Kids,

    Here is Sun's post, the last one on the old Porch. Y'all can go back to read others' posts there too.

    Love, Mikie

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    Mikie: I wonder how big the stent is and what's it made of.....inquiring minds want to know. Would this be like a catheter? Guess I should have gone into the medical field because I find it all very interesting. So how long will it stay in? Then you have to be put under for them to remove it? So very nice of your DD to offer to come out. It makes us feel good when we know someone out there really cares for us.

    OK.....did a search on the stents and found this. It would be great if you had a dissolving one put in.

    As to the # of posts, honestly I never knew you guys had a "rule". Anything is fine with me. So many times people don't go back and read the old posts. The problem is the "old one" is like cold toast including what was posted. I always READ what everyone has written.....word for word. No skimming in my brain. LOL

    I'm still chuckling over the picture of Jeff with "bunny fur"!!!!!!

    I've watched that Flip or Flop. I really don't care for them, of course no one can compete with the ones out of Texas. Personality, talent, etc.

    I friend called today wanting to know if I wanted to meet her for lunch, but I had just ordered takeout of my favorite cheeseburger and zucchini fries and I was in the middle of a long session of WC painting for this weekend. Thankfully she understands. There is an art show coming up which I've never entered, but I have about 10 days to paint something really good, so I'm kinda consumed with creating.

    OK.....come Wednesday it's going to be chaos here. After 31 years of living in this house I've finally bit the bullet and ordered new tile to be put down in entry, kitchen and laundry area. I've hated these black marble tiles forever and on wed. the tile guy will use an electric sander on them so he can lay down the new tiles over them. The kitchen ones will be pulled up. Can you IMAGINE the dust I'm going to have? I will have to wear a breathing mask inside so I don't inhale anything. The tile I've picked is the same in two other bathrooms I had installed a few years ago.......looks like driftwood planking but is tile. I love the bathrooms. It feels good on the feet and looks good. I figure down the road this house will be sold and I want the most for it, so why not enjoy it now.
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    OK, will see if I can move my post from the previous thread.
    Oh, good. It worked.

    Hi Kids

    Machts nichts* to me how long our threads are. Way back, maybe 5-6 years ago,
    we had a thread that was many pages. Fifty? More? Don't remember, but there
    were only three people who posted on it. The content was pretty similar to the
    porch, I think. GB, were you one of the posters? I think there were two gals
    and a guy.

    Now that I've learned to use On Demand, I've watched NCIS, my new favorite
    program. That's the good news. The bad news is there were only 3 programs
    to watch. Shucks-a-rooty!

    Never watched Flip or Flop myself. I always thought it was a program about
    acrobats or cheerleaders. We lived in a Craftsman house for 15 years, Mikie.
    It was a big house. Had an attic, an addition on the back, and an apartment
    underneath us. It was built on a hill so it looked like one story from the
    front and two stories from the rear. Some of the features that made it look
    like a Craftsman house had been removed over the years.

    In 2003 the landlady sold the place for $300,000. The new owner did some
    painting and refurbishing. Sold it a few months later for $400,000. The
    original price was probably $3,000 - $4,000.

    Mikie, did your doctor say why the stent was a better procedure than the
    ultrasound blast? You know we are all hoping everything goes well.

    Sun, good luck with the remodeling project. I hope it all goes well with
    no unexpected snags popping up.

    OK, Kids, gotta go lie down. See ya later.

    *Doesn't matter (Deutsch).
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Decided to go ahead and start a new Porch since there has been a bit of a lull following quite a few posts. IMHO, I think that, as long as we don't let our Porch Volumes get toooooo long, we can start new ones somewhere between 30 and 35, depending on how many people have posted. As y'all know, the posts seem to come in clusters. I hate to break things up in the middle of a lot of traffic; however, it's up to you, Dear Porchies. As it is, we sometimes go beyond the 30-post mark before one of us notices. We tend to be the kind of people who don't need hard-and-fast rules. We go with the flow, no pun intended as it might relate to my current kidney situation. :D

    Got up at 4:00 but managed to get six or seven hours' sleep last night. I was soooo beat after doing all that work yesterday that I went into a wonderful, restorative sleep about 8:00 in the evening. Sir Vester was especially good last night. I think he gets tired when I'm working around here because he follows me around and watches everything I do. He has the cutest expressions of curiosity as though he's trying to figure out what I'm doing and why. It might also have been the exertion of playing with me. In any case, a tired cat is a good cat. I still have things to do in here today but it's not all that much. If anything goes wrong tomorrow, I don't want anyone to have to call the health dept. :(

    Sun, thanks for the info. It is exactly as described to me in the office. A lot of times, docs have their own preferences relating to the types of things they use in surgery. Other times, it's dictated by insurance. I know that people pass the stone fragments at different rates and that may be why they don't use the stents which disintegrate. If the fragments get flushed out fast, there is no need to leave a stent in. On the other hand, large stones with lots of fragments can take weeks to pass. Yikes!!! :eek: I hope that isn't the case with mine. The docs in this practice have an excellent reputation so I guess I'll just trust my doc to do what is best. At this point, it's moot; I have to have it done to avoid the risk of permanently damaging the kidney.

    What exciting news! I'm glad you are painting and hope you do enter the show. Please post a pic of the painting. You are so talented. Also exciting is the new flooring. I like tile floors but am tired of the ones I have had for almost 20 yrs. This condo needs all new flooring. I'm on the second floor so the main parts have to be carpeted but I have the tile in the entry, kitchen, bathrooms and lanai. I think that tile which looks like wood is beautiful. I don't know how much my co-pays will be by the time this is all done but I don't think I'll be spending any money. As I mentioned, as long as I have a cat, it doesn't make sense to get new carpet. I look at those refurbished homes on HGTV and drool. The dust will be worth it in the end. Just don't breathe it in.

    Rock, that house is beautiful! I'd like to sit and chat on that porch. Yes, the Craftsman design is now highly desirable. Some people like Mid-Century Modern and stay true to that design when they redo the houses. They sometimes even buy refurbished appliances from that era. Because cement block with stucco is the best protection in hurricanes, there isn't a lot of variety in designs here. Most is either nondescript or Mediterranean looking. I like the Mediterranean look, especially in neighborhoods where it is a theme. The new, more expensive condo bldgs. aren't just rectangular but look like a huge estate. I have my eye on one such neighborhood for when I win the LOTTO. :)

    The doc will be blasting the stones. From what I understood from the nurse practitioner, large stones can have large fragments, hence the need for the stent. As uncomfortable as the stent may be, it can be agonizing to pass the fragments without one. I will talk to the doc about it. Perhaps the decision will be made at the time of the procedure. From what I was told, an infection is the biggest risk now so that anything which helps to get all the stone fragments out of the ureter is critical. Pus from an infection accumulates behind the fragments and can't get out. Sorry to be so gross! :confused: That is why I'm on antibiotics and taking my temp. If it goes above 101 degrees, I am supposed to go to the ER at the hospital where the procedure is being done. The other big worry is that I pick up a cold and can't have anesthesia. Oy vey! Such drama!

    Check to see whether there are some NCIS marathons on some of the odd channels there. The ones which show the old programs often have these marathons. Binge watching is the new thing. There is always some kind of marathon on, especially on weekends. Do you have a DVR in your cable box? If so, you can have it automatically save the NCIS shows on CBS.

    Gotta go check out the rest of the paper. This appears to be the first complete paper in a long time. I complained that my paper is often lacking a lot of the inserts from businesses, including coupons. Publix has $5 and $10 coupons and I haven't seen one in ages. Seems to me that these would be desirable for people to pilfer. I've had to call to complain about main sections missing too. I don't know who stuffs the papers nor who puts the sections together. Every year, I tip the carrier. Whine, whine, whine!

    A storm just passed us by with nothing but thunder. The morning sun did produce a beautiful scene with the billowing cumulus clouds. Sir Vester asked to go out on the lanai but it's so close, hot and humid, he didn't stay long. When it's not humid, he'll lie in the sun for hours.

    Hope all y'all enjoy your Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi guys! Did I even post last night after Lorraine and I got back...I don't remember. Well, we made it back around 9:30...12 hours on the road because we stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant for lunch, then three or four times for potty/fuel breaks, and at a grocery store closer to home to pick up a few things. I didn't have very good internet access at Lindsey and David's...Den's and my phones are having fits because they are so old, we think. New ones will be ordered very soon.

    Anyway...so much going on here on the porch! Mikie, I'm so sorry you are going to have to have this procedure...praying that it is successful and the fragments pass as quickly as possible.

    Had just a minute to post, so will say a big "Hi and Hello" to everyone. I remember now...I just skimmed posts last night before I went to bed. Thinking of all of you and wishing you the best. Amy, Keira and Miley are on the way here. Keira will stay with us for a couple of days. Amy and Miley will be back Tuesday evening and Amy has Wednesday off so we can all hang out together.

    Not sure when I will take Lorraine home and "switch"...David is talking of coming up the 18th-20th (to get things from the house and visit with some of his National Guard guys) and could take the twins back home with him. But, I'm not sure how many days the twins will be okay with being away from home. Sun, I do have reservations, but it would break their hearts (especially Liora's) if I didn't give them a little bit of time at Gma and Gpa's. We'll just play it by ear and if I have to take them home before David gets up here, that's just how it will be.

    Even Josiah climbed into the back seat of the van as we were getting ready to come up here...cried his eyes out when his daddy took him out so we could leave. But no way would I bring him (just two years old last week) without his mommy...

    Anyway, I need to get myself together and get ready for company. Lorraine is pretty self-sufficient, but still needs lots of supervision. I know I can only handle this much "excitement" once a year, but will just do the best I can. Making memories is so important...I still remember getting to go to my grandparents' house without my little brothers...Heaven, lol!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just checking for spammers so thought I'd drop in. I got the overgrown plants cut back by the doors downstairs and wiped the black mold off the door so Ilona's DGD won't have to do it. It was gnarly. I finished picking up the mess and cleaned a wee bit here 'n there. Place isn't dirty so I'm happy with the results. Who knows when I'll be up to doing anything? Could be Tues., could be a month from now. I usually do way better than the average person when it comes to surgery but this is soooo different--too many variables. Oh, no! Choas theory. Too many variables make it hard to predict with any accuracy. Gotta trust in God and my docs.

    Julie, so good to see you here all safe 'n sound. Geez! Cracker Barrel sounds soooo good. Whenever someone mentions food here, I start to drool. Good thing I have lots to eat on hand. Think I'm losing some of the weight I lost and gained back. It's only five or six pounds. Still, I'd like to lose ten more than the thirty I originally lost. This is wonderful that the kids get Grandma and Grandpa to themselves like this. I still don't know how you keep track of the schedule with kids coming and going. It's like Dorothy said when she was in Oz, "People seem to come and go so fast around here, Toto." or words to that effect. It's been a while since I've seen the movie.

    When the kids were little, one got to go to Grandma's house which, of course, made the other jealous until I mentioned that the one who stayed with us got to be an only child. My ex and I would spoil the one with us. It never was equal to staying with Grandma but it wasn't bad. When both went to my Mom's, they would drive her crazy with their jealousy. Mom was a good sport.

    Thanks so much for your kind good wishes. From your lips to God's ear!

    Hope everydobby is having a good weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Guys 'n Gals.

    Flip and Flop, NCIS, and Cracker Barrel I have never heard of before. Am I really 'out of it' or just plumb ignorant? Or are these East Coast diners/drive -ins/ cafes....? The first sounds like a pancake house, NCIS --???, Cracker Barrel -- another cafe?

    Oh well, I guess I am losing touch with reality. About time. Politics---ha, ha, how embarrassing for the US with a canditate from a reality show that I have never seen. Everyone's fool I guess. Oh that is right, no politics/religion on this board. Hope I haven't crossed the line! Between laughing and crying, that's me.

    Mikie, all will be well tomorrow I am sure. Hope no pain involved, or at least not much! You must be very excited. :rolleyes: Wishing you the best of all results my dear, and I shall be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope you will be up to posting ASAP afterwards, even if you have to dictate to someone! ;)

    OK, just re-read the posts -- Cracker Barrel (Julie) = restaurant. NCIS and Flip and Flop must be tv shows I've never heard of. Duh! And to think, we have satellite tv and internet and get hundreds and hundreds of channels, but don't watch many of them. Used to watch the Brit-coms on BBC and PBS, but they don't seem to have them anymore. BBC has gone down the tubes. We do listen to many of the music channels though, classic in the morning, '40s and swing at tea time, and then usually a movie a night.

    Aaack, I've got to get off this machine though I have more to say. Back later after.

    Back again -- had to take and shake off the doggie beds outside, and small rugs, etc., so Richard can vacuum the front rooms. And bring the cat out -- vacuum-phobic.

    So now am sitting under the cherry tree with the laptop with the pets, looking at the colours around me. Scarlet geranium (Stadtberne), pink single roses, blue petunias, Matilija poppies (Romneya -- has done fantastic this year, large white flowers), pink Hibiscus (the hardy type). and steely-blue Eryngiums and Echinops --sorry I don't know the common names of same. As I sit here, I see more and more work to be done, but I don't think I have that recipe any more -- oh nooo!... ( a take-off of McArthur Park song I think).

    I just heard a Leonard Cohen song on utube, Goodbye Marianne. I love Leonard Cohen and his songs. Any other fans out there? Like a bird on a wire..... Priceless. Don't worry, I love Kiri Te Kanawa, opera singer too -- love her last four Strauss songs. Awesome!

    Hey, it's too hard to deal with this bright light and my blurry vision out here, so I'm calling it a day for now.

    Thinking of you Mikie,
    and everbody else.
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    Hi guys! 10:45 pm...Keira and Lorraine just now getting settled...started 1 1/2 hours ago with bedtime routine, lol! Lorraine is so excited to be here, and to have her cousin here with her...I did get firm with them, but I do understand.

    Oh, sis has started "war". We got a visit from one of the sheriff deputies this evening. Apparently sis called the sheriff on Den today. Said he took a stock rack from Gpa's other farm (where she lives.) Had to be Den, cause it was missing...a stock rack! A big metal "cage" that fits in the back of a pickup so people can haul livestock. What we would have need of this for, and why we would go "steal" it from her, is beyond us.

    Den told the deputy he hadn't seen it in years and I told him I remembered mowing around it the past few years...it was in a fence row, in a pasture behind the barn. Gpa built this over 40 years ago and it probably isn't in that great of shape now...I don't remember paying much attention to it. But...since she called the sheriff they had to come over here and check. Suddenly...it was very important to her. Give me a break! All the good it did for her to call the sheriff, was make her look stupid.

    She had already (last week) written a letter to Gpa's attorney, claiming that Den did some things...absolutely not true. All this ridiculousness will only come back on her.

    Anyway, so many other things going on here...but thought I would try to give everyone something to chuckle about. Only...it's not so funny. And it won't be funny at all once the courts have decided how things should be...Gpa was very specific about his wishes, so I don't think there will be much for the court to do.

    Hope our week goes very well...
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    I liked Rocks post with the nice house and lost my post, lol!!


    Mikie - thinking of you...I know all will go well. I shall look up Craftsman design..never heard of it...loved the house too...that porch, the stps, the greenery.

    Rock - my SILs house in Switzerland also looks like two storey from front and is three storey from back...because it's built on an incline...the extra storey below houses an all purpose room/guest bedroom, the emergency room, it's built with iron walls or some such with toilet and all and is supposed to be compulsory, her storeroom too is down there...fitted with rows of steel shelves for supplies. It reminded me of World War II.

    My BIL used to be a carpenter before he switched professions and got into a bank, so he designed it himself, and I think they built it themselves most of it, all their siblings and their wives came to help..the kitchen isn't very large. It looks all right becuase the fridge and cupboards are built into the walls and look like the wall. And they hv plenty of garden, with flowers blooming out of a log and everything...

    I was tickled pink because their toilet had those automatic thingies, where once you got up off the potty it would flush by itself. And the Porch light would turn itself on once you stepped onto the little square in front..this was in 2003. Till now, I hv not seen those things in houses here...the very rich might be having those, I don't know.

    Their house is supposed to be in the remoter areas, up in the hills, one hours drive away from Zurich..and yet everything is so modern... I guess our country will never catch up..not with the way things are going on now..BIL said he has never missed a days work due to snow blocking their roads..as soon as it snows toomuch, the snow patrols come out and clear the area. Here, more than a year after the earthquake our parliament building is stil in a shambles, bricks piled up...random empty spots in the city where houses

    But I think I would rather live in America,, the people then didn't know english, and we needed someone to take us here and there. America was beautiful, friendly..restaurants everywhere and since it was June, almost as many flowers blooming everywhere...

    Sun - I hope you get to paint...and take it to the exhibition. So exciting just deciding what to create!

    Julie - nice to hv you back..it sounds like old times, you busy with the kids....hv you recovered somewhat from that draining period when Granpa needed attention and you were going back and forth.

    Oh, you hv posted an update while I was posting! My goodness, when will Sis stop?!!! I hope the sheriff sees the truth and gives her a warning against wasting their time. Is she even Dens own sibling ? Or his evil twin...omgoodness.

    Barry - what a beautiful scene...!!! Like poetry. I shall hv to look up BarryCohen.

    Those who asked, about me writing down my story..

    No. I don't like my own story...except bits and pieces in between..too much was not as they should hv been..I loved my early childhood, and my schooldays, some of it..that's it. I Know I was always aware of longing for a normal home like my friends did.

    If I wrote it would be pieces of stories, those i cherished. And they might not appeal to others for whom it might be the normal.

    Does anyone here know how to ripen mangoes. ? We had a plentiful stock this year, tree loaded with huge fruit but they're cracking open on the tree itself...and dropping unripe. The DH said to wrap in newspapers but they're still just going black and rotting. Last year we enjoyed two or three and they were superb. I dunno what happened.

    God bless
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    Hi Kids

    Good (very early) morning, Kids. Nice to hear from you Springwater. The only
    thing I know about how to ripen fruit is to put it in a paper bag and wait a
    few days. But I haven't found that works very well with modern fruit.
    Whenever I tried it, whatever fruit it was stayed hard as a banker's heart
    for days and then suddenly turned black and rotten.

    The Banker's Heart BTW is a sculpture is the financial district of San
    Francisco. A big chunk of Swedish granite estimated to weigh 200 tons.
    According to the info I found on the net, it has been there since 1971. Funny,
    I remember it was there in 1967 when I was there. But everything I
    remember is pretty much suspect these days. Sorry to hear you lost your
    post. I think your computer now owes you a favor. (Mine owes me
    thousands of favors. Probably true of everydobby.)

    Julie, never heard of a stock rack. Don't think they existed in the days
    when I spent time visiting my relatives on their farms. I suspect the
    Sheriff now knows he can't put much stock in reports from you know who.
    Your grandkids are going to have happy memories to tell their kids
    and grandkids.

    Barry, Cracker Barrel is a restaurant chain. Also a manufacturer of cheddar
    cheese. We have some in the fridge at this very moment. Drop in. I'll
    make you a grilled cheese. (I put dill pickle slices in mine.)

    In days gone by, packaging was in bulk. In the opening number of the
    Music Man, the lyrics refer to the cracker barrel in the general store.
    The crackers didn't come in a box. And bread was not sliced and

    When my Dad was a teen he worked in a general store in a tiny village
    in NE Iowa. You wanted cheese, you told the clerk how much you
    wanted. Fifteen cents worth maybe. He'd slice a chunk from a large wheel.

    You wanted vinegar, you brought your own bottle. The clerk went
    down in the basement and filled your bottle from a barrel. Cost:
    ten cents. Some of that was still going on when I was a kid. Cookies
    came in a big box. You picked out how many you wanted and put
    'em in a bag. Still going on today in the bakery section of some
    super markets.

    Mikie, I don't know if we have a DVR in our cable box. I don't even know
    what or where the cable box is. We have an old fashioned porch on
    this old house; built 1929 It runs around the corner and goes
    partway back on the East side. Room for lots of rocking chairs, etc.
    Alas, no glider. I would love to have you drop in for a chat. And everydobby
    else too. You could have some of Gordon's lemon bars. Later I
    would serve you Mid west tuna hot dish. It was comfort food before
    the term existed.

    Never tried zucchini fries. But I used to slice zucchini and make my own
    sauteed slices with parmesan cheese. Gordon has some sort of melons
    growing in the garden. We have several babies the same shape as
    zucchini. He grows and eats a lotta stuff that is foreign to my sophisticated
    Mid West palate.

    Hugs to Star,Sun, Diane, GB, Granni, and all the ships at sea.

    PS, the official name of the big hunka granite is "Transcendence".

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  10. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Just sitting here drying up like a prune. Whine, whine, whine! Have had no water since 11:30 p.m. except for a mouthful to take my meds this morning at 6:30. I'll really be shriveled up by 2:00 this afternoon. Oh well, that's good when having anesthesia. I have to call the doc's office at 9:00 to be sure they got the OK from my ins. co. I hope so. I kept waking up early and getting up to pee; I usually only do this once. Poor Sir Vester got all confusicated so I gave him a few pieces of treats. We went back to bed and slept til 6:30 which was great. He's snoozing next to me on the sofa, part of him hanging precariously off the edge as though someone had draped him there.

    Barry, it sounds heavenly where you live. How has the weather been? I hope it's not too hot. Heat has really been a problem this year for so many. For me, it's just normal. It's hotter in a lot of areas than it is here. Thing is that ours lasts til after Halloween. AACCKK!! Cracker Barrel restaurants have big old porches on the front with rocking chairs that you can buy. There is a wonderful gift shop for browsing before or after you eat. It has candy and knick knacks, mostly gift items and seasonal things. The theme is Country and very hearth and homey. NCIS is a Navy crime show with great characters and lots of forensic science. It's in the DC area. There are two spinoffs--NCIS Los Angeles and NCIS New Orleans. Both are very popular but I still like the original best. Flop or Flop and Fixer Upper are home improvement shows on the HGTV Channel. My TV is on all the time and I like to watch cooking and home improvement shows. Just wish I could afford to do some home improvement.

    Yes, it does help to have a sense of humor during this Crazy Season of politicin'. It would be hilarious were it not for what's at stake and the state of our world right now. I just shake my head and pray. You couldn't make this stuff up. Poor kitty, being traumatized by the vacuum. The cats never liked the upright and hid from it but they eventually got used to the Roomba. Sir Vester holds his ground and dares it to come as close to him as it can. Soooo brave! Thank you so much for your sweet good wishes. I really appreciate it. I'm sure I'll be able to post but am assuming all will go well. I've read various comments from people who have had it done and they are all over the place. For some, it was very painful and for others, not so much. I usually do well so am not anticipating any problems. Again, thank you.

    Julie, I wondered when she would emerge from her lair to cause problems. She will be in trouble if she continues to make false police reports. She reminds me so much of Barb but she is far worse. In the end, they are lonely with no close friends or family. It's so much better to live like most of us do here in the hood, caring for and loving our friends. I can only imagine what a circus it will be at 'Grandma's House' but a wonderful circus. Be sure to take lots of pics. Those kids have grown up before our very eyes.

    Spring, thanks for your good wishes and kind thoughts. As I mentioned to Barry, I'm enthused to get this done. There may be some pain but it will be gone. As it is, I've been in pain for more than a month and the kidney is at risk. That house in Switzerland sounds amazing. Those whiz bang toilets are in some homes here but are not common. I think the latest ones are made in Japan. Switzerland was beautiful when I was there. Europe has some large cities but so much of it was small towns and rural areas. People seemed to take pride and planted flowers everywhere even if all they had were small planters. We still have rural areas and small towns here in the U.S. but so many of our areas are growing so fast, causing crowding and traffic problems. The quality of life here definitely seems to me to have gone down the toilet. America is big, bold, brash, bright and you can buy anything if you have the money but, it seems to me that we have lost our way. Too many are angry and worship money and celebrity. I think that is why we like to reminisce about the old days. The old days weren't all that rosy in many ways but I think that, generally, people were more decent. I surround myself with kind and decent people and avoid the others. That is why I love all y'all here.

    Craftsman houses were built in the 20's and 30's. The one in Rock's pic is what one usually thinks of when one thinks of Craftsman. They are called 'bungalows' but some are quite large. They often feature wood built-ins with beautiful but simple cabinets. They have interesting fireplaces, many with fine tile work. There is something about them that is like comfort food--satisfying. I'm glad you have the wonderful times in your life to remember. If you ever do want to write, perhaps you could write a piece of fiction, using those times as a base for the story. I'm sorry things are still such a mess after the EQ. I hope and pray they improve soon. I don't know how to ripen mangos. Wish I did; we have an abundance of them here. I looooove them.

    Rock, thanks for the invite. I do wish we could all gather on your porch to chat and eat Gordon's lemon bars. That sounds delish. In the meantime, I'm glad we have our Porch here where we gather. Ask Gordon whether you have the ability to record, or save, shows on TV. The cable box is the little box connected to the TV at which you aim the remote. It usually has a clock on it. Even though I have On Demand, I like to have it record my favorite shows to watch later. The DVR also allows me to pause shows in real time or go back to watch sections again. If I'm late turning on a show, I can have it go back to the beginning. I know--sounds crazy! It's heaven for a TV addict like me.

    Has your little B&W kitty been by lately? That mean neighbor who almost gave Jeff a heart attack has moved but, while she lived here, she turned another neighbor against the cats. Otherwise, I think Tweety and Sylvester would still be living happily outside. Oh well, woulda, shoulda, Prada, as my DD likes to say. Speaking of Prada, I just read that women aren't buying expensive hand bags at the rate they used to. I'm sure the really expensive ones are still on the arms of wealthy fashionistas but brands like Kate Spade, Coach and Michael Kors are not selling well. Seems as though Millennials are shunning material things in favor of experiences. When I was a young Hippie, I didn't shun material things; I just couldn't afford them. Old Hippies have joined the Capitalistic world and now are retiring from their own companies or from jobs in Business America. Wonder what the Millennials will end up doing. But, I digress... Keep the tea iced, and the cookies plate filled, just in case.

    Gonna go read the paper. Gotta keep myself occupied so I don't miss being able to drink a nice cuppa Joe. My tongue feels as though its wearing an angora sweater. Hope all y'all have a great start to the week.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Rock, et. al.
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  12. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Mikie --

    To add to Rock's post:




    We're all cheering you on, Mikie!!!!!! Get well, and come back as soon as you are able, to let us know that you're OK!

    THINKING of and PRAYING for you!

    Luv ya, DIANE

    PS: A big HELLO to all who have posted. I'll write more later. Love and hugs to everybody!
  13. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hello PORCH Pals,

    I've been gone so long, it's hard for me to navigate the website!! Shesh Lu-ish!!

    Yes, there are a ton of names I remember from when I used to post at the PORCH on a regular basis.

    STAR ==== Happy Birthday to you, dear!!

    I'm a Leo as well. My birthday is tomorrow. I'm going to be 50.

    My sister is coming over today & my Mom wants to celebrate my birthday today. Works for me.

    I've had this procedure where my pain mgmt dr does the "destruction of the nerve endings" in my back before. They have done 7 other areas on my back. The procedure usually helps eliminate the pain in the area treated for about 1 year, so it works. It's just crummy that the insurance company only allows the doctor to do a very small area at a time. The most they can do at one time is 3 injection sites, which covers only about a 2 inch area. They do a "test" area 1st then the doctor gets the approval to do the 2nd portion of the procedure.

    This procedure is called ........ "Radio Frequency Lesioning". I just call it ...... destruction of nerve endings because it is easier for people to understand what the doctor is doing.

    MIKIE ===== I thought the Spinal Cord Stimulator was definitely going to work. It works for my brother so I expected the same results, but nope, it did not help me at all. It did not reach the pain in my upper back. That is what the problem was. Now I'm hoping a doctor will do surgery on my herniated discs if I can find one. My back up plan is to continue destroying the nerve endings in more areas of my back.

    I've scrolled through PORCH posts & I don't see ------ CARLA anymore. I wonder how she is doing. I think I have her email so I should reach out to her.

    OK, friends, I have a few packages on eBay that I have to ship out today so I better get to work. (I still sell on eBay. Business is pretty slow, but I still keep up with it. I'm just trying to get rid of my inventory. I don't replenish my supply when I sell out of an item.)

    Also, my Sister will be over at 4 and I need to make sure I'm back from the Post Office by then.

    So, so, so wonderful to see all of you. Yes, I hope to be back at the PORCH on a regular basis so I will be able to catch up with all of you, I hope!!

    Hugs to all of you.

    Last edited: Aug 8, 2016
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Another quick HI to all my dear PORCHIES !!! I expected DH to want the computer by now so I went in to ask him if he wanted to get on. Well, he was taking his power nap. So here I am. I figure soon he will come in ask to be on it :)!!!

    ELAINE - You are such a kid ( going to be 50) :)!! LOL Hope you have a wonderful birthday sweetie !!

    Our Carla B is also on FB if you want to also chat with her some. She has had lots of ups and downs I know and I am sure she would love to hear from you. Hope you keep on coming back. We sure have missed and wondered how you have been doing. Glad your FM and Chronic Fatigue are doing better but sorry for your other problems like your back. I have that too plus my neck and shoulders plus everything else.

    JULIE - I cant believe that sil of yours, unbelieveable. That woman is very sick to say the least, in her head. She is going to be so much problems as she wants everything of her dads that she can get her hands on, even if she readyy doesn't want or need it. Enjoy your fun with the g kids. It seems so long ago that the twins and their sister would come up for golf camp to stay part of the week. Now they are off to college, the twins are and the g daughter is in another state and working, close to her SO.

    SUN - So glad you are feeleing well enough to get creative with your painting. Good luck on the exhibit or whatever. Would love eto see it whenyou are done.

    MIKIE - Glad you had some good rest and feeling pretty good. What are they doing in the horsepital, as ROCK said? Was that a stent?? That sounds strange to me for kidney stones but then so many treatments are different nowadays.. Hope it is all done for you really soon. When are you going in to the horsepital :)!!!

    A big HI to SW, STAR, ROCK, DIANE, BARRY et al. Went to line dancing today for the first time in at least a month. I did pretty good considering. I have been fussing this afternoon trying to find fairly good seats at our local theater to see PHANTOM of the Opera. It was for us and another couple and trying to accommodate them and find fairly good seats. Haven't been there at all we were at the older theater for plays, etc. Finally found something and just ran with it. Didn't really want Saturday or Sunday matinee.

    Gotta run for now. Hope to practice my music for the Gospel Extravaganza tomorrow but hope to also pop in on the PORCH. Better get crackin since the performance is next Sunday. Thank God they have a 1 hr practice with all the choir singing before hand.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  15. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Just a fly-by visit...

    Thinkin' of ya Mikie
    And Yes, Praying for you too.

    Have been reading posts and will write later, but for now, I have cakes on the brain!
    I have to make a birthday cake for son turning 15 tomorrow, also Muffins for his class.
    Again, for Friday, muffins for youngest son's class
    And then again for soccer!

    All while the oven is on the blink, which means one tray at a time and rotating the stupid thing half way.

    A test batch I made a few wks back showed a beautifully cooked muffin on one side of the tray and a disgusting, raw in the middle muffin on the other side.
    I tell ya, I was dreaming about the rotten things last night...
    Life's Adventures come in strange ways...

    For now, I'm going to have a hot soak in the hopes of washing not only cake nightmares away, but also the aches and pains.
    Woke up feeling rubbish, partially due to recovering from our camping adventure, but also due to a sneaky pooch climbing into the bed and hogging it.

    Best be off.
    back soon as the drama subsides and to check in to see how Mikie fares.

    Catch yas later
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I hope Mikie is home resting comfortably. I'm sure Sir Vester will do his
    best to be the purrfect nurse.

    Star, folks used to say stuff was on the blink when I was a kid. Sometimes
    they'd say something was on the fritz.

    I remember my 15th birthday. We were driving home from summer camp
    and stopped at a village cafe. I ordered a banana split. Apparently my mother
    advised the waiter (well, waitress in those days) that it was my birthday.
    I got a flaming banana split.

    The flaming part was a sugar cube soaked in lemon extract. If you want
    to experiment you can read about it on line. There are also videos on Youtube.
    One can also use Everclear. Alcohol that is 150 or 190 proof. Don't know
    if you can buy that down under. Anyhoo, hope it's a happy day for
    the birthday boy and family.


  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Howdy, everyone! I finally have some time on the computer when my brain feels like it might be working fairly well...

    Mikie... still praying for you...that the procedure went well and those blasted fragments will soon be history. Hope you are home and recovering peacefully. How sweet of your DD wanting to come and take care of you...I do understand, though, the need for solitude, peace and quiet as you get better.

    Thinking about any of Barb's family (or her) being there gives me the creeps...I can't imagine living right next to the situation. I talked to the attorney's assistant today about sis' latest trick...the assistant said they will try to get this thing finished up as soon as they can.

    Rock... a flaming banana split! Yum! My dad and I enjoy banana split blizzards from Dairy Queen...ice cream and all the normal toppings that go on a banana split...blended together into a very thick milk shake. It was my mom's favorite and I think that's why Dad and I get them.

    Star...oh dear one! You are a hero in my book...dealing with camping out in the middle of winter, trying to convince in-laws that you are "normal and capable" in spite of pain and all the other things you are dealing with, baking in an oven that "has a mind of its own", and everything else you put up with.

    Spring...always something going on in your neck of the woods, too. When I want to ripen fruit, I put it in a brown paper bag (roll the top down to sort of seal it) and poke a few holes in the sides of the bag for circulation. Some of the same kinds of fruit ripens well, but others (in the same bag at the same time) either don't ripen at all or get spoiled in parts before it all ripens.

    Your story might compare to mine, as far as wanting to remember some parts and forget others. Might not hurt to write down the good tidbits, even just for ourselves...could be a comfort to loved ones some day?

    It still seems a bit strange to not have Gpa with us anymore. There are things I would like to ask him...just to find out the truth about some incidents. But it is quite possible we may never know.

    Sun...I'm so happy for you, to be painting. Wish I had some sort of talent/gift like that...some day I might need to just think of something and try to get good at it, lol! I hope your new flooring is just as you have hoped. I'm so sorry that you lost your kitty...these pets just take a piece of our hearts with them, true? Yes, maybe Claire will decide to bond more with you now.

    Barry...I'm loving how you describe all the beautiful colors in your paradise right now. Yes, American politics...so sad and so crazy.

    Diane...I hope you and Kevin are starting to feel better by now. The ragweed is ripe right now and the plants are beginning to shed their powdery nastiness...so many of us are getting the stuffy nose (and runny, at the same time) watery/itchy eyes and headaches.

    Granni...you've been on a trip and now getting ready for a performance? I still think it's great that you and your DD can do so many things together.

    Dear Elaine!!! So good to hear from you! I've often wondered how you are doing. I'm sorry the procedure on your back didn't help the pain. Happy birthday to you...did you see that I had it put on the Jumbo Tron? I hope you're able to be here on the porch more often.

    Carla, has been through some rough times the past few years...I keep up with her on facebook. Besides having her house burn down and losing her beloved dog, Missy...her backyard is "sliding down over a cliff" and she can't get anyone to help her with it. (She had a new house put on the same property as her old one, but the back yard is just disappearing before her very eyes.) And she was just recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She spent some time volunteering for an animal rescue group, but her health problems forced her to let that go...at least the actual physical part of being a foster parent for the animals. Oh, and she had a major water leak inside a wall...flooded parts of her new house. But, she is such a strong and determined person...she seems to come out okay in the end.

    Well, the girls and I had a good day. I was so tired that I did lie down (on a mattress on the living room floor) while they watched videos and played on the computer. We had to run to an Amish store to get some supplements for Lorraine, then came home and I had both girls take a shower...we had planned to go to town with Gpa Den to the home supply store. I took the girls in my van and Den drove the pickup...we ended up getting enough stuff that it took both vehicles to get it home.

    We talked Den into eating supper with us at Pizza Ranch...buffet with the best pizza, broasted chicken, regular "comfort" foods and a nice salad bar. Lorraine is allergic to tomatoes, so they will make a special pizza without sauce, just for her. And if anyone has any other special requests, they will accommodate those, also.

    Didn't do much other exciting stuff except go for a Gator ride up to the mailbox and back, and to the clothesline to hang up Gpa Den's jeans. The girls love to do arts and crafts, so painted quite a few pictures this afternoon. While we were in town we picked up some more paint (they had ran out of blue...and no way to "make" a primary color out of other colors...right, Sun?) We also went to the dollar store and picked up several more coloring books, markers, pencil boxes, calculators...anything that looked like they needed it in their upstairs "office." They always have fun using up the envelopes, return address stickers, etc. that Gpa had saved for them.

    Tomorrow, we plan to be outside playing soccer and riding in the Gator again. Then I take them to our local chiro in the evening...both moms said they would appreciate it...our local guy doesn't charge for children until they turn 13. Amy and Miley will be here tomorrow evening.

    Wednesday, we are planning a tea party for our Amish neighbor and her three girls. Grace, Rose and Amy are five years old/three years old/and almost two years old. Then Amy, I and our girls will go to town for lunch and to see my dad (it got too late this evening.) Might see if he wants to go watch us play miniature golf and get some ice cream.

    I think Keira is going to ride down with me to take Lorraine home on Thursday...we will bring the twins back with us on Saturday. Then have them here till next Wednesday...I think that will be long enough for them.

    So, I will be super exhausted...but it will be fun, lol!

    I hope I didn't miss visiting with anyone...if so, I am sure sorry. I'd better get on to bed myself. Need to pace myself, for sure.

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SWEET CARING GOOD WISHES, PRAYERS AND PICS. I REALLY APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERY ONE! They must have worked because I breezed through the whole thing. I haven't even needed to take the opeoids prescribed, just some acetaminophen. The pain is about like menstral cramps on the first day of the cycle. So, I have had the heating pad on my tummy. It helps a lot. I slept well but had to get up to pee at 3:30 and decided to stay up. I needed to get something on my stomach. Last evening, all I had was some tea and crackers. My weight loss is within two pounds of the original 30 I lost. They started an IV of ABX at the hospital because infection had started to set in. I'm taking them at home. I think we got to this at the right time.

    Things have certainly changed in the surgical units at the hospital. Some older people down here complain that it's too much like a production line but I really like the efficiency. A tech brought the portable x-ray machine right to my bed. Same with the EKG. Within only minutes, I had my x-rays, my EKG and my blood taken. I got Versed in my IV line so I was completely relaxed and went right to sleep. Nurse Nancy was fascinated by how much things have changed. She and my nurse were from MI and had a lot to talk about. All the nurses and techs were soooo nice.

    Sir Vester was very glad to see me come home. I gave him a little canned food and he scarfed it all down. Of course, he had to check out the new equipment in the toilet, a plastic collector. The toilet fascinates him. My friend, Nurse Nancy was great. She stayed at the hospital the whole time. We arrived at noon and were home by 5:30. Another friend walked her little dog so she didn't have to drive home to do it. Again, almost all our neighbors/friends in the hood are great.

    Rock, my Mom used to call it the horsepistol. I smiled when I read that. Your pics certainly did bring me luck. I am hoping the luck sticks around. Yes, Sir Vester was the purrfect nurse. He checked me over from head to toe. Would we call that a cat scan? The question gives me paws. How wonderful that you got the flaming banana split for your birthday. It must have made a good impression on you that you remember it. Little acts of love and kindness can have such an impact. Some restaurants today put little sparklers on their cakes and cupcakes on diners' birthdays. I worked at a nonprofit as a fund developer to help working poor and indigents get dental services. I remember one guy calling me a 'flaming liberal.' No good deed shall go unpunished. Thanks again for everything.

    Diane, thank you so much for the emogies. The moving one made me laugh. I really appreciate them, the sweet good wishes and your prayers. So wonderful to come here and see all y'all pulling for me. I hope you, Kevin, Faithy, Rosie and Beety are doing well. Come back when you can stay.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELAINE! I am so sorry that the spine stimulator didn't help with your upper back pain. I am glad that the doc can help with the nerves but that's such a small area at a time to treat. Insurance should cover more. Hope you and your DS had a good time celebrating the big 50 (such a kid!). I'm glad you will be visiting often now. It's always so good to see someone back after being gone. Wishing you good luck with your back and looking forward to visiting with you here on the Porch.

    Granni, the procedure is all done and I came home yesterday afternoon. I was put under a general anesthesia and the doc used ultrasound waves to break up the stones on the right side. Then he put a stent in from the kidney to the bladder to make it easier to pass the stone fragments. I go in in two weeks to have the stent removed under general. I loved the Phantom of The Opera. So many of the old Broadway shows, including Cats, are touring again. I'd like to see The Lion King. Hope you enjoy it.

    Star, glad I caught you as you flew buy. Thanks for you sweet, kind good wishes and prayers. I do appreciate them. As mentioned above, they sure did work! I am in awe of the things you do for your family; I know it isn't easy. This despite not feeling well and an oven which refuses to cooperate. Do you soak in Epsom Sales in your bath? They really help with my pain. I've been wanting some kind of cookies, cake or bread lately but want to make them from scratch so I can substitute ingredients to make them healthier. I've got the ingredients; just need to do it. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

    Julie, thank you for your good wishes and prayers. That is so kind of you. I appreciate them. As I've told everydobby, all those prayers and good wishes did the trick. I'm doing fine. DD understood when I called her after I got home. Nurse Nancy called her to keep her updated on my progress at the hospital. I don't know how much longer Barb will be able to come down here and it's only for short periods of time. I just grit my teeth and carry on. I'll be so glad when your pain in the tush is over and done with. Who needs that! I know you miss GPA. He was a huge part of your life for a long time. I picture him in Heaven smiling down on you for all you did for him. You were a better daughter to him than his flesh-and-blood daughter. Sounds as though y'all are having a good time. I'm so glad. Don't forget the pics.

    Well, Kiddies, I had better get going and read the paper. Today is my "Take It Easy Day" per the post-surgical instructions. I'm a good patients so will follow them; it doesn't take much to get me to agree to lie around. Thanks again for everything; you guys are the best!!!

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2016
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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Yay! Mikie is home and doing well!!! How nice of Nurse Nancy to keep your DD informed of your progress. What a great idea to have your group of friends who are committed to helping each other out.

    Yes, it's always so neat to see what a "small world" it really is...the two nurses chatting easily must have helped calm any nervousness? Gpa always found someone to talk to, about something they would have in common...either where they lived or had lived previously, employment (he traveled a lot with John Deere) or just about anything. One young aid at the hospital chose him (as a grandpa figure, he thought) as the first person, other than family, that she told she was expecting :)

    Haha, I can just see Sir Vester giving you the "once over." And wondering "what is that thing in the toilet, anyway"?

    Well, the girls went to sleep much quicker last night than they did on Sunday night. I'm so glad...I hate to have to get crossways with them, but we all need our sleep.

    I'm keeping a close eye on Lorraine...she is doing her "trademark breathing" that she does right before she gets sick with respiratory stuff. She purses her lips and blows hard through them. Kind of like when someone is trying to blow their hair out of their eyes...in fact, I thought at first that's what she was doing because her bangs are long and hang in her face. But it quickly became apparent that she is just trying to force air in and out of her lungs.

    When this progresses, she goes into a sort of asthma attack and Lindsey does lots of homeopathic treatment to get her straightened out. I know some of what to do, but if she get worse, I will have to get her on home. Lindsey said Josiah is doing the same thing down there.

    Well, here's my Keira, so I'll get off the computer. My and Den's phones are dying so we had to order new ones. I can't get my current one to take pictures or even hold a charge for very long, so I'll have to take pictures with the "old fashioned" camera, lol! Need to remember to do that. Thank goodness I have a car charger for when I'm on the road.

    Take care, everyone! Mikie, I know you will take it easy...continued prayers!

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Glad to read your surgery went well, Mikie. I had thought it was the
    sound blast or the stent. Now I see it was actually both. That's
    great that you had nurse Nancy with you. How does that old saying go?
    A friend when you bleed is a friend indeed? Something like that.

    Funny that you asked about the B&W cat yesterday. Hadn't seen her for
    a week, but she showed up shortly after you posted. Ornery as ever.

    Julie, we don't have a Dairy Queen near us, but there's a Foster Freeze
    a couple miles away. Haven't been there for years. Their product
    has texture (smooth) and temperature (cold), but it has no flavor at all.
    I was really surprised when I got a small sundae and it have nuts on top.
    They didn't even ask about a possible allergy.

    The grandkids will have happy memories of their visits with you and Den.

    Hugs, Kids

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