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  1. springwater

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    hey all, come on in, join the gang!

    I haven't read our newspapers for longest time, so didn't know the date, I typed in date to find out, on Google and a whole lotta pictures of edible dates came up.

    God bless
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  2. lydia1

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    Good morning, everyone! Thank you, Spring, for starting up a new volume :) That pic reminds me of our dogs Jersey and Sheba...always surrounded by cats...they used to climb up on Sheba and snooze. Not so with Oreo...only Peace Sign is brave enough to be around this dog...I really wonder how it would be if the other cats didn't run...

    That's funny about the "dates"...some days I forget what the date is too...but we have several calendars hanging around. And my computer shows the date on the screen

    Raining here...Den texted when he got to work and said the gravel was very slick, but the highway was fine. Amy had to drive to a different town to work (satellite office of the dermatologist) but all they are having is rain. This stuff should be out of our area by tomorrow, so I hope I can get my errands ran.

    Rock, good to see you on here...sorry you're not up to staying long, but that's okay...we just like to know that you are basically ok. Sorry Gordon had to spend so much time and energy fixing the plant protector...I can't work with my arms raised either.

    Mikie, you've just had so much for so long...I'm so sorry about the anxiety. I wonder if Barb being there is contributing? Even though she's playing nice right now...there is such stress and tension...not knowing how she's gonna be?

    Yep, Den is still working on the Jeep. He has purposely been letting it go while he's been sick...he knows he wasn't up to par. With the whole dash taken apart, it is a mess. He found one little part that is the one causing the problems (doesn't open a little door/valve to run the heater) but he won't order a new one until he's sure he can't get this one fixed (or that it is really the problem.) A new part is $30...I told him to go ahead and get it...but if that's not what's really wrong, he will still be in a mess.

    He's probably saving hundreds of dollars, and he has the truck or my car to drive instead, so is okay for now.

    My glasses still aren't working how I think they should...makes me want to just keep them off and go back to bed. I'll hang in there, though. I think it has something to do with the new nose pieces...making my glasses sit differently on my face. When I take my dad to get his, I'll stop by the place where I got mine and let them try to figure it out.

    I'd better get some breakfast and get to work...still sorting and getting rid of things..."Hi" to everyone...Diane, I'm not sure I even commented on you last post. Seems like you mentioned that you and Kevin are both not feeling well? Hope you are doing better by now.
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  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Lin: Glad to read that the surgery is now over and you're in the recuperation stage. How is it going with you? Good, I hope.

    Spring: What a strange, mean call you got from that person. Can't call her a friend since she was itching for a fight. Best to just let it go. I have a close friend who I've know for almost 50 years. Most of the time she's a happy person, but then there are times when she's cranky as all get out. Feels like a sting from a bee.

    Mikie: Sorry about the lighting cans. What a pain!!!!! I just can't function well with ladders anymore, so I bought two 9 volt batteries hoping to get the handyman to check the smoke detectors. I just can't look up....neck troubles. You mentioned you're going to purchase the special magnesium with L threaonate.....I'm sure you got the email from ProHealth that they are now selling it.

    Rock: What a giant pain for Gordon and really you too with the rip in the garden shade. I'm sorry you're lacking any kind of energy. We all understand.

    Julie: I guess I should have called my glass lens progressives.....or blended lens. That's why a feel the frames have to be adjusted to bring the blended parts to the correct height for your pupils. Same problem I had. Good luck with them.

    My cleaning lady is due in another half an hr. So have to get this place tidied up. I don't want anyone to see how messy I can be. LOL
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  4. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Sun and everyone! I'm still plugging along, but stopped to make some salmon patties and green beans for lunch. Salmon is one of the few things Den doesn't care for, but I keep forgetting to make it when he's not around. He said his mom used to make it all the time and he got burned out. The only other thing I know for sure he doesn't like is ham and beans...I've lucked out in that department, lol!

    Sun, I guess the tech was adjusting the frames by moving the nose pieces? I feel something's not quite right, though, because the top inside corners of the lenses keep getting oily smudges on them from touching the area between my eyes...but when I look in the mirror I can't really tell they are touching. Before I got the new nose pieces (apparently standard procedure to change them with the new lenses) my glasses slid farther down my nose. These new nose pieces are silicone instead of the harder plastic, so they don't slide...what a mystery, lol!

    I called to check on my dad and the nurse said he is doing okay, except he is having trouble walking the extra distance to the dining room, so she expressed some concern to the proper people. And he does try to go into his old room on the way from meals, but they just redirect him. They haven't moved the married couple yet, so I don't know what's going on....I sure hope they don't move other people in there and make it a waste to have moved Dad. I'm giving them time to figure things out before I say anything. I have a care plan meeting Thursday morning, so can address any concerns then.

    Anyway...I'm glad they seem to be taking good care of him.

    Back to work...thinking of everyone!
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there everyone. Not much new here. Went to Line Dancing this morning and then came home and started to do some wash. We were hoping to go out of town on Wed. but now I am not sure if we will or not due to the awful storms and some tornado sightings we have had in the area lately. Wed. doesn't sound to good early in the morning. That is when we will be leaving. Right now weather.com says 80% chance of rain. I don't know but right now it doesn't sound to good. We shall see what happens. It would be nice to get away for a little change.

    JULIE - Hope things straighten out for your Dan and his new room. It may take awhile to get used to but if he has trouble walking maybe a closer room might be available. It is a good thing that your meeting with the staff or proper people will be coming up to address any questions about him. Do you make the patties with canned salmon???

    How do you make salmon patties? We have salmon fairly often and it might be a good change.

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling OK or some better today. Wonder, when I click on to get into the PH screen, the screen is real tiny and in the middle of the computer screen. I cannot change the font either, even when I click on the small A up above where the posts are. I can only make it bigger when I touch and try to widen the screen with my fingers. However, I cannot widen it to the width of the screen. Before widening it , everything is so small. It was never that way before. Maybe it is doing that since I have also been using my fingers instead of the mouse and it thinks that is what I want it to do . Any suggestions?? Hope you are getting some things done without exhausting yourself. That is something different. I haven't checked Magnesium with L Threonate yet?? There are so many different kinds of Mag. Right now I am trying to not take it for a bit to see if I feel any different or how my "rash" acts. It is especially weird since you can hardly see it unless you really look HARD..

    SUN - I am like you . I cannot deal much with ladder s o r looking up much either. Hope you are doing OK. Did you figure out what kind of painting you were going to do for that show coming up?

    ROCK - Glad you popped in for a bit the other day. Hope you feel better soon.

    SW - Sorry that so called friend had mean things to say to you. I didn't read your post but someone else mentioned it. If it continues and doesn't get any better I wouldn't be hanging around with her much, if possible. Thanks for opening up the new porch. Thx also for the cute pic of those kitties and sweet doggie.

    DIANE - Hope you and Kevin are feeling a little bit better at least. Sounds like your weather is not to good either, not helpful. Come back when you can.

    Seems like I have been missing so many posts lately so don't feel badly if I don't respond to everyone personally.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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  6. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Granni...I just looked on the internet for a recipe...had been a long time since I had made salmon patties, probably for Gpa.

    I had some of the skinless/boneless (I know the bones are good for you, but sort of make me gag, lol!) Just added an egg, some onion, salt and pepper, and crushed up crackers (the recipe said to use seasoned bread crumbs, but I was improvising.) The foil packet of salmon made three patties...I just cooked them in some olive oil in a skillet...not all that long on each side...just till brown. Ate them with some tartar sauce and green beans.

    I'm sure there are more "exotic" recipes out there, but I just wanted something very basic...

    Glad you made it to line dancing. Hope you can go on your trip...yes, it's nice to have a little getaway. If Den says the gravel is still slick after work, I may reschedule my chiro appt. And plan to take Dad to get his glasses on Thursday after his care plan meeting at 10:35. Maybe he will feel like going out for lunch.

    Back to the grind...stopped long enough to check on the stove.

    JBsVINEYARD Member

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    2. [​IMG]
      Hello To All...looks like I made a mess of this email..my brain has been on "pause" this past month when it comes to writing/typing.

    3. Hello Linda...your surgery caught my eye and I would like to ask you a couple of questions, if you don't mind...first let me tell you that my 39 year old daughter is being tested for bone cancer..however, she just got back her blood tests last week and the doctor said they looked fantastic but, she isn't out of the woods just yet. Unless we hear otherwise, our family is looking into a benign bone tumor instead of a cancerous tumor.

      What kind of surgery did you have and where on your leg did they operate?
      Was your operation due to a tumor?
      Did it include a bone graft?
      What is your expected recovery time?

      I'm very happy that your surgery went so well...hoping and praying my daughter's surgery goes well also.

      At times, I feel that I've been unable to think clearly under the these circumstance..worry worry worry..this isn't suppose to happen to our children..anyway, I will take the good news and rum with it. She has an appointment with an oncologist on the 27th, so, I"m hoping he will give us more good news.

      Not sure how to get my email address to you, but if you know how this is done, and you'd rather comunicate via email, please let me know.

      I've been a member of this board since 2005..I read the posts when time allows...I emjoy reading about everyones family.

    4. Linda, thank you very much for your reply.

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  8. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    I can't believe how many posts there've been!
    I've been just drifting through the days and nights lately.
    I'm convinced the really strong doses of antibiotics are running amok with my system, but I've only got today and tomorrow to go, so will stay the course...

    Linda,I pray your recovery is swift and pain free.

    Spring, must've missed the post mentioning the nasty call from a so called friend...sorry to hear that.
    My friend who used to spend time on the door at church, doing the 'meet and greet' was recently stood down.
    She said she was told 'take it in the Right spirit.' It was due to complaints. Though I can't imagine what people would have to complain about...I guess at the end of the day, sometimes people get offended or are offensive and can be clueless.
    Course, some people are outright narcistic...hope you're not too bummed. I Like the dog and cats pic.

    Mikie, like the AIS thing.
    I admit, for some events I am strategically late, to avoid too much of the small talk that just seems to drain me before things even get started. Yeah. I know. Not a very good example, but in my working days, I was Always early and left late.
    Barb would quietly be doing my head in I reckon, being a kinda volatile character. Hope you have Peace soon.

    Julie, my DH isn't keen on salmon patties eigther. Hope the extra bit of sleep is helping with the aches.
    My friend recently had trouble with her new glasses and it was to do with the silicon nose bit too. For the amount she spent on the things, I really expected her to be better taken care of...seems to be the way of the world, in many areas.
    I also read you had tomato soup and grilled cheese- yum. That's one of my All time favourite combos to eat, but too simple for DH, unfortunately. We also have 3 vehicles. One work ute, one 4wd and the automatic that I drive. It seems like we have a lot , but the total value would still come out less than what most people I know spend on one car.Dh also does all the work on them, saving us a pretty penny. Hope your Dad adjusts well.

    Granni, line dancing! You sure keep busy. Must be nice having DD near by.

    Barry, gardening used to be All I did. Up until about 3 years ago, our veggie patches and flower beds were in pretty good shape.
    Now I feel pretty depressed when I get out there. Remembering the hanging baskets, the green house and the cold frames, where I'd start my seedlings off...memories...Simply don't have the energy and the after- pain, well, I can't justify it anymore.
    If our Treasures were grown and I was only responsible for myself,I'd probably do more in the garden, but I'd consequently be spending more time out of action too. Bummer really.
    On the up side, we have two plum trees, apricot, nectarine, locuts, lemon, grapefruit, lime, cumquat, mandarin, pear and apple trees. Our passion fruit and avocado lost to frost and peach to heat. Our fig just doesn't wanna take off.
    Clay , hard soil took years of mulching and compost and guinea pig poo...he he he.
    We still have parsley, silver beet and spring onions that continually self seed and provide.It is extremely gratifying to harvest from ones own, as you would know, I'm sure.

    Rock, over head work is a real pain, that's for sure. All our ceilings could do with a paint, but I just try not to look up too much. Kinda hard when I'm constantly in a reclined position though.
    Stumbled on a series shown on your History Chanel called Alone. I wonder if you e seen it?
    It's about 10 guys who get dropped off on their own at various spots , Vancouver way and have to survive.
    Winner gets $500 000. They have to do their own camera work and there are bears and Cougars...

    Sun, did you end up painting that other piece? And can you please remind me what type of magnesium you're taking. I'm having a lot of dramas trying to search through old posts.
    Yesterday I sat the deck chair up and watched DH and Dd make a bunk bed with desk/study underneath.
    I used to be the Do-er...
    Kinda sux.
    I made something similar years ago, oh well.
    Sux a lot more that my Treasures can't really remember all the things I've done with them and for them.
    I made a guinea pig palace once. They loved it, but can't remember it 'cause they were too little. Sad.

    Family is tossing up moving.
    Something to think about I guess.
    I'm just not to keen to move Treasures from their school...

    Dianne, Elaine and Rogit - hope you are all doing well.

    Was thinking about making some scones, but the arm strength required to knead is lacking. Awww.

    Best to all
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  9. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good evening, friends! I tried to go to bed when Den did, but the aches and pains weren't letting me relax enough to drift off to sleep. So, I did the only logical thing to do...got up and had a bowl of ice cream, lol!

    Judy, good to see you stop by.

    Star, I have been wondering about you...if you all were on another adventure. I can't even imagine moving off the farm...we've been here since December of 1978.

    Do you have any pictures of the things you've made? Maybe that would jog the kids' memories. When I first got sick, I was Girl Scout leader for both girls' troops...and involved in many parent activities...and we had the hardware store. I just gradually got farther and farther behind, more and more antisocial....then the caring for our parents (and Lindsey's treasures) started. I don't know if anyone remembers what all I did for them, but I guess I know...

    As you mention the vehicles...I'm sure our four would also not equal the value of what some people spend on one...1992 Chevy pickup, 2002 Dodge Neon, 2004 Jeep Liberty, 2005 Dodge minivan. None of them look too sharp, but they get us where we need to go...and good to have backups in case the kids need to borrow, etc.

    Here's some scones for ya...at least this is what I found when I googled it. Makes my mouth water...


    And, these are my project results...


    Guess I need to keep going, lol!

    Good night to all...hope things are basically okay.

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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Got up feeling a bit better but am still feeling hot and sweating. I figured out it's due to my stopping the AVs. They didn't seem to be effective so I stopped them. Sometimes, they work better when one pulses on and off. Sho 'nuff, my immune system went into overdrive to get rid of this nasty virus/cold. My latent Whatever Virus likely also has reactivated. When one stops the AVs, the virus goes crazy and it alerts the immune system to do its job. It's kind of like Herxing. If, after this, I feel a lot better, I'll stay off them but, if I don't, I'll start another pulse of them. I hope to finish those lights today. Good grief! I didn't want to make a career of this project.

    Spring, thanks so much for starting us up again with such a sweet pic. Gotta love it when kitties and doggies get along. Sir Vester was best friends with Nancy's little dog, Chewy, when he lived outside. Tweety also loved him. I'm sorry about your friend's being so nasty. When people are control freaks, it infuriates them when something comes along that they cannot control. Like your friend, Barb always had a mean streak but, after losing her DH, she became even nastier. Then, all her sickness further weakened her body and she became even more nasty and infuriated. I don't let it bother me even when she's at her worst. I just bide my time til she's gone. So far, she's been OK (knocking on wood). I make salmon patties like Julie. I usually use two eggs to make them richer. I add onion, salt, pepper and crackers. My Mom always made them and I love them.

    Rock, sorry Gordon had to mend that huge tear. I have trouble hanging onto things. I think it's due to the arthritis in my hands and wrists. When he dropped the needle, it must have been like looking for a needle in an orchid stack. I hope you feel better and get more NRG. We miss you here.

    Julie, I don't let Barb get to me. I've learned how to do that out of survival. My anxiety was the first symptom of this Herx-like response to stopping the AVs. Paradoxical how we can Herx when we take meds and when we stop them. Bacteria and viruses are so smart that we have to constantly keep them off their toes by changing things up. I am actually glad to see that something is working even if it gives me a day in bed. I hope Den isn't too discouraged with the Jeep project. Looks like I'm not the only one who is frustrated by DIY projects. Saving $$$ is a big motivator as is the satisfaction of doing it ourselves. I think the Blue Book on the Highlander, which is now 14 years old, is only about $6,000. It wouldn't be that much were it not in such good condition with only 39,000 miles on it. Tell Den I said good luck. Also, good luck with the glasses. Mine get smeary on the lenses from skin oil too. Love the list of things to rid oneself of.

    Sun, yes, if my progressive lenses aren't sitting just right on my nose, I have problems too. I have to bend my head back while I'm up on the ladder so I can see through the right magnification to do the lights. It's a pain in the neck--literally! I'll be sooooo glad when it's finished, hopefully, today. It's good for my legs to go up and down the ladder but it leaves me achy. It's hard to find my body isn't as strong as it used to be. I feel vulnerable. I can't remember seeing that e-mail from PH about the magnesium but I went to the store and saw it. I still have to read it. I need to get myself organized so I can order. You can send your cleaning lady over when she's done there. This condo could use her touch. If she were to see it, though, she'd run screaming into the street. Yikes!

    Granni, wish I could help with your screen problems. Different computers have different ways to adjust and that can even differ from one release of the operating system to the next. On the tablet, I can adjust the screen vertically, horizontally and diagonally by touching it. On my laptop, there is a menu at the top where I can enlarge the image on the screen. Hope you can figure it out. Would DH know how to do it? I need to find out whether one can take too much magnesium. I'm supposed to take the magnesium citrate three times a day for the stones but I usually only take it two times. I'm too brain fogged to be responsible right now. If I were to add another dose of magnesium, I might burst into flame if I were to get around fire and oxygen. Yikes! Hope you can get off to a safe, and dry, start to your trip.

    Judy, I sent you a personal message but I see you figured out the Porch system. I am so sorry about your DD. I hope all will be OK. I've sent up a little prayer for her and for you. I don't have specifics but Linda's surgery was to clean up the joint. It turned out to be more than originally thought and she had to have a larger incision. I hope she will be back to post when she's up to it. You can private message anyone by clicking on his or her avatar and clicking on Start A Conversation in the black box. Good luck with DD's surgery.

    Star, I'm always early if possible. I'd rather wait when I get there than stress out if something happens on the way. Our traffic has gotten horrible here and is now even worse since the Snowbirds have arrived. Many are elderly and their driving leaves much to be desired. Even a large percentage of our year rounders are elderly, including me! For some reason, some of the Snowbirds will leave two or three car lengths between them and the car in front of them at traffic lights. Drives us nuts, no pun intended. Yes, the ABX can wreak havoc in the system. I always take plenty of probiotics with them. Julie's idea of taking pix to save memories is a good one. My Mom used to take pix of the table setting and the food. I took a pic of DD's table at Thanksgiving and thought, yes, I've turned into my Mom. The difference in our phrases still gives me chuckles. I thought 'tossing up' meant vomiting and couldn't figure out why moving was making them nauseated. Well, I finally figured it out. Duh!!! Hope you're feeling better.

    It's been in the low 80's and humid. I've given up on my hair. DD loves TX cause she says she had a good hair day every day. Yesterday was very gray and depressing. Thankfully, I had my hands full just trying to get over the Herxie thingie. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I'm typing with fingerless gloves cause it's cold here. Like most things in
    life, this coin has two sides: more errors but warmer fingers.

    Spring, thanks for starting the new thread. Nice pic. I assume it was
    taken in your living room. Just read the news in the Kathmandu Post.
    Inflation is down, China and Nepal plan to start a joint project constructing
    a reservoir, and the Waling Festival featuring parasails will open
    later this month. Lots going on. I imagine you will keep us updated on
    all these events.

    Julie, I hope your glasses can be adjusted. Be a shame if they had to adjust
    your nose instead. I like the quote about throwing stuff away. With regard to
    bras, Gordon said only the other day as I was putting on my lumberjack shirt
    over my Uff-da Sweatshirt over my thermal t shirt, "Maybe you should just
    buy a fur lined bra."

    Mikie, I think my mom used the same recipe for salmon patties that you use.
    She often fixed them for our lunch when I was a kid. Served with fried potatoes
    and a vegetable and a glass of milk. A perfect balanced meal.

    I've been taking magnesium pills for the last year or so. Can't see that it's brought
    about any changes though. Hope you start feeling peppier pretty pronto.

    Star, that's why you must photograph all events involving you and your
    treasures. Then they can be presented with evidence of all your sacrifices
    over the years.

    My mother used to tell the story about how she laboriously constructed a
    carousel from a Tinker Toy set for me. After 5 minutes, she claimed, I said
    brightly, "Make something else." Never heard of silver beets before. Looked
    it up. Apparently it's what we call Swiss Chard. No reddish purpler root
    to eat. My brother in Oregon grows red beets aka beet root. Also turnips.
    He leaves them in the ground a long time. Likes big ones.

    Hugs Barry, Dianne, Sun, Granni, Linda, GB.

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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    Soooo good to see you here on the Porch, fingerless gloves and all. I hope you can stay snug. Don't worry about typos; they sometimes make for great humor. That's funny about the Tinker Toy carousel. My kids remember a lot and I tell them about things they did and said. Those are precious stories and sayings in our family.

    I just walked down to the dumpster. My trash bag and the recycle bag were overflowing. I can't stay long because I have to go back up the ladder to try to get the fixtures to adhere to the ceiling. I tried untying the knot in the wires, which to the manufacturer had tied, to try to remove any resistance to the fixtures' staying in place. It may have worked because I felt less resistance when I put them back in. I'll know in a minute when I try to get them to stay in place. Right now, the caulk is getting tacky up there. If this doesn't work, I don't know what I'll do.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

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  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning! Gotta get a move on, so won't stay long. Would like to have time to go to one town and pick up Den's prescriptions before I go to the other town to the chiro (30 minutes farther.) Nothing like living in the boonies where everything is a drive...probably similar to living in the city and taking so long to drive a shorter distance due to traffic? Here, we just have to watch out for tractors, combines and Amish buggies, lol!

    Rock, I'm so glad you were able to post. You sound like Den with your multiple layers of clothes :) He wears several layers at work then changes when he gets home...but still wears at least three layers of shirts. And I'm in a sleeveless top and shorts, lol!!!

    We still have Den's old tinker toys somewhere...and his erector set.

    Mikie, I hope you start to feel better. And can get the lighting project wrapped up. Oh...driving with the snowbirds sounds like it requires lots of patience.

    I'd better feed the cats then get in the shower. Hope everyone has a good day....thinking of you all.
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    JBsVINEYARD Member

    Good Morning Everyone...

    It's pretty cold here this morning and my bones are telling me to bundle up today..I live just east of Placerville, CA, in the Sierra foothills...my husband and I moved to this area a little over 3 years ago and love it..we both were born and raised in the Bay Area, but decided to find a more relaxing and less stressful place to live in our so-called Golden Years, so here we are!!

    We have 3 children..one son and two daughters, and two sweet granddaughters ages 3 and 6, who are the loves of our lives, and a wonderful son-in-law!

    As you probably can tell by my previous messy post, I've been in "panic" mode for awhile due to my youngest daughter's medical condition. She has an appointment with an oncologist next Tuesday and our family is praying for good news.

    Mikie, thank you so much for moving my other post..I'm still trying to get the hang of things regarding the computer..(sigh) I am one of those people who is soooo computer challenged..

    Better get going as my husband has a doctor appointment today..seems like doctor appointments are a way of life now mostly because of our age...my brain tells me I'm still thinking like a young person and mentally, I'm not feeling my age. However, my body is telling me "hold on a minute, not so fast!" Needless to say, "fast" isnt my way of life anymore!

    You all are so kind..thank you for letting me be apart of this board.

    Wishing everyone a good day!
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope to get back later. We are trying to decide whether or not to go on our trip with the a bad weather all around. We may be gone tomorrow and next day but we will see. It is raining here now again. Some areas had tornadoes yesterday. One almost touched down in Houston one possibly was in our area a friend's phone told her to take cover. Many did not even know about it

    JUDY - Welcome to you and good luck with your DD and her appt.My grandson had leukemia when he was 4 and was in remission for quite a few years. He is cancer free now and looks great at age 15. Be brave and keep praying. They have so many cures and stuff now for leukemia and other childhood cancers. It used to be a death sentence many years ago. Hope to hear more from you and we all get to visit, as they say. God bless you sweetie :)!! Glad you can to visit us.

    Thanks MIKIE for your bit of info on computers. I know each is different and things keep changing on us on these machines.

    I really shouldn't even be on here right now. To much to do if we do go tomorrow.

    Hugz to everydobby !!!

    Gotta run for now and hope everyone gets done what they need to today without to much problems and pain.

    Granni :)
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not going, boo hoo. :( However, decided to make another date if we could and did for early Feb. I need to go out now to our small group practice. Hope it has stopped raining for a bit. I need to go get ready.

    Back to you all later, maybe tomorrow. All our plans were squashed but I guess better to be safe than sorry. I hope everyone is having a good enough day.

    Granni :)
  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Back home...took most of the day just to get to chiro and run a couple errands. Doc was pleased with how my adjustment went...hurt like heck...guess that's a good sign?

    Granni, I was just getting ready to wish you a happy and safe trip, but I see you've posted an update...yes, better to be safe and not have to worry while you are supposed to be having a nice relaxing time.

    Judy, I am praying that your DD does indeed have a benign tumor and not cancer...how scary for all of you. Glad you and your DH could retire in your dream location. It's nice that you can join us here...

    While I was out, I picked up some things for the grands for Valentine's Day...just little stuffed animals (easier to mail) then I will send little Valentines and some money so they can get something of their choice. Will give their parents some money to go out to eat. Amy, Keira, Miley and I are planning to go down to Tennessee for Easter...so I can take Easter basket stuff.

    I picked up Den's prescription, then decided to walk around the store to see if there were any more clearance bargains (last week I found a King size comforter set (comforter, shams, bedskirt, sheet set) that was originally $119.00...marked on clearance for $11.99! I even asked one of the workers to make sure it wasn't mismarked...only the King size were priced that low. She said it was just something they are going to close out...my lucky day, lol!

    Didn't find anything today, but as I rounded the corner of one of the aisles...I almost ran into Den's sis. Haven't seen her since one of the last times I was at the farm helping Den get things. I just automatically said, "Hi"...she said, "Oh, I didn't recognize you"...and we both kept walking. I pretty much look the same as I have for years, so not sure where that came from. Anyway, I didn't stay around to make small talk or even ask her any of the questions she's been ignoring in my texts...some day soon, I won't even have to think about her anymore.

    Anyway, I have an hour to work on clutter before Den gets home from work. If he takes a nap, I need to have stuff out of the way upstairs.

    Hope everyone is doing okay.

  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hey all

    JUDY - welcome to the board. Wish you good luck for your DDs tests, and lots of prayers. The place you live in sounds beautiful. What a blessing to live where one wants to.

    ROCK - good to see you upto posting a bit. I don't read our newspapers. I go thru these phases. I haven't watched news on TV either. We as humans seem to go round and round in circles, struggling with life, overcoming one thing only for another big thing to come up. the Berlin Wall came down, China became capitalistic, apartheid in South Africa was pulled apart and tossed into the air, all good things and then came the Iraq war, Al Qaeda, Syria and the candidate for presidency in Usa who gives me hives just to watch him speak and read of his shennanigans in Russia has come up.

    No. I don't want to read the newspapers awhile now. We are having lovely weather, the country seems to hv pulled itself together, businesses mushrooming in the city, no shortages of anything at the moment, 24 hour electricity and all amenities and life is good. The traffic jams are a blight on an otherwise sunny scenario otherwise things are as good as they can get I guess, country wise. From my perspective, that is. Which is a tiny one. There are still the teeming millions who are starving, people falling sick with this that other and no money to pay for treatment, unemployment. But that is there in a lot of countries.

    MIKIE- I hope you end up winning the battle with the light fixture. What a headache. I also feel hugely relieved when I get rid of my garbage. They come to collect it twice a week so if for some reason we miss one day then the place downstairs gets filled with bags of rubbish just waiting there and I get antsy.
    Oh, the friend who I had that not nice phone call. I called her up yesterday, to check on her. She was back to her normal self. The first thing she said was that she had been going ballistic, firing everyone. What a relief to find her come out of that strange strange zone. She stopped her meds and is on the look out for something else.

    GRANNI - have someone look at your computer if possible. A techie or something. I don't think fonts should change or get stuck or screen sizes of programmes should change on their own. A good antivirus might be a good idea. Something you run every day.

    Someone is following me around on the net. I had gone to this entertainment message board and there was this new member posted nothing but a copied and pasted sentence from my post. And I used to get mail, ads from Houston Texas once which was weird since I live here. Also I've had run ins with someone on another board some years back for nothing in particular with someone claiming to be an Indian medical student in the USA. This person used to send disruptive programmes to my computer, only, I caught on and would not click on any thing which came up...I still don't. The messages still come. This programme or other and a few times sites I've visited including this one have sent me messages that unusual traffic has been detected from my ip address and I should fill in the captcha block.

    That Line dancing must keep you trim too! sorry the terrible weather has prevented your outing. I'm you will go another day.

    SUN - hope the cleaning lady did a good job. And that she is better in health from last time. I had to fire my daily maid. Stole my phone and a couple of other things..I got back my phone. I ransacked my room looking for my phone and was so sure I had kept it charging. I even told the lady that it couldn't hv been misplaced out. I didn't suspect her of stealing. When I searched and made son and DH search, and couldn't find it, I contacted some people, psychic/healers whatever, they all insisted it was NOT in my house, it had left the house also told me who. So I told the maid and said i was told it wasn't in the house, someone had stolen it. She told me I must hv 'dropped' it in my clothes cupboard or something. After three days of not talking to the maid or the help downstairs i was looking for a garment in a basket and I found the phone wrapped up in my blouse. Who wraps phones in blouses? She had replaced it after I visited the psychic.

    STAR- I find you hv visited while I was editing. Your orchard full of trees sounds wonderful! That is a lot of trees.! I'm happy you made the scones. Werent those scones Julie posted a pic of looking delish? I have fond memories of scones. When I was little and become a day student from a boarder, there was this sweet Tibetan girl warden in charge of our cottage. The road back home from school on the hill overlooks the cottage of which I used to be a inmate and one afternoon she saw me from below and waved to me to come. I went and she had baked some hot scones and gave me one. Mmmmm..delish. ! It was very simple, no cream, or jam but oh so good. A kind act when you're very young and not everything is going right is such a shot in the arm.

    Julie - aargh my computer battery is almost gone..I loved your japanese saying..laughed at it. Also theater pic of the absolutely delicious,looking scones. I googled salmon patties. We get tinned salmon here. Can you tell me what seasonings I would put in the bread crumbs used in the making of said patties?
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2017
  19. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Big Hello and Welcome to Judy
    And Rogit, if you're still around...
    Howdy to Mikie, Barry, Dianne, Linda, Julie, Elaine,Rock,Sun,Spring , Granni and anyone I unintentionally didn't mention.

    That's really tough having your Treasures sick and going through scary health issues Like that , with them.
    Rather it be me, that's for sure, but it's not how it works, is it?

    Drum roll...
    Guess what! Totally over the moon about this- I Actually made the scones I was thinking out loud about, on my last post.
    Yeah, I know. Not a super big deal to the ordinary, or even you guys here, but for me- can almost slot that in the miricals box.
    Almost did my happy-kitchen-dance (frolic?) nah.
    Been a while since I've felt like that.
    Ok. Was dancing on the inside, but gee it was good to feel like I'd actually achieved something, ya know?
    Course, they were t as pretty as the shop bought ones, but I believe 'rustic' is the cover-up word for that.
    Sultana scones. And everyone loved 'em. Thanks for that pic Julie!

    You know what? I didn't take a photo.
    Have to admit, never really think to take photos of the things I do. Too busy in the moment and taking photos of the rest of the tribe. Or cleaning up. Believe that's part of the job. You know, building up and encouraging...

    I was going through the photo albums , yes, the old fashioned, hard covered things...
    I am barely in them at all. Sad to admit.
    I'm the photographer of the family and all the projects DH and Treasures put their hands to, are very well documented, but when it comes to me... Well. Guess it's more like the 'where's Wally?' Books. Instead, it's 'where's Mum?'
    Oh , except for the odd few where I'm caught feeding my face, because apparently That's funny and should go down in history...
    (Shaking my head right now)...or where my eyes are all bloodshot and I look like a monster, after pushing out a giant baby...
    Yeah. So. Will have to figure out how to take a selfie and all that jazz.

    We have Loads of photos covering cooking adventures, camping, you name it- but No me...

    Anyone else experienced that?

    Ok. So we are off tomorrow on that adventure I was talking about.
    This may be our last 'altogether ' one -for a bit ' cause eldest is now of age to work part time and it'll probably be a case of me staying home with whoever has to work and that type of thing.

    I've made it very clear that Very little should be expected of me.
    While they're fishing, I'll be napping- hopefully. Should be cooler on the coast too.

    Got my wires crossed today.
    Took my Treadures to their dentist apt. This morning and it turns out it was for tomorrow.
    I'm so embarrassed! They kindly rescheduled for this arvo (someone must've cancelled, 'cause it's usually tough getting in) because I'd already said we'd have to cancel because we wo t be here...
    I wrote out a card for them expressing my appogies and gratitude.
    Nothing like a bit of humble pie...
    Feeling so frazzled. Last day of antibiotics.

    This place is a hive of activity and I'm just trying to keep my head from spinning, due to nausea etc.

    Am really hoping you guys are all on the Up and Up and keeping warm and safe.

    Just noticed your post, Spring. Something to think about- recently there was a thing on the news about the integrity of what journalists have been reporting and the liberties they e been taking...
    My point is, a lot of the negativity portrayed in the media, for example with the election in the U.S. Could well be blown out of proportion. I remember the tizzy when Obama was voted in. I wonder how it'll settle. I guess the thing about a democracy is, is the members of parliament still have to actually vote On everything...

    Best be off. Dentist again shortly.
    Take care
    Catch yas later
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2017
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys...long day...feels like "this morning" was a long time ago. I do have to say that as I was driving back from the chiro, it dawned on me that I wasn't thinking of my glasses...and hadn't the whole time I was out. Must be I'm getting used to them?

    Had a nice surprise this evening...I got to see the girls perform their dance during halftime at the basketball game. It showed up as a live feed on my facebook page...was so cute and seemed so weird to be watching them in "real time."

    Star, hope you do okay on your trip...good to give the family notice that you will need to take it easy. Congrats on getting the scones made...yes, that is an acomplishment.

    Spring, I'm glad things are going okay right now, as far as the state of your country. I think Star gave a very accurate and thoughtful reply to you...about things getting blown out of proportion (in both camps.) I do hope things turn out well with the new president...so interesting how people can see someone in completely different ways than another person sees him or her.

    I'd best get on to bed....hoping to make it to sleep before midnight...

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