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    time to open a new one.


    Come in one and all, for a bit of chit chat or simply do what Boo Boo up there is doing.
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Ooh, those little dogs are sooooo cute. One of the women on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has one which she takes everywhere with her. She has another little dog with alopecia and he has to wear doggie clothes to cover his bare skin.

    Lunch yesterday was OK. I always enjoy seeing my friends but I don't care for the Caribbean restaurant. I ordered a burger because the dish I used to order isn't on the menu. Everyone likes the coconut shrimp but I have several boxes of the frozen Margarita Shrimp brand of coconut shrimp with a delicious mango sauce. All I do is pop them in the little toaster oven. The friend who organizes these luncheons had told me that there would be ten to a dozen of us so I couldn't invite anyone. Well, when we got there, there were six of us, including me, and we were eating in a booth. The four of us on the ends couldn't hear the two on the other ends so we didn't get to chat that much. Her complaint about having more is that no one can hear when we are at long tables. That's better that six in a booth. Fortunately, I don't think anyone in our bldg. saw me come or go so I don't think there will be hurt feelings. I hope not.

    When I came home, I was too tired to do anything except rest. I went to sleep around seven last evening and slept pretty well but had some bad dreams about two criminals trying to break in. They were covered in blood and I was trying to protect some kids that I don't know in my waking life. Disturbing but it didn't scare me when I woke up. In my dream, I got my gun and tried to shoot one of the men but the bullets came out soooo slowly that they just bounced off the guy. I take it that my frustrations to feel better and get anything done was the cause of such a dream. Don't need any deep analysis for that one. I'm gonna do laundry today and will try to get the lights cleaned up and those small gaps caulked. If I didn't caulk them, they would be OK but I'll give it a try. At least, they aren't falling down.

    Star, so glad you got a break from cooking with those tins of food. Also, it's great you are using the disposable plates and utensils. You should be able to have fun on the camping trips too and not have to work so hard. When I camped with my DDs, we took disposable things but cooked over the campfire. We never camped when they were little but they and I did when they grew up after the divorce. It was great fun. Sounds like the Treasures are having a good time and doing some healthy exploring. Hope y'all continue to have a good time. Yes, the Red Tide can cause problems, especially with shell fish. It's nasty stuff in many ways.

    Julie, sounds as though your Dad is doing pretty well. I hope they can move him closer to everything. It also sounds as though his caregivers are very involved and involve you and him too. That's a lot better than some long-term care facilities here. Some are very good but the one my friend, Nancy, was in after her surgery was awful. Care was pretty good but the place was a dump in a bad part of town. I hope you do get to do lunch with your Dad more often. You are such a good daughter.

    Judy, hope your power doesn't go out. That is miserable. Glad you were able to stock up before the snow came. Sounds as though the kids in the hood were having a grand old time. DD won't let DGS play with his electronics for long without doing something physical. It's good for kids to do physical things while using their imaginations. Prayers going up for your DD. Let us know how she's doing. Hope you don't lose power.

    Granni, I should have had a Margarita yesterday. I was driving but I can usually have one drink or a beer with lunch and be OK. Of course, since I'm not drinking right now, it may have affected me more than usual. Nancy could have driven home in my car. She's a good driver. She's used to a 4-cylinder engine so my V-6 is like a race car to her. I love to look at decorator rooms but I have to find less expensive ways to achieve the look I want. Used to be a show on HGTV where they did that to a room. Your DD may have some level of seizure activity which would explain the med. That is why I took Klonopin. It can help settle the brain. When swapping out light fixtures, I just turn off the power but don't shut down the breaker. Outlets, on the other hand, can be tricky so I shut down the breaker for changing those out. These new LEDs just screw into the old fixture, like putting in a new bulb except there is no bulb; the whole thing is one piece. Supposed to be easy but we all know how that can go. AACCKK!!!

    Spring, can't imagine that guy's putting in those long nails and having them sticking out the other side. Good grief! I always try to do everything right but, once in a while, I have to resort to other means, like having to use mastic to stick those lights up. It ain't Kosher but it's the best I can do under the circumstances. I doubt your home is anywhere near as a messy as mine has been while I've been messing around with these lights. Good thing I don't usually have company stopping in. Hope you and your friends can get out to have some fun together.
    Thanks for starting up our Porch with such a cute little doggie.

    We are supposed to get potentially violent rainstorms this weekend from the same front bringing snow and cold up north. I don't mind cause we can use the rain. It has been sooo dry here but the air has been humid. I hate that. It makes my hair a mess. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    In my swag typing away again.
    Nice and cosy, although the feeling of being confined in a coffin-like space did get to me for a split second or three last night.
    It actually pelted down. Rained buckets and my swag held up.
    My eldest didn't fare as well as I. We think his washing his swag with a pressure hose recently may've removed some of the water-proofing. He could've slept in the caravan, but at the ripe old age of fifteen, he says he wanted to 'tough it out'.
    I find that sad, but DH is proud...I don't care about all that rubbish. I just want my Treasures warm and safe.guess he's not a baby anymore.

    The object of this camping trip is to actually have a bit of a look at some of these places we normally just pass through without a second glance, but having said that, we planned on 'free camping' along the way. Unfortunately the free camping guide book is a year old and already in need of an update, as the majority of the places promoted as 'free' , no longer are. In fact many of the 'grey nomads' as they call themselves, ( folks in their golden years or baby boomers who tend to migrate with the weather) have boycotted many of these places because of this very reason. Don't blame them because they still spend money in their towns, just not so much on the accomodation, as they tend to be more than self sufficient in their travelling fit outs.

    Last night was a beautiful lake side view and tonight we are in the bush.
    We bypassed three camps that were supposed to be free, but not any more, so drove longer than planned.
    Quite a few here, but it's nicely spread out, so we have our space, complete with bbq pit and picnic bench.
    Lovely trees providing shade... Ooh I can hear something creeping around out there...
    Probably a possum.
    We had a young kangaroo come and share our bread, chasing away all the gorgeous lorikeets and other birds who are obviously used to a friendly feed. Then the confrontation with a cheeky possum over near the toilet block got Treasures excited. Oh and of course youngest found a skink. He was very happy about that.

    Julie, hope they can get your dad settled back to the closer room soon. I think that'd be a great idea having a camping patch on your land for all your Treasures.

    Spring, strange about the carpenter being slack and not using the right sized nails. Was your marriage arranged and if so, at what age were you already promised? Are there ever any cases of going against family due to falling in love with someone else? Or would this be considered dishonourable and simply not done?

    Granni, glad you and your group enjoyed your outing. My dad sounds a lot like your dcd. He won't touch any new meds because he says someone's trying to poison him and swaps doctors. I wonder about the difference we could see and perhaps the peace he would have if he only tried them...ah well. Can't force them. Dh cracked into the meat for breaky. Couldn't wait at all.

    Mikie, shame about not being able to hear the ones sitting at the end of the booth. Did it seem crowded?
    I hope that our Treasures will want to continue with camping and all that , in their adult hood. The only thing that cooked over the open flames today was the washing.

    Rock, I took another look at the flood pic. I wonder if it effected the structural integrity of all those buildings.

    Barry, did I mention we have a very amateur aquaponics set up also?
    At the moment it's keeping our strawberry plants thriving and we use gold fish for now, just to see how it goes. Trout may be a better option if we get serious about it. Just kinda playing for now.

    Sun, didn't take any magnesium the last two nights and boy oh boy, my legs are paying for it!
    Cramps. Ooh. Hope you manage to get things sorted between your cleaner and gardener. Are you still considering a dog?

    Phone is about ready to call it quits again, so best throw in the towel...

    Good night and sweet dreams to all including Elaine , Judy, Linda, Dianne,Rogit
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    Spring:What an adorable dog!!!!! I want to reach out and ruffle his fur, I'll bet it feels wonderful. Wow....just an engagement party like that. You can bet the wedding will be over the top. Doesn't sound like the engaged couple is very happy. Yes, I'm wondering also, was it arranged for you and your DH? If it's arranged does the couple get to say yes or no?

    Star: I love your writing! I feel like I'm there experiencing your camping trip, the skunk, the birds, the RAIN and I can just hear the grumbling from your oldest. Poor Guy! You should be a writer. I just heard about a self publishing on Amazon, called Create Space. One of my art instructors was talking about this last week so I went to that site and checked it out. I've got several novels started and hanging, plus I've tossed it around about a children's book illustrated.....I might bring those things out and work on them.

    About your strawberries, how are you growing them? My son sent me some sites on hydroponic gardening in a basement. The plants are all grown in large PVC pipes, the fertilizer water is circulated every couple of hours then it comes back down to the holding tank. Last year I attended several art classes, of course I pick the day when it's the end of that session so everyone is to bring goodies. One of the ladies brought gigantic strawberries her husband grew in the pipes, same way. He's a retired agriculture professor at a local college who taught this.

    Granni: No telling what your DD has been given to take. I take gabapentin which is actually for seizures. My DD and SIL were prescribed it to calm down their over active brain. I was given it to help with pain, and since I have essential tremors it can help a little with that also.

    Julie: I LOVE the idea of making a little camp site for outdoor fun. What a great thing for everyone.

    Judy: Love that kids get creative! What's the news on your DD?

    Mikie: I'm sorry the lunch was a bust, sorta. By the way.......I don't know why......but I HATE the word luncheon and gals. It's like fingers on a chalkboard to me. Go figure! I did look up about gals and read that it's almost a derogatory term, especially down south. I think that was because black slave women were called gals and the men boys. The head of our art group on fridays addresses everyone as her art pals.....I like that.

    I've been fighting a possible sinus infection. When I had it big time back in october I went to the doctor who prescribed a med which was awful for me. I did a search and found out about bromalain so took that and it seemed to clear it up. This past week going thru the same sinus trouble, so yesterday I DRUG myself to my dentist.....I'm dental phobic.....and after xrays (he now has a machine that goes around you as you stand....super. Then the dentist looked at my teeth, proclaimed they looked pretty good but no sinus trouble showing.

    So I had a teeth cleaning (ultrasound now and no scraping) and I also had a mold made for a night guard. I had told him all the pain I have with my neck and shoulders, and he said a night guard should help. Said I probably clench my jaw muscles when I get tense. Anyway, blew a lot of $ yesterday.....no insurance.

    But dealing with dental phobia, I think it went pretty good for me yesterday. And if you guys forget, this all came about when about 30 years ago I was having a mold taken by a dental trainee who glued my mouth shut. The dentist had to come in and take his two hands, knee on my chest, and pry open my mouth. About a month later PAIN, unbelievable pain. Xrays showed a dislocated jaw, pain lasted off and on BAD for over 6 mos. Looking back I can't believe I still worked. By the way, a bad way to dislocate the jaw is opening too wide, like for a hamburger.
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    Just stopping by to say "Hi"...I need to wrap up one phase of the decluttering project so I can be ready to help Den on the house over the weekend. Our temps are to be warmer (40's) and partly sunny...maybe we can get some more outside things done. And we need to make a trip to the home supply store.

    I have the inauguration coverage on...all I will say is that I pray for the people in charge and for our country.

    Hope everyone is doing good...
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    Good afternoon Dear Porchies !!

    Doing little things here in dribs and drabs and at least getting a little bit done today. While I watched some of the inauguration I also sat down and removed some of the stuff from my dresser drawer to get rid of some stuff and finding a place for it in another. I found a fold up accordion type file to put some of the stuff in. I still need to get rid of the rest of the stuff in my drawer. It is almost empty so I can put other close in that I have stuffed in my closet. I really need to get rid of a bunch of clothes I no longer wear or is so out of style. However, I was brought up to conserve and hardly ever throw things out so it takes a bit for me to get rid of clothes that I think I might be able to get into or fix so it looks still in style. I know my eldest DD would just love to have me get rid of most or a lot of my clothes but is she going to buy me any ??? I doubt that other than possibly for Christmas:)!!!

    I, like JULIE, wish the new President well and pray for him and his family. Glad that the weather seemed to cooperate and no storms or blizzards like in previous Inaugurations. It is hard to do it outside as it is so cold but glad that they all seemed to be dressed pretty warmly . I know it is the tradition but I surely wouldn't want to be sitting out there in the cold - BRRR !! I think I heard that many years ago one of the Presidents to get sworn in went out in a bad winter COLD and maybe storms without a coat, I believe, and ended up getting very ill and dying not to long afterwards. Of course those were the days of no Penicillin or abx's.

    I really should get off here and finish that drawer and figure out what to do with the extra stuff. I have a box in the closet that I am filling up and giving to one of the donation places. I have a few that call or email me monthly.

    JULIE - Don't get sick or sicker out in that cold and be sure to bundle up working outside with DEN this weekend but hope it is nice and clear so you can get things done. I know you are sort of used to it and think 40's is warm. :)!!!

    MIKIE - You are smart to not have anything to drink if you are not up to par and who knows how the alcohol might effect you. Some people are better than others also at driving and feel very comfortable with it but of course sometimes that can give one a false sense of confidence too. I am sure you a good driver. I was a late one learning to drive and I have never loved to do so but it is a necessity here in Tx for sure which is where I learned. I never learned in NY but had no extra car to drive either. My mom also didn't learn but would have liked to do so I think. My dad worked all kinds of weird hours and the car was almost always gone.

    SUN - I have no idea what my DCD is taking. Not sure at this point if she would tell me. It would be interesting to find out if I can even though my other kids just want me to stop emailing her but now that she is out of that place. Not sure where she will pick up her email, maybe on her phone, not sure. Not sure what they give people with little or no funds.

    SW - Thanks for the pic of that cute puppy. He is so very fluffy looking. I would love to pet and hug him or her :)!! Hope you are doing well !!!

    Gotta run for now.

    Thinking of everydobby. Got chores to do before we go to DD closeby for dinner.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Howdy, friends! Won't stay as I have our bed loaded down with boxes and if I don't keep going, we won't have any place to sleep tonight, lol!

    Just thought I would share something from Lindsey...they homeschool, so part of today's lesson was the inauguration, etc. At one point, Lindsey came on facebook to put things in perspective...a police officer (I think in Louisiana) was shot "execution style" while trying to help a woman who had been in a car accident. As a police officer's wife, Lindsey is very sensitive to things like this. But sometimes other things happen that are just too cute and funny...

    "So today has finished me off and I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor, sobbing and then I heard Josiah (2) yelling for a towel. He had flooding the entire bathroom- like pouring down the floor vent and going under the walls. So then I'm bawling while going through an entire load of towels trying to clean it up. Then these 2 came out and announced they are going to the White House. President Trump, do you have room for 2 more guests? [​IMG][​IMG] And hey, my bathroom floor is clean now."

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    Hi Kids

    I see you posted the plush toy again, Spring. It turns out that Boo is not only cute,
    he's also famous. Has millions of likes on FaceBook and several videos on Youtube.
    He is a ten year old Pomeranian which means, I suppose, that his ancestors
    came from the city of Pompeii.

    My Aunt Isabelle had a Pomeranin about 60 years ago. For reasons unknown she
    named him Winky.

    Rained hard here last night and most of today. More rain predicted. If the movie folks
    want to do a remake of Rain, they can do it here. They won't need sprayers to simulate
    the rain. Actually the film was made three times. The most famous version featured
    that delicate star Joan Crawford.

    Mike, despite your ailments you are always busy. Reminds me of one of the books
    from Horatio Alger that my mother used to quote. "Let us then be up and doing."
    That's a shame about the dog with alopecia. Don't they give Kaopectate for that?
    I've tried a lot of meds over the years, but never Klonopin. In my teen years though
    I used to be a pin setter at the local bowling alley. That was before the automatic
    pin setter took our jobs away. You see, the Luddites were right.

    Star, I know all about swag on accounta that song about the swagman and the
    billabong. There's also an excellent folk group on Youtube called The Swagmen.

    Don't know about the structural integrity of the buildings in the Dayton flood.
    Maybe the concept hadn't been invented yet. Ha Ha! The hero of Dayton BTW
    was the head of the National Cash Register company. He had his workers build
    hundreds of boats to rescue stranded people. Shut down his factory and brought in
    medical staff and provided free food to the refugees. After the water receded he hired
    laborers to clear away the debris and started a fund to rebuild the city. See
    Wikipedia for more on this amazing man.

    Gordon just paused to tell me to go back to bed. "You've been sitting too long."
    He's probably right. Despite the rain he went to his orchid meeting last night.
    Anyone who drives in the rain here in LA is very brave or very foolish;
    maybe both. In the 80's I got hit by three different drivers. I guess they
    came from countries that don't have rain.

    Gordon took a pistachio bundt cake to the meeting. On the way in he ran into
    a member who had brought a plant she wanted to sell. She said she hoped
    someone would buy it so she could get enough gas to go home. Gordon
    asked what she was selling it for. She said, "Do you think $25 is too much?"
    Gordon said, "It's a nice plant. I'll give you thirty." He says she seems to
    be short of money all the time, but he doesn't really know her story.
    He also won a plant in the raffle.

    Hugs Fellow Porchers

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Woke to a nice cool morning but it'll get up to 80 degrees by this afternoon. Sir Vester sat up and banged on the sliders to got out. I closed them because my allergies have been bad. Not long afterward, he was banging violently to get back in. He went screaming to his litter box. Glad he made it on time. He's such a good little cat most of the time and I know he would rather die than have an accident. I got enough sleep last night because I was out of it by 7:00 in the evening.

    I watched the inauguration because it's history in the making. As several of y'all have mentioned, I sent up prayers for our country too. As I've mentioned, I've always been interested in politics but, as the years go by, it's more and more difficult to remember the old campaigns, elections and inaugurations. That luncheon they had at the capitol went on for several hours. It must have been stuffy and hot in there because everyone's face seemed to be getting shinier and shinier. All I could think of was how painful it would be to be sitting there that long. Don't think I could do it. The painter came to the door so I missed some of it. He was here to touch up some paint chips on our balcony and to recaulk the narrow, but long, cracks on either side. They won't cause structural problems as long as we keep them sealed. Our bldg. continues to settle, even after all these years, and the cracks open up. We are insured for sink holes but I hope to high heaven we never have one. Yikes!!!

    Star, so sorry for all the rain on your camping trip. I had to look up what swag means. Doesn't sound like fun having to wash everything. When we camped, we had two types of tents--the regular rectangular one and a domed tent. I like the domed tent better. They were waterproof as long as you didn't touch them with your hand. I could never sleep in the old canvas tents because they always were mildewed. AACCKK!!! For some reason, I still have my sleeping bag. Mom and I got here before our furniture arrived and we slept on the carpeted floor in our bags the first night. It was an inside adventure. Sounds as though you encountered some interesting critters. Glad the skunk didn't spray anybody. It's too bad that the camping areas are no longer free. Yes, the restaurant was crowded. I had to put my purse on the floor as the booth was too tight to keep it on the seat. It was not comfortable nor enjoyable except for seeing my pals and meeting the new neighbor. She's from St. John's Island in Canada. Hope y'all recover from all the fun OK.

    Gonna post and come back here.

    Sun, that is horrible about the mistake causing your jaw problems. I might be inclined to file a lawsuit. I worked with a woman who was hit in her car by a huge Pepsi truck. It caused TMJ which gave her pain nonstop. I have clenched my jaws from time to time and it is painful. I trued an athletic mouth guard before the doc said he'd make one and it only caused me to clench harder. When I started taking the Klonopin, the clenching stopped. I had one of those big dental x-rays but my Medicare Advantage plan paid for it. Now, I'm back to my original dental office and I just pay for the bite wing x-rays myself. I don't mind the word, luncheon, but the term, gals, causes the same 'fingernails on the chaulkboard' reaction for me. My Mom always used that term. I don't think it had the derogatory connotation back in her day except in the South. I don't use it myself.

    When I was in Epcot Center years ago, they had a big center doing hydroponic gardening. It was amazing. Today, in big cities, they are growing produce in old warehouses to provide veggies for local restaurants. This way, everything is picked the day people eat it. Some programs have been developed for school dropouts or kids in juvenile detention so they can learn to grow produce for restaurants. Some of these programs also teach them how to become chefs. Most of the kids love it and go on to get jobs in restaurants. I hope your sinus infection clears up. I try to prevent them with nasal sprays. I use saline sprays or Nasacort.

    Julie, there were some of the most amazing tractors I've ever seen in the inaugural parade yesterday. Geez, if I could ride around in one of those, I think I might not mind doing a little farming or some other chores on one. Heck, if I were wealthy, I might buy one just to ride around in. I can only imagine what the farmers in the old days, driving a plow team, thought of mechanized tractors. Is the next step robotic farmers? I hope this weekend is good for working on your home. I hope all goes well. I am going to try to caulk the gap in my lights and paint the few spots which still need to be painted in here. I hope the water problem in Lindsay's house doesn't cause mold problems. Don't work too hard. I know how anxious y'all must be to get finished. You'll have to do a BIG happy dance when it's done.

    Gonna post again and come back again. Don't want to lose any of my W&P post. Oops, I went out to have coffee with Ilona on the balcony and spent more time than I had thought so this had to wait until I got home from the store. Before going to the store, I had to get into the shower and do my hair.

    Rock, just a bit of movie trivia--in the days of B&W movies, they used watered-down milk in the rain machines so it showed up on the screen. They used Hershey's chocolate syrup for blood. We learned this on our tour of Universal Studios in LA waaaay back in the 70s. My ex was cast as the sniper bad guy in the fake movie they make using the tourists. Hmmmm, perhaps they knew something that had yet to dawn on me. Sorry you lost that big job at the bowling alley. Had it not been for the robots, you could still be setting pins. Then, you'd need some Klonopin. Somehow, I think being an attorney was a more interesting choice.

    Actually, most of the time I'm very inert. When I do projects or go out, it's all I get done. I can't do what needs doing around here and the extra stuff too. If only I could. Many times, I let the cleaning go and do more interesting things. I can do the laundry while I watch TV. Thank God for modern appliances. I actually do thank Him every day and pray none of them goes kaput. In the case of the fridge, I was proactive and replaced it before it left me in the lurch. Ilona came up and was mightily impressed with the new one. It is a hulking beast in the kitchen. So glad to see you here on the Porch and hope it means you're feeling better. I'm doing better today and hope it is the start of an upward trend.

    It is absolutely gorgeous outside today. It's a CAVU day. Late tomorrow, we may get violent storms or just our usual semi-violent ones. It's the tail end of the storm which caused all the snow up north and it will depend on just how deep it dips to the south. I'll just be glad to get some rain for our aquifers and our grass and plants. I enjoyed my trip to the store. All the nice people were working today; I enjoy keeping in touch with them.

    There is a special show on with Jenna Bush involving kids living in Aspen, CO. It's educational to introduce them to the natural wonders around Aspen. It was filmed in the fall with golden Aspen trees and bright blue skies. Makes me a bit homesick. My boyfriend and I used to hike in the Rocky Mountains and the fall was the best time to do it. We'd hike ten or twelve miles and come home tired but exhilarated. Glad I did it when I could. Used to come home from skiing feeling the same way. After a big day of skiing with the kids, we'd stop for a big pizza on the way home. I'm so thankful for all the things I was able to do before I got sick.

    I'm hoping everydobby is having a wonderful Saturday.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hope everyone is doing well.
    I've just sat down by the camp fire.
    The troops have gone out 'big fish' fishing and it's about 10pm.
    It's day light saving here, so even though it was rather late when they headed back out, it was still light out.
    I elected to stay back and babysit the sloooow creaming, cooking of the rice cream/creamed rice/rice pudding-whatever name floats your boat... Half an hr in, I began to regret having dobbed myself in for what was now becoming a somewhat tedious task. Nevertheless , I stuck it out and I have two pots. One with and one without those pesky sultanas. (According to Dds tender palate).
    Hopefully it's up to scratch. We shall see...

    Ah where was I?
    Sitting by the fire, typing on my phone with the noisy -gnawing sound that young kangaroos make whilst devouring the half loaf I shredded and dispersed for them. I didn't realise they were such noisy chompers. And growlers.
    They growl at each other, but I guess what's a bit of growling between mates hey?
    Did I mention there were three of them?

    Although they are eating with gusto, I can' t actually see them. All I can see is the camp fire.
    Oh yeah. We've already established that I can hear them. I bet they grind their teeth. No manners.
    Every so often the wind enrages the fire, throwing out extra light and at the very same moment, smoke billows in just the right direction, blanketing the little rascals and providing me with a perfect silhouette... Very handsome little creatures.
    I wonder, where are their families? Perhaps they are young males, exiled... Hmmm...
    This place may appear like a sanctuary, but it is not without its dangers.
    Earlier on a couple of littlies tried to chase them down on their little bikes. In that case I'd say 1 for the Roos.
    As the little boy rode off leaving his sister howling in heartbreak...
    And then I spied a bloke a bit over and a cross from us ,trying to awkwardly creep up on one...no shame.

    Pondering this strange human determinatation to dominate and capture, my mind goes back to the stream of text messages I'd just received from my lot, having been way layed.they couldn't resist pulling over and taking some happy snaps.
    A gorgeous, fuzzy, big -eared koala stared back at me, on my screen.
    In triumph ,the words declared that my youngest 'touched' this grey beauty and again I scratch my head.
    Yes. I too am guilty. Maybe all anyone here wants as I briefly did. That longing of (however fleeting)- a touch...A pat...A cuddle...?
    Yes. Irresistible. But still wild, however tame they may appear.

    Speaking of happy snaps.
    The moment I switch the record button to off, the kookaburras start laughing. Typical.
    Waiting and waiting and all they can muster up for me, the audience, is a growl.

    And if you haven't heard the sound of a kookaburra before, google it , because it does indeed sound like mocking laughter. Once they get going, that is. (Not that I'm taking it personally or anything).
    Oh yeah. They growl at each other too! Just like the kangaroos here.
    Funny that.
    I guess nothing is clearer in any language than a good Ol' growl.
    That's all some people seem to do.

    Ah. The wind has changed! I'm drowning in smoke. My eyes are stinging...
    And back the other way.
    Ah, what's that I hear?
    Hoppy is back. And his mates close behind.

    Today was magical here in the bush. No rain. All cleared up.
    (I had a bit of a rough start due to pain, but got there in the end).

    This afternoon ,what at first looked like leaves fluttering to the ground, turned out to be butterflies!
    It was amazing.
    At first it seemed the same butterfly was covering some impressive distance, but it soon became apparent that there were many, many butterflies ,just quietly frolicking in the streams of sunlight , chanelling through the trees.
    And at first, they all looked to be a dull ,brownish colour, but that too was an incorrect assumption.
    These tender ,things of beauty were golden and if you looked carefully , you'd notice that most of them were in pairs. Intrigued,they captured my attention and soon ,armed with my phone camera, I was determined to capture the memory of this magical moment.
    As I watched, I realised I could've been watching a docco on them.
    I could almost hear David Attenborough , explaining the Mirical of the butterfly courtship-dance...
    Words truly cannot describe my awe.
    I'm very grateful for today.

    Surrounded by God's Creation...(excusing the ex smoker over to the faaar left, who coughs his guts up every 10 minutes, or so...and the low whine of a generator in the distance of course)...
    We had fresh salmon for tea and I feel privileged to have 3 furry guests share the camp fire with me...
    Make that 4. Sounds like that cheeky possum has dropped in too.
    I'm sure if I look up, I'd be greeted by a pair of glowing eyes.

    Managed to lose my earlier post, so hope this one gets through.

    Wishing you all well and sweet dreams, as I zip up for the night.
    Take care
    Catch ya's later.
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow, Star, what a wonderful post. I love hearing about all the critters in nature there. I'm so glad you and your family get to get out in the wild to enjoy them. We have panthers, bears and alligators here but I have no desire to touch them. Actually, I have no desire to even get close to them but I do love seeing them. I was close to a big gator on the golf course once but he was only interested in sleeping in the sun. He was by a sand trap and that was one place you didn't want to hit the ball. Yeah, I'll take a Mulligan!

    How funny to have the three kangaroos hanging out together like a band of teenagers. I never knew they growled. I once got close to a possum and surprised him and he hissed at me like a cat. They don't see well so I said something to him so he wouldn't bump into me. I saw the landscaper at my dentist's office feed one out of his hand. One night when Barb and I were sitting out, one came up the stairs and just looked at us. One night, one was trying to get into Grace's condo. They have no fear. Back when Sir Vester and Tweety lived outside, they played with them.

    So glad I saw your post before I left.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All.

    Star, what a wonderfully entertaining post! Your Dd doesn't like sultanas? Huh? Have her pick them out then. Gosh, how persnickity can one get... Makes it more difficult for you, eh? And I had to laugh when Mikie thought "skunk " when you said "skink".;) We have skunks here, and skinks here. (Mikie -- skinks are lizards); no skunks in Australia that I know of).

    Anyways, Star, loved your descriptions of camping in the bush. Reminds me of my past days camping in the Mohave and Anza-Borrego deserts here in California. And of Death Valley and sitethe high Sierras. And in the forests of British Columbia, Canada. Those were the days my friend.

    Rock, tell Gordon thanks for the Cozy Fiction site. I checked it out -- was OUTRAGED that it didn't have Leo Bruce in it! Have you checked out fantasticfiction ? It is the absolute best-- every fiction genre you could wish for - cozy mystery, historical mystery, etc. etc. Go for it !

    I am not well,
    so will close for now.
    Praying for All of us in these scary times...
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Have been asleep most of the day. Gordon made carrot-apple juice. Had
    a glass for breakfast. It's pretty cold here: 57 going down to 52 tonight.
    Three more days of rain predicted. Uff-da! I turned on our new portable
    room heater. It is very effective.

    The brand is Presto Hot Dish. Not to be confused with Minnesota's
    Official State Food which is tater tot hot dish. If it is being served at
    a state dinner, corn and green beans are added to the basic 3 ingreediments.
    Pic below.

    Barry, Good to hear from you. I took a quick glance at the home page for
    Fantastic Fiction Mystery Site. It has lots of authors listed that are new to
    me. I am always happy to find a new author that I like; especially if it's a
    prolific one. Just found a new author yesterday who has won various
    awards and writes (non-cozy) mysteries and westerns.

    Star, I didn't know kangaroos were loud chompers either. The things that
    the nature programs don't tell us. Yesterday Gordon and I watched a
    program that included sea eagles. The narrator never mentioned that they
    are also called erns (sometimes spelled " ernes"), a name that shows up in
    the crosswords every now and again.

    Anyway thanks for the travelogue and nature commentary. Reminds me
    of the Bestselling book some decades back: Blue Highways by William
    Least Heat Moon. He wrote about traveling the back roads of the U.S.
    and camping out. Got kinda worried when he heard noises one night that
    sounded like a lion nearby. The next day a ranger informed him the
    deer make that sound; sorta like a cough, I guess. Anyhoo sounds like
    you and the family will have happy memories of your trip.

    Mikie, interesting about the chocolate syrup used to simulate blood. I
    also toured Universal Studios in the 70s and was told it was a concoction
    made by one of the big cosmetic companies. Just shows to go ya, ya can
    never be too sure of anything. Maybe the syrup was used for film noir.

    You're right about a career as a pin setter vs. an attorney. I just sorta
    wandered into the latter. It was never my goal when I was young or in
    college. Turned out to be ideal for me. I only regret that these DDs
    (Damned Diseases) took it away from me after only 6 years. Double ratbane!

    Hiking 10-12 miles in the Rockies sounds exhilarating alright. Last year
    Gordon and I walked around the block once. That's the utmost I can
    do these days. Whine, whine, etc.

    Sun, Gordon looked into hydroponic gardening some decades back. We
    went to some places that sold the equipment, books, etc. Gorden thought
    it over and studied to stick to the old fashioned way. Hey! Maybe we
    could write a book together. If you have a plot, I can write dialogue. The
    only plots I can think of seem to be ones I recently read. My book that
    came out in 1980 has not yet become a bestseller. Course it was written
    for law students so that might have something to do with it.

    Granni, you're right. Our 9th President was William Henry Harrison.
    He died a month after his inauguration from pneumonia. I didn't watch
    any of the current proceedings. Too slow. Better to watch clips on

    Julie, another great pic. Is that Liora in the green hat? Reminds me of
    Stockard Channing for some reason. Only 3 more months of winter
    left. I had 26 years of Upper Mid West winters. More than enough
    for a lifetime.

    Hugs Dianne, Spring, Linda, GB

    Last edited: Jan 21, 2017
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I guess anything is better with tater tots! I really love them but rarely eat them. So you're a published author....who cares if it's for lawyers. I'm impressed.

    Years ago we bought one of those little cube heaters cause this house was freezing. Lots of single pane windows. It really helped us. Then we bought a second one. My DH used it to heat a small, closed off room when he was sick with the cancer, plus thyroid, blood clot, gout, anyway it worked great. It's been cold this winter but so far I haven't had to resort to using it. Probably because I've got my heated rice socks and sleep on two heating pads.

    And I just heart MORE rain tomorrow or late tonight. Can you believe this!!!!!

    Star: You're probably not realized it, but you do have a GIFT for writing!!!! Think about publishing.

    I did a search for sounds of the kukuburra and also the kangaroos. Quite interesting.

    Mikie: Since my xrays at the dentist didn't even show sinus problems, I dug out my myofascial pain book to read about the massater muscle, tried to massage it. You have to put your thumb into your mouth and use thumb and other fingers to massage trigger points. I'm sure that's the problem.....even have eye bags, larger than normal, along with twitching in my eye on that side. That means a trigger point that's causing teeth pain. This new dentist said it might be good for me to see a myofascial pain person.....of course I've got this fantastic book which I learned about years ago from ProHealth board.

    I stayed up LATE last night to watch a very good movie, so midnight was bed time. Slept this morning until 8 a.m. Just didn't feel creative today, so spent the day cleaning the kitchen and then part of the garage.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2017
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Woke early after an early night of sleep. Seems to be a built-in pattern. Oh well, the early bird gets the worm. As long as they are gummy worms. I went out on the lanai with Sir Vester and it is quite humid this morning. It's probably due to the big storm coming our way. The sprinklers ran last night so it probably will rain. I hope our dear Porchies in CA don't get washed away. I saw on TV that a ditch had been dug to carry off some of the water. Yikes! I'm ready for a nice gully washer here with lightning and thunder, as long as we don't lose power. Rain isn't scheduled until later in the evening. Our flowers around the bldg. are beautiful.

    Barry, as always, so good to see you here. Yes, I do know what a skink is but I'm guilty of reading posts too rapidly sometimes, especially when there are a lot of them. TV news had a pic of a large lizard crossing a busy street over in the Cape. No one knew what it was but an expert called in to say it was a large green iguana. Fortunately, drivers down here are always on the lookout for critters on the roads. I've stopped for large turtles many times. They are so slow that we usually carry them across. Most of the ones in the streets are about the size of hubcaps and they can be heavy. I keep wipes in my car for just such things. Handling a turtle can leave one with green slimy hands. AACCKK!!! Sorry you are not well. Hope you feel better.

    Rock, I figured that all kinds of things were used in movies to simulate blood and gore. Back then, they didn't have all the things and technology to do what they do in movies today. Today's films are amazing but I still love the old B&W movies from the WWII era. Some movies today still depend on good writing, good casting and good acting. I want to see Fences. I love Denzel Washington. I should walk around the hood but, like you, I just haven't been up to it lately. I hope to go to the pool tomorrow. Frank from downstairs has been going over to walk. He is still using a cane from the botched hip implant that got infected. He'll likely have to use it for the rest of his life. I'm sorry your career was cut short but I'm glad you did get to do it for a while. Almost all my life, I had a strange nagging feeling that I had to do the things I wanted to while I could. It's helped me to accept that I can no longer do them. I'm so happy that DD, DSIL and DGS seize the day and have the means to do a lot of interesting things. Other DD and SIL are too busy working but they do manage to take short vacations now and then. Instead of grand adventures or a career, I now try to find enjoyment in reading and TV, like most of us. I also enjoy my family when we can get together. Stay warm and dry, my friend. Oh, BTW, that tater tot dish looks like something my ex used to fix. I love tater tots but that casserole tasted like vomit and I didn't eat it. Blech!!!

    Gonna post and come back.

    Sun, what movie did you watch that you liked? I'm always up for a good movie. Tell us more. That myofascial trigger point relief book sounds as though it might be worth its weight in gold. Myofascial pain is, well, very painful. My whole body was in knots following the auto accident which triggered my FMS. The physical therapist who worked out the knots helped me sooooo much. He also showed me stretches to prevent the fascia from getting knotted up again. Now and then, I wake with horrible pain and muscle tightening in my neck and jaws. It used to scare me because that's often the first symptom of a heart attack in women. Now, I realize that it's likely just a muscle cramp. The builder put single-pane windows in our condos. When these condos were built, the standard was double-pane windows. How short sighted. Electricity is cheap here so I guess the builder thought it was cheaper to just run our A/Cs all the time due to the inefficiency. My A/C guy says it's better for the A/C to either run all the time or not at all. Good thing electricity isn't expensive but it may not be cheap forever. It goes up all the time. Now, if we replace any glass, it has to be high-impact hurricane resistant glass and it's not cheap. My neighbor in an identical unit to mine spent $10,000 replacing all his windows. Yikes!!! Hope you can stay dry, warm and pain free.

    My big Sunday newspaper was here early so I'll dig into it. Hope I feel as well today as I did yesterday. I didn't get up on the ladder because I had an ocular migraine and had to take my clonazepam. I get the OMs from time to time and putting half a tablet of clonazepam usually clears it right up. Doc said it can be dangerous to let one go too long. For a while there, I had some really psychedelic visual moments. A trip without the LSD. I had the TV on most of the day. Again, history in the making. Marches all over the world! As someone said, may we live in interesting times.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member


    In the earlier post that disappeared I replied to a couple of things, but failed to repeat myself in the last one.

    Anyway, I need to redo.

    Sun- the set up you described for the basement hydroponics, I think it was, sounds very much like our set up.
    Obviously we don't use artificial lighting, but the circulating (fish fertilised) water , travels through pvc pipes, filtered by a course type of rock, (rather than soil) and back into the fish tank/pond...
    Our strawberries are the best we've ever grown and no snail or insect damage.
    We did look into 'fingerlings' (baby fish), but it seemed a rather expensive gamble at the time.
    Investing in the trout could be a good thing because we'd be able to eat them once they are grown...decisions, decisions...

    Thanks for the compliment. I simply wanted to share the adventure here.
    What kind of books, besides the children's one, have you started on? You are certainly a person of many talents.
    I was really shocked to read about how your mouth was glued shut. How could that be? I wonder.
    And yes, here in Australia, the US Is known for sueing, but surely you had a strong case?! So much damage. Sorry to hear about all that trauma and pain and also what you would've endured by your husband's side, witnessing his demise.

    Mikie- yes I've heard turtles poo or pee on you as soon as they're picked up. And the gators- no thanks!
    We joked about having to keep on eye out for the Bears. Koala bears are hardly menacing.
    I'm very grateful we haven't seen any snakes. That's one feature I'm happy to avoid.
    Almost split my side laughing at your critique on the dish your ex made...you know it's an epic fail when something tastes like vomit!!

    Julie- I could commiserate with Lindsey and reading her blog reminded me of so many disasters in the home, esp when Treasures decided to 'help'. I would often lie and say my tears were 'happy tears'. Awful I know, but it simply wouldn't do to burden well-intentioned little hearts. Needless to say, we all manage to survive all the various house floods, drain blockages and catastrophes galore. One day at a time... You're such a kind grandma writing emails and sending dinner dollars for a special valentines meal...you're a very special, thoughtful lady. I can't remember if I commented on that doozie of a bargain or not, but What a price drop! You scored there.

    Barry, British Colombia too? Some of that looks like pretty hostile territory. Like Alaska
    Did you spot any bears while adventuring?
    Yeah. I know. Pick out the sultanas. Not That hard right? And surely Not the end of the world to bite into one?
    Some of us just do it so tough... I guess I wanted her to see that I Do consider her. A statement without actually saying a word.
    Can be a tough crowd living with teens... I wouldn't wanna do it over, would you? It's tough days when you find a sultana could push you over the edge... Seriously though, hormones are swinging left, right and centre these days and part of the reason we find ourselves getting back to basics out bush. Seems to be helping.
    Nothing like a drop toilet to give you perspective.

    Rock-I didn't know that a kangaroo would chase away birds to snatch at bird seed eigther.
    In fact I awoke to hearing one chew a hole in the birdseed bag! Talk about strange diet.
    Also, I'm thinking they may be a smaller breed. Paddy melons or something...nice of Gordon to come to the rescue and buy that plant...hope you are well and truly on the mend now. I think eating peanut butter sandwich is a good sign!
    And you published a book! Yeah. I'm with Sun on that. Very cool.

    Oh well, hopefully I managed to sufficiently rewrite what I'd lost on a previous post and I'll call it a night.
    I reckon that bloke'll cough up a lung , if he doesn't settle down. He's probably hovering over a camp fire making things a hundred times worse- For Everyone...

    This morning I awoke to noisy chomping right outside my swag, at my head. I looked, even thoughI knew full well who'd be the culprit. Turns out my devious Dh thought it'd be amusing for me to wake up to noisy birds and Roos, a breath away. So he spread seed all around the top end (on the dirt), just outside of my swag... Treasures loved the idea of me being 'pranked' as they say.
    As I often say 'cheap thrills'.

    Oh joy, speaking of which- growling little Roos are at it again.
    Yes. Definitely an adventure to remember :)

    Hi to Everyone here at the porch.
    Best be trying to get some zzzz's.
    Sweet dreams & take care.
    Catch ya's later
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry:. That must have been some adventurous time you spent in the forest of BC. We only slightly touched on that area when we were first married, but beautiful and wild. How old were you at the time? Thinking back on ALL we could do before we were hit with "whatever", it can really get one down. I'm still fighting it, and refuse to give in.

    Mikie: OMG....occular migraine! I've only had one and one was enough. Scared the bezeebers out of me and went to the optometrist as soon as I could to get checked. Windytalker gets them often, but does one ever get used to them?

    The movie was The War Room. I listen to a christian station and one of the stars of this movie, Priscilla Shire, is a Christian motivational speaker for women. Never heard of her so had to order the movie, thinking it was about war. In a way it was, It's about learning to pray for your husband or wife......The war room is a "prayer closet" where you get into the habit of reading your bible and pour out your heart to God and then turning it all over to him. It was a most powerful movie.....I think it should be required watching for any troubled marriage. I learned so much, see that I made so many mistakes in my marriage and wish I had seen this movie years before my marriage started having sooooo many problems.

    Star: My son told me about eventually having some fish in the tank too. Makes sense.

    When someone needs a crown on a tooth, an impression has to be made of your teeth, a type of plaster is used that sets up pretty darn quick. I just couldn't go thru seeing an attorney, and everything involved with it. I'm really not an outgoing person, have to push myself to do a lot of things. But never thought that the dislocated jaw would cause so much suffering. My dentist told me the other day I have a form of TMJ... it affects the entire face, meaning my nose too and causes tooth aches and headaches too.

    About my "novels" years ago I did a little one page, just to see if I could write, that eventually turned into 72 pages so far. I had no plan, just following the life of my main person. It was amazing how more people would materialize.....I hadn't even planned on them. The problem is I have taken the husband to Grand Cayman Islands.....he's gotten involved with a millionaire and he's smuggling $ into the island to shelter. I did a lot of reading on off shore shelters....boy was my eyes opened. But I'm stuck. I used to say I needed to go to the Grand Cayman Island to get the feel of it!!!LOL. Only was there once on a cruise, and all we did was snorkel for a few hours then a short tour around the city. But I think I'm over my head here.

    Then I have another one started, which is going pretty good, probably if I finish it, it will be a short story but funny.

    But like I said you definitely have a gift for writing, and words just seem to roll off your fingers onto the "page".

    Rock: It's still raining out where I live! Don't know how long this storm will last.

    I'm moving slow this morning. It's almost noon and all I've done is take a shower and clean some bathrooms. I hope to work on my Etsy store all day though.
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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good evening dear Porchies !!!

    Yes, I do think that our STAR, SUN and MIKIE could be in the writing business. You all have the flair and it is fun to read you posts. SW could also be one too now that I think of it. Gee what a bunch of talented people we have here on the PORCH. Would be nice if we all were healthy and we didn't have other things we need to do and or think about.

    Went to church this morning and came out and and it was not only a bit chilly but VERY windy. It was like a mini hurricane and you could feel it in the church when they opened the door. The wind made it feel like it was much colder than it really was. Started out in the mid to hi 50's I think and landed eventually in the mid 60's this afternoon. I just did a wash and sat and watched part of the play off game with DH . OMG, Atlanta really creamed Green Bay. Not that I was really watching it that much in between the game I was playing but the first half was quite lopsided. DH is inside watching the second playoff game.

    ROCK - You speaking of Minnesota and their Hot dishes. That one actually sound s pretty good. It took me a bit years ago to figure out that all their hot dishes were just casseroles of one kind or another. My x neighbor used to live in Minnesota and she was always calling different recipes "Hot Dishes." Hope your storm isn't to bad that is supposed to come your way. We had ours the other day at night and there is a mess all over and we will have to clean it up tomorrow a.m. No line dancing tomorrow - boo - hoo ):!! There have been some bad storms all over the past fews days and ours went into ms. and Ga and caused tornadoes, damage and deaths. So very sad.

    So many things going through my befuddled brain so can't remember everything everyone has said here on the porch, May bet back here tomorrow sometime after massive cleanup including cutting back what we call elephant ear plants but is probably really some kind of Philadendron plant I think. It is funny how they all die after the freeze and then come back little by little since they are bulbs under the ground. They grow so hugs and then die and after you cut them way back they grow back little by little again and get some BIG. We also have broken limbs all over the places from todays and the other evenings winds.

    Special HUGZ to MIKIE, LINDA, JULIE,, BARRY, SPRING WATER, STAR, DIANE, ELAINE and everydobby else I haven't spoken to yet !! Hope you are all doing well, or as well as can be expected !!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hiya all

    A fleeting visit because there's things waiting to be done which can't wait..but I did want to pop in and see what all you all have been up to. I will bbl. So good to see long newsy posts from Mikie, Star n all.

    Star - it was like watching an Attenborough docu reading your post. I held my breath during your narration of the butterfly moment. Heaven must be like that, huh? Only permanent, not a brief few minutes.

    I think Sun posted the sound of a koala bear in heat, didn't sound koala bearish, more devil, Tasmanian or otherwise.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful time with us.

    Rock - good Lord...I clicked on another video of Boo which came up after your video played out and so surprised Boo is full grown, NOT a puppy! It's a good thing I don't own a Boo breed otherwise I would be petting or playing with him all day and get nothing else done.! I generally find ALL dogs cute no matter what breed they are or if they don't hv a breed name but Boo is something else. !

    Granni - agree about what you said about writers on this board, I have to add Rock to the list. I've thought from the start I would keep a library of Rocks slice of life writings on my bedside shelf if he ever did write books. I love laughing. And he makes me. There was someone called Didoe on another board, she wrote exquisite. When she wasn't being overwhelmed with conditions or situations. And those came frequently. I hope everyone is fine. I got in touch with someone else I used to worry about, and was so relieved.

    Good to see Barry look in. I hope you soon are on the upswing.

    Well, will be back.

    God Bless
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Spent yesterday resting as I was just plain old worn out and my arthritis was causing a lot of pain in my hands and wrists. Can't say I'm in a flare of much of anything but this is about as bad as I've felt in a looong time. Ever since that head cold, I just haven't been well. On top of everything, I'm having the doldrums. A friend told me that excess magnesium caused a friend to lose the will to live. I'm wondering whether that is causing me to feel like this. Yikes! I'll just do the best I can and hope it runs its course. Whine, whine, whine.

    We had violent thunder storms during the night. I kept waking to wind whipping the rain against our bldg. We didn't sustain damage here but, over on the East Coast, roofs were blown off. There were tornado watches but news didn't mention that any had touched down. I'm glad we got some rain.

    Star, I join the others in praise of your writing. We love hearing your wonderful stories about camping in the wild. Hope the munching noises didn't keep you from getting your sleep. Now it's your turn to play a trick on him. Hmmmm, revenge is best served cold. Hope you enjoy the trip and come home safe and sound.

    Sun, you really are multi-talented. I wrote a short bio a few years back but haven't revisited it for a long time. Nothing interesting has happened to me since then so probably no need to add on. I haven't tried my hand at writing stories. That movie does sound interesting. I'm so far behind on watching shows, especially on Amazon and Netflix. I probably won't catch up til next summer. Then, I'll be happy to have something to watch. I have had the ocular migraines over the years. Unless one knows what's happening, it could be scary. I've not had one that the clonazepam didn't get rid of, thank God.

    Granni, we have huge elephant ear plants down here. Ours never die down. Not much does here. Live oaks drop their acorns and cypress drop their needles. Other than that, it's summer all year long. Doesn't mean we don't have yardwork. With everything growing so fast, we have to trim, trim, trim. I have to go trim back our shrimp plants. The so-called landscapers are too lazy to do them. You probably had the same storm which wreaked havoc here last night. I hope we don't have a lot of broken limbs. I was just glad the power didn't go out.

    Spring, good to see you here. I hope you can come back when you can stay.

    Off to read the paper and have another cup 'o joe. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017

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