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    Saw it was time for a new one..come in

    Rest ye selves

    Our new year celebs are done...and relieved. I would love to do what Rock suggested..just recycle last years..but it wouldn't feel right..so this year I did the bare bones..got ina few essentials and made do.

    It seems like our Porchies are still dealing with couter gremlins, sniffles, aches, pains, sorethroat. Must be the season. I dealt with a sharp pain in the lower hips area on one side, but it didn't feel like something I did, soI used my own healing stuff and it went. Would've been inconvenient to hobble around during New Years with all the visits to monasteries n all.

    Every family gets together in the partriach or martriachs house and then go with gifts to wish the family or community guru, religious priest.

    A second cousin of DHs also decided to open their new hotel in new year so one day went there and another visiting my deceased brothers wife's. (She keeps up the tradition of giving a New Years lunch. )Like a lot of carpet manufacturers, that family's carpet factory went bust, but they decided to try their hand at hoteliering. Ours went into hydropower. Just a tiny investment. My DH doesn't hv much senior help his uncles each hv their own thing...DHs brother has a restaurant..hoteliering needs a lot of hard work..that family is a close knit unit of four brothers and their grown kids. They got hit by the earthquake, and then the economic blockade but God is with the brave...and they pulled through.

    Hmmm computer gremlins are at it..took me half an hour to post this much..I will come back when I've done some morning chores. Better not miss the trash people coming to collect..there's two huge sacks to be put out.
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    Hi Spring...so good to see you and glad your festivities are done. Glad you could get rid of the pain in your hip. Thanks for the new volume and the inviting porch.

    I am working into the night, it seems...finishing up this tax/estate stuff (well, what I have to have done for the meeting tomorrow.) Truth be told, I didn't get that much done on it during the day today. It takes awhile to find my groove, overcome the panic attacks that accompany this mess, and settle down to concentrate. And I keep getting confused on what I am doing...I have Den and my personal taxes, Gpa's personal taxes, then what I can do (so far) of the estate tax stuff.

    Den saw sis's boyfriend driving on our road in sis's van...yesterday and today as Den was on his way home from work. Probably just as a taxi for some of our Amish neighbors, but still makes me uncomfortable....met him today right at the end of our lane. Anyway, some day sis won't have that affect on me...deep breaths.

    I'd better get back to work. I'm working in the downstairs bedroom, so as not to keep Den awake with the light.

    Take care, everyone
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    Hi Kids

    A nice, cheerful red porch, Springwater. Reminds me of a house in our Minnesota
    village that was painted red. My mother, who had very high standards about
    everything except picking a husband, didn't mind that the house was red. But
    she strongly objected to the flowers planted around it which were shades of orange
    and red.


    The house above has an enclosed porch. Looks much like the house my folks
    bought in 1960. The price was $8,000. Today just the parquet floor in the dining
    room would probably cost 2 or 3 times that much. I didn't live there long as I was
    away finishing up at college.

    Well, it's going on 4AM. Had a long nap yesterday afternoon, but can't sleep at
    all tonight. I've been slugging down various painkillers for the sore throat, but
    they don't seem to help. Maybe some of your home remedies would do the
    trick, Spring.

    Julie, I know you are the executor of the will, but does that mean you have to do
    the bookkeeping and arithmetic? Can't the estate pay someone to do it? You are
    already doing the work of two men and a boy. (Is that another old saying that
    has become political incorrect? Hope not. It used to be a compliment.)

    My brother got back to Minnesota after the trip to Texas. He called me last night.
    Gordon told him he'd better wait till I called him 'cause I couldn't communicate
    in my present condition.

    I don't want to go back to tossing and turning. Maybe I'll do some turning and

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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Got better sleep last night and am just lazing around here this morning. I'm catching up on news and watching a political special I had recorded last night. News today is moving so fast that I can barely keep up. I'm going to have to take notes if I want to be able to string everything together as it's soooo easy to forget things when on info overload. I still feel that old civic responsibility from my yute regarding being an informed citizen. It's so easy to be blasted with information without being informed. Doh!!!

    I feel a tad better today. I took just one of those initial supps which had caused side effects; I'm trying to give them another chance. If I can tolerate them, it would be ideal. There is a HUGE difference in the milligrams in those versus what would have been in the Rx. This is one of the things which makes me question this doc. On the one hand, he is respected and seems to be a good doc. On the other, he often seems to be zoned out. Looking back, I can't understand why he didn't order the 24-hr. urine tests as soon as the stones were discovered. Had I been able to correct the citrate deficiency, I might not have had to undergo the procedures. We'll never know. So now, I just have to deal with what is and make the best of it. I just hope these citrate supps prevent new stones.

    Spring, thanks for getting us up and running again. Love the inviting red house. I think it's wonderful that y'all have so many celebrations to usher in the New Year. I think you are very brave to attend them. It's been a long time since I've celebrated the calendar New Year here. Hope you got your garbage out in time. Reminds me that I have to take mine down to the dumpster. Arg! I hate doin that. The good news is that I usually run into some of my friends/neighbors.

    Julie, I'm so glad you found your paperwork. Just dealing with that kind of stuff gives me anxiety. In fact, just thinking about dealing with it makes me anxious. St. Anthony gets a real workout from me with all the things I lose or misplace. I think I left my handmade pottery coffee mug at Frank's and Ilona's place yesterday when I went down to have coffee with them. Pray for protection from any negative influence in your life right now. God and his angels will protect you.

    Rock, that house looks like one I would love to live in, at least, from the outside. One thing I found when looking at older houses is that they often have very small bathrooms and almost no closet space. In the old days, people had a lot less clothing. Everybody says we can no longer live on one income but look how people live now compared to how we lived then. We didn't have big bills for cable and phones and we drove one car. Most of us didn't take yearly vacations. Maybe we were poor and didn't know it. Back then, it just seemed like middle-class to us. Actually, I never heard that term; to us, it was just 'normal.' Hope you feel better. Take really good care of yourself, my friend.

    Sun, I am so sorry your sciatica is so bad. Did you try my suggestions about how to try to reposition your hip/pelvis alignment? I had to do it throughout the day until it seemed to have worked. I found that the stretches, along with the realignment positions, were the most helpful. Alternating heat and ice helped too. So did massaging my thigh to break up the inflammation and taking anti-inflammatories. I took 800 mgs. of ibuprophen at a time. It's vital to break the pain cycle. Good luck to you.

    OK, Kiddies, I'm off to greet the day even though I don't feel like greeting anything. I don't know whether it's the state of the world, my ongoing health problems or financial worries about the future that have made me feel so blue. :confused: It could be all of the above. Who knows? I'm not usually like this. I have done everything I can so I shouldn't be this way. I need to pray and meditate. I'll be OK, just hate it when the blues come along. Whine, whine, whine!

    Hope all y'all are fine as a fiddle today.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi guys...just a quick note...up too late and need to at least get dressed before I head out the door. Glad I showered and did my hair last night, knowing I would be crunched for time this morning...

    Rock, I do consider it a compliment about working like two men and a boy, lol! I often say someone "works like a man." I know plenty of women who are hard workers, but I know what you are saying...thank you!

    Anyway, all I'm doing is most of the "leg work" for the estate (and the attorney's office is doing the legal stuff.) I just have to get receipts together and catagorize them (farm and Gpa's personal), count up mileage (for doctor appts., etc.), find any of those deductions that might be counted, make sure I have located any sources of income, etc (the attorney's assistant is going to help me put everything on the correct tax forms (Gpa's personal or estate.) Then we'll send it all up to the accountant to figure and file for us.

    My problem is that I am so emotionally connected to Gpa, sis, the whole situation. I have felt so weighed down (really ever since sis moved up here and tried to take over, but wasn't really doing anybody any good) that I am already imagining myself just "floating into the air" when this is all done. I try to tell myself just to "forget her" or "don't let her bother me"...but until this estate is done, I do have to have contact with her.

    Then there's the fact that I'm not very thick-skinned...and the things she has said about me, and to me... along with how she treated Gpa (and us when we were trying to move his things, and even how she treated his cat)...that stuff has all really done a number on me.

    So, here I have used up my time to talk about me...sorry...gotta go...Hi to Mikie and everyone else to. Will check in later.
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    Mikie, I'll join you in the blues. Maybe we can sing. I feel I have to keep up with the news, just as you do. It gets me down though....:confused:. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day....

    Spring is here -- bunches of crocus flowers, blue violets, white violets, all kinds of daffodils, buds showing colour on the Chinese magnolia, yellow flowers on the Forsythia bush, primroses, grape-hyacinths, and on and on. Camellias. Dandelions--:eek: :eek::eek:!

    I saw the first vultures of the year y-day. I love them so much, watching them glide around in the sky without flapping their wings. I guess they are like kites. Also saw a fox sparrow, which seem very few on the ground this year.... I am very worried about the environment, the chemicals that are sprayed onto crops, and on and on. :(

    Springwater, what a nice photo of a porch. I wonder where it is? I see palm trees, geraniums in bloom in the pots, and what appears to be a Christmas wreath on the house. Hmmm. Maybe Australia/N.Z, or ? Maybe it's not a wreath of X-mas.

    Rock, call the doc. re your throat pain. Or have Gordon do so.

    Sun, so sorry for your sciatica. I've been getting a bit lately in my left thigh. I must learn to stop crossing my legs so much, and sitting sideways also. Both bad. And weeding is hell on my back sometimes. And there are a hell of a lot of weeds this year. Digging up the blackberries is the worst job --- I leave that for the not so handy handyman. And my Matilija Poppy is spreading like crazy after refusing to grow for many years. The flowers look almost like huge fried eggs. I'd post a pic if I knew how....

    Someone's at the door; maybe I'll answer it.
    Later Folks,
    Love and Peace to All.

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    Barry: I remember I had my dad take me to a garden nursery before I could drive so I could order a Matilija poppy for my mom's BD. My neighbor has a huge one, has tried to give me shoots from it but they just don't take so every summer I enjoy hers. Here's a pic for you. Their petals are like crinkled tissue paper.


    My gardener told me it would take the 3 of them to work for about 3-4 hrs. I DON'T THINK SO. He must think I'm a cash cow for his milking. I have small weeds and I know how long it would take for someone without a bad back.

    I dug around my tools and found a long pole with a slightly curved metal piece on the end, about 2 1/2" wide. So......I tried it in my garden, twisting it after shoving it in the dirt. WOW....it works. I was going to spend $25 on the garden Weasel weeder. That has two metal curved steel pieces that you twist, so I'm happy I found this tool just sitting there. I think it is for scraping up old tile on the floor. I'm going to sharpen the end so when I shove it into the dirt it can cut things.

    My back seems to be slowly getting better, at least it feels like it today. I know exactly the movement that caused this so won't be doing that again.

    Mikie: I've been doing everything including all the stretches on youtube. For the first week I even wore an ice pack against where the trigger point was. Early this morning I woke with pain so took some tramadol with the ibuprofen......read that it was actually good to take those together. And then made some coffee so kick start them. So I'm feeling sleep deprived today.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in. I'm feeling a bit better emotionally. When I feel blue, I think it's usually more physical than emotional. I seem to feel it when I get run down. Today, I'm sure the Red Tide is bad. My chest hurts and I'm short of breath. Of course, all the rotten stuff happening doesn't help lift my spirits. I just need to concentrate on the positive aspects of life. SV came up to snuggle with me and cooed in a sweet little voice. Awwww! Soooo sweet!

    DD called and said she has sent my iPhone. She even found the box, ear buds and charger. Geez, I had figured I'd have to buy them. The phone is unlocked and cleaned of data. Woo Hoo! Just hope it works when I get a new plan. They are headed to Puerto Rico for Spring Break. She found out one of DGS's soccer pals and his family will be there so they will be doing things together. DSIL speaks Spanish and lived in PR when he was growing up and his DD was in the Air Force. I hope they have a good time.

    My ex also called. He is seeing the surgeon. The neurologist is sending him there following his MRI. He has four vertebrae in his neck pinching the nerve causing a lot of pain. I wished him good luck. Hope all goes well.

    Julie, a really good compliment would be to have someone tell you you're working like two women and a girl! Just kidding! It doesn't matter; it all just means you work hard and do a lot. I always say I'm working like a rented mule. You needn't wait to feel as though you are floating without a care in the world. That is what visualizing is all about. Stop and rest until your breathing is nice and even and picture yourself floating while letting go of the stress. Be sure you are completely relaxed and not holding the stress in your muscles. It may take some effort but it will help. Once, when Ilona was being quite mean, I came inside and went to bed. It was bothering me to be around her. I heard my Mom's voice plain as day. She said it didn't matter how she was acting; it only matters how I act. As hurtful as it may feel, it doesn't matter how she acts. You act out of kindness and that's all that matters. Believe it.


    Barry, I know--the state of the world is like a train wreck. It's horrible but I can't look away. Yikes! Spring sounds beautiful there. It's really nice here but we don't get those springtime blooms. I couldn't figure out how a flower could look like an egg and, viola! It does look like an egg--a fried egg. I love it; it's so pretty. We get a lot of thermals here and it's perfect for the birds when they want to soar almost effortlessly. The vultures like to sit on the roof of Joe's bldg. and I could swear they look in at me. Sometimes, I wonder whether they know something I don't. We also have wild turkeys that like to sit up on the roofs. It's a good thing I can't sing or I'd be singin' the blues when I feel sad. No one wants to hear me sing, even a happy song. I hope you feel better and your back stops hurting. Check out the info I've posted for Sun; it really helped me when my sciatica was soooo bad I could barely walk. Inflammation is a huge part of sciatica and, as much as I don't like taking pain meds, ibuprophen is really good at getting rid of it. So is massaging it. Good luck.

    Sun, we were posting at the same time. I'm so glad your back is better. I've never had such pain as sciatica. I hope it continues to improve. I'm also glad you found that gadget to help you garden. Our gardeners are sooooo sloooow! I'm laughing about being milked as a cash cow. That's udderly ridiculous! I think it bodes well that you're doing everything for your back and it's getting better. It does take time to heal. I still get a twinge of it now and then, seemingly out of the blue. Take care, my friend.

    I just watched some old episodes of Long Island Medium. I love her. Even my DSIL, who was such a skeptic when he and DD got married, now loves her too. He watches it in the motel when he has a layover. For me, it's very uplifting to know our loved ones, and someday we, live on after life here. There is no pain--only love, peace and joy. Also, there are supposed to be flowers there in colors we don't have here and they bloom for the glory of God. This is a common theme among those who have had near-death experiences.

    Love, Mikie
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    So many things going on and nothing happening, does that make sense ??? Well,, that is how things are going on around here. The only thing I got accomplished was a wash still in the drier and my hair done today. Horray for the hair getting cut and colored at least.

    I need to do so me painting tomorrow. I was fooling around on the computer today andhad some problems trying to order tickets in June for us and another couple at Palo Duro Canyon which is supposed to be gorgeous. They have a musical show there outside in a lovely amphitheater. That was a long story but I finally did it. DH wanted to go take a walk so we did but came back soon. My shoulder and neck has been driving me nuts today like a major crick in it and down the shoulder. Ouch !!!

    DH needs help with dinner so I had better run.

    JULIE 0 Hang in there sweetie you are great and don't let anyone tell you anything different even if it was mostly you know who telling you those bad things or others who spoke to her.

    Thinking of everydobby. HI MIKIE, ROCK, SUN, BARRY STAR et al !!

    Long story now with DCD not much happening there except for none of the right things. More later. I had better paint tomorrow. We finally got the extra long hose today so we can see about getting the new DW installed.

    Granni :)
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    Barry and Mikie: I remember years ago I was driving to a store I serviced, kinda in the country with lots of open spaces and a few farms. I looked over and saw a lot of large, strange looking birds so I got off the freeway and came around, stunned. Turkey vultures! I had never seen them before, there were about 25 of them right near the fence so I got some good looks. Fascinating. Actually I had to come home and look them up online to see what they were.

    And about the sciatic pain.......it hurt incredibly bad when I had to walk or even get out of bed and stand! I still have pain but not nearly as bad as even a few days ago. And it seems like there's also pain around the joint, like my leg bone isn't quite sitting right. Today is day 11. Can I say I'm sooooo thankful I have a one story house. I had to go to the PO today and there's steps leading up to it, and I have to say I cringed just thinking about them.

    Mikie: I watched Spy animals on PBS last night. Unbelievable what those creative geniuses have come up with. I wanted to watch the program about Africa that came on afterwards but I was just too tired. But, I think I can catch these online. I'll have to check into it.

    Linda: Where are you? I've thought about you as I was in such pain. And when is the wedding?

    Julie: Did you get to the lawyer's office today?

    Spring: I missed my art class on tuesday but got an email about the artist we will be learning about. So I looked him up, apparently he is a famous Chinese artist who paints Tibetan ladies and animals that fly! I thought you might be interested. Very beautiful.

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  11. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    I got some good sleep last night but, as usual, woke early. I had tried another of those supps the doc originally wanted me to take which I couldn't tolerate. I tried just one tablet yesterday morning to give them one more chance. I was fine til the afternoon when I got horrible ringing in my ears and a bad headache. Another strange thing is that they cause pain on the right side/back of my neck. I had viral meningitis on that side when I was in my late 20's. It's been vulnerable ever since then. Soooo, long story short--I simply cannot take the supps. Today, I'm going back to the ones I get at the Vitamin Shoppe. They will set me back about $26 a month. I'm going to check online to see whether I can do a bit better.

    Granni, I know all too well those days when I get nothing done 'cept fixing my hair. It needs to be cut so guess I'll do it today. I tried to save some pics of Palo Duro State Park but they wouldn't save nor upload. I had figured it was way out west toward NM, based on the rock formations. If I were going, I'd try to go horse back riding. I haven't done that in ages. When are you going? Sorry you neck and shoulder are bothering you. Hope you feel better.

    Sun, I'm laughing thinking about your getting off the freeway to check out those birds. I think the ones here are the turkey vultures but in the Everglades, I saw some of the more traditional looking ones. There's only one main highway east to west and there's always lots of road kill for them to feast on. It gets more tricky for them once traffic picks up. That artist is amazing. Flying yaks! I love it. Is he considered a Surrealist painter? I've always loved them. Dali's drooping watches/clocks is one of my favorites. I'm thinking a painting of a flying Sir Vester would be fun to look at. Yes, those spy animals are fascinating. I cracked up at the spy dung balls. Good grief! When my sciatica was soooo bad, my pain seemed to be very bad in my femur bone. I think it's just radiating pain and massaging the inflammation along the outside of my thigh really helped it. It hurts like hell when it's massaged but it helps in the long run. Good luck; it sounds as though it's on the mend. One stretch I liked was to stand facing my bed with my legs up against it. Then, I just stretched out, bending from the waist up, reaching my hands forward until I was face down on the bed. Holding the stretch really felt good.

    OK, gonna post this and come back to edit so I don't lose everything. I hope all y'all have a very good day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone..

    I finally got back here only now. It was hot day and managed to hv the kitchen and dining room curtains washed. Boy, were they dirty! Took a hand soak and then three rinse cycles.

    Also nipped out and paid some dues. There was a new extension to a clothes shop and I went and browsed. Luckily they didn't hv something I fell totally in love with...I've been trying to restrain my spending habits. Clothes, books. This season is a bit heavy on the budget...weddings galore, new year. A big dent in the budget when the underground pipe at my (widowed)sister in laws house sprung a leak. Harrowing time trying to find the where. Because it runs under the main road and the locals get furious if you dig up the tarred toad. Done finally and new pipes laid and water service restored. Thank you, God.

    Oh how I miss my DB. He would've done all the running around. My SIL did it with the help of her large family but everyone is busy these days, and I worry when stuff happens to them.

    Rock - I love that house, I would probably hv a rambling garden, not so neat but otherwise perfect!

    Mikie - I got the ringing in the ears but it was accompanied by my hip pinching pain. ...but then I did my healing stuff..maybe dealing with stuff immediately keeps it from getting serious. Here people immediately attribute ringing in ears to general weakness. I've been eating well, don't seem to hv major deficiencies. I got myself tested for thyroid and diabetes, and all that stuff after my friend insisted...and she recounted how all our friends seemed to be developing something or other. The doc made out ten twelve tests, potassium, haemogobin, liver, kidney...I dont know..everything.he just said i must get inmore exercise and also eat consciously. Now thAt I'm over 50. Im thinking I must do those stretches you recommend. I experience stiffness especially when it's cold out.

    Flying Sir Vester...hahahaha.

    Sun - that shade of blue sky in the picture. The bright blue. What shade is that called? It was my favourite colour when I was a child. We don't get that shade of blue sky here. It's too muggy. Also the lovely aqua colour of the girls dress. I thought the picture looked a like a Tibetan heaven. Can't wait to get to heaven. A tibetan one or otherwise.

    Granni - I will look up Palo Duro canyon...it sounds like something else..a musical in a mouthwatering in a canyon. The computer has gone crazy. What on earth has it typed? How does ampitheatre get autocorrected to mouthwatering?

    Julie- seems like the past few years hv left you drained emotionally and physically. It's going to take some getting over sis. I wonder whether you hv the same effect on her? Considering she seemed to spend so much time pressing yr buttons and now you are no longer there. She might be getting withdrawal symptoms.

    Considering you are going thru this emotional roller coaster, do you think talking to a therapist would help you regain your sense of peace and security faster? I'm sure this has got to be so bad for your health. And you have dear Den to care for.

    That's a lovely picture of the two of you and your DM., btw.

    Barry - I don't know where that porch is from. But it does look like a palm tree there. Your homestead sounds beautiful, now. Spring. Flowers. Birds. Fresh smells.butterflies. I've not listened to the news.neither international nor local. They do nothing for my spirits.
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  13. lydia1

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    Hi guys! So many posts since I was here last...I won't even try to remember and reply, but I did read and am thinking of you all.

    What can I say...the attorney's assistant is a lifesaver! She has worked for another attorney for years. They were both getting ready to retire as the attorney had a younger attorney ready to take over his practice...but the younger attorney (in his 40's) died suddenly a few months ago.

    The older attorney considered just closing his practice, but instead decided to move in with Gpa's attorney (and his assistant came with him to tie up some loose ends, but then she was going to go ahead and retire, herself.) But then....Gpa's attorney's secretary suddenly resigned...so the attorney asked this lady to help him get caught up. I'm so thankful she agreed...she works from home a lot, but is always available thru email or messages at the office.

    Anyway, we got a few more pieces of the estate worked through...takes time to contact different entities, etc. and wait for a reply. But we did get one of Gpa's tax returns filled out to send to the accountant...have to wait for the estate one until all assets have been liquidated (part of what the previous secretary didn't get done, so time limits had expired and we had to start over with some of the process.)

    I visited my dad afterwards, ran a couple errands, grabbed supper to bring home to Den, went to bed and slept for over 12 hours! Yes, from about 5:30 pm to after 6:00 am.

    Today, I go to the local chiro at 11:00, then need to get groceries and the rest of the things for Susan's "sunshine box". She, Amy and the girls will be here tomorrow. Susan may drive all night tonight, or wait till tomorrow to leave...either way, I need to get food bought and partly prepped...and get the guest room turned from "estate stuff office" back into the guest room. And whatever else I can get done, but I'm not going to stress about it.

    Today, my mama has been gone for five years. I'll leave with a pic of the two of us. Hope everyone has a good enough day...

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  14. Tori Z

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    Hellooooo friends,

    Yes, I dropped off the face of the earth - no, just lost my forum link and then...
    Bill's next contract was cancelled last Friday. He has recruiters working with him and we are getting over the shock after the position promised an 18+month contract. Someone higher up bought some software to do what he was hired to do - write a cyber security program. We'd just recovered from his company downsizing in emergency measure and dumping employees like one would toss water from a sinking rowboat.
    We had an earth loss of a dear family member in his youth this past week and memorial is tomorrow.
    That 24 hour time frame from Friday to Saturday left us reeling. You all are no strangers to situations and battles and I admire your fellowship.

    I have thought of all often while walking in the back yard pulling dandelion flowers up to keep them from going to seed. Yes, I thought about feeding the bees too, but they seed so fast in Texas sun lately that the bees better be early birds. We didn't put down any broadleaf control or any other control for that matter as we have 2 cats that walk out there and I'm a very careful barefoot person... and avoid increasing chems in our lives for a few reasons. The weed hound works pretty well, but if a piece of the root is left, well, it grows all over again. Bending over to pick the flowers is good for me to keep flexibility.
    I'll confess that I watch the little early white butterflies around here and wish I had something blooming in the front yard that they could feed on. I'm always feeding something if I can.
    Iggy the skinny neighborhood dog, who has a home but escapes every fence, et al is finally looking fatter. I posted to the Next Door app when he got very thin, asking if he had lost his owners or had parasites. Looks like the family got him on something and he no longer has a tapeworm. He's getting to be pudgy :) after having known all the places in a square mile that he could find food.
    The local cat I'm feeding isn't always on the timing, but I want to put up posters after reporting it also to the local animal shelter and "lost/found pet" groups on social media. It ate 2x daily with us for about 2 weeks, then got off schedule or something prolly due to a female in heat down the street. I hope to catch him with a loaner trap from animal services.

    We have a coyote in the neighborhood and I feel badly for it being so hungry it shows during the day.

    I must read up and catch up with you all. My bookmark is in place.

    Sending warmest greetings to some amazing people.

    Julie, your Mom is beautiful. The acorn didn't fall too far from the tree. The missing them feeling never quite leaves but I hear they can see us when they look.

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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Finally got out of bed. Spent a couple hours drifting in and out of sleep. That's
    the closest I ever get to meditating.

    Julie, nice picture. Glad to hear the attorney's assistant can help you. I looked
    up Sunshine box. Seems to be a box containing anything you want to send to a
    friend. One gal said everything she enclosed was yellow. She even painted the
    box yellow. Several folks said they got the idea from Pinterest. Can sending a friend
    a box of stuff really be considered a new idea? Oh yeah, I already have an ad
    on my home page from Amazon for Sunshine boxes.

    Springwater, my mother created a garden at the above house, but it was much
    smaller than the one at our previous place. Perhaps because she was getting
    older. Also had two more kids to take care of.

    Mikie, which is harder to pilot? A horse or an airplane? The flower that looks
    like an egg reminds me I haven't had an egg sandwich for ages. I don't mean egg
    salad. I mean a one egg omelet you stick in a sandwich. Up to you if you want
    to add stuff to like cheese, ham, onion.

    Sun, great pic by Mr Wang. I wonder if he's related to Vera Wang. Gordon
    never mentions any Wangs, but he does know lots of Wongs. I hope the
    sciatic pain continues to lessen.

    Granni, Good luck with getting the new DW installed. Hope the crick in the
    shoulder gets uncricked.

    Barry, my throat pain is better but still annoying. Gordon did call the doc
    and get a prescription for that lidocaine stuff, but it wasn't very helpful.
    And it's thick and oily. Gets all over everything. I'm just sticking to pills
    for pain relief now.

    I never heard of a fox sparrow. Found a pic. Very similar to the common sparrow
    which I guess is what we had in MN. One of the few birds that didn't go South
    for the winter. Used to hear folks says, "Spring is here. I saw a robin today."
    What do folks say today? "Spring is here. I saw a kid on a skateboard."?

    Never heard of a Chinese Magnolia either. Our tea cup magnolia is still looking
    good despite all the rain. If you want instructions on posting a pic send me an
    in box message.

    Hugs Star, Dianne, Tori, Linda, GB

    The Fox Sparrow
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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    This is all I can do today. Hope to get back to write more tomorrow. Did some cleaning of posts this morning and washes . After lunch went with DD shopping and then off to a couple of stores including SAMSs. I did get a pair of pinkish capris along with a couple of pair of workout capris for $10 each. DD bought a lot more stuff than I did but I am paying for my stuff out of my SS and she doesn't get her for sometime yet, Hoping the washing of the posts will look good enough that I do not have to paint them. I tried on and so did DD these skinny jeans with the expansion fabric in it. I could wear it OK but am high waisted and I need such a big size that way but then the waist is huge. DD didn't get any of them either. She has some of my same problems but she has more weight on her in the wrong places too :)!! I am trying to get some of the right kind of clothes, which I really didn't find today other than the one pair of real capris but I have so ,many things that do not fit me right and my closet is so full of stuff I really don't like or can't wear. I also need some summer and short sleeved tops that are long enough for me not to have to tuck in as they never stay in my waistband anyway. I am so long waisted. My crick or whatever is doing better just lots of pain from being off my mag. Don't think that is my problem and will start back on it soon.

    JULIE - That is such a nice pic of you and your mom and I know you miss her so much like I miss mine but I guess I sort of got used to her being gone as she didn;t live close by to me for many years in another state. Your dad looked so nice on FB after his haircut and beard trim. Very handsome dad I can say :)!! Hope all your heavy burdens will be off you soon with the estate and all . You have so many problems and things to do and worry about. Keep on hanging kiddo.

    Hi to MIKIE , ROCK, SW, TORY, STAR, SUN., DIANE et all. I need to get off here and get ready for beddy bye. Hope to come and check on you all tomorrow.

    Bye for now !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Tori: I wondered what had happened to you. I'm glad you found us again....make a note of the link. I'm sorry for the troubles your DH and of course you are going thru. So many companies downsizing, trying to stay afloat. My DS in L.A. Is out of work again, on unemployment. DIL got 2 days of work again this week also. They've got two little ones, 2 1/2 and 5 mos. I feel so sorry for him, having to be full time care taker. Iv'e offered $ but so far he says they're OK. She is VERY frugal, different from him but I'm sure he's learned a lot since they've been married.

    So you must be the local missing animal person, trying to find a furry one's home. Good for you.

    Rock: Did you have any signs of a flu bug besides the sore throat? My DGD is sick today, her brother has been sick the last 3 days. I told my DD today to stay healthy! Apparently this bug is making the rounds in So. Calif so guess I'll try to keep a low profile. I'm miserable enough with this sciatic pain without adding.

    Julie: I think I may have mentioned to you the last time you posted that pic.that I LIKE you with dark hair. Brings out your eyes.

    Mikie: I've done that stretch for years, only I just reach across a table or countertop. Really relieves the back of leg pain. And another one I like is leaning over a tub, legs spread in wide stance, (hands onto the tub) then lean first to one leg then the other. You get a great stretch of the inner thigh.

    I went to Kohls today....had some coupons to use. I went in to look for some new pants but passed by the jewelry counter and ended up buying a costume jewelry ring with real marcasites and little "diamonds".....on sale for $20 from $60. It's such an understated ring that it could be real. All my good jewelry is in the safe deposit box. Just didn't feel like wearing it so rather than keep it around the house to be stolen this is the best place. I have a ring that was my moms that she bought from my DB who used to deal in jewelry but she never wore it. It dates from around 1910. Years ago my DH and I were up in Oregon in a jewelry store that specialized in antique jewelry. He spotted the one I had on.....wanted to buy it, but I said no. It's been appraised for around $20 thousand, which floored me so the best place is in the safe deposit box. Of course when you try to sell something you don't even get 50% of the appraised price. Most of the time my hands are covered with paint or dirt anyway. When I was younger I would have loved to have some beautiful jewelry but at my age I could care less.

    When my DH and I got married, he gave me a tiny solitaire with a matching thin band with 2 tiny diamonds. Years ago that solitaire cracked and looked like glass so I took it off and put it away. It bothered my DD I didn't have a ring, but DH didn't feel the need to replace it. So I just went "naked".
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    It's gonna be another breezy day today in the high 70's. In a couple of days, it'll be back into the mid-80's. I don't mind if it isn't humid. I live in SW FL; it shouldn't surprise me when it's humid. Doh!!! SV was meowing at me and trying to climb up on my pillow starting at 3:30 this morning. I kept pushing him away and telling him, "No!" The last time, he nipped me. So, he got no treat when I got up and I've been giving him the silent treatment. He's sleeping in his little bed and, when he gets up, I'll give him his treats. Not trying to punish him; just trying to teach him that nipping doesn't get him anywhere. I fell asleep early last evening so I ended up getting about eight hours of sleep. I'm just waiting to get into the tub so I can make a run to Publix. No hurry.

    Got an e-mail from DD in TX with the itinerary for their trip to Puerto Rico. I hope they have a really wonderful time. I'm so thankful they have such good travel opportunities. Wonder whether DSIL is still fluent in Spanish. I never had trouble on my trips to Mexico. Cerveza is a good word to know. And, of course, gracias. She sent the iPhone so it should arrive today or Mon. I'm excited but am trying to figure out how to activate it with Straight Talk and stop paying Verizon for my old plan. I'll stop at Wal*Mart and check it out. I'll have to get a new SIM card for it. Also, I'll have to learn how to use all the things the new phone, and unlimited data, can do.

    Spring, like you, I'm trying to conserve on money. I don't even go into Bealls these days. I have enough clothes to last for a looooong time. I don't go out even as much as I did a year ago. Yes, at around age 50, so many have stiffness and aches and pains. Centuries ago, most people didn't live long enough to experience it. It takes more and more every year just to hold the line. I know it was those original supps which caused the ringing in my ears which caused me to clench my teeth at night which lead to more ringing. AACCKK!!! I still have a bit but it's getting better. I think stretching is one of the best things one can do. Just start in easy.

    Julie, such a nice pic of you and your Mom. You both have beautiful smiles. Five years isn't long when it comes to missing our loved ones. Think I posted about the tenth anniversary of losing my Mom. I sat out on the balcony and looked at the sky. There was a beautiful rainbow and I knew it was just for me. We almost never have rainbows that time of day and it hadn't rained. Now, I think of her when it's 7:11 on the clock, when I find a nice white fluffy feather and when I see a rainbow. In the afternoons, our fountain in the pond out back has a rainbow. When there is a breeze, the colors dance like the aurora borealis. I still miss my Mom every day but the pain isn't as acute as the years go by and good memories are treasured. I'm sure you have wonderful memories of your Mom.

    Tori, I'm so glad to see you back but am so sorry for all you've been through. I hope this marks the end of bad luck and tragedy/loss. It's always so sad to lose loved ones, especially young ones. Bless you for helping the homeless critters. I once saw a coyote running down the street in front of my condo. It was when the acreage just south of us was being developed. The wild critters keep losing their homes to development. I worry about hive collapse syndrome. So much of our produce here is grown locally. I see dead bees on our sidewalks a lot. Of course, landscapers/gardeners in our communities use a ton of chemicals to control weeds. Again, dear one, I hope things are going better for you.

    Rock, drifting in and out is one of my favorite activities. It costs nothing, doesn't require effort on my part and usually helps me feel better. When I was growing up, I loved eating fried egg sandwiches. Mmmm! I should eat them now. Don't know why I don't except that I don't like the mess of frying. 'Piloting' a plane is easier than a horse, depending on whether one has equipment problems or whether one gets an ornery, headstrong horse. All in all, I love them both. My Mom worked and, when someone was sick or injured, the people at work would bring things for a sunshine box. The idea was that there was a little gift to open each day while recovering. The boxes were decorated. I always thought that was a nice idea. I can't send you a box but I'll send a nice warm hug!

    Granni, Costco sometimes has good buys on clothes but I haven't bought anything lately. I got some leggings and shirts there a year or so ago. As I mentioned to Spring, I have enough clothes to last a long time. When I have things to do, I run around here looking like a bum. Used to bother me but it no longer does. Why get gussied up and put on makeup to work in the condo or sweat outside? I still need to go through my closet and get rid of some things. It's been on the back burner, along with so many other chores.

    Sun, I'm so sorry for the rough patch your kids are going through. Just sent up a prayer for them. Thanks for the tub stretch. I'll try it. I've been too inert for too long and really need to get off my duff. I like using the bed for the one stretch as it's lower than the table or countertop and gives a better stretch. Are you going to be painting like Wang as you've done when studying other painters? I've found some really good deals at Kohl's when they have sales, including jewelry. I got some beautiful sterling silver earrings for Barb there one year. They seem to have things I don't see at other stores. I had a small, but almost perfect, diamond that my ex gave me. Before the divorce, I had it reset in a thicker offset ring and he paid for it. I often got a lot of compliments on it. Now, I'm just keeping it for the kids with what I call 'the family jewels.'

    Well, Kiddies, I'm off to Publix for fruit and staples. Not the kind one can use to fasten things--bread, eggs, etc. Think I'll pick up a real newspaper and do the NYT crossword. It's the most difficult one of the week. I'm having crossword withdrawal. Hope all y'all have a beautiful Saturday and weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Who knows why our kitties sometimes feel the need to bite us. When Clair does that I turn to her and say. "Were you going to bite me?" She KNOWS she did wrong, I can see it in her face. Like you I give her the silent treatment.

    I hope your family enjoys their trip to Puerto Rico. When you say offset ring, I'm assuming it means that your diamond is kinda protected rather than up high? Smart move. Whenever I wore my antique rings I was super careful about what I did with my hands. I had some nice diamond studs that I gave a few years ago to my DD for my DGD when she's old enough. I got to where I had trouble putting them in my ears.....head shakes.....so I gave up wearing pierced earrings.

    It's nice today, although yesterday was warm around 80 and gorgeous. I heard more rain is coming. That's OK with me so long as we have some dry days too.

    I'm trying to list more things on etsy. Came across some beautiful vintage black silk fabric that I'll put on today. I've got so much squirreled away that it's kinda like a treasure hunt to see what I come across.

    I got this email from Suzy Cohen about various types of natural salt and thought I would pass it on. I've got some but don't know what type it is, so think I'll buy some of the pink himalayan today at Trader Joes.

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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. Our handyman is putting a new tread in the old stairway
    that leads to the basement. What does the hammer say? It says BANG, BANG, BANG!
    Whenever the handyman comes I can visit my old car. I sold it to him a few years back
    when it was 28 years old. Gordon's car is now 27 years old. We are not much for
    conspicuous consumption in this house.

    Sun, my sore throat was just from the tube during surgery. Nothing to do with
    the flu. As many of us have noted over the years, we seldom if ever get the flu
    or colds anymore. Do you know how old your pieces of black silk is? I wonder how
    long old clothes last. One of our local museums has a manikin wearing the
    clothes of Thomas Jefferson. He died July 4, 1826. So did President John
    Adams. It may be that both men willed themselves to stay alive to see the
    50th birthday of our new nation.

    Mikie, I was just sitting here reading when I suddenly felt myself enveloped in a
    nice warm hug. Thank you too many. I 'spect you are doing a whiz bang job
    on that NYT crossword.

    Tori, do you live in a big city? We do, and we have possums, skunks, raccoons,
    and lots of feral cats. I used to feed all of them at our old place. They were semi
    tame. Would come to the back door for food. We also have coyotes. Our dog
    was killed by one in our backyard a few years ago.

    I hope the job situation improves. Come back and visit when you can.

    Hugs All
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