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    Saw 31 posts.. thought to do the honours...

    Rather flimsy seat but thought it very artistic...heh heh. I would think Monsieur Lampost is more gallant than.many a. young man roaming around nowadays. Probably better looking too.

    Still wandering around showing Coz around..actually taking her to.people she wants to meet. She wants to.learn more intricacies of Buddhism..she is already well versed but wants to know more..it's not for.me at the moment..my.poor head cannot deal with more information. Inspite of it..I love my Lord Buddha. He has connected with me in such special ways on a few occasions and given.me protection and strength..when I needed them.most as indeed have Christ and Archangel Michael..that hero among Archangels.

    Diane and Star - so good to see you. Hear the respective good news. hmmm..to newbies reading that.might sound like Diane n Star are making new additions to the family..heh. Well..to clarify for them..Dianes Kevin's car crasher has to pay up..and Star won a beautiful Moms Day bouquet.

    Mikie - so good to hear you going.out n doing things. Hope your wrist gets better soon. I can only.imagine how blissful it must be to hv Sir Vester making a warm hot cushiony pad at my side..and.making.purry noises as I pet him on a cold winters morning in bed. Just the.me and him and the stillness all around. Ah bliss. I'm feeling a warm glow just imagining it.

    We hv our pooches but they're so heavy and.lumpy..and won't budge if we want to move when our feet go.off to sleep. And one of them jumps up n down on our bodies..clambering all over us to get up or down without a so much as 'may I?'. He stands.on DHs stomach or mine if he smells a stray out on the road..and puts his nose out sniffing alertly. Not good for a sound sleep. It's a good thing he has DH wrapped around his.little finger and will never get smacked.
    Everyone.is afraid.of DH. DH is afraid of him. One of.life's little mysteries.

    Sun - your house is a veritable treasure trove of collectibles..seems like. But I'm glad to hear you are letting go .of some.of the stuff. Will inspire.me to remove some things I hang on just coznits such a habit and.free up some space. How priorities hv changed for me..when I see any beautiful pictures of rooms..furniture..I first think..'will that be easy to clean? '.

    Julie - so sad for the young mother who died of heart troubles. This world will drag us down if we are not careful. And force.ourselves to.look St those who are healthy and are happy. It takes.me so.much effort at times to see the good side of.life. in this country especially. There's lepers on the streets begging. With raw wounds and a week ago son and I took a young malnourished doggie who had a bleeding stump on his foot instead of a paw to the rehab centre. He was outside a shop trying his best to deal with his circumstance. Vomited all over the seat in sons car but it was worth to have him safely in a loving caring docs hands where he would be fed and watered and his wounds taken care of. Plenty of dogs came up to say hello to son while I did the.paper work.

    One was snoozing in a round cane chair probably used to belong to the partriach of the family owns the rented house. Some were paralyzed legs down and dragged their selves around but there was such an air of 'everything is fine..and the world is a large playground where one gets fed and loved and no troubLes at all.' kind of feel. (Indeed.one naughty fellow was running after everybody barking imperiously..telling everyone 'to watch.it..or else'..except he had a short stump where his one front foreleg was supposed to be. I told son..'wonder what will happen if a feisty newcomer decided to take.on his challenge'? It looked incongruous..hopping around clumsily and telling everyone he's da boss.)

    We humans need a.place.like that. Where one is assured of unconditional love and care any time we check in.
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    Spring:. I love the whimsical lamppost .......what a clever creative artist to come up with that.

    Did I read that right.....that there are PEOPLE on the streets with leprosy? How very, very kind of you and your son (who obviously is learning the kind lessons from you) to take that dog to a vet. Sounds like there are quite a lot of stray dogs, many starving or hurting. How expensive is it in your country for vet care? It is VERY expensive here. You just don't get away from a vet visit with less than $100 bill. Maybe your DS will decide to become a vet? He certainly has the heart for the suffering of animals.

    I was soooo tired and gave up watching TV so hit the bed by 8 PM. So of course, here I am up early, can't sleep, headache, etc. so made coffee to jumpstart the ibuprofen. I read news online.....what a mess is going on in Washington, yes shades of Watergate. I have my opinions but will keep them to myself.
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Yesterday's allergy attack upset my stomach and I woke with stomach cramps and an allergy headache. Good grief, all I do is whine. I'm gonna call my DOF to beg off our coffee date this morning. We have a great understanding that we can do that if either of us isn't up to it. We are determined to start going to the pool on Mon. This has been his first week off from teaching and he's exhausted from trying to catch up on everything which has gone undone before retiring. His MRI showed no physical reason that might explain the problem with his legs.

    I decided to check Amazon again for some drapes which I could use for fabric to make my valance. I found some identical ones from two different sellers but which use Amazon for shipping. One wanted $44 dollars and one wanted $24 for the same thing. Only problem is that the less expensive ones won't ship til later in June. I decided to get the cheaper ones because I've waited this long so I might as well save some money. It appears these will be perfect but I won't know for sure til they arrive. This is much less expensive than buying fabric.

    Spring, thanks for getting us up and going again. I loooove the little bench. Whimsy in anything delights me. The back of the bench reminds me of a big fat cat lying down with it's rear end up in the air. You and your DS remind me of my friend, Nancy. Y'all have a place in Heaven waiting for you because of your generous kindness. I am convinced that easing suffering in the world is our highest calling. Jesus mentioned that doing kindnesses for others is like doing it for Him. I think when we decide to do even small things, it changes the world for the better. That is why I try to smile at people in the store and engage the cashiers and baggers in conversation. It lightens everyone's burden. Down here, there are older people who are lonely. They love having someone smile at them or even talk to them a bit. Most really like to smile and laugh so I try to keep it lighthearted. What you did for that poor dog is pure love at work. I have a big book on Buddhism and learned a lot from reading it. I should read it again. I think we can benefit by studying other religions and learning about others' spiritual beliefs. At the base of all religions and beliefs is that love trumps everything else. What you have shared with me has really helped me, especially in dealing with Barb. BTW, she called me recently and sounded soooo happy. It's been prayers answered.

    Sun, cats' hearing is amazing. No matter how quiet I try to be, SV knows when I'm getting his wet food ready to serve to him. PBS had another Nature special last night but I fell asleep while watching it. It was The Story of Cats from the first known felines to the house cats we know today. I'll have to catch it later. SV was glued to the TV set at the bottom of my bed. A couple of times, he got so excited he got up as though he were going to leap at the TV. Fortunately, the screens kept changing so he lay back down. Nancy's cat and dog get flea and tick meds but it was almost time for them when the fleas came in on Mama Cat. So, she dosed them a bit early. She's been combing Bob with the flea comb every day and removing them with sticky tape off the comb. That seems to be the most effective way to get them up. She found out that, unless the fleas bite the medicated animals, they don't die. Unfortunately, some fleas got in the carpeting in her bedroom and they had been biting her when she got up to go to the bathroom at night. She had to use flea powder to get rid of them. Most of my friends down here don't get out of the vet's office, even for checkups and vaccines, for less than $200. I'm glad SV's vet doesn't want to see him unless he's sick. I had to laugh at my last post to you. I typed that I was glad you are keeping dehydrated instead of hydrated. Doh!!! Don't overdo it moving stuff around.

    Love, Mikie
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    Granni's post got left behind on the last Porch. I've copied it here.

    GranniluvsuWell-Known Member

    Not much time to write again but wanted to let you know I am still alive and I guess doing OK> We are supposed to be meeting DD#1 who is moving to Austin 1/2 way with thee other DD who lives here and the DIL ( son had to work) since it is a lunch gathering. Thank God DSIL is driving or we might not be going. DH didn't sleep well at all last night and had some tummy upsets after our wine tasting last night. Not sure what it was but did didn;t sleep as is dozing some in his chair as he supposedly watches TV before we go to DD"s. The drive is half way but still entails traffic and such and if he is not up to snuff he would be majorily complaining :)!! We had fun at the wine tasting even though I am not supposed to have much of it. However, they really don;t fill your glasses up to much most times unless you go back.. We haven't been there in a couple of years. It was a wine and food pairing which was especially good.

    MIKIE - Sorry for your allergies bothering you.

    STAR - So nice to hear from you and to hear that you won those lovely flowers. You do deserve them my dear :)!!

    DIANE - So glad that suit is over for you and Kevin and that that lady got what was coming to her and has to do community service, etc. I know what a worry that is. I never did find out if our suite was over and done with yet. He might still be trying to get more money. Luckily though my (our) premium did not go up to much. We were afraid too that I might lose my license. However, up till then I had a pretty clean record.

    JULIE - Hope you have a nice Mothers Day as much as you can with everyone living distances away from you other than possibly Amy w ho lives closer by than poor Lindsey so far away. I know how that is. Looks like u are getting things ready to move into the right new part f the house. Hope that all goes well. I know u are excited.

    SUN - Sounds like you have so much stuff to get rid of or figure out what to do with when cleaning out and possibly getting ready to sell at a later date. Hard decisiions and a lot of work.

    I got some flowers yesterday from DD and DSIL. They are lovely yellow roses and daisies and babies breath and not sure what else. They are very pretty.

    Will find out more at the lunch about DD #1 and their move. DGD got her new car ruined by a hail storm. It might be totalled, not sure,eir DD now living in Co .

    Hope all the moms and g moms will have a wonderful weekend . I'm off to see a few of mine in a few minutes. So I need to get off.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Rock, I deleted your post warning others about the Russian porn because I deleted the offensive post. Had I left it, it would appear as though my last post was Russian Porn. Thanks for watching out for us. I have been deleting a few posts in Russian. I took Russian in jr. high and high school but can no longer make sense of it.

    Granni, hope you have a wonderful time with your kids. I hope DH's tummy gets better. Guess a new Porch was opened before you posted so I copied it here.

    I hope everydobby is having a joyful Friday. I'm just hanging out inside with the A/C on. Nothing new to tell. I'm trying to get through some of the TV shows I recorded. I still haven't watched the last DWTS. I think my interest is waning.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - Thanks for reposting over on the new PORCH. I just wanted to pop in for a few minutes and I saw the old one was closed. Thanks for reposting MIKIE. We had a nice lunch and getting to talk to our DD!# and her DH and our DIL along with DD#2 and DSIL who drove us to the luch. It was a nice simple place that looked pretty busy. I just had smsothered chicken without the cheese but it had onions and mushrooms and veggies and salad. DH had smotherred steak.

    I need to go and fix something for DH for a light supper. Love you all and HAPPY MOMS DAY TO ALL EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO CHILDREN BUT JUST ANIMALS. THAT WILL WORK TOO :)!!

    JULIE - Sorry about that young girl passing so early in her life.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
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    Sorry to hear about the allergies playing up, Mikie.
    My youngest DS has just started immunotherapy.
    It's tackling 5 dif types of grass.
    Poor thing.
    A tablet every morning held under the tongue for 2 minutes and no food or drink for at least 15 mins after.
    Three mth worth cost almost $400, a big chunk out of the credit card. But we hv to try.

    He had sport yesterday and they did a bit of training for an upcoming hike.
    Well last night was a real battle sleeping for him.
    I could hear him groaning and flat out jibber jabbing through the night.
    This morning he woke with one blood shot red eye and streaming nose.
    Later he said his eye was itchy and causing him trouble.
    I feel so sorry for all you guys who suffer so.

    Oops gotta go. It's the weekend and a full house.
    A tumult of emotions!

    Take care guys
    Catch yas later
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'm really late getting moving this morning. I got up early but lay down on the sofa and drowsed in and out. Allergies are a bit better but the injury to my hand and wrist has made the arthritis in my index finger flare up very painfully and I don't have a lot of use of it. Good grief! Will this never end? I need to get into the shower but just don't have the git up 'n go yet.

    I asked my neighbor, Tracy, if I could see her inside antenna for her TV. I wondered whether it works better than mine. Hers has its own box and remote. Mine in the bedroom connects directly to the TV and works off my TV remote with no box. Her picture wasn't anywhere as good as mine and hers doesn't bring in ABC. That seems to be a problem sometimes. The antenna will bring in some channels but have to be adjusted for others. Also, hers is really big and looks like the old rabbit ears. I may be stuck with cable in my living room or with having to stream everything. Problem is that none of the streaming services I've seen include the four main networks unless one already pays for them through dish or cable. ARG!!! :mad: Most of what I watch is on the networks.

    Granni, so glad you had such a good time at lunch. Family is so important. I echo your call for a Happy Mothers Day for all, even the men who have mothers, celebrate the mothers of their children or just know nice mothers. That pretty much covers us all. And, yes, those of us with fur kids consider ourselves mothers and fathers. My fur kid has been a brat for two days. I don't think he's feeling well. He seems jumpy. He cries for me to pet him but he keeps trying to nip at me so I'm ignoring him. That usually does the trick. Hope you also enjoy Mothers Day tomorrow.

    Star, how I empathize with your little one. When I lived in CO in my 20's, I was also allergic to several types of grasses. My nose would be completely blocked and my eyes itched and watered. I had one allergy shot and had such a strong reaction to it that I had to quit. The good news is that I eventually outgrew the allergy to grass and other allergens. Now, I mainly react to the Red Tide here in FL. I hope your little Treasure gets over his too. I'm shocked at the cost of the medicine. People here are generally under the impression that you have socialized medicine with little out-of-pocket cost. I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day. Have the flowers arrived?

    Well, Dear Ones, I'm off to read the virtual paper and then get in the shower. BTW, after Spring posted the whimsical bench, I searched for more whimsical furniture and found some really funny things one can buy online. Here's two pix of what I found:



    There are also lots of bookshelves which lean to the side. These clocks look like something out of a Disney cartoon.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Spring, Sun is right. That lamp post is whimsical. I wonder if that's Gene Kelley's
    umbrella. Maybe the lamppost is waiting for Gene to come back. Did you guys know
    Gene's brother could dance? His name was Fred. You can see them dancing together
    on Youtube.

    Mikie, Sir Vester watching TV reminds me of the dog on Youtube who gets very
    emotional while watching the finale of Homeward Bound. Music by Bruce

    BTW, the hydra has been a problem since ancient times; a water serpent with 9
    heads. Slain by Hercules. I read that hydra is also used to mean a many-sided
    problems. The primary example being Rubik's cube.

    Granni, hope you had a nice Mother's Day with the family. BTW, what is
    smothered chicken? Smothered in gravy? Something like chicken ala king?

    Star, Congratualtions on your win. Hope you have a great day with the family, and
    are soon in a wonderful new house. Good luck to son with the costly new pills. I
    remember when I was a teen. In those days a doctor visit cost 2-3 dollars and an
    Rx generally cost about $1.89. One day my Dad came home and learned that my
    sister was sick. The pills cost fifty cents apiece. My father took the pills and stormed
    outta the house. Got a refund too.

    I went to the new chiro yesterday. My third visit. I feel rejuvenated after a visit with
    him. He used a tool I had never seen before. Looked kinda like an electric shoe polisher.
    But it feels like he's tapping with a small hammer. He claimed the gadget was made
    by Black and Decker. Turned out that was a joke.

    Объятия, Дети
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    I've been wasting my time this afternoon on the computer doing other stuff for DH. DSIL and SGS went with DH to SAMS CLUB THAT WAS HAVING A BIG SALE ON SOE BIG STUFF TODAY. So, DH GOT A GRILL, FINALLY TO REPLACE OUR BROKEN ONE THAT WE DITCHED AWHILE AGO. PLEASE EXCUSE THE CAPS., and I got a water pick if I can get it together and read the instructions, not that it is so hard but I need to fill with water and put in the right tip. I got the regular water pik and a portable one inside the box for about $25 off I think. DH got $50 off his grill. it is a nice grill but smaller than what we had which is just as well, didn't use it THAT much.. The old one came with a rotisserrie which I had hoped to use but with my weird diet I never did.

    MIKIE - Those clocks are so funny looking. Yes, they do look like they came from Disney cartoon. Hope you are feeling a little better with those allergies. That is so funny about SV nipping at you when you pet him or stopping. Not sure when he was nipping at you but that is not good for him to be doing that. They have to learn , hopefully not to do that but I know some cats are wired like one of my DD;s caats year ago. He was really crazy and nipped me a little and I told him no rather stuenly and then he bit me really hard. That was a really bad one. After that I don;t thi I ever petting him again. It hurt me really bad and I even took some antibiotics I had on hand at that time.

    STAR - So nice to hear from you . Hope you are feeling a little better also all things considered. plus all you need to do with those little treasures around :)!! They do grow much to fast so do enjoy them, even if you might want strangle a few now and then :)!! LOL

    After church tomorrow we will go to DD's close by and have lunch/dinner there and probably watch a lot of baseball on TV. The Astros are away and with the rain today as supposed to play a double header tomorrow. Doing good so far and hope we can at least take home one win from the double header from those Yankees who are also pretty tough..

    SPRING WATER - Thanks for starting us up again and that funny looking porch bench. It surely is different and not to sturdy looking but might be great if one really had to sit down a bit. Hope you are doing well sweetie. Sorry but I know I have been reading to fast again. I need to go and do some more work on the washing. One is ready to come out , another goes into the drier and I should put my robe in there but not sure I will get it in there today for tonight. It is so dirty looking though. Needs washing bad.

    Love to everydobby inc those not mentioned or those MIA,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning Dear Porchies,



    I hope everydobby has a truly wonderful day. I have no plans but that's OK. Allergies are so bad and I took a pill. There doesn't appear to be anything which could be causing this, according to the newspaper. It could just be that the bad allergy attack in the fabric store riled up all my allergies. I put in a pair of cheap earrings yesterday and they really irritated my ear piercings. I evidently have an allergy to nickel but it usually doesn't bother me. Guess that, if I'm gonna wear earrings, I'll have to wear my sterling silver or gold ones or ones with stainless posts. My navel ring is gold. The arthritis in my left index finger is still soooo painful. I think all this is a result of a perfect storm of injury and illness. Whine, whine, whine! I talked to DOF and he isn't doing much better. Joe's car is gone so he must be fishing. He goes early to the little sand bars which sit between sections of the Sanibel Causeway. DGS likes to fish there too when he comes down.

    We were supposed to get rain this morning but it seems to have gone north and south of us. There are fires burning everywhere. I pray for those living in harm's way. I-75 was closed for hours due to one of the fires. I am also praying for rain. We are now in 'severe drought.' The new children's hospital just opened not too far from me. It's great that kids will no longer have to go to Tampa for treatment. Our population is getting more diverse to include younger folks and families. The news has been featuring kids with serious illnesses, some born with them. Everyone is worried about changes to healthcare insurance, especially pre-existing conditions. Even if they are covered, the insurance companies might be able to charge an arm and a leg for insurance or sick kids might hit a lifetime cap which doesn't exist under the present law.

    Yesterday, I watched a Frontline program which I had taped. It dealt with affordable housing and the problems with people being able to afford rent. There is a lottery for Section 8 vouchers and only one in four who applies gets one. Even then, they usually can't find anyone willing to rent to them. One woman worked two jobs and wanted to be able to live where there were more job opportunities. When people have decent housing, they are more likely to lead productive lives which saves taxpayer money. There are taxpayer-funded credits to developers of affordable housing and there are some good developments, not like the ghettos of yesteryear. Unfortunately, there has not been good oversight for these developers and several were convicted of scamming the govt.

    Some community residents don't want the developments near their homes. I can understand that. When my kids lived in Atlanta, they bused kids from the development to DGS's school. Those kids had problems keeping up with lessons and the school had problems dealing with their disruptive behavior. DGS had to be bussed early and wait while the busses went to the development. They didn't want the kids from the development there any longer than necessary so they picked them up last and took them home first. It wasn't a good situation.

    One single woman featured in the TV show had seven kids with the oldest one probably no older than 12. This woman was living in a cousin's apartment with no furniture. While the TV crew was there, her minivan was repossessed. All eight of them lived in the van at one point. I don't mean to be judgmental but someone needs to help young girls make better life decisions before they end up jobless, homeless and single with children. Like most of society's problems, this is very complex but we can't turn out backs on it. Frontline has excellent programs. I like to watch something I can learn from and not just the usual stuff to get my mind off my own problems. By comparison, my problems are not something I should be whining about (but that usually doesn't stop me).

    Rock, that little pug is soooo cute. Have you seen the little shaggy doggie in the TV ad where the couple are leaving for the evening and turn on a table tennis match to entertain the dog? The dog sits glued to the TV set, moving her head side to side watching the ball. That dog looks so much like my beloved Taffy. Glad you got your treatment with the shoe shine gadget. No wonder you're feeling all buff. Did you go home and polish off the rest of Gordon's cake? Some days, the puns wax and wane and they're now waning so I had better stop. Hugs to you too.

    Granni, so glad you enjoyed yesterday and found such good bargains. We are not allowed to have grills in our bldg. but the townhouses across the street can have them. I have a little electric Cuisinart grill/griddle I use on my stove. It's also a panini sandwich grill. I grill steaks on mine and they taste wonderful. Of course, it's only me; I'm not cooking for a crowd. I love my WaterPik. It's soooo good for the teeth and gums. While it blasts the crumbs out from between the teeth, it massages the gums, increasing blood flow to them and keeping them healthier. I have an older one but, as long as it keeps going, I'm not buying a new one. I hope you enjoy your day at DD's and get to watch some good baseball. When are you and DH going to break in the new grill?

    I see I have a new IM and, after that, I need to go read the massive Sunday newspaper. That, and the Sunday news/political shows usually consume my Sundays. The NYT crossword puzzle yesterday just about did me in. Sometimes, those clues are a real reach but I guess that's what makes the Saturday puzzles so challenging. Saturday puzzles are the most difficult. Most everything is challenging for my pea brain these days.

    Hope eveydobby has a wonderful Mother's Day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Happy Mother's Day!
    Officially just about over for me now.
    Last night I tried really hard to post a photo of the flowers I won,
    but no such luck.

    Youngest DS lost the gift her so carefully wrapped and stashed for me.
    He was very upset about it and with all the upheaval around here lately,
    I felt pretty bad for him too. He ended up showing me a picture of what he'd gotten me.
    It was s shark tooth mounted on a ring. Not exactly a thing of beauty, but sums him up to a tee.
    Absolutely in love with all things feral like that, including reptiles and taxidermy etc etc.
    would be great if he finds it. It'd sure bring back the memories,in years to come.

    All in all a good day ,as Treasures did their best to keep the peace.
    Music to the ears.

    Rang my Mum up this evening and what do ya know?!
    All 5 of her kids checked in!
    First time in years I reckon.
    (Good thing I didn't let the team down,seeing as we are a couple of hrs ahead)
    I'll ring her again tomorrow when the house is empty and have the freedom to have a good yack.

    Oh and I found out MIL is headed back over here again soon. Oh joy
    (sarcasm,is the lowest form of wit,I know).

    Hope you're feeling better soon,Mikie.

    Love to all.
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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    Happy Mother's Day.

    For us it was Elections Day. I hv no idea what's going on ..who is a candidate. This time I hv made like an ostrich and buried my head in the sand. Partaking of none of it. No vehicles are allowed to ply. And I didn't see many people on the streets. This time son too voted..his name was on voters list..usually it is only DH and me who make the hour long on foot trip go our voters booth. He is as clueless as i.. We just follow DHs uncles lead. He is ferociously involved in it. And all things community.

    Sun - I didn't pay any vet bills for the lil doggie.we took him to the welfare centre run by a foreigner employing locals. It's free. They are strapped for cash so can't take in any but the worst cases. I felt a bit guilty so I donated $30.00. Which is what I was carrying.

    I would've loved if son became a vet but he is not good in sciences. He loved his former job of creating jingles and product promos for an online selling CO. He left to give more time to other things. But has an open invitation to rejoin any time he likes.

    A boy who joined me once in trying to rescue a mange ridden dog on a street was a fanatic dog carer. He spent an hour trying to chase down the recalcitrant dog enlisting the help of a passing friend and a cab driver who I flagged down. But it was not to be. However..the boy who turned out to be a student of dentistry with dog training as a side hobby..tracked the dog down ovr a couple of days and discovered the whereabouts near a river where the dog and it's friends lived. He used to take them food. Then when telling son about it I found out he was sons friend. Lol! He informed me the mange dog died. Maybe it's karma was such.

    Yes..we hv all sorts of beggars on the streets. One mans side was gaping open in a pus filled hole and worms were crawling. Tried to take him to hospital but his wife said no. They'd been. So just gave a little money and prayed such a world would come to an end where one saw such sights. I've seen a young teen blind beggar begging years ago..now he is a man and is still begging.

    I will hv no regrets leaving such a world behind when I die..but I pray for those living here.

    MIKIE - good to hear about the new hospital. You are an enterprising lady to take on crosswords of newspapers. I gave up long ago. They look like black n white squares to me now. Heh. Decorative piece adorning the newspaper. I love informative programmes on tv. I watch a lot of those geographic programmes about countries and terrains and refurbishing houses etc.

    ROCK - That pug is so fat and round and shiney I want squish him. What an emotional pooch! He loves the scene where the old doggie comes back.
    I'm happy to hear you like your new chiro. Hope Gordon s eye gets better soon. Were you saying some naughty words in Russian, then?

    JULIE - So happy the reports are coming back good. Obviously the little sores in stomach were due to stress. Can u try to take five mins off to just breathe and de stress every day. ? I'm sure it would help loads. Nice to hear the work on new house is coming near the finishing post. What a celebration then.!

    STAR - what a lot you Hv on your plate! No wonder you're having health problem patch. Fatigue n all. I wish young children didn't need to go thru difficulties. Hope they find out what he is reacting to. That present sounded very interesting. Not every young 'Un can think of something like that.

    GRANNI - have a good Mothers Day. Will you be at your DDs place? The one who stays nearby?

    I got a dressy white Voluminous umbrella cut heavy linen Kurta with little grey prints for Mothers Day and a Cadburys Oreo. Very yum. I was busy yesterday so forgot to buy groceries so no special cooking. Of course everything was closed till 7pm. Strictly closed. A ghost town. And the heat! Pchaww! No likee. The flowers are getting scorched.

    I am already looking forward to winter.

    Carla has posted she is feeling better and thanked everyone for their prayers.

    God Bless
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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Star: Awww.....sorry for your DS. He wanted so much to give you the present which meant a lot to him, but at least you can look forward to when he finds it.

    Rock: Happy to read you like your new chiro. I've had that done in the past with some kind of a gadget. I think it's supposed to quickly touch one of the myofascial trigger points to zap it out of existence.

    Mikie: I got arthritis in my thumb which goes into the index finger about 3 years ago when I was frantically trying to crochet a warm scarf for a trip. Well, the pain happened at that time and never left so I have to deal with it. BUT, I've noticed the pain is affected greatly by what I eat. Try dropping the gluten first and see if the pain doesn't decrease. Also you can try cutting out ALL sugars.

    Spring: That's AWFUL about the beggars.......shameful for everyone who turns their back on them. At least you do what you can and you will be rewarded when you get to heaven. I know you read the Bible occasionally.....look up about the beggar called Lazarus, sitting at a gate begging. I read a little about the upcoming election. No wonder you don't want to be involved. A huge amount of people running.

    We're having so much political "stuff" going on in our own country. Yesterday my SIL tried hard to get me involved in a discussion, I told him I wasn't going there and put a big period on the end of my statement so he dropped it. He's very pro Trump, I'm not.

    And speaking of yesterday, it turned out to be good. I took a ton of papers to a free shredding event so that's all done. I thought I had a lot at 5 bags full, but one man must have had over 30 boxes so had to wait about 30 min. Before mine could go into the special shredding truck.

    Then went to my DD where of course I had to wait until she was ready......over an hr. But we ended up driving to Newport Beach for late lunch at a chi chi place called The Olive and the Fig. Expensive and honestly I thought it was just OK. The waiter was telling us about some of their customers.....apparently the Beverly Hills Housewives come in once a month, as does a small group of rowdy young men. And The men's tab came to over $2,000.....apparently a lot went to 6 bottles of a very expensive booze. That stuff doesn't impress me anymore.

    Then the best part was we stopped at Roger's Gardens just down the street from the restaurant. This nursery has gotten huge.....not only every conceivable plant, or gardening idea but small little open shops featuring any idea of gardening you can imagine. I bought one drought tolerant daisy type plant for my garden. Here's a link, clink on the photos.


    Today my son is coming over for the day....minus the girls though. BUT he did say to find some things for him to do around here. OhBoy!!!!! I've got some furniture moving lined up!!!!!!!!! I think we're going for a brunch someplace first though.
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  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I'm back again ..... seems a long time.

    I just re-read everyone's posts on the last Porchlights. Sorry, but I can't remember them all, so will just ramble on for a while...

    Richard left for Amsterdam last Wednesday, and now is en route to the south of France, where our friends own a house in the country. He was very anxious about leaving; a nervous wreck. I think that now that he is there he will feel better. When he comes back we are going to look for a dog to adopt. Good therapy.

    Spring, thank you so much for helping the helpless. People and dogs, both. Do you keep cats in Kathmandu?

    Mikie, I guess I'm sorry for you being upset about your pendant. And your poor wrist too. I fell over last week and landed on my knees, which are now very ugly with the scabs, bruises, etc. I was just walking and slipped on some pebbles. :confused: Ah well, as we all know, feces just happens. :rolleyes:

    The news (I can't keep from reading it) is so horrible. What a mess we are in.... the whole world is laughing and cringing at the same time. And such anger! Are we watching the collapse of democracy when the person who gets the most votes loses the election? Okay, I'll shut up.

    Diane, so good to hear from you. Hang in there my girl, I know how hard it can be. I've had issues since my teens. I'm soooo glad that the court case is done with. What a drag...

    Star, congrats on your prize. Your Treasures are a blessing, eh what? Do ya still have the ferrets? When my English grandpa went rabbiting he took his ferrets with him in his trousers. He made friends with the Gypsies in the are, and ate roast hedgehogs with them... Food was scarce in those times, and he couldn't work after being in WW1 and badly injured. Everyone grew veggies in those days, raised chickens and rabbits too. I love rabbit. The "stinky"fruit is the durian. And yes, I have watched "Keeping up Appearances" many times, as well as other Brit. sit-coms: Fawlty Towers, Waiting for God, Are you Being Served?, and lots of others. I love them. By the by, don't you have national health care in Oz? I hope the allergy med your DS is taking effect. I outgrew my allergies when I was in my teens, for some reason.

    Julie, you have been so busy! As usual. Yes I have stocked up on provisions for while Richard is gone. He made some spiced chicken that he froze, and I mix with beans or whatnot. Froze a lot of it, and some split pea/carrot soup too. Yeah, Ted is still here to help. He has to be ORDERED what to do though. Fortunately I'm a lion and he's a goat (very stubborn).

    Granni, I remember those wacky red-dyed pistachios too! I had forgotten all about them... Ah, memories. Thanks for that one.

    Sun, what kind of daisy did you buy? My rosemary is in bloom, as are the culinary sage, the columbines, the red dogwood, and lots of bearded irises. My favourite iris at the moment is named "Cairo Lyric"; who knows what tomorrow will bring....

    That's All Folks,
    Love, Barry
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I started to post but my keyboard was doing it's stubborn thing so I had to reboot it. Even the gremlins are here for Mother's Day. Both of my men in the hood, my ex and my kids called. Nancy texted to wish me a happy Mother's Day. DD in CO wants me to come to Galveston in late July. DD in TX wants me to come to Maine at the same time. Kids in CO have a home in Galveston. They rent out the main house but keep a vacation apartment in the basement. DD in TX will be going to Maine while DGS is in NH attending a soccer camp. He gets mentoring from major league soccer players and they are also using him for advertising for the program. I don't think I'll be going anywhere til Thanksgiving but it's nice to be wanted. My ex is having to have surgery on the vertebrae in his neck. Pain is now bad enough that he's willing to do it. I don't know when it'll be done. DD tells me the surgeon does a lot of these procedures. That's good.

    Star, so sorry your sweet little Treasure lost the gift. My DGS made a piece of jewelry for my DD with a shark's tooth wrapped in silver wire. He modeled it after a piece he saw in a gift shop. Natural jewelry is all the rage here. Hearing about him reminds me of the youngest son in the PBS series, The Durrells In Corfu. He's interested in all types of critters. Is it your older son who has the allergies? Do the meds seem to help? What a Mother's Day gift--a visit from your MIL.

    Spring, I'm sorry there is such poverty and sickness there for both people and animals. God bless you for your kindness. Have you heard of an herb called, ashwagandha? My ex is getting good results for anxiety and insomnia with it. It isn't recommended for people like me with autoimmune conditions as it seems to enhance the immune system. I don't understand that caution because it is supposed to be good for arthritis. RA is an autoimmune condition. It's six months until our winter weather arrives and I'm already looking forward to it. My A/C is running nonstop. We did get a shower later this morning, enough so that I didn't need to water the potted plants. Hope we both stay cool.

    Sun, so happy your DS is coming over to help you. That's the best Mother's Day present of all. Yes, gluten and sugar cause inflammation. I have found eating red meat also makes the finger painful when the arthritis flares. I've been eating chicken. I did have the cheeseburger last week so that may have caused problems. Glad you got your daisies. To me, daisies are happy flowers. Soooo, you're eating with the RHofBH? La-di-dah! Seriously, I'm like you; I have no desire to pay a fortune for so-so food. The older I get, the less I want to spend money on anything unless it serves me well.

    Barry, I'm so sorry you fell. I hope your knees heal fast and I hope Richard is home before you know it. I also hope he enjoys his trip while he's there. Oh, a new doggie. How exciting! I saw on TV that a program teams up kids in juvenile detention with shelter dogs so the kids can train the dogs. I think the dogs are probably training the kids. Every dog in the program has been adopted. I think there were more than 500 of them. A win-win situation. I'm not that upset about not being able to use my pendant. I'm probably not supposed to be using it if the Universe is blocking it. I'm howling about your feces comment.

    OK, gonna go. Lots of good TV on tonight. Just hope I can stay awake. Zzzzzzzz! o_O

    Love, Mikie
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    Just popping in to say HI. I think I have read all the newest posts or at least did try to.

    We had a nice time at DD's close by and had steak and lobster tails. W stayed and ate and watched some of the baseball game but DH left early and I left some after that. The game wa not to good and I think the Astros probably lost the first one and we weren't going to stick around for the second one. However, that was probably an evening game and would have started to late. I had soe stuff to do at home. DD#4 called and we spoke some of on DD#2's phone.

    DGS had to call in sick due to having some kind of a bug and a slight low grade fever. Hope that he gets better soon. He is supposed to go in to work tomorrow too. Poor kid I hope he gets well soon. He looked pretty pitiful in his bed trying to get comfy. He did take some nape though and if he doesn't eat anything (souP ) or very little we know he is ill. He also cannot afford to lose any weight. He is so skinny and usually eats a lot.

    Wanted to pop o as DH is going to go get more plants and dirt tomorrow and we will be putting them it - oh what fun :)!! NOT, at least not with my back and body. I might get back here tomorrow but not sure when.

    BARRY and MIKIE - I hope your sores are feeling better and looking better too after your falls. My toes still hurt from when I bumped them a month or so ago. BARRY, so glad you will get a puppy when Richard returns. I know it will be good for you both.

    SUW - So sorry you have a lot of the same type of poor people that beg on the streets as we have here although I am guessing yours is worse. It is very sad situation and hard to know what to do . Most of it is in the big cites that we see here but know they are are probably everywhere.

    SUN - Glad you enjoyed your lunch with DD for lunch even if it wasn't as good as you thought it could be, for the money. Just being with her is a good thing. Hope you have a good lunch and get to move some furniture when you go out with DS.

    Sorry I haven't posted to everyone individually !!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning Dear Ones,

    I'm hoping y'all have a good start to your week. I fell asleep last night at 8:00 and woke at 4:00. I was never an early bird when I was a yute. Now that I'm an old lady, I'm up with the birds, sometimes before the birds. They can have the worms; I prefer my coffee. I texted Ilona, Grace and Barb yesterday to wish them a Happy Mother's Day. I didn't hear back from Barb but I got a text back from Ilona. Grace called me.

    Granni, sounds as though you've had a good time with the family this last weekend. I'm so glad. It was great for me just hearing from mine. Now, if I can get the NRG to clean up my mess in the guest room, perhaps DD from TX can come down for a quick visit. I'm so sorry your DGS is sick. The news just mentioned a virus going around and making people pretty sick. I hope you don't overdo it planting flowers. Bed Bath and Beyond sells the Tommy Copper back braces for $20 and they work. I wear mine when I'm doing housework or yardwork. With the 20 percent off coupons, the braces only cost $16.

    We must have some kind of pest on the side in the front as the flowers are withering. It's always something down here and I hate spraying them with chemicals. I need to get out there and trim some bushes. Our plumbago plants are taking over.

    I'm outta here. I'll stop back in later. Y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    G'day all.
    Today was a real slow start. Felt lousy.
    Our little cat snuggled up with me after DH headed back to the other house , first thing, to work on it.
    This week he hopes to get the gutters and rain water tank sorted, for starters.
    Someone knocked on the door and little puss growled rather protectively.
    Was the funniest thing and I'm rather proud of her too.

    After DH was here over the weekend, the house was in quite a state and me feeling like someone has clicked me onto slow-mo, was taking extra long trying to pull the house back into shape.
    I'd just finished vacuuming when I got the call from the school.
    Eldest DS was chasing DD , she fell over and a split second reaction had DS leaping over her ,as opposed to landing on her.
    As a result he landed on his shoulder and broke his collar bone.

    So I start to panic.
    I've got the house upside down and a car in need of fuel and a decision to make.
    Which hospital?
    Do I allow the staff to take him to the nearest hospital to the school or choose to bring him homewards.

    Frantically I try to run around to get the house sorted , on the off chance we hv a hse inspection,
    but I'm emotionally tearing my hair out coz I need to be on the road, for my son.

    I got another call from the school telling me they'll start towards me in a car, to make his trip quicker.
    I'm sure I must've sounded like a raving lunatic when I answered the phone.

    So we get in to the hospital only to find that the X-ray machine was under going maintenance. Ugh.
    The staff at the hospital tried to keep us in the dark about that, but a nurse let the cat out of the bag.
    Ah well,at least he got to lay down and be a little more comfortable.
    More so than if he were still seated in the car heading to another hospital.

    We do hv good health care, but not all meds are on the list. Including the immunotherapy meds.
    My youngest has those difficulties. I sure hope he grows out of it too ,like you Mikie and Barry.

    Sun, I'm very glad to hear you'll get some help/muscles. Make the most of it!

    Spring, a man with a hole in his side with puss and worms? Worms. Really?
    What sort of worms? Maggots? How torturous. Sad.

    Barry, I wonder how your new dog will get on with your cat? I love our dogs and our gorgeous cat, but I'm sure my hair has gotten greyer as a result.

    Mikie, yes I've seen the first season of the Durrels. The youngest there does remind me a lot of my own youngest. For sure.

    Rock, this year is the first year I've noticed all the orchids they had for Mother's Day. At $40 a piece, I can't imagine too many getting sold. Orchids remind me of you guys.

    Dianne, glad all the drama with court is over. One less stress.

    Granni, baseball hey. Sounds like it was a happy event. Hope your back holds out with the gardening. Don't over do it.

    Julie, you must be sooo excited after all this time, with moving in within your sights. A nice way to hv closure of a sort too.
    Sorry the mowing has turned into a chore, rather than therapeutic , but I'm sure you'll find yourself back in the 'zone' sooner or later.

    Hi to Aine and Linda Snd snyone else I've mistakenly not mentioned.

    Love to all Porchies.
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Star: Sooooo very sorry for your DS. Thinking of not hurting his sister and instead damaged himself. I hope he heals quickly. Cute about your "guard cat". My cat runs under the bed or wherever if she even hears noise outside, so count yourself lucky. So did you buy another house already and your DH is working on it? How far away from this house is it? Same schools for the kids?

    Barry; Sorry for your skinned up knees. And I'm sure they hurt too. We have to be extra vigilant anymore as we age. I know I have to THINK before I walk, and always watch where I'm walking. Living alone and having no one to help makes me that way. I've been told I should carry my cell phone with me....I do when out for a walk but not around the house. I do have a little device I can wear around my neck where if I pull the pin out it makes a loud shreaking noise.

    The daisy is called: Asteriscus maritimus. I love the goldenrod color. Roger's Garden probably charges 20% more than other places but I didn't want to take a chance and come home and then couldn't find it.


    And yea......you guys are going to get a dog. I hope you find the perfect new companion.

    Mikie: That was nice you called all your friends. Think positive about Maine. That would be really a super treat for all of you if you could go. I've never seen Maine and really would like to. There seems to be a lot of novels set there......I think my favorite author, Anne Rivers Siddons, has used that area.

    My DS came over yesterday and we got so much accomplished. He's always been my helper thru the years, it's just that it's hard with the 2 little ones and a DIL who runs on the selfish side.

    We took apart this old pine armoire, circa 1850, and he bought some wheels to install them on the bottom, then we put it back together and it's now sitting in my studio. Looks great there. I kept another lower cabinet in there also, just rearranged, so with the two of them I have tons of storage. So yesterday after he left I proceeded to work my way thru putting stuff back.....and tossing stuff too. I worried so much about how I was going to get this armoire moved from one bedroom where it looked awful. So down the road I'll have my handyman back out to paint this bedroom that's now minus this armoire. One step at a time. On saturday is the garage sale so we pulled things out from storage in the garage, hoping to unload more things.
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