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    Looks like it's time for a new porch. Found this one sitting around my back yard. (Don't I wish...)

    Julie - sorry you are so unwell. Lots of fluids, lots of rest. This too shall pass. I remember my grandma (well, she wasn't really my grandma; she was a neighborhood lady I 'adopted' but I loved her every bit as much as one) who used to say she "was so sick she would have had to get better to die." Hope you aren't that bad.

    Mikie - I hope the flowers get watered. It would be a pity if they died from lack of attention.

    Sun - As a former firefighter, I too am glad you noticed the gas leak and called the fire department. Things could have been very bad if you hadn't.

    Granni - How's your voice doing?

    Have lots of work to do; gotta go. Hope everyone else is having a good day!
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    Just popping in for a bit. Have been so busy and running from here to there. So sorry to hear about the sickies. Get well JULIE, MIKIE and anyone else with the crud. It is so hard to tell if I have the flu with the aches and pains since I deal with most of that everyday. I'm doing OK I guess, nothing that new just the same old stuff. Running from one practice to another it seems and trying to keep warm. In Feb we start our Tuesday performances. It is much warmer than it was . However, it is now pretty chilly early in the morning and then gets up to 60 or so but those mornings are cold, and I don;t like it at all.

    BARRY - So glad you have those kitties to give you and Richard such joy and pleasure.My grand kitties are so cute and getting so big. They are very long and about 7 months or so old now. It is so funny the positions they get into and all over each other and they fight just like human brothers would do but you can tell they do love each other. I also drink tea but they are mostly medicinal and some rather bitter so I put honey in them.

    DUCKIE - My voice is doing fair I guess. I always seem to have phlem in my throat (probably from allergies I am guessing). My range is also not what it used to be. My range is much smaller now esp in the lower ranges.It used to be so clear but that hasn't been for some time. I have so much racticing to do but haven't done much. When I have the NRG I'll get up and get the names of the pieces we are singing for the Spring concert. Some are easy and a couple other are not and one in GERMAN . YIKES !ll

    Thinking of everydobby. Hi also to SUN, SPRING, ROCK and all our many MIA's.

    Thanks for the new PORCH, DUCKIE.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Beautiful backyard .....complete with hot tub with lots of trees close to it. Looks very relaxing. Not quite sure about wood floors and hot tub though. Oh well, not mine so don't have to worry.

    Barry: I don't get flu shots either. Just have to take my chances since I had two really bad bouts after the shot.

    Julie: Sounds like you're a bit better. Put me in the category of NOT trusting the president but I'll reserve any comments until after all the investigation has been completed to see what has been discovered. I always pray for wisdom from God, that he opens my eyes to everyone and everything. Just don't feel good about Donald OR his sons. And quite honestly, I haven't been happy with any of our presidents....well, I did like JFK until things started coming out years later. They all seem to have their "people in their backpocket".......I feel this one has only himself in it.

    I talked to a neighbor yesterday...Millie is the one who took in the son of the old neighbor next door. He is a 52 year old hoarder son who still lived with her. He's on the slow side. You might remember I had been debating about giving him 1/4 of my garage to store his things. OMG OMG. So glad I didn't. She told me he's filled up to the rafters with boxes of junk he can't relinquish. She even offered in the kindness of her heart to RENT a storage unit which he refused, said people would steal his stuff. Poor woman......she's a basket case now after 7 mos. Told him she's selling her house and will move into a condo....he's actually refused to leave. She has gotten afraid of him now...cant go into it all but he's always given me the creeps.
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    Just popping in before going to bed. Really hoping I'm not getting sick. I've had several sneezing bouts today, and I have a headache now. My glands are swollen as well. I need to stay well through at least Sunday!!!

    Barry - I'm a tea drinker...think I mentioned it before. I drink mostly herbals, but I like Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Darjeeling. Not a fan of Irish Breakfast - too strong for me. I also like white teas...so delicate!

    Granni - Since I started singing in a good choir again, my range has gotten better. I don't get bothered by singing in German, since I speak it. I also have a really high aptitude for language, so I don't really get bothered by other languages either. I even sang Bernstein's Chichester Psalms, which are in Hebrew. That was a challenge!!

    Sun - I bet the wood is sealed. But you're right. Glad it isn't my worry!! I'm also glad you didn't end up helping the hoarder. That is such a sad mental illness. I hope they can get social services in to assist him.

    Julie - Sounds like you're coming back to the land of the living! I'm happy for you. Don't push yourself too fast, though. Being that sick will take you some time to recover. Also, if you have bronchitis symptoms, you should probably get ABX, so you don't get pneumonia.

    Hope everyone has a restful night! I'm off to slumber land myself.
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    Hi Kids

    Not much news here. (Took four tries to type the first sentence. That's why it takes me an
    hour to do a post.) Lack a lacka day.

    Gordon sorted through all those Chinese CDs and DVDs. Took about a third of them to
    the suburb of Monteray Park and donated them to the library. Lots of Asians live there
    including one of my old bosses. Used to live there myself. It was about ten miles to
    work on Wilshire Blvd. Took half an hour.

    This morning I was reading the computer news. Gordon came in and wanted to look at
    traffic info before going out to do various errands. I got up sorta lurched away from the
    computer. I said, "Uff-da. My sense of balance is getting worse all the time." Gordon said,
    "Just wear a heavier bra."

    Thanks for getting us started again, Duckie. A very nifty porch. And one you could sit on it
    during a light summer shower. Not a tea drinker myself; never heard of white tea. I did look
    up the Name Earl Gray though. His name was Charles Grey, and he was an Earl in the 19th
    Century. At one time England's Prime Minister. Hope your symptoms diminish, and that
    you can sing Sunday. Oh yeah, never heard "Have to get better to die" before. Wonderful

    Sun, good work on the gas leak sichiation. (That's the way my Uncle pronounced it.) Back
    in the 1920s an entire block in Long Beach and all the people on it were destroyed by a gas leak

    I like the idea of someone with himself in his own back pocket. Guess he'd have to be a
    contortionist, yes? Maybe that will be the next political party. Contortionists United.

    Julie, I'm glad to hear that you are getting good nourishment with tater tot hotdish.
    It is Minnesota's official state food...or should be. If you go to the state fair you can buy
    it on a stick. Comes with a paper cup full of "dipping sauce" which I read is mushroom soup.

    I hope the worst of your symptoms are over, and you and Den are fully fit finally," fur sure"
    as my Minnesota sister often says.

    Hugs, Kids
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    Dmc - tks for opening. That's a huge space outside the house. It looks more like a resort. Imagine having a nice spa and then sipping a drink looking out onto that greenery.

    Sun - I wonder if we will ever have a gas line. Far too dangerous. If there were to be a leak, if we don't hv prompt servicemen.

    Rock - I will have to look up tatertot. Hv heard the term but just hv an idea it's something to do with a tomato. I've encountered many such words here, and it's so much fun to look up.

    Barry - so good to see a post from you. Sorry about the blues. I've noticed continuous grey cold weather affects the mood. And going out into warm sunshine lifts it. I went up on the terrace today because it was so chilly but although the sun was shining, there were icy blasts of wind whipping around. I retreated back down and brewed lemongrass tea the DS had brought some days back. It's got a subtle flavour. I like it.

    The plot of land next to.my Chinese friends was empty once, some years back. The owner had planted paddy seedlings in it, and at night the frogs were croaking up a storm, and the moon was reflected in the water of the paddy. Very romantic. Now it's been sold to developers and no more frogs, no wet paddyfields, no golden moon reflected in the waters. My world is going to hell in a hand basket. Or so it seems. Concrete here, concrete there.

    Granni - you seem immersed in performances. Nice to hear. A stray cat has had kittens and they sun themselves on our helps cottages' tin roof. A couple of tiny rooms. They hunt birds on our trees and drive our dogs crazy.

    I've not been doing anything too interesting. My friend called up to chat with me. She is also upto her eyeballs in housework. She was raving about some orchids her sister sent pictures of from our former hometown in India. Big opulent blooms in purple, spotted wine colour, yellow. Blooming in mud pots outside a house right on the roadside. That's small-town living for you. No fences. Here you will find pots and blooms gone in the morning.

    I'm just worried because she developed thyroid and then told me she had tiny kidney stones. Very miniscule but I'm concerned about why she is getting all these disorders. They are very active, and eat very well, she is a great cook. Wonder if it's stress. Their travel business took a big hit with the advent of Internet. And independent bookings.

    I found enough energy to cook meatball curry, last evening and chicken chilli curry today for lunch. Also made ground spinach leaves with mozzarella cheese curry. It's called palak paneer in infia. I just exchanged the cottage cheese it called for with mozzarella I found in the fridge. Didn't want it going waste but it turned out great. My DD came back on an errand
    and had lunch. She said lunch was superb. We had also made a black gram lentil soup she brought from a farmer's market.
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    Good Friday Morning, Dear Friends,

    I'm feeling a tad better this morning but I've been fooled before. I've been getting a lot of sleep, both at night and during the days. Yesterday, I called the doc's office and cancelled my appt. this afternoon. I wanted to give them more than 24 hrs. notice. Sooo sick of just lying around. I wonder whether there is such a thing as Flu Lite. This is more than a cold but isn't the devastating flu either. In any case, I pray it doesn't morph into a full fledged case of the flu. Nothing to write about because I'm doing nothing and nothing is happening around me.

    Duckie, thanks for starting us up again. Very nice deck and hot tub. We had a hot tub in CO but our deck didn't have a cover. We used it up until New Year's when we had a big party for our neighbors. Then, we shut it down until spring. I loved sitting in it with the bubbles going. Best part was putting the bottoms of my feet on the jets and getting a nice foot massage. I also loved getting in the hot tub after a day of skiing at home or at the ski lodge. It's wonderful sitting in a hot tub with snowflakes gently falling. I'll be watering the flowers with Miracle Gro today. I wonder whether Grace has been watering the ones down at her end. I think she must be absent minded. I can relate to that.

    Barry, sooo nice to see you here but I'm sorry you are down in the dumps. Have you ever considered using one of the light boxes or even just a light bulb which helps with SAD? I've heard they do wonders. When I lived in CO, I had my own tanning bed. Also used the ones at a salon. It really helped me through the gray winter months. We had to have some work done on the foundation of our family home and, when they dug, they turned up a little salamander that was yellow and green. The workers brought it to me fearing it might have been the kids' pet that got away. He was very cute. The frogs in our pond must be horny because they've been serenading each other at night. Sometimes, it wakes me and SV up. I like green tea and white tea but don't drink them often because nothing compares to Constant Comment for me. I don't even need to sweeten it. I hope you feel better soon and the quakes stay small. I think small ones keep the big ones at bay.

    Sun, so glad you didn't keep any of that kid's stuff. Hoarders get such anxiety when they think of getting rid of anything and they can get quite agitated and angry. It's an OCD and how these poor people try to control things in their lives. I feel sorry for their families. I'm the opposite; I'm trying to get rid of things in order to keep control over my life. I'm like you--I had horrible reactions to flu shots and finally just stopped getting them. Nurses would get angry and tell me that was impossible because the virus was dead and, unless I was allergic to eggs, I couldn't have had a bad reaction. Later, I realized it was my immune system which overreacted to the shots which caused the bad reactions. I'm thinking vaccinations may be very bad for people with autoimmune conditions. I'm wondering whether what I have is the flu but that my immune system is reacting so strongly to it that it can't really get ahold of me. Who knows what crazy things happen with these illnesses.

    Granni, I tried to take German in college, not because I needed another language but because I was planning on going to Germany after graduation. I could speak it OK but had no ear for it so it was impossible for me to understand it very well. It sounded to me like clearing of phlegm every time someone spoke. I did learn enough to get by on my trip but most people in Germany speak fluent English. Not so in France. Glad I could speak survival French. It's amazing how much friendlier people are when one makes any attempt to speak their language. I remember when the Mass was in Latin. I liked that. I used to be able to say The Lord's Prayer in Latin but can only remember the first half of it now. Of course, we sang in Latin too. When I was in TX, the mornings were really cold but it was nice during the day. Stay warm, my friend.

    Rock, how nice of Gordon to take the CDs and DVDs to the library where others can enjoy them too. I donated a lot of Mom's music tapes to Goodwill not that long ago. My car is so old that it has a tape deck and CD player in it but I usually just turn on the radio. Radio stations suck here now. No more classical music stations. The Golden Oldies station plays music from the 80's. At least, I like the music from those years; it's what my kids were listening to. I once asked them how it feels to have their music called Golden Oldies. It makes all of us feel old; however, I think we have been very lucky. We heard the great music of the Big Band Era when we were little and Rock 'n Roll when we were teens. I wasn't wild about the British Invasion but did like some of the songs. I still love listening to Elvis. Same with Sinatra and Dino. As I've mentioned here, I think a lot of today's music is just lame. Doesn't make me want to get up and dance. My balance is even worser with this crud. My ears are plugged half the time so it's a good thing I'm not wanting to get up and dance. Good grief! Had I known my balance were in my bras, I'd wear one!

    Spring, another beautiful room. Not my kind of d├ęcor but all in all, it is a cozy space. When I lived in CO, I grew a bunch of different kinds of African Violets and they bloomed like crazy. I neglected them and I guess that's the secret. My Mom successfully grew them too. She had a green thumb and could grow most anything. If you have a community of stray cats now, you'll probably have an even bigger community in the near future. We have people here to capture the strays, take them in to be neutered and return them to their feral cat communities. There are people who deliver food to them to try to keep them from killing so much wildlife. It's a real problem. Sylvester and Tweety were lucky but, by the time Jeff found them, they were starving and Tweety had wounds. It breaks my heart to think of all the kitties who suffer from being dumped. Bless Nancy for taking care of Mama Kitty and her babies until she could take them to the shelter. All were adopted. I hate to see the paving over of SW FL here too. I worry about running out of water. Our aquafers are delicate. The more homes that are here, the more damage from big storms. I'm glad I've enjoyed my little slice of paradise while it's still paradise. Are you still getting little EQs there?

    Well, Kiddies, it's time to mosey over to the newspaper site. I haven't been watching local news on TV much lately. There is so much going on worldwide that I tend to stay tuned in lest I miss anything. I needn't worry; the pundits and newscasters talk about it nonstop. I think we are all a bit on edge with the craziness that is happening. Hope we can all relax a bit. BTW, I read a bit more of the new book. The calls from Heaven are a hoax but it's getting more interesting as the main character figures out who is doing it. He has a car accident and a near-death experience himself. That's as far as I've gotten...

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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    Good morning everyone!

    I'm feeling better this morning, thank heavens, despite not sleeping well. It started out fairly cold this morning (34) but it's going up to 56 this afternoon and going to be bright and sunny. Then it goes downhill again tomorrow, with snow in the forecast for next Friday. Hooray for mid-west weather. If you don't like what it's doing now, wait a minute, it'll change!

    My co-op student came in late this morning and said that the car behind him got rear-ended really hard (sitting at a traffic light) and came within inches of hitting his car. Said the driver of the car that did the damage seemed kind of out of it. I'm very glad my co-op didn't get hit.

    Rock - "White" teas are the new (often only spring) growth and are minimally processed. They tend to be very expensive ($12-$15/0z of loose leaf). Like I said, they have a super delicate flavor.

    Spring - Those windows get washed with a long pole that has a sponge on one side and a squeegee on the other. I've seen it done; I'm glad I don't have to do it!

    Mikie - I've often thought it would be nice to have a hot tub or a pool, but I don't have the physical ability to care for them anymore. I've sat in hot tubs before; they are fun. I like Constant Comment tea as well, but prefer loose-leaf these days.

    Worf has to go to the vet tomorrow. There is a small bump on his side that has very slowly been getting bigger, and I'm a little worried about it. I'm going to take him so we can find out what it is. I'm really hoping it isn't anything serious, like maybe a little lipoma or something similar. By some really weird coincidence, my vet is the 2nd or 3rd cousin of my boss, and has the same name!

    I'm off to do all the final prep work for the upgrade Sunday. Hugs to all; hope you have a great day!
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    Good morning dear ones. JUst wanted to pop in since DH is off to the store and has left the computer for me :)!! However, am going to lunch with DD and a couple of friends I haven't spoken to in some time really. So I can't write a W and P post as MIKIE calls it.

    DUCKIE - I agree with you about having a pool or hot tub. Forget the taking care of it. So that wouldn't work very well and DH could care less about either one. Glad that you are feeling better this morning and hope it continues. Good luck on your upgrading. I could use you at my house for my computer questions :)!! Hey DUCKIE, that midwest winter sounds like TX. If you don't like it wait a few minutes and it will change. We can sometimes go from 30-40 degrees change in nothing flat, usually when a cold front rolls through which is not that often but lately is has becoming more so.

    JULIE - Hope this finds you feeling better and DEN too. This weather surely stinks and is not helpful in your trying to get well. The only thing good is it probably kills a lot of the bugs in the area. Try not to overdue so you don't regress.

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling better and better and you don't get fooled again. I rarely read a newspaper, some local on line and the rest on TV or computer. You like to do those puzzles and the real crosswords I am not great at . If you have been doing them for years they are e easy, lots f repeats I think. I can do the fun puzzles that are factual but not to difficult for my pea brain as you call it. That book you are reading about heaven sounds very interesting. What was the name again.??

    SPRING - Thanks for the pretty picture you sent. As MIKIE said they are not my style or colors particularly but was very pretty and restful. Hope you are able to have some fun and relaxing without to many more places to go and commitments.

    SUN - Painting any lately? Even if you get to do it a little often it is relaxing for you.

    ROCK - Reading any more books lately?? Hope you and Gordon are doing well.

    BARRY - Hope the days will start to warm up soon along with abundant sunshine. I know how it is when it is cold with little sun - dreary and gloomy. It is easy then to get down esp when you are not feeling well. Keep petting those kitties.

    Thinking of everydobby and so many of our MIA.s but I have to run and get ready to go out soon. I am sitting here in my pjs and robe.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Spring: Love the picture of those cozy retreat. Something about dark patterns and sunlight really appeals to me.

    Barry: I got a link from the succulent lady. She's now got an online magazine so if you register you will receive it every thursday for you to browse thru. I do have to make a note of how some many small succulent gardens are using the "fire sticks" euphorbia which are dangerous to be around if broken. My gosh anybody could get the sap on their hands or their eyes. I see them everywhere, even at Lowes where little children could come along and break off a branch. I think there should be warnings posted.


    Duck: I live in a glass house and have a squeege with sponge on an extension pole. You still have to go over it with a cloth and it takes work. Hence.....I live with dirty windows.

    My microwave has been giving indications of trouble....this morning it wouldn't work at all. So I had to go to Best Buy this morning to purchase another one. I buy the largest size....it's heavy.....so had to call my handyman to install and take out my old one for the trash. He's coming this afternoon, so will have to just use my ice packs for my neck. I heat up my rice sock stuff and coffee at least 30 times a day....so I do get the use out of them. This one lasted 3 years, the previous one lasted l, so I was able to get a replacement on that one.

    Mikie: Have you tried some peppermint tea or pills yet? I'm sorry you had to cancel your gastro appt.
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    All my prep work is now done and time has slowed to a crawl... I would love to be at home distracting myself with my quilt. Just sayin'. :cool:

    Barry and Sun - it is fascinating that there is actually a lemur that is able to eat that Euphorbia with no ill effects.
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    Hi Kids

    Mikie, in answer to your question about flue light, yes, there is such a thing. To create same,
    just take a flashlight over to your fireplace. I had an old car too. It had a tape deck. I made cassette tapes at home from LP records. Playing them made commuting tolerable. According to some authority or other, the oldest car on record belonged to Moses. It wouldn't run in the desert, so they came to a parting of the ways shortly before he parted the Red Sea. (Remember Gary Larson's cartoon of Moses parting his hair?)

    Yes, my tastes have stayed much the same over the years. I still love Elvis and Dino. Still
    can't stand the raspy voices of Sinatra and Tony Bennett. (Chucun a son gout.)

    Duckie, what is a co-op student? We had a farmers' co-op store in our village when I was a
    kid. The fellow who ran it was 6 feet tall. His wife was my Mom's best friend. The guy's wife was taller than he. She said in her adult life she had never worn a pair of heels. She also made wonderful candy at home. Toffee with chocolate and nuts on top and orange slices. They
    were delicious. I hadn't know one could make either at home.

    Spring, here's a pic of tater tots. The are little frozen nuggets of potato. You can make a hearty,
    popular hot dish by adding ground beef and mushroom soup. Bake till hot. Of course you
    can throw in all kinds of stuff. Ketchup, onions, corn, mushrooms, etc. Even curry!

    Barry, Good to hear from you. Always like your reports from the frozen North. Split pea
    soup sounds good. I used to make it. It wasn't my favorite soup, but of the ones I tried making,
    split pea turned out the best. That's quite a list of teas you posted. Some I never heard of. I don't drink tea or coffee. I believe it affects my aura. Regards to the rest of the family.

    Sun, I saw the succulent garden video you posted previously. Did I already tell you that? I can't remember nut'in no more. We used to have beautiful cactus flowers across the street. They bloomed once a year at night. The flowers looked similar to water lilies and lasted only
    a day or two. The neighbor had wound the cactus plants around his palm trees. A couple months ago the city trucks pulled up and the crew trimmed his trees. They also pulled all the catcus plants off the trunks so I guess that's the end of them. A shame. (pic below)

    Hugs Folks

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  13. dmcduck

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    Rock - The co-op concept was started by the University of Cincinnati in their Engineering school. Now lots of degree programs have them (computers, chemical degrees, biology, etc.). The problem for a lot of graduates is that they can't get a job because they don't have experience, but they can't get experience without a job. These co-op programs are meant to deal with that. Co-op students work a semester full time at a company, then go back to school for a semester. They don't get summers off, and they take longer to graduate, but they get paid for their work. Many of the students get hired by the companies they worked for as co-ops. The company wins, then, because they have a new employee that already knows the business. It's all cool!
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  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - yes. I googled tatertots. They look delicious. I wish frying didn't take lots of oil though. Deep frying I mean. Oil is expensive. The white flower is so beautiful. I am a sucker for pristine white.

    The other day me and help made poories, fried bread and I reused the oil in veggies but not recommended to reuse too much fried oil.

    Mikie - your book is a novel or true story? Oh my friend sent me a n article re onions to draw out bacteria from colds etc. I will try and reproduce.

    Barry - your house sounds inviting. I love large glass panes windoows, French doors. I don't like cleaning them. We have largish windows and yes, they're not as clean as they should be.

    I saw a bit of Davos. Trump et al. Switched channels. But the pretty snow! Will come back later.

    God bless
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  15. Mikie

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    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    How nice to come here this morning to find no spam for skin cream, vitamins or male enhancement aids. Good grief! Woke up with a horrible sore spot in my throat which extended up into my head and right ear. I'm going back on the Acyclovir because that is usually the hallmark of my Whatever Virus which reactivates when I get run down with something else. Our health is like an ongoing game of clue. It was the Whatever Virus which attacked me with pain in the ear.

    DD in TX called me last evening. She was running to the store because she was out of food. She is like me; we are off our feedbags. 'The boys' were skiing in Utah and were going to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the evening. I look forward to talking to DD in CO to see if anything showed up on DSIL's MRI. DD in TX saw them when they were in CO a while ago and she said he is really having a hard time even getting around. He may have to file for disability. I still think it's a good possibility he has FMS, perhaps along with something else.

    James, our irrigation guy, was out yesterday afternoon to look at the leak. He's been keeping an eye on it for several days. It's difficult to pin down so he may have to dig up some of the bushes in the low ixora hedge to find it. We may leave it for a while. Problem is that it may be too wet for the ixora roots if we leave it too long. James is a really nice man and I'm glad he's on the case.

    I stupidly stood out front talking with Grace in the cold wind. She said Barb's been asking about me every day. We've both noticed a sadness around Barb. It's the sadness of someone who has accepted a life she doesn't like but is helpless to change. I think that's the problem of old age. When we are younger, if we don't like our lives, we can change them. Options dwindle as we get older until we have to just accept things as they are. Barb has always loved it down here and she probably wonders every time she visits whether this will be the last time. It's supposed to rain today but I hope I can sit out a bit with her.

    Duckie, day zero approaches. I wish you luck with it tomorrow. I also wish Worf good luck at the vet. SV had some kind of growth on his neck but it disappeared, thank God. I worry more about his health and well being than my own. So, a co-op student is kinda like a paid intern? I think tax cuts for business should be tied to innovative programs like that to provide jobs and also provide experience to help ensure a qualified work force. So many manufacturing jobs today involve computer skills and smart companies are partnering up with schools to train students before graduation. Many go on to work for those companies upon graduating.

    Granni, the book is called, The First Phone Call From Heaven, by Mitch Albom. He is the author of, The Five People You Meet In Heaven and Tuesdays With Morrie. It's not the best book I've read but it was an OK distraction from whatever is ailing me. I know I'm a nit picker but it always bothers me when authors don't do their research. The hero in the book is a pilot. The author describes the tower telling him to land on runway "Twenty seven right." That's not the jargon of aviation. It would be, "Runway two seven right." Not a big thing but shows laziness on the part of the author who is a successful writer. I always want to fall in love with authors because I find writing such a wonderful talent. This is my own judgmental issue and I try not to let it keep me from enjoying a read. Hope you enjoyed your lunch with DD and friends.

    Sun, I haven't had a chance to go out for anything more than groceries so haven't tried the peppermint oil. What I have done is grab some probiotics at the store. I have let my stash of them from PH get used up and failed to reorder. It has started to restore my stomach health. Also, I'm back on the Zantac instead of the herbal supp I was taking for acid reflux. My doc wanted me to do that before seeing the gastero. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the appt with him because I'm too sick to go right now. Is the peppermint oil you take specifically for upset stomach or is it just flavoring for cooking? Sorry if you've already 'splained it but my brain is too tired to remember anything. I will be replacing my over-the-stove microwave with a stainless one next year. I am considering one which is also a convection oven. I would love one that size so I wouldn't have to use the big oven in my stove. Thanks for the link. I found a whole bunch of shade loving plants and am going to consider them for our stairwell atria.

    Barry, I enjoyed reading about your experience speaking French. Mom and I rode the fast train from Paris to Geneva and stayed the night. We walked down to the lake and it was such a beautiful evening. The gentleman at the hotel suggested I speak French and he speak English so we could both practice. What fun that was. I found it very stimulating to speak French in various situations. The funniest was when I went to the post office in Paris to mail my dirty laundry home because I wouldn't be needing those clothes on the rest of the trip and wanted to travel light. Of course, I got my dictionnaire to look up the appropriate words so I could practice beforehand. The postal clerk was incredulous but seemed to chalk it up to 'crazy Americans.' Mom and I laughed at that. I've had no vaccinations in years. I think the last one was a tetanus shot after stepping on a rusty nail back in the 90's. I had no reaction to it. No flu shots or pneumonia shots. Sending warm thoughts your way for sunny days.

    Rock, Gary Larsen gave my family and me many a smile and laugh. What a quirky sense of humor perfectly suited to you and me. I also loved the Kliban cats. I once saw a tee shirt which summed up the kind of relationship we all want to have. There were two cats pictured from the back. One had his paw around the other's shoulder. The caption read, "If I had two dead fish, I'd give you one." Back when I was driving all over the county to make sales calls, I noticed a HUGE cactus along the road. It must have stood ten feel tall and was covered with the most beautiful blooms. It was at the entrance to an access road to a piece of private property. I bet it was planted when it was small and, over the years, got gigantic. It's not that I find the voices of Sinatra or Tony Bennett pleasurable, it's that it takes me to an earlier time in life when a drink and a cigarette brought pleasure. I love to hear Elvis because I love the sound of his voice, especially when it's Gospel songs. I love the Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga album. Talk about your unlikely pair. Of course, you know I loves me my yodeling. Such a sophisticated palate.

    Spring, I'd be interested in the article about onions and bacteria. I love onions. I love 'em raw on hamburgers and fried up til they're sweet and soft. Mmmm! The book was a novel but the part about there being no emotion in Heaven except love really resonated with me. This author has some strange themes in his writing. I hope you can come back to stay a while.

    OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope everydooby has a good day.

    Love, Mikie

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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just watched a couple of forensic shows; read a book during the commercials. The main character is played by William Peterson. Well, you couldn't have a more Minnesota name unless it was Ole Peterson. Looked up William. He's actually of Danish and German descent; born in Illinois.
    He was reported to be earning $600,000 per episode. Well, you know what happens to a lot of
    those folks. They buy lots of nice things. Then they file bankruptcy.

    Duckie and Mikie, I think those co-op and intern programs are great. Looks like a win win deal.
    Mikie, I started to read Mitch Albom's "Five People You etc." Bored me silly. But that hasn't
    stopped him from selling millions of books.

    Very sad about your DSIL, Mikie. Despite all the advances in the last century, science still
    can't do much about a lot of problems. Yes, every now and then the narrative of a book gets
    derailed because the author didn't know something and didn't find out. The last one I remember was an attorney who was asked by the boss if a will had been drafted. She said,
    "Yes, I'll take it to the courthouse and file it tomorrow morning." But wills are filed with the court after the testator dies; not before. Still I'm not going to check all 50 states; who knows what aberration might exist somewhere.

    Springwater, you don't need any oil to fry tater tots. They are already cooked. Should be in
    the market's freezer. Just need to be heated up in the oven or microwave. But if you like you
    can deep fry them. 3-4 minutes will do it. I never do anything with them except add them to
    a casserole and bake in the oven or microwave.

    Hugs, Folks
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    I was finishing up editing and adding to my post when you were posting. I wrote W&P and Joe called in the middle of it. Sometimes, he is very chatty. The show with William Peterson was the original CSI set in Las Vegas. TV and film stars, like many successful salespeople, believe the money will continue to roll in. Such folly! Life has its ups and downs and it's best to be prepared for the down times. I thought I was but never thought I'd be unable to continue to work for good. God bless my Mom. If it were not for her, I'd have lost everything. Of course, my kids always tell me to let them know if I need anything but I'd hate to have to depend on them.

    I read The Five People You Meet In Heaven and kept hoping it would get better. It never did. I didn't know it was the same guy who wrote this latest novel until I finished it. They made a movie of the first one and it wasn't any good either. Just saw on TV that Fire And Fury is the best selling book in the world right now. I wonder whether the author will be a One Hit Wonder. I can't imagine people will want to talk to him for another documentary type book. He's been a guest on talk shows on TV a lot and I find him an odd person.

    I think when TV, film and books portray things that we know are wrong, it is a distraction. Mom worked for Ma Bell as an operator and she would get upset when the cops would say they were going to trace a call or listen in back in the 50's when that technology wasn't widely available unless they had a wire tap to begin with. I know mental health workers get upset when they see mental health conditions misrepresented in the media.

    OK, I'm off to soak my weary bones in the tub. I trimmed my nails yesterday and hope to paint them today. That's how little I'm able to do each day. Well, I may make one of those French bread/bacon puddings in the Instant Pot. That and rice pudding seem to settle in the gut better with this cold/flu/whatever that is ailing me. My throat is still very sore. I'm like Job in the Bible. I haven't lost my faith but I'm whining a lot.

    Hope you're having an excellent day.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie:. My DD uses essential oils and gives my DGKs peppermint oil which she puts inside a gelatin cap. I bought Pepogest from my local Sprouts market. But if you can't buy it right now just use lots of mint tea, you would still be getting the oils from the leaves.

    Did I understand this correctly that your SIL who has a lot of pain is skiing?

    And I got Grace and Frankie from the library....enjoying it a lot! Thanks.

    Thankfully my handyman was able to exchange the microwaves and also did a little stucco painting outside. I had a chip (that had fallen off) scanned from the house and paint mixed at Lowes.....but apparently the scan didn't read it correctly....so everywhere he painted it's darker. It's on the side of the house that doesn't show but it's been around 14 years since it's been painted so I'll have to keep this in mind.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Sun,

    My Mom used to give me peppermints to suck on when my stomach was upset. My stomach is so much better. Too bad the cold isn't. Still have a sore throat from hell. The dialog can be pretty dirty on Grace and Frankie but, to me, that's what makes it funny. Jane Fonda plays the part of such an uptight country club woman that when she gets upset and has a potty mouth, it's so out of character that it cracks me up. I'm glad you're enjoying it. That's one nice beach house she has.

    It's my other DSIL who is skiing with my DGS in Utah. DGS is skiing double black diamonds with no problem. Yikes! I used to be able to get from the top to the bottom of a black diamond but not gracefully and it scared me to death. For years, I stuck to the intermediate slopes so I could enjoy it. I didn't enjoy hammering my knees on moguls either. DSIL in CO is an ex Marine who is used to running five miles a day. There are good days when he can run but, most of the time, he is in horrible pain. Poor guy. He is so sweet and it kills me to know he's suffering.

    Even if you can get a perfect match on outside paint, new paint will often not match the old which has usually weathered and gotten more chalky so that it reflects light differently. The new paint on our bldg. stays clean better than the old did and it doesn't seem to get that chalky effect on it. New paint can go ten years between paint jobs now. The paint is more expensive but worth it. I think the paint they used on our bldg. was around $90 a gallon retail. Of course, the painters get a break on it.

    I'm gonna go check on Barb. I think she's out.

    Love, Mikie
  20. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon! Back from my weekly trip to DM's house. Still working on helping her clean out old stuff...much like what Sun and Mikie are doing.

    Worf tolerated his visit to the vet very well. And, good - no, great news is the bump was a totally benign cyst, which the vet drained with a little syringe. Also, I found out that my big boy is much bigger than I thought. He is 19.6# of feline love!

    Mikie - Co-ops and interns are similar, yes, but co-ops get college credit as well for their time on the job, and it is a required part of their degree. And, yes, it is truly a win-win situation when a company can train a student and then hire them. It's looking likely that we will hire our co-op when he graduates.

    I finished piecing Labyrinth Walk, and I have to say that I'm really very pleased with how it turned out. Here's a picture.
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