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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dmcduck, Jan 25, 2018.

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  1. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Addendum...apparently I ran over a rather large .25" bolt. It went right through the tread of my tire. Good thing I have great roadside assistance; they came out and plugged the hole and filled my tire back up. :D
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We went to the library yesterday. Bought a couple of the 10 cent paperbacks. One is an
    autobiography of Anne Baxter. Her most famous role was the title character in All About
    Eve. Years ago I read that Bette Davis was paid $6,000 a week during filming which sounds like peanuts or maybe peat moss compared to what salaries are today. But the average annual earnings in 1950 were half that so it had a lot of buying power.

    Duckie, glad to hear that Worf is OK. Yes, he is a big boy. I dunno how much my cat weighs. I'd be afraid to try and find out. Yes, Triple A or something similar is great to have. Remember when Lucy and Ethel changed a tire? They did pretty well considering they didn't know what they were doing and weren't even wearing suitable a-tire.

    Your quilt looks great. I wouldn't want to go into any labyrinth where I couldn't see over the walls. It would arouse my claustrophobia.

    Mikie, funny you should mention house paint. Two days ago I was asking Gordon how much that stuff costs now. A guy in our bridge club was a house painter. He told me the reason houses have to be painted more often now is that lead is no longer allowed in paint.

    When I was a kid our house was across the street from a lumber yard. When the kids grew up mother worked for some years as a secretary-bookeeper there. She said the only difficult part of the job was mixing paint. It was done with a machine. The only problem was the customers were almost never satisfied. The only way to get a perfect match with their paint chip was to paint it when they weren't looking.

    Guess I'll go back to bed. See if I can get some shut eye.
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  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    Slept late except the last hour was more or less fending off SV's efforts to get me outta bed. He's a persistent little bugger. He just leapt up on the back of the loveseat in the living room and gave me a friendly Meow. He always greets me verbally and, when he gets up from the sofa, he always gives me a parting Meow. He's been in and out several times this morning. It's beautiful out and the air smells soooo fresh. I can detect no Red Tide but I'm coughing. Could be from whatever virus has taken up permanent residency in my bod. The birds were causing a rukus this morning. I'm not very good at recognizing different kinds of birds but these were large gray birds which resemble geese when they fly. They honk kinda like geese too. One was in the pond, giving what for to all the others. Finally, one got fed up and flew off complaining all the while. Bird politics! Or, rather, politics is for the birds.

    Duckie, that quilt is amazing. I could just sit and stare at it. The choice of colors/fabric enhances the design. Very nice! So glad Worf is OK. Yes, he is a big boy. SV is what I'd call a full grown normal cat and he weighs 11 pounds 4 ounces. He looks larger because of his bushy long hair. I ran over a bolt one of the workers on our car port left in the street and punctured a brand new tire. AAA came out and changed it and my mechanic fixed the tire and put it back on. I can change a tire but wouldn't want to be without road service. Our batteries down here don't last too long and they come out, do an analysis and install the new battery and I'm on my way. Better than sitting in a waiting room at the garage. Glad you got the tire fixed.

    Rock, the original five characters in The Big Bang Theory get paid $1 Million per episode. I love that show. The new chemicals in house paint more than make up for the lead in the old days. The paint we have on our bldg. is guaranteed for seven years but we expect it to last at least ten. It is almost like a living skin on the outside walls. We have to paint our balcony more often than that but it's a different kind of paint. Before the paint store would warranty the paint on our front doors, which are metal, the painters had to give them a chip to be analyzed because you can't successfully put some kinds of paint over other old types of paint. Good grief! I didn't know it was so involved. In Joe's bldg. the president picked the cheapest painter she could find. The paint started peeling off the doors. What a mess. She is still the president but Joe has taken over most of the duties of running the bldg. He's worked hard to get them back in the black and take care of things.

    The woman in our bldg. who is an alcoholic is two months behind on her fees. I'll be calling the mgr. tomorrow to have her send a demand letter. If she doesn't bring her account up to date, we will file a lien on the condo. I think she'll end up losing it because she lost her job, didn't file unemployment, doesn't even deposit the rent checks from her renters on another condo, and stays in bed and drinks all the time. She has driven drunk and, I think it's only a matter of time before she gets her third DUI. I feel sorry for her but I have to protect everyone in the bldg. She, or the bank, won't be able to sell the condo until the lien is satisfied. I had hoped the woman's sister would be able to help her but she doesn't want to be helped and, until she is ready, she will continue to drink. It's so sad. She's a good person who is sick. We've been through this before. It took three years to get the money owed us last time. Fortunately, we are in good financial shape.

    DD in CO called last evening. She was getting ready to make a pot roast in the Instant Pot. She is sooo excited about it. I think she will like it as much as the rest of us like ours. DSIL has an appt. with the doc to discuss his scan this week. I hope it goes well and there is something the doc can do for him. His Mom's dementia is worse and she's getting a bit aggressive so they are looking at alternative housing options for her. It's such a shame and I feel so bad for him because the stress of dealing with her problems makes his pain worse. DD had stopped her classes when she got the autoimmune thyroid illness but has started them up again. She says she can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once she has her Masters of Nursing, she can have her own psych practice. Her goal is to work out of a clinic several days a week. They think DSIL may have to take disability. I hope they all will be OK. At least, DD's flu is better.

    This week, on the 31st, there will be a super full moon which is also a blue moon. In addidion, there will be a lunar eclipse. It will be a full eclipse for y'all on the West Coast but only a partial eclipse here on the East Coast. This is the trifecta for us moon watchers.

    Hope everydooby has a great Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
  4. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Well, after a looooooooong day, it appears to have been a very successful upgrade. All the prep work I did paid off in spades. The system has been released back to the users. I'll still be on call for the evening waiting to see if any issues crop up, but it's looking like they'll be minimal for me.

    Very tired (mentally) now, so not much to say. Hugs to all!!!
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  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon dear Porchies !!

    Went to church early this morning and sand for the 10:00 Mass and got home just in time to go to our brunch for our dinner group. We just got back from a little walk after we went to a brunch for our dinner group. This time the planners decided on a brunch which was yummy and I ate to much then had a game afterwards. Not that great on games but this was crazy where someone draws different things and people have to guess what it is. Half the time peeps didn't even say what the category was and my neck and back of my head was really bothering me so I didn't even take a turn. The guys won against the ladies :)!! We all had a great time and had full tummies after all that food.

    MIKIE - So glad that DD has started up with her masters classes again. Sorry she had to stop taking them for awhile. Hope she reaches her goal, very impressive. Glad you and your DD are enjoying your Instapots and hope her pot roast came out good. Mine was very interesting and I will have to do some more investigating and trying out to see what works. I opted to do the two part method with cooking the roast first and then the veggies so they wouldn't get to mushy. However when I checked the meat after 30 minutes which is what it said in the recipe it still didn't seem very tender. So I put it back in with the veggies and meat. Also in the midst of the veggies cooking I must have pushed something wrong and it went off. So I had to wait till I got it up to pressure again and by then my timing was all off. The veggies came out OK and meat too I guess. The original piece of meat was chuck roast and was VERY thick. It never would have fit in the larger pot ( 8 qt I think). It was also very thick so I am guessing maybe that was part of the problem. I cut it 1/2 and put the other half in the freezer. Also the meat shrunk quite a bit. Wonder if it should have been cooked on lower pressure not to shrink so but cook it longer.

    I also have to figure out the changing of the pressure and the changing of the temperature and time. I think I have pushed some of the wrong things which screwed it up. Just turning it on was tricky enough :)!! LOL I think I pushed the function button but I didn't push the ON button so I just waited and nothing was happening and I had read the directions but not well enough I guess. It is an experiment and will take awhile get all these functions down. I didn't allow myself enough time for the temp to come down again and then up to pressure for the second part. I like it best when I can throw everything in at once and when that is done I don't have to fuss with the buttons again. Maybe so when I have it all figured out. If her pot roast came out good I am curious what recipe ane cut of meat she used. I know they say you can use any kind. Glad you got to sleep later than usual even with your buddy SV trying to get you up.

    DUCKIE - That is one gorgeous and very different quilt. I too can keep looking at it. Hope you don;t get on call do do anything much on your program. upgrade.

    JULIE - Hope you and Den are feeling better especially you. I think you said he was wanting to go back to work and was feeling somewhat better, even though probably bored. Who knows how he will feel when he gets back to work. Hope you will do a lot of resting so you can get better. So much flu going on I here everywhere.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)

    Hugz to all including ROCK, SUN, BARRY, SPRING, DIANE and all our many MIA's.
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  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I hope all y'all had a nice weekend. I got up again this morning with swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, headache, coughing and sneezing. There is nothing new that I can think of that is in the condo so I don't think it's an allergy. Allergies do not feel like this. I don't know what the Red Tide is doing but I don't feel as winded so it may be waning; I hope so. This has just gone on too long. Whine, whine, whine! Both of my DDs are feeling better after having the flu.

    Duckie, congratulations on the project. I'm glad it went smoothly. Hopefully, you can relax a bit now.

    Granni, I wouldn't even begin to guess at what your pot is like. The Instant Pots are complicated enough. It's the choice of button names and instructions which are so confusing. Actually using it is easy. DD had the same impression as I when she read the instructions. I do a little checklist when I use mine--water, vent closed, time, and pressure (high or low). I haven't used it in any of the pre-set modes, like rice or poultry. I'm going to pick up some precooked sausage for that breakfast bread pudding concoction I love. I always buy the roast marked as a pot roast. I like to cut mine up into serving size pieces before I cook it. Next time, I'm going to try the sauté mode to brown the pieces before cooking them under pressure. I've been browning them in the oven while the veggies cook. I think when I replace my stove and over-the-range microwave, I'm going to get the microwave/convection oven so I don't have to heat up the big oven when I want to bake.

    Have you seen the ad where the sloth is playing that drawing game? It's so funny and sloths are sooo cute. That game used to be on TV with minor celebrities playing it. I don't watch game shows much anymore except Family Feud and Jeopardy now and then. I'm glad you had a good time playing and having brunch.

    Just saw a report that people's ID info is being sold on the dark internet. It's being used to tweet and retweet whatever messages the sender wants to send under other people's names. This is scary because, basically, people can't believe anything being tweeted or being retweeted to them. Some of my neighbors have told me the most unbelievable things which were sent to them in e-mails forwarded by people they know and trust. Because of that, they don't check it out; they just take it on faith. Common sense tells me that it's a bunch of hooey and it can easily be verified or debunked. They are willing to believe it because it fits in their belief system. People make decisions based on misinformation. I worry that the truth doesn't matter anymore.

    Andrea Mitchell is on TV and, again, looks fantastic. I wonder whether she has a new stylist, including hair and makeup. Her clothes are exactly what I'd choose for myself. Speaking of women of a certain age, One Day At A Time is back for the second season on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I can't keep them apart anymore. I love it but then, I'd love anything with Rita Moreno. She is amazing.

    The bird is out by the pond making that horrid sound. It's like a cross between a duck and a goose. It makes the hair on SV's head stand up. Oh, BTW, You Tube has various videos of squirrels tossing nuts and acorns but nothing up close that I could recommend. Just from the number of sightings, I'd say it isn't uncommon for them to hurl them at people. I saw a video of a squirrel running out and screaming at a guy trying to install a little solar light next to the walk. Guess the squirrel was afraid he would steal his buried nuts. There is more going on with squirrels than I ever realized. Who knew?

    What I do know is that it's time to go read the paper. I'm going to get into the shower. I got some balm for my dry haystack hair. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie




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  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Got a silly e mail from my MN brother. It's a follow up to a previous silly e mail that had
    a cartoon of two idiots doing home repairs. This time he said he did some carpentry in the
    bathroom, but he still has 9 fingers. I wrote back and said: So do I.

    He also wants us to pick a restaurant so we can go out for a nice dinner when they arrive and
    then talk a long time over dessert. Gordon and I used to go to restaurants now and then, but that was years ago. I think the only one we've been to in the last decade or so was I-Hop.

    Illustrating how out of touch some folks can be, we went on Mother's Day. The place was jammed. Some mothers had to sit on the tables. One poor mom was teetering on a chair on a table. Gordon steadied her chair as we went by. He said, "Maybe one your grandsons could trade chairs with you." She said, "Yes, that might help, but they're at another table behind
    the door to the kitchen."

    Granni, glad to hear you had a nice brunch. Eating heartily is part of a brunch, right? I've
    never had to adjust to a new cooking system, but I suppose it's like getting used to a new car.
    I'm sure you'll have mastered it all over the next 10,000 miles.

    Duckie, your quilt is wonderful. But I'm afraid to stare at it too long. I start to feel like I'm
    falling into it. Maybe it's like those Youtube videos that claim they can hypnotize one.
    Glad to hear things at work went well. Nice when that happens. Over the years I kinda
    noticed that most bosses didn't seem to know what was going on; good or bad.

    Mikie, I'm stunned that folks on the Big Bang etc. get a million per. And doubly stunned that
    one of them is Johnny Galecki. I always felt sorry for him on the Roseanne show. He wasn't
    good looking. He's only 5'5". And the part he had to play was of a not too bright, morose teenager. Like Rodney Dangerfield, he got no respect.

    Oh, yes. With re: 2 Blue Moons:
    "Once In A Blue Moon" is a nice song from the musical "Little Mary Sunshine". I think it would
    be a good song for tap dancers. (I once played a forest ranger in a non Broadway production. Not bad for one who can't sing, dance or act.) There is also a song by the same name sung by Earl Thomas Conley. Sortuva torch song for people who want to moan in a vaguely country western way.

    Oops! Somebody else just posted.
    Going back to bed. Star and JB, drop by when you can.

    Hugs, Rock
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  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    A little in shock. Diane's unexpected passing. She went through a lot with anxiety. I hope she went peacefully.

    It was a quiet day. Day was sunny but chilly. Evening time got to 10 C degrees at 6.00 pm. I was glad dinner was already made. I made ground spinach chicken curry so I wouldn't have to make veg separately. We made black lentil soup. Rice.

    The electricity goes off for five mins or so sometimes. I spent a bit of afternoon helping son find his formal - ish pants and shirt to wear because he and his sister and other cousins got invited to lunch by their monk cousin. His formal shoes needed polishing. It's like excavating something. Getting out formal wear. He normally doesn't even bother with ironing. And he runs his fingers through his hair after bathing to give it a tousled look. Today I stood there and made him comb it in front of me. He got a write up in a local youth magazine re his rap with his picture in it. Other rappers too. The article described him as a charmer who never bragged about himself and always spread positive vibes. That was nice.

    Yesterday afternoon I had lunch with a friend at a vegetarian Chinese restaurant. It was first time both of us went there. The food was superb. I had non spicy tofu soup and nutritious soup. Well that's what menu said. And they served stuff made of soybeans or something which tasted exactly like meat. So I got some for home and some veg sausages as well.

    Granni - I know we are all shocked. About dear Diane. Such is life.

    Mikie - your building committee is very efficient. I'm sorry to hear about the alcoholic lady. Those squirrels are too funny and cute. I'm glad your DD is studying again. I pray your SIL is diagnosed and his pain is made treatable.

    Rock - I once suggested DD wear a pair of earrings which had concentric circles in them as design. She told me, "mum, I'm not trying to hypnotize anyone".

    Dmc - another interesting quilt!
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  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning everydobby,


    MIKIE - My Cosori pot s about the same as yours I think. From what I can see of the buttons it is close to the same but haven;t counted the number of buttons to each yet. As ROCK said I should have it mastered in the next 10,000 miles :)!!! I just have to be ore careful next time and be careful what button I push and do them in the order they are supposed to be pushed :)!! However, am wondering why my roast shrunk so much. They said to cook it on the hi pressure but wondering if it was to high. Let me know about your DD's pot roast and how it came out. It is one giant experiment and will take me awhile for sure to master this thing. I should have done one process at least the first time but people kept saying on reviews and videos that if you cook the veggies to long they get mushy. DH likes his veggies more soft than I do So, its a mixed bag but the first time for anything is always harder esp with lots of buttons to push. I read the little book again which I hope was helpful.

    Those pictures of sloths are so cute and funny, thanks for posting them.

    ROCK - That's neat that you were in s a non broadway show once without having any of the usual talent:)!! I'll bet you had fun and did a good job. I never had the opportunity to do much of anything in school, including singing except elementary school. They had no HS in my area so we were bused outside of our town, two towns really. We had to make sure we got our bus ride home. No car for me in HS for sure, no $$$. It was a long time before I got a car and license like married with kids.

    Gotta run for now. DH needs the computer. Try and get back later.

    LOVE to awl inc MIAS ,
    Granni :)
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  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - Kevin has posted about Diane's passing in the forum. It's under chit chat. Apparently she had flu symptoms.
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm still in shock and sorrow at learning of Diane's passing. Judy posted a message from Kevin. I don't know whether she had the flu but passing right after noticing breathing problems is how so many have passed from it. Many of them didn't feel they were sick enough to be in danger. Then, they died in a very short time. I think she must have passed peacefully or Kevin would have noticed her struggling.

    Some of us have posted to Kevin to offer our love and prayers. Judy's post is here on the Chit Chat Forum.

    Judy, I can't thank you enough for letting us know about Diane. I've known her for years and we've kept in touch off the forums as well. She was a very good friend of mine and, as I told Kevin, she was a beautiful person.

    I will be keeping Kevin and the family in my prayers.

    Can we please leave this Porch up past the usual 30 posts so that others might see it if they missed Judy's post. Thank you.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SPRING WATER - Thanks. I thought of that after I sent the other message about more information. What an awful surprise for everyone here especially her beloved Kevin. I noticed his post and then sent him a message as have others and I hope he sees them.

    MIKIE - I agree with you about dear Diane. We also kept in touch off the boards some but not lately. I think she was struggling also with other things. She was a beautiful person and very special to me. Good idea too about extending this post past the usual 30 posts,

    That is the 2nd person today I found out today who died. The other was a lady who used to live in our neighborhood and was the mom of one of the High Schoolers that was in Drill Team with my eldest daughter. Don't know about any of the details but it was in Houston and haven;t seen this person in years. It is sad none the less. How fragile and special life is.

    Our workman has come and gone to the store for some more supplies. Lots of little chores to do that DH has no idea of what to do to fix or is afraid to do, like the electricity part that he already fixed. Now he goes to the outside.

    Gotta run for now. Nothing to much else happening. I need to start looking on my choral music now. HANDEL - Music Spread Thy Voice Around and Psalm 115 by Mendelsohn - in German yet - ugh !! DUCKIE - Maybe you can help me with my German although the gal that sits next to me took German and was a music major and is director of my small group. So I picked up some tips from her. Practice tonight !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends..
    Sorry I've been MIA..still dealing with this cold/flu thingee...started feeling strange the day before we moved Vicki on December 30...one can only imagine how delighted DH was when I shared this crud with him..he has been dealing with it for the past 3 weeks now..still lots of sneezing and coughing and very little energy..I'm still sneezing alot and not much energy either.

    Went to the grocery store last week to prepare for the snow storms that were coming in. I'm one of these people who panic if I'm not prepared..want to always make sure we have plenty of food to last several days and water..also, I make sure we have our warm clothes at the ready incase the power goes out..and plenty of blankets. Got a dusting of snow the first day and the next day..it started snowing on and off in the late afternoon and continued into the night..and we got about 3 to 4 inches of the white stuff. Fortunately, it's melting now..

    We were under an emergency water watch last week due to some young man being pulled into a large water pipe that was in our lake not far from us. He and his brother were exploring and were in an area they shouldn't have been..there were signs telling folks to beware...well, the one brother got pulled into the pipe that was moving the water down the canal to our water treatment plant and got stuck and drowned. This water supplies our town and several towns around us. The authorities were afraid that the water would be contaminated if the body wasn't found soon..they located the body and recovered it the next day..these young men were old enough to have known better than to mess around with this stuff.....so sad.

    Vicki is doing pretty well..she is anxious to get financially fit so she can move into her own place..but I think that's going to be awhile. She is walking with a cane now and said that the other day she was trying to get out of the kitchen, when my youngest granddaughter, who is 4, said to her "Auntie, you have to move faster because you are slowing me down from running and doing my power jumps"!! Vicki said she just about lost it she was laughing so hard..I'm not sure what power jumps are..will have to find out.

    We have Vicki's two kitties staying with us until she gets her own place..I must say, they have been really good..they love to explore and are getting into everything, which we don't mind as they can't hurt anything. They have been a real comfort for DH since we had to have Jake put down..

    We are still dealing with the Ford dealership in trying to get our truck fixed after someone tried to steal it at Vicki's. Somehow, the electrical wiring got screwed up when the idiots pulled the ignition out of the steering column, and it got more screwed up in the dealership shop. After DH drove it shortly after we got it out of the shop, the truck just up and quit. DH found a website and it described the exact same thing that happened to our truck and why it happened..We met with our insurance agent and gave her a copy of this information. I just hate dealing with this kind of stuff..it's always something.

    Mikie: Hope you are feeling better..my computer still has a mind of it's own..goes where it wants no matter if I'm pushing buttons or not..there have been times when I'd like to have thrown it out the window! Love the pictures of the squirrels!

    Granni: Busy as usual..wish I had a little of your energy! I have relatives who live in West Texas in a little town called Stamford..from what my cousin tells me, it's almost a ghost town now compared to what it was in the 50s and 60s..so sad..guess that's the way it is with so many small towns.

    Julie: Hope you and Den are feeling better..stay bundled up and warm. Our weather isn't quite as cold as yours, but it's cold..down into the high 20s or 30s at night and now it's warming up to the 60s during the day. You and Den have done a beautiful job on your house..having gone through the renovation process as well, I understand what it takes to get things finished..keep up the good work, you'll be finished in no time!..

    Rock: Have you decided on a restaurant yet? Like you, I haven't been out to dinner in ages and wouldn't know where to go..no too many place around us to choose from..mostly fast food joints and even then those are limited.

    Spring: When our son was young and in grade school, it was a battle to get him to dress up..he just hated wearing suits and ties..didn't matter what the occasion was..but once he got a little older, he realized that looking good was a good thing..he also realized that the girls liked it when he dressed up!

    Barry: hope you are feeling better..we are having blue skies and sunshine but still on the cool side. I don;t understand why folks just can't stop looking at their phones for just a minute to see where they are going or to make conversation..your split pea soup sounds wonderful for these cold winter days..do you have a recipe for that soup that you can share? I'm not much of a cook..

    Sun: I use my microwave several times a day as well..don't know what I would do without it..glad you were able to get your handyman to help you move the old one out and the new one in..

    Duckie: you're quilts are beautiful..you are one talented lady..my hands don't work like they use to and it makes doing anything difficult, plus, I don't think I'd have the patients that you do to work on such a wonderful project.

    If I have missed anyone, I apologize..

    Was so sad to hear of Diane's passing..

    Better sign off as my energy level is dropping..
    A big "hello" to everyone..you all are in my thoughts and prayers.
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I managed to shower and trim my hair. I'm letting it grow a bit and it's at an awkward stage. I took the garbage and recyclables down and picked up my mail. I sat out with Barb and enjoyed talking to her. They leave Wednesday afternoon and I'm going to miss her. Wish I had felt better while she's been here. I don't know whether this crud will ever leave. Another friend stopped up with her DGS. He's not quite three yet and he's sooo smart. She had taken him to story time at the library and he got a stamp of an octopus on his hand so he had to show it to Barb and me. Soooo cute.

    Rock, I have a hard time selecting restaurants here. There are a ton of ethnic restaurants over in the Cape but I don't want to drive over the causeway to get there. Also, it costs $2 each way. A new restaurant opened down the street and I may give it a try. One noodle dish looks interesting. I keep returning to T.G.I Friday's. It's about as good as anything. I've been to four overpriced restaurants that my friends like but I didn't care for them. Until I feel better, I don't care if I go out or not. I always liked Johnny Galecki on Roseanne. Her show is coming back but I'm not sure I'll watch it. She came from Denver. DD once saw her on stage after her show was a hit. She had come back to visit her old stomping grounds. Don't worry about not being able to sing, dance or act. Many in show biz haven't let that stop them. Yuk! Yuk!

    Spring, thanks for the prayers for DSIL. I love both my DSILs as though they were my own kids. I feel like I have five kids, including my DGS. They are all so loving and dear to me. Are you taking a pic of your DS in his dressier clothes? He's so handsome and I'll bet he looks great. How nice that he got a good write up. It's obvious that he is admired and respected. I have called and asked our mgmt. co. to send a demand letter to the woman who is two months in arrears in her fees. It can't go on like this. I just hope that, when she can no longer keep going, she gets the help she needs, accepts the help and takes care of her property so that she doesn't lose it. If she does, it will wipe her out and take forever because the bank will likely foreclose. I know she has equity in her condo unless she has refinanced. Glad you enjoyed your lunch. Sounds yummy.

    Granni, my pot worked well the first time I used it but I had to reread and reread the instructions. All I have to do is select MANUAL, set the time with the + and - buttons press the PRESSURE button if I need to toggle between low and high pressure. After that, I don't have to turn it on. If I don't do anything else, it turns itself on after 10 seconds. My veggies came out a bit too well done so I won't cook them quite as long next time. This pot is much more efficient than my old stove top pressure cooker. Ich spreche nicht Deutsch sehr gut. Can't remember whether this is grammatically correct nor whether I spelled everything correctly. It's been a loooong time since I've tried.

    Judy, sorry you and DH have been sick with this crud too. Prayers going up. I've been sick a month now. I've had to cancel two doctor appts. I'm not going until I know I'm well. I'm glad Vicki is getting around so well. I'm also glad the kitties are being good for you and keeping y'all company and entertained. That's too bad about the wiring in the truck. I once had an alarm installed in my car and spent hundreds of $$'s to get it fixed after the guys screwed it up. That is sad about the boy drowning. Males don't develop the frontal lobe in their brains til they are about 30 years old. That's the lobe which deals with impulsiveness and judgement. Pretty much any daring thought which comes to mind sounds like a good idea. My computer has settled down a bit but, when it has to restart, it is soooo slooow and I have to restart it several times. FPOC! Thanks again for posting about Diane.

    Julie, just sent up a little prayer to help you heal and keep you safe. So many of the deaths from this crud are people who went to the doc or ER and died shortly afterward. It's not unexpected in the very young or very old but a lot of these people were in good health in the prime of their lives. I'm glad you are taking good care of yourself. Both of my DDs had the flu and it has taken about a month to feel better. I hope Amy will be OK. I know it's a relief for Den to have the solar field pass inspection. Babcock Ranch, a little community just north of us, is completely run during the day from a huge solar field. At night, they switch to the regular grid. It was on the national news. Take care, Sweetie and rest.

    Sun, I hope you are feeling well. Check in when you can.

    Barry, same with you. Hope you, Richard and the critters are doing well.

    I know I missed someone. I'm soooo brain tired that it's affecting my sight. I apologize to anyone I failed to address. I'm going to go now but will check back. My loving thoughts are with everyone on this sad day.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Still trying to comprehend the loss of one of our family members...I feel so bad for Kevin and I just know he did the very best he could to take care of Diane. When I was at my worst last week, but also didn't feel the need to go to the ER, I would feel Den checking in on me during the night, before he went to work, as soon as he got home. No way to monitor someone constantly, especially when they seem to have relaxed and fallen asleep. Maybe there was an underlying issue that hadn't shown up...at any rate, I am just so sorry.

    Our Amy texted from the ER in her town on Saturday evening...she had been having chest pains since Friday and was getting worried so drove herself to the hospital (Clinton stayed home with the girls as they wouldn't have been allowed into the hospital anyway...and they were only five minutes away, if needed.) Amy had an EKG, labs, chest xray...bronchitis and early pneumonia. Good to know, then she can get excused from work and will know to just rest, rest, rest.

    I promised her that I would try to get in to the walk-in clinic or my doctor this week if I wasn't feeling a lot better. Then I woke up and saw Kevin's post...managed to get in at 11:00 am. Not my regular doctor, but one in the same practice. Relieved to hear that he thinks I just have a viral infection. I was mainly worried about staying away from my dad and the doctor said to do that for a few more days. And if I'm not getting better by the end of the week to come back for a followup and possibly ABX as it could be turning into something else. I told him about using onion slices (in the room and on our chests) spraying the house with diluted vodka, thieves' oil, etc....he laughed, but didn't disagree with any of those "home remedies."

    So...it's just wait it out a little longer, I guess. Please forgive me for not staying to chat...gonna eat a bite of lunch and go back to bed. Glad I don't have any pressing obligations and can just hang out at home. Den is still coughing, but back to work since last Wednesday. Final inspection was this morning on solar field...they passed, so that is a big relief. Still a few things to wrap up, but not in a rush now. Thinking of everyone.
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hi Mikie...I wanted to make a correction..it was Kevin who posted about Diane's passing..not me..still shocked at the news..

    Take care..
    JB (Judy)
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Judy,

    I'm sorry. I did realize it was Kevin who posted about Diane. I just wanted you to know how much it means to us all that you reposted his message here. I have given my password to my kids in case anything happens to me. I know we all want to know when we lose one of our family members here. We truly are family. We are often the only ones who know what we all deal with every day. We offer love and support to one another. Over the years, we really become close to one another. I'm grieving today and will pray for Kevin and the family.

    Love, Mikie

    I found this adorable kitty angel. I think Diane would like it.

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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    That is a purr fect kitty angel just for DIANE. She was an angel from what I could tell over the computer lines. I have been thinking about DIANE all day since I heard. I also heard about another death on FB the mother of a young lady in DD's class and Drill Team inHS. Then close DD came ver to tell me that another lady we knew, quite over weight, but I do not know if weight was a big problem or not, passed away. She was really a hard worker with a sports group we have here. We don;t go to many meetings but go to a few once in awhile and partake in some of their bowls. She apparently passed away suddenly, not sure if she had been ill or not before hand. Her DH tried to revive her and in doing so he got a heart attack and is now in the hospital. That is 3 deaths I heard of today. Now I hope that is it , since many times these things seems to run in 3's..

    JULIE - Glad you are coming along but good you didn't go see your dad this week. I know he would understand. PLease do go to the doc this week for a follow up if you don;t get better soon. Glad you did go to the clinic for an appt.. Are you on anything? If it is viral you mostly need lots of rest and maybe Muscinex and something for fever and pain.

    Thanks JUDY, MIKIE, SW and everyone for posting about DIANE when you saw Kevin;s post.

    So glad that Kevin did post to us so we all know why she is not posting.

    Gotta do some other things around here. I just had to say something about that sweet kitty angel- purr fect for DIANE. I know Kevin and her 3 sweet kitties will miss her a lot. I know we will too.

    Love to awl,
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Like all of you, I've been thinking about Diane and her sudden death. My cleaning lady was over today and I was telling her of the sudden death....mentioned mucinex.....and she had "this look" on her face. Here's what she told me.....years ago her son was very ill so she gave him some mucinex...his heart started beating wildly and they had to rush him to ER where he was given a shot to calm the heart down. I asked if he had heart problem or what. He is a performer with the Rockettes and he had to undergo an extensive medical tests which apparently included an EKG. The doctor asked if he had ever been very ill with a high fever which apparently scarred his heart from the rapid heart beat. Makes me wonder.......?

    I was out for lunch yesterday with my DD and family and then helped my DGD with her 4th grade huge science report/project. Today have done a lot of running around on errands AND finally received the package back which was sent 3 mos. ago to Russia. WHEW. No damage either from any customs opening. Now I have to refigure postage to this person's friend in the US and get it sent out tomorrow. I'll be back later. Truthly I'm worn out.
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  20. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Kind of stayed away today in deference to everyone's sorrow over Diane's passing. Since I didn't actually "know" her in any sense, I wanted to give others the chance to vent their sorrows. Which isn't to say that I don't feel anything...I feel for all of you who are obviously suffering. Wouldn't it be a better world if we all felt as bad for the death of a stranger as for the death of a friend or family member?

    There has been some fallout from the upgrade, although nothing drastic. We will be mopping up for a bit, and will likely have an emergency deployment of some bug fixes.

    Sun - Plain Mucinex is nothing more than an expectorant - the same stuff in good old fashioned Robitussin, which has been around for ages. Mucinex D however also has a hefty dose of Sudafed - which in SOME sensitive individuals can cause heart issues. That may have been the cause in the case you stated. I'm not particularly sensitive, but even I can't take the really high doses. So glad you finally got your package back from Russia! I know we pay LOTS to ship our products to other countries.

    Mikie - I really hope for you that this crud is on the way out. I also hope your DSIL gets some answers. I know how frustrating it can be not to have them - as I'm sure many of us are. Your German wasn't too far off!

    Julie - Please continue to take it easy so as not to relapse!!

    Granni - Sounds like you have someone to help you with the German pronunciation. I just got back from choir and have the Kyrie from the Mozart Great Mass in c minor running through my head!

    Well, I'd love to stay and chat with everyone, but it's getting late. Have a lot of work again tomorrow. Hugs to Rock, Barry, Star, Spring and everyone else!
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