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    Hello Dear Friends...

    Still in my PJs..haven't felt like getting dressed today..yesterday, I had made a few plans to accomplish something, but, here I sit, staying inside, watching TV...

    The weather is on the cool side, which I love, but have not wanted to go outside.

    Barry..so sorry I missed responding to your earlier post..I, too, am so sorry to hear about your step brother..sending prayers for a good recovery.

    I'm hoping you can get your dental issues taken care of..I'm not crazy about going to the dentist, and now that I need some extensive work done, I'm avoiding dental work like crazy, which I'm sure, I'll regret later on down the line..

    Julie..I, too, love potato chips..I could eat a whole bag of them without giving it a second thought. Guess I just love food!!

    I have become such a homebody that last few years..I will go out to get groceries, get prescriptions, and gas for the car, and then back home..I don't feel comfortable wandering out these days..I know it's a "must" for you to do so much driving and I'm very impressed..where do you find the energy?

    Learned a long time ago, that we can't please or make everyone happy..and that's especially true with family..so just hang in there..you are doing a fine job with the situations that have been and are being thrown your way!

    Sending more prayers for your dad's recovery.

    Duck..love dark chocolate as well!

    Granni..you busy lady..stop by and let us know what you've been up too...sorry I got the wrong week end for your party..but since it's coming up, I know you and DH will have a wonderful time.

    Mikie..hope your energy is starting to return and that you are recovering from the red tide..hope you are pacing yourself so you don't over do it..

    I'm sure your garden area is going to look beautiful when you get it finished..

    Sending prayers to all involved in the high school shooting in your state..it's just horrible..

    Spring..stop by when you can..love hearing from you..

    Not too excited about getting dressed so think I'll just remain in my jammies..Guess I'll go make some coffee..

    I know I've missed responding to some folks and I apologize..

    Take care everyone and hope you all have a good evening..
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    Hi Judy and everyone! Hey, nothing wrong with a PJ day once in awhile. Keira and Miley's school even has pajama days when the kids can come to school in their jammies or whatever they want. Even bring a stuffed animal for company while they sit and watch movies or read...usually happens near a holiday or other special day.

    I have become pretty anti-social myself...I think it is from needing to be available to take care of parents for so many years and I just sort of resigned myself to their schedule, which was mostly doctor appointments. And Den's dad had a few things he liked to do such as a community center meal once a month (during the nice weather) and a CB club luncheon once a month...otherwise we were just home, unless I made a point of taking them for a drive, etc. But when they are pretty frail, they just don't want to get out that much....and I didn't feel comfortable leaving them alone for very long at a time.

    Of course, I could have just been using that as an excuse as time went on. All I know is that I now feel like I have no social skills whatsoever, and deal with varying degrees of anxiety anytime I have to go somewhere (I'm fine once I get wherever I'm going, but the getting ready part is hard) unless it involves my kids or grandkids, or Den...or going to see my dad. I don't know what I would do without my little family... I truly have a very simple world, lol!

    Den came home and told me he had planned to get me some purple roses after work, but when he checked the price, they were $40 for six flowers...and I'm sure they wouldn't have lasted very long. I assured him that was fine...I did spend $300 on myself yesterday with the carpet.

    Finished up supper...going to make Den's lunch for tomorrow, then probably crash early. So tired today...

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    Hi Kids

    Here's a money saving tip I found on the net. Doesn't really apply to us though..

    Valentine's Day money-saving tip: Break up on February 13th, get back together on the 15th.

    The tip was from David Letterman. Or his writers. Last time I checked he had ten plus
    himself. Reminds me: I still need to do a timely verse for Gordon.


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    Hey all,

    Peeking in in between chores.

    Dmc - thanks for opening. What a lovely view and open porch..i just love the hills around. That newest quilt too. I'm not sure what color would indicate 'enterprising' in ones aura, but I'm sure one would find that a plenty in yours.

    Barry - so sorry to hear about your cousin. I'd never heard about that place to have cancer in for men. Do you think they had illnesses like cancer in the olden days? Like many centuries ago? How did they cope? Or is it because of all these modern day stresses and pollution.

    When I read your posts I immediately feel myself in the woods, among birdsong and flora, fauna. Aaah. So wonderful. It happens automatically. I'm so happy one of our porch family lives in the countryside proper.

    I have looked up auras but the sites confuse me. I mostly go by my own experiences. An interesting one is when I talk to people I'm familiar with, mostly my meditation classmates, when they're talking about something they are happy about, golden rays, sparks seem to shoot out like a fire ablaze. Those we call Masters in Pranic healing, some advanced teachers can see thought forms as people speak. Anger is lightning type squiggles in fiery red orange, addictions have a hook like shape. Most of my fellow classmates cannot see any things or forms but one or two see more than is comfortable. But they can't do anything about it.

    Rock - hahahahaha. But then, Christmas will come along, birthdays. What latest designs has Gordon learnt in origami. He must hv a wonderful brain. I found it difficult to follow when we had basic origami in kindergarten. I couldn't follow math at all after grade 2. Scraped through the finals in grade 10 with 2 marks to spare. And never took it up again. Whew!

    Julie - smart girl, you! Buying yourself a useful Valentine's gift. Here I don't understand the notion of Valentine. By the time the custom came here, I was married and had kids. My DD got together with two other of her girlfriends and celebrated 'Gal-entine's ' (their phrase) at their friends restaurant just to help pitch his business. The eatery was offering a heart shaped pizza, fries and coke at a reduced price. He was in the dance video too.

    Judy - Hershey's! Yum...I love chocolates. All of them except bitter. We have foreign chocolates in the big stores, But with our import duties being what they are, we don't buy them. They cost an arm and a leg. When some relative from abroad or someone brings them from a trip abroad, both me and my DS binge eat them. Can't stop at one or two pieces. Then it's a dry season until the next time someone brings them. Sorry about the depression. Those most spiritual and pure of heart are often the most challenged with difficulties. Of all kinds. I have observed this a lot. We have a theory for this but it's to do with religious matters and wouldn't make sense to all. Something about the darkness wanting to keep those who would spread their light, down and prevent them from doing so.

    Mikie - green shorts! That must look nice. Gearing up for the summer I see. I love pretty baskets. Especially of cane. I have one I store essential oils and scent bottles, new age soaps etc. I don't wear scents that often but I don't like to give away those which smell of grass, woods etc. the DD had a friend bring Estée Lauder's free giveaway bag of cosmetics and gave me some of the items. Those two went into the cane basket.

    Granni - did you have a nice get together? Your grandsons must be shooting up. Kids grow do fast in those years. I love being near young ones. They're so jolly mostly. I guess because I feel worn and tired.

    It's coming near to Tibetan Festival time. I went to buy knick knacks down to the Tibetan market area. What a bustling place! They're even selling Tibetan salted butter tea in packets now all readymade. China of course. I'm wary because of the preservatives but it's a huge time saver. Normally, one steeps the special coarse tea, overnight if possible, and then puts it in butter, salt and milk and churns it in a special wooden tea churner.

    Sun - I hope your energy returned. You always seem to have some reserves of it in stock. I would love to traipse through an old house and look at Knick knacks but I'm also a little wary. Not knowing what kind of energy would be hanging around. Angry? sad? Lonely. Etc.

    IMG_0267.JPG Now, they simply use the mixer.

    We used this in my childhood. We had to be careful or the tea would spill over the sides.

    I lost some paras in the writing of my.post. sorry if it seems disjointed. Had to come back and add what didn't get posted.
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    Hei, as the Norskies say

    Well, I got Gordon's valentine finished about dinner time. Was gonna take it downstairs and
    put it on the refrigerator. See how long it took him to notice it. We still have some verses up from years back commemorating birthdays, Christmas, etc. Anyhoo he came bustling into
    the room just as I finished the billet doux so I thrust it at him saying, "Here".

    Spring, did you say you were in Peking? One of the most populous cities in the world. Now
    called Beijing which reminds me of the little movie dog Benji who has made numerous
    films and TV specials since the 70s. I read a new one is coming out next month. Used to
    take my son to them.

    I was never very comfortable with math either. And these days I'm even worse. My
    son, however, took geometry and calculus. Obviously he got some math genes from his mother. A heart shaped pizza sounds like fun. To my surprise I found pics on the net.

    Julie, Wow! Purple roses. Don't see them very often. I don't know if I've ever seen
    any. Den deserves his points for good intentions and imagination. But the prices vendors
    charge for Valentine flowers are generally outrageous. I read not long ago that men still
    order American Beauty roses 'cause it's the only kind they know. The article said they
    are no longer grown commercially. Don't know when or why they stopped. Where is
    your new carpet gonna go?

    JB, ah, potato chips. My mother used to crumple them up on top of casseroles. I
    remember when a small bag cost a dime and a big bag cost a quarter. But now days
    a big bag is much bigger and generally costs 4 bucks at the market. Last time we were
    at Vons they had a special. $3 a bag, but you had to buy four bags. No thanks. I
    bought some Tuxedos. Imitation Oreos. Taste the same, but a buck cheaper.

    Mike, hope you're feeling some better. Does SV love his new toy? Are you a Dave
    Barry Fan? Have you read Dave's book on the state of Florida? It's like most
    everything he writes: hilarious.

    Barry, you are correct. I prefer milk chocolate. Won't even eat the other kind. I
    suspect people who like dark chocolate are more resolute and purposeful than the
    rest of us. When you lie on the sofa does the whole menagerie pile on top?

    Okee Dokee, Kids

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    Good Thursday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'm on the Surface notebook and it keeps auto-correcting everything. I can't believe how many posts there are. I do like it when the Porch is busy. Unfortunately I'm having trouble reading and using the glass keyboard. I feel a bit better and it's a good thing because we are going for the mulch today.

    Yesterday the little boys at the end of the building brought me a handmade Valentine with candy hearts glued on it. Big hugs and I love you said all around. They are adorable. I'd rather have had that than a dozen roses, chocolate and dinner at a five star restaurant.

    I have to run down to the mailbox to see whether SV's new toy has arrived. He doesn't play much. I'm not sure that outdoor cats play with traditional cat toys.

    I am having so much trouble with this keyboard that I'm going to go. Sorry I can't respond to everyone. I enjoyed reading all the posts. I keep all y'all in my prayers. I'll try to come back later.

    Love, Mikie
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  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - about the handmade card - cutie!! Lovely kids.

    God bless
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  8. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! 43 degrees already, working it's way back up to 50.

    Awww, Mikie, what a nice thing for the little boys (and the adult who must have helped) to do. Yes, those homemade gifts are ones to treasure. I still have Lorraine's that she made in preschool when they lived here...same thing...heart shape with the little conversation hearts glued to it. But missing one cause her daddy was teasing her, tore one off and ate it. The kids are used to Daddy being silly, so it didn't upset her.

    I put Den's jar of "reasons I love you papers" on the table by his side of the bed. Caught him just staring and staring at it, not knowing what to do. I told him he was to read one a day...it would last nearly a year. And to save them afterwards in case one or both of us get so old we forget the "good old days"...we can go back and read, lol!

    Spring and Rock...I bought the carpet because it was on sale this week, lol! It will go up on the loft of the new part of the house (looking out over the living room, kitchen, etc.) We have a piece of lineoleum on part of it already (so the kids and I can do crafts there...the messy ones like painting, glueing, etc., etc.) the carpeted part will be for the library area, and where I will line up their little desks (folding tables, really...and each of them have a set of plastic drawers...cheaper than a real desk, but gives them each their "own space" and a place to put their things.) And a space to lay out sleeping bags or quilts whenever we want to "camp out" and their parents can sleep in peace and quiet, lol! It will be so nice not to have to crowd everything into the floor space downstairs...

    I remember kids in high school...breaking up (usually the guys did it) right before a special holiday, birthday, etc...so they wouldn't have to get the other person a gift (especially if they were just "hanging out" and weren't really "in love" with the other person.) In the town where Den works, he doesn't have access to WalMart or other less expensive stores...so would only get to pick from the two actual flower shops, who raise their prices at just the right times :rolleyes: Where my dad lives, I have lots of stores to choose from, so can get him a fresh bouquet every week for anywhere from $5 to $15...but I always try to make sure it has at least one or two blue flowers (his favorite color.)

    Spring, as usual, the festivals sound like so much fun. The picture reminds me of our old butter churn...we found it somewhere on the farm when we first moved here. Never really used it, except for decoration. Your pic reminds me I need to hunt it down again.

    Oh, my brother's DIL must have told him I texted her...he sent me a text last night and said "he just saw my text" and "how is Dad doing?" Anyway, Brother told me he's been having a lot of health problems...blood sugars 200-300 for the last couple weeks (even with medicine...not insulin yet) and pain in one of his kidney areas. And lots of vision problems, even after having one cataract surgery. He is seeing a doctor this morning...I hope this doc can figure out what's going on.

    Brother and his wife eat out a lot...lots of fast food and I think he drinks quite a bit of soda pop. With our family history of diabetes (both parents and at least one or two grandparents) my brothers and I should be very careful. Both brothers have diabetes, but so far I have escaped it...which surprises me, because sometimes I don't eat very well, either. But Den and I are working on it...his dad (and his grandpa) were both diabetic.

    I did check on my dad last evening at 7:30, but the nurse who came on duty at 6:00 hadn't been to see him yet (hadn't taken his temp, etc.) but was relying on the aids to keep her updated. She did say the daytime nurse's report didn't show any worsening symptoms. I know they are busy when they first come on shift, but I would have hoped she would have checked Dad personally, since he is not acting as he normally does. But I just have to trust the facility...at least my call did alert her that he has someone who cares. And I have told everyone I speak with to call me if Dad gets worse, no matter what time of day or night...still nervous about them sending him to the hospital that time and forgetting to call me until 7 hours later.

    Well, it's 7:30 am...when I go to bed earlier (and can actually get to sleep) I wake up at a more decent time...this morning it was shortly after 6:00. So, I'd better "make hay while the sun shines" and get busy doing something, even if it's slow going. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Today would have been my Uncle Harvey's birthday...Dad's brother from Texas who came to visit every year around Father's Day. Uncle Harvey passed away 2 or 3 years ago, this time of year.
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  9. Starlight74

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    G'day to all you fine folks on the Porch.

    Mikie, I hope you are fully recovered from the sickness that had you down and out for so long.
    I imagine the red tide still gives you grief too and all these latest tech dramas.How frustrating!
    I am terrible with computers and technology and such.in fact Im often asking my Treasures for help.
    What will i do when they grow up & move out?
    Nice of you to hv a little fun with the little fellars at all the calendar events too.
    Sad to see another school shooting on the news tonight, over your way, this time, I think.
    Good to read you are getting out and about, but I do worry about you carting all that heavy gear.Hope you get some help with all that.

    Sun, I think about you often on days lime Valentine's, as you hv mentioned how life can be difficult on your own. I so admire how you are so pro active with taking care of yourself.out walking and chatting with neighbours and even to the point of stashing the chocolate up in a hard to reach place! Makes me chuckle.

    Barry, we all enjoyed spuds wrapped in alfoil, in the fire pit, when mil and partner were over. This was when the crew decided to spend a night out bush in their swags.(I returned home to catch up on some missed painting and to sleep in my own bed)...Home grown and so delic with just a dab of chilli sce and sour cream.mmm mmm. Also mungin' out on corn on the cob too.great in foil also...Sorry to hear about step brother.sounds pretty gruesome.
    I also got fillings and basic dental on the cheap, over here, by apprentices.Dont think they do anything much more challenging than that though.

    Rock, Im intrigued.when you yelled out and you discovered that Gordon's brother was in the next room, how exactly did you come to that conclusion? Did you give him a fright? One of my favourite things to do is feast on the cherry tomatoes in the vegie patch.hard to believe you are still harvesting.is it in a hot house?

    Jb, someone managed to tap into your account? All the scams that are out there now.So many hv been defrauded out of their retirement superannuation funds over lately.so sad.a life time of working-stolen.itd break the heart.

    Duck, ok.so Ill be an echo...where do you get the energy? Na seriously though.nice quilts.
    Does your son cook often? My dd who is 14 loves making , or more to the point, decorating cakes and various deserts.most of the time she is on you tube watching various baking tutorials. It was Australia Day here, not that long ago and thats known for snags (sausages) on the bbq and pavlova...Dd went on a pavlova making spree!

    Spring, wasnt able to watch the dancing, but am hoping to go back and try again another day.
    So great that your Dd made such good 'keeper' friends.
    And your Ds sounds to be making you proud with his rapping too.
    I heard on the radio here , a while back, that its against the law to talk about religion freely where you are.
    Im not sure if the media meant all religions or just Christianity.but theres also alot of rubbish in the media too, so figured, who better to ask, than you. Is there any truth in it?
    Is all the help better now? I hope so.chores and housework can deplete the energy reserves very quickly!

    Granni, hows Dh?
    Did you end up shuffling all the choir bizzo around to better suit?
    Has all the court stuff finished up yet?

    Julie, hope your Dad is improving.gets a bit scarey with all the ups and downs.
    Probably not the safest time to be travelling and now it seems you hv your answer.
    I too get anxious, to a degree, in any type of social aspect I guess.I think its partly to do with me being 'unreliable 'and worrying about being asked to commit to something where I will potentially let someone down.besides just plain getting exhausted. It takes me about25 mins to get to the next town where i do most of the shopping, fill scripts etc etc and just getting a decent shop wears me out.Dh has no patience for grocery shopping, so Id rather get it done without him anywhere near the process of buying, packing and or unpacking etc.gee.it seems to take days for me before its all completely done.
    And the pantry is still only half finished.stuff everywhere as i reorganise it all.
    Finally got some containers to put pasta and rice etc in and finished the baking cupboard. Yay.
    Probably would have been much easier if we actually had cupboards and storage space when we moved in, but we had to use our imaginations.
    The loft area will sure look nice when its finished.what colour carpet did you get?

    Having trouble with my phone so will call it a night.
    Actually, morning.
    Sweet dreams my Porch friends and to all else who may be reading along.
    Catch yas later.
    Take care all.
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  10. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Star!!!! So good to see you! Glad I peeped back on here while taking a little break.

    So glad you survived MIL's visit...I can't even imagine (well, yes I can) how stressful that must be. My MIL owned our farm and reminded us constantly of that fact...and felt it gave her rights to come over at any time and do whatever she wanted inside or out...

    The upstairs carpet is just beige/tan...a little bit plush (not berber) so it will be soft to sit on while reading or playing. This is the final phase (of things that I really want done right away) in order to get more organized (I can't put things away in the storage area up there until we get the stored lumber down, the carpet installed, the fence in place so the kids don't fall over the edge.)

    We still don't have floor coverings downstairs...just the painted cement floor. We don't have ceilings in any of the rooms in the new part and some of the walls just have siding on one side (bathroom, bedroom, pantry) but that can wait until we get more money saved. And I have a whole list of cabinets, shelves, etc. for Den to make...but he needed to get his woodshop in order first (he did get the dust collection system pretty much finished, so it is more safe for him to be messing around in there.)

    So much yet to do, but I just want to be able to "function"...however, will soon be mowing our huge yard again and have lots of other outside chores. Better not get ahead of myself, true?

    Yes, the "anti-social" aspect...I almost forgot about the darn CFS/ME...while taking care of parents I had an "excuse" for not having to commit to something. Now, it seems I should be able to do anything, for anyone...but there's that little factor of "crashing" very unexpectedly. I don't like people to see me that way...or suffering from a case of brainfog. My family knows, and understands...but others don't really have any idea.

    Better get back to work...take care!

    Editting...just checked on my dad by phone. The nurse said he is doing well...no fever, appetite is back. Still taking his meals to his room and keeping him quiet...hopefully he'll be on the mend very soon.
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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JB - No the party is this sunday and some come in one Saturday. Everything comes at once.

    Got back not to long ago from St Lukes where they did a Ct scan or urogram of abdomen and pelvis. DH was so worried it would take so long. The actual procedure or scan took about 7 minutes. The registration and payment of $ whatever owed signing ones life away took about an hour or so. We sto[[ed afterwards and had a major cheap pf a Burger King burger and some fries. It was really tasty. DH ate breakfast so very early because of the test onl his cheerios and blueberries and coffee. The sign in for the test was 10:30 but we got there a bit early.

    JULIE - Gad your dad seems to be a bit better. Heard about it on FB not sure if on here.

    BARRY - I love dark chocolate too but unfortunatley do not have that much around most of the time but a little can go a long way for me.

    DH wants to take a walk outside so I had better go. The weather has been so bad I had better hurry before it changes. Think it will be in the 70's today and will change again on Sat I think.

    MIKIE - Take it easy dear girl and dont work so hard.

    Gotta run !!

    LOve, to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  12. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon! Just got done with my lunch.

    Figured out how to fix something new in the software today. It is one big, convoluted beast. Then in the process of trying to fix something else, discovered a mess someone else made (out of ignorance) a long time ago. Now I have to fix that, too. Well, actually, I sent it off to a contractor, because I don't currently have time to fiddle around with finding the right scripts on the internet to fix it myself.

    Star - my DS cooks every day. He's in culinary school, so it's good practice for him. He's started to help cook dinners when he was in 9th grade (age 14). He's 19 now; will be 20 in June.

    Julie - We have temps near 70 today. It was sunny at lunch time, but it's clouding up now and getting ready to rain. We may also have some thunderstorms. Glad your dad is doing better.

    Judy, Sun - I try to avoid having chocolate in the house, because I have no self-discipline when it comes to that. However, I can have pints of ice cream and eat just a few bites every night. DH and DS will eat a whole pint of ice cream in a sitting.

    Mikie - As others have said, don't work too hard!

    Granni - when do yo find out the results of DH's scans?

    Well, I have to get back to work. Its taken me 2 hours to type this, in between squirrels. Hugs to everybody!
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just woke from a nap. When I came inside, I was about to collapse. The three of us picked up the mulch, brought it home, unloaded it and spread it around. The guys were great and we did it pretty fast. Spreading it was a bit of work but Grace helped with that too. Our old rake broke but we used brooms and they worked great to spread it. I still need about 10 bags of much to finish it. What a difference new red much makes with all the green bushes in various verdant shades. We have some dark red Thai plants and they offer a nice contrast. When I'm up to it, I'll get the rest of the mulch and some plants for the stairwell atria. I'm gonna try to do a quick line or two to all y'all. Hope I don't miss anyone. I have to be quick before the laptop heats up.

    Julie, so glad your DD is better.

    Granni, hope you have a good time with all the family around.

    Barry, I'm so sorry for your problems with your teeth. I hope they can do something for you without too much expense.

    Star, good to see you here. Yes, these shootings are so sad. TV showed politicians saying how sad it is and what a tragedy. Then, they showed how many millions of dollars the NRA gave over time to their campaigns and financing ads against their opponents. Congress is bought and paid for by the NRA. Sorry, I know this is politics but if dead children don't move us, I don't know what could.

    Rock, thanks for the heart shaped pizza. SV's toy hasn't arrived. I bought it on Amazon so it may arrive UPS this afternoon. I think it might be too big for the package locker by our mailboxes.

    Spring, thanks for posting the pic of the tea churn. What consistency is the final product? Very interesting.

    Judy, I can't tell whether the Red Tide is still with us but, judging by my shortness of breath when I walk outside, I'd say it's still here. I'm very sensitive to it so it doesn't take much to affect me.

    Old Betsy is heating up something awful so I'm gonna get outta here and let her rest. Love, hugs and prayers to everydooby.

    Love, Mikie
  14. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    DH and I went and got our taxes done this evening. Our tax guy does our DD's for free. Would also do DS's, but since he's a FT student, he doesn't have a job. He'd have a really hard time balancing that with his ADHD.

    Not much else to say. Gonna try to go to bed early tonight. Have a good night all!
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    My back is a bit sore but I'm none the worse for wear from yesterday's mulch adventure. Bad news is that I need about another 15 bags of it. I'll let an employee at Lowe's put it in my car for me. First, I'm going to Home Depot to find some plants for the stairwell atria. Just adding a few things which do well in the shade will make them look a lot better. It already looks better from all the mulch we put in in front of the bldg. The mulch was on sale for about a dollar a bag off. It isn't expensive to begin with so this was great. I also got five percent off by using my Lowe's card.

    Duckie, I'm sorry. We were posting at about the same time so I waited til now to respond. As you know, when I'm on the old laptop, I have to pop in and pop back out again before things get too hot. Sounds as though you have a big software mess on your hands. Glad you can use a contractor to help out. I don't have to file taxes anymore but I used Turbo Tax when I did. Of course, my taxes weren't too complicated. When my ex and I owned rental units, we always had a CPA do them. Good luck with the squirrels.

    The two spare silicone gaskets for the Instant Pot arrived yesterday afternoon. SV's new toy will arrive today. I hope he likes it. It may take a bit of time for him to warm up to it. I'll sprinkle a bit of catnip in the middle like I do on his scratching box.

    I can't believe how good it feels to be able to do something, anything. I was exhausted yesterday after the mulch run but it was a good kind of exhaustion, not exhaustion for no earthly reason. I'm gonna run. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi gang...13 degrees, but will soon be a balmy 33 o_O

    Duckie, sorry about all the problems with work...glad you could hire some help.

    Granni, hope DH gets good results from his text. Hope you can not worry about anything and just relax and have fun with your family this weekend.

    Mikie, wooo hooo!!!!! It's a great feeling to be exhausted from being able to do physical work. Glad you got that much done and can see the progress.

    I'm sorry I can't stay on here this morning...gotta grab a shower and head to the chiro (the closer one, only 45 minutes away.) I am two weeks late in getting to him and can sure tell...the headaches have been starting again this week. He doesn't fix anything permanently, but it does keep me somewhat functional.

    I'll take the van to do that, then stop at an Amish store for a few things for Lindsey on the way back (for whenever we do get to go down.) Then stop back by home to unload the pickup (full of things for the burn pit) so I can use it to go get my carpet...which is in the same town my dad lives (only 30 minutes away) so I'll also check on him. I haven't called since yesterday morning, but it sounded so encouraging that I have relaxed a bit.

    Then Den will be home for the weekend and all next week. He wants to go see Amy, Clinton and the girls one day...to help Clinton with the new master bedroom he is building in their attic area. We'll probably go Wednesday since Amy has that day off...will stay till the girls get out of school, but will need to be back by evening. That's a two hour drive, so...

    My dad's 80th birthday is Tuesday, but I think I'll just go in and eat with him and not try to get him out anywhere...physical therapy called yesterday to tell me they are going to do an assessment on him, but are waiting to give him a chance to get over this bug or whatever it is. And they are going to do another speech/swallow assessment to make sure he isn't having trouble swallowing (since he hasn't been eating as well.) They also had to adjust his insulin...eating less has caused him to have several extreme "lows" in a row...weird, cause then he will throw in an extreme "high" for good measure. I think he's on two kinds of insulin...slow and fast acting, but it must be hard to keep things regulated.

    Anyway...gotta go. Take care, everyone!
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