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    I'd better say "Good Morning" while it is still morning, lol! Den doesn't set his alarm when he doesn't have to go to work, so didn't get up till after 8:30. I started to fix breakfast, but Lindsey called and talked for over half an hour...so we are just now eating breakfast/brunch and it is almost 11:00! Wonder if that will be our schedule when he retires :p Truthfully, I think he is still trying to get over the crud...he went back to work after only four days and just hasn't really recovered.

    Mikie, I see you have popped in since I've been on here. Glad SV likes his new toy...our farm cats don't seem to play around much, but maybe I just don't see them because they are tucked away in the garage...to keep away from this fierce dog :rolleyes: If only they could learn that if they just stood their ground, she wouldn't chase them...

    Hope you can get in to your gastero doc soon. I haven't rescheduled my breathing test yet, partly cause I don't know when Den will decide it's warm enough to go to Tennessee.

    Sorry I can't stay on here long...feels like I've not gotten anything accomplished, but I did want to say Hi. Count us in the "one real pot of coffee a day" club...well, sometimes we make another pot (the second one usually decaf) when Den is home during the day. I usually don't drink more than two cups a day, but I also get a headache if I go too long without.

    Rock, we would essentially build a little woodshed inside the bigger machine shed (even though the machine shed may not come about for a few more years.) Since the woodshed will be up against the main building, we only need to build two short walls (on the north and south) and a longer one (whatever Den thinks we need...we have 40 feet to work with) on the east side. We'll put metal siding on the walls and roof...or could even use big tarps if we thought we'd get the bigger building soon enough. My goal is to just keep the wood out of the weather, but closer to where we actually use it.

    Star...true about the amount of words each of the sexes need/use. Lindsey jokes that sometimes she and David will have a quiet time to talk after they have gone to bed...she says that David usually "uses up his words first" so he just lies there (or probably falls asleep, lol) while she finishes using up hers :D

    I'd better get going...Hi to everyone I've missed. Will try to get back later...

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    Good Morning, Old Pals

    We are waiting for the AT&T man to show up. He's going to install a new modem. I hope this
    does the trick. A decade ago we had a Kafka-like experience that I don't want repeated. The
    AT&T expert came out and insisted we buy a new modem. We told him the one we had was new. Didn't matter, he said. So we bought another new one.

    Over the next month one or more AT&Ters came out. Installed a new wire. Did something
    at the sub station. Brought another new modem for which there was no charge. Took out
    a wire. After about a month of this goofiness the computer started to work again. Surely this
    bizarre story will not be repeated.

    Sun, how nice of your non-cat person son to take care of two strays. You must have raised
    him right. BTW have you ever painted any cats? With regard to coffee I like the aroma,
    but don't like the flavor. As for tea, it hardly has any flavor, and what there is I don't like
    either. I get my caffeine in Coke.

    Mikie, I'm sorry to hear that recovery still eludes you. I think writing to the government
    about your sicht-ee-ation is an excellent idea. I read that the appropriate dept. in Washington
    DC has purchased some 500 acres of land in Virginia and Maryland and is building some
    200 warehouses in which to house letters from tax payers who have various problems . It is expected that all this material will be catalogued within the next 40-50 years and a report will be generated and a Congressional Committee will meet and prepare recommendations for
    etc. etc. etc.

    I'm glad to hear that SV loves his new toy. Wish I had one. Wish some of my old toys worked.

    Gordon just popped in to tell me that the repairman is gone, and he (Gordon) is on his way
    to the library. He's taking back the 2 CDs I got yesterday. One was a fun Disney movie from
    the 70s. The other was a Monty Python CD that turned out to be a non funny animated film.
    None of the Pythons like John Cleese or Erick Idle or any humans at all were in it. Bor-ing.

    Julie, we had a shih tzu that was like Oreo. When we had cats hanging around our previous place, he would generally ignore them. But now and then he would charge. If the cat didn't
    budge, he would stop when he got close. The cats that ran got chased.

    Well, I hope Den is back to his usual vigorous self soon. Having been male for some years,
    I have picked up some general impressions about men. They don't like to be sick (but
    who does?). They don't want to go to the doctor. They don't want anyone fussing over
    them, except for the ones who like it. I hope all our porchers find this helpful.

    Picked 3 tomatoes this morning. Hope to do some watering this afternoon.

    As Robert E Lee said in his farewell address to his troops:
    With an unceasing admiration of your constancy and devotion to your country, and
    a grateful remembrance of your kind and generous consideration for myself,
    I bid you an affectionate farewell.


    Just inspected the new modem. After a thorough examination I can report two things.
    It is smaller than the old one. Also the wire connected to it doesn't look like a wire. It
    looks like a green measuring tape i.e. is flat. Perhaps it is designed to flatten out the
    bumps in the Internet Information Super Highway.
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    Rock: Here's hoping for big changes now that you have the new modem. I went thru that nightmare a few months ago, so many repairmen out here!!!! Won't say anything further on it cause I don't want to jinx anything.

    Funny you should mention painting cats. No, I never have but have been thinking about it everytime Clair comes around while I'm doing my stretches. She's a calico so has a lot of interesting patterns in her fur.

    It's sooooo beautiful out here, supposed to get around 75. I went for a walk awhile ago, I've found the trick to obtaining ENERGY is to wear my walkman with a high energy music station playing. I'm taking a small coffee break and plan to do a tiny bit of gardening and adding to my little brick path in front. I have a bag of ready mix cement for my little project.

    I woke this morning with this quote flying around in my head, don't know why though so had to look it up. Makes a lot of sense.

    "There are none so blind as those that will not see"
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    Good afternoon. Back from DM's house. I still haven't seen Luna, as she runs and hides every time DS and I show up. However, I took a laser pointer toy ('dot') to my DM (I have several) and apparently, Luna LOVES it.

    Mikie - So glad SV loves the new toy. We had one similar when our cats were young (didn't have the scratcher in the center). Unfortunately, they lost interest in it. Worf, Storm and Sirius still love 'dot', and they like playing with various "wand" toys. Worf does some incredible leaps playing with 'snake on a stick'.

    Julie - SURPRISE!! It's snowing!! Most the forecasters didn't predict this. My favorite weather app (WeatherBug) did. I filled the bird feeders and I ended up with a flock of about 25 or 30 mourning doves going to town on it. I've also had cardinals, house finches, English sparrows, chickadees, one tufted titmouse and one rusty blackbird. Maybe some others have visited when I wasn't looking.

    Barry - Yep, the little bit of warm weather has made the daffodils pop their heads up!!

    After I went to my DM's house, I ended up going in to work briefly. We got a support ticket overnight saying that one department was unable to enter data in their program. Turns out that our contractor that supports that program did something he's previously been told (several times!!!) not to do...deployed changes on a Friday. And broke it.:mad::mad::mad::mad: So I had to (not for the first time) go in on a weekend (or holiday) and roll his changes back so that the users could do their work again.

    Speaking of Worf, he is being a pest because I left and now came back. Gonna go play 'snake on a stick' with him.
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    Greetings all.

    Waiting as we speak for the first wave of kids to come in. I agree with you on the real coffee but neither of us is supposed to have regular and if I don't make it DH is probably to lazyy to make decaff for himself so he makes instant. I usually drink tea now most of the time but I do love coffee- the REAL stuff. I have also loved it as a kid. I thought it was a great thing to have a little bit of real coffee in my milk, as a kid.

    Almost everything done but have to put the salad together. Might bring that over DD's before we go to church tonight or late this afternoon, Hope I don't remember to bring everything.

    JULIE - I suspect that Den is still not up to snuff from the crud going back to work so soon.

    Just remember that I am thinking of you all. However, need to keep an eye out and not be in mid sentence, on here, when they come. Sorry I have been so absent. To much happening.

    Hugz to everydobby inc those not mentioned !
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Just awoke from my nap. I feel I must issue a correction to my former post. Just like
    the media and the government who value truth in reporting. When Gordon said the
    AT&T man was gone, he wasn't. He had just gone out to his truck to get more tools.
    Came back and drilled holes in the walls. Yikes!

    Anyway he was a very polite young man from South of the Boarder who spoke excellent
    English. When I went downstairs he was coiling up a very long extension cord at the bottom
    of the steps. Urged me to be careful. Very concerned about my welfare. Or possible didn't
    want to have to fill out a lengthy accident report.

    Duckie, Maybe "Luna" isn't the most accurate name for that cat. After all, with the moon you
    can see up to half of it. So far you haven't seen a bit of Luna. My mother was an excellent
    animal trainer. Taught the cats and dogs tricks. She would play with them too. If she used
    the snake on a stick she would call it some other name. No likee snakes.

    You've really attracted an assortment of birds. This morning we had a pair of hummers
    on an electric wire and a noisy crow nearby. Also a a bird smaller than a robin that I
    couldn't identify. Had a white breast and a dark top.

    Sun, "There are none so blind as those that will not see."
    And none so kind as those that nurture me.
    And none so weak that they cannot yet strive.
    And none alive that cannot better be.

    Granni, yes, you do have a lot going on. How great to have the energy to be doing
    things. You do more in a day than I do in a week.

    Adios, Pards
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    Rock: I know the first line is from the Bible.....did you write the remaining lines?

    Speaking of birds, the doves are back, searching for a place to build. The last few years the pair grew to 6 then of course those grew up and I had MORE. Eeegads....everywhere I looked there were little doves walking around my patios. And I've got a pair of hummingbirds. I discovered their tiny hanging nest attached to a very small branch where I was doing some trimming. It's under the eaves and protected and they were frantic, I suppose that I would destroy their nest. It's so cute and tiny, has little bits of blue paper like they had picked up someone's shredded stuff and glued it around the outside. She's sitting on it now.

    Back before my DH died I had discovered a tiny nest in a camellia bush near my walkway to the front door. My cat, Abby, discovered it too, and I found her one day sitting near it, staring intently. OK....I had peeked in and found 2 TINY baby birds, about the size of my little fingernail. I brought Abby in and refused to let her out. Then I realized no mama bird in a few days. It was cold at night too. I located a hummingbird rescue place waaaaay out in Glendale area, LA area. I was told to watch for over an hr. (Don't take eyes off the nest) so I did that....no mama. So the man explained how to cut it down and put it in a little butter tub and drive over to him......which I did. He said they were about a week old and he had raised many that size so no problem. WHEW.

    3 days later the hummingbirds were back building another nest. I don't know how long they live, perhaps this is the same couple of squatters.
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    Good evening, all!! Well, for a little bit longer, anyway.

    Finished a small quilt tonight. It was from a kit I purchased. I'm now down to 19 UFO's on my list.

    Gotta say, coffee...me no likee. I do drink at most 1-2 caffeinated sodas a week, and 1-2 cups of caffeinated tea a week. I rarely drink caffeine after 2 in the afternoon or I don't sleep at night. Glad to say I'm nowhere near addicted to caffeine.

    Need to head to bed as I have to get up and do the deployment in the morning. I won't like myself if I stay up too much later.

    Hugs to all!
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    Hey all,

    Just skimmed over all the goings on. Our new year celebs going on. It's called Losar. Began 2 days ago. Normally we wrap up after today. Day before monastery and lunch at inlaws. Yesterday lunch at SILs. Today DHs uncles wife's birthday and lunch there. I stayed home though. Too much housework piled up.

    Don't mind. I enjoy alone time. Been reading a page or two of my unread books on little breaks from cleaning, watering.

    Will return and post when I be completed some chores.

    God bless
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    Hi Kids

    Sun, Here's a URL for a site about how long hummers live.


    Yes, I found several site that listed passages from the Bible regarding "None so blind..." I
    added the additional lines. Felt like I should have been using a quill pen. Took a class on
    the Bible. Our Professor said the Bible was written by many people over about a
    thousand years. Four Languages were used: Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Aramaic. The
    last is the language Jesus spoke.

    I am amazed that anyone can rescue baby hummingbirds. They are so tiny and look more
    fragile than glass.

    Spring, I read about the Losar festival on the net. I read it is the festival for the new
    planting of rice. Also that it's a New Year festival and that the years are associated with
    an animal similar to the Chinese Zodiak.

    Duckie, are those UFO's all quilts or are other objects included? Hope your deployment
    went well. Are you using the term in the military sense?

    Gotta go, I hear Gordon coming back from shopping at Super King. Gotta get the
    clothes ready for the wash.

    Hugs All
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    Good morning, everyone! Den and I slept in again...I think because we went to bed so late. Had finished a movie (working our way through the Ocean 11, 12, 13 movies) and Den decided to check the auger on the pellet stove. We had tried to let it run out all day, but there were still plenty of pellets in the hopper, so we had to vacuum them out. Then make sure the auger that moves the pellets down to the "burn pot" wasn't getting plugged with pellet "dust"...then sift the pellets we had vacuumed before putting them back in the hopper. Kinda surprising how much dust there actually is...glad that only has to be done every once in awhile. But....when he turned the stove back on, the auger wouldn't do its thing...so had to run the stove through the "set up" again to prime the auger and get things running. That took over an hour...after we were already ready to go to bed, lol!

    Anyway, all is well this morning...but we didn't get up till after 9:30...vacation, lol! As soon as Den eats (yes, I'm fixing him a hot breakfast every morning while he's home) we need to finish getting the lumber from the loft area so we can get the carpet put down, so we can keep working on the fence up there. But....he wants to get more firewood in first...always worried we'll run out, and get caught in some late winter/early spring weather. Always something to do on the farm...

    Spring, so glad to see you have popped in. A busy, busy time...lots of celebrating and visiting. I would need some alone time after a bit also.

    Duckie, I don't remember when I first started drinking coffee...I have to admit, I probably drink it more for the taste of the creamer. I put some of that stuff that's not so good for you in mine...cinnamon vanilla flavor. I have tried to make it from scratch, but the cinnamon never dissolves right and makes it look and taste just gross :oops: Hope things go/went well with the deployment.

    Sun, I remember the hummingbird adventure. Hope everything turned out okay. Must have felt like an invasion to have all those doves wandering about. Anything get settled about the neighbor's tree? I may have missed if you posted anything.

    Rock, glad the AT & T guy was nice and was looking out for you. Hope he was able to fix what was ailing...

    Granni, I imagine you are in the middle of your celebrations as I type. Hope it is a wonderful time for everyone and you don't get too worn out.

    Mikie, wondering about you. Hope you are okay.

    I got to talk to one of my "sisters" from Belize for over an hour yesterday. She is in Florida to help her daughter with her new baby...the kids already have a little boy (two years old in December) and this one is a girl. My friend's daughter married a fellow from Belize who grew up mostly in the states. His whole family are US citizens, but must have dual citizenship and went back and forth over the years.

    Anyway, he and this girl were friends, but sort of lost touch with each other until a few years ago...but got together about four years ago and she moved to the states right before their wedding. They live in Lakeland, Florida...Mikie, not so far from you, true? If my friend's husband ever comes to the states with her, Den and I definitely want to drive down and visit...this is the family we worked so hard on their house. And where we would stay if we ever go back to Belize.

    So...Den is finished eating and I'd better get off here and get dressed. I just had coffee for breakfast....we'll eat when I actually get hungry, lol! Hi to everyone I missed....just in a hurry. Take care!

  12. dmcduck

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    Good morning everyone!

    The (software change) deployment went perfectly smooth. Once upon a time, our deployments were 4-hour ordeals. Then I learned how to do them, and we let the contractor who used to do them go. He had gotten kind of burned out and was not performing well anymore anyway. As I started learning more, I improved the process, discovered a couple of very long, unnecessary steps were being taken. Then I learned some other speedier techniques, wrote some scripts to automate the whole thing and our deployments now take a mere 35 minutes. The end users love me for it.

    Rock - The 19 UFO list is just quilts. Unfortunately (fortunately???) it just went back up to 20, as my SIL has commissioned me to make one for my nephew. I drew up the design, sent it to her this morning, and he heartily approved it (he's a 13-yo with constantly shifting tastes...). I won't make any $$ off this one as I'm doing it for the cost of the materials only, but oh, well.

    Julie - you popped in while I was typing. Sounds like you had a fun?? night!!

    Mikie - Hope your absence means you're sleeping in and recovering.

    Granni - Have fun today!

    I'm going to go get some lunch then get back to studying, which I have been diligently doing since I got done with the deployment. Hugs to all not mentioned!
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    Good Sunday Afternoon, Kids,

    I slept in til almost seven this morning. That's really late for me. I went out to ensure the sprinklers had covered the new plants. Our sprinkler guy will adjust them if not. Don't know when I'll go for the mulch but it won't be long. On Thurs., we are having one of our ladies' luncheons. I think the friend who plans these has lost her mind. She wants to get to the restaurant at 12:30. We used to go about 1:00 and wouldn't have to wait. People usually go at 11:30 or noon. She kept saying that most people go at noon and don't really get started til 12:30. To me, that means all those people will still be eating and the restaurant will be full. Doh!!! I couldn't get through to her. So, it will likely be packed and we will have to wait.

    I'm not going to be responding to everydooby right now but will be back. It's so nice to see so many visitors to the Porch. It's taken me so long to read all the posts that Old Betsy is getting warm. My neighbor said he would make a boot up flash drive for me. Said he would have to see how to do it. I told him I managed to make a disc but it didn't boot up the FPOC. He will be here two weeks so there is no hurry. Just hope I can boot up and get things running again. I did my banking on that computer and am not anxious to have someone working on it. Also, don't want to have to find the warranty.

    My love, hugs and prayers for all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Barry: I was thinking of you as I was out plant shopping at Lowes this morning. Going to move a small bush from the front (hopefully it will grow in a large pot in back) so I bought 4 coprosma bushes (Scarlett O'Hara) to replace it. I love all plants that have a brown tone to them. This is such a nice tidy colorful leaf plant.

    And happy new year to you too if you celebrate it. My DIL is Vietnamese and this is a big time for them. All the kids get $$$. Besides a lot of good eating.

    Mikie: I guess next time you can pick the restaurant and time. Maybe that would be good for everyone to take turns?

    Julie: I remember you talking about this couple in Belize. I thought you said they were going to sell that house? Has it been 2 years already that their DD gave birth in Florida. I think that were hoping you could go down to help her out but I know you were up to your eyeballs with troubles.

    And when will you get your lung test done?

    Rock: You did such a GREAT job in adding to the verse. You must have been thinking about Gordon with the second line? He IS such a good caregiver to everyone. And when is your DB coming? Soon?

    Duck: Great that your computer stuff went the way it should. Always uplifting.

    I think I overdid yesterday. I pushed myself for a walk this morning....but still really tired.
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