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    Good morning, friends! Chilly 20 degrees, but we'll get up to 35...woohoo! :rolleyes: I did get to town yesterday and got my hair "fixed" (colored and trimmed.) My hairdresser has had a rough go of it the past few weeks...she and her hubby have five kids (the youngest are 20 month old twins.) Several of them have had influenza A...hairdresser was still coughing yesterday, but it seems that cough lasts long after one is no longer contagious. Anyway...I feel much better.

    Went to bed early last night (around 10:00) so was awake before 5:00 this morning. Got up before Den left at 6:00, so may need a power nap this afternoon. Fixed myself a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast...I can get by with eating "heavier" in the mornings, but get that "lie down or fall down" feeling if I eat too much later in the day.

    The ground has been too muddy to drive on the yard, but I think I can get by with it this morning...need to empty the truck (into the burn pit) of all the boxes and bags of papers, etc. from the decluttering of the upstairs. I took one load a few weeks ago, but filled the truck back up again. How does a person hang on to so much stuff? I even filled the back of the van and took a load to Goodwill.

    Mikie, I'm so glad you got a new laptop. Den bought me a little Chromebook when I was working at the church daycare so I could work on the breakfast and lunch menus and print them out. One morning, as I left for work, I put it in the carry bag too soon (before it had completely shut down) and it got too hot. It acted weird after that, sort of like it had had a stroke. When I quit work to take care of my parents, Den took it to the shop and just kept it there so he could listen to Pandora. But I loved it when I used it a lot.

    Sun, dog gone it...I agree with Duckie. Make the shop reset your light for you. Of course, I am married to a mechanic and our check engine lights come on once in awhile. He will hook the car, etc. up to his computer, but doesn't always figure out what's wrong...so the light just stays on, lol! As they say about the cobbler's family having no shoes :p

    Duckie, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I've had those same thoughts before...just "get sick and get it over with." I understand about the room change going slowly...my patience (with myself, not just with Den) has worn pretty thin some years when it seems we don't get much done. Seems I always have to put something somewhere "for now" until another space becomes available (getting the floor, walls, etc. finished.)

    And it never fails that just when I get a big mess made from digging things out...there is a major interruption that causes more delay (like when my dad goes to the hospital and I need to be there too or I have to run to Tennessee for an emergency with Lindsey or her family...those things take priority, of course, but it's just hard to juggle it all, especially with brain fog, fatigue and all the other crap these illnesses cause. And it feels like it takes me many, many times longer to do something than it would a "normal" person.

    Rock, glad your home remedy took care of your finger.

    Spring, I had to chuckle at your doggies bringing "presents" into the house. We've had dogs and cats try to bring live mice inside, and just recently I caught Oreo with some frozen horse manure (that she had buried like a bone and decided it needed to come into the house.)

    I think it's great that you were able to still provide a nice meal and visit with your friend at a moment's notice. I still have lots of "pockets" in my house that need attention (the kids' play area, for example) but just had to get to a point and pause long enough to get our papers for taxes together...we mail them to our accountant who figures everything and mails the forms back for us to sign. Last year was a little more involved due to settling Gpa's estate in the middle of the year, but from here on out, it should be pretty easy. We used to do our own, but with businesses (hardware store and Den's electrical repair) it got too complicated. And the accountant has everything on his computer (since 2008 or so) plus we have the hard copies.

    Anyway, I'd better say a quick "hi" to everyone else...and get that pickup emptied before the ground thaws again. Need to take the baffles out of the pellet stove, too...should do it once a week to get the extra soot off, but am a couple days behind...kind of a messy job. Hope everyone has a good a day as possible.
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    Yup, Mikie, she batted her eyelashes at me. And you are still batting over 300. You are
    the Honus Wagner of the punning world. If you had a Honus Wagner baseball card from
    his time you could shop at Publix every day. Couple years ago his card sold for over 3 million.

    It broke the record. Which was also a Honus Wagner card. Value is like beauty. All in the
    mind of the checkbook holder.


    Hi Julie, you weren't there when I was posting. I am baffled by that pellet stove. Guess
    it's more complex than I thought. Well, I guess most things are once you get involved
    with them. Parenting, for example. Or marriage. Or earning a living. Or putting
    up the porch swing.
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    Hi, Kids,

    I had just awakened from my little morning power nap and Joe called. His life is very uncomplicated so he has a lot of time on his hands. He's a good neighbor and walks the hood. There is always something of concern and he likes to bounce his ideas off of me. In any case, I got up and started to clean. Of course it's killing my back. I'll put the back brace on and tuck an ice bag in it. I took SV's little throw from the back of the loveseat in the front bedroom/office. OMG! The balls of fur coming off of it on the lint brush were gigantic. I cleaned it well and the loveseat. He is all excited because Mama is cleaning. I just saw a black streak dash through the livingroom. The front door is open to get this dirty condo aired out. He cries to go out and it makes me feel bad but he eventually accepts his limitations and goes to sleep. Poor little kitty. I almost froze when I went out to clean his blankie. It's 62 degrees out and it's sunny but the wind chills to the bone. It will get to 70 out this afternoon and down to 49 tonight. Gonna need me my fuzzy robe.

    Julie, I guess these little Chromebooks are one of the best kept secrets. They are fine for people who don't need powerhouse computers. I've always had more powerful computers but they have given me problems. Of course, this one may too but I'm praying and keeping my fingers crossed. I don't long for furs, jewels, mansions, jet setting or other expensive things. What thrills me is a simple life, enough NRG to do what needs doing and what I want to do and things that work like they should. I should add getting my hair colored and trimmed. I did that this week and I know it brightened my week. Cleaning those baffles doesn't sound like much fun, especially since they have to be done all the time. Spring is just around the corner and, hopefully, you won't need to do it much longer. Glad I don't have truck bedfuls of stuff to throw away. Most of mine is for donations and I really need to make a run to Goodwill. Good luck on the taxes.

    Rock, it always amazes me how much people are willing to pay to own collectibles. Just more junk to collect dust. My ex spent a lot of money collecting things obsessively and now, he's drowning in stuff. The closer I get to the end of my life, the less appeal objects have for me. I just want peace. Of course, I do loves me my new laptop and Instant Pot because they make life easier for me. That is what is important now. Well, that and decent customer service when we need it. I was lucky this week in that I had two good encounters with C/S women. Thanks for your kind words about my punning abilities but I'm just a fair to middlin' punster. Still, I love puns and can really admire others' brilliant puns. You, my friend, are a pun master. Or Der Pun Meister as they probably say in Deutschland.

    OK, Kids, gotta get back to cleaning. I'm also doing laundry. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi there DEAR PORCHIES,

    It seems lately that I have not been able to get on the computer much. When I had the time, DH needed it. I can only do so much on my tab and it is a lot easier and quicker to type on a computer than a tablet, also easier to access the Porch.

    I need to go start a wash. Was busy doing odds and ends in the house. Then DH wanted to go out to lunch. It was at a BBQ place and I have been cheating a lot lately so I went with a salad and chicken strips which was pretty good. DH will have a meeting tonight so maybe I may get something else done on the computer later on. However, I really do need to study some of my music, to much happening at once. If I have time DH wants me to do something with him or for him so I go do that . Haven't done much practicing lately. Sat afternoon is the one TX performance downtown with all kinds of Arts going on.

    DD came over before to say that they needed her to sub for Bunco and asked if I could also this afternoon. I should do something else but it is fun to get out and talk to the ladies. Maybe I will even will my $5 back - ha ha. Then DH should leave with our SIL to go to a K of C meeting that they haven't gone to in some time but they are having to vote on some things. Should also be hearing from our lawyer soon as to the trial and when to show up . I am assuming it will go down to the wire since it has gone this far already.:(:confused:

    Now I am also as I write trying to figure out this printer and why it isn't printing correctly. It has been blurry and not very clear so I am checking and cleaning the heads and then maybe aligning them. CAN YOU CLEAN THE HEADS TO MUCH?? I finally had most of them clean and cleaned them again but then the ones that were clear were no longer clear with the segment print out. So I may also try aligning them.

    JULIE - Stay warm dear one. I couldn't take that any more. Our weather is more like MIKIES and I am feeling rather chilly today.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
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    Good afternoon.

    Our new heat pump is scheduled to go in on the 20th. We went with a different company than our old one, having started to hear from lots of people that the old company was going downhill while prices were going through the roof. Seems that may well have been the case, as the quote we got from the second company was less than half what the first one gave us, and less than we paid for our current system 13 years ago. It seems now that although they have great customer service, they are all about the $$. Shame, because they used to be a reputable company.

    We also decided to go with a different electrician, so that is also happening on the 20th.

    Granni - I'm with you there on not practicing enough. I'm just hoping that the chorus is big enough to cover me. All things said and done, I'd rather come in late or not at all than to have an 'unintentional solo'.

    Mikie - I have to giggle at you and Rock when you say you're freezing at 50 degrees. Julie gets to laugh at me in return when I complain about 30.

    Julie - we got almost an inch of snow overnight. There was lots of black ice this morning, and I understand there was a fatality on the highway near where I work. Did you get any snow overnight?

    Must go compose an email before the end of the day. Hugs to all!

    I'm home now, Worf is perched in my lap purring like crazy and I have a fire going.

    Sun - you're right, I haven't cried uncle. I've been looking for the silver linings wherever I can. It's the only way to get through!
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    Good Friday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    It won't be long before it really is Good Friday. I still have to shop for Easter presents the little boys at the end of the building. I had bought a couple of pots of flowers at Lowe's and they just withered. I need to take them back and get something else. The ground cover I got is growing so will pick up some more plus a couple of bags of mulch. I think I'll wait until next week because it's always so crowded on the weekends.

    Joe had a horrible kerfluffle at CVS just trying to get his Rx's filled. There were ten people on hold on the phone, one guy filling bottles and no one to work the counter. It took five hours for them to fill one of his scrips. I don't know why he doesn't go somewhere else. He said he likes CVS because he went there when he lived in NY. What's to like? I'd kick them to the curb in a NY minute. This time of year, everyplace is so crowded.

    It's been a rough time for my pals. Nancy is recovering from her cataract surgery. I just hope this eye doesn't swell like the other one did when it was done down here. Her doc in MI did a laser treatment on it but it wasn't totally successful. Claudia's Mom is in a facility with dementia. She had a meltdown the other day and became totally paranoid. Evidently, that isn't unusual for the patients there. She wouldn't let them give her any medication so they had to just let her rant until she wore herself out. Poor Claudia! That must have been horrible. She knows it's the disease talking but it has to be hard to see her formerly loving Mom going through that. Thank God we have our three-way text so we can offer love and support at the end of day.

    Granni, I love BBQ and don't think I could eat a salad at a BBQ joint. Loves me my ribs. I admire you and Duckie for all you give to your music. I couldn't do it. As it is, I'm getting to the point where I don't want to have anything scheduled. I hope I feel different if I can get to feeling better. My printer is a piece of crap. I need to pick up a yellow cartridge for it. Ink has gotten so expensive. Praying you never have to go to trial.

    Duckie, it was actually 62 degrees out when I was freezing. It was the ice cold wind which was so raw that was making me cold. Still, living in the subtropics will thin the blood. People come down here from up North and will be at the pool when we are wearing coats. We look at them and say in our most practiced Southern accent, "Must be Yankees." It's a good thing you performed due diligence before paying the first company. Hope it all works out well.

    Nor much to tell so will get going. Hope everydooby has a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good (27 degrees) morning...at least the sun is shining :cool: I won't need to be outside much today, except for getting in and out of the van as I run errands and visit my dad. I can fit several bags of pellets in the back, and it is 11% discount this week, so a good time to stock back up. Den brought some slabs of firewood inside last evening and will split them (while I stack) this weekend.

    Funny, when we first moved to the farm (from the Washington, D. C. area where he had been in the Army) I couldn't believe people planned their lives according to the weather (travel, working outside, hanging clothes on the line, etc..) In the city, we just did pretty much what we wanted, when we wanted. Gradually, I learned it was much easier to "go with nature", lol! Of course, living on a farm, away from a paved road, is still different from living in town...

    Anyway...Mikie, I'm glad you are liking your little chromebook. Keira and Miley's classes both have those in their classrooms...each student has their "own" to use for the year. And there are cute little docking stations where several can be charged at the same time. Glad kids are learning early...I never even touched a computer (and was scared to death when I did) until I was middle-aged. So good that you have your friends and your group texting. Dementia is so cruel...my dad has had a few episodes where he didn't know where he was or why he wasn't at home. The staff usually calls me and I talk to him on the phone...that has worked so far to calm him down, but I know it can get worse as his disease progresses.

    I am scheduled for cataract surgery on April 18. I am not looking forward to it at all, but my eye is definitely getting worse. The smoothies Den had me drinking (that were supposed to clear my vision) only worked to tear up my stomach, lol!

    Duckie, we haven't gotten any measurable snow for a few days. I thought I saw a "dusting" Sunday night, but didn't open the door or go out to see for sure. Could have just been a heavy frost. Glad you have a good plan for getting the new heat pump installed and that you got a new company and electrician.

    Granni, I do the same thing as you do...when Den is home we usually work on projects together. When he does retire, we'll have to set up a system where we each have our own time and space once in awhile, lol! I don't care much for BBQ so would have gotten the chicken strips too...chicken strips are usually pretty good, no matter where I'm eating. Hope you get some news from your lawyer soon.

    Rock, yes, many things are baffling, lol! The pellet stove isn't too hard to maintain, but I think we just haven't gotten the return air flow regulated correctly yet and the window in the door gets sooted up. The regular maintenance schedule is to just empty the little fire pot (where the pellets actually burn) once a day, then vacuum out the inside of the stove (have to plan ahead and shut it off to let it cool down.)

    Then once a week we are to take these three baffles (metal panels that separate the box where we pour the pellets in, from the area that actually has the flame.) I usually vacuum first, before removing the baffles...then take them out and put them in an empty cat food bag to carry them outside to brush the rest of the soot off of them. Not a hard job, but messy if they get bumped and the soot falls to the floor.

    When we turn the stove back on, a little auger lets a few pellets at a time into the burn pot, then a spark comes on and ignites them. The auger keeps dropping a few pellets at a time, so we hear this little "plink, plink, plink" all day and night when the stove is running. Annoying at first, but now we're used to it and only notice if it stops, lol! Just part of our winter routine...the wood furnace doesn't require so much to be done daily (just keep wood in it and dump the ashes once in awhile) but there are "seasonal" things to do like clean out the stove pipe, replace the "bricks" that line the inside of the furnace, etc.

    Guess I'd better just say a quick "Hi" to everyone else and get off the computer. Still working on tax papers...actually, yesterday I found lots of "other" things to do, lol...made chocolate chip cookies for Den and his worker, made a pot of chili and a pot of vegetable beef soup, cleaned the "foyer" to the shop (there were some empty boxes I wanted to add to the pickup before I emptied it.) Then...I sat down at the table with my piles of receipts, etc...just before Den got home from work. I did promise him I would have everything ready to mail by Monday...

    Take care, everyone! Have a super day!

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    MIKIE - Trust me I wouldn't be eating a salad if I wasn't supposed to not eat smoked or BBQ's stuff which I still do occasionally. However it was tasty with the chicken on it and I also had a little of DH's coleslaw too. It was a good thing I did as when I went to sub a BUNCO they had all kinds of stuff I should'pt eat and I did some anyway. No sugar either but I ate a little cake some some yummy stuff on crackers. and pretty cucumber type sandwiches I guess but they were made with one thin round of thin white bread and some topping and cucumbers in top. It looked almost like a cookie. It was for St. Pat. Day.

    How nice to read the posts today. Sorry I cannot send a big W and P post. I really need to go over my music for tomorrow, the TX program and then Sunday's music which I haven't even looked at yet. Then we have the hard stuff coming up in April and I am not ready for sure.

    JULIE - I like your Spring is coming around the corner ?? Very cute. I hate to lose an hour esp on sunday mornings. I have to be there early enough or to early anyway..

    Gotta go check my music.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids, been a busy day around here. I made myself breakfast (peanut butter on sourdough);
    fed the livestock (kitty) and harvested the crops (2 tomahtoes).

    Granni, good to see you are busy as usual. Was that Bunco a dice game? I looked it up. Read
    it's played by teams of four. Back in the infant days of TV there were two crime shows about swindlers. One was Bunco Squad and the other was Racket Squad. I was greatly interested in the intricate plots.

    Julie, can't even imagine temps below freezing anymore. If I had to visit IA or MN I'd want a stout puffy snow suit like little kids used to wear. Probably still do. But they can't really play in the snow. All they can do is stand around like penguins. I read there were ten military bases in the DC area. The TV show NICS once filmed part of an episode at
    a real Navy Base. I'm surprised the Navy allowed it. BTW, I read there really is an NCIS

    in addition to the fictional one on TV.

    Loved the "Spring just around the corner" cartoon.

    Mikie, the cat has been spending time (all night maybe) in one of the many boxes I've put out for her over the years. I put a kitchen towel in so she has something soft to lie on.

    Are you buying yellow ink? Is that so the printer can do different colors? Yes, you're
    right about ink. As some sage observed, (Probably Mark Twain or Joan Rivers) "Words
    are cheap, but ink is expensive." Reminds me of a guy who worked as a printer who said,
    "I print; therefore I am." Not too long after that he was arrested by the Secret Service for
    printing counterfeit bills. The guy is now 'I Am-ing in the Federal Prison at Lompoc, CA.

    Duckie, the folks in Alaska probably laugh at all of us in the lower 48 when it comes to temps.
    My brother sent me a chart of how Minnesotans react to falling temps. It's kinda funny (to
    me anyhoo). I'd reproduce it here, but I think it's too long.

    BTW, how do you pronounce Worf's name. Do you use the English pronunciation which
    is Whorf?

    Gotta visit the library site. See if I can find a book I read about in another book. Written by
    a country western singer. Just can't remember which one. AACCKK!

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    Hi guys...long day, but I got most of the things done that I needed to in town. My dad is doing okay...not great, but not worse. His nurse told me that she had to put a request in to the doctor to see if they could start crushing some of his meds and adding to applesauce, if necessary. He normally swallows them just fine, but has started having a problem with a big one at noon...he chews it up, then spits it out. This evening I got a call from the nurse who does the calls to let me know about med changes, etc....she just needed to tell me that the doctor had written the order for "crushing." I had no idea they needed to have actual official permission...good thing to keep everyone on the same pages, I guess.

    I got my ten bags of pellets for the pellet stove...nobody wants to buy too many this time of year and have a bunch left over. Had lunch at Den's dad's favorite restaurant (where he always got a blueberry waffle.) His favorite waitress had just returned to work on Wednesday...recovering from a hysterectomy in mid-December. Had a pretty rough time...three incisions and 30 internal stitches. It was so good to see her and she thanked me over and over for the grocery store gift card I had mailed from us. Her husband is a self-employed truck driver...they pay $1200 per month in insurance premiums, with $7500 deductible each. I know it was rough having her off work for so long.

    I picked up supper for me and Den and brought it home. I've had a nagging headache for several days...some days it feels like "allergy", other days it feels like it's coming from my shoulders and neck.

    I need to get on to bed, but wanted to share a "normal" part of Lindsey's life...this was on her facebook today (I got a picture text to go with it.) This is her wild and crazy season, with four young kiddos and the youngest is quite a character...these kinds of things are part of her every day life...people keep telling her she needs to write a book :);):p:D:eek::rolleyes:o_O

    "Dear delivery man, I'm so sorry the 3yo peed out the window onto the front porch while I was getting snacks ready, right before you came. Just drop it on the stairs and run for your life."

    Have a great weekend, everyone!
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    Hi Julie

    Loved the note to the Delivery person. Tell Lindsey to just scribble some notes at the end of the
    day. Later, when the kids are much older, she can use the notes to refresh her memory. Put
    together a small book. I haven't seen any books on the joys of raising kids since Erma Bombeck
    hung up her quill.

    Wow! I don't see how anyone who is not really wealthy can afford those insurance payments.
    Very nice of you to help those folks out.

    Hugs Y'all.
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    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    I came back earlier to add to my Friday post but lost a paragraph and decided to forget it. These new computers highlight things without my trying. Used to be one had to do something to highlight. Now, I'll be typing along and it will highlight and delete. Kid at Best Buy couldn't believe I didn't care about having a touch screen. To him, touchpads are old school. I remember when they were the latest and eliminated having to have a mouse. Good grief! I'm getting old. The FPOC and the Surface both have touchscreens and I don't use them except to play Solitaire on the Surface.

    Yesterday when I got up, I had a very painful lymph node under my jaw. I also had what felt like an injury to the gum below my lower canine tooth. I put a hot rice sock on my neck and jaw. It's better today and I hope it clears up without my having to see the dentist. I just feel like crap. My Whatever Virus feels as though it has reactivated so I'll be back on the Acyclovir.

    SV has been wild these cooler mornings. He's streaking around the condo. I have vertical blinds on the sliding doors. I had them closed yesterday but had left the sliders open enough for him to go in and out. He was out on the lanai and suddenly, he came bursting through the blinds making a sound like a gunshot. What a crazy kitty.

    Julie, I never want surgery but I wish I could have cataract surgery in order to get new lenses. My eyes keep getting worse and I have to keep getting stronger and stronger lenses. I wish you luck and will be praying for an excellent outcome. I am laughing at your pun graphic. At first I recoiled but then sprang into action and enjoyed it. It helped me unwind and relax. Reading your posts over the years has made me realize just how different it is living in the country as opposed to where I am. I love the country but it's all I can do to survive here where everything is easy and close by. Yes, I think Lindsay should write a book in the style of Erma Bombeck.

    Granni, all that singing and practicing sounds so demanding. I guess if you love it, it isn't such a problem. I can no longer be obligated to be anywhere that I don't just have to be. I'm turning into a recluse, at least, as long as I feel this lousy. I'm considering biting the bullet and taking more peptide injections. Has your weather been as crazy as ours? We've had temps ten degrees higher than normal for this time of year and now, it's cooler than normal. We will have some more cooler weather for about a week and then it's back in the 80's for us. Is anyone recording the TX program? I'd love to see it.

    Rock, I see our great minds work alike. Erma Bombeck was hilarious. You are so kind to Miss Kitty. She is so lucky to have you. Animals are amazing. I saw a video of a poor homeless dog who dragged a flattened cardboard box into a bldg. alcove to give birth to her puppies. Neighbors called animal services and she and her pups were rescued. Once stories like that make the news, everyone and his step-brother want to adopt them. Sometimes people just have to see the need in order to act. The mama dog was the sweetest and everyone loves her. Yes, insurance costs are horrible. We need healthcare in this country but it never gets done. Just like gun legislation never gets done. At least, in FL, some new laws have been passed to try to control illegal guns and bump stocks. It also authorizes teachers to carry weapons which isn't a good idea but, at least, something was done. Printers are cheap but the ink costs an arm and a leg. I only use black so don't know why I need a yellow cartridge. The ink doesn't last long at all. Just another way to gouge us. Glad to see you're up to caring for the crops and livestock.

    OK, gonna get off this computer before I curse my way into hell. I still prefer my old work horse computer with an old fashioned keyboard. I can type like a bat out of hell and not lose anything. I try to slow down but it's hard to do. Think I'll make a cup of tea and let the warm liquid sit on my swollen gum. Then, I'll reheat the rice sock and try to draw the soreness out of my lymph node. The worse I feel, the more I know I will go gentle into that good night.

    Hope all y'all are having a better day than I.

    Love, Mikie
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