Porch number 1057 is now CLOSED 23 April 2018

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    Looks like time for a new porch...

    Good morning, everyone!

    The concert went very well. The soprano and mezzo-soprano were very well matched and super talented. The bass and tenor had both sung with us before and both are excellent as well. After the concert, I took the rest of the evening off and just lazed around. I get 3 weeks off before we start prep for Carnegie Hall, but I'll start working on my own before then.

    Rock - No, Sirius is not a dog, he's a (black) cat; named after Sirius Black, a character in the Harry Potter books. He's "the supervisor" and likes to make sure everything is the way his little cat brain thinks it should be. If it isn't, he will let us know (like the time the door blew open in the middle of the night).

    Mikie - I probably could teach the class. I'm only taking it because I wanted the quilt pattern. :p I'll probably end up helping the instructor.

    JB - I have Raynaud's and esophageal dysmotility. According to Dr. Wikipedia, 2 of the 5 symptoms qualifies for the diagnosis. I also have esophageal strictures...probably related. You are so right about doctors who don't take the time to listen to their patients. My cancer got missed by my GP because he refused to listen to me (he was an arrogant *** who apparently felt threatened by anyone with medical knowledge - I was an EMT for 15 years). Fortunately, I kept pushing. Afterwards, I switched doctors, and when I did, I actually interviewed my doctor first and told him that I am not the type to go running to the office for every little sniffle, and when I come in it's for a good reason. I've been with him now for over 15 years. Thanks for the message. It's a good reminder to all of us.

    Back in a moment...

    I'm back. Be sure to go and look at JB's message at the end of the last porch.

    Sun - Yes, I do love my craft, and the time does go very quickly. I have to discipline myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour, especially on work nights.

    Granni - It was the Mozart Great Mass in C-minor that we did. It was another piece that Mozart never finished. Others have filled in the missing parts of the mass that Mozart never wrote (the Agnus Dei, for example). But we only did the parts that Mozart actually wrote. Being one of his later works, it is also one of his more "mature" pieces. It's very good.

    It's almost lunch time now, so I'll sign off. Hugz to all!

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    Hi guys! Thanks, Duckie, for the new porch...it looks bigger than some apartments, lol! Glad your concert went well. Sorry that first doctor ignored you, but glad you found one who listens.

    Judy, so very true...life lessons. Just the fact that I woke up this morning (even though it was later than I would have liked) tells me that God still has plans for me :) Hope you get your truck home without any problems.

    Well, since I did get up so late...I woke up around 7:00, took my eye patch off with the intention of just lying in bed a few more minutes, but fell asleep and didn't wake up again until Lindsey called at 10:30...I am behind on "catching up" around here. Have the second load in the washer, then will wheel it and the first load to the clothesline. I put everything in a tall hamper, then put the hamper on a two-wheeled cart to go to the clothesline.

    I'm sure there are sections of yard that need to be mowed (including under the clothesline) but that will just have to wait till I get the yard picked up. Den is going to ready my old lawn mower trailer so I can pull it behind the Gator...neither of those are heavy and won't make tracks in the yard...this time of year the ground can be rather soft in places.

    Our lowest "high" this week is to be 62, and the lowest "overnight low" is to be 39 (both of those on Wednesday) so I am hopeful that spring is here for real this time...that little tease we had a couple weeks ago was nice, but then it got cold again.

    I did pick up 8 bags of pellets for the pellet stove yesterday...fine with me if we just have to store them till fall, lol!

    I spent quite a few hours in town yesterday...saw my dad for about a half hour the first trip (sat with him a few minutes at lunch, filled birdfeeders, filled candy jar, took fresh flowers), then got myself some lunch, shopped for groceries and a few things on Den's list at the home supply store (including the pellets), took a milkshake back to Dad and wheeled him around outside in his wheelchair. Ordered a pizza for supper, then ran one more errand while waiting for the pizza to be ready.

    By the time I got home, I was worn out. Den unloaded the van, finished up his wiring job (on the wall upstairs where the new bookcase is going), showered, then we vegged out on the couch the rest of the evening. So...I'd better get off here and get to work. Hope everyone is doing okay.
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    Hi Kids

    I was on the Homebound Board earlier. Typed a message with no problems. Then when I was
    ready to hit post the recalcitrant computer went on strike. Turned it off for a while. Eventually got my message posted. Now the computer is behaving, but I'm feeling sorta blah. Kinda like Lucy when she was enceinte and feeling sort of dauncy.

    I'll probably be much better after a nap. It's hard to shut me up for long.

    Great porch pic, Duckie. Looks like there might be a hunting lodge behind it. Sirius sounds
    like a good cat to have around the place. How many people are making the trip to Carnegie Hall?

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    Hi guys.
    Just a quick fly by.
    Hv to take Ds to specialist,Allergy Clinic in Ballarat today.
    Its quite a slog.
    Nav man (or lady in this case), says its an hr less than
    It actually is...why is that? Perhaps she is a speeder.

    Treasures were about to throw the swags on top of the car,
    But then the Heavens opened up.
    A day that was destined for sunshine has turned for the worst.
    Thunder, lightening and rain.The works.

    Dd has decided to come for a change of scenery.

    I guess I'd better stop procrastinating and hit the frog and toad...(road).
    He he.Dont worry. No acts of cruelty here.

    The whole 'getting rid of My curtains' fiasco has escalated,
    So this appointment, which involves at least one night away,
    is probably a blessing in disguise...

    Just wish I wasnt sooo exhausted.

    Julie, I'm very glad to hear your eye is on the healing fast track.
    (maybe doesnt seem that way to you).
    And I do feel for you about having to make the tough decisions with your Dad.
    But you are doing a great job.
    A bit sad about him parting with his truck.thanks for sharing that story.

    I guess I should go...
    Hello to All and take care.

    Gosh! The rain is soooo heavy!

    Catch yas later
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    Hi Kids

    Had a nap. Am feeling somewhat better. I suspect that for most of us we seldom feel better than "Not as bad as usual." Gordon was repotting this morning. I did a little watering. Got
    mud on my pants. Now how did that happen? I wasn't digging in the dirt. So I applied modern forensic principles to solve the problem. Something transferred to mud to me. What could it be? Must have been the hose. Our resident forensic expert (Gordon) agreed.

    Star, "frog and toad" is road? Is that Cockney rhyming slang? I know that "apples and pears"
    means "stairs". And "trouble and strife" means "wife". Sounds like taking the long way
    around. Hope your trip is uneventful with good results.

    Julie, It's no wonder you were worn out with all those errands. If you have trouble falling asleep a night maybe, instead of sheep, you could count how many pellets there are in 8
    bags. How far does the pizza person have to come to deliver the pizza. Is it Amish pizza?

    Duckie, did you ever sing The War March of the Priests by Mendelsshon? We used to play it
    in band. Anyway I thought of it the other day, why I don't know, but it's a stirring piece.
    Went to Youtube and listened to it. The orchestra was great. Behind the orchestra, in the balcony, was a chorus with 60 or more members. I kept waiting for them to come in. They never did. Then I thought of some other stuff we used to play, like Lassus Trombones. Had a nice mini concert of great old stuff.

    Mikie, how are you and Sylvester? Weather OK? My brother in Portland and I are having
    similar temps; in the 70s. He seldom writes, but now and then forwards something funny
    that someone sent him. Haven't heard from you today. I hope it's because you are busy
    having fun.

    Supper time here. I think maybe I'll have a White Castle Cheeseburger. I remember trips
    to the White Castle restaurant (not a drive in) from my college days. When the company
    started in the 1920s, a burger cost a dime.

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    Good evening, friends! I don't feel like I got a whole lot done today, but I always figure "tomorrow is another day." Den and I got the new bookcase installed after he got home from work....he did most of the "installing" (fastening it to the wall, etc.) while I held the level :p I am anxious to get books out of storage boxes and put them out where the kiddos can look at them. We have a whole set of "Handyman Encyclopedias" that show how to do everything from electrical to building things inside and out. Our grandsons can't read yet, but love watching woodworking shows with their daddy and Gpa Den...I think they will enjoy looking at the pictures.

    Rock, the pizza was from our favorite buffet "Pizza Ranch." They have the best fried (broasted) chicken and other regular buffet items, plus a salad bar and pizza bar. I usually just order our usual "Beef and Mushroom" and pick it up before I leave town.

    I'm sure you and Gordon are correct about the source of the mud on your pants...hard to keep completely clean when playing in the dirt :D

    Star...I'm so sorry about the conflict over the curtains, etc. Sometimes things are said in anger, supposedly about one thing...but the real reason for the tension and stress might be another thing entirely. Are there perhaps things bothering your DH that would make him lash out, pretending it's because of the curtains? In our 42 years of marriage, Den and I have had lots of situations like that...just a thought...and I hope I'm not overstepping or being too nosey.

    Hope you have a safe trip to the allergist and back and that it is a successful appointment. I mean "productive"...couldn't think of the right word.

    Amy called this evening...I think she just needed to vent about our little friend, Susan, from Tennessee. Susan has had more health problems and while she's been off work (in the hospital, etc.) the physical therapy company she worked for got bought out by another company. The new company was letting her keep her regular hours and location (they serve several different nursing homes, etc.) but Susan missed more work so had to get "okayed" to return by her PCP, and then her neurologist. In the meantime, the new company said she could come back to work, but now would have to drive 1 1/2 hours each way and work 40 hours instead of 30...previously 30 hours a week was about all she could handle with her auto-immune disorder.

    Susan had come up to Iowa and was staying at Amy's when she found out this news, so that sort of put a damper on her visit. (We didn't have her come to our house because I didn't feel I'd be up to taking care of anyone else after my surgery...)

    Amy's not sure if that's why Susan was acting sort of "out of character" for her or not...being rude to Miley (and wanting to just hang out with Keira...mind you, Susan is 27 years old and Keira is 10.) She bought a craft thing for the girls to do (some kind of painting) then insisted on doing it herself, leaving Keira with less to work with...not a big deal, but Susan is supposed to be the adult.

    Susan has an eating disorder and is extremely picky about her food...and says she feels fat if she "eats too much", but is very, very skinny. By the time she left, Keira was trying to track her food input and was refusing to eat her own meals. Amy's pretty sure Keira is just trying to copy Susan...who discusses more with Keira than she should.

    Lots of very immature things like that...enough that Amy is glad Susan lives too far away for Keira to be around her very much. With the abuse Susan has dealt with, in her childhood and even not that long ago, it is understandable that she would have some issues in life. But, Amy can't let her pass those "issues" on to Keira. Anyway...life is just hard sometimes. Susan is supposed to be seeing a counselor, but gets "fed up" when the counselor tells her things she doesn't want to hear, so quits going.

    Sorry to rant about that...but I did tell Amy that Susan really only wants to be around people who will listen to her sob stories and feel sorry for her. Keira looks up to Susan so much and is a perfect person to suit Susan's interests. We'll need to keep on top of this situation, for sure.

    I'd better try to get on to bed...patch and all. I guess I need to wear it at night until my appt. on Friday. I do think my eye is healing properly, but my glasses prescription is way off now in that eye...will have to figure out what to do.

    Take care, everyone! Nite!
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    Hello all

    Whew. Hot, hot, hot! Summer is upon us and no mistake. Well, grateful for the longish spell of cold with all the rains we got. The mosquitoes too are re emerging. Flying high and coming in thru the windows.

    Dmc - I like the wood floor and homey atmosphere of that Porch. The floor to ceiling windows, but I like the view best. What an expanse of green all around.

    Do you do cooking and house chores really fast or have someone in? I would have gotten really frazzled with the swinging (autocorrect gaffe') and sewing and computer programming! You remind me of my DHs two cousin sisters and his step sister. They do so much in do little time. I wish I was like that. But it was not to be. My lot is that if I set out one biggish task for the day, say cooking something or decluttering a corner and I complete the task, then I feel a sense of achievement. But I don't beat myself up. I know my spirit is more than willing but my flesh is un cooperative without meaning to.

    JudyB - what a wonderful verse. Something to read again and again and let the attitude of gratitude sink in. I've been through a lot, all my life, which brought on depression from a very young age. But lately, I've been feeling happy. Or should I say, feeling not sad for most of the time. Hmm. No. I actually feel very happy when doing things I love and I get sporadic sensations of feeling content and happy for no reason at all. Maybe I've paid up a lot of.my karmic debt or all the cleansing and meditations I do are paying off. I had a terrible time when I first started my meditations but they said I was going through karmic cleansing. Not that it's over yet, or will be any time soon but I think I'm.making inroads. A far cry from the wreck that was me.

    Julie - Keira is already dealing with Miley who herself is a product of unhealthy emotional issues between her parents. Maybe it's better if she doesn't spend too much time with Susan. Kids that age are so impressionable. I can understand your worry. Susan needs to want to be helped before she can be helped. I guess Amy will have to realise boundaries and how go recognize when it's time to stop trying to help. Or give that help.in a different manner.

    I was thinking..aah mowing! I couldn't think what i was missing reading you doing that was a daily fixture.

    Sun - looks like your artistic talent might not be.lost from the family tree like it did with our family. Your DD that never pays you a compliment is like.my mom. I don't remember her having paid me a compliment either. But she did compliment and praise my brothers. Some family dynamics going on there. Maybe competition or something. But I knew she loved me. She just didn't pull her punches where something delicate to be said was concerned. A bit like my DH. She was one eccentfic lady. But his was more thoughtlessness.

    Star - lol! Toad kill. Autocorrect strikes again. I don't ride with my DH if i can help it. An absolute no no. I don't go out too often, so that problem solved itself. If I do one of the kids takes me.

    Gordon - I think the computer gremlins take turns at the porchies computers. I couldn't post pictures for a while. I hope it.moves on from your computer soon. You seem to spend a lot.if time outdoors. Well, more than before.

    Mikie - are we twins or what. Day before was spent hauling water in buckets to the house from the outside tank because a pipe burst. Had to catch water in containers empty out all the water and get in the handymen from another part of town. The kids after helping carry buckets of water up to the kitchen and bathrooms vamoosed to stay and take baths in a flat of ours which was un occupied. DD was telling DS, dad n mom are gonna be in testy mood so let's clear out.

    I also had a run in with a psycho footpath vendor around the time you said you had a rude person dealing with the water billing. When I looked to see what kind of pepper she was selling in a packet, the lettering was smudged off. So I asked her and she looked daggers at me and said..read. So I told her it was invisible. Then she pointed to other packets lying around and said. There's others you can read from. So I gathered my wit's after being shell shocked, asked her was there a problem. Couldn't she tell me since she was selling them and she said no. I was educated and I could read for myself. So I stared right into her face for a moment narrowed my eyes and asked her what was her problem. She replied not to shout and looked away.

    Unhappy lady!!

    Hmm have to answer a knock. Will bbl.
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    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    Had an upset tummy last evening and went to bed early after just having one of those small Halo citrus snacks. I woke feeling better but am having a lot of pain and diarrhea. Good grief! I've almost always had a cast iron gut and could eat anything. The Red Tide was horrible yesterday and there is pollen and mold galore so my allergies are acting up as well. Sometimes, when my allergies are bad, it affects my digestion. Just hope it goes away. Other than that, life is just peachy. I may have to stop trying to get the Jeopardy Final answer/question. I just can't think and remember anymore. It's sad because I used to be so good at it. Oh well, just another thing lost.

    Claudia wanted to know whether I'm going to tonight's board mtg. I told her I don't go to them. It's too frustrating. All they do is discuss everything ad naseum and then do nothing, saying there is no money but they are getting bids for the pool and paving. This goes on year in and year out and, in the meantime, the situation with repairs deteriorates. The only way to get the work done is a special assessment and, while no one likes those, it is sometimes necessary. We have had big unexpected expenses over the years for removal of trees and digging a new well for irrigation and it wiped out our reserves. Stupid board!

    Duckie, thanks for starting a new Porch. The new one reminds me of the types of homes and cabins people build in the mountains in CO. I'm glad Serius has everything under control, at least, by his stds. SV has never sought control; that was Tweety's job and she was very vocal when she wanted something done. She's one bossy kitty but she always protected SV when they lived outside. Now that she is back living with Jeff, he has begun demanding things. He's not as bossy about it, more like whining for what he wants. This is what I love about cats. They have such different and funny characteristics. Dogs have their own charms and I love them too but am no longer able to care for one. Glad your gig went well.

    Rock, I was here yesterday but my post is on the last Porch. I'm glad you solved the mystery of the dirt on your pants. I had on white Capri pants when I was out in the muddy hole, trying to find a shut-off valve near the water meter in the ground when we had the big leak. I got mud on them and just figured they were a casualty of the emergency. I threw them in the wash and they came out clean. As they used to say, it all comes out in the wash. SV and I send our best to you, Gordon and Miss Kitty.

    Julie, I'm glad your eye feels as though it's healing. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to have the old glasses with the new 'eye.' My friends have all had the same situation until they got new lenses for their glasses. My DD could have died of an eating disorder. If it were me, I'd let Susan know that she is absolutely not to talk about hers or she would not be welcome around Keira. Behind eating disorders are a whole host of other problems and the eating disorder is only an effort to control something in her life which may feel out of control. It is a coping mechanism and a very dangerous one. Young girls are especially vulnerable to it. Susan sounds very troubled but, if boundaries are not set with her, she could do damage to Keira. If she were cutting herself or setting fires, I'm sure no one would let Keira be exposed to her behavior. What she is doing is just as dangerous. Sorry to be butting in but I've lived through this and, believe me, you don't want this to happen to anyone. Sorry to sound so alarmist but these things can get out of control before anyone can stop it. Hoping Susan gets the help she needs but it doesn't sound as though she is open to it. Let us know how your appt. goes.

    Star, sorry the War of The Curtains has escalated. Also sorry for the downpour. We desperately need rain so I'd even take a downpour here. I hope you don't have to drive in it. When Mom and I drove to FL from CO, we hit a horrible torrential rainstorm and finally decided to stop up in Tampa instead of driving all the way down here because I was exhausted trying to drive in it. Love the frog and toad for road. Hope you can come back soon.

    Spring, sorry to hear you had a pipe burst too. Fortunately for us, the firemen got the water turned off but we were without water for hours due to the ineptitude of the mgmt. co. employee. She is useless. They just replaced one useless employee and now they have another. At least, we didn't have to carry water in buckets. One person had to go to the store to buy bottled water. It is hot here too in the afternoons but we have had no rain yet. Rainy season usually creeps in gradually. With the rainy season comes hurricane season and I'm dreading it this year. On the other hand, we survived that gigantic hurricane last year so I feel a little less scared. As I mentioned in my last post, these big storms and flooding are expected to continue due to global warming. I hope they miss us down here. Hope your troubles are over and you only run into loving souls and not wounded ones.

    I'm off to read the paper online. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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  9. Starlight74

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    Hi guys.
    Stretched out, in my swag, under the stars.
    Fortunately the rain had eased off by the time we reached our old town.
    Its always dryer here.

    Mikie, I agree.it is down right exhausting driving in torrential rain.the wipers were going flat out and still barely managed to keep up.but I had to persist.
    I worry about my Dd and her eating habits, big time.sbe is sooo thin now.
    And who knows where or why...it saddens me a great deal.
    Sorry you've been so unwell.

    Julie, unfortunately, even if it were explained to the little Treasures that Susan has many troubles, behaviours and attitudes are still picked up.
    I say this while casting my mind back on when my nieces,( who are average 6 yrs older than my Dd) came to visit about 9 yrs ago...Dd was like a sponge.I was so relieved when they left and as the yrs progressed, also relieved that they all lived too far away to hv any relationship with my Treasures.
    Fair enough that we all hv our own mistakes to make, but no need to be in a hurry to make them.
    And if our Treasures can avoid .making them, all the better.
    Im sure Amy is very wise and her discussing this with you, just shows how switched on she is...
    As a parent, there were times where I had to put our Treasures first.
    As a result, 2 out of 4 siblings wont visit because I hv certain expectations. (Alcoholics that swear like troopers and can get really vicious).not exactly great role models.
    Its not always easy, but I hv often told them (Dd mostly), that I believe I will answer to God ,how I looked after His Treasures...

    About the curtains...
    You are right.
    Dh is getting uptight because the wet weather is upon us and he still hasnt completed the list he set himself.
    Or told me he'd hv done.
    Instead of focusing on that, he is detracting.
    Diverting attention to my curtains. Who are a reminder.
    I let it go on for a long while, but he wasnt being fair , so called him on it.
    He has plenty of shed rubbish that needs sorting and only he can do it.
    I dont know what he needs etc.
    But nor am I on his case about it.
    He built his shed and when it came down to it, didnt want the extra work load of delivering me my hobby room...esp with the weather.
    I had already resigned myself to waiting 'till next Summer, but then suddenly the curtains became the focul point...I guess in the end I got sick of the constant references-even to the point where our boys even started.
    I wore out.
    I got rid of the lot.I even got rid of most of my storage tubs and containers and craft.even the pictures and ornaments that would've decorated it...I dont want a hobby room anymore.I dont want to think about it because I feel manipulated and hurt.
    You said in your comment about Susan ,how she's supposed to be a grown up, well, that's how I feel here.
    I also know its learnt behaviour from his folks...
    So what do you do?
    (Do what Barry suggested and make a shirt for Dh out of the hated curtains?...)
    Now that would be adding fuel to the fire...
    No.I called it a day.
    While the curtains made me happy because we'd never had good ones, with good backing before and I felt blessed...it just all got so blown out of whack...and being so attached, well, I dont need an idol I guess.
    I guess making a place feel like 'home' is not essential...its just stuff.
    Or so I try to tell myself...need to move forward and forgive.

    So I've turned my attentions back on to the garden.
    Oh joy
    And oh the pain! I could barely walk!

    It is almost midnight and the backpackers are still very noisy, but easing off a bit.
    Maybe all the pot I could smell a couple of hrs ago has finally got the better of them.

    My dear friend has her birthday tomorrow. I think she will be 74.
    She doesn't know Im in town.
    She was all excited today because she thought she had a delivery (birthday gift) from her girls.
    It was a modem she'd said no to. I know she was disappointed.
    Anyway, Im going to surprise her.just rock up.she has no idea at all.

    Good grief.someone is puking over near the lake.about 10 metres away.if that.probably one of the backpackers. Poor thing...ahhh to be young and stupid again...no thanks.think Ill pass on that.
    Sounds like she/he has a 'hair-holding' friend there...ooh really trying not to dry reach myself now...

    Time to tap out I reckon.
    Sweet dreams Rock, Sun, Spring, Barry, Granni, Duck, Judy, Mikie, Julie and All porchies.

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  10. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! Another rough night with this !@#$%& eye patch (you guys didn't know I cussed, did you?) :p I didn't get to sleep until after 3:00 am cause I couldn't get comfortable...and I hadn't had any naps, caffiene, etc. yesterday that would have bothered my sleep. Oh well, only a couple more nights, then I see the doctor and I hope he tells me I can go without. I have plenty to do today, so might as well buckle down and get to work. I just feel bad because I'm sure my tossing and turning and getting in and out of bed must disturb Den....

    I have more laundry and other chores, and I want to start getting books on the new bookcase...a sure way to let my carpenter know how much I appreciate his work and keep him enthused about my "honey-do list." :) Although, these inside projects will need to take a back seat to yard work, etc. now that the weather is nicer. Yes, Spring...I do need to get on the mower, lol! So many of my friends and neighbors are commenting about how late mowing season is this year...

    Spring and Mikie, you are both "spot on" when it comes to Keira and Susan...fortunately, Susan lives 10 hours away and Keira only sees her once or twice a year, so it's not an every day thing. I'll encourage Amy to talk to Keira about it, and to talk to Susan before they get together again. Since I wasn't there, and don't want to break Amy's confidence, I would have to figure out a way to approach the subject...but I have no qualms about being straight up with Susan. We just have to be very careful, because Keira gets very defensive of "her Susan" if she overhears us discussing anything about her.

    One reason I said I didn't feel like having company this past week and weekend is because of the last time Susan was here (the same time I took her up to Mayo Clinic.) When we got back to our house, and she was so upset because the doctor up there didn't reorder a bunch of tests she had already had...Susan was already in a b*tchy mood and kept going on and on about my cooking and the food we had available for her to eat while here..."her bananas couldn't have one single brown spot", "her cooked bacon had to break, not bend" (so she would know it was cooked enough)...just on and on about her special preferences.

    I knew it was an excuse for her to "not eat"...we have talked about the fact that it is a "control" thing, and she is well aware of it. Another time, she "ate normally" while everyone was here, then made herself vomit in the shower...that was around Christmas time (very cold already) and it somehow ended up plugging our drains...maybe a coincidence, but the shower overflowed and we had a huge mess to clean up. She promised to "never do that again"...but I don't know if she has kept that promise or not. I rather doubt it.

    What does a person do? She's an adult (27 years old) and we aren't her parents...I have been in touch with some of her friends in Tennessee and we are all on the same page about her.

    She was going to stay with us for several days after we got back from Mayo so I could help her try to walk better with a walker/rollator...but Den got so mad (my laid back, easy going guy) he told me to get Susan out of his house before he blew up. Truthfully, I was happy to oblige...I was getting tired of it, myself.

    Anyway, sorry to vent yet again. I just get fired up when it comes to my kids or grandkids...and I know we have to get this situation stopped.

    Spring, I'm sorry about your water problems and the run in with that crazy woman.

    Mikie, I don't blame you for not going to those meetings. They can sure drag out forever and ever. Do you think the little Halo is what made you sick? I have to really limit my citrus, but if you haven't had problems before, that's a mystery.

    Star, I see you've posted as I was typing. I understand about having to just "give in and forget it" concerning some of our "battles". Been there so many times...but in my case, he has mellowed out so much over the years, so I pray for your situation, too. And, I think it would have helped so much if Den hadn't waited so long to stand up to his mother and the way she was treating me...but then again, we might have been kicked off the farm for good?

    Oh dear...truth be told, I have needed a "hair holding buddy" myself in our earlier years, lol! Glad those days are done...

    I can't wait to hear about how happy and surprised your friend was to see you...especially after the disappointment of the package.

    Okay, so I'll just say a quick "Hi" to everyone else...I really need to get more done today. Take care!

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Hi Kids
    Got a pic from my sister in Minnesota. This pic was taken a few days ago. I sent her one of L.A.'s Echo Park in return. I was surprised. Thought she was sending another request for money.

    Julie, can you see OK with your eye patch off? Do you have to wear it? I wouldn't let some-
    one with Susan's problems in the house. But then I don't have to deal with the fallout. Always
    easier to solve other people's problems. Pizza and a salad bar sound wonderful, but I can't chew such treats anymore.

    Hi Star, Stretched out in a swag and looking at the stars sounds pleasant and pretty effortless.
    I know what a swag is because of Waltzing Matilda. There used to be a wonderful trio of folk
    singers on youtube called The Swagmen, but they are no longer there. Had the best rendition
    of the sea shanty Rolling Home.

    Thanks for the wish for sweet dreams. One of Patsy Clins's hits. Also a hit for the composer Don Gibson and for Faron Young. I haven't had a dream for years. That part of my brain
    wore out, I guess.

    Mikie, wish I could send you something that would perk you up. You've been under par and
    struggling for far too long. Did the gardener get rid of the flowers that were attracting the
    bees? We certainly don't want the little boys stung.

    Saw an infomercial when I was watching TV last night for a hydralight. It doesn't have
    many heads, but it has no batteries. Is powdered by water. I'm gonna have to look that up.

    Spring, our computer worked fine most of yesterday. In the evening it got all sulky so I
    turned it off. Then went downstairs and turned on the TV. After a minute or two I got
    a notice that the something or other test had been completed, and I could now return to my
    regular channel. That, of course, was a complete lie. I couldn't change the channel. So I
    had to turn that machine off too. Ratbane!

    Barry, I have several books including two cozy mysteries. They are aggravating my usual
    confusiated state. In one the hero is named Minnie. She adopted a cat. In the other one
    the heroine adopted a stray dog and named it Minnie. In one of them Eddie is a coworker,
    but in the other one he is the villain. Both gals have jobs where they work outside and are
    exposed to the elements. One nearly drowns. One falls out of a tree. Uff-da!

    Time to go out and give the kitty her morning brushing.
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  12. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon all...

    Missed typing at lunch, so a quick note before I head off to a meeting.

    Julie - Good that Amy recognizes the negative influence. Wish there was an easy fix.

    Star - What a mental picture!! Hope the doctor appointment goes well. Hope your DF enjoys the gift you got and getting to see you. Safe travels home.

    Rock - Knowing the number of tumbles you've taken lately, just don't you go falling down the bloomin' apples and pairs (and getting a lump on you loaf of bread)! No, I never sang that piece by Mendelssohn.

    Spring - Ah, lawn mowers - the summer symphony! Sorry you had to deal with a water disaster. Disasters seem to be running around and attacking dear porchies. I'm glad I haven't had any for a bit.

    Mikie - It is funny how all the cats have different personalities. Worf can be very demanding at times, but he's also very loving. Glad the water is fixed.

    Reminder for my meeting just popped up. Guess I'd better go. Hugz to all!

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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in for a bit. My tummy is better. I fixed a brunch of bacon and eggs. I have Brussel sprouts in the fridge and want the bacon and grease to cook them in. I was going to wash the car but it rained and looks as though it might again. It's dark and cloudy out and the wind has picked up. Claudia offered to drive on Thurs. and I may take her up on it. I went to turn on the water while I was cooking and it was dry. I panicked but then remembered it was the plumbers installing the whole new backflow valve unit. The water is on so I assume they finished.

    Star, it's a shame you felt you had to get rid of things but I totally get it. You've made a decision, which is worse, getting ride of things or having the stress of dealing with the fallout? I am getting rid of the storage bin out front which blends in with the bldg. and sits behind the hedge where it doesn't show. Grace's husband has carped about it for several years and even got Barb's SIL riled up over it. I told him before they left that I would be emptying it and getting rid of it even though it means I have to store our extra paint and some other things inside my condo. Now, he feels bad about it and told me he realizes that I do so much work around the condos and save us money and I need a place to store things. I told him I sick and tired of the complaining and it's easier to get rid of it. I told him I wasn't up to doing it before they left but I'd get around to it. He still feels bad about it and about dragging Barb's SIL into it but I've had it. I'm not a victim in this; I'm making a decision based on the lesser of two evils. I'm glad you got away. Sleeping under the stars sounds very peaceful and healing. Well, maybe not the sounds of someone retching but the rest sounds lovely.

    I have to go, just lost my response to Julie. &%$#!*

    Love, Mikie
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  14. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Mikie - your post to Julie was there...briefly. It appeared while I was posting, but it cut off mid-sentence.:confused:
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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Duck: Oh boy....do I love that outdoor room! Very appealing to me. Thanks. I've found things on the internet but this Ipad won't work to cut and paste or whatever, that's why at times I just put up a link.

    Barry: Thank you thank you thank you! Love that site!!!! Darn, how I wish I had more land and room to grow more plants. I just did a quick look at the site and then registered. How about this beautiful purple plant....


    Mikie: I did a search on this plant on the internet and find they're calling it a purple shrimp plant. Is this the shrimp plant you have planted around your condo area? I have several orange shrimp bushes which I love.

    By the way, when I was up in SEattle a few years ago we stopped to see the Dale Chilluly glass museum (I think the spelling is wrong) and they had an adjacent garden. There was a spectacular dusty purple blooming plant there and I talked to the head gardener who told me it came from a seed. I'm going to search this site for it.

    Julie: Everyone is spot on with Susan. I think Amy should just cut ties with her....or at least keep her at distance. Keira is obviously taking in everything Susan tells her AND Susan knows it.....deceitful person that she is.

    Mikie: I've lived with IBS FOREVER......I think Ive told you that taking a little apple cider vinegar usually does the trick for me within 30 min. Or less. I'm thinking it might be the acid that balances out whatever down there. And I know you can't stand the vinegar, but maybe there's something else along those lines.

    Rock: So did your sister like the picture of Echo park? I haven't been there in ages.....are the flowers still on schedule? I think they're due aren't they? It's an amazing sight.

    Star: I hope your DF is happily overwhelmed with your surprise visit. Sorry about all the hassle on the curtains. Did I understand that your DH is dragging his feet on a hobby room for you?

    Spring: I'm sorry for your growing up years.....funny thing...not.....we end up marrying someone that's similar. My mom was a PA and my DH was also one.....big time. It wasn't until a year or so before he passed that I found out for a PA was. Very very hard for everyone around.

    I've been feeling very wiped out the last couple of days but today....OMG....watch out....abundant energy!!!! Wish I could be like this all the time but I know I'm going to pay for it. I know the heat yesterday bothered me.....gosh I hate summer anymore.

    I did some garden cleanup this morning along with watering plants then decided I would wash a few sliding glass doors. I have a lot to do! I counted my glass house.....22 which means 44 sides to do! I did 6 of them....then took some ibuprofen as preventative measures.

    So after coming in I decided I would do some clothing remodeling.....like recutting a silk skirt and putting on a larger waistband! I've got some pants to rehem, and a linen jacket that I'm going to make the sleeves shorter and a favorite knit top, I've also cut the sleeves to much shorter.
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Nice to see lots of posts. Gordon and I went to the library and picked up 11 books. Mailed
    my postcard to my aunt. I gave the postcard to Gordon to mail on Sunday, but he didn't because I had left off the zip code. Also, I didn't put my Aunt's name on it. Just "Izzy". Her name is Isabel. She move to this facility 2 weeks ago. Don't know if the staff would have
    connected Izzy with Isabel. I guess her parents (my grandparents) liked the name. An older sister was named Shirley Isabel. Surely that was overkill.

    Sun, I checked out the flower site. Never heard of Honeywort before. But I've heard of wort
    before. A few decades back the supplement St. John's Wort was popular. Tried to see if it's
    sold here, but couldn't get into the store. I think I read wort was an old word for "plant".
    Also something to do with malt added to make beer.

    Our former neighbors had orange shrimp plants. Never knew they came in any other colors.
    The closest we have is our goldfish plant.l

    Barry, Gordon has read several books by Susanna Gregory. I no longer care for historical novels. I always have 3-4 books going. Right now I'm reading a mystery, a true crime book
    and the Minnesota Book Of Days. The true crime book was written by two Harvard lawyers. They also write books on legal matters. Best true crime book I've read. Deals with forged
    historical documents, bombings, conspiracy, financial fraud, murder, and church history.

    Mikie, good to hear that your tummy is better. I never had Brussel Sprouts with bacon, but
    I like both. When I get done here I think I'll have an orange. We have some beautiful large
    navel oranges. Probably came from Whole Foods. Nice that your water is back. I read some
    more about the water flashlight. You can see a video of it on Youtube. It produces a weak
    light. Not sure, but it may be that you can only use it 3 times.

    Duckie, I'm guessing "loaf of bread" refers to the head. No wonder it was difficult for Liza Doolittle to learn proper English. Hope your meeting was brief and productive. When I
    was a working man I hated meetings. They were a great waste of time in my opinion as well
    as being boring. Dave Barry said national productivity would be greater without meetings only he said it in a funny way.

    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
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  17. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.

    The surprise wasa great success!
    I almost gave it away a couple of times, but Treasurez insisted I stick with it.
    Today, it is not only her birthday, but its also ANZAC day.
    This is a public holiday where we remember our lost...
    The Australians and New Zealanders who fought together - those past and present, but also those
    Who served in other capacities...
    Well, she was all teary eyed from that, aswell as still feeling forgotten by her girls.
    She also has ber hopes up on her birthday tbat she may hear from her son, who rarely bothers to contact her.
    Sbe worries about him coz he's pretty screwed up.
    So u get the picture? All sad and crying at home.instead of out at the Anzac parade/march.

    When she told me how sad she was, I almost buckled.

    Just before lunch, I knocked on her door, but she couldn't see me properly through ber screen door.
    When she opened it she let out a little scream and hugged me.she started laughing and then crying.
    We hugged for a bit.
    I gv her gifts and card for her to look at later and told her to grab her bag coz we were going out for lunch.
    I thank God that we were able to do this.seeing her happy and being able to be there to listen to her heart...and to be able to just Love her, well, it was more a Gift for me, than her.
    Im so grateful.
    We went to lunch and then later went to a cafe for coffee.
    We had our table for 2 and my Treasures had their own table right near us.

    After I took her home I picked Treasures up from the shops and we headed up to the memorial thingy where the Anzac speeches were made.We looked through all the little crosses surrounding it to find the names of their great grandparents and took a pic of them...one of which may or may not hv been their gr grgrandma 's, due to the wrong initial.an M instead of W. Dare I say it? Is it possible that someone was dense enough to read upside down?
    Feeling really tired and still sore from the drive yesterday and just think, get to do it all over again tomorrow! Yay! NOT.

    Rock, so sis hits you up for cash? Everyone must hv one of those in the family.

    Duck, here in Australia we cant hv a bbq without the 'dead horse' (tomato sauce, which I believe you guys call ketchup).
    Any grimaces out there? Lol

    Julie, as for your cussing, my Ds said to me this morning,"the person that ripped me off on ebay is 'All the swear words' ". I was gob smacked.He didnt actually say Any of those swear words, but what he said...
    Yep.gob smacked...

    Sun, yes.I think all the household drama has everything to do with a promised hobby room for me.
    Well, I dont want it like this.
    And yes , after looking up what PA is. Yeah.Dh is a perfect fit.
    Oh well, hopefully he will mellow out in old age, coz Im over playing head games.
    Like the hobby room I no longrr want, I'm Not going to play.

    Spring, hope your water situation is sorted.

    Mikie, no.I dont see myself as a victim eigther.I was angry and upset and sick of it, but then I made the decision.

    Barry, I hv added gypsum solution to the soil in the hopes of breaking down the clay consistency and potted and buried pots in the garden bed.I also put wood chip mulch over the top.will hv to wait and see.
    The next lot of bulbs which are coming in the mail will go in their own bed mostly.once Ive but it.itll be raised.hopefully on the way home Ill be able to pick up some sheep poo.
    Ive found muscari hv a mind of their own, usually.

    Jb, lovely msg at the end of the last posrch.thank you.

    Granni, I hv to chuckle when you mention that your Dh makes sure you know about it, whenever he's feeling out of sorts.

    Nearly dark, so best round up the troops for showers etc.

    Love you guys.
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    I never did get back here yesterday. I not only lost my response to Julie, I lost the one to Rock too. Now I see that my half-response posted twice. I have no idea what's going on but it's probably operator error. I was pretty exhausted yesterday. Allergies are awful.

    Joe just called to tell me how horrible the board meeting was last night. It started late and ran waaay long. As per their usual bumbling, nothing was decided and nothing is getting done. If I were to go to the meetings, my head would explode.

    Rock, your pic is not viewable on my screen. All I see is an icon and [​IMG]. No, the gardeners never cut down the blooms. Don't know whether the mgmt. co. even called. The incompetence is too much. I did see those flashlights but so much of the crap sold on TV is useless. They make it look so good in the ads but it's junk. That's how I ended up buying the swirling hurricane scrubbers which I had to return to BB&B. They wouldn't charge. Glad you got out to the library. To many of us, libraries are next to church when it comes to being inspired. Hope you got some good reads.

    [B]Julie[/B], I do remember when Susan was there and Den said she had to go. I'm glad she doesn't live close enough for her to be seeing Keira on a regular bases. I hope the mowing isn't weighing on you. It can wait. You've just been through surgery. I hope your eye stops driving you crazy and that it heals up and works like it's supposed to. For some, it takes a bit for the eyes to settle down. Hang in there.

    [B]Star[/B], your story about surprising your friend almost brought tears to my eyes. That you said it was a gift to you just shows what a loving and caring person you are. I hope all the excitement wasn't too much for you. My ex was a charter member of the PA club and I know what a pain in the arse it is trying to live with them. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime for them to get that way and they don't even know how to behave differently. You are a great mom and friend; kudos to you!

    [B]Duckie[/B], yesterday was quite odd. I didn't feel well and nothing was going well for me. Who knows what happened to my post. Oh well, it's just par for the course. As Louis CK said, I wake up in the morning, turn off the alarm and reset the day for misery. Well, it's not quite that bad but you get my drift. Whine, whine, whine!

    [B]Barry[/B], I steam my Brussel sprouts and remove them before they get mushy. I slice them in half and put them in the frying pan which still has a bit of bacon grease with a little flour sprinkled in it. I tear the bacon in bits in a bowl and add the sprouts which have been browned on the sliced side and I toss it all with a bit of butter. I have also browned onions in the bacon grease and added them to the mix. This is how DD cooks hers.

    Sun, I've seen pics of other colors of shrimp plants and I believe they are the same as the ones we had. I liked them but they were the wrong plants for the space. They grew way out of control and, instead of keeping them trimmed, the gardeners would use a weed whacker and tear them to bits. Once they bloomed, the old blooms fell off and put out a horrible odor just outside the first floor units. The shrimp plants would be fine in a garden or along a border. Our little stairwell atria are difficult to landscape. They look better now with the plants I've put in myself and the bushes in there that I cut back myself. I will go to the website. I love looking at landscaping.

    [B]Spring[/B], I hope the heat isn't getting to you. I also hope you don't run into any more people in dark moods. None of us needs any more negative energy besides what our illnesses bring. That's exactly why I don't go to the board meetings and what Joe told me went on just reaffirms my decision. Hope things are beautiful on your side of the world.

    I hope I haven't missed responding to anyone since I last posted but I can insure nothing. I'm still exhausted and have to go to a doctor appt. this afternoon. I'll be glad to get it over with. Thankfully, the problem with the pain in my stomach is much better so I don't think he will need to run further tests. Also, I'm hoping I can wait another year for my colonoscopy. My PCP thinks I can. Colon cancer is a very slow growing cancer. I haven't had any polyps removed over the last two procedures, ten to twelve years.

    OK, gonna get outta here before I lose this W&P post. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning Kids

    Woke up around 2 AM. Watched a cop show I hadn't seen before. I think it's called Chicago PD. My maternal grandmother lived for some decades in Chicago. She would be gobsmacked to see what's happened to it. So would Carl Sandburg who was living in Chicago when he
    wrote the poem of the same name. That was during WWI when the Anzac soldiers from Australia and New Zealand were fighting the Krauts.

    Star, that's great that your birthday surprise turned out so well. Here's a story (possibly true)
    from one of the wars. Soldiers letters were read and censored if necessary before being sent. One innovative fellow wrote home and said, "Mom, I'm not allowed to tell you where our ship is, but during the last few weeks I've been filled with new zeal and energy."

    Sun, haven't had any reaction from Sis regarding the pic I sent. She seldom writes. It's especially irritating because when she feels like it, she writes interesting letters. I asked
    Gordon about Honeywort. News to him too.

    I'll have to check out that glass museum. I know I've seen some glass exhibits on the net, but
    not sure if I've visited this one. I've seen some glass blowing on Youtube. Fascinating. Also
    kinda scary. I remember we had a lyceum program when I was in grade school. The blower
    made a variety of objects including a small bell and something that looked like golden glass threads. These items were added in the school trophy case. Were still there when my son and
    I visited the old school a couple decades later.

    Barry, are you still whacked out? Do you need some sort of mountain herbal cure or will
    sleep do the trick. Been visited by any wild critters lately?

    Mikie, Your condo sounds like a restful place. Especially since it doesn't have any deplorables
    in it. Uff-da! The computer has gone back to one of its most annoying behaviors. I type something in the search window. Then I hit search and the dangum machine changes what I'm looking for. Absolutely infuriatin'!

    Well, time to hit the hay again.
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! Today will be the coolest day of the week...only a high of 63, but that's okay. We can look forward to highs in the low 80's a couple days next week. My eye is starting to feel almost like I never had anything done to it (physically, at least...the vision is still "adjusting") Rock, I only have to wear the eye patch at night, to protect from accidentally bumping it in my sleep.

    I woke up before 6:00 this morning...so nice to wake up early and feel somewhat rested...it helps when I can get to bed (and to sleep) earlier (midnight is "early" for me, lol.) I heard Den brushing his teeth, but didn't go ahead and get up...just stayed in bed and prayed for him to have a good day and to be safe. Not sure when he actually left, but the house was quiet and lights were off when I did get up.

    Star, in my experience, PA's can change (or at least be "tamed"). Den and both his parents were/are PA's, in varying degrees. No way my MIL could have changed...too stubborn, with a bitterness and almost "hatred" towards most men (who knows what all must have happened in her childhood) but Den's dad mellowed out a lot through the years, depending on who he was interacting with...he and I happened to get along very well...and sometimes I was able to talk to him about certain behaviors and he would actually listen.

    Den was awful at times, but over the years he has realized that I'm not the enemy and we have ended up making a great team. I really think his mother had such an influence on his life (she absolutely was the boss in the family and apparently the only one, in her opinion, with any brains)...being under her thumb all his life...he didn't really know how to have an "equal partner" relationship.

    I'm so happy you got to surprise and visit with your friend.

    Sun, how neat that you are such a skilled seamstress...so much fun it must be to just create and alter and ....

    Barry, your farm does sound so peaceful and calm.

    Rock, I sometimes get confused, too, if I try to read more than one book at the same time.

    Mikie, I'm praying for your energy to return and that you just start feeling like "your old self" again very soon.

    Duckie, you too...your talents amaze me!

    Hi Granni, Spring, Judy anyone else I've missed. I really need to get some breakfast and get to work, making good use of getting up early today. I'm enjoying just being home this week...eye appt. on Friday afternoon.
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