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    New porch time!

    Back in a minute after I close the old porch.

    I'm back. Hooray for Friday, although it didn't start quite on the right foot. Nothing major, mind you...I just left a few minutes later than I meant to then auto-piloted right past the donut shop where I was supposed to stop and get "Food Friday". It's a tradition in our department. We take turns signing up and bringing in donuts, bagels, or other tasty treats on Fridays. It's been going on for well over 5 years now; an amazingly long time for as small a department as we have. Anyway, I had to turn around and go back for the donuts. Consequently, I was a little late getting to the office.

    Judy - so sorry for your troubles...I had a spate of woes back in March, and can empathize with your stress. Although I think a visit from the tax man probably trumps my woes, even though I had more of them. The closest I've ever come to that was problems we had with the State of Ohio. One year, they said we owed them an additional $650, and after I sent it, they said, "Oops, the data entry clerk missed the 'married, filing jointly' checkbox. You don't owe us the money." Then there were 2 years when DH was in charge of the taxes and he forgot to file the state returns. We ended up paying through the nose in interest in fines.

    Mikie - so glad you're feeling well enough to get some exercise in the pool. I keep thinking about you every time I get into my car...there is a patina of yellow on my otherwise red Camry. I park (at work) under a bunch of oak treas, and they are in bloom. The pollen counts have been very high here, until the last couple of days when we had a little rain and some increased humidity, which tend to lower the counts.

    Julie - yes, we do tend to (and need to) baby ourselves. But we have to find the right balance between over-babying and over-doing. I'm sure we all know that if we baby ourselves too much, we get weaker. And with our conditions, it is so much harder to get strong again. I'm so grateful that my family finally understands and accepts this about me.

    Would love to stay and shout out to everyone else, but the morning is fast slipping away and I haven't accomplished much in the way of work. Must go. Hugz to all!

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    Hi Kids

    Today is chiro day. Not to be confused with Cairo, Egypt. Although there may be a similarity
    or two. Cairo is built on the Nile delta, and a chiro often works on the deltoid muscle. Nobody
    really knows the population of Cairo, but it's estimated at 22 million. Our chiro's waiting room is also very crowded. It has 3 chairs in a space not much bigger than the toilet on an airplane.

    Although Cairo has millions of cars and drivers, camels can still be seen walking the streets of modern Cairo. Our chiro smokes Camels.

    Duckie, here's a tip to avoid being late on donut day. Just keep a box in the trunk of your car.
    Always happpy to help.

    Later, Gators
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    h me and DD to go out to lunch. We will also meet another friend there. This gal is another doer who tends to do to much. She has FM and LUPUS too . Her DH tries to keep her fr overdoing but it doesn't always work. She has red hair, need I say more.??

    DUCKIE - Thanks for the new porch. You are right about trying not to overdo and how sometimes it ihs hard for us sto either do nothing or go overboard.

    ROCK - Thanks for the history lesson on Cairo. Nothing to much going on here just lots of little things and they keep getting in the way of the getting on the Porch.

    JUDY - Sorry for all your problems. Hang in there kiddo.

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling OK but not overdoing :)!! I will try and get back here after lunch. Maybe I can think of something exciting to talk about.

    DD came early so need to sign off for now.

    Lov e to everydobby,
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    Hi, Kids,

    My big morning post is on the last Porch. Not much to tell except that I painted my nails, my toe nails that dark maroon that I love. My skin and nails are soooo dry as is my hair. My hair is in a good phase right now after being so awkward that I wanted to get it cut. Woke up tired as I usually do. Sometimes, I wake feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed but it doesn't last. Well, they say variety is the spice of life.

    Woman downstairs called to tell me that the dumpster is overflowing. She demanded to know whether I was going to call the mgmt. co. I told her no and she asked whether I was curious as to why the dumpster is overflowing. I told her no, I wasn't and suggested she call the mgmt. co. She then told me she didn't have their number. How can anyone own a condo and live here and not know the mgmt. co. number? That's nuts. I gave her the number. If something is wrong with our bldg. or there is an emergency, I want to know but trash problems and dog problems should be addressed to mgmt. Joe gets the same thing. Everyone complains but no one wants to call the mgr. They are moving this month and I hope the new owners, Canadian Snowbirds, are nice. The people downstairs are nice but I don't exist to wipe everybody's noses. Good grief!

    Duckie, yes, that yellow/green pollen makes a mess of my car even though it's under the carport. No wonder my allergies are going nuts. Glad you got your donuts. Hungry mobs can be ugly.

    Rock, are you in deNile when you go to the chiro? Tut! Tut! Just a lame wise crack. I need to adjust my sense of humor.

    Granni, my DSIL's Mom has Lupus and FMS. I think FMS hitch hikes with other immune/autoimmune illnesses. Like so many of us, she has improved over the years and learned how to live with her illnesses but also like most of us, she has suffered. Our lives got turned upside down and we were never the same after that. Thank God for this wonderful place and our wonderful friends here. We are not alone and we have others who understand just how we feel and what we cope with. Hope you enjoy your lunch.

    I took my recycle bag down because they pick up the recycle stuff on Thurs. The bins were empty. I'll take my garbage down later or tomorrow after the pickup. Other than that, I have no big plans. My head aches and it took almost all my NRG to do my hair. It was worth it though. It looks great if I do say so myself. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi guys...back from one town. Decided not to go on to the other town for more errands and to see my dad because my van suddenly started running really "rough"...like shaking whenever I first started it up or when I would slow down at an intersection, etc. Den can hook it up to his computer when he gets off work...not sure what's going on, but hopefully nothing serious.

    My spirometry test went fine. Had to do different breathing patterns into a tube that was hooked up to a computer. Then the gal gave me a breathing treatment with Albuterol...changed (helped) a little, but probably not enough to warrent using regularly. The tech was impressed at how well I did and didn't think the doctor would want any other tests ran....I am to call the doctor's office if I don't hear from her in a few days.

    So, I'm back to thinking I get short of breath from being overweight and out of condition...but I'll wait to hear from the doctor and see if she wants me to follow up with the cardiologist or not.

    Duckie, thanks for the new porch...wow, that one is really pretty! I guess we do have to "baby" ourselves sometimes, lol, although I never thought about it in that term. Usually when I have to "pause" it's because I'm at a critical point of "stopping before I drop". Either way, yes, it is good to have at least someone who understands...family, internet friend, support group pals, etc., etc....just to be "validated", true?

    Glad you remembered Food Friday before you got to work :oops:

    Mikie, I have to sort of chuckle at the fact that everyone seems to think you are the "go to" person for every little thing that isn't absolutely perfect...but I'm sure it's not funny very much of the time.

    Rock, your train of thought is just so amazing...your wit is comparible to none. I'll be glad to get to the chiro on Tuesday...I'm having those headaches that indicate my neck needs an adjustment.

    Granni, hope you have/had a great lunch.

    I guess I'll go ahead and take a nap. I did call over to check on my dad and the nurse said he is doing fine. I found lots of things (on sale, and on clearance) this morning that I would have normally gotten in the other town (more choice of stores, etc.) so I've got plenty to do after I get back up. I did take all the new plants back outside (I hope the storms are over for now)...picked up several "extender chains" for the hanging baskets and some "S" hooks for the baskets that need them. Found some more "self-watering" hanging baskets that don't require a drip tray...so I can repot the two ferns I purchased a couple weeks ago.

    Mailed a couple packages to the Tennessee Treasures.

    All in all, I did get quite a bit done. Oh, and took a hooded bath towel to our seamstress to repair...Lorraine had sent it home with me, but I hadn't gotten to it yet. It needs partially taken apart and some holes fixed...this lady will get it done much faster and better than I could.

    Fading fast...will check in later.

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    Duck: That's a pretty, elegant porch. I think it would be fun to be there. Glad you remembered the donuts! If you had arrived minus anything you might have been sent out again. I was thinking about donuts today.....it's got to be at least 20 plus years since I've had one. There's a little store that I pass with a sign "gourmet donuts" and honestly I'm almost tempted, but how gourmet could they be especially in my neighborhood. Now if it was down in the shi shi part of so. Calif. I probably would stop.

    A few years ago a friend had heard about these special donuts at a shop about 15 mi. From me. She wanted to go there to try the donuts since they had been featured on an old travel program. Rock: Did you ever watch Huell Howser? He could have sold anything! I actually stopped one day on my way from somewhere. The donuts were piled in the window....along with a ton of live bees! Not very appealing. And I sure wouldn't have wanted to buy one of those and get a "surprise".

    Julie: Well, if you did good on this test then you don't have breathing problems. How did you do on the treadmill test? I basically flunked the treadmill, but did get thru the spirometry. I had a giant problem previous to this one when the tech gave me albuterol.....within 1 min. I could feel something was wrong...like giant anxiety, so when I had the spirometry at the hospital she didn't give it. OK....so guess you just need to bite the bullet and put yourself on a diet. I've developed a "spare tire" around my waist which I've never had. I was finding I was more out of breath, trying to lose some weight but it's stubborn, but I did resort to a larger bra! LOL NOT

    Mikie: I'm assuming you're in charge of your building......why not print off 3 x 5 cards with #s who to call and put them on everyone's door......with big letters.......TO BE SAVED FOR EMERGENCY. I'm sure everyone will be happy when these neighbors move on.

    Rock: Do you have a standing chiro appt? Like every 2 weeks for a little tweaking?

    I had to buy a new neoprene wide belt for around my waist today. My old one was starting to tear. I think it's about 3 years old. Nothing lasts forever, even me. It REALLY helps with back pain, and lately with my new back/hip pain I've been wearing it 24/7.

    Barry: How are things?
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  7. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Nice porch, Duckie. I wonder if it is supported by columns underneath. Might be a bit
    precarious if it's just attached to the wall with superglue. We used to get lots of donuts
    in the office. One of the court reporters brought then whenever she was needed for a deposition. Pretty effective and cheap way to advertise. And then, when Krispy Kreme
    donuts came to LA, their donuts were really appreciated.

    The young fellow who worked in the mail and photocopy room went nuts over them. Kinda
    funny as he tended to be silent and withdrawn.

    Granni, always happy to share my vast knowledge of Egyptology. Remember when we were
    kids and studied geography? The text book always showed people in their native garb. Now
    native garb tends to be jeans and T shirts unless it's a festival. Next week we will hear from
    our visiting Professor on festivals. She is coming all the way from Nepal.

    Mikie, your humor does not consist of lame wise cracks. They are gems of wit. And they can
    be appreciated by readers of all ages. Even juve-niles. I read about a joke writer who had to
    give up the career he loved. Said he was just getting too sea-nile. Really a shame too.
    In his younger days his jokes just a-nile-lated the crowd.

    Julie, hope you can get your neck adjusted properly. My chiro said today my neck was
    much better than when we started a little over a year ago. Nevertheless I hate that part
    where he puts a strangle hold on it and cracks it around. I asked him how many patients had
    lost their heads. He just laughed.

    Reminds me of my days as a cave guide. One man asked how often we lost a visitor. I
    wanted to say something like, "Oh, just one or two a month," but I didn't. Glad to hear
    the spirometry test went well.

    Sun, funny you should mention Huell Howser in a positive way. I thought he was terrible.
    His short documentaries tended to be without much information. He seldom bothered to
    ask questions such as: When did this mine open and when was it shut down? Remarks like, "I guess it's been here a long time," are pretty lame. Even though his program is no longer broadcast regularly, it shows up now and then in the middle of the night. And sometimes I come across The Twilight Zone or Little House on the Prairie.

    Yup, I saw the chiro once a month for a year. Now I'm much better. Come in every 5 weeks.
    Too bad I can't get such great results from medical doctors. I used to wear a back brace/belt
    too. For several years. Don't need it anymore. Btw, you ever try the Mexican donuts? I
    forgot what they're called.

    Regards to Spring, Barry, JB, GB
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    Duckie - unusual porch. A first floor one. Looks comfy, homey. That table and bench look real attractive and easy to write on or eat or whatever. Sigh! Now I want a set like that.Mmmm..donuts. Love them, when they're made properly. They make them here,but put their own twist to it, lots of oil so the hands are sticky with oil. But the many high end bakeries that have spawned catering to foreign tourists produce delightfully light fluffy delicious ones with just the right amount of glaze.

    Sun - even my DHs cousin was wearing a back belt and she is like 35 plus only. I mean somewhere around that age. She said she got it when she went to look after her MIL in hospital. MIL has some weird disease. She said boils which grow inwards. I honestly think her back pain is stress related.

    Mikie - i can understand why people think you're the one in charge if things go wrong. You're very proactive in that respect. And you immediately seem to know if anything is not functioning the way it should. Me and my DD never put nail polish but she started two years back. Her hands look rather nice when she puts nail polish and sometimes I have been tempted to borrow her nail polish. But keeping them from getting chipped is a task nigh impossible so I gave up. I don't have the energy although I love the results! There is this pale pink color I love and a light violet one. I've seen girls wearing black and colorful nail art but it's not to my taste.

    Rock - what is the content of a book with a title..a Martian wouldn't say that? Has it got outlandish ideas in it? I'm intrigued. Hmmm..brings to mind, David Nivens book ..The moon is a balloon. I can't remember where the moon or balloon came in but I do recall it was an entertaining read. Rather naughty in parts.

    Your chiro sessions sound like massages or facials which work. I remember my DH cousin arranging a massage session at her house for all cousins and when it was done, everyone was looking at me and saying I look like new. I don't know which lymph nodes the lady pressed but she pressed the right ones which took out all the toxins so I was glowing like a beacon. The others did too but not as much.

    Same with DD, we all went to this very expensive spa to treat an out of town cousin and the head and oil massage did something to DD. She was looking 18 again. All fresh.., dewy skin, clear eyed, pink lipped. Me? my outrageously expensive facial did squat. I looked the same. Tired.

    Granni - how are you?

    Julie - I think that story of the face transplant put me off monkeys. Me mum used to tell me also. What is a breathing test? Does it show up lung dysfunction? The dogs just dug up a patch of soil where we had transplanted some wildflowers which were growing in obscure corners and hollows of our garden. Thank goodness it wasn't flowers I spent money on.

    The suns gone behind a cloud. The winds blowing. I'm laying beneath a tree sprawled out because no ones there, not even the daily maid. Looking into a canopy of wide spreading new leaves over head.I should be doing so many things but aah, how peaceful.

    Today is a transport strike. No buses. We pruned a great deal of yesterday. Hmm how does any one prune yesterday? Not that I wouldn't like to prune large parts out of many a yesterdays. We pruned overgrowth. Bushes , tree limbs what not. But still so much to do... there's food leftover from last nights dinner so I can tarry a while. No rush to get lunch. The DH is . The kids out. It's just me and my dogs.

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    Morning, Kids

    Just watched a crime show. Not one of their best scripts. Well, they can't all be home runs.
    Am reading another book by Piers Morgan. Both books are about running a tabloid newspaper
    in London. Part of the Rupert Murdoch empire.

    Spring, I think pruning shears for yesterday is a wonderful idea. I'll just cut out that part
    where I tripped over the poodle and spilled tea on the hostess and her new carpet. I read
    David Niven's book when it came out in the 70s. Don't remember the source of the title. His
    second book was Bring On The Empty Horses. That title was a quote from Michael Curtiz,
    one of Hollywood's busiest directors. He was from Hungary, and his English was not so
    good. What he meant by empty horses was horses with no riders.

    He was one of the greatest directors during the studio era. His movies included Casablanca and
    Yankee Doodle Dandy. Can't tell you anymore than I already did about "A Martian Wouldn't
    Say that." I found it pretty funny.

    Mikie, now that you waxed your car is anything waning around the place. I came across a
    saloon in Savannah called the Wax and Wane. They remove hair. I guess they use wax to do
    it. Sounds painful to me.

    JB, any good news regarding your truck? We've been lucky over the decades. Our mechanic
    has a garage. He's from Cambodia. Gordon has known him for decades. We take him garden
    stuff now and then: tomatoes, lemon grass, cilantro, etc.

    Hug, Y'all
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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Had a nice night's sleep and hope it translates into some NRG today. I want to clean inside. I'd rather work in the yard but the plumber is coming on Mon. and I want the baths and kitchen clean. Compared to some of the places they work, my baths are probably sanitary. Kitchen too. I continue to marvel at how shiny and new my old stainless tableware appears when I take it out of the DW. It now looks as though I just took it out of the box. Amazing! My washer is acting up. It no longer dispenses the fabric softener. Not a problem. I'll just add another softener sheet to the dryer. I just hope it isn't signaling the demise of the thing. I'm going to be looking at a new range and microwave and don't want to be replacing the W&D.

    Yesterday, I ordered some 5 Essentials face cream from HSN. They were recently out of it so I checked and it was back in. I used to buy it two for $30. Then, it went up to two for $40. Now, it is two for $45. DD had given me a $50 gift certificate. When I went to check out, there was a code for a $10 discount but it wouldn't let me apply the gift card. I just went ahead and used the discount and will use the gift card later. That was a nice surprise. The cream will last a long time. I can use the gift card for another order. Claudia used the same cream and had a horrible reaction to it. It has a lot of Retin A in it.

    Rock, your wit flows like a river, flooding us with humor. Lots of things are waxing and waning. Mostly the pressure from chores which need doing is waxing and my NRG is waning. Your dark cave humor reminds me of when I was SCUBA diving. Whenever anyone asked what SCUBA stood for, we always said, "Some Come Up Barely Alive." Empty horses reminds me of when my ex worked at a Japanese company. The Japanese spoke excellent English but sometimes, what they said was really funny. A worker failed to report for work and they put out a description of his car. It was back in the days of hatch back cars. The description spoke of it as a hunch back car. Must have been one of those Japanese cars, a Quasimodo.

    Julie, we have to live in a world where 'normal' people cannot even begin to understand what we go through just to do routine things they take for granted. It's not their fault that they can't imagine it but it's wonderful when they try and are understanding. Even better are our soul sisters and brothers who really do understand because they share our limitations. I've never seen anyone here wallow in self-pity. We all come here to vent and feel better afterward. It's amazing how much the support we get from our online family means to our coping and healing. I'm not the only one who is flooded with requests to do things that others in the hood should be doing for themselves. Joe has the same thing as does the president of the big board. People call him at work. Glad that your breathing tests didn't reveal a serious respiratory problem. Hope it gets better. Red Tide and pollen here have me choking and congested. AACCKK!!!

    Sun, were the bees supposed to be on the donuts? I think bees are pretty clean. Flies on the other hand--EW! I handle the requests on a one-at-a-time basis explaining that I call the mgmt. co. all the time and it's better that they hear from more people than just me. One elderly friend of mine has always said she understands but wants me to call anyway. I do just because, for some reason, it seems to be too stressful for her to make the call. What the pushy neighbor downstairs did was act demanding about it and it ticked me off. I called Joe and vented. He asked me whether I felt better afterward and I told him I did and he's a good friend to let me vent. He vents to me about the same thing. Again, kindred souls. How goes the new painting?

    Spring, I also love the idea of being able to prune yesterday. I'd like to prune negativity from today and tomorrow as well. Where do they sell such shears? Perhaps if we were to prune all the challenges in our lives, we wouldn't be as strong and our roots would be weak. Those doggies are always up to something. SV has ruined my carpet and one love seat in my living room. It's not his fault because he lived outside for three years and still has his claws. He doesn't do damage much anymore so I just live with it and figure it's the price of having him as a blessing in my life. I have some little throw rugs to cover some of the damage and there are so many things in my decor to distract that I doubt anyone notices. I've tried to learn not to sweat the small stuff if destruction of my home can be considered 'small.' Haha!

    I'm watching Nightline which is featuring a back stage look at Handmaid's Tale. I read the book and saw the movie. The series looks sooo good but very dark as were the book and movie. Perhaps if I give up my cable bundle when it's done and go back to just my antenna and streaming, I'll subscribe and watch it. I would miss cable news for politics but a lot of it can be watched online or received on pod casts.

    Hope everydooby is enjoying the weekend. Love, hugs and prayers to all our beloved Porchies, here and away.

    Love, Mikie


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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings everydobby,

    Have been busy this morning with lots of odds and ends that I have been putting off. Will have to start hand sewing seams on our new tops for our small singing group. They mustn't have had many in stock so everyone just had to buy whatever size they had in stock, I got a medium and was lucky to get that. i really needed a small. Soe were stuck with even larger sizes and really didn't need them. We won't be using them till Fall when we start up again after the summer off. However, we will be wearing them for pictures being taken next week. They are also very long but we will not not remove length till we can figure out what we all want the lengths to be. I have already pinned and now have to at least do a basting stitch on all three seams, the sides and the middle. So, I have to get that done sometime this week, so I don't keep getting poked by a bunch of pins during picture taking and putting on and taking off. I haven't sewed in some time other than buttons but I think I remember my Home ec sewing skills :)!! LOL To bad we have to wait to have them cut down as it makes that much more for me to sew. These tops are so long which is usually not a problem for me. Its the kind with the flared shape which is usually good for most people and the colors are really pretty. Of course now I have shoulders or chest which does not help the situation. It is better however with the seams I am trying to take in. What a pain.

    I also have been trying to get at least one box ready for the donation place coming next week for pickup.

    SPRING WATER - Thanks for asking. I'm doing Ok ust the usual and trying to get lots of stuff done which can be sometimes frustrating. We will be going to DD's this afternoon or early evening for Margaritas and some kind of Mexican food, probably tacos. for CINCO DE MAYO !! I agree with you on ail polish. I love it but my nails are awful and I would have to go to often ad the colors doesn't last very long for me. I am more apt to go for a pedi as it lasts longer . My hands are always doing something or in water,.

    MIKIE - Glad that you had a good nights sleep and are feel perky at least for awhile. Hope you get lots done. I think SUN's idea of making up those cards is a good one, with all the numbers they need to know, not - yours !!!! We've been doing some stuff outside too and I probably should be out there now.

    JULIE - Hope all is well at your house. I know there is always so much to do at your house and beyond but try and take it eassssssy if that is at all possible. Glad your breathing test came back egative. Hope your eye is still doing well. Hope you have a nice weekend.

    Special HI's also to SUN, ROCK, BARRY, DUCKIE, JUDY et al !

    Gotta run and get some other stuff done.

  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: Busy as usual! Have fun with the cinco de mayo. It's pretty big over here in so. California too. And about the shirts.....why not leave them long. Long can be quite flattering especially if it's flared.....and of course less trouble.

    Spring: I remember when you told us about that wonderful massage session you all had as a gift from a cousin. And why not just sit there and relax and enjoy the breeze, the weather, and the peace. I'm such a driven person, that it's HARD for me to just sit. I really need to learn HOW to do it.

    Waaaaay back in time, at least 35 years when my children were all young, and we lived at our other house, I heard the neighbor in back giving instructions to her sons where to pull weeds, etc. And the reply back from him was BUT you don't do anything, you just sit in front of the TV, so why do we have to work. Well, that stuck in my mind and from that time on if I was having anyone do anything around the house I ALSO was working. And now that includes my handyman, my gardener and especially my cleaning lady. I just CAN'T sit and do nothing.

    Mikie: Does Joe get these calls all the time too? Yesterday I stuck some baby back ribs in my little crock pot, added a little barbeque sauce and after 4 hours....yummy. I thought of you as I was enjoying them. I could have then popped them under the broiler, but I figured what the heck....they were done. A sweet potato in the microwave for 3 min. And I was ready to watch Castle. I'm now in season 3. I've always loved this program.

    Rock: I found this most interesting story about an old Dutch still life and thought you might be interested in reading about it. By the way, I think the Dutch still life's are my very favorite. I used to go to the Norton Simon Museum and stand REALLY close to the dutch still life's they own and try to study how wonderful they are. And so many of them are smaller than 8 x 10 and the details are amazing.

    https://hyperallergic.com/436776/th...t 17th-Century Wunderkammer and Its Treasures

    I spent the morning trying to hang shade cloth around my patio in back. I had to get out my big wooden ladder then prayed the whole time I wouldn't fall, but it's now finished. I needed to cut the morning sun that pours into my bedroom.

    And as I was working I broke some strings from an old wind chime. OK....it was looking ratty anyway so I pulled all the metal tubing off and found another base that already has holes I could use, so after my nap I'm going to restring it......I think it will be fun to do.
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    I was going to add to yesterday's post but the keyboard was soooo sensitive and squirrelly that I gave up. Too frustrating. Nothing much to post anyway.

    Last night, people were swimming in the pool after dark. I went down and there were two families and the kids were in the pool. They had a radio blasting what sounded like Zydeco music and they were having a good old time. I had to tell them that there was no swimming after dark and that only radios with headphones were allowed. What a pain.

    Granni, I hope the alterations aren't too difficult. I still have my machine but I don't sew anymore. I have to get out in the yard before it's too hot even early in the day to do anything.

    Sun, Joe walks in the hood and talks to people. They all complain to him and he asks why they don't call mgmt. Same thing--they are wanting someone else to do it. I love Castle and wish it were still on. I enjoy the reruns. Did you watch this season of Suits? Rachel and Mike's wedding was the finale. Shortly, she will be marrying Prince Harry in real life. Those ribs would have taken less than an hour in the Instant Pot. What matters is the end result no matter
    how one fixes them but I do love how fast I can prepare food.

    Hope all y'all are having a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    The bullying saga continues.
    I cant remember if Ive mentioned the latest or not.

    Thursday Ds came home from school and I knew something was up.
    One look at Dd confirmed it.
    "Spill the beans or I'll be ringing up school to find out what's going on."
    At which Dd replied, " not if they ring you first".

    Turns out Ds stood up to the same bully that squashed his fingers at the end of last term.
    You should have seen his shirt, ripped to smithereens.
    Which I was sure to mention to the teacher that rang me.
    Who replied, "Well you should've seen Big Coby's shirt.it was in the same state".
    I said "good". ( not nice of me I know, but wasnt really thinking clearly...think mama cat).

    Note the 'big' as a part of the bully's name? How horrific!
    And after scanning school photos...yes the boy is a monstrosity.size wise, that is.

    I needed to know if Ds was suspended for fighting or what.
    Did I send him to school or not?
    And why hadnt I heard about this from the school, before my Treasures came home?

    So yeah.I rang the school.
    I asked to speak with the principal or vice principal 'and whats it regarding?', asked the receptionist.
    Are you serious? Really?
    'Is my son suspended?'
    Receptionist's nasal tone states that neigther knows anything about it and she'll put me through to the 'co ordinator'.
    Huh? Co ordinator of what exactly? Suspensions?

    Raucous laughter and years-of-smoking voice tells me that Coby deserved what he got
    And Ds got at least one good punch in and split his lip.
    Not at all the kind of discussion I was expecting, but refreshingly honest.
    If I can say that, at least.

    The following day I got a call from the teacher who had the privilege of witnessing the fight.
    The one who referred to the bully as 'Big'.
    He said he wondered if there was any history between the 2 boys, at which I reminded him
    Of the drama that occurred last term in His class...
    Was he playing the 'raw prawn' with me? Or was he fishing to see how much I actually knew?
    I dont know.
    But what I do know , is according to Ds1, I 'stress talk'. Fortunately only my Treasures recognise This special lingo of mine.
    And just as fortunately, my so called stress talk resembles a some what 'formal/professional ' speech.
    Which makes me come off looking like I have it All together. Lol.
    If only they knew!
    (I reckon that is definitely proof of God having a sense of humour).
    But lets face it.my priority is Ds, not appeasing some teacher that failed to deliver justice
    And there-by stamping out what was brewing, in the first place.

    After some discussion and after making it very clear that both Dh and I had encouraged Ds to stand up for himself, I was told he wasnt going to be suspended.

    And now Ds is enjoying 'hero' status for a while.
    Hopefully just standing up to him in a big way like this will be all thats needed.
    I am so glad I got onto the principal last term about this because theres a whole lot more
    Understanding this time round.Everyone seems to be on the same page.

    I guess this kid has a rep for being a bully to plenty of other kids.

    Dh is snoring his head off again and with this pain, I dont think Im going to get a great
    Deal of sleep somehow.
    However, there seems to be a quiet spell and Im going to jump at it.
    Sweet dreams folks.

    Take care All
    Catch yas later
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just came in from gardening and tending to the kitty. We watered all the plants on one side
    of the house, the front of the house and the porch. I get annoyed every time I water the
    porch because we have a gray and green succulent that is invasive. Invasive like Atilla the
    Hun. We have one pot that has nothing but this cuckoo bird of a plant growing in it.

    Gordon is very blase about the whole thing. Just ignores them. They are growing in his
    orchid pots right next to his prize orchids. I told him that if these parasites are not checked they will soon be the only plants we have. He is not convinced.

    Star, these plants may be related to the bully at your son's school. I think both should be
    uprooted. Does the Mafia have a Junior Club House in your neighborhood. Maybe you
    can put out a hit.

    Mikey, sorry to hear your keyboard is acting squirrely. Certainly hope is isn't throwing
    things at you. Dropping something like a "G" now and then is OK, but throwing is
    strictly prohibido. I don't sew anymore either. My Mother showed me how to sew on a
    button before I left for college. As I recall during my years at school I sewed on one button
    for me and one of my roommate.

    Sun, thanks for the URL for the Dutch painting. Never heard of this collection before.
    I used to take my Mother to the Norton Simon and the LA Museum of Art. She loved
    both. Especially the jade carvings at the NS and the inlaid tables at the Ms of Art.
    Haven't been to either one since she went back to MN.

    Gordon and I went to the Roy Rogers Museum though. And the Oriental Museum. I forget where that is. Also the Huntington with the Gutenberg Bible, Pinky and the Blue Boy. And lately, it has been having orchid shows.

    I forgot about Cinco de Mayo yesterday so did not post the joke I've been posting for
    years. Thought of it 15 minutes before midnight. I just know you were all terribly upset
    by my failure. But I'll make it up to you next year. I'll post it twice. Or would that
    make it Diez de Mayo?

    Granni, why are you basting a choir robe? I thought that was something one did in
    the kitchen. Generally with a turkey. Ha Ha! Just kidding. I know all about sewing
    from watching the end of the year fashion show put on by our High School Home Ec
    class. Here is a quote from roughly 60 years ago. "Notice the ric rack trim around
    the collar."

    Spring, maybe you can buy a vibrator and give yourself facials or foot massages or
    whatever. We have one that looks like it might be used to wax a car. It's helpful for
    tired feet, back aches, sore muscles, etc. Unlike so many products, it keeps on ticking.
    We bought it more than 20 years ago.

    Think I will go check out the fridge. I feel that something there is calling out to me.
    Hugs, Rock
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock and Barry: us gardeners need to be very careful when moving around the plants. That's what happened to me last week, kinda bent over wrong while picking up a pot and then turned......ouchie.....that was a week ago and I'm still feeling twinges

    Barry: Funny about the turkey. Yes, I can just imagine how the pets would have reacted. Aren't they something!

    Last evening dusk Clair when racing thru the hallway and into the FR, so of course I had to see the commotion. A pair of mallard ducks were having an evening swim in my pool! Eeegads......so I ran outside and around the pool, kept saying shoo shoo....but I apparently didn't bother them, they just would swim to the other side ignoring me. So I ran to get a broom I use in the pool and had to slap the water several time. They lazily climbed out, walked about the sidewalk a little then took off. My pool man has told me I need to float some things on the water to keep them away......don't want their poop in my pool.

    I hope Richard gets the flight stuff situated and enjoys himself.

    Rock: First time I ever saw one of those magnificent inlaid mosaic tables was in Italy. I thought they were fantastic.

    Star: Good for your DS!!!!! Most bullies intimidate and back down when confronted. Ah......snoring!!

    Mikie: I still say pass out 3 x 5 cards to everyone in your building with the #s on it, unless you enjoy handling problems for others. After a few times I think it would start to bug me. Unless you put a stop to it they will continue to call you first. I'll have to check the library system to see what season of Suits I've missed. I don't get any cable, etc. to watch it. And as to the "royals" I used to be fascinated by the family until Diana was killed. Don't think I could even tell you the names of William's kids. By the way, have you noticed how William is rapidly losing his hair?

    Yes, the ribs would have cooked faster but hey....it's just me here and I'm not super busy so I can wait.

    I'm feeling super tried today, even though I got 8 hrs. Of sleep, unheard of for me though. Had to go to Lowe's to get some square blocks for some work I have for my gardener tomorrow. Then hit TJ.....what a nightmare it is in this parking lot. Sometimes they hire a company to stand in the parking lot and direct traffic, pulling into a parking space or backing out. Which reminds me.....some idiot was holding up everything in the lane while he slowly backed into the space next to me. I was afraid to move until he was in the space. So then when I come out this idiot is still sitting in his car talking on the phone and watching intently everyone walking by. If I didn't know better I would say he was "undercover"....when I worked for AAA in the legal dept. I would sometimes order surveillance of a person.
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
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  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say "Hi"...will be back when I'm up to visiting. So tired, sore, and feels like I have a huge weight sitting on my chest. I keep getting in and out of bed...like "just one more nap and then I'll be fine", lol! Oreo is sticking very close to me since it is thundering...might be a little rain/storm brewing.

    Hope everyone is doing as well as possible...I'll try to get caught up on posts.
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: If you're like me......it's the barometer changes that cause problems. Best place is in bed sleeping. Hope you feel better soon.
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  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Star - yay! Your DS gave the bully what he deserved. That was really brave of your DS.
    I was laughing at the way you wrote out the happenings. The torn shirt n all. But do try n let the other guy know you have an eye out for him. And wont tolerate any of his crap. Has the school talked to the boys mum? This time, bullyboy cant blame your DS for spilling any beans since it happened un front of teacher.

    Rock - I don't think I would love living in Cairo but the city fascinates me all the same. Or let's say, the place. Agatha Christie books set there added to the intrigue. It seemed like some place foreigners swarmed to. I was a big fan of Agatha Christie even though her books blended one into the other when I recall and I would not be able to tell one apart from another. Except maybe Mystery of the Blue Train.oh Lord, what an un put down able book. Full of interesting characters.

    I do have a vibrator massage thingy bought at a trade fair like 15 years ago. That it is still working means how less I have used it. The first time I used it, it reminded me if being shook by our ancient three wheeler tempos where if the engine started, one shook like the crude massager being put all over you at high setting. Must have looked funny too, because the enclosed carriage actually seated four but six used to be crammed in. And everyone shaking like jelly for five seconds before take off.

    We had just come from India and my dad used to do an imitation of the whole first five minutes, vibrating from top to toe, including being thrown from side to side after starting off since the roads were full of potholes.

    My milk lady who used to bring milk in an aluminium can said she had to put plastic sheet over her can before slipping the lid on otherwise she would have spilt half her milk on the journey. This lady travelled like an hour's way from her country hut and cows just to give us like two litres of cows milk. Why? because like she said, it was her only chance of getting out of the house from a tyrannical husband. He used to be employed by our uncle so he couldn't object when she told him she was coming to our house. She used to start on her journey at five am so there wouldn't be much traffic and no smog and twenty years ago there was lots more greenery to make it a pleasant trip. My DH got her son into a five star hotel as a cook assistant and now he is a grown man and progressed to Sous Chef cooking up delicious five star meals. A success story.

    His younger brother not so much. DH go him into a bank but he swindled the bank of about $5000, a huge amount in those days, by forging signatures and he was found out. His picture came on TV and everything and there was so much chaos in their house. The whole neighbourhood ostracised that family, and the father who was an alcoholic from the start died of some ailment brought on by shame. The cook boy used to tell his mom he wants to live on his own and she would ask DH to speak to him.

    However, time heals all and I think he forgave his brother. DH got him a job as a dishwasher some years later, in the same hotel and maybe he has progressed. He got employee of the month award recently, so maybe he has changed his stripes. I believe people go through phases in life. Good bad neutral. One needs to hold on until the bad phase is over.

    Sun - my cousin didn't treat us all. I found my DD paid for me and hers and im guessing all the others paid for their own, but a very nominal rate as compared to a salon where one would have to pay for the space, ambience etc. Cousin was trying to help out the girl masseur and she was every penny's worth. Or paisa since its here. And the girl had to take two buses to get to cousins house.

    There was this clip where a couple put a rubber goose into their pool and hundreds of geese descended and stayed in their.pool. they went away after some weeks. people from the neighbourhood would come to look at them. They were so many in number.

    Barry - so good to hear from you. That's unfortunate about Richards flight. My DDs flight to US from Heathrow once got cancelled due to hurricane reports supposed to affect North East USA and she had to stay overnight at a hotel provided by the airlines. She made the most of it by doing sightseeing, visiting Buckingham ,palace etc. Met a nice Korean boy who offered to show her around.

    Please be careful. Not good to fall and injure yourself. I'm glad Rosemary was unharmed.

    Julie - sorry you got hit by fatigue. I hope your nap takes care of that some.

    Granni - hope you enjoy your meal at your DDs. Tacos. Mmmm.

    Mikie - are you sure the squirrelly thing that happens go your computer is not a hacker? I mean, the company would by out if business if they started supplying such equipment to office goers who need to make a living out of using their computers or do job stuff at home. I truly wish there was a computer savvy person in your hood who could take a look because it does not seem normal.

    There was a very sweet cat story about the Castle lead guy. Warmed me up to him.

    Dmc - how are you?

    God bless
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    The compute has been on the fritz for most of the last two days. It just shuts itself off with
    no warning, explanation or authorization by a sitting Judge. Sometimes it works fine for
    hours. This afternoon I turned it on and 12 minutes later it shut off. I wasn't even on the
    net. I was playing solitaire which Gordon loaded into the machine from a disc many years ago.

    Barry, I'm so glad to read that you and Rosemary weren't hurt. Who is Rosemary BTW? Perhaps the county nurse? A game warden? Someone from the SPCA? Maybe someone
    from the other SPCA (Stupid People Cause Accidents). Very kind of you to break her fall.

    Pulling weeds is supposed to be good for the puller and good for the garden. A handful a day
    keeps the chemicals at bay.

    Julie, here is your big chance. When you feel well enough to get up and start doing things,
    don't do it. Get another day of rest. Most of the dogs here, and maybe most of the people as
    well, have never heard thunder, experienced hail or seen a rainbow.

    Sun, I was watching a sort of crime show. The cops were game wardens. Anyway they were
    talking about wild turkeys. "They're tough. Will tear a dog up." They had to catch one with
    a broken wing and take it to an animal hospital. (Did I post that before? Can't remember
    nothing no more, and my feeble brain keeps substituting words.) Great Gobulating Glitches!!

    I was just starting to visit the Chihuly Glass Museum when the computer shut down. Will
    try again. Seems to me glassblowers and fire eaters would have a sore mouth all the time.

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