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    Rock - is that the Galveston Pier? So pretty. 6 hours Un disturbed nap sounds good. This morning I woke at 3am..got up made some tea, drank it and fell back asleep. Tell us how Gordon is getting along with Alexa..
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    Good morning everydobby !!

    DUCKIE - Yes, the subway and and all in NYC is very noisy and I wouldn't want to live there . I never did live in the city except perhaps when I was very tiny but that didn't last to long. I have been to all he places you have mentioned but did not get to SING at Carnegie Hall with our group. We actually, in our much younger days, gone to celebrate the New Years Eve at Times Square. Not me all the crowds and at that time it is COLD and usually bad weather. The young ones don;t care about that.

    MIKIE - Sorry for poor Joe having to deal with his sick kitty and wondering what to do if it gets worse. Hope you are doing OK this weekend. DD came over to say that the other DD will be later than thought and no plans for tonight other than go out to eat at someplace cheap esp since they will be here all week. The young ones will be going to some places we won;t be for sure and this rain may put a cramp in their Fathers Day outing to the concert at the winery. We may just be over their home for steaks and shrimp for dinner after church sometime.

    JUDY - Hope you are feeling better and Vicki is doing Ok. How nice she is working so hard,

    JULIE - Hope you are enjoying your family. Come back when you can.

    SPRING- I know you posted but can't remember what you posted. Not sure I even read it but saw your name. I saw your short post on this page but thought I saw another. Who knows so much is going on. I made eggs for breakfast as DH wants on Saturday and did a wash or it is washing now. Finished curling my hair with the curling iron and sprayed it some. We'll see how long that lasts, esp with the humidity.

    ROCK - Cute picture of those ladies at the beach in early 1900's I would think with those bathing suits covering all parts of their body including hats. One things about the Galveston Pier I am sure everything is probably not to cheap there besides being hot and crowded? Of course young ones do not think about that. The young people hope to go there this week maybe wed.

    BARRY - Is their room for you and Richard to sit in your house and sofa with all those kitties and animals?:)??? It is nice that you have them for fun and comfort to you both.

    Thinking of everyone and need to get moving around here. Hope we all don;t drown LOL this weekend with the rain they are talking about. However, I think down south is supposed to get the most, I think. We are up north of Galveston and the Gulf.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)

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    Hi, Kids,

    Home again, home again. Walked for an hour at the pool with Barb. We had a nice time and chatted while we walked. The water and weather were perfect. I went to Stein Mart for their sale and thought I had gotten a good deal on a small carry on suitcase. Well, only a couple of their suitcases were on sale so forgot about that. I stopped in at Beall's Outlet but only found a sack of starfishes. They are the really fat ones with bumps on them and are a bit difficult to find. I ended up at Publix for a few things.

    Joe called to tell me he took Miss Kitty to the vet and had her put to sleep. I think it was the right thing. He called earlier to talk about it. I think he needed to mull it over before doing it. She really didn't have any quality of life and I doubt she could have recovered so why prolong the inevitable? He is at peace with his decision. He wanted to assure me that he was OK.

    Spring, I just colored my hair a couple of days ago so don't need the root stuff. If I have a good short haircut, the roots don't really show but it's nice to have that powder if I need it. There is a newer product in a spray can but I like the control of the powder applied with a small brush. I'm always on the lookout for swim suits because I spend time at the pool when I'm feeling well. It's hard to find just the right one. You really did get out and walk. Too bad you couldn't find your tree. I read about Buddha and how he turned his back on the wealth he was born into. I think Mohammed did the same. We are getting a nice rain here. Tomorrow is expected to be quite rainy. Hope you find your tree.

    Rock, the little attraction park wasn't built when I was in Galveston. There is one in Myrtle Beach too. I would have loved them when I was a yute. I probably will get an Alexa but not until they are cheaper. I've tried talking to Siri on my iPhone but she never seems to understand what I'm saying. I like things when they really do make life easier but am not tempted to get the latest gadgets. Alexa, on the other hand, might save me from a painful fall if she would turn that lamp off and on. Tell Gordon that your Miss Kitty is only trying to help him fertilize his plants.

    Duckie, so glad you are taking in the sights in NYC. I didn't mind riding the subway during the day but took cabs at night. I found San Francisco the noisiest city I've visited. I hope you have time to enjoy a lot more and eat some of the best food in the country.

    Granni, the rain tomorrow is supposed to spoil a lot of Fathers Day plans. I worry most about lightning because so many people who visit FL have no idea how deadly it is. A few years ago, a little boy was killed by a bolt which traveled ten miles to strike him. I can't think of anything which is cheap anymore. I don't like movies where other people distract me when I'm trying to watch. I'd rather watch from the comfort of home. I'm just an old stick in the mud.

    Don't know what I'm gonna do. My back is killing me from walking so much. I had a little piece of cheesecake with fresh strawberries on top. The strawberries were on BOGO at Publix so I got a couple of boxes, also some blueberries. My ear is better today and I hope it stays that way. I also hope everydooby is having a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi guys! Thinking of everyone. Glad to see Star had posted...so sorry about all the stress from Dad and from his passing...I'm learning/have learned to just stay away from "situatons."

    Sorry if I wasn't clear in my last postings...the kids aren't here yet, not till around July 1. Might be later if David's work days get changed since he and Lindsey were bringing the kids to us and I plan to take them home.

    Den and I have been very hard at work getting his shop in order...throwing away "stuff", sorting through other stuff, rearranging shelves and work stations, etc. His dad made an elevator years ago and it has been sitting in a corner at the back of the shop (Den made a hole in the shop loft floor and we have used the elevator a few times, but "stuff" got piled in and around it...we are fixing things so it can be used, along with putting up a fence and gate at the upper level for safety.) We've also been trading things back and forth between his work areas and my work areas...shelving, totes, etc., etc.

    Den goes back to work Monday, so we are trying to get where we can "pause." Have found it much easier to function already, though, so it was well-used time.

    Want to wish all the dads and father figures...Happy Father's Day. I was going to bring my dad out home, but decided to go eat with him since he's on a different diet (more pureed than before.) Probably won't get him out because it's to be in the mid-90's tomorrow. I texted my brother (the one who lives 30 minutes from dad, but hasn't seen him in close to a year) to tell him what I was doing...so he could make plans to see Dad (I didn't tell him to go...just let him know where Dad would be) and my brother's reply was to tell me how busy he is with work, mowing his wife's family cemetary, helping his unemployed son work on his projects, and letting me know that "it just gets crazy busy."

    I didn't reply...I don't need the stress, and the only person I am "in charge of" is myself. But....my dad is a good man...he's helped my brother out so many times (all of us kids, for sure) so there is no reason for my brother to not go see him. I'm guessing his wife has things to say about where he goes and what he does...and I'm sure they will find time to do something with her dad. But, I'll just keep doing my thing, and worry about myself and taking care of my dad in the best way I can.

    Anyway, sorry I'm not on here very much...just trying to get myself caught up.

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    JULIE - You are right about you are only in charge of yourself, esp now that all you kids are grown up. Even when they were with you growing up many did their own things anyway and so sometimes we have one mixed up kid, like my DCD. Glad you and Den are getting some things done before the kiddos come down. Try and rest a little in between if that is possible. So sorry about your brother and how his DW apparently rules him with an iron fist but you can;t do anything about that it would just make it worse for him most likely.

    Speaking of DCD she called to wish DH a Happy Fathers Day, even if they haven't chatted in a long time or seen each other since last Christmas. Before that it was quite a few years since she had spoken to any of us.. At least she seemed the talking more sensibly. However, I am sure DH did not bring up the past or her not being a vet, etc. The other day she even called DD who lives here to say Happy Birthday. That shocked the other DD who didn't know what to say. The conversation was very short but that was a start. I forgot to mention that she might call. HOwever, I can't always count on what she says, if it is going to happen.. She has a job working at a parking lot attendant or something like that. At least she still has it. and has a roof over head at this moment.

    MIKIE - So sorry Joe's Miss Kitty had to be put down. Poor thing. Which is worse for the kitty or the owner.?? God bless them both. Hard to see them suffer and then the owner suffers too through the whole process of illness and if they don't get better but worse, a decision has to be made if they get really bad. Both my daughter and son and sil have had to put down their animals in the last year or so. It has been so hard for them all.

    You are right about movies, distraction, the price, comfort and it goes on and on as far as going to a movie theater. DH wouldn't go for MANY reasons, all of the above and probably many more :rolleyes:!! I usually don;t go for cost and most of the movies stink in my opinion and comfort too.

    I have been trying to get the phone number of our friend and in our neighborhood whose husband was really big in the K of C. He was overwt and had numerous medical problems. He went in for a quadruple bypass I think. That went Ok but then he had problems with infection and stuff going on in the area of where they removed the veins to put around his heart . Then when DH and and Knight went to see him in the hospital it seemed like he had a stroke , was partially paralyzed and couldn't swallow. To make a long story short he is now home in Hospice care. Don't know if a nurse is there to or care giver other than his dear loving wife. Was going to call to see if they needed anything but the phone is not cooperating. All I can do now is pray. Don't know whether I should ask for complete healing which seems impossible or for the LORD to take him quickly.


    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon just left to get some prepared food. He wanted a certain kind of taco or something similar, but they have to be ordered a day in advance. I woke up to considerable drama, but
    it all fizzled out in short order. When I went outside the cat rushed over and threw herself
    on her side and made choking noises. Hair ball? I reached down to touch her. She felt hot. Due to illness or the sun? After a few seconds she bounced to her feet and was fine again.

    Gordon reported a missing library book. He left it beside the computer a few days ago. I moved to the card table and put it on top of another book so Gordon could find it easily.
    But somehow it disappeared. He's taking some books back to the library today. Asked me
    to find the book. Took all of ten seconds to find. On the floor under another book next to
    his bedside.

    A perfect relationship. I'm pretty good at finding things. He's good at almost everything

    Something happened in the garden last night. Apparently a fight. The poles that hold the
    lattice for the long beans were knocked askew. A red leather collar was found. The
    size for a cat or small dog. We have not called in CSI yet. Apparently kitty and something battled it out.

    Granni, I didn't know grapes grew in Texas. Looked it up. Read people grow grapes in their
    gardens, and there are vineyards as well. Grapes grow naturally in Texas, and the Franciscan
    monks started a Vineyard over 300 years ago. Good to hear that your DD has a job.

    Julie, you are busy as an ant at a picnic. "His Dad made an elevator"? I didn't think an
    elevator was something one man could make. Even Elisha Otis, known as the "inventor
    of the elevator", according to a history documentary I saw, actually invented the brake for
    the elevator. But not the elevator itself. Without his invention "The skyscraper would not
    have been possible."

    So your brother is helping to move a family cemetery. Back in my Minnesota days there
    were three farms in the area that had a family cemetery. They were in the front lawn, had
    a fence around them, and each had 3 or 4 tombstones. Never saw any up close. I suspect
    they were mostly from 19th century burials.

    Gordon's back. Gotta go help unload, take care of the library books, etc.

    Hubs (or Hugs)
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    fathersday.jpg [​IMG]

    I hope everydobby has a happy Father's Day today. We are all fathers, had fathers, know fathers or have children who are fathers. My biological father was never there for me but without him, I wouldn't be here so I am thankful for him and pray for him in Heaven. It is supposed to rain all day so plans for boating or the beach have been scuttled. I'm glad I got my pool time in yesterday. I called Joe early because his light was on. He is doing fine but says it's strange for Miss Kitty not to be there. I wanted to wish him a happy Father's Day before his sons started calling him. They are good kids.

    Julie, I had the same reaction as Rock--Den's Dad made an elevator! It's like my saying I made a car. I had a client who lived near the beach and her house was on stilts. We had to ride up in a tiny elevator and it wasn't comfortable for me. I kept wondering what would happen if it got stuck. Yikes! I got stuck for a short time in a big elevator at Macy's once and I was choking down panic. Sorry your bro is so lax when it comes to your Dad. You have an excellent way of handling it but I know it must be hard. I hope you and Den enjoy the day. Any special plans?

    Granni, my heart just leapt with joy when I read your post. I've been praying for your DD and asking St. Dymphna for help. She has a job and a place to live and she called. That's HUGE! DH did just the right thing by not bringing up the past. Hopefully, she will now feel more trusting. I'll bet she is taking her meds. In any case, it's something to celebrate and I'm soooo glad you told us about it. Our friends' good news is our good news too.

    Rock, perhaps that choking noise isn't really choking. Cats can make some strange noises. Tweety throws herself on her side to be petted and show trust. They can often feel hot to the touch, especially if they have been lying in the sun. Even a warm nose isn't cause for alarm. Sounds to me as though Miss Kitty is defending her territory. She even took a trophy off the offender. I know you are good at finding things; you found Gordon and he's a keeper.

    Gonna go out and fetch the paper. I heard it land on the balcony. Hope all y'all are well and happy.

    Love, Mikie

    Sorry, I can't get rid of those image icons. &*%$#
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    Hi Mikie

    You always post such cheerful and encouraging messages. I agree with you about elevators.
    Haven't been on one for at least 2o years. In addition to claustrophobia, I've developed a
    prostate problems. Need to go twice as often as healthy folks. Where do you go in an
    elevator? And what if the elevator music was Singing in the Rain, or Row, Row Your Boat? That would aggravate the situation.

    What do you mean by image icons? The IMG by the cartoon? Great cartoon. What a kawinkydink that you posted it today. Far as I know, when I was a kid nobody in our town
    had a bar ba que or any sort of grill in the back yard. But people did roast weenies and marshmallows when they went on a picnic.

    Yes, you're right. I found Gordon. Sheer luck. But it illustrates that the advice to join
    a group when you're looking may well work out.

    Hugs to everydobby.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Took my garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster area and got my mail. I have had a big mess of paperwork so went through it and sorted it and filed some. I still need to go through my credit card bills because I got two emails that my payment had posted. I'm worried they posted it twice. Something is wrong with them and I may start using a different card. I don't need the stress.

    Rock, I don't mind using elevators but hated that tiny one and hated it when I got stuck in that one at Macy's. One of the hotels in Paris had a tiny one and the bath tub was tiny too. It was a nice hotel in the heart of the city but it was older. Our other hotel was a modern luxury hotel by Notre Dam at Les Halles. A soft woman's voice announced each floor in French. I laughed when I first heard it. I'd hate to get stuck in one and have to pee. Yikes! The Musak might be playing, Rainy Days And Mondays Always Get Me Down.

    You might not be able to see those icons. I tried to post the clip art so that it would sparkle and it failed but left a little icon. I tried again and it left another icon. Finally, I just posted it without the sparkles. I got one of those ear wax removal kits at Publix yesterday. I put the drops in to soften the wax and will flush it out in a couple of days. I think the stuff I put in the ear just made it more stuffed up and I again have tinnitus. It's always something to whine about.

    My best friend's parents owned a restaurant when I was a kid and they had some kind of BBQ grill. I don't know how they stood working the grill all day at the restaurant and grilling on Sunday for a crowd. I remember once that they had delicious ribs. The restaurant was more of a burger joint but they had blue plate specials too. All the cops ate there so we knew them. It was a small town and it's always handy to know the cops.

    We had a murder a few blocks from our houses, very unusual. Turns out the killer was the older brother of a kid we went to school with. The brother was stealing tools from someone's garage at night and an old lady was walking in the alley, probably coming home from a card game at a neighbor's. She must have seen him and he beat her to death with a hammer. Of course he was caught and went to prison. I felt bad for his brother who was a nice kid. I felt bad for the mother too. She worked hard and the family didn't have much. I don't think the father was much of a provider. Whole thing was very sad. One of the detectives we knew stopped at my friend's folks' house for a cup of coffee. He hadn't slept in two days while he was working the case. I'd never known anyone who hadn't slept in two days. I wonder whether the killer brother ever got out of prison.

    I got a bunch of little things done but nothing earth shaking. That's OK though. I'm making progress. SV has been out on the lanai snoozing most of the day. DD sent a text that she will call during the week. Her MIL with Alzheimer's is bad and will have to go to a facility soon. My dear sweet SIL is worse with the pain and weakness in his legs. He is the sweetest guy and it is killing me that the docs haven't been able to find anything. DD works full time and is finishing her masters degree and has a big workload for that. I don't know how she does it. They could use some prayers if anyone is so inclined. I would appreciate it.

    There isn't much going on and nothing on TV. I've been watching some nice movies, family stories with beautiful scenery and good actors. Streaming isn't as good as it should be. There must be a lot of demand today. I hope everydooby is enjoying the holiday.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Not much to write about since I was here late yesterday. A/C man will be here sometime after 10:00. That will give me time to try to pull myself together. It's just a checkup. Stats show that the units last longer when they get checkups every year. I hope this one keeps going and going and going; it's working well. It's a Trane and I think they are good.

    Barry, glad you liked what I posted. I thank you for posing such an interesting question, causing me to think about Jesus, his life and his message. I'm sorry you had to have a tooth extracted. Did they tell you to rinse with warm salt water? A clot needs to form in the hole so it can heal. Fortunately, mouth injuries heal pretty fast. I wanted some broccoli or cauliflower but couldn't find any at Publix. Dr. Amen says those veggies help stave off Alzheimer's Disease. How sweet of the kitties to bring you gifts of partial rat remains. I still like the Kliban cat cartoon with the caption, "If I had two dead rats, I'd give you one." We are all cursed with these illnesses but you are also blessed with Richard, your fur babies and your wonderful home. I hope you heal fast.

    DOF just sent a text. He tries to abbreviate but it often makes his texts unreadable. Sometimes, he calls when he intends to text. Still, I'm glad he keeps in touch.

    I'm off to read the measly Mon. newspaper. This keyboard is going wild and I've about had it. So will bid all y'all adieu. Have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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    Good morning, friends! Well, "vacation" is over so maybe I can get some rest, lol! Except I need to mow most of the yard today because we are expecting thunderstorms off and on the rest of the week. So...

    But Den's shop looks great! We have a few things to either haul to the trash or move upstairs for storage, but it is so much easier to walk around and just "function." Rock, Den's dad made the elevator using the hydraulics from an old forklift (he bought it from some Amish neighbors...the Amish use parts like this quite a bit) then cut and welded other "stuff" to make the actual elevator. I'll try to post a pic sometime.

    It has turned out to be very handy (once we could get to it, to use it, lol!) in getting things from one level to the other. Now that I got my stuff out of the way, and Den can use the area above his own shop, I imagine he will use the elevator quite a bit.

    Barry, I'm sorry for the pain from the tooth extraction. Yes, I can only imagine what those poor babies are going through, being separated from parents (or even people pretending to be their parents in order to look like a family unit.) I'm not saying it's right, but surely the people who haven't come here yet have heard the news and know what will happen to them and their children....yet they keep coming. For some, their lives must be so threatened elsewhere that it is worth it to them to come here, knowing they will be separated. But what about the ones who just "want in" for whatever reason? I think, if it was me, I would wait till things calm down and this immigration situation is resolved. But I understand that some people don't feel they can wait...what an awful way to live, having to choose between the danger of being hurt or killed by staying where they are, or coming here and being separated from their children. I don't wish to debate politics, since we're not supposed to do that here, anyway...but I can sympathize with the children. I still believe God has it all sorted out already...we just need to catch up.

    I truly am thinking of everyone on the porch, even if I don't come and post as often. My own transition period has lasted longer than I thought it would (after Gpa died, etc., etc...everything from the past few years) but, as usual, I failed (intentionally or not, depends on the day) to factor in this stupid ME/CFS. These diseases are game changer, to be sure.

    I'll leave with a picture of me and my daddy. I apologized to Den for leaving him at lunchtime to eat leftovers while I went in and ate with Dad...Den told me that it was very important for me to do that.
    I take Dad to the urologist on Thursday...hopefully this doctor can shed some light on Dad's health situation. And if he does have prostate cancer (which his PCP suspects), then what? Take care, everyone...I wish only the best for us all.


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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings awl. Had a busy morning at the PCP's. Luckily, in a way I got to see the NP Jennifer instead of the doc as he was on vacation. I got a referral to the allergist/ENT who is close by not to far from me. She tried to give me one much farther away but DH and are getting so we don't like to drive in any kind of bad traffic. She actually also saw some of my rash(es) and told me to try taking Zyrtec 10 mg daily along with Zantac 150 mg 2x a day to help with the itchies. We will see if that works. Went on line and it seems like it does help quite a few people. That of course is not a cure but only helps the symptoms. Jennifer also said if not allergy it could be autoimmune disfunctions. Just want I though but my doc didn't think so. Chaulk one up for Jennifer and me :)!! Hope the allergist takes care of it so I have no more specialist to go through.

    She also picked inside both of my ears and got a little bit of wax out of both ears. It should help some but not sure that is the whole problem. The allergist will can also test my hearing and I know I can also go to SAMS and get a free testing. So I might do that if I get the chance to. I am also supposed to do the Debrox thing again and irrigating every few days. We will see if that helps some. However, I am so glad to get the referral. I would have gone sooner if I didn't have to get a referral. It seems like now you have to get one every time you want to see a specialist. What a pain !!

    JULIE - So glad you got to be with your dad on his special day. It was good for you and for him too. Nice picture of you both . So glad you are getting some things done in the house and shop for Den. Good for you both after all you have been through and pain and No NRG, Sis, etc etc. Hang in there and try not to wear yourselves out before the kids come.

    Barry - Sorry you had to have a tooth extraction. I know they are not pleasant at all and hope the Tramadol helped you some from its discomfort and pain Sounds like you have a nice cabin there with Richard and the furbabies. You should be very happy although I know the pain and all can make you miserable about so many things. I sometimes feel that way too. Keep on hanging my friend !!

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling well now and the weather not to bad right now besides hot. Rain all around us but so far none today..

    SW - What is that pic . It looks like a marsh with water all round and tall grasses? Hope are you doing well too.

    We are going to DD's in a little while for a shrimp boil. My DSIL is trying so hard not to spend a lot of money on going out to eat so he is cooking up a storm along with the other SIL who came with daughter and DGS for the week. They both like to cook, unlike my DH and my daughters. My eldest daughter who moved to Austin is the only one who likes to cook when and if she has the time. Those DSIL's are going to wear themselves out esp the one that lives close by and who home it is at.

    Gotta run and sorry for those I didn't get to chat with individually today. Have to go do some stuff before I got toe DD:s for dinner.

    Bye for now and love to awl inc ROCK, DUCKIE who is on her trip, JUDY, STAR and whoever else I may have temporarily forgotten.

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It has been a difficult day. One of America's iconic manufacturers let me down. I took
    a coke out of the fridge and knew immediately it was defective. The can was only half
    full. Same thing happened 3-4 decades ago. Is there anything we can still depend on in
    these perilous times?

    Can't even depend on myself. Got the regular message from the library robot that a book
    will be overdue at the end of the month. Hunted for 15 minutes before I found it. In
    the usual place. Under the bed. Why didn't I look their first. Uff-da!

    Granni, Hope the Z-meds help. I used to have allergies, but they seem to have gone away.
    Don't know why. Maybe it's like the colds and flu that stopped. Seems it often happens
    to folks with our weird diseases. That's great that your SILs like to cook. My mother told
    me when I was a kid that all the great chefs were men. Of course that was pre Julia C. and
    Marthla S.

    Springwater, nice pic. Let me guess. You've moved? You're on vacation? You're
    following a suspect? Well, whatever, good luck.

    Julie, nice pic. You and your Dad look familiar. In fact the whole picture looks familiar.
    As Deborah Kerr didn't sing in King and I: "Getting To Know You." I know what you
    mean about not factoring in our disabilities. I still have the tendency to think:
    Why of course I can: drive. Or walk that far. Or carry that load. But then ugly reality
    rears its head.

    Can you smell ozone before or after a thunderstorm? I've read about it. Don't remember
    ever noticing it though. I do remember the rainbows. Sometimes double.

    Mikie, nice cartoon. So romantic. I had a friend who used to say, If a cat brings you a dead
    rat, it's a gift of love. Now who was that? So ur der ol fnd sends U unredabl mesajus. How anoyng. The New Yorker has put out lots of cartoon books over the decades. I think there's one on cats and one on dogs. And the book of cartoons by George Booth is full of cats.
    Often a dozen or more per cartoon. One writer referred to his "panoply of pets".

    Barry, hope you have recovered from your extraction. I used to visit a dentist from Rumania
    No, his office wasn't there. It was in Van Nuys. Dr. Popescu. I guess his homeland was calling
    as he went back after several years here.

    I can't remember ever having window boxes. We certainly have lots of plants. Gordon
    called a nursery in Florida this afternoon and ordered a couple of orchids. They're having
    a 25% off sale.

    Never heard of wood rats before. Looked 'em up. Apparently also called pack rats. Live in
    most of the USA except for the East. Would post a pic, but can't find a small one. After all,
    it doesn't need to be life size.

    Think it's time to lie down and read. Will doubtless fall asleep thus loosing my place in
    the book. Ah, well....

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  15. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Hi, all!

    Just got home, have not read all the posts. I promise to do that later and catch up on all that's gone on.

    Words cannot describe my experiences this weekend. We performed 3 different pieces under 3 different and fabulous conductors, ending the 35th Midwest Productions season with a standing ovation - the house was nearly full, and it was Father's Day. To have performed on the same stage as so many other greats such as Luciano Pavarotti, Benny Goodman, Leonard Bernstein, and SOOO, so many others was a breathtaking experience.

    We ended the trip with a cruise around the bottom of Manhattan, Ellis Island and Lady Liberty. And, of course, having a boat full of singers, we sang the National Anthem in front of her. Tears ran down my face as I sang. (Even better, since we were all singers, not only were we all in tune without any accompaniment, we had harmony!)

    Anyway, there is a big, black cat who is very happy that I am home.

    Here's me in front of the Statue of Liberty, with lovely windswept hair!
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Dmc - that’s a nice pic of you and all smiley and happy! I’m guessing you really enjoyed that excursion. Happy to hear all your concerts went well. I like your siggy. Hey heh.

    Rock - Gordon keeps buying orchids. Where does he keep them? Or does he give away some older ones? Half a can of coke in a full can. Sounds like our cooking gas during EQ aftermath. Everyone trying to make a quick buck. And we couldn’t even find out until the gas finished half the time earlier than the untampered one would.

    I was trying to post a picture of a monsoon sky and it wouldnt load. So I tried posting what pics I had on my computer just to check. It happened to be of a beach. Then someone interrupted me before I could post.

    Julie - again, a lovely pic of your DF and you. You both look great. He looks happy. Fortunate he is having you for a daughter. I pray he is healthy. I know you are stressing. Who wouldn’t.

    Granni - how did you find the shrimp? DH didn’t want curry out of the prawns so we boiled them, and then I fried them in butter, with ginger garlic, tomato. Easy peasy. I hope they will get to the bottom of your rashes.

    Mikie - that was romantic. A present of a dead rat and canoodling on a fence in the moonlight. That’s more romance than I ever had in my entire life. That was quite terrible about the murder of the old lady. Senseless taking of a precious life. I wonder what happened to the boy who did it. Did he reform.? Regret.?

    Barry - I don’t know the name of the tree I want. I know it by sight. I saw some huge dahlias when I passed some houses, but they would be expensive and our dog still digs up earth. I would rather wait till he grows mature enough to stop careening around.
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  17. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    This porch is now closed. Please look for porch #1069!