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    Dear Ones,

    DH went to the store but should be home shortly and will need the computer when he gets home. Just wanted to say nothing new and they don't have the test results yet back from the biopsy. They called yesterday to say it hadn't come in yet when I sent a message by portal. A lot to do today and the cleaning ladies come today too. Gotta start a wash and get a little organized for them..

    MIKIE - So sorry about SV and hope he does better now after his vet visit. Try and not let it all stress you out to much as that will make you feel worse. However, I do know it is easier said than done for you and all animal lovers.. So nice that Andy is such a neat guy, just like you :)!! Even though you are not a guy !!

    SUN- Sorry you have to start chemo in January or so but considering the alternatives , go for it and hope it all goes well for you with minimal side effects. My very good family friend who lives in NYC went through all kinds of chemo for her kidney cancer and it shrunk it enough to do the surgery a few weeks ago. She also had minimal side effects but she may also work at it . She does lots of healthy stuff and supps too. They said she should now be ca free. Hope your chemo is just as successful !! Thinking and praying for you .

    STAR - Nice to hear from you., Thanks for asking but no I have not heard yet on the biopsy result. I will be sure to let everyone know what they found out if anything and hope it isn't to awful.

    JULIE - Somehow I missed your last post I think but saw that Susan was in an accident but lucky she is OK. Hope you and all are doing well. TRY not to wear yourself out.

    Hugs and love to awl. Special hi to ROCK. SPRING, BARRY and anyone else I might have missed.. I need to get going on my chores. I figured that I had better get on the Porch and post as I am not sure when I will get on again. Still sending out a few more cards too .

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    A bit of good news. SV ate some wet food, drank some water and used his box. The clump wasn't as large as usual but it was a respectable size. He is sprawled out on his fuzzy throw on the back of the loveseat.

    Sun, I forgot to mention that my shoulder pain is on the right side. It was injured by an air bag in my car about 20 years ago. Been vulnerable ever since. There is a sore spot on the clavicle. Seems that every injury comes back in old age to bother us.

    Rock, forgot to mention that, when I was a kid, we always walked in the alleys to get places. A house that backed on one alley had a beautiful garden with one of those purple gazing balls. You are right, it never looked dirty and always looked new. I was drawn to it like something magic that was calling to me. Heaven must be filled with beautiful gardens and gazing balls.

    Granni, glad to see you here. You are so sweet. Thanks for your kind words. I feel better now that SV seems to be OK. Vet thinks this might just be a quirk with him. He's such a great kitty and I love him. I am trying not to let it stress me out too much. I am exhausted but glad I got him to the vet early on. I wish they would get the biopsy results to you and I also hope they shed some light on what is going on. It's miserable waiting. Let us know when you find out.

    Star, yes my ex is a $@%& but I'm at peace. I wish things had been better but I am so blessed with my kids, the greatest blessings in my life and they came from that marriage. It gives me no pleasure that he is miserable and regrets everything he did. I pray for this woman who broke up the marriage because it's the right thing to do. She has worse medical problems than I and is in constant pain. She walks with a cane and he has to be her care giver. I am glad I'm here and he is there. I'm glad the kids have relationships with him, imperfect as they are. I'm proud of them that they have forgiven him but they are angry about it. Marriages are worth saving but both parties have to want it.

    I cleaned the litterbox and added some new litter after SV used it. I took his little throw rug out to shake the litter out of it and I vacuumed the tile on the floor around it. I want to do more in here but have that 'lie down or fall down' exhaustion. My Whatever Virus reactivated yesterday so I'm back on the Acyclovir. Very sore throat last night. These illnesses we have love to kick us when we're down. Oh well, could always be worse so will be grateful for what is going well. I'm very grateful for all y'all here.

    The little one-legged ibis is out on the limb just outside my sliding glass doors. He gives me courage.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear Ones,
    Popping in for a few minutes. Got a call from the doctors office. That biopsy showed what is called Urticaria Dermatitis (probably a fairly broad term) and she temporarily put me on Plaquenil, hopefully the generic as there a big difference in the price. Methinks that this may be the tip of the iceberg on only part of the problem as I have more than one type of whatever going on. Wondering if she is suspecting LUPUS as this is also given for Lupus as well ass malaria !! I have a docs appt in mid Jan to see her again. I probably need to go pick up the script but I am also waiting to see if the doc (GP will send me a short bottle of NP thyroid almost out and don't go in till the 4th of January. My meds are a mess right now. We will see how the meds work and then go from there.

    Need to go start working on my stuff in the washer and drier right now.. Well work is waiting for me.

    Love ya,
    Granni :)
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    Granni, Dr. Oz just featured a brand new app for your phone called, Sharecare Rx. You put the name of the drug in and it gives you the cost to you for the med at about 50 local pharmacies from cheapest to most expensive. It is administered by CVS but it shows all the pharmacies. Your co-pay might be cheaper. Might be worth downloading it; it's free. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the info Mikie. I might just do that al though for the most part we get pretty good prices most often. A few things might be 90$ for 3 months supply. Most drugs are $10 with our insurance for 3 mo supply. That is bargain for some drugs but still adds up if you have more than one drug with that price. I have that for one of my urinary tract drugs and I checked a few other cards, etc. that give good prices and it was $300 without insurance and the special card. I have two card that I have not used yet. However it is good to know if there is a big decrease at one or more pharmacy Do you have the app could you check Myyrbetriq 25 mg.

    Gotta run for now.

    TTYAL !
    Granni :) !!
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    Hi, Granni,

    I haven't downloaded the app. I can get my meds with no co-pay through mail order. Still, if it's something not covered, it would be good to have the app. You can look it up when you download it. Sometimes, the iPhone gives me a hard time with my password and I'm just not up to dealing with that tonight. I'm shaky and weak feeling. Too much stress and too much recovery time from that cold from hell.

    Just got the info on the 2.5 percent increase to my SS. Part B Medicare is going up $1.50. Can't figure out where I'm gonna spend all that loot.

    Gonna get going. Have a nice evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - Don't spend all that loot in one place !!!! Gotta fix dinner. Glad SV seems to be doing better. Hope it continues. Gee, you are rich now :rolleyes:;):) !Have a great weekend. Hope to check in later if at all possible tomorrow. We have a party at night with the K of C. Sanda will be there too and lots of kids too.

    Love ya ALL , Granni
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    Mikie, what happened with your Dgs is like a mirror image to that of ours.
    Strange isnt it?
    Teachers congratulated him too.
    Praying for SV.

    Granni, least you got an answer and a starting point.all the best with that.

    Sun, not sure what auto immune dis the dr is referring to, for my friend, but Mikie mentioned something earlier, which got me thinking. Polymyalgia arthritis. Now this is the friend who was told she had polymyalgia, but its now gone (about 2 yrs ago ish?) Anyway her fingers and toes are def askew .maybe not just arth?
    (not as bad as my friend from yrs back who has since gone to Glory.she had Rheumatoid arthritis and when showering her, There was No getting in between her toes).

    However; the point Im trying to make I guess, is that we all know about dodgy tests.false negatives and all that.
    Also you can hv something like that for yrs and it not show up.

    My mil has rheumatoid and only her wrists tend to swell, but she has pain.
    Dif is, it showed up in her blood.

    My friend who has the mystery dis had a biopsy done of her lip as it hasnt been healing and she needs to hv surgery on her gums I think.trying to save her remainder 8 teeth.

    I always thought fibro was an auto immune issue, but according to my latest search, it isn't.

    Good idea sticking to the drs who know you and your history etc.
    I am sooo disappointed about all this.
    The clinic is getting back a dr who seems to come and go to the area, but his reputation is somewhat 'questionable'.
    When my dr told me that the clinic will require me to go to the pain clinic again, I asked if it was because of 'that ' dr.
    (I dont think I should be penalised because he has been bad)...
    Anyway, after a bit of ringing around, it turns out another woman dr will be starting here too, so hopefully will get her instead. Also my dr said she could write a referal for me- saying I dont go in always wanting drugs etc.
    (I was actually going to ask her about that coz I think all the extra pain Im feeling is because my body has gotten used to this dose...or maybe Im just getting worse? BUT after she said that, I bit my lip and held my tongue).And I walked away Forgetting that referal! Ugh.

    Also- before we even moved to this place, I had a dream about a particular animal and it def felt like a warning dream.
    I remember it clearly...I am also avoiding this other dr because he has the same name as the animal in my dream.

    Eldest 2 Treasures are at work today and youngest is off fishing with Dh and dogs.
    Was wondering if I will continue to get up to a messy kitchen for the rest of my life.
    It isnt something to look forward to.
    How hard is it to put things away as you go?

    Sorry bout the grumbling guys.
    Sure wish my Dh helped with housework.
    Enough said.

    Better get on with it.

    A big 'hello' to All Porchies.

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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    Hi Kids

    Busy day. A lot of "wents". We went to the Chiro's office, we went to the market, and
    when we got home, I went to bed. It was dark when I woke up. As usual didn't know if
    it was day or night. Turned out to be around 6PM. Oh yeah, the chiro was dressed in
    a colorful Christmas sweater. At least that's what he said it was. Looked to me like a
    4th of July sweater. It was red, white and blue.

    It was cold when I woke up so I put on a heavy shirt. I can't remember the name for
    that mesh. I asked Gordon when I was downstairs half an hour ago, but I've forgotten

    Mike, I didn't know there was a name for those garden balls. Unlike Cinderella I've
    never been to a fancy ball. But I worked around balls in my pin setting days. BTW
    I think one of the funniest scenes in Fawlty Towers is when Basil (John Cleese) falls
    over the garden elf. The problem was that the elf wasn't in the garden. It was behind
    the counter in the hotel.

    Glad Sylvester seems better. Hope you feel better too. BTW is that ibis friendly?
    Don't try to give the ibis a buss. That beak looks formidable.

    Starlight, I don't think I know much about auto immune diseases even though I may
    have one. Sounds to me like it should apply to one's vehicle. Your hubby would be
    a great house cleaner if he had grown up with my mother, the compulsive cleaner.
    I used to run the vacuum in the days when it was taller than I was.

    Aside: if you're ever hard up for some way to amuse a toddler, get out the vac and
    plug the hose into the vacuum's exhaust vent. Now put a ping pong ball in the air
    stream and it will stay there till you or the kid get tired of it.

    As for a neat kitchen, ours is always neat thanks to Gordon and me. Lump Lump is
    useless at cleaning anything but himself. Takes two showers a day. I understand
    Mr Peabody's way back machine is in the Smithsonian. Well, looked it up. Can't
    find verification it's in the Smith-etc. Forget why I was lookingit up anyhoo.

    OK, been here an hour. Better go. Hugs everydobby.

    OK, asked Gordon again. The word for really cold weather clothing is "thermal".

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    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Good news--SV used his box during the night and again this morning. Bad news--he didn't drink any water with his breakfast. All this doesn't seem to be making him feel bad but it's definitely a serious health issue for him. Doc says they catherize to open the urethra and it's done under anesthesia. Can only imagine what that costs. I will go ahead and have it done if needed. She says they do that three times before performing surgery to make a new opening for the cat to pee. I can't afford that and don't think I'd put him through that anyway. If one catherization doesn't work, we won't be doing more. Our old condo mgr. spent $8,000 keeping her cat alive. SV's last urinalysis showed no crystals so don't know why this is happening. It could be stones and, if he isn't better, the vet will do an x-ray. Thank you all for your prayers.

    A new cold front went through last night and we got big winds and rain. I'm thankful for the rain. We need it. Our new landscapers have been trimming our bushes and things already look better. They removed a live oak in front of Joe's bldg. because the roots have clogged up the sewer line. They will have to coordinate removing the roots with the plumbers who will repair the sewer line.

    Granni, hope you had a good time at the K of C party. Hope you can stop back in.

    Star, there is a kind of sister site called, Health Rising, and they have a lot of info on the latest research. I subscribe to their free newsletter. The founder of that site, Cort Johnson, is a friend of Rich Carson, the founder of PH. There is a free newsletter here too and I also subscribe to it. It's a good way of keeping up with what is going on. There is a lot of research into CFIDS/ME and a lot of theories of what causes it and how it manifests. There are so many theories that sound credible that it can be confusing. One thing seems to be sure and that is that these conditions, whether immune or autoimmune, involve a lot of inflammation. Diets that are anti-inflammatory often help. Red meat and gluten promote inflammation in the body. The Mediterranean Diet with lots of veggies, poultry and fish, with some fruit, seems to work for a lot of people. Sugar is a good thing to get rid of too. Hard to cook for a family with the limitations though. Granni knows how hard it is.

    Thanks for the prayers for SV. I'm sorry DH is setting such a horrible example for your Treasures. If he isn't willing to help keep things clean, I doubt he would be willing to go to therapy. It's bad enough that he makes more work for you but to me, it's even worse that he ignores your pleas. I wonder how he would have felt if he had had to get up when he was sick and clean the kitchen. Still think there is a lot of passive aggression going on there. Are you able to get some therapy just for yourself for dealing with this? My prayers are going up for you, dear one.

    Rock, I only had a couple of wents yesterday. I went to the vet and then came home and went crazy. Those Christmas sweaters were popular and then considered ugly and now, they are retro chic, the uglier the better. Whoopi Goldberg has her own line of them. The messages on them often have a social message. Same with the garden gnomes. They have made a comeback. The guy living downstairs in CO had a friend who painted gnomes. I was friends with them so he made one for me to bring to FL. I loved Mr. Peabody and everyone in the Rocky episodes. The humor in those shows was very sophisticated at times. Mr. Peabody always ended them with a great pun. One of my favorite sayings is, "Balls cried the queen. I could be king if I had to."

    OK, Kids, I had better go read the paper. Hope all y'all are having a great start to the weekend.

    Love, Mikie

    Escher print of looking into a gazing ball.

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  11. bct

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    Hi All.
    Short post, am feeling really down -- have been for a couple of months -- but now BAD.
    Mikie, hoping the best for SV. I know how much he means to you.... Also hoping the whatever virus resolves itself. Do you know what the virus is? Do the docs. just give you any anti-viral without knowing? Hmmm.

    Star, I always enjoy your posts. Right now I've been thinking what the dream doctor's animal name is. Doc. Fox, doc. Wolf, doc. Lyon, doc Marten....? Has me amused....and musing.

    "Gazing balls". I remember seeing them when I came to the US the second time. We drove from New York to Texas, and I saw them for the first time, in many yards, in many colours. Haven't seen one in yonks. I wonder if they are still made? I have abalone shells here and there where they can be seen in all their luminescent colours.

    Granni, sorry for your urticaria dermatitis . I read that it is most prevalent in elders. Hmmm. Read about a bit, and think I might have it also! Or am I being a hypochondriac......

    Gotta go now,
    Love to All of Ya,
  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    All that talk about gazing balls, reminded me of the first one I saw. My aunt and uncle had one in Ft. Worth, texas. We were all taken with this purple ball out in the middle of their dead lawn. Of course it was in mid summer there....HOT. I also remember all of going out to their country club for dinner and she was bringing a bottle of booze. I thought...poor aunt Meda......can't do without her liquor, then I found out that Texas was a dry state.

    I have a "gazing ball"....well kinda. It's an old blue glass crackled ball, taken from an old lamp base. It's residing in my garden along with the rest of the garden sculpture.

    Star: What did you learn in the pain management class? And what pain pills does your doctor now give you? And I'm assuming you're limited with the amount. And would this be Dr. Wolf? He's the animal that first came to mind. So don't keep us guessing!

    Mikie: I don't think there's anything that can make a cat or dog drink if they don't want. Even if he had a stone he would still drink water, wouldn't he?

    My rib is much improved today.....3 weeks along. I know it's still there but it's tolerable so I went out and clipped a lantana bush that had stopped blooming and full of those little poison berries. What a mess on my driveway.

    I'm up to my eyeballs in antique lace. I finally got around to pulling every bag and box out of the closet and I've been sorting. I've washed up a ton of it already and have some plans to use some of it on some antique "as is" blouses and skirts from the turn of the century. So got to dig out my sewing machine and get busy.
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    spent whole day out at my SIL (late brothers) place. she gave a lunch for my nephew. other brothers son who came for a short trip from outside where he works at a hotel. DD and DS had gone to pickhimup at airport when he arrived a week back and was debating taking that family out for a meal but i toldher we will just meet them at SILs. That way he saves a day to do other things. and we save some restaurant money.

    i made meatballs curry and potato to contribute to the lunch but mightas well not have. SIL always makes too much food. one of those people who love cooking.

    There was eight of us. DD had attended a Farmers Market before we left to SILs and bought dessert there, some strawberrytarts and homemade cookies. she bought a pretty lil writingbook and spent her time amusing my little grand niece. Brothers DGD., drawing flowers and designs onto nieces book with a pink fel tip pen and teaching her.

    my DS had a meeting and went there on his own on his motorbike. he arrived before us. he and my nephew spent whole time talking WWF wrestling. and soccer. im glad. i wasnt feeling too talkative. but justenjoying the sunshine. my niece doesnt talk too much. she is a single mom. divorced from her husband. who used to beat her. But she is good now. is a teacher. Her lil girl is healthy andgoes to school.

    we left SILs house a littleearlier and I took them all out to a new fancy restaurant for coffee near our home. its so new some painters were still painting the staircase. lol. justso we would havesome extra memories together. Nephew and Niece love me and my kidsand DH because we usedto interact a lot when they were small and also were them for them in times of trouble. but their mums shenannigans are cominginthe way now.

    my nephew and niece have had some extremely harrowing times when growing up. same issues of alcohol and infidelity and poverty. somuch so my young nephew once burst into tears in front of my DH, he was so stressed out. he also had tuberculosis and other ailments stress related. completely recovered. now, sevenyears hence theyve come so far and are in such improved circumstances. his sister was able to divorce. he andhis mom who works abroad are earningwell. they renovated theirhouse. andhe went on vacation to THailand.

    its proof ifyou persevere andwork hard, life does let you make lemonade from lemons. but i. dont like their mom. she has always been jealous of my family. and will stop at nothing to act outher hatred towards us.

    it took a lot of reserves of strength for me to be nice to the kids. even though its not their fault. thank goodness ihave my Pranic Healing to help me over ride my reflex feelings and not punish the kids just because they are hers and my brother.

    sun - i hope your further treatment goes off well. i have to look up weinermara. but i envy you. i yearn for a pup. i can spend whole days watching themplay.

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  14. sunflowergirl

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    Spring: Any man who would beat a woman is lower than low. Good thing she's rid of him.

    I was talking to my DD this evening. They're buying a weimeraner puppy....OMG.....what a cutie. 12 weeks old, a light grey. Their other dog, also a weimeraner, Savannah, is old.....falls all the time. I think she's about 12. Poor baby. I bonded with Savannah when she was just a little puppy, and have taken care of her quite often. She's had so many non malignant tumor removed from her body and still they keep developing.

    So it looks like I'm going to puppy/dog/cat sit starting Dec. 26 until New Years. My SIL's parents always try to have their whole family go on vacation together so this year they're staying close to home, the local mountains that are getting a lot of snow. Actually I'm looking forward to being with a new puppy. And she's crate trained AND trained to go potty in a large box that has green smelling pellets. Like a cat litter box. Never heard of that. They're supposed to drive to Arizona tomorrow morning and pick her up.

    Spring: This is what she looks like.


    I haven't talked to my cancer doc yet, but I told her office I would start this chemo in january, probably need to get approval from insurance. So trying to get things done before then.
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  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sun - im prettysurewe donthave those yet in our pet shops. Theyhave such differenteyes. ‘Mummy, i need some lovin’ kind ofexpressions. i love the name Savannah. very elegant.

    Mikie - i wonder why they are called gazing balls. They look like gypsy’s crystal balls. Praying for little SV. im glad your kids have some sort of relationship with their dad. Relationships are so complicated. sometimes. even relationships whenthe parents are together. its when charactertraits are different and theres friction. but also when one person is selfish and doesnt keepin mind anyone else’s needs or feelings when doing anything.

    That was gutsy of your DGS. standing upto that bully. he must be like his grandma. Feisty when needed.

    Barry - so sorry you are in a funk. But so glad you are popping in and talking.

    Rock - hmmm...that was an idea about amusing kids withthe vacuum and ping pong ball. i thinkthe make little toys too like those except you blow into a whistle contraption. i forget names words all thetime. sometimes its a little better and i can recall. sometimesmy mind is blank.

    Star - with family sometimesthere aregood daysand bad days. on bad days anything can set one off. i once saw on Oprah an american family. couple had 11 kids. and they were so disciplined. they all even the little ones made theirbeds immediately on gettingup and didtheir homework and all their designated chores ontime. isnt that just insane? the older kids helped the littler ones. Oprah was like “oh my” howdo theydothat?

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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    I'm late getting here today. I ended up at the emergency vet yesterday afternoon because SV had stopped drinking and using his box again. I didn't want him to get dehydrated. They gave him sub Q liquids and a pain med because they had to use a syringe to draw urine for urinalysis. I'm sure it hurt when the tech tried to put pressure on his bladder to get some urine. He gave a little yowl, SV not the tech. He was high when we got home, again, SV. He has used his box three times since he came home but isn't drinking. The vet said what they did would get him through today so the regular vet could treat him tomorrow. The tech showed me the urine and the blood in it was visible. The regular vet will do an x-ray or ultrascan tomorrow. This has been so stressful for me, not to mention expensive. My distress is nothing compared to what poor SV has been through.

    Not long after we got home, Grace called and wanted to come up. We are all trying to keep up on what's going on with our neighbor's niece who will be here in Jan. to try to settle the estate. In the meantime, a woman who used to live in the hood has taken over everything. She has the niece totally trusting her. This woman used to verbally abuse my neighbor when she was alive. She also poked into all her affairs. The niece has evidently given her permission to do this. Fortunately, there is an older couple who were friends of the niece's mother and my deceased neighbor; the niece's mother has died too. She was my neighbor's sister. This leaves no one left but the niece. They are also involved and they are very concerned about this other woman whom no one except the niece trusts. This woman wanted to get hold of my neighbor's computer where she kept everything, including her banking. The old couple got hold of it, thank God. My neighbor's purse has never been found.

    Things are just not right. We are all afraid this woman will take advantage of the niece. The niece rents this woman her deceased mother's condo in another community. Everything is too convoluted. Grace was alone in her condo and heard loud noises in the deceased neighbor's condo like furniture being moved. It scared her too much to check it out. I told her to call me if something like that ever happens again. It makes me sad to think she was home alone and scared. This is beginning to look like something one would find on a true crime segment. They are doing an autopsy on my neighbor. She must have fallen when she died but there was an awful lot of blood. The cops took hours doing an investigation so I'm sure if there was foul play, it will show up. I doubt there was but all that blood is troubling. Grace just wanted me to know what has happened so far. It's not gossip but concern for the niece and this strange woman. Stayed tuned...

    Barry, so good to see you here but I feel so bad because you are feeling down and it's been persistent. I wish I could do something beside pray to try to help you get out of it. I've suffered from crippling depression and depression lite and it's so hard. Is there anything that helps? My docs and I noticed that, when I had flares or got sick with something, I would also get a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and other viral kinds of symptoms. Thinking it might be a virus in the Herpes family, we tried Acyclovir empirically. It worked. Doc said it wouldn't work for any other kind of virus. We don't know the strain but EBV, CMV and HHV-6 are the likeliest suspects. Research into all kinds of diseases are now focusing on these Herpes Family Viruses. They have already found a connection between EBV and some types of breast cancer. There may also be a connection to Alzheimers. I think they ought to be finding a cure for these viruses and perhaps a lot of other illnesses would be solved. A few years ago, the gazing balls were a fad. I don't know whether they are still hot. Hang in there, my friend. Prayers going up.

    Sun, when Mom and I drove to FL from Denver, I wanted to get to Oklahoma City the first day. That's a long stretch but we made it by evening. I couldn't wait to get a drink. When I asked the guy at the hotel, he said it was Sunday and the state was dry on the Sabbath. Doh! I should have brought my own booze. Live and learn. I stopped to buy gas on the south side of OK City where we planned to stay but it looked like a bad part of town so we drove farther south to a smaller town. I thought the same thing about SV; wouldn't he still drink water? Animals have an innate intelligence or instinct and I believe he knows that drinking and peeing are related. Unfortunately, avoiding drinking water isn't good for him. I would think he would be so thirsty that he would drink. The fluids will keep him going another day. You are brave and tough and I know you will get through this and be glad you did the chemo. I look up to you for being so strong and having faith. I'll continue to keep you in my prayers. Those puppies are soooo cute. OMG, I know you will have a great time with the new pup. Glad the ribs are better.

    Spring, you and your DH and your kids are all so kind and generous. No wonder you have such great kids. Even in the closest families, there are old grudges and jealousies. My family was like that on my Mom's side, loving but still always fighting. It seems as though there is a lot of new construction going on since the earthquake. Those hotels and restaurants sound quite upscale. The pics of the hotel you posted were beautiful. Very modern and chic. Sounds as though you had a good time listening to the chit chat and basking in the sunshine. It is a beautiful day here today, 75 degrees and sunny. Yesterday was very dismal looking. I was so consumed trying to make sure SV was OK that it didn't bother me much but it is depressing. I think they are called gazing because they are so shiny like a mirror and people loved gazing into them. The curvature of the ball often made the reflections distorted in an interesting way. I have always loved the Escher print I posted. He did all kinds of surrealistic art.

    Turns out my ex really only did what he wanted and was very self-centered. He never saw a pleasure he wanted that he didn't chase after at the expense of his family. His father was like that too and even though he hurt my ex when he was off chasing his own pleasures, my ex turned out to be just like him. I'm so glad you had such a good time at the family event and I'm so glad those kids love you. BTW, I've been invoking the healing white light for SV. Thanks, dear one, I appreciate all you have taught me.

    Where is our resident wit and all around good guy, Rock? I miss him when he's not here.

    SV is snoozing peacefully on the top of the back of the love seat in the living room on his soft fuzzy throw. I closed the door because the little boys are out front and making a bit of noise. It seems to disturb him. Any commotion seems to unsettle him right now. Yesterday, I made lemon meringue pie from these recent lemons life has thrown us; I cleaned up some paperwork clutter that has amassed since I've been sick. I'm talking about being sick for the last two years since those damned kidney stones showed up. I'm trying to get his carrier to the dining room table without his seeing me so it's ready to go tomorrow. If he sees it, he will try to run when I go to get him.

    Another lemon meringue pie will be cleaning up my diet and my expenses. Eating healthy is cheaper but requires more trips to the store to buy fresh food. I'm giving up Netflix and the newspaper. I can run down to the 7-Eleven to pick up the Sunday paper and get my news from just the highlights on their website for which there is no cost. I just won't get all the really small news tidbits but I don't need that. Our local TV news stations do a good job. I figure I can save enough to pay for SV's treatment if it isn't too prohibitively expensive.

    Well, Kids, I had better get going. To what? I don't know. SV and I are both kinda keeping it quiet and restful today. I slept well last night. Jeopardy wasn't on in Michigan where Nancy lives and I didn't hear from Claudia. The good news is that I got the FJ question. I told them they could still have their chocolate. I really do think the show is helping my brain. The hardest thing is that, when I'm tired, my memory is shot. Grace was tired last night and was having a hard time with names and remembering things. Damn you, old age!

    Hope everydooby is having a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie


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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie:. Do you have the neice's phone # that you could call and kinda clue her in? That woman sounds very devious. I'm really sorry about SV and the $$ flying out the door. I really don't pay attention to the amount of water clair drinks since I have 3 large bowls around the house. No sense worrying about it.....your worry isn't helping.

    I've had 3rd thoughts about pet sitting. I really don't want to leave my house for 4-5 days. I told my DD that I would take the puppy here, and their usual pet sitter can take care of Savannah and their cat. The problem with Savannah anymore is it's gotten almost impossible to get her in and out of their car to transport her and she weighs over 100 lbs and she's become dead weight...can't jump anymore.

    I haven't gotten much done with all this LACE......*&^%$#@

    Oh yes, good news on the new neighbor that bought the house across from me. Yesterday they had this large pain in the neck sycamore tree cut down. YEA. Every winter I would get 4,000 plus leaves blowing in my yard. I wanted to do a happy dance yesterday!!!!!
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'll be calling the vet this morning to get SV in. He used his box four times so that's good but he's still not drinking. He doesn't seem to be in any distress. I got a bunch of paperwork cleaned out yesterday and now, the counter/bar between the kitchen and dining room is all clean and neat. That's a big deal for me. It's not the end of paperwork I need to go through but it's one less mess in here.

    Sun, I am not going to interfere in that situation. I am not involved in any of it. Grace did warn the older couple who has the computer and they suspected as much. The problem is that the niece thinks the sun rises and sets on this woman. She went in and cleaned my neighbors place the last time she almost died. She went through her papers and hired a cleaning crew. While it was needed, she is way too involved in the financial aspect. I'm sure the niece was happy to have someone taking care of things and is now dependent on this woman. She may listen to the older couple but probably not anyone else. It's not so much that I worry all the time about SV's water consumption, it's that male cats often develop crystals in their urine if they have been neutered. I have always monitored the size and number of his pee clumps and that is how I found out he had a problem in the first place. Nancy's old male cat had the same thing and, when I sat for him, I monitored his pee clumps. My worry is paying for all these vet bills.

    I'm glad your new neighbor cut down the problem tree. One less thing to deal with. We don't have a lot of trees down here which lose their leaves. Our live oaks do lose the acorns and they make a mess. That's interesting about a litter box for dogs. What a great idea. My neighbor had those pee pads for her dog when he got old. He used them when she was at work. When he died, I think it was just too much and her drinking went from bad to worse and finally to worst. I bet you will have the time of your life with the new puppy. What fun!

    I had left one of the Screw It tea towels for my neighbor whose Christmas party I missed. I had planned on giving it to her as a hostess gift along with a bottle of wine. She texted me that her Mom, who was a good friend when she lived in the hood, will be here for Christmas and she is having a brunch for her. That will give me a nice place to go for Christmas and be among good friends. She loved the towel. They are just funny, kind of in the way that the Far Side cartoons are funny. I sent one to Nancy but don't think the envelope has gotten there. I don't trust that anything sent through USPS will get to its destination.

    I've had my coffee and Cheerios and am as ready as I'll ever be to face the day. It's still early and I'm watching the news. Gonna go read the virtual newspaper while I still have the subscription. I'm kinda excited about tightening my belt and getting the spending down to basic essentials. There is something cleansing about it. I may get rid of HULU and just have the TV that my antenna picks up and the free TV I get through ROKU. It's amazing how much the small things, like Netflix, add up over a year's time. I'm mostly looking forward to cleaning up my diet and getting back to working out at the pool. My cough is almost gone and there is very little pain now in my chest. Now, if we can just get SV to feeling better, life will be Purrrrfect.

    I hope all y'all are having a great start to the week.

    Love, Mikie

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator