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    Hi Kids

    Here we are at the 865th Porch meeting. We have lasted longer than the
    Korean War, Spiro Agnew's term as Vice President, the Confederate States
    of America, , Beverly Hills 90210, Pop it beads, the Macarena, and all of Liz
    Taylor's 8 marriages.

    You know the drill. Pull up a chair and start chatting.

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    Julie: Go easy.....you were just really sick! But I know you're like me......we go overboard then find we've done too much.

    Mikie: El NiƱo has sure dropped the rain on you guys!

    I'm SICK again today. Thought I was all over it, didn't sleep good last night and have a lot of chest congestion so went to CVS and bought some over the counter med the pharmacist recommended to break up the congestion. I'm now heading back to bed. Good news for so. California is it's to be nice and sunny and warm today. I may sit in the sun later to dry this up.
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    Hello Everybody

    Diane - that panda is too cute..lolling around like that..not a care in the world..absorbed in chewing its toes..and feeling the snow on its back..what abandon..i am trying to remember the last time i had a moment like that..mmm way way back..thank you for posting

    Julie - im happy you are going to have a week with the kiddies and others..in a cabin away from it all..i was relieved to hear you made it back without mishap...that blizzard looked like a monster..

    Sun, Mikie, Barry - sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope the bug or whatever it is makes itself scarce again..

    i did hear about the new virus which leads to birth defects from the mother having the virus..how scary..! and what next..we dodged a bullet with ebola..and now this..

    Rock - i loved your intro to the new Porch. yes, we been around pretty long chatting and joking and sharing....its been a good journey and an added reason for wanting to get up start the day.

    I didnt see Grannis post and i hope she is just busy. And that her DD is doing good.

    The power cuts are an irritation these days...not enough electricity to make even out inverter last thru the load shedding hours. If i hv the energy when the power comes on at some unearthly hour i cook something on the induction stove so as to save the gas. And i boil the water to put in thermos flasks. we use them for making hot drinks or tea. Cooking gas is still unavailable at the depot and one has to find them and pay four times the normal rate for half a cylinder. They sell half a cylinder now instead of full. which means the rate is eight times the normal. Rock asked how big is the cylinder..well, they dont have it written but it fits into a kitchen cabinet the height of which is the normal kitchen counter level. A normal gas cylinder normally lasts around a month if we dont hve guests come over or something like that.

    A relative from DHs side got engaged and was busy in that..it led to some family tiffs and undercurrents of ill temper.. one of DHs aunts was livid her married daughter didnt get invited and that she was told late..she cried on the phone...I was just happy to get the whole thing over with..going and doing the ceremony and having lunch. when all the uncles and our family and the wives are thrown together, it always results in some tension or other arising from something one of the uncles said or one of the wives said. Even at the marriage of one of DHs uncles son, the uncle said something rude to a niece and her whole mood was off.

    Today i went to a meditation session and on the way back bought myself some indian sweetmeats and veg dumplings. At home, DH had bought veg burgers...and fries. I really must eat healthy tomorrow. With the gas crisis ive not been really cooking anything special..trying to throw in veggies with meat and cooking as less as poss. My DH got fed up one day and brought home two packets of button mushrooms and specifically said."these are for making dumplings".Lol. It takes a bit of effort especially if youre not high on energy, but it was so tasty! and DH was so happy. he ate like 30 pieces of dumplings. And i started making them at 7pm and finished around 9:30pm..all that chopping and rolling out and the tomato chutney. but yumm. had it with veg soup from packets, since its so cold out.

    Also had to attend a 13 day prayer ceremony for a neighbour whose mum expired. They feed guests..and the spread was good. a buffet..the neighbour came to ask if we could lend them parking space for their guests..which of course we did..he is a father of two kids in their 20s.

    Righto, take care all

    God Bless

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    Hi Kids

    Here in LA it's 62 degrees on its way to 73. Sunny with a clear blue sky.
    Rain tomorrow. Just checked the backyard. Haven't seen the B & W
    cat since yesterday afternoon. A murder of crows flew overhead with
    their unmelodious caws. They remind me of some people. "Look At
    Me. Look At Me." (Some of those people are celebrities.)

    We went to the library yesterday. I seldom leave the house anymore.
    Takes too much energy. Got A DVD of The Ritz. Remember that old
    comedy? It features a wonderful parody of the Andrews Sisters.

    Julie, you're right. We've had lots of nice people on the porch. Some of
    them I remember even though I can't remember their user names.
    That's nice that the family is coming for a visit. When is Spring break?
    Around Easter? We never used that term when I was in school.

    Mikie, here's today's verse. Use acyclovir and have no fear. Ha Ha!
    I take it too. Looked it up yesterday. Among the side effects are hair
    loss. Yup. Looked up all my meds. I take 4 or is it 5? All include
    diarrhea as a side effect. Don't have that. BTW, I used to read medical
    records and reports when I was working. The two most misspelled
    words by medical folks are diarrhea and phlegm.

    Yes, I bet a trip to a spa would be fun. I've never been to a spa, but I
    did see an asp at the zoo and I've committed a faux pas from time to time.

    Diane, sorry you're feeling poorly. You're lucky to have Kevin as I'm
    lucky to have Gordon. Yesterday he was going through my meds to see
    about refills. He kept asking me questions, and I kept saying, "I can't

    Part of the problem is the doctor sometimes prescribes one
    pill to replace another and sometimes a new manufacturer puts out
    an old pill but with a different color or shape. And one pill is no longer
    manufactured, so it took two pills to replace that one. Uff-da! No
    wonder I'm confusiated.

    Barry, I remember when I came to California half a century ago. The
    supermarkets carried 3 or 4 kinds of bananas. The little ethnic
    markets had even more. The only unusual ones I remember are the
    big plantains that have black blotches on the peel. They look terrible,
    but I was told the inside was OK. Anyhoo they are generally cooked.
    There were some little ones, only a few inches long. Can't remember
    what color. Nowadays the big markets only have the regular
    bananas. Maybe there's a warehouse where the unusual ones are
    Doled out.

    Sun, your SIL sounds like a pill. Speaking of stones, the internal kind,
    a decade or more back we got 3 shih tzus from a rescue society. One
    of them developed stones in the bladder and had to have surgery.
    The vet showed us the stones. They looked like grapefruit seeds.

    Gotta go, can't sit any longer.
    Hugs, Kids
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  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, thanks for starting a new Porch. I didn't starting visiting until it was well established. I'm a latecomer. You are soooo right about pills. They drive me nuts! I just did my pillboxes for the week. When I take acyclovir, I shed a tear, wondering if my hair will reappear! I love to see which words I can rearrange the letters in to make new words. Anything to try to keep my pea brain working. I've never been to a spa either but wouldn't mind trying it.

    Julie, how nice to have everyone home for Spring Break. I hope the weather is nice. Will they be there for Easter? Do y'all have an egg hunt? Don't work too hard.

    Sun, I hope your crud goes away. I stopped by my doc's office so they could copy my new ins. card. Ins. no longer uses Lab Corp so I asked my doc if he could recommend one on the list. He was an arrogant ass. I was sick and just didn't need his attitude. I said I was sorry to have bothered him. That made him backpeddle and he was more civil. Feel better.

    Oh, Spring, I wish things were better there. My problems pale by comparison. OMG, the weddings and ceremonies y'all have. I'd get nothing else done. It's too bad when happy occasions are marred by petty quarreling. I can only hope and pray things improve with electricity and supplies.

    I stopped at Publix for groceries. All the BOGOS were for things which are extremely unhealthy. I got a pot roast on sale and it's braising on the stove in the new Dutch oven. I will add carrots and a few potatoes once it is tender. I seldom eat taters now but this wouldn't be a pot roast without them. Beef is expensive right now.

    Gotta go. I'm on the Surface and my patience is wearing thin. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Another night with good little kitties. Tweety started to rattle the closet door but quit fairly soon and, except for that, they slept straight through. I got up at 4:00 to use the bathroom and went back to bed. They slept with me til almost 6:00. The key is this cold weather at night. They want to stay snuggled up against me on the softy-wafty throw. I got up and put on my softy-wafty robe and, lo and behold, I found a favorite pair of earrings in the pocket. It's not a robe I wear often. I thought those earrings were done gone. My horoscope said I would find something I thought was lost.

    Red Tide is back with a vengeance. That explains my sore throat, sneezing, cognitive problems and general malaise. As usual, I had symptoms for days before the county health dept. announced the appearance of the RT. There are fish washing ashore by the thousands. The county's two main concerns are tourism and development. There is little concern for the citizens. They try to keep the RT a secret until tourists start having respiratory problems and notice the rotting fish on the beach--hard to miss. As though that were not enough, Lake Okochobee is too full, endangering the Hoover Dikes on the other coast. They will be releasing massive amounts of water into our river. That will destroy sea grass and oyster beds in the delta. This water is so dark that it looks black. The released water picks up nutrients from agriculture along its route to the Gulf. Another blow to tourism. Dead fish and black water. Not a pretty picture!

    My dear old friend and I are supposed to have lunch today. Hope nothing spoils it. He is president on his bldg.'s board and, sometimes, he has to take care of assn. business on an emergency basis. His bldg. is much older than ours and it is needing more and more attention. Once again, the planting of our plumbago bushes has been postponed. I had stopped in at Ilona's and Frank's place on my way out to the doc's yesterday. Barb was there sitting at their table with her back to me. I told her hi in a nice friendly way, as usual. Also, as usual, she refused to acknowledge me. Ilona later told me that she made a low grunt so no one could accuse her of not speaking. Good grief! I noticed on my way out that the motion-sensor lights under our car port had come on in the daytime. I have to get on my step stool tomorrow, when it's warmer, and check the settings. I don't think it's worked right since those guys fixed our carport. If I can't adjust it, I may have to call the electrician out.

    My pot roast came out delicious. The meat fell apart and the veggies were just right. I had two containers left over. I will freeze one and have the other tomorrow. Mmmmm! My little cast iron twine holder came and it is adorable. It wasn't expensive and came a day early. Gotta love Amazon. Their profits are down because they spend so much on speedy delivery. Bed Bath & Beyond are considering stopping the use of their 20 percent-off coupons for the same reason. So, if y'all want something from BB&B, you better hurry up. I would like a hand vac and think I'll look at them.

    Julie, sounds as though that break you had clarified a number of things to help you cope. If I were living with my kids, a comfy chair and my own TV would keep me happy most of the time. Do y'all dye your eggs? We always did. My Mom joined us and had a ball. Back in the old days, there wasn't a lot of color. Cars were drab as was a lot of the clothing they wore. Mom loved color and dying her eggs 'robin-egg blue.' Every time I see eggs dyed that color, I think of her. I want to go out to eat at the Cracker Barrel. They have an amazing gift store and, a couple of years ago, I bought some ceramic eggs which look just like the real thing. They are brown, light green and white. I could use a few more. It will soon be time to put my Easter egg wreath on the front door. Good luck with the cleaning and reorganizing.

    Time to get going. I hope all y'all have a good one!

    Love, Mikie
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Been awake for hours. Read for a while. Played solitaire on the computer.
    Read the news which is alarming, horrendous, stupid and or trashy.
    My grandmother would have said, "What is this world coming to?"

    Julie, I looked up lift chair to see if it was a chair that helps a sitter
    rise to his feet. And it is. I don't have one of those although sometimes
    when I'm getting up from the sofa Gordon gives me a helpful push.
    Wikipedia's article on lift chairs said, "Lift chairs can pose a hazard,
    principally one of entrapment." I'm not sure what that means.

    Mikie, your terse verse very merry. I always associate spas with
    people lying in mud baths. Sounds repulsive to me. How did the
    Dutch oven work out? My dad made wonderful pork or beef
    roasts with carrots and potatoes in his.

    Springwater, we were posting simultaneously above. I didn't know
    what sort of an inverter you were talking about. An inverter sounds
    like something to turn one's mattress. But I looked it up. It's a
    gizmo that "converts direct current into alternating current", right?

    As Mikie mentioned in an earlier post, Thomas Alva Edison was
    a supporter of Direct Current (which was making him ever richer)
    and opposed to alternating current. He made sure the first electric
    chair used alternating current. He didn't want people to think
    direct current could kill them.

    Sun, hope you're feeling better. Well, I hope everybody is feeling better
    including me, but how likely is that?


  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to let you know I am back but can't stay. A lot to do and going into the city to g son's play . He works behind the scenes and we get to see him and other seniors in the VIP room during intermission. Some of the family is going for dinner before but we are saving $ and so is DD and DSIL.

    Tomorrow is church set up for the big group dinner we are on the committee with. So not much time to do anything tomorrow. That evening is the party and then we are done for this part of last years dinner.

    Need to start a wash and get dressed. Should also work out but not sure we will make it or not. No time to really visit but I have read some of the posts.

    DD is doing better but legs are really hurting. She may work 1/2 day for a couple days we will see. Her DH is putting the screws on shall we way since they really need the money. She went to the doc yesterday. She is still on the walker and all is healing he said.

    SUN - Sorry you are sick again or still ):!!

    JULIE - Have fun decluttering. I need to do more of that too.

    Love you ALL,
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: Those mushroom dumplings sound like a ton of work but I'm sure worth it. Mmmmmm. Nepal sure has a lot of celebrations, large funeral, even larger weddings, and it seems to occupy most of your waking hours. No wonder you're worn out a lot of the time. I hate it when I'm forced to do something.....resentment sets in with me. That's too bad there was hard feelings at the wedding.

    Rock: My DH was hooked on computer solitaire almost to the point that he was obsessed with playing it. Honestly, he would come home from work and like a siren calling to him, he was on the computer before he even changed his clothes or did anything. It got so when he heard me coming to the room he would switch off the computer because he knew he had to break this obsession.......I used to chuckle over this. And just look around at the amount of people who all seem to be staring at their phones. I asked one lady up in Portland while we were traveling on the metro.......she said most were just playing games or tweeting others. The big joke is that teenagers don't even converse with a friend eye to eye when they're sitting together....they tweet.

    Granni: I see you were posting at the same time. Good to read DD is doing better. What was the final diagnosis of her injuries? I don't think you ever said.

    Mikie: Hope you're able to meet with your friend for lunch today. Is this the elderly friend who comes over to have coffee with you? Oh well, about Barb! Are her kids still there? You haven't mentioned them in awhile.

    Julie: If Gpa has his own room with all the comforts, why doesn't he just take his naps there? Honestly, I wouldn't tippy toe around.....let him learn to go there. If he can't sleep where you're working because you're making noise, he will soon learn to move. I think you've gone overboard in accommodating him.....I'm sure you see that now after your long trip home.

    And about your shoulder and lifting, I have a bad neck/back and can't tell you the times I was in agony because of lifting when I shouldn't. I had to learn to sit on the floor and hold the little ones there.

    Barry: In that you like to cook, I made a SUPER chicken/spinach soup the other night. OMG.....sooo good. I saluted 2 onions in oil along with 4 large cloves of garlic (I don't normally put in garlic in a soup) added 1 qt chicken broth from Trader Joes along with some whole thyme, and about 1 1/2 cups cubed cooked chicken. S & P too. Cooked this about 15 min. then added about 2 1/2 cups fresh spinach leaves coarsely chopped, cooked until spinach was very wilted....about 10 min. I think it was the garlic that gave it such a zing....I guess very Italian, and in the back of my mind I think I read that onions and garlic are good for a cold.

    I'm still fighting this bug. Yesterday morning I had read about guaifenesen and how it helps with chest congestion, so bought CVS's brand of Musinex. OMG OMG talk about opening up the rivers! I had a continually running nose and was also able to cough up some junk. This morning my nose seems to have dried up and also got a higher reading on my oxymeter. I think I might take this off and on to help with the COPD. Dr. Weil talks about the benefits of taking it. I'm just very, very worn out this morning so will head back to bed.

    I spent yesterday working my way thru necessary paperwork for when I see my accountant on Tuesday. I'm still missing some tax forms but hoping it will come on Monday. HA......probably not the way my luck has been lately.
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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm back from lunch. I always have a great time with my friend. We went to a restaurant called, The Bonefish Grill. It's a tad expensive and my food was just OK. The service and atmosphere was nice. It's close to our hood. Temp is up to almost 70 degrees. I came home and changed out of my clothes and into my jammies. I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher so the kitchen isn't so cluttered. I think it's time to take stock no pun intended) of my kitchen and rearrange and get rid of some things. I don't need two stock pots. One doubles as a pasta cooker. With the slow cooker, I seldom need a stock pot.

    Rock, I've been playing solitaire forever, even with actual cards. It has always relaxed me. Something like Bridge or Whist is too much for my pea brain. Solitaire isn't demanding on my cognitive functioning. I have other electronic games but am not that good at them and don't really enjoy them. The Dutch oven worked perfectly. I watched Martha Stewart and she used one just like it--to mash a giant sandwich down so the innards didn't fall out. I think one of the best things is to find additional uses for our pots, pans and utensils. Edison's electric chair didn't kill the guy right out and he finally died a painful death. Edison always regretted that invention after watching it misfunction. Yikes!!!

    Granni, sorry Lynne is in pain. I hope going back to work isn't too much for her. I hear ya about trying to save $$$. I am cutting every which way except for a few little purchases, like my twine holder. It was an inexpensive little guilty pleasure. I get pleasure every time I look at it. It is still to cold to work out at the pool. I really should get myself to the gym and sign up. I'll keep praying for all y'all.

    Sun, yes, my friend is the older man whose company I enjoy so much. We are good friends and can talk about most anything. He is very interested in the politics in the hood. Joe just called me wanting to discuss hood politics. Good grief! National politics is bad enough! Barb's kids don't see her very much. I know her SIL is fed up with her because he's told the neighbors. Sad situation. Nothing I can do so I just have to let it go. I think her kids will be leaving next week. The weather for their visit has been miserable. Can't imagine this has been a fun trip for them. Check out the store here at PH for their Gaui. It may be cheaper than the name brand. I'm glad it's helping you. The Red Tide is making my sinuses miserable. Poor Tweety's eyes are watering and they are irritated. She and I both are like the canaries in the mine. Hope you feel better.

    Julie, how is Den doing? Do things like splitting wood wear him out? Oh, I just saw from your second post that Den is worn out from working on the house. Hope he can rest up. What does the doc say about this lingering fatigue? I hope he gets better. Once, the neighbor's little girl came over and ate dinner with us. She went nuts for my pot roast and ate a ton of it. Her name was Deidra and, from then on, the girls called pot roast, Deidra's favorate meat. Before that, they called it, fall-apart meat, because it's so tender. Back in my crafty days, I learned the Russian art of the Pysanki eggs. Those are the ones which utilize wax resist and very intricate designs. You don't blow the eggs out. You just use raw eggs and, eventually, they dry up inside and don't rot. Something in the dye and wax helps to preserve them. So glad y'all will be able to enjoy your family.

    I had better go finish my coffee before it gets cold. I won't proofread my post so it may contain all kinds of errata.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    A good restful sleep last night even if it was interrupted. Even folks my age without what ails me don't sleep all through the night. Of course, if I even stir, the cats think it's play time and I have to tell them, 'No.' They are good now and go back to sleep. I love Sunday mornings with the newspaper, puzzles and Sunday TV News Magazine shows. I like CBS the best. I'm in no hurry on Sundays and just enjoy the moment. Our sunrise was beautiful outside my sliders. I went out on the lanai to enjoy it. When I came in, Tweety jumped up onto my lap and settled down for a while. She doesn't do that much anymore. When she lived outside, she started sitting on my lap when I was on the balcony and she was a young kitty. We really bonded back then.

    BTW, if the plural of cactus is cacti and the plural of alumnus is alumni, why isn't the plural of caucus cauci? These are the kinds of things I use my limited brain power to ponder. If a crow is angry and swearing, is it a 'caw cuss?' I don't get caucusing. It's been explained on TV but I still don't get it.

    Julie, Den is probably so tired that even his brain is tired. I hope he can get his NRG back, especially since y'all have work left to do on the house. I think it's wonderful that you have your movie nights alone. Every couple needs alone time and, with GPA in the house, I know you really need your time alone. I'm sorry the girls have respiratory problems. Asthma is horrible. I had it a lot when I lived in CO but hardly at all here in FL. Chronic asthma is a constant drain on one's health.

    I got some stevia for baking but haven't felt up to doing any baking. I use dark molasses in my healthy oatmeal cookies. I know gluten causes inflammation but I've decided that I just can't get away from it altogether. I have to have my Bran Buds in the morning. I figure if I can substitute some whole wheat flour and almond flour for white refined flour, it will help. I don't eat bread anymore and don't eat baked goods. When I hit my weight loss target, I will add just a few things. I hope and pray all goes well for you and yours.

    Gonna go read the paper. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie, glad to hear you got a good night's rest. I did also. From 2 AM
    to about 5 AM. Your observation on the plural of caucus is a good one
    I read that the plural of caucus originally was cauci, but you know
    how people can get at meetings. The word cauci was apparently
    misheard as cockeyed and fights sometimes broke out. So
    cauci slipped into oblivion.

    (I believe Oblivion is located between Avalon, New Jersey and
    Evelyn, Delaware.)

    Remember when Lucy and Ethel were both running for club
    President? The word caucus was heard at the club meeting when
    Lucy and Lillian Appleby worked out a deal. (Lillian's name BTW
    was changed to Carolyn in later episodes. Only fair, I suppose.
    During the run of the show Ethel had 3 different middle names.)

    Granni, glad to hear your daughter is recovering. Of course I
    don't have much medical knowledge (even about my own
    crummy condition :eek:), but it does seem awfully soon for her
    to be going back to work.

    Bis spater, Kids
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We have scattered showers today. It's 58 degrees. The rest of the week will
    be sunny going up to 73 by Friday.

    Julie, hope Lindsey can find a good deal on a trailer. When I was a kid
    we had a "trailer Park" (although I never heard that term) near the
    A & W Root Beer stand. It had a grand total of 3 trailers. In the 60s
    when farm prices surged upwards, some friends of my mother sold
    their farm and moved into town. Bought a new double wide trailer.
    I visited them once. I was amazed. When you were inside it was
    like being a regular house. Far more modern and elegant than
    almost all the houses in town, most of which had been built in
    the late 19th and early 20th century.

    Gordon and I looked into buying a trailer about 30 years ago. There
    were no spaces available in any trailer park in LA County. And if
    one became available, the rent was as much as renting an apartment.
    Plus, of course, the cost of the trailer. So much for trailer living
    being cheap.

    Sun, don't think I've ever had soup with spinach in it. Oh wait, yes
    we did. It when Robin Williams dropped in for lunch. Gordon had
    a frozen pizza with spinach on it the other day. It looked terrible.
    After its visit to the microwave, the spinach had turned black.

    Our solitaire game has been stored in the computer somehow. It has
    about 20 different games on it. Gordon always plays the same game.
    I play about half of them. Some of them are pretty much incompre-
    hensible. I believe that means they can only be played by a
    monkey with a prehensible tail.

    Of course, lots of other animals have such tails: seahorses, some
    porcupines and the pangolin. The pangolin is not well known
    in this country. It is sometimes used to accompany a barbershop
    quartet in place of the mandolin. Good luck with all that
    paperwork, Kiddo.

    Adios and Sayonara
  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hey, it's sunny here for once! No rain for a couple of days.

    Sun, your chicken/spinach soup sounds really good. I love spinach in all things, even scrambled eggs. As for the onion and garlic -- YES! Richard made a lentil soup with cajun andouille sausage in it the other day. Suberb! The lentils, onions, garlic and carrots are cooked first, and then wizzed with the stick blender, the sausage cut up in chunks and added, cooked a little more for the andouille flavour to spread, and voila. You could throw spinach in it too.

    For mucous relief I use pure guaifenesin, and find it very effective.

    I've never been a fan of card games; never learned anything but gin-rummy. I don't know solitaire, but it sounds like my cup of tea. Where do you find it?

    Mikie, do use Stevia very much? I've always thought it had an odd flavour to it. I use wild local honey instead. As for bread, we eat sprouted multi-grain, and not much of that. I do use white crackers with my cheese though.... sheep cheese last night for me, and some smoked cheddar for R, who doesn't like the firm goat and sheep cheeses that I do. He likes Brie but not Camembert on the other hand -- he is very picky about his cheese. :p

    Mikie, you said you were on the Surface. What the heck is that? Sorry I'm such a non-tech. o_O

    What ya reading, Rock? I'm reading Ruth Dudley Edwards books right now -- Matricide at Saint Martha's -- and I got some from the library y-day. Or rather, Richard did. I don't get around much anymore. I can't watch the news on the telly, just skim the Guardian online. News is too depressing, that is why I immerse myself in fiction. Say hi to Gordon.

    Happiness to All,

  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: Do you also have lung problems? And how is guaifenesen taken? Pills or liquid or what?

    And I'm with you on the news. I turn on PBS usually, but some days I don't even watch it. My SIL raved about Stephen King's "Duma Key". So I relented and now I find I can't put it down. I'm really not a fan of those types of books, but I did really enjoy "The Green Mile" before the movie came out. He's always got a mysterious unexplained twist to things.

    Count me in as a big cheese lover, especially white cheddar. Just not Camembert or Brie.

    I also am not a fan of card games.....can't remember how to play until the next time I'm coerced into playing. I did play canasta when I was about 8 years on. We lived in the country and every summer the neighbor's mom, age in her 70s, would come visit so I was invited to come over and play cards with her! In think in the 50s that was the big card game. Don't ask me now how to play it though. And when we went to visit an aunt and uncle I brought my cards and would play solitaire but I don't even remember how to do that either.

    I'm feeling better today aside from a ton of coughing so I dug out a new floor steamer I bought last week, and spent HOURS steaming the ceramic tile. The grout was awful, and now I'm feeling awful......that's what I get for overdoing it.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    It's 65 degrees out and temps will be higher for a couple of days before the next El Nino cold front comes through. We got just a tad of rain during the night. Rain sometimes helps keep the Red Tide from drying on the surface and blowing inland. I fell asleep last evening before Downton Abbey came on so will have to watch it online. I also missed the end of Madam Secretary. There are so many shows I miss because of my exhaustion.

    DD#1 called yesterday. She has some pain and swelling in the thyroid area and she is exhausted. Good grief! I told her to see her doc. She is a nurse and they are often the last people to get medical treatment. My Mom had a goiter and had part of her thyroid gland removed back when I was just a teenager. DSIL won a race in his age group in Galveston for Mardi Gras. He was down there checking on their house. They rent the main house and have an apartment on the basement level for themselves when they want to visit. They love Galveston. My granddog was acting up in the background. Kids and pets know when we get on the phone and vie for our attention. Even the cats do this.

    Thurs. night is our last classical concert before the Dixieland concert next month. This one features Mendelson. I want to read up about him. I am not familiar with his life. I thought I knew about Beethoven's life until that last concert when they did a presentation on it. A whole series of concerts, with multimedia biographies on the composers beforehand, would be great. I could see a series for PBS being very popular.

    Rock, I noticed the change from Lillian to Carolyn back in the first runs of the show. Somehow, Lucy knew that show would last for a long time and, in addition to a live audience, she insisted the shows be taped. I doubt she knew they would remain so popular for so long. I wondered whether the original plural of caucus was cauci. We have accepted the general use of maximums, aquariums, etc., and I have to admit they do sound better. Like many other retirement areas, we have our share of trailer parks but now, they are called mobile home parks. The homes are usually no longer mobile as the owners park them for good and add skirts around the bottom. Most owners do not own the lots and the landlords can raise the rents on a whim. The big draw is that, usually, these parks have all kinds of activities. One couple I knew was paying $650 a month rent when one could rent a condo or apartment for that much. They lived there for so long that they likely could have paid off a condo or home. Still, they thought it was worth it for the socializing with their neighbors. Obviously, they didn't have neighbors like some of mine!

    In our storms, the mobile home parks, and prefab home neighborhoods, are usually under evacuation orders. Some people refuse to leave and, almost every year, someone in one of those hoods dies unnecessarily. The homes themselves are nice as are the people who live in them. We had one old park with some shabby trailers. I had some clients in there and they were mostly people living on very, very little. They all cared for one another and their stories really touched my heart. The owners decided to sell so the park could be replaced by commercial bldgs. Just after all those poor people had to leave, the real estate market crashed and the park is still empty. What a shame. I have no idea what happened to all those people.

    Barry, soooo glad y'all are gonna have some sunshine. Yea! I have used stevia and agree that it can leave an aftertaste. I will likely only replace part of the sugar with it and use honey or molasses for the rest for baking. I couldn't use stevia as a sweetener in my chai. I'm not ready to do much baking until I hit my target weight. A Surface is a laptop computer with a detachable keyboard, making it a tablet. It has a touchscreen. In theory, it is a good idea but the keyboard is a pain to use. They keep coming out with new models and the newest has a pen. It just isn't as easy to use as my solid laptop. It is a nice tablet for doing more reading than typing. It has a 'kickstand' with two positions which hold up the screen like a normal laptop. It is advertised a lot on TV in pulse advertising rather than on a constant basis. The CBS local newscasters use them. I wonder how they like them. I am picky about my cheese too. I don't eat a lot of it but like just a bit with fruit. If you have a Microsoft operating system on your computer, you likely already have solitaire on it. Check out games on your desktop or listed programs in the Start menu. Hope your sunshine continues.

    Sun, the pure Guai sold here is in tablet form. You can check it out at the Store on this website. I think running any kind of floor machines is very hard on us. That's why I got the Roomba. I still have to run the floor scrubber on my tiles. Ugh!!! Yet, if the Roomba keeps crumbs off the tiles, I have to run the scrubber less often. If I had the $$$, I'd replace my tiles with hardwood flooring and get new carpeting. With the kitties, though, it wouldn't pay because they still scratch the carpet now and then. Sylvester destroyed it in one doorway back when they first came to live with me. I cover it with a runner area rug. Both still claw the loveseat in my living room from time to time. At this point in my life, I'm not so picky about how the condo looks. It still looks good enough. I hope your crud clears up. That's no fun!

    Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day. I suspect we will be in for another six weeks of winter. I'm fine with that here because summer, with it's heat and humidity, stayed around sooooo long. For those sick of winter, I hope spring comes soon.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Achoo, hack, hack, wheeze, wheeze...the Red Tide is doing me in. I just got in from doing some work outside and I think I'm gonna die. Even neighbors who aren't normally bothered by the RT are wheezing, coughing and sneezing. One has had a bad headache like mine. Even little Sir Vester is wheezing and sneezing. He normally isn't bothered like Tweety and me. Even though it's a nice day out, I've shut the sliders and turned on the A/C to clean out the air in here.

    I was outside talking to some of our neighbors as I encountered them. Grace and I talked while she had her little dog out. As soon as I went around the side of the bldg. to work, Barb came running down to Grace's to find out what I said. People are all avoiding her like the plague. Frank and Ilona told her life is too short for her to act like she's acting. It's so sad but it needn't be like this, with her so isolated. Her DD and SIL went back up North on Sat. so she is all alone again.

    I'm starving but feel so crappy that I don't know what to eat. I'm sure not up to fixing anything. My stomach is a bit upset too. Whine, whine, whine!!! I'm gonna just rest up the remainder of the day today. Dr. Phil has some of the players in the OJ Simpson trial on his show today. Since I don't have cable, I won't be able to watch the dramatization of it. Oh well, I lived through the original trial. The story of Bernie Madoff starts on ABC tomorrow night. Richard Dryfuss plays him and Blythe Danner plays his wife. I love both of them.

    Have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE and SUN - So sorry that you are both feeling crappy, to put it nicely. I know hat respiratory stuff can take awhile to get over and can land you back in trouble too after you thought you were well. MIKIE, of course you have a different problem. So sorry that has been hanging on to you too. Just try not to overdo and rest as much as you can.

    Haven't got that much done really other than some washes since I came home. I have been so lazy. I had to get up most mornings at DD's house at 6:25 to make sure DGS got ready for school. That kid can dilly dally the worse I have seen but he has some different syndromes including mild to mod autism and rather limited concentration. He is on meds at school. He also has OCD, ADD and or ADHD to name a few. I was so lazy today. Got the Mardi Gras party all done with yesterday. Horray one thing done for this year or really for last year.

    Tried to read all the posts but I know I missed at least some. I missed hearing from all. I missed some of JULIE's posts with her talking about Den as well and Lindsey trying to find a new home, or at least a mobile home or whatever you want to call it. Hope hey can find something to their liking soon. I know they will need and want some privacy even though they will also miss the help.

    Hi to SW, DIANE, ROCK, and all I missed. I did miss you all. Consolidated has changed everything so now I cannot get into my messages from another computer while gone. DD is trying to work 1/2 day the next two weeks to see if she can tough it out. I think it is to much to soon but they need the money and so are trying to tough it out. DSIL is the one who really wants her to go back to work now, They have been trying to pay off debts and I am glad to see that he is now trying to help her when she gets home from work. He is the cook, DD doesn't cook much and I have been trying to encourage her. Not sure if she is afraid it will not compare to the cooking of her husband who is quite opinionated. I told her that we all have our own types of cooking. I told her they might want to start taking turns and not eat out so much. They don't always eat the healthiest foods even though he tries to cook healthy. They do need more veggies and salads. Her regularity is off the wall. I think they all got their slow bowels from me - not a good thing. After her accident it got really bad. Remember when they used to check to see if you had a BM before leaving the hospital? Well apparently it didn't happen here or probably any more. She didn't even think about it for over a week. Very long story and they had to give her blasting powder . Enough of that.

    I need to go start fixing dinner. I have chorale practice tonight.

    Hope to be back tomorrow. DH has a meeting and lunch out. So hope to make more sense.

    Granni :)
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    popping in, skimmed thru the new posts, so nice to get up todate with everyone.

    the power came on at 11pm again last night and there was a mad scramble to charge everyones phones..power banks..torches..i was too pooped to do cooking..

    Julie - the trailor home sounds like the kids are going to love it..it is a sort of modern caravan..how i used to yearn to live in a caravan when i was a little kid. a horse drawn one like the one in The Wind in The Willows. Colourful and snug and warm inside. There are many thngs about England i love.

    I hope Amy and her family gets over the crud soon. Thats good news that Clinton got custody of his lil daughter....if he can love Amys daughter Keira so much, how much will he love his lil one. Kids need to be taken care of by those who love them..and are responsible. Im so glad US has a system where young ones are protected. Here, most of the street kids sniffing glue etc are runaways from broken homes and abusive families. Come to think of it, i dont know wht the government did with the street kids, there are none to be seen. probably caught them and flung them into jail.

    Granni - your DD sounds very determined..getting up and about so soon after her horrifying ordeal..she doesnt hv any PTSD does she? I hope everythng normalizes for her and family soon. I got knocked down a hillside by an army truck once when i was ten. Got stitches in. I still am a little scared to sit in the front portion of the local buses. The army bus didnt even stop...and the military men (ruffians they were) were laughing when i and our then girl helper were climbing up the khud..bleeding. Then they drove off. I dont feel any anger. It happened so long ago.

    Sun - i would love to hv a floor steamer, ha! wonder how much grime will be coaxed out of the floors...theyre marble done in little squares so you can imagine the cracks.

    Rock - i laughed out loud (as usual) reading your post about the meeting members coming to blows because of confusion about the word 'cauci...cockeyed'...

    Mikie - and yours too about caw cuss..you and Rock are a regular Punch and Judy of the Porch. Sorry to hear about your latest tryst with ill health thanks to the Red Tide. I saw a big big block or blocks of Himalayan salt rock for sale yesterday at an incense shop. Maybe when im a little heavier in the pockets i shall try some.

    Barry - that soup sounded abs yummy. and so nutritious. if only i had more energy i would hv tried to alternate our staple lentil soup with all kinds of other soup. right now of course, i fling veggies and meat together and serve that to save fuel. and i have not been making tortilla type bread for ages..it takes up more fuel than i can afford to keep roasting them on the griddle. For myself i often do a quick rice fry with onions and tomtoes and egg. yesterday i made DH buy some yoghurt to serve my calcium needs..i can feel my body craving calcium.

    I had me a good lunch out with a friend yesterday.. I took her out to the touristy part of town..it was mainly to catch up because we both hv gone our different ways and dont meet unless we intend to. She was looking so good. Had had a new hairstyle and glowing skin. dressed nifty. I asked her what she did and she said she massaged her face with quartz crystal. eh, that was a new one. i told her to keep doing it, it was working a treat.

    there were no lights at home all evening so son and i played scrabble. but my legs started cramping sitting there like that.

    dinner was already made in the afternoon so no cooking needed. I was too tired to cook for the next day wen the lights did come on at 11pm.

    Take care all

    God Bless

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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Not much to tell. I finally did get enough strength to fix my Asian salad with sesame/ginger dressing after I came in from working outside. That's all I did as I was spent. I slept pretty well so am feeling better today. The Red Tide effects were not as bad after I closed the sliders and turned on the A/C. Now, though, the cats want those doors open. Sir Vester has been sneezing. I am taking my allergy tablets. If it's nice today, I think I'll go over to the pool. It was hot out yesterday and lots of people took advantage to go over there. I was too beat to go. I think it's tomorrow that the next El Nino storm is to come through. More rain!

    News is showing our shoreline with all that dark water which has been released from Lake Okeechobee. It almost looks like an oil spill. We desperately need to fix that Hoover Dike over on the other coast. Then, we need to find ways to keep from having so much water emptied into our river. Now that these things are starting to affect tourism, they are finally getting the attention they need. It all comes down to the almight $$$.

    I need to call friends to see who all is going to the art fest this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it. I also need to call my doc to schedule an appt. for after I get my blood work done. I've been sooooo exhausted that everything has just gone on the back burner but I can't keep doing that forever. I have a pile of paperwork I have to deal with. Fortunately, I do keep up with the bills as they come in so most of it is just inking out my name and address on envelopes and throwing it into the recycle container. At some point, though, I have to go through my files to clean them out.

    Granni, when people are trying to cut down on spending, most start with not eating out. It's expensive and not nearly as satisfying as cooking at home. People can watch America's Test Kitchen on their computers anytime at the PBS website. There are videos of how to prepare dishes. The nice thing is that recipes have been tested and the most successful methods are presented. The recipes are not difficult nor do they require lots of ingredients. DD needs her NRG to recover; maybe it's not the time to be learning to cook. Why not let DH do it? As you know, my DGS has a problem which keeps him from being able to focus in school. Kids didn't want him to be on meds so they took him to what they called, The Brain Center. They live in McKinney, near Dallas, but I don't know where the center is located. They did a complete evaluation and started treatment to help him concentrate. The results were amazing. It was expensive so they used some of his college fund. As DD said, "If he can't learn to focus, there won't be college." I pray for you and your family. Keep us updated on DD's progress.

    Spring, does the electricity ever crash with everyone's trying to charge everything at the same time? How utterly inconvenient. I hope things get straightened out soon for all of you. The Himalayan salt I buy is from Dr. Mercola's website. It is sooooo inexpensive. I would hope it's not expensive right there in the Himalayas. It is sooooo tasty; it's the only salt I use for seasoning my food. I love the solid salt lamps too. They put out neg. ions which are very healthy and soothing. The pink/orange light they cast is also soothing. Of course, they require electricity. BTW, I watched a special on PBS about the earthquake in Nepal. I had known it was awful but it was awful to see--worse than I had imagined. It showed men holding up the little baby boy who was found after two days, none the worse for wear. Poor little guy. I hope and pray for you too that your problems clear up soon.

    I hope everydobby who is sick gets better and that there is an abundance of NRG among us all.

    Love, Mikie
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