Porch Number 871 Is Now Open

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    Hi Kids

    C'mon in. The porch is open for business. Also for leisure. (But not
    for leisure suits.)

    Actually I don't know why people made fun of leisure suits. Man,
    they were comfortable.


  2. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Rock, thanks for getting a new Porch up and running. I posted a response yesterday afternoon and lost it all without knowing how it happened. Grrrr! :mad: Once again, I got up early to pee and gave the kitties a small treat. Then, I went back to bed and slept until almost 7:00. It was good sleep too. I slept deep but had lots of dreams. I dreamed about my Mom. Mediums say the departed spirits often come to us in dreams. I won't do anything too much today so I'm up to the concert tonight. Still haven't decided what to wear.

    For those of you who asked--yes, Klonopin (clonazepam) stops the tinnitus in its tracks if I put 1/2 a tablet under my tongue. Same thing when I used to have sensory overload. For my headache, which I rarely have, I take two acetaminophen with some coffee or a bit of chocolate. Warming my hands and cooling my head help too. For body aches, ibuprophen works best. Also, soaking in Epsom Salts.

    DD#2, DSIL and DGS are going on a cruise next week for spring break. I hope they have a good time and don't get stuck in any wild storms nor have a virus outbreak on the ship. She said in TX this time of year, they have something called the Cedar Winds. They are winds from the east which bring cedar pollen tha make people sick with allergies to it. DD's MIL can't stand to even leave her house. Yikes! :eek:

    Barry, laughing about the flocks of birders. There are all kinds of birders here in birdland. I was excited about seeing more wood storks but newspaper said many of them are starving. Too much rain means that fish are not concentrated in our ponds and lakes and makes feeding more difficult. Good grief! It's either drought or flood these days. Our crazy weather continues and it'll be close to 80 for the following week. It'll be good for using the pool. Even with my sciatica, I can run full out in the water and get my heart rate up. Back to the birds--There are tours to observe our burrowing owls. They are sooooo cute. I am lucky to be able to see so many kinds of birds of all sizes. I love the roseate spoonbills and pelicans. I also love the large herons which are so tame they walk right up to me. Grace told me the otters have been out frolicking in our pond. I haven't seen them. Tweety and Sir Vester used to play with them when they lived outside. Hope you get your rain. From your post, it sounds as though you may be getting over the trauma of your procedure. I hope so.

    Diane, there are so many horrible symptoms of PTSD. The anxiety can paralyze a person. I think you handle it very well. Mine manifested itself in my going numb emotionally. I simply could not feel anything. It's the body's protecting itself from further trauma. I hope and pray your new doc is more informed and understanding than the last one. Glad Beety and Faithy passed their exams. Hope Rosie does the same. Vet doesn't want to see Tweety and Sir Vester unless they are sick. His belief is that, if they don't go out, nor interact with other animals, there is no sense in exposing them to other animals, which may be sick, at the clinic. So far, except for that one day when Sir Vester wasn't feeling well, both have been happy and healthy (knocking on wood). I continue to make note of their clumps when I clean the litter box. Both drink a lot of water and produce huge clumps in the boxes. Oh, what we do for our pets. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that everything will be OK. I do this to help relieve anxiety. It's strange but if I do this enough, I do start to believe it will all be OK.

    Granni, I'm laughing at your saying you don't get into the pool nor your swim suit often. Think I've mentioned that I found wearing black Bali shapewear boy-short style underwear for swim bottoms works well. They are just like the fabric used in swimwear. I don't like the swim skirts. I can buy all kinds of swim tops to wear with them. A few years ago, Bealls had one-piece suits which are traditional in the back. The front is a bit like a form-fitted sarong shift which ties on one side. It is the most flattering style I've found besides the two-piece I just mentioned. I have quite a few suits because I wear them so much. When I find a style I like, I buy a number of them. If I exercise, I usually don't have the NRG to do anything else that day. I felt awful when I finished in the pool yesterday but I'll keep on doing it because I believe I am healthier for it. My recent lab tests support that belief. On paper, at least, I look like the healthiest woman for my age alive. Only wish I felt the same. Hope your new faucet did the trick for the leak.

    Julie, I hope Keira is feeling better. Lots of crud, including the flu, going around. Everything seems to just hang on. The dermatologists here use what they call Mohs surgery to remove skin cancer in their ambulatory/office surgical suites. It removes the least tissue and the docs examine it right then and there. If there aren't clear margins, more tissue is removed until all the cancer is gone. This way, no more tissue than necessary is removed. If the cancer goes deep, it can take a bit for it to heal. I hope GPA's goes well. So sweet of you to take him to feed his cat. It probably means the world to him to get to see it. As much as I whine about Tweety and Sir Vester, I'd miss them sooooo much if I couldn't see them. Sorry your plans continue to be scuttled with the GKs. Take care and don't overdo things.

    Rock, your description of the bathing suit reminded me of one of my Mom's favorite old jokes. A man passing people on the sidewalk on Sunday asked, "Is Mass out yet?" Someone said, "No, but your pants are badly torn." I didn't make my soup because I felt so horrible yesterday after coming home from the pool. I think it may have been due to sitting out in the hot sun; I'm not used to it. My pal, Joe (not to be mistaken for Pal Joey) was lying out so I sat with him a bit. He is no longer visiting Barb and he likes to visit. Her meanness has driven him away. He goes to bereavement group therapy and has made friends with some of the older women in the group. They go to lunch now and then. He said he would like to join us for the concerts so will give him the info the next time we buy our blocks of tickets. I'm glad he has found a way to get out and socialize. Losing his wife has been very hard for him. I haven't heard of a teacup magnolia but it sounds lovely. Our shrimp plants have new blooms and they are maroon and white. I didn't realize the new blooms look like flowers. All I had seen are the mature blooms which look like shrimp. The beautiful little plumbagos we had planted in front of the shrimp plants are disguising the ugly black spent blooms on the ground from the shrimp plants, just as I had hoped they would. We are getting a lot of kudos for the landscaping around our bldg.

    Well, Kiddies, it's time for me to read the newspaper. I'm really late getting going this morning but I'm so glad to have gotten such good sleep. Hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    I see that Julie has been in my garden taking a pic. of my Magnolia! How did she do that? :rolleyes:

    Mikie, it took me a while to get the joke about Mass but finally worked it out. How rude! :eek: I am still laughing. Thanks to you and Rock for all the jokes and puns. They raise my spirits and make the board so fun.

    Bugger! I just lost a piece of post that I don't want to re-post because I'm lazy and a slow typist. Bah, humbug! :mad:

    So I guess that's it for now.
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    Thanks for the new volume ROCK !!!

    JULIE - Yes, the MOH certification is key and very important. It was very interesting when I read about it when DH was having his "surgery". They usually now do it in the special doctor's office or perhaps in your case if they don't have that maybe a surgery center, for day surgery where they do everything. I see that he is certified so that is good and won't have to go to another specialized surgeon. Did they say when they would get back to you with all the information on the pathology of the specimens??. The pic of the teacup magnolias are beautiful and I love the color.

    Cute idea of the online housewarming for the kids that I saw on FB. That is so sweet of you to do that for them and a great idea for a family that could use a little help right now after leaving the way they did from all the mold, etc. Have the kids and Lindsey been more healthy since they moved? I would think it would prove to be very helpful to all of them.

    MIKIE - Loved your info on swim suits. I am not much of a swimmer but maybe if they had their water aerobics a little later I might go but doubt if they will change the time. They haven't started that up yet?? Is yours outside or inside.? Mine has to be pretty warm water and our pool is outside. I am sure it is still pretty chilly and I would not do well in chilly water :)!!

    DIANE - I agree with MIKIE that you are handling your symptoms pretty well and they can be overwhelming I know sometimes. I know a friend who has some of your anxiety problems plus all kinds of allergies both food, meds and everything else. Keep it us sweetie. You are stronger than you think you are at times when you are feeling low, frustrated, etc, Keep plugging along and think positive. I forget when your appointment is or was with your new doctor. I also home that he is understanding , and patient and not quick to judge as some might be. Thinking of you !!! I thought I remember MONDAY but not sure if that was yesterday of next week.

    Hi also to ROCK, BARRY , SW and all that I cannot think of right now. Need to go start finishing up dinner.

    Love to everydobby,
  5. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Third morning in a row of sleeping til 7:00 after I get up to pee and give the kids their treats. Seems this schedule fits us all. Woo Hoo!!! :) I only hope this continues. I love getting up early but it's more important to get adequate sleep. We went to our concert last night and I was able to stay awake. It was the Barbery Coast Dixieland Jazz Band. They were excellent. All but the piano player and drummer played more than one instrument. They did all kinds of music. One segment was introduction music from TV shows of the 70's. It was fun trying to remember them and guess which show went with which music. There was a sing-along but I didn't participate. It scared the cats when they first heard me sing. Now, they like it but they are no musical critics. I don't know when the new concerts start--probably not til fall/winter. Joe told me he wants to go with us too and I'm glad. He lost his wife and he needs all the socializing he can get.

    Despite the extra sleep, I'm still tired. I should go to the pool today but I can wait til tomorrow if I want to. It's supposed to be in the 80's all week. I want to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to look for a hand vac. It would certainly simplify picking up the cat litter they get outside the box. Huh! I have cats who stink outside the box! :D Yesterday, Yolanda Foster, who now goes by Yolanda Hadid, from the Read Housewives of Beverly Hills, was on Dr. Oz. She is the sickest person I've ever heard of with Lyme Disease. She has so many co-infections that I lost count. They had to put a line directly into her heart to deliver the antibiotics or she likely would have died. She has seen more docs and takes more meds and supps than anyone I've ever seen. She has a 'treatment room' in her home in So Cal. She stresses that people with these illnesses can look fine, even beautiful, but still be very sick. She was a super model and her two daughters are models. One daughter, and her son, all have lighter cases of Lyme. I'm glad she is using her public image to speak out on behalf of all of us with exhausting illnesses.

    Barry, my Mom had a ton of jokes like that and she would get the biggest charge out of them. I'm glad it gave you a laugh. That teacup magnolia is gorgeous. We can grow the regular magnolia trees (magnolia regularus :) :rolleyes: here so I'm wondering whether we could grow the teacup. I think you must live in the Garden of Eden. It's so frustrating to lose a post. I'm a fast typist and I think that's my problem. I'll be speeding along and must hit some key by mistake but I'm going so fast that I don't know which key was the culprit. Enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

    Julie, sometimes, bullies, like sis, back down when someone gets on them when they are being bullies. I've done that with Ilona but, since I don't have to be around her, I now just have as little to do with her as I can. She insists that my aches and fatigue are nothing more than anyone my age experiences. Oh, by the way, she thinks she is an expert on everything. AAARRRGGG!!! :mad: Barb was on Warfarin when she had her Mohs procedure done so I'm hoping GPA will be OK. With so many on blood thinners today, the Mohs docs know how to control bleeding. I'm sorry Keira is still sick. I hope she is feeling better. Yes, things change in families over time. I like the way you call them, seasons. Good luck with everything.

    Granni, Bealls has twice-a-year sales on intimate apparel and I got those boy short shapewear bottoms at this sale. That was a couple of years ago and I wear them all the time to the pool. The chlorine hasn't seemed to cause damage to them. I hope not or Mass will be out for sure. Yikes!!! :eek: I always rinse my swimwear when I come home. The cats go nuts while I do it as they are waiting for their treats for being good little kitties while I've been gone. We used to have formal water aerobics but the man who led it died. No one has taken it over so we all just get in and do our thing. Some cannot do aerobics and just move around with better range of motion in the water than out. I can't run on land but can run all out in the shallow end. There is still some weight-bearing benefit and my legs get a real workout. The big benefit is the stress on my heart and lungs. Our pool, which is big, is right next to our bldg. It's outside and we don't have an inside pool. Our weather is usually so nice that we can use it all year. This year of El Nino is the exception. We've had a lot of rain and cold weather. The other nice thing about living in FL is that swimwear is available all year long. Do you get the cedar winds? I'd never heard of them before.

    Don't know for sure what I'm gonna do today. Still don't have a lot of NRG despite the good sleep. Think I'll get dressed and go out to BB&B and run into Publix. Don't know what I want to pick up to eat. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  6. springwater

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    Hello All

    I feel like ive been playing hookey..sorry. :)

    Rock - I loved your pic of the man in the snazzy blue suit.

    Mikie -wow..its so encouraging to read that a supermodel had Lyme disease and she can still deal and look good..and her daughters too..

    Barry - your magnolias must be so beautiful,, the pic Julie posted..a dream. We had a tree and it bloomed some blossoms for some years but i asked for it to be pruned down (our trees were looking higgledypiggledy due to careless planting and it shrivelled up. But yes so many things happened i had to take care of that year, i kind of dont miss it..my Chinese friend has one and it was blooming somefing bee yoo tee fool the last time i visited..and we hve one on our way to our supermarket which must be very old in year, it literally bursts with blossoms..

    Julie - a play housewarming party for the kiddies. just loving the sound of it. Its sweet of you to be protective of Gpa even after what you hv gone thru..that is true loving.

    Granni - not quite sure what is a Moh surgeon. I admire surgeons..the very idea of cutting into someones flesh and innards is terrifying for me...one of my DDs school friends became a surgeon..he is a burns specialist..and he helped me out so much when my brother was admitted to his hospital to get his leg operated on during the EQ aftermath. Things like storing our belongings and information because everything was so makeshift then..

    Diane - i hope you are not having anxiety problems...i havent gone to the previous post in case i lose this one..

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Things have been rather hectic. A big wedding of a cousin of DHs. Thankful when that got ovr. It entailed myhaving to go get my hair coloured and me returning home from the tiny salon, with the colour on my wet hair wrapped in my punjabi dress's shawl..because there was no power and i didnt hv time to wait for it to dry...i did some chores like wrapping presents nd in the meantime it dried..

    then a friend of mine, her uncle expired so i went to pay condolences...a tricky walk because i had never been to her place and had to navigate many little alleys and fields..she sent someone to get me from the main road.

    Also my middle brothers wife, who is a caregiver abroad visited home and I had a small get togethr at a restaurant..i was running late and couldnt manage a proper meal or invite her home...

    My son came across a sick stray dog on his way to an errand and he and another lady called a vet..the dog had penumonia, it was hardly conscious...so after some calling up, he took doggie to the Animal rehabilitation centre...it took him a round trip and about 12 $ of his pocket money and he was saying 'doggie better get better' so his money wouldnt hv gone in vain..

    but it gladdens me to know a sick one is in safe loving hands even if he does not make it, rather than on a cold dusty pavement in danger of being trampled.

    the decluttering is ongoing...but getting interrupted by having the repairman come (some electric outlets fusing and yes, the transformer down the lane exploded and shut down for day and a half..
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got home. Never made it to the pool. I went to BB&B but they had nothing to help me with the valance problem. I've just about decided to go to Lowe's and get a shim to put behind the hardware. I got soooo exhausted that I had to come home but I did manage to pick up a couple of things, including some Greenies dental treats for the cats. They like them. This is the same co. which makes the Greenies Denta Sticks for dogs. I stopped at Burger King and got a Whopper but not fries nor soda. I so seldom eat fast food but I just needed it today.

    Spring, so good to have you stop in. I almost cried at the thought of that poor dog sick in the street. God bless your son to help him like that. Lack of electricity is certainly making life miserable for y'all. Good grief! I looked online at Durbar Square. It was soooo beautiful. The pix did show the piles of debris. It's so sad to see. Will it eventually be rebuilt? That woman is older and no longer models. The Lyme has caused her to be bedridden and very sick at times. It's only been recently that she has been up to doing TV again. She also had breast implants and one broke, causing silicone to be loose in her body. It has been removed. As always, I hope and pray life improves for you and yours.

    Not gonna stay long. Despite three nights of sleeping in, I am more tired than I've been in ages. Another day of being lazy. Oh well, I'll binge watch TV or read. Hope y'all feel more energetic than I.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - I just sat down and have been playing other than going to the Porch and now DH wants to go take a walk around our area. So I won't be on here long. I was thinking it was you but now as I think bout it I believe I was SUN who commended Diane on working hard to keep her problems at bay especially now that she has to go and confront a new doc. Or he confronts her and hoping it is a good meeting and really not a confrontation. Really that is a poor choice of words. I forget if she already met with the doc or not. Hoping all went well for her with the new doc. I know she has been very worried. Sorry you still have little NRG. You sound like me no matter how long I sleep.

    SPRING WATER (and JULIE) - JUST look up MOH surgeons which I believe is a way to remove different layers of the skin and diseased tissue, a one layer of little bit at a time and test it before going on to remove any more. If the tissue still shows Ca cells the doc will have to cut more. They put a bandage on the pt before suturing up and they go in a waiting room to wait. Within 15 min - 30 or maybe more they know the answer and the pt goes back into the room and then the dr. removes some more and it goes out for check again before being sutured up. . I found it very interesting. Just go to Google or search MOH surgery or surgeons. I think it just has to do with cancer on the outside of the body. It is amazing to see how the docs also learn how to do it esp on the face where it will hopefully not show up as a nasty scar. I cannot find DH's scar any more. it goes into the folds of his skin. So glad that you popped in to the porch. I have been rather tardy or absent myself so do not feel badly. I am also trying to declutter as you have been doing:)!!

    JULIE - I am sure your daughter has told you all about MOH surgery for what Gpa has. It will be interesting since he has more than one spot . How long will it take or you to find out about the pathology of the biopsies that were sent out. Not sure if they will do things any differently due to the many spots and his age, etc. God bless you for all you are doing for Gpa and protecting him for you know who.

    SUN - Hope all is well with you and that you are feeling better than you were. I know you have been doing so much around your home and thee is so much to do when you are stuck with all the chores yourself. Hang it there my friend. Thinking of you and hoping also that your medical insurance problems are getting better for you.

    Well I had better skedaddle myself. Hi to Barry, Rock and others I may not have chatted with individually !

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)
  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All. Hope you are having a nice day. Here it is rainy and grey.

    Spring, thank your son for helping the poor ill dog. I hope it recovers and finds a home. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with you on your numerous social obligations. It must take a lot of energy from you! I have been looking through my book Plant Hunting in Nepal and and taking a gander at the pics. You certainly live in a beautiful, flowery country. Did you go to the 2015 Nepal Flora Expo? I used to go to the Chelsea Flower Show in London when I lived there. Overwhelming! But Fun. ;) How is your fuel situation doing? Better I hope.....

    Today I am taking it easy. As usual. ;) I did set up an appt. with my doc. for next week. I need meds. refilled and want to whine to him. :rolleyes:

    By the way folks, there is a thread on homebound board called Book Nook. It is hard to find unless you go to the forums menu and look at homebound directly to find it if interested. For some reason new posts on it don't show up on "what's new" menu at top of this page. Have to search for it.

    Mikie, I've wondered if I have chronic Lyme for years. Try telling that to a doctor. They'll roll their eyes and avoid the topic. I have had two Igenex tests both with indeterminate results. I'm going to demand another one. :mad:

    My colonoscopy results were finally given to me on the phone yesterday after I called and made a fuss. Was called a few hours later. The squeaky wheel gets the grease! :p Anyway, results all good; don't need another for ten years. I still have a dull ache in my lower abdomen, so I'll be talking to doc. about that.

    I've gotta do lunch now. Yesterday we had a can of menudos. I love the stuff, but haven't made any tripe dishes in years. Don't see tripe in the stores anymore either. I think Americans are becoming a lot of finicky eaters. Just my view.

    Anyway, back to lunch : homemade split pea and carrot soup. Delish! Richard made it.

    Later gators ( a meat I would like to try),
    Best Wishes to All,

  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: Good to see your post. So very thoughtful of your son.....you've raised him up to be an honorable, caring young man. I agree with Barry, you always seem to be busy, going to weddings, or doing obligatory visits, etc. I know that I couldn't do all you do.

    Mikie: are those black little boy shorts thick like a bathing suit bottom? I think the next time I go to Kohls I'll have to look for them. Darn, that reminds me I tossed out a $5 gift card and an extra 30% off.....going there just makes me spend $ I shouldn't, but I guess I'll have to dig out the trash bag and do a search.

    Barry: When my DH and I were married he would take a pot with a lid on Saturdays to a local Mexican market or wherever fresh menudo was being sold. It's only made on Saturdays. I never could get the nerve to taste it though......all that tripe floating around just turned me off.

    Great news on the colonoscopy, but WHY does a patient have to call for the results?

    My new insurance kicked in yesterday so today I saw the lung specialist. With all the problems I've had for months I was afraid they would tell me my card wasn't good at that clinic. I triple checked on the "in network" and "out of network".....so confusing. He did say that for some reason women are having a hard time kicking the virus that's going around. And when I told him I didn't have insurance in effect at the time I was coughing up blood, he told me seriously that they still would have seen me and taken care of the bill. Well, that's nice to know. So, I guess when the old insurance rejects the bill from a few weeks ago, I'll just have to call the billing dept. and tell them what my doctor told me.

    I told him I was really out of breath just from normal walking.....he told me to keep walking to build up my energy. I don't think I'm that out of shape though but my HR easily hits 130. I walk for about 25 min. then "die" when I get home.
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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just got back from the library: the North Hollywood branch aka the Amelia
    Earhart branch. Amelia's 7 foot statue is there. Been there for 56 years.
    Amelia disappeared in 1937. The statute was erected in 1960. Her
    husband, fellow aviator George Putnam, was dead by that time, but her
    secretary was present at the unveiling.
    I used to work near there. Went weekly for a couple years till the
    office moved. Our law office changed its name or its address (sometimes
    both) on the average of every two years. Attorneys with gypsy feet.
    Anyhoo I got ten library books and bought half a dozen paperbacks for
    a quarter @. The paperbacks are used, but they look pretty new to me.

    Illustrating that almost everything is matter of viewpoint, I guess
    you could say that even new books are used. After all, the words in
    them have all been used before.

    Julie, thanks for the compliment. That is indeed a picture of me in
    my leisure suit. Some people seeing the snapshot over the years have
    thought the pants had bell bottoms. Actually that is just the shape
    of my legs.

    And thanks for posing the pic of the tea cup magnolia. Apparently it
    has now been transplanted to Barry's place. On well; I'd make some
    joke here, but tree jokes are not fir everyone.

    Back in the early days of movie making, directors who wanted to
    travel where they could film beautiful scenery were told: A
    tree is a tree. Go shoot in Griffith Park. In any case the movies
    were poplar with the audiences.

    All together now, Class. In what musical is one of the beautiful
    ladies named Magnolia?

    Your turkey hot dish sounds delicious. I used to make hot dishes
    (tuna, tater tot, chicken) back in the days when I could taste food.
    What would the mid west do without its hot dish cuisine?

    Mikie, thanks to you and Granni for the explanation of the MOH
    business. I never heard of it before. Although I have heard of
    Larry, Curly and Moh.

    And thanks for the joke about Sunday attire. Reminded me of the
    Stephen Foster minstrel song Massa's In The Cold, Cold Ground.

    Barry, good luck with your igenex test. I had one years ago. The
    doc told me I had a good result. "You definitely don't have iguanas."

    Gotta go lie down again. When my back acts up, I lie down.
    Oh yeah, the answer to the musical question is Showboat. In
    the movie Magnolia was played the beautiful Ava Gardner. Her
    voice was dubbed by Annette Warren. The director though Ava's
    voice sounded too old and worn.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popping in quickly to say HI to BARRY and JULIE et al before getting ready for beddy bye. I know I need a shower since I didn't take one last night and I have a luncheon to go to tomorrow. So I will have to do something with my hair. It is needing everything about now and I will be changing hairdressers which makes me a bit nervous but the other gal was just getting to expensive. Actually she has been expensive all along but I found one that my daughter goes to and does razor cuts and is $20 cheaper. I know no one will be cheap with all I want done but I went to the other gal since I couldn't find anyone else at the time and my hairdresser was really sick. She ended up coming back but then when I thought I might go back to her she died. She had cancer. That was so sad. I hope to go to the new young lady in a week or two when I get my SS again. Right now I am pretty broke ):!! I know you all know the feeling. These supps esp are breaking my bank.

    JULIE - Glad you survived your busy day today and are getting things organized to do your taxes. Speaking of taxes and boxes DH has lots of shoe boxes with the dates on them ( with the year). He has just gotten through getting rid of a lot of OLD taxes info. They are all in one spot in the den closet. If you have space you might want to start putting your tax info in shoe boxes like he does. I know easier said than done. I don't envy you if you do the taxes. I would hate to do them. Math is not my best subject but I can do simple math - he he. Of course nowadays they have little calculators. The worst part for me probably would be finding and getting the right papers you need to file. DH is still waiting for something so he can turn the rest in. DH is so organized about that stuff. Not sure I would or could be.

    Gpa is so lucky to be with you. That other situation was just awful !! I need to get off here and stake my shower and all. Hope to see you guys tomorrow probably in the afternoon unless perchance DH lets me get on here tomorrow morning when he is usually on here.

    SUN - Glad to hear that your new insurance has kicked in so you can get what you need ( hopefully). That is about time I say. Have you had this shortness of breath while walking at times for some time? Don't just give up trying to tell the docs even if they poo poo it right away. Hopefully it is not trying to tell you anything is going on with your lungs or heart.

    BARRY - Glad you got a god report on your colonoscopy. At least one thing is seemingly normal :)!! I am tired of tests saying normal when I feel like crap . I know you are too.

    MIKIE - Hope those kitties let you sleep in again kiddo :)!!

    ROCK - I see you were posting when I was. Just wanted to say hi to you too.

    Granni :)

    Good night to all for now.
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I REALLY like your darker hair! Is that your natural color? Yes, hard to believe how long it's been since MY mom has been gone......in July it will be 9 years, 42 for my dad, and 2 yrs in July for DH. I've also lost all my aunt and uncles on my dad's side and only one aunt left on my mom's side.......there were 8 of them, and 13 on my dad's side.

    Granni: I have bronchiectasis, and yes, shortness of breath and fast HR when doing much of anything. I've had bronchitis tons of times since I was young plus pneumonia, pleurisy, and a crack rib once from coughing. I asked the doctor about having this at this late date in my life. He said that the problem was when I was younger, doctors didn't give out antibiotics the way they do now to take care of bronchitis. We're warned not to take so many antibiotics BUT look at me now.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Mornin', Porchies,

    Hope this morning finds all y'all in fine fetter. This is the fourth day I've slept til 7:00 and I hope it's the start of a new pattern. Even the kitties seem happier. :) I still don't feel energetic but am hoping that, eventually, I will. I really need to clean in here today because I've done nothing for ages. I'd also like to go out to Lowe's and back to BB&B. I left my credit card case at home yesterday but had one in my purse. Even if I don't get to the valance right away, I'd like to figure out how to fix the hardware: BB&B didn't have what I need. It's weighing on me. I fell asleep last night just before they kicked someone off the island on Survivor. Oh well, I'll check the recap before the next episode.

    Granni, it was both Sun and I who supported Diane on how well she copes with her PTSD, not that it matters as long as she gets support here. It's one of the things I love about our Porchies. I know I can tell y'all anything and get the loving support which helps me carry on. It is nerve wracking to see a new doc for the first time; however, it sounds as though the old one wasn't that great so hope the new one will be a vast improvement. How nice that DH wants you along for a walk. That's sweet. :)

    Barry, glad you are taking it easy. Sometimes, that's the best 'medicine' but it's difficult for those of us who like to be active. My doc always came out after my colonoscopies with my report typed up and pics of my colon. I always joked that I wanted to order a dozen wallet size. You shouldn't have to wait and then call in to get the results. I'm glad you are good to go and don't need another one for ten years. Woo hoo!!! :) Lyme is very difficult to detect once is goes chronic in the system. Often, the bacteria dig deep into the body's tissues and hide out, only to make another appearance when you get run down. My mycoplasma does the same thing. PCR DNA tests are about the only way to detect them but, even then, the tests can be unreliable. Nanie46, one of our Moderators, is the go-to person for Lyme. Check out the Lyme Forum here. So many of our co-infections are chronic and continue to make us sick. After we've been infected for a long time, our immune systems no longer make antibodies against them. The only reason I found out I had a mycoplasma infections is because I was tested right away when the infection was active. Good luck to you.

    Sun, yes, those Bali shapewear boy shorts are made of heavier material like swimwear and are very durable. They look for all the world like swim bottoms. They come in two lengths--one like shorts and the other slightly longer. I have the shorter ones. Not all stores carry them but most can order them. So glad you have this new doc and your ins. is finally good. As far as your heart rate: Take your age from 220 and that is the maximum to which you should push your heart. I'm 71 so my maximum heart rate is 149. Eighty percent of that is 119 and that is the minim at which my heart and lungs get a good workout. I figure that around 130 is a good target. You should never push yourself to the point where you can't sing or carry on a conversation. I wouldn't push while still sick in any case. Just getting out and walking should be enough until you are better. Hope this doc helps you finally get well.

    Julie, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of this cousin. It's a shame that sis is so mean to her kids that they get that upset. These mean, destructive people eventually drive everyone away. I know how difficult this has all been on you but I'm glad GPA has you to care for him. It sounds as though he is coming out of his denial and knows how lucky he is to have you. I'm hoping his surgical sites are healing up OK. It took a while for Barb's to heal where they had to go deep into the tissue. I was thinking about these mean women the other day are remembered that the woman my uncle married got that way when she was older. I can now recall everyone in our family trying to figure out what was wrong with her. In every case, these women were never that nice to begin with but, when they got older, they just became downright mean and nasty. AACCKK!! :confused: Hope that never happens to me. I've told my kids that if it ever does, to shake me and tell me to knock it off. Good luck with all those balls you have in the air. Beautiful pic of you and your Mom. You look just like her and I can see where you got your beautiful smile.

    Rock, if Massa's in the cold, cold ground, I should stand up! :D When I was whining about being a slave to my appliances, I think I did mention that I thank God for them every time I use them. I do look at things from both, or all, perspectives most of the time. OMG! I don't know what I'd do without the modern time and NRG savers. Most things in life are a double-edged sword. I try mightily to take the optimistic viewpoint but often fall short. Hence, the whining. One of my professors asked his students to raise their hands if they had a library card. Not many did. He said public libraries are one of the best free things available. I agree. Of course now, I can do most any research online and I can download most any books to my Kindle to buy or borrow. Still, there is nothing like walking into a library. There is something sacred about so much knowledge in one place. Hope you enjoy the books.

    OK, gonna post this and go into edit mode to proof. I have edited it several times just to add to it as I'm afraid of losing it. My computer keeps having to shut down for errors. Yikes!!! I hope it's not time to replace it. Seems like I never had these problems before downloading Windows 10. Still, I had no choice if I wanted to continue to have Microsoft support. Well, until I downloaded Windows 10, I never needed the support. Bah!!! :mad:

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: thanks for the name of the boy shorts. I'm going to look for them online. Great that you're getting better sleep! If we just KNEW what causes bad sleep for sure we would correct things. I had been sleeping really good for about a month and now suddenly it's up and down all night, sometimes because of pain, but a lot of time I just wake up after 2 hrs. of sleeping and think it's almost time to get up. What's that all about?

    I still have not upgraded to Windows 10 and don't think I will. I rarely use the computer other than to download pics. from my camera, but I think I still need it for my IPad, but I don't want to rock the boat with any changes. And speaking about the iPad, why is it now deciding what words I should use....I'm constantly having to go back and change to the words I want. I'm wondering if it was because of the latest upgrade.......it just did it again....I typed latest...it changed it immediately to lately so I had to change it back. It's like it's got a brain and thinks it's better than mine!!!!

    By the way, I'm the same age as you.....I'm Dec. and you're slightly older......when is your BD? So I guess getting my HR automatically up to around 125-130 while walking is good?

    My frig was fixed yesterday with the new part. Then after he left I realized he had left his cordless drill on my counter. He just called and I told him I would leave it on the front porch for him to pick up. Wow.....it's really powerful......it's a Makita, very heavy (I had to try it)

    I've been sorting thru boxes of antique lace, etc. I had washed up and put away. So many pretty things but I have no use for them so will be putting them on etsy. But, such a job to photo them, download in the computer, then list them. Each article takes about 15 min each. I used to have a little antique business so still have smalls like glassware, pottery, etc. but with those I need to know the exact weight to figure out shipping charges. I'm getting older and down the road I won't be around, and I know my kids would just give away these things to goodwill. But this has to be done.

    I also need to find the day when my DD can go with me to several banks so I can get her on the accounts with me. And another thing hanging over me is getting a new revocable trust drawn up again. My DH would have been 75 had he lived.....with all my health troubles I wonder how much longer I have left. So I feel this push to get things in order.

    And check out this new instrument.....strange...seems like a heck of a lot of trouble to create one of those old times machines you would see in a penny arcade.

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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - Thanks for the name of those boy shorts in case I might need them. I haven't been swimming ,however in quite a few years. Not that I really SWIM. How nice that you have been sleeping till 7 for 4 days straight. Maybe eventually you will feel better from more sleep. Do you sleep throughout the night most nights or have to get up to pee every few hours? I do which is OK since I go back to sleep but after going to the rest room I also take my Strontium Citrate for OP.

    SUN - Sorry but I forgot about your Bronchiectasis . I too have had lots of bronchitis, pneumonia, and coughing a lot since a little one. Don't think that I have ever broken a rib from coughing though. Hope you are feeling a little better at this time. I remember too when there were no antibiotics and the only thing I can remember later on were the sulfur drugs. They sure made lots of advancements with antibiotics which of course as you know have their up and down sides. In days gone by many died of lung problems and pneumonia. In the late 60's or early 70's when we were in Louisiana I had 4 young kids and pneumonia. I was plopped in the hospital for at least a week with the IV antibiotic of the time . The doc wanted to keep me longer but I had to get home. Had I not been on the IV therapy who knows if I would have survived. I was also on the inhaler, other meds and had 104 + fever. At least they have the drugs now if we really need it and do not need to be on IV therapy.

    Getting ready to sell a lot of your craft stuff sounds like a lot of work. Thanks also for sending that url on that music machine- pretty cool ! However, I can not imagine what it took to put it together - unbelieveable.

    JULIE - I hope you get everything done tomorrow that you need to get done and get home safely. You have to travel so much to get anything done due to living in the country which I know has its very good and not so good points. We sort of live in the country from where we used to live but it is not like where you live. We have to travel a ways to get to church or shopping to but at least we are in the same town usually. That is nice picture of you and your mom. I know you treasure it. I wish that I had lived closer to my mom and dad too when they became ill and passed but it was not to be, unfortunately.

    Just got back form a luncheon and meeting honoring the students and teachers who took part in Our American Hero Essay contest. The kids were so cut and proud and they got all kinds of stuff from the many local politicians. They and the moderator got to read some of the best parts of these essays. BTW, one of the students honored her GRANDMOTHER. Pretty cool huh :)!!

    Gotta run for now and check the rest of all my many e-mails.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Julie

    That job didn't pay much, but many men thought it was a desirable
    position. All the fresh air, exercise, pleasant company, etc.


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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in for a bit. I'm on the Surface so won't stay long. This little flat keyboard is a pain. I managed to go to BB&B and Target today. That's one store more than I did yesterday. I got a little cordless hand vac for picking up the litter the cats throw all over the place. I also got a new bath mat which is really pretty and plush. Nothing I needed at Target so just got a couple of grocery items.

    Fri. Morning: Surface lost a whole paragraph so I got disgusted and closed off. I am on my big laptop this morning. Ooooh, what an improvement. I may hit a key on the big one which loses my post but the Surface will cause me to zoom completely off the site I'm on. Yikes!!! I actually had the NRG to wash the master bathroom tile floor on my hands and knees yesterday. It needs that from time to time as the floor machine doesn't get into the nooks and crannies around the edge. This morning, I will go to Publix. They have the gas cards again so guess I'll pick one up. Nothing like getting 20 percent off my gas.

    Sun, I don't know what causes our bad nor our good sleep. I just know I love it when I get good, restful sleep and I can definitely feel the difference. Kitties and I slept til 5:00 this morning so I just got up. I only got about six hours of sleep but it was mostly uninterrupted. The IPads use a different operation system than the PC's. Last time yours updated, it likely installed 'auto correct.' I have it on my phone. It tries to guess what you're wanting to type. It's a pain more than it is helpful, IMHO. Yes, getting your HR up to 125 or 130 is ideal and, if you can keep it up for 20 or 30 minutes, even better. Just be careful until you are over the crud. Make sure you can sing or carry on a conversation at that rate. Hope you are feeling better.

    Granni, I usually sleep til 3:00 or 3:30 before I have to get up to pee. If I don't give the cats their treats, they will drive me nuts but, if I do, they will go back to sleep til 7:00, as long as I don't turn on any lights. I just hope they will keep this up. This morning, we all slept til 5:00 and that's OK too. I was wondering whether y'all get the cedar winds DD gets near Dallas? Everyone is so sick with the cedar pollen. They went on a cruise so am hoping they have a good time. If my NRG keeps up, I can get this place cleaned up and they can come visit. DGS loves to fish but the fishermen are saying they aren't catching anything with all this polluted water that is being released from Lake Okeechobee. If you get the Bali boy short shapewear for swim bottoms, I hope you like them. I love mine.

    Julie, I'm so glad your niece and her girls got to see GPA and he got to see them. How sad that their mom/grandma wasn't even in the picture. Barb's kids, her grandkids and great grandkids no longer want to be around her, according to her daughter. It's so tragic, sick and sad. At least, they know how much you are doing for him and, I'm sure, that gives them great comfort. It's possible your Dad's parents did visit him. Those who have passed on are often around us but only the very young and very old seem to be able to see them. I'm glad he wanted to know even bad news. That's a good sign. I'm sure it's a weight off your shoulders too. Thanks for posting the pic. I wonder what those people would have thought had they seen someone in a bikini.

    Rock, I don't know that I'd get in the water if I had to wear the tights with my swim suit. I hope you can stop back when you can stay. The Dixieland Jazz Band members were from Minn. and they told an 'Olie Joke.' Olie went to church and when the preacher asked those with problems they wanted help with to come forward, he got in line. When his turn came, he told the preacher he needed help with his hearing. The preacher stuck his fingers in Olie's ears and commenced praying. When he removed his fingers, he asked Olie if it had helped his hearing. Olie said, "I don't know; my hearing isn't until Tues." I only know one Olie and Lena joke and it's not one I can tell in public. Thought you might like to hear the clean one.

    Well, Kids, gotta go read the paper. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Today is March fourth. The only day of the year that is also a military
    command. That's a dumb joke I heard decades ago. Have never
    been able to forget it. As Dave Barry has pointed out, it's hard
    to remember stuff we need to know. Possibly because our brain
    is crammed full of stupid jokes and advertising jingles from the past.

    Gonna be 70 degrees here today. Then 3 days of rain. It's 59
    degrees right now. My hands are so cold I'd wear gloves if I
    could type with them on.

    Mikie, never heard that Ole and Lena joke before. (They are Ole
    and Lena jokes even if both parties aren't in them.) A guy named
    Red Stangland in Sioux Falls, S. D.used to publish little books of
    Ole and Lena jokes. They were always sold at Son of Norway events.
    I musta bought half a dozen of 'em. Here's a sample.

    Ole got a notice from da folks at da IRS. "Audit! Bring in your
    records." Ole showed up with 6 Guy Lombardos and 7 Lawrence

    After Lena and Ole's first date, Lena's girlfriend Sigurd asked how it
    went. Lena said, "You know the difference between Ole and a
    canoe? A canoe will sometimes tip."

    Julie, I think your response to your Dad was perfect. (Sorry to
    have missed them.) Yes, nice picture of you and Mom.

    Well, I was trying to go back to respond to posts on the first page,
    but the machine (and my brain) are not cooperating.

    All for now