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  1. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    Bow to your corner, bow to your gal.
    All to the center. Wave at your pal.

    Chicken in the skillet. Taters in the pan.
    Allemande left with your nearest hand.

    Gals to the center; form a star.
    Gents stay put right where you are.

    Down on your heels, and up on your toes.
    Ladies circle; away she goes!

    Clap your hands; bend and bow.
    Comin' to the endin' right about now.

    Do-see-do as light as foam.
    Now swing your gal and all go home.

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    A realllly good night's sleep until 5:00 this morning. It's always better when I don't have to get up during the night. My brain even feels a bit sharper. That's always a plus. Have to go out to water plants in pots this morning. It's soooo dry here with breezes to make it even drier.

    Rock, thanks for getting us up and going. PBS has had the old masters digitized to enhance the quality of the recordings. There is one bunch of CD's I'd love to have. Even if the songs are lip synched, I still love to hear the music. It takes me back to a simpler time. I've decided that we ought to call a dance for all our kitties:

    Kitties to the center and all say, "Meow,"
    Don't stub your toe or you'll say, "Ow."

    Hug you partner with your right paw,
    Back away without a flaw.

    Round in a circle you will go,
    Then turn around and do-see-do.

    Cat food in the bowl and treats on the floor,
    Break away into groups of four.

    Turn in a circle and start to prance,
    Get read to do the litter box dance.

    Turn to your partner and take a bow,
    It's been fun but that's all for now.

    BTW, you are much better at this than I. The movie, Puss 'n Boots, featured the Litterbox Dance in a dance-off segment.

    Granni, I'm so glad you will get a new computer. I hope it works better for you than this one. Let us know what you got.

    Julie, I saw a Polaris on some TV show and I thought of you. Those utility vehicles are so practical. Her in God's Waiting Room, we see a lot of golf carts. That was so nice of you to do all that work at GPA's place. It should help set his mind at ease. Do you think that, now that his health has settled down, he is better able to reason and is a bit more secure? It's also possible that he is able to realize just how much you do for him and he appreciates it. In any case, I hope this means things will be less stressful for you, and for him. Prolonged stress is soooo bad for us.

    Gotta get going. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  3. rockgor

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    His Kids

    It's a quiet day. Except when the street sweeper goes by. Gordon is just
    leaving to run some errands. He had a call this morning. One of his
    former supervisors is working at a new place. She wants to recruit him for
    a part time job.

    He wouldn't have the long commute he previously did. It's at the East end
    of Hollywood. But it's been three years since he retired. I don't think he'll
    do it. I'd go back to work if it meant I could magically be restored to health.
    Otherwise I couldn't do the job.

    Mikie, I was stopped dead in my tracks by your kitty dance calls. I
    was practically catatonic. Your kitty ditty left me feline grrrreat as
    Tony the Tiger used to say. Too bad we don't have shows like the Ed
    Sullivan hour anymore. You and the kitties could start a new career.
    Give them kats something to live fur. What do you think. Do we
    need a catalog of kitty puns?

    BTW, the voice of Tony the Tiger was provided by Thurl Ravenscroft
    for decades. Thurl was a voice actor. I used to have a record of him
    singing Christmas carols. As you might have guessed, he was a bass.

    Julie, do people wallpaper much anymore? Is it more 'spensive than
    painting? I bet you're doing a better job than Lucy and Ethel. I
    remember going to some fancy restaurant in the Twin Cities. The
    wall paper was fuzzy. Velvet?

    I remember when we had wall paper hangers at our house. We kids
    had explicit instructions. "Go out and play. Don't come home till
    I call you."

    Hope ya'all have the bestest day possible.

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry for so little posting. I have been reading though. It takes forever to write one sentence..:mad:

    MIKIE- Love your call !! We bought a HP ENVY m7 Notebook. Got it $100 off till Sunday. DS will come. Sunday to set it up for us.

    JULIE - So glad things are going well for you all and Gpa.

    ROCK- Glad to hear you feeling so chipper after MIKIES kitty calls. YOURS WAS GREAAAAT :)!! TOO Still love. TONY the. TIGER!! I give up trying to post anything tonight.

    Need to ed1t so I can get you all on my phone..

    Love to eveydobby,
    Granni :)
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  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Another mild, lovely morning--68 degrees out. It gets up into the 80's in the afternoons but it's breezy and not uncomfortable. If only we could get through the summers with temps in the 80's. When it reaches the low 90's, with all the summer humidity, I wilt. Whine, whine, whine! Every spring, I feel as though we didn't get enough nice winter weather. Oh well, it's still better than having to live through harsh winter snow storms. Kitties have been so good while I've not been feeling well. The sky is a bright orange and appears to be on fire. It's beautiful.

    Rock, I always dreamed of going back to work but never could. Then, when I could work part time, I enjoyed my simple job at Publix. As y'all know, though, the Sjogren's took care of that. I think we all have had to mourn the loss of what we formerly could do, be it work, taking care of family or personal interests. Heck, just being able to do normal everyday things is now a treat. Healthier people take these things for granted. Wallpaper comes and goes. It was wildly popular in the 80's and then died out. Last year, it was supposed to make a comeback but I don't think it really has. The new paper is easier to handle and put up and the designs are more up to date. Still, you can't beat paint for making a dramatic difference in décor at a reasonable cost. I need to repaint my entry way. The wear and tear from me and the cats has taken its toll. Tweety jumps up on the half wall to perch but she is getting too fat to stick the landing and her back feet cycle around on the wall beneath the sill as she hangs on with her front claws. It's easier to use the tall stainless trash/recycle cans to jump on and transition to the wall. I've decided not sweat the small stuff with them. It's all repairable/replaceable in the long scheme of things. Thanks for all your kitty puns. Cats are such funny creatures that puns seem made for them. These guys entertain and amuse me every day. Both are worn out from square dancing and engaging in their usual smack downs and are snoozing.

    Julie, I'm so glad that GPA is starting to relax a bit and know what it is to live with loving and kind people. It's probably been difficult for him to accept that his daughter is so manipulative and you are so good to him. I hope this means that things will be less stressful for you. I hope your Dad, nor any of you, don't pick up that stomach flu. In any kind of group living centers, viruses and flu bugs spread like wild fire and seem to stick around. I'm glad they cleared up Barb's infection. Grace tells me that Barb doesn't want to work very hard at rehab and can barely raise her leg off the floor. There is no way she can climb stairs. Her son is here and, when she is able to fly, her DD will come down to take her up north. Someone said the son will be getting the condo ready to be shut down. I don't know what they will do with it. I'm glad she has kids to take care of her but I feel for them. I keep you and yours in my prayers and, I hope, things continue to go better for you.

    Granni, HP's are the work horses of the PC world. I still have my old Compaq laptop (Compaq is the same thing as an HP but is no longer made). I really should get rid of it but it's still working well. I hope you like this new one and it works better than the old one. So far, knocking on wood, my little mysterious fix seemed to cure whatever was ailing my keyboard. Removing the battery and sticking it back in seems to be a one-size-cures-all remedy for a lot of things which bug computers. How are you and DH enjoying the new Highlander? I hope you like it. Someone here in the hood just got a new navy blue Avalon Toyota and it is a beauty. A friend on the next street over just had to have a ton of expensive work done on her old car. She is on a tight budget and I know this has been really tough for her. I have to wonder about her mechanic. I dread anything expensive crapping out on my old Highlander. I still love it after 13 yrs.

    Well, Kiddies, time to go read the virtual newspaper and make a cuppa decaf. Lately, I've wanted more than one cup of Joe but don't want the extra caffeine so have been drinking the decaf. The Green Mountain brand is really good. Don't know what I did before Keurig came along. BTW, the kitties continue to enjoy their Greenies treats which are supposed to be good for their teeth. Maybe I should chew on them, the Greenies, not the kitties. My health ins. is sending me a $15 gift card for Bed Bath & Beyond as a reward for getting an annual wellness doctor visit. I can use it to buy more Greenies. Hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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  6. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Had a long chat with my Minnesota brother. He calls 3-4 times a year.
    Not an email writer. Anyway I was telling him that the History
    channel had wonderful documentaries but way too many ads. He said,
    "You can find some of them on Youtube. No ads at all." So I watched
    one last night about WWII last night. No matter how many books
    or documentaries one consumes, there always seems to be more to learn.
    Our attitude on bombing raids and the targets, for example, was greatly
    changed during the course of the war.

    It's getting harder and harder to post. My spelling and typing started
    to go some years back. For the past year my brain has been substituting
    words. For example, look at the last word in the previous paragraph.
    I originally typed "year". This kind of mistake is much worse than a
    mere typo because changing one word to another changes the meaning
    of the sentence. Furthermore, the reader may have no clue what
    the sentence should be. Vine, Vine Vine.

    I mean, "Whine. Whine. Whine." Uff-da!

    Granni, I hope you get your computer tomorrow and get it all hooked.
    Hopefully it will work as well as Mikie's Roomba.

    Mikie, Oops! Gordon's back. Hafta go help unload. He was gonna pick
    up Durward Kirby's autobiography. I remember him from the Gary
    Moore show.

    Hugs, Kids

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Julie, we were both posting simul-you-know-what. And we both got
    interrupted. All this was foretold in the stars, no doubt. You guys
    see the news the other day about the biggest structure in the universe
    that was recently discovered? It is so big that it takes light a billion
    years to travel across it. It is a "wall of galaxies".

    But, of course, that is just nonsense. A structure is one thing. A galaxy
    is made up of lots of things. Seems to me it's like saying many of the
    drops of water in the ocean form a structure, and it's the biggest thing
    on Earth. I suppose you have to understand tricky subjects like math
    and physics to follow all this. Bah! Humbug!

    Mikie, it's great that Sir Vester and Tweety provide you with enter-
    tainment. Seems only fair considering all you provide to them.

    "A clown with his pants falling down
    Or the dance that's a dream of romance
    Or the scene where the villain is mean.
    That's entertainment!"

    Sir Vester and Tweety's smack down
    Is as good as the pants on the clown.
    Or the scene where the Mountain is Green.
    That's Entertainment!

    Yup, Julie. You have to have clear pathways. My grandmother
    once got up during the night and stepped on something. She
    heard it crack. So she thought, "What the heck!! and stepped on
    it some more. Shortly thereafter found out she'd been tromping
    on her reading glasses.

    Time for a nap.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Remember to set your clocks back, PORCHIES !! Tomorrow DS comes to set up the new computer. This is driving me crazy ! :mad:

    HUGZ to everyone.. Takes To long to write and keep correcting as I go. Off to take a shower.
    GRANNI :)
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Well, I done sprung ahead. In a way it's good because I get up so early but now, with DST, it's not that early. Oh the mind games we play to make sense of life. I'm waiting for my newspaper. Don't know whether the change in time has affected delivery or whether it's just the usual incompetence of the newspaper delivery system. We don't have a real designated delivery person; our route is tacked onto whatever route they can tack it onto. So, who gets the tip at Christmastime? The person whose route happens to include ours at the time? Oy! I never get a Thank You note so I don't even know whether it gets to where it's going. Whine, whine, whine! Oops, I mean vine, vine, vine! Speak of the devil--paper just arrived.

    DD#1 called last night. I know she has thyroiditis but was waiting for the details. I did some research so know a bit about it. She had been totally exhausted and had pain around the thyroid gland. The type she has causes hyperthyroidism before it switches and goes into hypothyroidism. She will eventually have to take a med to supplement the thyroid hormone. When the hyperthyroidism was at its worst, her heart rate was 120 without any activity. She felt as though she were having a heart attack. She was off work for more than a week and was bedbound. She dropped out of the masters program in nursing this term. She will evaluate whether or not she really should continue. As it is, she and DSIL have both been burning the candle at both ends. Doc did tests for autoimmune conditions, including Sjogren's, but they were all negative. Thank God! We never stop worrying about our kids, no matter how old they get. We all want to get together in TX with DD#2 when we are feeling better but don't know when that will be. The allergies here are still bad. The pollen lies in thick blankets on top of our cars. Green gunk! AACCKK!!!

    Julie, you're just a kid. Tell Keira that. By FL stds., you really are a kid. I'm considered a youngster at 71 by my older friends. Well, I certainly don't feel like a kid. Picture Tweety hanging onto the top of the half wall with her front paws dug into the sill on top with her hind legs frantically clawing the wall below, trying to get ahold to boost her fat little body up and over the top. She has a system to travel from there over the top of my kitchen cart to the window sill where she gets her treats. My friend, Nancy, has an old dog who can no longer get up on the bed. She bought a ramp for him but her cat, Bob The Heartthrob, had to show him how to use it. Sounds as though sis isn't the only irresponsible person in the family. Don't these people realize the trauma and heartbreak they leave in their wake? What Clinton and Amy are doing for Miley is such a blessing and I will pray for them and for her. Seems to me that you and Den have done a wonderful job of showing your kids how to be kind and responsible people. Good for you! I know how hard it is for y'all but God will richly bless you.

    Granni, I don't know what is worse--having to shower or type on a stubborn keyboard. I guess it's a tossup. Never thought I'd get to this point that I don't even want to fix my hair. Everything is just too much trouble. If it weren't for the Roomba, I'd be so overwhelmed that I think I'd just stay in bed. It's still all I can do to clean the litterboxes and take garbage down to the dumpster and get my mail. I did set my clocks ahead. The digital ones aren't so bad but the battery analog ones are a pain. Again, whine, whine, whine! Hope you like the new computer. Let us know.

    Rock, once again, that's a fine looking kitty. I love the calico cats. Did you know that they are almost exclusively females? It's some kind of genetic trait which gives them their beautiful coloring. If that cat were all white, it would look just like Tweety. I threw her out last night as she was all wound up and being destructive. This morning, after I had let her back in, she started it again. She didn't get a treat and I've been giving her the silent treatment. I hate doing this but it's about the only way to stop her. I don't know what gets into her to make her so ornery. I often type a different word instead of the one I wanted. I'll proof and am stupefied by it all. Autocorrect only adds to the problem. Oy! I loved the movie, That's Entertainment, and the song as well. Amazon has been dragging out some older movies in an attempt to round out their scarce supply of films but they are not old enough to be interesting and not new enough to be ones I want to see. I started watching a British series by PBS--Mr. Selfridge. It's about an American man who built a dept. store in London in the 1800's or early 1900's. Can't tell which. Instead of stories about a wealthy family and their employees, like on Downton Abbey, it's about the Selfridge family and the store's employees. Rich people/poor people. Both have problems so I've decided it's better to be rich. Oh, wait--I forgot about Donald Trump. Maybe richer isn't better. Still, I'd like to find out for myself.

    Guess it's time to go wade through the bulky paper. That, and the news and political shows, will occupy my morning. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I've been watching Mr. Selfridge when it first started bit kinda lost interest for awhile, then I got all the back seasons from the library and binged watching every night. OMG.....the clothes!!!! The set designs, the intrigue and skullduggery......wonderful. I'm caught up so far. My son is able to capture what has already played in England and then sends me a link so I can watch. I think I love it almost as much as DowntonAbbey.

    What a storm we had on Friday. I had gone to my art group which is held in a large building. When I came out at 3 PM it was raining cats and dogs. I had to run to my van to get an umbrella to then run back and get my art work so it wouldn't get wet. Came home and changed my very wet/soaked clothes then put on my raincoat and ran some errands. Went to the bank in our little town and saw that a huge old pepper tree had fallen over because of the storm.....right onto a car someone was driving. (I've heard that around the southland there are many trees that are just falling over due to the bad drought) The crew were hard at work cutting up the tree. I had to look hard to see the small smashed car under the tree. The guy in the bank said the people had gotten out OK, unhurt, and had come into the bank to call the police. There were other large eucalyptus branches (these branches are almost like a small tree) on another street that had snapped in the storm and were being cut. What a storm.....which I basically had missed. Lots of small branches and leaves in my yard which I cleaned up.

    Like a dummy without a brain, I had realized a few days earlier that the battery in my remote for the van wasn't working, so I took out the battery and the cap and put it in a baggy for when I bought new batteries. Friday I searched for the baggy....OMG....I must have scooped it up and into the trash. So I dug thru 3 bags of dirty trash....chicken bones, vegetable scraps, junk mail, etc. but didn't find it. So had to buy the 2 batteries, installed one with the remote that still had the cap. I managed to cut a "cap" out of heavy cardboard and hot glued it and the battery onto my 2nd remote. This is my backup. To order a new remote runs around $135 so I'm making do.

    Julie: It's wonderful that Clinton and Amy have taken in Miley. Sooooo many grandparents are raising their grandchildren due to drugs and bad life style. I'm sure Keira will adjust and come to look at Miley as her sister. Probably the best thing would be for them to have legal custody. I have a friend whose adopted daughter got PG at 14, she and her husband got legal custody of the baby, then this baby grew up in her home, and got PG, although she was older but still living at home. So my friend has another generation to help raise.

    Yesterday we celebrated my DGD 8th BD. She had a little "tea party" in the dining room with some of her friends while us adults were in the FR. Lots of fun. And yesterday I picked up my sewing machine.....had a cleaning done of it......so I have a stack of things I want to work on today.

    Here's something fun to see.....check out the movie magic.

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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope I can find u all on the computer. This is from my phone. So much clean up to do on it, very different plus DS fixed and changed our phone set up too. Lots to do and learn.

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  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    Granni - i hate changing computers or phones etc..the whole transferring data thing just gives me a headache.
    Some years back i broke my laptop screen and when it came back from repair i couldnt find so many things i had saved..auff...

    Rock - thank you for opening the new porch..lol, i loved your ditty too where you said i was resting..lol...i do do that, pretty much. Does gordon want to work again? I understand people sometimes hv trouble adjusting to not working when they retire. And Gordon does seem the type to like having something to occupy him all the time. Ive been having brain troubles myself..mostly with memory..i simply cant recall names which i could before.

    Mikie - that was smart to make that ditty up as you went along...always knew you had more grey cells than most, anyway. Donald Trump - is he for real? ive been watching his shennanigans on tv. im aghast! Do you know anything about dreams? I seem to be visiting certain places time and again in them. Only they couldnt be from my this lifetime memories because..i seem to be flying thru the air, rushing at great speed altho it doesnt seem scary at all and theres green green pristine mountains forests full of trees and lakes full of absolutely crystal water the colours of every place i visit (even those peopled by people) are so vivid and bright more than wht is actually here on earth..ive seen the same scenery couple of times..so strange..!! the people are normal what we see here on earth.. i also flew once into a big hall place with majestic symbols on huge doors but i couldnt get in..a blank white wall suddenly appeared before me. and i had to go back flying to another place. None of these dreams were scary at all, in fact they were exhilarating! But they are nothing like my common dreams which i usually dream where its like everyday nd the colours are flat and dreary. and the events ordinrary.

    Julie - it seems obvious Grandpa would be happier with you and Den than in his own place being looked after by someone who doesnt really care...you are such a kind soul. You sounded happy too. in your last post.

    Sunflower - how sweet yr GD havng her friends over...for a tea party.these kind of things are what makes sweet memories...may she hv many many of them. Thank you for telling me about Mr Selfridges, or was that Mikie. I fell in love with Downtown Abbey and so thrilled there is another series like it.Yay!!!

    Diane - i dont know if you posted recently..but i sure hope you are doing well and kevin and the kitties too.

    ive been busy just doing the usual and just finished attending all the weddings...and very relieved. This year has been one of the busiest tht way..our friends relatves kids all growing up, falling in love, or having arranged marriages and since it is a once in life time thing its unthinkble not to attend...however, strain on the energy, finances etc. Luckily i have been looking okay, better thn i was post earthquake...nothng like attending a do and looking like youve been thru world war I and II.

    My housework has suffered...so much backlog of chores...i was also supposed to recolour my hair because the salon girl said one packet was not enough since i hv thick longer hair but altho i have been walking around withthe packet in my bag have not been able to spare time to go do that..i can do it at home but dont hv enough energy for that...funny. Also i found this place which charges a pittance to colour...so that is an added incentive to go to a salon..no blow drying..simply cant coordinate my visit with the three hours the power comes on during different parts of the day or night.

    I did hv a doggy adventure ..the other day, was on my back home from an errand..and saw this absolutely dreadfully sore afflicted doggie running along in front of me, it was skeletal and bleeding from the thead..so i followed it (i had no phone to call anyone ) and it ran away from me in the opposite direction, so i tried to keep up and managed to get ahead of it, and threw it a biscuit from the packet i had bought for myself..it was ravenous and started gobbling it up...so i threw another and another ...until the packet was almost finished...i was wondering how i could get the dog to the rehabilitation centre on my own,

    the dog was too fearsomely infected for a cab driver to agree...then suddenly a motorbike stopped at my side. it was a college student on his way back after reaching his dad to the airport, and he told me about the animal centre which i already knew about, and co incidentally he happened to be a dental student who had just given his finals in the morning and also was training as a dog trainer part time...he didnt hv any money on him as he sheepishly told me but i was carrying enough so i asked him to get a cab whch he did after approaching a few...who werent willing, then as we were wondering how to get the dog into the cab, it was not cooperating and snapping, the boys friend came walking by and the two of them tried with a resin sack they got from a shop nearby..

    no luck the dog was too afraid and too strong still altho horribly malnourished...it took off in another direction up a hill...so we followed it...until it went into a ramshackle house which had been abandoned after the earthquake...there the boy and his friend tried (the taxi cab also came into the compound) no go. the doggie in his fear bit the boy..but he assured us he had got his rabies shots since he keeps getting bitten in his training as adog trainer. Then the boy said maybe ifwe had amuzzle so i remembered the supermarket a few blocks away had pet items so i sent the boy to buy one..meanwhile he told me and his friend to guardthe doorway (which had no door) so the dog wouldnt escape.

    Then he came back and went in again among all the rubbish and tried but no go, the doggie was too aggressive...the boy had the animals centres number but he had just taken a dog the previous day and they couldnt accommodate it owing to being full...and the centres pick up also was broken so he had had to make the trip..the number didnt respond so in the end we gave up...the boys friend lives in the vicinity so he said he would keep an eye out for it.

    Then at home next day i mentioned about the dog to my son and the events...and my son when hearing the name of the boy asked me to describe him...i told him he looked like him only he had Aryan features and not Mongolian, then he asked me where he stayed and i told him and then he went to his room drew out his mobile phone and showed me a facebook picture of his friend and it was his friend! LOL!they played FIFA tournaments together...and he was also a dog lover. And his sisters name was the name of my daughter!! whole bag of coincidences.

    well the days chores await...

    y all take care

    God Bless
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Dear Porch Family,

    Not much to tell when I'm in such a flare and doing nothing 'cept watching TV. I'm into Season 2 of Mr. Selfridge. It's set in the early 1900's, leading up to WWI. That's the same time frame as Downton Abbely. Yes, the costumes, elegant homes, and cars are amazing. The writing for the PBS Masterpiece series is wonderful. The time surrounding WWI was a time of change in society's classes, world power, women's independence and economics. It happened in a relatively short time and must have been very exciting but stressful for those living then. My Mom's oldest brother fought in that war and suffered from being gassed. He died young of a heart attack, probably due to his chronic health problems as a result of being exposed to the gas. I have a big book on WWI but have had a problem getting through it all.

    Tweety and Sir Vester were angels last night. I never let my silent treatment go beyond noon of the day after one of them has acted up; it's almost always Tweety. She knows why she's being ignored and waits until I sit down and talk to her. Then, she is so thrilled to be back in my good graces that she purrs and coos. I hate to have to do this but it is effective. She slept on top of me all day yesterday as I lay in bed. They both slept through until 5:00 this morning. I got up and gave them both treats and lots of love.

    Julie, I still am amazed at the scheduling y'all do in order to get kids and cars to where they are going. Even changes don't seem to throw y'all and you just keep on plugging along. Good for you! I'm laughing at what Keira said. Perhaps they can put up a sign on the door: Keira Slept Here! Kids crack me up. Hoping you can get some rest so you can enjoy your family.

    Sun, OMG! This El Nino weather is scary. So many storms like we're not used to seeing. Our big African Tulip tree broke off in the last violent storm and there were large branches lying on the stairs over at Joe's bldg. across from our little pond. Landscapers came out and butchered that poor tree. They never sent me a bill for the last bushes I had them put in. I was so hard on them for their incompetence that they said they'd not bill me. I told them we pay our bills and to go ahead and send me the bill. They are always late sending bills but, if they don't send one, I won't push to pay it. I already told them to bill us. Our flowers are at their most beautiful but, with hot weather coming, they won't last long. They get all leggy and sparse looking. Hope y'all get just the right amt. of rain without the destruction.

    Spring, you are soooo good to help animals and so are the guys who helped you. Yes, it is a small world. It's difficult to know what is going on with Donald Trump. He's a big promoter of himself and his projects. Everyone is surprised that he's done so well in politics. It is very scary to see the violence associated with his rallies. I don't know a lot about dreams but I do know that some people are able to travel to the outer rings of Heaven. DD#1 has been able to meet with her grandmothers in a kind of lobby space but isn't allowed to go any further than that. She has also met with a friend in a kind of café. She has asked to go further but is told she cannot. I have never done that but my Mom does come to me in regular dreams. Also, there are places where my dreams take place on a regular bases but they are not real places. Still, I go there over and over. There is nothing remarkable about them. A lot of my dreams are ones of frustration--I can't find a clean restroom; I've lost something or someone; I found something to buy but lost it and can't find it. The worst are dreams that my ex is promising to build me a dream home but I know he won't finish it. It's been 30 years that we've been apart but I still dream about it. AACCKK!!! Have things improved there? I hope so.

    Granni, yes, it can be so hard to get new phones and electronics. I hate having to deal with it all. On the other hand, it can be exciting. The new Windows 10 is different from the old versions but, since you're going from Apple to Microsoft, it will be different anyway. Walmart has a new phone plan for $45 a month with unlimited data. I'm thinking of getting a new phone and this plan. That way, I could use my phone a lot more for the same price. As it is, I'm afraid to get online for fear of using up more data than I'm allowed. I use no apps which take data time. Do you still like your Highlander? I hope so.

    Think I'll try to do just one thing today. When I do that, I'm not under pressure, nor being overwhelmed, by all that needs doing. Once I'm up and at it, I often just keep going and get a lot done. This lolling around all day cannot continue. My whole bod will atrophy. Yikes! I'll disappear into a blob on the floor. Hope all y'all feel well today.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2016
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings all. Here I am on my new computer where I am having problems trying to find things. Now sure any of my FAVORITES were saved, as well as other things. DH was talking to DS and told him what he wanted to save but they didn't ask me. There were also lots of things on/it to different places not sure if they are on this new one or not. Or it might be but not where I want them to be :)! Got lots of other lists to put back n to ta I need to start doing.

    I have ordered some more supps on line and did a few other things but haven't she was sure is a lot cheaper than the other lady I was using. Am trying to go without doing to much curling but that will not be easy for DH who likes the curls but of course he does not do them or pay for it :)!! He also likes longer hair which is a major pain for me. My hair has never been real long any way but withthe heat of TX and humidity and my thick hair you have got to be kidding ):!!

    JULIE - Glad things seem to be going pretty well for you all and Gpa. Keep it up. I have done some reading but not alot. Also have to get rid of all the contacts on my phone that were put there from the computer. DS is trying to make things easier and safer for us but for right now it is a lot of work.

    Hi to MIKIE, SUN, SW, ROCK and everydobby else I missed. Love you all and have to try and find out how to get back here easier. My tabs are gone too. YIKES !!! HUGz TO ALL AND DIANE TOO !!

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Will Gpa wear those pads for men in his underwear or like pull ups I think some of them also might be. Is he embarrassed to wear something ? I wear pads during the day and bedtime, different ones. I am ot embarrassed either it is just a fact of life. I have fair control during the day but when I have to go I have to go and I do not always get to the bathroom in time.

    Something like that, even those pads for men would be helpful for you since you to have to to do so much of that wash. I know you don't really mind but it sure would be helpful to you not to have to do so much some of the time. He is sure to be understanding about how it will help you, especially since you are doing so much for him and he does love it there with you. You might just suggest it to him if he is not already wearing something. I know he might think he is being a baby and feel like he is wearing diapers or something esp if they are the underpants. There might be some that also have pads you put in them, like some womans underwear. Hope u don't feel like I am intruding but you already do so much for him and all. You are an angel my dear but hope you won't collapse one of these days .

    Gotta fun for now and do a little more searching before supper.

    Love you and all,
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Yesterday was chiropractor -Trader Joe's Day. They are about a block
    apart. As usual Trader Joe's had lots of beautiful flowers on display.
    But, strangely believe it, no orchids. They usually have oodles;
    mostly phalaenopsis.

    I found a new treat. P-nut better balls. They are tiny. Smaller than
    a marble; encased (or as the candy makers like to say) enrobed in
    milk chocolate. But I thought there might be nuts in them, and since
    I have a paucity of teeth, I decided not to buy them.

    Gordon, however, went to ask an employee who said, "I dunno. Let
    let's test them." So he opened the package and the three of us did a
    highly scientific test, and I bought some.

    Sun and Mikie, I never heard of Mr. Selfridge although I have heard of
    Mr. Skeffington. Bette Davis played a "renowned beauty". Bette was
    a lot of things, but never beautiful.

    I looked up Mr. Selfridge. As you said Mikie, he was an American. Born
    before the Civil War (in Wisconsin) and died after WWII. Like me he
    started his business career as a paper boy. After that our paths diverged
    like the two roads in Robert Frost's yellow wood.

    Sun, glad you had a nice party for your DGD. Mikie, I had read about
    calico cats previously. But I read they were all female. Never had
    one. Never even fed a stray one.

    Gotta go; back later.
    Hugs, Kids
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    It was already 73 degrees at 6:00 this morning. It will get into the mid-80's this afternoon. I should be lying at the pool enjoying life but don't feel like I should with all that needs to be done in here. Yesterday, I had a wee bit more NRG and watered/fertilized our outdoor potted flowers and swept the balcony. It's been dry and breezy so the cobwebs accumulate rapidly everywhere, including the eaves. I also wiped down the stair and balcony railings. Not a lot accomplished but feels like a lot when I don't have a bunch of NRG.

    I managed to get some things mailed. Since I don't even have enough income to file taxes (we don't pay state income tax in FL), I am entitled to an extra property tax exemption but I had to send in a card asking for it. I get the normal FL homestead exemption and another for being older than 65. In all, I get $60,000 in exemptions off the appraised taxable value of my condo. My property taxes are sooooo low. I don't think I could live anywhere else as inexpensively. A new law in FL will freeze my property's value, even if the market price increases. My taxes will stay the same unless the mil levy increases.

    Barb's son, Michael, is here and we chatted and joked around a bit. He brought her clothes home and laundered them for her. I told him I'd be over with my laundry later for him to do. He spends more time with her than the last daughter did. I told him to holler if he needs anything.

    Grace and Dennis want to go home but can't seem to find a hotel in just the right stopping place which will accept the dog. Dennis found one but said he's going to cancel the reservation. He can never make up his mind about anything. He buys things and cancels them, over and over. OMG, it would drive me nuts to be married to someone like that. It would be different if there were a good reason to change his mind but there never is. He is just never satisfied that he made the right decision. Yikes!!! :confused: Being single isn't so bad!

    Julie, I'm always amazed at how much you do and how you do it with such grace. You are sooooo kind and good to GPA. He is very lucky to have you. I hope the kids' visit doesn't wear you out. Is there any way to take naps while they are there? I'm like GPA; sometimes, I'll drop off for a while but don't realize I've been asleep right away. I probably snore too. :) Normally, DST bothers me too but this year, not so much. Not having to be on any kind of schedule makes it easier. How is your weather? Is it warming up for you? I hope so.

    Granni, I hope you get used to the new computer soon. At least, it will not be such a pain to type on as the old one. I keep asking how you like the new Highlander but you must not have seen my posts. I hope you are enjoying it. My hair isn't thick but I can no longer imagine wearing it long in this heat and humidty. I do envy younger women who have thicker hair and can tie it back in a ponytail. I now look like an old floozy with long hair. With it short, I look sporty. I'll take sporty over floozy every time. It's hard to pull off longer blonde hair when one is older. Some women can do it but not I.

    Rock, I hope you enjoy the peanut butter balls. Trader Joe's has a lot of yummy things. The one in SW FL is about 30 miles down the coast so I don't shop there. Just as well; I'd be tempted by all those things I no longer eat. I had read that scientists believe all calico cats are female but, like with all things genetic, there could be a variant out there somewhere. Since I don't know nothing' bout those kinds of things, I just have to take the experts' word on it. My neighbor had a beautiful long-haired calico and she was soooo sweet, the cat, not the neighbor. Neighbor is OK but wouldn't say she is sweet. But, I digress...

    Hope my NRG level is, at least, what it was yesterday. Still lots of things to do around here. Sending prayers for lots of NRG for all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2016
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Back after a nap. Good luck finding all your receipts etc., Julie.
    Been so long since I did my income tax I've forgotten the form
    that shows how much we earned the previous year. I searched
    on line for W2 40, but that seems to be something else. Maybe it's
    just W-2. It used to take me about half an hour to do my taxes 'cause
    I just took the standard deduction.

    And the government never seemed to care if you did it right or not
    anyhoo. A couple of times Gordon and I would get back a notice
    of a correction and the refund would be a little bigger or smaller than
    we had calculated.

    I don't know how you can cope with Gpa. I sure couldn't. Not even
    if I were healthy. As for fortune cookie wisdom, I never in my life saw
    a fortune cookie that told one's future. All the ones I saw were some
    sort of proverb or adage: One who would have the fruit must climb
    the tree.

    Granni, good luck with the new computer. Yes, it's a pain to have to
    recreate the list of favorites. We've lost ours several times due to
    virus attacks or to buying a new computer.

    The Homebound Board is practically outta business. There are only 2
    of us who post regularly and two more who post when they can. But
    lately I'm posting to myself. (As Granni sometimes has said.)

    Diane, Barry, Springwater, Drop by when you can.

  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member


    Julie: You are amazing how you just go with the flow around there. Honestly, reading all about the sheets, blankets, etc. that you wash daily, Gpa should feel extremely blessed to be living with you guys. I, truthfully, couldn't do that and would have found a nice retirement home for him where all that was done for him. And I hope you all stay healthy for your visit.

    Rock: I'll have to look for those peanut butter chocolate treats. I have a TJ down the street from me so I'm there several times a week. I love their cottage cheese and plain yogurt, good prices on other cheeses, and lately they've been selling large avocados for a buck each so I bought some yesterday. They're soooo good for you.

    MIkie: So are the kids selling the condo or just taking her back with them?

    Granni: Your husband probably wants you to wear longer hair.....reminding him of HIS youth and your's also. My DH never even noticed or said anything about my hair color, length of it, or what I was even wearing, so count yourself blessed.

    Spring: what a story about how you guys tried to save that dog. I didn't know people could get a rabies vaccination? I do know that if someone is bit and they can't find the animal it's VERY painful as you must get shots in your stomach.

    It's supposed to get up to the high 80s this week, which should be nice since we've had the rain and cold. My cleaning lady was over yesterday so I ran some errands while she was here. I've got so much antique lace, bits and pieces, that after doing a search I'm going to try my hand at making a few bridal headpieces. So yesterday I hit two fabric stores, searching for buckram.......a stiff fabric to use as a backing and the foundation for the veil. It didn't cost much so nothing ventured nothing gained.

    It's getting harder and harder to do hand sewing though. About 3 years ago I was crocheting like crazy to get a warm very large scarf finished for when we went to Portland. Well, arthritis set in big time in my left thumb, and sometimes goes into my first finger also. Makes it so hard to grasp things. I'm going to do a search on YouTube for exercises for this problem.

    I watched the final episode of Mr. Selfridge last night......it hasn't shown here yet......and got the book about him that the series was based on. Rock, since you read all the time you might be interested.....it's called: Shopping, Seduction and Mr. Selfridge by Lindy Woodhead.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2016
    rockgor likes this.
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: twice in the last 2 weeks I felt like I was coming down AGAIN with this bug so the first thing I did was take zinc, echinacea, plus something called"cold and sinus blaster" which contained a ton of things to stop colds or whatever in it's tracks. ALSO, something I read about that seems to really stop it.....called: Flunada. The only place I could find it was Walgreens or online. It's guaranteed to work!!!!! Feel better. Yes, you've probably picked up something.

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