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    Good Saturday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Time for a new Porch. There are a lot of new posts on #874 so check them out.

    Ah, another good night's sleep. Feels wonderful! :) I still don't feel all that energetic but think I can get something done today. In the meantime, I'm just sitting here enjoying our lovely 68 degree morning. We are getting a nice gentle rain and we really need it. I hope it will wash away that nasty slash pine pollen which has been driving our allergies. Early morning is my favorite time of day. It's quiet and peaceful. In this moment, I am completely satisfied; I need nothing more. It is a time of gratitude.

    Grace, who has had open-heart surgery, had to go to the ER last evening because her ankles, especially one, was soooo swollen. She texted me last night and said she'd fill me in on it. So many of my friends here are in their 80's and I hate to see them having health problems. Dear old friend called last evening and we had a nice chat. I have to check the fall schedule of concerts so we can make our plans.

    Barry, since we don't have the Spanish Moss in our hood, I've never looked at it up close and personal. There isn't much in this area but, every now and then, I spot some of it. Up the coast in Sarasota, there is a lot of it. As exotic as it is, there is something kinda sad about it, hanging all over the trees. The air plants on our bottle brush trees are little balls. At first, I liked them and I still find them fascinating but they ruin the trees. Orchids, especially the vandas, can be grown without pots down here like air plants. I don't find them especially attractive grown that way. I don't think I've ever known a smuggler before and I find it very exciting.

    Julie, I hope this new stuff clears up your crud. You are a master planner and juggler and are so kind to everyone. You deserve to have someone wait on you. When we have a lot of stress in our lives, it leaves us vulnerable to picking up viruses and bacterial infections. I'm sure the stress from dealing with that board and Barb wore me down and caused me to relapse. I'm pretty good at letting things roll off my back but, like you, when I'm run down, people's slings and arrows sting more. You might try Springwater's little bowl of salt water to absorb the negative energy. If GPA gets ornery, you can say, "Tell it to the bowl." ;)

    Sun, I had forgotten that you bought the TENS Unit. Once we have back problems, it seems it doesn't take much to make them flare up. I remember seeing some kind of thermal wrap to lose fat around the middle. I haven't put on but three pounds since I've not been working out but it's all around my stomach area. Yikes!!! I need to get back to having a more flat middle. What makes me say sis is a P/A is because she is so manipulative and always has an 'innocent' excuse; however, she is more aggressive than passive, for sure. I also lived with a big-time P/A so know their tricks well. I think Ilona, downstairs, got her PhD in P/A. I stay away from her. If I had to try to copy a master work, I couldn't do it. I look at the brushstrokes, use of colors, perspective and portrayal of light and it boggles my pea brain. Good luck with this project. Are you going to show us the results? I hope so.

    Granni, I wonder whether my Roomba would do the Zumba if I put on some Latin music. I think those hip hop dance exercise DVD's look like fun. My problem is that I can no longer keep up, learning new moves. I just get frustrated. Back in the day of leotards and leg warmers, my friends and I did jazzercise but it got too expensive having to burn my clothes when I got through. :) Talk about sweating to the oldies! Well, now I'm old and I sweat without having to do much of anything! :confused: Hope your weather isn't bad. Scientists don't know whether or not El Nino is on it's way out. If so, this crazy weather may settle down but we would likely get more hurricanes. We've had a decade here in FL of no destructive hurricanes. I like it and hate to return to storms like Charley. Last August was the 10th anniversary of Charley. Stay safe, my friend.

    Rock, I've never tried absinthe but it did make a comeback among the drinking crowd. Our newspaper has recipes for all kinds of drinks but it's expensive to buy all those ingredients and I have no place to store them. I no longer drink much except a glass of wine now and then. Cosmopolitans were in when Sex And The City was running on TV. Martinis made a comeback and my neighbor makes all kinds of those, including a chocolate tini. I like Pina Coladas and Margaritas but they are high in calories and too sugary for my blood glucose. I don't know why we don't just legalize Mary Jane here so we don't have to bother with all the booze and mixers. An ounce of MJ doesn't take up much space. My neighbor, who has an Rx for medical MJ, uses a bong. I think some Alice B. Toklas brownies, made with stevia, of course, would be a good choice. I really need to get to CO to visit my kids. ;)

    Hope y'all have a good one!

    Love, Mikie
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    OMG.......I wrote a long post and it wouldn't post! Kept saying I wasn't connected to Internet, but I was. Came back and it's not here.

    Anyway, I looked up lumatium dissectum.....most interesting. I'll come back later.

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    We got some much needed rain yesterday and during the night. Newspaper is late and I hope it doesn't take forever for it to get here. I am soooo grateful for the rain. Everything was so dry. We will get a respite from the heat for a couple of days and then, it's back up into the 80's. I want to wash and wax the Highlander before it's so hot out. I don't use the hard wax which requires lots of elbow grease. The new wax products are so good that you just wipe them on and wipe them off. The protect the clear coat from UV rays. There are chemicals in it which 'feed' the clear coat to keep it healthy. Otherwise, it will eventually look like a snake shedding its skin. Julie, the cats' other mother, has a Highlander which is a couple of years newer than mine. She doesn't have a parking spot under a carport and she never waxed it. The clear coat was pealing off and she had to have to replaced. AACCKK!!!

    I need to talk to Grace today to find out what she learned at the ER about the swelling in her ankles. They are leaving for WV on Sat. I hate to see them go. Barb's daughter will arrive on the 30th but I don't know whether she will take Barb back up north with her when she leaves or not. They will fly when she does. I would guess that they will eventually have to come down to take the rest of Barb's personal things up there. Barb's DSIL is a mover and he could bring a small truck to move her things. It sounds as though she isn't as angry as she was and has kind of just given in to her situation. She is having worse memory problems and a more difficult time speaking. Our neighborhood is definitely changing.

    Julie, GPA could be sick, he could be trying to joke but doesn't know how and is inappropriate or he is just being very P/A. My money's on P/A. I hope he doesn't try to push it. I would guess that he knows sis won't follow through on taking him to lunch and he's mad and taking it out on you. There must be a war waging inside his brain between being grateful to you for all you do and being mad that it's you and not his own daughter who cares for him. I've come to the conclusion that P/A's act the way they do because they refuse to face the source of their anger so they take it out on the world. Often they will take it out on the people who love and care for them. I just found out why my ex has been so angry all his life. He is in bad shape, crying and regretting his life but, I'd bet donuts to dollars he won't seek help. I tried for years to get him to therapy but he wouldn't go. Perhaps, if he had, we might still be married, and happily too. The reason for his anger is small compared to all the destruction he has caused in his relationships. About all they understand are consequences for their behavior if they can't be reasoned with. Good luck with him and feeling better. I'm sending up another prayer.

    Sun, I'm so sorry you lost your post. It makes me sooooo mad when that happens. Come back when you can.

    I hope all our other Porchies are well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Have you seen any of those Aerial America TV shows? They are on the
    Smithsonian channel. And some of them are on Youtube. Anyhoo,
    I've seen a couple of these shows. The photography is amazing. Every-
    thing is so clear. And the ground and the buildings look so clean. Look
    more like model RR sets than real towns.

    Aerial Minnesota is scheduled for 11 AM today. I have to: a) try to
    remember and b) stay awake. ("Try to Remember" would make
    a good song title, doncha think?)


    Our latest problem is not medical but aquatic. I.e., the plumbing is
    leaking. Uff-da! It leaked in the same spot 5 years ago, and we
    had it repaired. It's under the tub-shower. Water is falling into
    the largest room in the house, now used as a storeroom.

    These old houses! Last year a very pleasant realtor came around
    looking for business. Told us a house nearby just sold for $800,000.
    Last week we got a big plastic post card from another realtor. A
    house 2 blocks N. of us is listed for $875,000.

    The house is described as a Victorian home built in1910. Of course
    the Victorian era ended with the death of Queen Victoria ten years
    earlier, but who expects realtors to know or tell the facts? At some
    point the house was turned into a duplex. The photo shows the
    upstairs living room which looks very nice. The first floor is
    described this way: needs TLC. In other words, for almost a
    million bucks you can have a fixer upper. Uff-da!

    I tried conversing with Gordon's brother just now. A foolish
    attempt on my part and he does not converse. I wanted to hint
    that maybe he could wait till after the repairs before he resumes
    his 2 showers a day regimen. He just grunted and walked away
    from me. It really galls me that I help support this big lug. Gordon,
    however, allows him to do whatever he wants. As a matter of fact,
    Gordon is leaving this house to him.

    Not that I care. I certainly couldn't manage a house anymore.
    If Gordon isn't around, I would have to go to a nursing home or
    senior housing. These places are very expensive, and I wouldn't
    wanna live in one anyway. We have always figured I'd die first since
    I'm 9 years older and in poor health. Whine! etc. as Mikie says.
    Or maybe Crab! Moan! Bitch!

    Gordon and some of his siblings are going to two cemeteries today.
    He is taking flowers and trays and food and dishes. I still don't know
    if they leave the food (as I read when I was a kid) or if they have
    a picnic in the cemetery.

    Think I'll go back to bed and read for a while.

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    I'm trying this again! I'm having troubles with this board.....it won't allow me to post. Guess I'll have to post in jots and tiddles.

    Mikie: Yes, PAs are a real downer in one's life......I KNOW. I hope Barb's kids won't allow her to stay even if she gets stronger. I think you mentioned that she's in her 80s. Even at our age......we're both 71.....(hard to belief the calendar isn't it) I know I find I wish I had someone living with me that I can share with. It was sooo hard when I was very sick with the flu. My DD was sick really bad at the same time, but she has a DH who is very much wrapped up in his own life and barely gave her notice. I'm sad for her. By the way, she was also a PA like her dad. How did I surround myself so much......my mom, DH, and my DD.......??????

    Rock: I don't get direct TV anymore so I miss some of the programs. Is this an aerial fly over like I've seen done with countries like Italy, Ireland, etc? If it's Gordon's house I guess there's nothing you can really say. At least Gordon is good to you and takes care of you. Is his brother the next in line in age that the house would go to him?

    Yesterday I tried one more time with the pool pump before my pool guy got here. YEA.......it started to prime immediately, so I let it run a few minutes, then attached the pool sweep hose......then I called my pool guy and gave him the good news. He said it sounded like an air bubble had finally dislodges, or whatever.

    And I began my little oil painting of Absinthe. So far so good, BUT looking at the pic in the books, etc. I'm not seeing any table legs which has me puzzled as to how the table is standing. Rock: Can you look at it again and figure it out? I'm actually enjoying this, having to REALLY look at a painting and figure it out. Anyone ever see those programs that were on PBS years ago......Sister Wendy? This cute little chubby nun would float thru a museum and look at only a few paintings, discussing it entirely why the artist did what he did, etc. I'll have to check YouTube and see if they're on there.

    Julie: I hope you're much improved today. I know when I was soooo sick in January that for about 3 days I wished I could die. At least you've got Den there to help you.

    And I've very interested in how you're feeling with the lumatium dissectum that Lindsey sent you. I read that it's used for lungs AND CFS.

    The fog has burned off this morning and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. I'm to stay with my DGKs today while DD and SIL go to LA to see a musical. So I'll take a book to read and my art supplies. Both kids are into their electronic stuff so I'm just there to make sure they don't "burn the house down"....LOL.
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    Julie: Is this that AWFUL all over body ache? Both my DD and I had it....I think it lasted about 2-3 days. What I've heard from my lung doc. and my cleaning lady's doc that this is a virus that's going around NOT the flu, at least here in California so any flu shot isn't helping. When I called to see a doctor after my coughing up blood episode I was told by the receptionist that even the doctors were getting sick. And if it's the same expect 4-6 weeks of coughing.
  7. rockgor

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    Hi Sun
    No, I can't figure out what is going on with the table. It could be the ends of
    2 long tables, I suppose. When I took art history and appreciation courses,
    I was told that photographers shot what was in front of them. Painters
    reorganized reality to create a satisfying picture.

    When I first saw a photo of the painting, I wondered if the actual painting
    was bigger. Could it be that I was looking at just part of the entire work?
    The diagonal line on the left draws attention away from the subjects
    in the painting. And why are the main subjects squeezed into half the space?


    I don't know why Gordon is leaving the house to his brother. He had 4
    siblings (one died from diabetes some decades ago). The others are all
    married and have a house or an apt. The brother who lives with us
    is married but moves in and out. Don't know if she owns the house
    or not.

    Today the family is going to two cemeteries. Gordon just left to
    do buy more groceries. I asked why he had to do all the shopping
    and cooking and buying flowers and coordinating every year.

    His answer was: because the dishes are here. But of course the dishes
    could easily be in a different house so that's not much of an answer.
    Yesterday one of his sisters called with some inane question, and
    perhaps they should only go to one cemetery.

    Maybe it's just because he's used to being in charge going back to the days
    when his father died (Gordon was a teen) and Gordon had to take charge.
    There was nobody else to do it. His mother was an illegal alien who
    did not speak English.

    As the old song put it, Life Get Teejus, don't it? After so many years of
    disability and frustration, it gets to be worse than that.

    Maybe viewing the old country (Minnesota) will perk me up.

  8. sunflowergirl

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    Rock: thanks for looking......the only thing I thought was her skirt and his leg would be hiding a table leg. Yes, it's an odd put to together painting. Can't figure out the bar to the left, what it even is? Looking at this painting for so long is good.....trying to decide what they're thinking. I read that they were his friends. I would love to know the stories behind both of them. Good thing I'm a "slap dash" type of painter, although working in oils yesterday has become more of a struggle with my shoulders and neck that before. And the clean up afterwards is a pain. At least with WC I can paint for about 15 min. then walk away, leaving everything to come back.

    Probably leaving the house to brother because he's the only one who doesn't own a home. Just life does get a little tee just......well, darn, this spell check won't let me type!!!!!

    Mikie: here's a link you might be interested in.

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    Good afternoon my dear Porchies !!

    It is so nice to be able to type without the stupid keyboard making up its own words and sentences. I would take my 1/2 hr to write a stupid sentence. I went back and did a little reading of back posts. At least I did get a more information that I had missed out on before.

    Had a nice weekend so far. Went to Zumba class , with DD on Friday afternoon after going to WM for a few things. We had a good time there. Then DD went home and so did I. She had to wait for her sister, her DH, and DGS to arrive. Both of our DH's were at the Fish Fry working...When they finally came we ran over to say HI for a little while. They ate chatted, and watched TV or more basketball (mostly college hoops). Both girls were so excited when their alumni, SFA (Stephen F Austen University) beat the first team in the payoffs. It was either Virginia or W Virginia. SFA won and they play again today against Notre Dame. I know they are both going crazy in their own houses. Both girls were also wearing their SFA T shirts:)!!

    The girls did their thing yesterday and at night we went out to a Tex/Mex dinner and then back to the house. It got a bit chilly and was getting windy so they made a fire out in their small fire pit. DSIL made the fire and then brought out some marshmallows and chocolate and graham crackers. I had to have a smore. Hadn't had one in years. Oh our DS came and visited too and had dinner with us and in the afternoon he fixed some problems with the computer. I now can just click onto the porch tab to get here as well as some other ones. The visitors left this morning and we went to church. I know those girls are back watching SFA play again this afternoon screaming and yelling, in their own houses.. They are worse than our son. He played other sports all growing up but doesn't watch much of it except mostly football and the playoffs. So far SFA seems to be hanging in there.

    MIKIE - I hear you. If we had to pay extra for our Zumba classes we wouldn't be going. It is in our club fees. Glad you seem to be sleeping a little better these days. Hope the kitties are behaving themselves for you. The thought of me going in the pool right now sounds awful, much to cold for me still. What time is your water aerobics? Ours, when they start are awful early for me anyway. I know it would be good for me though. They haven't started here yet.

    JULIE - That is interesting about that herb that Lindsey sent to you. Hope it is working for you. You sound like you might be getting alittle better. I copied it down in case I need it. How long have you had it already? The achyness is crazy for me cause if I have it it is hard to tell since I have a lot of pain all over most of the time anyway. I sure hope things get better for you soon and that no one else catches it even if they said it is not catchy ( they think). Hang in there kiddo with Gpa and the sis situation.. I can imagine how frustrating that must be cause she will not change at all, and probably not he either, that much due to his age. However, I am sure he knows you love and care for him, no matter what he says or does.

    SUN - Hi there and thanks for sending that url to MIKIE. Is that close to where she is? That is just awful . If it takes more NRG and you have less pain with the watercolors I would stick with that most of the time.. I would love to see some more of your paintings. I think you sent some to the Porch sometime ago to show us some of them. Not sure if they were WC though or oil.

    HI ROCK and SW too. Thinking of you both too but cannot think of what else to say right now. So nice to be able to come and really visit with my Porchies even if I may forget a lot of what you all say unless I check back on the posts.

    DIANE - Thinking of you too and hope all is well with you, Kevin and kitties. I have more stuff to do on the computer, so I should get outta here for now. We will have a small Easter gathering at my house next Sunday. Have to figure out what to fix but all will bring something which helps.

    Will be singing for Holy Thursday this week. I finally picked up the music from the director today after Mass. This will be interesting but a lot of it is what we have done before.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Julie: DON'T push yourself!!!!! You've been sick and it doesn't sound like you're over it yet. No, things didn't turn out as planned.

    When I went to Maui at Christmas I expected to have a good time......I spent a LOT of $ on that trip, and honestly wished the whole time I was at home. Two complete days in the hotel room alone in bed....SICK, while life went on around me. What a waste. And exactly 1 month later I was sick again, even worse than the first time. The doctors here are saying that this virus seems to stay in a person then rear up again. And look at Clinton and Amy. They seem to be continually fighting being sick.
  11. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Another lovely night of calm kitties and good sleep. I keep hoping that I can get them into this pattern and keep it going. I've been lavishing even more love on them. Sir Vester has a new game: He has nappy fur on the backs of his hind legs and on his rear end. He knows it needs brushing but hates it when I brush him there. So, he walks quickly back and forth in front of me and I have to try to brush that area before he gets by. Somehow, I manage to get it brushed and he has turned something he hates into a fun game for himself. These cats continue to amaze me.

    I just got through signing up for two credit protection/reporting subscriptions. Both are free due to breaches of customer info of two medical groups here. In one case, paper reports, containing patients' SSN's and other confidential info, blew out of an open truck on the way to being shredded. From now on, those documents will be shredded on site. Hackers broached the other medical facility's computers, endangering their patients. They took more than a month in notifying us of the danger of ID theft but are paying for one year's subscription so I decided to take advantage of it. I am wondering what happens if the credit protection agencies' computers are hacked. They have all the info that criminals would pay big bucks for. Good grief!!! o_O

    We are in for a cold front and a couple of days of lower temps. Tomorrow, I plan to take the Highlander to the car wash and throw some wax on it. It should be dry and in the 70's, perfect waxing weather. I take excellent mechanical care of it and try to keep it looking as good as a 13-year-old vehicle can look. I just don't want the clear coat to start peeling off. I just hope I have the NRG to do it.

    I slept all day yesterday. I had put some Special K in my mouth Sat. night for tinnitus and it knocked me for a loop. I'm now super sensitive to it. Oh well, I could use the rest. Today, I have to shower and go to the store. I also want to talk to Grace to find out how her ER visit went. If it were me, I wouldn't be taking such risks with my health, considering open-heart surgery and A-fib. Since her son died, she doesn't seem to care what happens to her. She's still grieving as it's been less than a year.

    Sun, thanks for the link. That nuclear station is on the other coast near Miami. The Bay of Biscayne is near South Beach and is where all the cruise ships dock at the Port of Miami. Despite the problems of fossil fuel, I can't figure out why anyone ever thought nuclear power plants were a good idea. Duh!!! I, myself, prefer being alone when I'm sick. It was worse when my Mom was here to see me so exhausted and in pain. It worried her sick and just added to my own misery. I can do like yesterday and just lie in bed without worrying anyone. I've also wondered why I have had so many P/A and other sick people in my life. If it's a Karmic debt, I'm glad to pay it off. If not, I pray that I am growing in spirit by having to endure them. BTW, I logged in and then got a message that I have to be logged in. Guess the website is not feeling well either. Glad you got the pool gizmo up and running.

    Rock, yes, those old houses are a blessing and a curse. Around the Boston area, wealthy young families are buying up those homes and completely redoing them, from the plumbing and electrical up. It costs a fortune but they end up with gorgeous homes with character. Only thing is that, for some unknown reason, their taste in exterior colors is horrible. I gag when I seem them finished. Tasteful inside and outside--not so much. AAACCCKKK!!! :confused: Just goes to show that money can't buy taste! I have taste but no money. Whine, whine, whine! I'll have to check You Tube for those aerial shows. Sounds like a neat idea. I no longer have cable so it would have to be You Tube for me. Don't feel too bad that you can no longer care for a house; I can no longer care for a condo!

    Granni, I took the liberty of inserting a paragraph break in your post. I couldn't read it because long paragraphs overwhelm me. I know they do the same to some others with what ails us. I hope it's OK. I'd hate to miss anything. I hope the game against ND went well. I don't follow March Madness. Dear old friend went to Perdue but they are out of the running. We don't do water aerobics here. We used to all meet up at 9:30 at the pool and each do our own thing. I run all out in the shallow end. The others just get in and move around. Lately, it's been too cold or we've been sick so no one has been going over there except Frank. He walks in the water. I want to get back to it and it will be warm enough later in the week if I can get this tired old bod to cooperate. Lately, I've just not had the NRG and, when I do, I feel I must clean up the mess in the condo. Nice that you are singing on Thurs. Oh, how I wish I could gorge myself with Easter candy.

    Julie, it's too bad you couldn't get the flu med at the first sign of it. I don't know how one is to figure out it's the flu and to get to the doc in the first two days to get the med. It usually takes longer than that to realize it's the flu. I don't get the flu shots because my immune system overreacts to them and it makes me almost as sick as if I had the flu. I don't think it's a good idea for someone with autoimmune disorders to stoke up the immune system unless absolutely necessary. If I were to get the flu, my immune system would likely lower the hammer on it anyway. Also, the flu shots are a gamble and no guarantee that one won't get the flu. My doc wanted me to get the pneumonia shot but I refused. I hope you are feeling better. Hot, spicy food helps to drive these bugs out of the body. Yes, Barb's kids have pretty much decided, and convinced her, that she cannot live here by herself and must go back up North to live with her DD. I don't know what they will do about the condo. My guess is that they will keep it in the family, one way or another.

    I hope all y'all have a good one. I keep you all, Dar, Barry, Diane, and all our MIA's in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Another quick one this afternoon. It is almost time fix dinner and think about going to practice. I will be glad after April 1st I will not have to rush to go to practice in the evening. Then we are done till mid August or so. Yes, I am slowing down and proud of it :)!! I also offered to have Easter at my house since DD next door just got rid of company and I know they are bushed too. It is a very small group so won't be bad (7). I figured I would have a pork loin that I have had in my freezer for some time. Not really supposed to eat much pork at all but I usually don't gorge myself on it or meat anyway, like DH :)!! My son will also take carae of the meat. He is carnivorous but his wife has gotten him more into veggies but not necessarily the ones we love, like asparagus. I love it but not to cheap so don't have it often. He will eat broccolli covered with cheese which I am not supposed to have - that really stinks.

    Was busy trying to figure out the dinner this afternoon as well as send out messages to those coming and also look over my music for tonight. I cannot find my CD of the parts but I only have the one of the whole score. That is better than nothing.

    JULIE - Please do take it easy and listen to your body. You will just get yourself worse. I think that is what got me into my state, the way it is now. So sorry your trip plans didn't turn out but you will see them soon enough when it is possible. Glad you told Den what you thought about the trip in the future but you sure are brave willing to drive that distance by yourself.

    MIKIE -That is fine that you changed my post or whatever you did. I usually try and break up my paragraphs as I feel the same as you that it is easier to understand that way. Gad those scampy kitties are letting you sleep in later.

    Will try and get back tomorrow as DH will be gone at least for the morning.

    Love to all my dear PORCH friends that I haven't mentioned today. Need to start on dinner. I am getting to hate to cook but love to eat and the choices are driving me batty sometimes. Wish DH would cook more but that isn't happening ):!!

    Granni :)
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Things are extra quiet here. We are not doing the laundry because we
    have plumbing problems. Leaking in two places. The plumber said
    he couldn't come till Wednesday. AACCKK! Remember the old
    joke? The plumber solemnly tells his girlfriend, "It's over, Flo."

    The news continues to be terrible. Today at the Mall of America there
    was a horrendous crime in the parking garage. The Mall Manager
    announced, "That is just wrong at so many levels."

    Julie, are you still in pain? Are you waiting for test results to
    see if more than the flu is involved? Bad timing. Although they
    aren't many good times to be sick, I guess. Maybe when one is
    not working and has no social obligations and is caught up on
    everything and...Hmmm. I guess there is no good time. Uff-da!

    Yes, I did see Aerial Minnesota. An excellent program. I've seen
    4-5 of these programs. They are all excellent. Of course there
    is so much to see in any of our states it would take several hours
    to really cover the subject.

    Sun, have you started your painting or are you in absentia regarding
    absinthe? I think that diagonal board is part of the table. As if
    it had been badly put together by someone who'd partaken of too
    much absinthe.

    Mikie, I don't get flu shots either. Read too many warnings from
    folks here on the board. I don't seem to get colds anymore either.
    Maybe because of all the pills I take for my other ailments. But
    I have hay fever, and that's sufficient unto the day.

    Well, isn't Sir Vester inventive. A new game. Good for him. As
    for Easter candy, go ahead. Have some. Oh, I really shouldn't
    say that. I'm egging you on.

    Granni, glad to hear you are still able to get around and do things
    even with your aches and pains. Looks like you and the new computer
    are getting along just fine.

    Hugs to Springwater and Barry and Diane.

  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: try what I did......grabbed Clair who runs like $#@! if she sees me coming with the brush. I grab her by her neck the way Mama cats do.....she becomes very docile and I can calmly brush her. Now with Abby, all I have to do is call "who wants to get brushed" and she comes to me. But only for a few minutes and then she's finished with it all.

    By the way, I've lived with tinnitus for at least 8 years. I don't even pay attention to it anymore. It's the vertigo that I sometimes get that scares the heck out of me. Try to just tune it out without taking anything for it.

    Rock: yes, I did start my painting. So far so good. When it's done I'll post.

    Julie: Can signing for a home be put off? And little kids are always throwing up, so hopefully it won't be anything.

    Granni: I love asparagus! I guess we're lucky since we can buy it at the 99cent store for a big bunch.

    I had maybe 3 hrs. of sleep last night. Nothing going around in my brain, just couldn't sleep. I know I was awake at 3 :30 and turned on some soft "spa" music but kept waking up every time it got done playing so I guess I really wasn't asleep.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Another day of doing next to nothing yesterday. I had a shower and did my hair and went to Publix. By the time I got home, I was about to fall over with exhaustion. ARRRGG!!! Hate this exhaustion. My Sjogren's symptoms are gone except for being so tired. Now and then, my mouth will get very sore and the other day when I brushed my teeth, it was bleeding. I don't have gum disease and take good care of my teeth and gums. It had to just be from inflammation from my Sjogren's. It hasn't bled since, thank God! have plenty of saliva and tears and I'm grateful for that. Just can't figure out the fatigue. Whine, whine, whine!

    Got a nice e-mail from DD#1. She was so run down from the thyroiditis that she now has a cough she can't shake. She was withdrawn from the masters program in nursing and will decide by May whether she will return to it. She can't continue to burn the candle at both ends forever. She works with patients with addiction and mental problems and is certified as a mental health nurse. She may be getting another certification in working with young children with ADHD in the schools. I just hope she can get over this mess with the cough and thyroiditis.

    Grace's swollen ankles were due to her taking baking soda for heartburn. She has Zantac and I don't know why she decided to take the baking soda. People like her, who are low-information patients and who depend only on what their docs tell them, are soooo vulnerable to mistakes like this. She ended up in the ER because the swelling could have been a sign of heart problems. Considering her cardiac history, she has to be careful. I'm glad she went. Barb continues to improve but not enough for her to live on her own again. She will be going up North with her DD sometime in Apr.

    Julie, Good Grief!!! I am soooo sorry for all the illness and change of plans with your family. I'm glad you will be making provisions for GPA so you have some respite from all the caregiving. Like with my DD, you can't go on burning the candle at both ends. It catches up with you eventually. The common thread with you and her is that you are both such responsible and loving people. I keep you in my prayers. I hear ya about the world passing us by as we lie in bed. That is exactly how I feel right now. I could write my own Left Behind book!

    Granni, all I did was insert one paragraph break. I don't know why long paragraphs seem to sway on the screen when I try to read them but I know others have the same challenge. Glad you will have the summer off from choir practice. Do you sing at home to keep in shape? I try to sing when I'm working but am appalled at how awful I sound. Still, the cats like it so it's worth doing. I'm laughing at seven being a small group for dinner. If all my kids, DGS and I were around the table, there would only be six of us. Enjoy your Easter whatever you decide to do.

    Rock, thanks for the jokes. You made me laugh and I appreciate it. Your Easter one was eggspecially good. I love somebunny who makes me laugh. I did get some Dove dark chocolate candy on BOGO at Publix yesterday. It's just not as dark as is recommended. Those really dark bars cost a fortune. The Dove bites are dark chocolate and café latte. Mmmmm! Even if it's not as good for me as the really dark stuff, it satisfies my sweet tooth and I don't feel the need to pig out on it. I hope you and Gordon have a nice Easter. Holidays for me are just another day except for the religious ones and I do meditate on the meaning.

    Spring, I hope things are better for you now. Hope you can drop in and chat with us. We miss you.

    For all our Porchies, I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oops! Two of y'all were posting when I was so I missed responding to you.

    Julie, today, most closers will accept faxed or e-mailed documents. Why not check to see whether David can use either one of those. My Mom and I closed on both our condos that way 18 yrs. ago. Good luck with however it goes.

    Sun, thing is that Sir Vester loves to be brushed but it gets tedious for him as I try to untangle the matted fur with the brush and comb. I sometimes just roll him on his back and hold him down while I brush but this way is much less traumatic for him. He doesn't mind being held on his back to get his tummy brushed but that nappy fur on his rear end is another story. This way, it's a fun game he invented and the job gets done eventually.

    When the cats lived outside, he stayed under cars and was more aloof. Now, he loves living inside and having a mamma to take care of him. After two years, he's just now getting warmed up to being handled more. It's amazing watching him blossom out into such a loving kitty.

    I can handle the tinnitus unless it gets really bad. Yes, the occasional vertigo is horrible. I hope you can get some sleep. I find reading, when I wake up and can't get back to sleep, helps me to get groggy again and I can get back to sleep.

    Again, hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  17. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody,

    I'm still around, but not reading much. It's a long story. If you want to read about me, here's the ProHealth link:


    My post is number 14 on that thread (we did get a bit off-topic, from songs, to missing posters, to health).

    Nothing new to add to that. I had my blood draw on Saturday. Neither the doc's office nor the lab will email the test results to me. Only snail mail. So I wait and wonder and worry. (My two prior doc offices emailed my results.)

    ((((HUGS)))) to all!!!! I hope to be back soon posting on a regular basis. Take care. Miss posting with y'all.

    Love, and hugs and prayers,
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    What a day! I felt better than I have in ages and decided the 'hoarder' room needed to be cleaned more than the car so I started in. As I took things down to the dumpster, I kept running into all my friends in the hood and a couple of new people I met. I also had to work outside a bit to water and feed some of our plants. In between working, I sat outside resting on the balcony. All in all, I ran into a ton of people and got caught up on all the news. I really outta get out more!

    It was one of those sweet days when the temp is just right with balmy breezes. All the landscaping and flowers in here are in full technicolor magnificence. I sat out on the balcony and had a gin 'n tonic for my dinner. I gave thanks for all my blessings. I didn't get a lot done but did get some of the stuff out of the way so I can make a lot of progress when I go back at it. That would be tomorrow if my NRG holds up.

    Thurs. evening, we have the annual mtg. for our bldg. I don't even know whether we will have a quorum but it doesn't really matter. I'm not even submitting a formal written president's report. I'll just verbally mention that we are in good financial shape, we were underinsured and have remedied the situation and that we got new landscaping. Short 'n sweet!

    Julie, I'm so glad the kids can close on the house Mon. I'm sorry they are sick and that GPA is being such a pain. When a P/A opens his mouth, no matter what he says, his agenda is to push buttons and cause problems. There is no winning with them; there is no reasoning with them. Most have been that way all their lives and no longer can communicate in healthy ways. They make everyone around them miserable and they are miserable themselves. I'm sorry you have to deal with him. Oh, and BTW, a P/A will wait until you are at your lowest to attack. Getting adequate rest is the best thing for you. I hope you can rest up and feel better. Good luck.

    Diane, I'm so sorry you had so much to deal with with the lab work. That's a lot of blood to have drawn. I hope and pray everything is good. It's wonderful that you are eating better and starting to feel better. I still eat a bit of processed food but the real stuff help me to feel better too. I just wish I could get to feeling well enough again to get to the pool to work out. Oh well, one thing at a time.

    I have the condo open from the front door to the sliding doors onto the lanai. It's 72 degrees at 7:15 p.m. I love to be able to open things up to air it out. Pretty soon, I'll have everything shut up to keep the A/C from having to work so hard. If only it could be like this every day. With the heat and humidity come the summer rains and we need that. Hurricane season also comes with it and that I could do without. Scientists still don't know whether El Nino is in effect or waning. If it stays, we will have fewer hurricanes and milder ones.

    Well, Kiddies, I'll see y'all tomorrow morning. Sleep well, my friends.

    Love, Mikie
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I agree with Mikie on the PA. They're sooooo manipulative. Everything, no matter what, is always twisted to better serve them........then you end up wondering what just happened never quite able to say "ah ha, I knew it". I bought something out of state a year ago and signed the legal papers online. A realtor can set it up with David by just clicking his initials (online) in case the POA doesn't work for Lindsey. Is this a house or a Mobil home? I'm excited for them! I'm sorry the little one is so sick. Let's hope none of the rest of the family gets it.

    Diane: That's a lot of vials of blood. Did they have you lay down like they did me......she was afraid I was going to faint. Hope you get results soon and that they're good. Did you like this new doc?

    Mikie: It's so easy to fall into a hermit routine for us when we don't feel good. I have to FORCE myself to get out almost daily. Yesterday I went to an art class, even though I didn't feel like going. After the class we all seemed to morph into talking about exercises and showing each other how they're done. We got to laughing so hard that the yoga instructor stuck her head in, wondering what all the fun was about. Now she may also buy some art supplies and come to the class before her yoga class. So it was good I did go, even though I did no painting, just didn't feel like it.

    I bought a DVD on negative painting from a local art instructor, Brenda Swenson, which just came in the mail today. She's from Pasadena area and you can look her up on YouTube to learn some WC techniques. She's really very talented. I've spent part of the day reading her blog and looking at some painting lessons.

    Not feeling good today.......sooooooo darn fatigued. I went to bed last night at 9 and woke at 2:30 wide awake! Tried going back to bed around 7a.m. and think I dozed for about an HR. My sleeping schedule is so darn messed up.
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - So sorry about all the cancellations and sicknesses in your house as well as Lindseys. That is so sad. Sometimes you can't win for losing. That is awful about David not being able to be there for the closing either. Sorry Gpa is still being a pain , on and off. I missed your post but heard that from SUN or MIKIE I think. Hope all goes well with the closing on the house.

    Gotta go check some things on the computer and [hone. Seems like I am not getting some things I should be getting, like my phone e-mails from the PORCH and other message. I need to go check my spam messages and some other things too.

    Hope to be back later. These Brussels terror attacks s are horrible. What is this world coming to. Such crazy people.

    I am back and editing again. I started another one earlier that blew up on me. It wasn't very long but as I was ready to fix the size and color of the letters I clicked and poof it went ):! I was not happy camper. I was trying to solve to many problems and didn't solve much if you know what I mean.

    DIANE - Glad to hear from you and sorry all this is making you so upset. Our doc has a Patient Portal which works out great for me and others too I am sure. It is much easier to ask questions and get results from lab work without having to try and call them. They are always so busy. It makes things so much better and easier when you don;t have to call them and they usually find out within a few days unless they have to send the blood to another lab. Hang in there my friend and feel free to email me if you are up to it.

    I hear you about the clean cooking or the Paleo or close to it with my sill diet. Don't know if I am doing it right. I just put olive oil and seasonings on my meat and bake. Also plain sweet potatoes with a little butter/olive oil on it . We haven't had a real potatoe in a very long time with DH's glucose problem too.

    MIKIE - Glad that you have gotten some good rest and tht you got to go outdoors and visit even if you didn;t as much done as you had hoped. You did water the plants, didn't you??

    HI also to SUN, ROCK and everydobby!! Hope to get back tomorrow. We will see. I have a luncheon tomorrow and then DH wants to work out and then I have to cook again. I am tired of cooking period now and a lot of prepping is not good. I hate to have to follow a recipe. I have gotten so lazy. and trying to figure out what to fix is driving me coo coo. DH says he is always hungry and we have both lost weight. Neither of us can really stand to lose much more. I am trying to stay about 120. Lost close to 10 lbs but it can drive you crazy when the clothes don;t fit and you have to go out and buy more. Wish I wouldn't lose it in my face especially and upper body YIKES .

    For some reason also I am not getting my posts on this threat on my phone. Not sure if anyone else is having that problem or not. I did check the deally when you edit to check it to get the posts set to your email.

    I also have been going with DD to Fit and Fabulous exercises . Did that this morning. Friday was ZUMBA - that is more like dance aerobics - fun but you can lose weight on that one :)!! I love the dancing and music though.

    Bye for now.


    Last edited: Mar 22, 2016

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