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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    It's time already for a new Porch. Y'all come in a sit a spell.

    I woke about 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Even with my grin 'n tonic, I wasn't tired last night. I seem to have NRG again today but don't want to overdo it so I'm not up to the assn. mtg. tomorrow night. One of the friends I ran into yesterday was a woman who was on the big board with me. She was re-elected and I'm so glad. She filled me in on what is going on. There is some butting of heads between new members but I think we're better off without two of the old ones who were horrible to me. Good riddance! We should be getting new fencing around our dumpster enclosures and I hope they selected something tasteful which will enhance our hood.

    I can't decide whether to clean my filthy car or work on the hoarder room today. I really think I had better clean the car but I may not get it waxed. There is so much pollen on it that it's a danger from not being able to see out the side windows. I have strung fishing lines up the sides of the stucco wall in our stairwell atria. I have mandavilla plants climbing up the wall. When we had our bldg. painted, I had to cut them down and trim the plants but they have again climbed to the top. Both are in bloom on the top near our balcony railings. One is hot pink and the other a dark red. The desert roses are blooming again and they are a dark velvety red. The trunks are all gnarled and they look a bit like bonsai trees. Beautiful!

    Both kitties are now climbing on top of me when I sleep. I like it and it seems to keep them from waking me during the night. We are tangled in a big heap on the bed. The relationship just seems to keep getting better. Prayers answered. My poor pea brain is still very sluggish. I sent Easter cards to my kids and couldn't remember how to spell on of their last name and it's a simple name. Yikes!!! At this point, I don't know whether its what ails me or the treatments which have done in my thinking processes.

    Sun, I'm so glad you had such a good time at your yoga class and art class. It's so good for us to get out. I've been so totally exhausted lately that I couldn't even force myself to do anything. Have you seen that media which is basically white cardstock with a black outer layer? You scratch through the black layer to reveal the white to make a negative picture. I had a friend who always did this for her Christmas cards, making copies of the original artwork. It lends itself best to simple designs. Kids could do very small ones which one could punch a hole into and tie onto the tree. Good kiddie project. I hope you feel better and can get some rest.

    Granni, yes, I did water the plants and fed them with Miracle Gro. That stuff is great because it's impossible to overfertilize the plants. In the summertime, we get rain almost every day but now, it's too dry and I have to hand water them. My stag horn fern is growing like crazy. It seems to like hanging in a tree on the corner of the bldg. The dendrobium orchid, which is a memorial plant to the friend who gave it to me, has three new canes and will have beautiful purple flowers on it soon. It hangs in the same tree. I also get sick of cooking, especially just for myself. On the other hand, I don't have to worry about feeding anyone else. Don't lose too much weight. Can you add some higher calorie, but healthy, foods to you diet? BTW, before you do any formatting of your posts, highlight the text and do a Control + C to copy it in case you lose it. If you lose it, do a Control + V to paste it back into your reply.

    Julie, if it were me, when GPA asks about whether Den is talking to his girlfriend, I'd say, "No, he's talking to his boyfriend." Or, "Yes, you don't expect him to talk to his girlfriend in front of all of us, do you?" P/A's catch us off guard because they are so outrageous and we're not prepared for them. Now that you know his nastiness, you can prepare some zingers of your own. Not mean ones, just ones to reveal him for the ridiculousness of what he says. His main purpose is to say things like he's kidding but are really meant to push your buttons. The comments about peeing and your having to deal with it sound like concern but, again, are meant to get to you. He may be letting you know he is purposefully making it worse. I can't say for sure but I do know that P/A's burn up all their NRG getting back at the world, and their loved ones, for whatever perceived hurt they think they have suffered. I think you hit the nail on the head when you suggest he may be upset over sis and taking it out on you. P/A's are sick and tragic and they destroy any love anyone has for them. Sweetie, just do your best to protect yourself. Personally, I think you are a saint!

    Got a real newspaper today so will go and read it and do the puzzles, one of life's greatest pleasures for me. I print out the NY Times crossword puzzles on Thurs., Fri. and Sat. from the internet. Hope all y'all enjoy your day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, y'all,

    I just want to thank you for all your replies and support on your posts yesterday. Really appreciate it!

    No, I did not have to recline for the blood draw. I just sat there, clenched my jaw, and waited til it was over.

    Gosh, I do wish this doc's office had a patient portal. I know they have internet access. My BP script was sent to the pharmacy via computer.... whoosh!

    I called my doc's office yesterday, and what a rude person I got on the phone. She cut me off in about 20 seconds, saying they DON'T email and the doc is not in today. I barely got two sentences out of my mouth. :(

    Doc seems nice. He said he'd work with me, and my PTSD, etc. But then rushed things along, ordering diagnostic after diagnostic after.... you get the idea.

    I want my lab results FIRST, before I proceed. And I do know how to read the lab results. I go to labtestsonline. It's a .org site. And very reliable.

    Barry, no more shellfish, for now, until I get my cholesterol results. For now it's salmon. Yuck. Sardines too. Yum. Gosh the things one gives up, to try to get healthier test results. Anybody have recipes for canned sardines?? :)

    Granni, sounds like we both are eating the same type of diet. :) This week's menu has lamb chunks for stew (degreased with fresh lemon juice). Then we have chicky tenders (very lean). Kevin wants his old-fashioned style (breaded). Mine will be grilled with lemon and herbs. I have some zucchini, spinach, and cauliflower in the freezer., for side dishes.

    I have a doc appt scheduled for early April. Unless I get a call to come in earlier (not good!).

    Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and good wishes. I really appreciate it!

    Luv y'all, and hope to be back posting soon.

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    Hi y'all,

    Oh goodness, and thank you God, and all who said prayers for me!!!!

    I had Kevin call the doc's office today. I gave him complete access to my information on the intake forms I filled out.

    Kevin's looking for a fax machine at his office; Patty will fax the test results to Kevin. Dr. J is not in the office all week. (Why didn't they tell me that yesterday????)

    Patty said that the numbers weren't bad at all. Including liver enzymes. They were a "bit" above the normal, but way lower than when my previous doc did blood draw.

    If Patty is allowed to send the results ... that is a good thing. It means that my test results are not sitting in an URGENT folder on the doc's desk.

    Please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!!!

    I cannot begin to thank you for all the support you've given me. Maybe my panic attacks will go away and I will be back to posting sooner than I thought.

    Luv y'all,
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    Julie: I know you had said that Gpa is on some med to "ease his bladder" because of HBP. I'm thinking you might talk to his doctor about his "drenching" problems. He might be taking too much. There must be a happy medium to it and his doctor wouldn't know unless he's told.

    Granni: you sure are one BUSY lady!!!!!! Go go go go go. Wish I could do what you do.

    What an interesting morning. The local HS was holding a "fake auto crash" in hopes that the students would learn the importance of NOT drinking and driving. I had walked over before it started, shocked to see two smashed vehicles, one had a student laying thru the windshield, another one was laying on the pavement. Two girls from the 2nd vehicle had been thrown clear and were covered with fake blood. (obviously these two vehicles had been in crashes and saved for just something like this) It was to have been filmed for the rescue police to study how they could improve their work. And there had also been a helicopter flown in to remove an injured party, and a coroner vehicle to remove the "deceased". I talked to a mother whose daughter played "the deceased". The grim reaper was to have come to her class, tapped her on her shoulder, and she was supposed to get up from her desk, spending the rest of the day not acknowledging anyone. Honestly I got a chill as she was telling me this.

    So after this I had to go to Target.....what a nightmare coming back. Street work going on, stuck for almost 25 min. on a strip of street which should have been 3 min. Lots of cars doing Uturns. And to make matters worse, a little old lady in front of me, waving each and every vehicle on our right side, doing "cuts".....knowing full well that they could have seen the flashing arrow over 1/4 mile ahead. They buzz along as we are inching along, then pull over. I REFUSE to let them in. Obviously this little old lady had nothing better to do than get in her car driving at 7 MPH......and being polite! Rules of the road is every other car lets someone in, not 12 cars! Too much stress for me today.
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    Hello All

    Diane - so good to see you here..i went to the other thread and read..I am wondering what the doctors say about the origin of your panic attacks. Is it something that happened or something that just crept up and is it related to the food intake, any mineral, etc.? It does sound so distressing. But so good to know your lab tests came back good. I remember i was so sick once about 17 years ago and my liver would be swollen but nothing was found wrong at least physiologically..

    Sun - wow..that was such a detailed enactment of a crash. Very macabre but to a good end if it makes an impact on those minds driving around rashly like theyre especially protected by some unseen force. A few weeks back outside our lane on the main road there was a crowd and a young boy was sitting down on the curb nursing his leg, his spanking new motorbike had bits of metal torn off the front..he had obviously collided with an oncoming car. such a young boy no more than 16 it seemed..how frightening for the parents to get that call and realise they could hv lost their boy. My sons friend took a fall from his bike when they were all in grade 11 and venturing out into the world of bikes. The car with which he bumped righted him and took him back to his parents...and since then his parents have not let him touch a motorbike. My friend has not let her son nor daughter drive yet because the streets here are so scary, so much traffic and not enough policmen.

    Granni - you seem to be able to make good use of whatever foods you are allowed to eat. Zumba is very in here these days..people scared of getting ill and not having someone to take care of them or not being able to afford medical care...so you see lots of people walking with their walking shoes, ladies with sarees wearing their sports shoes, couples taking long walks in the morning..there are zumba clubs mushrooming in all corners of the city..we have two about 10 mins walk from us...they just get a big enough room, an instructor some music and get on with it...i do hope our future citizens are healthier, our hospitals are so lacking funds and crowded. (our former drivers wife who needs to hv a stone removed from her kidney was told by a govt hospital to come after 10 months!! for the operation. Now he has scheduled in another place but that too takes place after couple of weeks.

    I hope your new computer settles down soon. i got the message that windows 10 wanted to be upgraded into the computer but i havent done anything yet. Theres not much i do or download for fear im inviting in viruses and ghoolies of the computer world all bent on one aim. disabling my machine.

    Julie - I could not hv stood living with Granpa and all the baggage that he seems to add on to it, for the devilment of it. How difficult is it to be happy, grateful for a loving home, meals on time, clean bedding and your own son and DIL at your beck and call!! More than ever, i think you are paying off karmic debts to people you owed from a previous life and Grandpa must hv been one of the leading figures in your soul family. The good thing is i know after doing all this stuff, you wont need to hv anything to do with him in any other lifetime. Debt settled in full and final, amen!

    I hope all the other things (Lyndsey signing the contract for the house) and everything else goes smoothly.

    Rock - i laughed as usual reading your last post. I remember thinking i should put all your posts together in one folder and get them out to read when i needed a lift.Boy, is Gordons brother lucky he will inherit a lovely house. And all of Gordons plants. Gordons family remind me so much of my friends family. They too would hv visited graves together im sure had there been such here. They celebrate every family members birthday by going out or cooking indoors and since they are like six (here, there are two more siblings in India) they perforce get together at least those times. Three siblings work together anyways. Very family oriented the Chinese are. And so industrious, in my experience. I wish i had half the energy my friend has. Even tho she has slowed down, she says due to advancing age and dealing with stressors. (bad business, death of one sibling).

    Mikie - Your battle with energy looks so much like my own. Except i dont hv trouble falling asleep. A few steps ahead, then a standstill, then back. rest and then again forward onward march. Unlike you,i dont seem to give a crap about my neighbourhood and what needs doing. Im trying to get a handle on my own load of TTBD. (Things to be done.). Oh and there is tons. Even a cold and staying in bed can put me back so far.

    But i hv also made some progress here and there. Cleaned out corners i forgot existed. Eeks. Threw out an old washing machine i seemed to hv been usng as a stand in the storeroom. a mouse had gone and made the inside its own storeroom. Shredded plastic, my keys, some knickknacks i had out in a plastic bag. the mouse had dragged the whole thing in thru a hole it had gnawed. Been finding plastic food containers and matching the covers. I found plastic covers of glass containers and remembered in time that the containers themselves had been smashed and stopped looking for them. Been finding ladles and noodle holders and cookie cutters and cookie trays. They look like guests who came once and left. Vaguely Familiar but nothing else.

    Barry - your outdoors sounds like the garden of Eden. All those plants in bloom. Have you recovered now from the colonoscopy. Has everythng come back fine?

    Ive been out on errands. I had given two salwar kurtas to be stitched because they were in batik print whch i love and were in pure cotton, (the only material i can wear with 100 % comfort)...

    batikprint in cotton



    i washed them soon as i got them and like i knew they would they shrank. so i took them back to be loosened out. The shop who sold me the prints also tailored..he was a Muslim who told me a spine chilling story about a place nearby our area where his friends used to work in a garment factory...it was inhabited by ghouls who would lure the men at night.

    Interestingly there is a huge mansion type house where he said was the factory (it is not more) and i hv to walk past it, its been empty for years and years even tho its so suitable for offices or home..and should hv been snapped up since its just two storeys and has a garage garden everythng. even a guards little cubby hole at the main gate). Two storey houses and ground floor houses are selling like hot cakes after the great earthquake and the cheery news that Mother Nature is not done yet with us. My DH and i had gone to see a house of a friend who wants to relocate in India, it was such a beautiful home, a bit oldfashioned since it was built in 90s...but such wonderful detail..not a space had gone waste..it was designed by a leading architect..who has now relocated in Australia..it was too far however. I could not hv walked all that way.

    We had our Festival of Colours and some more stuff i did but need to attend to chores..bbl as it is, because of my absence this post has become a Warren Peace.:)

    I love you all

    God Bless
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    Hi Kids

    Mikie, I thought of you earlier. I saw a hoodie for sale that had this
    message across the chest: "I Am A Pilot. To save time, let's assume that
    I am never wrong." Does this indicate pilots are arrogant? I thought
    it was too weak a joke to spend 40 bucks on (plus the dreaded S & H).

    Never heard of the desert rose. Checked it out. It's a succulent. One
    site said it might take 5 years to bloom. Sounds like an orchid. Anyhoo
    I found pics of two very different plants; both said to be a desert rose.
    Attempts to copy pics no workee.

    Diane, nice to see you were up to doing a long post. I never heard of a
    patient portal before. Sounds like a trap door they push the patients
    through. Anyhoo I hope when you finally get the results of your tests
    that they are all favorable.

    Julie, I suppose the ice and snow are all gone by now. Haven't heard
    much from my siblings in MN. My sister isn't writing. My brother
    is busy with his old time radio show. They put on two shows a year.
    It's not really a broadcast. It's a let's pretend we're broadcasting show.
    And they have a audience. One thing about folks what live in a village.
    The are always supportive whenever there is a school event or a
    breakfast or an auction of box lunches.

    I dunno how you put up with you know who not to mention the
    other you know who, but I admire your stamina.

    Sun, that fake auto crash sounds too scary for me. So far as I know,
    they only had one car accident in my home town the whole time I
    lived there. But the news is constantly full of reckless things
    the kids do. Just yesterday there was some headline about a
    game with teens and bows and arrows. I didn't read the details.
    Most of the news is too depressing to read nowadays.

    Springwater, that's a great Warren Peace you posted. Tolstoy and
    Mikie would be proud of you. And I love the pics of you in your
    festival outfits. Is that hibiscus in your hair? I used to have a
    great pic I took of my son in front of a hibiscus bush when he was 3.

    Your mention of batik reminds me that my brother made a batik
    picture when he was in school. We had it hanging over our fireplace
    for 15 years. Haven't seen it in a coon's age. We used to have lots
    of framed prints that hung on the walls. Maybe they are in a
    closet somewhere. Hard not to accumulate stuff as you go through
    life. See the news about the man who left 30,000 toy cars after
    he died? One headline said he hoarded them. I think it's more
    accurate to say he collected them. The picture showed they
    were displayed on shelves; not hidden in a secret hoard.

    The plumber finally came yesterday. Turns out the plumbing work
    the handyman did last year was beyond his capabilities. So repairs
    needed. The plumber also suggests we get rid of the low flush toilet
    we bought when we moved in. Of course Dave Barry has been saying
    that for decades. One of his columns was about people bringing
    them in from Canada. The customs people, he said, have no

    There have been problems with our Southern boarder, of course.
    The latest news report said that 3 semis loaded with 5-6 hundred
    toilets are all waiting to be searched for drugs. There simple are not
    enough border agents to do the job in the time demanded. On top of new
    regulations, agents are asked to work overtime. According to a
    spokesperson, "Morale is in the toilet."

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope all y'all are well. Don't know what got into me but I just hope it lasts. I washed the Highlander yesterday morning at the DIY car wash. When I came home, I waxed the whole thing. It looks beautiful, especially for a vehicle that is more than 13 years old. I use Zymol, the best cleaner/wax I've ever used. I also use the spray Turtle Ice Wax where there are small scratches. I suppose one could wax a turtle but I don't recommend it. These products feed the clear coat and protect it from UV damage. They just wipe on and wipe off. Julie, the cats' other mother, also has a Highlander which is a bit newer than mine. She never waxed it and the clear coat started to peel off like the skin of a molting snake. Yikes! She had to have it clear coated again.

    Today, I still have NRG so will finish, spraying the tires with Armorall and vacuuming the inside. I'm glad I got it done as we have a chance of rain every day this week. It is sooooo wonderful to want to get up and get things done and not to hate to get up only to feel total exhaustion. After I finish up on the car, I'll shower and do my hair and decide what to wear to the mgmt. office for our bldg.'s annual mtg. at 6:00. This is our busiest time of the year here with Snowbirds, tourists and spring breakers. Some of the Snowbirds are getting ready to head north. I got a card for my neighbor who only has about six months to live. Her sister told me she really loved getting it. It's hard to know what to do in a case like this. It's also hard to find just the right card. I told the sister that I guess as long as you tell people you love them and are praying for them, it's comforting, and it's all I can do.

    I sat out late in the afternoon on the balcony and Ilona came up. She wasn't so mean and angry and we had a nice chat. She's been telling Grace that she knows there is something wrong and thinks I'm mad at her. I'm not mad; I just have no tolerance left for mean, angry people. I hope by sitting out, she is satisfied and will just drop it. Grace and Dennis leave Sat. and Frank and Ilona leave on Apr. 10th. In a two-week span, this place can go from being crowded to a ghost town. The people across the street all have grandchildren visiting for spring break, including the terminally ill woman and her sister. I'm glad they are all getting together down here. Yesterday, they went to the beach.

    They have a little courtyard with townhouses in a horse shoe pattern around it. They go all out over there to have beautiful landscaping and it's so pretty to look across at. They have a little lighted fountain at the entrance. I go all out over here to have beautiful landscaping too and, between the two of us, the area here is the prettiest in the hood. I am next to the pool, which is very nice. We have live oaks flanking the main entrance into the hood. Our bldgs. are gray with white trim and black shutters. It's all very southern genteel-esque. Beautiful flowers, and flowering bushes, are the final touch. This is just a small middle-class hood but people come in here and feel the good chi, despite the few rotten apples. Most everyone is nice. I feel very blessed to have all this beauty and friendship around me. Glad I'm not in Denver where they had one of their infamous spring blizzards.

    Diane, I'm so glad that there is nothing bad in the lab results. I'm also glad Kevin is able to get them sent to him and to you. I always get a copy of mine at the doc's office and I keep them year to year. I hope the doc can help with the PTSD. I know how bad panic attacks can be. I get them from sensory overload but not so much anymore. The Klonopin under the tongue will usually stop one in its tracks. So good to see you post. I hope you will feel better and be back posting again soon. Prayers continue.

    Julie, I hate to sound so cynical but, even when P/A's aren't consciously trying to be P/A, they can morph into it in the blink of an eye. Their vision of the world is warped and their P/A behavior is their attempt to cope. It is often behavior learned as children from P/A parents or from other dysfunctional family dynamics. Once they are GPA's age, their behavior is so ingrained that it is probably impossible for them to change. The only thing one can do is not get caught up in their sick games. I believe my ex loved me as much as he was able to, despite his being a P/A from a very dysfunctional family, but he was so toxic I had to get away from him. Since it is difficult to get away from GPA, about the only thing you can do is be prepared for him to attack, cloaked, of course, in innocent, or joking, demeanor. You are so good to him. Just try to protect your kind heart. P/A's, themselves, are victims but there need not be other victims dragged into their toxic web. As always, Kiddo, you are in my prayers.

    Granni, if you want really excellent info on diabetes, get the book Sun told me about--Diabetes Without Drugs, by Suzy Cohen. You can learn as much, or as little, as you want to know and how to deal with it, or to prevent it. She is one smart cookie and tells more than any doctor I've ever heard, even the gurus on PBS specials. Learning about how it affects the body is the reason I can pass by sweets in the store without buying them. Saw a special on PBS about morbidly obese women who have had various success with the lap band, or other stomach surgeries. Of course, this isn't you or me but it does shed some light on the psychology of overeating and obesity. I was surprised to learn that their ins. didn't pay for the surgery (one woman was almost 500 lbs.). I guess it's not that successful in some people but, I would think, it's cheaper in the long run than paying for obesity-related health problems. I think that, before entering into diet and surgical treatments, people ought to find out why they are addicted to overeating, and eating the wrong foods, to cope with their emotions. Something has to be done or Medicare will go broke paying for Diabetes-related problems as people age. Good for you and DH, keeping active and making healthy choices.

    Sun, sorry about the gridlock and traffic problems coming from Target. Here, where they can work on roads all year round, our highways always seem to be under construction. In CO, road projects get done fast because winter is always a threat to road work. I grew up in a small college town where most everybody knew everybody else. When a teen died in an accident, the cops would take the 'death car' from one school to the next in the county. It certainly made things real, knowing one of our own died in each of those cars. Several of my friends died in accidents in high school and college. One girl lost her leg in a motorcycle accident. Back in those days, drag racing was a big problem. Good advice to Julie to let GPA's doc know about his problem. Are you feeling better? How's the neck pain? Probably worse with that pain-in-the-neck driver!

    Spring, I usually don't have a problem falling asleep in the evenings but the other night, I did. I usually wake at around 3:30 to pee but, if the kitties are good, I can get back to sleep. I don't know what has given me NRG but I just hope it continues and you get some NRG too. In a community like ours, the main landscaping is done for us but I love to make sure our bldg. has colorful flowers and other plants. If an owner has junk lying around outside, he or she will get a letter to clean it up or mgmt. will send someone to haul it off and bill the owner. This helps to ensure our hood stays well maintained and our property values don't plunge. Most people live in places like this because we are too old or infirm to do everything it takes to keep up a house. Healthy people have other things they want to do instead of house chores. Of course, people in single homes have landscapers too. Without neighborhood rules, though, there is always at least one who lives in squalor. I loooove those fabrics and clothings. I saw a travel show on PBS where hand-dyed fabrics were sold at the marketplace. They were so popular that they were difficult to keep in stock. I'll bet you look lovely in your outfits. I'm so glad you dropped in to post such a nice response. Always so nice, and interesting, to hear from you.

    Rock, yes, many pilots are arrogant and have their noses in the air. I would never wear such a hoodie or other such clothing. When I went back to college, there was a minor in aviation mgmt. and many of those students were pilots. I would hear them at the student union, telling the tall tales that pilots like to go on about. When I was still actively flying and worked with many pilots at the aviation co., we would sit around and tell tall tales which were meant to be jokes. Pilots have to do three touch 'n goes to keep current. I told them my landings were so bad that I usually bounced three times on the runway and counted them as the required landings. I told them that once the headwind was so strong that I had to pull the power flying low and let it back me onto the runway when I wanted to land . We had a ton of these and they were funny every time. Most pilots are a bit crazy. Don't know why they keep changing the language: A patient website is now a 'portal;' server storage is now 'the cloud;' and, buying a new phone and keeping your old phone number is now 'porting the new phone.' Good grief! And when did the word, 'tour,' come to be pronounced as 'tore?' It's all a pea brain like mine can do to keep up. Here's a pic of our dessert rose when it was smaller.


    Hope all y'all have a wonderful day!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hey Mikie

    Your desert rose is spectacular. Even more so than the ones I saw on
    the net.

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just finished the car and it looks great! Me--not so much! It's getting hot and muggy out so I was all sweaty. Ewwww!!! :confused: I'm gonna rest until I have to shower for the mtg. I can't believe how great the car looks when it's all clean and shiny. There are a couple of small scrapes, one on a fender flare and one on the side of the running board, but no one even notices them. Some friends, I haven't seen for a while, stopped by and they thought I got a new car. The new Highlanders look different from mine but the other Toyota SUV's still look basically like this one. Even the inside and my tires are clean. Such a luxury. Wish I could keep my car and condo sparkling clean all the time.

    Rock, this dessert rose is so much bigger now and has a big gnarly trunk. Even our little one is getting bigger. I got these for $7 at Home Depot and they were blooming then. They were in one gallon containers when I bought them. They grew like crazy and bloom all the time. HD had white ones and this darker red. The plant in the pic is a memorial plant for my Mom; her name was Rose. Dennis loves the smaller one at the other end of the bldg. so much that I call it, Dennis' Plant. The big one used to be on the balcony but I had to move it downstairs. I will likely have to plant it at some point to get it out of the pot. If the temps drop into the 40's or 30's, they need to be covered. If there is a prolonged cooler snap, they will stop blooming. You and Gordon might like having one as they are a bit exotic, like orchids. Soon, the geraniums in our flower boxes will get long and leggy and stop blooming. It's no hotter 'n humid here than in GA but we simply can't keep many flowers going through the summer. Lowe's sometimes gets flowers developed especially for us here in zone 11 and they seem to do a bit better. I need to check them out soon.

    Julie, good grief, everywhere you turn, you have to deal with this mess. Yes, P/A's are control freaks to the max! :mad: If you run outta time, you can file for an automatic extension. If you think he may owe any taxes, just estimate them and pay them when you file the extension. I think the extensions are good til Oct. That way, it removes some of the stress. I don't know about state taxes, though, because we don't have state taxes here in FL. There must be a way to file extensions for them too. It's difficult enough to keep track of receipts; I hope you can just turn them over to a CPA and let him or her worry about it. You certainly shouldn't have to. As it is, I don't know how you do it all. One of the benefits of being poor is that I no longer have to file any taxes. Think I mentioned here that I also get a break on my property taxes. I've been homesteaded here for 18 yrs. so my taxes are very low. I'll never be able to afford to move, not that I want to. Good luck with everything.

    I finished one thriller and, when I opened my Kindle, Amazon offered me another (4 out of 5 stars) for 99 cents. All I had to do was click and download it. Sometimes, technology is great! :) Tweety is having another of her restless days. I hope she lets me snooze today before I shower. She's pacing out on the lanai like a big cat in a cage at the zoo. Oh, for a tranquilizer gun!

    Love to everydobby,
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  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Aaah Mikie; thanks for making my day with the lovely picture of the Adenium! Made my morning. I grew a batch from seed many years ago, but don't have any now. I guess I sold most of them.... I thought I had one left but can't find it! I did find that I have an Adenia though. ;) Ugly flowers that I have never seen, but a nice gnarly caudex. A succulent bonzai .

    I feel like I have bubbles in my brain. Not Alka Seltzer; more like champagne.....:p. I guess this is what we call brain fog isn't it?

    Diane, so good to hear from you. I am so tired of seeing docs. and tests, etc. Just plain tired. To make things bad, all the specialists around here are about 60 miles away. Well that's what you get when you choose to live a rural life-style I guess.

    They had a tsunami warning drill y-day along the beaches and parts of Eureka. Loud sirens, etc. Glad I wasn't there. Everyone knows the BIG ONE will come someday. Fortunately, we live in a safe area here. The big earthquake of course is another matter.....

    Richard needs me now, so g'bye for now.
    Love to All, Barry
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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    :(Whoops I did it again. I wrote a fairly long post and went to fix the fonts, etc. and it got deleted. D- - - i:mad:t !! Not much time to redo another one.

    Thanks JULIE for moving my post. Thanks all for the lovely pictures you posted. So pretty and colorful especially SW with those lovely costumes or dresses. Sorry I do not know the correct names.

    DIANE - Glad you got a good report. Hope to hear more from you now :)!!

    MIKIE - Thanks for the name of that Diabetes book. Always interested in learning more. I think we are eating healthy but I never know how he is doing as he always makes excuses for doing his BS. Glad you had a civil conversation with Ilona. That is so sad that people can be that way.

    Hi also to SW, SUN, BARRY and anyone else I may have missed. Hope to get back soon again. I have been going crazy on this computer and trying to find out I will get charged and if I am getting the right dosage for my new thyroid med. It looks right now that the docs office as well as the place ( that shall remain nameless for now) will be sharing the blame. I will see when all the packages arrive if I have anything with the right dosage - YIKES. Just hope they are the right dosages even if I got multiple packages. Als hope not to have to pay for them either if incorrect.

    By for now. Have to go think about something for an early dinner before we go to church this evening. The K of C will be there do so I can attend and try and sing. I say TRY since I have not been to practice but the director must have faith as he said I could sing anyway. I will lipsink if I do not know my part or what to sing :)!! Is this color better ?????????

    Love to everydobby,
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    It'll be another hot 'n humid day today. Glad I got the Highlander done. I need to work inside. Now that I have some NRG, though, I'd like to go to the pool to work out. Not today! We had wild winds and rain last night. The pool heaters won't have had time to heat things back up this morning. Maybe I can go tomorrow morning. Mgr. called me in the afternoon and said we didn't have a quorum and we could do without the annual mtg. scheduled for last night. Yea!!! We let everyone know, even if they weren't planning on attending. Never know when someone might change his or her mind. As long as someone in here takes care of everything for them (me), they don't give a fig. If anything happens to me, mgmt. will have to step in. At least, I always let everyone know what's going on so they know where we stand financially but none of them knows how to read financial statements. Oy!!!

    This new-found NRG is strange for me. It's almost like nervous NRG or like I'm on a bit of speed. I have no idea why or how long it will last or where it came from. My tinnitus says it is nervous NRG. Guess I'll just be grateful and try to make hay while the sun shines, or strike while the iron is hot, or whatever. Not lookin' gift NRG in the mouth. OK, think I've run out of trite sayings.

    Barry, glad you like the desert rose. I only know plants by their common names. Realize I had been calling it a dessert rose, something to eat after a meal. Good Grief! I used to be so good at writing and spelling but now, not so much. Yes, brain fog is a strange thing. My body may have NRG but I don't think my pea brain has caught up. I'm so sorry you are exhausted. I recognized myself in what you wrote. I just get tired of everything when the exhaustion goes on and on and on... I pray you feel better. In the meantime, enjoy your Garden of Eden.

    Granni, even if one eats healthy foods, that book is a gold mine of info on how our bodies work. Last night on the news, there was a segment on how diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity are making us sick. It mentioned that people are mistaken that taking meds for cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure fix the problems. Some of those drugs have severe side effects and they don't fix the problems. I think we need a lot of PSA's on TV regarding this. The govt. and our docs have done a horrible job of educating us. It is an epidemic and, as I mentioned before, it will bankrupt us, paying for all the related health problems associated with these conditions. PSA's don't work on everyone but they help. Smoking is down and those anti-smoking PSA's run all the time. Don't know whether you saw my former response about losing your posts when you format. First, highlight all you have typed and hit Control+C to copy it. If you should lose it, you hit Control+V to get it back. Good luck.

    I need to go to the store and clean out the fridge. I'm still off my feed bag a bit. I've been craving deep fried fish but Good Friday is not the day to try to get into a restaurant which serves fish. I've been craving pizza too and would stand a better chance of getting that. Neither of these is a healthy choice. Until all these Snowbirds go home, I'll just bide my time and be patient (not a normal state for me). Bealls has a great sale going on and has great coupons so I may check it out. I'd rather go to the one a few miles away but know the traffic will make that an exercise in frustration. I'll check out the one down the street. I know I need some new cloths. I can't keep wearing these clown pants much longer. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I just received Suzi Cohen's book, Drug Muggers, A really thick hard bound (500 pages) bought on Amazon. I usually try to look for used books, that's where you get good deals. I was reading last night about magnesium and all the things that happen to our bodies when we're low on it. Not only muscle aches, but heart rhythm problems, headaches, leg cramps, FM, poor nail growth, asthma, leg cramps and even brain fog. So many, many drugs we are given deplete various minerals, etc. in our bodies which then bring on more problems, so then a doc. prescribes MORE, which causes more troubles. The ibuprofen which I take, and gabapentin, I'm finding what it's doing to my body.

    Julie: I'm sorry to read this about Clinton, I hope the tests come out negative. And about the taxes for Gpa, you've mentioned he has $ and that he owns both farms......I would say definitely hire an accountant to do this properly. I had a detailed long tax form this year, and it ran about $225. We've gone to this same accountant for years and I trust him. He knows what deductions he can list etc. I doubt if Gpa's tax return wouldn't cost more than that and look at the peace of mind YOU would have. Unless sis is trained, she's probably made many mistakes.

    I'm fighting something AGAIN. I was supposed to go with my family to their beach houses for 3 nights, but yesterday I realized I had a sore throat and hadn't been feeling good. Then I looked at the calendar! I got sick Dec. 25, sick....really sick....Jan 25, was getting sick again on February. 24 and started taking stuff to stop it and yesterday was.....the 24th. It looks like this virus is cycling in me once a month. I hadn't been getting more than 4-5 hrs. sleep a night earlier this week, so I'm wondering if being run down brings it on.

    Anyway, my advise to you is sleep and rest when you can and don't push yourself.
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  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All.
    Mikie, so glad you have some NRG! Where did you get it? I'll try to find some. Sorry for the Latin names of plants, but I am more familiar with them then common names, which can vary widely and wildly. The fault is that I was a profs.' assistant at the Uni, and it was one of my jobs to go gather plants for tests for the students to identify. I was given a school vehicle to roam around the hills, etc. collecting. I also worked in the herbarium for a while. So that explains it. I had never heard of a desert rose before I googled or wiki'd it the other day, but I was familiar with Adenium.

    Diane, I'm glad that things are going better for you. No more shellfish? Eeeek! Salmon is good but expensive. Sardines I like a lot. I don't have any recipes for tinned ones though. I just eat them on lightly buttered toast and sprinkle a few capers on them, and a squeeze of lemon. I buy the tiny sardines in olive oil.

    Sunflower, how does your garden grow? What's up. Also, do you have problems with your gabapentin? What dosage and when. I've been taking it for years-- was once taking 900mgs tid.
    I have so much in the garden that needs to be done, and now is the season to begin to have someone do it! Richard has been pruning the Buddleia bushes and Spiraeas too. I want to get as much done before Richard flies off to Holland/France in May for a few weeks; we know people there that have a flat in A-dam, and a house in the south of France. Nothing like free lodging :rolleyes:.

    I will have Ted here as my gofer. I am a little anxious though.

    Love to All,
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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: Sorry you can't go to Europe to freeload too! I sooooo wish I could travel like I used to but I don't think it's in the cards anymore. I understand though about the fatigue. Thankfully I don't have it all the time like some of you do but I do live with pain on a daily basis.

    I mainly have the sea lavender statice blooming everywhere in my little front yard. With all the rain we had there are huge heads which will last for months. So dependable. Also have a curved line of bushes along by the sidewalk...don't know the name but they're mainly yellow leaves so it looks nice with the purple. And I just added two more nandina for a total of 8 in front of my small wisteria and pomegranite tree. They look nice, especially in the fall and winter when they turn colors. Two flowering cream colored angels trumpets blooming, and assorted succulents large and small. I've also some orangey/red shrimp bushes and few roses that I haven't dug up and tossed yet. A used brick path meanders around the center and sides......I created it with hours and hours and hours of work on my knees years ago. A few years ago I had a little rustic sign from a garage sale that read: garden tours, 5 cents. I came out one day and found a nickel on a chair! My garden is very natural, I plant what I like, but mainly going for the colors to blend

    Julie: Even those accountants who work for the seasonal tax offices make mistakes. Good luck on finding what you need. And maybe this accountant will find errors for his favor.
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    A good night's sleep and up, bright eyed and bushy tailed. NRG is still pretty good but yesterday after I got done shopping at Bealls, I was spent. I got two pairs of white Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and a pair of Caribbean Joe periwinkle blue Capri pants. It was $144 retail and I got everything for $53. Now that many of the Snowbirds are leaving, the prices have come down and the coupons are better. Stores here gouge the Snowbirds. We full timers know to shop off season. I got size 12 and they are roomy but size 10 is a bit snug. So, when I finally dump this last 10 pounds or so, I may have to shop again. I think I'll wait to buy too much more. It's not so bad wearing one size too big but two sizes are definitely clown pants!

    Just downloaded my free Kindle book for Mar. I have my choice of one each month with Amazon Prime. Some are very good and some, not so much. I am reading an excellent thriller now but the author is obviously making it sound as though he is basing it on current fact in order to push a very hateful agenda. I'll bet the other haters out there will believe it is true. I will point this out when I review the book. What a waste of talent to use it like this. I think he is treading on libel.

    I sat out with Grace yesterday and said my good byes. We hugged and told one another we love each other. Dennis is now suffering from whatever Grace had and is coughing. He said he doesn't know how he'll drive, feeling so poorly. They will spend the night with their granddaughter who just miscarried. My dear old friend wants to take Nancy 2 and me to lunch for helping him get home when he fell. I told him that is so sweet but we did it because we love him. As we get older, and see some of our friends pass on, we make sure we show our love to one another. My friend across the street is getting weaker and weaker from the chemo and radiation treatments. I've already told her I love her and am praying for her and hers. She told Grace goodbye and said, "God willing, I'll see you next year." It's so sad for us. She is such a lovely person and an example to us all of faith in God and accepting His plans gracefully.

    Julie, I'm glad you have a good, trusted CPA. My ex and I always had one because our returns were complex. After the divorce, I used Turbo Tax until I stopped working and no longer had to file. I'm so sorry to hear about Clinton's health problems. The GB can come out but an enlarged heart is a concern. Sending up a little prayer for them. I hope you can get rid of that virus once and for all. Good grief! These things hang on forever. Before this NRG of unknown origin, I was so exhausted that I felt as though I were sick. I also had some body pain but it is better now too. I just hope I can finally get this place decent and be able to keep it up. I'm determined to get rid of a bunch of stuff I'm not wearing nor using but I can do that at my leisure once everything is cleaned and put away. I hope you feel better.

    Barry, I think it's wonderful you know the proper names of plants. It's all I can do to learn, and remember, the common names. Yes, they can have multiple common names. Our plumaria plants are also called, frangi pangis or, as one friend calls them, frangy panties. I wish I knew where this NRG is coming from or why. If I knew, I'd do whatever to keep it. Unfortunately, there seems to be no rhyme nor reason for this roller coaster of exhaustion and NRG. I hope you get some soon. I was laughing because I thought I had read that Ted was your golfer. I was thinking that I didn't know you golf. This is how a pea brain thinks early in the morning, even when I am bright eyed and bushy tailed. I may have more NRG but no one told my brain about it. Duh!!!

    Sun, that book sounds fantastic. I think Suzi Cohen is amazingly smart. In the first book, she talked about how drugs rob our bodies. It makes me cringe when Ilona says that she takes a statin drug so she can eat whatever she wants. Now that she knows that isn't right, she says that now that she is 81, she just doesn't care. I don't mind dying but I sure don't want to become a cardiac cripple like my aunt who lived the last three years of her life totally dependent on my cousin. Mom never wanted that either and I'm thankful she didn't go through that. Having to take a tiny dose of BP meds is more than I want to do and hope I can ditch them once I lose the rest of this weight. I hate it that there is a risk of drug-induced dementia from the Zantac but, if I don't take it, the acid reflux could cause throat cancer. Pick your poison! Geez, this monthly curse of yours is a whole different thing than what we usually think of when we think of the monthly curse. I hope you can break this hideous cycle.

    It's still dark out and 71 degrees. It's hot again during the daytime. I need to pick up some A/C filters. I sat out on the lanai early last evening with the cats. They consider this their quality time and I enjoy it too. I came in because there are lots of visitors and they are noisy. Some are kids and some are college kids. Oy!!! I'll celebrate when they leave. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's a quiet day so far. According to the local news on the home page, it will
    be 74 today. For years our home news weather report has been from just
    about every city in California except LA. Computers are more mysterious
    to me than the theory of relativity.

    Mikie, I have to smile every time you say, "Oy!" I hadn't realized that
    you were Presbyterian. We are having a problem with a bathroom
    fixture. Guess which one. Nope, not that one. It's the light fixture.
    It no workee no more. Just worn out. Probably been there for decades.
    Anyhoo Gordon called an electrician. He said his minimum charge for
    a house call was $115.

    AACCKK! I remember when I was a teen. We had one doctor in town.
    He seldom made house calls cause the town was so small. When he did,
    his fee was $3. If he gave you an Rx you walked to the drugstore and got
    it filled for $1.79. I'm sure young people today would never believe it.

    Julie, I never saw a tax kiosk before. I wonder if the Redbox video
    rental company is still in business. Their vending machines looked
    like Coke machines to me, but they were sometimes called kiosks.
    Remember a couple years ago on April Fools Day.? They put out an
    ad saying you could buy lunch meat sandwiches and rent a
    video at the same time. Well, I know it's not very funny, but it
    was timely. You can't hit all the bulleyes with one shot.

    Sun, your garden sounds lovely. We have an unusual flower in
    bloom. Gordon got a buncha succulents a couple years ago. From
    a friend, I guess. Anyhoo we don't know the names of any of them
    But one of them is in bloom now. It puts out a long stem that
    produces one purple flower. Shaped like a poppy.

    Here's the URL for a joke site I ran across yesterday. It has some
    goofy answers to questions on quiz shows. E.g. What is the
    capital of France? Answer: F. http://www.nairaland.com/83219/quiz-show-answers

    Gotta go. My achy breaky back is acting up. Hugs, Kids
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Sorry to hear about the bad news on Clinton AND HOPE THEY FIND OUT HIS PROBLEMS SOON !!. Hope they get it taken care of quickly. Sounds like a lot of searching going on for the answer to his problems. You also need to rest with your ills. I know the worry is not helpful to you sweetie but do try to rest.

    Just wanted to pop in for a minute. I have been cooking most of the day and my back is bugging me. I may get on to the porch again tomorrow but have to go to church tomorrow and then get ready for everyone to come and bring food - yay or should I say more food.

    MIKIE - Sorry your friends are leaving but you know the drill as they say. it will be sad but glad you have others you are friendly with and you can probably contact those that leave via e-mail or text I would guess or phone.

    SUN - Your garden sounds like it is beautiful. Would love to see it in person.

    I need to go wash my hair - you know how much fun I have doing it - yuck !! Have no clue what I will wear tomorrow to church. Just throw something on that looks colorful or something warm in the morning.

    Bye for now. Maybe I will get back here tomorrow evening after everyone leaves. I'll be pooped I know. Try and get well all you sickies and those not sick try not to get whatever it is :)!

    Love to you all,
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Oh boy, Julie, I know how you're feeling. Had the same thing twice, but the second time was WORSE, same with my DD. All I can suggest is run a humidifier to get moisture in the air, it really helped me when it finally dawned on me. If you're not doing it, sprinkle some drops of eucalyptus oil on a folded paper towel and inhale deeply when you start to cough, then back it goes into a sealed baggy. This just has to work it's way out of your body. Yes, different Easter for me too. No more tradition. I think Tevia in Fiddler on the Roof was upset about traditions too. I went yesterday to my DDs house to pick up her assortment of essential oils. I think it was a waste of driving there (30 min one way) since the stuff I took the day before seemed to have knocked this round out. It's called Flunada.......and I'm a real believer in it, along with some echinacea and zinc I also took. Hit the vitamin C big time too and oregano oil if you have it.

    I'm sorry about Clinton. How old is he? I'm sure Amy is a very strong person (she has to get it from you) so don't worry that you're not there. I pray for Clinton......please let us know how things go. And yes, poor little Miley....poor little tyke. She didn't ask for parents like she's gotten. First opportunity for Amy to talk to her about her family situation the better. Amy can be a wonderful role model for Miley. She needs some stability in her life and that stability originally came from YOU.

    Can you reschedule Gpa's surgery for a later date? And what a PAIN that Sis is so incredibly unreliable. I've never been that way and can't understand people who are.

    Rock: I know very few names of succulents but I do have a great book on them in case Gordon is interested in ordering it from the library. It's called Designing with succulents by Debra Lee Baldwin. Gordon might become very interested in redoing his yard once he sees this book.

    And why not search for a handyman rather than an electrician?

    I did some yard clean up this morning, what else is new? At least the weeds growing at this time have lovely little yellow daisy like flowers which goes with my color scheme. And I've found if I let them get to a certain larger size they're so easy to pull out, so basically I've got yellow flowers all over the front.

    I think I'm really low on magnesium in my body (leg cramps at night, ouch i.e.) so I've been trying to soak my feet several times a day in epson salts. Of course there's a silver lining to that because once done I feed my plants with it. Magesium makes them bloom and grow.

    Granni: I see we were posting at the same time. Remember back when we ALL had to wear hats to church OR gloves and never, never pants or the shorts that girls show up in now.......horrors. I think they should be sent home immediately. I was a good wife when I married my DH who was Catholic even though I was raised Presbyterian. I made sure all the kids went to mass every Sunday along with cathecism classes I drove them to once a week. But along the way things changed, the kids went their own way (two boys I think are agnostic) and my DD married a Protestant. They attend Calvary Chapel and I was baptized (emersed) there a few years ago after my DH passed. My Polish DH fell away from his church the last 6 months of his life and we attended a local Calvary Chapel when we felt up to it. It's soooo darn hard for me to function in the mornings that I don't go very often but I can watch the service online. Thank goodness for the Internet.
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Woke up earlier than usual. I feel weird. Wouldn't that frustrate a doctor.
    "Nothing specific, Doc. I just feel sorta tentative. Well, as we all know,
    could be a heck of a lot worse.

    Sun, our library had the Debra Lee Baldwin book, and I put it on hold.
    The library also has some other books by her. Regarding your suggestion
    that we find a handyman to fix the lighting problem, that's what
    Gordon did. Our old landlord is on this street frequently to visit his
    mother. He came by, brought his son, and they installed the new

    It's been 6 years since we've seen the son. He's now in his early 20s.
    Taller and bigger. He could appear in a commercial for a gym.
    So we had a nice visit. When they were leaving Gordon about
    a fee. The Dad said, "Oh, give Kevin five bucks. He can buy lunch
    with it." So that's what we did.

    What a difference all that light makes. Gordon can find his
    contacts more easily. It's like the difference between day and,
    well, not night. Between day and a cloudy day maybe.

    Granni, are you having a big dinner at your place today? I
    hope other folks are bringing stuff. When I was a kid, ladies
    didn't buy Easter hats. Wasn't any place in town to buy
    such. The nearest dept store was an hour away in Rochester.

    Julie, sorry to hear you are feeling lau-zay as zee French zay.
    Yes, you are wise not to attempt a holiday feast when you are not
    feeling your best. I hope Clinton's docs find out what the problems
    are and can do something about them.

    Mikie, it's nice not having to do the taxes anymore, isn't it. I used
    to re-do Gordon's after he'd already done them. Proofreading, ya
    know. With our combined efforts we were always right (according
    to the guberment folks) or at least close enough.

    Always enjoy your shopping reports. Which is more fun? Getting
    new stuff or the big savings? Oh yeah. Am reading the book
    on Mr. Selfridge. Turns out the history of the dept. store is
    fascinating. At least to me. Most of the stuff we associate with
    dept. stores developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    Barry, yes, you're right about the scientific names and common
    names. Take the gopher, for example. A gopher can be a rodent, a
    snake, or a tortoise. Spiraea sounds familiar. My mother had
    some. Don't remember what he looked like though. And
    after looking up some pics on the net, they don't look familiar

    Think I'll go back to bed and read some more.
    Regards to Springwater and Diane.