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  1. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Just watched Match Game. Remember that old show? My mother and
    I used to watch it. She was very good at it. Well, good at all word

    Got a book from the library yesterday about a famous canine movie
    star named Terry. Terry was a cairn terrier who appeared in more than
    a dozen films including Bright Eyes with Shirley Temple and The Women
    with lots of MGM female stars (no men in the cast). But her most
    famous role was as Toto. She was paid $125 dollars a week. A lot
    for those depression times, and more than the Munchins made.

    Toto's grave was destroyed in the 50s when the Hollywood Freeway
    was built. She now has a memorial in the Hollywood Forever cemetery
    next to Paramount Studios along with dozens of stars.


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  2. bct

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    Rock: re your plant photos, the left looks like an Echeveria flower spike. The right pic. just might be some kind of Talinum --- not enough detail in the photo. though to say. The colour is right.

    Richard has raced off to the vet because Shorty suddenly seems deaf, and he (R) is in hysterics. Should be back soon. Melodrama.

    Later, Xanax time
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  3. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    I closed off the last Porch. Rock, thanks for starting us up again. Thanks too for the info and pic on the 'little dog too.' Terriers are sooooo smart. Remember Asta?

    Barry, I pray Shorty is OK. My ex's Shorty is in bad shape and they are staying with him at all times, just in case. Hope your Xanax helps with the drama. Let us know how Shorty and Richard are doing.

    Julie, I'm sorry you are feeling lousy again and chilling. I hope you feel better and that Den's echo is good news.

    I'm out on the balcony, sitting in peace in one of my chairs. Woo hoo! The sky is brighter and the birds are singing especially beautifully. There is a lovely breeze and I don't feel like doing anything else today. I swept the balcony before bringing out my chairs. I potted some basil and moved a couple of plants outside. I watered everything. I'll be glad when rainy season arrives but it will bring the heat with it so I'll just sit here and enjoy.

    Love you all,
  4. ConfusedInPA

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    Just a quick note --

    I've been scanning the posts, no NRG to reply right now. My doc appt was early today, and I kept waking since 1:30 a.m. Yawn. I'll write about it later.

    Just wanted to say to Barry: Please keep us updated about Shorty!!!!!!! I know how scared y'all must be. ((hugs))

    I'll read more and write more tomorrow. Y'all take care.

    Love and hugs and prayers,
  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: I hope Shorty is OK. Let us know. How old is Shorty?

    Diane: And what did the new doc say?

    Julie: It seems like EVERYWHERE is go someone is talking about this bad virus! Funny thing is you can't find anything on the Internet on it. Hope you're feeling better. My 40 year old son has 30 one one side and 40 on the other. That scares me but his doctor said nothing is done unless it gets worse. He has just had a colonoscopy thru Kaiser and other routine tests though and I guess he's fine.

    Mikie and Rock: I remember Asta and also Toto. I wonder how those little dogs made it to the movies? Ever seen that cute commercial where the trainer is working with his variety of little dogs and teaches one of them to retrieve a paper from the ATM machine. So cute.

    I've spent my second day running around to some banks, changing ownership to the trust. I was out and about this morning, came out of a little shop and it was RAINING. I didn't know it was to rain until this weekend. Had my nap and now will work on cleaning/organizing my studio/junk room......what a mess! Something I keep putting off.
  6. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I had heard that was a horrible test......several friends said they thought they were having a heart attack. I was scheduled for it last January and was really scared. I prayed and prayed that something would happen that I wouldn't have to go thru it. Got up early and had to leave by 7:15 for the test at 8 a.m. Got there and the nurse met me.....said it had never happened before but the tech had called in sick and they had to reschedule. I told her forget it.....I wasn't going to go thru it....period. Called my doctor that afternoon and told him no to the test. (I knew God had stepped in) His reply....well, that was OK since my other 1hr. Echo was OK and that the lung test was bad. So......he was going to make me go thru it if I had rescheduled. I wasn't happy with him. I had read up that some people can die from it.

    And good to read that your taxman is working hard.

    By the way, I used to make the round steak, mushroom soup, dry onion soup, a bay leaf, all packaged up in foil into the oven for a slow bake. Is that the one you were going to make? I'm hungry just thinking about how good it is.
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sun, Terry aka Toto got into the movies because someone dropped her off
    at the home of Carl Spitz, the Hollywood animal trainer. Wikipedia has
    a short entry on him. Some years back I read about an animal trainer
    who provided animals for the movies. He said the studios always
    complained because he charged so much. His position was that the
    animal had to be trained and provided for year after year. Of
    course he had to earn what he could during the short period the
    animal was employed.

    Nope, haven't seen the ATM commercial. Commercials nowadays
    irritate me so much I just change the channel. Gordon tried one
    of those dragon fruits once. He said he had a very soft texture, like
    a custard, and not much flavor. No real fruit taste. They grow
    on a cactus. Here's a pic of dragon fruit flowers.


    Diane, nice verse to Julie. Hope your cough is better. How are Kevin
    and Rosie, Fathy and Beatie? (Did I get the names right?)

    Barry, any news about Shorty? I used to have a boss who owned a
    series of Golden labs. They all died at about age 7-8 although when
    I looked on the net, most sites said 10-12 year life span. Seems like
    everything in life is a paradox. If you have children or pets, you
    open your self up to both joy and heartbreak.

    Springwater, our back yard is not really a thing of beauty. All the
    grass died due to the drought last year. The ground slopes so
    when it rain dirt washes down. Gordon keeps planting stuff to
    try and stabilize the soil. Oops, gotta go. The keys are sticking.


  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I'm up and sorta bright eyed and bushy tailed. Kitties were good and I was a bit tired from working out on the lanai and balcony yesterday so slept well. It wasn't hard labor but it doesn't take much to wear me out. Still, I can feel I have a bit more NRG than I've had during the relapse. I also feel better mentally/emotionally and that may have something to do with all the drama from Barb and her band of Barbarians which is now gone. I am going over to the pool at 9:00 and hope it's warm enough to work out. If not, I'll sit in the sun for half an hour. I'm pasty again and could use some color. I wear sun screen on my face and neck but want the exposure on the rest of my bod for vitamin B3.

    Julie, in the long run, it may be better that sis doesn't come around. If she's not around GPA to stir him up, it could be better for you. Yes, it would be nice if she could take him off your hands for a while but, really, is it worth it? I see you have a busy schedule ahead and I hope you feel well. BTW, if Den is on BP meds, it could 'splain his fatigue. Mine made me tired but I think that now that I'm down to only half a pill twice a day, the fatigue from them isn't as bad.

    Sun, I guess it's better to get some rain than that horrible drought. I also love that commercial. Years ago, I saw demonstrations of service dogs' helping people. One golden retriever could pick a dime up with his mouth off of a hard floor. They were all amazing. The cats love it when there are animals on TV. Darn, I keep forgetting to look for animal DVD's for them to watch. I hope you and I can both make some headway into our cleaning and reorganizing.

    Diane, hope the appt. went well. Please come back when you can to fill us in.

    Rock, wow! Even the bloom of the dragon fruit is exotic. The fruit doesn't even look real. It looks like something from "Game of Thrones." If I had land and some NRG, I'd grow all kinds of fruit down here. My favorite is the Myer Lemon. The lemons are HUGE--the size of oranges. Our little lemon tree is getting lemons on it. I have to make a sign in Spanish telling our landscapers not to pick the lemons. Before they turn yellow, the landscapers think they are limes and pick them. As it is, they are more than a month late trimming our new bushes, which are growing out of control. I hate it that I have to chase them down to do what they promise to do. They don't do their work and steal our lemons--is this a great country or what! I wonder whether Carl Spitz ever trained a Spitz.

    We are sposda have a whole week of this fabulous weather. Yea! No rain, which means I have to continue to water the outdoor potted plants but that's OK. I don't mind if I can enjoy this last bit of spring before the hot and muggy weather comes back. I have put my folding chairs out on the balcony near my front door. I had bought matching cushions in black with red and gold flowers in the print. They look so pretty and happy out there. Lowe's is having a plant sale and I need to find something to replace the geraniums in our flower boxes. I may run down there to check it out.

    Love, hugs and prayers for everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    See if this thing is working. Well, seems OK now. The B & W
    cat showed up after five days in absentia. Gordon had some
    meat for her, but he threw away when she didn't come around.
    As one would expect, she showed up later the same day.

    Mikie, in response to your question, she has short fur. He coat looks
    almost like plush. I think she's a female. With regard to animals
    watching TV, there's are videos on Youtube of dogs watching the
    last scene in Disney's Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. It
    is a tearful ending with two dogs and a cat finding their way
    home. Great music.

    Springwater, I looked at your weather report. It's going to be hotter
    in Kathmandu than here in CA. We had rain during the night.
    What about your dogs? Are they ever in the TV room?

    Julie, yes, I remember Carla. She posted lots of videos on Youtube.
    Driving around the hills in her golf cart; her dogs; their tricks.
    Then she had a fire that destroyed her home. I think the last
    video I saw she had moved into a new place. I lost the name
    she was using on her posts. I think it had 3 K's in it or something
    like that. Can't find her videos anymore.

    Ha det bra, Kids
  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All; Thanks for all your kind wishes regarding Shorty. He is alright, but has hearing loss, probably due to the corticosteroid ear medicine that the other vet rx'd him the week before. This vet said it would probably clear up in a short while. I sure hope so. Meanwhile he is happy and perky, so that makes me feel good.

    I feel bad today, too much stress, so am taking it easier than usual. Richard is flying off next month and I am having anxiety about that..... but am trying to think positive about it. He is basically my caregiver, but the change will do him good I hope. Maybe it'll do me good too. I'll stock up on food and supplies, and live a simple live..... lol, as if I don't already.

    My doc's visit last Monday overwhelmed me. He wants (?) me to see four specialists -- didn't tell me why :mad::mad::mad::mad:. I've forgotten which ones even. I'll let them contact me and make my own decisions I think. To do, or not do, that is the question......o_O

    Julie, I've had the nuclear stress test --- I think that is what you are talking about --- and aside from a hot flush over my body, I felt nothing. No pain. No problem. Your walking with Den sounds like a fine idea. I hope you have time to follow it out.....;). I know you have a lot on your plate.

    Vanquished for Now,
    I'll be stronger tomorrow I hope.
    Love to All,
  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: Sorry about the anxiety....I think we All understand how it is, and we ALL suffer from time to time. You'll be just fine without Richard there and you did say you have the young man living in the trailer near you. Yep, stock up on good food in the freezer. How long is he going for?

    Julie: You know your body, but if you feel you've got bronchitis why not see the doctor. When I was in Hawaii it rapidly got worse that by Monday after Christmas I KNEW I had to see a doc. Found one, luckily within walking distance, and he put me on a Zpack. This virus is very common for people to get either bronchitis or pneumonia so watch it. I'm back to inhaling my eucalyptus baggy, of course I've got lung problems so maybe this is why it keeps coming back.

    Just talked to my DD. She said she had just come back from a PTA meeting and suddenly was voted the president. Her DH is not very happy though. I told her most husbands resent it when their wife/housewife gets something of their own.........the thought is how will this new interest AFFECT them. I think it's great for her. She had become a cleaning freak because she didn't have anything else except running the kids from one thing to another. She worked as a bedding designer before having her first child, so it's been a long time since he had something of her own.
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Dear Porchies,

    Wow so many busy people chatting on the PORCH and I have been skimming but doubt if I can remember everything. So many little things going on lately keeping me from getting on the PORCH early in the morning or later in the day. This morning had to get ready early to go to a funeral or memorial for a man that died that had various problems lately. Feel so sorry for his wife and family. He was funny guy and his wife to who is a really sweet person. DH had played golf with him and others years ago when we first got her and he had played a lot of golf. now he very rarely plays, Glad the church was the one in our community so DD and I went by ourselves. DH had to go to an appointment that would have been hard to change. DSIL did not really know either person, the deceased or spouse. It was a nice service with lovely music.

    Will try and go to Zumba Gold this afternoon with DD. DD gives me a little inspiration to get up and moving. My body says stay home and veg on the computer plus it is almost dinner time. I know once I get there I do enjoy it.

    Sorry everyone is having their trials but glad when things get better over time.

    JULIE - Please get better. Gad you are doing a little better but with all the stress you deal with daily no wonder things hang on with you. DH needs the computer.

    Gotta get off for now will try and get back later.

    Love to everydobby,
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Dear Friends,

    Got up at 4:00 with a horrible headache and stuffed up nose. My breathing is a bit labored and I have pain in the left side of my chest. I smeared some Ben Gay on it and will do a session on my nebulizer. I seldom need it or my inhaler but, when I do, they are God sends. Like some of y'all, I don't know which symptoms are allergies and which might be a virus. Think I'll go back on the antiviral just in case and to keep my latent 'whatever' virus from reactivating if it hasn't already.

    I worked out half an hour at the pool yesterday. Frank was the only one who showed up. We laughed because Frank thought I was having a seizure when I did a few minutes of intensified motions, like cycling rapidly in a spin class. I can't do it nonstop as it gets my heart rate up to the maximum but it's good for a brief time and really burns off fat. I normally an in the targeted heart rate which is 80 percent of the maximum.

    I wasn't even too exhausted afterward so went to Lowe's. I got some lantanas for our pots and some kalanchoe (sp?) to replace the geraniums which have stopped blooming and are getting leggy. I'll wait just a bit to replace the ones on the other end of the bldg. It gets more shade and the geraniums are still blooming in that box. It's a paradox because geraniums love sun but, down here, when the sun is so hot and direct, they just stop blooming and get so leggy that they are ugly. Our dorothyanthus (sp?) is getting long and I'll keep it cut back. It will survive but, by summer's end, it won't be too pretty. It'll recover when the temps drop at the end of Oct.

    The best part is that I got some herbs and potted them. The only place they do really well is just outside Barb's front door on the balcony. I already had a nice basil plant and bought some chives, cilantro and rosemary. I'm tired of having to buy them at the store. After all this, I was tired so rested and finished watching Season 2 of Fixer Upper. My subscription to Netflix will go from $8 a month to $10. Guess I can afford that.

    Julie, yes, I know sis' pattern of behavior by now but, it seems the more time she is with GPA, the more upset he becomes, even if it is just running in at the last moment to claim credit. I agree that he likely wouldn't be around had you not taken over his care. Walking is considered the best of all exercises so that is an excellent choice for you and Den. He may not think he has the NRG to do it but, if he starts out slowly, and increases distance and pace a little at a time, he will build up stamina. As long as y'all don't overdo it and end up more exhausted. For a long time, when I worked out in the pool, it made me even more tired but I do stress my heart and lungs so that's to be expected. I can do my half hour more easily and I'm not as tired afterward. Of course, if I crash in a relapse, all bets are off. Hope all y'all can catch a break and feel better.

    Barry, why didn't the doc 'splain why he wanted you to see all these specialists? Good grief! I see specialists but try to scatter the appts. out over time so I'm not jammed up all at once with running to my docs. Sometimes, I put things off, like my mammo, Dexascan and visit with my gyn. I hope Shorty does get his hearing back and I'm glad to hear he is such a happy little guy. I hope and pray you will be fine when Richard leaves and that he has a safe trip. Just saw on TV that they are releasing water from the lakes in Northern CA because they are full. An expert warned, however, that CA will need as much snowfall and rain for the next four years as it has had this year to get out of the drought status. Feel better.

    Granni, I'm glad you enjoy the Zumba so much. I need to move more than I'm doing now in the pool. I do stretch after I run in the shallow end. I also need to lift some free weights. It's hard for me to think about when I haven't had the NRG to do my housework. At least, I have gotten things cleaned up on the lanai and balcony and plants potted outside. The landscaping around our bldg. looks better than it ever has. Sorry about the funeral. I just found out one of Barb's friends died; he had cancer of the throat. I met him when he visited and he was such a nice man. Evidently, my friend across the street with cancer only has a few days. She is accepting things very well but her DH is very distraught and depressed. I feel so bad for her family. Hope you get some time to come sit a spell with us.

    Sun, I'm laughing at your DD's being surprised by being elected president at PTA. It'll probably be nice for her and for the PTA to have her. Yes, men always seem to want their women to be available to take care of them. Of course, women want their men available to help around the house. It's so hard for single women like us who have to take care of everything ourselves. On top of that, I have this whole bldg. to take care of. I used to do a lot myself to save us money but now, I usually just hire it out. Fortunately, our bldg. isn't as old as some in the hood so there isn't too much that goes wrong--just maintenance, like painting (knock on wood or, in our case, stucco). Hope you and I, and Julie, all get rid of this crud, whatever it is.

    Rock, I often refer to Tweety's fur as plush. She is so soft and her coat is really thick. I also say she is part polyester because her fur is very shiny in the sun. Sir Vester's long hair on his back is silky but, in some places, it just looks like a black hole, swallowing up all the light. Glad your little B&W kitty showed up after being away for five days--the little hussy! When our tom cats would disappear for days, Mom always said they were on their honeymoon. Hmmmm! Wonder whether they were on the bridal registry at Bed Bath & Beyond. I think that cashier disliked her job so much that she just went through the motions by rote, never realizing that it would be quite strange to have cat treats on one's registry. Not impossible, but strange. I guess some animal lovers might do it but it would be a cheap wedding guest who only got some cat treats. If memory serves, someone did make videos for pets but it's been a few years. Maybe if your little B&W kitty had her own TV, she wouldn't stray.

    Diane, do your kitties watch TV? I hope they, you and Kevin are doing well. Stop in when you can.

    OK, Kids, I'm gonna go read the virtual newspaper. I'm sposda go to a workshop on healthy ponds this afternoon at our library. If I'm going to feel up to going, I really need to get these allergies under control and I could use a nap first. I'd like to go but it's three hours and I don't know if I can sit that long when I feel so lousy. What could they have to say that would take so long? Yikes!

    Hope all y'all have a good day. BTW, here's a recent pic of me but it was taken at night and isn't too clear. That's good cause y'all can't see the wrinkles.


    Love, Mikie
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, what a great picture. When I first skimmed down the page I thought:
    Oh, Mikie posted a picture of Debbie Reynolds. Well, the pose and the clothes
    are similar to a lot of her pics. Anyhoo you look alert and cheerful. More than
    many folks (such as I) can say. Where was this taken? At your complex?

    I wish I could find the verse I wrote about Bed Bath and Beyond. I wrote it
    in response to a claim I handled. One of their employees had an accident.
    After he recovered he got a job driving a truck. Hauling produce, I think.
    One of the verses I wrote some decades back is on topic that is in the
    news. I read that global warming with melting of the ice caps and glaciers
    is affecting the wobble of the Earth on its axis. Maybe if I can find it, and
    if there is a significant public demand for same, I will post it.

    I read one of those articles some time back that said some animals react to
    TV images. But some don't. Nobody seems to know the whys and wherefores.

    Julie, Gpa sounds confusiated, but he probably knows more about cell
    phones than I. I don't know how to answer them or how to make a call.
    And those tiny keys are just too tiny for my present state of neuro-
    muscular non-coordination. And you are too kind. If someone told me
    to go sleep in the barn, I would probably say something not too kind like:
    Oh, that reminds me. We're going to be remodeling for a couple months.
    Your temporary bedroom will be in the barn or the corn crib. Your choice.

    Barry, I don't know what this nuclear test you and Julie are talking about
    is. Does it involve bombs? I learned just last week on the history channel
    where the Enola Gay got its name. Enola Gay Tibbets was the mother of
    Colonel Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the plane that dropped the bomb on
    Hiroshima. Wikipedia says Paul's mother was named after a 19th century
    novel: Enola or Her Fatal Mistake. I hope both you and Shorty feel better
    soon (and have no serious mistakes).

    Sun, I think that's great that your DD is going to have something new in
    her life. Always good to have our horizons broadened. Come to think
    of it, I think our H. S. class motto was "The Horizon Widens As We Climb."
    Anyhoo which PTA is it? The Piano Tuners Association? Physical
    Therapy Assistants? Public Transportation Authority? Whatever it
    is, I'm sure she'll do a great job.

    Now that I think of it, I don't know what a bedding designer does either.
    Designs for quilts and sheets and stuff? How is you current painting
    project coming?

    Hugs to everydobby
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Wonderful pic MIKIE. It is early and DH is shopping and will be home soon. I need to and start breakfast and will have to put away groceries.

    JULIE - So sorry to hear about all of Gpa's problems. Hope they can find the answers to the problems soon. Hope that is not a bad sign for him with all his attitude and confusion problems besides his possible heart problems. You don't need all this and of course neither does he.

    Not much time to write but we do have a few answers to DD;s problems. DS met with her 2x . Once he didn't really find out anything and the second time he seemed to get a little more out of her. She is on Risperidone which is a antipsychotic which is used for bipolor conditions and schizophrenia but alcohol abuse can also bring this on somewhat or should I say make it worse. I imagine it will bring it out if she was abusig alcohol and or drugs.There is also a familial tendency to some of this but need to know more. They said something to her or she said they said she may leave the hospital on Monday but has no place to go. I told
    DS to tell someone there that she has no where to go. Not sure they knew that or not. Hope she gets to go to a halfway house or someplace to help her. None of us can afford to do that and leave her in her not that table conditon even if better on the meds. DS is also trying to get her to comunicate with the family. DH is home. More later if I find out anything.

    Please pray for her and hope she gets the help she needs besides the meds.

    Need to get off here as DH will be home soon.

  16. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi y'all,

    Barry, glad that Shorty's prognosis looks good. Give him lots of pets and hugs from me. And, my friend, I do understand about anxiety, etc. (hugs)

    Mikie, Wow! Great picture!

    I don't have any oomph left to post more. But I do think about you all!

    My doc appt wore me out. It did not go as expected, and I won't say more so I don't get kicked off the board. No concerns, my friends. I guess you can say that I just picked another bad apple from the bunch of board certified internists.

    I have a lot of thinking to do. And I can't concentrate much right now. Staring out the window at the SNOW seems to be all I can do. Yep, I said SNOW!!!!!!

    I hope all who are having medical problems have great results with your tests, and future tests. I know that some of you are dealing with other "issues", which I hope can be resolved. I don't know what else to say.

    I see my therapist in two weeks. So I might not be posting til after then.

    Take care all. I'll try to be back soon.

    Love and hugs and prayers
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm sitting down because my sciatica is acting up. I dosed myself up when I got up and hoped it would send the symptoms packing but I now have other symptoms. Still don't know whether it's allergies or a virus. I tried to get myself in a place where I could go to the pond workshop but it just ain't gonna happen. I cleaned up the kitchen, did a load of dishes, unloaded the dishwasher, and took my garbage down to the dumpster. Ilona and I had a chance to sit out for a cup of coffee on the balcony and a few friends dropped by. They leave tomorrow so everyone wants to tell them goodbye.

    I've been listening to ABBA because their music is so peppy that it helps me keep moving when I don't want to. Think I'll get Roomba to do the floors and I'll change the bed and do laundry. Don't think I'll push it, though. This is one of those things that could get worse fast. It's such a beautiful spring-into-summer day with a nice breeze. I got a lot of pleasure looking at the stuff I planted outside.

    My friend from across the street is hanging on but it could be any time now. I think her kids and niece and nephew are here. We don't want to bother them at this sad time and they will keep at least one of us updated. Then, we can spread the word. The sister came home from the hospital but is so sick that she cannot go visit her sister in Hospice. The sick sister will have a Medicare nurse out to visit. Her daughter flew down and will be driving her back up North. I just hope they don't get on the road only to have it turn into an emergency. The poor DH of the dying woman is unable to talk about anything; he is in shock. She really went downhill fast. Everyone loves her so much.

    Rock, thanks for the kind words about the pic. It was taken down by the carport. We have motion sensors which turn on the carport lights at night. I was leaving for one of the casual concerts. Nothing too dressy--just a bit of bling on the neckline of the blouse. As one of the columnists in our paper said, "Flip flops are OK to wear to something dressy if they have crystals or sequins on them." I have one pair with sequins for dressy/casual and another pair festooned with very sparkly crystals for dressier occasions. If I ever had to really dress up, I'm not sure what I'd wear. As long as I'm appropriately dressed by old people FL stds., I am happy.

    I think the only thing I have in common with Debbie Reynolds is choosing a lousy husband. At least, I only did it once. We always love to read your witty poems so any you want to post would be a real treat. If I don't feel better, I'll go to Bed after taking a Bath and hope I don't go on to the Great Beyond. Yikes! I think the earth has always wobbled a bit on its axis. If it were to be hit by a big enough meteorite, it might actually knock it completely off it's axis. Of course, a meteorite that big would put an end to life as we know it. We might go the way of the dinosaurs.

    Granni, thanks for your kind words too. Just sent up a prayer for DD. I also asked for help from St. Dympthna. Wish they could keep DD in inpatient treatment longer. It doesn't seem as though it's been long enough to help. I hope they can find something for her. I know how hard this must be on you and your family. Please do keep us updated.

    Oops! Didn't realize there were more posts on Page 2. Duh!!!

    Julie, yes, I'm just like you--I never wished anything bad for Barb but, like you, I had to protect myself from her toxic energy. I hope I never see her again. Hope the Love, Peace, Joy is working. It isn't a panacea but I found it really helps. It's hard to say these loving words through gritted teeth. Spring's advice about the salt water bowl and surrounding myself with the purple protective light was wonderful. Anything we can do to insulate ourselves against the dark, negative energy these people put out helps. Love it that GPA is doing a little bit of cleaning up after himself and 'little' is the operative word here. Glad his meds have been combined and I hope his UTI clears up. Good luck.

    Diane, you are always so kind a appropriate that no one will kick you off the board. The only person who should be kicked is your doc. Our lives are difficult enough without having to deal with these prima donna doctors. Good grief. Come back when you can and, in the meantime, good luck with everything.

    Gonna go. I feel hot and icky. Whine, whine, whine! Again, thank all y'all for your kind words about the pic.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DIANE - So sorry that you had a rough time with your new doc. Some of them can be a real pain to put it mildly' We understand but we miss you and hope you will come back to chat with us soon. Many of us have had similar experiences with bad docs with no personalities. If they are that bad try and move on and find another. They aren't all like that. Keep on hanging in there kiddo. We do miss you while you are away though.

    MIKIE - Glad that you got rid of your friends and enemies the Barbarians. Happy days are here again. Has Ilona left yet? I think you said they did leave. Sorry about your sciatica. That bothers me every once in awhile. Have you tried a heating pad and maybe a hot bath for awhile.

    I just popped for a minute but then remembered that I had better go and put the sheets back on the bed. They really needed washing. Now they need to get back on there.

    Hi also to JULIE, ROCK, SUN, SW, BARRY et al I cannot think of at the moment. OH, BARRY glad it it doesn't seem to be serious with Shorty.

    BTW JULIE, there may be some other things going on with Gpa but it does look also that he may have some of sis's traits plus the usual stuff that comes with aging. Not sure who might have gotten the traits from whom but living with her all those years ' I know some might have rubbed of on him or visa versa. As they say also the apple often doesn't fall far from the tree. Need to run. Keep on hanging dear JULIE.

    Gotta go and make a bed - ugh What FUN !!

    Granni :)
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: great pic. of you. And if you're like me I rarely have a pic. taken of me, actually I don't like having it taken. I know how I've aged. I even put my makeup on without using my glasses to see. Funny story about my SIL's mom. She got her eyes done a few years ago, courtesy of Medicare. So after they were done she looked in the mirror and freaked out......so next she paid for a partial face lift. And.....she had to have a talk with her cleaning lady because now she was seeing places she was missing.

    I think you and I are twins separated at birth. It seems that when you're going thru stuff I am also. The sciatic is screaming at me. I've been alternating Ice and heat and using the tens on my painful shoulder. Some days the pain is soooo darn bad. I've already had to take 600 mg ibuprofen twice and yesterday had to add tramadol. I think it's because us with FM are lacking the pain blocking stuff in our brain that others have. I forget the name of it right now. So I'm sitting here adding some red wine for lunch, hoping to dull it enough so I can take a nap.

    When my mom went to hospice she was gone in 3 days, everything shut down. It was so unexpected because she had just been to the hospital for a routine test. While there the hospital found out she had MRSA in her urine so hospice came and got her since the nursing home I had arranged refused at the 11th HR. I guess it was just her time to go. Hard to believe that in July it will be 9 years. I still miss her a lot, and funny thing is I've been dreaming of my dad about once a week. He's been gone 44 years now. And what's so strange is a few weeks ago I thought I had a vision of my DH walking to me........really weird. Maybe it's because I've been going thru so much in the last couple of years

    Julie: Good for you!!!!!!! What you're experiencing with Gpa is true PA. He knows exactly what he's doing, making you jump hoops. Don't let him run you around.

    Granni I'm praying for your DD. And I'm sure it's soooo hard for you not to have her close to you where you can monitor her health. Did I understand correctly that she has a husband and kids?

    Diane: If you don't like this doctor then find another one. It's very important to have a rapoor with your doctor. My DD keeps telling me to leave the clinic I go to, but I've been there since I was 4 years old. Had operations thru them, took my children to the pediatrician, they have ALL my records. It's hard to move on, and besides I do like my lung doc. I guess my primary is OK, I can pretty much get what I want without too much trouble. I also see a gynecologist there also.......a pretty black lady......and I feel comfortable with her.
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Hope all y'all are doing well today. I'm up early. I got a lot of good, deep sleep last night but woke a couple of times. If I just lie there, I can usually get back to sleep. Kitties were sooooo good last night but by 5:00, Sir Vester couldn't wait any longer for me to get up. The newspaper arrived shortly after and I've had my breakfast. I certainly feel better than I did when I got up yesterday.

    Ilona and Frank are all packed but won't leave too early as they only have to drive to the other side of FL to catch the 'car train.' They will stay at a motel so they can be early in line tomorrow morning for a choice place on the train. She wants to come up to the balcony for coffee before they leave. Their Ford Edge is packed to the headliner. It has a glass top so they can't put anything on the roof. They look like the Joad Family in Grapes of Wrath. I'm glad she is being nice and only wish she hadn't been so mean and angry when they first arrived.

    The hood is getting quiet with people leaving. Can't wait for the traffic to thin out. All the powers that be in FL want is growth, growth, growth. Our roads and other infrastructure are stretched to the limit as it is, even without the Snowbirds. I'm glad to see that FL is no longer in the top places in which to retire. I worry about having enough water in the future because developers want to develop water sensitive land. That could dry up our aquafers and bring more sink holes. Yikes!

    Granni, Ilona and Frank will leave this morning. Yes, I have put heat and ice on my back and I wear the TENS Unit. I twisted my back heaving a heavy garbage bag up and into the dumpster. I should have worn my back brace. I had swept the cobwebs from under the balcony eaves and that usually gets the sciatica going. I have PT exercises for it but don't do them all the time. I didn't get my bed changed and need to do it today. AACCKK!!! It's getting to where I don't want to do much of anything any more.

    Sun, yes, we do seem to experience things at the same time. My Mom died 14 years ago in July and I still miss her so much. She's in my dreams a lot. I once had a vision of Princess Diana's father in my living room. He was wearing the gray suit he wore at her wedding. I have no idea of the significance of that. He was there and gone in a snap. I have had a strange feeling of connection to, and fascination with, the Royal Family ever since I was a small child. I wonder whether there is some relationship waaaaaay back in history. It might have been on the German side. The family name means, 'keeper of vassals,' so I imagine our ancestors were estate land owners.

    I had a neck lift and my eyes done back in the early 2000's when I was starting to come out of my health crash. I had hopes of going back to work but looked like death warmed over. No one will hire a sales person if he or she looks sooooo tired. The doc also used a laser to tighten the skin under my eyes where I had droopy bags. I was thrilled with the results and would do it again if I could afford it. Actually, all I need now is the puppet wrinkles filled in from my mouth to my chin. I hope your sciatica gets better. Mine was screaming at me when I got outta bed. I put on the TENS Unit and it feels better.

    Julie, hope you enjoyed your movie date night. I also hope you enjoy going to the home supply store. I actually love going to Lowe's or Home Depot. They are both on different corners of the same intersection here. Handy! I love watching the home improvement shows on TV. If I weren't sick, I'd love to always have some kind of construction project going on. It's a good thing I live in a condo. How wonderful that you are getting money back on GPA's taxes. That will likely make sis furious as it points out how inept she is as a caretaker. I still say the less she is involved in his life, the better. She doesn't make things better for him, or you; she makes things worse for everyone. Such toxic people are emotional terrorists. I don't know how they can even stand themselves. Maybe they can't and that is why they lash out at others.

    Well, time to dig into the big newspaper. I hope there is some good news and some good coupons inside. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie