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    Hi Kids

    Back in a jumping jack flash.

    Thanks for the info on Randy Wayne White, Mikie. Looked him up
    in Wikipedia. Hey, Julie, He's an Iowa boy; Davenport. At least
    for part of his childhood. Anyhoo he used to run charter boats from
    Sanibel Island. But when the government closed down boat traffic, he
    became a writer. Has written oodles of books under various names.
    I put one on hold.

    Julie, thank you for your extravagant compliment. It turned my head,
    and now I keep bumping into things. Gordon and I repaired the window
    blind. Gordon stood on his mother's old sewing machine and did the
    necessary repairs while I cut and passed packing tape to him.

    He is going over the Jim's place to get something related to orchids.
    Lava rocks, I think. One can use them as potting material since orchids
    are not planted in dirt.

    I have been watching NCIS. They have the most intricate plots of any
    show on TV. Surprise endings are common. So does that make them
    less surprising?

    Hope everydobby has a good day.


    Bridge to Sanibel Island. I suspect the figure at the far end is Mikie.


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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Rock, thanks for getting us up and started this lovely morning. The sun is just rising outside my lanai sliding doors. I mark the change of the seasons by where it rises vis-à-vis the roof tops across the pond. It will continue to rise further to the north until the Summer Solstice when it heads back south. If only Mother Nature realized that it's spring and not summer, it would be nice. Also, she is always late getting around to fall here. Whine, whine, whine! Ooh, ooh, there were just pics of Boulder, CO, my home town, showing all the snow. Guess I shouldn't complain. I agree with everything Julie said. You are our own beloved National Treasure. I also agree with what she said about being survivors of dysfunctional families. It's true--what doesn't kill us does make us stronger.

    Yes, that's me fishing in the Sanibel Bridge pic. That's the bridge from the mainland over to some sandbars. In between the sandbars is the causeway leading to the island. When DGS comes to visit, we pack up the Highlander and head to the sandbars where he fishes. There are some palm trees which provide shade for my pasty bod. It is such a beautiful and serene place. My friend, Joe, goes fishing there early in the morning several times a week. He and I can see each other's condos and we kinda keep track of each other. But, I digress... When I moved here, the new bridge hadn't been built. The old one was one of those ones where the middle would be cranked up to let boats pass under--a drawbridge, I guess. We are still paying for the new one. It's six dollars to go over to Sanibel but free to come back. Someone who was smart decided we didn't need toll booths at both ends; just collect in one direction. Thanks for posting that pic. There is a weather cam there and I see that on TV every morning.

    Julie, you sound so much better. I'm glad you are locked and loaded to deal with GPA's P/A behavior. Dr. Phil had a show on an abusive relationship yesterday. His wife, Robin, put together definitions and examples of the different types of abuse. My ears pricked up when he came to Financial Abuse. That is what my P/A husband held over me. While he womanized, he threatened to disappear without paying child support if I were to leave him. So, I stayed because I had no degree and no recent work experience and we would have been living in severe poverty. After the kids were grown, he was shocked to learn that the only reason I stayed was so he would support us. Duh!!! He told the shrink he didn't mean it and wouldn't have done that. Again--"Who, me?" The shrink told him that he didn't take responsibility for his actions. It was like he was always saying, "The devil made me do it." P/A's will use any leverage over others, including financial and emotional.

    I'm glad you had a chance to get outside and do some work. Please, just don't overdo it. I've really been pacing myself now that I have just a wee bit more NRG. DGS's school gets out June 1st and he is chomping at the bit to come down to see me. I have a little time so there is no rush but I'm anxious to clean and declutter. Sis does sound like a hoarder. Dysfunction often manifests itself in more than one way. My ex is also OCD. My kids used to refer to him as 'obsessive/repulsive.' They love him and I'm glad his behavior hasn't made them hate him. He's lucky and I'm proud of them. They have given up on trying to help him deal with his overeating and other unhealthy lifestyle choices. They have prepared themselves for his early demise if it comes to that. I honestly don't know how people can keep going, living like that. The kids really appreciate it that I try to keep myself as healthy as I can, all things considered.

    I wish working out at the pool didn't drain me of my NRG but it's worth it if it keeps my heart and lungs healthy. New research shows exercise also keeps blood sugar levels down and helps delay the onset of dementia. PBS had shows on all afternoon yesterday on brain problems. There is so much research going on for bi-polar disorder, PTSD, depression and Alzheimers. It does give hope for the future. There are families in which Alzheimers affects many family members. There are drugs which can delay the onset of dementia until it is no longer such a risk for them early on before symptoms but, like everything else, no drugs work for everyone and there are potential side effects. At least, there is research ongoing. In the case of the other conditions I mentioned, a lot of research is being done on 'resetting' the firing of the neurons. In one severe case of depression, they implanted electrodes in the woman's brain, much like they do for people with Parkinson's disease. That has led to finding less invasive treatments to achieve the same outcome.

    BTW, my e-newsletter from ProHealth had an article on a new film. I think it's called "The Forgotten Plague," about CFIDS/ME. I'm so run down that I can't remember what I just read in the newsletter. I need to find out how to watch the film. I also need to run so I can get my coupons for Bealls. I'm hoping I can find some Capri pants which fit. The 12's are still way too roomy. This means I have to try on 10's. I hate trying things on but just don't need more clown pants. I don't have any big shoes to wear with them. Yuk! Yuk! :)

    My love to all our Porchies, and other PH Members.

    Love, Mikie
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    HI y'all!

    Testing testing ......

    Kevin "deleted Windows 10" from my computer. Or he thought he did. I was so happy. Even just to be able to go to the computer, check on CNN or NationalWeatherService, or ProHealth. Just something I got used to.

    So the next morning, I'm up, having my cuppa coffee, watching the dawn break. And guess what happens?? WINDOWS 10 will install on your computer in 1:00, 59:59, 59:58, tick tock tick tock. AFTER KEVIN GOT RID OF WINDOWS 10 the evening before!

    I woke Kevin up. Help, with my 'puter!

    We set the timer to remind us again in 8 HOURS.

    Then I did a google search
    I do not want windows 10 installed on my laptop

    Found a lot of techie articles. Kevin did his magic again, because of more info he received from my Google searches.

    BYE BYE Windows 10. If I decide that I want you for free, I have until the end of July.

    My laptop is just fine on Windows 7. Mikie, as you said, some of our older computers can't handle "10". Mine couldn't.

    Now, Just wanted to say HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to go back and read posts that I've missed.

    Sun, I think you said something about your "virus" and DD's virus returning. Kevin's doc says that there's an extremely large amount of stomach virus cases here. Nothing to be done. ABX won't help. Just wait it out.

    I'm making a pot of beef bone soup this weekend. Maybe it will help. Can't hurt!? :) (Neither of us desire chicken soup.)

    You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Julie, the twins will soon be 5 y/o! Time flies. Love the pic.

    Kevin and I are waiting for the AC guys to show up. They are supposed to do a yearly check up on the unit today, but it's still kinda chilly outside. Then Kevin has to go to the library and then to get our soup stuff.

    I'll be back, but probably not until Monday or later in the week.

    You all take care. Miss ya when I don't post to y'all!

    Hugs, Diane
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    Hello All

    Ive just had my dinner, always drag my feet these days when its time to make that meal. The ceiling gets terribly hot because the terrace is on top and the hot sun bakes it..then the heat starts oozing downwards come evening time..and the rooms are like furnaces...even hotter than what it actually is outside in the evening which is quite cool. Today after dilly dallying i found some mincemeat in the fridge, defrosted that..luckily lights stayed on till it had thawed, and made a meat curry, cabbage veggie and lentils.

    The son had come back from rafting down in the trishuli river, four hours drive away..im glad he got away for a bit..with his friends, was ravenously hungry.

    i got out for a bit yesterday, went down to the monastery..since i hadnt been for a while..theres been some headway in the reconstruction of the stupa...but a long way till completion...the monastery was looking much better..before we could not walk much due to piles of bricks brought in for repair work..and the gardens had been uprooted by all the cement and stuff...this time they had cleared the area and there were gay geraniums, and other flowers...blooming tidily in their plots...i was glad to have my monastery back..

    Rock - thank you for opening the Porch..i think that beach by the sea in your picture looks so walkable...i wonder if i shall ever see the sea again..

    Diane - nice of you to pop in..good for you Kevin is handy with computers. my DH would just love that beef broth you were cooking.

    Julie - good to hear you sounding a bit more upbeat. Loved the Isiah pic. Wish i had gone camping in my childhood. never did. Actually it might be dangerous around here. In my SILs neighbourhood, (eldest bros widow) a few nights ago a leopard came in from the jungle behind the house, and mauled a dog who went to attack it..not too serious but seriously frightening. of course, the poor animal came out in search of food i suppose, its habitat getting encroached on by humans.

    Mikie - I hope nice people come in nd occupy the condos left by others. There was this programme on BBC , GMT which showed St Ives in Cornwall UK, 30 percent of the housing was owned by people who didnt stay there..but visited as a holiday home..so the locals werent getting housing and were angry..and the govt was debating on a bill to tackle the issue..my, but what a view to be had by some of the cottages thereby the beach.


    I see Sun came in while i was editing...those shells sound so beautiful..i find it fascinating to listen to the roaring sound in the shells...post a pic of your Absinthe drinker picture after finishing..of course, if you dont mind.

    I was reading a book today, just read one story actually...City of Dreams and the author is somebody two classes senior to my DD here in A levels. He went to Hunter college in US after A levels and came back after graduation and joined a newspaper.Its a collection of stories set in Kathmandu. Got published by an Indian publishing house. he got the descriptions and feel of the city exactly right..

    its one of those books which give the reader a feel of actually living in the city..

    an excerpt is here


    Well, it got a little cooler, thank goodness!

    Take care all

    God Bless
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    Rock: yes, you are our treasure........love how you do research on something then post it for us to learn. I guess your area was the only one who had the strong winds. Thank goodness it didn't hit here.

    Mikie: Going to Sanibel Island and Key West was a wonderful memory I won't forget. I LOVED shelling for 2 complete days.......except being bit by "no see ums" and had to go to urgent care for something to stop the BAD itching. And my husband didn't get one bite. I brought back several boxes of shells I couldn't part with. Cleaned them up then drilled little holes and strung fishing wire thru them to decorate my Christmas tree. I have a lot of old Christmas ornaments from my parents and also some from the 1900s but once I got the shells, that's what went up every year. I need to sort thru my garage and try to sell those collectible ones.

    By the way, when we were on Maui, there are rocks and tide pools right by the condo. The huge sea turtles come in and rest during low tide. Anyway, we were all climbing the rocks when my SILs mom reached down and picked up this very beautiful, rather hard to find shell. I remember looking everywhere for one of those on Sanibel.

    Julie: Glad to read that things are under control and you now understand the workings of Den, Gpa and sis. I was very surprised to read that Clinton is OK now to go camping. What did the doctors decide was his problems?

    Diane: My DD and I haven't had the stomach upsets, just the AWFUL pulmonary issues. Honestly, everyone is coughing around here. It lasts for weeks! You're really scaring me about Windows 10.

    I felt well enough to go to my art group yesterday. My copying of The Absinthe Drinker is coming along slowly. One of the men pointed out some issues with the tables so I need to correct that first. I'm going today to an art show nearby. I came home yesterday not having a nap and by 6 PM I got take out and hit the bed at 7 PM for a little nap, slept 1 hr. then tried watching an old movie, The Last Samurai. Very good, even though Tom Cruze stars in it.
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    Hi sun, No scaring, about Windows 10.

    Do you have a copy of Windows 10 "reserved" for you? (See, Kevin had it reserved for me. Didn't tell me though, since he was complaining about it ... didn't like this feature, didn't like that feature, the "START" button didn't work, etc. So I was surprised he had me reserved for Windows 10, given all his problems.)

    If you don't have a free copy of windows 10 already reserved for you, you're ok!

    But if you see it on your task bar, you have a reserved copy.

    I would call in a tech, or a relative or a friend.


    Have a "techie" -- prof, family, friend, read the articles. And then have them NUKE WINDOWS 10! **AND** prevent it from returning. That requires installing some software, for the prevention.

    Good luck Sun!

    It's too difficult to explain. I found the steps to do it, software to be deleted, programs to be installed ------- but I left all that up to Kevin to re-research and do. (I am not a "techie.")

    When Kevin did everything the techie article told him to do, VOILA.

    I'm back to Windows 7, happy as a clam, and my computer won't be "invaded again!" :)

    Good luck, my friend!

    It's not scary, it's more "frustrating."

    Hugs, Diane
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    Hi, Kids,

    I've done nothing 'cept take a shower, style my hair and water the outside plants. They really should be watered daily, especially the blooming ones, but they get watered every other day. C'mon rain! The TV weather showed the lighthouse on Sanibel this morning. It's not that attractive, as lighthouses go, but the shelling is the best on the beach next to it. That's where I saw the sea duck which looks like any other duck but was walking upright on its legs, kinda like a penguin.

    I've been watching the cooking shows on PBS. I love Test Kitchen and Jacque Pepin. I think working out yesterday in the pool, when I really didn't feel up to it, really did me in. The exhaustion continues today. No trip to Bealls; no trip to Publix. Oh well, the good thing about shopping is that one can almost always find sales. I no longer feel guilty when I put myself first but, if it goes on too long, I get anxious and depressed.

    Diane, my computer was slow before I downloaded Windows 10 so I decided just to keep it. It hasn't tried to update on my Surface with 8.1. I think the reason it updates automatically for 7 is because Microsoft will no longer support 7. Once they stop supporting 8.l, the Surface will likely update. No one seems to like 8.1 so I imagine they will stop supporting it soon. I responded to your nice post about your Bald Eagles with tales of our own, which I think I've posted about here. Those web cams are wonderful. My A/C checkup is in June and I always hold my breath, hoping all is fine with the unit. I don't know how people lived here before A/C. Take care.

    Julie, I forgot to tell you how cute Isaiah looks in his outfit. OMG! They grow so fast. It is a good sign that GPA is concerned with his appearance. Some days, I look so bad that I hope no one sees me. Yikes! I'll catch you later.

    Spring, thanks for posting that beautiful pic of Cornwall. The beaches in the UK, and in Canada on the Atlantic, are more rugged and have a different kind of beauty. CA has more of a desert kind of beaches and ours are more tropical, but they aren't that different. Our housing problem here happened with the real estate crash. Young couples were upside down in their mortgages and had to walk away. Now, there aren't enough rentals for them. Condos remain reasonable and available. I wish the developers would back off but all those Baby Boomers up North will be selling their big family houses and looking to downsize and buy a vacation condo. They usually pay cash. I'm so glad they are making progress with the monastery. I'm sure the progress is slow. Are they doing anything to try to rebuild with the EQ's in mind? I just hope and pray those EQ's leave you alone.

    Sun, yes, I loved vacationing here too before I moved. On DD #1's 40th birthday, we all surprised her by showing up in Key West for what she thought was just a vacation with my DSIL. Their best friends, DD#2, DGS and I walked up to her on the pier and she was sooooo surprised. Good grief! That was 10 yrs. ago; she just had her 50th birthday. Key West has it's own atmosphere. I love quirky places like that. New Orleans comes to mind. Nothing beats collecting one's own shells but I like to go to The Shell Factory here to buy what I haven't been able to collect. They are sooooo reasonable. I use shells and beachy things in my décor but not in a tacky way. So many people here decorate for Christmas with shells. I used to go to the beach all the time but, since CFIDS/ME and FMS took the wind outta my sails, I've not had the NRG to go except when we take DGS fishing. I'm glad you are painting again. Can't wait to see this one.

    BTW, y'all, I found out the film, The Forgotten Plague, is available at the store here at ProHealth. I'm going to order it when I reorder supps. There are a ton of good articles by clicking on the CFIDS/ME and FMS at the top of the page. I really need to read some of them. The articles here always have the latest on treatments and research.

    I'm going to post and come back to edit before I lose this W&P.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi folks; A sunny day here, to get to 80 degrees -- which is about my limit! And then a cooling down with some rain next week. I really can't cope with hot weather anymore, especially if it's humid too. I couldn't live with you Mikie, in Fla. When I was young we stayed in Houston for a while; I could handle it then, but now? NO! My English mum found it difficult too. Easier when we moved to New Mexico nr, Roswell.

    Diane, you have gotten your 7 back. Good for you! I am sticking with 10 and having no problems with it so far. I have a laptop too. Knock on wood. :rolleyes: I was of the understanding that by the end of July, 10 would have to be bought.... but not sure about that.

    I found a nice cluster of Oyster mushrooms the other day growing out of a fallen log. I harvested them and we had them in omelettes for a few dinners. These are the same kind that you buy in the stores. But free! :) I've also been harvesting the upland cress to use in my soups -- raw, chopped, hot soup poured on top, wilt and eat. I got the seeds from a farmer's market stall many years ago, and it has become a weed. Easy to pull up though, and the young leaves and flower-bud stalks are so nutritious. Like kale, collards, and other cabbagey things.

    I am still feeling overwhelmed by my doc's plan to send me to four specialists. I probably won't see some of them. Too far, too tiring, too bad. This doc is young and thus not as experienced as my last one who was my age. I don't think he understands M.E. or me. Feeling discouraged, but that's nothing new. :confused: He also told me that my norvasc bp med (amlodopine) couldn't make me fatigued. WRONG! I did intensive research on the web and found it was very fatiguing for some people. There is even a support group for Norvasc fatigue! :mad: Maybe because I have M.E. it works hard on me. I will confront him next time I see him. :eek:

    The double pink cherry trees is drooping with flowers. The redbud tree is also in bloom, ditto the red dogwood in the back jungle. Bearded iris flowers are appearing in various colours, and a variegated leaf marsh iris has some bright blue flowers in the former fish-pond, now a swamp. The huge pitcher plant is showing large buds. It has grown too big and taking up too much room! I think it is Sarracenia purpurea.

    I've been enjoying watching the bats catching the moths that come flocking to the porch light. We took down the shades years ago. At night the tree frog chorus is lovely. They croak en masse for a few minutes and then suddenly stop. Sometimes I start them up again by croaking out the back window if it is open. I am King Frog I guess....;)

    Tea: Bancha Hojicha now.
    Later all my Porchies and Porchettes,
    Hugs, Barry
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    Hi Kids

    Slept most of yesterday. Been up most of the night. What else is not new?
    Got a big envelope from my Minnesota brother last night. (The mail
    person doesn't show up till about 5PM and I was napping till about 8PM.)
    Anyhoo it was an entire page of photos from the village newspaper. All
    about the show he directs twice a year. Usually they do a show from old
    radio scripts. This time they did a play; a comical murder mystery.

    He said in the accompanying letter that his two sons are not sending
    Christmas gifts this year. Instead they are paying for a family trip
    to the Wisconsin Dells. I think that's a great idea. I visited the Dells
    half a century ago with a buncha of fellow cave guides. Our tour
    also included a couple caves. We were delighted with the free
    admission and invited them back to our cave. Far as I know they
    never did accept the invitation though.

    Julie, very thoughtful of you to speak in a lower octave to Gpa. I have
    always though "octave" should be derived from Octavia (but it's not).
    Octavia BTW was a prominent Roman. Sister of the Emperor who is
    mentioned in the Christmas story. "There went out a decree from
    Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed."

    That's a great pic of Isaiah. Never heard of Ironman, but I remember
    Captain Marvel. My mother made me a costume. She pinned a dish
    towel around my neck for a cape. If you never encountered Captain
    Marvel, he was very much like Superman. So much so that he went
    outta business when the Superman people sued for plagiarism. And won.

    I love his Hello and Goodbye to Mom when he can or cannot see her well.
    I think it shows great intelligence.

    Oops! Gotta quit. Just lost the page for a while. The simplest things
    are really getting difficult. Couple days ago I was acting like Stan
    Laurel. Bent over to pick something up forgetting about the cup in
    my hand. Poured milk on the floor. Uff-da!

    Hugs, Kids
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    Spring; I'm happy to read that there's headway with your monastery.....and that the gardens are back. Nothing like a garden to take one's mind some other place. I was talking to a fellow artist on Friday who said she's having a lot of work done on her yard. She showed me some pics. Egads! She had all her lawn removed (that's good to conserve water) but replaced it with gravel....plain gravel. Said she was having some bottle brush bushes put in and a few other bushes that bloomed. I hope she's not sensitive to bottle brush because they're going to be covered with bees. That river trip your son took sounds wonderful. I'm sure the boys had a great time.

    Barry: I had to pull my book from Suzy Cohen, Drug Muggers. Under Norvasc she said it depletes potassium, Vit. D, calcium and possibly CoQ10. And that these complication may result: heart disease, irregular heartbeat, bone loss, confusion, muscle weakness, thirst, leg cramps, request infections, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, and fatigue. I thought this drug was supposed to help HBPressure???? Have you searched the Internet on ways to treat HBPressure naturally?

    Julie: I think Gpa was just in a reminiscing mood....nothing wrong with that, maybe brought on with the lunch with his friends.

    Rock: I think you forgot about the cup you were holding because your brain was busy thinking other things. And have you ever search for your glasses and realize you're wearing them! OMG I do that all the time.

    I'm up early, since around 2:30. Woke earlier with pain in my ear, then woke again with the beginnings of a sore throat and glad on the same side. So I've dug out everything in my cupboard to help stop this bug from advancing again. Seems like all I'm doing is fighting off back pain and when that finally subsides then this bug again. I think I'm fighting a losing battle.

    I went to the art show.....a small room with toooo many people milling around, so I probably picked up something again. Didn't stay long though then stopped at another place to see an art show I missed a few weeks ago. Now at this one there were wonderful paintings, very innovating. One wonderful painting was done on silk with a faint WC showing under it. It was a close up of swamp plants with a large green grasshopper on a stalk. Doesn't sound very good but it WAS. I asked the price......$2,500. Waaaaaay beyond me.

    After a short nap I started painting. I'm really astounded when I finally come out of my studio....I had spent almost 4 hrs. I'm back working in oils full force and loving it! I feel such JOY.
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  11. Mikie

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    Good Morning, My Dear Fellow Porchies,

    I've been watching the political discussion shows on PBS since getting up. It's always good to see a non-partisan, fair discussion. Of course, some of the people have partisan views but everyone gets to talk and everyone is polite. They are more likely to concede points to those holding other positions. I watched some great PBS shows yesterday afternoon. I love some of the cable shows and miss them now that I've cut the cord but I'm watching more good, stimulating TV and less 'junk' TV. A mind can't be healthy only watching junk on TV just as a body can't be healthy eating only junk food. Still, I like a bit of junk now and then.

    Got good sleep last night but am still tired. Hope I have enough NRG to get a few things done today. I really need to replace the geraniums in one flower box with the kolanchoe (sp?) I got at Lowe's. The ones in the box on my side of the bldg. are beautiful with tons of bright red blooms.

    Barry, when I lived in CO years ago, I thought CA was humid. I couldn't stand the humidity. Later, I developed asthma, partly from the dry Denver air and partly from the pollution at high altitude. I always felt better when I visited FL. Of course, that was in the dry season. It took a while for me to acclimate to the heat 'n humidity here. It still takes a while every spring when it warms up. I wish I were a Snowbird and could spend my summers high in the mountains of CO, above the pollution. The pollution is mainly in the wintertime there when they have temperature inversions. It sounds sooooo beautiful where you are. If I were you, I wouldn't ever want to move anywhere else. Mmmmmm! A mushroom omelet. I'm drooling. I love the idea of foraging. Unfortunately, it sounds as though your doc knows little about your BP med and nothing about CFIDS/ME. There are excellent articles here on the website so you can bone up on the latest in treatments and research. Good luck with the docs. Perhaps one or two of the specialists will be more informed. If not, you will have to inform them. BTW, fatigue is a side effect of most of the BP meds. I may not always agree with my PCP, and he is arrogant, but he is knowledgeable about our conditions. Ribbit, ribbit!

    Julie, how nice of you to take GPA to his luncheon and relay others' questions and comments to him so he can hear. My Mom also had problems hearing in crowds. I'm getting the same way but I hate crowds so it's usually not a problem. Perhaps GPA was just reliving old memories as older people tend to do or, perhaps he was trying to make you uncomfortable by telling you stuff you'd rather not hear. With P/A's, it's often hard to tell but most of what they do is P/A'ish or P/A'esque or P/A-like. LOL! I hope your NRG returns. I'm glad you are resting. Like you, I have to decide what is more important and be sure I get it done. I usually have only enough NRG to do one thing. I've decided that keeping my bod as healthy as possible has to be priority number one. Unfortunately, exercise only drains us and doesn't give us more NRG. My doc told me to stop exercising if it exhausts me but he couldn't deny the benefits of the weight loss and improvement in my lab work. Hang in there, Kiddo, you are doing a marvelous job!

    Rock, how nice to get news of home. I go back to Denver and don't recognize much of the area anymore. I didn't know you were a cave guide. Good grief! You have led a very interesting life! Mom and I toured the Cave of The Winds in CO when I was really small. I do remember some of it and found it fascinating. If it's any consolation, I often spill my coffee just as you described. It makes me so mad at myself. I've been trying to balance drinking my coffee while stuffing the tummies of the cats' mice with catnip. They haven't had any for a while and now, they are high and have mellowed out and are snoozing. While I was preparing their mice, the were meowing loudly in a chorus of whining. Hmmmm, maybe they come by the whining thing naturally. Meooooow! Meooooow! Gimme my mouse!

    Sun, I was posting at the same time as you. Hope I can remember what you posted because I'm in edit mode and can't go back to reread your post. That was nice of you to look up Barry's BP med. I am going to order that book. It's like the old PDR but sooooo much better. I think Suzy Cohen is a genius. I think I'll get the book and not the e-book for the Kindle. It's not easy looking things up on the Kindle. I think most of our drugs have far more potential side effects than the drug manufacturers make public. Drugs are poisonous but, like with many other things in life, we have to chose the lesser of two evils. That painting sounds amazing. Many artists would choose to paint a butterfly. I think a grasshopper is far more interesting. I hope you are feeling better and can kick that virus to the curb. I still have ringing in my ears and pain, as well as a sore throat. I think my allergies keep me sick. Allergies have always worn me out. Treat yourself well.

    I haven't even cracked open the newspaper yet so had better get going. I hope all y'all have a great Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I see we're both posting at the same time, 'crept you're 3 hrs. ahead of me. My two cats are just too old to play much anymore. I put some catnip in a stuffed sock at times.....they're roll on it for about a minute in delight, then just walk away.

    And Barry, I agree with Mikie. I think you need to do a lot of Internet reading on ways to heal yourself without the drugs most doctors have been trained to prescribe automatically. Looking back at my moms health, she was on so many drugs for congestive heart and blood pressure that I'm SURE that's why she suffered so many side effects, but I was unfamiliar with the drugs, and just trusted that her doctor knew what she was doing.

    And here's something I just read:
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Sun,

    Decided to respond separately but I did edit my last post to include you. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. I used to have clients who were on waaaay too many drugs, many of them prescribed by different docs. Once they got into the managed plan and had a PCP, they usually ended up taking fewer drugs and feeling better. Managed care has its problems but there are some good things about it. The best plans reward the docs for keeping patients well and not for spending less. Spending less per patient only helps the bottom line today. Preventive care improves the bottom line for years to come. Think I mentioned that my plan sent me a $15 gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond just for getting my annual exam with my PCP. I'd do it anyway but the gift card is a nice touch.

    Tweety and Sir Vester are only five years old but they are lazy indoor cats. Neither wants to play unless it's a string I pull for them to chase. Even then, it's a half-hearted effort. Now and then, the spirit moves Tweety to chase a little ball around the lanai but that's rare. She likes to streak around when they play their zoom-zoom games but they do that less and less frequently. She will still do the silly dance but only now and then. She loves Antique Roadshow. I don't know why. There is a video I can stream on different animals who are friends. I need to play it for her.

    Get well and stay well, my friend.

    Love, Mikie
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    Julie - i dont know if Granpa was looking for sympathy but he is at the twilight of his life, if he wants to reminesce and share, i think its good for him to unload...I know you are so tired and hurt by everything he has done particularly these past few months so easier said than done to listen; i was seriously wishing Granpa would accept certain things with grace..things like he cant do as much or everything he has been doing for a good almost half a century or more! If you really think about it, he has been so so lucky...he has been around a family for most of his life, he has no money problems, he has had such good care when he really needed it. Look at us, some of us battling chronic fatigue and lack of energy and some of us pain, he has been lucky, even getting around to club gatherings at his age!

    Good to hear about Clinton.

    Thank you for your concern about ourEQ situation. Just heard on CNN about a 7.9 er down in Equador. Yikes.

    Barry - your description of your surroundings at this time with everything in bloom, it sounds like Eden. I guess it would make up some for being so far away from the convenience stores and such. I get tired just thinking of hospital and check ups and all of that. I empathise wholeheartedly with your reluctance to go. I probably should go hv some regular check ups done but fough! the thought of the sick people there, hours waiting, needles, disinfectant smell..how do the nurses and doctors do it? hats off to them!

    Granni - i hope you are doing good. And there is some headway on the family front where your DD with the ongoing issues is concerned. Do you have to practise for any new thing soon. Seems like most of the busy time is around fall and winter with the holidays?

    Rock - What a good idea about the trip..i would prefer a holiday to a gift..of course if it was to somewhere i like..the hills, mostly. Ive never really been inside a cave...and i dont think i would want to...claustrophobia..i remember my first knowledge of caves came in grade III when we got a 'grown up' geography or was it history text book with black and white drawings...of cave men and caves with drawings carved on the cave walls. Till then in grade II it was colourful picture books and bright pretty drawings. I dont think i liked the change much...i remember lessons became more difficult then.

    Mikie - I had never heard of Sanibel Island..looks like energy is playing peeka boo these days with you..me too. but mine is more like going and coming during the day. I cant say Im absolutely done in but im not up to a level where someone can just phone and ask me to join them for an outing and i can say yes, immediately and go. I never know when im going to feel tired and all done in..and yes, thats frustrating.

    Thank goodness i have been able to go to all the things i hv to go to, the parties and weddings and stuff..a while back..also got a bit of my mojo back and been taking an interest in clothes and taking extra trouble when cooking. I was thinking the otehr day i must boil rice and make starch to starch my cotton clothes and then thought "now when was the last time i had energy to think that?"Theres been times when its all i could do to make the basic stuff we eat..and wash my hair and brush my teeth, lol!

    Diane - we have been having to use the AC now...when the power comes but it usually is there during night...but its only in the bedroom, and somehow i really prefer fresh air. We could move down to the ground floor but what a headache..its so cool there...i remember during the big EQ we perforce had to sleep there on mattresses..the one consolation was it was wonderfully cool..

    Sun - yes, time flies when one is doing something one loves..those paintings you did must have come out so beautiful..because of the passion with which you were painting.. i watched a spiritual show where they said (indian channel) that we should try and cook our meals when we are feeling good and happy, peaceful...the good vibrations go into the food and it turns out tastier and healthier..i think its true..and try and keep that in mind when cooking.

    Well, take care all

    God Bless

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi JULIE , et al,-

    Glad that you got to take a walk and have a "date" with Den even if it was for breakfast and some stuff that was needed for the house, etc. Doing some casino games on my IPAD as I type and not doing to well :)!! ROCK mentioned ISAIAH and his outfit. That surely was a cute one. That was also the cutest thing with the episode with him, finding his glasses in a moving box and making mommy come and go at will :)!! How cute is that ??? Those kids must be so big by now. Sorry but surely understand about your feelings being raw with Gpa and never knowing what to expect from him but I suppose after awhile you might be able to anticipate some of his responses and remarks. However, that doesn't make it any easier I know.

    Expecting a bunch of rain either tonight and tomorrow for the next few days. They say some may be severe. Some areas might even get hail. We are supposed to go out tonight but it is in our subdivision. Trying to think of what else I should be doing right now but to lazy to do anything. Did put some wash in the drier from the other day. I had to put that wash in for another rince s or two after finding some little bits of tissue of paper towel all over the black clothing. Yes, someone left it in a pocket and it just made a big mess. :oops::mad:

    Been reading but to lazy to write or didn't know what to write. The situation with DD is still a bit murky and trying not to get into it to much as it just gets upsetting. However, DD has been having side effects from the drug and that it makes her sleepy. So first she was taking it once a day instead of 2. Then I told her she might want t try taking 1/4 to 1/2 a pill for the second dose. She didn't want to do that and then decided she was going to take it 1 - 2x a week. I kept telling her to call the doc that prescribed it or talk to the pharmacist who gave the drug to her. She said she will talk to another doctor but not a "street doc". How long will it take her to do that??? I hate to say it but this daughter has never had the best common sense and she used to work in a doctors office years ago. She probably doesn't eat well and is little to begin with. She probably doesn't need to much. I have kept DS in the loop and one of the kids who lives here but no need in getting everyone upset.

    DS will go into the city to have lunch with her and talk to her and give her some money that he has collected from some of us. Hope he can find out something more as she got upset at me for keeping telling her what to do with the psych meds. She just said she wasn't going to say any more about it. So I quit and was tired of talking about it anyway. Who knows if any of this will go much further or not. It is up to her whether she takes her meds or not. She also takes some other meds, thyroid too I know. I am sure that the state pays for them since she has little or no money..

    Well that is all I can think of right now and I have wasted enough time and I need to g figure out what I am wearing tonight and check the wash.

    Love to Mikie, SPRING WATER, SUN, BARRY, DIANE et al. I have been reading some and hope to get back tomorrow perhaps if all goes well.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie , et al- If she was in really bad shape they would have kept her or put her in somewhere permanently, on the states expense, I am pretty sure. She is also just taking, or so she says, 1 mg of the med which is pretty small. She communicates fine in some ways but now has got used to the ways of the street too. A lot of this has been coming on for some time and a lot has happened in the couple of years and we all tried to help her but she just makes to many stupid decisions for one thing and doesn't listen to others. I also think she has more than one or two problems. She also admitted to us a year or so ago that she was an alcoholic and was supposedly going, for a time to AA. There was a time she might have been into other things too, like drugs. Not sure, but she surely acted like it when she was staying at DS's home, according to him and DDIL.

    I am so mad though, they wouldn't even tell DS what she was DXed with. Just guessing from the drug she was put on. I could go on and on as lots of things have happened ae were trying to help her. However, they lie and do whatever they need to do to get to their hands on whatever they need. XSIL mentioned some time ago that things used to disappear from the house including some of the kids money. All that time we thought it was just he with a drinking problem. Both were very immature and shouldn't have married in the first place. Then they had the boys who suffered in one way or the other, That is another sad story. Not even sure she wants to talk about them cause when I bring it up she doesn't mention it on e-mail. Not sure if she is trying to forget them or knows she can't care for them or what. Don't try and think of any of this stuff sensibly cause none of it makes much sense right now. I myself am starting to feel used a bit myself when we were together and would go shop and I would get her stuff and I thought we had a close relationship. Who knows.

    I'd like to try a gluten free pizza, Is that just the crust? Also not supposed to have cheese. Is there any cheese that is OK to put on it that is made of Goats Milk I think. All that stuff is so expensive. Not supposed to have dairy or wheat which makes it even harder. LOVE PIZZA.

    Gotta run for now. Glad you got a nice rest JULIE.

    Hope to get back here sometime tomorrow. We'll see how much rain we get. We went to a gathering/ dinner group this evening for a few hours. It was nice. Left a little early or earlier than I would have liked but some were starting to think about leaving.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    A lovely morning at 60 degrees. We will get into the low 80's by around 5:00 this afternoon. It will be less humid so I am hoping I have enough NRG to get some things done. Think I'll repot the geraniums from the flower box at the other end of the bldg. into clay pots and put the kolanchoe plants into the flower box. Perhaps if I get the geraniums out of the direct sun, they will last a bit longer into summer. So far, the kolanchoes in the flower box on my side are doing beautifully. Still having to hand water everything due to lack of rain. My potted herbs are doing really well.

    Richard called me yesterday but I was asleep. Either my allergies are worse, my whatever virus has reactivated or I've picked up a new virus--sore throat, headache, swollen lymph nodes and exhaustion. Whine, whine, whine! This crud just runs from one relapse to another. I should not have pushed myself to work out in the pool on Fri. when I wasn't feeling up to it. I won't go over to the pool this morning or it'll likely really push me into a relapse.

    Spring, I am glad you have been well enough to attend family obligations and hope your NRG is up. Like you, when mine is really down, I just don't care about things. I'm that way right now but need to snap out of it. You cope so beautifully under such difficult situations. Yes, it is hard to sleep when it's hot. My bedroom has two outside walls and the hot FL sun beats down on the roof all day. I usually have to turn on the A/C at night, at least, until the place cools down a bit. Even during the hottest summer months, our nighttime temps are in the mid-70's but the bldg. stays hot from the daytime temps until the middle of the night. Our builder, in his greed, only put in single-pane windows so the A/C isn't as efficient in cooling off the condo. If we replace our windows, we have to replace them with hurricane-resistant glass. One neighbor did his and it cost $10,000. Yikes!

    I saw a segment on 60 Minutes last night on Bhutan. It was so beautiful. I imagine it's like where you live. The point of the show was that people in Bhutan are the happiest and they make happiness a priority. They have embraced the simple life and don't want everything which 'progress' brings with it--no American fast food restaurants. Saw that the British Royal Couple paid a visit. I see that they took a hike but doubt they hiked all the way up to the monastery on the hill. It reminded me of Shangrila. I know I misspelled that. Hope your NRG gets better and you can sleep under the A/C.

    Julie, good grief! GPA seems to have one medical problem after another. I'm sure that only contributes to his P/A problems. P/A's hate losing control. I'm sorry if I've made you paranoid about everything he does. Yes, he may have just been reminiscing about the old days but, with P/A's, one has to always be on guard or be blindsided over and over again. It's the walking on egg shells which wears one out. I'm so glad you and Den got to take a walk along the river. Getting out into nature is sooooo important. I've been too tired to do it but watch a lot of nature shows on PBS and they seem to have almost the same effect on me. It reminds me that my problems are not that great in the grand scheme of things. When I'm run down, everything takes on gargantuan importance in my mind. Of course, some of our problems are real and we have to deal with them every day without respite. I know, in hindsight, that dealing with Barb really did a number on me and, even though she is gone, hopefully for good, I am still reeling from all the stress. That may be why I can't seem to get my NRG back. Dealing with people who suffer from mental/emotional problems is exhausting. Take care.

    Granni, from what I've been seeing on PBS and Dr. Phil, people with substance abuse problems have damage to their brains and not being able to make common-sense decisions could actually be faulty wiring in their brains. They may start out vulnerable and, once they start taking drugs and/or drinking, it only exacerbates the brain damage. It is so hard for family members because everyone only wants them to get better but most of us are unable to compete with the effects of this damage. The illness and substance abuse win out over everything, leaving family members feeling frustrated and, often, feeling guilty. It isn't something that family members did to bring it on; it's an illness like any other illness. Dr. Phil offers in-patient help but even those patients often relapse several times. It isn't hopeless and I don't mean to present it that way but it is a complicated illness (illnesses). Not trying to lecture but only sharing what I've learned in the hope that it may help you to cope during this difficult time. I will keep you and your entire family in my prayers and ask St. Dimpthna to watch over DD. Just saw on TV that the Houston area may get a foot of rain today. Yikes! I hope you are outta harm's way.

    OK, gonna post this before I lose it and will come back to edit and clean it up. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just read a funny story about (and by) Joan Rivers. She and James Dean
    were about the same age. Early in their careers they were both in a
    Broadway show titled See The Jaguar. The opening performance was
    unlucky to say the least. The lights didn't work right and props were
    missing and there was some sort of police action out side with sirens
    and yelling. James Dean was in a cage and was supposed to shake the
    bars. The cage fell apart in his hands. Joan was so demoralized she
    could hardly speak her lines.

    At the end she said, "No applause. The silence from the audience was
    deafening. I finally felt I understood that Buddhist saying: the sound
    of one hand clapping."

    But that's enough culture for one post. Just watched an episode of
    NCIS on the computer. Fewer commercials than on TV. One of
    the actors has lost so much weight I hardly recognized him. The
    same could be said of me. I sure don't recognize my thighs anymore.

    Springwater, I wouldn't go into a cave anymore either. My friends
    and I used to explore the areas where the visitors didn't go. Now
    I wouldn't even go in the place. Like my father I developed claustro-
    phobia in my old age.

    OK, having computer problems. Back later.

    Hi Folks,
    I typed the above 3 hours ago only to have it vanish. Now here it is
    back again. Musta been hiding in the cloud. (Just saw an NCIS episode
    where an email was stored in the "cloud".

    I turned off the computer (which it did reluctantly) for half an hour.
    I guess it's better now. I dunno. Seems if it isn't one thing it's 2 or 3
    things. Hope things are going more smoothly at your casa.

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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in. I finally got off my duff and had a soak in Epsom Salts and gave myself a pedicure. I watered our flowers and took so pics of them. I'll try to get them uploaded into the computer so I can post some of them. Only problem is that my phone screen is almost impossible to see outside so the pix aren't great.

    I made some guacamole with fresh tomato, onion and cilantro. Mmmmm! Ate them with my organic blue corn chips. Yummy way to get my veggies. I love cilantro in most anything. I'm going to go strip the bed and wash the bedding. Think I'll just get to the messes which need to be picked up today. Sir Vester tipped my water glass over on the coffee table and soaked it and the magazines on it. I usually remember not to leave it but forgot and he took advantage of the opportunity.

    Rock, so sorry you lost your post. I'm glad you got it back. Maybe your computer just needed to sleep a while. It's hard to think of James Dean and Joan Rivers as being the same age. When someone dies young, they never age in our memories. I'll bet Joan had some choice words about that play. She certainly paid her dues on the way up. I don't even recognize a lot of the stars today. I don't go to the movies and don't have cable anymore so I don't see a lot of them until a few years later on Netflix or Amazon. Yeah, the guy who played Tim McGee lost a lot of weight a while back. The one who plays Tony is quitting the show. I like NCIS LA too but not the one in set in New Orleans. BTW, the celebs on TV talk shows keep talking about their wonderful 'organic' friendships. What the hell is an organic friendship? I can't keep up with the trendy new phrases. It's like every movie that has had a sequel is now called a 'franchise.' Told ya I'm an old fart!

    Julie, my BS never gets that low. I hope you are feeling better. I woke about 4:00 to but lay in bed and just relaxed and said my prayers. That's a nice time of day for them. Of course, once I even stir, the cats are coming over to poke me with the paws and whine. My sore throat is getting worse and I still don't know whether it's a virus or allergies. Hope you and I both feel better.

    OK, gotta go. Hope everydobby is doing OK.

    Love, Mikie
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Here's the gargle recipe given by Suzie Cohen.....she said it came from her friend/creator of the Flunada.

    Dr. Steve's Vodka gargle

    1/2 tsp salt
    2 drops essential lemon oil
    1 TBS honey
    1 Tbs vodka
    3 oz. water Gargle (swish and spit) for 20 seconds

    (I questioned why the vodka but it actually helps kill germs in your mouth. I was up a few nights ago at 2 a.m. making it up for me.

    Since this virus went around to people in the hood, I would say you probably have it. My pool guy was saying he's had it off and on since November, and he's so fatigued getting over it. This guy is 32. His dad now has it....he's in his 60s.....everyone coughing.

    Julie: Why are you now taking Gpa to a neurologist? It seems like he's got you jumping from one doctor, procedures, etc. to another. Don't forget, he's in his 90s and it's natural for his body to break down. YOU need to be taking more time for you and Den. Just my opinion.

    Granni: I'm so sorry for all the worry from your DD. The thing is that SHE has to want to get well, and follow doctor's orders. By the way, I think most every new med is going to make you a little sleepy. About 8 years ago when I was first getting onto cymbalta I craved naps and sleep. It was nothing for me to take 2 HR naps several times a day. And when I weaned myself off it, it took me about 2 months of slowly decreasing the dose so it wouldn't shake up my thinking.

    Rock: is it hot enough for you today? Goodness.....such weather changes we're having. I've got a hose running really S L OW on trees in my yard. I think I've pretty much lost a flowering plum tree. About 2 years ago I had it trimmed but the guy who did it put it into shock.

    Spring: You all certainly have suffered from the basics we take for granted. Sorry that now it's HOT for you. I hate to turn on the AC to cool the entire house, so many times I just wear a wet bathing suit under a shift.....no one knows! I've even run to the grocery store and kept cool.

    I took a walk this morning before it got hot, then ran some errands. I was hoping to get some berries from the 99cent store but she said tomorrow. I wouldn't bet on it though since she didn't speak much English.