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    Hello Everybody!

    The above is an illustration of the poem "I have to go to bed by day" by R L Stevenson.

    Took me back to my childhood days. I also searched and found the original cover of the book which my father presented to me one day out of the blue because he had made a sale on his paintings that day..a little more than usual. I remember he got each of us then three kids a little something. I forgot what he got my brothers.

    Today is Nepalese Mothers Day, but i suddenly thought of my father..thank you, Dad, for that cherished book.

    Today i will light a special lamp in memory of my mum and try and go pray at a monastery but its one of those days...a whole lotta housework and not the energy to balance that out.

    She was very quaint. My mum. I think i must hv had the only mum in my circle who equally ravenously devoured all the Enid Blyton books and Denise Robins romances i brought home from school...when we got our first tv when i was 26 she was glued to the tennis matches in Wimbledon and knew all the players names off by heart, Ivan Lendl, Mahts Wilander, Martina Navratilova. She made a very tasty potato beef curry dish with peas which i am unable to reproduce even now.

    Im sorry so many of you are under the weather. Theres a horrible flu like cold going around here too.

    And some good news, it rained!! How happy everyone was. Brought down the temps a mite. But not enough for me..I like when its 20 degrees c or thereabouts..i wish my dad and mum had emigrated to Canada when we had the chance like 45 years ago.

    I saw the wildfire raging in Canada by the way...people having to leave their homes and no time to take anything..wonder what it feels like to suddenly realise your precious things, things of sentimental value, photos everything is gone.?

    One of those times when a Buddha nature and no attachment, no desire will come in useful i suppose.

    Julie - i can feel yr excitement about having the kids around. I wish you werent sick tho.

    Sunflower - how far along with the Absinthe Drinker are you?

    Rock - that picture i posted above. I noticed there was a shelf with a pitcher and soap beside it..did you all hv to wash indoors like that in winter? when you were that young?
    I loved it.

    We washed in a basin at home when i was young, and but outside on our terrace at home which the door opened out to. Our house had no sink to speak of. But our school hostels did. At home the water came for two hours in the morning so everyone had to store water in a big plastic drum. I had read Thumbelina so i made a boat of a half walnut shell, with a little paper cut girlie in it. Spent hours..sailing her on the drum.

    Mikie -i wish i could take a gun and gun down the herpes whatever virus..which is bothering you. I loved the colours of the capris you described. its fun to read about the discounts you are able to get and the sales..

    Granni - Lots of songs you all have to practise.. i used to wonder what all songs you sang.About yr DD who is having troubles, there comes a time when the only thing one can do is de attach and pray. It was her life plan. She chose it. You tried to help but she doesnt want to be helped.

    Diane - i hope youre feeling better.

    Barry too. Do you get a lot of mosquitoes in the summer in that garden paradise of yours? When it rains. We get them here in hordes. Except they dont bother to climb to the higher storeys.

    Not much to report. except we got much needed rain. not much but enough to make people happy. I ran again into the lad who was helping the mange afflicted dog. Got updated. Theres more of them, he took a team of people, catcher, injection giver, support system..but the locals got curious and crowded round and the dogs got nervous and vamoosed. Now he is feeding them every day so they get used to him. I donated what money i had left over from the vegetables i was buying to help out..it will buy five kilos of rice if nothing else.

    I told him i would like to support if he needed it. With my energy, financial support seems to be the only way, that too not too much.

    I was showing my son this sentence i read in a book about Kriya Yoga...the guru was answering questions from a western audience. they asked him if anyones/everyones sins could be forgiven and they could start anew.

    The guru answered "yes, for example, mary magdalene was a very naughty lady, but she made a instant turn around." My son went laughing all the way down the stairs. Of course i had to explain about Mary Magdalene and what kind of sin was being referred to before i made him read.

    Well , it is heigh ho and off to face the chores

    God Bless
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    Hi Springwater, thanks for opening a new thread. The pic you posted
    reminds me of a song I heard yesterday on Youtube. "The Moon
    Was Yellow". I didn't think it was much of a song, but it was
    recorded by lots of famous people including Sinatra, Bing,
    Mario Lanza, Lawrence Welk, Robert Goulet, and Frances Langford.

    The items in the picture are an ewer and basin. The basin is the bowl
    and the ewer is a wide mouthed pitcher. "Ewer" is a pupular word
    in crosswords. When I was a kid in the 40s many families still had
    these sitting on a dresser even though they were no longer used as
    modern plumbing had been installed. We had such a set in our spare
    bedroom where grandma stayed when she came to visit. She also
    kept a chamber pot under her bed.

    I was gonna open the new thread myself, but when I tried the
    computer (or something diabolical) threw me into the LA
    Library. Put that in your Funk and Wagnalls as they used to
    say on Laugh In.

    I have some flower pics to post, but can't do it without help
    from the gardener who at the moment is dining in front
    of the TV set.

    Sun, I can't say "hock ah rand ah" for jacaranda on accounta I'm
    too Norskie. In Norway J is pronounced like Y. So when folks
    in Minnesota wanna say, "Jimpin' Jiminy" they say, "Yumpin Yiminy".
    There's an old joke about some guy who got hired cause he told the
    boss he'd been in Yail, and the boss thought he was talking about
    some college. I hope you're careful when you're handling that old
    lace. I hear some of has arsenic on it. Yust like 80% of our
    paper (or cloth) money has cocaine on it.

    Mikie, is your surgery done and over? Was it a grueling experience
    or just mildly terrible? I haven't seen a dentist for years and hope
    to never have to see one again. Those cats better be extra loving
    and not demanding while you are recuperating.

    We have something like 30-40 varieties of solitaire installed
    in our computer. I play about 10 of them. Gordon plays only
    one. But he uses a different setting. Much more complicated than
    my version. At certain points he can do all kinds of moves that would
    be impossible in a normal game, e.g. picking up a whole pile of
    cards that are not in order and moving them or returning them to
    the draw pile. All done with flashing lights and special effects that
    could trigger a seizure in a susceptible person.

    Well, Gotta go. Back later. Hugs, Everydobby.
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    Hahahaha..i hope the gardener finishes his meal in peace and is able to help you out. Would love to see.

    God Bless
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    Hi.i'm new here and as I'm a little tech challenged and working off my phone it took me forever to figure out how to write something!I do hope I'm in the right place and not stepping on any toes. It'd be really nice to interact with others in the same boat I guess. Am feeling a bit isolated at the moment.im 41 with fibromyalgia and it seems of late anything that can go wrong is-not have a pity party,but the chronic fatigue side of things has reared its ugly head and it's well,inconvenient for my husband and three Treasures.this last week I've been dealing with weak arms and legs with usual electric shock pain that shoots through and yeah of course usual constant leg ache too,so not too confident to drive even.am really tired and washed out but park myself on couch in lounge so as to at least give the illusion that I'm participating in family life ... Unfortunately it's come out that I just look lazy.this saddens me,but I guess I'm not the only one hey? No support groups in my area (Australia) and fortunately have a doctor that actually doesn't think it's all in my head,but offers very little,if that makes sense? Anyway,I can't actually see what I've written so I'd best figure out if I'm on the right track first.
    Thanks for listening
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    Hi Starlight,

    Welcome to the board. Let me give you a quick tour. If you click on
    "Forums" at the top of the page, you can see the table of contents for
    the different boards. The porch, where "The Porchlight is On" is a thread
    with no topic. That is, it is not a discussion about a particular illness or
    med. It provides a place to socialize.

    Folks drop by and talk about what is going on with them. A good place
    to chat about kids, relatives, pets, pet peeves, TV shows, movies,
    books, old music, new recipes, etc.

    You can find the board rules at the top of the page (blue line). We avoid
    contentious topics like religion and politics. Click on "Shop" if you want info
    about supplements. "Supplement News" has reports about developments;
    research; etc. There is a tool bar at the top of box where you type messages.
    You can change the font, add color, etc.

    If you click on a poster's avatar, you can get some info and pull up posts
    from the past.

    I have CFS; very little energy; was born during the Roosevelt administration.
    Thank goodness I've kept my stunning good looks and sense of humor.
    Understandably, this board is my social life.

    Feel free to ask questions. There is usually somebody with helpful info.
    Mikie is a moderator and a good source of info. There is also a site
    to ask questions and get info. Click on Forums; see bottom of the page.



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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    It's so good to come here and see my Porch Family members have been to visit and that we have a new guest. I slept like a rock with virtually no pain last night. I did take ibuprophen before bed to try to keep any inflammation at bay. Kitties were good and Tweety didn't pee on the floor. Never thought I'd be grateful for a cat which didn't pee on the floor. She's still acting a bit restless but much better than before. Even Sir Vester has not been himself. I gave them both lotsa love last night and it seemed to help them.

    The reason I had to have the gum surgery is that the dentist on my ins. plan replaced two old stained fillings. He did such a horrible job that he left overhang material up by the gum which was causing all the inflammation and making the gum recede. My regular dentist, cut a gum flap, enabling him to go up and grind down the excess filling material and then, he sutured it closed. They placed what they call putty over the sutures until next Thur. when the sutures are removed. I have some kind of liquid I put on it to help it heal. Of course, I can't chew on it. I was in the chair for two hours and my body does feel as though it's been traumatized so I'll take it a bit easy today. Perhaps, it's an ideal time to organize my paperwork.

    Starlight, what a lovely name; is it OK to call you Star? Welcome, welcome, welcome! I hope you stay so we can get to know you and vice-versa. The Porchies here are my other family and I don't know what I'd do without everybody. I have Chronic Fatigue (CFIDS/ME), Fibromyalgia (FMS), and Sjogren's Syndrome (SS), an autoimmune condition which causes dry eyes, dry, sore mouth, and bone-crushing fatigue. The CFIDS/ME was triggered at the end of 1990; the FMS, following an auto accident, in 1999; and I've had the SS a couple of years. When each one started, I was far worse than I am today. Almost everything which has helped me is something I first learned of here from our lovely members. By the way, don't be intimidated by our ongoing conversations here. In no time, you will get to know us and we will get to know you.

    If you go to the top of the page and click on Fibromyalgia, it will take you to a page with all the latest in research and treatment news. At the bottom right-hand corner, you can sign up for the ProHealth e-newsletter to receive more of the latest. I've been here since 2000 and, believe me, the problem of friends' and family members' labeling one with being lazy is one of the biggest complaints I see on the forum boards. This is true for CFIDS/ME and Lyme Disease as well. Friends I've know for years still tell me that all that's wrong with me is that I'm getting older and that they are 'tired' too. Then they tell me I just have to force myself to do things. If I had a stroke or cancer, they wouldn't tell me this. It's insult on top of injury. Are your children young? I know it has to be hard for you and your family for you to be in so much pain and to be exhausted. I'm glad, though, that you have a doc who believes in you. You can do your own research here and share with your doc. Good luck to you and I hope you join us here on the Porch.

    I am going to post separately for the rest of my visit, even if it makes the thread a bit longer. I simply cannot keep going in and out of edit mode where I can't scroll up to see everydobby's posts.

    Love, Mikie
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    OK, here's War and Peace, Volume II.

    Spring, thanks for starting us up again and thanks for the pic. I have always loved that style of illustrations in children's books. It takes me back to my yute too. I love all the details which draw one in, like the little owl behind the ewer and the bird outside the window. Your Mum was watching tennis at the same time as I. Back then, I played with a group of friends almost every weekday. We'd play doubles and then have a drink. I also played singles with friends. In the wintertime, one of my friends and I switched to indoor racquetball. Yes, I loved getting some new colorful Capri pants and don't feel so bad having to buy them at such good prices. It's nice to have pants which fit. If I lose more weight, they will be too big but not as bad as my old ones. As it is, these new ones are roomy. I hope to get back to running in the pool again next week.

    How sweet of you to help take care of the poor homeless dogs. You are a good person, my friend. There are some new questions as to how naughty Mary Magdeline might have been. When the Good Book was translated over and over, meanings got changed. People with near-death experiences have reported different things. One recently on Dr. Oz claimed that he was a man without faith. When he was legally dead, his girlfriend prayed for him and God's hand lifted him out of hell. He is now a believer and doesn't fear death. This is the second account I've read where dark entities have grabbed people and dragged them to hell.

    On the other hand, one told of asking the question when she was in heaven. The spirits and angels told her that, when someone has been so evil on earth, he or she is put into a kind of healing coma in heaven and is allowed to start over spiritually. So, the question of hell remains unanswered. I'm trying to be good so I don't find out about hell first hand. I read about the drought in India and wondered whether it's been dry there too. Yes, I just saw that fire in Canada on TV last night and it is horrible. People were evacuated to shelters only to be evacuated from those same shelters when the fires spread. I always pray for people in harm's way and for those who have great losses. Hope you Mothers Day is wonderful.

    Rock, thank you so very much for so kindly welcoming our new member, Starlight. Thanks for your sweet good wishes; the whole gum thing was a piece of cake, barring any complications. Crossword puzzles are how I first heard the word, ewer. It shows up over and over. I've been working crossword puzzles for almost as long as I can remember. In elementary school, we played a game, using words which sound alike but have different meanings. Due to my puzzle playing and ravenous reading, my words were often beyond the reading level of most of my classmates. The teacher often would not use them or wouldn't call on me.

    Yes, the cats had better be good. Sir Vester is lying on the floor on his back with his legs spread wide open, letting the breeze from the fan cool his undercarriage. The long hair on his belly is moving with the air flow. Speaking of hell, when the computer refuses to cooperate, I call it 'Computer Hell.' I finally figured out how to move the dialog box for printing in Windows 10 so I can get to the Print button. I also learned how to hide the task bar at the bottom of the screen until I need to see it. I tried some of those Solitaire games and don't like them. I've figured out that I use Solitaire to relax myself and not to challenge my poor tired pea brain. Just reading about those flashing lights almost causes seizure activity for me. I've never liked card games except Solitaire and Poker. Whist and Bridge--again, talk about hell...I'd rather have gum surgery!!!

    Wish I had a personal gardener. Our so-called landscapers don't qualify. I walked around in front yesterday just to look at how beautiful all our landscaping is with everything, except the alamandas, in bloom. I've never seen so many dark ruby red blooms on the desert rose plants. The lavender lantanas in our pots are beautiful and thriving. I need to go to Lowe's to pick up a few more. The mandavilla vines are loaded with dark red blooms too. The flower boxes are overflowing with color. The double hibiscus tree is bending with the weight of hot pink blooms. Finally, the plumbagos are beautiful with their blue flowers. We also have dark red Thai plants and variegated green hedges. We get a lot of compliments on our bldg.'s landscaping. The courtyard across the street is also beautiful. Of course, this is nothing compared to Gordon's gorgeous orchids. My orchids just aren't doing well since I had to move them from their tree. Hope your computer cooperates and that you are feeling well.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm getting a later start today so had better head out to read the paper. The sun is shining at an oblique angle through the slash pines, providing some shade and lovely patterns. It's only about 66 degrees this morning and I'm enjoying it before the hot temps return over the weekend. Wish I could freeze the world at this very moment. Wishing all y'all a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everydobby !!

    I figured that I had better post on here or you all will forget me. I surely wouldn't want that to happen. I love you all so much. Have been rather busy today and should be going to our Zumba class but not going to go and DD can go by herself today. Then when DGS comes home from work we are going out for a nice Mothers Day dinner. Yes, I will be as good as I could be but I will be doing some cheating. I will be having some wine at least. I will be as good as I can with dinner and I might also have to hare some dessert :)!!!

    Hi STAR - A big welcome to you too. ROCK explained the PORCH (where we are on) very well and hope you can come back often or a much as you can. Have no fear, do not worry about having to post long posts. MIKIE is known for her W and P posts or Warren Peace (War and Peace posts) cause she gets hung by the tongue quite often :)! So do I , if I get the chance and feel well enough too. I also am as old as ROCK but unfortunately not as witty as he with all his puns. I also have FM,ME, OA and probably other stuff I either don't know about yet ( their names) or want to mention :)!!!

    JULIE - No wonder you still feel like crap since you ran out of pills. That was bad about the pharmacy possibly short changing you on the meds. Hope you will feel better soon. How nice of Clinton wanting to come over to help you. I know you will love seeing the girls again. Hope you feel better so you can enjoy them all. It will be a quiet Mothers Day for us. Our oldest daughter is working . Don't know if we will just visit with our very close daughter or not since we are going out tonight.

    MIKIE - Hope your mouth is feeling better and sorry about the surgery. I missed that somehow. I love what you were saying about computer hell. I go through that quite often lately it seems.

    SPRING WATER - What a cute picture you posted that was on the cover of your book. Such sweet illustrations in those older books. I love how you spoke of your mother and she sounded so nice and was a good cook too. I am also not a bad cook but my mother was a really good one and made the most delicious food, gravies ( which I also cannot produce) and not supposed to eat anyway ):!!

    Hi to SUN, hope you are continuing to paint and not feeling to badly. ROCK - You did such a great job in explaining PH and the PORCH. Running out of reading material yet :)???? Hope to get back here again tomorrow.

    DIANE - Hope you are feeling better and get to enjoy your weekend too even if you are the kitties mommy. Maybe they could get you a present :)!!! he he Get well soon ! Miss you when you are not here.

    Hope that everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day weekend, with their Mother, children, animals and family. Need to try AND SEND THIS AND EDIT IT SO I CAN GET THIS VOLUME ON MY PHONE.

    Hope to see you soon again STAR. Another big WELCOME to you !!


    Granni :)
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    oh thats interesting read
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    Hello Everyone,

    It's been awhile since I've posted some orchids for you all to see. These two are
    from Jim's collection.

    I don't know the name of the black one but all of it's siblings shown
    at the American Orchid Society were awarded FCC - First Class Certificates
    which are pretty hard to win.

    The other one is a Lycaste cross which he bought a couple of years ago. This cross
    had a major change in increasing the size of the flower.



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    Hi everyone.thanks so much for the warm welcome.when the weekend is over I'll have to try this on the big computer so I can at least reference names to the info thats whirling around in my head...
    Thanks for the navigation tips, the tour and the insights.also very much appreciated.
    The picture of the orchid is beautiful -a stunning creation.

    Hmm.kittens,cats & dogs...my husband's auntie has a house full of cats and has got a couple of naughty ones, so instead of material curtains she's put shower curtains up...
    Wow.it must feel like a real accomplishment to get all the lawns mowed and then all the washing done and decent meals made as well. most impressive!

    I have three treasures.boy ,girl ,boy -ages 11 ,almost 13 ,almost 15.Our 2 youngest play soccer every Saturday morning...bit of a mixup this morning though. my husband decided to take them up and there was no one there. I usually do the soccer runs and explained that being a little late is acceptable as they never run on time.i was ignored and hubby went only to return saying that I must have times wrong. Well,no one informed me and I said as much.they went back to the soccer grounds without me.

    Because I assumed the game must've been put off for a later time I inadvertently missed the match.
    Turns out I was right and they were just running late.ah well.no going back I s'pose...
    Been feeling really trapped this week.Not ring able to do a lot.am hoping to be able to get to church tomorrow.at least e that's an out of the house.

    My greatest comfort at the moment is our dog.hes a whippet so absolutely loves to snuggle.
    Thanks again to everyone for such a warm welcome .wish you all the best this weekend and for Mother's Day and will chat again soon.
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    Also,next time I'll try to figure out how to make my writing bigger.hope it's not too small to read!
  13. sunflowergirl

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    Spring: such a nice pic. from a children book. I haven't read it, or don't remember, but one I do remember reading was Eight Cousins, Louisa May Alcott I think. My grandfather worked at a park as a groundsman and picked up all kinds of things that were left. This book was one of them, all wet at the time, I guess from the rain. But I did love it and looking at that pic. and remembering it, I think I might just go check out a copy at the library to take me back to when I was about 10. We were "dirt poor" and had very little so reading that book made me yearn for "things". The heroine was an orphan but had 7 cousins, all blond boys, and I think the man who rescued her was a sea captain that brought all kinds of great things home to her. Guess I need to refresh my memory.

    Star: welcome to the board. You're between my DD and youngest son. My DD is 42, put me in my place years ago as to my "complaining of pain and fatigue". Told me to just toughen it up, because everyone had pain and fatigue. I learned to shut my mouth....well mostly. Then about 3-4 years ago she started showing signs of FM and CFS. I kept my mouth shut, mostly! Then the fatigue hit her big time, but she would never complain to me. She's gone to a specialist, who ran a lot of tests. She does have thyroid troubles and takes pills for that, along with a huge amount of supplements. She has to learn to "save" her energy, like we all do. I think I've dealt with FM for about 30 plus years. When I'm in the pain cycle I think that the fatigue is easier, but when fatigue hits, I say give me the pain instead, so there's no easy solution.

    I pretty much diagnosed myself after reading about FM, then went to my doctor, she poked me here and there, and said YES, you have it. Everything I've learned has been from reading, trying various things, and mostly learning to live with it. Did you know even Morgan Freeman admits he's got FM? So it's not just women. I've had 3 Csections and one operation to remove an ovarian cyst but the WORST was the dislocated jaw which lasted about 6 mos. Still have TMJ from that. I've seen two rheumatologist.....what a waste of my time and money, and numerous doctors, more waste. I take gabapentin, 300 mg. a night, that's to help me sleep, but some nights that's a waste too. I've tried cymbalta and also lyrics. didn't help. My cabinets are full of supplements that promised help, didn't seem to help either. Tried going gluten free, didn't help. I do seem to feel better dropping sugar but that's hard. I'm allowing myself a few pieces of a very dark chocolate in the evenings. Trying so hard to drink a lot of water, that's hard too. You just need to try everything, because we're all different.

    Mikie: Wonder why Tweety bypassed the cat box? I have two boxes for my two cats, and they're usually pretty good. They were awful when my DDs male cat still lived in the house though. So maybe it's a male vs. female thing.

    Hope your dental surgery is OK now.

    Rock: So a Norski has troubles with the Mexican/Spanish pronunciation! Living in California all my life, the Spanish lingo just seems to roll off my tongue, though I've never learned Spanish.

    Julie: Hope you do OK with family visiting this weekend. I don't envy you when you're sick!

    I took myself to an art group this afternoon. I can't believe how prolific I've been since I found my way back to oils. Spring: The painting copy is not done yet. I had to take a break from it, it was driving me bananas. But my bathroom looks like a small art gallery, with a lot of them in drying stages. When they're finished I'll just post them all.

    Yesterday for the second day I did more gardening work than I should have. Came in wiped out and dirt under my fingernails, but happy with the results. It's been rainy today which is good because it helps settle everything.
  14. springwater

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    Starlight -welcome to the group! We dont hv anyone from Australia. Looks like you are facing the same problems we all face..fatigue which disables but no one believes us of having..those of us who face this know what kind of feeling this brings up in ourselves. Frustration, sadness, rage.

    I love the sound of your family including your sweet lil doggie.

    Rock - I just loved the orchids, which orchid is not to love anyway..theyre works of art everyone of them, but the colour of the yellow red one..beautiful!

    ewer. good i learnt another thing today. I love anything connected to those olden times.

    Sun - looking forward to seeing the paintings.

    Julie - im supposed to take iron pills; i have them but dont take them..but you must keep up with yr ABX if youre having something making you feel so sick. Must hv seemed like the ol days, snuggling with the children, rocking them to sleep.

    Granni - have a good Mothers Day. Im surprised this time our Mothers Day and that in the west came at the same time. My part time help got her mum down from her village and took her to a religious place about two hours drive away its called Mata Tirtha...she took a loan from her office where she also cleans and stays and bought a saree for her. I wish i had the energy to do all that the locals here do..

    i got a batik type skirt as gift and cake and pizza. I was not in a mood to go out to eat. but the rain was an extra gift since we were all sweltering in the heat.

    Mikie - my concept of what happens after death has undergone certain changes as i grew. First we believed in hell because the Protestants teach that and i was also Buddhist. Then i started learning about Jehovahs Witness and they said there is no hell nor heaven. Just the new life after the day of judgement. After lots of reading and several things that happened i now believe there is a place of atonement..call it hell or whatever. full of scary things. but that is for the very bad..most people dont hv to go there.There is also a place of inbetween (bardo - buddhism) limbo where those who dont go into the light for whatever reason stay for a while.

    The thing to be aware of is to make sure one does not miss the chance to go into the light when it comes...at the moment of passing. If one does not and stays in limbo then there are chances that other creatures (the opp of God and angels) come and try and take over ....these are the shades and beings that get sent to cause upheavals in other peoples lives b
    ecause they hv been bound to do so by these powerful anti christ creatures.

    Even five years ago i would hv pooh poohed all this, but not any more. To be aware is to be armed.

    this is an interesting watch of an NDE by a neuro surgeon and it turned him into a believer

    I have his book..

    Edited to delete the video so i dont clutter

    God Bless
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    Hi Kids

    It's 57 degrees here. Gonna get 10 degrees hotter today. The weather
    channel has changed its format. For the worse, IMHO. Usta be I'd
    click on the page and there would be two big numbers. What the temp
    is, and what it'll go up to later. Now I've got to scroll down and
    hunt around. Uff-da!

    Springwater, I read a couple L.M. Alcott books when I was a kid. We
    had them in the house. From when my mom was a kid, I think. One
    was Little Women and one was Little Men. Little Women has been
    made into a movie 3 times, I think. Little Men was made once that
    I know about, but I see the search engine lists 2 additional productions.
    The one I saw on Youtube was an old B&W film. It had nothing
    in common with the Alcott book except the title.

    Sun, was it you who was posting about buying ginger? Gordon says
    to tell you 99 Ranch Market has it on sale this week for 33 cents a
    pound. He gets an e mail every week because he has a store card.

    Yes, I shoulda tooken Spanish instead of Deutsch, but who knew
    I would ever travel to such an exotic and far away place as CA?
    I remember when I was outta school in my 20s. I had never
    flown in a plane. Only knew one person who had actually been
    to Disneyland. She told me there was a "life-sized" statute
    of Mickey Mouse at the entrance. When I got to the
    Magic Kingdom a few years later, there was no statue of Mickey
    of any size. To illustrate how far away that time was, you could
    go to Disneyland with ten bucks. That would pay for parking,
    admission, a snack and a small souvenir.

    Star, good to see you again. To change the font size highlight your text
    and then click on the second "A" on the tool bar, top of the message
    box. You can experiment. The B is for Bold; the I for Italics, etc.
    Your message is not too small. Folks who want it bigger can click on
    "View" at the top of the computer page and zoom in or out to change the
    size. What is your Whippet's name? Does it start with "W"?

    Springwater, glad you learned a new word (ewer). I guess since you
    "love anything connected to those olden times", you must love me.
    Ha Ha! Got an e mail yesterday from Minnesota. A childhood friend,
    now 77, died. His family lived next door to us. Six kids; only one
    girl. Hadn't seen him since our 35th High School Reunion in the 90s.
    Married his High School sweetheart. From what my friend wrote
    and the obituary, he and his family had a nice, quiet life. No
    sturm und drang.

    According to the official count, this is my 2006th post on the board.
    Been here ten years, so that's not really very many. After all, one
    a day would have been about 3658. Several years ago a moderator
    told me that "hundreds of my posts had been removed by PH". She
    didn't know why. That was before the days of the Chit Chat board.
    It may be that PH changed its view on the value of providing some
    social outlet for those of us who don't get out much anymore.

    Came across a bit of humor on the net yesterday. It applies to me.
    Like my father, I acquired claustrophobia in my old age. "Claustrophobic
    people are more productive thinking outside the box."

    All for now
    Last edited: May 7, 2016
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    I've been sleeping my life away, lookin' for a better day... I've not been in that much pain but I just feel as though I've been shaken up and traumatized. I figure my body needs the rest so I can heal. Cats were pretty good last night--thank God!!! They have decided it's better to sleep as close to my feet as they can get. I don't mind but when I shift around, I hear little complaints. Tweety hasn't peed on the floor since I removed my little throw rug. I hate to put it back only to have her pee on it again.

    Dear Old Friend wants to come have coffee with me this morning on the Balcony. I had told him the gum surgery had made me very tired. He insisted that I call him this morning to let him know if I'm up to it. I'm not. I think he misses our coffees because last time, he got sick and had to cancel. I need to use my NRG to go pick up some ibuprophen; I've run out. They prefer that to Tylenol. My lynph nodes are still swollen so I figure my Whatever Virus continues to act up while I'm run down and traumatized. I also need to clean out the fridge and take my garbage/recycle stuff down to the dumpster and pick up my mail. I'll wait until after today's delivery. I have two bills needing to be paid but have plenty of time. I don't want to burden myself until I'm recovering.

    Just sent an e-mail to all my kids and DGS telling them all what a blessing they are in my life. To me, Mothers Day is also about being a grateful Mom. I even saluted the boys, my DSIL's, for being so brave to marry into our wacky family. They'll get a kick outta that. DD#2 called last evening in tears. Their beautiful Chow/Neufie dog has cancer in the bone in his leg. He was limping and they kids thought he had pulled something. The vet gave him six months but he is in pain. They think they can control it. They only way to tell is whether he continues to limp. They haven't told DGS yet as he's taking the end-of-year tests and is stressed out about those. DSIL will make the decision and I know it will be very hard to let his dog go. This is one of the best dogs in the world. This will be the first pet DGS will have lost. My heart is breaking for them.

    Before this turns into a Warren Peace Post, I'm going to post it and come back in edit mode to respond to everydobby else's posts.

    Rock, Thanks for the good claustrophobia joke. I need to laugh. I think, if memory serves, and you know it often doesn't, PH removed some posts when the website was upgraded. While very old posts may still be quite applicable to us, I think too many clog things up and likely slow things down. This is the best our website has been and I'm so grateful to PH for keeping it so helpful. I know it's been difficult to navigate right after upgrades but, once one gets used to the new format, it's so much better.

    Thanks for the reminder about ginger. I want to pick up some to make more Sassy Water. Ginger is so good for reducing inflammation, the main cause of pain following surgery. Weather fascinates me despite being my worst subject to learn when getting my license to fly. I watch all the numbers, especially the dew point here where it gets soooo muggy. We are having a nice dry day today but the high temps, and humidity, will return starting tomorrow. Everydobby down here has been enjoying the beach while this perfect weather lasts. Thanks for the beautiful orchids. Black flowers have an eerie beauty about them.

    Julie, I think you should get the ABX and finish taking whatever the doc prescribes. Stopping too soon can lead to a resistant strain and that would be horrible. I hate taking them too. Be sure to take your probiotics to protect your gut health. I had to take ABX for 2 1/2 years to get the mycoplasma infection under control but the alterative was to live with a chronic infection, making me sick all the time. I'm not the picture of glowing good health but it could be worse. I'm glad the kids are coming to help. I'll bet Amy would love to be able to help out. It is a blessing for others to be able to help us. I'm laughing at the 'Fly-By Post.' If you were flying, you could do a Touch 'n Go. PA's are often very competitive and I picture GPA trying to lure you into a drag race on the mowers. It makes me laugh.

    Granni, thanks for you sweet good wishes for my healing. I can tell I'm doing better but I'm not over it yet. I try to keep a good attitude as I think that's half the battle following any kind of surgery. I'm glad you posted but there is no risk of our forgetting you. You are part of our Porch Family and always will be. I think you should eat, drink and make merry for Mothers Day. I've cheated by eating a wee bit of ice cream but it feels sooo good on my sore gums. Of course, I have to take a Lactaid tablet first. Enjoy your day and your dinner.

    Fanbrits, welcome to our little virtual Porch where we all hang out as though visiting one another on a real old-fashioned porch. I found a pic one or our Porchies posted a while back and, to me, it is an ideal Porch. It's where I picture us while we chat. For some reason, it would only post at the bottom of my post. We are family here and I'm so glad you found us. I hope you will come back so we can get to know you. By the way, we usually shorten names; is it OK to call you, 'Fan?'

    Star, I enlarged your font a wee bit but could have made it larger. I also took the liberty of inserting blank rows between your paragraphs. Some of us have difficulty reading without those breaks. My DGS plays soccer too. I'm sorry it is so difficult for you to get to their games. I know these illnesses are especially cruel to those with children still at home. We had a whippet in the hood and he was the cutest, sweetest little guy. The neighbors moved and I still miss him (I can't even remember the neighbors!). Again, so good to have you here. Hope to see you again soon.

    Sun, I'm so sorry your DD also has FMS. Both of mine do as well; however, both seem to do well despite it. DD#2 also has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I'm also sorry you suffer from TMJ. My jaws hurt after sitting in the dental chair for so long and it's caused a headache but it's nothing like what you suffer from. I took some Spanish at a night class but don't use it so it's gone the way of my French. Mostly I do Spanglish. I'm so glad you are able to engage in your art and gardening. I think we need to do whatever feeds our souls.

    Spring, thanks for the NDE video. I'll go watch it. You and I seem to have the same thoughts on the afterlife. I can't ignore the NDE's of people who have experienced a hell-like existence but, on the other hand, I can't imagine a loving God who would damn his children forever. I do believe there are evil entities and I agree that we need to be careful not to fall under their control. You have been a tremendous help in keeping the dark energies away from me when Barb has been in such an extremely angry mood. Now, I ask not only St. Michael but also St. Zedkiels for protection from all negative and dark energy. Batik skirts are popular here. They usually have rows of gathered material, each row getting darker toward the hem at the ankles. Gonna go view the video. Thanks.


    I know most of y'all have seen this pic but we have two new Porchies so thought I'd repost it. It would only post here, at the bottom. The computer gremlins are alive and well this morning. Gonna take a soak and go to the store. Think I'll buy an actual newspaper while I'm there. Might as well pamper myself. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie

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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Home again, home again, jiggity jig! Just got back from the store to get my ibuprophen. My head is aching so I took two of them. I can take four every six hours but don't want to unless I really need to do it. My Dear Old Friend called to wish me a Happy Mothers Day and to say he was sorry that he didn't think to offer to go to the store for the ibuprophen himself. He's sooooo sweet. I'm actually feeling so much better and told him.

    Publix has Hallmark cards on BOGO so got some. I hate to pay those retail prices for cards which only get thrown away. Fancy Feast dry cat food was on BOGO so decided to try it. The cats are so much more flexible now about eating different things. Used to be they would only eat the original Meow Mix. I buy several brands and mix them up. Pasta was on sale and the sauce was on BOGO. I still have some shrimp so decided to make another seafood pasta dish. It's soft and satisfying now while I'm trying not to eat anything too hard.

    One of my favorite cashiers was working and I asked about her little French Bull Dog. He was soooo sick with allergies but a visit to the vet and some meds have him back to his frisky self. He had to take steroids and she said he had a bout with roid rage. I had to laugh at that. Publix hires people who are challenged and I like that (they hired me didn't they?). The bagger came over and I said, "Oh, are you going to bag for me?" I was going to do it myself before she headed my way. She said gruffly, "Well, I guess so!" She used so many plastic bags that I figure she thought I'm really old and can't lift too much. I rebagged into my two reusable bags at the car; the plastic bags will come in handy when I clean the litterboxes. If some of the baggers think people don't like the bag jobs, they can get quite upset and I don't want to upset them.

    I got two new reusable bags. Over the years, I have gotten a lot of the smaller ones free when I donated bags of food to the hunger marches. Only thing is that the cats' hair sticks to them and I can't get if off. The new ones are a different material with beautiful artwork on them. Also, I'm going to quit putting them on the floor to dry out. That way, the cats won't try to climb inside, and on top, of them.

    Spring, I watched the NDE video. Thanks so much for posting it. The fact that his sister verified his experience leaves no doubt. Many of the NDE's have included such verification. One was from a guy who was blind and yet, he described seeing everything being done to revive him from his perspective above it all. Barb also described seeing everything done to revive her but it really bothered me that she went into the light and felt no love. That is the one commonality among all the other NDE's I've every read or heard about. Again, thank you.

    Well, guys, this is all the exciting news I've got. I did buy a real newspaper and am going to enjoy it. Again, hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi again to FANBRITS and STAR , So nice to meet you and glad to hear again from you Star. Nice to hear more about your family Star. How nice to have children that young. Most of my GK's are getting old too :)!! Two of them are getting ready to go to college, on other chose not to and had no money to as well as other problems. My baby gson is now 12 and has moderate autism as well as other things but coming along. I do remember all the running around we all did to sons ball games as well as two of our daughters softball games. It was very hectic but we wure were busy ad we had a good time even if I felt like you know what most of the time. We all do what we have to do, don't we??

    Wonderful to hear from JULIE, MIKIE , ROCK and SPRING WATER.

    I still love that PORCH picture. I still have stuff to do so I really need to get off. Sorry that I couldn't stay longer . Did some removing old stuff and overgrown stuff from our landscape such as it is. Now I am pooped and do much else all day.

    ROCK - How did you find out how many posts you have posted since you have been here. We have been here close to the same time I think. Just curious since I have posted a lot even though you have slowed down some in some ways you still have posted a lot !!!!! You also teach us a lot too and get us to remembering lots about our past, esp in books and movies, etc.

    Also missing Diane too and hope she is doing OK. or better.

    JULIE and MIKIE hope you feel better soon and JULIE enjoy your company but please try not to wear yourself out and get worse again.

    Love all you guys,
    Granni :)
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Fanbrits - im happy you found the post interesting..

    Mikie - i deleted the video so it wouldnt clutter up the porch. I guess people who want to will google utube and dr eben alexander...it is not given in the video but Dr Eben went into a sort of scary place full of gooey red liquid with faces, figures bubbling out..when he first 'died'..but then this beautiful white light came and then took him out. On his way back he said he was not afraid of the dark, gooey place with bubbling grotesque faces because he knew he just had to think of the light and he could exit. his experience is a little different because most general NDEs go straight into the light which everyone says is a place of unimaginable peace and loving ness. So much so no one wants to return.

    Barbara is in danger of going into a place where she will hv to work out her anger and hatred..before being allowed into the light...it makes sense..if someone is hateful in the extreme, how will they be allowed into the same loving space that other more peaceful souls are led to?

    I hv a book on basic Theosophy.By geoffrey Hodson It describes the different levels of reality ..our level - the outer life and the inner reality, hidden from our view until our death...probably what we call heaven or buddhists know as devachan, hindus - swarg. to quote from the book "this inner world is said to be a world of light, its substance self radiant, glowing with myriad hues. It isalso said to be inhabited by its own teeming population and to have itsown scenery and conditions. This world of light and life and innumerable presences is here and now and all about us, but normally invisible. At death, man transfers and limits his life to this inner world and partakes of its life and is subservient to its laws.....


    the book is very extensive and part of essential reading during Pranic healing courses..it has so many chapters - on auras, karma, life after physical death, reincarnation, rays, the human ego, mans supersensory powers..oh many..and so even tho it is a cheap paper back version it weighs like half a kilo..and i am making slow progress trying to make sense of it with my befogged grey cells.

    However, I am so disenchanted with what ive seen of this life, i want to know as much as possible and explore which ways there are to not hv to come back again and again and again...seeking a shortcut if you will to redemption.The book of course is very valuable to me since it gives me explanations to things i hv encountered which no one else could explain. And invite ridicule if asked about. Something like this mysterious CFS which is there but lots dont believe in. having not had to experience it.

    Its not so much that my present life is so horrible, it isnt..i hv a lot to be grateful for, but im so aware that many are suffering untold miseries..shown on tv and utubes, senseless acts of violence, cruelty against animals..just hate the thought of having to come back to this..I rather i could remain somewhere behind the scenes and help end this madness somewht like an 'invisible helper'. Tired. is the word. Yes. Tired of seeing so much that makes the heart heavy.

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's a little after midnight. I slept for an hour or so. Will be up for
    several hours.

    Granni, in response to your question about how many posts I've made,
    I obtained the info by bribing one of the the guards. Oh, wait! That's
    the answer to a different question.

    OK, the home page says Welcome to the Board. On the right side, at
    the top of the page, it tells how many posts one has made. Underneath
    that it lists recent posters. At the bottom it tells how many people
    are on the board at present. Right now there are two: me and a
    poster I don't know.

    Diane participates in our games on the Homebound board. She posted
    recently, but much of the time she is not up to it.

    Are you giving any of your grandkids advice about going off to college?
    When my two nephews were going, I took a poll at our office. Almost
    everydobby said: Budget your time. Have a schedule. Stick to it.
    It doesn't have to be detailed or elaborate. Can be as simple as 1)
    I will socialize between 3:30 PM when classes end and study after
    dinner or vice versa. And when a paper is assigned to be turned in
    at the end of the semester, the student needs a schedule. The topic
    selected by end of week one. Research started by week two. etc.

    At my school every new student was assigned a big brother or sister.
    Mine was an honor student, and he gave me lots of good advice.

    I am reading a wonderful book about the Old West. It was written
    by an Englishman who moved to America, became a writer, and
    was there when the West was Old. Died when I was in High School.

    The book I was reading was published the year I was born, but it's in
    even worse shape than I am. Three pages fell out. The paper was so
    brittle that turning the pages caused bits to flake off. I quit reading
    about half way through. Felt like I was damaging an heirloom. I'm
    going to see if the library has some books by the same author
    in better shape.

    Mikie, I'm happy to see the porch picture you posted again. It is such
    a restful image. The place looks comfortable and welcoming and well
    cared for.

    Do you practice your French with zee French bulldog? Oh, shoot! Now
    I've got three windows open, and am getting all confusiated. I'd better quit
    before the electronic gremlins wipe all this out.

    Hugs, Kids
    Last edited: May 8, 2016

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