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    Today we in our country is supposed to be able to witness Mercury in transit..as a black dot moving across the sun....so i am posting a picture of The Milky Way which some photographer waited to click. Rather impressive.

    Our sky has dense foggy stuff in it so not much hope of witnessing anything...anywy would need special glasses.

    God Bless
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    What a beautiful sight, Spring. Thanks for getting us started up on a new Porch. I am pasting what I typed in over on the last Porch but didn't post there. Lots of messages there since I last posted. My response to you is in the pasted material below. BTW, news just mentioned Mercury passing in front of the sun. There is someplace here where people can go to see it with special lenses. Mercury is a rascal in the Zodiac and I wonder whether it will cause disruptions in communications. People up north will have the Northern Lights again tonight. I've only seem them once and they were a beautiful glimmering green.

    The gums seem to be a bit better. The worst part is where I scraped the roof of my mouth trying to bite off a piece of toast with only one side of my mouth. I was trying not to bite with that area. Every now and then, I cheat and have a bit of toast with low-sugar orange marmalade. Publix had Smuckers preserves, made from blueberries, blackberries and red raspberries, on BOGO. OMG!!! It's like I died and went to Heaven. It's like biting into a sweet berry pie. These preserves are in squatty jars and not in the taller ones like I usually see. The first three ingredients are the berries, with sugar fourth. A tbsp., which is more than enough to cover a big slice of bread, is only 50 calories. Whole grain bread is about another 100 calories. I try to avoid things like this, because they can spike insulin, but I cheat once in a while.

    DD#2 had called me on Sat. but, with their family in turmoil with the sick dog, I didn't expect to talk to her again yesterday. DD#1 called and we had a long conversation. My Dear Old Friend and Joe, my neighbor across the pond, both called to wish me a happy Mothers Day. How sweet! There are some really nice people here. I haven't been out much and miss my nice neighbors. I'm feeling a bit weak and anxious so won't go to the pool today. Will try again tomorrow or on Wed. When I'm like this, it doesn't pay to push myself. I'd likely end up in bed for days. I have enough stuff I can do in the condo without overdoing it. That way, I will not feel as though everything is piling up.

    I am typing this on #888 but won't post it. I'll copy it and paste it on #889. No way can I remember what everydobby has posted here. It is so good to see everyone back on the Porch. From #888:

    Julie, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you can get the doc to contact the pharmacy. I'm glad you ran into his secretary. At least, you know he wasn't just blowing you off for no reason but it could have been handled better. I just hate to see this crud dragging on for you. I wish you had felt better for the kids' visit but I'm glad they came and you didn't end up having to cook a big meal. Good thing for the pizza leftovers. That was nice of GPA to buy pizza. I'm so glad you two can talk about the elephant in the room. Did Clinton and Den make progress on the building project? I hope so but I hope they didn't overdo it. Feel better.

    Sun, thanks for the hints to Spring about the Bible. I've read all the New Testament but need a new Bible so I can reread it. I don't think we are discussing 'religion' so much as we are discussing various beliefs and experiences with the afterlife. I think all religions believe in some kind of afterlife. I would never witness for one religion over another. I take what I can from other beliefs as well as my own. I do find the NDE's fascinating. If our discussing this offends anyone, we can take it to a private message. I'm glad you got to paint so much. You must have been 'in the zone.' When we do that, our brains produce alpha waves and we lose track of time. I haven't taken my BS in a while but, every now and then, it hovers around 110. Don't know why. I cheat a wee bit every now and then but it's usually not when I cheat that the BS is a bit high. So sorry to hear about your DS's TMJ. Yes, this is TMJ pain and headaches. I'm scheduled for a teeth cleaning on the 19th but will reschedule. I can't imaging sitting with my mouth open again so soon. Glad you are enjoying Lark Rise to Candleford. Yes, 'Mr. Bates' leaves the series and I assume it's because Downton Abbey came calling.

    Granni, sounds as though you have been your busy self, even on Mothers Day. I hope you can come back when you can sit a spell.

    Spring, I don't have a mind for science. I was forced into taking math and computer science in college for my business degree. I suffered through the math classes and had a plan B just in case I flunked them. I squeaked through. I tested 60/40 right brain/left brain which means I'm mostly in the middle but not good at logic/math. That is exactly why I decided to take on the giant Sudoku puzzle. My poor pea brain needs a challenge. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. I have a book, Bedside Blessings, which has advice and a Bible quote for each day. It's often amazing just how applicable it is to my life. I love the idea of invoking colored and white light. It was light which captivated Einstein's mind. Light has physical properties of both waves and particles which has baffled scientists. I suffered from depression at a young age too. I usually don't deal with severe depression now but, as you described it, I do feel downhearted after being in a flare for so long. I'm in that phase right now and trying to pull out of it. You have been such a dear friend and I appreciate all your contributions to our discussions.

    I just got back from the green light meditation. Thank you sooooo very much. Guided meditation is so healing and relaxing. I've bookmarked the website. Strangely, I was compelled to look at the clock and it was 7:11 a.m. That signals to me that my Mom is present; she died on July 11. Also, there were white feathers on the website, the other signal that Mom is present. My heart chakra is my favorite and I love green light and jewels. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I don't know what I'd do without all y'all here. Thanks for all the sharing and support. We are, indeed, a family here. Hope everyone in this family has a great day!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I hope this new course of ABX will get rid of the crud for you. Feeling so horrible for so long, while still trying to get things done, is awful. In fact, 'awful' doesn't begin to describe it but words are failing me now. My gum seems to be healing well but I have the TMJ headache and am just pooped. When I'm this exhausted, I have aphasia. Hmmm! How did I remember that word? That is why I don't play the games over on the Homebound Forum.

    I did shower and do my hair. Then, I forced myself to clean out the fridge and take the garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster. I feel hot and sweaty. AACCKK!!! I know my Whatever Virus has reactivated. I am taking the Acyclovir and it will eventually cause a dieoff of the virus. Then, I'll Herx.

    One of the Hillfiger kids, as in Tommy Hillfiger, was sick with Lyme disease for years before she was diagnosed. She has written a book. I saw her interviewed on TV and she spoke of having to stop the ABX due to severe Herxing. I think that's the first time I've ever heard someone on TV use the term. Her book is Bite Me.

    The cats are gaining weight so I'm going to start feeding them dry food for indoor cats. While looking up the best ones, I read that cats should eat some canned wet food as many don't drink enough water. These cats go crazy for it but will only eat the flaked type so they can slurp up the gravy and leave the rest. Both of them drink tons of water and pee clumps the size of my fist so I'm not worried about their getting enough to drink. They absolutely love the cool filtered water from the fridge door. Blue Buffalo was among the top foods mentioned but Purina Cat Chow for Indoor Cats was mentioned too. Publix has that on BOGO from time to time so I'll start getting that. I got Fancy Feast on BOGO and they looooove it. I think I'll have to mix it up a bit.

    Like all of us, I just hate feeling like this but am glad I, at least, got a couple of things done. There is a new Vanity Fair so I can keep myself amused while I while away the time. I finished Lark Rise to Candleford and have started binging on Grace and Frankie. It's so so. The free broadcast signals are messed up and my TV is zig zagging and the audio is going in and out. It's driving me nuts and driving me to Amazon Prime and Netflix. It wouldn't surprise me if Comcast is interfering with the signal. They are running scared with more and more streaming options on the near horizon ready to lure customers away from their shabby customer service and overpriced cable and internet. Many are also using the free signals with antennae. I fell asleep last night before the end of The Good Wife so, obviously, didn't see Mr. Selfridge. Oh well, they will be on one of the streaming services soon enough. I've missed two weeks of Survivor. I am grateful for TV and books when I can't do much.

    Gonna go and try to find something I want to eat. Nothing sounds good to me but I'm hungry. Hope all y'all have a nice afternoon.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good afternoon dear Porchies !!!

    Spring water - thanks for starting us up again with a new volume. I am lucky to get on lately without figuring out the volume number :)!!I am also trying right now to play a casino game so I can win points so I can play more casino games. I do not buy any chips, just play for them. Thanks also for the beautiful view of the sky.I know I won't be going out to try and see it. I never can anyway.

    So many things on my mind. Plus this is such a busy month for us. Hope I can get through it. This Friday up in San Marcos, Tx is our DGD graduation day from college. Not just the big graduation which is enough and having to travel VERY bright and early that morning for hours to get up there. DD#1 is going up the day before but of course our other SIL that is going with us and his wife, the other DD was trying to save money and not have to stay in the hotel 2 nights. So we will have to get up bright and very very early to get there. It takes about 2 1/2 hrs or so I think. Maybe a little more, it depends. DH is happy he is not driving. We will be leaving that Friday morning. The graduation ceremony is at 10. 00 a.m. After that it is a tradition for the graduates to just in the rive with their caps and gowns on. Sounds awful cold to me :)!!!

    Then we go back to the house they have rented on the river where a bunch of people will be staying for the weekend or however long they can stay. We will be staying in a hotel and sharing the room to sleep with DD and DSIL. We hope to stay overnight and then come back for breakfast ans stay till after lunch most likely. At least that is the plan now. Hope the weather is good. DD#1 said to brig bathing suits. Will If I do I will have to find one cause the one I have is VERY old stretched out and no longer fits at all. Just to get everything together will be a project to go up there. I don't plan on tubing or going in the river as I remember it it is very cold water for #1. I know all the young ones will like it or love it. In two weeks we will have the twins graduation from H.S.in Houston but so far there is no big plans. However, knowing DD she will plan a big something even if it is at a restaurant afterwards. This month is a very big expenditure for us especially since we bought the car and then decided to buy the extra insurance we hadn't planned on originally. So glad DSIL is driving or DH would be complaining now about the drive. However, if it as us we might have sprung for the extra day in the hotel on Thursday before.

    Then DD#3 who has all the many problems said she has sent us an email yesterday for the family. We didn't get it and so she sent it to her X. I sent her a text saying we hadn't gotten it so she was going to send it to all. Wondering what bombshell is next. I am so weary of this whole thing and DS did most of the work. Waiting for that to come and am rather nervous about it. DH just said he read it and said it was a nasty letter. I had a feeling that if he sent it to her x and he hadn't sent it to us last night it must have not been very good.

    MIKIE - I am sorry you are still feeling badly and hope the extension of your meds will get rid of it for you. You are going to wear yourself out with doing so much for Gpa but I know you wouldn't have it any other way. Glad you are getting some good naps in.

    Well get back when I can. Tomorrow will be another busy day. Didn't do to much today other than line dancing and DH wanted us to clean at the garage some so I did the windows.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    It's only 67 degrees out this morning but it's supposed to start getting back up to 90 and more humid. AARRGG!!! Well, we were lucky to get this short reprieve from the heat for a couple of days. I sat out on the balcony last evening and had a nice chat with my neighbor, Tracy. She's about my kids' age and had to have her thyroid removed years ago due to an autoimmune disease. We didn't whine but did talk about the challenges of living with chronic exhaustion. It's nice to have someone here who understands like all y'all do on the Porch.

    Bad news for one of Harriet's eaglets--an owl attacked both her chicks while they sat on a limb. Both fell and only one made it back into the nest. Owls are about the only threat to eagles. People are clamoring for the wildlife folks to go out to be sure the eaglet isn't injured and lying on the ground. Life can be so beautiful for wild critters but it can also be heartbreaking.

    I'm so sorry to see our Porchies not feeling well.

    Julie, I'm so sorry that crud is making you feel worse. Sometimes, when taking the ABX, the bacteria make a stand and fight back. It may have to get worse before it gets better. You are doing the right thing by resting while the ABX and your body are doing battle with the crud. I'm just glad you were able to get the meds and I hope they kick this crud to the curb. I said a quick prayer that GPA's wrist doesn't get worse. That's too bad that the brace is bruising him. Prayer going up for you too.

    Granni, I'm sorry this thing with your DD is still playing out. My DD#1 is a psychiatric nurse and deals with these conditions in her patients. I know it's hard for the medical professionals because the patients often stop their meds and relapse before finally getting into therapy and staying on their medications. There isn't much families can do until their loved ones get the help they need themselves. I'll keep y'all in my prayers. Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy celebrating both graduations.

    I'm sick of having to just laze around day after day but just have to until I start to feel better. I'm soooo exhausted that I almost fall asleep sitting up. So, I go to bed, turn on the TV, and fall into a deep sleep. Whine, whine, whine!!! As always, I keep us all in my prayers and hope for the best for everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    The pale gold tom cat showed up again. He came back two day in a
    row. Spent several hours here yesterday napping on Zippy's old
    mat. He has a collar and a tag. His name is Herman. There's a
    phone number in a tiny font. Can't read it. Herman doesn't like
    people handling it. I doubt he's had anyone to take care of him for
    a long time. Very skinny. His coat is rough and dry looking. If he
    becomes tame enough we'll take him to a vet for a check up, etc.

    I would post pics of some of Gordon's orchids, but I can't remember
    how to do it. The 2 things I say most nowadays. "I can't remember and
    I dunno." AACCKK!

    Springwater, thanks for opening up. A very dramatic pic of the Milky Way.
    We used to see it almost every summer night when I was a kid. Since
    there we no cities near us, the stars were easily visible. The Milky Way
    looked like a rather fuzzy band stretching across the sky. Seemed to run
    more East-West than N-S. Could usually see Orion and the Big Dipper clearly.

    Started a book set somewhere in the South during the 1970s. Talks about
    neighbors coming out and setting on the front porch; chatting. Reminded
    me of my childhood and our present day porch.

    Mikie, Smucker's jam is hard to beat. My aunt and uncle used to live in
    Orrville, Ohio, home of Sucker's. It all started with Jerome Smucker making
    apple butter. Anyhoo I visited the plant. I remember a gal wearing a white
    uniform looking sorta nurse-like smearing chocolate syrup on a tray. She
    was testing the consistency. You got free samples as you exited. Those
    same little containers you get at a restaurant.

    Glad to hear your gums are healing. Are you all done with your dental
    work now? Never heard of Blue Buffalo cat food. Used to see buffalo when
    I was a kid. A farmer near by had lots of exotic animals including several
    buffalo; a spectacular pheasant from China; various kinds of deer. Maybe
    a llama. An ostrich or two. Long time ago. I think his farm was in Iowa.

    Julie, that's a shame about the pills. I remember one of my coworkers
    opened a bottle over the sink. Dozens of pills went down the drain.
    Gordon keeps a strainer over the sink, but for some reason his lunkhead
    of a brother always takes it out and never puts it back. Gordon will
    not lay down the law to him, and obviously I can't. He's twice as big
    as I and lifts weights. Not gonna argue with him. Actually it's
    pretty hard for anyone to argue with him as he seldom speaks.
    And hard to understand when he does.

    I once had ring go down the drain. You know if you drop a small object
    in a bowl or a sink it always goes round and round for a while. Right?
    Well I dropped this ring and it went straight down the drain like a
    prairie dog fleeing an eagle. Anyhoo, we had a nice landlord then, and
    he obligingly took the pipe apart and fished it out.

    Haven't gotten any e mails from my sibs for 2-3 weeks. My brother
    the forest ranger had polio when he was a kid. One leg was slightly
    shorter than the other. Now he's waiting for surgery on his hips.
    Been waiting for months. I don't know why the delay. Don't know
    if he does either.

    Started a book by Belva Plain. I read some of her books years ago.
    Thought they were pretty good. This one I don't like. Either I'm
    getting fussier in my old age or good writers are getting scarcer.

    Hugs, Rock

    Chines pheasant.

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    Just paid my bills so thought I'd drop in while in the neighborhood (online).

    Rock, glad to see you here. Thanks for the pic of the pheasant. My family is all originally from Nebraska and pheasant hunting was a big deal. My uncle once sent me some feathers and I incorporated them into a wall hanging I made years ago. It was macramé; remember that? It was so much fun to make those hanging pot holders for my plants. I designed the wall hanging myself and it came out really well. My ex's brother asked me for it when we moved and I was giving it away.

    When the neighborhood kids and mine were small, we would spend summer mornings at swimming lessons. We car pooled. In the afternoons, the moms and I had craft lessons once a week. The kids made little macramé owls with their feet around a small stick. We also took hikes and collected natural materials for our projects. There was a farmers' creek and we would ride our inner tubes on hot days. We did a lot of things but these are the ones I remember. Also, one of the older ladies in the hood would always have a week of Bible school. One was really old and gave the kids vinegar to drink, thinking it was apple juice. Oy! We took field trips too and one was to our local dairy. They gave the kids those little cups of ice cream, the ones one eats with a little wooden spoon. There were summer movies series for them. I'd almost forgotten how much we did but the kids have been remembering the childhoods they cherished. I had as much fun with them as they did.

    Sorry your overall experience with brothers isn't as close as it should be. I am not near my kids but we are so close to one another. My girls are best friends. I know I've read at least one Belva Plain book but can't remember it. That was before I had the Kindle. It was a long time ago. I have a number of books in the cloud and I may go back to them. That's the blessing of a bad memory; I can enjoy old things all over again. Smucker's apricot marmalade came in first in the America's Test Kitchen taste of the best. Publix's house brand of orange marmalade is as good as Smuckers. Who knows? It may be made by them. I'll no longer have to steal those little mixed fruit jelly packets at restaurants. This new berry preserve is the best thing I've ever tasted.

    Growing up in CO, I loved looking at the sky at night. It was soooo clear and I could see all the constellations in our hemisphere. When my ex worked at Pentax, he got a prototype telescope and that was great fun. We could see the moons of one of the planets whose name escapes me now. Oh, how I hate not being able to remember things. I know that name like my own but it just won't come to me. Ooh, ooh, it's Jupiter. Woo Hoo!!!

    Gonna get going. I've done nothing besides paying bills and likely won't do anything. I need a day of rest so I can, hopefully, feel better this week. I need to go to Publix tomorrow, the last day they have Puffs tissues with Vicks on sale. I looooove those tissues. Publix didn't realize what a draw those are and now have them on sale regularly. I just wish they would put the Broth cat food packets on BOGO again. If cats did the grocery shopping, they would.

    Hope all y'all are have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Spring: gorgeous pic. of the heavens. Thanks for posting that. I'm not a follower of what's going on in the sky with the planets, etc. but I do like to look at the photos.

    Rock: Front porches are a Midwestern thing especially in small towns where people will walk by and stop to chat. I always wanted that. The house I'm living in now is very private, with a long walkway to the front door, built in the shape of a U with part of the side being the extended garage. It was hard to get used to it.....didn't see much of the goings on, but now I like it. But then most neighborhoods in so. California are really not friendly. When we first moved here I would be out gardening in the front, almost near the sidewalk and people walking by wouldn't say a word unless I stood up and talked with them. I make it a point to talk to my neighbor's though.

    I have a friend who lives out in Norco, horse country. Her neighbor has 8 llamas, just as pets. I asked her what she did with the wool when she sheared them.....tossed it. I told her she should put an ad and possibly be able to sell it. I'm sure those animals care doesn't come cheap. Where we used to live there was a small exotic animal farm attached to the dairy, and I used to take my kids there to pet the llamas when they were little. Fun for them and me.

    Mikie: Boy do I remember those Summers of swimming lessons for the kids. They HAD to dive off the high dive! I agonized for them but trying not to show it. As for me, I really don't swim, didn't like putting my face in the water. And when I was around 10 or 11 we had gone to Yosemite and my brother and I got to ride the inner tubes in that freezing water. At that time you could drive anywhere in the park, watch the fire falls at night, or the Bears in the garbage dump. Then when it got more crowded they started closing down the park for driving. You have to take a tram around. They also stopped the fire falls and watching the Bears at the dump. I'm so glad I got to visit it when I was young.

    My cleaning lady was over yesterday, so I was outside, blowing the leaves from the front and back and pulling some weeds. Spent over 2 hrs. and when I finally had finished I thought I was finished. I get to working and see just one more thing that has to be done, and forget that I shouldn't work so much.

    I've got an art class today but all we're doing is working on what our assignment was from last week.....paint a cactus or succulent. I really can't paint in public with WC......I have to be careful of not bending my neck down, so think I'll just pass on it today and work on something of mine at home.

    Yesterday was such a lucky/blessed day for me. I've been making payments on a lab bill, which I incurred last Sept. for over $3,500. The COBRA insurance I had refused to pay, saying I had Medicare B which I didn't.....mine will start July 1 (my screw up) I called this lab office, told them I hadn't received my bill and noticed it was overdue. The guy did a search of all 2 pages of communication from the lab and my insurance, and said....good news....all I owed now was $9.10. WHAT! So I made him check again. Seems the insurance decided after all these months that they DID owe it, started rejecting this and that (overcharging) paid about $500 on the bill and what I had already paid about $250 it came down to $9.10. I wasn't going to argue. He took my credit card and will send me a paid in full receipt. I felt like I had won the lotto.

    And speaking of big lotto winnings....months ago a winner locally hit the Super lotto, sharing MILLIONs of$ with 2 other people. He was 32, immediately dumped his girlfriend, bought a million $ plus home with all the furnishings, bought a ton of cocaine, hired 3 ladies of the night, and overdosed. Died......I could just hear Satan laughing. So $ doesn't bring happiness or contentment.

    And now your entertainment for the day:

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    Holy Roller Derby, Sun. That's the greatest Rube Goldberg machine I've
    ever seen. I couldn't build that, or even think of it, in a lifetime. I
    believe it illustrates all three of Newton's laws of motion.

    Never been to Norco, but I used to play bridge with an old lady whose
    daughter lived out there with her horses. Norco is in Riverside County;
    horse country. At one time it looked like I might have to go there on
    business. Can't remember if it was when I was an adjuster or an
    attorney. Anyhoo there was some change in circumstances, and
    nobody had to make the trip which was fine with me and everydobby
    else in the office. Who wants to drive around in the desert?

    Reminds me, I once had an appointment to take a deposition in the
    Sybil Brand Institute, a woman's prison near LA. I thought that
    would make an interesting story to tell when standing around with
    the crowd of attorneys waiting to see a Judge. But that appointment
    got cancelled too.

    The prison in question was closed down in the 1990s following the
    Northridge earthquake. You might have seen it though. It had been
    used in several movies and TV shows.

    Ah, just thought of something. For a while people were going around
    the office asking, "Where the Sam Hill is Norco anyway?" A month
    or two later Gordon and I went to the LA County Fair. Saw a guy
    wearing a T shirt that said, "Where the Hell is Norco anyway?"
    True story. I swear on my mother's grave. Well, actually Mom
    doesn't have a grave. She has an urn in Arlington Cemetery next
    to Dad, a WWII soldier.


  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Here are some other photos of plants currently blooming in our yard.

    The first two pics are cactus flowers. (Sans Goldie Hawn.) The
    purple flowers look a lot like California's state flower, the golden
    poppy. Same shape; different color. And like the poppy they close
    up in the late afternoon, and open up the next day. The plant is some
    sort of succulent that Gordon planted to combat erosion since we no
    longer have a grass lawn.

    The purple succulents and the pink geraniums have been in bloom
    for a month or more. It would be even better, of course, with a
    green background. Maybe Barry can identify the succulent for

    Gordon and Rock

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    Hi, Kids,

    As I suspected, Mercury is causing communications problems. I just tried to log in to my e-mail and I got a message that there had been unusual activity on my acct. and I needed to have them send a code to my cell phone via text message and enter it before I could get in. I could get in on the Surface but not my other laptop. Good grief!!! I finally managed to get in. I had deleted my browsing history, as I always do after logging in to my bank acct. What a pain but I'm always as careful as can be. Sooooo, finally, here I am.

    I was hungry for some healthy food and made an Italian salad with basil from my little potted herb garden, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and salad greens with a homemade vinegrette dressing. I also had a glass of white wine. I don't drink much anymore but like something now and then.

    One of my dear friends, Nancy, is moving to Ariz. where her arthritis and FMS are much better. My other friend, Nancy 2, rents a condo from her. She just called to tell me she is moving back home to Mich. I'm slowing losing all my friends down here. The friends and hood I've taken for granted for almost 19 years is changing faster than I can deal with. Nancy 2 had back surgery go bad and she now gets around only with a cane. She is moving close to her DD. She is a really good friend and I will miss her. The good news is that her downstairs condo appraised for $10,000 more than the one downstairs from me. Nancy's, which is more updated like mine, appraised for $25,000 more than the one downstairs from me. I think mine is worth what hers is. That's good to hear. Things are starting to increase in value again here.

    Sun, who thinks up those contraptions? I bow to their intelligence and patience. People in CO weren't friendly but people down here are very friendly. Of course, growing up my whole life in CO, I had a ton of friends so never realized it wasn't unfriendly until newcomers told me. So many retirees who come from other places settle in FL. I remember in CO when we would hike in the mountains to fish in ponds or rivers and never see another human being the whole time. Now, it's spoiled by so many people. Yes, the parks are also overrun and having to clamp down on activities. I'm glad we both grew up when it was better. Even amusement parks are now so crowded that it's not much fun to take the kids there. Disneyland used to be really fun. Haven't been there in years and it's been a while since I've been to Disney World but last year at Universal in Orlando was a nightmare. I'm soooo happy for you that the ins. co. paid that bill. Woooo Hoooo!!!

    Julie, sounds as though GPA is getting all kinds of insights into his behavior. That can only be a good thing. I hope you get to feeling better.

    Rock, thanks for the beautiful pix. I walked around to the side of our bldg. and found one of the old bromiliads had bloomed with three beautiful big red blooms. It was just a junk plant that I moved there and it's thriving. There is a narrow strip between the side of our bldg. and the pool fence and I've planted it in a mish-mash garden. I have sweet potato vines on both ends and have to check them now and then to ensure they aren't growing into the A/C units. I have another one on the other side of the bldg. but it doesn't have as much in the way of plants over there. I may put some of my orchids over there as they aren't doing anything out on the lanai.

    Well, Kiddies, gotta go again. I may take a nap. I was almost asleep but my tummy was growling for lunch and I had to fix my salad. In keeping with Mercury's transit across the sun, my TV antenna is giving me fits. I'm too stubborn, and cheap, to cave in to Comcast. They will eventually be the victim of competition from streaming providers and I'll do a happy dance. Until then, I'll just put up with the antenna or watch Netflix or Amazon Prime. Hah! Take that, Comcast!

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: May 10, 2016
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: thanks for those pix. I'm saving them! Gordon sure has a green thumb. Did Gordon enjoy looking thru the book I recommended?

    Mikie: so maybe with Mercury's transit, that might explain that awful troubles I was having yesterday getting on and staying on the Internet. I had Verizon which was bought out by Frontier, and ever since the takeover my internet speed has dropped even more. I have a tech coming next wed. to check out my troubles. The Frontier guy was trying to convince me to upgrade even more.....I pay for high speed DSL and it's slower than regular. Everyone is having problems with Frontier with the takeover. I read that congress is going to check into them.

    Julie: if you have that problem again, trying relaxing and breathe slower. Hope you've got the eucalyptus close by.

    I did a little more garden puttering this morning. I just felt like I needed to be outdoors instead of indoor doing something. I would be LOST if I didn't have my gardens.
  14. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone!
    I'm sitting in front of our big computer today,seeing as dh is at work, so I don't have to muck around with my phone and it's tiny screen.
    The last few days have been a real struggle with the added change in the weather.It's Autumn, but behaving like Winter already.All the extra aches and pain just seemed to compound...But then again it may just be a case of wishful thinking and I could be heading into the storm (flare-up)...
    There's so much to read that I missed, so I hope I do you all some justice and not mix it all up.

    Mikie- thanks so much for editing my writing. I did try to have a look at how to fix it up a little,but I admittedly throw my arms up.Hopefully I'll get there.
    I felt so sad when I read about the little dog with cancer.They are a part of the family and such things cause a great deal of heart ache.
    Not only that though-the cost! I'm not sure what it's like over there ,but a trip to the vet can be very expensive.So only adds to the trauma.
    I had wondered what you were eating while in gum recovery,but then I read about the pasta...Only to discover a little later on (perhaps days?), that you were getting stuck into toast! ooh I felt ill,but could empathise assuming you were in need of some real food and it did sound as though it was worth any of the discomfort I had imagined you'd get with eating toast...The way you painted the mental picture of the conserves really made me smile.
    Oh.I really like the picture of the porch too.It's not as dusty as I'd imagined and it's lovely and bright. A great mental picture.Thanks!

    Rock-Thanks for all the tips.You sound like you're pretty cluey.
    At the moment we have a Jack Russell by the name of Harry and Whippet called Bluey. He is a blue-gray coloured cuddler, while as you can probably imagine our Harry is a hyper, little guy who is fantastic with our Treasures (kids).Always in the thick of the action, but has the most hilarious 'little,old man's face' in the way he is coloured.It's an unusual thing to say,I guess, but when we got him as a pup it actually took years to shake that impression off and get it into our heads that he was in fact just a pup! In the past year we lost our two cats and a couple of years before that we lost our beautiful rag doll...They were all old, but strangely,I am the sook in the family and struggle with the loss of our pets.Our Treasures are country tough when it comes to all that.Good I s'pose.The matter-of-fact attitude they've learn't from their Dad.
    DH is good with our Treasures.He takes them out on overnight camping/hunting trips.One at a time,so they get the quality time they need.
    I recently got my gun license with my daughter.In this state you have to be 12 for a junior lic...I kept putting it off because I was worried I'd fail.Been really struggling with brain fog and just really struggle to Retain info generally these days.(Real pain in the butt when trying to help with homework that's for sure!) Anyway,I passed (Thank God), but I don't plan on killing any creatures unless I have to (Apocalypse etc).Dh, son#1 and now daughter all can legally hunt (deer mostly).My youngest son will go for his lic. next year.
    We also have ferrets, which are mostly pets ,but Dh and Treasures go rabbit hunting with them.

    Granni- At this point in time I believe you are on a big adventure! I wish you and yours the best in this.
    My DD who is the same age as your grandson? made me a pancake breakfast for Mothers Day. She's been a bit moody lately,so was really just hoping for a cuppa, but was blessed.

    Fanbrits- Hello.
    I couldn't actually see your post,but offer you a hearty welcome.
    I am new here too.
    I was a little unsure about it all at first, but there's just something Easy about being around people who get the health side of things. (sorry about the italics.Can't get rid of it!)
    And even though things can be abnormal for me,health wise etc, they are pretty normal here.
    It's also a real bonus having input from everyone else as far as all the medical stuff goes , because I don't know too many people who actually have the same problems as I do.Even my dr isn't really up with everything.
    So as they said in the 80's when the America's Cup was a big deal here- 'G'day from Australia'.

    Sunflower- Hi.
    I'm sorry to hear your DD is dealing with similar symptoms.I wouldn't want this for anyone.In fact i'm praying our Treasures don't.It's a real worry for me.
    Interestingly, I too went to the dr about the fibro.All the tests and different symptoms...It was all driving me crazy and I even had past doctors tell me it was all psychological and tried to label with me depression and that type of thing.The depressing thing was not being believed.I got on the computer myself and that's when I discovered Fibromyalgia. My dr at the time told me he had suspicions, but for my sake it'd be best not to even note it because many doctors wont even look at other 'fixable' problems when they see a patient has it... So he suggested we put it on the back burner while I got other things dealt with first...Eventually I got a proper diagnosis by a Rheumy...
    I remember saying to DH that surely Just being tired would be better than pain.this was before the fatigue got really bad.I wish I had kept my mouth shut.How naive.
    For the most part I don't mention it,but sometimes DH and Treasures need reminding so they can cut me a bit of slack.
    I used to have a to-do list as I couldn't get my head together,but it got to the point where it was making me Feel worse, so I got rid of it.For now because there's always stuff I want to do.
    I too am born again and love the saying "When the devil reminds you of your past and where you've come from, remind him of where he's going!"
    My first experience with gabapentin was while I was in recovery after surgey.The anaesthesist had the bright idea to stop giving me my usual pain relief and start me on that.we of course had words and the subsequent pain I felt as a result was ridiculous,but that's a long story.I've tried alot of different meds and was told Lyrica was like a miracle drug.Endep and all the others had awful side effects and even my liver started playing up.
    I wear a fentanyl patch and also have targin for breakthrough (which seems to be alot lately) and endone for the really bad days. Temazapam for sleep. probiotics and various vitamins and supplements aswell.
    Some so-called friends have gone as far as to say I'm simply addicted and if I'd just get off the drugs-
    It's awful to come to that place where you know that if I didn't take the pain relief or sleep aids there'd be no getting out of bed.The pain would be too much.
    I'm just grateful I can.
    And the journey continues.

    Julie- I take my hat off to you!
    I have rellies coming at the end of the month and I think pizza may be a part solution at the least.My Aunty has allergies so it's probably a no-go for her, but it'd have to cut the work load down a great deal, for my lot at least.
    And what an excellent idea for your GPa. The shower cape! Very creative and an admirable thing you are doing there too.It wouldn't be easy and all the emotional baggage we all collect seems to come to a head at times, but sounds like you have a tender heart and can empathise with him.I guess it'd also be a big blow to the pride for him.

    Spring-What an awesome picture! Breath taking.Wow the stars and heavens are certainly a wonder.
    Didn't they just discover another planet or something too?

    I really thank you all for sharing with me.I know I've probably not mentioned everyone by name and possibly got some stuff mixed up.I'm sorry about that.I know there were a couple of names causing me confusion...
    Today is cold and windy here and I'm meant to go shopping.The price of meat has gone up, so that'll be interesting.May have to dig some minced venison out of the freezer instead.
    I've packed most of my jumpers away and my storage room is a disaster area so I may visit the op-shop and see if I can pick something up from there instead.
    As I sit here and type ,by the window,I'm really not wanting to get out there at all !!

    DH and I ran into a neighbour of ours, (well, he lives about a block away) yesterday.He recently had an amputation due to diabetes I think.They got to talking about phantom pains and having an invisible,but itchy leg and of course the conversation ended up with their 4wd. When DH was asking him if he still had his 4wd he told us that he'll be getting rid of it shortly.He was reluctant, but Turns out he stubbornly tried to get in, only to fall and break his wrist and neck! Good thing his daughter was staying with him at the time.(Mind you that's probably where the stubbornness came into it), because imagine if no one was there?

    Wow.This has taken a really long time!
    I'd better rug up and get to the shops before Treasures get back from school.

    Thanks for listening :)
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  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I looked up the mercury pic but was disappointed. A tiny black dot in front of the sun. But im sure its gonna hv some effects on earth..besides the interference with communications..

    Sun - that rube ..how engrossed would one be working all that out..!! I suppose as engrossed as a knitting afficianado would be creating a complicated pattern dress..or some such. How fortunate to possess such a talent or brains, whichever.

    Reminds me of a story i read in a Radiant reader, a servants child in a big house in long ago England, sculpted a lion out of a block of butter as a decoration piece for the dinner table..and the master of the house was so amazed at the perfection of the work he complimented the cook who told him it was his little son ..the child went on the become one of Europes noted sculptors.

    I dont think i would like living too close to neighbors..but it is comforting to know theres someone a but three stones throws away. i love your house, from the pictures u posted.

    Julie - that sounds scary..cough that strong..its a wonder you achieve all u do with all you go thru on the health front and having Granpa on yr hands. But that cough you descibe, there was something like that going round here too..together with sniffles and a sore throat..

    Rock - i dnt even know how to describe the colours of your flowers...!! so beautiful. Since Minnesota is up north i guess the Milky Way would be visible..i would love to see the Northrn Lights..i think Mikie said she saw that once..thank goodness for the internet..i can see them virtually.

    like this land formation in Zhangye China..


    Star - hey. good to see your post..and get to know more about your life there. I like that your kids are able to go out a lot, hike, camp, all that outdoorsy stuff.

    I have a tough time when my pets come to the end of their lifetime here, too. The only comfort being we gave them all the love we could when we could.

    Been stuck indoors for a while now..i wanted to go out last even because it was actually chilly due to rain..but i couldnt..anyways the groceries and all were in stock so there wasnt any excuse to venture out into the rain...

    i did a lot of readng instead..dinner was leftover macaroni made with tomato paste and tomatoes..mixed with thyme oregano rosemary..DH didnt like because no meat..

    i really need to learn to cook a good fish dish..they dont like buffaloe, i dont give them pork because Pranic Healing says its etherically impure, and there are no othermeats available.

    How much chicken can one consume. getting repetitive.

    God Bless

    Last edited: May 10, 2016
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'm up early and feeling just a tad better after my breakfast and coffee. It's so much hotter and more humid now. The rains haven't come so I have to water the potted plants by hand. At least, they are the most beautiful I've seen them. The little herb pots have to be watered daily. I'm still bummed out thinking about my dear friend, Nancy 2, and the other Nancy moving. I know there's always change but I'm turning into a grumpy old lady who doesn't suffer change as easily as I once did.

    Our news just featured a story about a pig's foot washing ashore. At first, people thought it was a human body part and covered it before calling police. Seems pigs' feet are used as bait for trapping crabs. A few years ago, about 100 of them washed ashore over on Sanibel Island. Now, we have to worry about alligators, sharks, jelly fish, sting rays, sea urchins, fecal bacteria contamination and stepping on pigs feet. AACCKK!!!

    Our local hospital has climbed on the health bandwagon and has an online program for info on eating healthy food and other healthy lifestyle changes. I'm gonna go check it out because they are supposed to have recipes. I'm always up for new ways to eat. When I'm in a flare and so exhausted, I just don't want to have to cook. These recipes are sposda be easy. I want to get to Publix while their fresh salad greens are on BOGO.

    Sun, sorry for all the internet speed problems. DSL is the slowest source for internet connections. Cable and fiber optics are much faster. I think Verizon employees were recently on strike. I have Comcast's fastest, up to 75 megs., which I need for streaming TV. I always loved working in my yard when I lived in a house. Here, I have flowers and other beautiful things in our bldg.'s yard and can garden as much, or as little, as I want. I'm just not capable of doing much anymore. We have a huge park across the street with fragrance gardens. I really should get over there but just haven't felt up to walking the trails.

    Star, soooo nice to read more about you and your family. I glad DH can do so much with the kids. Yes, it is wonderful to have our little family here who understand just what we go through. You are right; we suffer from others' saying it's 'all in our heads' or calling us addicts for having to take pain meds. A pharmacist at Target told me I was an addict because I was on clonazepam (Klonopin). The benzos can cause a physical dependence but I certainly wasn't addicted to it. I took the patient info sheet, where it explained the difference, circled it and left it for him with his name on it. I forget our seasons are the opposite of those Down Under. How cold does it get? Weather changes are usually hard on us. BTW, the little strip across the top of the window where you post is where the bold and italics buttons are. It's easy to accidently tap one of them. You can tell if it's in italic mode because the 'I' button will have a highlighted box around it. Just click on it to toggle it back to normal print. You can highlight whole sections of text to change. Either way, it's no big deal.

    Spring, thanks for the pic. It reminds me of the mountain formations I lived among in CO at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It is where ancient EQ's pushed layers of rock up into vertical slabs. I loved the mountains where it is so peaceful, at least, it was before our planet got so overcrowded. It's peaceful at the beach too if one isn't there during Snowbird or tourist season. I am so thankful for the little pond in back of our bldg. The splashing of the fountain is so peaceful until a noisy motorcycle revs up out on the street beyond our hood. I love the mornings and evenings here. I ate my no-meat salad yesterday but it was so acidic that it upset my stomach. The new balsamic vinegar I just opened is soooo much more pungent than what I'm used to. Yikes!!! Hope you find something good to eat.

    Julie, I'm so sorry for all GPA is going through, and you too. All this running to the ER has to be exhausting for you, especially when you aren't feeling well yourself. Does he have his own nebulizer? I have had one for years and it has really come in handy when I've had breathing problems. It might help you too if your cough is coming from your chest. The albuterol isn't expensive and it clears the body pretty fast. I call it my 'bong.' I had a client who called her's her 'peace pipe.' I have a neighbor across the little pond who has a bong for his medical MJ. I envy him. Hope you can get some rest and that GPA gets better.

    , I tried to come up with some appropriate puns for the pigs feet but just couldn't this morning. Hope you are doing well.

    I posted part of this and came back. I'm gonna go do the same before I lose it. My computer has been shutting down due to 'errors.' When that happens, I lose everything. Is it Mercury? Only da shadow know. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: May 11, 2016
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oh, Julie, when it rains, it pours. As always, keepin' y'all in my prayers. Please keep us updated.

    Just got back from Publix and thought I'd check in. I watered the flowers and will have to do it every day now that it's so hot again instead of every other day. I'm too tired again to do much else. I need to unload and load the dishwasher and put garbage bags into the containers. Even that is too much. Whine, whine, whine.

    I talked to Ilona and found out that our dear friend who just died of cancer had a nice funeral with about 100 people there. I need to call the sister to find the online obit. The DH had an acute gallbladder attack and couldn't even go to the wake nor the funeral. Talk about when it rains...

    OK, gonna go force myself to clean up the kitchen.

    Love, Mikie
  18. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Methinks 'tis a Calandrinia, but what do I know?
    Regards, Barry
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: OMG, such problems! Like Mikie had said, it never ends My DH had to learn to give himself shots in his stomach after he went off the Coumadin. I absolutely couldn't do it. I went to the nurse for the training with the orange but just couldn't. Once I had a dear cat who had gotten bit by a feral cat and I had to take him to the vet every other day for a shot to help bring down the fever. She said I could give it to him....but I was chicken.

    I'm so glad you've found the eucalyptus helps. I did a test the other morning. My little oxymeter showed 92 so I kept breathing from my eucalyptus pad and watched it go up to 98, so I know it clears the lungs.

    Sorry about this underlining.....can't get out of it.

    Mikie: Maybe with all your friends moving away, it might be time for you to think about selling and moving closer to your family? This site is not liking me today! Sorry you're still feeling punk.

    1. Star: Nice to see you back again. You're lucky your DH understands and spends time with each kid. How old are they? OK....I'm assuming your doctor has tested for magnesium and B12, lupus, and RA and thyroid? You mentioned surgery....what was that for? And it sounds like you've got a huge amount of pain. I'm very sorry. At least I didn't get all of this until after my kids were all grown, BUT I have missed a lot of life, with them, grandkids, and friends I USED TO HAVE. I can understand the looks and comments you receive.
    2. Have you had any MRI tests? Years ago I kept complaining about neck and back pain and had regular xrays which showed arthritis and stenosis plus some disc problems. I've learned that I MUST do stretches on the floor for at least 30 min first thing in the morning to loosen things up. Honestly, it does help me, and I force myself to walk every day for about 25 min. I used to jog, then walk fast, and now it's just plain hard.
    Recently Mikie and I bought a great book, Drug Muggers, by Suzie Cohen. Since you take so many drugs it might be good to know what they are depleting your body of. Most doctors really don't know how to treat FM/CFS. I went to a specialist last Sept. (this was the 3rd one in about 6 years) She ordered a ton of tests including the saliva test for adrenal fatigue. Nothing concrete, and sold me a lot of supplements, which really didn't seem to help. My DD has also been going to her for over 2 years. Some days she has energy to get her thru the day, and others she doesn't. Her's mainly seems to be the fatigue.

    The phone repairman showed up today! Hope they cancel the appt. for next wed. Anyway he checked, said my connections were all good, so the next thing is I need to talk to my DS about this booster box I have for the wireless receiver for the Internet.

    Then I hit trader Joe's and stopped at a cute little cafe nearby, ordered a panini and coffee and sat outside reading my art magazine. Very pleasant, something I haven't done since my DH died. So I'll have to make this at least a once a week habit. After almost 2 years I find I'm still letting go of feelings, along with possessions.....purging is a good thing.

    Last edited: May 11, 2016
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry I haven't had the time to read all the posts and answer correctly. I have been so absent lately. Trying to wash, get ready to pack and do everything else and get on the computer. Also did some shopping today and picked up a few things I needed for myself, not really for the trip but was out of plus also some greeting cards from the DS. Almost time to fix some kind of dinner with ground turkey. Oh, I also got ot a haircut and color job this morning from the new young gal who is a lot cheaper than the other one. So far I like her. She is lucky she got flooded out and is in the process of selling and moving soon and has gotten all kind of help from friends. She had to rush to have her appt with FEMA and hoping to get a new trailer. They were coming to assess the damage I guess this afternoon.

    Time will tell to see if DD has taken anything I sent her to heart about taking her meds correctly, etc. We will see. She didn't blow up anyway. Maybe she didn't even read it. I had sent her her old resume which she said she got and they were having a job fair down town so who knows. Enough on that now.

    JULIE - So sorry to hear about your still feeling bad and all Gpas problems. Hope he gets better fast. So much happening to you dear girl all at once. At least he is in the hospital and he should get good care. Prayers going u for both of you sweetie.

    I did some reading but not sure I remembered what I read.

    How nice to hear from STAR . Gotta run now and sorry not to mention everyone. I will try and get on a little tomorrow if I can.. Will be leaving VERY early FRIDAY AM to go and get there to a graduation at 10:00. That will not be fun. Have to be all dressed and all !

    Bye for now ! I guess we are on a new volume since I am not getting any of you on my phone.

    LOVE, Granni :)

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