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    C'mon In, Kids. You're just in time for the barn dance. Not up to
    dancing right now? Set right down on a bale of hay and have some
    of Aunt Martha's Old Fashioned Lemonade.

    Rosin on the bow
    And here we go!

    Bow to your partner,
    Shake her hand.
    All face right
    and allemande.

    Bow to your corner,
    Form a star.
    Go round and round
    And there you are.

    Not too fast
    and not too slow.
    Stomp your heel
    and point your toe.

    Grab your hairbrush;
    Find your comb.
    Pack your bag and
    All Go Home!

    Thanks of our multi talented band: Pauline Bigalk on the squeeze
    box; Gunnar Torgerson on the fiddle, Sally Ann Peterson on
    the pi-ano, and Henry Baumgartner on the banjo.

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  2. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Rock, thanks for getting us up and dancing so early in the morning'. If it were later, I'd have some Mike's Hard Lemonade. I typed my message on the old Porch but didn't hit the Post button. I copied it and pasted it here. I responded to your last post further down.

    Kitties started in on me at 3:00 this morning. I just kept pushing them away and saying, 'No.' It's amazing how tenacious they are. I read that one shouldn't get up if one cannot get back to sleep. It's better to just lie there and relax. That's what I did. Also, reading for about half an hour can make one sleepy. I do that once in a while too. I have to shower and do my hair before I see the dentist at 12:20 to have my sutures removed. The tenderness on the back side of the teeth is finally feeling better. Hope all is well and I can heal from this revoltin' development.

    I did get to Publix yesterday to pick up some Puffs with Vicks on sale and got two more jars of those preserves on BOGO. I don't eat jellies and such often but like to have them around to eat from time to time. These low-sugar ones are only 50 calories for more than enough for a piece of bread. The first three ingredients in these preserves are berries. I also got two more bags of prepared salad greens on BOGO. I want to make a pear salad with walnuts, crumbled bleu cheese and raspberry/walnut vinegrette dressing. Mmmmm! I need to use up the bag of red pears I bought. Pears are loaded with fiber. I can throw a pear, or an apple, into the NutraBullet with greens for a healthy drink.

    Star, I added some blank row paragraph breaks in your post. Otherwise, I would not have been able to read it. I can tell you do make paragraphs by hitting the Enter key. If you hit that key twice instead of once, it will add the blank row. I don't want to miss out on reading your posts and hope it's OK that I added the breaks. I run in the shallow end of our pool to get my heart rate into the target zone and keep it up for 30 mins. three times a week. I haven't been up to doing it lately. Exercises done in water are good because the water resistance makes one exert more energy to overcome it. I started this regimen for a healthy heart. I lost 16 pounds in a short period of time.

    Then, Sun introduced me to Suzy Cohen and her book, "Diabetes Without Drugs." I don't have diabetes but my blood glucose tests at the lab had been creeping up a tick or two every year. So, I eliminated most unhealthy carbs from my diet but I cheat a wee bit now and then. I lost another 14 pounds. I've put 5 pounds back on because I'm not working out. When my FMS was triggered back in 2000, my doc sent me to physical rehab. I learned some wonderful stretching exercises which could even be done in bed. Check out the exercises on You Tube. Their videos are very good. Stretching and moving are very good for flexibility and strength. Good luck.

    Sun, I don't think I'll be able to move anywhere because selling prices for FL property have not risen as fast as in other areas. Denver has been in a huge boom. I can't live in CO's thin, dirty air so that's a moot option. My kids in TX don't like living there so probably won't stay. TX is much more affordable but I'd rather stay here. I actually love it here in FL, even with our hot 'n humid summers. I just hate to see so much change in the hood all of a sudden. These are friends I've had for years. It's also been sad to see what happened to Barb but I don't think I'll see her again unless she manages to come down for a week or two. As one person said, maybe these changes will be for the better. I hope so. I know having Barb outta here is a vast improvement.

    I've decided to really pare down my stuff which is just weighing me down. I no longer decorate for Christmas, except for a wreath for my door, so I'm going to get rid of my decorations. I feel as though I'm moving into a new phase of my life and need to adjust accordingly. Or, as Julie says, I'm moving into a new season. Glad you are getting out and enjoying it. BTW, if you look at the tool bar at the top of the post window, you will see the capital U, with the underline bar beneath it, highlighted. When it is highlighted, you are in underline mode. You can just click on it to toggle it off.

    Rock, bless you for taking care of the homeless kitties in your hood. I believe that animals are spiritual critters and God will bless you for your kindness. Loved the stylish pun. I know I'm in bad shape when puns won't come to mind. I try not to hog the pun making. Maybe I'll have a spa day with a mud bath and a pedicure on my piggies. Then, I could do some sewing and try to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. An intersection not far from me was closed down the other day due to a random drive-by shooting. The violence from the bad hoods is spreading into the nice areas. I knew it was only a matter of time. I haven't had a productive day in ages. I think I'm going to have to lower the bar for productivity. That ship may have sailed.

    In CO, deer die all the time on the roads along the foothills where most of the development has taken place. One of my favorite places to visit is Estes Park, where The Shining was filmed in the old Stanley Hotel (yes, of the Stanley Steamer family). The deer walk the streets right in the middle of town and drivers have to watch out for them. It's in the Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park area. Of course, the town is one big tourist souveniere shopping mecca but the hiking in the park itself is amazing. We are losing FL panthers on the roads in numbers which threaten their existence. Someone just sent in a video of a bobcat eating a huge snake. Yikes!!! The boa constrictors that people have freed into the wild are also threatening our wildlife. Glad you got some Zzzzzz's in. That's always a good thing.

    Julie, still praying for all y'all. I hope they can help GPA. I used to give myself heparin injections in my stomach. It wasn't bad. The worst part was bruising and hard areas around the injection sites. I had to keep moving around. It was to rid myself of excess fibrin in the blood. That's not uncommon in those of us who have suffered ongoing infections. Bacteria love to thrive in a low-oxygen environment so they get the body to produce the heparin which causes platelets to clog up in the bloodstream. Paradoxically, that can cause easy bleeding as the platelets can't get to wound sites. Also, the bacteria love to cluster in those fibrin/platelet clumps. I have never Herxed like I did when the heparin broke up those clots. Yowza!!! GPA may notice similar Herxing if he has had an infection.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm gonna mosey on over to read the newspaper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, all,

    I can't even begin to catch up with all the posts on the past threads. I read them, but I can't reply individually.

    Welcome to Starlight! You're from Australia, I think. I've always wanted to visit there.

    Julie, Oh my goodness. How are YOU feeling, with your new script for ABX? I hope GPA is OK with his additional meds. (hugs) and prayers!

    Granni, You have a lot on your plate too. I wish and hope that everything works out ok. I hope you have fun at the graduation.

    Mikie, Gosh, seems like a lot of people are leaving the 'hood. I know what you mean about dealing with change. I'm 57 y/0 and I have trouble with it.

    Sun, that is so great that your bill got reduced! Whew, what a relief for you!

    Barry, good to see you pop in! Come back and visit for a while.

    Rock/Gordon, loved the pics! I wish I had a green thumb.

    Spring, I love the pics that you have been posting too.

    I feel like I'm missing - saying hello to someone, but it's not intentional. I'm still under the weather and sleeping a LOT.

    Kevin got some bad news yesterday, that his aunt died. She died on Sunday, but nobody thought of calling Kevin until yesterday (the day of the viewing). Today is the funeral, which Kevin will attend and then go back to work.

    I took the bull by the horns and called Kevin. About everything I was worried about (and now I deleted what was worrying me). It's a complicated story, but not what I thought it was, so I'm editing this post.

    Kevin's mom is in a nursing home for her ALZ. But nobody told Kevin until yesterday, at the viewing. So that's why Kevin couldn't get a hold of his mom on the phone. Then Kevin's work interferes, and work interferes at night, and etc, etc, etc. It's just a long long long story.

    Anyways, friends, I've got a lot on my mind.

    You all take care. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love and hugs, Diane
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    Oh Diane - Im so sorry to hear about Kevins mum. I was very withdrawn about my elder brothers passing for more than a year - it would hurt just to think of it and so i wouldnt.My mum too became disoriented towards the end..would hallucinate..its very painful.

    It was nice of you to pop in tho. Always good to hear from your end of the woods.

    Mikie - mmmmm..that salad with pear and nuts..we dont eat enough of salads here. I think you hv more energy than me if you are making those, lol. I rush thru my cooking and feel so relieved when im able to put something on the dinner table..rice and something ..curry whatever. the men prefer a nice full meal of meat, veg and lentils cooked separately, with rice but if im out of energy, i just mix up meat and a veg and make add some water for gravy. Its a relief that im alone for lunch..just rustle up whatever..today i boiled potato and made a tomato potato gravy to hv with rice.

    When i read about your paring down things to adapt to the lowered energy reserves i am inspired here to do the same. How strange..I have a bag full of christmassy things in a cupboard which i havent used since four years..i am now tempted to maybe give those away..the kids are big, the son disinterested...so its just been lying there.

    Dont feel disheartened with the continuing energy drain. I was watching a show on a spiritual channel question answer session and it was asked why some people have to suffer at different times, or when they get old and some people have so many problems when their time to go comes..in and out of hospitals etc..the answer given was, it could be karma..the karma earned was that at that point of time, they had to go thru a crisis or bout of illness or chronic illness. It negated negative karma which has to be paid off any which way.

    But keeping in touch with the divine by prayers, meditation, we do make a difference in how we pass thru that period. Every prayer we pray, every ray of white light invoked making a dent in whatever negative thing we are made to go thru.

    Granni - i cant recall when you said you hv to make the trip for your DGSs graduation. Have fun. Im sorry to hear about the salon girls mobile home getting affected by the rains..speaking of which,it is thundering here, a mighty wind gusting around making horrid noises, thumping things around the terrace and scaring the dogs..it is raining quite a bit now, which is going to gladden the hearts of a lot of people. Such water shortage as there has been!

    Julie - Im praying you are given the strength to handle this new development on Grandpas health front. Make sure you take a lot of fluids and rest when you can.

    Star - so sorry to hear you hv to deal with all that pain..i myself get fatigued a lot,but i dont hv those pains associated with fibro tho i used to hv tender spots many years back..what fun for your friend that went to the concert in town..she seems quite a gal!

    Rock - hahha, Little John and stuck on the log..memories ofRobin Hood came rushing back. I was one of the henchmen of Robin Hood in our grade six play. There was a scene where Robin Hood meets the Bishop in the forest with his retinue of priests. The audience started laughng so hard..tho there was no comedy intended. Then we realised they were laughing because the Bishops retinue were made up of day scholar girls who had their hair down in two long plaits hanging over their shoulders...our class teacher had not known to ask them to hide their hair in a manly fashion..so there they were in long manly robes and plaited hair.

    Barry - i hope you have more energy soon. Are you also getting the rain that came down to texas area?

    todays dinner was easy..DH decided to hv rice with yoghurt , i had left overs from lunch, and son went off to attend his school friends wedding and had his meal there. My DH was telling me if anyone asks for sons hand in marriage,just give him away. Thank goodness we made son a new tuxedo last year..his old suit was too tight..and there hv been so many weddings to attend this year..

    We have had three days of rain which is out of the norm here. for this time of year. Our annual rainy season starts normally in end june beginning july..but no ones complaining.

    My doggy just climbed onto the ridge of the sofa back where im typing with my feet up..he is demanding his play time..i asked him if he thinks he is a goat..but he just lowered his head and nuzzled my neck..today they had a nice meal of mince meat and leftover macaroni..

    well, you all hv a good day..

    God Bless

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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm back from the dentist; he removed the sutures. It feels good to have the 'putty' out of my mouth. He had to grind away part of the fillings the bad dentist had put in where they were irritating my gums. Now, there is a gap between those two teeth. It honestly doesn't bother me but he wants to see me in a month to go over a treatment plan. I don't know whether just leaving it is an alternative. I've already spent more than $1,000 and will have a cleaning in a month at the same appt. Good grief! This whole thing with that dentist has been awful but I just want to move forward. No sense playing 'Would, Shoulda, Prada,' as my DD says.

    I have such tinnitus that I waited til I came home to slip some Special K under my tongue. It hasn't taken effect yet. I am watching The Chew because they are doing desserts today. I'm hoping to see something I can refit using stevia and almond flour so that it's not too high in calories and carbs. Thought I'd drop in to see what's happening here.

    Diane, soooo good to see you here. I'm sorry you are so very tired. I can certainly relate to that, my sister. Oh, for some NRG! Ever since I've had this inflammation in my gums, somehow, it has made me feel anxious. I've not been a worrier but now, I find myself worrying about things. It could take over my life. It's certainly complicated my fatigue and led to what I call feeling downhearted. I think it was Spring who used that term and it fits perfectly. I'm so sorry about Kevin's Mom and his aunt. As always, I keep you in my prayers.

    Spring, soooo good to hear from you too. I don't eat enough greens and other veggies. I do like salads but usually don't feel up to fixing them. I got the ready-to-use greens on BOGO at Publix. I got some chicken tenders and have to use them up. I always buy too much because Publix has the most delicious fried chicken. Mmmmm! I think I'll scrape off the crispy stuff and make a chicken tortilla with guacamole, tomatoes, and black beans. I've been off my feed bag since dealing with this dental work and I don't want any food to go to waste. I feel for you, having to fix meals for others. Being alone, I can just eat any old thing and don't have to worry about fixing meals for anyone else. Everything you fix sounds soooo healthy.

    I think it takes time to really get into the sloughing off of stuff. The reality is that I just don't want to decorate for holidays anymore. I never thought I'd get to this point. I always decorated just for myself. Now, all that is a burden. Don't know why I can't get rid of the golf clubs but my inner voice is telling me to hang onto them. I have room for them so will keep them, at least, for now. Same with my tennis racquets and pool cue sticks. I doubt I'll use them but I'm not emotionally ready to let them go. I have my old roller skates and will hang onto them too for a bit. One of the Nancy friends loves to skate and we always talked about going. She travels a lot and is down and out with her FMS so we just never got around to going. Now, she'll be moving in Nov., along with the other Nancy. The skates aren't taking up any space so I'll hang onto them too.

    I know it doesn't sound as though I'm really getting rid of stuff, but I am. Last time I culled through stuff, I put out a bunch of electronic stuff because electronic geeks and salvagers want it. As technology changes, our old stuff becomes obsolete. I have a bunch of DVD's and CD's. Now, so much is streamed but I still have my DVD player and this old laptop has a blue ray player. I've never paid extra for a blue ray DVD so don't know what the difference is. I seldom play my CD's either. I don't drive far enough in the car to play them. People today pay for streaming radio service in their cars. I do put the CD's on now and then when I'm cleaning at home. As y'all know from my whining, I haven't been doing a lot of cleaning lately.

    One area I can clean out is dishes and kitchen gadgets. I have waaaaay too much cooking stuff and I seldom cook and, when I do, I don't need much in the way of special pots and pans and gadgets. I will be cleaning out my clothes too. I think I should make the cats divest themselves of the toys they don't play with, which is most everything. They are taking a clue from me and sleeping all the time. Both are putting on weight so it's time for an 'indoor' formula.

    I had better get going before I bore y'all to death with my whining. The People's Court is on so think I'll just veg out and watch it til I fall asleep. Later on, I can watch Hot Bench with three judges. Again, never thought I'd watch this crap on TV but it's nice to let it run and put me to sleep. If you want to see the worst of our society, you can either watch these shows or shop at Wal-Mart. Not everyone who shops there is scary but, it seems that WM has more than it's share scary people. There is even a website where you can share photos of WM shoppers. My friends and I shop there because they have such good prices. I buy my tee shirts there. There are two near my house and they aren't bad. I once shopped at the one near a bad hood and will not go back. Yikes!!!

    Take care, everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    Just got here for a break from packing. One would think that we were going for a week instead of over night then the next day till probably after lunch. We may have some storm there too. Great and it is by the river, the party afterwards, after the lunch and small gathering after the ceremony. Decided after reading all the posts about this on FB that we had better bring something for the party and for the after party :)!!! Thank God DH and DD had the time to go and pick up a few things and wash the veggies and all so they could fit in the cooler. Not sure where the party and lunch was supposed to be originally but something happened and it ended up being at her place that she lived in when she went to school. Not sure how big her place is. They are talking about storms and I hope it won't be bad. Not bringing anything like jeans but have sweaters and capris besides shorts. I am wearing like a long sundress to the graduation and have a sweater with it. So, Hope I don't freeze. Yje young kids will have a blast and some of the older ones too. However, I am not supposed to drink alcohol much if at all so have to be careful with what I eat and drink. However, I will have fun seeing and talking to the peeps.

    The other grandparents might be tubing, don't know. Maybe the g pa who is something else will. The other gma is a trooper and has her share of aches and pains too. Maybe I can catch some rays if I am lucky and can watch the others on the river. DH won't go in the water I know. Nogt sure about DD who is coming with me. She likes bathwater too.I snuck in his bathing suit in case he changes his mind but he most likely won't. We went tubing years ago when the kids were young and so were we. River water is also pretty chilly too. I like bath water. Hope to have a nice time any way and the weather doesn't ruin it for all.

    JULIE - So sorry to hear about Gpa Denzyl and I hope he starts getting better soon. Also hope start feeling better too.

    DIANE - So sorry to hear about about Kevin's Mom. The way I read it was she was put in a NH and Kevin did not know about it till she was already there? If that is so that is awful. I am so sorry about that. It certainly doesn't help if you do not feel well in the first place. Also sorry about losing his aunt. When it rains it pours and that is not fun. Hugz to the both of you.

    Hi also to SUN, STAR (hope she finds us on the new volume) and ROCK, MIKIE and all who I may have forgotten.

    SW - So nice to hear from you . You write such a good post, like MIKIE and living in a foreign land to us, it makes so many things sounds so interesting that you talk about including your recipes and things you cook. .

    MIKIE - Glad you got the stitches, etc out of your mouth. Hope you get to feeling better real soon and your NRG comes back.

    Leaving way to early in the morning tomorrow to get there an hour before the commencement starts. It starts at 10.
    :(:mad: YIKES !!!
    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone.

    I'm typing away on my phone again which seems to be harder work.

    It's been a bit more than 6 wks since I had hardware (as they call it) removed from left wrist.
    It's fully fused and no bending possible it's one of those really long stories ,so I'll spare you the details.
    Suffice to say one of the screws had snapped and was poking through my skin...
    Now that all the stitches are out and I'm only wearing a brace that I can remove,maybe the pool is an option.
    I have to do something that is both beneficial for health and gets me out.
    Unfortunately getting motivated to get out is the problem I guess.
    I'm going to give stretching a go even though everything seems to cause pain the following day...maybe the whole 'no pain, no gain' will come into play? Ha ha ha
    Lately a few new symptoms have been presenting and I would like some input if you guys are able.
    Don't want to worry or annoy DH and dr seems pretty blasé.
    After I had my routine hot morning shower I realised I didn't know how long I'd been in there (can't use all the hot water) and the next thing I know I'm fully dressed back into my pyjamas,with no memory at all of doing it!
    This may seem trivial,but it's been happening a lot lately and is a bit of a worry.

    I'm glad to hear your ordeal with the dentist is drawing to a close .
    I'm not sure if I'm putting spaces in between my rows or if I need to press return again.thanks for being patient.I do hope to get it right soon!
    Thanks for the info on the pool.I wonder how many laps I should walk to begin with.hmm. And you Run ?wow.

    Grani -I thought you were already away,but then I guess the packing and unpacking can be an adventure in itself! All the best at memory making!

    Spring- don't you live in the U.S.?
    Yes. My friend,Patricia is a keeper. Not a fair weather friend,but then to be fair,most my age are in a different time warp to me! Ha ha.
    Would've loved to go to the musical,but my energy has to go to my family.

    Dianne- my heart goes out to you and Kevin at this time.family can be so frustrating at times and not being in the loop with the important things,no matter the how or why can be very hurtful.I really hope there can be reconciliation and healing there soon,for the loss,grief& hurt.

    Rock-thanks for the visual dosie doh? It sure would be lovely...

    Sunflower- last Mother's Day I was given a lovely rug with a heating option. Like an electric blanket. Perhaps I'll utilise that for stretches. Thanks again.

    Julie- I'm not sure what the shortage of meds we're for,but I really hope it's all sorted now & your body isn't suffering extra as a result,especially seeing as how you have your hands well and truly full with Gpa & sis...quite a load.
    You'd have to know how invaluable you must be in all that.takes a very special person to care for another in such a way and they don't always get the appreciation deserved.

    Oh well,I'm exhausted and it feels like this is all I've done!
    Finally the sun has made an appearance and I have to make a start on tea prep.
    I always try to start on it early & get it done in bits.i just get too tired.

    My 12 and 14 yr old have youth group this evening and my youngest,11likes to play computer games with Dh,so not too draining tonight.
    Tomorrow is soccer and this time I plan not to miss out! I'm really struggling to get up in the morning...
    I'm determined that out of everything,my Treasures will one day look back and remember me going to the soccer regularly.
    Well,hopefully it'll be a good memory for them.

    All the best to everyone.i usually think of so much to write in reply,but I simply cannot manage it.I have good intentions and so many things I'd like to do,
    but I guess I'm not alone there.
    I wish you all a wonderful weekend :)

    Ps. Please tell me if I need to put another space in between each line.
  8. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Stay safe Julie
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Got a few hours of sleep. Woke up at 10:30 PM. Even when I was a kid I
    had insomnia. Yesterday was street sweeping day for our side of the
    street. No parking from 10 to 12 AM. There's an old van out by our
    side gate that's been there for a week. Painted on the back is this
    cheerful bit of info. "Chase's Venomous Snake Transport." There is
    nothing inside the van. It looks like it was abandoned.

    However, this morning two scruffy young men (as Gordon described
    them) showed up and put a sign on the windshield saying, "Please Do
    Not Ticket. AAA on the way." Silly Boys. Los Angeles takes in over
    150 million a year in traffic tickets. It has no intention of reducing
    that source of income. And it doesn't take the AAA a week to
    respond to a call for help. Yup, the van was ticketed. A ticket
    costs around 70-80 bucks.

    Star, I am a big fan of things Australian. Like Joan Sutherland,
    Kiri Te Kanawa, Nellie Melba and The Seekers. Have lot of
    recordings of same. Saw Joan with the Met back in the 60s. After
    the performance, as her limo was driving her and her DH (Dear
    Hubbie) Conductor Richard Bonynge back to their hotel, a
    traffic cop stopped the limo and went over and talked to the
    diva. Then he took off his cap, pulled out the cardboard liner,
    and handed it to Joan who cheerfully autographed it.

    Is your wrist all better? My mother broke hers when she was about
    6o. Made a good recovery. I think I'd be pretty alarmed if something
    that belonged inside was poking its way out.

    Julie, you're two hours ahead of LA time, so I guess you're at the
    big hospital by now. Hope you can find out what's going on and manage
    to get some rest yourself.

    Granni, hope all goes well at DGD's graduation. Didn't even get to
    see my son's graduation as the State University at Sonoma
    did not have enough chairs, didn't plan well, etc. We ended up
    getting some chairs from a class room and sitting around the corner
    from the actual ceremony. As I may have said several times before,
    it seems to me most people in charge of stuff don't know what they
    are doing. Big or small. The country or the orchid club. Incompetence
    is ubiquitous.

    Anyhoo, have you ever been tubing? I did once. Not too long after
    my own graduation. On the Apple River in Wisconsin. After floating
    down the river on inner tubes we had a picnic. Still a happy memory
    after half a century. Picture below are actual tubers on the
    Actual Apple.

    Can't post any more. My typing's getting bad. Here's a bit of
    humor I came across earlier on the net. The roundest knight at
    the round table was Sir Cumference.


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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Just found out on the news that today is National Pie Day so y'all go out and eat some pie or bake one. March 14th was Pi Day, as in 3/14 or 3.14. Today is the other kind of pie. Personally, I've enjoyed pie much more than pi, but it has come in handy in math class. This has been World Cocktail Week and today is World Cocktail Day. So, after you have your pie, you must drink a cocktail. I try to observe these obligations. ;)

    My gums are so much better and it's a relief. I have to dip a proxy brush in some kind of rinse the dentist gave me and run it in the gap between the teeth against the gum. It made it bleed a wee bit last night but it is fine. Unless it's needed for my oral health and not too expensive, I'd be just as happy leaving things as they are. The gap isn't big. Julia Roberts has a gap on one side and everyone loves her smile. I've never been horribly vain but have always tried to make the most of what Mother Nature gave me. Now, I feel as though I'm merely marking time and it simply isn't as important as it once was.

    Star, Sweetie, I don't mean to sound pedantic about paragraph breaks. You are doing just fine. I only put them in where the paragraphs were too long for me to be able to read them. I don't want to miss anything you post. Your posts are most interesting. I know there are others who have difficulty reading posts too. OMG! I hope your wrist heals and you can use it. I'm so sorry for this happening to you. I had no use of my arm, wrist and hand following my bicep tendon repair surgery. I had to do physical therapy to regain use. BTW, a friend gave me some heating mitts. It's like they took two regular heating pads, rolled them over lengthwise and stitched up the sides and ends. I just slip my hands in them. It's so much better than trying to wrap an ordinary heating pad over my wrists. I have arthritis in both wrists, hands and fingers so I love those mitts.

    If I were you, I'd start out gently in the pool, just walking at an easy gait. It's amazing how just moving in the water helps. Each time you go, you could pick up the pace and lengthen the time. What you do depends on what you want to get out of it. I run because I'm trying to keep my heart rate up at it's target rate to stress my heart and lungs to strengthen them. I had to build up to 30 mins. We have a strong history of massive heart attacks in my family and that is what motivates me. There are other benefits but cardio health is paramount for me. I do some stretching just because I'm already there and it's nice to cool down with some stretching. I start out walking before I run so I'm warmed up. Do you have a pool you can use all year round? I'm so thankful for ours. It's right next to our condo bldg. and it's big for a condo community. I used to swim laps but have found it makes my knees inflamed and sore. Same for DD who also has had knee surgery. Good luck to you with your wrist.

    Granni, it almost seems as though an overnight trip requires as much work as staying a week. I hope the weather cooperates and you have a good time. Yes, those storms are awful. I remember when I lived in CO, I wondered why anyone would live in the path of such violent storms and, here I am, living in Hurricane Central. :confused: I'll bet you look really nice in your long dress. I love them but so seldom go anywhere to wear one anymore. They are amazingly cool in the summer. Again, I hope you have a good time.

    Julie, I'm so sorry for this turn of events with GPA. I'm glad you have a comfortable room at the hosp. I pray things work out well for you all. I'm glad you can stay in touch with us.

    Rock, glad you are getting some sleep. The only good sleep I get is in the evenings because I can't sleep sleep during the daytime anymore. These wretched cats try to get me up any time between 3:00 and 4:30. This morning, Tweety, knocked over a lamp on the bedside table. I'm giving her the silent treatment and she knows what she did. No wonder I'm exhausted all the time. Hope to get something done around here today. I'm still messed up with the TMJ-type headaches. The Sir Cumference joke is a good one. Kinda like Sir Vester. I wonder whether Sir Cumference's birthday is March 14th on Pi Day. I had to kinda circle around that theme. I was in the right area, within a five-mile radius. Pun wise, and geometrically, I'm outta shape.

    OK, Kids, I'm gonna go read the paper. I'm stuck in a rut and my life is like the movie, Groundhog Day. I just don't have the NRG, nor desire, to make changes so, here I sit, whining and whining. When I've been in a long flare, I just get like this. What I need is to wake up feeling all bright eyed and bushy tailed to snap me outta this ennui. I'm feeling like Louis CK who said something like, "The alarm goes off and I look at the clock and reset the program for misery." How many of us can relate to that. At least, he is making big bucks from his misery.

    Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi, y'all --

    Kevin said to tell you that he appreciates all your good thoughts and condolences. I do, too.

    Julie, Many many many prayers for you, my friend. Kevin and I hope that everything works out well with GPA. Please keep us updated as you can.

    Granni, Kevin's mom was put in a nursing home, 14 months ago. And nobody told Kevin! Kevin said that his mom looks good. She can't walk anymore (osteo gave her a hip fracture), so she has to use a wheelchair.

    Kevin also found out yesterday that his brother Raymond died late 2015. I asked why nobody called??!! Kevin said that Raymond was holding a grudge against Kevin and another of the brothers, and left orders with the hospital that they not be allowed in to see Raymond. He died from heart failure in the ICU. I guess the only people with him were his wife and one other brother, Eddie. That's the way he wanted it.

    Kevin said that he had a good talk with his brothers (Eddie and Terry), yesterday and the day before. I guess all is well, on the family front.

    We live about 1-1/2 hours away from Kevin's hometown. Plus traffic, road construction (always lots), weather conditions. Then 1-1/2 hours to return home. So, it's really like a day trip. That's why Kevin was calling, instead of visiting. I guess Eddie and Terry thought Kevin should be calling them too. No one can guess why Raymond was holding a grudge. Well, all I have to say is that the phone works, both ways.

    My dear friends, thank you for letting me vent. I get so worried about Kevin, especially his high blood pressure. But he seems to be handling all this very well.

    I don't have any more energy to respond individually. This has kind of been a sort of shock to us.

    You all take care. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Luv ya, Diane
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just popping in because I'm taking a few minutes to let my sweat dry off. AAACCCKKK!!! :eek: I went out and trimmed the plumbagos and watered the potted flowers. I have two geraniums to repot but ain't gonna do it now. I'll be sweating up a storm no matter when I do it so will wait until I need to jump into the shower. It's 90 degrees with about 85 percent humidity. Again, AAACCCKKK!!! :confused:

    Diane, I'm glad all seems to have worked out for you and Kevin but it's soooo bizarre. I just don't get family members' holding grudges and not speaking unless there is a mental illness involved. I think once people pass over and see things clearly, they regret what they did on earth. I don't want to die not speaking to anyone. That's why I never quit speaking to Barb, even when she quit speaking to me except to cuss me out and scream at me. That's on her. It's far better for the stress and blood pressure to try to remain calm. Even so, it is stressful. So far, my BP is still doing well. I hope Kevin's remains good too.

    Wish I had something more interesting to post about but my life is soooo dull that I got nuttin'. Oh well, boredom is better than stressful excitement. Our news just showed a motorcycle completely destroyed. A man ran into a street sign at a high speed early this morning close to me. He died at the scene after hitting his head. They can't tell whether he was wearing a helmet or not. If he was, it was knocked off. I couldn't help but think of his family and the sad news they will be receiving.

    OK, Kids, I'll see y'all later. Think it's time for my lunch.

    Love, Mikie
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane: OMG......such a lot of changes going on with Kevin's family. I'm very sorry. Tell Kevin to hang in there...this too shall pass. Well, it's good that he's sorta reconnected with his brothers. And how are you feeling now? Is it this pulmonary thing that we all seemed to have gotten?

    Star: About the "automatic pilot" thing that happened with you after your shower, drugs will do this, that's why because I'm so sensitive to any drugs I try hard to not even take the tramadol for pain unless I'm at the end of coping. I have to cut it to l/4 dose and even then I feel a little loopy and try to nap or go to bed. Perhaps you need to discuss this with your doctor....possibly see if you can cut down on some meds, just my suggestion because you know your own body better than even your doctor does.

    Mikie: You had mentioned about desserts and using sugar alternative. I made some sugar free chocolate candy the other night to help my craving for chocolate. Ugh....I used stevia but it's got an awful after taste and this was just too much. I do use it to sprinkle over berries and then add a little whipping cream and that's pretty good, but won't make any dessert anymore using it.

    Spring: How are things progressing in your city, after all the earthquakes and embargoes?

    Julie: Prayers going up for Gpa and the entire family. I know you're exhausted from the late night drive and struggling with the bug still.

    Rock: When our kids were young we went to Tahoe to camp for a week. We had taken our two dogs too. The kids and I went river rafting while my DH stayed on the sidelines with the dogs. OMG.....it was such fun and a highlight of our entire trip. The water was freezing but delicious.

    Yesterday was a heavy bank day, meaning I had to make a lot of pit stops to get things straightened out. After over 5 hrs. of running around, I came home exhausted. I just can't do these long days like I used to. I'm working hard to get thing taken care of.....like setting up automatic payments on my utility bills from my checking account. I keep thinking positive that one day I can take a trip or two and I need to know that my financial stuff will still run smoothly. But it is draining of energy and brain function.
  14. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Sun and Mikie, thank you for your kind words.

    Sun, I'm still a bit under the weather. I'm throwing everything I have at this "Yuck", including oregano oil and olive leaf extract, and mucinex. I'm making forward progress, but it's slow.

    Those people who've been out sick in Kevin's office ---- out for over a month ----- one guy decided to come in last Friday, spreading his germs. He's out sick again, and the rest of the group has not been back in the office. Whatever this is, it knocks you on your "you know what".

    Mikie, I have to share a story with you. Talking about grudges. One of my two cousins back home used to call me occasionally. That was ok. I'd call her too. Then, came "Snowmageddon" -- the great blizzard of 2010. Dumped over 3 feet of snow on us in Pittsburgh. The entire neighborhood was working together to help clear out from the snow.

    I went into the house to get some water, sweaty and dehydrated. And I found a message on my cell phone from my cousin. "Where are you? If you can't call me back in 15 minutes, I NEVER WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN!"


    I got my water, and went back to shoveling us out. I never did hear from my cousin again. She didn't even let me know when her husband died.

    Who knows what gets into people??? We can only know that we did our best, to cope, and not cause hurt to others, and move on with our own lives.

    Whew, another rant, out of my system........ You guys might get tired of hearing from me!

    Love you all,
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello, Kids

    Here's the local news. Very local. Our house. The reptilian van is still
    parked on our street. We have 29 books checked outta the library. (The
    maximum for the two of us is 30.) The gold cat has not been seen for
    the last couple days. Gordon just left to have a blood test and run some

    I watched 15 minutes of a pointless movie this morning. I just can't
    get interested in the movies of the last 3 decades or so. This
    one had 3 middle aged women who had boring conversations. Absolutely
    nothing happened. Nevertheless the film was nominated for several
    awards and actually won some of them including best score. (Although
    it was not a musical.) Uff-da! I won't mention the name. Always the
    possibility somebody here just loves that movie. (But I doubt it.)

    Diane, I have never known you to rant in a post. Your cousin reminds
    me of one of my cousins. Got derailed somewhere along the track. I
    remember shoveling snow. Haven't had to do that since 1967. And
    I don't miss it either.

    Sun, never been to Tahoe. Read about it for some project decades ago.
    I have a hazy memory. I think the lake is extremely deep (700 feet?)
    and half is in CA and half in NV. I bet the kids have happy memories
    of your visit too.

    Mikie, another barrage of puns. You would be a natural for the artillery
    auxillary. Too bad about the humidity. Here in LA we have desert
    weather for ten months of the year. (Well, normally.) Usually only
    get rain during the 3 winter months.

    Springwater, I looked at news from Nepal in a paper called The
    Himalayan. The headline was "42 Climbers Scale Mt. Everest in
    Three Days". Apparently the tourist business has suffered since the
    earthquake. The New York Times reported a man from Canada
    was arrested for making unnecessary twitter comments about
    Nepal. I have the impression that almost all twitter messages
    are pretty much unnecessary, but have no actual experience
    with same.

    I hope things are improving for you. I read the political turmoil
    is continuing. You see the news from here about some Congressman
    who has written a book saying the only thing our politicians care
    about is money and power? The author's name is not revealed.

    Hope everydobby has the best day possible. Hugs All 'Round

  16. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member


    LOL, I guess I meant to say VENT, not "rant." My Oops!

    See you on the Homebound board!

    Hugs, Diane :)
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane and Mikie: the world is full of unexplained family dynamics/grudges. My DH had 2 brothers and one sister. She and I used to write to each other every so often. When my DD got married I didn't hear anything from her concerning a gift, though Everytime there was a graduation, etc. my DH sent $. I questioned the lack of gift to my MIL, which of course got back to the sister, who promptly pulled a cancelled check which I knew nothing about from my DD and sent it to me. I apologized....no doing with her......she remained silent to our family until the day she died at around 58. That was years ago. And from what I learned from my DH his mother was the same way. She died years before I met DH.

    That left 2 brothers, one in Minn and one in Arizona. The one in Arizona got #$%^@ with me years ago when he wanted to come out to stay with us. I had been told by their sister NOT to let him come because he was running away from his wife and family, who he eventually divorced, marrying a girlfriend he already had. I had actually had a dream a week or so before his contact with us, about this very thing. My DH tried to stay in contact with both of them, calling every so often. So when my DH got cancer, do you think either one would call him? Nope. I can't tell you how bad my DH felt about so many things. I received a little sympathy card from the brother in Arizona and no note even though in the past couple of years before DH died I had talked to him on the phone. I heard nothing from the other brother.

    I could go on and on and on about hurt feelings/misunderstandings, etc. If I know I've done something I WAnT to set things straight, but a lot of people like to hold those grudges. I'm guessing it makes them feel empowered. Whatever. I know my mom would be angry with people from years ago and then really couldn't remember why.

    And Diane......unbelievable about that cousin. But did you call the cousin back? At this point I WOULD write her a letter and tell her you wish things could be healed. Someone has to make the first move.

    Rock: Why not call the police on this van. It could get 50 tickets, they won't ever be paid, and it's taking up street room. And the book I meant was the succulent one from Debra Baldwin. Did you get it and did Gordon enjoy all the succulents?

    I'm hoping to go to an art group in about an HR. I NEED meaningful conversation though honestly I don't feel like I get it there, BUT I can always work on a painting. Haven't painted in about 3 days.
  18. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Sun, I did call back, after all the shoveling was done. It took over 5 hours to shovel.

    She hung up on me. She's stubborn and was sticking to the "15 minute" rule.

    Sad, holding grudges, not forgiving, etc. What can a person do? Sigh.

    Life goes on ....

    Diane :)
  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All. A special welcome to Star!

    I don't have much to say. The Irises are just about over, but the lilies have started to bloom, and the daylilies are showing lots of buds. Also the first rose --rose of York, I think, is climbing up into the Atlas Broom that I grew from seed 35 yrs ago. I've never seen another one anywhere before. The seeds were collected in a botanical garden..... Also called Moroccan broom, it is native to the Atlas mountains of Morocco.

    Star, may I ask what part of Australia you live in? I live in the densely forested part of coastal northern California. I am more or less a country recluse! Bad ME and a bunch of other problems. I live with my mate, Richard, and have for the last forty years. We moved from San Francisco where we were going to school; me -- Centre for Asian Studies, him S.F. State where he got his Master's degree in literature. He already has a BA in French. My BA is in religious studies.
    I was born in England and have dual citizenship. We left the big city world and now live in a small cabin/house in the country near a babbling brook.

    I almost went to uni in Sydney, but decided not to....

    Julie, sorry for your travails, and you also Diane, Mikie, and everyone else on this board! :confused:o_O

    We are all so sick and tired of being sick and tired:(.

    Just heard that the volcano on Mt. Turrialba erupted in Costa Rica. I was up there on the volcano's edge back in the '80s. No action then.... but fascinating scenery, especially on the drive up through the cloud forests to get there. So beautiful for a plant freak. (I almost got a degree in botany.) :rolleyes:

    NRG going,
    Later pals

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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Just got back from taking two grocery bags to the mail box area for the Postal Service (is that an oxymoron?) food drive pickup. I just cleaned out what I call my pantry area in the spare closet so I had a few things to donate. I also cleaned out the cats' litterbox and took that bag to the dumpster. When I run into neighbors on the way to the dumpster with a poop bag, I always tell them the cats made something just for them. It's a joke in the hood. Some days, ya just can't give away a good bag of cat poop!

    Still feeling lousy so nothing new here. I don't get it. This flare just won't go away. I have a sore throat, headache an swollen lymph nodes so it seems more like my Whatever Virus. I'm still on the Acyclovir. I have a bit of NRG so I manage to get a couple of things done each day but it doesn't last and, by afternoon, I'm done in. I wanted to make sure I got to the mailbox area before the mail woman came so just went at first light. I look like hell so no danger of running into anyone, not that it matters. Most of the neighbors have seen me at my worst and I've seen them. We are always amazed at how good we all look when we go out to lunch. With a little effort, we all seem to clean up pretty well.

    I just weighed myself and am still down 26 pounds so haven't regained any since I put four pounds back on after I stopped running in the pool. I want to get back to it because I believe it's healthy. On the other hand, I won't risk having it put me in bed from total exhaustion. As it is, I'm in near-total exhaustion--one step up. My ex called yesterday but I was resting and didn't take the call. I had asked DD to tell him I'm resting a lot following the gum surgery. It's true; even though the surgery itself wasn't that bad, I think sitting in the chair so long, all tensed up, and the trauma to the bod has worn me out. I've been sick long enough to know when to rest and relax. My gums feel really good and I can now bite off a piece of food and chew on the area. Woo Hoo!!!

    Diane just posted some good info on the General Health Forum on fluoroquinolones. It is important info for everydobby. Thanks, Diane!

    Julie, I am so very sorry about GPA. Yes, it would be better for him to decide what to do. For me, personally, I can't imagine lingering on a ventilator but it's a decision that only the patient should make. My prayers are with you all for an outcome which is the highest good for everyone. Keep us updated.

    Barry, you and Julie and I were all posting at the same time. I've come back to edit and add on. I'll have to look up that tree. Too bad the tree which produces argan oil won't live outside of Morocco. I have it in my skincare products and it is amazing. I know you also suffer from lack of NRG but I'm glad you have such a beautiful place in which to live and relax. I wish lilies would grow here but none of us has had any luck with them. Long's Garden, a big grower of irises in Boulder, CO, was just down the street from where I lived. They had the most beautiful flowers. Every yard all around was once part of the farm and irises just came up everywhere. I went to school with the daughter.

    , that was bizarre about the phone call. I have cousins in Denver who run hot 'n cold. One, my age, will send me a nice e-mail and I'll respond only to never hear from her for years until the next time. She sent one e-mail just to ensure I still have that e-address. I think one of my older cousins may pass over one of these days and she wants to know where to notify me when it happens. These cousins have traveled but have never left Denver. Their lives have remained the same all these years of their lifetimes. Sometimes, I envy them because there is always family around but they fight and hold grudges and it isn't pretty. I can do without that. I'm sure you and Kevin can do without it too. Hope you both, and the kitties, are well.

    Sun, that's too bad about the stevia. I've heard that it's better to use it with some sugar, honey or molasses and not completely substitute with it. I'm going to try that in my oatmeal cookie recipe with the molasses. I do try to stay away from that kind of carbs but I cheat now and then. My BS seems to recover OK but I don't want to make a habit of it. As I mentioned above, the weight loss is static. I'm glad you have your painting. Wish I felt up to doing the work around here so I could finish a couple of paintings and work on the valance. I just have to go buy the cord so I can make the piping for the top edge. I'm clearing out some slacks and Capri pants I want to give away and others I want to try to take in while I have the sewing machine out for the valance. Thank God for Roomba. Perhaps I should invest in a self-scoop litter box. Hmmmm, this whole robot thing is getting more attractive to me. Guess we all have had strange episodes with grudge-holding kin. These illnesses make it necessary to get rid of stress if we want to survive and hope to thrive. We can't afford to hold grudges--a silver lining for us.

    Rock, hmmmm, I guess when I've been to the firing range with Richard, I was the artillery auxillary. I haven't been in years but aim to go again. My arthritis causes me to have a trigger finger in the middle finger of my right hand. Good thing the trigger finger isn't my trigger finger. It wouldn't be a good thing it have it freeze up on me were I ever to need to use my gun for self-protection. Yikes!!! I've lost the ability to flip anyone off. Oh well, I shouldn't be doing that anyway. Our rainy season is in the summer and it can start at any time. We usually ease into the daily rains. We did have some heavy rain this last winter but that was an anomaly. TV news just showed Estero Bay, which lies between the mainland and Fort Myers Beach, an island, like Sanibel. There is a string of cumulus clouds along the horizon. No rain forecasted today but it should start next week. I feel the same as you when it comes to movies. I think the worst ones were made in the 60's and 70's. I love the ones from the WWII Era, especially the B&W ones. Did you know Olivia de Havilland is still alive at 99? Vanity Fair just did an article on her and her sister Joan Fontaine and their famous rivalry. Hope you can find movies and books you love.

    I'm gonna post this before it goes bye-bye and will come back to edit. I hope Granni is having fun on her trip. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: May 14, 2016

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