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    Come on in, all of you, lay your cares aside, tarry awhile, drink in the peace...make yourselves cmfortable in your very own Porch..
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    Julie - prayers continuing for Granpa. Thank you for updating us. i hope he is comfortable and not in pain.

    Granni - looks like you had a good time. Of course it can be tiring too. But how lovely to be present at family events like these..making good memories especially for the young ones.

    Rock - i think my computer is behaving bad too, but mine is someone hacking, i dont know for what..not like i hv anything they can steal.

    Mikie - looks like you are handling your present energy crisis well..doing what you can but not pushingit..sometimes one just has to sit it out.

    Im gonna come back in a while..i know someone has logged into my computer..

    had a productive day tho, we went to this spa DHs cousin has opened..we were invited, and had a foot massage..a really good one..reflexology, an hour long and i could feel all the dirty energy oozing outta my shoulders..and then we were treated to lunch in the restaurant downstairs.

    Of course, coz wants the DH and me to bring in our friends to patronize the place. but its pricey..hair colouring (they have a hair salon too) takes $ 24.00..yikes. The foot massage is reasonable at $8.00.

    After that we visited another relative of DH..the widow of his cousin (third cousin i think) they had had the one year prayer anniversary two weeks ago but we could not make it then..

    but just a relief to get that duty done...with all the traffic and heat and all, it is nice to cross sometng off ones to do list.

    Ill come back later

    God Bless

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    Spring: what a lovely pic. you posted. I LOVE all types of ferns. They seem to give peace.

    What a treat you and DH had. I've never had a foot massage....well unless you want to count when I had stepped on a pin that went straight into my heel and broke. I had a lot of people working on my foot eventually having outpatient surgery 2 weeks later. I don't even get a pedicure. And I've colored and cut my own hair for years. Think of all the $ I've saved.

    Julie: I hope to read more of what's happening with Gpa and everything. Still thinking of you guys and praying.

    Mikie: Barb probably just didn't like plants, period. I had an aunt like that, seemed to do everything wrong with every plant my mom would give her.

    Granni: So where did you guys stay? Was there a place to stay and then there wasn't? I'm a little confused.

    It's drizzly here this morning. I cleaned kitchen cabinets while I listened to a pastor on the Internet. Everything seems to get out of hand around here, so much that has to be done, including some fun painting, etc. I'm trying so hard to wake up by 5:30 or so, do my 1 HR. stretches and WAKE up so I can get to church.
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    HELP !!! I think I wrote a fairly long post on the last volume. Could someone that knows how to do it move it for me where it belongs??? MIKIE, DIANE, anyone ????

    We stayed in San Marcos, in a hotel that was OK but could have been nicer but we were happy to have a room. Didn't want to stay in the house with all the partiers. In some ways it would have been good as then we wouldn't have had to go back and forth when we wants to go to the hotel to sleep and then back again in the a.m. They had originally gotten a house where we could have stayed at with all the people or most that were coming to spend the night or the weekend. That was in San Marcos where DGD was graduating.

    DSIL nd DD (mom of graduate) not wanting to disappoint their daughter rented another house in New Braunfels about 30 minutes of so away from the hotel. It could have been worse I suppose.. This one was gorgeous with all kinds of beds and lovely kitchen and bathrooms and on the Comal River where lots of people go "tubing". I am guessing that he paid a fortune for it. How nice they can afford to do so. Those kids were so lucky and then the boys come in 2 weeks. Then what do you do??? Of course college is much more than graduating HS. I got little when I graduated wither but that was a different time and my parents had little too.

    Gotta run and start with dinner. DH wants to put the grill on soon.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    The gold cat is still missing. And the venomous snake van is missing too.
    Gordon said a flat bed truck came and hauled it away. I'm hiss-terical with
    joy. We have an amaryllis in bloom. The typical red trumpet flower.
    Gordon made chicken broth today. As Ricky said to Lucy (while pretending
    to be talking in his sleep) "That is all."

    I can't remember if I posted about my Old West book from the library. It
    is by the same author as the book that was falling apart, but it is ten
    years older. And it is in excellent condition. The other one had pages falling
    out and crumbling as I turned the pages.

    My brother in Minnesota called to day. His daughter in law has terminal
    cancer, and is only 33. She been battling the disease for about a decade.
    Was in remission for several years. One nephew has four children and the
    other has two. Can't remember which family is which. Never met
    the kids. All very sad.

    Thanks for opening the thread, Springwater. The picture looks like an
    English home in the tropics. Never been to a spa. I'm so low on energy
    I wouldn't mind if it were dirty or not. And I wouldn't want anydobby to
    mess around with my feet. Gordon and a friend got a manicure and a pedicure
    some decades back when a new beauty parlor opened in our neighborhood.
    They thought it was great. I would hate to have somebody poking and
    gouging at my extremities with sharp instruments. Different strokes (or
    no strokes) for some folks.

    Granni, I read your post on the previous board. I know what you mean
    about getting home again. My grandmother used to say, "It's good to
    go, and good to get home again." The Mexican cuisine sounds good. I
    guess it's been a decade or more since I went to a Mexican restaurant.

    Sun, are you going to use the old silk dress to make pillow cases? Or
    the pillow itself? Must be fun to be able to make stuff. I can barely
    write legibly, and even that skill has been fading the last decade or

    Yes, one doesn't know what to make of old cars. They keep having
    stories in the news about old cars found in barns and people with
    lots of money line up to pay huge sums of money for them. I
    suspect having lots of money somehow kills brain cells. Look at
    all the rich entertainers who end up broke.

    Mikie, nice cheerful flower you posted. Reminds me of hyacinth.
    I used to pull a shoe string for the feral cats to chase at our
    old place. They displayed a range of personalities. Some were
    afraid to come into the house. Some would play. Some liked to be
    petted. I hatted to leave the Huckle, a big tom. But we moved
    two miles, and cats usually try to go home. I was afraid he'd get
    run over. He'd have to cross lots of streets; 3 of them wide avenues.

    Barry, tell Richard to bring you some Norwegian delicacies from
    Oslo like Cloudberry Jam and Gjetost which is brown cheese and has
    a caramel flavor. Looked up Peruvian lilies. Reminds me of freesias.
    I guess the amaryllis is a member of the lily family too.

    Hugs Everydobby
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    What a night. Some stupid kids woke me up when they were swimming and screaming in the pool at 11:30 last night. I called the sheriff's office and they sent a cruiser to run them off. Two tried to hide inside the pool fence but the deputy wasn't fooled. I always tell them to tell the offenders that if they return, we will file trespassing charges against them. That usually does the trick. I read for about half an hour and was able to fall back asleep til the kids tried to get me up just before 5:00. I gave them treats and went back to bed for an hour. They ran to the kitchen when I finally got up as though they thought I'd be shelling out more treats. I did refill their dish and gave them some milk, which Tweety refers to as, "Maroo," in Cat Speak.

    It's gonna be 9o degrees out at 3:00 this afternoon. Showers will be isolated and I don't expect any rain today; however, the chances improve later in the week. I love my fresh herbs but they have to be watered every day. I went out early to water the other plants in pots. I need to go to Lowe's to pick up just a couple more flowers to replace the ones which have started to die out with this heat.

    Good news from the animal world: My granddog, Nigel, is doing really well on his pain meds and natural supps. DD says he is romping around like a pup. Harriett's eaglet has been found but he has a broken leg and was very weak and dehydrated. He has had surgery and is in bird ICU at the rehab center. A bird sanctuary here is having an appeal for funds to rebuild their aviary. If they cannot, the birds will have to be euthanized as all are unable to live in the wild. I donated $20 and it will be matched by a grant. I'm sure that they will get a lot of little donations like mine and, if they don't reach their goal, someone will come along and save the place. We love our critters down here.

    My buddy, Joe, across the pond, called me yesterday. I might have mentioned that already. He said the president of the board is going to resign. She was president before I was. It would be good if she were to resign. Unfortunately, she doesn't know what she doesn't know. If she leaves, I think we might have a good board we can depend on. She had mentioned moving close to her daughter in Kentucky and she may be thinking of doing that, especially since our good friends, the Nancy's, are leaving. Joe and I agreed that if either of us needed a ride to and from a doc, for any reason, we would help each other out. He made me promise that I would give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if he needed it. Good grief!!! It's hard for those of us living here with no family close by. We have to become our own FL Family. Nothing new to report about Barb.

    My gums are healing well but the rest of me is having to catch up. I have headaches and a very sore spot on my scalp. That is usually indicative of the Whatever Virus' finding its way outta my bod. I have to ream the gum area out with a proxy brush dipped in the anticeptic twice a day. It bleeds when I do that. Yikes!!! Other than that, it's healing well. I got nothing done yesterday because, when I stood up, I had vertigo so bad that I had to go lie down. Even then, the room was spinning. Yikes!!! :confused:

    Spring, you find the most beautiful and peaceful pix. Thanks soooo much for sharing with us and for starting a new Porch. That is my kind of little private area in which to relax, pray and meditate. Sometimes, I think the small areas are the best. Was it you who posted that pic I love of the porch, the one I just reposted a while back? Glad you got your foot massage. I'd like to get one where those little fishies nibble the dead skin off the feet. I use an emery board to remove it but it is always a problem because my feet are exposed all the time. Like you, I hate to have to be out in the heat. AACCKK!!! Sorry your computer has been compromised. A lot of those viruses are done by creeps who aren't trying to steal ID's but are just being destructive because they can. Bad Karma!!!

    Sun, Barb has a couple of her own plants which she likes. I think it has more to do with whatever is wrong with her than with the plants themselves. I always care for her variegated oregano plant when she isn't here and I'm caring for it now. She always has basil but her kids let it die when she was in rehab and they were here. I won't get pedicures because I've seen the pix of what infections, from nail salons, can do to one's legs. Even the cleanest ones can harbor bad bacteria and, even if one has one's own tools, feet are all soaked in the same foot baths. Having to do my own is motivation to stay flexible. Yes, everything is always needing to be done and, believe me, I'm no clean freak. Just trying to keep up is exhausting!

    Granni, I'm sorry you are stiff 'n sore from the ride. It's great to be with family but those trips can really take a lot out of us. I've been trying to figure out when to fly to see the kids but all the problems with the TSA and the long traveler lines make me just give up. Atlanta is the worst and that is where I usually have a layover. I'm glad you had a good time and hope you can relax and rest up.

    Julie, well, a leopard doesn't change its spots and sis never changes either. She isn't fooling anyone. It's GPA who pays for it and, it sounds as though even he isn't in as much denial about her personality problems. You pay for it too and, as always, I admire your patience and the love and caring you provide for him. Have the docs given you any prognosis? I hope he can get well enough to go to the care center so he, and you, can rest up. Prayers going up.

    Rock, I've never seen a venomous van but if it's a threat, I'm glad it's gone. No sense taking chances. Too bad the gold cat hasn't been around. Let's hope he found accommodations more to his liking. Tom cats do show up and disappear for long periods sometimes. Simon would do that but, later on, he showed almost every morning early for his breakfast. He played with Sir Vester and Tweety when they lived outside. In the evenings, he would come catterwalling to tell Jeff that he wanted his dinner. I buy chicken broth for cooking but will make my own when I get a rotisserie chicken. I heard the term, tap broth, on a cooking show to refer to tap water in a recipe. Got a kick outta that. I love amaryllis and, especially, the red ones. They are sold here in nice pots around Christmas. The bloom I posted was the Atlas Broom. In the pix I found, they were more like bushes than trees.

    Getting a late start today so should get going. Hope everydobby has a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, just popped in to see whether you had an update. Glad I did and glad GPA is doing so well. Prayers being answered.

    Just got an e-mail confirming that the pres. of the big board has resigned. They are looking for a candidate to fill in until next year. Almost no one wants it. I wouldn't mind but could not do it as long as one of the members is still on the board and I don't see his resigning. He has big ambitions and is a real pain in the butt.

    Still worn out and feeling just a tad dizzy so am not doing much. I ate early so had a breakfast lunch with bacon, eggs and toast. Mmmmmm! Sometimes, I need something hearty. I saved the bacon grease in a small jar and plan to make those taters. I need to go to the store but it can wait. Everything can wait. I have a bad case of bed head but it can wait too. I'm reading a British novel which is supposed to be a thriller but, so far, it ain't thrillin' me. I watched a movie on Amazon Prime last evening and it was pretty good. Can't even remember the name but it starred George Clooney as a politician. It was a cynical look at politics with no happy ending. Still, it wasn't half bad--better than the usual slop they offer up.

    Comcast is still offering their $89 a month bundle, for two years with a contract, with blast internet and basic cable. It's not a bad price but I hate them sooooo much that I don't want to tie myself to them for two years. Still, I'd enjoy having a TV signal which isn't always freaking out.

    Well, not much else to tell. Again, hope all y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi All. I hope you are feeling peppy. I'm not! But so it goes.....

    Sunny and breezy day here, and about 70 degrees. Hoping for rain this coming weekend. I have just finished watering all the tubs of lilies, etc., etc. And the windowboxes too, which are full of snapdragons, nemesias, pansies, petunias, etc. Can be tiring when no energy. I am becoming more and more housebound it seems. Maybe I'm just going through a rough patch. I have a cardio appt. in July. So tired of specialists that pass me to another one.

    Julie: Hoping for the best for your family. You must be under a great deal of stress. Hold tight!

    Rock: too late for the cheese from Norway; R is in Amsterdam (he could substitute Edam I guess). Richard likes bland cheeses like cheddar. I prefer the hard goat and sheep cheeses. Cloudberries, like raspberries and blackberries, closely related. I understand that cloudberry yoghurt is very popular in Norway. We have wild blackberries, salmon berries, and raspberries growing here, but I haven'tmade any jam in a looong time.

    Hey Mikie, I've got the dizzies too. I'm wondering if it is orthostatic hypotension. I am not dizzy when lying down. Where do these trouble-making kids come from? Are they your neighbours, or what? At least you caught them. ;)

    Lunch time.
    Bye for now,

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    Greetings everyone,

    Went to line dancing this morning and then to DD's to chat with her and call the person in charge of the style show that Palais Royal is putting on for our ladies association program this month. I had done it before and it is fun. Just hope you don't trip while on the stage or walkway to show off you outfit. So I also talked to DD awhile backinto signing the sheet for people interested in being models. So, we got called this month. We made a date to go try on clothes on wed.

    JULIE - So glad to hear that Gpa is doing better. I know that it might be awhile before he comes home but he will be better off then and easier for you too to care for him. Yes, Sis is a piece of work.. I know people like that as phony as they can be. They have to put on a show for others and then when they aren't around anyone they revert right back to their nasty selves. Take care of yourself dear JULIE.

    BARRY - Sorry you are feeling dizzy. Sometimes I also feel more like light headed. I always feel like I have pressure in the back of my head which may be causing some of this. I also do have high b/p, sometimes pretty high. I LOVE cheese so much almost any kind but not supposed to eat it unless it is made from goats m ilk. I can get it close by but it is not to cheap for sure.

    Gotta get off now be back later. Granni
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    Barry: I feel for you with the dizzies. I get it off and on. Had the worst episode ever about 5 years ago, couldn't even stand to walk without falling. After all kinds of tests I was diagnosed with meniers. And about the orthostatic hypotension, I read a lot on it. Try this test....if you have a blood pressure cuff. Put it on, lie down and take your reading, relaxed for about 5 min. Then with it still on your arm stand up suddenly and see if your blood pressure makes a sudden drop to low. This will alert your heart doctor if this is what happens. I've got positional vertigo and can only lay on my left side....NEVER on my back or the right side. Is this a sudden thing for you? If yes, then perhaps you're just very nervous with Richard being gone.

    By the way, your garden sounds wonderful. Wish you could post some pics.

    Granni: should be fun modeling some new clothes. I got picked in HS for a fashion show....every girl had to try out. I had lost about 30 lbs. and the clothing shop wanted me to model a bikini......no way......in front of the entire HS! So I was given two outfits, one a business suit and the other was hip hugger bell bottoms and a crop top. By the way, I was asked to the Senior All Night Party after modeling!

    Rock: The silk of the wedding dress will probably be put away until I get in the mood to sew. I just have too many creative projects always waiting in the wings. Yes, it is fun to create. I'm happiest when I either cook, paint, garden, sew and everything along those lines.

    An antiques dealer came this morning to look at some pieces I was hoping she would buy, but no luck. Oh well. And tomorrow morning I have an agent coming to the house to help me choose a Medicare insurance coverage. Soooo confusing. My Medicare part B starts July 1. I went to an art group after lunch, so after my nap I need to do a lot of pre-reading on the Medicare stuff.....ugh.
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    It's already 75 degrees out and muggy this morning. AACCKK!!! I did sleep til 5:00 and am happy about that. The kids were good last night. I think my vertigo started when I shook my head fast from side to side to get rid of the big floater in my eye. I won't do that again. Not much to tell; this flare continues.

    It is raining on Sanibel but there's not much to the storm. It is headed this way and I hope we get enough that I don't have to hand water the potted plants. If I'm up to it, I want to go to Lowe's to pick up a few more posies for the pots. I like flower pots to be lush and spilling over the edges.

    Barry, I'm so sorry you also have the dizzies. It's no fun. Your weather sounds delightful but I know what you mean about watering all the potted plants. Sometimes, the kids in the pool are relatives or guests of condo owners here. They go out, have a lot to drink and think it's a grand idea to take a swim. Other times, it's outside kids who climb over the fence. They have to be impaired or just plain stupid to think no one will call the cops when they are making all kinds of noise at night. We have to enforce the rules to mitigate our liability should one of them get injured or drown. Feel better, my friend.

    Sun, thanks for the link. I'll check it out. Back when my kids were small, a friend asked me to model at a luncheon for men; it was a fundraiser. The idea was that the men might buy some of the outfits for their wives, mothers, girlfriends, etc. One guy liked the dress I wore and ordered it for his wife. I was so excited about it. Your modeling story reminds me of Prince William and Kate. He got serious about her after she modeled something revealing for their school. Too bad a handsome prince didn't sweep you off your feet.

    Granni, is there any way you can send a pic of you in the outfit you are modeling? I'll bet you look really great in anything. That sounds like fun. You are always so active. That must be what keeps you so young.

    Julie, I continue to keep y'all in my prayers.

    Rock, hope you are doing well.

    Spring, hope you are doing well too.

    Star, I hope you can stop in for a visit.

    Gonna go. Hope all y'all have a good day. Apologies to anyone I missed. Poor old pea brain is tired.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Had Campbell's canned bean soup for breakfast. I introduced a gourmet touch
    by adding Swanson chicken broth rather than water. The Centers for Proper
    Cooking Techniques says this is perfectly acceptable since Campbell's owns
    Swanson. Also Pepperidge Farm, V8, Prego, Spaghettios, and various other
    conquered territories.

    Gordon was looking at the library's list of new books yesterday. He said,
    "Here's a new book by Harlan Coban. I'll put it on hold for you." (Always
    thoughtful.) I said, "Don't bother. If it's new I'll be dead before it's my turn."
    Just checked with the library site. I am number 357 on the list. AACCK! as
    some great writer used to say.

    Gordon cleaned his car yesterday with a smidgen of help from me. We
    used to have a Dustbuster. Handy little tool, but they don't seem to
    make them any more. Or if they do, they don't look the same. Anyhoo
    he bought one of the news ones, but it has to be plugged in. His car
    is 26 years old. It gets cleaned fairly regularly. About once a decade.
    So the good news is that now it's less cluttered, and he found $4.57 in coins.

    Mike, I guess our weather will be cooler and dryer than yours for the
    next 5 days. Our temps will be in the 70s and humidity in the 60s.
    Nice of you to donate to the eagle fund. Some of those raptors are
    vicious even when they're chicks. Kill their younger siblings. I like
    nature shows, but I don't watch the parts where prey get killed and
    eaten. If those cape buffalo would stick together the lions couldn't
    take them down, but the poor things are not bright enough or just
    can't communicate a defense strategy. Hope you have some good
    health news for us soon.

    Sun, the Home Ec. girls always had a fashion show at the end of
    the school year to display what they had made. A phrase from
    one of those shows has stuck with me for 60 years. "Notice the
    ric rack trim around the collar." Good luck with the Medicare

    Granni, great that you can still dance. We had wonderful summer
    dance program in the school gym when I was a kid. Most of the town turned
    out. You're right. The models should not trip while doing their
    turn. In a quote attributed to such famous actors as Noel Coward,
    Lionel Barrymore, Spencer Tracey, etc. actors were advised as follows:

    Know your lines, and don't bump into the furniture.

    Barry, Cloudberries with yogurt sounds pretty good. Gordon watches
    lots of cooking shows. One of them is from Norway. Saw a few minutes
    of it last week. The chef was putting cranberries in something. Fish,
    I guess. Didn't sound very appealing to me. Cranberries have a nasty
    flavor and blueberries have no flavor. I dunno why people eat either one.

    When will Richard be home? I bet you're hoping he'll bring you an
    Uff-da magnet from Oslo for your fridge. We have 2 or 3 on ours. Highly
    recommended by House Beautiful.

    Julie, never heard of a step down unit before. Making progress, I
    guess. I hope he's not going to need a lot of nursing when he comes
    home. Den getting his old energy back? Hope you're not trying
    to do to much, Kiddo.

    Hugs Star, Diane, Springwater

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    Hey All

    Rock - I like the pattern siggie below your name. Reminds me of the dresses we wore at boarding school. Lol..thats a long time to wait for a book on hold. I used to wait for Tin Tin comics at the british library here..but we liked them so much..when we could afford them, we started buying them..me, my mum, two younger brothers, all fans so it was worth the steep price. herge depicts countries and customs so well..tin tin in Tibet was so authentic, my goodness, it had nepal of those days 50s, 60s? it was the way my mum described it. cows in the street blocking traffic etc.

    Julie - good to get the update on Granpa; is he religious or not? Wouldnt be a bad idea if you gently let him know that if a loving white light came and beckoned, he should go into it..and not turn away.

    Sun - i love ferns...theyre so beautiful and easy to grow and care for. you were a pretty pretty young lady, i can so imagine you modeling.

    Granni - Rock posted that lovely picture of tubing down the river...woah, i would so much love to do that. Have fun with the modeling. Im smiling, how exciting! im sure the clothes will look good on you, all the exercising you hv been doing..

    Barry - I never even knew there were cloudberries.or salmonberries.i will go look it up..i know you must be missing Richard. your garden is just bursting with flowers by the sound of it..beautiful. and such colourful posies. I hope your companions are behaving themselves.

    Mikie - i hope all of us on the board with our aches pains energy slumps are on the mend soon. Yes, it was me posted that former pic of the beautiful porch...the homely spacious one,,,i found this one when searching for secret garden or something..lol. isnt it just ethereally beautiful?

    Ive been reading a lot. and found a chapter in Autobiography of a Yogi which exactly replicated what Dr Eben recounted..in his book. he said he saw shining lights with what seemed like tails zooming across the galaxy, humming in joy which they could not contain...in the other book, a yogi who leaves his earthly body comes and tells his disciple what what he encountered. and he too mentioned this very level. where souls had evolved to such an extent, they didnt need to come back any longer. they were just energy light which felt only bliss and joy..

    what a relief to know, we all are not doomed to forever come back in body after body but can climb upto levels each easier than the previous and then know unending happiness. This swami Yukteshwar told his disciple, he elected not to come back here but teach in different planets. I now realise why there are all those planets out there, used to wonder what they were there for. if they were just ice and rocks.!!

    I feel for you about the friends leaving the hood, and pray nice lovely souls come in their stead. Having good people anywhere makes such a difference to life experiences. Contributing to calm and peaceful feelings..and sense of security.

    I am posting para after para so i dont accidentally delete what ive written..

    We hv been having rain now, and what a relief. I do hope it means less trouble procuring water for people.

    I achieved something today on my to do list been on waiting list for long...i went and coloured my hair, not just the roots but thru and thru..took two packets...i had thought of saving some money and doing it myself but naaah..me no gots energy..ive chosen a deep red but it didnt look red at all, since it was raining when i came out of the salon. i think it would need sunlight.

    we had okra fry today as veggie...a simple meal rice and lentil soup and okra..but my, was the okra tasty!

    Theres this tarot card lady at the supermarket and she was looking a bit zonked out..she smiled wanly and waved..dont blame her.i think she was meditating..i cant go to some parts of the supermarket wthout getting bombarded wth all kinds of jittery fearful feelings esp the meat section..and even some parts of the store at the back where lots of things are crammed..ive left lots of stores in middle of looking at something bcause of not feeling good..but its ok, its got its up sides as well.

    Everybody, Diane, Star, Fanbrit and all take care...

    God Bless

    found a restful picture for us again but indoors


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    Mama's gettin' cable--Woo Hoo!!!

    I've decided that if I don't do something about TV, I'm going to burn in hell for all the cussin' 'n frustration. I do think someone is messing around with the signal to the antennae like mine. It's impossible to find a spot where the picture doesn't tile out and the audio doesn't fade in and out. Or, it all just freezes. GRRRRR!!! :mad: I can move the antenna and it's fine only to start having problems just when I settle down. As if that weren't bad enough, it happens at just the moment when I'm trying to pay attention to something.

    I got another offer from Comcast for blast internet, 141 channels of basic cable, HD service, streaming, and an X1 DVR for $89.99 a month if I sign on for two years. I know they are getting competition from all over with new streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. In two years, this may not be a great deal but I don't think it'll be bad. In any case, I have to do something. Without this bundle, I'd be paying about $175 a month. After three months, as long as my bill is paid on time, I get a prepaid Visa card for $50. I have my payment automatically withdrawn from my bank acct. so that's no problem. They are shipping the X1 DVR/cable box to me and I'll install it myself. This DVD records several shows at once while I watch another. I hope this reduces my daily stress.

    I should have bought a LOTTO ticket today because I got the nicest customer service man. I talked to his supervisor to tell him how good he was. He 'splained that Comcast is pouring a lot of money into bringing the customer service jobs back into this country and retraining their reps. I went to Lowe's to buy a some flowers to replace old ones in our flower pots and the cashier there was such a nice guy. Finally, I drove through Burger King to get a burger and the young woman at the window was soooo sweet. I guess the planets were aligned today. How nice to have a whole day of pleasant encounters.

    Rock, so, you opted for the chicken broth and not the tap broth. Good for you. Those little Dustbuster style vacs have always run on NiCad betteries and, over time, wouldn't hold a charge. One with a cord is a good idea. I just got one with a lithium ion battery, like the one in the Roomba. It's kept always plugged in. It's handy for the car and getting cat litter out of small spaces, like the track of the shower door. I've tried little mats for their feet outside the litter box but Tweety only pees on them.

    The good thing about rescuing those birds of prey is that it's about the only way people will be able to see them. The injured birds are used for education programs, especially with school children. Harriett's eaglet is still in critical condition following surgery for his broken leg. It was an owl attack which injured him. Like you, I hate to see animals killing each other--people too for that matter. I don't know why God created animals that eat one another instead of eating plants.

    When I was in school, Lanz dresses were all the rage. They were simple cotton prints with ric-rack trim. They looked like Swiss milkmaid getups. They were expensive. The only comment I ever heard in high school was from the guys remarking about the rack on some girl. BTW, my good health news is that the gum is healing beautifully and I felt better today. Sending thoughts and prayers of NRG for you.

    Spring, you find the most beautiful, and restful, pix for us. Thank you, as always, for sharing. I love ferns too and have been thinking of getting one for my lanai. I'm moving some of the orchids outside and a fern would be lovely on one of the little tables. So many of the accounts of Heaven contain mentions of humming music which is so beautiful. One account said the flowers moved and hummed lovely music in praise of God. The flowers were of colors we don't have here. I've heard it is our choice to come here to in order to grow spiritually to advance ourselves in Heaven. That is why, no matter how bad things get for me, I am grateful for this experience; I must have asked to come here to pay off a Karmic debt and/or to grow in spirit.

    I can't imagine trying to meditate in any of our stores here. Too much noise, harsh lighting and all the hustle 'n bustle of customers and workers. On a bad day, it will trigger sensory overload in my poor pea brain. However, on a good day, I usually enjoy shopping, always have. My girls always enjoyed shopping with me, even as adults. For some reason, it was a bonding experience for us. We always found all kinds of things to joke about.

    Just unloading the flowers and a bag of mulch from my car left me feeling as though I'd have a heat stroke. The guy downstairs put in three stepping stones from our sidewalk to the car port and I had to replace the mulch he dug up. I spread it around as fast as I could. I'll have to do the planting early in the day. My lanai needs to be cleaned but I hate to think about it. It needs to be repainted too. AACCKK!!! I think that's going to have to be a winter job.

    Tonight is the last NCIS for Michael Weatherly who plays Tony DeNoso. I hate to see him go and I think this will be a sad episode. At 10:00 on Frontline on PBS, there will be a program on how we dropped the ball, allowing ISIS to become so powerful. I know these kinds of stories can be very stressful for some of us, me included, but I think I'll watch it if I stay awake. I need a better understanding of world events. Almost all our news here is done in soundbites without depth. Also, politics plays such a part in just what news we get and how it's presented. I trust PBS and BBC to deliver more unbiased news.

    I still need to go to the fabric store but I've done as much as I'm able for the day. Before I went, I showered and trimmed my hair before styling it. It's pretty short but feels good and doesn't look bad either. It is no longer looking thin and limp on top. I've been massaging my scalp to increase circulation. If I go bald, I think I'll get a tattoo on my head. :) NOT!!!

    Love, hugs and prayers to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: May 17, 2016
  16. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Oh no; it's supposed to be warm/hot today in the high '80s. Still, at least it's not too humid, a blessing.

    Just been sitting out with Shorty in the shade. We were watching the jays and quail enjoying the corn we threw out for them. The hummingbirds are in full swing; one nearly pierced my ear today! Little devils! My Mum used to be terrified of them....

    Mikie it sounds like you are getting a good deal on your "bundle"! I didn't know that people had antennas any more. We have satellite tv and internet; DVR very useful -- we can record two programs at the same time while watching another. We really don't watch much tv though, mainly TCM, PBS, and BBC news. I hope you will be happy with your new set-up! Do you get Sirius and XM radio too? We get hundreds of music channels.

    Rock, you have the most interesting tastes in food. Although I don't think I'll eat at YOUR restaurant!

    Spring: I love okra! How do you fry yours, and what in? Also, do you cut them up or fry them whole. My mum used to batter them and deep-fry them. I don't do any deep-frying anymore, just cut them up and fry in olive oil. Yum!

    Trying to keep up the watering by myself is hard! That's why I want it to RAIN! Looks like it might be a possibility on Friday or Saturday. At least it's
    going to be cooling down.

    Over for the nonce,
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Barry, so good to see you here. We used to eat at a ranch high up in the Rockies when I was a kid. The owner had hummingbird feeders all over the place and it was overrun with them. I never thought they would thrive at such high altitude. They are fun to watch. Glad you and Shorty are enjoying them.

    I didn't know people used antennae anymore either until my neighbor told me about hers. Sho 'nuff, the new ones are little flat, thin black boxes you hang on the wall or put in a window and get beautiful HD reception. Only problem is that they get interference from airplanes, weather, etc. Seems that lately, I can't find the sweet spot for mine. The feds make the cable providers broadcast the signals for the network channels. I also get four PBS channels, a religious channel, several Latino channels and a couple of standard-definition channels which show old stuff. Comcast has been increasing charges to the point that people are finding other alternatives. Many are cutting the cord and only using streaming services. I've been combining my antenna plus Amazon and Netflix. I'd likely not resubscribe to Comcast if the antenna were working well. This offer is just too good to pass up.

    I don't listen to the radio much so don't subscribe to any radio service. If I did listen, I'd like one of those subscriptions. As it is, I'm trying to cut costs, like most Seniors who live alone. I usually play my CD's around the house. Our FM stations don't play what I enjoy listening to much anymore. Everything now is catering to the millennials, much like it was when we Baby Boomers were calling the shots. Millennials aren't into owning things like the rest of us. That has led to the popularity of streaming radio, movies and TV through subscriptions. It has also led to the popularity of Uber. It's very interesting from a sociological standpoint. I think we've just begun to see their influence.

    I feel for your trying to keep up with the watering. I know you have far more to water than I. We did get a sprinkle this morning and it was enough that I didn't have to water. I'm hoping that this means our rainy season is here. I got more purple lantana and orange purslane (I think it's also called porchlaca) for our pots. These two things are bred for Florida's climate and are a couple of the few flowers which will take our heat. I love the way the purslane hangs over the edges of the pots and blooms and blooms and blooms. I don't know why our allamandas are doing so poorly. They don't need much water and they should be getting enough sun. I wonder whether they need to be fertilized. I may try Miracle Gro because it's almost impossible to over fertilize with that.

    I'm hoping for NRG for us both. I just ordered some supps from PH and got a B Complex Vitamin. I'm hoping that may help. I believe I get enough vitamins and minerals from my food and supps but, as 'splained in Sun's book, Drug Muggers, my generic Zantac robs me of them. I can't do without the Zantac so have to try to take extra supps. I talked to Aaron at PH and he is as nice as Gail. Another friendly encounter with someone on the phone. I really should get a LOTTO ticket! :)

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    I had better write this quickly as it is almost time for dinner. We sand this morning at an Assisted Living/NH in the area and they were so appreciative. Some were really were with it and others not so much but one lady got up at the end and said how much loved us coming - that we looked pretty and sand pretty too. Not sure if the word was correct for pretty but it was something nice like that. Then came home and started trying to make some purchases on line that I hadn't finished. I am out of so much stuff but cant get it all due to the $ . I will have to get some of it later. Trying to save a little bit of $c for the one day we will spend the beginning of June at a La casino. Even playing pennies or nickels is not cheap any more. If you want to get anything or hope to you have to put in more than one or two each time. It is more like at least 50c- $1 or more each pull. They are are taking out all the old ones I am used to and putting in all these crazy automated ones that I an't figure out. I love video poker but that s not cheap if you do the max at 1:25 a pull each time. Will have to be chincy with my money this month. I was a dummy and had not put the liquid natural herbal iron med the ND wanted me to take. I didn;t realize it had to be put in the refrig until it started to taste gross. So, I have a bottle with a bunch still in it and I have to throw it out. Now that it is getting warmer I guess it had gotten bad faster. Not sure if it is bad to take but I asked one of the gals today where I get it and she said that I probably shouldn't with no refrigeration. I have been fussing with this most of the afternoon, the ordering.

    JULIE - So glad that Gpa is coming along, even if it is slowly. Hang in there and I hope you aren't wearing yourself out :)!!

    MIKIE - Hope you find that NRG you are looking for. Then you can send some to me too if you can spare a little.

    SPRING WATER - Enjoyed reading your pot even though I cannot remember everything you talked about :)!!

    Thinking of everydobby - ROCK, DIANE, SUN, STAR, FANBRIT and those I have forgotten at the moment. Will be busy tomorrow morning trying on clothes for the model deal. That should be interesting. MIKIE asked about me getting a pic. Maybe somehow if I can get someone to take a picture some of you can tell me how to post it. DH is no help and is worse than I at that stuff :)!! Then going out to dinner for DD#2's 25th wedding anniversary dinner.

    Well, I have to go fix dinner.

    Love you all,
    GRANNI :)
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock> Mmmmmmm bean soup, I always loved Campbell's. And great idea adding some chicken broth instead of water. Wanna come clean out my car too! Honestly, I forget that it's a mess until suddenly I take a REALLY good look and start to gather up trash like a whole pack of Starbucks napkins.......I grab about 6 or 7 at a time. They're almost useless to mop up spills but they've cut everything to save $ including the thicker paper cups. They look at me funny when I ask for a double cup WITH the sleeve that goes around it. Hey......the hot cup bothers my delicate hands. LOL

    Mikie: sounds like a great deal you got there. I have only the basic CHEAP, direct TV plan just so I can watch TV. I've got a fairly new TV, about l l/2 hrs. old and someone told me the new TVs automatically get reception. I have direct TV until December so I have a bit of time to decide what I need to do.

    Spring: When my Mom was very very ill in hospice, I told her to just let go and go to God. (I guess this is what you talk about.....the white light) Reminded her of all the ones who had gone before and were waiting for her.

    Julie: HOW ARE YOU DOING? I worry about your health, about your sleep, and the stress of being away from home. Gpa is being taken care of, but what about you?

    I got my Medicare stuff all taken care of this morning.....yea. What another load off my shoulders. I picked United Health Advantage.....I think the same as Mikie. Then I went on to an art class. The teacher was showing slides of Miriam Schapiro's work. Never heard of her but it was most interesting. Apparently she made a big impact on feminist art, even though I wouldn't call it radical. Lots of collage work with fabric, cut out pics. of magazines, with some painting. Interesting. So our assignment is to do something along those lines. Fabric I've got!
    Last edited: May 17, 2016
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: You poor girl. Trying to sleep in a public lounge, probably almost as bad as trying to sleep in an airport lounge, neither one I could do. God is sure giving you extra energy. Do you get a pillow and blanket or just do the best you can? Why is sis on pain pills? What is wrong now with her? And the thumping is the way a person dislodges the blocked phlem in the chest. So what caused the problems? And a ventilator is not needed now? I'm glad to read that he can go to the same care center he has been in before and will get PT. That can do wonders to help a person. I'm sorry you haven't been able to see your dad.

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