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    Hey, Kids

    C'mon in, set yourself down.


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    Rock: thanks for starting a new one. Don't you love this cooler weather!

    Diane: My DS up in Portland, Oregon now has that bug. He said he's been in bed with bad body aches for 2 days now. It must have worked it's way up in that area now.

    Star: Well, I'm happy to read that the police have found some of your DHs things. I hope they will be able to find fingerprints on the rear view mirror. And will it take a lot of $ to fix it up again? Chop shops are big business in the So. Calif. area. I've read they can steal a veh. drive it to a warehouse and have it all stripped in about 10 min. with a bunch of guys working on it.

    The word I used was "boonies" short for boondocks.....meaning way out from town. I think there was a song years ago that used the word boondocks. Rock: you're good at doing some research!

    Mikie: I just found out that Prime Amazon has a ton of movies to watch, among them a new series from the writer of Downton Abbey. I've been working my way thru Lark Rise to Candleford and told my DD about it, which is viewable on PA. I don't have PA but was able to use my SIL account, etc. Yahoo!!!!

    Julie: Glad to read the dogs are getting along! I had a very unfriendly dog as she aged and I couldn't trust her with anyone, including other animals.

    I've been busy doing some sewing this morning, working on a costume to put for sale on etsy. I had worn it years ago and it needed some tweaking. It's a dress/reproduction that I don't need anymore.
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    Hi ROCK, Thanks for tarting up the new volume. That rocker looks very inviting. Hope things are going well for you and Gordon. I'm glad that these days someone is paying attention to the volumes cause my head is not always with it, if you know what I mean :)!!

    Went shopping and lunch with DD for her birthday - #51. I wish I was that again . Of course I know that those with that young age can still have medical and physical problems . She has some problems too and some similar to me and I hope she doesn't get to feeling as bad as I do sometimes. Her b/p at least seems to be pretty good I think. She of course is about 3 years CA free and that is wonderful. We went to the Goodwill store where they had some nice things. I didn't get anything for myself. Nothing caught my eye even if the prices were good. I bought DD a jacket, black she can wear with almost anything when it gets cooler, and a sleevless top, a;; for less than $15.. Then we went to Palais Royal where we used the coupons we had gotten when we modeled. Plus they had some special. I ought a nice dress, summer very cheap with the coupon and my dress that I modeled was 40% off I think it was. She also got a couple of dresses that were on sale with the coupon. sold it or gave it to her daughter or something.

    Then we went out to eat at a little place that might not quite a as popular now but it seemed pretty good for what I could eat. We both got chicken wraps and fruit salad. You could also have soup or salad with it. Nice to sit down in a peaceful surrounding. Then we went to good old WM and did some shopping there. So I was tired when we got home and DD was going to go to Zumba but I said no thanks this time :)!!

    Almost time to go fix some kind of dinner. BTW, the guy is back trying one more thing. If it doesn't work he will put in the new water heater tomorrow, even if on Saturday. He usually doesn't work on Saturdays. That was nice. Was not looking forwards to another weekend with no shower.

    STAR - Glad they found your car and some of DH;s things. Hope they find the people that did this to you . The BOONIES is what SPRING might have said which means out in the boon docks or in other words way out in the country someplace.

    JULIE - Glad Gpa is doing better and you got to spend some time with him. I know that you will feel a little better now. Hope e continues to improve.

    Hi also to MIKIE Hope you are feeling better today and that the rain is over for you and storms.

    I need to go and fix dinner.- AGAIN !!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. Was up all last night and slept almost all day. Good thing I
    have nowhere I need to go and nothing much to do. Am finishing up
    the autobiography of Vincente Minnelli, one of Hollywood's best
    directors. Famous for his musicals. He won an Oscar. So did his wife
    (Judy Garland) and his daughter, Liza.

    Gordon has been busy with his new vandas. They were grown in
    baskets with the roots exposed to the air. He is doing surgery on them.
    Cutting away the dead roots and sometimes part of the stalk. A
    time consuming job. I guess it's like cooking or anything else. If you
    love it, it's great. For most folks it would be drudgery.

    Star and Sun and Granni, yes, boonies is short for boondocks. The Boone
    family (from whence commeth Daniel) built the first dock in
    Kentucky. There was, in fact, no Kentucky at the time. It was
    part of Virginia. Kentucky BTW was named by the Cherokee Indians
    who called it a dark and bloody ground. They were also the first
    family in the area to drive an Ute.

    What sort of a costume are you working on, Sun? When Liza Minelli
    was a little girl, her dad used to have the MGM costume dept. make
    her costumes for her birthday gifts. Reproductions of what the
    stars wore in some of his movies.

    Granni, glad you had a nice excursion with your daughter. I hope you
    get your hot water situation resolved. I remember when I was small
    we didn't have a water heater or a refrigerator or a washing machine
    or a furnace, etc. Didn't make much difference to us kids, of course, but
    the modern appliances that became available after WWII sure made things
    easier for the "housewife". (That was the term then. It was a honorable
    designation. No one considered it an insult.)

    Here are some more quotes from "F in Exams". The author put out
    several such books, but out library only has one of them.

    Why do some researcher believe that living close to a cell phone
    tower might cause poor health?
    You might walk into it.

    What did Freud mean by the term "superego"?
    A toaster waffle that wears a cape and fights crime.

    Springwater, here's one for you. Powerful aftershocks rocked
    the city. Fires burned out of control. The streets were full
    of debris and ruined buildings. What type of natural
    disaster could cause such destruction?
    The end of American Idol.

    All for now
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    Hi everyone! Thanks, Rock, for starting a new volume. I'm like Granni...I just click on the porch and don't even notice how many posts there have been.

    I didn't know that about the Boone's...is that also where Boone's Farm wine comes from?

    I would say that some people probably think Den and I live in the boondocks. We're not as far out in the country as other people, but don't have terribly close neighbors and we don't have a lot of shopping, restaurants, etc. near by. But, a few minutes' drive gets us back to "civilization."

    Star, I am also glad the police found some of your things in the vehicle. I sure hope they can identify the culprits through some clear enough prints.

    Sun, I'll bet you have lots of stuff to put on etsy because you are so talented...since it is supposed to be hand crafted or vintage...I have very little homemade, but probably could come up with some vintage things...

    Granni, glad you had a good day with your DD...Happy Birthday to her! Oh, I sure hope you have hot water for your shower soon...

    I started my day early...with a text from Amy, asking how her dog was doing, lol! I think they are all excited to be going on a trip, but there will be some challenges. Miley still has "meltdowns" from the environment she lived in with her parents. Her mom and dad haven't been doing the things they need to do in order to get custody back, but the courts still want them to have visitations with her...so there have been two this week.

    And, of course, Miley acts up afterwards. She seems to take it out mostly on Amy...kicking and hitting her, talking terrible to her...and Amy is the one who takes care of her the most. But also disciplines her. When it gets too bad, Clinton usually just removes Miley from the scene...he does a lot with her too, but since he is actually her "Papa" and Amy is just "Amy", that might make a difference. But he also tries to make sure Miley understands that she is not to treat Amy that way...so sad...

    And it is going to be so hot while they are gone. Lindsey said it is very hot in Tennessee...probably worse than it is supposed to be here.

    Anyway, Den is in for supper, so I'd better get his plate fixed. I did go see my dad today and he seems to be doing fine. I plan to work on the yard this weekend...mowing and running the lawn sweeper (haven't done any of that yet) and Den will be doing his things too. He is about finished with the urn/box for his dad...takes a lot of steps with all the cutting pieces out, routering the edges, sanding, staining...and tonight he decoupaged a picture of his dad on the front panel. He still has to glue and fasten it together and figure out how to fasten the lid on, but it is coming along.

    Hi to everyone I missed this evening...I feel sort of "out of it" again...must be the "catching up" phase...

  6. Starlight74

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    Chuckle chuckle chuckle.
    Yes I remember the song with the lyrics' out in the boon docks' or something like that.
    So here we'd say 'out in the sticks'.
    We do actually live in a town,but it's rural/country. Nothing like the city. Population about 10 000 if you count surrounds.
    Had a bit of a growth spurt because a lot of old folks figured it'd be best to sell up in the city (Melbourne) & buy here,which is much cheaper and not so spread out and have change Left over. A few retirement villages have sprung up too. Then of course Aldi and macdonalds came to town. Used to be a clean town before maccas. Our train station has re opened since the council started catering to our older citizens,which means easier travel to Castlemaine,Bendigo,ballarat and Melbourne. The world is your oyster,as they say. Our train station is one of the oldest and beautiful ones in Australia,I'm told by the antique buffs.
    So I do kinda live in the sticks,but with all the convenience. The best of both worlds I'd say.
    Love fresh air,open spaces,but also enjoy town water and sewerage and the turn of a knob to get the heater going.
    Everything is easy to get to and in one area. Easy parking and all that too.
    No real need to go elsewhere to shop because what you can't get here eBay will have.
    When our Treasures were in nappies we lived in country West Australia and chopping wood to light a fire for warmth and hot water,was a lot of work that I simply couldn't manage now.
    We have a rain water tank for drinking water as the stuff on tap here isn't great.

    Aside from this latest incident with our car being stolen,we've had no complaints and love it here. Only thing we don't have that I sometimes miss,is the beach. That's a few hours away for us. Which isn't bad considering I hear some people haven't even seen the beach. We have a couple of reservoirs and of course there's plenty of river fishing.
    The drought hit here pretty hard though and a lot of farmers went bust. Suicide rates went up too. Not only that,but a lot of the beautiful orchards in Australia were forced to dig their crops in or let the fruit fall because they couldn't compete with Asian imports and that type of thing, since their labour is cheap.
    Sad to see so much wastage when so many go hungry. How sad it would be for the farmers.

    Recently a restriction was put on Asians buying up all the powder milk and baby formula because they were buying up big and sending it back to family. My father I law is married to a Chinese lady. She says the soil and grass over there is too polluted,so the cows milk is no good for their babies.

    The bloke that stole our car has been locked up since Monday for other thefts. I don't know how much justice will actually be served because he apparently knows how to play the system and won't go to a normal jail. He'll go to psych facility and get out much quicker.I believe in justice,not vengeance,but the disturbing thing is,is we've said hello to this thief on many Occassion walking past our home. DH has given him lifts before and once he was down and out and I gave him something to keep warm. How can you steal from people who you look in the eye like that?
    It's sad ,that's all.
    I feel really sorry for him. How alone and lost he must be.

    Ah well,it seems I've gone off track. I'm really sore and tired today. Brain is a bit hazy.

    Sorry Granni,I feel guilty,but I'm going to slide into a hot bath and see if that helps. Glad lunch went well with DD.
    Mikie- you got heaps done,you must be pleased.
    Rock-thanks again for the history lesson and laugh.
    Spring-I love Indian clothing and colour.
    Sun-I didn't know you could still buy portable CD players like you described. I have music on my phone.
    Julie-are there many young Hamish folk around your parts of are they mostly older?
    Dianne-I really hope this finds you well. I struggle with information retention as well.
    Barry-hope the heat isn't too bad for you today.

    Take care all.
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    Hi Kids

    I was just attacked by a ferocious beast. Managed to fight it off.
    Would like to try and get some sleep (been up for most of the night),
    but I'm not getting back in the bloody bed. Well, blood may not
    be the right term. It wasn't red. More of an evil brown.

    And that was the second attack. The first one took place in the
    bathroom. Who would have thought this would happen in the
    peace and comfort of one's own home. Biggest beetle I ever
    saw. About the size of half a Mound's Bar.

    I wonder if Julie encountered that sort of menace on her trips
    to Belize. They have all sorts of poisonous things down there:
    bugs and snakes and frogs and centipedes and things too fierce
    to mention. And that doesn't include all the deadly denizens
    of deep.

    Star, I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed the history lesson. And
    here's a real kawinkydink fur ya. I saw a few minutes of a program
    called Aerial America which looks at each state. They were doing
    Kentucky and talked about Daniel Boone and the Cumberland
    gap, the gateway the pioneers used to traverse the Allegheny Mts.


    Julie, Miley and her parents sounds like a handful and then some. I
    think people who get married to someone who has teenagers must
    have the same attitude as people who bungy jump or climb mts.

    Don't know anything about Boone's Farm Wine. Is that the kind
    that makes the birds go cheap, cheap?

    Hugs to Mikie, Diane, Springwater, Granni, Sun, Barry (what's up Old Boy?)

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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids.

    Not much to tell. I got up to sunny skies but the clouds have rolled in. Rain is possible this afternoon. I don't know when the ground will be so saturated that it cannot absorb any more but I have a feelin' it ain't long now. DD in Tx called last night and their weather has been identical to our. Their old dog that the vet suspects has cancer is up and running around like a pup. It's possible the tumor in the bone in his leg is benign. If it's cancer, he has about six months but, if it's benign, who knows. The important thing is that he's not in pain and enjoying life. They even feel so comfortable that they may all come down for a visit. If not, DD and DGS will come after his birthday on July 2. They are taking him to NYC for his birthday. He loves it there. DD got a good deal at the Waldorf so he will be celebrating in style.

    Today is the 30th anniversary of the release of Ferris Beuller's Day Off. Can't believe how time really does fly. I try not to let it fly by so fast that I don't stop to appreciate my life. It's hard sometimes not to live in the moment when those moments are filled with pain and exhaustion. I'm thinking of doing a peptide injection and, if it doesn't resolve this flare, I may do several. I can't keep going like this with little quality of life.

    Rock, thanks for putting out the rocking chairs for us. My friend/neighbor who died about a year ago had a vanda just growing on a tree trunk with the roots exposed. She is the one who gave me that huge dendrobium which is now too big to hang in my small bottle brush tree. I have it just sitting on top of a storage box in front behind our hedge. I hope it blooms again. There are three or four new canes. I'm laughing reading Granni's post where she thanked you for tarting up the new volume. Sometimes, our typos are hilarious. I make many typos myself but few are humorous.

    Sorry about the attack. I'm a bit confusicated. Was there a huge beetle in the bed or was it a nightmare? I got concerned about the brown stain in the bed. I've seen huge roaches in FL and other tropical places but haven't had them here (knocking on wood). I think the ongoing pest control treatments keep them away. About the only thing I get are ants when it's wet outside, hence the Terro Traps. Hope you can rest bug free.

    Granni, as I mentioned to Rock, your opening sentence made me laugh. Not making fun of typos, I make many myself, but once in a while, a typo will tickle my funny bone. I didn't go back to the last Porch so didn't read more about the hot water heater. I hope you got it fixed. When I'm cleaning up my paperwork, I need to see how old my heater is. I think I'm good to go for a few years before I need to replace it. Just don't want it to leak. I'm so glad you had fun celebrating DD's birthday. Love the great bargains too. Bealls is having a big sale and I have a $10 coupon if I spend $30. Tempting! DD in TX called me last evening and said she is sooooo hot. Seems we've both had identical weather. Saw on TV that there was a shooting at the Dallas airport. That's the one DSIL flies out of. Scary. Hope you are managing to stay dry.

    Julie, so glad your Dad is OK. Also glad you can get some things done in the yard this weekend. It's always seemed as though you enjoy working out there. It's wonderful that Den is doing such a good job on the cremains box. Barb's son, who is a master cabinet builder, made one for his dad. It's big enough to also include Barb's cremains when she passes. The one I chose for my Mom is a whitish wood with a pale pink stain on it. There is a ribbon which encircles it with a pink flower design. The top is laser etched with a rose, her name and DOB-DOD. Her name was Rose so the pretty pink floral box is so fitting. I have it on my bedroom dresser with a small angel standing in front of it. The little bisque angel was a gift I had given to her. When DGS was really little, he was fascinated by that angel.

    Hope you are getting your rest and enjoying being able to do some things which bring you joy. Prayers for Amy and her little family. It's soooo hard for kids whose parents haven't been nurturing. They will act out on the ones who love them most and do the most for them. On the one hand, the nurturer reminds them of how they have been neglected by the parents who should be doing the nurturing. On the other hand, Miley must feel safe that Amy loves her enough so that she won't abandon her for acting out. My heart goes out to them.

    Sun, so glad you are enjoying the Lark Rise to Candleford series. I hated to get to the end when I was binge watching. Binging is a thing and now very popular. I'm so ahead of my time! I enjoy both Amazon Prime and Netflix. Both have some pretty good original programming and reruns of favorites on network and cable TV. I now have cable in the livingroom but not in the bedroom. The bedroom is where I watch Prime and Netflix but I can watch it on the living room TV too. I can also watch shows on On Demand in the living room. I admire your skills and creativity and am glad you can sell on the internet. Also glad you are getting some cooler weather. We are sweltering down here in the tropical jungle. Soooo hot and dripping wet! AACCKK!!! I'm so sorry to hear you DS is so ill. I hope he feels better soon. The crud going around this last year has been awful. My neighbor is finally better after taking Bactrim for her cough.

    Star, it sounds lovely where you live. FL is kinda like that in that people up north sell their large homes and buy condos here which are cheaper. Some have two condos, one here and one up north. We call them Snowbirds because their yearly migration mimics that of the birds. People up north get sick of the cold and shoveling snow. One of the nice things about living where I do is the culture which is available. I was shocked at the number of symphonies, art shows/galleries, and traveling Broadway shows here. It's more than we had in Denver when I lived in CO. We have colleges and universities here and I think that attracts more cultural activities. Of course, we have all the redneck activities too, complete with swamp buggy races through the muck. We do have beaches but I don't usually go. We have a nice big pool next to our bldg. If this rain doesn't let up, I may never get there again.

    Your historical train station sounds lovely. It's good that the powers that be appreciate the historical value of such things. Many of our criminals here have long histories of crimes committed. They go in and out of jail like it's a revolving door. Our govt. is looking at new sentencing guidelines. Our prisons are full of people with non-violent drug possession arrests while the truly dangerous one get out to revictimize people. It does sound as though you have the best of both worlds. We do here too but crime is becoming more of a problem. As always, so good to hear from you and read about your life where you live.

    Gonna post before this is lost to the ether. Will be back to edit. OK, done editing. Hope I didn't miss anything. Speaking of missing--hope Barry, Spring and Diane are well. Also hope I didn't miss anyone. I usually do, thanks to my poor old exhausted brain. Off to read the newspaper and perform my civic duty to be informed. Well, as informed as anyone can be with the 'news' we have available to us today.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, everyone! Missing Mikie today...hope you are okay. This flare/virus you are going through has lasted way too long, as I'm sure you know only too well.

    Oh, good! I see you have popped on just as I was typing, lol! Hope your rain lets up and the weather becomes just perfect for hanging out at the pool.

    Rock, you night sounds absolutely horrible :( :eek: :mad: I hope you can get your rest yet sometime today. Yep, lots of creepy crawly things in Belize...open the cupboard door, take out a pan or bowl, and there sits a tarantula!

    Star, I'm so sorry about this fellow that stole from you after you were so kind to him. Reminds me of several years ago when Gpa (Den's dad) let a couple fellows fish in his pond. And I think gave them some work to do around his other farm. The guys often went in the house to use the bathroom, and walked right by Gpa's safe.

    One day, Gpa and I were at one of his doctor appts. (back when he still drove, he only drove the 13 miles to our house, then I would take him on to his appt.) Gpa got back home and called to tell me his house had been broken into. Whoever it was took the whole safe...the deeds to both farms, Gpa's Army medals, lots of special (if not particularly "valuable" things.)

    The police figured the thieves took what they wanted from the safe, then pitched the rest in a ditch or creek or somewhere. They even questioned the two guys who we truly believe did it (not too many others knew about the safe, tucked away in a corner, on the way to the bathroom) but nothing became of it.

    It would cost over $2000 to get each farm researched again and a new deed made. It would be nice to know who exactly farmsteaded our place in 1848 or before, but that isn't exactly pocket change.

    Well, I heard Den up at 6:30...I just lazed in bed till after 7:00 then decided I should get up and get busy. I also heard some thunder, so guess I'd better check the weather forecast...I didn't think it was supposed to rain till next week. If it rains today, I still have plenty to do inside.

    Anyway, hope everyone has a good enough day.

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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Everydobby,

    I continue on with the saga of the water heater. The semi fixed it last night and told us to let them know in the a.m. if it was still hot. The pilot light kept going out before. I took a nice hot shower last night and thought there might still be some life in this one. DH shaved in the a.m. and said he thought it was hot and he called the guy to tell him. Later on when I was up I turned on the tub where the hot water usually goes first. Well, it was NOT hot. So we tried to get a hold of the guy but his mailbox was full. So, he called the office to tell them. The guy finally called us back and said he would try and get it authorized to day and installed. So now we wait again. meanwhile I was outside getting attacked by little bugs, I guess mosquitoes and other little things while trying to remove a lot of weeds and stuff that we are trying to thin out. Wasn't out to long as it was very hot and muggy. I had on jeans and a a shirt and had sprayed my arms with stuff. When I came in I was really dragging. I quickly washed up and changed into shorts and sleeveless top.

    MIKIE - Yes, it does sound like your FL weather is very similar to ours here in TX not to far from the Gulf. Hope you are feeling a little bit better today with your seige that has been really bugging you for while.

    I really can't stay on long right now since it looks like it is almost time for lunch and DH will be starving :)!!

    It seems like the only way I find out some things about some of my family if go onto FB. MY eldest DD and her DH are in the Austin area and looking around at homes. Not sure right now if they are going to rent first until they decide what neighborhood they want to live in or what. That is what they mentioned one time but that might change if they really find something they really like. One of their sons are with his German class and will spend 3 weeks or so in Germany with a family they have exchanged with before. How lucky they are to have this experience They are lucky to have hard working parents who try to give them everything they need to succeed in life. The other twin went the year before. Both had 4 years of German, at least one twin did and got a special award on it this year.

    JULIE - Do as much as you can do little by little , inside or out but try not to overdo it. You have already been through so much, At least now you have a chance to try and catch your breath before you have Gpa's memorial. That is awful that some guys stole Gpa's safe years ago with all that valuable info on the land etc. That is very sad they did not get it back.

    Need to go fix some kind of lunch. Bye for now !!!

    Hugz to everdobby inc those I missed speaking to personally, ( I also suffer from problems in retaining some information esp if a lot is given all at once). As my mom would say, please forgive my brain is like a seive at the moment :)!!

  11. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All;
    I am not feeling up to snHuff, so a short post. Richard is back from Amsterdam & France. He had a cold all the time he was there, plus jet-lag. He came back exhausted. He is now a nervous wreck because Shorty had two seizures, one last night, and the other the night before. Very scary. The vet said if it happens again and lasts for than five/ten minutes to give him liquid Valium per anus, with the appropriate syringe . Needless to say Richard freaks out now whenever Shorty moves or twitches. I am making R take Xanax. Shorty recovered from last night's attack much faster than the night before. The vet has taken blood tests and will let us know the results on Monday. Most upsetting, but R's reaction is so over the top that I am worried about him (R). He will be seeing the Doc. on Monday.

    Rock, what attacked you again? Was the bug in the bed the same as the beetle in the bathroom? A big beetle doesn't sound too bad to me -- but then I like beetles, most of them anyway. If it was really large and brown probably was one of the several species of June Beetles that are found in California. Must a flown in when the door was open; they are pretty nocturnal. I used to love seeing the green June Bugs in Texas when I lived there....

    Uh Oh, R is calling and I must sign off ASAP. Good to hear from everybody: Star I enjoy your posts, and am glad that you got the 4X4 back, although a shame about the theft and the thief.

    Bye to All for Now,

  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    Barry, so glad Richard got home okay, but sorry about Shorty and that Richard is also sick with worry. Nobody needs that kind of stress...hope Shorty gets along okay and the labs give some answers.

    Granni, oh you poor dear! I hope the guy can get your water heater put in today after all the trouble you've had.

    So, you will have another daughter living closer to you? I don't remember where they live now...

    I've been on the mower. Den put my lawn sweeper together, but it was harder than it looked...he doesn't really have time to do extra things. Speaking of stressing...he is trying to get his dad's box done, but keeps running into problems. And he still has to get the Gator ready to drive to the cemetery. So, he said please don't give him any more honey do jobs until after the funeral...

    Speaking of "extra"...sis just texted him that "we are out of gas, could you come get us?" Not too far from our house. How ridiculous...she drives for a living, but can't manage to keep from running out of gas? So, she and her passengers are sitting outside in this heat, waiting for Den to get there. The thing is, her van probably had some sort of "ding" or other alert that she was getting low.

    I told Den she does these things on purpose...makes people feel sorry for her...she loves to be the victim. And makes extra work for her little brother. I am so hoping to get to the point where we don't have to deal with her anymore.

    Anyway, I need to crash...think I will lie on the couch with Jasmine and just rest, so I don't fall asleep and stay down for hours. Still too much yard to mow.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE BTW, the daughter that I was talking about lived in HOUSTON who had the three kids that all graduated, and twins off to college, but is hoping to move to somewhere in the AUSTIN area. They are house hunting now. I know that can be fun as well as a bit stressful especially when it comes to decision time.- Glad that you are starting to think of yourself a little more and getting a little more rest. Glad you are taking the time to rest with Jasimine. I am sure she will love that, some company. We used to live in Houston many years ago but we are at least an hour or more drive from them but we both hate the traffic and only went up there when we had to for special occasions. Actually, maybe we will see them more when they move 4 1/2 or so hours away. NOW, everyone is in Houston but one daughter that lives around Ft. Worth area. I know that was sort of a sore spot with DD#1. It will be farther away from us but those two are VERY busy and will have to work really hard to help 2 of those kids pay their collegegtuition at the same time.

    The other grandparents have always been there for them in Houston too and when they lived in Longview, and also took them in when they needed a home years ago when DSIL lost his job and we was looking where they were but couldn't find anything. They do have that special bond and I understand that. She has gotten really upset with us more than once for what she might have thought was making excuses for not coming to kids events or something. The other g parents are almost always there and also hope to move up in the area they are moving to sometime. Of course the other g mother has a sister who lives up there too. Both are still semi working so we will see. I don't think either of them mind driving all around . DH hates bad traffic and so do I and he is also impatient. I don't think anything bothers the other grandparents especially the g pa. She is a realtor and right now I think he has another almost full time job not to close by. He has to be busy all the time. He didn't want to move for the longest time and now supposedly he may have given in. However, he would have to give up his job. Not sure if they are both working esp him to give to the kids. They have lots of g kids from another son too. They lived probably maybe 15 minutes if that from DD#1's family. We live over an hour maybe 1 hr and 15 minutes or maybe a little more sometimes and have to take tollways to make good time and eliminate some long drives throughout the busy streets.

    Here I am rambling on and on. I am anxious to hear what my kids think of moving up there to Austin or suburbs. They had wanted to move close to Fredricksburg which is not as large but it is also not to cheap. Lots of retirees loving it up there. It is so pretty up there.

    Haven't had any more from the guy so not sure if he will be up here today or not. When he called this afternoon he had just gotten the authorization but he had to find the hot water heater needed. It may very well be on Monday that we get it. Thank goodness our DD#2 lives close by in case we need a shower.

    BARRY - Glad Richard got home but sorry about Shorty and hope Richard feels better soon too. I am sure he is worried about Shorty too besides jet lag and whatever he got on his trip.

    Gotta run for now. Have a great weekend everyone. Maybe I will see you all tomorrow. I doubt if they will put in the water heater tomorrow. It might be Monday if he doesn't come today and it is a bit late now. DH is going to call him soon.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: I'm sorry Shorty is going thru some bad times. For what it's worth, our dog, Lucy, started having seizures. I could see it happening.....eyes jumping around and stiffening, paralyzed for a short time. The vet wanted to put her down, but I said I would wait until my kids could get here to say goodbye. She slowly made a recovery, and lasted another year. I don't think she was in pain but walked VERY slowly.....just out to the street to pee in the gutter, then back in the house. Then I would go hose it down a bit. So sad when we have to watch this. Sorry Richard didn't have an enjoyable time.
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Just Popping On for a short visit.

    Caught up in chores coz I went out on a trip which took a bit longer than I thought yesterday.

    I thought I better make use of the xtra energy i seemed to hv. Went and got some replacement crockery odds n ends. Took in a temple or two. And enjoyed the cool weather.

    Rain came down like a monster last night...for an hour..the roads outside were already flooded. It stopped thankfully. Must a filled up the wells and water reservoirs nicely. Someone's prayers certainly working!

    However, today faced with a hot and muggy morning.

    Barry - so sorry about Shorty..praying his seizures stop. We had a dog at my inlaws who suffered seizures, FIL sent him away..that was how he dealt with ill dogs, just them away. All heart. They said the dog recovered. We did hv a school janitors dog, who i arranged to stay in a rehabilitation centre...it used to hv seizures, actually a stray dog they took in..funny thing is we brought him back be cause he had no seizures at all at the Rehab centre and docs couldn't keep him on..after three weeks they sent him back...in a weeks time I was summoned out of my bed because the dog was in a bad way. I don't know what this means.

    Mikie - you too about your grand doggie who is ill. Hope it's benign. I was laughing so hard about Rock and the beetle attack and you asking if it was a nightmare. I think it was an actual one. I've had to throw out a small cockroach from DHs bed once some nights ago and then a big ant ..it's a mys teary, we don't keep food in bedroom. And in the middle of bed? I shall hv to use insecticide, just I hate chemicals, I can't even stand the detergent smell of it's too strong.

    I will hv to come back again...and continue my post. A chore has arisen.

    Love you all lots

    God Bless

  16. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Chilling out on the couch...
    It Is actually quite cold and I really don't want to move around too much as I'm feeling a bit yuk.
    Mikie- so sorry the flare up is still hanging on. I wouldn't wish it on any one.
    The only thing that gives hope when you're in the thick of it ,is knowing it won't last.
    I'm not %100 , but it does feel like they drag on for longer as I get older. Hope not.
    So the dog doesn't appear to be suffering or sad? Sure makes a difference doesn't it? Our animal friends certainly impact our lives and emotions don't they?
    Did someone previously mention the Zika virus over your way?
    On telly tonight an Aussie bloke has something to do with a possible cure? Only saw a snippet of the preview,so will try to watch it.
    Barry- Until everyone's response to your post,I never realised that seizures in dogs was as heard of as this. Also, the length of them is quite a lot longer than I would have imagined. I suppose I can understand Richards response,as it'd feel awful to not be able to do anything and (perhaps my imagination is in over drive), but does it look terribly scary? (For want of a better word).
    I had a mate ,when growing up ,who had epilepsy.while his behaviour was 'full on', to the point of throwing himself through a shop window, while having a fit,it wasn't really scary. On the other hand,my mother had an epileptic fit when I was in my late teens (I think I was) and even though it wasn't nearly as violent, and effected her differently, it was way more scarier.
    Same with blood.
    Never thought I'd be such a sook, but it turns out I'm not as bad as I thought- just useless to the people I love the most and need me.
    What can I say? It's pretty pathetic,but if too personally attached,I panic or kinda have a melt down. I'd much rather be able to step and be calm,collected and a hero... But it is what it is.
    I guess it is a good thing that you have a level head and are looking out for both Shorty & Richard. I bet they'd appreciate it. I would.
    I do hope things improve all round. It's awful living with stress.
    Julie-I can't believe a whole safe was pinched!
    Gee it must be nice to go fishing in your own pond. How beautiful it must've been in its hey day,out at your G pa's.
    So,are there many armish folk out your way? (Every time I tried to put that word in,my phone insisted on changing it to Hamish! I was beginning to get frustrated).
    Rock-DH and Treasures cure skins from deer,rabbits,kangaroos and even gave goats a shot (but couldn't get the awful stink out), so Daniel Boone probably is something they'd be interested in. He was the dude with the raccoon skin hat? Gosh I hope so.

    Oops. There it goes. I'm sure I had something Really interesting to say, but it's gone. I hate feeling like a dummy. Struggling with the fog today. Sorry guys. Will have to try again later.
    Take care everyone xx
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Kids

    For those who found my account of the beetle battle somewhat cryptic, here are
    the facts. It was a real beetle; very large; it is now deceased; I suspect there
    are probably more hidden in the walls of this old house.

    There are lots of beetles species. Numbers on the net range from 28,000
    species to 400,000. The really big ones are the Titan, the elephant, and the
    rhinoceros. On the other hand, there is room for the walking stick. The
    longest insect but very skinny. Looks like it's made from twigs; gets up
    to 2 feet long. There was one in the news a couple weeks ago.

    Star, yes, both Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett were frontier men who wore
    coonskin caps. On the other hand, Crockett was also a Congressman. He
    died in Texas at the Alamo.

    I looked up sook. Read it meant someone who is easily upset, whines, etc.
    I guess it would be appropriate to sook if your ute got stuck in the mud, huh?

    Springwater, good to hear from you. I wish you has some wonderful news
    to impart. Well, I wish we all did. Glad to hear you had some extra energy.
    I watched a couple videos on Youtube. I searched for "Nepal Countryside" and
    found a video with that name. "Nepal countryside is far better than Kathmandu
    valley." One video had beautiful still pictures. Both videos had annoying
    soundtracks, but there is no requirement that one listen to them.

    Sun, yup, pets and kids can bring joy to our lives, but also heartbreak. I
    read years ago, "When we have children we ransom our future." I
    thought the meaning was ominous and also somewhat murky.
    Of course with pets, one can pick something that lives a long time.
    Like an alligator or a tortoise or a parrot. And generally small dogs
    live longer than big ones. We got Chester, one of our shih tzus from
    a rescue society. He was an adult when we got him. Lived with us
    13 or 14 years. (Can't remember anything for sure any more. Sook.)

    Julie, so did Den go and rescue Sis? I got fed up with rescuing my sis.
    Especially her last attempt which I think was a con job. Come to
    think of it, one of her brothers is also annoying me. As it says in the
    Good Book (you can pick the Good Book of your choice) Relatives:
    can't live with 'em. Can't shoot em.

    Mikie, I didn't even notice the tarting typo. Clear evidence that I
    am deteriorating. As The French philosopher did not put it, "Every day
    in every way I am getting worser and worser."

    Gordon has a purpurata orchid in bloom. It looks much like the pic
    below. Has 4 big flowers that are white and lilac in color. The
    photo below is from the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate nursery. We were
    there many times. Santa Barbara is the home of an annual orchid show
    and several orchid nurseries. We used to visit them all every spring.
    The Pro Health office is located a few miles away in Carpinteria.

    Barry, yes, I think the beetle in the bathroom was the same beetle that
    was in the bedroom. I took a swat at the bug that was walking along
    the rim of the tub, and it vanished. I now think it was carried into
    the bedroom on my shoe or clothes.

    You're right. It wasn't too bad. A rattlesnake would have been worse.
    My son and I came across one of those in a city park many years ago.
    And, of course, some beetles are beautiful; the iridescent ones.
    Hope the three of you are feeling better pronto.


    Hugs, Diane, Granni,

    Last edited: Jun 12, 2016
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Another sweltering day ahead. It's supposed to get up to 92 and, of course, humid. When it's in the 90's, the A/C won't cool below 79 without running nonstop. So, I adjust my activities accordingly and don't do too much to make me sweat between noon and about seven in the evening. When I replaced the A/C, the new unit was supposed to be adequate. Obviously, it isn't. If one gets too big a unit, it cycles off and on all the time. It requires a Goldilocks unit--one that's just right. I need to call the A/C guy this week to do his yearly check. Perhaps I'm down a bit of coolant or the coils are a bit dirty.

    Saw an ad for the Heifer Project on TV. I can't afford to do monthly payments but did send a small one-time donation. They give goats to families in third-world countries. They can drink the milk and sell any extra milk. They can breed the goats and give them away to others where they live. It's been one of the most successful projects to try to eliminate hunger in the world.

    Rock, I don't like critters in my home except for the kitties. I'll try to relocate lizards outside if I can catch them. They try to run inside when the door is open. Lately, we've had larger and darker lizards and they don't seem to want to come in as much as the smaller green ones. They all seem to love living in the potted plants outside. They come running out when I water the plants in the pots. I love them because they are supposed to eat the mosquitos. I love watching them too as they do their 'push ups' and blow out the sacs under their chins. My family and I were driving up the coast from LA to San Francisco and spent the night in Santa Barbara. It is so beautiful along the coast in CA. I've decided not to worry about my sieve-like brain. Nothing much I can do about it except to be very careful to note all my activities and appts. in my calendar and check it out all the time. Only thing this week is the concert on Tues. evening.

    Julie, thanks for your kind good wishes. I've been in a flare for more than six or eight months. Once I succumb to flares this bad, it takes forever for me to recover without the peptide injections. The Whatever Virus reactivates and it takes pulsing the AV's off and on to get it back into latency. At least, I'm not bedridden and can do some things. It's not as bad as when I first got really sick. That is a shame about GPA's safe. If thieves only realized that their bad deeds will come back to bite them on the ass one way or another. Sis needs to get AAA. Actually, she needs to get to a shrink but I don't spose that's going to happen. In the meantime, take care and get your rest.

    Granni, hope your kids find just the home they are looking for. And, I hope that hot water heater gets fixed once and for all. I don't have one of those contracts. My neighbors have had them and had so much trouble with them that it's not worth it here. FL is a breeding ground for every scam there is. My neighbor had one and they told her she would need to spend several thousands replacing her A/C unit. I gave her the name of my A/C guy and he fixed it for $250. It was a leak. I just get extended warrantees on the expensive appliances and take my chances with everything else. It's about $500 to get a new hot water heater installed for the condo. Mine is 40 gallons but is the short, squaty kind. It sits in a closet under the air handler. We don't have gas here so everything is electric. Be careful out in that heat working in the yard. I don't know how you do it. Just walking to the dumpster is enough to do me in. I can't tolerate heat like I used to be able to.

    Barry, glad Richard is home but am so sorry he was sick on his trip, with jet lag on top of it. I'm also sorry for Shorty's seizures and how it is affecting Richard. I hope the seizures stop. Perhaps all of you can take some time to recover. I hope so. We had green June Bugs some years when I lived in CO. Or, at least, that's what people called them. They were really big. As a kid, I didn't like bugs 'n spiders. AACCKK!!! Stinging insects threw me into a panic. I was stung badly by wasps as a young child. Now, I enjoy the nature shows with them but prefer these critters on TV and not in my home. Hope all y'all can rest up and feel better.

    Star, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Is it the cold? When temps dip or soar, it can cause flareups. I hope you feel better. Also hope your flares don't get worse. Mine have actually gotten better over the years but I think that's due to the peptide injections I took for a year. When I have flares, I get a 'booster' injection and it helps with the Sjogren's symptoms. It isn't a cure, though and they are expensive--not covered by insurance. It was I who mentioned the Zika Virus. FL is expected to take the brunt of the invasion of the mosquitos that carry it. We have one woman sick with it but she got infected somewhere else. Congress isn't wanting to loosen the purse strings to try to find a cure or even to contain it. Both our Republican and Democrat Senators are fighting for more funding for our state. Yes, my granddog appears to be without pain. He isn't favoring his paw/leg and is running around like a puppy. Thanks for your good wishes. I'm sending good wishes to you to feel better.

    Spring, thanks for your good wishes for Nigel too. I hope he continues feeling and acting like a young pup. I think you and Granni and I are all feeling the effects of this hot 'n rainy season. We were already seven inches ahead for our rain this year before these new storms dumped a ton of water on us. A friend called last evening and said it was making her depressed. I think it's getting to my dear old friend too. Glad you got out and about and were able to catch up on chores while you have more NRG. That is what I have to do--schedule everything around my NRG levels. I hope you continue to have more NRG so you can enjoy your life.

    Sun, I hope you can come back when you can stay a while.

    Time to dig into the big Sunday paper. I'm enjoying sitting here with my coffee while it's still cool enough to be comfortable. Don't know when this crazy weather will stop. Our old summertime pattern of sunny days with afternoon showers has gone away. Now, it can rain for days with very little sunshine in between rain showers. Couple that with my lazy A/C and it spells misery. Whine, whine, whine! Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2016
  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, guys! I feel like I slept really well, even with having to get back up to give Jasmine her medicine...speaking of seizures, she has little ones also. I think the chewy pill is to help with that, and maybe her "nerves" too? I just know that she is terrified of storms and if we have one, I am to give her two pills, instead of one. So, far she has made herself right at home. I just keep the two dogs separated at mealtime...food is the only thing over which they have "had words" :)

    I'm pretty sore...think it's just muscles I haven't used in awhile. Hopefully, I will get back into some sort of condition. And a few "catch up" trips to the chiros (local and far away) and maybe in a couple months I will feel better?

    Star, yes we have lots of Amish around us. I meant to answer you in another post and totally forgot. We have such good neighbors in our area. When our Lindsey had the twins (they will be four on the 21st, big sister will be 6 on July 8 and baby brother will be two on August 2) one of our closer families sent their eldest daughter to help (day or night, whatever we needed) for a very small payment...like $10 a day. And the other neighbors, I think 14 families, arranged to provide our supper meal (for both households as the kids lived on the farm, too...but in a different house)...this lasted a couple weeks or more!

    And last year, when Gpa had first come to live with us...and had so many health problems...while I was at one of Keira's ballgames, three of the neighbor girls came to pick my strawberries for me (and cleaned, mashed them and put them in jars in the fridge) all I had to do was put them in freezer containers.

    But...I also do things for them...like "rescue" the girls when they are stranded at a farther away friend's house and a storm comes up. Or when Kathryn pulled a muscle while playing volleyball and it was too painful to ride back home in a buggy. Things like that. They know they can call me night or day...I am not an official taxi driver, but just do it as a neighbor.

    Rock, speaking of sis. Yes, Den took some gasoline to her...come to find out it wasn't even her vehicle, although she and one of her regular passengers were in the van. (Den doesn't know what that was all about, except that sis had a flat tire on her van and maybe this guy was helping both women out by taking over?)

    But...the driver had already called someone to come get him to go get some gas. Even though he got back after Den was already there, putting gas in this vehicle...sis could have called Den and told him not to worry, that the actual owner/driver of this van had already gone to get gas. Just another ploy to bother someone else and get them involved, making it seem more of a problem than it really was. And it might have been because it would make me mad...I didn't get mad, just disgusted. Den said he wasn't going to let this become a habit...

    Anyway, I'd better get in the shower. Sorry, I've ran out of time to visit more. Den and I are heading to church...had sort of quit going, because Gpa didn't like to get up and around early enough and we didn't feel like we should leave him alone. Another part of our "new season" begins today...

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon everydobby :)!!

    MIKIE - Well today is also hot and humid and when we got home fro church and started eating lunch it got dark and stormy and it is still black out there. It rained pretty good but not heavy winds though this time. Hope that it doesn't rain tomorrow when that guy is supposed to come and hopefully put in our water heater which is outside. Don't think it will rain any more today but who knows for sure. Who knows with the weather nowadays :)??? Usually we also get rain in the afternoon too but hope at least that the mornings will be OK, not like it has been during all our deluges of late.. Luckily WE didn't have any problems with flooding but others sure have had.

    JULIE - Glad that you and Den will be able now to go to church as regularly as you can without Gpa and others to take care of. You have had so many responsibilites and so many things on your plate these past few years. Hopefully things now can slow down for you so you both can take care of each other and your house extension.

    Speaking of BUGS. You guys haven't seen any cockroaches like those tree roaches, big, black and can fly. I never saw a roach of any kind will we moved from NY to LA (New Orleans area) before HOUSTON. A lot of people have their homes treated and sprayed every 3 or 4 months. We used to but now DH does it himself. and hates the job especially when it is so HOT out. Just did it the other day. Haven't seen to many of them lately but they do try and get into the house. They don't scare me much but they can surely frighten you if they come out of no where and try and fly at you. Some fly and others do not.

    BARRY, SPRING WATER , JULIE- or anyone who has seen seizures or Epilepsy up close it is not pretty and can be very scary I had seen some when I was in nursing school esp since it was a state institution at that time that took patients who were left pretty bad because of so many seizures. That is bad enough but then our son started them at age 17 and 18 years of age getting ready to go to college. How do you tell at young man of that age he will most likely have to take meds every day of his life?? I know he probably didn't take them all the time like he should and had some seizures when he shouldn't have had to have them. He still take his meds as far as I know but I try not to mention it to him. He is all grown up now and 42 years old. Hope none of you have to deal with it but actually if on meds usually it takes care of the problem. I told him years ago that there are some people who are not controlled by meds all the time, so he was lucky.

    It must be just as scary to see your animal go a gran mal seizure. Hope Shorty will take his meds like a good boy and it will help him, Jasemine too. It is scary for anyone but worse for children and animals who have no idea of what is going on. It is jut a scary situation all the way around. Just gave them lots of love and care, they don't understand explanations. It is scary enough for adults

    ROCK- sorry you couldn't sleep at night and ended up sleeping through the day. Then that really messes you up. Hope you will start sleeping at night again SOON.

    Hi also to SUN, STAR , DIANE and everydobby else I cannot think of at the moment.

    Gotta run for now. Hope the weather is good tomorrow and we get our water heater.

    Love YOU AWL ,
    Granni :)
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