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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Saw it was time to open a new volume for our Porch. Nothing much new to report here. The CBS local news affiliate's Muggy Meter has it at Oppressive today. I think they should rename that level as, 'Sweat Like A Farm Animal.' There was a slight breeze yesterday and I think that may account for its not feeling as sweltering. I'm wearing a sleeveless top to tonight's concert. I don't care that my guns aren't toned as much as I'd like them or as much as they used to be. I'll take my black knit cardigan along in case the A/C is too cold inside the hall. Soooo glad I got that new battery for the car--peace of mind.

    Tweety and Sir Vester are back to playing their cute little Zoom Zoom games in the mornings. I woke at 1:30 this morning and had to read a bit to get back to sleep. I bribed the kitties with treats to get them to go back to bed til about 5:00. My A/C is set at 77 degrees and it's already cycling off and on to keep it at that in here. My ex had to have his dog, Shorty, put to sleep. He sent an e-mail that his heart is shattered. I wanted to tell him that I know how it feels to have my heart shattered (by him) but I just e-mailed back that I was sorry. He lacks the ability to sympathize or empathize with anyone else. He also lacks the ability to realize how his behavior affects others, or he simply doesn't want to. Glad that he's mostly out of my life. My poor kids have to deal with him. They love him but basically have given up on him. He's clueless and it's by design. Who would want to take responsibility for the things he's done. In the wee hours of the night, though, it bothers him.

    I am glad I got what I need to start my valance project. I may not get right to it but I'm motivated to get the other things done that I need to before I feel I should start. We are 'sposed to get rain showers this morning. I need to go to the dumpster but will wait until tomorrow. I'm not shampooing my hair today and don't want to get all sweaty. The balcony needs to be swept off but, again, like Scarlett, I'll think about that tomorrow. Manana (you have to imagine the tilde) is good enough for me. Anyone else old enough to remember that song? There you go, Rock, a song game with foreign words. Anyone here know how to get the tildes and accent marks we type foreign words?

    Julie, thought I'd remember what you posted at the end of the last Porch but, alas, memory fails me. How is the car A/C repair going? I hope Den can get it fixed. I also hope your sleep gets straightened out and you are getting enough sleep. I think my patterns are changed for good to early to bed and early to rise, thanks to these kitties. Oh well, it's supposed to be healthier than staying up late. My party days are long gone. I am also blessed with two daughters who are such good people. In my case, I can't take the credit; I learned more from them than they learned from me. I think I lucked out.

    Well, Kiddies, I'll leave the Porch now so y'all can come and sit a spell. Hope all is going well for everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Happy Bastille Day! My mother used to send me Bastille Day cards (when
    she could find them). The French were a great help to us during our Revolutionary
    War. And although people often joke about the French and the Italians
    surrendering at the earliest possible moment, both of those countries once
    controlled vast empires.

    I used to have an LP record of national anthems from around the world
    The French had one of the best: La Marseillaise. Hector Berlioz who liked
    a really big sound did an arrangement for orchestra, soloist and double
    chorus. (Some of his concerts required a thousand musicians. All the
    visiting Norwegians said, "Uff-da" and the French said, "Mon Dieu!". The
    Germans just scowled.)

    Rock (who has ancestors from France, Norway and Germany etc.)

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    Good morning, Mikie and Rock and everyone! I managed to get up on my third alarm...set my phone for 6:30, 6:45 and 7:00. Yes, I did fall back to sleep after shutting off the first two, lol! Whatever works, right?

    This Jasmine is acting like a pup instead of a 12 or 13 year old with health problems...I think she likes this country air :) I let both dogs out to potty and check out the yard, then bring Jasmine in to eat. I feed Oreo outside...no sense taking a chance that they will get into a fuss over food bowls...

    Mikie, hope you have a great time at the concert. I venture to bet your girls learned some valuable life lessons from you, as well as how to show kindness and compassion.

    Rock, Happy Bastille Day to you too! You are such a wealth of information...I learn something new from almost every single one of your posts. Hope you and Gordon are keeping cool and doing ok.

    Since I am up in time, I am going to shower again (to wash my hair) then get things ready to head to town to run a few errands...shouldn't take much more than an hour. And I've decided to stay home the rest of the day. I have so much to do inside the house before the kids come...and before Gpa's service. Since we live just down the road from the cemetery, people may want to congregate here first to use the bathroom or just make sure they know where they are going.

    I am going to take down Gpa's hospital bed and use that room as a guest room...I bought twin size air mattresses for each grand child, and have a couple of queen size for adults. I think Amy and Clinton are going to pull their pop up camper here to sleep in when everyone is here. Otherwise some of them can also sleep in the living room.

    Anyway, I hope everyone is doing okay...I'll chat more when I get a chance.
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    Hi Kids

    Julie, are you going to keep Gpa's ashes in the house? One of my former
    secretaries has the ashes of her parents in her living room. Also some of
    her beloved dogs.

    Back in Minnesota they recently had a beautiful family gathering at the home
    of my nephew who lost his wife to cancer. They were married ten years; she was
    only 33. They lived in a village so everyone knew the family. Had a large turnout.

    Glad to hear the dogs are fine, and that you seem to be catching up on
    your rest. I hope boring but satisfying days are ahead for you. You've
    had way too much drama going on the last few years.

    Gordon just walked by. Informed me he ordered more stuff from
    QVC. He loves QVC. Knows the names of all the hucksters. Anyhoo
    he ordered each of us some sort of back support that you put in a chair.
    Be nice if it really worked. My back starts to bother me after sitting
    for about 20 minutes.

    Mikie, I started a thread on the Homebound board for songs with at least
    a word in a foreign language. There are lots we all know: Adeste Fideles;
    That's Amore; La Vie En Rose; El Paso; O Sole Mio, etc.

  5. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi y'all,

    Our weather has been going from hot and humid to cold (extra blanket) and no A/C. Today's supposed to be OK. Tomorrow the humidity returns, and Thursday I think that storm front (that Julie talked about) will be here. Oh joy. I don't have a lot of energy with this ping pong weather. Last night my joints were hurting so badly that I had to take an aspirin in order to get to sleep.

    Pain, as y'all know, just wipes out a person's ooooomph. I log onto the board, then I forget what I was going to say, then my hands hurt and I get off the computer, etc etc etc.

    What I do remember --

    Julie, good luck with all you and Den have going on. I'm glad that Jasmine and Oreo get along. Takes a while to get them used to meal time together, at least it did with us, when we had 3 cats and a dog!

    Barry, I thought I posted to you over the weekend, but I guess my post went poof! I hope (in no specific order) that you, Richard and Shorty are OK. Worried about y'all, my friend. Hope the vet clinic can get you some definitive answers.

    Granni, do you have HOT WATER YET??? Yikes, what a situation. Thank goodness DD lives close to y'all.

    Star, I think you said that you were not feeling well. I hope this passes quickly.

    Sun, I think you had a lot of stuff going on, including plumbing problems. Hope all is well, in that regard. And I hope your DS feels better soon.

    Spring, I think of you when I eat my vegetarian foods. Last night, for my evening meal, I had a spinach souffle. Tasty, but I like the zucchini souffle better. We also got a new brand at the market for me to try -- called "Tres Pupusas" (vegetarian and gluten free). I got the spinach and cheese -- "Salvadoran stuffed corn tortillas." Can't wait to try them. Hope all is well with you.

    Rock, Been posting with you on the Homebound board. And reading your posts here. You got me laughing about Gordon and QVC. I used to be a night owl, way back in my apt. in VA in the '80s. Didn't have a lot of TV choices back then, and I used to watch the shopping channels sometimes. I hope the back supports work! I think that the home shopping industry has a return policy?

    Mikie, Have a great time at your concert tonight! So glad that you got your battery replaced! Sometimes we just know when something's gonna happen, don't we? Our cats are going from play play play (when the weather is cooler), to sleep sleep sleep. They are like me. They don't like the A/C much, but it's necessary. We can't run it all the time, because the unit is outside. When the temp dips, we have to turn off the A/C and open windows.

    I've written a novel here!!! I know that I have!! I just hope that I haven't bored y'all. Yawn yawn, snooze. LOL

    Kevin and the kitties are doing well, although on a scale of 1 to 10, Kevin says that he's about a "6". If only the co-workers, ill with this "whatever virus" would stay home and get well, SIGH.

    I'll be back later this week, my friends. If I forgot to mention someone, it was NOT intentional. I'm just getting tired.

    Love and hugs to y'all,
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  6. ConfusedInPA

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    PS: Mikie, about the accent marks, tildes,

    For me it's a three part process, if I choose to get it "correct."

    For example, I'll open a new tab, then in that URL box, I'll type in manana.

    Then I'll find an entry in Wikitionary.

    I'll copy the word and paste it here ........... in my post .................

    Same thing with adios:

    très bien

    Takes a bit of cleaning up, to get rid of the bold, and get the correct font size you want. But that's the only way I know to get the pronunciation marks.

    Make sense?

    Maybe someone else has a shortcut to share?


    Diane :)
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  7. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just dropping for no particular reason. It's always nice to see some new posts.

    Rock, my downstairs neighbor is French and she tells me happy Bastille Day when it comes round. She's been here 40 years and her accent is still so thick that, even when she speaks English, it sounds as though she is speaking French. Most of the neighbors can't understand her. Most of the time, I can. I love La Marseillaise and used to be able to sing all the words to it in French. Now, I only remember the first line. These days, more is falling outta this brain than comes in. I'm with Gordon; I love HSN and QVC. I started out buying from QVC but like HSN a bit better now. I'm trying not to spend money so don't buy much of anything 'cept some skincare products. They are a fraction of the price on HSN than even the ones in retail stores. Hope you have fun with the new foreign words song game.

    Julie, so glad you are getting some much needed rest. I didn't realize Jasmine was a senior dog. That's great that she feels so well. My Nigel is also bounding around like a pup; the kids are soooo pleased. He's such a noble beast. It'll be great to have guest space when everyone comes to Grandma's. I have fold-out sofa and loveseats but this condo is way too small when company comes. It's way to small for company but way too big to have to clean when I'm low on NRG and when am I not these days? Thank you so much for your sweet kind words and good wishes. I'm really looking forward to the concert.

    Diane, soooo good to see you here. Glad the kitties are doing well but wish Kevin could get to feeling better. These new viruses seem to take forever to get over. Yes, weather which changes all the time is sooo hard on us. As hot and humid as it is here, it's better because it just stays hot. Except for hurricanes and tropical storms with weather depressions, our weather is more like warm fronts and not cold fronts. Cold fronts move fast and the barometer drops, wreaking havoc with our health. Except for when I overdo it, I do not have severe pain but I do have a lot of inflammation in my bod and that drags down my NRG like pain does. Thanks for your good wishes about the concert. Tonight, it's big band era songs we all love--nothing serious, happy music. That's what I need and to share it with friends is even better. Thanks for the great tip on pasting in foreign words. That's so smart and creative--just like you! I don't even have to use the URL box. When I upgraded to Windows 10, I got Cortana (who is like Siri only for Microsoft). I don't use voice search but have a little box in the lower left-hand corner to do a search.

    I just noticed that, when I hit the Enter key, it automatically puts in a paragraph break. Thank you, you wonderful people at PH! This makes our posts soooo much easier for people, like me, to read. I think my problem is part of my sensory overload. Opps, spoke too soon. When I posted, it all ran together. Whaaaa!

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  8. sunflowergirl

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    Rock: Cute that your mom acknowledged Bastille Day. Was she part French or just wish she was? I think you're a month early on celebrating though????? Check your calendar. Years ago 99 cent store used to sell some back rests. I bought two of them and have kinda hooked them together, bent them a little and now I use it on a patio chair. It comes up high enough in back so I can lean back for a little "snooze". I hope the one Gordon bought works for you.

    JUlie: That's unusual that the two dogs are getting along good. Yes, food becomes territorial. Rock asked about Gpa's ashes. Will they be interned at the cemetery? I had decided I just couldn't leave my DH at the cemetery, so I've got him sitting in an alcove in the hallway, with a painting over it. Now you all might get a chuckle or a shock out of this.....a close friend of my brother was married years ago, and the husband committed suicide. It has taken her years of therapy to deal with this. Now as to the ashes. She was over for a thanksgiving feast with the family one time and she happened to have her keys on the table. We asked what the little spoon shaped silver thing was. She said that everywhere she travels she takes a little of him and tosses it into the water. So she said he's traveled all over the world with her. As you can imagine, we all sat there stunned and didn't know what to say. I guess with my DH ashes, I get a little comfort just knowing he's still around.

    Mikie: thanks to YOU......I did it! The handyman stood me up yesterday and no call after I had called asking where he was. So I went out and bought a new flapper, and figured out how it works. Darn, drat, it was still leaking water, so this morning I called my SIL who told me the chain needed to be lengthened a bit, so I got a paperclip and hooked it on.......yea!!!!!

    And I hope you have lots of energy tonight and have a wonderful time.

    Diane: Mmmmmmmm soufflé sounds darn good to me. Perhaps I'll make one tonight.

    Granni: did you enjoy your shower?

    I've been in a terrible funk, with everything that's happening. Sorry I haven't posted much.
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    I never knew there was a Bastille Day! I suppose they hv celebrations in France? I always wonders what King Louis looked like. They said he was handsome. When I read A tale of Two Cities, it rok me a while to get over the end. I was young and sweet and sensitive then.

    Rock - thank goodness we don't hv Qvc here.. I prolly woulda spent a lotta money I could not afford on those lovely interesting things...we hv shopping outlets here which sell stuff and I've bought a few things which actually helped me...I wish I could afford a massage chair...

    The countryside in some parts is beautiful here...and in the trek routes, very beautiful. This base camp Trekkers go to...mt Annapurna is very awe inspiring, my brother who used to lead treks there said some westerners would start crying when they glimpsed the Himalays up close for the first time.

    I was laughing too like Mikie at Granni 's sweet lil typo where she said you tarted up the new porch. Just made me wonder how would an ole' softie like you would do that.

    Julie - I envy Oreo all those green open spaces..I saw a video of Happiest Dog in the World...this dog was running wild actually hopping thru fields of wheat or something...it was getting so much height in its spring...it looked like a giant kangaroo...just flying thru the air, strong, confident, full of the joy of living.

    Diane - scares me to hear of all those viruses..I wish they found something, a cure all ...I've had a spinach pizza but didn't like it that much...I do mean to make a zucchini soufflé, I googled them after reading post last time, and it looks delish! Had good ratings too. The other day I took a short cut and just made mushroom dumplings for only DH, it takes soooo long..and mushroom curry for the others because that takes like ten minutes. We already had rice. I knewDH was craving dumplings. Had some packet asparagus soup,on hand and I rustled up a tomato chutney.

    Granni - I forgot what you've written, but I hope yr weather is a little better. Oh also that yr DD finds a lovely house...she and her DH sound very wonderful parents.

    Star - sorry to hear you're not feeling too well. Story of most of our lives.

    I managed to clean out a few drawers in the kitchen...found some old packaged food which I don't think I'm gonna make. Have to throw them out.

    Gave the doggies their bath. They smell nice otherwise with all this wet weather, it smells horrid when they get wet.

    I've been mostly eating yoghurt, lentils and fruit..and milk...not much appetite when it's muggy wuggy outside.

    God bless
  10. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Well, my one hour of errands turned into two hours, but that included travel time...so not too bad. The traveling BBQ trailer was in town...Gpa always got a pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries...I got my usual ribeye sandwich. I have steak at home to cook, but it tastes so much better when someone else fixes it on a grill, lol!

    Got things on my list accomplished...I am working so hard to do everything correctly, learning as I go.

    Rock and sun, and anyone else who has asked...As far as Gpa's ashes...he had mentioned everyone at the service just sprinkling a "spoonful" on his and my MIL's gravesite. But we will have several Amish friends and neighbors there (many who don't understand cremation at all) and I think Den has decided to do the "scattering" after the luncheon at our church...with just the immediate family. Unless, as he suggested last evening, he decides to dig one hole and go ahead and bury the ashes all at once...I don't particularly want any of it in my house, except for maybe the empty box. We will have a memorial area set up with some of my parents' things and will do one for Gpa also...not a shrine, exactly...just some things to remember them by.

    I think if this were my husband, I might feel differently about it...but we live so close to the cemetery that I can get over there any time. Den talked of giving the box he's making to his sister...I told him to really give it some thought...she might get upset with him later and destroy it. I'll post a picture when he gets it completed...it is really looking nice, but he keeps coming up with ways to "make it better."

    Sun, I'm so sorry for all you have to deal with...I'm sure it might not seem like it to you, but you really do manage so well. Prayers for you, dear lady.

    Diane, I'm so glad to see you, but sorry you're also feeling yucky. I am finding that I need a couple of ibuprofen before bed if I want to get to sleep a little more easily. Yes, if Kevin's co-workers would just stay home and recuperate, that virus or whatever it is might run its course.

    Mikie, I want to again wish you a wonderful "night on the town."

    Oh dear...Lindsey just called to tell me she and David are rushing to the hospital. David's dad was in the middle of cataract surgery and started having some complications. I didn't want to keep her on the phone too long, so I'm hoping Amy will fill me in. I'm not sure if Lindsey said her FIL is having a stroke, other bleeding, or what.

    I guess since it's just now after noon, I will go ahead and take a short rest. All we can do is "live life" the best way we know how, true? Take care, everyone! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Hi spring...we must have been typing at the same time...I will go back and read your post.

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from my nap. Found a terse but informative note from Gordon:
    "Ralphs." So he's shopping.

    Sun, a branch of our family tree moved from France to England centuries
    ago. Not too long after the Norman invasion. And you are right about the
    Date of Bastille Day. Here's what happened. Every morning when I wake up,
    the second thing I do is look at the computer calendar and write down the day
    and date on my scratch paper.

    Only today I wrote down the wrong month. That's the way my days go. Couple
    days ago I reached to open the window on the back porch and slammed my
    hand into the washing machine. All day long I do stupid things although
    paradoxically I'm not really stupid.

    A couple hours ago I noticed the date I'd written down was wrong and checked
    with Gordon to make sure I knew what the month was. Never even thought
    of the Bastille Day post I'd put up hours earlier. Good thing it doesn't
    matter. Or as my mother used to say, "What will it matter in a hundred

    Mikie, I was planning to tell you how to get those accent marks. Just find the
    sentence you want on the net and then copy and paste. Except I was kidding.
    But Diane's suggestion to copy and paste a word or two sounds actually doable.

    Ah, I hear someone at the back porch. Gotta go help Gordon put away
    the groceries.

  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Rock...I would say you are far from stupid...you are one of the smartest, wittiest people I know. Good that Gordon leaves notes as to his whereabouts...even one word ones, lol!

    Apparently, David's dad (Lindsey's FIL) had a heart attack at some point involving cataract surgery...don't know if it was before, during or after. But he was at their local hospital...almost an hour after Lindsey called, she then sent a text that they had just gotten his pulse back and were waiting to move him until he was stable enough. About a half hour after that she texted that they were transferring him to a bigger hospital in the next town...about a half hour away.

    So...I'm just waiting on updates. Good thing Amy and Clinton are down there so they could stay with the kids. But they have to head back home tomorrow. David's dad has had so many health problems in the last few years...heart, lungs and more recently, dementia. So he has a lot of things working against him.

    Anyway...I never really got to sleep during my rest time...but am going to stay inside and work on the house now. I don't know if any of this today will affect the kids coming up here in a couple of weeks or not...I'm sure it depends on how Pap recovers.

    Actually, I was going to head down and get Lindsey and the kids next Thursday (the 23rd) and bring them here on Friday...so she could be here to go to her class reunion on Saturday. David couldn't leave till Sunday (the 26th) so I guess I will just stay flexible and do whatever they need.

    Will check in later on...
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  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Actually you got me thinking about whether I had missed some weeks! I really never know the date unless I have to write a check and I'm consciously thinking about date, amount, etc. And you want to hear something funny.....not? Every time I set foot out for a walk, or to drive, etc. I have to check to see if I'm fully dressed. And I HATE wearing my glasses around the house and last week I started to drive off without wearing them. Had to come back in and get them. My brain seems so disconnected with the present.

    Julie: I do hope what's happening won't spoil Lindsey's school reunion plans. Didn't you mention once that they now live about 4 hrs. from you? If that was me, I would FREAK out at having to drive that. Good thing you can stay flexible. I used to be like that but I don't seem to roll with the punches very well anymore.

    I was out in my gardening, checking plants, etc. and WHAT! A dove was sitting in another pot that had some old figs in it.....this is from a tree that produces awful ones. I don't think so I told her and so I shooed her away and turned the pot over.
  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Oh Sun...I know it's not funny, but I do the same thing. Make sure I'm dressed and sometimes I lay my glasses down in a different spot and can't find them, because I can't see without them...

    Lindsey texted again that Pap is sedated and on a ventilator. His wife (today is their 53rd wedding anniversary) told him it was okay for him to go be with Jesus. Oh my...if he doesn't make it I will have to go down sooner. It is a 10 hour drive if I only make stops for bathroom, food and fuel.

    All I can do is wait and see what happens. His wife is such a sweet person, I feel so bad for her. But the past few years have been very hard on her as his caregiver...so glad Lindsey and David have been down there the past year to help.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    OMG, this Porch surely has been a very busy one. So many people stopping by once, twice and even three or four times :)!! I have been busy busy but don't ask me what I have been doing. Went shopping with DH and to the bank, and washing and writing emails to my PCP nurse about my thyroid medicine that is running out. They don't like that it is supposedly not in rage still and he also wanted to check my b/p. I am trying to get ready to go out of town this week and don't want to deal with it right now. Plus I hate having to have my b/p taken at the docs as I know it will go sky high and it does. Just thinking about it I know will make it do so. So, I made an appt for Monday . I need to go back on the portal and see if she posted anything. I am glad that the docs office is very close by right outside my subdivision. It will also have to be a fairly early appointment too which I hate cause the doc wants to do more blood work, I think.

    JULIE - Thanks for that cute picture about taking a shower, in the end of the last volume. I forget, was it Snoopy?? Anyway it was a cute one. So many things going on with you. I surely hope that David's dad will be OK and that Lindsey doesn't miss her Reunion..

    DIANE - Glad to hear from you again sweetie ! Sorry that you are continuing to feel so tired but actually I feel that way too a lot too. My brain is also not to great in remembering things like all of you and your wonderful posts. I think I will remember and then when I start posting - poof went the info. Hope you will all be feeling much better real soon. I am sure that those kitties keep you going and keep you awake or at least try to. I know they would be fun to watch unless you are so pooped you can't keep your eyes open :)!

    MIKIE - How nice you will get to go to a concert tonight. It sounds great. I love the big band era too but then I love most music old and new other than rap and stuff that I don't call music. I also try and remember to make paragraphs in my posts to make them easier to read and comprehend.

    SUN - Glad to hear from you and sorry you are feeling so disjointed or I can't think of the correct word for it but I think I know what you mean. Has this been since you started weaning or getting off that strong antibiotic?? I think you have been off it for a little while now but it might still have an effect on your body if it was getting to used to it, shall we say.

    ROCK - Another quick hi to you to dear friend. Don't feel bad about doing dumb stuff and forgetting things as we all do them, believe me. Sorry about hitting your hand into the washing machine I think you said. Hope it isn't to sore. As Julie and others have said you are a wealth of information and you teach us all something almost every day you post.

    BARRY - Hope that 2nd vet Richard is going to helps poor SHORTY and gives you both some peace of mind. I am sure it is such a worry for you both. Hope he is feeling a little better and not as anxious after his long trip.

    SW - I think it was you who asked about our second hot water heater and getting a hot shower. Yes, it now works and I won't take that for granted either. It felt wonderful last night :)!!

    Gotta run now and start thinking about dinner. YIKES ! I wish someone would take that job away from me. Bye for now.

    Granni :)
  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    CT on David's dad was negative for pulmonary embolism. At some point they will do an MRI to check for brain activity. This update was from Amy...I think David and Lindsey were on the way home, but I didn't want to bother them if they were still at the hospital. So very sad...I am just sort of "on hold"...won't go down unless they really need me. I am so far behind here at home, but if Lindsey calls for me to go, I will take off.

    Kind of need to wait till Amy and Clinton get home tomorrow night so I can take Jasmine back on Thursday. Den is on call starting Friday so he won't be able to go anywhere. One just never knows when things like this are going to happen...
  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Amy filled me in on what happened. Pap had cataract surgery today...was at home and went into respiratory arrest. Was not breathing for 20 minutes until the ambulance got there. Did not have a DNR, so they had to start CPR...he is now on a ventilator...doesn't look good.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    What a great concert! Thank you all so very much for your sweet good wishes for me to have a good time last night. I really did and it's good for me to get out now and then. I had thought it was going to be the symphony orchestra doing Big Band Era music. I thought Starlight Memories was the name of the program. Actually, it was a band called Starlight Memories. They play all the old big band music, using the original arrangements. They sounded great. They were set up like a nightclub band. I told my friend, Barbara, that I expected to see Desi Arnaz come out to direct. My Dear Old Friend called and said he wasn't up to going. He couldn't sit that long as he was in pain. He has promised to find out what is wrong; docs think he may have FMS. I hope they can help him.

    Barbara's old cat, Charley, isn't doing well and she is upset and worried. Vet told her that if she isn't going to go with extreme measures to diagnose and treat him to just give him what he wants to eat. When he stops eating, it's time. She is giving him baby food. I feel so sad for her. Seems to me that Tweety and Sir Vester aren't drinking nearly as much water as they normally do. They are playing, eating and using the litter box so I'm not worried yet but am keeping an eye on them. Doesn't seem that there are as many pee clumps in the box. Ran into neighbor in next bldg. who told me she misses the cats and enjoyed watching them chasing around out in the back by the pond. I told her she could come and visit them anytime. We are indeed critter lovers here in the shire.

    Julie, I'm so sorry about David's dad. It's really too bad they didn't have a DNR. When I got certified in CPR, we were told not to start it unless we witnessed the heart attack or unless there was a witness who saw it just occur. Too bad the EMTs can't make decisions based on that criteria. I hope and pray for the best for him and the family. It seems as though there is no letup in family emergencies for you. As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Sun, yea! Good for you! Yes, a short chain will cause the flapper not to close down and the toilet to run. Now, you'll know how to do it yourself if it happens again. I don't understand why service people think it's OK not to show up and not to call. Good grief! We should start billing them for our time while we wait and wait and wait... I kept meaning to ask how you are doing after your near-fall. I know trying to avert a fall whiplashes the whole body. Hope you are doing better.

    Spring, hope you are managing to stay dry and cool. Yes, doggies can get quite ripe in hot muggy weather. The cats are inside in the A/C and do their own bathing. The Himalayas are sooo beautiful in pics that I can only imagine how breathtaking they would be to actually see. The only thing I have to compare are the Alps and the Rocky Mountains above treeline. I even love old smaller mountains like the Blue Ridge Mountains here. There is nothing like skiing on a crisp sunny day. My appetite is off too. Hats off to you for making DH his dumplings.

    Granni, I see you are your usual busy self. It's hard to be active in this muggy weather. At least, you have your shower back. I also love most music but, like you, I don't consider rap to be music. I won't even call it poetry. To me, it's a bastardization between chanting and rhyming. I especially hate the kind which is offrensive and/or calls for violence. I can take a little hip hop with some good dancing thrown in. I like to listen to the Golden Oldies from the 50's and I love classical music. Most of today's music is a 'yawn' to me but, every now and then, I hear something I like. I fear the Big Band Music will fade away before too long. That is why the band leader of Starlight Memories decided to form the band and play concerts.

    Rock, I'm with your Mom on this--nothing much we do will matter in 100 years. Or, to quote a book, "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff; And Most Of It Is Small Stuff." I've been so tired that it's so easy to mix up dates. I have a hard time remembering whether I did something, like take my pills. That's why I have to have those pill boxes with the days of the week on them. Otherwise I'd be under or over drugged all the time. I'm also with Gordon--if one word will do it, why use more words. Of course, I don't follow this maxim myself but I admire it in others.

    Glad to see y'all here this morning. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2016
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got done posting on the foreign songs thread, Homebound Board.
    Patti Page had a hit when I was in the 6th grade called Mr and
    Mississippi. ( Mississippi comes from the Chippewa words
    for Big River. ) You can hear Patti and/or Tennessee Ernie Ford sing
    it on Youtube. People have posted songs I like, but haven't heard for
    decades like Volare and Eres Tu.

    Mikie, nice to hear that the concert was a good one. In my ushering
    days in the Twin Cities I could go to a concert or a play or a musical
    or the symphony almost every day of the week if I wanted to. The
    30 bucks I spent to buy a used tuxedo was the best bargain ever.
    Did you hear any great tunes that you had forgotten?

    Yes, the pills for the day boxes are helpful. I have two. I take 7 pills
    plus supplements. Some of the pills I am supposed to take twice a day.
    Sometimes I remember; sometimes I don't.

    Did you see the news from Disney World in Florida? An alligator
    apparently grabbed a little boy. I can't understand how this
    could happen. It feels like betrayal. Walt would be horrified.

    Granni, thank you for your kind words. My hand is Ok. Just sorta
    ouchy for a brief period. I am always surprised when I slam my hand
    into something at the speed it was traveling. It doesn't feel like
    it's going fast when I reach for something. At least not until I actually
    collide with something solid.

    You guys ever look at your hands and go, "Whose hands are these anyway?
    They're so skinny and lumpy and spotted and old looking!" Glad to
    hear you can now take a hot shower. Little luxuries seem pretty big
    after we've had to go without for a while. I love my electric blanket.

    Julie, I can't keep track of your big family. Well, I can't keep track
    of much of anything these days. Is Pap Lindsey's father in law?
    Oh, just saw another post from you. Yes, you said he is. Thank you
    also for your kind remarks. Gordon has to do more and more around
    this place and his brother is little help and I do next to nothing.
    Who wants to be a burden? Is Den feeling a little better?

    Sun, I don't think we have doves around here. We have hummers and
    crows and mockingbirds. A few years ago we had sparrows nesting on
    the front porch. Now and then we see a hawk. I haven't been downtown
    for a long time, but there used to be lots of pigeons there.

    Gordon saw a large raccoon in our back yard twice last week. He doesn't
    want it around. Is afraid it will dig in his flower beds. Has given me
    strict orders not to feed it. Used to feed a mama with 3-4 cubs at
    our old place. Also feral cats, possums and skunks. They all enjoyed
    cat kibble. The possums were shy. The others all gathered around
    the side door. Just a few feet from me.

    I hope your funk is short lived. I've never had a souffle except for
    Stouffers Spinach souffle which I though was pretty good. But
    I have made lots of other baked goods like cakes, pies, cookies
    and the Minnesota Official State Entree: hotdish.

    Barry, hope you and Richard and Shorty are all improving.

    Hugs to Springwater, Diane, Star.

  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, everyone! Mikie, I'm so glad you had a good time. Sorry about your friend, Barbara's, cat...yes, these furbabies are precious to us. Hope Dear Old Friend does find out what's wrong...so sad he had to miss out on the fun.

    Rock, we have lots of coons and possums, etc. you could feed. And yes, they do love to eat cat food, lol! I saw that news about the child being grabbed by the alligator...can't imagine how horrific that would be to happen to someone or to witness.

    I will just say a quick, but heartfelt "hi" to everyone else. I'm trying to figure out how to get done, in one day, all the things I had on my to-do list. In case I end up going to Tennessee sooner than planned. It won't be until Friday, but I will be gone tomorrow to take Jasmine back home.

    I'm sure Clinton would come get her, but I had errands to run on the way to their town. Oh, Den's friend, Fred came over last night. Fred is a mechanic and also has his A/C license. He agreed with Den that the problem is not the compressor...might be a part of the problem, but should not cost $1800 to replace the whole compressor. He added freon to the kids' car and I am to drive it "around the block" today and see if the A/C works.

    Anyway, I haven't heard anything from either kid. I imagine Amy and crew are getting ready to leave. Lindsey was going to stay home with her kids today while David goes back to the hospital. Lindsey said they would probably have a family meeting, after the brain MRI. David's mom did go ahead and get DNR's in place now...it's what she and Pap wanted, but had just never gotten the paperwork done.

    Yes, the legalities are pretty tricky, but cut and dried for the medical professionals. I'd better get busy...

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