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    come on in, folks...set down a spell


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    Diane - will miss you while you're gone, dear. Understand your need to be by yourself for a while though.

    Mikie - how do they do that, those boulders!! It's weird to think some people do that and here I am, struggling to do ordinary things!! Haw. They're so beautiful!

    And Sun - that lovely Josephs coat of many colours colored birdie and the parrots!!

    Rock I couldn't see your pictures..

    Julie - you look a bit like your father, one can see the resemblance. Yes, agree with the others, you're one of those lucky people who don't age.

    Granni - money these days, doesn't buy one fifth of what it could twenty years ago..that's how I feel. At least it is so, here. Still, always good to win some, you are lucky...I spend mine mostly on books..

    God bless
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    Hi Kids

    I posted on the Homebound Board during the night. Took 3 tries. The
    computer kept freezing up. I turned it off and let it rest repeatedly. Seems
    to be OK now. But I don't trust it. As to the orchid pics I posted yesterday,
    I could see them originally. Now they look like this: Oops!
    What they look like now also disappeared. This computer or the Board
    or the electronic gremlins hate me. Ratbane!

    I am just fed up with computers and life in general. Where's that chariot
    that's supposed to carry me home? More false advertising. Guess I'll
    just mope around for a while. Hot here! Gordon has all the fans blowing
    all day long. Doesn't matter if anybody is in the room or even on that
    floor. He likes them to blow even if nobody's home.

    Who was the grouchy Muppet? Oscar? Maybe a nap will make me feel
    a tad more normal. Uff-da!


    In keeping with the theme of this post (I am outta sorts!) I tried
    to post a pic of Oscar the grouch. No workee. So I posted a
    pic of Grumpy from Snow White. That also vanished.
    You know what would Ricky Riccardo would say. Ai Yi Yi!

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    Rock: Since you've claimed Grumpy I can be sleepy. I think I got about 5 hrs. sleep total last night cobbled together. I've been dragging around all day. 110 degrees again plus that awful fire which has blown ash into the pool and all over the patio.

    I got up early this morning, but my cleaning lady cancelled. A plumber was to come around 1-3 PM and I tried to nap before that but was woke up twice from telemarketers. Some days they're awful, at least 8-10 calls which I don't answer but since I was waiting for a call from the plumber I finally gave up.
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    Star - pity the young ones bicker...and holidays without break seem tiring..understandable if someone has CFS. It's enough trying to cope with normal chores..and events. Did they help with the fence, has it been made? Here, security is a risk, (nepal) so everyone has brick walls..one cannot leave even a bicycle outside during night. To answer yr question, no I am not from usa..I visited once in 2012..to attend DDs graduation..and thought it was a dream..loved the country..but I am not from there.

    Rock - I hope the computer returns to normal soon..can Gordons go worker fix it? I keep pressing post reply so as not to lose something I typed out...it happens ..if I'm not careful.

    Sun - more plumbing problems? Uff..after having our bathroom floor flood once or twice I am nit picky about de logging drains..so much hair..and doggie fur too. Main culprits. I didn't know about a fire...that's scary.

    Mikie - Sir Vester seems like a placid sort of cat. Feisty cats are fun, but not when one is older and no longer upto takin them..I hate fighting with my doggies come bath time or vaccination time. I had just stepped out last evening to get them some treats..reached 50 yards and it poured...!!

    And me with no umbrella...I took shelter in a shop doorway feeling like thunder.and felt antsy because I didn't like the energies around...and wondering why me..when a tiny beautiful white feather floated down in front of me, wafting slowly down..there were no pigeons in sight, it calmed me, I reached out and picked it up. An angel, perhaps? I waited out the rain and went about my business. I was luckier than two ladies on a scooter in front of me, who fell into an invisible rut hole on street and sprawled..so lucky they didn't get run over by a car! Neither seemed badly hurt, but woah, dangerous.

    Julie - I hope Amy gets well soon. ..I missed reading where you mentioned her. I wish she wasn't saddled with Miley..but thankful Miley does hv proper guardians in Clinton and Amy. Frightening to think of her being brought up entirely by her dysfunctional biological mum and step dad.

    I got my grand niece, brothers GD, a set of toy crockery..a peddler selling things at 'wholesale price said he, on the street..I looked at them and thought how happy I would've been to get those..I got plenty of toys but we couldn't afford the good ones...this had everything, plates, tea cup and saucer, tiffin carrier, frying pan..ladles, saucepan, basket, the works... My son when I got home looked at the set, in clear plastic wrap, and said.."nice but why is the butter as big as the pot? " I looked and saw he was right, it was gigantic and had the same label as the most popular one in india...I looked carefully and espied another package..it was tea leaves, again the most expensive brand in india but it was the size of the tea cup...hmmm...accuracy was not their strong point,but lovely all the same.

    I also bought us litchis...(fruit) they were really big, full ones and very fleshy and juicy. So I was well pleased with my outside outing...I seem to hv a penchant for fruit these days more than normal, maybe the heat and humidity...

    My son was telling me his friends, girls, went to take in The Conjuring 2 a horror film at the cinema..and one of them was so frightened she looked only at intervals thru her hands..there was one scene where the entity goes behind a painting ..and then puts one arm out around the painting, from behind..the whole hall screamed in fright..the friend then opened her eyes and was in time only to see the other hand appear from behind the painting, and she screamed loudly, only thus time she was the only one..the others having already seen it the first time..and the whole hall tittered, thinking who is this scaredy cat screaming twice, lol!!!

    Alright then, to work and drudgery...(I still haven't started my Daphne Du Maurier book)..

    Today is International day of Yoga. Last eve, they should a clip of a 96 year old woman, in a village in india.. She has been doing and teaching yoga since 60 years ago and still going strong, altho illiterate. The way she was bending and twisting, in the grass, as supple as an 18 year old..and walking like one all light footed.

    They also showed a Prana tarian, (I discovered those existed just this year thru a book I read) in South America..this gentleman exists on only (Prana) air..hasn't eaten nor drunk water for 20 years..thought it would solve our country's problems if another disaster struck...if we all learnt how, un fortunately, it's not for all. His face was smooth like silk, no wrinkles..so many wonders still to be discovered in this world.

    God Bless
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Got some decent sleep last night although Sir Vester tried to rouse me between 3:00 and 5:00 when I got up. I usually go back to sleep for half an hour before he tries again. At least, I know he won't pee on something if I don't give him his way. He is the sweetest little guy; I just hope he stays that way. Still doesn't seem to miss Tweety. He sleeps most of the time. I miss her but don't miss the horrible stress I was under.

    I got so much done yesterday and am grateful for that. I'll try to finish cleaning today. I am thinking that, unless there is a medical reason, I won't have the dentist fill in the gap between my teeth. It just doesn't bother me; it's not a big gap. For years, I had cosmetic work done on my teeth. I always wanted to look good because it's important in sales. Now, I'm old, sick and, basically just biding my until the grim reaper comes along so I see no need to try to achieve perfection. Can't be achieved anyway. Finally, I'm trying not to spend $$$. Doubt this will make the dentist happy. Oh well...

    Spring, thanks for opening a new Porch. I'm sorry you are having problems posting pix. When I find one I want to post, I right click on it and save it. When I post, I click on 'Upload a File' at the bottom of the post window here. I go to my Pictures file and select the one I want to post. It will usually give me an option to post a thumbnail or full size pic. I hope this helps. If not, you can e-mail PH to ask for assistance. There is a 'Contact Us' to click on in the bottom right-hand page here. Ever since I shared that my Mom sends me white feathers from Heaven, my friends have received them, even Barb who doesn't believe in it. They show up where, otherwise, it would be highly unusual for them to be, like in the middle of a rainstorm. According to psychics, when we make connections on earth, it isn't unusual for those connections to extend to our dearly departed. Perhaps my Mom is watching over all of us. She and her sister, my aunt, were always so loving and caring of others. If I bought some leaves on the street here, it would likely be Mary Jane and not tea. Hope you aren't overdoing things.

    Sun, OMG! I can't believe the heat and the cost of electricity there. All of the SW seems to be broiling. My friend here is moving to Phoenix because she has FMS and dry heat is more comfortable for her than our humidity here. Yes, that rock artist is amazing. He showed the news woman how to balance the rocks. I think it's so nice that he captures his art with photography. Actually, his photography is his art too. I love the way splashing water looks when a slower shutter speed is used. I wouldn't mind having one of his photos for my wall. I think Jeff and Tweety get along fine the way it is. She is used to him and will always take a brushing over petting. He was the cats' baby daddy from the time they first showed up as very small kittens. I'm glad Sir Vester saw him take her. Perhaps it just seems normal to them both. In any case, I think he will be OK and I pray she will be too. Also pray Jeff is OK. Glad your cleaning lady stayed home and didn't expose you to whatever she has. I hope she is feeling better.

    Julie, so glad you are enjoying the KFC. I know it won't be long before I just throw caution to the wind and go have some myself. It's something to look forward to. You are soooo sweet to be thoughtful and careful about raising dust when you drive. So many people just drift through life without thinking of how their actions affect others. It is rare to have someone like you who is so considerate of others. The traffic on the road which runs along our hood stirs up a black dust that settles on the lanai, even though it's a street over. It's been too hot to clean out there and, when Sir Vester, lies out there, it makes his white undercarriage dirty. I really have to bite the bullet and clean. The rains have washed the screen so it isn't so dirty. In the fall, we have parts of our bldg. pressure washed. I'll clean the lanai walls then because I plan to paint out there. AACCKK!!! Not looking forward to that. Yes, there are benefits to living out in a more peaceful area and benefits to living where I do. Our hood is so close to the beaches, shopping and medical facilities. At this point, I think convenience is more important to me. If I weren't by myself, I might choose peace and quiet. There are some amazing inland farming areas in FL. Glad Clinton is getting his pacemaker. I'll bet he will feel soooo much better.

    Granni, there is a Lakewood, CO, which is a suburb of Denver. Other than that, I'm not sure. I hope she likes it there. It's a very young city and a very good place for those who love physical pursuits. I hope you can get the thyroid worked out. It is one of the master glands which regulates a lot of other things. It needs to be balanced with the other hormones. If my thyroid, estrogen and progesterone are not in sync, I have heart palpitations. I've stopped taking Zantac and have replaced it with a supplement containing licorice, slippery elm and aloe vera. I'm going to mention it to PH as a potential supp they might want to carry if it works out for me. So far, so good. I'd like to get off all my meds. I am only taking my BP now and then at this point. It's always so good now. I have a wrist BP gizmo but I use the one for my arm. I found the gap between the wrist and arm measurements and just calculated it into the reading when I used to do my wrist. Very few docs and nurses have taken my BP correctly, according the American Heart Assn. I also have a manual cuff and stethoscope but my automated cuff is as accurate. Good luck with everything.

    Rock, I also had problems posting pix yesterday. Those rock pix just fascinate me and I wanted to be sure to post them here. I have a stack of small round rocks stacked up in my bathroom. Heck, I had a problem with them and I used glue. I hope your computer problems clear up. If you want to be Oscar or Grumpy, it's fine. Both are lovable characters. I could be Whiny or Sweaty, neither of which are actual characters. I don't know about leaving fans on when one is gone but the moving air is actually cooling when one is home. Think I've mentioned that my Mom used to put trays of ice water in front of the fans to keep things cooler. It worked. She also ran cold water over her wrists or soaked her feet in cold water. That also helps to feel cooler. I don't know how anyone lived in hot climes before A/C. When I was in Mexico in the heat, the people living in adobe huts out in the Yucatan would just be outside sitting in the shade because it was too hot to do anything. It was 130 degrees in the jungle there. AAACCCKKK!!!

    Hugs to Barry, Star and Diane and anyone else I may have missed.

    Gotta run. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, friends! Springwater, thanks for the new volume. Wow, existing on only air...that would be amazing! I tried to look it up, but must have been too tired cause I couldn't find anything. At any rate, I could do with a "fast" of some sort...I really think lots of my problems (and many of ours, really) have to do with our guts. That will need to wait till I am here alone and can just sleep a lot and do very little when I'm awake.

    Mikie, I'm glad both cats seem to be doing okay. Glad you got things done. I feel bad for the people who live right on gravel roads...impossible to leave windows open, even in the really nice weather...the gravel sifts through the screens and covers everything.

    Sun, I don't really know how long it takes to mow the whole yard...I used to have it almost down to the minute, but haven't mowed it all at once for years. There's so much I don't get done now...trim mowing, running the weed eater, and I haven't planted any flowers this year. I'm guessing about six hours, but I want to keep track the next time to really find out.

    Was just ready to post and my computer shut off...finishing on my phone. Thinking of u all. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but determined to keep going.
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    Julie - Google breatherians...

    Argentinian Victor Truviano, a worldwide phenomenon, is the most famous breatharian today (person living without ingesting either food or water, feeding on pranic energy), a truly unique personality and a charming teacher.

    They showed this person on TV..very fascinating.

    God bless
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    Dear Ones,

    This won't be to long either. I have been trying to get little things done this morning before lunch and then off to practice before we sing our first Patriotic program this afternoon. We haven't practiced this program in some time and many were also absent from our practices for this special program. Some who have belonged before knew most of the music but there a a few different pieces especially not singing parts other than soprano , like me. That is the easier, for most people although I do enjoy all the harmony. I also do enjoy singing the harmony part as well. However, I usually do that best without notes in front of me :)!! DH is at his meeting. When he gets home I will be gone, getting picked up by one of the gals who lives on my street. That sure helps when we have only one car. When I get home it will be time to think of dinner. It is a fun program and a sing along although there are a few parts where people probably won't know that verse . " THIS IS MY COUNTRY" has a first part that starts this way, and I am sure most people have not heard it before:

    "What difference if I hail from North or South, or from the East or West? My heart is filled with love for all of these, I only know I swell with pride, and deep within my breast, I thrill to see OLD GLORY paint the breeze." Then it begins with the part everyone knows, This is my country land of my birth, etc.

    ALSO, AS IN "GOD BLESS AMERICA" THERE IS A FIRST VERSE OR STANZA THAT GOES THIS WAY - "While the storm clouds gather, far across the sea, let us swear allegiance to a land that free. Let us all be grateful for a land so fair, as we raise our voices in solemn prayer." Then it starts with the part we all know - GOD BLESS AMERICA. It is so very pretty and sometimes when I hear some of this music I choke up. It seems like many are getting away from this and that also makes me very sad.

    JULIE - Love the pic of the twins on FB they are getting so big. Just keep on hanging in there with all you have to do the next week or two. TRY and keep focused on the main things and do what you can and take care of yourself or you will be no good to anyone.. Just TRY not to overdo.

    MIKIE - It is Lakewood but all I could think of was the Lake part :)!! Glad that you seem to be feeling a little better now that most of the stress is gone and hope your NRG comes back for you.

    SPRING WATER - Thanks for starting us up again. I cannot believe how fast these volumes are going by. Lately I have been busier and haven't been always checking on line or just working or playing my casino games ( free of course). Sorry you are also so HOT and hope you find some of your lot NRG, even if you didn't seems to have a lot in the first place. You sound like myself, just pushing. I could have gone to water aerobics today in the morning but then I would have had to do my hair over - NOT :)!!

    Hi also to SUN, DIANE, ROCK, STAR, et al. Need to get off and think of lunch so I can get dressed and ready for the program and practice.


    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    It's hot here! Gordon is out running an errand. He's returning a mister he
    bought yesterday. I told him, "Splurge a little. Get the full set. Buy the
    Mrs. too." But he didn't. Actually it's some sort of hook up so you can have
    two garden hoses attached to one faucet.

    He's also taking some books back to the library. I am sending back 4
    books that I did not care for. What's unusual is that I read other books
    by 3 of those authors that I liked. Also unusual, one of those books won
    a Pulitzer Prize. That's usually a good sign.

    Dave Barry won a Pulitzer Prize. His friend and coworker Jeff MacNelly
    on the Miami Herald won 3 Pulitzer Prizes. He illustrated some of Dave's
    books. Always used the term "Pullet Surprise".

    Julie, thanks for providing the cartoon characters. With regard to Snow
    White and the 7 dwarfs, I just watched a 60 year old skit on Youtube.
    Featured Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner and Nanette Fabray. They had an
    animated discussion about the names of the 7 Dwarfs. In the early
    days of TV Sid Caesar and Milton Berle were enormously popular.
    Of course, there wasn't a lot of competition. Most of us could
    only get 2 or 3 channels. In our town we got 2 and a half. Minneapolis,
    Rochester, and now and then, depending on the phases of the moon
    and the direction of the wind, La Crosse, Wisconsin.

    We used to have a gravel road in front of our house when I was a kid.
    Every 5-6 years the village put down a fresh layer of tar and gravel.
    We kids helped by poking the hot tar with sticks. The workers pretty
    much ignored us. Now and then some guy would yell, "Hey! You
    kids get away from there." Ah...the memories.

    Granni, I have great respect for people who can sing harmony. You know
    who was good at that? Vivian Vance. When I sang in the High School chorus
    I stood between two baritones who had perfect (or almost perfect) pitch.
    It didn't really help too much as I had a lousy voice with a limited range.
    Couldn't hit a note above middle C.

    Springwater, I looked up the weather in Kathmandu. The same numbers
    for the next 6 days. 65-75 degrees. Scattered thundershowers.

    Oops! Godon is back and and now he's going again. Needs the computer
    to find the number of the hardware store.

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    Oh my lanta!!! Sorry to just take off earlier...I was posting and looking for a pic for sun...when my computer just shut down. That means it is updating, so no use trying to use it for a few hours.

    Spring, I will google this evening when I have a chance. Thank you for the info.

    Granni, thank you for showing us those "extra" verses...true, most people (including me) might not even know they existed.

    Rock, I'm sure my grandkids would be right there, poking sticks in the hot tar also...seems like a logical way to pass the time, from a kid's point of view.

    I have been gone for about three hours...headed to Missouri to the smokehouse the kids like, to get the beef bacon and dried beef they can't get anywhere else. I will take some to them and leave some up here to eat while the gang is all here. The smokehouse is only 30 some miles away...on the way to the kids, but won't be open at the time I want to leave on Thursday morning.

    Called my hairdresser on the way to see if I could just get my bangs trimmed...she could work me in, if I got back to that town by noon. So, I hustled around and got to the beauty shop at 11:58.

    Then remembered I had to stop by the "farm office" to sign up for crop insurance for our farm. Oh, sun, our crops this year are hay and soybeans. The guy who farms the land had already done his paperwork, and advised me to go ahead and do ours. I just made things the same as how Gpa had them. Like any insurance, it seems a waste of money unless you need it. Would be worth the $$$ if we happen to have a crop failure of some sort.

    Anyway, I am back home and need to hop back on the mower. Tomorrow, I will meet Amy and the girls at the clinic in the town where my dad lives and where I get most of our groceries. Amy has a routine echo of her heart...they said the girls could go in too "if they sat quietly"...well, that may or may not work out. So, I'll just make sure I'm there to sit in the waiting room with them while Amy goes in. And I'll get my big supply of groceries while I am in that town.

    So...back to work. But first...sun, here's your pic :)


    Mikie, this made me think of your mom and her putting ice water in front of a fan, lol! Hope the temps get more tolerable for all of us...and star, stay warm!


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    Hi One and All; Hope you are cooler than I am. I think the big heat is in sw Ca, but it seems to be heading to 90 degrees here. Oh Sun, how do you tolerate it? Ditto Rock and Gordon!

    I've just come in the house from sitting outside under the cherry tree with Shorty. Did a bit of watering, weeding, and drinking a cuppa chamomile tea, while watching the birds come for the seed I throw down for them nearly every day. They come for it as soon as I throw it down and make a clanging sound (metal on metal) to notify them. Today it's been a big hoopla between the two kinds of jays we have here, the Stellar's and the Scrub Jays. The Scrub seems to be the boss jay and chases the Stellar's away.

    I've been having a problem with light-headedness. I think my carotids are a little too blocked and maybe they will do some procedure after my next ultrasound next month. I seem to be thinking alright though. I think......

    Mikie, thanks for the rock assemblage pics. I love doing that myself. I put quartz pebbles, feathers, etc on or in them. Sometimes they last for a month or two, or sometimes just a day or two if a bird sits in the right place and topples it! I would think that that would happen to the installations you showed, unless they were held together by Gorilla Glue.

    Julie and Granni, you seem to be two tornadoes of energy; always on the go! I don't know how you manage it, honestly.

    Computer acting funny. Wish I wasn't a technophobe. Gotta go, computer giving me anxiety.

    Love to All,

    Springwater, as for the not eating/drinking regimen I suppose the people doing this neither defecate, urinate, or sweat either..... What a strange life they must live....o_O
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    Hi Barry...sorry about your light-headedness. I hope something can be done to relieve it. My dad has to have regular carotid ultrasounds as his are blocked...but each under 50% so doctors just "keep watch."

    So neat that you have the birds trained to come to the seed...I don't know what kind of jays we have...just call them blue jays...but they are very bossy also. And love to steal the cat's food...

    Well, this "tornado" just took a little snooze instead of getting right back on the mower as soon as I got home. Gotta listen to my "moms", Sun and Granni and Mikie ;)

    But now, I'd really better get outside...just had a cup of coffee and will take a water bottle out with me.
  14. sunflowergirl

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    Barry: sounds like you've got your wild birds trained! Cute. I looked up the temp yesterday for my little town......111 degrees!!! But thankfully no humidity so tolerable inside. My neighbor called me this morning to ask for a pick up ride tomorrow from the hospital. Her yearly colonoscopy. I shudder. Anyway she told me her AC gave up yesterday and what was so bad is she was having her book club over. She said they all just sat around her dining table with two fans going while they bunched hour deuevers and wine. It's about 20 degrees cooler today though and I don't see any smoke from the fires though twice I had to hose the patio of the ash.

    By the way, everything I've heard from people who have had the cleaning out of their carotid says they suddenly had a lot more energy and it was like they had a brain again.

    Rock: Had to laugh out loud at your comment to Gordon to splurge and also buy the Mrs. Actually if I had a chance I probably would be poking hot tar too. By the way, I do remember putting some cooled tar in my mouth to chew. I guess someone told me it was good for you. Now why did I do that????? EWWWWW.

    JUlie: thanks for the pic. of Sleepy. Doesn't he look peaceful. Doesn't remind me of the tortured sleep I go thru though. You talking about getting the special smoked meats brought to mind the scent of my aunt and uncle's farm in Ohio. There was a pervasive scent of smoke in their house and outside. Remembering that scent brings back fond memories of them, long gone.

    Mikie: I think Sylvester is so gentle because he was nutured. Most males end up this way. He reminds me of my DDs cat, Matisse. He lived about 17 years and then just up and wandered away from the house. We think he KNEW it was his time. Twice in the past he had disappeared for 2-3 days when my DD was just about to deliver. Go figure. The first time she was frantic in the hospital so I went all over the neighborhood posting signs.

    I got the pressure relief/release valve put on yesterday and OMG what a difference. Now my kitchen faucet doesn't BLAST water! And yesterday I got some ice cubes from the maker and noticed little white specks floating in it. Got more and put them in a glass, and this morning more little flecks. What would cause that? Is that from tubing?
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Home again, home again. Thank the Lord Almighty, I'm home again. Home to my A/C that is cool now that I know I can just let it run. I'm outta our sweltering heat, though it isn't that humid today. I really feel for you, Sun, Rock and Gordon. Barry, I'm glad you are far enough away so that this heat wave isn't making you miserable. with it. When Mt. St. Helen's blew it's top, our cars in CO got ash all over them. The sunsets were beautiful. That stuff isn't good for those of us who like to breathe.

    I got my teeth cleaned and love this hygienist. She's pleasant and funny, gentle too. Doc agreed with me that the gap isn't bad at all. He said leaving it open is actually better from a health standpoint. Good! Now, if I can get through my skin check at the dermatologist on Fri., I can take a breather from medical appts. Maybe we'll have a women's luncheon next week. I returned the bra at Wally World. The woman in customer service was so nice. She had suffered some kind of chemical burns on her face and she was missing the fingertips on the one hand I could see. My heart goes out to people who are so courageous with such injuries or illnesses. I feel bad for whining about my lack of NRG. I got Sir Vester's little cardboard scratch box and he was soooo happy when he saw it. I had spread some catnip on top and he licked it off. Then, he gave it a mighty scratch. Finally, he climbed on top of it and just lay there. I think he's enjoying having a Mama, treats and toys to himself.

    Julie, geez, now I'm jonesing for smoked meat. I had thought I'd get to KFC after the dentist but it's just too hot out to drive that far. Then, when I checked out at WW, the rotisserie chicken rang up at $9.99. What... They are $4.99 at Costco. I was at self check out so took it back. I came home and warmed up some pot roast. The road which causes the black sooty dirt on the lanai is black topped. It carries a lot of traffic. We didn't have the soot when I first moved here. Glad you got a snooze and are staying hydrated.

    Granni, I don't know why we are only familiar with parts of these songs. I also love the patriotic music. I can get tears in my eyes listening to it. Same with seeing the flag against the blue sky on a sunny day. When I sang in the choir in school, my friends and I would switch off singing harmony. Got to where I could sing harmony to most songs. I still do it when I sing along to music on the radio but can't do it as well as I used to. Actually, I quit singing for a long time but have started up again. I'm hitting the notes better and better. I think it must be good for the brain. Lakewood is a nice part of town. I hope DGD likes it there.

    Barry, glad you aren't getting the heat. The temps in the SW are horrible and so are the fires. I think jays are almost as smart as the crows. The jays here are always attacking the smaller birds' nests and causing a ruckus. They are beautiful. You should take pix of your rock/feather creations. The news investigated that rock guy and how he does what he does. He showed the woman on the news how to balance the rocks. When I was a kid, my friends and I would head to Boulder Creek to cool off on hot days. Just looking at those pix made me feel cooler. The city diverted some of the creek to a pond and filled it with rainbow trout. I loved fishing there when I was a kid. Hope your lightheadedness goes away. I have that from time to time. Also hope the carotids are OK.

    Rock, I'm still laughing about 'mister and Mrs.' If he were buying sippy cups, he could get 'Mr. and Mississippi.' That author, What's Her Name Hilderbrand, was on the morning news. She now lives on Nantucket year round and writes there. Evidently her books are considered great summer reads. I couldn't help but notice how sun damaged her skin is. She must lie on the beach and bake. Yikes! I may check out one of her books. Hope you like the one you are reading. I wonder what a Pullet Surprise is but am too chicken to ask. It might be something foul. I picture a flasher with a capon, opening the cape and yelling, "Surprise!" OK, now I have egg on my face from telling such a lame yoke.

    Spring, I'm gonna look up that guy who lives on air and NRG. Sounds amazing.

    Think I'll sign off and go rest now. BTW, y'all Opera has a new TV series on the OWN Channel premiering tonight at 10:00 EDT. It's called Greenleaf and is a drama. She is such a good actress and I'm looking forward to seeing it. I have the DVR set to record it. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2016
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    A quick "good night" before I head up to bed. Got my yard finished...at least the riding mower part. The trimming, etc. will just have to wait till the kids have come and gone. Had to wait till Den got home from work to help me move the yard swing and big picnic table.

    I also took time to plant the few bedding plants/flowers I had bought a couple weeks ago at our local Amish greenhouse. My heart's just not really in it this year, but I wanted a little bit of color at the front of the house.

    Made a call to our pastor's wife to see if I need to do anything for the luncheon we are having at the church after Gpa's service. She said it is all under control...I was worried because so many of the ladies who do this stuff are so busy, but she said they had actually been asking about doing it. She also said that since we aren't having a visitation the night before, as is usually the tradition, we might expect a lot more people to come to the cemetery and lunch...like 150 or so.

    Well, our church ladies are such good cooks and can whip up a feast in no time, so I am not even going to worry about it.

    I called the funeral home to finalize how the pamphlets are going to look...what scripture to put on, etc. I think everything is pretty well taken care of...some of us will go to the church Monday afternoon or evening and set up a table with pictures. And we will also have a computer running with a slide show of pics of Gpa, his family and friends.

    I think we, especially Den and I, will be glad to get some closure that the graveside service will bring...I'm almost sorry we put it off, but still feel it's important for as many grandkids as possible to be able to be there.

    My eyes are watering so I can't really see the screen too well...won't try to go back and read any other posts...just know that I am thinking of you all.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Not much to tell. Sir Vester and I slept well. I sprinkled a wee bit of catnip on his new scratching box and he jumped right on it and gave it a good scratch. Then, he looked at me and meowed as though to say, ''Thanks!'' I tried to watch TV in bed last night but fell right into a deep sleep. Glad I recorded Oprah's show. My teeth feel so good, all clean and shiny. It's only 75 degrees this morning, about normal for this time of year. When Storm Colin was near, it was 80 degrees and muggy when I got up. I have no appts. today nor tomorrow so hope to get something accomplished in here. Fri. is my appt. for a skin check. I've really neglected it for the last couple of years.

    BTW, I had mentioned that Blue Magic carpet stain lifter but couldn't remember for sure where I bought it. It was at Wall*Mart. It's in the auto section with products to clean cars. I've found over the years that the best carpet cleaners are usually sold in the auto section. So far, I haven't found any stains which this stuff hasn't raised. I had used it to clean where Tweety peed and there is no urine smell left. Gee, wouldn't it be great if everything worked this well.

    Julie, I think it will help to have GPA's service. Those of us left behind need some kind of acknowledgement that our loved one has passed on and it allows us to formally grieve. It also kind of signals the start of what you call, a new Season in life here. My Mom's service was very helpful to me and our family. The church in her hometown prepared lunch and it was perfect. So many people stopped to look at the pix my daughter put together. It was nice to celebrate her life. I hope it helps you in your grieving. A little song for when you mow:

    Mow, mow, mow the grass,
    Growing in the yard;
    Verily, verily, verily, verily,
    Gee that wasn't hard.

    Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Was messing around and got pic to post.

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi, Gang

    Gordon's brother left for work around 3 AM. A little earlier than usual.
    Gordon is in the arms of Morpheus. I am at the keyboard, and there are no
    cats or other livestock to be seen. Or to put it another way, not much
    goin' on here.

    Julie, did you get your bangs trimmed? How much did it cost? Did you get
    a lotta bangs for your buck? You're right about those church ladies. They
    can really cook. At least they could when I was a kid.

    Barry, I think I first saw stellar jays at Yosemite Park. They look very
    different than the blue jays in MN (shown on right).


    Mikie, I remember the song Mr and Mississippi from my teen years. Both
    Patti Page and Tennessee Ernie Ford recorded it. Thanks you for the barrage
    of fowl puns. They were eggs-alent. If we had a contest, I know I couldn't
    whip them. Glad to hear Sir Vester was pleased with his new scratching box.
    BTW, I saw that episode of NCIS again with the Roomba as a guest star.
    Gibbs, the agent in charge, stomped on it. I suppose the prop dept. had
    several in reserve in case retakes were necessary.

    Sun, yes, I remember there was always some talk about chewing tar as
    though it were gum. Nobody ever did though. I remember Black
    Jack gum from the days of my yute. Nasty stuff. Flavored with
    anise. Looked like you were chewing tobacco. Wikipedia says they
    stopped making the stuff in the 70s. Started making it again in limited
    quantities about 20 years ago.

    I hope the fire is out. We haven't had a fire close to us, but there was
    one recently where I used to live.

    Granni, did you know Irving Berlin wrote God Bless America? It was
    introduced on an Armistice Day Broadcast in 1938 by Kate Smith.
    I used to have several of Kate's records. One was a live concert from
    Carnegie Hall. She sang dozens of songs; all of which she had introduced
    on her radio or TV program.

    Hugs to Spring, Diane, Star, GB
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2016
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    A bright and cheery good morning to all! Oreo doggie stuck like glue to either me or Den all evening and night...thunderstorms...blessedly...we needed rain really bad :) The farmers were talking about the leaves on the corn rolling up for lack of moisture...

    I wonder if Gpa Denzyl ever chewed tar...I'm guessing he did, but I don't remember him talking about it. When his family lived in Colorado, they would go out in the fields and pick up dried "cow pies"...to burn for fuel during the winter.

    Rock, thanks for the pics of the jays...yes, our bluejays look like the Minnesota ones.

    Mikie, glad you and Sir Vester slept well and that he loves his new scratching post thing.

    I haven't much news either...lots to do today...besides getting a menu made and groceries bought. Will meet Amy and the girls at 1:00 and hang out with the girls while Amy has her echo. That shouldn't take much more than an hour, then I will go to a few grocery stores to get supplies, etc.

    I need to do several "child-proofing" things in the house yet, but some of that is "optional". It is just going to be kinda wild here from Friday evening (when we all get back from Tennessee) until next Friday morning when they all go home and I crash, lol! So, I doubt I will be on the computer much...wish me luck, guys!

    I'll be thinking of you all...

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