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    Hi, Kids,

    Time for a new Porch Volume--901 already. Oy! Thought I'd post a pic of our pool to keep y'all feeling cool. My condo is in the bldg. to the left in this pic. It's on the second floor, overlooking the entire pool. You can't tell from this pic how big our pool is but it's really large, especially for a condo community pool. I really need to start working out in it again.


    Gonna post this, refresh the page and come back to post.

    OK, I'm ba-ack. I'm also back from the dermatologist and Publix. It's been two years since I was in for a skin check. They biopsied three places--a spot on my temple, a spot on my chest and the ugly mole on my inner thigh. The mole was removed. She had to dig out the thing on my temple and it is stinging a bit. They will call me with the biopsy results in about a week. I am to start using the 5FU chemo on my face but not before they get the results of the biopsy back. I thought I'd just be in and out. Good grief!!!

    I was laughing because, when they told me I'd need to do the topical chemo, which leaves the skin looking like it's been burned, the music was playing, This Girl's On Fire. Just when I was thinking I was lucky to have gone in for this check, the music was, This Could Be The Best Day of My Life. Finally, after everything was said and done, the music was, This Is My Fight Song, as in, I'll be fighting the cancer on my face. I'm surprised that they play more contemporary music because most of the patients are old, like me. Perhaps the younger healthcare providers choose the music.

    Found out my friend, Barbara (not mean Barb), had to have her cat, Charley, put to sleep last Sun. I picked up a pet sympathy card for her. I feel so bad. He's been sick a while and she was upset the night we went to the concert. They were just trying to keep him comfortable in his last days. I met my friend, Nancy 2, at the mailbox and we had a nice chat. Her little dog, Chewy, isn't doing too well. He had been romping around like a pup but I could tell he was in pain when he walked. Don't know whether or not she'll move now. So many of us have lived here a while and it's not expensive here; however, we can't afford to move back because prices elsewhere have gone up so much. I'll likely be here for the duration.

    Publix didn't have the Rubbermaid produce containers except for the middle size ones. They were $13.99. I paid $23.99 for the set of three. The big one is large enough for a head of lettuce or a big bag of kale. I think I'm gonna reorganize my fridge and put those containers on the top shelf instead of jumbled in the crisper. I eat more produce than anything else so it should be at eye level. I just don't think I'm up to a Wally World visit today. One of the other biopsy spots is stinging now. Whine, whine, whine!

    Again, hope all y'all are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello One and All

    I've always thought that greeting was redundant. Don't you agree with me
    and my opinion?

    This is shaping up to be a good day. Blue Shield sent me $72. The cover letter
    indicates that they must spend a certain percentage of the money they receive
    on medical care for patients. Since they had some money left over they are
    required to refund it.

    Additionally Gordon reshaped my head. Or at least my hair.

    Star, I have my own personal live in stylist. Mr. Gordon. Yes, he is
    Chinese. Was born in a village south of Canton. Came here illegally
    as a baby. I feel it is fate that threw us together as I grew up in a village
    near an even smaller village. It's name was also Canton. But the
    pronunciation was different.

    His 5 siblings were born here. He and his parents were naturalized. Gordon's
    father died when he was a teen. He became head of the household. His mother
    did some sewing at home, while he worked and went to school and kept
    the family going. Now is his a man of means with his own 26 year old
    Toyota, an old house he paid off in 1988, and a yard full of orchids, etc.
    Every few months we get a postcard from a realtor or an actual realtor
    at the door begging him to list the house. The going rate on these old 90
    year old places is $800,000 and up.

    I think it's realistic to call Gordon an American success story.

    Mikie, you are not a whiner. You are a reporter who is engaging in healthy
    venting. See Dr. Guy Winch on this topic. Guy Winch is the name on
    the web site. It can be anagrammed to Whiny Ugc.

    That's a lovely pool et. al. that you have. Reminds me of when I was a kid.
    Out town had no pool, but in the summer a school bus took us to a
    neighboring town where I was born and there was a swimming pool.

    You mean you were born on a bus? No, I was born in the town with
    the swimming pool. Half a century later I read a book on architecture
    in Iowa. The pool was pictured and its modern design and window
    treatment was discussed.

    Your appropriate music anecdote reminds me of a coworker named
    Julie. She once went to the boss and protested the number of files
    that were assigned to us. He assured her that things would get
    better. She said the song Promises, Promises was playing at the time.

    Hugs to everydobby. It's just too difficult for me to go back to the previous
    thread and respond to your posts. Leonard Bernstein wrote a song titled
    I am Easily Assimilated. I, alas, am easily confusiated.

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    Will try and get back here tomorrow. Alls well. I cannot believe another Porch volume has started. Very busy day today.

    MIKIE - It looks like you have been busy too.

    ROCK - Thanks for starting us up again. Gee I sure have been missing posts on here. Glad you got a refund. Great !!!

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Heya everyone!

    Saw new Porch and jumping in even if I can't stay long. I was surfing some stuff on net and now looks like it's time to up and get to the doing of chores and sundry work ...

    Mikie - Nice pool, the water looks delectably clean and shiny..pretty big pool too. Our school pool was big (the school was swimming champs in that district for many years, and of course they had a head start, it was built by Christian missionaries for orphans and the poor in 1900! )

    Mikie, i m sorry to hear about the topical chemo treatment, it's not serious, is it.???

    Also sorry about Charlie. Once in a while I think about Hobbes. And the love and memories well up. What a gift are our animals to us.! I will pray for the other lil one...they're showing cutest cats , dogs on animal planet these days...I can watch for hours...but usually some chore or DH will interrupt. Good thing.

    Rock - interesting story about Gordon..that coulda bin my middle brothers story only it was not to be. He went to America, in late 1990s but couldn't take the work there, or missed his family too much. He used to help at a carpet company, which is what he used to do here, and would fly to Atlanta, Chicago etc. but it was labour work too where he loaded unloaded stuff..couldn't take it.

    When we went to north east u.s. in 2012 for DDs graduation, a nice cottage type house with two stories was going for 300,ooo$. Must be much more now. But it was outside of Boston, hour s train ride away. I fell in love with where DD was staying with her friends, beAutiful maple tree just outside kitchen window..a chinese grocery shop across the street, which seemed to sell everything on earth. So convenient in every way.

    Granni - I see you are rushing around as usual..but it's nice to see.

    Julie - you must be on your way..how excited would the kids be with all those presents!

    Star - yes, we had that big earthquake last year and still getting lil ones..since the baby milk powder, adulteration thingy, people here prefer buying food which is imported from Malaysia, Korea, Middle East, as compared to chinese manufactured. But of course everything one can wear is chinese mostly, combined with Thailand, india, Bangladesh. We don't make much on our own. Too expensive. And no resources. Of course, produce, is mostly homegrown, even then fruits in their bulk hv to be imported from china or india. Our supermarket has a shelf of Australia Thai imported fruits but one big guava costs $5.00 hah. Obviously for the expats and filthy rich.

    On the subject of fruits, our plum harvest was plentiful this year. It looked so beautiful, pity to pick them.however, we did, the taste was also good surprisingly..but not as good as last year when there was less.

    We are gorging on mangoes, oye vay! They are good. Yesterday, unexpected break from cooking, DH brought veg dumplings and veg hamburger..hv left hamburger for today. Not too fond of those though. The son was going with his friend to a party his friends office was giving,.because they won best start up company at an award recently.and un characteristically came to change into clean pressed clothes. I told him, don't be too shy, (he is gauche at our family gatherings) , don't be too forward, don't debate, or get into arguments, just be yourself..he waited till I finished and then he told me " I was planning to do ALL those things but now you've told me, I wont."

    Righty..off to face what the world brings..

    God bless
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    Very quick note...got home around 10:30 pm...13 1/2 hours on the road with four kiddos, lol! Exhausted, but happy for safe trip both ways.
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    Julie, time to take a nap!

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I got a good eight hours of sleep last night. Woo Hoo! I think whenever our bodies undergo a bit of trauma, we need sleep in order to heal. The biopsies and removal of the mole weren't big traumas but enough to wear me out. I think I'd sleep better if I expended more NRG during the day. Perhaps I'll have enough NRG from my good night's sleep to expend some of it. Sir Vester is sleeping better and better now that it's just the two of us. He is so cute and sweet; I hope he stays that way. I brush him every day and he's looking quite dashing.

    Rock, I think 'One And All' is kinda like 'All Y'all' here in the South. People will say, y'all, when speaking to only one person, even though it is plural. All y'all is even more pluraler, more expansive. Of course, here in the South, we don't let a little thing like grammar stand in the way of communicatin'. Gordon's story is wonderful. So is the story of the two of you getting together and the coincidence of those town names. I've read stories about coincidences and find them fascinating. When my ex and I were in middle school, we must have seen one another at the roller skating rink and the eye doc where we both had visual training for eye/brain problems. We didn't get together until I was in high school and he had his associate degree. Turns out we had a lot in common. Yes, old homes are in big demand these days. People not only pay a lot for them, they spend big bucks redoing them. By the time they get through up in Boston, they will spend upwards of $2 million. I pretty much have everything I need here so I consider myself a person of means--there is one mean neighbor next door, one mean neighbor downstairs, and another mean neighbor in the next bldg.

    That's funny about Promises, Promises. Sometimes when I hear a song, it will take me back in time when that song was playing during what must have been something significant. We had a big pool in Boulder when I was growing up. It was an indoor pool which dated, I think, back to the late 1800's; I should research it. The ice house was next door. The ice house burned down. In the 60's or 70's, the town tore down the pool structure and made it into an outdoor pool. The city also built a new pool behind my in-laws' house and that's where my kids learned to swim. Our condo pool here is about 25' by 50'. That's big enough to swim laps. Most condo communities will have one to three very small pools. Don't know why the developer went large here but we are all glad he did. The pool is quiet these days, but during Season, it's packed. Do you have big plans to go out now that you've had your hair styled by Mr. Gordon? Wish I were there so he could trim mine.

    Granni, hope you can come back when you can sit a spell.

    Spring, thanks for your prayers for Tweety. I've been praying for her too. She's such an intelligent cat, almost like having another human in the house. Turns out that Sir Vester is smarter than I'd given him credit. He had lived in Tweety's shadow for so long. Now, his sweet little kitty personality is emerging. I also love the animals on TV. Soooo many adorable kitties and doggies needing homes here. I hated to give Tweety away but I had no choice. I did everything I could to take care of both of them. I also pray for her that she finds a good home. She would likely do well as an only cat. Nancy 2 pointed out that she will likely be OK if those other two cats will allow her to dominate them. Here I've been housing a dominatrix! I never saw her wearing black leather, though.

    Glad you had a pool growing up. When we moved to Denver, there was a big pool in our hood. We all enjoyed it. The only Olympic size pool I ever used was in college. This pool is very clean here and the water is a clear sparkling aqua blue. It's very refreshing on a hot day. We are feasting on mangos here too. A bumper crop in FL. I love them. I also got some papaya which is delicious. It is cheap, compared to other fruit. I love fruit and veggies but have to have meat, poultry or fish as well. Sounds as though things are plum beautiful there!

    Julie, glad you are home safe and sound. Hope you're not too pooped.

    Barry, always good to see you. Hope you are up to a return visit soon.

    Diane, good to see you over on the other board.

    Still trying to decide whether to go to Wally World. I really would like to get those produce containers and get my fridge organized. First, I'll read the paper online. The band aids fell off of the biopsy/mole removal sites so I had better read the patient info on caring for them. Soooo glad that ugly, growing mole is gone from my thigh. Yesterday was truly one of the best days of my life. How pathetic is that! The bar has certainly been lowered. Rock says I'm not a whiner but a reporter. Guess I can't say 'Whine, whine, whine' anymore. OK, report, report, report!

    Hope all y'all (not redundant but Southern plural) have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Oh Mikie - I cracked up at you're being a person of means. You were in fine form with the puns.

    Julie - image.jpg

    - hope you are taking Barry's advice and getting some shut eye or at least a rest.

    How did the kiddies react to the prezzies? I would hv let out a scream and danced a happy dance. Never owned a dolls house in my life.

    God Bless
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    Back From Wally World. They only had one set of produce keepers so I got it and another of the large containers. That might do it. If it stops the waste of food, they will pay for themselves in a couple of months at the most. I found a new antenna to replace the one which broke. I still watch TV in my bedroom with the antenna and what I stream through the Amazon box from Amazon and Netflix. This model is supposed to be far superior to the one I broke. I hope it is. Also found a strapless black knit tube top to wear under a couple of other tops for $5. Can't beat their prices.

    Those beautiful cumulus clouds were all along the western horizon. They had grown and become mature. They are probably producing some rain showers in the Gulf. It was a beautiful summer morning to be out. I had a couple of spells of instant nausea but don't know why. At least, they passed quickly and I got home OK. Just saw on TV that sliced bread was invented in Indianapolis. I guess every spot is famous for something. Of course, the Indianapolis 500 ain't chopped liver.

    CBS This Morning has a group that is singing a song which is making me want to get up 'n dance. I'll have to see what the name of the band is. It's kinda Country with a bit of Zydeco and Latin thrown in. The lead singer's guitar playing reminds me of Les Paul. Ooh, ooh, the name of the group is, The Mavericks. They'll be back after the commercial. Can't wait to listen. They are on tour so I imagine the whole world, except me, knows about them. They are singing, The House I Live In. Looks as though they have been around 25 yrs. but the band broke up for a while and have only been back together about four years. For some reason, You Tube is having problems so can't view a video. OK, got You Tube to work. Wow! This band is great. The lead singer, Raul Malo, went off on his own and he has an amazing voice. He does a lot of classics originally done by Roy Orbison, Elvis and even Linda Ronstadt. On one video, he sings O Sole Mio. I'm off to Amazon to check out the CD's.

    Spring, good to see you here. Love the gator in the hammock. Gators often find their way into backyard pools here. I imagine if they could figure out how to climb into a hammock, they'd laze in one in the sun. There was one on the news, standing on it's hind legs at a front door. It looked as though it was ringing the doorbell. Just after that attack at the Disney Resort, there was another attack where someone was severely bitten. So much for the spin that attacks are 'rare.'

    Like you, I always got excited when I got gifts. I never had a doll house but didn't particularly want one. I did love my dolls, though. I had a lot of those tin windup toys, like a merry-go-round and a Farris Wheel. They are considered collectible now and cost a lot. My friends and I had Muffy Dolls with lots of outfits for them. That was before Barbie. The outfits included shoes and hats and even tiny pairs of eyeglasses. The dolls were small and we could pack them up and haul them and their clothes everywhere. I remember on Valentine's Day, my Mom brought home a beautiful red dress for my doll, complete with matching red shoes. I was sooooo excited. I always loved Valentine's Day but now, I can't eat the decorated sugar cookies and candy, and I don't have a significant other, so it's just another day. I used to bake heart-shaped cookies and decorated them.

    OK, gotta go. Sir Vester is out on the lanai enjoying this perfect morning. He always goes out and looks back to see whether I'm going out with him. It's just too hot for a human.

    Love, Mikie

    Update: Woo Hoo! I got the fridge cleaned out. Everything is organized with most of the produce in the see-through containers. Now, if they just keep things fresh longer, as promised, I'll be happy. I also installed the new antenna in the bedroom. Due to the location inside this concrete block and stucco bldg., it isn't in a good place to receive signals. I've found, however, that if I just toss the flat antenna on the bed, the reception is excellent. It's very thin and about the size of a piece of paper. This turns the entire bed into a huge antenna, including me if I'm in bed, and the reception is excellent. Now, there is always something I can watch, either in the bedroom or the living room. No need to pay for an extra cable box in the bedroom. Didn't get garbage down to the dumpster before it started to rain. mañana!

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    Hi Kids

    Today was library day. Found 4 books that looked to be worth lugging
    home. 3 paperbacks and a hardback; all 25 cents @. The library is
    surrounded by a park. Lots of space for kids to play. There is also a
    building a block from the library that offers some sort of free classes.
    Try to form a mental picture here. Acres of open space, covered with
    grass; only two buildings.

    Apparently today's lesson was all about how much noise dozens of
    kids can make while pounding on drums. Right next to the library.
    Ungebelievable as Arte Johnson used to say.

    Got a new Daedalus catalog. I found two books I will look for
    at our library. Also found some items that may be of interest
    to my fellow Porchers. Some pet books: Julia's Cats. (Julia is
    Julia Child.) Poems by dogs titled "I Could Chew on This."
    Poems by cats titled "I Could Pee on This."

    Anydobby have pet clams? There is a book of interesting info
    about clams (Well, we all know they are happy.) including Ming,
    the clam that lived over 500 years. Wikipedia has an article
    on same. A British newspaper reported that Ming's death was a
    clamity. Ming was a quahog clam. Not to be confusiated with the
    village of Quogue which is located in New York State.

    Mikie, I don't know which is more astonishing. The centuries old
    clam or the fact that you are sleeping on an antenna. And also
    impersonating one? Reminds me of the old joke about the two
    antennas that fell in love and got married. The wedding was rather
    ordinary, but the reception was excellent.

    Have you checked out the Mavericks on Youtube? There are complete

    Springwater, our law firm was located in the San Fernando Valley,
    just over the hill from Los Angeles. One of our neighbors was a
    shop that sold doll houses. Big doll houses. Three-four feet high.
    25 years ago they cost three-four hundred dollars. And you could
    spend that much again for stuff to put in them. My mother loved
    to window shop. Said she always wanted a doll house when she was a
    girl. I said I'd buy her one, but she said, "Let's go to another musical
    instead." So we did.

    I also learned a tip about making your own doll house furnishings. You
    can make a light fixture from a ping pong ball. Cut it in half, paint it (maybe
    Tiffany style) and hang it from some thread.

    Nice to know that your son appreciates your effort to civilize him.

    Hugs to Star, Granni, Barry, Diane, Sun, GB, Julie
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    Mikie- my mil used to deliberately cook herself in the sun. Lather up in the baby oil first and if she didn't have any of that on hand, she'd use plain old cooking oil! You can just imagine how many skin cancers she's had cut out of her,can't you? She now slaps black salve on anything that looks even remotely sinister and raves on and on about the stuff. Don't exactly know what's in it, but it certainly lives up to its name and I've seen results on dh's temple. It kinda eats the cancer out.
    I didn't know that topical chemo was such a thing. Glad they got onto it all.
    We don't have all you can eat at kfc. It's hard to believe they'd make money that way.

    Rock- thanks for the history.
    When I was a kid there was an ad for a sauce jar.( You know the ones you have in your pantry that you can add to meat and veg or what have you,to make a meal).
    The jingle was "mama's making canton, doesn't take long, for the word to get around..."
    Funny how we get brain washed like that.
    So,Even your written word 'canton 'worked as a trigger for a silly ad from yesterday year...! good grief. (And what exactly is good about grief? )

    Spring- went into a hardware store today and Interestingly, I spotted a collection tin for Nepal. Even though DH is very sceptical as to whether or not all monies go to where they claim, obviously there must be some level of success in this approach. (Did I spell whether right? Or is it weather? Funny how little things like spelling words are tripping me up lately) oh well.
    $5 guava? When I was a child we had a tree in our yard because my dad grew up with exotic fruits (having grown up in Indonesia and they'd grow well up north, but not here); however, it is rare to see many at the supermarket. Perhaps $5 covers postage
    Personally I don't understand all the ins and outs of imports and exports.

    School holidays have started and my crew have been quieter than usual. My suspicions were correct.
    We are all recovering from a virus or something. Fortunately I was the only one who was physically ill and even though I enjoy descriptive writing , I'll spare you all the details. (Cheeky chuckle)
    But we are on the up and up now and I got out for the first time in a long time-or so it feels.

    Well, as far as the drug holiday goes, I'm in a lot more pain, But I'm not so tired.
    I realise this is partially due to the fact that pain keeps one more awake...
    But I am more useful, in a weird kinda , hunchback of Notre dame way. (Ok. Maybe Not that bad)
    So it seems a choice must be made- more pain & less fatigue or vice versa. Obviously having a youngish family impacts my decision greatly...

    Hey, does anyone know personally anyone who's had surgery on the cervical/neck spine?
    Would really appreciate any feed back on this subject as it could be an option for me.

    Best get a riggle on and have my shower now. Try and loosen up this aching mess.

    A big hello to Sun, Barry, JulieGrannie slinky shorty sir vester and y'all ( Y'all?)
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Another good night's sleep. It feels sooooo good. I'm still exausticated but it's all relative; I'm not as exausticated as normally I am. Still up early but I was early to bed. Found a show on the Velocity Channel all about classic cars. Well, I'm in Heaven! Looooove those old cars. Found out there is a car museum just 30 miles down the coast in Naples. They have cars from the 20's and 30's. Right now, they have opened hoods and removed engines on some of them so hard-core car nuts can appreciate the inner workings. I don't need to see that but would love to go see the cars.

    Sir Vester wanted out on the lanai before sunrise. He's out there on one of the chairs just looking at the pond and enjoying the morning air. It's already hot 'n muggy out but it's so beautiful with the sun first thing. Everything here is lush and green. The pond is up to the top of its banks. It's supposed to get to 90 this afternoon but feel like 100. Yikes!

    Rock, I did watch a lot of the videos of The Mavericks on You Tube. Their music really lifted my mood, which hasn't been great lately. Amazon has CD's at very reasonable prices so I may order some. I don't download music for streaming. I'd as soon just play the CD's or download them to my old cell phone's MP3-like player. I'm laughing at the clever clam puns. They left me speechless; I really clammed up. I also loved, 'I Could Pee On This!' Evidently, Tweety thought she could pee on most anything.

    I'm an Alpha Cat,
    You must bow to me;
    I'm proud of that,
    And my weapon is pee.

    I'll pee here,
    And I'll pee there;
    I'll make you scream,
    And tear your hair.

    I know you think,
    It isn't fair;
    I'm an Alpha Cat,
    And I don't care.

    I'm not sleeping on the antenna. I just toss it on top of the bed. I know it sounds very weird but it brings everything in in beautiful HD clarity--for free! My antenna is single but the reception is awesome. I remember a comedian once say he went to the wedding and the conception. That was a loooong time ago and considered risqué. OK, spell correct added the accent to risqué. Why doesn't it add one to manana? Perhaps spell check only speaks English and French and not Spanish. These are the big questions which keep me up at night. Hope you enjoy the great book bargains. If not, I guess it's not cost you too much. Your library sounds lovely but all that noise might have driven me to distraction or driven me out. At least, it might have driven me to Klonopin.

    Star, I'm sorry y'all have been sick. I'm also sorry you have to choose between pain and fatigue. I took Morphine when my FMS was first triggered and I was in such pain. It just left me asleep on my feet. Fortunately, I was able to get off of it. Physical therapy helped a lot and I was able to get by with ibuprophen most of the time. I've not heard of the black salve but I'll check into it. I'm lucky in that my sun worshiping days didn't do more damage. I'm actually less wrinkled than a lot of old ladies my age. The skin cancer is topical, this the topical chemo. It's 5FU, the same stuff they use when treating other cancers with chemo but it's a very weak compound.

    There are a number of all-you-can-eat buffets here. One we love to visit is a Chinese restaurant. I've been wanting to go to the one in the Indian restaurant. I'm sure they hate to see really huge people come in. There go the profits! I've seen those people heap up plate after plate. They scarf up the food and hurry back for another refill. I've learned that these people are addicted to fattening food so they really can't help themselves without intervention. There needs to be a lot more education and treatment for it.

    When I was in insurance sales, I saw the horrible damage that morbid obesity can do. My dentist is massively obese and he needs a knee replacement. That much weight is awful for the knee joints. This is what caused me to want to lose some weight. I was not obese but was overweight and needed to lose the 30 pounds I dumped. I could still lose another ten pounds. I just didn't want to move into my elderly years with all the medical complications associated with being overweight. Hope you continue to feel better. You might ask the neck surgery question on the main board.

    I've not even opened the Sunday newspaper. I just hope it's not missing any parts. I know they often don't stuff the ads. Last week, they had to send a second paper out because it was missing the weekend section with the TV guide in it. They sent an entire paper and it had many more ads that the first one. I'll bet the advertisers wouldn't like it if they knew they weren't reaching the readers. Whine, whine, whine! Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. springwater

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    Hello all

    Between Rock and Mikie ..I think my cheek muscles get enough exercise.the DD once told me why do I frown most of the time..I wasn't aware..but today I smiled a lot at the clamities and poems..Mikie did you write that po'me? So cheeky. And apt for Tweety. Oh dear, I felt a lil' tug at the heart when I said Tweety. God bless her little pawsies.

    Mikie - im not even looking at our our papers nowadays. Anyway it's mostly about the European soccer cup going on amidst the hoo haa about Brexit. On TV it's all about those two issues. And now Scotland wants to break away..got nothing to do with me but I'm not used to all these changes. I am very grateful one doesn't hear about the IRA blowing people up,

    Rock - that's a neat idea for a lamp in a dolls house. I made my own very crude dolls houses with cardboard and thick card paper chairs n tables...

    I used to envy our school girls who got imported paper dolls with lovely cut out clothes. They were from England those days. Then I went to work straight away when I got older, and made my own...goodness, the hours I've whiled away buried in my creations.

    About noise, when I was doing a shorthand and typing course, at our school while waiting for the finals results our teacher was a devout Christian, she made us girls sing hymns about the imminent coming of Christ..and us with a science class next door..their teacher never complained but I could feel those tenth and ninth graders smiling with their teacher.

    Star - im glad the others didn't get sick..I hope you are on the mend soon. But getting sick during holidays, that has got to suck. I mean for the kids. At least school days one can get free holidays. Hah. That's sweet the store was trying to help out our country. The best thing us to hand over donations to an internationally known donor. We had a Tibetans ladies donor group who bought medicines with the money raised and went to the afflicted areas to distribute so some greedy politician wouldn't get the money.

    Where is our Sun? I hope she is well.

    I think Julie must be taking a well deserved rest with a happy Oreo at her feet.

    My friend had phoned the other day..she has this big house they built because their old parents were there and their kids were growing and their business was flourishing. But now, their father has passed, mother in the states with their DD, the kids grown up, son out of country, business dwindled and help very hard to come by..she gets two boys from india which her brother sends, they stay for a year..she trains them, and then collect their money and vamoose back..she says, is this life? The last batch are talking back to her and she sounded woefully depressed. Says, life has become just managing the house. A house more half half rooms are unused.

    Story of my life too.

    Well, gotta go do some stuff

    God Bless
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2016
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Glad to see you felt up to posting, Star. Not sure I understand the jar of sauce
    anecdote. Did the jingle mean Mama was cooking Cantonese style? I found
    a recipe for Pancit Canton on the net which Gordon says is a Filipino recipe
    with noodles in it. Also chicken, pork, lots of vegetables and fish sauce. Think
    I'll stick with Mid West Hot Dish. You guys see the article on all the foods you
    can get at the Minnesota State Fair? They have dozens of treats on a stick
    including tater tot hot dish.

    I couldn't read the article. Somebody, Yahoo, I guess, restricts my intake of
    news and my ability to post comments on same. Yesterday I was reading a
    detective novel by the prolific John Sanford. Almost all of his books are set
    in Minnesota. This one takes place in neighboring Iowa (Hi, Julie) with the
    explosive (literally) conclusion at the Iowa State Fair.

    And speaking of things Cantonese, I forgot to tell you Gordon's mother didn't
    speak English. Lived here over half a century, but never learned more than
    a few words.

    Were you making a pun about imports and exports? Puns are highly
    appreciated here. Our most prolific punster is Mikie.

    Regarding back surgery, the best advice seems to be avoid it if
    you can. Was in the accident business over 40 years. Back surgeries
    often have unsatisfactory results and have to be done again a
    few years later. Knees are almost as bad. But I've been retired for
    more than a decade. Things might have gotten better.

    I did know a fellow who had good results. He was married to a co
    worker. Had some neck surgery with good results. But it had to
    be redone some years later (don't know how many); again with good results.

    I also read an article a couple years ago that said the claims surgeons
    make about their success rate are misleading. A surgeon claims a
    surgery is a success if he (or she) does what he set out to do. For
    example, he was supposed to chip away some bony material on the
    spine, and he did. There was no excessive bleeding or complications,
    and the patient did not die. Therefore it was a success. But patients
    think success means the patient was cured or at least improved.

    Oh, Mikie, I'm reading a book with interviews of movie directors by Peter
    Bogdanovich who was both a writer and a director (The Last Picture Show,
    Mask, etc.) One of the "directors"was Chuck Jones who was in charge of
    the Warner Brothers cartoons for decades. Asked if personal experiences
    triggered ideas, he said, "Oh yes, all the time. One of our writers heard a
    child in a park say, 'Mommy, Mommy. I taut I taw a twirl." This was modified
    from twirl to puddy cat and cartoonist Fritz Freleng developed the Sylvester-
    Tweety Pie series."

    Springwater, do you know the song 'King of the Road' by Roger Miller?
    The lyrics include the line, "I'm a man of means, by no means". Roger
    loved puns. Another of his songs is titled 'The Last Word in Lonesome
    is Me'. I woke up one morning and found my subconscious had figured
    it out while I was asleep. I read an article by one psychiatrist who
    speculated that our brain was bored while we were asleep and therefore
    made up adventures.

    Granni, were you singing today? I once played the piano/organ
    (depending on what the church had) at three different services in
    three different churches. Played that evening at the Youth Fellowship
    meeting. And I was a lousy player. Used to have dozens of recordings
    of hymns and sacred music. Everydobby from Tennessee Ernie
    Ford to Kate Smith to Enrico Caruso to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    Julie, how many times have you been to the Iowa State Fair? Were
    you a 4H-er? Did you ever exhibit anything at the county fair?
    The first time I went to our State Fair I was amazed. Real buildings;
    not just tents. And Big. And it had more staff than the population of
    my home town. Yikes! Used to claim it was the country's largest
    state fair. I see it's current website says 'one of the biggest'.

    Hugs Kids

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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Star: I've have stenosis in my neck and low back, YEARS of pain almost continually but for almost a year I've been doing slow stretches on the floor and I have to say it has helped. Last night I also had a roaring headache so I just got down on the rug and did them while watching TV. The kids and their other grandma were playing Yahtzee and some other VERY loud game at the kitchen table......slapping and banging the table. GREAT for a headache! Anyway, I don't know what pain issues you have but you might want to try just stretches.

    Spring: OMG, you bringing up paper dolls brought very happy memories of my childhood. My mom used to take the McCalls magazine and I would be so excited because there were no dresses for Betsy McCall for me to cut out. I had very few things to play with as a child so the paper dolls were my special play thing. And of course our neighbor would take me and her son to the library and I would load up on books to read. I spent many hours laying on my stomach on the grass in the backyard, just reading. We lived kinda out in the country so during summer there was no one close by for me to play with. Kids now have sooooooooo many toys and things to occupy themselves with, and everyone/everyone has electronic gadgets.

    Mikie: So you got some cancer spots cut out? My DD's MIL has had many cut off her face, and a little plastic surgery having to be done.

    Rock: My DIL (I won't say dear though) is Vietnamese and her parents both came here when they were around 12 or so. Her father speaks very slow English, but still struggles and her mother speaks a little more but at times is very hard to understand. I just kinda shake my head yes, or whatever. There is a large Vietnamese community where they live so don't speak English unless they have to. And they both work for the post office.

    I've been out of town to the beach house, owned by my SIL company. First day very overcast by the time we got here.....sooooo much traffic too. Yesterday a little nice to wear jeans and today much warmer so I've got shorts on. I was going to come back next weekend for the 4th of July BUT, yesterday made me open my eyes as to the NOISE for 3 days.

    Some more relatives are coming from out of town, so that will be an added 4 people (their son age 13 has asbergers and at time really hard for them to control) then add the other 6 people and a huge amount of chaos for 3 days. So I told my DD yesterday AFTER it was impossible to find a quiet bedroom to take a short nap.......even tried the bunk beds in the garage bedroom.........that I would just stay home and keep their dog if they wanted me to.

    My SIL and his dad right now have been putting in new baseboard thruout the house so the air compressor is going along with the saw. They could hardly wait until I got up in the morning so they could work in my bedroom.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2016
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got outta the tub after taking a nice hot soak. I've tended to my biopsy/mole removal sites and they are safe under the bandaids. They look better today, far less inflamed. The one on my temple still stings so I took two ibuprophen. I've read the paper and watched the news/political shows so have done my civic duty to try to be informed. I try to watch BBC news and other newscasts on PBS because we don't get much in the way of world news here except when it can be turned into partisan politics. Oy!

    Just found out that I had $10.00 credit at Amazon. Seems the govt. sued Apple for overcharging for e-books from four publishers. Apple settled and is refunding part of the price of any e-book bought anywhere, including Amazon, from these publishers. Woo Hoo! I just ordered two inexpensive, but good, books. I'm currently reading one from the same author. They are medical thrillers.

    Rock, you are actually the best, and most prolific, punster here. Your puns are more intelligent and have more depth. I usually just go for the cheap laugh. Alas, I'm a lazy punster. That's a really interesting story about how the Sylvester and Tweety Pie toons came to be. Sir Vester looks just like the one in the toons. He even has the longer tufts of hair on the sides of his face. DGS couldn't believe it when he saw him. Andy impersonates Granny in the toons and sounds just like her. He likes talking to Sir Vester in that voice. Everyone in our family does impersonations. I've never been to a state fair but my neighbor went to the Iowa State Fair and said it was amazing. I love really-bad-for-us food. Won't eat it but would love to. News said Burger King is going to sell mac 'n cheese rolled in Chitos crumbs and deep fried. Good grief!!!:eek: Loved 'Mask' and 'The Last Picture Show.' You are a show biz encyclopedia.

    Spring, I am missing Tweety so much but did everything I could to keep from having to give her away. I pray she is OK. Too bad about your friend, saddled with that big house. I was feeling very blah until I watched The Mavericks videos on You Tube. One of the songs, I think it was, Dance The Night Away, is so uplifting and funny. One commentator said her granny had it played at her funeral and the minister danced with a woman at the service when it played. I highly recommend watching it. Here is the URL for the video--https://youtu.be/-UajuBAUkBs?list=PLp7QWV_nL4w63vEOwY_0gOcAHVJ4oMS4Z (don't know how to copy and paste a video). I also read some NDE's which were sooooo uplifting. Just knowing how much God loves us all makes me feel so much better. Hope you can find something to give you a lift. It's so easy for us just to get through each day without any real joy when we are so exhausted, some of us in pain. I've always said that it's the 'everness' of what ails us that is hard to bide.

    Sun, I'm sorry for your headache and all that noise. I don't think I could have stood it. That's nice of you to sit the kids' dog. I hope you feel better.

    Don't know whether to go watch TV in bed or not. A lady is at the pool with her kids. They stay in the pool when it's thundering out and they are noisy. Guess it would take a prolonged rain to drive them out. I don't feel up to doing anything today. Oh well, it is the Sabbath, a day of rest. Hope all y'all are resting or having a good time.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon to everydobby. I have been trying to catch up son some of the washing that was in the washer and drier from yesterday and then threw in another small wash. Went to church this morning and then DH wanted to work out so we did, at least the treadmill for me and the leg pushy thingy.

    Gee, I touched something and it got sent and it was only two sentences. Our choir directors wife is making a surprise party for her husband who turned 40 today and we are to go to the party at 6 pm. Not planning on dinner so I hope they have some food I can eat and fills up DH :)!! It is a no gift party so that is good :)!!

    Tomorrow will be another HOT day. DH wants me to do some work outside before I go to my ND appt at 11:30. I will try not to wear myself out. It gets so hot early now and unfortunately there is so much stuff to do outside and we can't afford to have someone do it. It is so overgrown in a lot of places and all the rain we had not to long ago was surly condusive to growth for the weeds and other plants.

    Sorry I have been so absent from the Porch lately with so much stuff to do or can't get on the computer. Hard to do some stuff, like post from the phone.

    Went to the doc at week and we also talked about pain besides b/p and of course my thyroid. We are trying a higher dose of Nature-thyroid and will see if that is better and go back next month for another blood draw.

    Has anyone tried Meloxicam for pain? If so what was your experience?? I have read all about it and know it an cause some problems with b/p so I am taking it very slowly and have been trying the 1/2 pill instead of a whole one of 15mg. Didn't take one today. Also trying out Olive Leaf complex which the ND has recommended which is supposed to help b/p amongst other things. Why is all that stuff so expensive ?? Luckily there is websites all over that have lower prices that some Health Food Stores,

    Hi to MIKIE, JULIE, DIANE, ROCK, STAR, SPRING, SUN and everydobby else I can't think of right now. Not much time to write to all individually. Just thinking of everyone and had to stop in for a bit. I know JULIE is busy with her company and all and all the stuff going on this week for Gpa's memorial . Hope all goes well for her and everyone.

    MIKIE and STAR - I hope you find some NRG. I know I am dragging and hoping I get to find some soon. I know the heat doesn't help one bit.

    DIANE - Glad you seem to be doing a little better since I saw you on the Homebound and Bedbound board, I think it was. We miss you sweetie !!

    SUN - I don't think I have seen you lately or I might have missed your post. Hope you aren't feeling to badly.

    Gotta run for now and try and figure out what I am wearing tonight to the party as well as finish up a few things on line.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2016
  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Kinda crazy around here...I haven't even had time to really read any posts. We got back here Friday night and it has been hectic ever since. Lindsey did get to her class reunion last evening...Amy put three of her four kids to bed. Lorraine and Miley are the same age, so they got to stay up later. Keira is at her dad's this weekend.

    Tomorrow, Clinton will come with both girls...Amy will come when she gets off work. Den has lots of things to do at the cemetery...put up the tent where the service will be, take benches and chairs over, line the pathway with little flags (ones we used when David came home from Afghanistan) dig a hole for his dad's cremains, etc., etc.

    David will join us sometime tomorrow from Tennessee. I will be pretty glad when Tuesday has come and gone...the service at 10:00 at the cemetery, then lunch at our church. I am still exhausted, but making sure I get at least a chance to rest every day.

    Thinking of you guys...hope things are ok.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Not much to tell; I've been so inert. Sir Vester was a brat this morning, clawing at the bed and meowing for me to get up early. I hope he hasn't decided to move into Alpha Cat status where Tweety left off. I don't think I can take it. As long as he doesn't pee where he's not supposed to. He finally climbed on top of the extra pillows and settled himself like king of the mountain. I miss Tweety so much every day. Part of me is relieved, though, that I can sleep without worrying about her peeing on the bed.

    My insurance is now sending my Explanation of Benefits by e-mail but I can't remember my password. I'll have to get my ID card and reset it. What a pain. This EOB must be for my visit to the urologist and the x-ray. Can't imagine what it will be when all these lab, office visit and surgical charges come in from the dermatologist. Now, I have to call my PCP to get a referral to the plastic surgeon to see whether the cyst needs to be removed from my arm. I'm gonna be full of holes. When I drink water, it'll shoot outta the holes like in the cartoons.

    Granni, it's hot here too--96 yesterday! I have to go out today and will do it this morning. I see your life is its usual whirlwind. I hope you enjoy the birthday party. Hope you get your medical stuff straightened out. Yes, this ongoing exhaustion is horrible and worse in the heat.

    Julie, soooo much to do. I didn't realize you had to do everything for GPA's graveside service. I think it will be important to honor his life and hope the service will bring comfort. Everyone should be honoring you for all you did for him. I know you didn't do it for kudos but out of love but we here all know how much you did. Enjoy your kiddies.

    Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie

    Addendum: Got my shower and trimmed my hair. I just got back from picking up the chemo at the compounding pharmacy. Through my ins., it would have cost $14.99. By paying cash for it, I got it for $11.99. The rest of my prescriptions are free with mail order. So far, so good. I stopped at Publix and picked up a couple of things.

    It feels as though I might be Herxing. My sweat is really ripe and I'm sweating more than I should. I have a headache and that usually hints that a Herx is afoot. It's too hot out to take my garbage down so will do it tomorrow while it's relatively cool. That's my theory of relativity.

    Lots going on, between Brexit and SCOTUS rulings. I feel so bad for those folks in WV who have lost everything due to the rain and flooding there. Same with those having to leave their homes out West due to the wild fires. My heart goes out to them. Speaking of having heart--I got a nice thank you from Heifer Int'l and they enclosed a brochure. They not only give goats but also, of course, cows. They even give chickens. They also help people in the worst third-world countries through training to improve their lives and even start their own businesses. Very little money goes a long way.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2016
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon to awl ! It sure is HOT out there. Was out there fairly early this morning helping DH with the pulling out and chopping of branches and plants we don;t want that are growing all over the place. That is not to mention the weeds that I have pulling out and now have regrown again and having gotten really big since the heavy rains we had. I love our house but if I had realized how much there was to do , even if no mowing, I would have said lets look for something else. Oh well ! We'll be here as long as we can and will not pay to have people do all that needs to be done here but I wish I could, like some of our neighbors. Some of them just have lawns to mow which we don't but others have lovely flower beds and such too.

    I don't understand why I am not getting PH posts on my phone. I check the spots that needed to be when you edit but have gotten them sporatically. Right now there is nothing on my computer or phone that has the e-mail written by the poster. Strange I say.

    After I finished my outside work I came in and cleaned up and changed clothes before going to my ND who was going to do my Iridology reading again to see how I was doing. She said the systemic fungus was still there but a little better and then asked about my other issues which were mostly pain and b/p and my bulging ( to me) tummy which I have had for some time. No pain just a bulging tummy . Sometimes I look pregnant I think with no clothes on :)!! I thought that might be from the fungus and she said that might be from my digestive issues ( have had constipation issues all my life, although better than I was.) I never went to the bathroom every day and sometimes it was every 3-4 days. That was just my normal thing. I do a little better now and got better with Mag. citrate but ow not taking that and taking mag malate. She wants me to switch to something else.. Not mentioning it due to pro health . I don't think they sell it but it might be something similar.some stuff for my intestine too. I need to do some investigating as some of this is quite expensive even with the Sr. Discount she gives. She also told me about some teas that will be good and BUBBIES sauerkraut which has LOTS of probiotics in it. I need to wait for her sale next week.

    We could go now to Sams for some Salad stuff but I am to lazy to go especially in this heat.

    JULIE - Good grief sweetie, you have so much to do like MIKIE said. It is to bad it all or most of it falls on you and Den too of course. I certainly don't expect you know who to help out in any way but I am sure she will fuss over what she GETS later on. You are doing the right thing. Try and rest as much as you can and soon it will be over and you should be able to rest more.

    MIKIE - Want to come trim my hair?? I wouldn't try and trim mine, even when I used to rim my bangs when I couldn't stand it any more they somehow never got a as straight as they should have been :)!!! The b- day party for my choir director was nice and he was totally shocked or should I say possibly mortified. He was s embarrassed. He is such a sweet guy and has 4 young children and sweet wife. I know he appreciated it a lot but surely didn't expect it. It was very simple, pizza for the kids mostly and some salads, lasagna, chips and dips. Of course cake !!! I even took a very small piece.

    Thinking of everydobby. I need to get off here and do some chores and look up some more stuff on the computer . I am making stuffed peppers tonight so I have that to fuss with tonight too. I did already cut tout the insides of the peppers so that is ready.

    Sorry I need to run for now.

    Love to everyone, even if you were not mentioned :)!!
    Granni :)

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