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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    It's time for a new Porch Volume. Good to see that we are still going strong. Don't know what I'd do without all y'all.

    Not much to tell right now and am not up to responding to everydobby individually. I will mention that the papaya enzymes are usually available where vitamins are sold and are probably available here at PH. They are one of the best, and least expensive, things one can do for the gut. Probiotics are wonderful for keeping the good bacteria in balance with the bad in the gut. This is essential following antibiotic therapy. They help prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome, a serious problem. Eating sauerkraut and yogurt are really good for a person but don't contain the billions of good bacteria found in probiotics. Fermented foods, including pickles, are good unless one has a fungal infection. Taking vinegar helps the gut as well. Hope this helps.

    Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Addendum: Just got a call from the doc's office and all the biopsies came back benign. Woo Hoo! Now all I have to do is wait for the biopsy sites to heal. Seems they are slow to do so but don't look infected. I got the topical chemo, 5FU, and am getting ready to smear it on my kisser. I should look like I have leprosy in a couple of days. We really should have gone out to lunch this week.

    Love, Mikie
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  3. springwater

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    Ack ...a chore came up..will bbl.
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    hey......that's my porch....LOL.....I wish. I've been up early fighting AGAIN white fly infestation on my 5 large ficus trees. I NEED them because they shade the hot sun coming into my FR. If they continue to lose leaves (I have to blow large piles of them every morning) I'm going to need to buy shades to hang outside.

    I've been reading up what to do naturally. I've always used white vinegar with a little Dawn but it doesn't seem to be helping now. I'm off to buy some bright yellow cardboard and tanglefoot. I read they are attracted to the yellow and then get stuck. The mothballs in cheesecloth I hung aren't helping at all. And then I'm going to feed them a high nitrogen fertilizer so they will quickly put out new leaves.
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    Dear Porchies !!

    I figured I had better try and get on now before DH grabs the computer again once the mail comes, and probaby some bills - ugh !!

    MIKIE - Thanks for starting us up again and for the tips. I already knew about the yogurt and sauerkraut but I can only have a certain kind of both and therein lies the problem..

    SUN - Sorry about your fly infestation again. I hope what you get works and gets those little buggers. Whoops gotta get off. Will try and gete back later. DH needs it.

    Love you all,'Granni
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening up, Mikie. Glad to hear your biopsies were benign. I guess
    B-ten would be the only thing better.

    Sun, Gordon says white vinegar with a little Dawn works pretty well, but the
    latest recommendation is white vinegar with a little Orlando.

    Gotta go send an e mail to my brother the park ranger. He had hip surgery.
    Don't know where he is. Maybe temporarily in a nursing home while
    recovering. I guess my e mails are just piling up waiting for him to come
    home and read them.

    He used to work at several parks on the Columbia River in Oregon. The
    picture is Multnomah Falls which is in one of those parks. Not many people
    know that the cliff at the top is nicknamed Poison. That's because one drop
    will kill ya.


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  7. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Awl,

    ROCK - Sorry about your brother. Hope he is doing OK. Like that pretty picture of the falls but I couldn't get it as big as I wanted it but it did look pretty. That must have been fun and and so pretty working at different parks. We are thinking about taking another trip with some of the people in our neighborhood next year to see some of the National Parks again. We went to some years ago when much younger. This will be a bus tour after we fly the AZ, I think. I haven't checked out all the info yet. There are a few of them we haven't seen and we will see a couple 2x. Hope it will all work out. They are working on the tour now and it is on www.caravan.com. The date for next year are also not out yet. I am excited and hope we get to do it. Hope you are feeling OK and not to exhaustiated (sp). Love those words:)!!!

    JULIE - I am sure you are having a ball with all the kids and family still there. I forget which day they go home and it will be just you and Den and maybe you will really get to rest then. I hope you are having a nice and restful time with everyone but not sure how much rest you can get with all those kiddos around :)!!! I know rested or not you are enjoying it all. HOPE YOU HAD A HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIE !!!;

    Thinking of you ALL -SPRING, STAR, SUN, DIANE, MIKIE, BARRY, et al.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Not going to do much for the 4th. We will be at our daughters on Sat and Monday. The moving DD will probably be up in the Hill country for the holidays and doing some more looking around at houses and areas. They always were up there for holidays anyways at SIL's aunts place at or other g parents place when they had one before it burned down.

    I need to go start thinking of supper. All I know is it is chicken right now. Haven't done to much of anything to day just water aerobics and a little wash. That's it folks. To hot and I am too tired out from doing nothing :)!! Tomorrow will be working in the yard really early since we did nothing today. It won't be for to long though with this heat ):!! YIKES

    Hugz and love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    OMG what a nightmare today. It's SS AGAIN. I'm being billed double on my insurance thru United Health. I called SS, sat on the phone for 45 min. until someone came on, said they needed to look up something, came back after 15 min. and something going on with phone, so after 10 min. I hung up. Then I called the agent who sold me the temp insurance thru covered California. What I could determine was my Medicare wouldn't be covered until AUg. What a mess our government is in...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I called the agent thru covered California and of course said well, 99.9% I would be covered. Not good. I want 100%, so then called SS/Medicare again and waited another 45 min. Make a long story short the agent said SS was 1 month behind Medicare or visa versa but I had coverage. Then I was able to make an appt. for next week to talk to an agent......this will be #5 in the office. They have no record that I/we had insurance since 2006. #$%^&*( So I have to go in again and get this straightened out. They are charging a penalty of $122 a month for the rest of my life. And my electric bill has increased an extra $60 a month. My handyman told me that's because lots of people are switching over to solar.
    I live on SS and a small pension of my DH so it freaks me out when my bills increase.

    And I made some bright yellow strips of cardboard today, covered them with Dawn detergent and Vicks, hoping to put an end to the white fly.

    Granni: I hope you're able to do this little vacation. We all need a change of scenery. I'm leaving in 2 weeks for Maui with my DD and family to stay at their condo. I've been pulling out things to take, determined this time I will only go bare bones minimum. I always take too many clothes.
  9. lydia1

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    Hi everyone! Well, I had a great birthday today...rode with Lindsey and family to our closer (but still out of town) chiro. The past few days I've suddenly had my left front upper thigh start burning, then go numb. Chiro says it is sciatica and I have to go back in one week.

    We had packed a picnic lunch so drove to a nearby park to eat and play. The boys got a bonus in that a new swimming pool is being build directly beside the park so they got to see lots of heavy equipment in operation.

    After lunch, we drove (well, David drove) an hour to the town where my dad lives. We stopped and got him some ice cream first...he seemed so glad to see us...I'm glad Lindsey felt it important to go see her grandpa.

    We returned home just after Den got off work...I made cheeseburgers for supper. We had some salads, etc. that the church ladies sent home with us from the funeral dinner so I really didn't have to go to too much trouble. I took time to put together some sack lunches for the travelers as they head home tomorrow. The kids enjoyed home grown strawberries with vanilla ice cream two nights in a row...I fed them outside so it would be less messy, lol! Lindsey had her daddy take her for a Gator ride around the farm...glad they got to spend some time together.

    So, at some point tomorrow...things should calm down a little...I'll check in again when I get a chance. Was lucky we didn't have much rain this week, but I will have to mow tomorrow. But I will be sure and get in a good, long nap.

    Here is a quick pic of our kids with my dad this afternoon. The little ones were a bit shy of Gpa, but Lorraine has spent more time with him and snuggled right up.

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  10. Starlight74

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    Glad you had a great birthday Julie!

    Not feeling well today.
    Migraine, nauseous etc.

    Think I just over did it yest.
    Stayed at the hospital a long while listening to my friend chatter away because of cortisone.
    She had pain all over. I told her that's how I feel most of the time.
    (I'd rather me than her)...
    Poly myalgia and it's not permanent.
    She was pain free today and off home.
    In time for Disney on ice bus trip adventure Sunday

    MIL and partner arrived after a long drive from West oz. towing their new caravan.
    Hope I find some energy somewhere soon.
    Maybe I'll check under my pillow.

    Disjointed thinking so best spare you all.

    Rock- my brother works at Kings gardens in Perth. Absolutely loves it

    Mikie- thanks for info.

    Take care everyone.
    Till next time
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Star, sorry you're feeling so punk. Good luck finding some energy.
    I've been lookin' for over 30 years. Never heard of Kings Gardens before.
    Looked it up on the net. Looks like a great place. A thousand acre
    city park with lots to offer. Here are a few pics. I think the first picture
    is the top of a boab tree. I got a book about them from the library a few
    years ago. They look like trees from a nightmare.


    Glad to hear you had a good birthday, Julie. Keira's is coming up,
    right? A picnic sounds like fun. Haven't been on a picnic since
    the 70s. Nice photo.

    Sun, sorry to hear your financial problems are continuing. If the
    insurance agent or company made a mistake and won't fix it, you
    can always sue. Insurance companies are terrified of lawsuits. They
    know that most folks hate them. If a jury gets a chance it will award
    big damages. The general ignorance and incompetence in the country
    today is staggering.

    BTW, Gordon says white fly and most other pest infestations are too
    difficult to get rid of. Getting rid of the plant is easier. Well, if it's in
    a pot. Not sure about if it's in the ground. Years ago I brought home
    some office plants that were infected with something. Used Q tips
    and alcohol. After some months of trying, finally tossed 'em.

    Granni, I've been to several national parks. Most of them in the West
    or California. There are almost 60 of them. I'm too old to
    travel now. Don't even go to the market with Gordon.
    Glad you have the energy to travel. You musta been a real rip snorter
    when you were younger and healthier. :rolleyes:

    OK, computers acting up.
    Bye Kids
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  12. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Sir Vester and I dragged ourselves outta bed about 5:00 this morning after a good night's sleep with plenty of dreams, none of which were significant. At least, I don't have nightmares. Late yesterday afternoon, the neighbors from across the street rang my doorbell. Seems a water leak in an empty townhouse in their little courtyard was spewing water out the front door. They called the mgmt. co. but that's not really their problem. I told them I'd go with them to find the outside water shutoff valve. A nice man was walking his dog and turned it off. The guy renting the townhouse travels out of town. He should shut off the water when he leaves. Insurance will likely pay to redo the interior but it'll be a mess and in danger of having a mold problem.

    I couldn't stay out there long due to the topical chemo. I'm not supposed to be out in the sun unless I've slathered sun screen on my kisser. I put the first dose of it on yesterday afternoon. I had slightly labored breathing in the evening. It contains fluoride and I may have to discontinue it. I don't recall this happening last time I did the treatment but the allergy may have gotten worse. Some types of fluoride don't bother me. Cipro causes such labored breathing that I'd likely end up in the ER if I took it. I'd like to be able to do the full week to get rid of the skin cancer spots. Also, when the chemo burns heal, it looks as though one has had a chemical skin peel and the new growth looks really good.

    I watched two movies on Amazon Prime last evening. The Age of Adaline was a bit of a chic flick but way above par for the usual fare on Amazon. Trumbo was an excellent movie about the blacklisting of Hollywood writers. It got rave reviews and I can see why. It didn't show John Wayne, Hedda Hopper nor Edward G. Robinson in a good light. Evidently, they sided with McCarthy in the Communist witch hunt.

    Joe just called and he is worried because he's been too nauseated to eat much and the doc can't find out why. He wants me to go with him later this morning to pick up some probiotics. He's also had diarrhea and gas so it could be that his gut is unbalanced. I hope he can find out what is causing this.

    Spring, thanks for posting my favorite Porch pic. This one is flipped from the original. The porch swing was on the other side. I still like it the best of all our Porches. Just saw in the newspaper that people in Nepal were celebrating National Paddy Day. Looks like fun.

    Sun, it's always something! I'm so sorry this insurance mess has reared its ugly head again. I hope you can get it straightened out. Consider contacting your State Insurance Commissioner's office. Insurance companies live in fear of them. I agree with Gordon about trying to get rid of white fly. When I was on the board, I had some croton plants removed because the pesticides our landscapers spray are useless against them and the white fly attracts ants. Good luck.

    Granni, that tour of nat'l parks sounds wonderful. I hope you do get to go. I saw a show on PBS about the nat'l parks out West. It was fascinating. I've always loved Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park. I've hiked there in the past. Try not to overdo it out in the heat.

    Rock, I hope your bro is OK. I think they usually send hip replacement patients to an in-patient rehab center to get them back on their feet. Thanks for the pic of the falls. It's beautiful. Loved the Poison joke. It's drop-dead funny. BTW, B-12 is almost as good as benign. B good! B careful, especially if you can't B good!

    Julie, thanks for the pic of David, Lindsey and the kids with your Dad. I don't think y'all are capable of taking bad pics. The city built a new swimming pool in the park, just behind my in-laws' house when my kids were little. The park was built on an old landfill. Once, when the creek flooded and ate into the dump, we found some amazing stuff. They got to see all that equipment too. The pool was named for Scott Carpenter the astronaut. Guess he once lived in Boulder or was from there. We saw him in a parade in his honor. Enjoy your family and the Fourth.

    Star, sorry you have a migraine and nausea. I hope you are feeling better. I've never heard of Polymyalgia Rheumatica that wasn't permanent. My neighbor has it and she has painful flares just like I do with my FMS. Docs need to make sure PM patients don't also have something call giant cell arteritis which can cause blindness. I hope she is OK. Good luck on your quest for NRG. I've had no luck at all.

    OK, gotta go do a few things. I wasn't expecting to be going out this morning. Joe wants to be included in our little circle of singles who will volunteer to be available for taking one another to doc appts. or just helping out in whatever capacity we can to take care of one another. It not only takes a village to raise a child, it takes one to keep us old folks outta nursing homes.

    Hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    HTTPS://goo.gl/images/zhGGdPMikie - I am doing the happy dance...on hearing they are benign! I tried to post a happy dance GIF but the computer wouldn't let me.

    I think if one clicks on the link it comes up..

    It's been raining whole day and been unable to get out...anyways too much to do...if I go out with a lot of undone work at home..it kinda makes me anxious.

    Aah..I see Mikies been in when I was editing..actually I'm cooking something and typing in between. If I cook now, I won't hv to tomorrow..our maid is always having some pain here or there and I seem to absorb that, get a lil jittery when she is nearby so on those days I just let her do a bit of cleaning and send her away.

    Taking down the garbage is a headache..ours gets filled so fast with all the dog hair and kitchen refuse. It's a long walk down the flights of stairs which I never noticed before..probably because I was younger and more agile? These days I am always trying to avoid expending more energy than I need to, even walking around the house..those energy stores are precious..so I will put off a chore if it means I hv to walk a ways to get it done and instead do something closer at hand..

    Sun - that Porch is the mother of all porches...a thing of beauty comfort and joy.

    Mikie posted the porch taken from the other angle...it's perfection, beautiful from any angle like Rock with his stunning good looks.

    Julie - so lovely to see your dad..with everyone else too! Been long. He looks happy. Glad you had a lovely birthday.

    Sun - sorry for the financial headaches, I never had a head for figures, myself. My DH knows this too. I sometimes watch CNN finance and venture an opinion saying we should hv a nest egg and he says, no, we should keep the money rolling...don't keep it in storage doing nothing..we don't agree on too much..nothing in fact.

    So lovely you are going to Maiu..I wd love to get away to a hilly place..I used to but some things hv changed here and I can't get away right now...my indian cousins keep telling me to visit Delhi but oh lord, I can't bear another hot dusty city. They've been here thrice...and stayed with us. My girl cousin is about my age and she would like some company I guess, her sis is settled in Europe and her mum passed away so I guess she could do with the company..but had she been living in some mountain or hill area. We used to walk a lot during childhood when aunt and family came over to our hill station in india..during their summer vacations..

    Star - sorry to hear you hv those two things nausea and migraine..having one on its own is bad enough, but both of them..tho I know from experience they often come hand in hand. I kinda grew out of migraines some decade or so back..I don't know what happened..otherwise I would hv episodes of those.

    About long posts, we jokingly call them Warren Peace after Leo Tolstoys novel, and Mikies used to be those quite often...I myself am sometimes but just sometimes so brain fogged, I can't read...just skim all our posts, and just about able to type in a reply but on good days, I enjoy hugely any and all posts...it's like watching someone's life story unfold...with subtitles..our lives are so different and yet so simliar no matter where we are, bound as we are by our common health ailments.

    Rock - I hope your brother is up and about soon..is he the Forest ranger? I laughed at your description of the tree.

    Granni - that's a nice thing to look forward to..the trip. I hope yr DD finds a good house.

    God bless
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  14. Mikie

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    Hi, Spring,

    Yes, both that Porch and Rock are beauties to behold! I've loved the other Porches we've posted but you did find the mother of all Porches. It's not pretentious; I think that's part of what makes it looks so comforting. I noticed a wee bird house sitting on the little table, just like I have. I also have a similar clock but mine's inside up high on the wall. It's an open ceiling and it looks just perfect. I loves me my creature comforts.

    Thanks for the happy dance. I did one too but, honestly, I never thought there was any malignancy. It pays to keep an eye on things. I just applied a new coat of the chemo to my face but it's not too irritated looking yet. I went with Joe and got some probiotics and ginger chews for his stomach problems. I hate to go out without makeup but he doesn't care. Both he and My Dear Old Friend want to join my little circle of friends in the hood who will all help one another. I'm really excited about it.

    Sorry you are stuck inside due to the rain. I know how that feels. Right now, I'm stuck due to the heat and the chemo. I've gained back 5 of the 30 pounds I lost. Don't want to gain any more back. I get anxious too when I get behind in the condo. Seems I'm always behind. Our rain appears to have stopped so I had to water a few plants when I got home. With all the rain we had, everything does look like a jungle.

    I got the kitchen cleaned up before I went with Joe. I need to take a bag of garbage down but will wait until tomorrow morning when it's cool. It's already hot out and the sun is brutal. Aah, another day of TV and reading. I hope you get some relief from the rain. Take care, my friend.

    Love, Mikie
  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! It is going on noon. The kids left around 10:00 am. Craziness, trying to get tired kids focused to eat, brush teeth, go potty, change clothes...all while Mom, Dad and Gma are trying to get things packed and loaded, lol!

    Anyway, I am alternating between laundry and mowing all day today. My leg is getting worse, and having same symptoms in left side of my body also, (burning, stinging, numbness, pain) well, in my lower back and neck too. Not sure what I might have done...I don't remember falling or doing any strange contorted lifting, etc...

    So, I made an appt. for the farther out of town chiro for Tuesday morning. The only appt. they had was for 8:50 in the morning...which means I will need to leave home before 6:00 am. Well, it will be worth it...he does more than just the regular chiro adjustments.

    I hope to get back on here later tonight to actually visit.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon dear Porchies !!

    Nothing that exciting going on here. Went out this morning after breakfast and did LITTLE WEEDING IN THE BACK YARD BEFORE IT GOT TO HOT. HOWEVER, IT STILL WAS hot BUT i ALSO HAD JEANS ON BUT NO LONG SLEEVES. Then went to the store with DH to look at PJ.s He didn't like the price even though on sale so we ended up in WM which I didn't think they had the style he likes ( the old fashioned style with matching top and bottom with long sleeves. I can't believe he like long sleeves summer- winter. I like short or 3/4 sleeves. We have a fan above the bed so I always like something on my arms somewhat or get cuddled up in the covers :)! However, he is the one that likes a fan on everywhere he sits :)!

    Before WM, we went to a local place to eat. We hadn't been there in a log time. They have weekday lunch special with lots of choices so I did pretty good on my diet ( I think) . I guess the cornbread had some sugar in it is my guess. Gave some to DH. Then we came home for awhile. I did a wash and a few things and then went to WM. I got that mixed up in the first part of this paragraph. DH didn't want to go right after we ate so came home first, after lunch.. Then we went to WM and then stopped at the Healthy Living Store that I had to pick up my goats milk yogurt. Will probably go back on Tuesday when they have their monthly sale. I know that I am probably not eating as much of it as I should due to the cost, even though I am also using some SO delicious Coconut Milk yogurt substitute. . I wish it was the plain yogurt in the big container. It is vanilla and the small ones that I get in HEB is where I get the SO delicious yogurt coconut milk substitute in different flavors. I just wish that didn't have so much sugar in it. I can't win already.

    Will make a chicken salad with greens and canned chicken tonight with my special mayo and maybe some yogurt. Trying to figure out what to eat all the time. I am tired of cooking and trying to figure out what is safe to eat and will fill up DH :)! Tomorrow we will go work out (DH always has a plan) and then I can do whatever I need to do including just being lazy. Then in the late afternoon we will go to DD's . Don't know if they will try and go see fireworks or what. You can see them here on the lake in some places if you are there and like to wait around in the heat or get to eat at some certain restaurants really late whee you can see the view of the lake and sky.

    JULIE - Sorry you are having so much pain and sciatica . That 3 hr drive you are making to the chiro had better be worth it. You must love to drive :)!! When I have sciatica I barely can walk and sit for long let alone drive. Hope he can help you. I have found that rest and heat is about the only thing that helps me and that might take some time. Take some time to get to feeling better and doing what you need to get done that you have been putting off :)!!

    SUN - Sorry it is still raining and you can't get out. Also hope you clear up your insurance mess. I know that is so aggravating and upsetting. Hope you finally got it almost straightened out and it will be completely fixed VERY SOON !!

    MIKIE and ROCK - If all goes well I won't be going on the trip till next year. The schedule we looked at was for this year though but sure most will be the same except for the dates . I hope we are all well enough to go at that time.

    SPRING WATER -Thanks for the lovely picture of the PORCH, SPRING. That is one lovely porch. I sure wish I had one like that. We do have a patio but right not it is to hot and buggy :)!!

    STAR - Hope you will be feeling better soon. I know itis hard when you have pain and then no NRG to boot. Keep on Hangi

    DIANE - Hope you and Kevin are doing well nnd you are feeling a little better.. Hope to hear from you soon .

    I need to get off now and do some other things, like start fixing my salad for tonight.

    Love you awl,
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Hope you are able to connect with your DB. I've been to the Multnomah Falls......in November....Freezing doesn't really cover the weather. It had been a long time since I covered my face with a woolen scarf. But I'm glad my DH and I went. I will always think of him when I see pics. of it. That was the first and only time we had been up to Portland to see my DS, but I think I should plan a second trip for a few days around Oct.

    Granni: it's NOT raining here, though we would all welcome it. Today was around 82......incredibly nice, but supposed to heat up to 100 this weekend. How can you wear jeans in the summer???????? I usually wear a tank top and a light weight skirt in the summer months.....ladylike but cool. I've pulled out some clothes to take to Maui but will probably start culling the closer it gets. Talked to my DD today. Seems my SILs parents are unhappy that IF they go, they will be sleeping on the couch. My ticket is bought so I get the 2nd bedroom. But they are going up with DD nd family in Aug. to Monterey for a couple of days....I wasn't invited to that trip but just as well as the hotel is..........$800 a night!!!!!! Good heavens:( I always knew my DD had VERY expensive tastes. One night more than pays for my airfare to Maui direct and back.

    Julie: I would say you've tweaked something in your back from picking up the little ones. But I'm sure the chiro can get it back into place. By the way, I've been raving about my floor stretches, BUT I just haven't done them for almost 5 days and today....OMG.......neck/back pain so I'm sure it's related to the lack thereof.

    Mikie. That's good that you're all pulling together to watch out for each other. Wish I had something like that around here. I guess that's a good thing about condo living.

    Barry: How are the pets?

    Spring: OK, I went back and reread and YOU're the one with the rain. I agree about the traffic and congestion in India. Looked at some pics. today from India......CROWDED!!!!!!! My SIL's aunt went there about 5 years ago to save $$$$$ and have her 2 hip replacements done. A friend went with her who went sightseeing daily but poor girl was in a bed for over 10 days then flew home with a lot of pain killers.

    Spring and Star: here's some national geographic photo winners.....a few from India and Australia.


    I went to my art group today.....a new teacher paid for by the local college. Wow......such a good teacher and I learned sooo much. I'm very excited. So I'll be doing some homework this weekend.
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  18. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the good wishes.

    Went to bed with a bucket last night and got up late due to feeling weak, Sick and head ache.

    By afternoon I felt a lot better.
    Managed to get out to vote.
    They've changed it a little.

    I'm all for democracy, but have to shake my head at 'pirate party'...
    What are they thinking?
    Last I checked, piracy was a crime.
    Perhaps they don there pirate costumes,hooks and patches and stand for carrying a sword.
    I may google it when I get time- or not.
    What's the world coming to?

    Now I'm not trying to get a rise out of anyone and I'm not stirring the pot,
    but some of what we see over here In the media about the up coming elections over in the Us, is also
    Head shaking quality.
    I guess the whole world is waiting for the outcome, especially after Brexit.
    Strange and interesting times hey?

    Was craving a decent rice dish and finally made it for tea, but really missed the tomato. (Due to a couple of fuss pots).
    DH says I should avoid deadly night shade plants etc, but I already tried all that.
    My dad used to feed us 5 kids meals consisting of tomato,capsicum,onion,chilli,herbs and spices.With rice.
    sometimes meat or egg, but often not.
    My sisters can't stomach it after growing up with it, but I love it.
    Love rice.

    Planning on getting some kind of food allergy test.
    I really hope I'm not allergic to anything big.
    My Aunty can't eat yeast and the dramas involved in trying to avoid it are huge.
    It'd sure be nice to discover a simple solution.
    If all I had to do was give up pumpkin or turnips...

    Thanks for all the pics and links.

    Take care everyone
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Not much going on here except Gordon got a new piece of cooking equipment.
    If you visit Copper Chef Cookware you can see it on the home page. It's a
    deep, square fry pan with a glass top. The seller says you can use it 6 ways:
    as a roasting pan, a wok, a deep fryer, a paper weight, etc. It's very
    handsome, but we already have enough equipment for a restaurant. Uff-da!

    Sun, those National Geographic pics are striking. And from all over the world
    including exotic places like Mongolia, Varnasi, New York and California.
    Glad to hear you had a good session with your art group.

    Mikie, yes, the poison pun was a good one. I think I read it years ago.
    Maybe in a Donald Duck comic book. I like the idea of a mutual
    support group in your hood. Oh yeah, I don't give any thought to being
    good these days. Too infirm to do anything else.

    Granni, chicken salad sounds delicious. Haven't had any for years. There
    was a Pioneer Chicken store on Sunset Blvd near us that had a wonderful
    chicken salad sandwich. Alas it got new owners who discontinued same.
    Don't even know if the shop is still there anymore. A whole block on
    Sunset Blvd. about 2 miles N of us was demolished a month or two ago.
    Don't know what will take its place. The Pioneer shop was another
    block or two up the street.

    Julie, I hope the chiro in far away places can get you fixed up. Which
    reminds me, I'd better see if our chiro appointment is this coming week
    or next. Cheeseburgers sound good. Well, almost anything normal
    sounds good. Haven't had a normal diet for a decade or so. Great
    family pic.

    Springwater, thank you for the compliment about my stunning looks.
    Full disclosure laws require me to post that no one on this board has
    ever seen me or my pic. Nowadays I look like a gargoyle. There's one
    on Notre Dame Cathedral that could be my double.

    Speaking of cooking Gordon had a cookbook open on the kitchen table
    yesterday. The recipe was for a Chow Mein Sandwich. Not that
    he was gonna make one. We both thought the idea sounded pretty
    loony toony.

    Star, hope you are feeling better. Soon if not today. We see lots of
    nature programs made in Australia and the surrounding sea.
    Sure are lots of fierce animals in your country. Course we
    have some pretty fierce creatures here too.

    Hugs to Diane, GB and Barry.

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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Another good night's sleep. Sir Vester did claw at the carpet next to the closet door and I had flashbacks of Tweety. Yikes! I told him no and he stopped. I am going to call Jeff to see how Tweety is doing and whether she has a new home. I hope so. I will always miss her. I just figured out when the peeing started--when Sir Vester started getting up on the sofa next to me in the mornings. I still gave her a ton of affection but everything he did made her so jealous. This morning, I sprinkled a bit of cat nip on his little scratching box. He climbed on top of it after sharpening his claws and looked soooo happy. He is talking a blue streak now. Tweety used to do all the talking.

    Bealls has good coupons but I can't print them out until I change the ink in the printer. Something always goes wrong when I do that. I think buying a cheap printer was short sighted. I believe I can put a bit of makeup on over sunscreen to go out. The chemo isn't making my face red like it did before. The nurse said it wouldn't this time. Biopsy sites are healing and itching.

    Yesterday was 19th anniversary of when Mom and I moved to FL. Today is DGS's birthday. He and DD are in NYC and return on the Fourth. They are seeing The Lion King. I envy that. It's the only Broadway show I'd pay a lot to see. My birthday is on the 7th and the 11th is the 14th anniversary of Mom's death. July is a month of great joy and great sorrow. On the 11th, Deepak Chopra's and Oprah's new free meditation series starts. They are always good. I can meditate without them but enjoy them too.

    Latest FL disaster--toxic blue/green algae along the coasts and in the canals. We still have the murky brown water in the Gulf from releases of water in Lake O. One man got a Staph infection on his leg from the infested waters. The powers that be say the water is safe. Yeah! Right! This would be a good one for the newest game on the other board. It's a doozey; check it out. The Red Tide we get is also a toxic algae but a different strain. It's red, as the name suggests, as opposed to the blue/green algae that is even more toxic. In some areas, it has formed a crust on top of the water. Yikes!!! :eek:

    Julie, hope you can get the sciatica fixed. The exercises which help are especially good if the sciatica is from a periformis misalignment of the hip and pelvis. You can find them on You Tube. They are the same ones I paid a lot for in physical therapy. Good luck.

    Granni, don't know how you can wear jeans out in the heat. I wear baggy shorts and tee shirts. I went from the types of PJ's your DH likes to tee shirts with the PJ bottoms to just wearing the tee shirts to bed. Even with A/C, I get hot at night. I have some trimming that needs to be done outside but will wait until I'm done with the chemo. That trip will be something to look forward to.

    Sun, your trip is something to look forward to too. I loved Maui when I was there many moons ago. It was beautiful. DH's co. footed the entire bill for us both. Glad I took advantage of those trips while I had the chance. Yes, there are definitely some advantages to living in a condo community but there are also some drawbacks, like everything else. I hope you are feeling well and have a good time.

    Gonna post and come back to edit. I've not responded to everydobby's posts but am afraid I'll lose this W&P post if I don't. I'll be back to finish and edit. Keyboard is just starting to act up and I don't wanna take a chance.

    Star, glad you are feeling better. Yes, between Brexit and this election season, I'd say the world has gone nuts. I'm not sure some of the voters are making informed decisions and the stakes are soooo high. If it weren't so important, it would make for good TV and movie spoofs. Actually, Saturday Night Live and other comedy channels here are doing spoofs and they are pretty good. Politicians are gifts to comedians.

    Rock, Gordon isn't a Cancer in the Zodiac is he? We Cancers love to garden and cook. In fact, ours is the caretaker, hearth 'n home, salt of the earth sign. Is the new pan copper or do they sell other types of pots 'n pans? I love copper cookware but don't own any. I have too much cookware to use and store. Wish I had the NRG and motivation to cook more. We've always taken care of one another here in the hood but have never had a list of our buddies who can fill in if our besties can't help out. I loved Donald Duck comics when I was a kid. DH used to tell Huey, Louie, and Dewey bedtime stories when they were little. It was just ducky. He kept them clean, though he could be quite foul.

    OK, gotta go. Hope y'all are enjoying the Fourth weekend.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2016
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