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    Here we go with another volume. Who would have thought back in 2005
    that the porch would still be around more than a decade later?

    The biggest news on the previous volume is that Mikie is well on the
    road to recovery. Did you ever think that centuries from now some
    graduate student might be studying our posts and writing a thesis on
    some topic? Perhaps "Health and Sickness in the Twenty First Century".
    Or "The Life of Middle Class Americans during the years 2000 to 2020."

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    Hi Kids

    I started watching a classic movie today. Pride and Prejudice. Made the
    year I was born. Had an impressive cast with Greer Garson and Laurence
    Olivier plus Ann Rutherford who played Scarlett's little sister and Polly
    in several Andy Hardy movies. Cast also included Mary Bolland who was
    the Countess in The Women and Edmund Gwen who played Kris Kringle
    in Miracle on 34th street.

    If Miracle On 34th street were made today, there would probably be sequels.
    Miracle on 35 street, Miracle on 36th street...etc.

    Prude and Prejudice has been remade. Seems to have been TV series as
    well. And only this year there was another remake as Pride and Prejudice And
    Zombies. Wikipedia reported that film was a financial flop. Who would
    have thought?

    Sun, your house looks charming. And immaculate. Interesting to hear
    that it has been years since you did any stripping. One of the gals on
    one of those crime-forensic shows plays a detective who was formerly
    some sort of dancer in a men's club.

    Star, Mikie is right. In the 40s and 50s baseball was the major sport in
    the U.S. In the early 50s when TV was new, our High School borrowed
    a TV from the only shop in town that sold them. Anyone who had a
    study hall could go down to the gym and watch the game. It taught
    me that sports were more important than education. Still true today
    when you look at what major universities spend on same, and the
    perks and privileges star athletes are given.

    Never heard of mulloway fish. Wikipedia says it is known as dusky
    kob in S. Africia. Apparently it makes for good eating. The
    population is dwindling.

    Spring, yes Gordon has lots of energy, and is busy all day. I do not
    do much of anything anymore, and his big lummox of a brother won't
    do much of anything. I feel like those people who write to the advice
    columns. My wife has allowed her drug addict sister to come live with
    us and etc. etc.

    One of my brothers did marry a woman who moved her addict son into
    his house. The son stole everything that wasn't bolted to the floor and
    pawned it for drug money. I had figured the marriage would last 6 months,
    but with the son in the picture the time was cut in half.

    Gotta go. After I type for a while my fingers and/or brain stop
    functioning properly.

    Hugs, All

    Above is the mulloway fish. Reportedly grows to over 6 feet. Uff-da!
    Ya need a big skillet if you're fixin' that for din-din.

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    Rock: OMG LOL! You're sharp as a tack today and twice as funny as any comedienne I've seen. By the way, Gordon's lummox brother is probably living at your house because his wife couldn't stand his laziness.

    Oh yes, my DH's half sister used to strip down in San Diego years ago. Probably to pay for her "habit". Thankfully that didn't last long. That was in her younger days soon after she ran away from home from Minn.
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  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Just spending my time today recovering from this looooong kidney stone episode. Just as the doc suggested to me, I was peeing 'gravel' all afternoon. So, I was right in that there were still frags in the kidney but they were able to descend once the stent was removed. Paradoxically, the stent, which is supposed to help the frags descend, can actually prevent their passing until it is removed. I had been in a lot of pain for days and don't know whether it was the stone frags, the stent or both. In any case, I'm relieved it is over and am looking forward to healing. It may take several days but the bleeding is now minimal. So, I think the stent was the cause of a lot of the symptoms even though it was probably necessary.

    I wish someone had told me more about all this before but, I guess, each case is different. I read about a woman online who had had her stent in for two months. She was a nurse and was concerned about damage to her kidney. Mine was in five weeks. Doc said it wouldn't hurt to leave it in; it's just uncomfortable. I post this in case anyone here ever has to deal with it. I sincerely hope not. Also, it gives me an opportunity to whine. :rolleyes: Thank you all so very much for all the prayers, good wishes and support.

    I am going to call my Dear Old Friend to tell him I'm not going to be up to the concert tonight unless I start feeling sooooo much better in the next few hours. He was sick the last time and I could find no one who wanted to go. Most people here aren't into classical music. If things take a positive turn, I'd like to go. This will be the last one in this series.

    I am going to call dear Nurse Nancy to let her know that the stent is out. She will be relieved to hear that. I am considering asking Julie, the cats' other mother, if she would like to have Sir Vester stay with her over Thanksgiving. She loves him and he loves her too. That way, he wouldn't be alone and Nancy wouldn't have to come over to feed him and clean his box. The cats lived with Julie until she started having seizures. The docs now have gotten her seizure meds straightened out and she hasn't had one in a long time. Thank God!

    Rock, Thanks for the fireworks on the last Porch and for getting us up and going on a new one. I was unable to close the title but will go try again. Sometimes, when I first get here, my moderator magic doesn't work. Maybe I need a new wand. I'm laughing about 34th, 35th and 36th street for sequels. I love both the original and the newer one. I watch them every year. I can just imagine a doctoral film student producing, "Pride In A Post Prejudice World." Greer Garson was wonderful in"Mrs. Miniver." She looked so much like my older DD who worked in the movies for a short time. That movie broke my heart but it is so good that I watch it whenever it is showing on TV.

    Sun & Granni, I'm laughing at how you both tell one another how much the other does. You both, and Julie, do more than anyone I know. I'm always so glad to see that y'all can do so much but I fear you all overdo it. I know Star overdoes it just being a good Mum. I have decided that, as soon as I'm up to it, I'm going to take every decorating thing out of each room and start over. I'll get rid of everything which doesn't serve the d├ęcor. It's time to cut down on all this stuff that I've accumulated over the years. Please continue to post; I live vicariously through your activities.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm gonna mosey on over to read the paper. I hope everydobby has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  5. lydia1

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    Hi everyone! Mikie, I am so happy for you!!! And I do pray that you feel so much better as the day goes on that you can go to the concert.

    Sun, I agree...your house is beautiful. Both the inside and the outside. Good idea to keep up the maintenance and have it "market ready". Our property is a little different situation in that it's a family (Century, then Heritage, and heading to Bicentennial) farm...hoping it never has to be sold and can stay in the family for more generations. But, not the end of the world if it becomes necessary some day.

    Sorry I have been scarce...just trying to keep up with "life". Monday, of course, I mowed all day. Tuesday, I went to see a lady who was the preschool director where I used to work (I was in the kitchen.) The preschool closed and she has so much teaching material...I bought a lot of her things to take to Lindsey as she homeschools (and some for Amy and some to keep at my house.)

    I also visited my dad, ran errands, got groceries (I am putting together the meat/cheese and veggie trays for the baby shower Amy is putting on for one of her best friends on Saturday.) The shower is at the mom-to-be's church and they don't know how many people are coming...planning enough snacks/refreshments for around 75. I talked to a man at one of our local grocery stores, in the meat counter...he helped me figure out what I needed for the meat and cheese tray. Then sliced everything on their machine....so all I have to do is arrange it. But I do have to prepare the veggies and dip.

    But...I may not even be at the shower. It's on Saturday and I may be going over to help Den get more things from his dad's...he has a friend lined up to help, but not sure what day. He just wants me along since I am the executor and am supposed to have access to Gpa's things. Anyway, Jennifer's mom lives nearby and I can take the food to her sometime tomorrow since she will be going to her daughter's shower.

    Yesterday, I got my hair done...then had to go pay property taxes on both farms. Also talked to the sheriff's dept...just to touch base with everything that's been going on. Den and I are doing just fine (by the book) and it helps to communicate with the sheriff about when we plan to go over to the other farm, etc.

    I am typing fast as I need to get in the shower...heading to the far away chiro today.

    Tomorrow is a "free day" after I get the food taken care of. Need to get things done for the twins visit, in case I am tied up all weekend. Monday is when I meet Lindsey, David and kids and will bring the twins home with me until next Friday. When I take them back home, I'll stay a couple of days.

    I seem to be doing okay as long as I stay very hydrated...I'm talking 80 or more ounces of water a day. I'll have the chiro muscle test today, to see if there is anything else going on.

    Please forgive me as I won't be on here much...just trying to keep up with the (good, and maybe not so good) craziness, lol!

    Thinking of Star and hoping her trip is going okay. I'm not sure I could manage something like that...I know my life is a little "hectic", but I admire her for what she does. As I admire all of us for just "keepin' on".

    Take care everyone...I am thinking of you.
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    Hi guys. Just finished catching up with everyone's lives over on the last thread and here.
    I can't believe how much has happened!

    Mikie- you're Free at last! Do you feel a little lighter?
    The remaining fragment and stent Certainly left your days over-cast, but yay! No more!
    Such a long time to suffer so. I think in some ways you're very fortunate, taking into account the fact that your results were misread... I agree with Sun, in the sense that this may very well happen to someone else, (I f not already, previous to you).
    The journey you've been on with this kidney issue was awful and I wouldn't want anyone to go through anything like it...I hope the person in question gets his/her act together.
    The main thing is you are all clear and it's finally over for you!
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I was absolutely clueless about it all before hand.
    Onwards and upwards! The concert sounds like it'd be a real treat. Hopefully you'll be well, concert or not. Just you feeling well. No blood , no back or kidney ache, well.
    I also hope a satisfactory solution for Sir Vester's adventure while you're on your adventure.
    The fellar, well actually, two of them, in prison break are Aussies.
    I'm fairly sure that Spring was referring to 'the flash', when mentioning they also played super heroes.
    Sometimes it's difficult trying to get into the zone, when an actor puts on a wierd voice, for a particular part...

    Sun- everything looks beautiful!
    I didn't realise that tiles are laid straight over the old ones! That saves a lot of work. You must be very pleased.

    Julie- what a score. All the teaching materials to help out with home schooling for starters. Always thinking of the rest of your crew. I hope the terrorism has backed off for you guys. Can only shake my head.

    Rock- I recently picked up the audiobook version of pride and prejudice, at a garage sale. I haven't actually listened to it, but couldn't bring myself to walk away from it eigther. In the end they were going to give it to me, so I gave them a dollar because I felt bad for them.
    Thanks for the mulloway pic. Where we're staying, the river meets the ocean. Most of the year it's closed off from the ocean, but when it does actually open up, apparently it is then the perfect habitat for the prized beauty.
    Unfortunately, due to the heavy downpour, the river is running way too fast and is in no way a good place to fish. Sad, but true.
    No fear, can't keep the persistent fisher folk down, there's still the beach and off the rocks (wharf).
    So even though ideals are slightly shattered, DH and Treasures are still living the dream. (I on the other hand am a very good pretender/encourager)...living the dream in All it's glory would've meant having all their rods in, right from where they're camped. On the their door step, so to speak.

    Spring- I'm glad you are not too distraught over the furniture mix ups.
    If I were physically capable, I should very much like to explore and adventure and live life in abundance.
    Instead, I shall have to live this life that I have ,to the measure allotted to me.
    Never expected this. None of us did.
    Understanding and encouraging friendships recognise our milestones for what they truly are- and we get on with it. Don't we?
    Thanks guys.
    A big G'day to Barry, Dianne, Elaine, Granni and Linda.

    We are having heavy rains here.
    In fact DH had to pop in at his dad's place before we hit the road because his house is closer to the river and it had risen dramatically over night. Fortunately the dam wasn't at capacity, so we had the all clear.
    DH was driving the 4wd with our Treasures on board and I followed behind with my mother.

    To be honest, I wasn't impressed by the whole idea of traveling in heavy rain.
    Nevertheless, the trip was made and I'm pleased to report,we are all still in one piece.
    The whole way ,scenery was enveloped by floodwaters.

    The shoulder of roads, with mailboxes peaking out just above the muddy ,swirling mess and sheep stranded in paddocks, surrounded by wet.We passed over many a bridge with rivers and angry waterways threatening to consume all in its path, including the barriers.
    I realised that it was merely a matter of time and those crossings would be devoured. It and it's surrounds, inundated.

    We were just passing through, but I couldn't help but wonder what this extra rain would mean for so many...
    Seemed surreal.
    On the one hand ,we were just passing through.separate.
    But on the other, 'life is just a vapour'
    -and even so, it was Still like a dream.
    Windscreen wipers on,back and forth- people stranded, houses surrounded by water.
    News reports from all over were coming in. People were being evacuated and safe havens established.
    Is this really what it means to be in the midst of ,of what exactly?

    A week before, the news was bemoaning the dry Winter season and what it meant for our farmers, how suicides were up in the rural areas And of financial ruin and the devastation of family tradition...
    What now?what of all the canola crops that Was flourishing?Will those stranded sheep get rescued or are people in need of saving?

    And the windscreen wipers continue to drone on and we keep moving onwards.
    Was there danger in stopping? Perhaps.
    I wanted to stop .I wanted to take photos. Surely this is an event to be remembered?
    No. Not once in a lifetime.
    About five years ago this happened and it was a 'once in a lifetime' event then.

    We barely stopped. I usually hate that about driving with DH, but dispite Everything, I just wanted to get there too.

    My mind wondered as I carried on conversation with Mum.
    How much water does it take to be dangerous? How much is needed to sweep a car off the road?
    Emergency workers funnelling traffic.
    Back bridge or was it back river? Whatever the name I glanced, it was gone. Submerged...
    I remember it was back something because my back hurt so bad at the time...
    What about electrocution?
    Ewww. I shudder at the thought.

    Passing through Hamilton, I noticed picnic huts , or rather the tops of them sticking out of the frenzied mess.
    We stopped briefly as I had to stretch, but it was decided to push on.

    I found out later last night that we were fortunate to make it through.
    In fact ,many of the places we drove through soon became isolated and surrounded by floods.
    A couple of blokes were rescued from the top of their vehicle after having been swept away, just outside our home town.

    Family members were desperate to hear from loved ones.
    The weather reporter tells the public to relax, after all, there's been flood warnings recently ,over a lot of Eastern Australia.

    So here we are, in a town oblivious to the tragedy that likely will effect many for a while yet.

    Yes. Life certainly is an adventure!

    And now I'm going to plug my ears in an effort to get some sleep!
    Sorry it's so long!

    Take care all
    Catch yas later
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  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Y'all,

    This will be another quick one. More prayers needed although things seems to be going a bit better today. Coming home from choir practice last night I had an awful accident and hit a motorcycle of all things. I was so afraid for him seeing him lying on the ground but was glad to hear that he is doing fairly well . Not sure about his motorcycle which will be checked out tomorrow I think . Our car is at the dealership and will be getting fixed to the tune of quite a bit of money. I probably will never drive at night again and I hope I keep my license. A lot to be determined right now but I am not very hopeful. I am supposed to go in Oct to court but the adjuster and all said to wait before calling and checking with them. Not sure they have the name of the correct road I turned off. We went today with the renter car and checked out the name of the street before going to get gas.

    Coming out of practice in the dark I had to park in a different place but my choir mate drove me to my car. I got in and got onto the usual road which then goes into the main road that I drive part a ways to get home. It is rather dark with a few street lights Anyway there is stop sign and we are used to this road as it can be pretty bad with a lot of traffic but not usually at this time. I looked both ways and did see anything but when I got oto the road this motorcycle was heading in my direction. So, I must have but don't remember accelerated a bit and turned the wheel to get out of his way . We must have hit and I lost control and I ended up on the other side heading in the wrong direction. Luckily, my drivers side airbag went off and probably saved me from more injury. I just have a sore shoulder and so far not to bad looking.

    Luckily ALSO THERE PEOPLE AROUND BUT NO ONE WHO SAW THE ACCIDENT AS FAR AS i KNOW. they called 911 and got help and were concerned citizens. Some were Mexican and had probably just got out of some Spanish thing going on at the church. My choir director also showed up and also one of our priests. Glad to see that guys legs move a bit and someone said after awhile he spoke a little to the EMS people. He went off to the hospital where we now hear that he seems to be doing ok but they are doing tests. Tomorrow they check the cycle and our car too. I know our damage will be a lot on the car but I had a lot more protection. I prayed so much last night and didn't do to much sleeping Id on't think, DH either who was also worried.

    Just continue to pray that all continues to go well. Hope to keep my license to drive during the day since this was my first moving accident. Hit a parked car at the end of our driveway once. We have a long weird driveway but I didn't expect it to be there. I am supposed to go out with one of our groups tomorrow but not sure if I will or not yet. Maybe if I sleep better, I might go. However, I have things I need to do here tat I didn't get to today. I cancelled the cleaning lady and didn't get to the med pill boxes or some of them today and we will be gone fri evening and sat all day at a church seminar. I got one wash don so I have dish towels and underwear :)!!

    Enough of my jibberish. Great to hear form you all. STAR - Sorry you are having problems in your homeland too, floods and all. So do we and it is not good. So sad for the people involved.

    JULIE- When do the twins come. You are one brave lady but you are younger than I so I probably was that crazy too when I was young (LOL) Only kidding. Just two is just 2x the fun but also difficulties if things arise when you aren't feeling well. Try and take it easy kiddo.

    MIKIE - Hope you are continuing to be feeling better and better.

    Gotta run and make dinner !

    Love to you all, Granni
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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Granni,

    Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope your shoulder injury is minor.
    One of the big advantages of living in a village is that traffic accidents
    are rare. I only remember one accident during the time I lived in my
    home town.

    Here in LA we have lots of accidents. I can't find any statistics on the
    net. Just that LA is one of the top five in the country for traffic accidents.
    A lot of that is due to all the foreigners who never took driver's training,
    can't read traffic signs, and may have never driven in their homeland.
    The majority have no insurance and frequently no license either. If
    they get into some kind of legal trouble they just go back home for
    a while. (Speaking as a former adjuster.)

    I had 4 traffic accidents in the 1980s. Only one of them was my fault.
    At least no injuries in any of them.

    Was poor lighting a factor in the accident? Motorcyclists are always
    getting hit. Especially when a car is making a left turn. The problem
    is the driver of the car generally doesn't see the motorcycle coming.
    My former secretary is married to a dedicated biker. He's around
    60. Been in three bad accidents. Had part of a leg amputated after
    one a few years. He is still buzzing around on that bike. Another
    accident earlier this year. Uff-da!

    Hope it's all not too serious. You've been driving a long time with
    no accidents. Lucky on the whole so to speak. Take good care
    of your shoulder.


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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Here's an interesting video. I believe this was made at some secret laboratory
    where the military is working on new weapons. Apparently a variation of
    the tank. And I have wonderful news. If you found this video thrilling,
    there are lots more like it on Youtube.

    Star, I found the news I mentioned in an earlier post. Did you see the story
    about the Australian dog that loves the mailman? He brings her mail
    every day. Junk mail etc. Puts it in the slot. (Her mouth.)

    So is the rain over? Have the floods receded? Was your place OK?

    Julie, that's great that you got some teaching materials for Lindsey. I
    remember my mother (who went to a normal school and studied to be
    a teacher) had cardboard letters and numbers about 3 inches high.
    Taught us to read before we went to school. I did the same with my son.

    Did you have your chiro muscle test? How is it done? Good results?

    Mikie, sorry you weren't up to concert going. Good luck with decluttering.
    We sure could use some of that around here. Not going happen though.
    Oh, yeah. More roomba news. I saw the episode of NCIS again where the
    roomba picks up the cartridge shells. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) puts
    a stop to it by stomping on it. I wonder how many roombas the prop
    dept. bought in case retakes were needed. (Did I already post that?
    I sometimes feel like aliens have taken over my mind.)

    Hugs to Barry, Sun, Springwater, Diane, Granni, GB

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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Granni, I am so very sorry about your accident. I'm sure you are still in a bit of shock from it. I just sent up a prayer for you and the guy on the cycle. I hope it all works out OK. Take care of your own injuries first and worry about getting the car fixed second. I don't know about where you live, but in most places, people don't usually lose their licenses unless they were intentionally driving recklessly or under the influence. I've asked St. Christopher and St. Jude to watch over you. Best of luck with everything.

    Julie, it sounds as though you and Den are really being smart about everything. I'm glad because I hope this is over as soon as possible with as little pain as possible. Getting your hair done was a good idea; it always brightens my day when my hair looks good. The school materials were a great score. Good for you. Don't overdo it, my friend.

    Star, here where we have flash flooding, authorities warn us that a car can be swept away in as little as a foot of water. What you described is scary. I'm glad you are OK. Yes, I also hope none of us here has to go through what I've been through with this kidney stone issue. Thing is that it's different for everyone; I never expected that this would stretch out for so long and be so painful and exhausting. After checking online, I discovered that what I've been through isn't that unusual. When we think of things which might be difficult, we seem to think about cancer and heart disease. So many of us suffer years on end with these illnesses we have. At least, the kidney thing is resolved for me unless the stones on the other side grow a lot and start to move. Wish we could get resolution for our CFIDS/ME and FMS. I'm so glad y'all are safe and sound.

    Rock, when my ex worked at a Japanese company in the U.S., the president had one accident after another. I don't know how he kept his license. Here, where we have no-fault insurance, criminal scams are rampant. They cause accidents and then run to docs who are in on the scam. There is a movement afoot to try to stop the no-fault requirement. Love the Roomba videos. Sir Vester is too lazy to climb aboard mine. He is content to tolerate it while giving it the stink face. I still haven't seen that NCIS episode. I think my Dear Old Friend was relieved when I called him to tell him I wasn't up to going to the concert. He's not been doing that great himself.

    Spring, I saw the note about your technical problems. Please contact TechSupport@ProHealth.com to see whether they can help with it. I really have no technical abilities and often have problems myself with the boards. I wish I could help and hope the folks here at PH are able to help you. They are very good.

    It was good to rest yesterday. My kidney is still sore but so much better. The bleeding is much less too. I think it will just take a bit of time to recover. I'll play it by ear and not overdo things. I hope all y'all are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  11. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Popped on for a minute and saw Granni's distressing news. I am so sorry! I have lost track of how many "near misses" I have had while driving. I think most people have had at least one, if they've been driving very long at all. I'm glad the motorcyclist seemed to be okay, and I hope your injuries aren't worse today...although you both might very well be extremely sore.

    Star, yes, that sounds so scary to be driving in all that rain and seeing the flooding. I'm guessing it is assumed the waters will have receded by the time to drive back through on the way home.

    Spring, I hope the experts can help with your computer/posting problems.

    I got back fairly late yesterday...made a few stops on the way home. Partly to keep from getting sleepy while driving, and partly to pick up things I had forgotten to get in town the other day...(containers for the dip for the baby shower, totes to put some of the smaller things in when we go back to Gpa's other farm, a few grocery items, etc., etc.)

    Den planned to work late since I would be gone most of the day. They had to switch the electric service from the Post Office, library (and a few other places near by) over to a new service. Couldn't do it during business hours, so had to wait till they closed for the day. Hit a snag and didn't get done till after 9:30 pm...long day for the electric crew. Not sure what all was involved, but they had to hang a new transformer onto a new pole, switch wires, all that jazz.

    Rock, both of my chiros muscle test by having me hold an arm out straight (or hold a leg up if I'm lying down.) They go through a bunch of questions and try to push the arm or leg down as I answer. If I can't hold my arm or leg up, they need to adjust "here or there" and if I can hold the arm or leg up, then all is well.

    That's one way...they do other stuff that I don't really understand, but supposedly the body subconsciously knows how to heal itself...just needs (someone who knows what they are doing) to help it along. And sometimes there are no questions or even talking...if I can't hold my legs, arms, head, "whatever" in place then the chiro knows there is a weakness somewhere (muscle, or whatever) from something being out of place, and they know how to correct it.

    We affectionately call it "voo doo" but there is so much more to it. And from going to the same doctors for so many years, they can usually tell what is going to be wrong before they even start. For instance, emotions play a big part with me...I tend to hold everything (stress) in my neck and shoulders (they get very tense) but it's often something else (intestinal, etc.) The doctors aren't "spot on" every time, but often enough to make it worth going to them. Sometimes I feel better right away, sometimes it takes a day or two.

    Anyway, hope that doesn't sound too weird. I don't understand most of it, but it works, so I'm good with that. They can also get an idea of what's wrong just by watching me walk or by how I hold my head, etc.

    Anyway, I'd better say a quick "hi" to everyone else. I let myself sleep in a bit this morning, but need to get busy now...all those vegetables for the baby shower are calling my name, lol! So glad I had the guys at the meat counter slice the summer sausage and cheese for me, but I have to clean and cut up 3 heads of cauliflower, 2 stalks of celery, 4 pounds of carrots (big ones, not baby carrots) and several bunches of broccoli. And make several cartons of dip with sour cream and the powdered "Hidden Valley" stuff.

    Amy is bringing Keira to her other grandparents' this evening, so will come on here and spend the night with us...then she can take it on to the shower. Oh, I bought myself a back brace...even so, I won't be lifting much heavy stuff. Will just load the totes and let the guys put them in the truck.

    Never a dull moment, lol! Granni, I am meeting the kids south of St. Louis on Monday to get the twins. Then I will take them clear back home on Friday...that's the plan, anyway. I continue to do pretty well if I stay hydrated...drinking water (I add minerals to our RO filtered water) all day long. A good rule of thumb is do drink half your body weight (in ounces of water) every day...so don't ask me how much I drink, lol! But if I did weigh (only) 140 pounds, I would drink at least 70 ounces of water. However, I need to drink a "tad bit" more :rolleyes:

    Anyway, love you guys...have a "good enough" weekend.

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  12. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Just thought I'd have a squiz (look) before trying to get some sleep...

    Awww Granni! That's so scary for you.
    I'm very glad to hear that both you and the bikie are alive and are not a statistic.
    Sadly motorcycle accidents are common here too. They just seem to slip under the radar or they get the open car door flung into them.
    I hope you recover both physically and mentally quickly. I know it'd shake me up.

    Julie just noticed you were on. Sorry your back's been such a nuisance.
    DH had the chiropractor do that with his legs and he figured it out, so he'd lay on the floor and if he couldn't lift one of his legs he'd pop a wedge beneath that side and get one of our Treasures to push down and it'd slot back in. In the meantime, he had to strengthen the muscles. It did start to worry me coz it appeared to get used to popping in and out, more frequently,if you know what I mean?
    Time with your little Treasures will be a blessing, all round I'm sure and will hopefully help to get your mind off the rubbish and onto the little tapestry, that is the importance of your life. Wish I had a gran like you.

    Mikie, sorry you're still hurting

    Rock, I did have a look on the internet about the dog and postie story. Fluffy pieces like that remind us of the joys we often overlook, simple smiles. Thanks.

    Floodwaters are subsiding all round and rain has dispersed. We won't know it's full effect till we get back, next Wed.

    Having alternator trouble with the 4wd, so DH will get a look at that tomorrow.

    Best call it a night.

    Best wishes to all- sun,Barry, spring,Dianne,Linda,Elaine- everyone

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Almost good afternoon everyone,

    I slept later than usual and pretty well considering the fact that we heard that the motorcyclist seems to be doing pretty well and they were doing just tests yesterday. Hope they don't find any problems. I am doing OK maybe just a little achier . DH and I are thinking after seeing what a mess the car is on the driver side how much damage there is and that I am pretty good with no injuries and sees so far like not much for the mortorcyclist.

    Thank you everyone for your sweet words about the accident,. The more DH and I think about it it is sort of a miracle for both of us. Not sure how much damage was done to the bike but they are certainly more fragile than a car and rider certainly has less protection in a cycle. I wouldn't want to ride on one, sorry not on a street with cars on it.

    Have a bunch of stuff to do today and will be gone this evening and most of tomorrow at a seminar for church. So HAVE TO GET MY WASH TAKEN CARE OF AND MY PILL SUPPLY. Didn't mean to put the caps on that but to lazy to fix it.

    MIKIE - Sorry you are still having some pain and or discomfort I heard someone say, maybe STAR. Also, SW was asking you at the end of last volume to check out something for her. PLEASE GO BACK AND CHECK IT OUT FOR HER. SHE ADDED AFTER YOU POSTED THE END OF THE VOLUME.

    JULIE - Have a great time with those kiddos and be careful driving. Remember you are having double the fun :)! LOL. I too wish I had had a really fun and closeby grandma or grandparents. I only had one set and they were much older and lived at different childrens homes at that time. They lived states away all the time and died in the 50's. So, I only saw them a few times in my life. I feel a bit guilty not being able to be there for my grandkids that much especially some but we all do what we can. I really feel guilty about not being there that much for some especially when the other grandparents are there all the time for their grandkids. They live much closer that we are but they are also married to a different person too. My DH is good but he is also an only child so perhaps that explains some of it. I don't push some of it cause I fell like you know what too. I push myself and he doesn't THAT MUCH maybe some.

    I gotta run now and do some more WORK while DH is out blowing leaves outside before lunch.

    GRANNI :)
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Lindsey's post on facebook this morning...Liora is the one teaching Isaiah and Josiah the spelling words, lol! I think homeschooling at their house has proved to be very interesting and a lot of fun, along with some "challenges" for the teacher/mommy, lol!

    "My kinesthetic learner drumming out her spelling and reading words and teaching her brothers how to spell them. Lord help me. Lol"

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Very cute picture and I would like to be in on their lesson to see how it works.

    I need to get off here and get ready to go to early dinner and part of a seminar tonight and most of the day tomorrow. So I will most likely pop in again if not exhausted on Sunday after church.

    More hugz to everydobby !

    Granni :)
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    GrannI: So sorry to read about your accident. But what a blessing that neither of you were really hurt. Hope your shoulder is better. My question: wonder if the M/C had an operating light? And why do you have to go to court if you had insurance? Is it because of your age? Is that what the insurance adjuster told you? How much damage was done to both vehicles ?

    Yesterday my pool guy drove up, and I noticed a big dent in the front side of his fairly new truck. Asked him what happened......a bicyclist ran right into him while he was stopped. Oops....thankfully the guy wasn't injured but I'm sure his bike was.

    Julie: cute pics. Have fun with your little ones.

    Star: Had to mention what happened to my DD when she was going to a Jr. college locally. It had been raining that morning, and she came home from class early. Told me she had been driving up the street to the college and suddenly a wave of water came down the street and her car was washed along in the wave! Scare her and ME. Turns out this street used to be a flood channel years earlier and it can suddenly flood. Nice to know that.

    You guys were very brave/determined to get to your camping area. Hope you're having fun.

    I'm soooo darn annoyed/angry today. Seems my RX prescription was filled because I got a tracking # but no record of it ever getting to the PO. I demanded to speak to a supervisor, was told I had to request a 24 HR. call back. Not good enough. So called United Health and went that route, they connected me with the Pharmacy that filled it....still no supervisor so now They promised to have one call me today. I hope so......I need my RX. Granni: I know you had troubles. This one is OptumRX.

    Still feeling super tired, so don't know what was in that pneumonia shot. Our health care system is broken.
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Granni - I'm glad you weren't hurt..how frightening!

    Julie - what a cute pic....

    The post seems to be posting so far let's see...

    star - wow..the descriptions...I felt like I was there..in the watery scenario.

    I'm glad u all weren't flooded out.

    Mikie - I hope you continue to heal..sorry you missed the concert.

    Sun - I'll try n post pics of the furniture will hv to take sons help..my own cameras batter charger is missing for ages....

    Sorry about that meds delay
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2016
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon came home from his orchid meeting with some new ribbons and plants.
    He won a culture award and an honorable mention. And he won 2 or 3
    plants in the raffle. And a member gave him a plant. She was repaying a
    favor. Last month during the drawing she misread her ticket. Gordon had
    the winning number, but she thought she did. So he said, "Ok, that's fine.
    You take it. I have one at home already."

    Star, I read the same thing that Mikie said about water washing vehicles away.
    The Los Angeles river flows along the East side of the city. All our rain comes
    during the 3 winter months. Then the river races along to the sea. It's dry
    the rest of the time. I read in some article somewhere that even a foot or two
    of water is enough to wash a car away. All depends on the speed of the water.

    Anyhoo a couple decades ago a cement truck was in the river bed. When the
    flood waters came they pushed the truck down the river. There have been
    some drownings over the years despite all the warnings.

    Julie, great pic. I 'spect a whole classroom of such would make quite
    a racket. Hope your back brace is helpful. Have you used one before?

    Sun, that's a shame about the Rx mixup. Seems like people are getting
    more and more incompetent despite all the modern technology we
    have. And the news stories about the prices of meds are horrifying.
    The skin creme my doc prescribed has cost $16 a tube for years. Went up
    to almost double that this year. Pharmacist says it's going up to $50. AACCKK!

    The B&W cat was gone for a few days. Showed up twice last night. Around
    supper time and then several hours later. Gordon's brother saw a skunk
    in the backyard a couple nights ago. We get fewer visits from the critters
    since our fence was modified.

    Hugs, Rock
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Got up feeling a bit better this morning. I think it's because all I've done is rest. When I sleep, it's like a coma. I'm better but my keyboard is sticky. GRRR! The kidney pain is almost completely gone and so is the bleeding. Woo Hoo!!! I'm in bad need of a shower and hair blow out. Now, if I can only get some NRG.

    For some reason, Sir Vester has been needy and ornery for a couple of days. He whines and I don't know what he wants. I give him lots of attention but it's never enough. He's been nipping at me. Last night, he got up on the nightstand and knocked things over. I'm sure it's frustrating for him not to be able to tell me what's bothering him. I speak a bit of cat but obviously I'm not fluent enough to understand him. Maybe he can go stay with Mommie Julie permanently.

    Granni, I'm so glad you are not hurt. I've prayed for you both. When I rode motorcycles, I always had the headlight on because bikes are sooooo hard for motorists to see. I never sped because that just makes it more difficult for drivers to see bikes in time to stop. I hope this all works out OK. Waiting on auto body repairs is a real pain. The good news is that new repair techniques mean you can't see that the car was ever damaged. Not like in the old days of getting back a Bondo Mobile. Also, new cars are constructed to minimize injuries. I'm so glad you are OK. I PM'd Spring and also asked for Holly at PH to help her. I really am not able to help with technical issues, even my own. I hope she was able to help.

    Julie, I'm glad the 'Voodoo Medicine' helps you. I say that whatever helps is good medicine. I've adopted Spring's light meditation/prayer and it has helped soooo much. Thanks for posting that cute pic of Liora conducting lessons. I loved playing school when I was a kid. I am praying for a safe trip for you. I see new electrical posts lying on the ground along the main road just outside our little community. Looks as though they are replacing the old ones with beefier ones. When that road is widened, they will likely bury the lines. All the lines inside our hood are buried. Take care, my friend.

    Star, hope y'all are having a good time and that the water has receded. We have not had a big gully washer here in a long time. We did get some rain last evening. There are three storms rolling off the West Coast of Africa towards us but, so far, they pose no danger. This time of year, they come one after another and we just pray they turn north in the Atlantic and miss us. Hope your pain is better.

    Sun, I also have UHC and use Optim Rx. I've only used them once but need to call for refills. No problems with the original fill. I have no co-pays for Tier I drugs so it's definitely worth it. Of course, for anything other than my maintenance meds, I use Target, now CVS. I'm sorry you are having problems getting your refill. Healthcare providers need to get a lot more efficient if they are going to be able to serve our expanding, and aging, population while keeping costs own. Hope you get your meds.

    Spring, glad to see you are able to post. Let's hope you can continue to. Come back when you can stay.

    Rock, glad Gordon did well again at the meeting. Perhaps the little B&W kitty is being wooed by that skunk, ala Pepe LePew. You know what they say, "Once you go black and white, you'll be gone all night." In any case, she sounds like a modern liberated kitty. Of course, she does depend on the kindness of strangers. Bless you for caring for God's wild critters.

    I have to go try to address this keyboard before I feel the flames of hell licking at my heels for swearing. Oh, oh, too late. My soles (and my soul) are burning up. TTYL.

    Love, Mikie
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, guys! Glad Mikie is doing better, and Star made it safely, and Granni (and the biker) didn't get hurt too badly, and Sun's house looks gorgeous, and Spring's posts are coming through and Gordon had lots of success at the orchid meeting.

    Sorry about all the med mix-ups and price increases, and pain, fatigue and illness.

    It doesn't look like I will be going anywhere or having any grandkids here. My back (and legs) are still messed up...and I don't really know what else is going on. All I did yesterday was stand up for an hour or so to get the food ready...a weakness and pain suddenly came over me around 1:30 pm. I tried to take a nap, but couldn't get comfortable.

    By the time Amy got here around 9:00 pm, I was barely able to walk. The pain is only in my lower back, but it affects how my legs work. Might be time to get to a medical doctor instead of a chiro...and have some xrays or something done.

    Amy's alarm went off so she will be getting up to get ready for the shower. Den just left to get a load of firewood by himself. The only thing I feel up to doing is going back to bed...but I'll have to somehow get back up the stairs. Sometimes, things just suck...but all we can do is go along the best we can, true?

    Hope everyone else is doing as well as possible.