Porch Number 962 is CLOSED (3/13/17)

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    Hi Kids

    New porch is open. Be back after I go assist with some gardening chore or other.

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    Hi Mikie,

    The product I was referring to is called WEN and it's available from QVC. It's not a shampoo and will not strip your hair of it's natural oil. You shampoo and leave it on for 2 minutes - rinse - towel dry. They have several formulation for all sort of hair problem. I think their FIG formula is for dry hair. I use the Tea Tree formula and I love it.

    It's a bit pricey but you don't need much of it. Save the olive oil for cooking. QVC has a 30 return policy for whatever reason.

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    It made me smile to see Gordons post.

    Rock - the computer needs a whack preventing you from coming in. Maybe it's jealous of your popularity.

    Diane - hang in there. Sometimes life seems like one long trial. Can you complain to the police about hackers, virus senders? If they're causing that much damage, loss they should track the offender and haul them into jail. After having them analysed for brain damage and sociopathic tendencies.

    Here's a porch which looks beautiful and doesn't seem to need too much to keep clean.
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    Hi Kids

    Springwater, another great porch. Here's a witticism I found on the net. When I saw a
    wicker furniture outlet in Copenhagen, I knew there was something rattan in the state
    of Denmark. Gordon's post made me smile too. I didn't know he had posted. He's like
    Marilyn Monroe who allegedly said she was a person of many faucets.

    Sun, good thing you checked those old papers. I found my parent's wedding certificate
    too. I was middle aged at the time. Turns out Mom was pregnant when she got
    married. Not a comfortable situation in 1939, and you live in a village.

    Hope your aches and pains are easing. If you get a chance, post a pic of your
    refurbished purse.

    Barry, that spider you described with the long, skinny legs is the kind we call a
    grandaddy long legs. You use that term too? I never knew they could spin webs
    till we had some in residence at our previous place. There was always a corner or two
    of the bathroom with a web and a spider. It seemed like they never moved. What a
    boring life.

    Anyhoo occasionally one would get trapped in the bathtub. They were too delicate to
    rescue. Then I discovered if I draped a towel over the side of the tub they could crawl
    up and out.

    Am currently reading a book about espionage written by the gal who was once
    the head of Britain's secret service aka M15.

    Hugs to Julie, Star, Tori, Linda, GB.
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I've been clenching my teeth ever since I took that horrible magnesium supp my doc had me order. I think that's the cause of the ringing in my ears. The other night, I took one clonazepam to relax my jaw and it worked. I have been sleeping better too. That supp caused anxiety and insomnia as well. Nasty stuff. The one I'm getting at Vitamin Shoppe seems to be OK; it's potassium citrate. I'm sleeping so much better. Don't want to go back to taking clonazepam every night but I'm gonna ask my doc for a new scrip to take PRN. I have some on hand but it's old and losing it's effectiveness.

    Even though water samples have shown very low levels of Red Tide off our shore, there have been reports of Red Tide respiratory distress. This isn't unusual because the RT can collect in small areas. I've been short of breath for about a week. I feel like it's the usual RT problems I have when it's present. Yesterday, I started to clean out my bathroom vanity and had so much FMS-like pain that I had to stop. I finally took some acetaminophen and got back to it. I threw out some old cosmetics. I only got half the vanity cleaned out so will finish it today. It always feels soooo good to have an area all clean and orderly. I've decided to prioritize some areas that give more satisfaction when clean than the mundane cleaning chores.

    I'm still wrestling with the phone dilemma. I think I'll just have to go to Wal*Mart to look at their phones. They sell reconditioned iPhones online. DD once got one and it was fine. They rework them inside and out and they are like new. A reconditioned one is about half price. What I think I might really enjoy is one of those Amazon Echos or the Google equivalent. I totally don't need one but it would be so nice to just have to ask if I have a question. On the other hand, if I get an iPhone, I can just ask Siri. The Echo does play streaming music. I can do that through my TV with Amazon Fire. What it's coming down to is that the iPhone is looking more and more like the best choice. I'll see. Speaking of music...y'all know how I'm always complaining how bad the new music is. Well, last night Colbert had The Shins on the Late Show. They are a kind of funky rock band. I loved the song they played. Of course, like with almost all music these days, I couldn't understand the lyrics but the tune was lively. The name of their new album is, Heart Worms. Oh my!

    Diane, I've been thinking about you and was going to put out an APB. So glad you checked in. I'm so very sorry for all that has been going wrong. That doc is a menace. These guys just don't get it that we are extremely sensitive to anything we put into our bodies and we know our bodies best. My doc was nasty when I told him those supps caused CNS symptoms. I'm glad you didn't end up in the ER but, at least, you'd have some documentation of what the med caused. Sorry Kevin's computer bit the dust. That's always annoying, and expensive. Hopefully it's a tax write off since he works at home. I'm glad Faithy and Beety are doing so well. I hope Rosie gets a good bill of health too. I pray Sir Vester stays well. He's a happy and healthy cat so far. The vet doesn't want to see him unless he's sick since he doesn't go out and isn't around other animals (Sir Vester, not the vet :) :rolleyes: I hope y'all survive this new snowstorm. Good grief! Enough is enough. Be well, my friend.

    Rock, I'm cracking up at Basil Ratbane! Thanks for the hearty laugh. I also like the fig joke. Normally, I wouldn't give a fig but your jokes are always the best! I wonder what Newton would make of quantum physics. Heresy! I love to eat fresh figs but can't tolerate Fig Newtons. Don't know why. Publix gets in these big fat figs called, Brown Turkey figs. They have BOGOs on them. They are delicious with a nice cheese like Brie. I remember S&H Green Stamps from my yute. Mom used them and I did too when I was first married. I still have Mom's ration stamp book from WWII. In her hometown of North Platte, NE, women used their stamps to buy supplies to make sandwiches and coffee to give the troops on the train who stopped there on their way to deployment. There was a canteen at the depot. There is a book about it--Once Upon A Town by Bob Greene. He was on PBS at the time, hawking the book. He held up some enlarged photos and one was a group of young women rushing out to the train to greet the soldiers. There was Mom in a dress she made herself. It was unmistakable. I bought the book but that photo wasn't in it. If I get back to North Platte, I'm going to the museum to see whether I can get a copy.

    Gordon, thank you soooo very much for your post. Unfortunately, that company is being sued by a lot of women who claimed the Wen caused their hair to fall out. The pics were awful. I wonder whether QVC is still selling it. In any case, it's the thought that counts and I'm touched and grateful that you took the time to post to me. I'm thinking dry hair is better than none at all. On the other hand, it would be a lot less trouble. Think I'll stick with the olive oil and Tail and Mane conditioner. When it comes to the Wen, I have to say, "Neigh!" I'm glad your hair is still intact.

    Spring, that porch looks like it's on one of the old houses which line the Atlantic Shore, like the ones the Kennedys lived in. My friend, Richard, lived in one but his first wife got it in the divorce. Like Diane, I'm getting a lot of spam calls on my cell phone even though I'm also on the No Call List. I just don't answer any number I don't recognize. One company keeps calling and calling. We are getting a new rush of spammers/scammers here on the board and I get rid of them as fast as I can. They put their website URL in the title of their posts but the posts themselves often don't even make sense. I wouldn't go to those websites for anything. That's probably how I got the ransom virus when I was surfing on the web. Thanks for posting that beautiful porch. I'm ready for some lemonade.

    Well, Kids, as is my usual routine, I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Tomorrow, I get a real one. Woo Hoo! Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE and ROCK thanks for the new volume and SW a pretty new porch picture for us. I need to g get dressed. Got some bad news this morning found out that our dear choir director's mom who lived in VT was jn a terrible car accident. They are investigating it of course but another driver, who also was killed died at the scene went over the other line to the wrong side of the rd. So he is going up to prepare for the funeral after his day at a special conference in another state. Think it was Atlanta but not sure. Then off to VT. Hope the weather isn't to bad up there. They are supposed to have lots of snow, etc.

    DIANE - So sorry to hear about all your troubles. The meds problem is one big one, and their accessiblilty and cost. What works for one does not necessarily work for another I know. Sorry also to hear about the accident that it will was not resolved. That sounds like our or my case. Still waiting as they motorcyclist continues apparently to get as much out of our insurance company as possible.. Still have not heard anything so he is still working to get as much as he can . Hope at least I can keep driving and they won;t increase me to badly in our insurance cost. We may also have to look for another insurance company. We have been with Amica for years and they are pretty good but they are not cheap. Be patient and try not to be to fearful of it . I know it can be upsetting. Hang in there kiddo. Maybe I can come back this evening or it will be tomorrow. DH is at his meeting. I have to go get dressed and ready for the day. Don't know whether to put on my usual jeans or my singing clothes for this afternoon. We sing this afternoon again oat a local Sr. center.

    ROCK - You are so lucky to have Gordon to cook and make those special juices for you. I know that they are also helpful to both of you and your conditions. Keep on posting dear friend. It helps us all.

    Gotta run for now More later.

    Granni :)
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    Hi All!

    So good to hear from you Diane! Sorry you are not up to snuff. I'm not either.;) Hang tight, my dear.

    Rock. Three differences between Cellar Spiders and Daddy Longlegs. Though they look alike. o_O
    1: D-longlegs don't make silk or spin webs. Cellar spiders
    2.D-longlegs have two eyes; spiders have eight.
    3. D-longlegs have penises; spiders don't.
    We have Cellar spiders in our little house in the woods. Had daddy long-legs in England. They are both around nearly everywhere in the world, I think.

    A quick note, only. Sorry....

    Love to All,
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    Got back from singing this afternoon, so I popped in. Thinking especially about DIANE and JULIE in the wake of the snow storm that is supposed to be heading in their direction, at least DIANE. Not sure about JULIE if it was heading her way. I thought they said midwest . I do know that it was headed up the north east coast I believe.

    Just hoping that everyone stays warm and safe who is in the way of the storm.

    Gee BARRY you sure know know a lot about spiders. I know very little but know some can be pretty if big enough or under the microscope.. I know where to go if I need any answers to spider questions. We just have some very tiny ones around here that like to spin webs outside around the top of the door frames outside, etc.

    Thinking of everyone. I need to go fix dinner or at least put the chicken in. Already put in the sweet potatoes. Nothing to exciting happening around here really.

    Lo ve to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Back to sunny day. Glad I don't hv to go out for groceries. I think I got what is immediately needed. I went for a Hour long walk last evening. In the cool night air, it was 13 degrees celcius. I know 55 is considered quite warm in the northeast usa. Here, I only didn't need to put on something warmer than my thickish kurta because of the physical exercise I was getting walking.
    I discovered a little place where they sold yoghurt in mud utensils (matka). The price was twice that of normal. I asked the Indian shopkeeper why and he said because it was indian yoghurt. Calcutta. To be exact. I said how can it be fresh yoghurt would go bad if you brought it from india and he said the workers who made it were from Calcutta, I had a hearty laugh.

    The curd was heavenly tasting but not to be taken regularly. Too sweet, rich, heavy.

    Granni - brrrr..the flowers are out in force here and there's a blizzard north east of usa. I hope Diane, and others are safe.

    Mikie - lucky wife who got the house. I loved the open air feel about the porch. The wicker furniture is so pretty. Have you done heart test? ECG? I used to hv it at our inlaws house when I hadn't moved out. I went and did a heart check up but there wasn't anything. I don't hv palpitations now.

    Rock - I think I would prefer rattan Denmark to present Nepal.theres a gas shortage yet again. The son had to attend his friends older brothers wedding and didn't want to take a vehicle because there's gas crunch. He said he wanted to avoid giving lifts back home to the other friends so he walked it. Said it's less complicated than having to refuse friends.b

    Barry - your posts bring back memories. I miss seeing spider webs wet with droplets of rain...and fine sheets of spider webs.

    Today was burning leaves day. Bonfire. Lots n lots of leaves. Luckily they caught fire quickly. And the soil is still moist because of the recent rains. So no watering.
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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Wow! Did I ever sleep well last night. SV woke me once when he was messing around with things on top of the bedside table. I got up to pee and went right back to sleep. He's been very sweet this morning and is lying here beside me on the sofa. He's been using his little scratch box a lot lately. He knows I want him to use that instead of the loveseat and when he uses it, he looks back at me to make sure I've seen him. Then, I pet him and praise him.

    Nancy's DDIL gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. I'm so happy for her. She's my age and this is her first. She'll be going up to NY to see her in a few days. I'll take care of Bob and the mama kitty and kittens. Dear Old Friend wants to come over on Fri. morning to have coffee with me, Frank and Ilona. I have to catch Ilona to make sure it's OK.

    Granni, I'm so sorry for your choir director. What a sad way to lose one's mother. On the other hand, when it's my time, I wouldn't mind going that way. Still, it's really hard for the loved ones. I've told my kids that if anyone ever causes my death, they absolutely have to forgive the person. Sorry that guy is trying to milk your insurance co. Your rates may go up for a couple of years. Mine did after I was in an accident back in 1999. It's wasn't that bad of an increase. Good luck.

    Barry, you must really have good eyesight to be able to discern whether your spiders have penises or not. :rolleyes: We found another green and orange spider over on the other side of the bldg. in the bushes. Instead of freaking out and wanting to destroy the web and kill it, the neighbors are enjoying knowing such a beautiful little spider is there. I don't know whether it has a penis or not. One year, my ex came inside and looked really ill. He had been out mowing the lawn. Evidently, a huge wolf spider had been on top of the grass and, before he could stop the mower, it ran over the spider, throwing bits and pieces all over the place. ACCKK!!! I've seen pics on TV of all the beautiful wild flowers blooming in CA where they haven't bloomed in years during the drought. They are incredible. Do you have any spring flowers right now?

    Spring, what a pretty little web. In the sun, they look like they have diamonds all over them. Our little green and orange spider has an unusual web. It's all long strings with no cross strings. It's more linear than round, like the spider itself. I'm so sorry you are having shortages again. Life is difficult enough without that! It's cooler here again too. I'll enjoy it while I can. Quite a while ago, I was having heart palpitations so had a complete cardio workup. I passed with flying colors, including the rigorous stress test on the treadmill. My balance between my female hormones and my thyroid hormone was off. As soon as it was balanced, the palpitations went away. If I'm off the pregnenalone for any reason, they come back. I was able to go off the thyroid several years ago. Hang in there and I hope the shortages come to an end.

    I'm watching Morning Joe and am going to read the real newspaper and do the puzzles. The Wed. NYT crossword had some long answers and I didn't think I could do it. I kept at it and managed to finish it. I love those kind that give me a good challenge which I am able to overcome. BTW, is anyone else watching Taken, the new TV series? It's supposed to portray the life of the hero before the timeline in the movies. Lots of action. I just watched On Demand to bring me up to the present. The Pilot was a bit confusing but now, it makes sense and I'm caught up. TV and reading are my life. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Ahoy, Maties,

    Where is everydobby? I just got back from Nancy's where I let Mama Kitty sniff my hand through the sliding door. This will help her think of me as belonging and safe by the time I start feeding her on the 29th. I'll take Nancy to the airport early in the morning. By then, the kittens should be able to eat a little watered-down wet food. Mama Kitty is eating like a horse. She's still very skinny but looks healthy otherwise. The kittens are sooooo cute. Someone spotted another very young pregnant cat in the hood but she hasn't been seen for several days. We're worried that she had her kitties outside. It's been cold here.

    I'm in an FMS flare and got chilled when I walked over and back home. I finally took a Vicodin. Y'all know I'm hurting if I need an opioid. I stood out talking with Nancy and another friend in the hood and the wind was really cold. It's likely the change in barometric pressure which brought on the flare and not the cold. I'm descaling my coffee maker with vinegar. Fortunately, I got my morning cup before it quit working. It's working like a charm now. Descaling is kind of a long, drawn-out process. I hate the smell of the hot vinegar but it's gone now. I brewed a cup of coffee and it tastes fine. I have a spare identical coffee maker because, the first time it quit, I didn't realize they have to be descaled to remove hard deposits from the water. I only use filtered water but, evidently, it still leaves deposits in the mechanism. This may be the extent of my accomplishments today.

    Nancy's daughter has breast cancer and will be getting a lumpectomy on Mon. They will find out whether the lymph nodes are involved then. Her name is Beth and she could use any prayers y'all might have for her. She is the one who rescues horses and other critters. Both she and Nancy are two of the best people I know. Again, it's so hard to have a sick child and be helpless.

    I'm going to be hunkering down to try to get rid of my pain. I may do some laundry because the machines do most of the work. I can just watch TV in between removing the clothes and folding them. My floors could stand to be cleaned, especially the tile but they will have to wait until tomorrow. I just had Roomba do the carpets but SV's hair is all over the place. He's been shedding a lot.

    I keep hoping I'll feel well enough to get out to look at new phones. There is no huge hurry but I'd like to get it done before the end of the month when Verizon takes my payment automatically. Grace and Dennis leave in a week to go back to VA. Frank and Ilona leave for MA in another month. Time is flying by.

    OK, Kids, that's it from here. I'm getting concerned about our MIAs. Linda, Tori, and Star, hope y'all are OK. Same for anydobby I missed. Flare is causing my pea brain to be even more lame than usual.

    Love, Mikie
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    Love that porch picture. I used to restore old antique wicker and at one time I owned over 20 pieces of various things......chairs, a loveseat, tables, one with an oak top, footstool, and it was a lot of work I have to say, not only in restoring but keeping them up. They are not safe really in the elements of sun and rain, so they have to be covered or brought in. So over the years all I have left are 2 tables, a chair and a footstool. Sad when I think of all that work. Now wonderful weather resistant chairs, etc. have been made. I have a set outside of 2 chairs and a glass topped table and it's out there all the time and I LOVE it.

    Mikie: So sorry to read about Nancy's DD. I said a prayer for her. And a new baby too! And you get to take care of the little kittens, that should be fun.

    Barry: I ALSO hate DST......we should take a vote and see who wants to get rid of it. I don't have a job where I must be up at a certain hour but here I am, waking early and don't seem to have gotten enough sleep. Well, it is HOT again down here too so that contributes to it. And still having this *&^%$ sciatic pain too.

    I spent yesterday organizing my clothes for the trip and also cleaned out a few closets. I made a cute skirt for my DGD out of brown ultra suede. I had a scrap of it stuck away. She's written a book report on Annie Oakley and they all have to dress the part of their book reports next week while they do it orally. OMG.....this skirt is soooo cute. It's an A line, long enought to come to the tops of her brown boots, with about 5" of fringe at the bottom. I think I'm more excited for her to wear it! She's got a cowboy hat to wear along with a denim vest.

    Last week I took a few bags to be shredded then found MORE but saw a billboard that on this weekend there is another shredding event going on so will loaded up more today. Called my taxman and was told I only need to keep the last 4 years of tax returns, so that will help. I think my DH had at least 15 or more years saved.
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Wow! I took that Vicodin and it got rid of most of the pain. So much so that I did four loads of laundry and didn't go to bed until 11:00. I usually can't stay up past 8:00 p.m. or so. I did drink more coffee yesterday to help with the pain and to test the coffee maker after I descaled it. It's only 47 degrees out this morning. SV is out on the lanai checking out the activity on the pond. I can't believe there were people at the pool yesterday. I think they were mostly lying in the sun and not getting in the water. The wind chilled me to the bone.

    Sun, can you get a pic of your DGD in her Annie Oakley costume? That skirt sounds amazing. She is soooo lucky to have a grandma with so much talent. Thanks for the prayers for Nancy's daughter. So often, life brings a miracle and a disaster at the same time. The baby is soooo sweet. He is her son's baby. I'm praying that there is no lymph node involvement and that a lumpectomy is all that is required for her daughter. Nancy, herself, has been through so much. Yes, I'm anxious to take care of the kitties. Bob is so needy that he will try to dominate my time over there. I think I'll just feed Mama Kitty and change her box. Then, I'll do Bob's and sit down and brush him and take care of him. If I ignore him, he throws himself on top of my foot and wiggles around. He's so big and strong. Little Chewy, the dog, just puts his cold wet nose on my leg if I'm not paying attention to him. What a zoo! Good think Nancy and I both love critters.

    Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. I'm feeling lazy this morning. Could be that the clonazepam is still in my system. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. bct

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    Hi Folks.

    Mikie, I'm glad you were able to manage your pain. I can understand the Vicodin but didn't know coffee was a pain inhibitor! ;) So you are having a chill in Fla. Interesting. I've only been to Fla. once, and that was to ?Miami Intl.,
    I think; a short stopover en route to Costa Rica.
    It seems you got a lot done y-day, anyways. It is cool and overcast here, but supposed to clear and get to the sixties. And then, rain, rain... Good for the drought that no longer exists here.

    Spring, that Calcutta yoghurt sound great. And fattening! But I sure would like to try it. The very rich yoghurt here is Greek, but I don't get it. I drink kefir on a daily basis though. Yes, Spring, spiderwebs with dewdrops glistening on them like prisms reflecting all colours. So lovely. Speaking of colour, what do different "auras" around people mean? Many decades ago a young girl walked into the room and said she could see a indigo blue aura around me. She had never talked about such things before, nor did she after..... very peculiar. :confused:

    Mikie, it is in the deserts that the wildflowers are blooming so heavily right now. Some that haven't in years. I've spent a lot of time in the deserts before when there were spectacular displays. Around my neck of the woods, the Trilliums (Wake-robins) are blooming, and quite a few other plants. The wild currant, Ribes sanguineum has lovely pendant clusters of pink flowers dangling down. Too bad the berries don't taste that good, but the huckleberries will compensate for that when they fruit.

    The big leafless Chinese magnolia is in full bloom now; the leaves wait until the flowering is done. I'm hoping to get a few flowers again this year on the Magnolia I grew from seed; the flowers are nothing very special, but bring back memories of getting the seed from beneath a Mag. wilsonii at UC Berkely botanic gardens many, many years ago....

    Sun, I keep forgetting where you are tripping off to! When, how long, what will you do, are you excited???

    Rock: ? r u 2 up 2? (my infantile first attempt at texting :p).

    I've got the D.T.s bigly. Very bad! Shame. Fake news. Badly big. Shame! (Just trying to learn to twitter).

    I'm running out of steam. Hope to hear more from Star and Diane and Tori and e-body else. Love you guys!
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just got back from the doctor's. It's been almost a month since I had my surgery.
    Went to see the surgeon today. He removed the staples. Said the incision was
    healing OK. I'm not so sure. I still have a big bulge in my middle. Will go back
    for a viewing in a couple weeks.

    The doctor's office is in Chinatown. We drove down a street that had 3-4 blocks
    of blooming trees. The flowers are shades of red and purple.

    Mikie, I'm glad to hear you were scaling a coffee pot rather than a mountain.
    I'm sure the menagerie will appreciate your care and attention. We had a cat
    problem in the neighborhood last night. The neighbors got annoyed with some stray
    cat and called the pound. Two guys responded and arrested the purrpetrator.

    Gordon and I watched a fairly large spider spin a web on the front porch a few
    years ago. It was a good sized web (basketball size) and hung from the porch
    ceiling; not attached to anything on the sides.

    Sun, post a pic of your DGD in her Annie Oakley outfit if you can. BTW the real
    Annie Oakley was still alive when my Dad was young. And so were lots of other
    characters from the Old West: Mark Twain, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday's girlfriend,
    Cole Younger and Frank (Jesse's brother) James. Mary Todd Lincoln and the only
    Lincoln child to live to adulthood, Robert, were also still alive.

    Does anything help with that sciatica pain? Pills? Exercise.

    Barry, I thought cellar spider was the same as a daddy longlegs. We used to have
    spiders in our cellar. It was the kind Judy had on the farm. You entered the
    cellar from outside the house through slanted doors. The floor was dirt, and the
    walls were lined with stones. When I was very young we had no refrigerator so
    food was kept in the cellar during the summer; in the back porch during winter.

    Spring, I think your son made the right decision about walking vs. driving to
    the wedding. He avoided having more people than the car could hold trying to
    get a ride home. That's great that you're in good enough health to walk for an
    hour. Gordon and I walked around the block last year. That's the most I can
    do. Most of the time when he asks, "Do you wanna go to the library, or the store,
    or the nursery?", I say No. No energy.

    Granni, that's a shame about the car accident. I was thinking I don't know anybody
    who was killed or injured in a car accident. Then I remembered that one of my
    H.S. classmates died in a one car accident shortly after graduation. Although I
    didn't hear about it for many years. His surname was Keck which is an old Norse
    name that later spread to England and Germany. I wonder if there is a big increase
    in accidents now that we have so many people driving while operating electronic

    I'm sure your insurance company will be very understanding about your accident.
    After all "Amica" means friend in Italian. In fact, there is an opera by that name.
    At the premier in 1905, the soprano was an American: Geraldine Farrar from

    Hugs, Kids

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    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Those look like blooming crepe myrtle trees? Is that what was blooming around China Town? So that bulge looks like it's still the reason you underwent the operation? Hmmmmm?

    Barry: I'm leaving the 25th for Charleston and Savannah for a week. We're staying in air BNBs....of course my DD had to pick over the top houses. Both were built in the mid 1800s and look really gorgeous. Am I excited.....I KNOW I'm running out of time so force myself to go places with the family so my grandkids can have memories of me. There are several things that happened in my early motherhood years and as my kids were growing up that made a dent in my. First off my mom never attended any of their school functions. It was always "I'm not feeling good or I'm tired. Next time". But they grew up without her and she lived only 5 miles away and I would have picked her up. Thats why I work hard to get to my grandkids school functions or soccer games.

    Another thing was when the kids were very young, there was a mom with teenage kids in back of us. One summer I heard them complaining. "Why do we have to pull weeds when you never do? You just sit and watch TV". Boy, I always made sure I was working along side the kids. They grew up seeing me work hard.

    I've been really really tired and still trying to get over the hip pain. So much wrong with me that the hip is only the tip of the iceberg. I bought some multi vitamins the other day.....guaranteed to help within a week. HA. I've saved my receipt so I can return the empty bottle when I'm done.............but........I'm still expecting a miracle.

    I've been spending the last couple of weeks trying to clean out closets, etc. Today I attacked more boxes of old papers. The tax records went back to 1976!!!!! Do you think my DH was paranoid about papers?

    And yesterday my closet door came off the track, so of course I tried to pull it back up. Wrong move on my part so stopped and called my SIL if he could come after work. He didn't sound thrilled so I called my regular handyman. Couldn't do it for over a week. Found another handyman who is coming friday afternoon and charges $15 less an hr. Than the handyman I've been using who NEVER seems available. I hope this guy will work out. I told him I have a long list of stuff that needs to be done.

    Mikie: Aren't you concerned that you're using the "big guns" for a FM flare? I have tramadol but I'm very very stingy with using it, usually resorting to coffee (yes Barry, it helps) ibuprofen and ice and heat......that and trying to stay busy so I won't think about pain. Oh yes, some wine in the evening hours. Using tramadol and ibuprofen together helps....per the internet, and I found a long time ago that coffee jump starts it. There is an arthritis formula with caffeine in it I believe.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Everydobby,

    Nothing to exciting going on here. Right now DH is at a funeral memorial mass for a hispanic Knight whose mother died. I believe she is being buried in Mexico ( or wherever she was from), They asked some of the knights to go since hardly anyone knew her or would be at the Mass. He is such a very busy and hard working Knight who cooks and does lots of work for the K of C.

    DD who lives in Crowely close to Ft Worth and her DH and son are coming tonight after work. They wont be here for EASTER I guess so they are coming now to get away and o course will be staying with her DD who lives closeby to us.

    BTW, the day after EASTER we will bae flying to Tuscon , AZ to see my dear coursin and dear family friend we grew up with. Sorry we cannot see DOF's sister who lives in NYC with her husband who is older and has medical problems and on oxygen quite often. I would love to see her but alas we can't see everyone we want to, can we :)!! Sad but true. Will be busy off and on at DD;s house to see the other DD and family. At least we don't have to drive there :)!!

    ROCK - Thanks for you words concerning the accident.. It is such a very sad thing. I read the pretty long abit that was put on FB ot the website was. Sounded like a very der person who was very religious and gave up everything to stay home with her children. She did teach fora while it said One daughter turned out to be a nun and her son the director of music at our church. He is such a dear person and so sweet and understanding to all. I can understand how he got all that from his mother. The accident was very sad. Who knows if they will ever find out if the other man was on a device or not. It doesn't take much distraction. Wonder if he had a medical emergency which caused him to swerve. Don't know if they will do an autopsy or on on the man . Thanks for the pic of those lovely trees. Hope you are healing OK from your surgery. What did the doc say about the lump still there??

    I sure do hope that our insurance company will be nice and understanding to us through all this. So far they have but the other guy is trying to get as much as possible. The guy DH spoke to the other day on the phone didn;t exactly know what was going to happen but he did say athis guy now thinks he has some brain problems. Great, why didn't he wear a helmet??? Of course no one thinks they are going to have an accident but one has to be prepared driving a motorcycle like that esp out on the roads with little protection.

    SUN - Tour little DGD is so luck to have such a talented grandmother as you. I definately couldn't sew much of anything. I did a very little bit when the kids were small bu very little and I was not that good at it. Please do send us a pic if you can do so. I know she will be a very cute Annie Oakley with a really cute outfit.

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling better after your sort of resting and Vicodin. I don't think I ever took that stuff. I do have some left over Special K to try again, if I'm ever in a really bad way. I have been off it or some time and am trying to get completely off the Flexeril at night.

    JULIE - Hope you at least get a chance to read some and that you are doing OK with all the stuff on your plate nowadays. Missing you and others my friend.

    Special waves to BARRY, SW, DIANE, ELAINE, LINDA, et al. Sorry if I left out anyone. If so it was not intentional.

    Will try and get back here tomorrow if I can with the company, maybe in the early morning or when DH is at the Fish Fry. Not sure if we are going ar not.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Barry - im not sure by myself what's indigo colour aura means. I know a clean white one is good energy, with mostly all round good health in every aspect. I've seen pink around very loving people who want to help any and every one whether practical or not. I've seen very glowy yellow ones around some relatives of a deceased one and a yellow glowy orb same colour just floated in between them and stayed there at head level before disappearing. Maybe its spiritual.

    From personal experience i think people see different colours for different meanings sometimes as opposed to the general perception. I know for sure a dirty muddy green indicates psychic attack, extreme stress because once a friend was suffering nonstop diarroaoh for three weeks after going to a certain place out of town which wasn't getting relieved in any manner even tho she was using mainstream and healing methods. Same colour I saw in a friend who lost a loved one and was under extreme stress and being extremely nasty. Black is again extreme stress. Psychic attack also possibly. I see it sometimes in people when they're very upset.

    I found a site called aura reader.com which gives the meaning of indigo coloured auras...a reader called Pamela Aralyn. It seems extensive and I felt fitted in with how I see you.

    Mikie - im always glad when you get your good days. I love reading what what you do, it's like a blog, or a serialized book...it's really true some poster here really ought- ed to be writers. Lol. My made up word.

    Granni - hope you hv a good Easter and trip after. I pray for healing for the bereaved ones of your group, who,lost their dear one. Such an unnecessary tragedy.

    Sun - what a trooper you are. I'm happy you are carrying on with the vacation plan. I had got in a neighbouring carpenter to fix a hinge..he made a mess of it, since then ive just kept repair things on hold. Better than having someone who makes things worse.

    Rock - You had an interesting family...so many anecdotes. I must google Anne Oakley. There seems to many heroines or famous characters with the name Anne.

    I will be back.. Looks like some one has come for an errand...probably the electrician to fix some bulbs.

    Last edited: Mar 17, 2017
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Hi Sun, yes, the picture of the trees from the net is labeled crepe myrtles. That's
    what I put in my post, but Gordon stopped by and edited "crepe myrtle" right
    outta the post. In any case it was a cheery sight. I'm not sure if your DH was
    paranoid about paper. Maybe he was paranoid about the IRS.

    Hi Barry, yesterday we were doing it simultaneous. (I'm leaving off the "ly" in
    tribute to my favorite radio comedy from the 30's and 40's.) The only aura I
    know anything about is Aura Lee, a beautiful but melancholy song from the
    Civil War period.

    Gordon's clivias is in bloom. It is a member of the lily family. Last night
    at the orchid meeting Gordon was busy. He sold a plant, bought a plant,
    won two plants, won an honorable mention (he was expecting a first place
    for his spectacular purple vanda), and won a first place in a different category.
    Another of his plants won a first place, but he had sold it to his friend
    Jim. Ah, the ups and downs of orchiding.

    Getting tired, better go

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just had time to do a quick read. Hope you are OK MIKIE. Not here so early today. Hope to get back later. Yes, those Crepe Myrtles are gorgeous. We have lots of them here . There colors are so pretty. I remember when we moved here how impressed I was. My mother from NY just loved them. Gotta get off.

    More later.

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