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  1. rockgor

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    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    Bow to your corner. Wave to your pal.
    Go around twice with your own special gal.

    Chicken in the skillet; taters in the pan.
    Allemande left with the old left hand.

    Now ladies cross; gents stay still.
    We won't quit till we've had our fill.

    Do-see-do and do a little clog.
    Circle the ring like the ponies jog.

    Give a big smile and have some fun.
    All go home, and now we're done!

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Not much goin' on here. I did make pumpkin pudding y-day.
    Just like pumpkin pie only it's sans crust. Made it in a Pyrex

    I bought the wrong kind of milk. Evaporated instead of condensed.
    I just added a spoonful of sugar like Mary Poppins recommends. Solved
    that problem.

    I was Gordon's sous chef. Pealed the potatoes so he could
    make oven fries. He sprinkles Parmesan cheese over them.

    Don't know what Sherpas cost, Springwater, but there was
    an article in the LA Times about 20 years ago. One of our
    local attorneys is also a mountain climber. He was interviewed
    about his climb up Mt. Everest. Said it cost $60,000.

    The only time we ever had kidney beans when I was a kid was
    when my mother made chili. Never heard of pinto beans until
    I moved to CA.

    Glad you're feeling better, Gail. Yes, even little dogs need a
    place to run. I don't think I ever heard of anydobby tinting
    eyebrows. Don't have the energy myself. Actually, I look
    terrible, but it doesn't matter. Nobody, including me, cares.

    Granni, hope you have a good trip and that your daughter's
    surgery is uneventful. Yes, I remember the picture you had
    in your profile. You looked slim and healthy w/ the long legs
    of a born dancer.

    Hope you're getting some rest, Julie. That name Urkel just
    strikes me funny every time I see it. I looked up the surname
    Urkel. All I could find was "Country of origin unknown". Most
    of the sites listed were about the TV show "Family Matters".
    I wonder if the guy who played Steve Urkel was too type cast
    to ever get another job.

    Well, Zippy and I are up. Pretty soon I will put him outside
    under his blankie and go back to bed.


  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - thanks for opening up with a flourish.

    Ae we soul mates? I ask because i too recently
    bought evaporated milk when i had intended to buy
    condensed. suddenly got this craving for a childhood
    treat; condensed milk on bread.

    those days we used to get Milkmaid. The tin i bought
    said 'Cow Bell'. i drank up the evaporated milk i
    bought and went and got the proper condensed milk next
    day. My cravings are not to be denied seems like.
    Enjoyed the treat hugely too.

    well, anyone ever have a day they did absolutely
    nothing? today was that day for me. tired. eugh!

    i did some intensive distance healing yesterday night
    tho; and slept around 2am.

    in the afternoon yesterday elder brother came a while and did what
    my brothers do best, bug me. he had had a tiff with his
    missus and wanted i supppose sympathy and also money.
    i gave him neither.

    hope all are warm and toasty as can be.

    God Bless
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  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Went to the library last Saturday. Picked up about a dozen books. So far it turns out
    that I didn't like two of them. Three of them I had already read. Not a good batting

    Springwater, you know the play/movie Tea and Sympathy? The movie starred Deborah Kerr
    and John Kerr. I think they pronounced their surnames differently. One was Car and one
    was Cur.

    Anyhoo, if you didn't give your brother money or sympathy, did you give him tea?
    I think he's already collected his share of the other two.

    Been thinking of the first episode of Twilight Zone. Guy wanders around a town w/
    nobody in it. But there are signs of life. The coffee is still warm. A cigarette smolders
    in an ashtrey. Wonder why I thought of that.

    Gotta go move my car. It's street sweeping day. Tomorrow I'll have to move it to the
    other side of the street. Ah, the joys of urban living.

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Wheres everyone?

    Yesterday was Full Moon Day. Could explain why my brain wasnt functioning at all.
    I was like a testosterone filled teenage boy, filled with rage, and emotion and not
    knowing why.

    Got in some distance healing in morning.

    did change my library book, one good thing i did. had wanted to properly read
    the previous two, i tend to skim sometimes but then the date was overdue and
    i got greedy when i got to the library. ah well.

    i went further on and bought celery stalks to mix with meat into a curry and
    we made steamed plain dumplings.

    Tin Tin in 3 D is starting to show in the theatres from today. asked son but
    he wants to go another day. he hates crowds. the dh has left on another
    overnight trip. anyways there are so many chores to be done. and i didnt sleep
    well last night. this full moon. lol. or what i dont know. maybe i should just
    try catch up on my sleep.

    Rock - Twilight Zone sounds scary. wonder what happens in the movie. did they
    all disappear into a black hole like my dhs socks do?

    i remember reading a book on ghost stories in london in the library. it was very
    scary some of the stories. that sounds like i was reading in london. i meant
    ghosts who haunt london. the ghost of mary boelyn, the room on something
    street, the hand on the moor. all extremely spine chlling, pleasantly so for someone
    sitting in the safety of a library.

    Thinking of all our Porchies in their homes or away visiting

    God Bless

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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yes, all the people disappeared into a black hole, and your DH came and rescued them
    and gave everybody new socks. All except Socks the cat who got a lovely bowl
    of curried kibble.

    That episode of Twilight Zone aired in the late 50s when astronaut was a new word.
    The ending revealed that the main (and only) character was being tested by our
    government to see if men could withstand being cooped up in a spacecraft w/ very
    little in the way of sensory input. The empty town was a hallucination.

    Yes, I think we are soul mates. And if we buy shoes alike, we can be sole mates. SOL

    Am reading a memoir by Roger Ebert. Cancer has left him unable to eat, drink or speak,
    but he wrote a terrific book. He has wonderful recall of the events of his youth. I think
    he's 2 years younger than I, so his memories are similar to mine.

    Got a fat envelope from my sister in MN y-day. She sent a buncha letters that my mother
    had saved. Glancing through them, I thought: people should really put dates on their

    Picked up one. No date. I didn't recognize the handwriting. Turned out I had written it
    about the same time Rod Serling wrote the story above. I remember almost nothing
    I had written about. I reported that my roommate and I had to move out of our
    dorm room into some other room at 2AM. You would think I'd remember that, but
    I don't. Funny how my handwriting has changed so much.

    Well, Granni's visiting her daughter. Don't know where our other friends are, but I
    'spect they'll be back when they are feeling up to it.

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to tell you that I am back. Got back late this morning and have been busy ever since, washing and shopping with DH. Have to take a really hot shower tonight and wash my hair that I didnot get to while at DD's. There is always so much going on over there, Her surgery went well and she seems to be feeling pretty good, not to much pain. One area is more tender than the other and a little black and blue and had been a bit swollen but seems to be getting better. She is like me and hates to take really strong pain meds.

    The boys were pretty good all things considered. One is Learning disabled (in the autism spectrum) he is 16, like a man but probably a mind of a 10 year old or less. Never really did ask DD about IQ testing. We did play monoploy one night and he played some of that. The 10 year old is a whiz and beat everyone. I haven't played Monopoly in MANY years.

    Daughter is doing Ok other than financial, esp since her significant other and she have broken up. They were going to get married a couple of years ago and they she broke it off and then it was on and off fora while. They are still good friends.

    Helped her do a little cleaning and went through the boys closetes and threw out stuff no long needed, wanated or fitting any more. Clothes and toys that were good to Sal. Army and other stuff in the garbage. It looks so nice for awhile anyway. Their closets were awful before along with rooms :)!! Or should I have said one closet was horrible and the room was horrible? Oh well !!

    Gave DD some money and some $ to also give to eldest grandson who will be coming home to see some family. He had been working up with the other grandpa lived. He is now getting ready to go to San Antonio where he will be in Air Force Boot Camp. Sorry we don't get to see him before he leaves most likely. He will be back at his other grandfathers where he has been living and working, probably for Thanksgiving I think and gone before Christmas, on the 13th of December.

    Hope everyone is doing well. DH just got the report on his lab work before I left but didn't mention it then. before I left for DD's. His blood glucose level is up again to 5.9 . Ity had gone down to 5.7 and I guess he got lazy and it is up again. Also., I think he has been eating to much meat. His total cholesterol is good but he has to get his good glucouse up and bad down. His thyroid is a bit up I guess to but it isnpt that high, I don't thinl unless he wants to try some to get his energy level up some. He had a dr. appt. Monday morning but I want to go with him so i changed it to Friday morning. I had the cleaning lady coming early in the morning on Monday,.. In the afternoon I have to go sing at a nursing home.

    Busy busy.

    Julie - Hope you and parents are doing OK. Missed everydobby !!

    Love to you awl,

  8. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Been trying to post all week, but the computer wouldn't let me.

    First, it wouldn't load the internet at all.

    Then it would load, but I couldn't open my email accounts or post on here.

    It looks like it's working for the moment, but I don't want to push it.


  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - welcome back! missed you. Nice to know your daughter is safely
    over her surgery. Looks like you set the house to rights the time you
    were there. My son is untidy too. So i can understand your grandsons.
    They just dont care.

    Some boys are tidy i know, but majority are scruffy. My oldest brother is
    a neat freak. he grew into one in the teenage years but there seems little
    chance my son will do the same.

    Teacher - Im angry at your computer. i love reading your posts and
    getting updated on all the happenings.

    Rock - ive seen the book Tea Coffee or Me? somewhere years back.
    If anyone asked me that question, i would pick the first option.
    Right now i have a steaming steel glass of freshly made tea beside
    my computer as i type.

    I love reading decades old letters. i have a diary which has decades
    old stuff but i dont like going thru it too much since it has mostly bad
    stuff in it. Especially about my stint in in laws house. the dark ages.
    My daughter got hold of it once and must hav read a few pages, she
    mentioned 'what a horrible diary'. I'll say.

    once in the store room we found my dhs first letter to me when we
    were 'courting'. that is to say after the proposals were made, the
    would be bride n groom saw and approved each other, we were
    allowed to 'date'.

    of course some sort of sparks fly and my dh had tried to pen down
    his what he thought were 'tender thoughts' down on paper. it read
    more like a business letter to someone with whom his co. was on
    slightly more friendly terms than just business. daughter was
    hugely amused looking at the jet black notepaper, and silver coloured
    penwriting very unlike her practical father. she was more amused at
    the contents of the letter and later read it out in a voice suited to
    a businessman ponderously agreeing to a Memorandum of Understanding.
    The dh didnt stay around to hear the end of it, he rushed away blushing
    and frowning.

    ah well. back to the present.

    not much to report. have washed my two huge bulky sweaters and a
    very delicate cotton shirt i cherish. was afraid the help would spoil the
    clothes so washed myself with detergent and warm water. and now
    the sun has gone down. looks like gonna be a cloudy day. at least we
    dont get fog. tho i loved the mist we got when in my hometown. during
    breaktime at school, we wouldnt be able to see our friends in front walking
    to the toilets, the mist used to be so thick during monsoons.

    i must be feeling slightly more energetic. hence the washing. it was so
    long overdue. now i think i wil try get in some distance healing before
    an energy bandit comes and swoops down on me and takes what energy
    has managed to muster itself up thru my clogged muscles and veins.

    Take care

    Julie, mr Bill Camo, thinking of you

    God Bless

    LEFTYGG Member

    Im very stiff and miserable today.i had no where to go and nothing to do. I watch tv all day. I really feel worse when I lay around.ive taken 2hot bath and my dh massaged my legs which helped. The cold weather is the problem.
    My dd had some female surgery Wednesday. I went to SAMs and bought her new sheets and 2 pillows. She was very happy. I made her dinner too and cheesecake. I felt good about it. That's what I love to do.

    Spring water your dh love letters are interesting. Now will you arrange your kids marriages?those are more successful than the marriages here.3of my kids are divorced.the other 2 have never married.theres always bumps in marriage I think you can't just throw in the towel.somedays I love my dh somedays I don't like him. It's me not him.

    Grannies I'm glad you're back home. I think I've told you my dgs marches to a different beat.hes very smart but socially different.hes very loving but he apoligizes when I correct him on some small thing.
    Rock the book I'm reading on the civil war is so changing my whole thoughts and ideas about what the war was all about.
    Teacher computers are great but when they breakdown it's maddening. I just got this iPad. Best buy had 18 mo same as cash. I couldnt resist. It corrects my spelling but it is so touchy.

    Be safe and as happy as possible. Love gail
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just back from Wal*Mart. I bought 36 items at roughly $2 @. I will now list and
    discuss each item. First of all,...what? You don't want a list of what I bought? Well!
    Then I'll only discuss one.

    I bought a pair of bedroom slippers although they are versatile and can be worn outside
    the bedroom for short periods of time. They cost about $6 or roughly 60 cents per toe.
    (Note: "Perto" seems to be a word or name in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. It is
    also part of the name of some rock group. {Seems like almost everything is the name of
    some rock group.})

    It was a struggle to find a pair that fit. Large was too large; medium was too tight.
    Finally found a pair that were just right. I think the Brand name was Goldilocks.
    I found 'em in the ladies section. But actually they are gender neutral. I didn't even
    bother trying on the ones w/ faux leopard skin or pink fluff.

    The sky was beautiful. Blue with lots of cumulus clouds. Yesterday's rain washed
    all the smog away. Now Gordon is busy in the kitchen making meat loaf and I am
    loafing here. Ha Ha! I'm also doing the laundry.

    Glad to hear daughter's surgery went well, Granni. You went the extra mile to clean
    out closets. That's reminds me. I once had a boss who gave us a pep talk about
    really giving our all. "Sometimes you'll have to go that last mile...2 or 3 times."

    See you're busy as always. Remember, every sheet of music has rests now and then.

    Springwater, I like fog too. I remember when I was a kid we had the thickest fogs
    I've ever seen anywhere. If I stretched my arm out, I couldn't see my hand. Well,
    at least that's the way I remember it. Hope your burst of energy wasn't arrested.

    Gail, there are a lot of books about Lincoln. I read decades ago there about 10,000.
    Just checked the web. One site said 52,000. Another said 60,000. A couple years
    ago I read part of an absurd book that claimed that Lincoln was given CPR in the
    theater box. Such nonsense! CPR was developed almost a century later.

    Here's a little quiz for you. What do the following have in common? Betty
    Ford, Agnes Morehead, Chia pet, Armpit.

    Sorry to hear you and Julie are having tough times. Julie, have you any plans
    about Den's Dad's party? You could have someone read some of the significant events
    of the year 1911. I think that was the year they started building the Titanic. And conclude
    w/ the birth of Den's Dad.

    My aunt will be 90 in Dec. She's the one I've mentioned 20 0r 30 times. Actually
    I thought she was older. Two of her siblings died last year. She is the last of 6 siblings.
    Her father was born in 1863 while Lincoln was in the White House.

    Oh yeah, the quiz. All listed on the web as names of rock groups.


    LEFTYGG Member

    Thx rock I can't get very far I this book so those 60,000 won't be on my list lol. That's a good idea talking about went on the year Julie's fil was born. Wish I'd done that at moms party.i hope I see her again someday but who knows.i went in her house yesterday and just thought shell never be here again.all her things the same. My ds is buying the house.i was looking for elastic stockings cause my legs hurt and thought they might help.

    Julie I feel so bad that you have to wait that long for the nerve test.do you hands feel hot? Do they get worse when you lie down? I would wake up screaming in pain. I had to elevate them while I slept. My dh would get up and get ice packs. Poor thing still had to work everyday even tho I kept him up alnight. I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and it helped a lot. They still hurt from fibro but it's tolerable.let me know how your test goes.the man who did mine told me right then that I had it.

    I've been wearing 2pair of socks to bed. It seems to help them not be so stiff in the morning.

    All take care. Love gail
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - good to hear from you. But wish you were enjoying better health.
    You are still doing so much, no wonder you are in fatigue and pain. Im
    pretty sure your hand issues also are the result of the emotional upheaval
    you ve been going thru. its a vicious cycle.

    Cant you possible ask someone else to do the stuff for Dens fathers
    birthday? His sister or postpone until you are upto it. A birthday is
    a day like any other. Its just in some cultures people celebrate. A
    day here a day there off the real date of birth wouldnt matter so long
    as one knows what the celebration is in honour of and you have been
    honouring your FIL for as long as long as i can remember. surely someone
    should start thinking of you now.

    you have been having a rough period for so long it really does not seem
    fair.I hope you dont mind me saying. its just i understand how difficult
    it is to do daily stuff when one is not well and then be expected to do
    extra for what is not an emergency.

    Gail - Hope you have recovered from the bout of exhaustion. strange,
    aint it, how it suddenly just comes out of nowhere.

    my kids marriage - i dont know if
    it will be love or arranged. depends on the kids. my dhs uncles
    two daughters both had arranged marriages. the youngest will have
    a love one. they met while in boarding school, (different boy / girl
    schools) and have kept up the relationship all thru school in india
    and then college (Minnesota) (different colleges.)

    cant say which one is successful. one dh cousin sis is happily
    married shes more like friends with her dh.

    the other had to marry a guy 15 years older than her and theirs
    is a very stilted kind of marriage with time spent together perhaps
    a few weeks every year, he;s busy with his business.

    Rock - when i hear about people like Roger Ebert, hellen keller,
    i just marvel. what kind of spark kept them going in the face of
    such odds? what font of energy within themselves were they able
    to tap and why cant everyone do the same?

    Good to know you found the right pair of footwear. I dont get
    that often being as my feet are not dainty and feminine as
    most nepalese women. when i finally do i am thrilled.

    yesterday i went to see Tin TIn with my youngest brother. he
    too was an avid fan of Tin Tin as was my mum. i thoroughly
    'enjoyed it, it stays true to the book mostly and the 3 D
    made it so extra thrilly.love it because theres no space
    ships and aliens and unbelievable monsters n all as is so
    popular nowadays. i loved the arab market they showed
    and the storm on the seas; there was a point where the
    spray seemed to sprinkle on ones own face!

    I also showed him a cheap joint in a side street where they
    serve really authentic tibetan dumplings and cost much
    less. i guess it was a lil bro day out; not many of those.
    we had a good meal and then parted. i walked back home i
    was so full and needed the exercise.

    Im feeling bad because i had to refuse to go to a talk
    programme on Pranic healing to the United Mission Nepal
    here. the lady at the center had phoned me last week
    if i would participate but i am scared of speaking in
    public. plus i am not the best candidate right now
    given my ups and downs. ah well. its today and i will
    go and ask how it went later on.

    maybe i can go in the future.

    God Bless

  14. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Foggy and cold this morning, and now the sun is trying to come out. Went for a short walk this morning.

    I did something to my lower back, so was out of commission for about a week. I was trying to find Jam to talk to, as I know she has had back problems since she was quite young--mine started at age 14 after I did a tumble over my bike handles and fx'ed my tailbone. Oh, what fun.

    I'm reading a book titled, "Emma Brown" by the Irish writer Clare Boylan. The first two chapters were written by Charlotte Bronte, which she never finished. Boylan did a good job of trying to stay within Bronte's writing style, and finished the novel. Also have some books by Isabel Allande.

    I found a little job--am doing some knitting for one of our local wool growers. A friend got me in touch with him, so feel like I'm doing something industrious. Am also spinning for another shawl. Spinning yarn has the occupational hazard of hurting your back, but I won't stop.

    Hope everyone feels better today. The cold weather certainly doesn't help our ailments.


  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    i had to first go out and do a search for the Porch as it was way down on the list. Seems like so many are very busy and or not feeling that great, especially this time of year. I am feeling very tired and achier than usual probably due to the extra stuff and stress and DD's home. Poor girl needs so much, and boys too.

    Georgia - glad to hear from you and sorry your back is still bothering you. I know what you mean. Mine always hurts as did my moms. Not sure it is from the FM, arthritis or somethihg else. Yes, the cold weather is also not very good for any of our aches and pains.

    Julie - How are you my dear and hope you haven't collapsed yet with all that you do for your parents and others in your family plus all the usual work, and then your day care job too. How do you do it sweetie ?

    We will now going through what you did with David. Our eldest grandson will be going into the Air Force in Dec. Actually he alaready has signed up but he has to either be there at Lockland or leave for there on Dec. 13th. It is a scary thing but needs some major growing up to do and it will be very helpful.

    Gotta run for now. DH is home now.


    I am expecting DH to come back from the store soon so can't stay on long for now. Will try and check in later on today, if I can. So much going on this week, so far. Today is not busy except for choir practice this evening - groan. I've been sing with our small group both Monday and Tuesday, A NH and a Sr. Church group. I missed two performances last week due to being at daughters.
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Cold cold foggy day.

    Have to attend a ceremony of dhs cousins in laws side.

    a ceremony held before the actual marriage.

    im not liking the books i got from library and will probablynot finish them.

    Georgia - hope your backs fine now. my aunt has to wear a corset as soon
    as cold sets in.

    Granni - my prayers with your dear grandson. can understand what families
    go through when their sons go off on military duty.

    take care all

    God Bless

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Not much goin' on here. Picked the last two tomatoes yesterday. My gardening is done
    for another season.

    Zippy's cough came back. Am giving him his capsules; he has improved substantially.
    It's too hard to force a pill down his throat. I just open up the capsules and add the
    powder to his food. I tasted the med. It's bitter, so I add a little sugar.

    Springwater, have you heard of divorce parties? I read about them on the news
    recently. Maybe they'll become popular in Nepal. Then you'll have something else
    to go to. SOL! You need a social secretary and a chauffeured car.

    Are arranged marriages still done in Nepal? My former boss was a very orthodox Jew.
    His wife told me one time that they were very modern. "We have told the kids they
    can marry anyone they like as long as we approve." (She was serial.)

    HaHa! Famous last words. I talked to the oldest son after he completed his first year
    of college. I asked him what he had learned. He said, "Well, I found out you can eat
    food that's not kosher. It doesn't kill you."

    I looked up Tin Tin. I had heard the name. Thought it was some children's book about
    a tin man. Turns out it was a comic strip in Belgium during the 30s and 40s. Now
    a high power movie involving John Williams and Steven Spielberg. Naturally you can
    find out more on Youtube.

    Granni and Georgia, I hope your backs calm down. Achy and tired is no fun. I'm
    lucky the chiropractor can push mine back into shape with his knee. Gail, does
    staying warm help? Like an electric blanket. I had one back in MN. On cold winter
    nights, of which there are many, many there, it was my best friend.

    Julie, I hope you are not wearing yourself to a frazzle. Had an e mail yesterday from
    my sister in Rochester. She said no snow there yet, but there was some in our
    home town. It was her birthday. She went to visit and old friend she grew up with.
    They visited the school and had lunch and spent most of the time laughing. A very
    nice birthday I thought.

    Hugs and Kisses
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Popping in before I get back tro wrok again trying to do some ordering of gift cards for Christmas. Can you believe that I was going to order gift cards on line from Hollisters clothing for the preppies or cool people :)! Actually I had never heard of them before. I think they are based or were originally in CA.

    I went on line to order a gift card and all they had was one with a picture of a young man and woman dressed in skimpy bathing suits getting ready to kiss. Now is that appropriate for twin 13 year old boys. Well, I think NOT. So, now I am trying to figure out what to buy for them from there. What apain ! They wonder why everything is sex in the minds of young people because of alot of this marketing and TV ads too. Sorry, didn't mean to get started on that - ugh !!

    Rock - thanks for you nice post. When you mentioned Tin Tin, all I could think of was Rin Tin Tin, the dog who was on TV many years ago when I was growinhg up. My whole body is hurting and I am stiffer than a board with theis cooler weather, even though it is welcomg. I know it will warm up some this afternoon.

    Spring Water - Thanks for you thoughts for my grandson. Don't get to see him very often at all but he and his mom and other sons are in my thoughts often. Wish I could do more for them. All I can do is try and give them support. After going to her house to help her after her surgery I have decided they just need everything for Christmas. Wish I could give it to them. She or her SU decided after all this time they were not meant to marry or be together permanently but they will be friends. Not sure if she is just scared about a permanent relationship after her last marriage of 15 years, where she was mentally abused. She relied on her recent SU for quite a bit.

    Not sure when our eldest GS will be in basics in the AF, Lockland AFB in San Antonio. He either has to be there by mid December or he has to leave at that time. We probably won't see him again for some time. It certainly will be a learning and maturing experience for him, that is for sure which he does need.

    Julie - Hpw are you doing sweetie? Hope you haven't just coll;laspsed from all the fatigue, pain and stuff you have to do for everyone else, esp yur parents. Hope it hasn't gone to badly for them, and you. Drop aline again when you can.

    Gail - Hope thingsw are settling down for you after the loss of your mom. I know it has been hafd for you and all.

    Have to go and do some more ordering on line for Christmas . So, I had better get off here for now.

    Oh, we go to the docs early tomorrow morning for DH's yearlyt checkup and reading of his labs which we already know aboaut, at least some. He is back up to 5.9 a1c and borderline diabetes , and his bad cholester is higher and gaodd is lower. So, some more changes in diet I know. He hates to take his blood glucose reading with the finger sticker/monitor. Sometimes he can be such a sissy :)! I get tired of proding and hearing complaining-ugh! I wish he would just do it already. I am guessing the dr. will tell him to start sticking himself again . She is very good with prevention before it really causes problems.

    More later.

    Love to everydoby inc all the MIA's,

  19. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Hope everyone has a good day.

    Went out to the ranch yesterday, and my friend who grows wool is going to keep me quite busy! She sells the things that people make out of her wool, and we can either make a commission or barter. I would rather barter for more wool.

    I have a large bag of wool to spin for a shawl, and yarn for a vest. I'm almost in Heaven with all these projects and wool in my house. Poor Grandpa!

    Granni, thinking of your grandson as he goes into the military. I know that can be worrisome, but all will be well, I'm sure.

    SW, I may have to try a corset as your aunt uses! I do have a brace, but hate wearing it. Could hardly walk when I got home yesterday, but a hot bath helped.

    Granni, your DHs AC1 is a little higher than what mine was. Am trying to stay on my diet, but is difficult at times. Doc hasn't mentioned anything yet about glucose monitoring.

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  20. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I began this a little bit ago and the font turned so small that I couldn't tread it. Now what did I do.?????

    I have vowed to get on the porch day after day and finally-------here I am.

    i don't like this cold weather. I got on a heavier coat yesterday plus gloves. Coffee people al made fun of me wearing gloves but my hands get soooo cold. I wear them anyway.

    I had to huave fasting blood work this a.m. so my time table for another meal is all off. I came home and ate my oatmeal and took Rxs so not hungry yet.

    My goiod friend took me to Laf. (50 mi.) and I got my repaired hearing aid for my left ear. It does make a difference! But after my hearing test, found out it isn't mty ears. The nerves that lead to the brain (why is always something in the brain?) are damaged. My percentage went from 95% to 65% in just 2 yrs. I can't hear as the nerve doesn't take it to the brain without help. And the worse part about it, I also don't decfipher the words fast enough. She said to ask everyone to speak slower. I told her that my pasto0r isn't about t o do that!k She talks soooo fast. Anyway, my friend and I had the best time. She stopped for me to go int o Chico's. Ever been in there? Big $$$$$. Nice to look and their jewlery is ghorgeous. And I love jewelery---have ever since I was a young girl. So it w as a short stop. Then we stopped for lunch at Appleby's and so enjoyed the time together. She is 83 aqnd still gets to drive that far. No one even suggests I drive that far! Kind of makes me mad!!

    Did I tell you that my daughter took me to Laf. and got me a new pair of 812 New Balance shoes? I wanted the new asize 11 2A in bone. She said no problems and they would be FedExed to me. They finallty came and they were way too big, bigger that what I have now which is 11B and the tongues had a flaw----they rippled. She paid $110 for them so I thought they should be right!! Called the store and they told me to put them back in box and put on porch so the FedEx could pick them up..I would get a new pair. Well~~~~~~~I got the new pair and they were worse. The tongues were awful and shoe was till to wide. i I called and she was so anice. Said she knew it was hard for me to get down there but when I could, they would re-measure me and get the corre3ct shoe. I hate to say this but they have right on the tongue--- made in USA. I said that maybe the people who made the bone color hadn't learned hiow to make them righty yet!!!!!

    So much fior shoes!!!! Potty time!

    For whoever mentioned this is last vol! My face book profile also suggested I get a new picture! No one ever takes a picture iof me!!!!!! Well, I take a picture that looks like ME! Droopy eyelids, (by night they droop so much i can barely see), very wrinkled cheeks, wild hair~~~~~~ I think that uit is just as well. I have a not too good pix now of me holding my sweet new great-grandson.

    Be back after I find food!!!!~!