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  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hello everyone, seems like we are all busy now, which is good that we are able to hang in there with our various activities.

    I will be back later, just want to get it switched over.
    Hope everyone is well-Carla
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  2. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    Just watched Firehouse Dog on PPV with Brooklynne. That is a really cute movie. Course you know I have a soft spot for firefighter's anyway.

    Went to the rheumy today and he put me on Lyrica because i told him that the tramadol and aleve I take really don't do a darn thing for me.

    I have to go next week for an MRI on my right shoulder next week because it still hurts me so bad. I really don't need to have surgery. I don't know how we would pay the bills if I were off work. I really hate being in a situation like that.

    I go back to them in a couple weeks to see what they say. I have to go to an allergist tomorrow. My regular doctor wants me to go there because of all the sore throats I have and for the fatigue. I'm telling ya, all these co pays are really killing me.

    Granni-sorry about your friend. I always hated watching people die of leukemia when I worked on the oncology floor. Not that I enjoyed seeing anyone suffer with cancer but leukemia i think is the worst one symptom wise.

    I felt so awful yesterday, my daughter was having the fit from hell. I mean she was screaming for an hour! I just put her in her room and shut the door and let her have her fit. She still wouldn't stop, then finally I went in there again to get her to calm down and I asked her what was wrong and she says, Mommy, you work all the time! I want you home Mommy, I miss you! God, I just started crying, I felt so bad. I still feel bad. I asked her if that was why she has been so naughty lately, and she said yeah.

    Poor thing, why can't I just win the lottery.

    My FIL is doing ok for now. They had to take him to angioplasty again and put the balloon in his vein because he had another attack. I told him today he will probably end up getting stents put in if he has that much of a blockage in his heart. We'll see though. Hopefully he'll be ok. He hasn't ever been tops in my book, but he is my husband's dad and he loves him.

    Well I better go make dinner now. Kids might like to eat.

  3. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    SHOES!!!! that is all I have been talking about here. Here is the line-up.

    Ordered a pair - too big and sent back.
    Bought a pair - too little.
    Took back and bought another - too little!
    Ordered a pair last eve over phone.

    Now I had to have another plan - I wrote to my DIL and asked if it would be OK if I tied a pretty8 bow on each toe and go barefooted. Kidding now aside. I remembered that I had a navy pr of sandals in the bag that is to go to Goodwill. I got them lout - and yes, they were in it because they were too small but if t he other sandals don't come in time, I will lim[p down the aisle and slip them off whenever I sit down. Good idea????

    I sm so hoping that my granddaughter's back gets better.
    My daughter went those long miles today to do laumdry, etc. and take care of the little ones. The g-daughter is the mother of the flower girl and the wedding is the 8th. That's coming pretty soon.

    And our little great-grandson that she will be taking care of is 2 mon. old and weighs 14 lb. He is in the so-called 90 percentile!

    Now what can I talk about? It is hot~~~~~~~~~~~``. Yesterday was 90 and so is today. I don't care for the humidity that goes with it. I usually spend the day inside but choir rehearsal begins this evening. I guess I won't be run out - I am "old" to all the ladies. Somehow, times have changed in attitudes to older folks. As I was growing up, I had elderly great-aunts and uncles that we visited with, and when we were married for a few years, I always went next door and down the street to either sit with them on the porch swing or go over to visit. Times have changed.

    I am worn out today. It was odds and ends shopping day - 50 mi. from here. I was sooo exhausted when i got home.

    I go into our bedroom and my cat Maggie always follows me in and we get on the bed and take a 60 min. rest or nap or whatever.

    Good talking to all of you. Tell me if you will be ashamed of me if I wear pretty bows on all of my toes as i walk down the aisle. LOL

    Take care,

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  4. kylob

    kylob New Member

    Hi gang...I just spent 20 minutes writing a witty post to y'all and it is in cyber space somewhere...ugh....I am fighting fatigue and headaches so I will say a quick hello...back at work tomorrow....all the summer fun is coming to an end.....


    Jen - keeping fingers crossed for the job, FIL in prayers

    Lin - if I am up at 3 again this am...I'll call you

    Granni - sorry about the friend..it is hard to watch someone fighting so hard to live...prayers to all of you

    Joan - go with the bows..or try wrapping your feet in shiney ribbon with bows...you'll be the talk of the dance floor...

    Joe - good to hear from you and about the OS recovery..let her know she is in our thoughts and prayers...be careful on the AMTHRAX...wear a mask and don't touch anything!!!!We will keep the porch tidy while you are gone...

    Ck - thanks for starting the new volumne...we can always count on you !!!

    I'm going to iron my uniform and take some drugs...till we meet again..............
  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    that bridge mess in the bay area does not sound good...

    ihave to play catch up on my math homework..not techinically behind just it is easier to do the homework every night. it isn't due until prior to our first exam in a few weeks or so.

    cody has a football game on friday(scrimmage), i think my friend jet is going w/me then we are going to meet up w/another friend and have a little girls night out.

    jen doesn't sound good for your fil..i agree on the not tops on your book, but what can we say.

    hope your shoulder doesn't need surgery, but if it does maybe you can be put on light duty....i've had both of mine done...

    i only to two weeks off w/the first one and that has a big scar..didn't have the lapscopic surgery like the other one had. you'll be fine...if you can live w/fibro you sure as heck w/be feeling better when you get wheeled out to the car that morphine shot took all my pains in my body away...i felt 20 years old again...or younger.

    wished i could feel like that all the time..

    granni sorry aobut your friend...cody tells me "well mom, death is part of life." so i try to remember that.

    hi lila and kylob nice to hear from you both ck thanks for opening this up...

    hi linda...joe rock and more

  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    And just noticed I mispelled Porch, I can change that ,lol.

    There are some weird things going on as I posted on another thread, not every one of my postings have the edit/delete option. You only see it under your user name.

    On the last porch, I posted about 4 times and only 2 of them had edit under my name. The same with the post earlier, the first post I can't change, but my second worked. oh well, what ya going do?

    I spent my day at the NH waiting for a Dr that didn't come. He comes every Wed and I wanted to see him this time and I called to see what time he would be there, and no one called me. The Nh said usually 12-2 so I went at 11 and at 2:30 I had him paged. He talked to me on the phone and said he had just decided not to come today because he had seen everyone last week. Just a happenstance.

    He will be there next wed at 12. My mom is a little better in her mind. She still thinks she is somewhere else, she called me at 10 the other night and said she was at Newmans and to come get her. It is so sad to see her like this.

    I think I said on the last post her ferritin was 564 and with the pnemonia and a continuing UTI she is expected not to be herself.

    But I did get to have my fun, the girls and I went for a ride. I actually rode somewhere else and walked them my self. I have not beeen walking them, just them walking with the cart. I have been walking enough around the house getting my baseboards and trim in that I just couldn't do it, it felt so good to able to get in it and ride and let them get their exercise.

    I am dealing with the pack down the road. I think I'll get it worked out. I went there by myself and they are all freindly dogs and once they all figure out no one wants to hurt anyone it will be ok. I went back with the girls and let them out one at a time on a short lease and it was ok.

    So that is my little world, I wish I had some real exciting story to tell but my brain is failing me tonight.

    Kylob- that happened to me last night, sometimes you can click the back button and it is still there but it didn't work last night, just lost in the black hole. Hope you get some rest

    Jen you sure have had a hard go of it. I can imagine how you felt when your little girl said that. It is hard to work and be a mom with these dds, so my heart goes out to you.

    Jodie glad your getting back into school, math was my worst, never took any advanced courses. Then I ended up doing accounting/billing/ collections for a living. Numbers, numbers numbers,lol.

    Granni- so sorry about your freind, yes 50 is young, I will be 52 in Oct. At least you all have each other to lean on. My grandfather was a KoC in the 60's.

    Joan shoes shoe shoes and more shoes,lol. Have you seen the dressed up flip flops? A lady in my town makes them and sells them. The are just regular flip flops, she glues, sews or attaches that furry yarn, some of have sparkle thread in it too. Mostly for teens I guess or a theme out fit, but some are really cute. I hope it all goes smoothly.

    Hey you bush dwellers, I see you out there, how about some home made chocolate chip cookies, just out of the oven? Any takers???

    Hello to all and strangers are welcome so come on up and have a seat and sit a spell, there will more around later-Carla
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  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    volleyball instead of your daughter? i used to play that game was it so much fun....

    well i did my dinner, i went out to chineese buffet...it was ok.

    ran into old neighbor and her son and i guess soon to be ex-husband. found out that old friend that always wanted to borrow money did move out of her apt...and she lives closer to me. guess she must be working...i assume she must've kept her section 8 voucher. she tried to lay a guilt trip on me about that one.

    hope she is doing well..

    anyways...i need to get caught up on cleaning then i have to focus on dr. appt for the cts for my wrist..

    then friday hair is supposed to get done and cody's game then out w/some friends for me...

    well talk to you later

  8. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    Went to the allergist and they did the test on my back and on the arm and none of them reacted. He said I definately do have a lot of sinus congestion and he thinks i have vasomotor rhinitis. Basically means I am senstive to everything and will have chronic sinusitis. He gave me some nasal spray and wants me back in 2 weeks. He said if he doesn't get better he'll have my doctor order a CT of my sinuses.

    Lord, never in a million years would I have ever thought I would be seeing so many doctor's and getting so many tests at such a young age. The co pays are killing me, and the prescriptions are starting to add up too.

    FIL might be going home today with a butt ton of prescriptions.

    Boy, that Lyrica really knocked me out after a few hours. Slept good though, first time in a long time.

    I start my classes next week. Nothing spectacular. Art appreciation and Criminal pyschology. I think they should be interesting. Hopefully I'll get into that nursing program soon.

    Don't know, the more my health keeps going down hill, the more I am getting frustrated and a little down trodden. Like I might not ever be able to have the career I want. I really won't be happy doing anything else but nursing or EMS though. Sitting behind a desk pushing paper would make me absolutely insane.

    Well I think I need some lunch so I am off to see what we have.

  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    more suited for you for awhile before you eventually go off on ssdi! maybe you could think about doing mri tech or dental hygienist...there are a few things out there that may not be so physically demanding as r.n.

    that pays just as well. or even better. but atleast you have your prerequists out of the way....so don't think you can not go outside of your box(thinking), maybe psychologist for you. or teaching high school. just some thoughts.

    i have to go to the dr's soon and get my wrist checked out so i guess i w/take my shower. i slept pretty good last night myself....

    i need to get off the klonopin and switch to doxipen at night time. but need to get off my antibiotics first. oh well..

    everyone have a nice day,

  10. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Now I really want to cry!!!!!!i just lost my first copy of my reply to you.

    I tried to get on here this morning and the computer wouidn't work. This discourages me to no end!!!!!!

    This is trash day so I went out to get the empty trash barrel. I looked in and----uugg - maggots!!!!!!!!!!!! DH had thrown away 2 foam "doggie" boxes with food still in them. 90 degree weather didn't do much for that. I went in and got a broom, my cane and a bottle of liquid disinfectant. I leaned down to turn the hose on - "and syou now the rest of the story". i fell down and completly smashed outr good Rubbermaid trash barrel on wheels. I said no bad words either. I decided that I might as well clean it while I was down. I got that done, then I had to get up !!! That is soo hard for me to do. I made it and went in the house masd and in tears.

    I called the phone suppoet person and she talked me through it all. I went to get on and it asked for my computer password and the computer wouldn't accept it.

    Did my virus check and it did part of it, then asked for me to wait to do more. One long hour I sat here!!!

    But finally, here I am!! This evening I will very early take a hot shower and read my book "Angels Walk Beside Me".

    Every thing turned out OK so I best not complain anymofre.

    Luv u all,

  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    igot back from dr, said no more infection and finish the abx. then in a couple of days i may be able to swim again....wow in this heat we are having i could use a good swim.

    you all take care now...

  12. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    Yuck, I could not stand looking into people's mouths all day.

    Hopefully I can get into the dispatch job in the ambulance company. Then I might be able to go on a call every once in awhile. I really have my heart set on nursing. Who knows, maybe I could just go get my teaching degree for nursing and do that.

    I must say I am really frustrated with the whole body situation. Think I have just finally run myself into the ground. You know I am made out of tough stuff, but there comes a time when I need to step back and see what I'm doing.

    Right now, I know the job I have is not doing my any favors. It wouldn't be so bad if we had the help we should have for the heavy patients we do, but when you have to get a 300 lb vet up for breakfast, it tears my shoulder up.

    Well I have potatoes frying, pork loin cooking and corn on th e stove. I'll save you all a plate.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings Porchies,

    It is already late but I wanted to check on you all. Thanks to all of you that gave condolences on our Knights friend that died so young. His family is so strong, thank goodness but know how hard it will be on them all after awhile.

    Joan - I cannot believe all your problems getting shoes and then trying to clean out the garbage can. Geez, that was terrible. Hope you didn't hurt yourself to much. Luckily, I do not have to much problems finding shoes other than the fact that I think alot of the styles are to "funky" or should I say ugly for me. Just trying to find a pair of decent flats is a project or a pair of nice sandals sometimes. Everything is to pointy toed, has no back, and or have big klunky heals - not that appealing to me. Of course my age may have something to do with that (-: !! HMMMM!!!

    Jens - your dinner sounds great! I love pork roast and so does DH !!! Oh, how sweet but sad it must have been to hear your daughter fuss so because she misses her mommy? To bad you have to work but sometimes it is just a fact of life and you don't have a choice. I am sure that almost broke your heart. However, now you at least know why she may have been acting out so. Sorry to hear also about your shoulder and your allergy problems too.

    Carla ck - Thanks for the choc chip cookies. You had better hide them in a good place or my dh will eat them all in one sitting (-: !! He LOVES them. I used to make them all the time when the kids were little. I still like them (warm from the oven) but I haven't made them in years.

    Jodie - glad your infection is all gone . Hope you have a great weekend and Corey has great scrimmage- practice, practice. I remember the many days I watched games and practices for all the sports our son was in (esp football adn baseball) since age 6 and two of the girls who played softball. It is a fun thing to look back on but those bleachers surely were not comfortable but when you are young you don't think about those things.

    Big hi also to Linda , Kylob and anyone else I might have missed. I am to tired to answer to everyone tonight. Can you believe I have an 8 a.m. hair appointment tomorrow morning? I have been so busy that I haven't had the time to get it done at a decent hour and friday is her busy day !!!

    Before I forget also. I also will be trying to pack this weekend to go with another couple to New Mexico the day after Labor Day for a week. That should be fun. I will be alot cooler than here for sure. The guys will play some golf and I will do some shopping oralot of looking, it all depends. I can do alot of looking if I do not find what I want at the right price. Remember, my middle name is SALE (-: !! I got that from my mom.

    Big hugs to all inc those peaking in and around those bushes - Marta , Sweetie, Annie, Rock, Mrdad. I hope Mrdad's old squeeze is doing OK !!!

    *****Have been doing alot of singing this week - to much. My voice is really croaking. DH decided it was time for me to give up one of my singing groups which I will do after we do our Dinner showtime perfomance in early October. It was his idea and at first I really didn't want to do so but it is probably for the best, all things considered.

    I told our head gal but no one else knows yet, I don't think. Being out three times a week at night is hard and alot of work with the singing to do it right. I still have church choir and the County chorale. That is two nights a week and I have another small group during the day. As much as I love the gals and the music it is probably the best thing for me to do, less stress and running around for one thing. This way we are also more able to take off if we want to or go where we have to go for other things. Sorry so long !!!

    Luv to all,


  14. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    I swear, this place just keeps getting better and better.

    The LAST weekend I was real sick and got sent to the ER for the heart palpitations I was out of sick leave but had plenty of annual leave.

    I asked my nursing supervisor if i could use my annual leave in lieu of the sick leave. She said sure and had it put in the computer for me. I got paid, all was good.

    Go into work last night and get an email from a payroll guy saying that I need to pay back 158 bucks and some change for annual leave that was changed to leave without pay. WTH?

    Then another email from the SAME boss that approved it saying it was NOT approved and that while I have legitimate health concerns my absences have put a burden on staffing.

    Now how in the blue hell can they do that? Approve me for something and then 2 weeks later decide to change their mind and make me pay it back??????????

    Unbelievable, just simply unbelievable. If they staffed the stinkin place like they should, then maybe when someone called in it wouldn't put the whole stinkin ward down. Not to mention the ENTIRE staff and patients had ALL been really sick at the same time, so it was just not me that has been taking off.

    I just don't know if I could hate that place anymore.

    Does anyone think any of that make sense?
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Did you see that Fight4acure got a job as a social worker? Used to be a social worker myself. I remember walking by a colleague's desk one day and hearing her say into the phone: You mean they all ran away?

    If you go here you can read numerous answers to that age-old question: how many social workers does it take to change a light bulb.

    Yes, Linda, the silly man is back on the porch. I would have thought some other "S" word would be more descriptive. Something like suave, or sophisticated, or scintillating or ...

    Well, I guess "silly" is probably pretty accurate. Nice to meet your friend Kylob. The name reminds me of Superman's parents: Jor-el and Lara. And where were they from? Krypton.

    I always thought the element was named after the fictional planet, but Wikipedia says it's the other way round. You've probably noticed that in this life people often have disagreements on whether it's this way round or the other way round.

    It's wonderful that you and the girls are enjoying your new vehicle, Carla. Are there any state laws regarding the use of a golf cart for non-golf purposes?

    I had a case involving a golf cart once. Wheel came off. If you're in litigation long enough you get claims about everything: hot water heaters, exploading boats, malpractice, escalators, egg salad sandwich, burglar alarm, taxi cabs, wheel chair, etc.

    Used to handle claims for hospitals, Jens. Nurses have 3 common injuries as you probably know. They hurt their back moving patients; they slip and fall in some kind of liquid; they get stuck w/ a needle.

    Had a kinda sad case once w/ a gal who said she got stuck w/ a needle and developed AIDS. But testing showed she did not have AIDS. Actually her brother did. I think she had some sort of emotional problem.

    Jodi, are you really writing a 300-500 page paper or was that a typo? Never had chicken Alfredo myself, however, I can relate as I have a recording of La Traviata and Alfredo is the name of the tenor.

    Well, I'd better quit before this vanishes into an electronic black hole.

    Salutations to everydobby: Kianne, Kylob, Granni, MrDad and things too fierce to mention.

  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have just been very busy, I haven't had any real time to even get here let alone read and retain it all.

    But I will try-

    Granni- glad you had a good trip and gargle for that throat now, not good for a singer to croak in the middle of a song.

    Joan- I am sorry about the trash can thing. I have had many situations like that. You know it is going to happen but can't stop it from happening. I am just glad you were not hurt and got the can clean too. I hope your all set for the wedding.

    Jen- it just keeps getting worse and worse for you, hang in there-it has to get better soon.

    Jodie- getting back in the swing of school is good, glad things with the hand are clearing up. My freind that had the same surgery had the same thing happen to her hand, it opened up some but is fine now.

    Rock- you are silly and I love ya for it. Funny story here. I live in the country in a very hilly area that has some beautiful views. I went down this one road and when I turned around to go back there is a stop sign and I needed to turn right and I could see that no one was coming up the hill on the left so I considered running the stop sign to keep my momentum because I had to go up hill, but a little voice said "stop". Just as I did here came a state trooper from the other way, he was on a cell phone and I was on his left so I don't think he saw me.

    Can you imaging going to court for driving a golf cart on public roads, running a stop sign and not having my drivers license with me, book em Dano,lol.

    Well gotta go for now and I have to work at the shop tomorrow too :-( Hopefully I can get back soon but too many things going on right now. Hello to everyone and a big wave-take care-Carla
  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    hey i can't see how you can look in all those orapases...whew yuck. butt somebody has to do it...and i thank all of them that don't mind doing that for a living.

    rock, yes you heard that right....300-500 essay...he does lots of writing in our class. we do freewriting in class he said we will be working up to like 1-1/2 of free writting for finals... sure hope the hand is healed up in time...

    but the hand is looking promising.

    i so want to jump in my pool right now...it is hot out.

    cody has his football srimmage at 7 pm...

    i cx my hair appt for 9:15 tomarrow morning..my friends idea...traffic is going to be really bad.

    i need to get some lunch and stuff to eat...i am going to get cody a nice subway sandwich for the bus ride w/extra meat for protein.

    he was informed he w/be doing the job of two people on the defensive line...cause one of the starters is in eligible due to poor grades and he neglected to go to summer school...

    cody is a worried about tonight...they have two of their starting linebackers down w/injuries. but it w/be interesting to see what cody can do. they should have the linebackers for their first real game on sept 8th.

    i w/be going out tonight after my-oops cody's game...silly me thinking i am on the football team.

    a gf and i will be having a safe evening and w/be having some dinner and a wine or two...we can take a cab to my house and we both have to get up early for certain reasons.

    thanks ck for the vote of confidence on the hand..it is looking good enough to die in the pool...he said wait two days...i want to cheat and go now! but w/babies and kids and adults probably urinating in the pool i don't need the bacteria in my hand.

    cody has what appears a cysts on the bottom or side of his foot...but he wouldn't let me take him to e.r. because then it would hurt him more to play football...but i said it is turning black...maybe he got a silver or something then got infected in those nasty football cleats...

    told his dad cody needs to go pronto after the game...he said he couldn't take him on saturday cause his new gf and he has family plans...how nice...

    i said his first priority should be cody's foot cause the infection or cyst could spread to his bones in his foot and cause further damgage....he should know he was an emt in the coast guard and california certified...he ticked me off...

    some things just never change w/his dad...it's all about the fun...

    everyone have a safe holiday weekend

  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    it went well, nothing what i expected him to be with. seems so weird to hear so adorning to her children in front of me. he wasn't like that w/his first and only child. hurts my heart for cody.

    well the football scrimmage was good...

    big game on sept. 8th. i hope cody does well.

    well gonna go to sleep here soon and get my hair done at 9 15 am.

    see you later everyone.

  19. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    So does this one actually keep her clothes on ?

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
  20. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Granni - I sent to choir reheasal last Wed. evening and it was wonderful to be singing again. We have some really great songs that we did last yr. and are doing again. How about "Days of Elijah" and "He Hasn't failed me Yet"? Done those?

    Jodi - Oh those wonderful days when we had sons on the football teams. We had gotten heavy wingter clothes plus long underwear to wear on those wonderful cold nights. Appreciate them while you can------they are gone way8 to fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks folks for asking about the trash can story. I was so achy all over yesterday and really felt the fall but today is OK. And I set can big trash can in the sun and it went right back to shape. Wish I could go right back to shape!

    You are all so great and I think so much of all of you/ God Bless.



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